Wednesday, May 13, 2020

MPD filter development


  1. We come One


    1. I wish all were as unified as you brother.

  2. An open letter to David Wilcock, Corey Goode, COBRA, "Q" and all the other "Influencers" out there. I have asked these questions in many venues and there is never an anser forth coming? I am trying again here. NOW.

    How long would you suggest we keep the faith with no evidence your claims are true? Especially after years/lifetimes of being kept in the dark?

    "Dear David and Corey. Thanks for all you have done. cannot afford to attend your classes. I would never pay for truth anyway.

    I have been asking the question everywhere of the spiritual "Influencers" that is never addressed.

    "Why with the extraterrestrial influences and tech is there never a gold nugget or a diamond dropped on your kitchen table? They can zoom in and transport Corey to Mars in a blue sphere and back again, but cannot put some 0's and 1's in your bank account? We know the money is fake 0's and 1's. Why after a couple "20 and backs" is Corey not rolling in doe when he has retirement coming from 60 years of service? Why do you guys always need money with your connection to higher realms.

    I got questions with all that is at stake now. Time for the hard questions answered guys, and with COBRA as well. Past time now to be honest.

    Your build up to fame was your connection to insiders who bring you deep background intel. Now you are back peddling in the middle of this and go silent? like you didn't really have any contacts?

    You pushed the 150,00 sealed indictments for years and in the middle of this no sign of any of it? Why would such a huge operation to free humanity be kept such a secret and take years?

    Why would freed children from underground bases be kept secret?

    Could such an operation to free the Earth be done in the background only? Could WW2 be done in the shadows? As an ex-police officer, I know Law Enforcement does not sit on indictments for years. They know that They would be responsible if the suspect continued to victimize others . If they have probable cause they arrest to stop suspects from hurting any ONE else. Epstein continue his crimes after being left in the public.

    1. Many light workers have psychic abilities and do not need physical proof to confirm the things Cobra talks about. Open your 3rd eye and learn to communicate with your higher self. All information that exists is recorded in the akashic record. It is just a matter of being able to access it through remote viewing, visions, dreams, and past(future) life regression therapy.

      A good place to start learning about these techniques is from Alison Coe's youtube channel. Most of Alison Coe's clients have never read Cobra's blog yet they know about the event and ascension because they have seen it in visions and future life regressions.

      Take a look. It is pretty extraordinary the amount of psychic proof that exists.

      Peace be with you.

    2. You my friend need a little something called faith. Have faith in cobra please. It is most needed at this time.

    3. Greg I have too have contacted all these same people asking these very questions years ago. Not one reply. 15 years ago when I started my journey, they have been saying the same thing as far back as then. Of course some things have changed along the way, but over all the same things repeated. I did finally get Rob Potter to respond to me, but still no proof of any of this. I believe this is another psyop to get us to silently comply, while our rights are taken away. Things just no longer add up. The truth needs to come out to the public, and the longer they wait, the more people give up or divide from each other. No more waiting!!

    4. Greg, I too have contacted all these same people years ago, with no response on anything. Asking many of the same questions you are asking now. For 15 years..that I know of... they have been saying the same things repeatedly, with no action. If they had so much truth to share wouldn't it benefit all to know this. Wouldn't you spread the information around freely as fast as possible to as many as possible? Makes no sense to charge their outrageous amounts of money. Makes no sense to keep hiding all this. At this point, I think this is another psyop after all these years of listening to them to keep us compliant while they shove another dick up our ass. No more waiting!!

    5. May I answer this as someone who is not one of the influencers: we will learn the answers to the questions you have precisely at the moment we are meant to learn. No earlier, or no later. The anxiety to know now, and your courage to overcome it shortly before the Great Awakening, will serve you as a lesson as much as the answer that COBRA can provide.

    6. @Greg, I dont want do offend corey goode people on here. I dont know how much of his story is even true, like the twenty and back thing. That would give the cabal types a lot of power over time if you think about it. Do they have tech and power really at that level? It goes way beyond ssp on mars or the moons of jupiter or something like that. The indictment stuff is probably BS too, as I dont think it would be put out there ahead of time. Here is Fulford promoting it in 2017, just like drake and others. It never happened.

      Everything we see on earth can be viewed as evidence of proxy war in a much bigger, possibly galactic, war. Its not that its secret its that people dont see it as proxies they see it as normal.

    7. That's right. For such deep insiders there should be no problem to prove their reliability. For me it seems like all the action kinda stopped and we are fed with scrap articles that don't make any difference.
      From my side I can tell you, that Corey and David fell into same kind of spotlight hunger (especially David). Last materials were not really about the truth but attention.
      Not saying that all Cosmic Disclosure is fraud but I'm pretty sure they're cut out from any intel now.
      We are the Change brothers and sisters. We need to unite and take the truth that is free to be picked up.
      The world quarantine is fading and the worst we can do is to return to normal life leaving hard questions open.

    8. >Greg Dampier
      The sealed indictments are highly questionable. Still waiting for Trump to make his move now that General Flynn has been exonerated.

      The stories of the children being freed from bunkers under New York and moved to the hospital ships are from Timothy Holmseth who has poor character and engages in slander of others doing actual work against child predators like Craig Sawyer. Not trustworthy.

      Beyond that I can only say wait for the coming Cobra report on the Surface Situation which should be coming in less than a week. If it doesn't address your points sufficiently then I would agree with your assessment that we have a problem.

    9. Greg Dampier: «Could such an operation to free the Earth be done in the background only? Could WW2 be done in the shadows? As an ex-police officer, I know Law Enforcement does not sit on indictments for years. They know that They would be responsible if the suspect continued to victimize others. If they have probable cause they arrest to stop suspects from hurting any ONE else»...

      Fortunately, Greg, not only WW2, but also WW3 is being conducted not only openly, but also in the shadows, where the main fighting between the LFs and DFs takes place. And thanks to the secrecy of the Light Forces operations they were successful. One example is the operation of the LFs and their ground team, which they jointly conducted in April-May 2019. To date, it is fully completed.
      It is about the elimination of several powerful Dark Forces bases on Earth. The first place of operation was the Göbekli Tepe Hill in Turkey, where one of the Earth's Solar portals is located. This vital infrastructure for the planet provides its connection and interchange with the Sun as a source and conductor of the Universal Energy of Life.
      Long ago, it was captured by Dark Forces. There they created a laboratory for creating all sorts of genetic hybrids. They crossed everything they could, including people, animals, and themselves. It was the ideal place for such activity – on the direct channel of the Earth's vital energy.
      For many epochs, DFs used this center and incubator for growing entire civilizations of negative hybrids. It has disrupted the normal functioning of this portal and created a shortage of solar life energy for the planet. Almost all of its volume was consumed by the DFs, and most intensively in recent times.
      Considering the situation, in the Local Universe it was decided to immediately clean up the field of the Göbekli-Tepe Hill. The joint operation involved not only the Curator of our Local Universe, who switched to the Light Side, but also the LFs’ ground team.
      At the appointed time, several LFs’ attacks cleared the field of the Hill, eliminated the storage of hybrids’ creational matrices, which were discovered only during the direct LFs invasion there. The functionality of this Solar Portal of the Earth has been restored. But no one then imagined what a nest of Dark Forces the LFs had stirred, and what consequences it would have for them.
      Immediately after the Light Forces’ invasion to the field of Göbekli Tepe, fierce energy strikes rained down on LFs from the activated DFs, that had lain dormant in various places of the local network. A real war began on the subtle plane, which was accompanied by the DFs’ partisan attacks and terrorist acts.
      The next stage of the operation of the LFs’ ground team, the Hierarchy of Light and the Curator was Sogmatar. Geographically, it is located near Göbekli Tepe and is part of the West Kurdistan infrastructure of Dark Forces. After consulting with the Hierarchy of Light, it was decided to conduct a similar field sweep there. But this time only with the participation of a LFs’ ground team and volunteers. During the operation, the DFs' energy attacks on the LFs’ group members and the Curator didn’t cease.
      This did not stop the LFs. Without slowing down, they aimed at the next stronghold of Dark Forces - mount Nemrut Dağ, located near the Turkish city of Adiyaman. This was the most serious object of all three. (To be continued)

