Tuesday, April 28, 2020

VTX stable, systems clear


  1. That sounds nice. Like a nice sunny day.....

  2. I hope something significant is finally happening that we've all been waiting for and working towards for years. Victory of the light!

  3. THIS sounds good, we love clear :)
    The big change everybody is predicting... let it be the Victory of the Light!!! We are ready and ready to work for it!
    Our Love goes to LF, RM and you Cobra :)

  4. Good news, victory of the light!

  5. Hey Folks. I read today in a local newspaper here in Belgium that the Pentagon is releasing UFO sightings of pilots encountering them.

    1. one hundred years behind the monkeys..πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚

    2. Mainstream media are talking about that in Italy since yesterday

  6. Thank you Cobra, RM and LF.
    I hope we are back on track.

    Here a great interview from LondonReal Brain Rose with Dr Buttar.:

    With Love and Light

  7. The only way to remove Darkness is to integrate/transform it

  8. I hope OMEGA PHOENIX will procceed as smooth as it was.

    Victory of the Light!!!

  9. thank you cobra, thank you RM, thank you to all light force.
    I will hold the light day and night until it brightens all the darkness around the plant and around my site. love, light, respect, truthfulness, equality forever.

  10. That's what we were awaiting for. Brace for impact everyone.
    Disclosure started.

  11. Victory of the light! Thank you for the update Cobra.

  12. Let's go. Tango down! Victory of the light

  13. Awesome News. Victory to the Light

  14. Pls listen to the David Knight Show, Infowars of yesterday and today 04/28/2020...your heart breakes.
    Our situation not much diffeent...

    1. I don't trust neither of these guys. Isn't Alex Jones on the list of traitors? I used to follow him for about a year a few years ago and it was a lot about fear mongering. Once I noticed that I stopped watching that guy. David Knight was also on his show so I don't know how credible that guy is.

  15. For only who might be still interested...
    Our blog will slowly resume.
    Some related comments were already added on our latest post:

    A new page of smaller Post-top units is also growing: https://lightcommunitylighting.blogspot.com/p/outdoor-post-top-lighting-unit-small.html

    It is a smaller version of the medium size, which is almost complete: https://lightcommunitylighting.blogspot.com/p/post-top-outdoor-post-top-lighting-unit.html

    P.S. For only who might be still interested... Do not lose energy if you are not!

  16. Thank you Cobra.

    Venus is very bright now.

    Here's something funny. The moon, venus and Jupiter will be aligned on May 16, 2020 to form a smiley face.

    Like this: : ) ... the moon forms the smiling mouth...

    Here's a tiny video, that shows them lining up. The smiley face evidently happened in 2008, also.


    1. If this isn't the Universe telling us it's gonna bee okay I don't know what is. :)

    2. Evolution: yes, I think you are right.... Smiley face... :)

  17. This is great news. The stability of the new 5D energy infrastructure on Earth, along with the implementation of the Directive (URGENT EXIT protocol), helps the Light Forces not only in the quantum war theater which is the main now, where the most intense battles are being fought, including for timelines control. Destroying the interaction of the DFs on different energy "floors" helps the LF more effectively solve the problem of COVID-19 on Earth.

    The situation here is still difficult. COVID-19 is first of all a live weapon of mass destruction under the NOW's agenda. It is targeted against the civilian population, who had no defense against it. Especially when from the very beginning three modifications of this delay primer were used. In the pandemic course, as was planned, dozens of new, allegedly mutated, varieties were launched. They are already adapted for new age, social, national and racial groups. That makes it even more difficult to develop vaccines, especially if there could be hundreds or thousands of new versions based on genetic and electromagnetic design of COVID-19 specially created this way. The general principle of the resonant impact of COVID-19 was successfully tested be DFs on its first victims. Now other population categories are selectively destroyed .

    We are witnessing a great efforts in the fight against pandemic, which has become an unprecedented DFs’ crime. New infections continue to increase in several countries, while coverage for essential coronavirus prevention, treatment, care and support remains far too low in many parts of the world to have a major impact on the course of the epidemic.

    Numerous negative effects of the blockades have been witnessed, limiting the access of people living with COVID-19 to appropriate food, prevention methods and treatment, and thereby affecting their quality of life and increasing transmission. There are plans to increase the COVID-19 coverage to 80 per cent by October-November.

    This is a part of the NOW's agenda – to ruin all social, economic and political load-bearing structures for destroying the entire edifice of the present world system.

    1. Thank you so match! Send For you Light and Love, God bless you and all WorldπŸ”₯πŸ’œπŸ”₯πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™‚

    2. How did you get this particular knowledge?

    3. Wow this is so accurate. I am impressed by your analysis.

  18. The Chimera, foreign elements, and my own government showed no mercy. My heart was eradicated by toplets, forced vaccines, and directed energy weapons...What dimension am I in now?

  19. Energetic progress
    As we approach the Age of Aquarius, energetic changes are constantly taking place.

    Who knows where to look, perceives them.

    An example from me:
    It has never happened so often as in the last few weeks that strange children who walk past me greet me with "hello". The youngest was perhaps 1.5 years old. Even his mother was a little surprised.

    1. According to Sidereal Astrology, the Planet will not move into Aquarius for well over 100 years. All the newage programming about this event is premature and misguided.
      We are also not in Kali, but currently in Dwapara Yuga.
      This is another gross misconception that keeps getting repeated in error.


    2. @Starcat

      We can't wait another 100 years.

