Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Ascension Timeline / End of Coronavirus Meditation Videos

Ascension Timeline / End of Coronavirus activation videos have been created in over 40 languages. Make them viral, spread them through your networks to assist in reaching the critical mass!

The QR code for the English video is here:

Youtube videos have been created in English:


































Bahasa Indonesia:





Chinese (simplified):

Chinese (traditional): 

Video playlists in many languages have been created by We Love Mass Meditation, our official Youtube channel:

By Age of Aquarius:

By TruthEarthOrg:

Facebook event page has been created in English:

In French:

And in Hungarian: 

My announcement of this mass meditation has provoked many strong reactions, and they have been addressed brilliantly with this article:

People having questions about the situation can send them to, and many of them will be answered in a new Cobra interview which will be posted on my blog as soon as possible, most likely by the end of next week.

Until then, an open letter full of inspiration:

Victory of the Light!


  1. Namesta🙏 lets do this light warriors💪👽💪

    1. Guys I did this google spreadsheets with the names of some leaders in our community. It is not yet complete . If you know another person send me an email

    2. Other names that I can think of (not necessarily in our community but are spiritual and have large followings

      Jeff Daugherty, The Christian Whistleblower you tube channel
      Magenta Pixie, Magenta Pixie You Tube Channel

      Paul Romano - PocketsoftheFuture You Tube Channel

      Naughty Beaver,Naughty Beaver You Tube Channel

      Steve, WSO You Tube Channel

      Jason Liosatos, Outside the Box You Tube Channel

    3. I am a powerful Lightwarrior with millions of Toplet bombs tethered to my body.

      Until the Toplet bombs are removed, there will be no Event. It is that simple.

      If you are looking for a Hero, look no further. It is you; it is me.

      I have lost everything in my life but life itself. I keep going, as it is my mission.

      Your mission is to meditate. Do your mission!

    4. To Pol
      Sorry, I don't know your Email. So I write here~

      老高與小茉 Mr & Mrs Gao (There Youtube have 2.5 million subscription.)

    5. Meditation is definitely a wonderful treat. Why would anyone think that meditation is difficult?


      When we start to understand each other’s personal journey and the amazing things we have accomplished in this 3D Matrix, we can then admire and respect one another for who and what we truly are and not some “long distance perception” we have pieced together from snippets of random information or strings of opinions.

      Here is one example. Many have suggested time and again reaching out to David and Elizabeth Wilcock. Do any of us personally know either of them? How did we arrive at our personal view of them? Was it merely based on what others have said? Are we familiar with their work? Can we be objective enough to recognize the immense contribution they have made to our common end goal?

      I personally feel David has made amazing contributions in exposing the Matrix for what it is and risked his life repeatedly to do this. Even Cobra links to his essay on the hierarchy of the financial and corporate system which is very complex. I have read many of his writings and books and watched him on Ancient Aliens for years. If David hasn’t responded to prior requests, then maybe we need to use a different approach, new words, new voices, more voices! Timing could also be a reason…we’re always growing and changing so what we may not have paid attention to before suddenly enters our awareness at the perfect moment and this time around we respond. Let’s not get hung up on thinking such as “he hasn’t responded before and that makes him a bad person” but rather….how can we get him to respond NOW?


      How about Elizabeth, who is now David Wilcock’s wife? Who is she? I took the time to find out more about her some time ago. And what I found may surprise and even inspire you!

      Take a moment to visit these links and read about her journey.

      You will see that she overcame immense obstacles in her youth and is a very compassionate woman who cares deeply about the suffering on our planet. She has seen this suffering firsthand. In her young life, she has done things most of us can only dream of or aspire to do. She’s traveled around the world and spent time in remote jungles learning at the feet of revered shaman.

      Elizabeth is the first female master of Shaolin Kung Fu anywhere in the world and has not one, but 5 black belts! She could seriously give Chuck Norris a run for his money.

      She has owned and operated several Shaolin Kung Fu & Qigong schools and trained thousands of students in this ancient martial art. I trained in this art for awhile and I can tell you it requires an incredible amount of discipline to master even the introductory levels – a lot of sweat and hard work. I truly do admire this woman and all of her amazing accomplishments! There is much that we could learn from her.

      Elizabeth is also deeply connected with the goddess energies and the Feminine Divine which is why she teaches the Priestess Path to other women. This is very much in line with what Cobra has been teaching at his conferences and on this blog. So here we have a common ground on which to stand together.


      With that in mind, let’s forget the past and any previous opinions we may have formulated about these individuals and use a new positive approach, as if we are just now hearing of them or meeting them for the very first time! Get to know them better. Read their stories. Put yourself in their shoes. Realize that we are all truly ONE – you are them and they are you.

      We’ve ALL suffered immensely in this matrix. We’ve ALL had mind bending journeys to figure this place out and get where we are now. We are ALL trying to accomplish the same basic goals: FREEDOM AND LIBERATION FROM THE FALSE MATRIX AND AN END OF SUFFERING. The more effort we put towards fostering harmony and mutual understanding, the faster we will unite and work together!

  2. Article en français incluant instructions de la méditations avec l'évènement facebook français et des vidéos françaises

    (french article including the instructions of the meditation+ the french facebook event+ french videos)

  3. Thanks for the update
    Translated to spanish
    Traducido al castellano

  4. Dear Global Family,

    Let us really begin to visualize the beautiful light mandala we will be and the profound impact we will have when ONE MILLION Hearts and Minds come together in unison on April 4th in global meditation. Also in our own personal daily meditations let us start to FEEL and CONNECT WITH the Immense Power we will project as One Million Points of Light forming a BRIGHT WHITE LASER BEAM that will pierce thru the Veil and Illusion we call "The Matrix" and Liberate Billions of Souls on this planet, ushering in a phenomenal Golden Age of Freedom, Prosperity and Peace beyond anything we can currently imagine!

    Also while we are meditating daily in our own private space, we can begin to call out to and communicate with the Higher Selves of the spiritual leaders and influencers we will be inviting to both participate in and spread the word far and wide about this meditation. You can thank them for their service to humanity and ask them to look beyond personalities and labels and see the larger picture of what we can accomplish by simply coming together in a singular moment in time and focusing on the desired outcome. You can visualize them responding positively and joyously and shaking their hand. And you can visualize them posting this meditation on their blogs, discussing it in their groups and meditating with us EN MASSE! See it spreading like wildfire!! Remember, We Create Our Own Reality Moment to Moment!

    Do you remember in 2006 when Rhonda Byrne launched a viral sensation behind her movie "The Secret" which changed people's perception of their reality and how to use the "Law of Attraction" in their favor? She built anticipation for months and people around the globe (myself included) were anxiously anticipating the release of her powerful film. We need to create the same level of excitement and anticipation for this meditation.

    LET US INDIVIDUALLY AND AS A GROUP BUILD EXCITEMENT AND MOMENTUM FOR THIS MASS MEDITATION ON APRIL 4th LIKE WE NEVER HAVE BEFORE! We are the Starseeds, the Carriers of the Light, the ones vibrating to the higher frequencies.....let us now DO what we are here to do!

    With many of us doing these types of visualizations personally and energizing them with love and excitement, and then taking inspired action by reaching out to the global spiritual community with our message, we can create the outcome we need and set a new world record for the greatest amount of meditators coming together for a single meditation and thereby achieve the greatest results this world has ever seen!

    ONE MILLION MEDITATORS ON APRIL 4th! Let's Make This Happen Everyone!! Let's alter our Destiny and collapse timeframes!

    You can use this Open Letter to send out far and wide as we rouse the globe to ACTION:

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.


      When you are reaching out to spiritual influencers (and anyone you don't know personally) to invite them to the April 4th meditation, begin your communication with a compliment (something you admire about them or have learned from them) and reference their work and what has meaning to them before presenting your request. Visit their website & scan through their main page and About Me section. Tell them how they've personally impacted your life or benefited you or someone you know. Infuse your words with love, kindness and sincerity for these are the tenants the heart responds to.

      This method personalizes the message and goes a long way in gaining the ear and respect of the person you are contacting!

      It's worth taking a few more minutes to do our "homework" so we can ensure we'll get a positive response and greater participation. If more of us become more mindful of our speech and elevate our communication style, we will start to draw more groups together and begin to operate as a more UNIFIED spiritual community!

      After all, Ascension is an elevation of consciousness and that includes using high vibrational words.

    3. Happy Lucky Friday the 13th Family of Light! The energies of our cosmic breakthrough are building.....can you feel them?

      I wanted to share an incredible vision I had while meditating earlier today. One Million of us were gathered in large arenas with 5,000 in each arena and groups of 20 arenas arranged in a circle. There were 10 of these groups of 100,000 scattered around the globe.

      As our global meditation began on April 4th at precisely 9:45 pm EST, we stood up, joined hands, closed our eyes and focused on our heart center. You could feel the wave of love completely envelop all of the meditators in each arena. Soon the coherent high vibrational waves powered by pure love began to join into one large wave and all 10 of these waves merged into one massive wave pulsing with love!

      As we accepted the extremely powerful wave of light that emanated from the Galactic Central Sun into our bodies we began to experience a feeling of sheer bliss and harmony unlike anything we’ve ever felt! This wave was so powerful that soon our light bodies floated up above all the arenas and suddenly One Million Points of Light were shining like Diamonds for all of our galactic brotherhood to see! We then formed a Massive Mandala of Pure Source Energy Light that lit up the sky. After about 15 minutes of total unified group concentration, we channeled that wave of light and it morphed into a Giant Laser Beam of Bright White Light – a pulsing energetic flare of massive proportions - that shot straight up into the sky and burst through the veil above us!!

      At this moment, it became visible not only to all the galactic fleets and races gathered around Earth for this momentous occasion, but was clearly seen by the Cosmic Central Race and they stared at it (almost in disbelief) before uttering a Cry of Thunderous Joy as they knew that finally after 350,000 years humanity had created a Monumental Breakthrough in the darkest realm that has ever existed! The Pleidians were especially joyful as they would now be able to execute some of their more ambitious plans regarding The Event and the Liberation of Humanity!!

      This Energetic Laser Beam began slicing through and dissolving huge chunks of the primary anomaly surrounding our planet and the remaining layer of the toplet bombs, until nothing was left but pure harmonious source energy.

      Coronavirus and its surrounding fear….GONE. 5G Network….GONE. Old 3D Financial Debt and Corporate Slave System…..GONE.
      We all looked up in awe at all that we had accomplished. We knew we had gone far beyond “critical mass” and taken a Quantum Leap in our Reality onto the most positive and amazing Ascension Timeline any us could ever imagine! Our Future has been secured.

      It would be wonderful if we all could spend 5-10 minutes a day seeing and feeling this Vision as a reality….the more we believe it…..the more we envision it…..the more we FEEL its power…..the more assured we are of success!