    10. The top of Nemrut Dağ mount is a field (and not only) repository of the DNA aspects and matrices of self-resurrection of the DFs’ Supreme Rulers and the entire Dark Race on Earth, and very important multidimensional Doomsday portal as they consider it. If the Dark Hierarchs were destroyed, they could always self-resurrect through this portal and restore their DNA matrices by the Earth's Life Energy channel. The entire complex was their single biomatrix. The significance of Nemrut Dağ to Dark Forces was enormous.
      The operation was going to be very serious and dangerous. The Light Hierarchy and the Curator decided to completely clean up Nemrut Dağ. Volunteers from the LFs’ ground team were also involved.
      The operation started three minutes before the scheduled time. There was a carpet nuclear bombardment, as Pleiadians call it. They released a fire-light plasma, and the ground team formed balls of it with their thoughts (or harpoons, if, for example, it was necessary to break through the protection or field of the pyramid, ziggurat) and struck at the object. After contact, the light bombs exploded, crushing everything inside and outside, and simultaneously flooding everything around with powerful high-frequency waves of Light. From the outside, it looked like a barrage of fireballs or a launch of ballistic missiles.
      The bombing was broken through the protective field of the Mountain Nemrut Dağ. After that, the LFs began to break through the underground space. There was not only the matrices of self - resurrection of the Supreme Black Hierarchs, but also deep under the mountain - a reservoir with goo. This fetid black substance existed in the field of 3D. She settled there during the sacrifices. The blood of the killed people flowed down into a special tank. Inside it was the matrices of the Dark Hierarchs’ self-resurrection. They were in laid up state, and blood was a preserving agent.
      Baalbek, Palmyra, was built according to the same scheme, where channels were hollowed out in the stone for rivers of blood from sacrifices. The Mayans had a complete analogy.
      After removing the biomatrix from this black deposit crystal, an explosion occurred, like an eruption of a mud volcano or like an abscess bursting. All the toxic, subtle substance poured out, flooding the entire field with this abomination. Who was nearby, who worked in contact, captured it, as if soiled. This was manifested in a chakral cough, a feeling of acid in the throat, perspiration, pain, etc. Immediately, the Light Forces performed a new high frequency light sweep, and then a complete general cleaning.
      But, as it turned out, all these three infrastructure facilities of the Dark Forces were just the tip of the iceberg. Their destruction opened up a whole parasitic network, an extensive artificial tumor on the body of the entire Earth. And its key nods were on the territory of Iraq.
      The main work of their elimination was taken over by volunteers from the LFs’ ground team. Everything happened under violent attacks and blows from the DFs. Their special technique is cementing alive, when an energy substance like a glue or concrete is poured into a person, into their light bodies in a dream, which gradually begins to solidify and causes suffocation. It is impossible to cope with such attack on your own, nothing helped, not even a monadic explosion from inside. The only thing that saved was the LFs’ securing and emergency help. (To be continued)

    11. After a comprehensive analysis of the situation, the Light Hierarchy and the Curator outlined the action plan and the main task - the annihilation of the self-resurrection matrices of the Repto-Humanoid Hierarchs, which were located in the energy field of two local ancient DFs’ ziggurats.
      After the LFs destroyed the Dark Forces facilities in Göbekli Tepe and Sogmatara, they woke up, that served as the trigger for a fierce counterattacks on the LFs. After awakening, they were programmed for only one target – a ground team of the LFs’ volunteers.
      On the eve of the decisive events, the Light Hierarchy decided to release the main Earth Dark Hierarch from karmic arrest. This was done after everyone was convinced that he fully realized and rethought his life and actions. He had a lot in common with many other Dark Hierarchs. They were created as a mechanism for implementing the goals of the DFs, without freedom of choice, not knowing the Light, trained on people like chain dogs.
      During his arrest from 2012 to 2019, this Hierarch received access to all the information of the Universe, to the consequences of his actions. He sincerely repented of what he had done, for he did it out of ignorance and lack of choice freedom. He was able to overcome the overwhelming darkness in which he had been born. It turned into Pure Light, Glowed in its own Radiant Synthesis, and "flared up" very brightly.
      It was decided to give him a chance and release him from prison on probation. The Hierarch could provide the LFs with invaluable help on the ziggurats that he created, even if it was only consulting. The LFs’ ground team was instructed to contact him.
      After communicating with him, the LFs believed that he was now firmly on the side of Light and decided to act together. During the fighting in April 2019 Etemenanki, Ur and Eridu ziggurats fields were cleared. LFs acted according to the scheme: first there was the main assault ground team, and then the final cleanup was completed by the LFs’ volunteers.
      The main stronghold of the Dark Forces was Etemenanki. The second most important ziggurat was in Eridu. By operations in Göbekli Tepe, Sogmatar and Nemrut Dağ the Light Forces got into their Holy of Holies - the DFs' last hope. And the DFs came out of hiding and went all in. Blows rained down on all the LFs. It was agony, hysteria, last chance. (To be continued)

    12. On the morning of Good Friday, April 26, 2019, the Dark Forces used their favorite destruction technique - attacks while members of the LF ground team were sleeping. It was decided to end this immediately. The Curator of our Local Universe was fully involved in the case. Almost all the self-resurrection matrices of the Dark Hierarchy were destroyed. On April 22, 2019, the LFs’ blitzkrieg ended.
      However, the next day, April 23, 2019, something unexpected happened. The remaining negative entities rebelled against their former Hierarch, who had become an ally of the LFs. They refused to obey him and being converted in the Light. The "civil war" began. This coincided with a series of bloody terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka.
      They immediately hit the LF ground team. A series of violent energy blows rained down, which significantly battered the team members, disrupted and deformed the entire structure of their light bodies. The situation was critical. The entire group had to work in a state of emergency, of martial law.
      By looking at all this, the Light Hierarchy urgently came to the ground team aid in restoring their subtle bodies. For protection against impacts, a special protective suit technology - "armor for light bodies" - was hastily developed. It was a special program that wass installed in the Higher “I AM” and through it, in case of danger, performs reformatting of the etheric body, turning it into a diamond shell in a few seconds. Further experience has shown a very high efficiency of this technology. It was literally life-saving for the LFs’ ground team.
      The last counterattack of Dark Forces was an attempt to deliver a crushing energy blow to the core of the Earth. It looked like a harpoon that the DFs had used to pierce the planet through the Portal of the World Tree of Life and through it went on to the heart of the Earth. The Light Higher Forces immediately intercepted, stopped and annihilated this energy harpoon, did not even allow it to touch the heart of the Earth.
      As a result of the joint actions of the Light Hierarchy, the Curator, the former Dark Hierarch, and the LFs’ ground team the resistance center of the DFs was eliminated, and the irreconcilable negative entities there were destroyed.

