Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Victory Report

Our mass meditation was a huge, enormous success. About 8 million people were informed, with over 1.1 million actually participating.

Collective display of unity was amazing:

Jack Dorsey, the co-founder and CEO of Twitter, has given a nod to our meditation at the exact moment when the meditation started:

We have literally saturated the planetary quantum field with our focused, unified intent, influencing the geomagnetic field:

Our meditation has proven that if enough focused intent is present and if a vision is strong enough, the awakened part of the surface population in able to act in unity. This means that when the Event happens, many of the surface Lightworks and Lightwarriors may be included in certain operations of the Light Forces which were before considered off limits. The Light Forces will give direct instructions for this when the time is right.

Our meditation has been able to curb the spread of the virus. The number of new infections worldwide has peaked on April 4th just before the meditation, and is in decline ever since:

We were also able to additionally stabilize the positive Ascension timeline which will stop New World Order plans for mass depopulation in its tracks.

Their plan has three phases: a) release the virus, b) crash the economy, c) depopulate.

Third phase will never happen so we do not need to go into details, second phase will have limited effects and we will now look more into the details of the first phase of their plan.

This plan was finalized by Bill Gates, David Rockefeller, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg and others on a meeting in Manhattan in 2009:

Actual creation of the virus was an international cooperation of labs in USA, Canada and China, with final phases of the virus creation being done in Wuhan:

Wuhan biolab connection is something China wants to suppress:

And something Trump administration wants to investigate:

And some lawsuits are already being filed:

According to sources, the actual creation of the virus involved teams under supervision of Bill Gates. Frank Plummer, a former director of Canadian biolab which was involved in the creation of the virus, was directly involved in the creation of the virus himself, was a MK-Ultra controlled victim of the Cabal, was developing the virus against his will and was killed by the Cabal before he could talk too much:

According to sources, Anthony Fauci was involved in the creation of the virus as well:

While the Pleiadians were able to contain the Chinese strain of the virus , the Cabal agents have injected three different strains of the virus in South Korea, Iran and Italy. Korean and Iranian strains were contained, but the Italian one was not and is now responsble for vast majority of infections worldwide.

Here it is interesting to note that not even one of about 60 members of my Lightworkers team in Wuhan got infected. They were using Command RCV Stardust protocol daily.

The Cabal has ordered the EU countries to keep the borders with Italy open and the outbreak was able to spread throughout Europe, and later with direct flights from Milan to New York also to the United States. The Cabal has also engineered the coronavirus tests to be unavailable in the US for long enough so that the infection could spread, and opposed travel restrictions:

This has allowed Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Tedros Adhanom, George Soros, Jared Kushner, Jiang Zemin and others to further their plans for global vaccination and 18 month lockdowns:

Bill Gates is the mastermind behind this, trying to microchip the population:

Bill Gates had a strong connection with Jeffrey Epstein:

Tedros Adhanom, the head of WHO, has very shady past also:

All of the abovementioned people have a strong financial interest in propagating the virus and then developing a vaccine:

And manipulating the data about the virus:

There is strong opposition to their plans, and Robert Kennedy Jr., a member of the Kennedy White Nobility bloodline, was threatened indirectly by two of his relatives being killed to make him stop his anti-vaccine work:

Instead, RFK Jr. is fighting back, exposing Gates:

The following petition is also going viral, and you can sign if you feel so guided:

And now, Bill Gates Cabal faction is already losing:

With more reliable medical information and evidence about the coronavirus being released:

Together with some alternative perspectives on the virus:

It appears that we are far closer to herd immunity than we thought, and the pandemic may be soon over for good:

Sweden, which did not impose lockdowns, is going through the pandemic fairly well:

Regarding the second phase of the Cabal's plans (crashing the economy), there are already talks in the mainstream about a debt jubilee:

And mass distribution of wealth by the Fed:

Which would not be so difficult to do, if we disregard the consequent hyperinflation, as the Fed could easily print the money:

Current coronavirus situation is turning more and more into a global initiation into the next level of evolution in the planetary Ascension process:

With Pleiadians being more and more involved.

This video of Pleiadian motherships was recorded on March 26th:

It shows a small fleet of Pleiadian motherships, each about 7 miles long, that came from the far side of the Moon and then across Endymion crater in a Low Lunar Orbit (LLO) about 30 miles above lunar surface, casting shadows on lunar terrain.

Those motherships look like this:


Main Pleiadian fleet was able to use the Pleiades-Venus conjunction portal on April 4th and now they are positioned in inner Solar System, fully ready and operational, ready to assist in the planetary liberation:


They are also developing a more advanced version of stardust technology which will make the virus less lethal and dangerous. There are already reports from credible medical sources that the virus has mutated in a less dangerous strain.


I am not at liberty to release any intel about current planetary liberation operations, the only thing I can say is when the mass arrests really do happen, news about them will be released through the mainstream media.

The war is not over yet, and we need to keep holding the Light.

Victory of the Light!


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    1. I feel we are so close to the Event that we should not expect Cobra to be able to disclose any more information on the progress of the planetary liberation process until it happens.

      Victory of the Light!!!

  2. Thank you Cobra!
    We can easily all hold the light and work as a team.
    Let's go and Victory of the Light!


  3. Leave The Lights On

    Will do.

    Light and Love


  4. 💟Victory Of The Light💟

    You can find more of, what appear to be legitimate ship sightings on this Facebook page here.

    In humble service, Love & Light,

  5. Thank you Cobra, very welcomed news report. Things are moving along nicely now. Not long now. Victory of the light. 👍🌅🦋❤🌈

  6. https://www.disclosurenews.it/en/pleiades-1-messages/

    Pleiades 1 Messages April 14 2020

    Cosmic Evaluators arrive for the final event.

    Arrived logos intensify energization for Event.

  7. "Here it is interesting to note that not even one of about 60 members of my Light workers team in Wuhan got infected. They were using Command RCV Stardust protocol daily. "
    That made me smile, really happy to hear it.

    "According to sources, Anthony Fauci was involved in the creation of the virus as well"
    That piss me off, I see this guy everyday now.but I think that he know that everybody around him knows that...
    Thank you Cobra for the report
    Victory of Light

    1. Do you realise if we take China total infected, what lot of them outside of Wuhan got infected, but we projec that 80+k number on Wuhan, and we subtract them from the total population that still makes 11 milion 810+k people who not got the virus, to be honest it was like they had 0,6% chance to get the virus. It would be much more suprise if they would got it than they avoid it. If the 95% of the Wuhan population would be infected but this 60 person not I would call it a suprise and something, but like this chance, its easy.

    2. @TruthSeeker your calculation is not complete. To calculate the chances of a repeated thing happening you have to use the formula "1-(inverse percentage)^the number of repeats". And that would be in this case:
      So there was a 30% chance that at least one of the 60 people in the group will get infected. That's their cumulative chance.
      Also, don't forget that China is 100% lying about their numbers. There's at least 20k dead in Wuhan based on the numbers of cremations in morgues. If we assume 2% mortality rate for the virus it's exactly 1 million or 9.1% infected. And that increases the chance for at least 1 person from a 60 people group of getting infected to 99.67%.

    3. Yes Trobpy you are right I think of the repeated thing but still by the great numbers and the actual fact that its not a random event but you have to go out and meet with people who can infect you I think that chance is much less if they was cautious. But we can agree about the chinese numbers wasn't right at all.

  8. We have been enslaved for too long on this planet. Many people, like myself, are ready to ascend. I ask myself everyday what is our purpose in life? Why were we put on this planet in the first place? To work and pay the bills? Were we meant to live this way? Some questions I understand. Others still elude me.

    I am a very intuitive person who has a hard time coping being around people who exert a negative energy. I hope the Event removes all negative energy from this planet. I also hope the Event and ascension cures me and many others of aspergers syndrome and any other diseases people are suffering from.

    1. Yeah this dumpster fire has gone on long enough. Luckily I have some hobbies to keep my mental self together. But whether its past life crap or the loser biological family I have and their poverty consciousness programming, I find myself always on the edge when it comes to surviving within this money matrix.

      More than likely your Asperger's is another way of these useless medical cyst-em doctors to brand someone who is of unique talent as somehow diseased, like ADHD. First they brand you, and then they push drugs so they get their kickbacks.

    2. I believe I am, as it is called, a starseed. Yet I wonder if people with aspergers and autism are related to this. Or is it related to something else entirely.

    3. its taking wayyyyyyy too long.

      obviously a stalemate is in effect, and as in the diagrams in this update, the war is at the nanobot level.
      All these nanobots and quantum implants (sighs in rolls eyes and shakes head).

    4. Below Level 1 ASD right here; no drugs, no alcohol. Healer/Musician :). Ask a higher power daily that the archons not have access to our thoughts. With no fear, they will then skip the withering part and just die off. Pleiadians Rawk!!!

  9. Thank you Cobra😘💋💜💙🛸✨
    Victory of the Light!👽🌠🤍💛🌟☄️⚡️

  10. Brazil needs to wake up. Many are still frightened. The mass media still dictates what to do. Chinese government buying energy infrastructure and TV

  11. Sweden got me worry lately,from what I heard,I don't really know these people..
    That Waldo meme was great

  12. So Benjamin Fulford was wrong yet again on what arrests he thinks are happening. Again why do the light forces not openly take control of the planet at this time or provide the healing chambers to start removing the bombs from the human population so they aren't unwilling suicide bombers. I really feel we are at the 99.9% mark of this phase and I don't think we need to take humans through anymore spiritual experiences before real change occurs.