      With love and gratitude for all you are each individually doing to assist at this most difficult of times.


      Last night myself and two others witnessed a phenomenon the sky unlike anything I've ever seen. I looked up at the night sky and there right in front of me was a massive white light (10 times larger at least than any visible planet) with what looked like a red "light" of some sort on top of it.

      I was so fascinated by it that I went and got my binoculars and was stunned at what I saw! It was clearly a portal of some sort that had opened and there was an extremely bright white light that was visually spinning very fast (darkness in the center) and around the edges a fiery reddish/orange light. We watched it for at least 15-20 minutes and couldn't believe what we were seeing. I went back outside a couple of hours later and it had completely vanished from view! I'm not exactly sure what it was, but it looked like a wormhole or stargate! To me that was proof positive that our world is morphing energetically very rapidly and true to what Cobra's been saying all along, the sky phenomenon will only increase in the coming weeks and months. Stay tuned for a galactic show that will surely dazzle and amaze us!


      While I was out driving this morning to the shops packed full of people and long lines, I heard Belinda Carlisle singing these lyrics and my soul filled with joy when I realized this is exactly what all of us are about to do....BRING (the light of) HEAVEN ON EARTH...with the Massive Wave of Love we are about to create on April 4th!

      "Ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth?
      Ooh, heaven is a place on earth
      They say in heaven love comes first
      We'll make heaven a place on earth
      Ooh, heaven is a place on earth

      And we're spinning with the stars above
      And you lift me up in a wave of love"

      plain text link (just in case my html code fails):

      The energies today were so light and full of HOPE! Time to sing, dance and celebrate....our Passage Through Ascension Gate!

      Victory of the Light is assured....I can Feel It in every strand of my DNA!!!

  5. Let's do this family. Who's with me?
    Love and gratitude

  6. Everyone has to trust. This is all part of the breakdown of the old. In order for things to change the old has to break down. Let go of fear. That only makes this transition more challenging. Be in the heart.

  7. Blessings and deep gratitude Cobra and We love Mass Meditation group and all our family here xxxxxx

  8. Thank you, Cobra and the Light Forces!

    Le groupe Facebook français officiel qui soutient Cobra et l’Événement depuis 2013 : Prepare For Change France, regroupe pour tous les Lightworkers/Lightwarriors francophones toutes les informations nécessaires, publiées et traduites.

    Rejoignez le groupe Facebook français d’origine et participez activement à la libération de la planète !
    Victoire de la Lumière !

  9. Ok cobra sounds good looking forward to a bright future

  10. The most important meditation you've ever done. This is why you came to this planet. The time is now to use all of your power,to spread your wings and flex your "light" muscles. Now is the time to not sit on the sidelines. Now is your time. Now is our time, together. Unify your thoughts to the highest intent. We shall send a mighty wave of consciousness to the universe, that enough is enough. That the time is now to energetically proclaim together, We will ascend!

  11. Learn from the Chinese, learn the spirit of unity and dedication of the Chinese

  12. Thank you!
    Yes, the announcement of the next mass meditation has triggered many intense reactions.

    We will see each other for the next mass meditation and together we will bring this planet back into the light.

    Victory of the Light!


  14. 700 comments on the previous post. A new record. There's your critical mass.

    1. Not sure that's a good thing - A lot of them were Sherman's rants lol

    2. @Klodi
      Lol yourself.
      Oh, like I am the ONLY one who's tired of no tangible wins.

      In wars, when the soldiers see no wins, they WILL be asking whats going on and demand.

      Welcome to the warzone, Klodi.

    3. >R.T.
      The last time I encountered someone using a postcount as a reliable indicator of progress were screeching 13-year old Counterstrike players who measured their fragile ego with that number.

    4. Yea…. 700 comments. I know. Isn't that great! I have never seen that many comments on this blog. I have been following this blog since 2012. There has been so many changes. Do you remember the old youtube channel THE EVENT IS COMING SOON? That is where I first heard of this channel. YouTube started cyber stalking that channel and brought it down first one, I Believe.

    5. @ All New Age was started by theosophy and (hijacked or created depending on your viewpoint) by the cabal. It has been engineered into a social weapon system developed by the cabal its used to pacify you and destroy your spiritual connection. Sadly many have been subjected to this and have not evolved. Get empowered by meditation not pacified by it. Do or don't do the meditation it's that simple freewill.

    6. Exactly, Sherman, in war you expect to see at least some tangible, concrete victories yet we never do, do we, just like you won't post this either disinformer.


  15. The previous post has reached 700 comments...
    Is this the first time a post reaches this number?

    1. 60% of the comments is garbage.

      Unreliable indicator of progress.

    2. >sator
      Yeah maybe I was being too generous.

  16. " My announcement of this mass meditation has provoked many strong reactions, and they have been addressed brilliantly with this article: "

    One section in the previous blogpost resulted in a heavy misunderstanding resulting from triggering, quoted here:
    'This activation is a test for the surface population whether it will be able to manifest unity or not. The Light Forces will be monitoring the level of cooperation and will use that as one of the determining factors for the immediate future plans for the Event.'

    A 'test' is something we associate with the school going phase which if you are following this blog, its almost 100% certain you had a hard time in school. Hence the triggering.

    2 months have passed since the Jan 11th-12th 2020 meditation. Any status updates on this?

    ' Extremely strong cosmic energies now entering quarantine Earth will finally begin to remove trillions upon trillions of Reptilian entities that still exist on plasma and etheric planes as the last remnant of 1996 invasion. Many of those entities are entering broken human auras and are strongly influencing human behavior.

    The vast majority of those entities will be removed in coming weeks and months, which will be a big relief for humanity.'

    Meanwhile this would be good advice to pass the time, like expressing gratitude:
    'Find 5 things you can appreciate about yourself or your day or people you know, just for today.' - iiihhh

    If we can, we should aim to make the Event happen on 4th/5th April 2020. Don't wait until December and then pin one's hopes on it.

    1. Agreed, this adds to the frustration when people are not informed about progress. In the physical world, results are critical.

      I saw the test as being for the masses who are unaware who have a chance to become aware.

      Hopefully the upcoming Cobra interview will clear up the issues you mentioned.

    2. I highlighted the above from an older post as its clear Lightworkers are still being triggered to be negative by certain key words indicating negative forces still have a hold on them.

      The promise of less cryptic messages in future should be fulfilled soonest as the situation is becoming more fluid and rapidly changing by the hour. In this End Times Madness, timely and reliable information should be on hand. Most Alt-Media that hasn't been shut down are carved up by partisan politics and do not have access to the unique level of intel that Cobra has, making them almost a waste of time as much as the MSM.

      The fact there are people attempting to interpret past cryptic messages their own way indicates the level of desperation for more clarification.

      We have also been made weary of decades of false promises and disinformation. Trust issues should be par for the course in this world. We can't trust our own family, most of whom are asleep.

      Light Forces may need to employ their own type of 'Joint Standoff Weapon' that can safely neutralize the last layer of strangelet devices before the enemy has time to activate. At this point with this last layer you can be very sure the enemy will be keeping it close to them or have some form of dead-man's handle to ensure the Light Forces do not suceed without massive casualties and a resulting Pyrrhic Victory.

      I believe the Light Forces have thought out these scenarios by now. Let's end this.

    3. Yes, Spec....after years and years and broken all this MISinformation, DISindformaition, and lies and lies and lies....and seeing the bad guys STILL in their ivory towers, twirling their it any wonder WHY I myself am pissed off? And, my entire FAMILY are sheeple....they only listen to authority figures, believe mass media, and follow religion like it's 100% fact.

      And what's to keep the bad guys from pushing that big, red button at any time?

      Said it once, said it a million times, "We need direct ET contact, and we need it YESTERDAY!".

    4. I surely got completed triggered by this 'test' word.
      Thay was what made me feel i wouldn't participate this time.
      Ofc things can and are always changing... Who knows what's gonna happen next week?

    5. intoourselves, it's highly likely the test is for everyone else in the world who haven't done any of the mass meditations. Anyone who has done even one mass meditation in the past has already Aced the test. That's how I see it, anyway.

      Yeah, next couple weeks should be interesting.

  17. I SUPPORT THE LIGHT FORCES <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  18. Video has since moved to We Love Mass Meditation when Smaly7's channel became inactive.

    Old meditation video from May 2015, maybe this will inspire you:

  19. More than ever, Ascension is truly important! Love to all!

  20. Only 3 deaths in Aus in no cause for pandemic.
    BIG TIME coverup going on.

  21. Wow! We're glad that, as we suggested in the comments on this blog (and others that we too, of course), an open letter to spiritual leaders has been written in English. It will be easier to disseminate it en masse, which we will do starting today and thanks to Sacred Architect and Cobra of course! (V and M-H)

    1. Thank you Marie-Helene. You made an excellent suggestion and played an integral role in what will now become a snowball around the globe! We must continue to work as a team to achieve massive success. Everyone's contribution is important.

  22. Thank you Cobra, I will be joining in.
    We can do this and reach far over critical mass. I will send the Open Letter from Sacred Architect to all The Lightworkers around the Globe using the list that was posted in your previous comment section.

    With Love and Light Claudette

    1. That is wonderful Claudette! Thank you very much for helping us achieve our goal! I hope many more will follow your example and create a wildfire that cannot be extinguished.

  23. Este e um grande momento. Devemos nos unir. A meditacão mais importante que fomos convocados.Sempre juntos. Vitoria da luz

  24. (Part 1)

    In order for me to know if something is true, I need to experience it. I have no way of knowing if someone else's word is true or not, unless I know it for myself. There are probabilities of course, but when it comes to this blog, I do not, nor should I, blindly accept what Cobra says just because Cobra says it.

    For example, this blog stated that Pleiadians have been working tirelessly. I only have Cobra's word that this is true, without knowing this to be true myself. Following my own logic, if this is the last planet to be set free, then there should be nearly unlimited resources to help the situation from this universe, and possibly other universes. However, if there are very limited resources from above, which it appears that indeed there are very limited resources from above based on an extreme lack of results, the only conclusion I can arrive at is that the vast majority of the rest of beings in existence have been somehow destroyed. Of course I have no way of knowing what's what, because I'm not being informed, nor experiencing for myself what's really happening from above (and below). My psychic 'seeing eye' is also of no use lately. So, I only have someone else's word, from which very little detail is provided regarding the ability to help from above (and below). (Meditations on the surface could help as well, but based on my own discernment these meditations would only be a secondary force in liberating the planet if most of the power to free the planet exists throughout the rest of existence that is currently surrounding Earth. (One million people meditating would not even come close to the results as countless trillions currently surrounding Earth meditating, who could use their laser focus all together, as one, at any time. If not, then another possibility is that those above (and perhaps below) are not in a state of total agreement with each other.) If not, then I have to loop back and come to the conclusion that most of the rest of the beings in existence have been destroyed, or they are not in agreement with each other to do a trillions upon trillions upon trillions upon trillions group meditation. This is just based on what I know to be true. And, because I don't know much at all, because I'm not being told, I cannot go very far in trying to extrapolate the situation, so again I'm stuck taking someone else's word for it who is supposedly more 'in the know' with special connections. Supposedly, based on his word alone. I haven't been to any of the conferences because I am still not financially independent (I'm still a slave), but if I had been to any of the previous conferences, perhaps I would be able to actually experience something that would allow me to arrive at different conclusions.