  20. Sounds good.. πŸ’– Does someone know what PB stands for as in PB stardust? Does someone know where to go on earth to create my new Paradise? Abundance Love and Freedom for all πŸ’–

    1. I use to guess it's "pain block" or something related, but i don't know it for sure.

    2. Thanks! It's at least something I can image.. πŸ’–

  21. Major Cosmic Cleansing On The Horizon


  22. Hoho, seemed that was an unusual tough one :)
    Good work, I guess...

  23. You had us worried Cobra!! Count me in the next battle.✊πŸ™‹πŸ»‍♀️♥️

  24. Progress.
    take an inventory-
    Our Individual ~ Collective consciousness is important.
    It is valuable.

  25. I don't know what VTX is. But if it is stable it can only be good.
    I’ve had a terrible headache over the last few days and I felt confused and very tired. I’ve been better since this morning, though I still feel a slight “pressure” in my neck.

  26. Wow--Is this evidence of the success of our April 4-5 meditation?

    Dr. Daniel Murphy talks. He's an ER doctor at St. Barnabas hospital in the Bronx, in the New York City area.


    Excerpt from article:

    Two weeks ago, Murphy said, their ER was slammed with calls, and patients were dying from severe COVID-19 left and right. But as the curve has 'flattened' - a trend closely documented by data collected by New York State - Murphy and his team have noticed a massive drop in emergency patients with COVID-19.

    Then came the wave of critically ill patients in numbers none of us had ever seen. This lasted for two weeks. The number of patients on ventilators accumulated in the ER and throughout the hospital. We witnessed an unprecedented number of deaths. The tone of the huddles became more somber. We became accustomed to the morbidity; we did our jobs.

    It is precisely what I have witnessed that now tells me that it’s time to ease the lockdown. Here’s why.

    Then, all of sudden, on April 7 at 1 pm, Murphy noticed that the non-stop parade of ambulances carrying critically ill COVID-19 patients seemed to have stopped suddenly. From that point on, the number of ER admissions started to decline precipitously.

    First, the wave has crested. At 1 p.m. on April 7, the COVID-19 arrivals slowed down. It was a discrete, noticeable event. Stretchers became available by 5 p.m., and the number of arriving COVID-19 patients dropped below the number discharged, transferred or deceased.

    That drop was "striking", as the doctor explained, because the community he serves is overwhelmingly poor, and sported high rates of infection. The surveillance data released by NY State so far suggests that the area surrounding the hospital may have seen infection rates climb as high as 40%.

    The mechanics of this ebb and flow have led Dr. Murphy to suspect that the lockdowns have actually done little to blunt the 'peak', a conclusion that's supported by Sweden's policies and outcomes.

    This was striking, because the community I serve is poor. Some are homeless. Most work in “essential,” low-paying jobs, where distancing isn’t easy. Nevertheless, the wave passed over us, peaked and subsided. The way this transpired tells me the ebb and flow had more to do with the natural course of the outbreak than it did with the lockdown.

    Whatever Murphy's first-hand experience might suggest about the usefulness of lockdowns, what's wrong with waiting a few more weeks, just in case he's wrong? Well, Murphy explains, even if we set aside the economic damage and its long-term ramifications for personal health, there's an even more urgent issue at hand: Because of the lockdowns, too many Americans are delaying critical non-COVID-19 care.

    .... later in the article...

    And finally, as we noted above, Dr. Murphy argued that the virus is already much more pervasive than official data reflect.

    Finally, COVID-19 is more prevalent than we think. Many New Yorkers already have the COVID-19 infection, whether they are aware of it or not. As of today, over 43 percent of those tested are positive in The Bronx. We are developing a significant degree of natural herd immunity. Distancing works, but I am skeptical that it is playing as predominant a role as many think.

  27. Sounds positive so I am happy and grateful! Love and Light to Galactics Gaia Sol Alcyone and of course Source. Now let's close down this simulation gone rogue and go home to 5D. 😊

  28. 🌺❤️πŸŒΊπŸ™πŸ™‚Π‘Π»Π°Π²Π° Π‘ΠΎΠ³Ρƒ! Π‘Π»Π°Π³ΠΎΠ΄Π°Ρ€ΡŽ всСх ΠΈ всС!

  29. I experienced the Solar Flash Event in a life like dream three years ago. I made a video on it and I described what Ascension felt like. It feels like magnets pushing against each other until they snap together. The pressure against the heart/solar plexus area that emanates out horizontally, and then a fast rollercoaster ride until the point of arrival where I took a big gasp of air and it felt like I came alive. Everything was much different. It was like being awakened from the normal state of awareness. It took only six seconds. Here is the video:


  30. :Death to enemies of free will
    who want to reduce free will of living being
    will die and be enslaved in afterlife
    who want to act against free will of living being to enslave it
    will die and be enslaved in afterlife
    who want to lie and manipulate to reduce free will of living being
    will die and be enslaved in afterlife
    Death to enemies of free will
    Death to enemies of free will:

  31. Keep holding the light. We're almost there!

  32. Aleluia!!! Aleluia!!! Aleluia!!! - Tudo estΓ‘ dentro da ORDEM DIVINA . VITΓ“RIA DA LUZ

  33. Job done. I feel all is done. Now just to reveal.

  34. Thank you Cobra❤️...
    I wasn’t worried because I knew all would be well again.😌

    ✨Victory of the Light!!✨

  35. We've been seriously slagged off by this entity claiming themselves to be the Prime Creator

    1. I didnt read it all... so far from what I read.. maybe two paragraphs.. it lacked volume.. it lacked vocabulary.. and most importantly it lacked the "dear love one" at the start... especially if coming from prime creator