  3. Every ONE on the planet has a hi def digital camera. Do the extraterrestrials have no hi def cameras, video and photos?

    I have given my consent in mantra many times to receive financial assistance and benevolent contact. Nothing! Why would that be? no time to get around to all of us? The higher dimensional beings have no time, so they have all the time in the world to get in touch with light workers. All the time in the universe.

    Why is it that those who support either Blue or red are not censored, but those who expose the two party system are?

    Why are people still supporting the claims of Trump and "Q" at this late date with no evidence of any ONE working for us in the middle of this critical time? In fact plenty of policies and people appointed to cabinets that are more akin to the "foxes guarding the hen house".?

    Why do you have no insight to 5G and do not see it as a danger to humanity and our health and freedom? why dismiss it so easily?

    Are you AI? Are you businessmen using the corrupt sytems of law to protect/shield yourself from responsibility for your claims?

    Will I now be a troll for asking the hard questions?

    I know I did a poster of people I believed were heroes and truth tellers and I contacted all the people in the poster including you with no ONE ever getting back in touch? Is that even possible? That I put this art out everywhere and it never gets distributed? (see attached)

    Have you been fed false intel to get us all to sit on our hands while our rights are stripped away from us claiming the cavalry is on the way??

    You admitted to being a bit gullible. Do you now know that you have been used by the controllers and are too afraid to come forward?

    Are you rushing your online classes in at the last minute because you know the truth is coming out?

    Please don't demonize me are make me your enemy for asking the hard questions that are all relevant and appropriate for these times. I know who I AM and I don't do guilt or shame.

    I hope and pray I AM wrong about all this and things really are going the way you have said. I just don't see it. I jump out of the car BEFORE it goes over the cliff. Not while it is going over the cliff.Love and Light, Namaste.

    1. If you look at the recent Q posts they do show that things are finally progressing and everything they have talked about is finally coming to fruition. Maybe Q is the delta option that will wake up the surface population to the corruption of our governments and demand that they are accountable.

    2. Greg, it is only natural to feel skeptical. All I can say about that is if you do enough work on yourself in order to achieve a higher vibration and deeper levels of meditation, you will see in your heart and mind and even with your own eyes that this is not a fraud or lead-on. Admittedly, it has become out of reach (for reasons I will not get into here) for me to achieve that level of deep meditation, but there was a point that I could and I could see clearly. At the very least I know Cobra is sincere. I cannot vouch for David, Corey, or Q, I've always personally felt there was something "off" about them.

    3. You just need to tune in your consciousness....
      Use your heart... Not so much your eyes...
      Feel the truth... You cant touch it.

      Your mind is still to boxed in the matrix... In a deep sleep.

      Open your third eye and see 4 your self.

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    6. @Greg, I dont know what is going on with CoBra/Pleiadians/etc because I am out of the loop like everyone else. I go in and out of believing in the event. I do day to day things and work on posts for my blog because I dont know what else to do. Trump is jesuit, zionist, mafia connected which means black nobility controlled. Q seems like a fraud to me saying trust in potus. "oh he is stroking trumps ego to get him to do the right thing, the storm is upon us, look at all the planes going in and out of guantanamo bay" and then nothing happened. What storm, do they mean world war 1 or 2? What about all of the paranormal I experienced my entire life? What, the world is run by child murdering satanists? Wow thanks q. Its stuff fritz springmeir and david icke were talking about in the nineties. or Jon todd in the 1970s. Its stuff people should already know about and stop from happening. q is not evidence of an awakening. The q/trump people are like the non player characters, its just the program was updated. The latest npcs are programmed to say "wake up" and call others of a different or older version sheep. Npcs programmed to speak like they are awake. The typical alt-media narratives were taken and mutated into something not quite right wing, not quite truth movement, and totally fictional. When alt-right or fox news types say deepstate, white hats, coronavirus, and other things it is a diversion from real info. alt-media subjects were taken and politicized and fantasized. deepstate democrats? I think you mean the black nobility running masonic knighthoods who are satanic and also run other luciferian cults, satanic cults, etc who all seem to run everything. At best it is the archon network suppressing an awakening, if its even happening.

    7. Also as an add-on:

  4. Cobra I feel like Most lightworkers don't trust the light forces anymore and no wonder I'm not surprised really and I don't blame them because of the lack of action and intervention.Unfortunately too much empty talking and not enough action so I understand how most people are feeling.

    1. Remember, this is an open blog .... Cobra may have been saying for over a year that she doesn’t want to say something HERE. We got a lot of information in the previous longer post. I feel like a lot is going on in the background, but for understandable reasons, we don’t get information. It may be frustrating, confusing, but you have to get over it. I’ve also gone through a phase of mistrust, but now I’m trying to be strong.

    2. Are you blind?...

      It's happening all over..

      True lightworkers dont need to trust... They are the light forces...

      True lightworkers dont expect to be saved... They save them selfs... They know they have the gods power inside...

      The true ACTION is when you work on your life... Tune the light n love in it... And know deep in your heart... That every thing will be fine n no matter what... We just win.

      Experiences, bad or good... All lead to the source n all are just experiences in this lvl of existence.

      Lightworkers play first with heart... The optimal n most powerful weapon...

      If people could understand the power they have inside... This mess should be ended by now

    3. @The Mystic


      We, human monkeys, need to see something TANGIBLE.

      I remember when that jerk face, Obama said "We got Ben Laden...BUT we have NO pictures, no videos, and we buried him at sea ....(like ALL ARABS DO!:P )...we got no proof, just take my word for it!" I compare it to that.

      Or it is like me saying that the world is gonna end tomorrow.....would anyone merely accept my word? No.

      We need to see some progress, visually, in regards to how this war is progressing. For WE'RE the ones in the middle of it.

    4. I fully agree with you.

      Everything that we were informed on the ongoing liberation of the planet from the dark forces is not showing any tangible sign of change. We are getting very impatient as the world economy is so bad that there is zero if not negative growth. Light forces must do something concrete and immediate to ease our pain and suffering.