    1. Especially when considering that some of these Galactic Confederation ships would be the size of Neptune, they would already be affecting the movement of the Moon's orbit around Earth with that gigantic size.

      A ship that size would probably have as much personnel at bare minimum as much as the entire continent of Europe, which is around 750 million people as of 2018.

      Just 1% of the best meditators among them would be able to more than satisfy the minimum requirements. They should also know given the current human condition and the self-perpetuating system of maintaining ignorance and fear among the majority that it would take massive effort on our part to keep sustaining our side of the meditative effort as things get more chaotic.

      Similar to what you said above, all this is based on the limited information so far given to us.

    2. Yep, I been asking for a long time.

      IF earth is the last planet for the bad would THINK that whole ARMADAS of starships would be here, to squash the bad guys like the roaches they are.


      See, I gots my well as frustrations. What I am feeling is like how those folks at the Nazi death camps were feeling, wonder what the HELL is going on, where are the good guys?! as they get dragged to the showers.....

    3. Spec Ops, yeah, agreed. I just hope that this questioning isn't viewed as an attack on the light forces. It's just using discernment. I also hope it's not seen as surface dwellers trying to avoid taking responsibility. It's true that it definitely wouldn't hurt to do the upcoming meditation.

    4. >Info Finder
      "..I just hope that this questioning isn't viewed as an attack on the light forces.."

      Personally I don't see it that way so long as its done respectfully. If I am wrong I am open to be corrected as I still remember I was a sheeple once, and how far I have come since. I fully accept that Awaken-ing is a process, so 'Awaken-ed' is inaccurate.

      Besides questioning is the mark of intelligence. If they find questioning as 'attacking' then great news we don't have to hold our breath for the Event because it will be new bosses same as old bosses.

    5. >Info Finder
      I have been working for quite a while to to lengthen the time I can keep my mind from wondering.

      Currently its still no more than a few seconds unless I listen to my type of music so I have had to do that just to achieve some level of focus.

  25. (Part 2)

    Another example is the Cosmic Central Race. The CCR was said to be nearly going extinct. Logically this makes no sense, because the CCR should be the most powerful beings in existence, because what is closest to Source would naturally have the greatest knowledge and access to Source. There was no explanation of how it would be possible for the CCR to nearly become extinct. There is no way for me to know if this is true myself, so again I only have someone else's word to work with.

    I could come up with several more examples of having to go on Cobra's word alone, but for the sake of not making this comment too long I will leave the two examples mentioned for now.

    Long story short, someone else's word is not enough. It's unreasonable to expect me, nor anyone else, to take someone else's word alone as being true. I will not have blind faith based on anyone else's word without knowing it to be true myself. I'm not trying to discourage people here, but I am using my own discernment.

    I will be doing the meditation, and encourage others to do so as well, but I also encourage readers of this blog to not take intel from this blog as being true unless you can know the information to be true through your experiencing it to be true yourselves and/or probability based on your discernment. To trust someone else's word without knowing their word to be true yourselves, is to invalidate your own discernment.

    (This comment is also intended as a message for the Cobra interview.)

    1. @ Info Finder. You make some good points. What you should know is that many of us here (myself included) do not take things on simple "faith" - that is simply an assumption which is mostly incorrect. I have personally done deep unending research for close to 20 years. I have read just about everything written on this blog since its inception in 2011 but I ALSO have read and studied thousands of other blogs, books and resources of material, used critical thinking, asked loads of internal questions and compared various sources. This deep ongoing process of research and internal reflection is what allowed me to draw certain conclusions which I DID NOT come to lightly.

      Also, if you allow your soul to surface and speak, you will ultimately KNOW what resonates with you at a soul level and what does not (once you can extract the false "triggers" and matrix manipulation programs that interfere with our own thought process). Pure Truth will ALWAYS resonate at a soul level and can never be manipulated.

      I would suggest, for you and anyone reading this blog, that if you still have that much doubt or uncertainty....devote more time to your own research and inner reflection - no one can do that for you or "convince" you of truth. Branch out and read other sources of information before drawing any conclusions.

      And most importantly, stay OPEN to new information and making adjustments in your own thinking or beliefs. The Matrix Creators would like us to remain very rigid and fixated in our belief system so they can create the most disharmony possible among us (arguing and defending our "opinions") and because they don't want us to GROW spiritually or evolve - a truly evolved society can no longer be dominated or enslaved.

      In the near future, there will be many Learning Centers around the world where humanity can go and learn all the details about their history and all will be transparent. Until then it is incumbent upon each one of us to do our own research and grow and learn in knowledge so we can better support the actions needed to uplift all life.

    2. Personally, I am all for joining the light forces and FIGHT along side them, then waiting HERE on my butt.

      Least I'd have a fighting chance up there, on a starship.
      And better to die in battle, than in a prison.

      Arnold Rimmer: Better dead than smeg.

    3. It would be great if there was an edit button so I could merge the two posts.
      Anyway this is what I believe is Jet Blake based on his speech style. Just one of his videos:

    4. Sorry for accidentally double posting earlier. I will keep it simple this time:

      A lot of which agrees with what this blog talks about.

    5. Sherman, as Cobra said, it is possible in lucid dreams on the astral plane.

      First, you have to learn to dream Lucid.

      Second, you have to know how to meet the Light Forces there.

    6. I agree Sherman personally I prefer this as well I'm a born fighter. So passivity is not my strong point. I understand mass meditation and participate but I prefer action as in kicking ass of evil people and entities directly.

    7. @3k14Pi

      Not good ENOUGH.

      Do YOU understand that?

    8. @BattleMage

      Same...and, as someone who been bullied all my life, and having to FIGHT to survive my child and teen years, even my 20's...I had to fight.

      And THIS would be the best anti bully battle.
      I want to kick some human elite ass and their non human puppet masters. Come on...who does NOT wanna break some Rothschild or Black Nobility or Archon necks?!

    9. >BattleMage
      As a trained Rifleman I agree. Although realistically if most of the evil like the Chimera is from a realm that is beyond physical that translates to ballistic rounds not leaving a mark on them.

      We can feel their effects on our minds and behavior, but we can't reach them. They operate with remote control.

      If someone could figure out a way to shut off their ability to exist beyond 3D (like Reptilians) then we might be going somewhere.

  26. Thank you Cobra , is time to get together brothers and sisters. Victory of light ❤️❤️❤️

  27. Dear Daughters and Sons of the Great Source Generating the Mother Goddess / Father. United by Unconditional Love in ONE. For We Are All ONE. Let us make Victory of Light these days.

  28. We will achieve critical mass again. Now we have been reminded and educated on the bigger picture lets do this shit. We are all guilty of dropping our vibrations from time to time and do not be ashamed of that, its how you climb back up and remember the mission thats important. Lets unite & lets show the lightforces just how powerful we are. I try not to judge any soul because I do not know the struggles an individual is going through but I do know you’re the bravest of the brave and you will come out shining. Victory to the light my friends

  29. Interview with RobPotter December 15, 2015
    Rob – There are reports that one million students in Thailand participate in Buddhist meditation. Why doesn't this trigger an "event"?
    COBRA – because they are not meditating for "events". They just meditate on bringing positive resonance to the planet. This is a successful meditation.

    Thai Phasing Temple Website:

  30. Cobra, it seems like the two weeks of food and water stored at home scenario you have told us about, could become very handy during a quarantine virus outbreak with orders to stay at home.

    Pres. Trump has just suspended all airline traffic to and from Europe and China, supply lines are effected, but the banks are still open. Shot across the bow, or financial reset?


  31. Today at

    "Essences of the Higher Realms are sensed.

    Full circle scenarios play out.

    Light BEings call for the awakening of all.

    Martensings fail to halt the progress.

    Essences of the Higher Realms are realized."

    ÉirePort | March 12, 2020 at 12:12

    Once In A LifeTime

    Up and Up we go.


  32. For the Great awakening.... Share this link !

    "9/11 and New World Order predictive programming"

  33. Interesting ... When I wrote that we are not the end, we are the beginning and we are creating, this comment has been deleted .... There is a lot of trouble in the world where we can help. Let's give food to the poor, company to the lonely .... Little things will help. Whatever good things you do, you are not alone. A lot of good is added to a huge positive energy.

  34. Essences of the Higher Realms are sensed.
    Full circle scenarios play out.

    Perception of the Higher Realms promotes unity of thought and behaviour.

    Light BEings call for the awakening of all.

    "Awakening" can have many levels. Lightworkers must also awaken; for example, to realize the great power of common focus (in mass meditations).

    Martensings fail to halt the progress.

    "Martin" was derived from Mars, the Roman god of war.

    The Dark Ones even goad Lightworkers into attacking Lightworkers. As their consciousness grows, the attacked ones recognize this and do not accept it.

    Essences of the Higher Realms are realized.

    The attacks fended off in this way can no longer prevent the High Realms from coming.

    1. I don't get why these gaiaportal messages can't be more clear and have to be subjects to interpretation all the time. It isn't helpful.

    2. mycale, I think it is because the Higher Realms are above the plane of the Lower Mind Plane. It is not enough to connect only with the lower mind plane. It is the same as with the crop circles.

  35. What can we do different this meditation to increase our SUCCESS?

    First we need to address The Elephant in the room by identifying THE PROBLEM.

    1) INVISIBLE light and dark forces have alienated and prevented all of my family and friends from doing any meditations like many people here. This swimming against the current destroys hope and faith in more people than we want and Cobra is left trying to recruit more new people each time.

    2) The lack of success we expected from the meditations also made others (myself included) pull away from the meditations, since the faith gets lost with the process.

    I propose a WIN-WIN SOLUTION since it is the vital time to do something different.

    1) I am asking/begging Cobra to please write an extra version of the urgent open letter excluding the alien races (dark and light forces) completely and focusing the meditation on eradicating coronavirus so it will be much easier for us to recruit our friends and family without getting judged and rejected about invisible aliens.