    1. Hi Douglas, Fulford only reports what he is told and it's up to us to discern the information.

    2. I still don't know how the hell they can safely remove the last toplet bombs. The Archons and the Cabal surely know how many bombs are left, right? They know that if they detonated them now it'd destroy only our planet and nothing else, right? So if they're ready to commit suicide, why would they let the Light Forces remove the last few bombs without detonating them? If they won't get removed in one clean sweep, then the bad guys should push the button and kill everyone just before the critical mass is removed.
      What in the world would stop them from doing that? If they're too afraid to commit suicide then the LF can liberate us right now without removing the bombs. If the LF can somehow stop the Archons from detonating the last bombs, then there's no need to wait either. And if the Archons can and are willing to detonate the bomas anytime, then there's no point in trying to liberate us. Since we'll never be safe from the threat of toplet bombs. It'll be an eternal stalemate.
      So what's the catch here?

    3. Trophy
      Evidently, the top level of the dark forces havent lost all hope yet - till all hope is gone, they're still hoping to survive and continue their domination in some form.
      As in cornering/capturing any dangerous and intelligent animal/being, one should understand the being's capabilities and speed of reflex very well. Till you're convinced you know this, you shouldn't 'show all your cards', especially your 'death knife' - but do keep testing this being, to fully understand as well as possible his capabilities.
      Please have faith in Goddess' grand plan that we've been told has already been won on the higher planes. If we all stay aligned on our own higher plane, we support and energize this Grand Plan.
      Goddess Bless

  13. yes, we are the ones we have been waiting for and this is the time we have chosen to awaken. This is the time we have been waiting for and working towards.... that some of us could only dream about in the 60's. Transformation is in the air on all levels of being... from the personal (I am healing a 3 month debilitating GERD condition through self Pranic Healing) to the planetary levels - our mass meditation success, Pleiadians assisting us, etc. More forthcoming commentary on my blog - PetePansBlog.com Thank you Cobra!

  14. Thank you all!

    Victory if the Light!

  15. Thanks for the update!
    Translated to spanish
    Traducido al castellano


  16. Thank you Cobra!

    Yes, this is a war and we will never give up. For this war will end with the victory of light.

    In such situations it is very important, especially for Lightworkers, not to attack each other, but to stick together.

    To meditate (if one feels led to do so), to keep inner peace and not to lose sight of the goal.

    I know it is difficult, very difficult for many and I can understand that.

    But that what is waiting for and at the end of this war is more beautiful than anything we can imagine. And one of them is the contact with so many civilizations that we can't even imagine how many.

    Stay strong and healthy.

    One day we will remember that, together with the light forces, we defeated the dark forces, won the war and restored the light to this planet.

    Victory of the Light!

    1. I agree. It is a challenging time. I think it is even more challenging for the people who know a bit about what is going on right now compared to the people who are completely clueless.
      I still sometimes question the content on this website as it could be a distraction for people who know a few things and to give them hope and to keep them calm as they could become an issue for the Cabal.
      Anything is possible but I want to believe in the LightForces and Cobra.

    2. @Dan

      Yeah, I know what you mean.

      Maybe some people here don't like me. Maybe some of them hate me here, too.

      "Too positive for this blog or this world."

      I'm just trying to add some community value.

      Some feel connected to it, some don't.

      I too have bad days sometimes, but that's no reason to attack Cobra.

      Making Cobra out to be a liar or a deceiver is just too much. Just because you hate the life you currently lead on this planet.

      Someone is always going to feel attacked by someone like me. But that's ok.

      It's free will.

    3. >Lightworker GER
      Most of the frustration is that since 2001 those of us awakened to the agenda have had little to show for being awake, except maybe steering clear of vaccines and getting away from fluoridated water.

      And then the next question would be why they still come to this blog in the first place? The world outside this blog gives us no hope or reason to carry on with life. Without this blog and the hope of the Event offering a 2nd chance at life, most of us would have found ways to take our own lives a long time ago.

    4. It is precisely because the world outside this blog is so frustrating that there must be some out there who won't give up and move on. No matter what obstacles the dark forces put in our way.

      As I once said, I have survived a lot since my incarnation, or birth. I have felt myself fall countless times...  and stood up again and again. With tears on my face and often alone. But I got up.

      Today I am very strong for that very reason. Even today, I cope with problems alone and have learned to keep a cool head. I have done this again and again and this has shown me that I have potential and I am strong.

      I also help families who do not dare to ask for help. Because it is very unpleasant. These families have something I don't have and I have something these families don't have. And when we support each other, we make a very good team. We complement each other.

      Of course I know that the problems can be very complicated, can be very different and not everyone has the strength to get through it all alone.

      I try to share this strength, this gift with other people. I consider this as one of my missions.

      And exactly because Cobra gives us so much information and takes time for interviews, I'm glad he's here.

      We need Light Warriors like Cobra and Cobra and the Light Forces need us. The Light Forces can do what we can not do (not yet) and we can do what the Light Forces can not do (not yet), I think. We have to complement each other.

      Mass meditations are the best example of this.

      Selfishness, ruthlessness and unnecessary disputes have no place in such difficult times.

      I want the event, you want the event, Cobra wants the event and the Light Forces want the event.
      And collaboration is the key.

    5. >Lightworker GER
      Well you do what you have to do, because you are good at it.

  17. Go us! Victory of the Light!!!

    I was totally anticipating Cobra giving us an exact date/time for the Event. /bummer

    Lol jk Love to all!

  18. Another mass meditation in may to double the positive?

  19. I REALLY want to know why Kushner is still where he is?

    And yes, VICTORY OF THE LIGHT! <3

    1. Faction 1 vs Faction 2

      Same goons, just infighting.

  20. Mulțumesc Cobra și mulțumesc tuturor celor care se luptă pentru eliberarea acestei frumoase planete.

  21. Thank you Cobra and Forces of Light!! AWESOME NEWS!!!!!

  22. Slowly & steadfastly we move towards our Liberation/Ascension/The Event...Thanks Cobra for spreading such good news & great update!

  23. Hi Cobra,

    Singapore's COVID-19 cases exceed 3,000 cases with 334 new infections (most from foreign worker domitories but we are also getting new clusters), and total 10 deaths so far.

    As a result we are like Wuhan, we are now required to wear a mask when going out. We might be having the Italian strain. Italy was targeted as they exposed the Cabal's use of vaccines, recall their report exposing tainted vaccines months before Coronavirus hit.

  24. Great! Very inspiring report, Cobra, and thanks for the news. And all this with only 1.1 million people! I thought the number had been higher. Imagine what could have been achieved with around 3.5 million people which was the number I had in mind, and appears well inside possibility for future efforts now.

    I'm still worried about the efforts of the Cabal with vaccination and 5G, and Bill Gates wanting to create an unique worldwide id with vaccine story in his id2020 project:

    I hope the Light Forces push and exert pressure heavily in this direction, it's obvious that regarding 5G in particular, we've reached a "now or never" point where we NEED that the harmful effects of 5G be disclosed and recognized by the mainstream media and academics, and only the white hats of the Light Forces can achieve this. I wonder if the alien tech to twarth its harmful effects is enough, it would be better to kill 5G altogether and force companies back to the drawing board.

    Now, my takes on some topics:

    1) "Jack Dorsey, the co-founder and CEO of Twitter, has given a nod to our meditation at the exact moment when the meditation started"

    I find very strange that Jack Dorsey might have hinted about the mass meditation in a positive light, since I doubt Dorsey is someone who's working for the light. In fact, I'd say it's very likely that he is Cabal. Maybe he just wanted to give a nod to his cabal "friends" that he got the memo and was aware of the meditation...

    2) "And mass distribution of wealth by the Fed (...) Which would not be so difficult to do, if we disregard the consequent hyperinflation"

    Regarding the hyperinflation that would most likely be caused by mass redistribution of wealth, NESARA/GESARA-style: That's why we all need the disclosure and manufacturing of FREE ENERGY TECH and we need it YESTERDAY, complete with the release of royalty-free, patent-free schematics for assembling and manufacturing of portable, household, vehicle and industrial-grade generators (together with the necessary conversion schematics so the "free energy" can be converted to standard AC 110v/220v 50/60hz).

    With the current infrastructure, that's absolutely right: Giving $100k or any comparable or bigger amount to every person on Earth or just every American wouldn't work and wouldn't improve anyone's lives, it would just trigger massive hyperinflation and turn the US dollar into Zimbabwean dollar where the FED would eventually have to print a 100 trillion dollar bill just so people can buy groceries without carrying a cart of cash into the store. It would also crash other countries economies in unpredictable ways.

    However, with free energy disclosed and its infrastructure in place, that would be different. I'm sure with free energy, most industries and manufacturing would be able to quickly expand and keep up with the increased demand. Then the inflationary impact of handing every person a good amount of money, and also maybe implementing UBI, would probably be minimal.

    3) "Here it is interesting to note that not even one of about 60 members of my Lightworkers team in Wuhan got infected. They were using Command RCV Stardust protocol daily."

    So far no one in my entire neighborhood has been infected afaik, even though the county where I live already has several confirmed cases and a few deaths. I've been using Command RCV Stardust, not even daily, just once every 2 or 3 days after a bit of meditation. It really seems to be an amazing tool, I think the only way it could be improved would be making the protocol effective against all kinds of viral and bacterial infections and not just CV19. VOTL!

    1. About your 2nd point:
      I said exactly the same thing on a GESARA website and I was called a Cabal agent. That proved to me that they don't have any inner guidance or intuition or any clue about what's really going on. They're just a cult of people who believe they'll get extremely rich someday for no reason and that it won't have any negative effect on the economy. And there's no way to convince them otherwise or make them think about the real world consequences of their dreams coming true.