      Maybe it got better.on later paragraphs... but what I read so far is like something u would have read as a comment here

    2. Do people actually read this stuff? The fact people still paying attention to channelled material is beyond me.


    So i was working at Kimberly-Clark for 3 weeks and then on the 19th of this month i ran into social disaster at work and had to quit, I had to admit myself because of self harm thoughts, I had my birthday in there also, but they tried to release me on the 26th but I felt scared to leave and then boom on the 28th I feel better and I get out check this blog and boom the 19th black alert and another boom all clear on the 28th, I have lost 4 jobs now on black alerts.


    1. Well not that I can tell much difference day to day... but I did sense however something was odd in a more screwed way than b4.. then I saw the alert n made me wonder if something related to it...

    2. I hope things are better now for u

    3. Hi Brandon,

      It's nice to hear from you.

      Surround yourself (like a city block in all directions, above you, below you, and all around) in white light and pink light and visualize yourself protected!

      I've been getting into all those heavenly beings and Ascended Masters lately too.

      You can turn your palms up and to yourself yell "Help!" 3 times. You'll have the arms of angels and God around you... This is good if you feel depressed, scared, etc.

      Do it all day long.

      Ask them to walk along with you. I think they're just hanging out, waiting for somebody to call on them.

    4. I feel better but now I got a bunch of hospital bills.

    5. Thanks Megan, you're always such a big help.

  37. VoTL!

    Thank you, Cobra and Team!

  38. Victory of the Light!
    Thank you, Cobra and Team!

  39. I hope an update is coming soon. Thanks Cobra.

  40. Is this happening. Glory glory.
    Trust the plan. Stay vigile, #WWG1WGA

  41. Will we ever see the mass arrests taking place all over the world in mainstream news?

    1. Not until the Cabal's control system crumbles.

  42. Every update we've seen since October of 2019 at least, Cobra has shared that "VTX requirements not met", let alone "VTX stable, systems clear" (and operational).

    Seems in October of 2019 we came close, briefly, to some part of this plan;

    "Tuesday, October 1, 2019
    EXMOSS clear clear, MOSS Pandora sequence in progress. Project 061 downgraded, project 501 to merge into MASTERPIECE at ST point. VTXC systems security breach, in deflection. Minimum M / DL / HP / VTX requirements met, SD requirements not met."

    Feel we have made incredible strides, leaps even, with our success in unifying for the big meditations. I intend we continue to build and continue to change the Universe for the better!

    Victory of the Light!

  43. the calmness in the air is palpable...

  44. https://musicalhealing.bandcamp.com/track/awakening-to-your-mission-piano-transmission

  45. Dear Cobra ! What is Dr Schavi Ali writing about ? Isn't he talking about the event ? ??? P.1.M.04.28.2020.
    1/16: Karma is burned . ???


  46. Chain Reaction


    Do I make My Self clear?


  47. Just a small fragment of undeniable truth/proof would light a fire under so many who are on the fence. A visitation, a confirmation, a morsel of compassion letting us know.... really know... were are not in this alone. Im sure it is because of my lack of participation that I am not privileged to more information like some of the chosen ones. Thats alright... I am doing what I can with what I have to work with. Intention is always good, kind and loving. Sure would be nice if the powers that be in the RM could throw us a bone. Sometimes I feel like everything is just a game to see how naive and gullible we are . Then again havent we been under some kind of mind control or viel , influenced by implants or wave tech. to keep us dumbed down. Theres got to be some way beings with such intelligence clearly could find a way to motivate humanity in a positive way. Perhaps this is the Truman show. Frustrating when I give it too much thought. Thats counterproductive, nothing makes sense. Hard to know whats truth.

    1. I'm sure if people are reminded to access "out of shadows" vid on Youtube, this will enlighten the masses to what really is going on.
      Recommended viewing to all on this blog.
      Remember, don't think about the problem, think about the solution.

    2. I totally see what you mean and I felt like this, too. Especially as we all have been under the influence of the Cabal for soo long. We have to dig through an infinite amount of information where lies and truth are mixed. It's a real challenge to know what's true and what isn't. Even if you think you have found truth it may still be a set up to confuse the "diggers". It's a challenge indeed.
      I think the best you can do is to look for reliable (no guarantee for that anyway) news sources and look for hints that confirm the work of the Light Forces. For instance when people in high positions get arrested (which isn't confirmed by the MSM)or when you see news that the IMF released information that the debts of poor countries will be forgiven. In Germany someone I know received a letter that the remainder of his student loan will be forgiven.
      Things like that would probably not happen if the Cabal was mainly in control.

    3. I feel the same way! Good to know I’m not being “egoic” when I veriy often feel as though we could do with a little more support, especially considering how thin the veils are getting, it just doesn’t really add up. All will be well in time, I have faith in that.

    4. Yes, we need SOMETHING tangible.
      With all the misinformation, disinformation, propaganda, and lies, and with hundreds of 'experts' giving hundreds of different answers.....what CAN one believe or understand?

      This, along with tons of other reasons, is why we need DIRECT ET contact, and as I said before, we need it YESTERDAY.