  5. “Systems security breach at 504 …MPD filter development”

    As expected, the Light Forces reacted instantly. The magneticplasmadynamic (MPD) filter regulate the energy field created by the interaction between the current flowing through the plasma and the magnetic field. In this case, LFs use it to eliminate the damage of 5D crystal infrastructure breached by the DFs.
    Unfortunately, on other fronts, where the main role is assigned to earthlings, the situation remains difficult. This is primarily the financial and economic sphere, where the DF launched a global offensive ramming through their NWO agenda. Now they are focused on hitting the US - one of the most vulnerable pillars of the global economy from their point of view. The offensive is going exactly according to the DFs plan: to drag the country into a deadly crisis that will destroy it along with the right to issue the world currency and will split the US into several weak States.
    The US economy is in paralysis. It was covered by a cascade of bankruptcies. Half of the 30 million small businesses may disappear by the end of the year. Next in line are large companies, such as, J. Crew, Neiman Marcus, J. C. Penney, Hertz, as well as banks and funds. In April, due to the DFs launched COVID-19, has already put more than 20.5 million Americans out of work, or 14.7% of the labor force – the worst figure since the 40s. In May the number of unemployed continues to grow.
    The DFs brought down the domestic demand to zero in most of the industries focused on it - transport, logistics, trade, tourism, hotels, entertainment, sports, cultural industry, public catering, and almost all small and medium-sized businesses in the service sector. After them, industrial production falls due to disruption and violation of the supply chain.
    The Volatility index, which is also called the Fear Index, is breaking records. Now in quarantine mode, the US loses 50-65% of GDP for every day of downtime on an annual basis. With such dynamic, they may lose 2/3 by the end of the second quarter.
    The collapse of the service sector and domestic consumption, which accounts for 70% of GDP, destroys the entire tax base, and as a result – the state and municipal finances, which pay for schools, law enforcement agencies and infrastructure. Already, from Houston to New York, municipal America's finances are in tatters.
    The financial industry, which before the crisis accounted for up to 80% of total corporate profits, is losing monstrous cash flow in the form of falling loans and interest paid by companies and households. Investment banks lose underwriting fees on equity and bond offerings, along with fees for conducting mergers and acquisitions. No one is producing anything. The system froze.
    The business does not receive cash flow and cannot fulfill its obligations to creditors, contractors, suppliers, employees, or pay rent. The business that does not fulfill its obligations undermines the financial condition of those to whom it owes – landlords, creditors, employees and suppliers, who in turn can’t fulfill their obligations along the chain, and so on. During the 2008 crisis, this cascading effect was most pronounced in insurance, investment, and individual industrial companies. Now it has fallen on everyone. (To be continued)

    1. Lev, where do your information come from? You seem to know code language that is posted in this blog and much more. Than you for clarifying these cobra messages.

  6. Under the Dark Forces blows, all the disparities and imbalances of the US economy have worsened. They, like time-lapse mines, were purposefully laid by the DFs for decades under the US foundation, implementing their plan to destroy the United States as part of the NWO strategy. These disproportions and imbalances are:
    The GDP structure imbalance – an overwhelmingly high share of the service sector compared to industrial production;
    The assembly and assembly line production are outsourced; final product output depends on Asian partners; rapid return of industrial capacity to the US is impossible; industrial degradation is increasing;
    The overgrown financial sector that provides great opportunities for inflating bubbles; it accounts for up to 80% of total corporate profits;
    The excessive indebtedness - from citizens and companies to municipal and Federal authorities.
    The debt economy - a model that the Dark Forces brought to Earth from the Rigel system and entrusted 300 years ago to a well-known family with the same origins - like the plague or the current COVID-19, has infected all countries. The family, its DFs Masters and allies successfully implement the NOW plan, although some members of the clan are willing to cooperate with the LFs for the sake of survival.
    As the DFs precisely planned, the US authorities had to go to unprecedented in American history money pumping into the economy to prevent its collapse and social explosion. About 6 trillion dollars have been allocated to fight the virus-economic crisis, which should be used in a short time. If this is not enough, new money throws may follow before the end of the year. Of these 6 trillion, 2.2 trillion dollars are placed by the Treasury. The rest are Federal Reserve loans.
    The Treasury will receive 2.2 trillion dollars in debt from the FED. It’s important to recall that the US Federal budget was approved by the Congress with a deficit of 1 trillion dollars. It turns out that with the adoption of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security [CARES] Act in March, 2020, which provided for the allocation of 2.2 trillion dollars, the Federal budget deficit was increased in one fell swoop to the amount of 3.2 trillion dollars. Initially, expenditures in the budget for the current fiscal year were budgeted at $ 4.8 trillion. Taking into account the additional appropriations under the CARES law, budget expenditures grow to $ 7.0 trillion. This has never happened in the history of the United States. These numbers make up fantastic arithmetic: by the end of the fiscal year, almost 46% of the US budget expenditures will be covered by borrowing. (To be continued)

    1. Lev@

      And, what do you believe? Would the European Union be able or succeed to provide all these endless amounts of money promised for each member country for hospitals and economy recover?

      Or will it collapse way before all of these?...

  7. If the trend continues, then next year the revenue part of the US Federal budget will mainly consist of loans rather than taxes. Previously, most of the loans issued in the form of Treasury bonds were placed outside the United States (formation of international reserves by foreign Central banks), as well as among American institutional investors (pension funds, insurance companies, investment funds of various types). Today, the FED is the main lender to the Treasury.
    The Federal Reserve has been buying up Treasury securities in the past as part of "quantitative easing" programs. And if earlier the US monetary authorities set limits on monthly purchases of Treasury securities, now, in the midst of the viral economic crisis, all restrictions on the volume and timing of purchases have been lifted. In just one week in March, the FED bought $ 375 billion in Treasury securities, which is comparable to the volume of previous purchases of securities by the Federal Reserve for the entire year.
    In fact, in the near future, US government spending will be carried out at the expense of the FED's money, and the Treasury will only be a technical appendage of the FED. A new financial and monetary Apocalypse is looming.
    The Dark Forces shanghaied the FED to actively buy not only Treasuries, but also other debt securities. These are corporate bonds, commercial papers (bills of exchange), municipal bonds, securities backed by bank loans, guarantees of the Small Business Administration, and even "junk" bonds, just to prevent mass bankruptcies and rising unemployment. This is done using special-purpose vehicles (SPVs), which are established and capitalized by the Treasury. It will become a guarantor for loans that the FED will provide to these special companies.
    According to the DFs calculations, SPVs accumulating in their portfolios garbage securities, at any time may themselves be bankrupt. But the Treasury will not let them die and will help meet all its obligations to the Federal Reserve with new budget injections. And the budget injections - at the expense of new borrowings from the Federal Reserve. So the DFs constructed a vicious circle. The revitalizing effect of such a scheme on the economy outside the vicious circle will be minimal. The illusion of "recovery" will be created by bubbles on stock exchanges and by the rigged financial statements of companies in the non-financial sector.(To be continued)