  25. https://venuspleiades.blogspot.com/

    Can't wait to meet my Star family!!!💙👽🛸✨🌟

  26. Za slovenske bralce: https://zmagaluci.blogspot.com/2020/04/porocilo-o-zmagi.html

    Vabljeni v našo skupino Sestrstva Vrtnice in Podpore Dogodka na Facebooku: https://www.facebook.com/groups/220306748080801

    Thank you for the post Cobra.

    Victory of the Light!

  27. I give thanks once again brother Cobra for this update! Love and Light for evermore. Victory of the Light!!!!.

  28. Thanks Cobra 🙏🏼 Victory of the Light!!! 🙏🏼🌟❤️🌈

  29. thank you cobra, thank you RM, thank you the light force and to all hard working brothers and sisters, i don't have enough word to express my feeling about this beautiful news i will simply say love you all.
    Victory Of The Light

  30. COBRA....you said when the mass arrests happen...not if

    Are you able to confirm that mass arrests are part of this timeline? Or are you saying when/if they occur?

    Thanks for all you do

  31. That Pleiadian Mother ship reminds me of the Tree of Life. It has a similar layout.

    Example: https://www.crystal-life.com/product/12-x-12-color-tree-of-life/

    I'm glad that the meditation was such a success. I had a feeling it would be. Evil is that much closer to being maneuvered for the final removal.

    Regarding the Youtube Video. It's pretty strong footage that teases :) I made a copy of the Youtube viva converter to MP4...just in case..

  32. Namaste Family of Light . Thanks Everyone for stepping Up your Attention and Intention . Thank You Cobra , Star Nations and Awakened Ones . Lets continue with our works anchoring these Tools of Light . We're making Great Progress . Victory of The Light 0010110 I am the soul I am the light Divine I am love I am will I am fixed Design . Yon Mee Shee Haah Hee Mee Shee Shee

  33. Hi Cobra,

    ' This video of Pleiadian motherships was recorded on March 26th:

    It shows a small fleet of Pleiadian motherships, each about 7 miles long, that came from the far side of the Moon and then across Endymion crater in a Low Lunar Orbit (LLO) about 30 miles above lunar surface, casting shadows on lunar terrain.'

    This is better evidence than most of UFO sightings. The craft flying at altitude enter the shadow side of the Moon later than they would have on the ground, because the higher one is flying above ground means longer time spent catching the sunlight.

    The distortions are the mirage effect of different air layers of the Earth's atmosphere (as this was viewed from Earth) with different temperatures and densities causing the distortions. This is also what causes stars to twinkle.

    1. In addition the shadows get longer as the ships approach the terminator line between night and day. This is consistent with long shadows in morning/evening due to Sun's rays hitting the curved surface at an extreme angle.

      Also the Endymion Crater is at 52 deg Latitude, about the same as the Earth's equivalent of Russia or Ireland. The craft show they are able to fly concentric around that latitude. In comparison our satellites to conserve power do a sine curve (like ISS) to orbit the Earth at lower altitudes.

  34. let me get out of this planet now

  35. Fauci helped create the virus and Trump doesn't want to fire him. More of the BS optics they always claim?

    I posted a question, but it didn't have enough time for all to see. Thanks to Wizard for posting feedback. Very informative.

    Again I like more feedback on what you think of this statement from the last interview Cobra did.

    Debra: And what about Qanon – spreading light or spreading deception?

    Cobra: It is not the highest purpose to answer this question.

    For me this doesn't sound too good for Q and with the feedback Wizard provided makes me wonder if Q is working for the cabal. I have my doubts especially since the Pleiadians won't have anything to do with Q.

    What do you all think?

    1. Why would Cobra not answer the question if they worked for the Cabal? Why protect them and their disinformation?
      Maybe they have the same allegiance as Trump and they might do something positive for the Light Forces if they think it serves them at that time. So Cobra doesn't want to compromise and discredit them in the meantime.
      But if they were 100% positive there's no point in hiding their allegiance either. So I think that Q is definitely on the fence here, just like Trump.

    2. HEy spiritoo... whoever Q is.. or for whoever he is working.. He is giving people hope... he is encouraging people to research and to see corruption where people would normally would have not looked for any. They work within a certain level of "awareness".. What the average people are more receptive to. So far such awakening even if partial is bringing people from all places together... in short is just one level of awareness.. and if it is to defeat corruption then is a good thing.. everyone is working at differnet levels..

      Now i dont know what might be the plan for the future regarding the movement.. however.. as it stands right now.. is not hurting society .. in some way is also assisting for people to start asking more questions about our reality... to look further for answers..

      I have looked at the information being provides.. i dont see deception.. at least.. what i do know is helping people as i said.. to wake up to some degree

    3. Totally not true. Cobra said that Q works for the positive military alliance. You are not at all aware of the community of Q. I think you have totally misunderstood the principle of Q. Q Tried to awaken the maximum of person (the masses) it does not reveal the plan but give clues by thinking about the people who follow them. This results in exposing the cabal, directing these people towards a progressive awakening. Certain faster than others since everyone is different and to these programs. In no way than to Q work for the cabal. It attracts the ego of POTUS and at the moment it seems to be collaborating with the alliance. Trump is not stupid and must make choices that the cabal asks him not to be in danger. But he is at large and all this will end with the mass arrests and Trump will be able to arrest Dr Fauci. Why fire someone who’s still useful and compromise the arrest plan. When bill gates will stop and all he has to plan then Trump zrrz the green light to stop difinitively Fauci. When the event happens, Q will give a lot more information about what can pass and in any case the whole Q community will mix with the truth that will be exposed to the public. Cobra said this because Q does not disclose truths (implant and toplets bombs spiritual truth ) because that is not the goal. The goal is to awaken people to a certain degree so that they expose obscurity on social networks and enough so that it begins to be totally independent person in theirTheir actions and spiritual development. The masses are not awakened with sensitive subjects. Their community this will mix with the truth that will be exposing after the event and thanks to Q. The masses and human consciousness is more awakening before the event and this is a very good thing. I am convinced that thanks to this and our meditation there will be much more people Will be able to Ascend more quickly.

    4. Sorry this is a translation from Google I tried the best I could but it seems unclear. I hope you understood the principle of this message. Victory of light💖

  36. I am so happy to read this update. Even though the war is not over, we lightworkers have proved that we are united. Even though there may be hiccups along the way, life as we know it (us lightworkers) will get better and better. Hurray!!

  37. Cobra!! You are the man!! Victory of the light!! The best regards from me, Mette from Norway

  38. Thank you Cobra , Victory of light ❤️❤️❤️

  39. I am so ready! VICTORY OF THE LIGHT!!!

  40. Thank you Cobra. And just a quick note. I really love the newest meditation on We Love Mass Meditation YouTube channel that is called Merging with the I AM Presence. I have added this to my daily meditations that I do, I love it so much. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Victory of the Light!

  41. The war is not yet over, but victory will now come.

  42. Thank you and the upmost gratitude as I anchor the violet flame of transmutation and bountiful healing/transformative energetics with full power for the liberation of Mother Gaia. I am so happy for we have already won on so many levels!

    I saw an email at some point that was posted for Lightwarriors to communicate with you there readiness for working in tandem with the Light Forces more directly. There are transparent light beings that have been working with me directly , I had my first communication and visual contact with them two years ago after being maliciously attacked by a negative entity for 4 days straight. My first days meeting them I could feel them and see them even though they were very transparent and they are about 7 ft tall. They pay no regard to physical reality as when they work with me they move straight through physical objects and it seems they are working on a higher dimensional lab you could say overlapped over my "room". They are healing and raising my vibration and after attempting to see if they were around my other loved ones they were working on everybody. They would first go grab a vase and pour what I assumed to be liquid but I never felt or saw what was in the vase. I just know they were pouring something over my body. Afterwards they would step back and do a series of hand gestures and motions combined with sound (i couldn't hear them but I could tell they were toning/singing at this time). They would repeat this process over and over and over and over and over again and some would leave and others would come but it was a nonstop process. I didn't trust my ability when I first met them to be able to discern exactly what they were saying to me telepathically if I asked them questions. But I could ever so slightly feel them. So I said tap once for yes and twice for no, and I asked them a series of questions. Just basic ones but it was amazing that I was having this back and forth communicate with a transparent light being that came to sit on the corner of my bed look my directly in the face and project so much warmth and love I was in tears so many times. Ever since I could see them if I tried. Starting this year I can feel them touching me and working on me every time I meditate ( multiple times for multiple hours per day). I know they are constantly doing this work it is just when I am able to be in a consciousness state where I can feel there subtle bodies touching and working with me. About a week and half ago was the first time I noticed them doing what I can only describe as a operation, it occurred before I went to sleep and yet they were working on subtle higher vibration levels I felt pinching and certain sensations that were much more intense and would have been painful if they were denser physical instruments. They were using some type of instrument on my head/brain and it was very noticeable. I don't really have anywhere to share these experiences and it feels good to get some of it out. My main purpose of writing this is to let any other groups of the Light Forces know that I am ready for full first contact as I have already gone through so much preparation. I also know that when it is time it will happen, but I want to put this out to let the know that I am ready and willing to participate in all ways related to the unfolding of the one infinite creators divine plan for mother Gaia. Hallelujah, Hallelujah , Hallelujah

    1. That's very interesting experience. Could you tell us more about it? Did you do anything to initiate the contact or to be able to see them? What questions did you ask them? Did something change in your life outside of these direct experiences? Did you get healed from physical illnesses? Saw any other incorporeal beings? Receive any important messages or intel?