    5. Focus on your own personal work rather what the Cabal do or just did...

      Victory of Light

    6. @Breach
      I need the aliens...all that 'personal/inner work' won't solve my problem.

  48. Healing Frequency for Protection from 5G Emissions – Spooky2 Rife Frequency Healing


  49. Oh thank god!
    (Actually I have almost no idea what this means.)

  50. "Axel Springer Verlag"(BILD) in Germany is now owned by a friend of Donald Trump! Could at least be a game changer in the media..


    1. Yes, I heard the same! This is a huge thing as Springer owns so many magazines and major news papers! The newspaper BILD has already started to publish articles that are beyond their "regular" standard. Some experts say that politics is not done in the senate/Bundestag but
      in news papers!
      Victory of the Light!

  51. #CoreyGoode #BlueChickenCult #SecretSpaceProgram

    Corey Goode & James Gilliland QnA - Accelerating Ascension Wk 4


    Much more content at www.AcceleratingAscension.com. Corey & Stacy Goode with James Gilliland!
    Bonus content for the Accelerating Ascension Online Course.
    #CoreyGoode #BlueChickenCult #SecretSpaceProgram #OnlieCourse #20andBack #BlueAvians #ECETI

    1. Listened to part of it very good.. ships powering up over Gilliland's ranch is amazing see we need that over every major city.. a show that awakens and for it with color and sound to show they are friendlies..

  52. i dont mannage to open and read the post..please.....

    1. This IS the actual post. It's not meant to be understood by the surface population. Only a coded message for the Resistance Movement.

  53. Hitachi, Sony and Samsung Electronics are connected.
    5G Microwave generated by Samsung Electronics
    Control chip is Hitachi Smart Dust
    The controller is PlayStation's SONY

    Is it a technical thief from Raytheon and a Korean yakuza experiment in Japan.

  54. https://www.infowars.com/california-man-thrown-in-psychiatric-hold-for-expressing-concern-about-bill-gates-vaccines/


  55. Great! Thank you! ♡♡♡♡ LOVELIGHT to ALL here on Gaia and ALL in the Universum ♡♡♡♡

  56. HI,cobra. i dreamed of a message title or content you posted yesterday when the event came, which corresponds to a psychic kutumi

  57. Replies
    1. "Many surface operatives of the Resistance Movement read this blog as it contains some coded communications for them. Internet is the easiest way to give them certain not very sensitive intel, at least that part which can be safely transmitted through this public channel."


      Last section.

    2. This IS the actual post. It's not meant to be understood by the surface population. Only a coded message for the Resistance Movement.

    3. Whatever they post, won't change you daily routine. Just ignore

  58. Contact with Interdimensionals

    Cosmic Disclosure with Emery Smith

    S10:Ep832 minsApril 28, 2020Guest: Randy Cramer


    link active for about 24 hours
    another mind blowing episode with emery and randy dialing it up bigtime…..

    and remember of course the united states marine corps special section and the united states marine corps earth surface based societies are of,and have been in vast majority american citizens of course…..
    as well its also utilized peoples from other countries -like through the vietnam war,and for many years in the covert part of the marines…..

    this has been of benefit to the united states marine societies,and they now play a very special and effective role in joining the breakaway and non breakaway earth surface based civilization societies together…..


  59. Prior update "Urgent Exit Protocol firmly enforced" Dark ETs you must leave? Assumed all would be escorted to GCS or as history has shown we keep repeating this scenario

  60. Nice post I felt huge change would happen visible that wld awaken the masses not continued fear porn by fake media about a bioweapon virus.

  61. I just want to tell you Cobra. Thank you all! Thank you that you are back earth and help for people! You are an important person in this all awakening! Thank you!

  62. πŸ’–πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’–

  63. Your concerns are valid....there is still so much division and it seems almost everyone wants to fight about everything....

  64. Urgent note:

    Please everyone don't allow all the political/social divisions to keep us fighting.

    Be very careful-most of the awakening accounts have been infiltrated or taken over by people who want to fight and hate...when you encounter them you need to run away fast...just stop fighting

    Always giving us an "enemy" to hate/fight against....mainstream media, fox news....democrats republications....Trump Pelosi...Flynn Kushner....on and on and on it goes

    Until this stops, we as humans will NOT move forward....until we realize we are all one race, one people how can we evolve forward?
    There is no hate or judgement in the light...how can we say we hate our brother but love God? There are some nuggets of wisdom in the holy books....

    Please spread love, spread joy, spread kindness...in ALL of our interactions, everywhere we go

  65. I'm very interested in what's happening in 3D right now. Besides me and my family being forced to wear a mask in more and more locations. My mind sometimes yearns for good old boring physical action. :)

  66. I think more and more people start to question the lock down and MSM looses credibility. I have no proof though. More interviews with doctors and their experience with the virus leak through.

  67. Thank you!
    Victory of The Light!

  68. I've been reading the comments on here and they make me think what's going on. We had a successful meditation, but it isn't the end. Cobra and company have a lot to do before the event. In the meantime we should all be working g on ourselves, especially now in lockdown. This is also a spiritual time for us to grow, learn. We are being g watched and tested. We need to be strong, have faith that all will work out perfectly. We need to be ready. When the truth comes out, we will be needed to help those who have been asleep. We are spiritual warriors. We must support each other and be strong and powerful.this is our time now, we have waited a long time. Love and peace to you all. ❤πŸ‘πŸ›ΈπŸŒπŸŒˆ

    1. @Aquarian Maiden

      Well, I am NO warrior. Also, when the event comes, and the aliens arrive, I am hitching a ride WITH the aliens. See, from ages 14 to 34, I have TRIED to help the masses wake up.....you know how that went? I got the broken teeth to show you, not to mention emotional scarring from all the ridicule during those years, which can scar a person well into adulthood.