    2) Restore our OWN faith with this letter to empower us to ask our close friends and family if they will help us meditate just this one time TO FIGHT THE BIOLOGICAL WARFARE (NOT INVISIBLE ALIENS) for the sake of humanity so we can stand up together. This is something they can grasp!!

    We are all under attack. They decided to scar people's lungs with coronavirus to suffocate and kill us. Now, I believe it is our DUTY to respond so we can save ourselves.

    United we stand, Divided we fall.
    If Cobra WOULD re-write the letter, I believe we can win hands down!

    Then we can place our faith on our friends and family by asking them for help!

    Be ready to accept that others may not join & release any judgement if you get rejected!

    It took me a lifetime of 50 years of extreme hard work and persistence to be able to communicate CLEARLY with my higher soul to heal myself, so I don’t expect others to be in the same place I am or blame them for not getting this gift.

    Also, I don’t blame people for being asleep since it is part of the defense mechanism. Most people don’t want to see a problem they think they can’t fix because it just adds more stress that they can't or dont want to bear.

    1. Perhaps a skilled lightworker who follows this blog could develop a flier that has a short, general (yet inspiring) description as well the times and instructions (with friendly graphics). Anyone here willing to do that?

    2. Personally speaking, I do not see the need to rewrite anything. Have you thought about the confusing consequences of such an action?

      The information is just the way it is. If a person only accepted the message because it was changed, the person would be actually unwilling. Their attention would be unreal, only worth a fraction of what it would be if the person supported it genuinely. Consciousness is important.

      This is the information, and it is just the way it is. Many do not like it, but that is also just the way it is. And there are hundreds of thousands who like the message for what it is originally. What about them?

      And I dare say that these are the people who count. I suggest to speak to those. The key is focus.

    3. >friend support
      Thanks for being straight up honest about yourself.

      Where I live I have to keep working to keep my head above the water. The conditions there have gotten to the point where I am leaving for another job.

      Up to that point I have taken to drinking at least 1 can of beer everyday just to get through the day. Its true stuff like this is really an island of sanity when one has a lot to deal with in the 3D realm.

      Every now and then I keep looking to the skies to see if anything Extra-Terrestrial is flying overhead. Nothing so far.

      I have been trying to reliably connect with the Higher Self since 2010 and its been more falling over as its hard to avoid being distracted. If it has been taking that long for you then it would make sense why its been a frustrating experience for me.

      I am still left-brained in my approach as that's what I essentially grew up with studying for a STEM degree so I prefer physical evidence rather than some dream vision, which helps with the credibility.

      Guys like you get it as everyone's path is different, rather than hide behind a veil of 'Love and Light'and then display passive aggressive arrogance to those who aren't as adept.

      I got a lot of that when looking for help when I had just awakened in 2010 which is why I have carried with me a rather dim view of those New Age types ever since.


  36. [sharing again]
    --- Earlier Comment: ---
    Diana MillerMarch 7, 2020 at 2:17 PM

    Lightworker GER, thank you for the kind words. I decided I will reveal what I experienced in 1999. I died. It was beautiful, no light and tunnel. I was just in a beautiful place with beautiful loving beings. Grass and all life lives. It would take too long to describe. I met Source. No gender, a huge ball of the brightest light in existence. Electricity shot out on all sides. Total love. I got many downloads (as we call them) I call it balls of information. Anyway. This is end time madness as you know. I was gifted knowledge beforehand but I definatly earned it. I'm sad about so many responses here but I am not surprised. We really are sick and tired, literally but this is end game. I'm not giving up...ever. I guess it's you, me and a handful of others that will see this through. Thank you for who you are and what you do. I'll see you on the real side!!!


    Diana Miller's experience reflects the nature of existence "just outside Source", visiting that space of Individual that is closest to Unification of The All. The portal is now open such that all may access that space within our own hearts. As we reach meditation and allow that light to dwell within us, to live through us in ways we may not understand, we complete this phase.

    All is unfolding, in subtle ways.
    The battle is not without, but within.
    Those who have hearts to heal will understand.

    We are One
    We are Love
    We are Now

    1. Thank you. It happened early march 1999. It was more real than here. I want all of humanity free, those hurting in the universes too. We really are one. We won. Now our choices determine "when". I will do protection protocols over us like I did January to keep the counter attack at bay. I'm equipped. It's a shame to not use and do what you know. Loves you all.

    2. Diana is a powerful woman.

      She doesn't give up.

      I like that.

    3. Gosh, lightworker GER and Wedentify, I love you in a soul way. I gave up everything to come back and know we are just fine. I didnt know I would come back. I gave all of me. It must have been a test, well I passed. I know we are in the eye of the storm but that's good WERE HERE NOW. If people thought it would be fun then they were wrong. This is a war. It's perfect timing that were not privy to, so what. Trust your gut. Do what's right. Carry on and never give up. That's just me though. I have a lot of distractions around me, I could make 1000 excuses but do they edify? Nope. Can I help anyway? Yes. Will I? Yes.
      It's a choice. Period.
      I earned a right to meet Source and know things, see ahead. No one needs to believe me. Just know I will never give up on humanity even after death. It truly is up to you if you want to speed up the process through meditations and positivity. Your choice.

  37. I think it's time to start posting in the comments section of relevant facebook pages and youtube channels. Higher Self on youtube gets a lot of traffic, btw.

    1. You are assuming that's not already being done. I know for a fact it is. Maybe just not enough of us are.

  38. Thank you Cobra for being patient with us. And also for all this information. We will be successful. I am looking forward to this important meditation and time on earth. We can and will do this, love and victory to us all. 🌈❤🧡💜💙💚💛🌎🌠🌅🛸🛸🛸😘🌌⏳🛸🌈

  39. The stock market is collapsing at high speed and the situation will be worse than 2008. Lebanon defaults on debt for first time ever.

    The world is at a standstill. People buy food stocks to hold 2 weeks (In other words, indirectly, people will be ready for the event..).Countries are being quarantined. Sporting events are cancelled. Pedophiles like Tom Hanks claim to have coronavirus (panic?).

    This quarantine situation can help special forces for mass arrests

    The Event could happen faster than expected. All the ingredients are now gathered!

    Trust God’s plan, God wins. Enjoy the Show!

  40. I'm all in no matter how I feel. I can see the big picture. I posted the Age of Aquarius video on my Twitter page with an urgent call for help. Thank you Cobra and all light forces.

  41. If the stock market keeps going down like this, looks like we are already having the hard crash. I wanted to take a chance to become independently wealthy. I guess I couldn't have picked a worse time. It's 'boy who cried wolf' because people have been saying it's going to crash for years and nothing happened. I went all out on this one too.

  42. This has got to be a white hat op extraordinaire. Either that or the masses have gone crazy. Talking specifically of the various Illuminati sportball events being cancelled, and likelihood that the Biden-Sanders debate will be cancelled too. Also rumors of some kind of NYC shutdown.

  43. What happened with the Hungarian cobra portal blog? I can not find anymore.


    2. In other socialist countries, there is no one like this!
      (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, USSR, Romania, "Yugoslavia".))

  44. Try to warn people that the corona virus is a media war.
    The effects of the flu are the same as those of the H1N1 flu. Preventions are also the same.
    The people should not be alarmed.
    The infection rate in young people is less than 0.2%. Only elderly and debilitated people are exposed to the risk of serious illness.

  45. I am concerned that these meditations aren't doing the job. I don't want to keep bringing in the light throughout the ascension window.

  46. For example have 11 million followers

  47. It’s very dangerous now. Let’s do it !

  48. Info Finder makes some valid points. Each of us need to use discernment and not blindly follow the herd.


    "I (Martin Armstrong; have been in this game for 40+ years. This Coronavirus is a cover for a much more serious conspiracy orchestrated by the government to deal with the very structural crisis I have been warning about.

    I am NOT one to promote conspiracies. I prefer facts and so when I say there is a clever conspiracy behind the curtain, I do not say this lightly.

    The view of the ECB is that they realize they are trapped and the Repo Crisis has emerged because of a collapse in confidence among banks because the EU refuses to bailout banks. Therefore, any bank dealing with a European bank that fails will receive a 100% loss.

    I have been warning that even the Bundesbank authorized German banks to act as custodians for cryptocurrencies. That was not a decision to make sure cryptos are safe. It was a step towards confiscating cryptocurrencies and converting them to government digital currencies.

    Not just the Bank of England has now come out about converting to the digital currency, but Sweden has just published a similar paper. The BoE is sending this around to the press to hopefully plant the seed that this is the solution and the Coronavirus is being used to crush the world economy so people will move to the digital world to save their future.

    Christine Legard has come out many times stating that countries should create their own digital currency. Her view has been that the only reason negative interest rates failed was that people hoarded their cash. The solution is to cancel the currency and force people to deposit their Euros. They can then use the Forced Loan measure when canceling the currency fails. This all appears to be lining up for the Monetary Crisis Cycle.

    Central Banks will NOT surrender their authority. They will NEVER concede that they have been wrong with the negative interest rates. They cannot now allow rates to rise without collapsing themselves.

    So, the next step in the game to retain power is to cancel the currency. This is why the dollar is king for Trump will not join that bandwagon so easily."

  50. Dear Cobra ! we are so glad to have such a clear and systematic info post for all people who are guided to do with us the mass meditation and to spread the word ! God blesses and help us to gather more and more persons and to awake them deeply to recognize the importance of the moment of our new activation !Romanian and italian versions are available now: and Victory of the Light !

  51. For the German speaking community - translation of the linked article and letter from thevoice5D included:

  52. Heard that when NESARA comes everyone over 21 will get $100,000 every month for over 11 years. That would be awesome. Please let it come now!

    1. And a leaf of bread will cost 10,000$ with inflation like that

  53. Dear Cobra.
    We have once reached the critical mass. I don't think we achieved anything with it. The world is moving towards destruction. Again, we have to fight for the 144,000 meditations that would not be difficult to achieve. If the forces of light were to manifest themselves in reality or in the media, we could easily reach ten times that. Without proof of the brightness, many people look stupid when I agitate them for meditation.

  54. Teşekkürler Cobra❤️👽💜

  55. Trinity Gates and Transit Stations pt 3

    For this reason, I am listing the Trinity gates here, so our spiritual community is made aware of them. When you live close to a Trinity Gate, it is a vulnerability, because the dark forces are doing what they can to take control over them, stop their connector links to the Mother Arc Gateways and there is a fight over the passage of people leaving their body from the lower planes. They are really angry because they consider humans at the low DNA level as their personal property, and they will fight Guardians over the portal access. Personally, I worked on the Malibu Gate for a few years from 2004-2008, and have physically made it to New York, Castaglione, Italy and Hatshepsut Temple in Egypt to help support safe passage areas that are made available to the earth population on the lowest density planes or phantom areas.