    2. Satchel -Seen this beings too like cosmic doctors operating me. They kind of like put oil to lubricate my system. The coolest thing happened when i was lying on my stomach facing the ground and they were operating on my back and yet i can clearly see what they're doing as if i was the doctor. Saw gunks/junks removed inside my body around my chest area.

      At first, I saw two entities and then another 3 more celestial doctors readying an equipment to drill my skull. After seeing the drills, I asked for a 3-5 minutes break. Frankly, i was scared seeing those machines! Hahaha. My mind was trying to reason that i wasn't but the distinct feeling of fear was undeniable. And yet fear, in the higher dimension/state of consciousness, does not necessarily equate to suffering. In fact, to me, it was a giggly feeling that has a very distinct sweet texture to it ...like being mildy electrocuted. Hard to explain in words.

      So while having a break, I asked one of the doctors why i always do it (referring to me ALWAYS volunteering like a "lab rat" to whatever it is that i will soon be experiencing in my life). Funny thing is, he referred me to the other doctor who quickly and excitedly commented that he knew i would ask the question. I knew he answered me but i couldn't remember or hear it audibly enough for my human self to process. But not long before that, i felt this extreme feeling of absolute trust like i have never trusted before. It was an absolute trust to everything that's happening around me. I knew then that it was the answer to my question ---that i've always been very trusting like things could never go wrong no matter what that's why i am a pioneer of almost everything. That moment, I could not even think of what could possibly happen to me after that so called operation -of whether drilling my skull is worth it. And quiet honestly, it did not matter. The profound and deep sense of knowing of OUR unbreakable interconnectedness to all of existence is so strong that it is unthikable to even think of war or separation or hate etc.

      COBRA -thanks for the update. It was not exactly what i expected (was hoping for more) but nevertheless, i sincerely appreciate your time and effort. :)

  43. https://www.thelastamericanvagabond.com/top-news/meet-companies-poised-build-kushner-backed-coronavirus-surveillance-system/

  44. I thought some arrests had started happening with celebrities, the Clinton’s and members of the royal family?

    1. that is what we hoping... but yet we have not received confirmation.. you are referring to what is being promoted by the q followers right? i have heard about house arrests...

      there have been some arrests of some members of the cabal.. but is not mass arrests..

      i think the operations going on right now are the liberation of the children... and perhaps indeed some arrests are being done when they liberate underground bases... but as far as mass arrest of all members of the main top bad guys... i think we may not be there yet... I hear a talk about prosecuting the ones from the FISAGATE.. for treason.. that may be one way that arrests will be made public... still doubtful it will be vast..

      Of course we can always hope the process gets expedite and we get the EVENT sooner than later... yet based on all i have seen... people here on earth believe in crossing every single possible X's and O's before something gets done.. if it gets done. Pichachu forbid there is a gap somewhere cause that will delay everything for a long time. I think we have heard about this FISA papers i cant rem how many years back and JUST Now we are finally seeing it being used. or about to be used to make things happen... Sorry.. i just lost a patience coin right there lol


  45. In genera, when will all info in regards to the resistance and the cabal be revealed?

  46. Thanks for the intel.
    Thanks you very much to all the lightworkers, lightwarriors and anybody who's helping the humanity to awake from a very long sleep.
    Victory of the light

  47. Cobra is something going on with Venus? It seem so bright for folks on the west coast. Can you mention something about it in your next update?

  48. Same here. Was always wondering what the point was to work long hours every day to just pay the bills and not even being able to afford your own place in the city due to insane real estate prices. Even many overworked academic professionals struggle in this society. Did this for over a decade, nearly burnt out and as a thank you you get laid off because you are just a number to the greedy corporation. They used to say "you work to live" but the current society is based on a "you live to work" scheme. Every morning I saw miserable people on the subway to work. Hardly anybody smiled. Most people look tired and drained.

  49. So the virus is a nanobot with chimera parameters that assimilates cells, and stardust is a smaller nanobot as well that can repair DNA...
    So it's a battle at the nano level.

  50. Thank you for the update Cobra!

    Some of my friends and myself are really concerned about the 5G towers and the effect it has on humans. Telecommunication companies seem to quickly assemble those towers over night in certain cities around the world (assumption). Many of us don't even seem to know. Apparently the radiation of those towers causes covid-19 symptoms so people exposed to it may develop the symptoms thinking they caught the virus. They won't be able to make the connection to the towers, will they? I hope I am wrong.

    1. Well i am being targetted unsure if via 5G tower.. but some form of electrical distortion... Regardless of what my experience is.... In my humble opinion yes.. if they crank up the signal.. and start frying the area.. yes it will create a wide variety of symptoms.. if they get to hit directly .. yes.. the effect can be instant... and i do mean instant... if they do it overtime it will eventually weaken the system .. that is my opinion of course. i have no medical expertise.. but i do have years of experience being targeted ;)

      they may not just be using only 5G dont be surprise the 4G may also play a role or anything that can distort fields.. electrical radio etc.

      just one suggestion.. keep phone use to the minimum... what i have found out.. cause i am already too sensitive to this stupidity... is that .. they can distort the area around the phone.... i cant be certain is they are pin pointing at the phone itself or zonewise.. but a phone makes a good "cross hair' to target specific individuals.. or to make others be the host of the disruption without them knowing it.

      this is me two cents.

  51. Laughing, crying, laughing and reading on. So elated! I have been catching glimpses of full circle rainbows around the sun since January 2019. They were immediately covered with chemtrails of course. I can't wait to see them on a clear sky indeed! We did it Human Family! This will keep me pumped for quite sometime... When is the next meditation? Woohooo ����������������������������������������

    Thank you Cobra,victory of the Light!

  52. Big thanks to all Light forces for theirs great job !!!
    we are with you
    Love and Light

  53. There is a lot of mixed or incompatible information in all of the articles provided. It's difficult to understand where the truth really sits. The "5G causes Covid-19" narrative is especially disconcerting, since there are outbreaks in cities where no 5G is installed.

    And while I appreciate the positive messaging, Blossom Goodchild has channeled about certain dates definitely being the day of financial reset and then those days didn't happen more times than I can count over the years. Perhaps with the other layers of the Earth being more clear her messages can be taken more seriously now, but that I do not know either.

    It is great news to hear of our success in the meditation, but otherwise this is a puzzling update. It almost feels like good info mixed with disorienting dis-info like in mainstream media.. maybe I'm confused.

    1. Yeah 1.1 million is 3x bigger than the previous record of 300,000 - 400,000 on Jan 21st 2019. That's a massively large jump in participants, but the global attention in the MSM and Alt-media to the virus provided the skids for efforts to spread the word on the meditation easier.

      Its great to hear that the Positive Timeline has been stabilized making depopulation agendas no longer an issue. This also means we should not have to hear any more future updates on issues with the timeline regardless of unforeseen circumstances.

      Its also great to hear that we passed this trial run on how the Surface Population would coordinate with the Light Forces in later operations. I hope the Light Forces gathered enough useful data from this Mass Meditation to be able to coordinate, and less teething problems.

      However, in the end the measure of success is the results. The one and only big reason why this blog has the interest it has is the Event, and many have poured their hopes into it happening as their real life situations are not going well and they have few conventional options especially when living under some authoritarian control. I was hoping we came much closer to the Event, if not the Event itself. I am not sure how much stamina humanity has for the next meditation.

      Meanwhile more and more draconian measures, fines and laws being fasttracked are the result of the virus giving governments the excuse to impose a form of martial law on the masses. The behavior of the masses shows the majority still operate on fear. The 5G rollout is already planned where I live to be 50% coverage by 2022 and fully covered by 2025.

    2. True! I also read Blossom Goodchild but let’s be honest she just channeling the same thing for years so it’s same information passed for future.

      About Cobra update I was expecting a bit of more development in planetary situations than couple ships on the moon! That’s not the first time when we saw some ships come on!

      Unfortunately it is as I was predicting: until 51% of the mass population won’t wake up, nothing spectacular can happen in our systems!

      Not even 1 million people who meditate together can change that!

      In a way it’s our fault that the world it’s like this in another not because the cabal has the advantage of high tech and money to control and manipulate the people official narrative.

      For me this Cobra update it’s concluded like this: The light and dark forces are still in the lockdown situation with no immediate miraculous exit from this.

    3. iiih... I dont think there is anyone that has come up yet with any claims of dates that has come to pass.. That was a flaw on anyone that has attempted to do such a thing.. and honestly very naive. Specially when you have bad guys in the lookout and making sure to sabotage any known attempts by the goodguys.. I think many have learn that lesson above and below. Those were naive times.. and yes i do agree with you that "communication" at previous times were either compromised or tampered. The bad guys read blogs to get information... they love the naiveness of the lightbeings when they share critical information.

      Btw, i believe he provided the Link to GoodChild because of the message within as far as mediation impact... He provides links that give a general idea of a situation.. He may not agree with all that is in there but if he sees that information there is relevant he will supply the link. WHy i say this.. cause he has shared links from many sources before and is clear that in some there are specific information that is relevant other that is not. Our world is fragmented into beliefs based on part truth part lies or correct guidance or misguidance.. just read the history books. Point is.. always use discernment..

      As far as GoodChild. i don't know why should there be a doubt that her positive overview or assessment of the meditation was not far off.. If anything i think it is a safe conclusion to make.. not only because of what she got from the medium-ship session but because you have done your research and they both match up. In addition,Take for example the links he has shared about nasa... he has provided links to information that nasa is disclosing to the public... of course in nasa terms and not fully all the truth... the point of supplying those particular links like many others is to see what sort of information is being release to the public.. even though u know that they are not completely being truthful... The same thing when he provides links of peoples dreams or experiences of people we dont know anything about.. or specific events..... Point is.. he provides information of specific topic from others that are relevant to the topic at hand. So if he feels the assessment by Goodchild was right on the money or close to it.. then he posts it.