      I just want OFF this twisted planet and be able to live a REAL life.


    2. Hello Sherman,
      I don't what you went through when trying to wake people up but I have an idea how difficult it may have been to try to steer people in a good direction and make them think and question the system.
      It's tricky. I myself felt very alone in this because for most of the time I didn't know anyone who was "awake" and whenever I tried to give people a hint they would often dismiss it as conspiracy BUT recently I noticed that more people are awake than I expected which is great. I know how frustrating it was before when many people around you were so clueless. It felt almost like a burden to know too much but I believe it has changed to some degree.

    3. @Dan
      I will only believe that when I am vindicated.

      But my biggest concern is to ESCAPE Planet Alcatraz and have a REAL life.

  69. I ABSOLUTELY agree with AstralTraveler. We need to start meditating on a Common Vision for Our Future instead of meditating on our current with the virus in it,a vision w/o a virus or even the word/concept mentioned. If it is not mentioned, therefore it does not exist. Envision what we want our NOW To Be. We all know our power of thought can and will manifest


  70. All



  71. Ben Fulford interview with Highway Diary (28 April):


  72. Fall of the Cabal Revelations: Meet the Scherffs [Bush] + Meet the Hitlers [Obama] - Robert Potter
    Alfred Lambremont Webre


  73. Now come the locusts from east Africa just as Cobra predicted in January

  74. Backwards in time running waves of the Age of Aquarius reach us
    „The Event will send strong ripples of Light throughout the spacetime, forwards and even backwards in time.“ (Cobra)


    Last night I made an interesting observation in the handling of a young woman with her very young dog, which I have never seen before. The woman seemed completely unprogrammed in her dealings with him. She made no attempts to program the dog. Nevertheless the dog was completely disciplined. When she said something, he paid attention to it.

    Maybe this is a shadow on how people deal with each other in the age of Aquarius. For example parents with their children. Shortly before the experience with the dog there was a negative case in this respect: An approx. 5-year-old strange girl greeted me loudly with "hello". Immediately the mother whistled it back: "You can't say "hello" to a strange man."

    I met the dog on a small crossing. There was no sign of the woman, because the dog was running up to 100 meters ahead. The dog watched me uncertainly to see if I was hostile. I helped him by pretending not to be interested in him. Soon the situation was clear to him.

    He was interested in two people with three dogs on a bench about 70 meters away. And was very concentrated in weighing up how to judge the situation. Then he ran towards them at full speed.

    The whole situation seemed very liberated.

    1. Thank for sharing, I like how you describe the dog, I can easely imagine the situation, and it put a smile on my face.

  75. The german youtube audio for the buddic column meditation is nearly constantly unavailable - from the end of january! It must be very strong if it is deleted so consequently.

  76. I whole heartily agree with this Entire Statement from AstralTraveler

  77. Just passing it on.

    Many sources have confirmed that on April 4 th/5th we did in fact secure the most desired Ascension Timeline and anchored in the New 5D Earth Grid, which is awesome! However, we cannot become complacent as there are still opposing forces at work who would like to undo this. We cannot allow that to happen!!

    There are still several stages of Planetary Liberation that must occur before we are completely victorious including the completion of the rescue of traumatized children from underground strongholds happening now, an end to human trafficking and the $150 Billion Child Sex Trafficking Network, an overhaul/scrubbing of the entire internet to remove all dark programs and activities, 160,000 sealed indictments will be served in the U.S. and 500,000+ mass arrests are expected worldwide, evidence of their crimes publicized via multiple media channels with a subsequent transfer of power, and bank closures followed by the complete financial reset.

    With all that in mind, now is the time to be most Vigilant in our meditation activity and focus! Every moment hangs in the balance and we can control the outcome by maintaining and expanding our Worldwide Web of 5D Light!!

    We must continue to anchor the incoming waves of light into our new earth grid and HOLD the Sacred Vision of Life on 5D Earth strongly in our minds every single day! We must continue to birth it into creation with our silent meditations, with unwavering commitment.

    I would also ask that we set aside time daily to meditate specifically for these severely traumatized and abused children. Many of these children were abducted. Their plight has been horrific and we need to send them a blanket of divine love and assure them they are now safe and protected and will never be harmed again. Envision them being healed and whole and send them this vision of renewal. I’ve been singing lullabies to these children and sending them the tender feelings they evoke (such as this one):
    Sleepsong Lullaby (Secret Garden)

    As for a daily meditation routine, a good brief meditation to start with is Violet Flame Earth Ascending so that we can purify any remaining darkness on our planet. The light forces have asked us to invoke the violet flame daily (and throughout the day).
    This is the link:
    Violet Flame - Earth Ascending (invocation)

    We must also continue to Stabilize the Earth Grid dailywith the “Flower of Life” meditation here (download in case of internet disruption):
    Flower of Life Meditation

    Cobra and the Light Forces have also asked us to continue with our Ascension Timeline Meditation (every 4 hours as often as you can – even once a day is good – at 3 pm UTC, 8 am PDT, 11 am EDT) and also Easter Sunday at these same times.
    Here is the link to the guided audio in English you can download:
    Ascension TImeline Meditation (Guided Audio in English)
    And in 40 languages (scroll down past 2nd large picture)

    Spiritual Easter themes will center around Immortality and Freedom….and our ability to “Resurrect” these divine solar codes.