    Trinity Gates:

    1 Malibu beach, Malibu California
    2 Belize City, Belize, Central America
    3 Goa ,India (1mile of SE coast)
    4 Staten Island, NYC, New York
    5 SE Tuscany, 7 Miles of Castaglione, Italy)
    6 Fiji , South Pacific Ocean
    7 Andaman Sea (7miles W of coast Tavoy)
    8 Auckland City, North Island, N-Zealand
    9 Lake Superior, Canada (2miles of coast Thunder Bay)
    10 Hatshepsut Temple, Egypt
    11 Epsom Downs, Surrey United Kingdom
    12 Cork, Ireland
    Trinity Hub Gate is in Cornwall, United Kingdom, can be a connector portal for all other Trinity Gates and is also a Mother Arc Gate.

    Recently, there has been gridwork focused to hold connector points for Trinity Gates in Cork, Ireland, Surrey, UK and Hatshepsut Temple, as well as a working on the Krystal Cathedral anchor in the Trinity Hub gate in Cornwall. Additionally Uluru, Bali, Seattle and Phoenix, because they act as the main portal links for some of the Trinity Gates.

    Thank you and hoping that this information is a helpful reference as well as supportive to our earth gridwork, in comprehending why we may be working in some of these demographic areas.

  56. 🌈Ascension B Timeline: Like the Reptilian preferred method to create disinformation and confusion, so they can infiltrate - they recruit undisciplined Indigo's (without mental or emotional control) to go create groups to take the place of contractually trained Galactic Emissaries. The Founders and participating councils have training methods for Galactic Emissary work, and the first order of mastery is to overcome mind control. (psychic self-defense) This is why so few of the human race has been able to move past the density of confusion and chaos, the artificial mind control is incredibly destructive, making it impossible to perceive reality from clarity and energetic balance. From the place of mind control and/or emotional woundedness we are then prime targets for reptilian manipulation, thoughtform or spiritual possession. With inner discipline, there is still potential harassment; however you are free of psycho-emotional manipulation or any level of possession - eventually and ultimately. 🌊

    (Controlled, conscious breathing essential: search pranayama.)


  57. Let's do this Lightworkers!

    Just to share with you guys, I had a vivid dream last night I saw a huge sphere liquid like UFO with a rainbow colored thing inside of it, it was such a beautiful thing and I remember what I said that I will get inside of that ship. It was such a profound and wonderful feeling to have that kind of dream.

    Victory of Light!

  58. From gaiaportal!

    "Essences of the Higher Realms are sensed.

    Full circle scenarios play out.

    Light BEings call for the awakening of all.

    Martensings fail to halt the progress.

    Essences of the Higher Realms are realized."

    Victory of the Light!

  59. Global Consciousness Act. Check out out. They, it, something calculates human conciousness every minute...or more. They know how mass meditation works. This is it. The storm. Pull that bandaid off. Let's get to work. Dont give up please. All meditations are needed. Let's do this.


  60. All will be changed.

    Life Without Pain


  61. in the promo video in croatian you have stated the wrong date. with us in europe it will already be 5 april and not 4. it should be changed on time if possible.


  63. I will always be there. I look forward to all the mass meditations. And we are getting close to the event, I feel it in my bones !!!! YES!!!! Thank you Cobra. VITORY OF THE LIGHT!!!!


  64. Confirming Arrests have Started from England

  65. I may have been exposed to the virus. 2 people's tests came back positive today in the same building I was in this morning and last night for routine medical tests. My immune system is bad. What can I do?


      CoronaVirus Disruption (energetically programmed audio)

      Some comments from people who used this:

      1.Works so well! 😍
      I haven't been diagnosed with anything, but I've been experiencing shortness of breath and chest tightness for about two days now, also had mild fever every now and then (I think it's pneumonia?)
      I tried eating garlic, drinking warm lemon water, tea, honey, all these stuff, but nothing significantly helped.
      I'm listening to this for the 4th time now, and I can't believe it.. I can almost take a deep breath again. I feel very relieved.
      Thank you so much! God bless you!

      2.elysian daydream:
      even though i don't think i have corona, i do have a bad cough and i listened to this last night for a couple hours while sleeping (which is probably a bit too much but i'm fine) and today i started coughing up mucus so my infection is going away, and i also feel better than yesterday

      3.Cecily Erker
      I feel like my lung capacity got twice as big, like I had fresh air and extra oxygen. THIS IS THE FUTURE PEOPLE! FINAL PUSH FOR HUMANITY INTO OUR TRUE DESTINY! DO NOT LET THEM WIN! LAUGH IN THEIR FACES!

      AF Z
      Does anyone else feel like there's more oxygen in their lungs when they listen to this? :D

      Dean J
      I'm crying..i don't know I'm affected or not but I was having lil bit breathing problem..i know breathing issues is a symptom of corona virus so I listened to this and within 2 mins I'm now breathing properly..i can't stop crying..this works..MAY ALLAH BLESS YOU SAPIENS.. 💕😭😭

      West east
      I dont have corona virus but i listen to this i can sense the weird sensation to my body. Its like widening the nerves and some vibrations to blood so yeah its working. Sapien med is not human he/she's an angel or being from higher dimension. Thanks Sapien med

    2. Even though he says headhphone is not required i find his videos working when i listen from headphones. However, it could be only me because my inbuilt phone speaker is of low quality. Try listening with high quality speaker or a headphone. Experiment yourself whuch works better.

  66. Really?
    We were told years ago that there would be an event that would quarantine America and possibly the planet, in order to make global mass arrests. We were encouraged to stock up on food, water and supplies. We were also instructed to remain calm. Marshall law may be implemented to keep people off the street while these arrests occur. Schools would be closed, flights grounded, airports closed, etc.

    Cotinues at:

    1. lester that's what I am thinking. Their attempts at genociding humanity with a bio weapon has failed and Marshall Law is not necessarily because of the Corona Virus. We shall see.


    This song is a remake (cover) of the song " along the watchtower"
    It's is such epicness💫💫💫
    We should have this as a theme song!! It brings out my WARRIOR💙

  68. “People having questions about the situation can send them to, and many of them will be answered in a new Cobra interview which will be posted on my blog as soon as possible, most likely by the end of next week.”

    Should the questions be related to the Corona-virus or can i ask about other topics as well?

  69. The Fed Has 233 Secret Documents about JPMorgan’s Potential Role in the Repo Loan Crisis pt 1
    by Pam Martens and Russ Martens: March 13, 2020

    > ...the roots of the liquidity crisis on Wall Street cannot be assigned to the coronavirus,...<

    The Federal Reserve Board of Governors has acknowledged to Wall Street On Parade that it has 233 documents that might shed some light on why JPMorgan Chase was allowed by the Fed to draw down $158 billion of the reserves it held at the Fed last year, creating a liquidity crisis in the overnight loan market according to sources on Wall Street. After taking four months to respond to what should have been a 20-business day turnaround on our Freedom of Information Act request, the Federal Reserve denied our FOIA in its entirety. (Our earlier request to the New York Fed resulted in the same kind of stonewalling. See The New York Fed Is Keeping JPMorgan’s Secrets Close to Its Chest.)

    The Wall Street liquidity crisis forced the Federal Reserve, beginning on September 17 of last year, to begin making tens of billions of dollars in loans each business day to the trading houses on Wall Street. It calls these firms its “primary dealers” since they also engage in open market operations with the Fed and are under contract with the government to make purchases of Treasury securities during Treasury auctions, a dangerous symbiotic relationship to say the least. This was the first time since the financial crisis of 2008 that the Fed had made these so-called repo loans to the trading houses on Wall Street.

    On September 17, the word “coronavirus” was unknown to most people around the world. The spread of the virus in China did not begin to make news until January of this year. >Thus, the roots of the liquidity crisis on Wall Street cannot be assigned to the coronavirus,< although we have every expectation that Wall Street and its minions will make every effort to do so as the history of this crisis is written – no doubt with the aid of Andrew Ross Sorkin and Paul Krugman of the New York Times.

    The first coronavirus case in the U.S. to be confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was reported by CNN on January 22 of this year. It had been confirmed by the CDC on January 21. But the Fed’s repo loan money spigot by that time had already pumped out $6 trillion in cumulative repo loans to the trading houses on Wall Street. And the dollar amounts of its emergency loans kept rising, as evidenced by the ongoing official statements that the New York Fed published on its website.

    On October 4, the Fed announced that it was extending what was supposed to be a short-term, temporary loan program into November, as we reported that Wall Street mega banks had announced 68,000 in job cuts. >Again, that was long before any coronavirus problem.<

  70. The Fed Has 233 Secret Documents about JPMorgan’s Potential Role in the Repo Loan Crisis pt 2

    By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: March 13, 2020

    On October 23, 2019, before there was any hint of a coronavirus problem anywhere in the world, the New York Fed announced a massive expansion of its loans to Wall Street. It said it would be funneling up to $120 billion a day in cheap overnight loans to Wall Street trading firms, a daily increase of $45 billion from its previously announced $75 billion a day. In addition, it said it would increase its twice-weekly 14-day term loans to Wall Street from $35 billion to $45 billion. That would bring the weekly offerings up to a potential $690 billion a week. We noted at the time that if the Wall Street firms were getting these loans rolled over and over, as they did during the Fed’s bailout in 2008, they are effectively permanent loans at unprecedented low interest rates for firms that are far from AAA credits. To derive a windfall from these loans, all the trading firms would have to do is borrow from the Fed at 1.50 percent and make margin loans to stock traders at 7 or 8 percent.

    We knew from the New York Fed’s unprecedented $29 trillion money spigot to the Wall Street trading firms during the 2008 financial crisis that this was going to eventually turn into a full scale bailout of the latest bubble on Wall Street, just as it had in 2008. And because the mainstream media was ignoring the story, we took it upon ourselves to chronicle the Fed’s repo loan activities in more than five dozen articles which we have archived for our readers here.

    The Fed’s money spigot became a gusher this week. On Wednesday, the New York Fed announced that it would be making up to $270 billion, in just one day, available to Wall Street on Thursday. But before Thursday was over, the Fed upped its largess to such a staggering figure that even we were speechless. It said that between Thursday and today, it would offer $1.5 trillion in a combination of 3-month and one-month loans – on top of its other ongoing loan programs.

    The stunning sum of $1.5 trillion exceeds the $1.433 trillion the Fed had outstanding in emergency loans to Wall Street trading firms and banks at the peak of the crisis in 2008, according to the audit performed by the Government Accountability Office.

    Strangely, however, after tapping $198.1 billion from the Fed’s other loan offerings in the morning yesterday, Wall Street firms only tapped $78.4 billion from the giant $500 billion 3-month loan made available by the Fed in the afternoon. Wall Street seemed to interpret that as a sign that those trading firms that are in trouble didn’t have enough government-backed collateral to post for the Fed loans and the stock market closed at the lows of the day, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average selling off by 2,352 points.

