Friday, May 1, 2020

VTX metastable, filtration protocol unavailable


  1. Nao sao boas noticias, pois nao?

  2. Cobra gave us loads of intell. in his last major post (Tues. April 14 Victory Report).

    It took me a while to get through all the links, and I still haven't finished reading them all. I have to rest in between reading them. It is all so disturbing.

    Here is one of the links that I finally read yesterday. I had not understood the role that Jared Kushner (Trump's son-in-law) was playing in all of this. Nor did I understand the role of Vice President Pence.

    There is constant yodeling from the Democrats about how awful Trump is, so it is difficult to discern the truth and what is really going on.

    If this is true, it appears that Trump "unknowingly" or "unwittingly" (I am writing the quotes because I believe he knew and he has his wits about him) handed over the management of the covid-19 response to Pence and Kushner, knowing they would manipulate the situation quite badly, and cause sickness and death...which was the plan all along.

    I can't tell how clean Trump's hands are in all of this. Obviously he wants to appear clean. (Jesuit and all of that).

    Do we dare believe this?
    Here's the link.

    (Reminder: Command RCV Stardust)

    1. @WestCoastUSMegan

      Not's not like the Democrats are angels themselves, they done a LOT of low down stuff in the 1990's and the past decade as well....just as bad as the republicans.

      We need more information and something more clear, we're still in the dark about this.

    2. I never stop laughing what i hear the political parties. Republicans or Democrads? Here in my country "left parties and right parties". This is a joke. Chose one of two. Illusion of choosing. Boths sides hungry to money and power.Their brains were possessed by the desire to rule.

      I choose the freedom and a love and light.

  3. «VTX metastable, filtration protocol unavailable… Pandora in progress, ongoing gamma grid ratio disruption, L2LSIP temporary abort, Project 502 on hold. GR+. Drastic VTX / Systems security breach at 504, deflected. Minimum M / HP requirements met, VTX / SD / DL requirements not met»

    «VTX metastable» - The new VTXC light greed - 5D crystalline structure that Light Forces overlaid on top of existing 3D matrix for upgrading the physical Earth matrix to 5D is still super stable.

    «Filtration protocol unavailable» – This is about the development of the new protocol concerning frequency filtering for energy weapon that LFs use to repel DF attacks in the near-Earth battle field. The main weapon of the parties - energetic. LFs urgently develop a new technical regulations on safety of their energy weapon to make it invulnerable at the frequency level for DFs’ counter-attacks.

    «Pandora in progress» – LFs’ sub-mission Pandora against negative entities as a part of Freedom Earth 501 Operation successfully continues.

    «Ongoing gamma grid ratio disruption» – There is a limited damage in a part of the new energy grid within the gamma timeline installed by Light forces on Earth. But this problem is being successfully solved by the Pleiadian space crafts docked in Solar system which continue to fire a powerful beams of gamma light towards the planet to completely transform the energy field around the Earth.

    «L2LSIP temporary abort» - «L2» is a second-level channel for transmitting information collected in specific regions and structures, which is then accumulated and analyzed in the main data center. «LSIP» is a Land Surface Imaging Portal - system for monitoring the Earth from Space in every important areas. The system is temporarily suspended due to minor technical problems.

    «Project 502 on hold» - means that the LFs’ «Project 502» - mechanisms of using the cosmic flows as a laser beams to destroy negative entities on the plasma, etheric, surface and underground levels, temporally suspended due to the need of using at this stage a more selective, point-based weapon against DFs.

    «GR+» means «Super Great Results» gained by Light Forces on quantum, astral, plasma, etheric, surface and underground battle fields in all their operations.

    «Drastic VTX/Systems security breach at 504, deflected» - All Dark Forces’ attempts to thoroughly destroy the new 5D infrastructure protection system were successfully knocked off by the LFs.