    4. >Adrian Stee
      And then there's those strangelet devices (toplet, whatever). I wonder why there's no update on them here. Not reassuring.

    5. @Adrian if we're waiting for 51% of the population to awaken before anything happens to change the status quo, then nothing will ever happen. It's a miracle that we have even a few million people believing in all of this without any physical proof. No religion ever in our recorded history had more than 51% of the population as its believers. There's just too many competitors. Even among the awakened community. We're extremely fractured and even according to Cobra 80% of the channellings are disinformation. Many are compromised as well, like with Cobra's facebook group.
      So even if 100% of people on the planet have awakened, still 80% of them would be either working for the Cabal or be deceived by their disinformation. It's simply unrealistic and practically impossible to get 51% on our side.

      Also, Cobra has said that even in the 3 waves of ascension after the Event only "millions" are expected to ascend. Let's high-ball it and say it'll be 75 millions. That's still only 1% of the Earth's population actually accepting spirituality and ascending in the few years after the Event. Even after we have all the proof we ever wanted, all the information, physical ET contact, new technologies and no more dark force's influence. Still only 1% will make a conscious effort to ascend.
      So yeah, I don't see anything working out if 51% is the required critical mass for the Event to occur or for any other physical change to happen on this planet.

    6. The 51% comes from Mark Passio's podcasts on the requirements for a critical mass to take place.

      Between his confrontational style of presenting information, and many in the alt-media community now joining the very people they criticized and grovelling to authority out of fear of the virus, and the curtain-peepers/snitches calling up authorities on people who deviated slightly from the quarantine regulations, yeah, good luck with that.

      Too much of humanity is out for themselves and don't care. The current situation with the virus showed who your real friends are.

    7. Thank you for everyone's input on this. I've been reading this blog for many years, and I've never had too much trouble reading the articles that are linked and extracting the bits of truth and putting together a narrative or timeline of things going on, until this update.

      Maybe with the in-fighting between different dark factions going on, so many things are happening from all directions that it's hard for me to see them clearly. Perhaps it would be better for me to treat it like a Zen Koan and focus more on my personal light work rather than figuring out the definitive status of reality. Even the tarot has been very confused these past couple of months... Before Cobra mentioned it in a recent blog post I said to myself "there's just too much uncertainty and variability in timelines right now to see clearly" regarding even the very near future.

      For all of us though, it helps to stay hopeful and positive-minded, rather than negative or resigned. Yes a lot of humanity continues to sleep, but we can help them by awakening our selves more and more.

  54. Cobra, but how much has our meditation cut the time to the Event?

    1. Yeah that would be some information we need right now. I have doubts we can get another 1 million the next round, which was why I was hoping this meditation with that much of a critical mass would also push us into Phase IV.

      I am surprised we actually reached 1 million out of nowhere, the focus being on the virus was what drew much more people than expected.

    2. @Spec Ops Phase 4 would mean that the matrix society has already collapsed, all the threats of toplet bombs were removed and Event has happened. Now, I expect the Event to happen on a date of mass meditation because it has to happen at the time of critical thermal flux from the Central Sun and the mass meditations increase this influx. But there are things that are supposed to happen before the Event that didn't happen yet.
      Please read the Bubbles of Heaven update from February last year and don't expect for things to happen out of order unless Cobra posts any changes to the plan. Like with the construction of the physical Cities of Light being postponed to happen after the Event. That'll save you from disappointment.

    3. >Tropby
      I would like to at least know the progress of the toplet bombs. You would think 1.1 million participants would have wiped those last remaining ones the way previous mass meditations did. No update on that here.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Spec Ops, I think the status of toplet bombs may fall under Cobra's statement "I am not at liberty to release any intel about current planetary liberation operations"... it could be a danger to the light forces or a benefit to the dark forces.

    6. >Tropby
      I run a discord server with the key articles including the Bubbles of Heaven update, so I am well aware of what you are referring to, I myself have quoted Cobra's own sayings from that article.

      The way things are going, time is a luxury we do not have and the lockdown is putting additional financial and mental pressure (from having to share the same roof with human waste) that tends to push people like me close to the edge. And most of this Coronavirus thing is hyped up bollocks which makes it a surreal environment to be in.

      Skeptics have all the reasons and justifications in the world to put down information on this blog as a hoax.

      Tangible results, or we continue looking like fools to the outside.

    7. >iiihhh
      He has given out updates before on its progress so I didn't think it was an issue.

      I have discussed with others on it and I deduced maybe Cobra does have a reason although I won't say it here in case it gives the Cabal ideas.

      For now I will say you are probably right and leave it at that. Cheers.

  55. Cobra, and what about the implants and the astral plane?

  56. That being said, I continue to hold the light and hope for more good to come in the planetary and personal ascension process.

  57. Merci Cobra, cette mise à jour était attendue! Les prochains mois seront difficiles car la cabale active nos peurs et le fera jusqu'au bout, mais je suis sûre que d'ici la fin de l'année les choses seront très différentes

  58. Okay, great, thanks for telling us how all this started. This is really helpful and does a lot of good for us! I can see how it took 1 million plus people meditating to tell us this information. Yeah, skip points two and three. They don't mean anything. So helpful! Thanks Cobra!

    1. Buddha he already had told us from previous reports how the virus all started.. he is just expanding and updating us on it. Many here i believe also did some leg work after the meditation and figured that the meditation was successful. He just confirmed it and gave link to get some idea from other sources.. so he wasn't going to repeat everything again that someone else may have stated like GoodChild if it wasn't' necessary. In addition he provided other links that could be used either for further research or to share with others... He also confirmed the mother-ships presence and other material etc.

      Ask yourself what exactly were you expecting to see as a report?

      He is not going to lay out the plans or disclose operations. He is not going to give a date of the event. Cause that is already a given that it will not be disclosed.

      You want more information than what is already on this report i do recommend you dig into the previous postings and interviews way back from day one.. there you will find a ton of information on all subjects science, healing, religion, history, who the badguys are.. the types of control mechanism, ways to protect from some dangers.. what to expect when the event happens.. the pre and post events... etc etc.. you will notice that this is a volatile situation... there has been drawbacks and victories....

      in short. if this report does not feel complete.. then dig in and get more details by browsing the information available.. there you may get some questions answered and may also raise many questions.. either way is your choice.

    2. @DH This meditation was the greatest success we ever had with 1.1 million participants. It was supposed to shift our planet to the most positive timeline. And yet nothing obvious has happened yet. No mass arrests, no economic crash and the virus has been only a bit slowed down. Is this really the best possible timeline? I wasn't expecting the Event, but maybe at least one positive prediction from the intel providers coming true.
      But okay. Cobra has said it's like changing the flow of a river and that it'll take time for the timeline changes to manifest.
      So maybe since we did such a great job we can at least get some info on what we actually accomplished and what's expected to happen in the near future thanks to our great victory?
      I'm sure we'll get some useful info in the next updates, but this report is definitely lacking in substance. I don't care about the blame game and the origins of the virus. It doesn't matter right now, does it? At least until the mass arrests finally happen and we can get a true taste of the liberation we were promised.
      Until then we can only hope that something positive actually happens until 2025. UFO footage is cool and all, but skeptics will always explain everything with CGI. And even if there were no skeptics and everyone believed in UFOs it wouldn't change anything. It's not like we can interact with them anyway and reading comments of enthusiastic people is even more boring than reading and arguing with the skeptics.

    3. >DH
      Its not only him, there are long term visitors to this blog I still keep in contact with who are saying the same thing.

      'Nothing new, I thought the update would have more' is the summed up response.

      Consider the numbers, the last record breaker in Jan 21t 2019 was 300,000-400,000.

      1,100,000 is 3x as big, i.e. take the previous record breaker and add another 2 groups of them. You would think that would have at least wiped out the remaining toplet bombs, for starters.

      Its nice we got a better UFO video than before that would be hard to do CGI on, which is great, but being stuck in a house with people I don't like is not helping.

    4. Look DH, everything in this report is stuff that everyone already knows! Yeah, Bill Gates is a bad guy. I already know that. Everyone already knows that! He quit his job so that he could do damage control. He is a bad guy. Tell me something I don't already know! I don't come to this blog to get old information.

      And Pleadian ships are showing up around the moon? Really? Do you think this is new information to us?? Maybe my Aunt Tessie would be shocked, but I don't really care. Unless those ships are going to deliver some toilet paper to me, I couldn't care less! ;-) All of the stuff in this update is boring and old.

      I judge things as to if they are useful or useless. Very little in this update is useful.

    5. Like I said.. I have been here long enough not to expect the Event would be kicked off due to a mediation at least not yet. I chose to make that my expectation so not to be disappointed. Been there done that. We tend to want to think issues that have been ongoing for 26000years will be wiped out in an instant if we pray enough.. the problems at hand are monumental.. 1 meditation may create a crack in the matrix but in order to make some magic. A whole lot more than 1 meditation... A whole lot more than obviously 1.1million people is needed to participate. Is a teamwork effort above and below.. that inhale learn.

      However the meditation itself has assisted "us" to move forward farther in one way or another.. may have helped with ongoing operations. In short in ways we are not even aware of... it helped us even into believing that if we unite anything is possible.. .. that was the main goal..unite and assist in the planetary effort... we need to take into consideration that much has been done to untangle a 2600k years entrapment.. on a short span of time and is in "years span".. it is clear we are closer to the end.. how close that of course is unknown.
      Cobra cannot or should not possibly post information just to make everyone happy.. he posts what he can and clarifies what is there to clarify. Again if one is to expect revelations of some ongoing operation and plans that is counterproductive and risky.. just to satisfy our desire to know more?..