    Remember, you are an Immortal Being with an eternal soul!

    We are also Resurrecting the Feminine Divine….very important!


    1. Well said. We have warriors work in front of us that must be seen to. Also keeping g away from the constant mind control tactics on TV and radio. It's program to get in your head. We need to keep our vibrations raised. Love and respect to all. πŸ™πŸ›ΈπŸŒπŸ¦‹πŸ’œπŸ‘πŸŒˆ

    2. Thank you for the links. I will implement it into my daily routine.
      Victory of the Light!

  78. https://altered-states.net/barry/rife/rifepro/software/index.htm

  79. Reality.
    Re: again, anew
    Alit: come down, settle.
    Cyclic system of the lowest level.

  80. https://tapestryofcreation.com/stay-grounded-be-the-pillars-of-hope-and-peace-for-the-world-ashtar/

  81. Westward winds are carried on the morning.
    The night is over and work has been/is underway to identify existing channels of freedom to find the way out of captivity. One may ask what role the wind direction plays. The dark ones have hidden the way to freedom in such a way that one does not recognize the first step that is necessary. Wind (gaseous phase) represents the highest sub-level of the 3rd dimension. The true means of our imprisonment are hidden in a higher dimension than people think. This must be taken into account.

    Crags are hammered and removed.
    The next step is to eliminate (poorly visible / sneaky) danger spots that could lead to a shipwreck on the way to freedom. (Many freedom movements in the past have been shipwrecked or got stuck).

    Narrows of Light are followed.
    Sometimes there are only very narrow roads of light, which one or the other did not consider suitable. Nevertheless, they lead on. (One or the other who had recognized this in the past may have been smiled at).

    Freedom channels are recognized.
    All this leads to the recognition of channels of freedom (which have always been there). Becoming conscious leads to the goal.


  82. @concernde:To the situation in Bavaria. This I can fully confirm. But there are also signs of awakening here. Many sheeps though doing all what they are told by the media and "Mr. President" of Bavaria Markus SΓΆder.. He´s always repeating the "danger of the second wave.." Almost like he´s planning it or he knows it is planned in the near future by certain factions.

    Sometimes I think if the media told us, that we could go shopping but we are only allowed to stand on one foot alternately because of the DANGEROUS virus on the floor, 80% of the people would do that without even questioning..

    We can´t wait forever for the unawakened part of the population, who have eyes but can´t see, ears but can´t hear!

    Children crying because they haven´t seen their friends for many weeks now. Cashiers in the markets being in burnout-mode and use the customer as a valve for their anger..

    Old people who built up the country, being beaten down by the police in Saxony because of peaceful demonstration.. Betrayal of people "not behaving" trending again like in GDR.

    Families desperate, locked up in small flats, not allowed to leave the room without important reason..

    Old people dying because of lonelyness, no visits allowed..

    Never really thought this would happen also in this beautiful country Bavaria. But when politicians are running behind Hitler relative Merkel, Bill Gates and an accused murderer and satanist like Chancellor Kurz from Austria, what can you expect?

    We really need help here @LightForces. And we need it NOW!

    I know this is part of the planetary clearing, BUT:

    This endless traumatic experience must come to an end!

    Stand up NOW people and demonstrate. We have to say "NO" to this.. Whatever it takes!

    And then I really hope the lightforces will help us eventually on the physical plane. WE have SHOWED our intention MANY times now! We don´t deserve this!

    Also at least a short update from you @Cobra would be very much apprechiated in those challenging times. A piece of hope would help many of us here.. A song, a picture, a sign, no matter what. Thank you in advance!

    1. Thank you for the sign Cobra and Plejadians!πŸ§”πŸ‘±‍♀️πŸ’— Just saw a HUGE strong rainbow here🌈. Had the impulse to look outside and there it was..😲 I think there was also a spaceship presenceπŸ›Έ. Great energies!✨There is HOPE! Thank you. This means a lot to me today!πŸ€—Maybe I can add a picture tomorrow.

      Victory of the Light!

    2. Annie Jacobsen, "Operation Paperclip"


    3. https://sananda.website/starlight-via-galaxygirl-april-27-2020/

    4. The great awakening

    5. 'everything is coming back to the people, away from the corporations, away from the government, and back to the people'


  83. A message from the Pleiadians to the Portuguese people? https://youtu.be/i6gqlZScYPU

  84. please cobra, we need something other than a coronavirus update. Please make sure that your next update will not only cover this topic. Thank you for your work. Victory of light

  85. Hello friends! I have recently found my purpose and am starting my own inner revolution, I recently found my name equals the values of "Compression Breakthrough" through the four basic ciphers from gematrinatorDOTcom, and from there I somehow ended up here!
    I will be including you all in my thoughts and meditations and I look to contribute value in anyway possible <3

  86. You know if i was ever in Atlantis.. and this latest era mimics somehwat what happened in Atlantis.. one really wonders how is it that more spirituallyy awakened indivkduals on that time which i am sure sooner or later would have caught on with the politcal games and hisden agendas
    Still fell for the deception and/or let the world break as it did.. to the very last minute.... i cant picture the population not have done anything.. specially the good guys(above n bellw) of that time to curtail the forecasted demise.