    «Minimum M/HP requirements met» - «M» are multichannel or areas of monitoringI. «HP» - high-power, i.e. designed to operate at a high energy level; capable to withstand high energies. It means that LFs’ Sentinels control each movement of the negative entities. All their plans are known to them. None of these minions can get a hiding place without the Sentinels knowing their whereabouts, neither speak nor think, anything. All is known by the Sentinels. The Light Forces are always one or more steps ahead.

    «VTX/SD/DL requirements not met» - «VTX» is a vertex – a common point of curves of energy flows created by different vortex areas. «SD» - Systems Displays – electron beam indicators for monitoring energy flows and energy fields. «DL» - Downlink – sending data from Space to ground stations; transmitting information from a spacecrafts or satellites to Earth. All that means that positive energy has not yet reached necessary vibrational level to 5D leap for total disintegration all remaining negative energy on Earth.

    1. "Basic filtration protocol established" - Light Forces worked very quickly to increase the destroying power of their energy weapons against the DFs. I won't bet a cent on them.

  4. All is possible.. but the fact of the matter is Megan we need to support whatever or whoever is creating a positive change.. unfortunately there are different factions. One trying to throw the other under the bus... which we know. Unfortunately not everyone shows all their cards at front.. we know there are also other forces behind which are guiding one way or the other.. so truly we dont know the background drive of some acts. However what we do know is that some changes are being made that seems to be benefiting the population... (at least for now) So anything that could liberate to some degree is always good.. At the end of the day.. we need believe that the good guys will keep a watchful eye that when the final stage of this phase is at hand.. if a curved ball is thrown the good guys would have already planned to mitiagte or stop it..

    Personally.. although i want to feel optimistic.. many a times i feel the good guys are too naive at times. Both sides i believe have underestimated the semi awakened n soon to be awakened population. Correction all sides. Above an below..
    Instead time is always being given away which more time equals more games being thrown by bad guys...

    So i hear the bad guys activated in us some blackhole... from my perspective we been in a black hole... Did the good guys know the existance of this.. or they just found that out... how many other pieces of trickery they dont know about.. the thing is.. the more time they give the badguys...more trickery they will unleashed.

    I lean at times to think we here to entertain not to experience any more... n not to entertain ourselves btw. Everything is a game... an ill game.. lost the gloss of "experience" imho

    1. @Esac
      This is NOT a "game"!
      And it is anything BUT entertaining.

  5. My question is, how can there be a financial reset if we are already opening the economy back up? I live in Houston and businesses are already opening back up in my area. The highways are even crowded.

    1. Hi Houston
      I'm pretty sure a financial reset won't be dependent on, or have anything to do with what individual economies are doing.So you needn't worry about that.

      What is more important is your personal freedom and that will be demonstrated in America's case through each states willingness to consent to.

      This will highlight the ones that don't, or more specifically, the governor's that are stubbornly abiding by their cabal authorities.

      Trump can't dictate and would know which states are problematic, but the residents may not and need to be shown. Then I guess it's up to the people of the closed states to make a stand for their rights and help flush out the rot.

      Be happy your country has a Bill of rights!
      I'm Australian, no such luck here, subject of the queen & that's that!

      America is a special and pivotal place for what comes next globally, I light a candle for your country and leader daily, love & light

  6. He did Megan, and disturbing is something of an understatement lol.
    It does however describe the convoluted enormity of what these light warriors are up against and dealing with on our behalf.

    I don't think Cobra is trying to worry us but help followers get that this is not an overnight fix. So I for one am happy to let those who know what they're doing do the best they can with the stuff I can't possibly understand. Any negative response or emotion probably isn't helpful so let's try and stay positive as much as possible.

    My view of current situation

    This war raging above, below and on the surface of the ground is not a simple fix, is quite physical in the 3d sense and will take time. The only thing we can really do is is meditate/ pray and hold the light for those who are putting their lives on the line for the greater good of humanity.

    They understand they may not win every battle and there will be losses along the way but they will win the war.

    Disclosure for the masses then needs to be given in understandable digestible manner, after which the evidence and traumatic truth will need to be successfully dealt with and transmuted by humanity... let's hope we're prepared and up for that bit.

