Sunday, April 19, 2020

VTX metastable, CONPLAN approved and operational



  2. We got this, crew! Victory of the LIGHT!


  3. The Original Version.

    The Voice

    Try and UnderStand It.



  5. I have received the calling to start "The Chintamani Group" last week. It has taken some time to plan and understand how to proceed from the idea stage to the manifestation stage but the instagram page was started today. The goal is to gather light workers for regular group meditations during astrological times of heightening energy. We will be following the same instructions COBRA posted on the April 4th mass global meditation to help anchor in the light and bring about the compression breakthrough (the event). If you have a Chintamani Stone, Vogel Crystal, or any special crystals/tools bring them out in full force for this work. If not that is totally okay your presence and the great soul that you are will help us move mountains. The first meditation will be tomorrow, April 29, at 8:21 pm when Pallas enters Aquarius.

    Please feel free to add your own special touch (ritual,ceremony,shamanic drumming, violet flame decrees, white magic, dance, toning, light language, kriya yoga etc) to the group meditation to boost the energy as high as possible, but during that cultivation/meditation time remember we have one intention, one focus, one goal and thats planetary liberation.

    If you so choose with the spoken word in a direct way you can create/visualize this pillar of light descended down from the absolute unified principe of existence down through highest dimension of light through Archangel Metatron's sacred cube. As it travels down Archangel Michael and El Morya transform and energizes this light into the purified force of Gods Will. It travels further down through the great domain of cosmic master Sanat Kumara as he fractalizes and distributes the Light of Gods Will into the full Rainbow Spectrum. Carrying immeasurable power and intensity the Light travels further down through the great temples and Chintamani stones of Sirius and then through our own Sun as it floods over the Earth in a great super wave transforming all in the Light right now and forever!

    " I AM connected fully and completely to the great Sanat Kumara! Blaze your healing rays through the great masters of the Blue Lodge of Sirius down to the central Chintamani stone of Earth! I command these energy to radiate out stabilizing and energizing the New Atlantis grid with full cosmic power! I AM, I AM, I AM The full power of Freedom's Love! Raising all earth to heaven above! Violet Fire now blazing bright! In living beauty is God's own Light! Which right now and forever
    Sets the world, myself, and all life Eternally free in Ascended Master Perfection.
    Almighty I AM! Almighty I AM! Almighty I AM!

    *Visualize from space every particle of Earth glowing with purple transformative fire, increase the intensity of this violet flame until it is blinding, and then, booom! A great explosive force of pure Light is all that can be perceived. Stay in this space as long as you wish as the light subsides, only gradually, you see a new planet earth radiating light far out into space, with a joy so palpable it touches your very core. Amen. *

    Instagram: TheChintamaniGroup

    This group has the full support of the Light Forces. Its intention, and motivations and of pure unconditional love. To bring about ascension of this universe and all beings form a fallen state of consciousness into Gods loving embrace. My goal is to transfer myself from Chicago to Sedona to make that the headquarters of the Chintamani Group for more ceremony, celebration, and anchoring of the light. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!