  71. The Fed Has 233 Secret Documents about JPMorgan’s Potential Role in the Repo Loan Crisis pt 3

    By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: March 13, 2020

    This morning, only $17 billion of the $500 billion offered by the Fed in its 3-month loan was tapped and $24.1 billion of the $500 billion in the one-month loan. When Wall Street thumbs its nose at almost free money, something really strange is going on.

    Two problems that readily come to mind among Wall Street trading firms are that both JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs are under criminal investigations by the U.S. Department of Justice. JPMorgan Chase is under a criminal probe for allowing its precious metals trading desk to be turned into a criminal racketeering enterprise, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. Multiple indictments of traders have been handed down with the bank itself now being probed. The bank already has an unprecedented three criminal felony counts, to which it pleaded guilty, notched in its belt. Two occurred in 2014 for its role in the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme – it allowed insane levels of money laundering to occur in the business account it held for Madoff. The third felony came in 2015 for its role in rigging foreign exchange trading. This is clearly a serial, recidivist offender and yet the Board of JPMorgan Chase has retained the same Chairman and CEO, Jamie Dimon, throughout this wave of crimes.

    Goldman Sachs is under a criminal probe by both the U.S. Department of Justice and Malaysian authorities for its role in a pay-to-play and embezzlement scheme known as 1MDB.

    Two other big problems are that Deutche Bank, Germany’s largest lender which has a big footprint on Wall Street as a derivatives counterparty to the largest Wall Street banks, has been bleeding its common equity capital like a snow cone in July. Its stock closed down 15.05 percent yesterday, to an all-time low of $5.53, leaving it with just $11.4 billion in common equity capital – a preposterous sum to be supporting tens of trillions of dollars (notional, face amount) in derivatives.

  72. The Fed Has 233 Secret Documents about JPMorgan’s Potential Role in the Repo Loan Crisis pt 4 (final)

    By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: March 13, 2020

    Stock futures are currently showing a 1,000+ point move up when the stock market opens this morning. Some of that optimism may be as a result of German Chancellor Angela Merkel holding a press conference and pledging monetary help to ailing companies as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Whether Germans will support a major bank bailout, however, remains to be seen, especially to a bank that has repeatedly been charged with money laundering and market manipulations, as Deutsche Bank has been.

    Another problem for Wall Street is Citigroup. Like Deutsche Bank, it is a major derivative counterparty and has also been bleeding away its common equity capital. It closed down 14.83 percent yesterday at $43.26, giving its stock a year-to-date decline of 47 percent. That leaves Citigroup with just $90.77 billion to support a derivatives book of $49 trillion in notional derivatives.

    While all of these deteriorating fundamentals have been occurring at the Wall Street banks without any commensurate decline in their risk profiles, the same Federal Reserve that is denying the public’s right to know what is going on has been the regulator of these bank holding companies. This is exactly what happened in the lead up to the 2008 financial crash on Wall Street. The Fed kept its blinders on and refused to crack down on the spiraling derivative problems.

    This is what Sheila Bair, the former head of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) wrote in her book, “Bull by the Horns” regarding Citigroup’s role in the 2008 financial crisis:

    “By November, the supposedly solvent Citi was back on the ropes, in need of another government handout. The market didn’t buy the OCC’s and NY Fed’s strategy of making it look as though Citi was as healthy as the other commercial banks. Citi had not had a profitable quarter since the second quarter of 2007. Its losses were not attributable to uncontrollable ‘market conditions’; they were attributable to weak management, high levels of leverage, and excessive risk taking. It had major losses driven by their exposures to a virtual hit list of high-risk lending; subprime mortgages, ‘Alt-A’ mortgages, ‘designer’ credit cards, leveraged loans, and poorly underwritten commercial real estate. It had loaded up on exotic CDOs and auction-rate securities. It was taking losses on credit default swaps entered into with weak counterparties, and it had relied on unstable volatile funding – a lot of short-term loans and foreign deposits. If you wanted to make a definitive list of all the bad practices that had led to the crisis, all you had to do was look at Citi’s financial strategies…What’s more, virtually no meaningful supervisory measures had been taken against the bank by either the OCC or the NY Fed…Instead, the OCC and the NY Fed stood by as that sick bank continued to pay major dividends and pretended that it was healthy.”

    The crisis today is that far more banks than just Citigroup look like they have serious problems.

    1. @AstralTraveler
      Perhaps we should have a daily short meditation until the 4th April one. In this daily meditatation we should visualise how the meditation of 4th April is a great success, with new record number of people anticipating, with great unity of various light communities, unawake awakening and obviously our 4th April meditation achieving great things. Perhaps that would get momentum going?

    2. Yes @ Klodi, this is EXACTLY what we should be doing! That way we create the result we want in advance and build momentum, so by the time April 4th arrives the record breaking amazingly successful Meditation will ALREADY be in existence and on that date we just merge with our creation and solidify it!!!

      There are millions of stories in just the last few years where individuals used this method and in a matter of days, weeks or months, the desired outcome materialized exactly as they had visualized it and FELT its power on a daily basis.

      Just imagine what we will create on April 4th with Tens of Thousands and Hundreds and Thousands of us around the globe doing this visualization every day for THE NEXT 21 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. @AstralTraveler
      Thanks Guys, I have emailed the Guys from wlmm website.

  73. BREAKING NEWS – inexpensive cure for influenza flue type sickness that which otherwise kills roughly 600000 earth surface peoples a year…..
    utlizing MMS medicine would reduce these deaths massively…..
    jimmy humble-quote—–MMS (sodium chlorite activated with a food grade acid which then produces chlorine dioxide) kills most of the diseases of mankind. I don’t know for sure about the coronavirus at this time—but we know that MMS kills viruses as well as pathogens of all kinds and is an immune system builder. There is much anecdotal evidence that says MMS has proven very effective in eradicating viruses including Ebola, Swine Flu, TB, and other respiratory diseases.
    Chlorine dioxide was completely effective against Anthrax in 2001, and used by US Military for Ebola in 2014. It’s been proven by the Red Cross in 2012 to eradicate malaria in just four hours, to name a few. I have been receiving feedback for over 22 years from people all around the world who have given testimony of how they recovered their health from a vast variety of disease, many life-threatening, with MMS. Therefore, I have every reason to believe it can be effective in stopping and preventing the current novel coronavirus going around today.
    For more information and some important facts on MMS, as well as the history of MMS, go here:
    – MMS (Chlorine Dioxide) – Some History
    – Important Facts Regarding MMS
    Again, I have reason to believe, MMS (chlorine dioxide), can be very effective in both preventing and eradicating the coronavirus. With the barrage of health issues in the world today, I would say, let MMS be your first line of defense. Why not be prepared for whatever may come your way? It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. The point is, we never know when an emergency or “outbreak” of some illness is going to happen. Weather it is a stroke, or a heart attack, an accident or this year’s epidemic. We need to be prepared ahead of time and not wait until it’s too late.
    A great way to prepare is to educate yourself on MMS. The best way you can do this, in my opinion, is get the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook, available here: This book is a clear and concise guide to all you need to know in order to recover health with MMS, as well as how to strengthen your immune system by staying overall toxin free. So get the Guidebook, study it, familiarize yourself with it and have MMS on hand.
    Regarding the coronavirus, at this point in time if you have it, I would suggest trying MMS first as MMS has eradicated a wide range of maladies. In my own personal experience traveling around the world and helping people with many different diseases, I have to say there have been positive results at least 95% of the time. I would say those are pretty good odds. At this time MMS is being used by thousands and thousands of people in more than 185 countries. —–unquote…..

    1. Jim Humble is a total scammer. Why do people think there's only one guy who pushes this? The science behind MMS is totally bunk. They say all the magic comes from the O2 released in your system and the electron stripping effect of that. It's nothing more than breathing, and oxygen above and beyond that is actually harmful. The chlorine molecule is released and causes havoc in your system until it is bound by sodium. They say don't worry about the chlorine because it will be converted to table salt in your body. Yeah eventually! That's like saying alcohol is harmless because your body converts it into vinegar and water. MMS proponents say this stuff but have no idea what they're talking about. I've seen slideshows and scientific presentations and listened to lectures and they all have a scientific sound to them, but it's all bullcrap if you dive beneath the surface. Plus they do the classic mega scammer thing of showing certain metabolic processes, like what the atoms do, and then in the next slide make outrageous claims they did not just prove, but to the casual observer it all looks sciency and nice sounding. It's chlorine and an oxidizer, two harmful things, you do not want to drink this. Nobody has been helped by this, it's total placebo. And Jim Humble's claims of helping tens of thousands of people in third world countries is hard to believe since he's a total scammer to begin with. If you really want to do this, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) does the exact same thing but safer. The O2 will break off and do exactly what MMS does, except what's left with hydrogen peroxide is H2 which is actually a beneficial antioxidant instead of deadly chlorine. Use only a tiny bit though or the air bubbles will kill you. Absolute maximum 1 teaspoon of 3%, better to do 1/2t, or a FEW drops of 35%. People have taken 2 tablespoons of 35% which creates 3.5L of oxygen gas in your bloodstream and causes horrific strokes and death. You won't burp up the gas like a carbonated drink, it goes directly into your bloodstream. Both MMS and hydrogen peroxide aren't like normal chemicals where you will gradually notice negative symptoms at higher doses. You'll be fine at one dose and take a little bit more and be dead from a gas embolism. You'll see hydrogen peroxide has all the same claims as MMS of curing every disease. It's just not true. But at least do hydrogen peroxide if you want to experiment. People get way too carried away calling the FDA an evil organization. They are speaking out against MMS because it is actually harmful. All the claims of organizations like the military using MMS is all as a surface disinfectant. But these incredibly dishonest MMS proponents make it sound like the Red Cross is having people drink it. Right? That's what you get from reading the above post, that it was used internally to treat Ebola and Anthrax. Nope! It's a surface disinfectant just like bleach. See you can't trust these people, they mean well, but they have no idea what they're talking about. They're just repeating information from a complete scammer.

    2. MMS will also cause embolisms but people take much less of that, because it's toxic and makes them sick (which they ridiculously call "detoxing") they can only handle a few drops, whereas hydrogen peroxide you can take large amounts until you die from the gas, but it's both the same thing in that regard.

    3. I cured an antibiotic resistant strain of staph from a burn injury that I had with mms that I had been through every form of antibiotic available. I had the infection for two years and cured it in 3 weeks with mms and it has not come back since. Soooo... it worked for me. So it may or may not work for others. Only way to know is to try. I also believe the mental attitude I had, played a huge part in my beating it, as well. I did lots of study and I believed it would works. I really had no other choice there wasn't anything else left to try. And it worked for me.