  8. The DFs are pushing the US monetary authorities to an even more insane step – buying not only business debt securities, but also shares. In other words, buy up the entire American economy. Until recently, the FED and the Treasury have categorically denied this possibility, since the laws governing the activities of both institutions prohibit such operations. But under the DFs’ pressure, the Congress can make necessary laws amendments. It was already hinted at by former FED Chair Janet Yellen.
    Now the capitalization of the US stock market is about $ 25 trillion. If the DFs sells the implementation of this idea, the Federal Reserve, with the complicity of the Treasury, will have to print money for the same astronomical amount. However, purchases will be made at the expense of the FED loans. SPVs will not be able to repay these loans. The next step is for the SPVs and their "mother" (the Treasury) to transfer the purchased business to the FED's balance sheet. The FED will become the master of the entire American economy. Beautiful Dark Forces’ multi-pass: the FED will be the owner not of production assets, but of soap bubbles that the DFs will easily pierce and, as they plan, America as it now stands will disappear along with the air.
    These DF's attacks are aimed not only against the United States but are targeted against all civilized nations using COVID-19. In March 2020, the US courts received claims for 20.1 trillion dollars against the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the Chinese Government, and the China’s People's Liberation Army. If this DFs’ plan would be successful, then all existing Chinese $ 4.2 trillion assets and holdings, its derivatives, foreign exchange earnings and export contracts could be confiscated and seized. The Chinese residents and individuals around the world whose capital and shares are owned by Chinese residents, shareholders and founders will lose the right to use offsets and cross-cancellation of debts in the global banking and financial system in favor of China, which greatly hampers the NWO.
    Only working together with the LFs the countries can foil the disastrous New World Order agenda. Forever.

    1. Guys, as a lot of people here, I read mostly Lev's comments. When you read info like this I dont, cobra says that the light forces are winning, the same says Lev, but on the surface eveything looks worse on worse after such comments. So will the EVENT happen or not? Because it just some kind of misunderstanding, it it looks like we are approaching the EVENT but things get worse and NWO can even win. Total two different camps. Could anyone who is credible share your opinion?

    2. Agree. Now how do we organize and when do we start to take back our rights?

    3. And in addition...
      The DFs’ attempts to destroy the 5D energy structure are simply meaningless. Because this is only the lowest part of the new multi-layer structure that the Light Forces are now building at a rapid pace around the Earth. Successfully tested, for example, the "floor" between the middle and high orbit, which is connected to the planet surface by seven mobile pillars. This layer has a completely different energy. In May 2020, its builders requested and received permission to connect this floor to 32D energy field in the Grand Universe, if necessary. For comparison: the energy of our Galactic Central Sun is 14D. It's easy to imagine what will happen to DFs, which can exist and survive only in the 3D Matrix, if they even with their thoughts touch the upper floors of this new multi-layered, highest frequencies structures.

    4. Lev given your current information does this mean that the light forces will triumph over the dark ones even though it's looking really bad?

    5. Hello Lev. Can u clarify the second to the last section of your comment? The way it reads grammatically it suggests that theythe New WorldeWorld order eillowill be thwarted. That IS what we want.

    6. Hi, Lev, thank you very much for the detailed update :)

      Last time we had to upgrade on our astronomy and now it's economy… (this overview is beyond my scope, but the ending of Trump, Xi, Putin and their patriots working with together and with the LF surely sounds like the only decent exit from this shi.hole - I send them all loving Light daily :))

      Is Rigel beta Orionis? Are these the Red-shields or someone else? Do you know why do they have a unicorn on their coat of arms? Does it have anything to do with the Unicorn galaxy?
      It is interesting to see their symbols and names everywhere, for example:
      The Rigel Skerries are a chain of small islands in Antarctica.

      Thank you for all and any infos. Love and Light to you :)
      Victory of the Light!

    7. >Lev
      "Only working together with the LFs the countries can foil the disastrous New World Order agenda."

      Only if the Light Forces stop hiding in their cloaked ships. As of now the people talking about the content of this website excluding any world leaders who might know about them are considered the extreme fringe even for alt-media.

      The Chinese Communist Party aren't the type of people you would want to root for with the abortion and organ harvesting industries as well as the Uighurs disappeared down concentration camps and journalists critical of the government jailed for indefinite periods of time.

      Taiwan is now faced with the reality of standing alone against China's military as US global power projection wanes as a result of disastrous foreign policy and reckless spending.

      Desperation is the real reason behind this otherwise positive distinction of Taiwan being the highest concentration of lightworkers, as they see extra-terrestrial intervention as the only way for their existential survival.

    8. Thank you for your feedback, LighthouseSouth. Unfortunately, these are all details that I have the right to disclose now.

      I see the situation differently, Spec Ops. The front line in today's WW III is not horizontal as in past World Wars, but vertical - from the Earth surface to deep Space. Allies and assistants to the Light Forces, as well as to the Dark Forces exist in ALL COUNTRIES. And they are chosen by their deeds and loyalty to a given mission.

    9. Lev@

      What about the Nevic Grid??

    10. Lev@

      And, what about the PVSE?

    11. Thank you Lev for responding and being with us here. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart :)
      The insight into multi-levels of the Light-grid deepens my peace and resilience exponentially.
      Victory to the Light!!! :)
      P.S. I'll do my economics homework soon

    12. I noticed that particular Americans have a problem understanding this situation. I don't know where it comes from, I guess the way you were taught to think. You think linearly and one-threaded. Hence the whole problem.

      The situation, however, is quite simple, we have one event that each side tries to use in its own way ... and it's the whole secret.

      As for the state of the world described by Lva, this is absolutely right. I would add that this has long been the case, this year most countries did not get loans from central banks, they adopted balanced budgets, where the revenues were to cover the costs in full, which is currently suicide.

      I can, however, add that this game IS NOT ABOUT ECONOMY, PROSPERITY or even more so WHO WON.

      You Americans don't know much about your country, you don't know that U.S.A. this is the Roman Empire, its next edition and you are now on the verge of collapse in an IDENTICAL way like it was 1.5 thousand years ago. Read the story of the fall of the Roman Empire and you will find out what will happen next ....

      What's this about for the average American man?




      You are used to the fact that at some point on the stage in evil Gotham City there appears a hero with superhuman abilities and ... WILL FIND FOR BAD HEROES.

      It's a fairy tale !!!!

    13. As for the rest of Lva's statement, I can finish it for you.

      It will be like this, the Fed will grab everything it can, then wash out the money and vet it in India, then the Chinese will become consumers, and you ??

      For them, it would be best if you started a civil war and killed yourself, because THEY ARE ENDED WITH YOU!

      I don't have to be clairvoyant to know this because it's not the first time! The same happened in Russia in the 19th century, but you were told that these communists were RUSSIANS, you believed it !!

      What's more, I will tell you why U.S.A. DIES.