    Granted it has been said that everyone fell under the control of rhe bad guys as we have except we are in worse shape at this timeframe.. so ingotta wonder... the population back then must of known more than us. They must have been able to do alot more than us..

    They didnt have instagram back then? Why was so difficulat for them to see where rhings were goinf if they were more awaken than us now. Curious to speak of them when them is us.

    So yes i understand the bad guys infiltrated the roles of power just as today.. but where and when the people lost their complete free will. When did heroes fall... when did heroes abandon gaia.

    So now lets get back to first sentence... i consider meself pretty much in a observer role(convenient huh).. and i have to wonder did i also observe the same stupidity and ridiculous game back in time as i observe it now...

    I know i know so i hear that everything gets fixed in stages... since is so much harder to fixed what has been broken in a min... that is a great excuse we could all hold to heart to feel better. The truth is.. things didnt necessarily breake in one day.. we let it happened.

    Sure in some situations the bad guys could come up with one instant damage per hour or per second to add to the overall damage. The light however has the same skill and priviledgess except it doesnt get to exercise it that often.. The light gets too caught up and distracted in getting al the x's and O's crosssed..

    Sorry. Just a moment of thought.

  87. April 2020 was extremely rich in LFs' operations on Earth and in Space. Many of them were covered in detail and actively commented in the Cobra Blog. What other operations should be mentioned? Here is a list of the most important.

    From Space:
    1.Civilizations from 5D to 17D have been actively entered in Earth operation named New Multidimensional Phases. In its frame for our planet energy restructuring these positive entities are directing high frequency flows from the Cosmic Central Sun, the Universal Central Sun and Galactic Central Sun. Under their impact the Yaltabaoth’s tentaculars are diminished and crystallized. New synchronized Solar Waves are sending to Earth needed for her immediate assimilation and reconstruction.

    2.Multidimensional visits are now permitted. Representatives of these civilizations were allowed to participate directly in all Earth operations. For creating positive vortex that can dispel the darkness they incorporated the Sirian, Pleiadian, Arcturian energy and through the Martian System addressed it to Earth. Under the new cosmic radiation, the positive energy accumulated by moldavite in the Christic patterns increases.

    3.To reinforce the new 5D infrastructure 5D on Earth LFs started the installation of the Nevic Grid between the Medium and High Orbits. The Nevic Grid is a crystalline grid, similar to the energy grid that existed on planet Neva in Alpha Centauri. The Grid will strengthen Interstellar Portals, blocking negative interference. It is a powerful magnetic field that reverberates the crystalline energy of Love, Discipline and Expansion of Learning, broadens and strengthens the resolve of new generations in their personal choices and abilities, guiding them to follow their hearts. This Grid will also will also enable more Star Commanders to fall into physicality for the LFs in the coming decades.

    4.In parallel, important negative 3D blocks that have accumulated destructive energy for thousands of years are being dismantled. They replicated the DFs old tortures, persecutions and so much more to obtain the necessary energies for their own sustenance. This 3D structure was used by the DFs of the so-called Roman Line for the 9/11 attacks in 2001, the false flag attack of March 11, 2011, in Fukushima, and as main engineering force behind the Syrian conflict.(To be continued).

  88. 5.Operation Hotis 811 continues, which is aimed at clearing the astral plane over Ecuador from the negative entities and disintegration of the toxic field created by them.

    6.The Pleiadine space fleet, recently supplemented by cruisers, is increasingly appearing in view to demonstrate their presence to the Earthlings.

    On Earth:
    1.From October 2019 a special LFs space fleet positioned itself in the inner Earth’s core to a certain area under the surface of the planet. This LFs special fleet is connected to the light seeds which were previously distributed to the surface population and at the same time to the earth’s core. The Earth’s core is connected to the Sun and the Sun is connected to the Galactic Central Sun, among others.

    2.From January 2020 and til now this LFs special fleet pull off its operation to raise the Earth frequency. The frequency rise comes regularly from the Galactic Central Sun which in turn is supplied by the other Central Suns and these are supplied with cosmic energies from Source. Through these increases the frequency in every human multiplied.

    3.Through increased ability to absorb the light energies, light codes etc. the immune system of the surface population strengthens additionally and automatically. As this expanding light becomes more anchored in the body systems, this light is actually able to burn away the nano-technology present in human bodies.

    High vibrations naturally burn these negative plasma chips. LFs adjust and rearrange the energy field of people, exciting small black holes formed from these negative plasma microchips, replacing them with pure and crystalline energy. Especially the chips that were installed in the area of the navel, third eye and main chakra. All these chips are dissolved and replaced by crystalline energies.

    4.The Light Forces technology measures also have dissolving effects on such negative cosmic channels as the Tunnels of Seth. The Tunnels of Seth were coupled to DFs exotic weapon systems including some toplet bombs. Due to the additional dissolution of the Tunnels of Seth, the suppressive influence of the Dark Forces on the surface population is being automatically released at an ever-increasing rate.

    5.The Light Forces have taken measures to limit the effect of the COVID-19. One of them is to make recovery faster than normal. The Light Forces use light technologies that can and do direct the virus to pass through the body systems much quicker. These are high technologies of the LFs that can transmit light codes with healing information into the physical systems – each one specifically tuned to each individual affected. They strengthen and increase the light vibration and thus affect the immune systems of individuals. All are supplied with the necessary energies that their individual systems require. This fine-tuning of the incoming high light-technologies is being done on the surface of the planet by the incarnated part of the Light-Forces – known as the ground crew.(To be continued)

  89. 6. An active Pleiadians operation is being performed against the covert organizations with secret services dedicated especially to negative rituals which will be completely ended. Those who are members and who, in some way, feel regret for acts committed as participants, or anything like that, are being called upon to reevaluate their conduct. Those who resist will be removed, in one way or another. The Pleiadians are taking care of this operation.