    4. I forgot to proof read before publishing. Sorry for any typos in advancee

  74. TY Cobra ❤️🙏 We are One! Let's get it Done! Victory of the Light!


  75. Due to a very interesting succession of circumstances I was guided to look for an ages-old song, and lo and behold I did find it.

    "People, don't you know it's a masquerade?"
    It certainly is.

    This is

    While looking for that I happened to stumble upon this here as well, quite fitting actually.
    It was uploaded only yesterday, and apparently I've been the only person to have opened that link so far. Go figure ;-)

    Serenity of Sun - Magical Rain

    Did I mention that two weeks ago I got myself a rain stick? And that for the first time in a long time I planted some flower seeds yesterday?
    Well, I did. And I can't wait to see them grow and blossom.

    Lots of Love and Light


  76. I hope these are all signs at the moment that we are close to the event .. This is really end time craze with the virus. I hope not so many people die until meditation. Humanity now needs positive signs from our star family from outside

  77. Thank you so much for your spiritual wisdom, Cobra. This blog changed my life. Of course I will meditate for the betterment of all life on our small planet. There is so much hatred in the world that I just can't understand. I wish there was something I could do. So many people feel unloved. I love and care about them deeply.

  78. It still takes just over half a month but I am already excited about the mass meditation.

    In my time zone that would be on April 5th at 4:45 in the morning.

    I don't know if I should set an alarm clock or stay up all night but I will definitely participate.

  79. An update regarding health. Jogging isn't so good.

  80. (The video is for men's health, but he also goes into how cortisol adversely effects women in other videos on his channel.)

  81. Videos with guiding words are neaded mostly, not with text to read! It is supposed that our eyes will be closed during meditation!!

    1. The videos are in progress. It takes time to coordinate all this. But you can also make such recordings yourself.

      The previous videos are used to invite others in order to reach the critical mass.

    2. You could also practise it before and remember it visually. That will give you are greater activation.

  82. Hello everyone, first time I post here.
    I have a message to Cobra.
    4 / 5 April is too late.
    Everything is falling down so fast. We have to act now.

  83. The so-called dark beings are still parts of us that need to be healed. They are showing us where we still are living the illusion of separation. With their actions they showed us that we need to get together, in love and consciousness, if we really want to change our lives, our society as ONE. Recently I received two different links, from two different people, with the thoughts of a trend forecaster and a psychologist called Morelli. I realized they are very similar. I send you the first because it is in English:

    We are one, and together impossible is nothing! Love and light to all! Blessings to all of you

  84. Amen!! Chills all over my body while reading this♡ Thank you for sharing! I will keep this vision and see you all at the time of THE meditation :)

  85. Hello, guys!!! Wake up! The event is happening right now!!! And I am not a troll!

  86. A short situation update is extremely needed,and not about the fake virus.But what is actually happening all around us.How long we will be on lock down?Are we gonna have a world republic in like June/August?or this is the last Cobra update for this cosmic cycle(because we will have a world wide NWO in like a week from now)??
    This clarification is MORE important then the Mass Meditation in my opinion.
    Thank you for your time and service Cobra.
    Victory of Light

  87. Here, I share an inspiring animated music video with visualizations of the breakthrough, the final defeat of darkness across the universe.

    Enjoy! ^ω^

    Starlight Brigade AMV

  88. Everyone needs to do what feels right for themselves. Prayer and meditation daily is a positive step for us all. Despite our differences we are all in this together.

  89. Replies
    1. Wow!

      Such an incredibly powerful and beautiful story!

      Thank you for sharing ❤!!!

  90. Patologista Brasileiro alerta para a PANDEMIA da ONU.
    A pandemia do medo.


  91. Aloha.
    It's 3.14 - happy PI day :-)

    Let's take this all Full Circle.

    Back to Summer Paradise



  92. Every now and than I do health updates, because it's very important to increase leverage in a world that appears to be constantly trying to dis-empower. Psychophysiological health is critical in such a world. The video I had regarding this didn't post, maybe because it looked like it was advertising. My goal was not to advertise, but instead to share information.

    In summary, jogging is unhealthy because it increases cortisol. I've found personally that this is true. Jogging makes me very tired. Jogging can also be addicting. If I would skip days jogging, I would become very irritable. So, jogging is out, despite the fanatics who swear by it.

    The best exercise I've found to do is calisthenics. The video I was watching said to do a heavy-weight work-out one time, and lighter weights another, alternating these kinds of workouts. The workout should also be no more than 45 minutes. The video said to do workouts ideally every other day so that the body has a chance to rest and to prevent cortisol levels from rising. If less than this, that's fine too, and no more than 4 workouts per week. The video said that cortisol is the opposite of testosterone. Regarding estrogen, both men and women can have some estrogen, but too much estrogen is unhealthy, just as too much testosterone is unhealthy. The goal is to have a balance of hormones.

    The heavy lifting workout increases testosterone, whereas the lighter workout increases human growth hormone. An example of alternating workouts would be: Monday - heavy lifting, Wednesday or Thursday - light lifting, Friday or Saturday - heavy lifting. It's also important not to strain too much with heavy lifting, and have the reps at 8-10. Lighter lifting reps would be 12-15. I do a few sets of these per workout.

    Also regarding hormones, chicken wreaks havoc on hormones, which I didn't know. Grass fed beef is also not healthy for hormones, contrary to popular belief. Bison is best, as are eggs. The cholesterol in eggs is the building block for testosterone and other hormones.

    Women can also benefit from this information, as generally speaking, both men and women have levels of estrogen and cortisol that are abnormally high in today's world.

    Regarding myself, I still haven't made a major health breakthrough, and have been through some serious setbacks. However, this information I've uncovered hopefully, if adhered to, will allow at least some kind of benefit. Thank you.

  93. Is it possible that the meditation is not about the corona virus but to stabilize the planet for the event. The worldwide lock down is all about the mass arrests which will unleash a huge amount of mass consciousness 'negative' energy that will then trigger the event. Q just posted "it's go time.

  94. Posting because it wont leave my mind.
    Choices. How do we make decisions? We have free will. Are we the only ones in the universe that have free will?
    Choices again. Do you make a choice based on what the media says, your friends or family say, what's expected of you? Do you go with the narrative because you dont have the time or energy to think and act for yourself?
    Do you have time to be still and connect with Source? Its immediate but hard to understand how that can be because of what we are taught. You dont need to do anything but be you and ask to connect. Source is love, not mean. Society has been taught lies.
    What my post leads up to is please trust your gut, think for yourself, see the big picture please. Do not be afraid. That's the darks food. Do not feed the dark. I hear reasons and excuses already. Yes, justified BUT that was their plan to defeat you, us. Can you see what I mean yet? Fight anyway even if others think you are wrong. I just don't tell anyone what I do except those here. I dont need their crap. They dont know. Please make up your own mind, think for yourself. This is new to many because we have been taught from birth a specific narrative. Not a good narrative either. We can see truth now. The veil is lifting. Pay attention and be careful too. Trust your gut. Humans are powerful beings.
    Basically, I'm saying we are all in a new era of being now. We need to think for ourselves...for real. Thos is unchartered territory but most dont know it yet.
    Either way we collectively slow down or speed up what's coming. It's great what's here. To bring it into reality is up to us, regardless of circumstances. Out minds are powerful. To use intention and focus on love, unity help healing etc for 15 minutes at a specific astrological moment will not hurt anyone ... but bring what we have waited for into fruition faster.
    My thoughts. Peace.

  95. Posting because it wont leave my mind.
    Choices. How do we make decisions? We have free will. Are we the only ones in the universe that have free will?
    Choices again. Do you make a choice based on what the media says, your friends or family say, what's expected of you? Do you go with the narrative because you dont have the time or energy to think and act for yourself?
    Do you have time to be still and connect with Source? Its immediate but hard to understand how that can be because of what we are taught. You dont need to do anything but be you and ask to connect. Source is love, not mean. Society has been taught lies.
    What my post leads up to is please trust your gut, think for yourself, see the big picture please. Do not be afraid. That's the darks food. Do not feed the dark. I hear reasons and excuses already. Yes, justified BUT that was their plan to defeat you, us. Can you see what I mean yet? Fight anyway even if others think you are wrong. I just don't tell anyone what I do except those here. I dont need their crap. They dont know. Please make up your own mind, think for yourself. This is new to many because we have been taught from birth a specific narrative. Not a good narrative either. We can see truth now. The veil is lifting. Pay attention and be careful too. Trust your gut. Humans are powerful beings.
    Basically, I'm saying we are all in a new era of being now. We need to think for ourselves...for real. This is unchartered territory but most dont know it yet.
    Either way we collectively slow down or speed up what's coming. It's great what's here. To bring it into reality is up to us, regardless of circumstances. Out minds are powerful. To use intention and focus on love, unity help healing etc for 15 minutes at a specific astrological moment will not hurt anyone ... but bring what we have waited for into fruition faster.
    My thoughts. Peace.


    WITHOUT FEAR ! - Kevin Annett & Iwona Gapinska - Shamsan /ENG

  97. A great incantation every time you see another news on the virus from the fear machine.
    "Corona will lose its shine by April Nine" - Thomas Sheridan

  98. There's chaos and panic everywhere and I'm the only one here already celebrating and laughing😆🤣🥳 becauase I know that we have finally reached the time for massive changes and I can see how things will unfold next.Please Stay calm and don't react with fear and try to respond in a conscious and intelligent way!

  99. The virus is a Load of shit

    In case those links go down, China is over it, closed 16 hospitals and down to 24 cases a day.

    30000 arrived in australia during february.

  100. Breath Technique #1

    Nadhi Sodhana aka Anuloma Viloma
    Nadhi sodhana, also known as alternative nostril breathing, is a very relaxed, balancing breath that is used to help calm the nervous system and aid in a restful night’s sleep. By increasing the amount of oxygen taken into the body, it’s believed that this breath can also purify the blood, calm the mind, reduce stress, and promote concentration.

    How to do it: Nadhi sodhana can be done seated or lying down. To start, empty all the air from your lungs. Using the thumb of your dominant hand, block your right nostril and inhale through your left nostril only. Be sure to inhale into your belly, not your chest. Once you are full of breath, seal your left nostril with the ring finger of the same hand, keeping your right nostril closed, and hold the breath for a moment. Then release your thumb and exhale through your right nostril only. Be sure to exhale all the breath out of the right side and pause before inhaling again through the same side. Seal both nostrils once you’ve inhaled on the right side and exhaled through the left side. A complete cycle of breath includes an inhalation and exhalation through both nostrils. If you’re just starting out, you can do a four-count inhale, holding your breath for four to eight counts, then exhale for four counts. Perform up to ten cycles and notice how your body responds. You may feel more relaxed and calm in both your mind and body.