      You need to understand the role of Cobra... he is here to provide messages to the resistance. That is my understanding. In addition he also updates us on progress when is feasible or allowed.. he has provided much information before about our history, religion, science healing.. life beyond and so forth.. Now some of you have claimed that the information posted today you all knew.. fair enough.. perhaps if u digg in into the archives ur desire to know more may be fullfilled even if not about current events..

      .. there is no harm in stating information we may already know... someone else new or old might not. People dont always necessarily go back to old posts to connect the dots... besides what he has posted is relevant to the current events.

      Finally The way I see it he is trying to be thorough on his report thus repetition was called for.
      I know we would like this to be over by now.. I'm with you. .. me soft suggestion however... we need to bring our expectation a tad lower if we dont want to end up frustrated and angry at the "process".. cause is a process

  59. Thank you Cobra, fantastic information collection.
    Yesterday April 14th around 11 PM CET centered almost exactly above my house in South of Sweden, perhaps 1000 meter or so above the ground and perhaps 1000 m in diameter I saw a ring of light with perhaps 3-4 rainbow spots along it. It remained stable for at least 15 - 30 minutes. I left and came back 30 min later and it was gone - more clouds in the sky. It was reported by local mainstream media as a light phenomena - explained as an effect from cold and warm air. It appears to me too precise to be explained in this simple way. I also have a couple of nice photos from of it.

  60. This morning I was SHOCKED when I looked in the sky here in Bavaria, Germany: There were many many exactly parallel chemtrail "condense" lines in the sky ALL AROUND the place, especially towards the rising sun..

    And our loved blue sky of the last weeks turned into the old greyish-blue like we "know it"..

    And I already stated "Yes, I think it´s over. This is really a new start, a new morning" in puplic. Can´t blame them for calling me crazy, when every time things get "back to usual" again..

    When will all this finally be over? 😭😭😭


    1. You mean there is too less result for so a hu(uuu)ge success??

  61. coooool……

    as the taygetan pleiadiun intelligence group recently released some intel to the surface population – including that dna always returns to its original blueprint form eventually when its been altered…..

    a virus being the smallest dna life form can quite quickly return to its original form -as with the case of covid 19 returning to its regular flue/cold like virus blueprint form – which is much less harmful than the bioweaponed up poison cocktails the cabal in their labs unleashed on the great earth surface peoples…..


    welcome home pleiadiun brothers and sisters-after all this is a satellite type home port for you of course I would propose…..if you will…..hahahahaha…..

  62. Flash is discussed immediately.

    Flash notes are directed.

    Sacred Codes for reconstructions are delivered.

    Cosmic Evaluators arrive for the final event.

    Passive presence is seen as a sign of cyclical closure.

    Arrived logos intensify energization for Event.

  63. Dziwna to sprawa, ale wiedziałem o wyniku tej medytacji na wiele dni przed jej rozpoczęciem. Mnie pokazano cyfrę 1.2 miliona. Co więcej, następna medytacja ma zgromadzić 8 milionów, taką widziałem liczbę, ale zauwazyłem że tutaj jest ona podawana jako suma powiadomionych. Mniejsza o to, pozdrowienia z Polski!

    1. Dzieki za ta informacje. Pozwol ze przetlumacze dla mowiacych po angielsku.

      Let me translate for English-speakers:
      It's a weird thing, but I knew about the outcome of this meditation many days before it started. I was shown a 1.2 million number. Furthermore, the new meditation is supposed to gather 8 millions. That's the number I saw, but I noticed that here it's the number of people informed. Well, whatever. Greetings from Poland!

  64. I would say, that I am not the only one that goes through this feeling now. We had the 1M, and we created what was one the best outcomes possible of this. But still, it feels like nothing has happened. Like we were asked to do this and after we did it, we didn't receive our prize. I am telling you, that this is what I felt after reading this article. --- Where is my reward?

    But I am human. And as a human, this is what we feel, we feel we are ready, and that we create the World.
    Why can't we change the world.

    I took some time, got out of the bed and drank coffee, preparing for work. (It's morning is Helsinki).

    I have prepared the past month for something to happen (as guided by love). Now it feels that this preparation is not needed. Initially I feel that nothing will happen.

    But I drank the coffee, contemplated, and I will go back to my business as usual. Work, do art, and meditate for light and Love whenever feeling to do so.

    You know, it makes much of your day, how you start it. I start it with coffee and meditation.

    I look at the corona records, charts. After meditation the numbers started to fall, situation is getting better. There is some kind of mechanism inside our programming that we crave for a disaster, for emergency, for .... authorities to tell us what to do. See the pattern...you're part of it. This is why so many feel comfortable when corona stops the world and special conditions give meaning to life.

    But now we are winning the virus. We are better. We are creating the new events in the stable ascenscion timeline.

    But is something missing? If you feel that is, then you need to find something to fill it with. And that something is not a deadly virus and marshall law. It is to create and to love - at least for me.

    Thank You, cobra for taking time to give us these articles.

    I wish someday people close to me will be open to discuss these things. Today, I have no one near me that I am able to discuss this perspective, so I feel quite often lonely on my path.

    All this is small, compared to what is, and what will come. We are small, but at the same time we can do great things and become great. Thank you, for your time to read this and time to meditate this with us 1M.

    I've been participating in the meditations now from 2013. So 7 years. It's more like a habit.

    Greetings from Helsinki, we are many.

    I also would like to share a video that introduces Helsinki, the Finnish capital. Please visit us, if you feel so guided, as cobra puts it :D

    And I'd like to share a Finnish traditional music played with our national instrument - Kantele. As a nation we have a long history of spirituality- supressed by the countries opressing us from the west and east. But spirituality never can be diminished. LOVE!

    1. Yes I feel what you feel, we usually do something to achieve something right? I'm here since 2014 so only one year later than you, and I'm exhausted too.

  65. Gracias Cobra, always the best info.

  66. Gracias Cobra, always the best info.

  67. I hope that everything that is necessary for the event will happen, that the dark forces will be removed in their entirety and all hidden secrets will be revealed!

  68. Thank you, Cobra.

    Urgent, please report on 5G, specifically on how ER doctors in NY are seeing people dying of hypoxia while having no viral/pneumonia/lung symptoms.

    Did they zap regions of NY with 60GHz of 5G which depletes oxygen? Will they do that to other US cities? This is most concerning. More than COVID-19. Thank you.

    1. http://www.paulstramer.net/2020/04/welcome-to-boer-war-antony-fauci-and.html
      This link in the report is Anna Von Reitz on the topic

  69. I don't know if this could be useful for someone but in the doubt, in the end, I finally decide to write it.

    Into the darkness...

    1. Thank you my brother. I am also a light warrior and what you wrote makes me feel good. This is exactly what i noticed and i feels good to hear the same thing coming from a light warrior. Stay strong. they try to block our inner voice and to oppose what it tells us by bombarding us with thinking which leads directly to distract us from our true will. Thank you for sharing your words with us.✌🏽🙏🏽

    2. Thank you for your support dear brother, I'm currently focusing in found an effective technique able to shield from the daily attacks. Are months that I'm focus on this, but I decided to not discourage and continue on my path. Endless Love and Blessings to you my dear.☀️☀️☀️

  70. My beloved dear Brother Cobra! Thank you for everything ! Thanks to the Pleiades and all who are with us! We will make this world beautiful and kind! WONDERFUL! WE WILL WIN ! WE ALREADY WIN! Live Long and Protected!


  72. More and more people are waking up! Check out Bill Gates Instagram and Facebook page, same with the Satanist abramovic, Tom hanks and more.. I hope the mass arrest and the new financial system taken very soon

    1. Yesss thats beautiful to see people awakening. This is what we have done with this meditation. ✌🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  73. En español, en castellano:

  74. Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai _destroys_ big money medicine in 16 minutes

    Coronavirus/HIV/immune system info

    Lots of info on what is wrong with 'modern' Rockefeller medicine science a.k.a. big pharma - MUST WATCH

    Granted there is talk about how Trump handles the coronavirus situation well in the first half - this might trigger TDS in some of you.


  75. In my opinion after the successful meditation at least the Delta option should have been triggered... otherwise this game will last forever: the cabal makes the move (usually and curious they are always the first) and then the light forces running around and trying to fix whatever can be fixed from that cabal damage.

    No offense intended, but in this way we will spend easily another decade in this quarantine! In my personal opinion the light forces are acting to week on the Cabal!

    It should be a much more different approach, a much more direct one, than trying every time to fix the Cabal agenda!

    I just hope that we not gone end in a 6 months time surrounded by 5G towers (they already installed them everywhere during this pandemic and in this report it’s no talking about this) and with an mandatory Gates ID 2020 vaccine!

    Meditation it’s great and definitely recommend but this a psychical planet at the end of the day 🌎 meditation which is not doubled by action it means not so much.

    I can agree that the world population it’s in a very deep sleep and we are responsible for this situation as well.

    But that doesn’t explain the lack of results from the light forces when it comes to the ET faction Cabal tactics! And I mean some tangible-visible results on the very systems of this planet!

    Not some Ipsy Bumpsy information on obscure websites that talk for decades about changes behind closed doors which cannot even be verified!

    People are starting to be tired of this same channeling messages that keep saying that great changes are coming (don’t forget they say that for decades) but in reality nothing really tangible it’s happening.