    Bosses of negative organizations, are being emphatically notified that it is time to change, and many of them are starting to leave their posts in an attempt to escape their responsibilities. The escape attempt is in vain. This will not be possible. This planet is undergoing a major transformation and there is no negative force still at work on Earth that can prevent such changes.

    7. Positive organizations are also undergoing profound updates, with some old rules being updated and finalized, so that there is an adaptation to the New Energies. The Pleiadians are very active in this work.

    8.The Light Forces conducted a number of successful operations against DFs' bases. Arkharariha is one of such bases for negative experiments in the astral of the Middle East, especially Israel. There are other bases of this same group that are on a dismantling route. Arkharariha base, especially commanded by Chimera, has been active in extremely negative experiments, disharmonious DNA alterations, mental infiltrations and directed scalar attacks, as well as through their surface agents , kidnap children with great mediumistic power to force them to do certain things like use them as special "amulets" and "suck" their special abilities for them through certain technologies.

    Many DFs bases act on the etheric plane, but with great influence on physicality, through their many representative agents who are infiltrated in the governments of the world.

    The LF successful operations in April have caused the Dark Forces to push through their agenda in an almost panicky way.


  90. We are old
    We are young
    We are In This Together


    And we'll get Out of this Together!



  91. It is my highest intent that people stand up against the media, and that all the cabal be rounded up, as soon as possible.

    Why You Shouldn't Wear Face masks: Media Misinformation Will Make People Sick


  92. * Must Watch Video: “The Fall of the Cabal Parts 1-10” https://ho1.us/2020/03/the-fall-of-the-cabal-parts-1-10-the-awakening-of-a-liberal/

    “Pedogate 2020 an in-depth Exploration”: https://www.youtube.com/watch

    “Out of Shadows, Official”: https://www.youtube.com/watch How the Mainstream Media and Hollywood manipulate and control the masses using CIA Mind Control propaganda.

    “Adrenochrome”: https://m.youtube.com/watch The Elite's secret super drug obtained by torturing children.

    “The Storm is Here”: https://www.youtube.com/watch The Illuminati started the world pandemic for a New World Order, while White Hats used it to rescue over 50,000 tortured children and arrest their perpetrators.

    1. Your youtube links are incomplete... You probably saw that already.

  93. https://www.disclosurenews.it/importante-pulizia-cosmica-allorizzonte/

  94. Paladin - white Hat.. n Kerry Cassidy



  95. 170 dutch scientists propose a new economic system, universal basic income, and outstanding debt settlement | Pressure for the implementation of GESARA and NESARA ?!

    April 11, 2020
    Covid-19 disrupts lives, but it also offers a historic opportunity, argues a group of 170 Dutch scientists. They see a unique opportunity to make society "radically more sustainable". Take care of business as usual, they argue in a joint manifesto to be published today. First of all, this appeal is aimed at politicians, who need to develop policies and vision for the post-corona era.

    "Decisive action" is needed, say academics at eight universities, including those in Wageningen, Leiden, Amsterdam, Utrecht and Rotterdam.

    "People can obtain universal basic income, poor countries can obtain debt cancellation" (GESARA?!).

    Such radical changes are conceivable now that the crisis is disturbing economic values, they believe.

    Scientists, especially sociologists and environmental scientists, are also asking citizens to make other choices from now on. The consumer can contribute to "a decrease in consumption of luxury and waste". They suggest that the old self-evident nature of travel and shopping life can be broken. In their manifesto, they explain the relationship between the expanding global economy and the damage of the pandemic. This damage is significant because of the "increasing circulation of goods and people, regardless ofnumerous ecological problems and the growing inequality that this causes ", they argue.

    The value of the local food supply

    The government could give an advantage to companies that work in an environmentally friendly and local way to save the economy. “Oil, gas, mining and advertising companies” are not included. The crisis would also be the time to stop “generic growth”, with financial profit as the main objective.

    In addition to their criticisms of the economy as a "growth machine", scientists are proposing changes. They see the corona crisis as an excellent time to accelerate 'circular agriculture'. Because of living at home, people discover the value of the local food supply, they think. Assistance, education and public transport services also deserve a better position, in the new society that academics imagine.

    Academics would consider it a mistake if the world did not emerge from the greener corona crisis. This would maintain the risk of new environmental and health disasters. Scientists warn: without serious adjustments, environmental and climate damage will return to their original state. The surprising environmental gains, cleaner air and lower CO2 emissions, due to the corona crisis, will be “temporary and marginal”, if there are no political and economic changes, and society will return to the old standards.

    Concerns about the climate have not abated as a result of the crisis, on the contrary. Many Dutch people see the pandemic as an opportunity for a more sustainable economy.

    Is it time to start thinking about green economic stimulus?

    Now, thinking about where the billions need to go to rebuild the economy is not a luxury.


  96. We didn't even have the virus here in West Aus.
    The only infected were those on ships and planes.

    The general population do not have it.
    Yet, it was all shut down.
    So, it's not about the virus, it's about the financial system.