    When to do it: Nadhi sodhana is a calm, soothing breath that can be done any time of day. Try practicing this technique when you are anxious, nervous, or having trouble falling asleep.

    1. This brings to mind Wim Hof who teaches these exact breathing techniques to his students in order for them to overcome what we perceive as impossible and unlock their full potential as human beings.

  101. Someone here had posted a protocol for herbal treatment if you come down with symptoms of the novel virus. My question is, a lot of those herbs were anti-inflammatory, and I'm seeing in scientific studies that chemical anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs like Ibuprofen) are not recommended and seem to make things worse for patients. Any idea if the anti-inflammatory herbs would be a problem too?

  102. We need to face facts here, we need the likes of David Wilcock & Corey Goode to participate in this meditation as they have a huge following. I remember they once got on board one of these mass meditations before and we reached around 400k, double the critical mass If my memory recalls.
    I would ask Cobra and those in the position to personally ask Corey & David to Unite and use their platform to put the call out for this mass meditation. Also another huge and growing platform would be the Edge of Wonder guys which I think Cobra should have an interview with because their followers are huge. We have Millions out there to participate in this meditation but its just uniting and getting people on board thats the biggest problem.

  103. A note about coronovirus

  104. This 2 week food supply will not be enough, shelves are stripped. I'm visiting many supermarkets daily during work time to buy what I can, people are panicking in supermarkets. Not good in London, UK! On Friday tinned tuna stripped & all pasta & rice, funnily enough they forgot the pasta sauce! Been buying off not famous food online shops too (more expensive but needs must). Must be more difficult for a family to buy enough really.

    Oh and if your wondering I have 40 toilet rolls, word on the street is after the global economic collapse loo roll will be the new currency, especially 3 ply!!

  105. @Sherman
    I had a dream that I wanted to be a female, in reality I am. I my dream I took a potion and some seeds from an old man who was sleeping. I used this option and seeds on myself trying to hurry before he woke up. When he was waking i went upstairs, but it felt like slow motion and i couldn't hurry it up. Then I woke up. I thought of you Sherman and how badly you want to be a female. Then this thought came to me that you have a strong divine feminine in you, which is in keeping at this time. But you are pushing g away the divine masculine in you, both need to be integrated at this time. We all need to balance our divine masculine and feminine together.🌹
    Our galactic family are aware of all of us and of your request to be with them Sherman. It's not just about doing meditations, which are important. We need to work on ourselves every day spiritually. When you have done that Sherman then you will be contacted, just like the rest of us.🦋 we are at the end and we all need each other to get through this difficult time🌝 I wish you all the best, sending g you love and peace and healing. 🖖💛💚🧡💙💜❤🛸🛸🛸🎆🌠🌅✨🌌🛸🛸🛸🌞🌎🌈🌈

  106. We Starseeds can do this for humanity. One big push for freedom❤🧡💛💚💙💜

  107. (Health update part 2)

    One further thought on health is that my own findings have shown that much information is disinformation. For example, there is a prominent alternative health doctor who keeps coming up on youtube who often says to eat kale and spinach. Yet, if you really do your research you will find that kale and spinach are high in oxalates, and are actually some of the most health damaging foods in existence.

    Another popular thing people do is to take vitamin C supplements, yet Vitamin C supplements are toxic. (If people want to quote Linus Pauling that's fine, and maybe there are special circumstances when ultra-high vitamin C would be necessary. On this, I'm still undecided.) People who take vitamin C supplements on a regular basis are poisoning themselves. Vitamin C supplements drain important minerals from the body, (copper being one of the most important ones), and can even damage DNA. When I took vitamin C supplements, even the buffered ones, I would become very tired and pale. So, it's best to only get vitamin C from low oxalate food sources. Also, multivitamins are poisonous, not only because they have added vitamin C, but also because they have other harmful forms of other vitamins.

    I'm finding that I used to be able to find information regarding health that currently no longer exists on the internet, and also, there is more health disinformation than ever before. In more and more cases when researching health and nutrition, I'm finding that I should do the opposite of what the internet tells me. I have to really hunt for advise that is actually helpful, or at the very least, not harmful, regarding psychophysiological health. Even then, the rare advise that is helpful is laced with disinformation. Ultimately, it comes down to being able to listen to what your body tells you, which is a lost art. There is information that exists absolutely nowhere online that only your body can tell you.

  108. Please let this be the lead up to the mass arrest/event scenario

  109. Cobra, a lot a news are starting c ok me through that the mass arrests have started and they are using the CoronaVirus as a diversio. Comments on that?

  110. heres a great way to put up energetic protection fields around ones head and body…..

    this is from the united states marine corps special section teachings…..

    my interpretation of captain randy cramers psionics class teachings of the bleu helmet and pink body bubble energetic protection fields manifestation technique…..

    to manifest and build and maintain daily these protection fields – one develops energy spheres at their heart chakras to the size of a basketball or soccerball – and then exhales with speed and force expanding the developed energy sphere to form a blue helmet around the head-and then after developing the same energy sphere again at the heart chakra-one delivers the second sphere out around the body to form a pink protection bubble…..

    for both the blue helmet and the pink body bubble one visualizes drawing a red ray of energy from the earths centre,and as it enters in and around the heart chakra it turns pinkish in colour,as it grows with each stage of the breathing meditation – breathing in and out 3 times in developing the energetic sphere before sending it out to the protection fields…..

    one begins by inhaling and exhaling 3 times while drawing and discharging energies to and from the earths centre,drawing red sacred ray energy from the earths centre and visualizing it turning pink as it enters the heart chakra and surrounding area-building a basketball sized energy sphere from this process…..then one begins to draw blue rays energy from deep space via breathing 3 times in and 3 times out-as the blue rays energies enter the heart chakra one visualizes these blue energies turning into golden coloured energies,and mixing with the already developed pink energetic sphere that has been manifested from sacred energies drawn from the earths centre…..
    it is standard to do the blue helmet first,then the body bubble as the second main stage of the operation…..

    7 to 12 seconds inhale and exhale breathing is a good standard effective time frame to utilize for each breath-and its important to inhale and exhale the same amount of seconds each time…..experienced meditators will go 15,20 even 25 seconds of course…..

    when each basketball sized energetic protection field is gathered from the earth centre and deep space at the heart chakra-when taking the third breath out while finishing bringing the blue energies from deep space-one exhales at this stage with force and speed visualizing the energy sphere expanding out and forming first the blue helmet protection field around the head-and then after developing another second basketball sized energy field via the 3 breaths in 3 breaths out operation drawing from earths centre then deep space for a second time-one exhales out fast and with force visualizing this energetic sphere expanding out and forming a pink coloured energetic field around the body-known as the body bubble…..

    the one difference in delivering the blue helmet and the body bubble – is that for the blue helmet one draws the newly developed energy sphere at the heart chakra up to the third eye minds eye chakra at the 3rd inhale breath of the operation of blue rays from deep space gathering-then the 3rd exhale one delivers with speed and force,and sends it out from the minds eye chakra – visualizing it being sent to form a blue helmet protection energy field around the head…..

    for the body bubble manifestation one keeps the developed energy sphere at the heart chakra(doesn’t get sent to the 3rd eye chakra like the blue helmet energetic sphere does) and is sent out from there,so is delivered from the heart chakra out to form the pink body bubble on the final 3rd exhale with force and speed to send it to form and strengthen and grow in size the body bubble…..

    good to do this every day of course and maintain and strengthen the protection fields…..and can be redeveloped and redeployed of course if one stops doing the meditation for awhile and the fields dissipate…..

  111. Article complet en français pour la méditation avec les instructions et vidéos... /french article for the meditation with instructions and videos.....

  112. To every lady! If women are no longer afraid of men then how will they relate to men ?

  113. I think a short update would be appreciated to calm minds in these days..

  114. Cosmic Clock of the Aeons pt 1 of 2

    The Universal Founders transmit through Ursa Major in which its seven stars merge with its counterpart, the seven sister stars in the Pleiades creating a cosmic blueprint of the Aeonic Pairing in the heavens. Together, they represent the active principle of the heavenly masculine and the receptive principle of the heavenly feminine uniting through their shared constellation which allows connection directly into the Cosmic Spiritual Sun. As this Cosmic Triad completes, the Heavenly Father, the Heavenly Mother unites with their Cosmic Spiritual Sun. To which this heavenly marriage heralds the birth of an entirely new creation of Suns and Sacred planets while nurturing the Christos-Sophianic child on the earth. This Aeonic Pair, Christos-Sophia, in their hierogamic union represent perfect balance between the masculine and feminine principle (hermaphroditic being).

    This cosmic shift in the Solar System is being synchronized into a new Aeon. This new Aeon is equal to a new measurement in cosmic time as well as the creation of a new cosmic entity. The new Aeon describes the horizontal measurement of time as having been adjusted by the cosmic clock, by the hand of God.

    The Aeons are always born in male-female pairs, each of which is in itself a divine principle, yet, at the same time represent one aspect of the Godhead. These Aeonic pairs comprise the totality of the Godhead as the two divine principles which merge and unite as the third principle, becoming the Three in One. This heavenly prototype must be embodied, as above, so below, and will come to be the spiritual embodiment process of the ascending human experience. The spiritual completion which unites the Aeonic pair is the resulting state of Krystal “hierogamic union” or sacred marriage between the male and female principle with the Godhead. The stairway to heaven through the Krystal Star is embodied through inner and outer sacred marriage, in alignment to these heavenly prototypes, which will continually advance upon the earth.

    Those moving onto the ascending timeline will experience a more intensely amplified awakening experience as they directly connect into the new phases of the Galactic Zodiac, a 13 constellation Universal Time calendar.

  115. Maybe we can get a shoutout from Qanon?

    Q has an established platform with hundreds of thousands of followers; maybe even more?

    They know the significance of this battle for the planet as much as we do.

    They know it is a battle of hearts and minds, dark vs light, good vs evil.

    They are well aware of the energetic components of this mission towards freedom.

    I'm sure they would not hesitate to help us out.

    However, most Q followers are westerners who are also devout christians & catholics. We would need to approach them from a different angle, one of common ground and understanding instead of jumping out at them full force with all of our spiritual jargon. (words and meanings only we would understand)

    Prayer is no different than meditation, in fact they are the same thing just done differently. It makes no difference, as long as the intent is the same. This is how we should approach.

    I encourage others to reach out to Qanon and his fan base, who knows. Maybe, we'll receive a shoutout and have more than enough people joining us for the meditation.

    It's always worth a shot. The price of freedom is always worth it.

    Link Below -