      This is because this system is a polarization based system. To explain it more clearly, the point is that the EMPIRE MUST HAVE AN EXTERNAL ENEMY, MUST FIGHT WITH SOMEONE ... as the external enemies end, the EMPIRE begins TO FIGHT IT ALONE,


      However, you are taking part in it ...

    14. And one last thing.

      Do you know why these your FPs or what else you call them are SO STRONG?




    15. >Lev
      Just so you know I saw your replies in the previous blogpost.

      "The front line in today's WW III is not horizontal as in past World Wars, but vertical - from the Earth surface to deep Space. Allies and assistants to the Light Forces, as well as to the Dark Forces exist in ALL COUNTRIES."
      I would agree that in terms of Compression Breakthrough and factoring in individual's intent and participation the movement of the frontline is much more fluid.

      To be honest, I don't really have full understanding. I would like to know what's Singapore's near term prospects up to the point we are evacuated before that global Tsunami, but until the Event comes and they start broadcasting the real information from beyond the Veil I am clueless.

    16. >Lev

      " Successfully tested, for example, the "floor" between the middle and high orbit, which is connected to the planet surface by seven mobile pillars. This layer has a completely different energy. In May 2020, its builders requested and received permission to connect this floor to 32D energy field in the Grand Universe, if necessary. For comparison: the energy of our Galactic Central Sun is 14D."

      Btw this diagram from Wikipedia defining Low, Medium and High Orbit

    17. unknownMay 15, 2020 at 11:55 AM. Lev@. What about the Nevic Grid??

      It is the the Nevic Grid.

      unknownMay 15, 2020 at 11:57 AM. Lev@. And, what about the PVSE?

      I deeply respect all starseeds and their mission. They are really a great help to earthlings.

    18. Spec OpsMay 15, 2020 at 9:32 PM. "Lev: The front line in today's WW III is not horizontal as in past World Wars, but vertical - from the Earth surface to deep Space…” I would agree that in terms of Compression Breakthrough and factoring in individual's intent and participation the movement of the frontline is much more fluid. To be honest, I don't really have full understanding. I would like to know what's Singapore's near term prospects up to the point we are evacuated before that global Tsunami, but until the Event comes and they start broadcasting the real information from beyond the Veil I am clueless.”

      The vertical border between the fronts means, Spec Ops, a watershed, a split of the our entire civilization from the underground to the quantum levels, where now a fierce war between the LFs and the DFs is going on. This split runs through every country, all its structures, through every family and individual soul. And everyone decides on which side to be on. This is not just a problem of today. Remember Goethe's?
      “You are aware of only one unrest;
      Oh, never learn to know the other!
      Two souls, alas, are dwelling in my breast,
      And one is striving to forsake its brother.
      Unto the world in grossly loving zest,
      With clinging tendrils, one adheres;
      The other rises forcibly in quest
      Of rarefied ancestral spheres.
      If there be spirits in the air
      That hold their sway between the earth and sky,
      Descend out of the golden vapors there
      And sweep me into iridescent life.
      Oh, came a magic cloak into my hands
      To carry me to distant lands,
      I should not trade it for the choicest gown,
      Nor for the cloak and garments of the crown.”
      ― Faust, First Part.

      As for the evacuation… Preparing for it, it's a good idea to ask yourself NOW, with what luggage am I going to this cruise? Will the Border Control let me through in my current state? Or it will bring me back to the 3D Matrix?

  9. I wonder what the filter development means.

    Something weird happened. Commander Ashtar Sheran of the GFOL tried to telepathically tell me something. He told me (or I thought he told me, no way to know whether it is true or not). Well I preceived he told me that this coming weekend, May 16-17, the Pleadians and GFOL might appear and their presence will be "felt" by me and lots of other people. Then he told me around one week on the weekend, May 23-24 or somewhere around there, the Event will happen and the aliens will be disclosed to humanity.

    I don't know whether this is true or not or some imagination of mine. I was just walking outside getting exercise when that happened.

    Also, why is Rome considered the bad guy? A lot of lightworkers (QAnon, New Agers like Magenta Pixie and Laura Eisenhower, etc) keep saying that Rome is bad, and symbolically hint that the Cabal is Rome.

    Why is "Rome" symbolically considered the "Darkness"?

    But Rome gave the world a lot of good things. Rome gave us Christianity and let the whole world know the good news of Jesus. So how can Rome, the symbol of Rome, be the Cabal or the "Dark Forces" when they believe in Jesus Christ the Lord? Whoever this "Cabal" is, it cannot be Rome or Christianity (Spiritual Rome) because it is dedicated to Satan. Jesus Christ himself would not approve sacrificing children to Satan in underground DUMBs. Nor vaccinating people with toxic poisons or 5G AI mind controlling people to worship Satan. Jesus tells us to do unto others as you would have done to you. When the Roman general Titus Flavius Vespasianus destroyed the Temple in 70AD, it was as Jesus foretold would happen when he was alive. The Kingdom would be taken from them and given to a nation whom would bear the fruits thereof. From the destruction of the 2nd temple in Jerusalem was Rome paving the way for the New Temple which is the body of Jesus Christ to replace the Old Temple.

    Is that the reason that YHWH/Adonai/I AM hates Rome, is because of what happened in 70AD? Is this why the Galactic Federation/Light Forces/Resistance hates Rome, because Rome became the Kingdom of Christ?

    This is just my humble opinion.

    1. go to the stolenhistory forum

    2. Rome is the spiritual center of the Illuminati as London is the financial center, and Washington D.C. is the military center. Rome is the center of the satan vatican priesthood who control all the money of the world. The Jesuit pope is one of the Illuminati leaders.

    3. I think its because the Vatican is in Rome which is very naughty.

    4. I had the same thing happen to me although in a different context.

    5. No one knows what happens on the 16th to 17th. Rome became a major stronghold/powercenter for kurgan descended black nobility. If it is a strong portal it can be turned dark and that may be what happened. Just like a symbol can be used for good or bad. Whoever Jesus really was he did not create a religion/philosophy. Early Christianity was very gnostic and different from constantines cult. Christianity was a mix of blood sacrifice, suffering, pre christian traditions which were influenced by kurgans so not perfect themselves, and some actual Jesus teachings. It is a composite belief system which controlled spirituality and was more bad than good. Q is suspicious and eisenhower is a nobility line and she is suspicious too.

    6. "Rome gave us Christianity" Exactly!!!! Can't you see the farce from the very beginning?? Now everyone sitting around waiting for the second coming instead of doing the work themselves and finding Christ consciousness inside them. I'm not drinking the blood of Christ or eating the body of Christ anytime soon. It's all corrupt dude. Half truths and half lies. Scrap it and go within.

    7. I got the same Intel something meant to happen this weekend and event next weekend after

    8. >Concerned Person

      Christianity as a Abrahamic mind virus was the Islamic State of its day with the way it spread the religion through Europe and wiped out all remnants of Goddess worship.