    It’s not a negative response or a banana comment but much more a concerned opinion from a starseed which it’s kind of getting tired of the light forces who who seems like they use the carrot and the stick tactics with a sleepy population.

    1. THEY (LF) ARE UNABLE TO GET THEIR ASSES UP AND RUNNING. Period. They have the same f**k-off politics going on in their rows, like on this stupid planet. Why should it be ANY different?

      And by the way....for what? Another bunch of i-sheeps being let off into the universe? After so many many years...a million people doing a meditation? Wow. That is how success looks like!

      As long as people like Gates, Soros, Fauci, Clinton, Pelosi, Kissinger, Pope, Jesuits, Satanists, Luciferians etc. and the like run free on this planet....YOU ALL ARE F****ed.
      And if not, the coming war-games, global social unrest and economic fallout will sure teach you where all of us are.: AM ARSCH.

      It needs a lot more to show us any real success and the end of this epic war.

    2. Well said Adrian, I'm with you

  76. Speaking of synchronicity - this afternoon when I checked the time it was always matching hour and minute:

    14:14, 15:15, and just now 18:18. Haven't had it before.

  77. E o Flash Solar? Pensei que a meditacao bem sucedida dispararia o flash Solar.

  78. Thank you dear Cobra !!! here is the romanian translation of yours wonderful intel post and we are so happy to be able to achieve togehter this huge outcome !! Congratulations to you, to your teams and Lightworkers and Lightwarriors around the world, within their great dedication we are here, living in a stablizied postive Ascension Timeline and the hope to initiate in the best way in november 2020 the New Golden Age and Age of Aquarius ! my link for you, dear fellows: https://evak2019.blogspot.com/2020/04/raportul-victoriei-de-cobra-pe-14.html Victory of the Light !

  79. YES!!!💫💫💫🙏Thank you,Cobra!!!💖👏💖

  80. A Dutch investigator has made a 4 parts docu about corona and what's behind it. Look at this link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCthJtvcJZQgfCHG9QOWXjqw and check COVID-19 parts 1-4 for the English subtitled versions. Last year she also published a docu of 10 parts "Fall cabal"

  81. Thank you!!! Very uplifting news♡♡♡ Welcome Pleiadians, sooo exciting to have you here♡♡♡♡Thank you and welcome :))

  82. I ordered zinc + copper supplements + quercetin back in november/december and it never got to me, I never received a letter for me to pay taxes and charges to release the supplements from customs (which I should have received it in december).

    I ordered quercetin as it might boost dopamine levels in the frontal lobe (comt inhibitor) and the zinc and copper is related to zinc-copper imbanlance which may be present in several types of mental dysfunction (disorders/conditions).

    And for whatever reason I was never informed it had reached the country of destination by the customs services.

    Covid-19, from what I have read doesn't survive as long in copper surfices while chloroquine may help boost zinc levels (from what I'm remembering), I have also read somewhere that quercetin may be of some use against the virus.

    I also ordered several other supplements and I don't know if any of them did not respect some regulations, but still I should have been informed prior to the opening/verification of the supplements package.

    1. Dude, having more copper in your body doesn't make you a "copper surface".

      "Copper has antimicrobial properties, meaning it can kill microorganisms like bacteria and viruses. However, the microorganism has to come in contact with the copper in order for it to be killed. This is referred to as "contact killing."

      "How Much Copper In Your Body? The adult body contains between 1.4 and 2.1mg of copper per kilogramme of body weight. Hence a healthy human weighing 60 kilogrammes contains approximately a tenth of one gramme of copper"

      And it still takes 4 hours for the coronavirus to die on a copper surface… so how many viruses in your body will be in constant contact with copper that's only 0.002% of your body mass for whole 4 hours?? I'd be surprised if it killed more than a few random virus cells in your body. Human body doesn't fight viruses by exposing them to antiseptic microelements. That's just stupid.

  83. In German:


  84. Declaration of sovereignty:


  85. Dutch (Nederlands) translation: https://eventnl.wordpress.com/2020/04/15/cobra-overwinningsverslag-van-de-meditatie-14-april-2020/

  86. There are some rummors that the fires in Tsernobyl land are going to 'stage' something.
    Cobra? Are this fire common, or not? what do you think?


    1. Buddhic Column Meditation to stop the wildfires at Chernobyl



      Why do you not call for something, instead of counting our supposed complains?

    3. Cobra, for sure you have an age to remember 'live' on the Tsernobyl in 1986,... as long you prevented the WW3 in 1977.
      Why do you not tell us something about?

  87. the first domino will be bill gates? it could be... victory of light

  88. Declaration of sovereignty 2:

    Three-Step Process to StarGate Ascension in Lockdown/Magenta Pixie


  89. Great news!Thank you Cobra!
    for greek translations:



    This is epic!!! Of course Cobra can't reveal everything but why not a post meditation interview by Debra/ WLMM, etc. to reveal more details of what he is allowed to tell us!!!

    It would make a great celebration!!!

    I think the Ground Crew deserves it!!!

  91. You know what I’ve thought of. I read in some posts of Cobra about where he wrote, how he bathed at the lunar base in the pool and saw the Earth through the glass dome. And he had an association with the pool on Earth, where he saw the Moon swimming in the pool on Earth.
    Now the question is, where is our lunar base?
    On the far side of the moon, right? And how can you see the Earth from the far side of the moon?
    Can someone clarify where the logic is?
    And this is not an idle question.

  92. OUT OF SHADOWS has now over 6 000 000 views! And the channel has accidentaly 144 000 followers...

  93. Awesome news! Deep gratitude to Cobra, RM and all Light Forces increasing their presence and efforts towards our Liberation.

    I can only speak for myself but I stand ready to serve and assist. It is so gratifying for me and a true honor to finally be doing something of serious Cosmic Importance, after slaving for the Matrix in very thankless work for so many years, and I only wish to increase my involvement.

    The fact that some of us now may have the opportunity to be more directly involved in the Light Forces operations is huge! This is exciting progress and I am humbled.

    However, by many of the reactions to Cobra's Victory Report, it is evident that so many are focusing on things that do not lead us in the right direction. This can only mean one thing - you have not done the inner work - you have not read this blog in its entirety - you have not done enough research or enough of your own critical thinking and analysis. And if you have not done these things then please embark on your learning journey which is a much better use of your time than posting the kinds of comments we are seeing here.

    WE SHOULD BE CELEBRATING OUR ACHIEVEMENT AND ASKING "WHAT IS MY NEXT ASSIGNMENT? HOW CAN I BE OF SERVICE TODAY....AND TOMORROW?" We are at a serious crossroads in our evolution and you are either going to choose service to self or service to humanity. Choose wisely.

    Also we must read between the lines. Cobra DID release ALOT of intel in this report. Readers need to stop getting so hung up on the "source" of the words. Concentrate on THE WORDS themselves. Please....I ask sincerely....that those commenting on this blog stop creating so much unnecessary drama.

    What we achieved on 4-4 is massive on the quantum level! Everything changed in that moment when 1.1 million of us joined together in a mandala of light.

    If you do not understand this, please begin your study of quantum physics and the quantum realms. Ascension to 5D is based ENTIRELY on creating change at the quantum level and the most powerful way we do this is by working in UNITY on a Mass Scale.

    This is NO TIME for dissension and back pedaling which is what many of you are doing!!

    It continues to be apparent that many commenting on this blog simply do not understand planetary liberation operations or military operations in general and are unable to maintain the FOCUS and momentum needed to achieve VICTORY because it has not even been ONE WEEK and the complaining has already begun.

    Please everyone -- stay focused and stay committed and use your thinking powers of reason -- this is needed now more than ever! We need to keep our Focus Laser Sharp and our Vibrations Extremely High...which you can't do by complaining as that emotion measures very low on the vibrational scale!

    (continued in Part 2)

    1. One week is lot of time, and even its 10 days, that even more, lot of wars ended sooner than 10 days. Planet X got liberated within 2 weeks too. And being told the event can happen in a mass meditation when there is a lot of meditatiors. Chance came and chance gone, as always. You talking about people complain cause nothing happened in this 10 days, no we are exhausted cause nothing happened in 8 years.World war 2 was long like this

    2. Excellent seeing how someone maintained her humility towards people who did put in their effort into this meditation and therefore have a right to ask. Especially after one of her posts was highlighted by this blog.

      I am not sure I am in the Light Forces' good books, but I am sure they appreciate honesty better than a front.

      At least you can't avoid publishing comments here, 'Ascension Hostess'.

  94. Can we talk about the second phase?

  95. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Do your part! Trust the plan! What is the plan? We can't tell you. Then oh there is that meditation to keep yourself entrentained until something might happen or might not. Fight! Where is the enemy? Who knows. C'mon don' t be silly. This is not the army this is just a company of people who try to achieve something while they run on the field like headless chickens and get fed with constant random promises about the bright future.

      It doesn't matter, if we doing the best and meditate, or not. We don't have space ships, most of us don't even have a rusty pistol here. We only have the doubts and pain. Stop complain about this great community lot of people here did what they can do even above their power things, and what they thought is useful, and we still here without major result.

      You and nobody have no proof of the behind the scenes, this is just an easy excuse to hide the lies. Like timeline changes. They think we are naive as children.

      We are like soldiers parachuted behind the enemy lines what is full of snipers, traps, tanks, posinous gas and everything you can imagine and our only order is do your mission, most of us not even know what is the mission, some of us start to pushuate a fake one what they "feel" thats theirs, some of us start to shoot at random enemies what they thought are enemies and turned out it was friendly fire. And some of us like me just complain about this whole thing and we say it is so wrong at many level and never being productive. Only the random solar flash or the light forces interaction can help us, without it we just wasting time on this hazardous field and lieing to ourselfs and each other that we know what to do.