    So, I'm not one of those hoping any galactic event happens yesterday, nothing here would survive yet!
    I'm praying we have time to deal with our mess (personal and collectively) so we can transition safety through the event.

    The faster we align ourselves spirituality on a unified level the faster this process will manifest and with positive results, that is our only role here.

    My love and gratitude to our galactic family and all those involved in the freeing of our planet.

    And blessings to you all that meet through this blog 💜🌈

    1. @Unknown

      Disclosure needs to be presented HARDCORE, and FULL. "understandable, digestible manner" means it will take TOO LONG. I have neither the patience or life span for THAT.

      What is needed it a seldom seen, long overdue CULTURE SHOCK...and it must be TANGIBLE. Otherwise, nothing will happen.

    2. No..we need the event right now!!

      Im soo done and over, with the endless bla bla talk talk.....delay delay delay...wait wait wait..neverending wait.

      Meditation meditation after meditetion....with zero event/result.

      I want real action right now..event right now...serious proof that all of this is real......We need worldchanging/schocking thing to happen right now..before its too late..and we all suicide/die..because of the endless misery/wait for the event..which seemingly never comes.

      Yes..IM DONE!!


      MASS arrests RIGHT NOW!! Before they do more deadly harm to us ALL!!

      If the lightforces are INcapable of liberating us..start the event...then they need to go home.

      But if they start the event right now..then i give all of them neverending hugs of love.

      But i still see no proof of anything at all.

      Start the event right now!!

      ONLY...ONLY that will wake EVERYBODY up immediately!

  7. What about Swarru's intel? Is she connected to the galactic confederation, or to the dark forces?

    1. @Sara gubits

      SCREW Swaruu with a phillips. I feel she is a LIAR or a psy op. She went from friendly, telling how great life is on her world, giving us hope for contact.....and going 180, telling we we are NOT ready for contact...that we are not even allowed to hear their voices, much less see their faces.

      And Swaruu swears to a prime directive, where Cobra, as well as myself, been saying the prime directive is just Archon propaganda.

    2. hahahahaha exactly!!! I know people who were following her intel and were hoping and hoping and now they are so depressed and hopeless. wow that is a deception and they were bought off by her. No fucking way its true.. the galactic codex is the perfect compass to know where is the truth.

  8. EVENT right now11

    And please update!!

    STO(P all these coded messages.

    I expect a MONSTROUS and HOPEfull update very soon.

    Which tells us, the event is happening any moment from now on.

    No common delay report.

    Start the EVENT right now!

    Im/we ALL DONE! With all the endless wait.

    Soon we ALL die, because of 5 G/Coronavirus...IF the EVENT, NOT happens right now!

    I want a SERIOUS hopefull EVENT update from Cobra right now!

    Which will bring us the looong awaited/delayed...E V E N T!!

    Love and light.

    Hope see all of you in 5D earth!

    1. Coded messages are the purpose of this blog, our way to freedom. We are guests here, let's thank our hosts for hospitality by not whining, but meditating :)

    2. The light forces are trying their best to help as possible with all of these toplets ingrained everywhere... Its not easy to see a whole planet and its population abused, and being helpless and being unable to liberate the planet because of the hostage situation.
      If the light forces were humans in 3d, they would get frustrated and give up already.

  9. If the event happened right now, you would die. Chill out...

  10. Cobra, in 1999 after the earthquake when I came to the Netherlands, in my dream state I was told "I am the Bride of God". Back then I couldn't make any sense of it, but now I understand!! I know you get what I'm talking about. As the days go by, more and more 'stars' are appearing on my body.

    I always look at Orion on my right arm while thinking about my brother. I know he is seeking me. I feel it. I trust in Divine Timing. I know this sounds strange but even when I was a child I used to think about him and cry because I've always been searching for him. We have a mission together. 👽🛸

    Always with you in spirit. ❤️🙏