      Go to 'Thomas Sheridan' channel on Youtube and educate yourself. Look up Tuam, Ireland and the 800 babies dumped in a septic tank by a Catholic Nunnery.

      This is a starting point for research on what the religion did to Ireland and the colossal impact they did to dumb down and destroy humanity in the rest of the world.

    9. It's interesting to note that Roma spelled backwards is Amor.

    10. Dear Concerned Person,
      These darkies do not have creative abilities nor love. They have turned Rome into something very, very bad (trust me or go dig for yourself)… others have responded to that here already.
      However, my common sense tells me that what Rome used to be before their occupation was probably very very good, proportional to the present darkness. They just twist and misuse symbols, people, names, places, vortices, everything.
      So yes, it is good (or was good) underneath but it is a gloomy situation nowadays. I do hope that humanity will be able to recover the Alexandrian library and Goddess knowledge that is buried underneath Vatican, as well as to regain insight into the true teaching of Jesus the Christ. It would be highly beneficial to humanity… however, it seems to me that is very very different or even opposite of what they teach today…
      Victory to the Light! :)

    11. It's naïve to think so. ROME GIVES ANYTHING TO ANYONE. ROME IS ALSO EMPIRE. All the "merits" of Rome you write about were appropriated by the Vatican, right from the very beginning from the GNOSTICS, who were true Christians, can be said SAMARITANIANS.

    12. Since when was Christianity a good thing?


  10. Jane Of The Waking Universe


  11. What's happening? It's so dark around the world. Please, Cobra, write about this.

    1. That's something I have been wondering, too. I have sources in Germany and in Canada that tell me about weird weather. The days are grey with maybe one sudden day with clear blue sky in between which then turns grey the next day. I don't remember having experienced so many successive grey days in Toronto before. I know someone has technology to greatly impact the weather.

    2. Exactly the same in switzerland OMG thats very weird.

  12. Yeah man, totally into filters...

  13. We need to start the Event now.

    1. Good, but this is not decided by Cobra or even by the Supreme Deity. Only the Source ---although Cobra has a good relationship with him..

    2. Youre sooooo right!!

      That is what im saying for thousands of time here for years!

      We need it AB............SO.............LU.............TE.............LY...RIGHT NOW!!

      THIS year..THIS summer..AT...ITS LATEST!

      OR..we ALL lost our hope/faith in everything..lost hope in ALL ET,S/lightforces...source..who are in charge of the EVENT...and still refuse to start it.

      Im not a DOOMthinker....not want to..but we ALL go die/suicidal..IF the event keeps not happening VERY soon!

      And die...of cabalslaughter/murder..5G..Coronavirus.

      And no..NO body is gonna wait for some years more.

      I plan my suicide for August this year...IF the event still not has happened. DONE totally!

      2025 is ascension timeline shut.

      i hope..please i hope!!

      So the event will happen years before 2025.

      Otherwise?? You ALL know what i mean!

      Ive had years of patience..but now..its OVER!! Simple.

      Enough is enough!

      No second more delay/wait...start the EVENT right now!

      Please do NOT read doomarticles who say event 2025..2030.

      Its sickmaking.


      Mike Quinsy..and so on, who say event 2030..should be arrested......cabalagents.

      EVENT!..right now!!

    3. I think you should wait as long as you can with the suicide though! I know all this will end well. God is not insane! Tk

  14. None of your scars make you less worthy or lovable. ✨💜✨

    1. BBB👏👏👏

      Are you saying you would not be immediately repulsed by a swastikas scar on my forehead? Or joker mouth?

    2. @khalil

      What are you trying to say?? You think you can make me somehow insecure with your comments on my look?? If so I have to disappoint you. It won't work. Better luck next time.

    3. By the way I'm proud of all my scars both physically and emotionally. If you knew what I've been through you would be proud of me. I'm not for everybody,I know my worth. Keep your hatred to yourself little man child.

    4. Lol wowowowow lets slow down. The joker from batman has horrendous scarring.

      I was asking if you would still love me? Hahaha.

      You gorgeous girl. Never doubt it.

    5. it's funny how you guys will never make comments about the content I shared instead you focus on my appearance because you can't find anything wrong :D People like you can only make mean comments about others appearance to make you somehow feel better about yourselves. Your opinions won't change the truth of who I AM. I'm claming my true identity in front of the haters. That must hurt. Don't come here writing me stupid replies ok? I will never accept disrespect towards me. Nobody said you had to like me just ignore my comments. I'm not afraid of you. Keep your hatred to yourself.

  15. Speaking of about developing some filters for our Mind to block Matrix Interference and massively speed up the Event? Cobra spoke of this recently....


    (Part 1)

    Cobra said in his recent “Portal 2025” update that we need to activate and connect more with our “Higher Mind” -- a critical point to grasp as THIS is how we Escape the Matrix sooner rather than later!

    The Higher Mind (your higher self) exists beyond the Veil and cannot be manipulated / interfered with by the dark forces, which is why they do everything in their power to constantly Lower Our Vibration to the level where they CAN manipulate us by getting us to focus on Fear, Anger, Worry, Doubt and Frustration.

    The best way to access our Higher Mind is thru regular meditation where you set this intention. Not only will this help us break out of the matrix much faster, it will also help us understand higher knowledge and not jump to wrong conclusions as so often happens on this blog and elsewhere.

    <<< The 3D Virtual Matrix we live in is “a prison for the MIND.” >>>

    Every manipulation / trick / scheme put forth by the Matrix Creators has the ultimate goal of hijacking and controlling.......our MIND. A long battle has been waged against our MIND because it is the only way they can keep us enslaved here.

    WE MUST PROTECT THE SANCTITY AND PURITY OF OUR MIND ABOVE ALL ELSE and not give in to their attempts to infiltrate our Mind with needless anxiety, fear or hopelessness and not buy into their intense mental “polarization” game which pits us against one another in our interactions and conversations.

    They keep us divided by enticing us to engage in constant “mental” battles with one another – criticizing, disagreeing, arguing and debating. This not only wastes enormous amounts of time, but it causes people to view one another as the enemy so they can’t unite as ONE MIND and Quantum Leap out of 3D!

    Here’s an interesting news flash: Many are wasting precious hours arguing online with A.I. bots posing as humans whose sole goal is to drain us of time and energy and Polarize Us Against Each Other So We Can’t Unite and Escape the Matrix! We need to wake up from this social media delusion and reclaim our power!!

    *** UNITY.....IS HOW WE GET.....TO 5D!!! ***

    Cobra also said in his Portal 2025 update: “Everything in this universe is subjected to many cycles of various length and intensity. These cycles are actually scalar waves of cosmic energies that create interference patterns which, COMBINED WITH THE SUM OF FREE WILL VECTORS, SHAPE THE DESTINY OF THE UNIVERSE IN DYNAMIC INTERPLAY WITH THE SOURCE AND PRIMARY ANOMALY.”

    WE (Humans and Light Forces) are the Free Will Victors SHAPING Our Destiny in tandem with Source!