  96. I remembered it was not him, I apologize.
    And in my Corey Hood, so that a lie can misfire

  97. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Thank you. I really think so, too. Even the Q community is more enthusiastic than some of the people who comment on this blog. If you're here it's because you have at some point wanted the absolute truth and you were in one of the most positive directions to know this information. Surely your higher self has guided you. But then what are you doing now? You kept complaining without having any logic at all. You are starseed souls you have been trained for this and now it seems to me that all I see are children crying about the current situation. I even believe that you are partially activated or manipulated by entities that are harming you and discrediting COBRA and even more demotivating the starseeds who read your messages. These starseeds will be destabilized and attacked if they give in to your anger and it will all be partly your fault. This is a classic dark force attack. What I see is that you are not doing any personal work and unfortunately you have been compromised. Now to all these people, wake up and do your fucking missions stay calm and do your research. Find hobbits improve your own screw and accept your dark side you can DO it, proof you are here with me which means you have the possibility to become a stable being again and not compromised by these internal and external situations.

      WE all want the same thing here. Do you think that attacking the enemy without thinking to please some of the people on this blog would be smart. You could destroy the planet and create a cosmic trauma just because some people complain when they are not even physically fighting. A simple example: do you really think that the military who is saving child torture doesn't want it all to end? But it is wrong to understand that some operations take longer or they will kill thousands of children. Do you understand now?

      I don't want to be negative but this has been going on for too long and these comments have destabilized Starseed's life and I don't accept it anymore. Go and complain to someone else, or you stay and become a real starseed.

      Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


      I don't see it as a positive aspect for people to complain and so forth. However, you complaining about the complainers, or trying to tell the complainers what to do, is also not a positive aspect. This can make matters worse, causing those who are frustrated to become more frustrated, reinforcing their positions.

      I do agree that if people are always frustrated and so forth, they should find better things to do with their time, and I enjoy your positive attitude and perseverance. However, this time you are being superfluous. Looking at the comments, there are more positive comments than negative comments.

      What will be, will be. Onward.

    4. Look here!

      Give a word how do you see these dates:

      June 14th, 2020 – second Pluto-Eris square
      June 21st, 2020 - Annular solar eclipse at 0 degrees Cancer – another opportunity for the surface population to empower itself in regards to the financial system.
      June 30th, 2020 – Jupiter-Pluto conjunction.
      November 12th, 2020 – the last Jupiter-Pluto conjunction of 2020
      December 11th, 2020 – third and last Pluto-Eris square (more pressure)
      December 14th, 2020 – Total Solar eclipse
      December 17th, 2020 – Saturn enters Aquarius
      December 18th, 2020 – Sun conjuncts the Galactic Center
      December 19th, 2020 – Jupiter enters Aquarius
      December 21st, 2020 – Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 0 degrees Aquarius - astrologically this is the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. Mars in Aries squares Pluto at 23° Sagittarius.

      Look! It's a call to action, not a complain.
      Come forward, please!

  98. Reading everybody's comments about expecting more from this update... I understand the human impulse to have all the answers given... I share it too

    The key line however in this report to me at least is the section early on that seems to say that the result of this meditation has shown the light forces that we can do this... that we can Unite and hold the light... so if they were thinking of forcing the event to happen they are now confident that they can... which they were not confident of that before the meditation

    Also related to that is that lightworkers can be involved now which was previously off-limits... perhaps surface dwelling requirement of the event has now been proven... they won't have to delay next time when it is ready

    Think big picture here... we may have just given the green light for the event

  99. Thank you Cobra, victory of the light

  100. This is a very welcomed update making context clear.
    That Mothership video is beautiful !

    If any of you take the time to read this I say that I AM dismayed at the Disclosure Community ignoring those of us in COINTELPRO Targeting Concentration Camps which is COMPLICITY on their part ! By ignoring us you set yourselves up for some intense self reflection !

    OK I got to say that.


  101. Welcome To the Light


    Quite Angelic, especially the 2nd one.

    Light and Love


  102. Links about what might be going on during the current war.

    Of course, some of it could be regarded as speculative. Nonetheless, all in all, it shows that something is moving.

    Underground War Details! Gene Decode: Part 3 (California-Denver, CO). B2T Show Apr 12 (IS), Video, April 12th, 2020, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxzyta8Ui1w&feature=share&fbclid=IwAR0lZwwCz-fzYBB15r9PImW9htJTvp8PtPwdaYX2R7gvaPTMsmukJWx2RsM

    The Underground War, Happening Now Jan 2020, 8. Januar 2020, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yoQUrXzbvf4

    Is Coronavirus Being Used As A Cover for Mass Arrests Part V, Liz Crokin, Video, April 5th, 2020, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSMTdT8chQI

    2020 04 10 Update - Simon Parkes, Video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbnsjbiRVJA&feature=youtu.be

    For more general information, I can also recommend the interviews of James Gilliland. For example, the latest you can find here:

    Dr. Alex Bloom As You Wish Talk Radio "The Great Awakening Coping with Change", Video, April 12th, 2020, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UBQcm4kNhk

    However, if some things are really happening, what could be the indicators? I will try to summarize them as far as I have found out:

    Large-scale training of military in underground warfare during the last years;
    Two new major laws against human trafficking in the US;
    Measures against drug trafficking at the Mexican border almost automatically include measures against human trafficking since these crimes go side by side (tunnels, networks, dealers etc.);
    Raging fires in sewages, heavy smoke in London and some place in California;
    Locomotive derailed in order to damage or sink hospital ship in New York;
    Photos of dirty and partly deformed children in hospital care, albeit no full body pictures;
    Similar photos of artificial nutrition packs for malnourished patients in hospitals;
    Photos of soldiers setting up hospital beds for children in large halls;
    Photo of diapers being carried to a hospital tent;
    Nurses’ reports of children being rescued, albeit unconfirmed.

  103. Here is the German translation of this article as YouTube video:


  104. See for yourself. The collective awakening is happening as we speak. To all light workers, warrior📢⚠️ everyone who follows this blog. We are fortunate to be aware of the event. If you are feeling unmotivated don't worry!!! it's happening but right now it's finally time for everyone on this blog to come together in love and understanding. I can assure you that from now on it's time to put aside our disagreements or clarify them, so that we can all move forward together. Today is the time to embrace the light and finally be happy that we can feel the event happening. We will have to "activate" ourselves in post event mode now. This mode consists of no longer listening to our pessimistic voice and thinking that the event is coming. People who meditate already know this. We will have to create a dynamic energy here, an energy full of enthusiasm. No more time to be in a negative energy. Just think that you will finally find your soul family but before you do that you just have to be more joyful and disciplined about keeping your light. The matrix is falling and everyone meditating at this time can feel it. Feel the light that is in the planetary grid. Come on we have succeeded 1 million meditate then we can very well have our true mindset of a starseed. Don't wait for the event feel it coming and be joyful for the last time as a post event time.

    May the source guide you all my brothers and sisters. Think of the future in the right way as a dream that will come true!!!!

    I love you all Unconditionally 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  105. For our dear italian brothers and systers in Light! May God heal you, make you happy and brave again! Here is the translation in italian language, with the precious help of my dear friend ! https://evak2019.blogspot.com/2020/04/rapporto-sulla-vittoria-di-cobra-il-14.html Vittoria della Luce!

  106. Okay, people seem to be upset about my posts. They also seem to think that I am new to this blog! LOL! I am not new to this blog! I have been a follower of this blog for seven years. I have been following this blog for a very long time! I know West Coast Megan. I am also friends with Remco and Hye Angel and many others. I have been here for f-ing forever! I know what is a good post and what is not a good post. This post is not so good. Cobra even sends me personal emails! That is how long I have been here!!

    I think Cobra should have just said, “Look guys, there is a lot I want to tell you but I can’t. Things are very intense right now but things are going well. I can’t tell you a lot of stuff.” Like children being saved from underground tunnels. I would have been fine with that! But to talk so long about who started this virus. Bill Gates? Pictures of UFOs? Oh, God, who cares!

    My name is James Mitchell and you can see my Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100007331852061

    Once I was even accused of working for Cobra! LOL! No, I don’t work for him and I am not a part of his “team”. Actually, I argue with him quite a lot! ;-)

  107. Blossom Goodchild said that massive ships would appear in 2008 and nothing happened.
    I don´t believe in her words.

  108. This may sound ridiculous...but I'm worried that we are going to sit in this pre-collapse phase for the next 8 months. I personally am someone who enjoys change. Keep pushing folks. I'm tired of working for imaginary credits ($$ dollars $$).

  109. Cannot thank you enough Cobra and team- you are beloved in all of creation for your tireless efforts and LIGHT.
    I must learn to trust my instincts (and remote view flashes).
    You posted this (link) and it confirmed what I 'knew' about this pathogen's course.
    TB strain laced in with covid-19 did not surprise me...I had a clear vision on that, which was connected to Lyme pathogentic sequelae ( encapsulates like TB to protect itself, is slowly destructive over a course of painful years like TB and absolutely submits to Hydoxychloroquine regimen)
    to anyone who is not medical or familiar with microbiology.
    I saw early on it was through the HIV protein connection and then forming encapsulating cysts to
    protect itself from our white blood cells. TB- very contagious- hence masks are correct.
    Thank you for that link.
    Also how the cabal in the military have been weaponizing pathogens for decades to destroy their enemies and ultimately all of us.It is that intent that swings back at them eventually.
    Deepest gratitude to the auspicious Pleiadians, our guardians Cosmic brethren/sistren and ancestors.
    God Bless.