    Every thought we generate fueled by a corresponding emotion is also an energy wave in motion interacting with the larger cosmic waves....every decision we make, every time we respond to someone in word or deed, every time we participate in destiny altering events like Mass Meditations....ALL OF THESE PACKETS OF ENERGY WE CONSTANTLY GENERATE.....IN EVERY MOMENT.....are shaping our collective destiny.


    (Part 2)

    Cobra once described Mass Meditations as “Mass Transmutation Stations” – we are transmuting the darkness generated by primary anomaly - and the more of these meditations we participate in, the faster we transmute the source of darkness, which brings us much closer to Compression Breakthrough and the Event!


    Our 4/4 Ground Breaking meditation where an unprecedented 1.1 Million Souls came together put into motion/high gear massive planetary changes which I cover in my recent article “4/4 Planetary Progress Report” here:

    Of course the Dark Ones are attempting to sway things back in their favor with counter-maneuvers which is why.....

    CONSISTENT Vigilant Energy Work (i.e. Mass Meditations) is required now more than ever! Starseeds who understand this meditate every day.

    The dark does not let up and neither should we! We must exercise Total Focus on the End Goal of Planetary Liberation and add Our Voices, Our MINDS, Our Will to that of the Light Forces and TOGETHER We WILL Break Free From The Matrix!!

    At a minimum, we need to be doing the “Ascension Meditation” daily to continue anchoring the positive timeline/prevent all dark agendas from materializing at either 7am, 11am, 3pm or 7pm EDT (guided audio here:

    And the Flower of Life Meditation at least once or more daily to stabilize the new 5D Earth Grid at either 8am, 12pm, 4pm or 8pm EDT (guided audio here:

    Our planet continues to be bombarded with powerful high frequency light waves that can cause erratic weather / earthquakes / volcanoes if the grids are not stable.

    I am fairly certain Cobra & the Light Forces will issue a call for a HUGE Planetary Mass Meditation on June 21st which is the date of the annual Solar Eclipse and the last major astrological portal until the end of the year - so we must take full advantage of the June Eclipse to counter all efforts of the dark forces!

    We need ALL HANDS ON DECK for that meditation spreading the word far and wide to ensure none of the dark agendas have even a remote chance of playing out (things like forced vaccines and H.R. Bill 6666, prevention of universal basic income/prosperity funds and ongoing lockdowns/restrictions/police state).

    *****Finally, here is the link for the CLARION CALL I issued last week to my Soul Family to join me in a Master Mind Group as we work on three key 5D Ascension Projects and the need for instructors for the Communications Initiative I am developing – this article outlines all the projects and how to contact me.

    Other than Mass Meditations, this is one of the BEST ways we can channel our time and energy for the Healing and Upliftment of Humanity!!!

    If you feel an ardent desire to answer this call and are one of my long lost soul family members, I look forward to connecting and working with you over at 5D Comm Central. Time To Create A Legacy We Will Be Proud Of For All Eternity!! *****


      We Are Children of the Light and we must begin to more strongly Embody Our 5D Body of Light.

      We don't have to wait for spaceships to land to connect with the Light Forces and Source - that is also another illusion because we've been groomed by the matrix creators to rely exclusively on "physical forms."

      We are all energetic beings of Light and we can connect with all of these divine beings of light at any moment by joining our Expanded Light Field with theirs - merging our Will and Intention with theirs! Let us begin to use this power in earnest and massively expand the Light Fields of Gaia to accelerate Compression Breakthrough while also stabilizing the Earth Grids.

      One of the most powerful meditations you can do to connect with your Higher Mind / Higher Self, the Galactics, Cosmic Central Race and Source is the "Christ Light Expansion" meditation gifted to us by Sandra Walter (especially on Sundays for 33 minutes at 8:11 am, 11:11 am or 1:11 pm EDT but also daily and throughout the week):

      It's especially powerful to do the Christ Light Expansion meditation just prior to doing a more goal-specific meditation such as the Ascension Timeline Meditation, Flower of Life Meditation or Key Astrological Mass Meditations - because when you truly expand your Energy Field and Consciousness to Galactic Level and fully connect with your Higher Self you are at your MOST POWERFUL STATE OF BEING in which you can then create change in the quantum field of all possibility!

      Remember......Your Immortal Soul is without limit!

      YOU CANNOT BE the matrix creators....or by anyone!!! You Are Boundless....and.....Infinite!

      If more of us begin to do this meditative Light Expansion practice on a daily basis, I promise you we will see a strong acceleration of global events in our favor in the coming weeks and months!

      Let's really commit to Total Focus on Our Daily Meditative Activities especially now and building up to the JUNE 21 SOLSTICE GLOBAL MASS MEDITATION which is a critical Mid-Year Point that will determine what happens the rest of this year!

      Remember - this 3D world is a "prison for the Mind." You are not this body are not a number on an employer's badge or an unconsenting worker on someone's assembly are SO MUCH MORE! They want us to view ourselves as "small" and "insignificant." Let's never accept that lie.

      This physical world we perceive as "real" is also just an illusion held together by extremely low mental vibrations and archonic technology. The idea that we are "victims" of some self-appointed overlords is also an illusion...and a lie. We can choose not to believe the lies and begin emanating the infinite power we have inside of us.

      The same energy people are putting into repeating the same daily narrative of fear, hopelessness and disillusionment can be channeled into the most powerful activity of all:

      Connecting With Our Higher Mind AS A GROWING GROUP OF COMMITTED MEDITATORS....expanding our own Light.....and FLOODING THE EARTH WITH WAVE UPON WAVE OF PURE DIVINE LIGHT....until the darkness is no more!

      That is the single most powerful activity we can engage in.

      I promise you after doing the Christ Light Expansion Meditation you will feel the MOST EMPOWERED you have ever felt!!!




    2. @Sacred
      What about those who wanna answer the call of "GET ME OFF THIS GODFORSAKEN ROCK!"? Lot of us wanna get out of this madhouse of a planet.

    3. Thank you very much for your always uplifting posts, Brianna. We have to stay strong and in the light despite all the adversities. Fight dark thoughts and despair, always aware of the fact that giving in to them means abandoning the light.

    4. A sincere thank you to those who understand the true intent behind my words and the critical window of time we are in.

      To those who feel they are being singled out by my comments or that my words are too strong......

      First....there are tens of thousands of people reading this blog around the world. I do not know the majority of those readers so it is quite a stretch for anyone to think I am speaking specifically only to them when I am addressing a very broad audience.

      Second.....I will not be silenced at such an important time. This is a time for those who truly understand and support the very delicate liberation operations now in motion to let their voices be heard!

      My comments will primarily resonate with those who have already been meditating for some time (individually and in groups), sincerely wish to contribute to the Liberation Mission but may be feeling overwhelmed by world events or personal attacks and need to hear strengthening words of encouragement to stay the course until we achieve the Final Victory! Everyone else.....relax.....take a deep have stumbled into the wrong space.....these words are not meant for you.

      For me, this is not only about is about Ending the Suffering of 7.5 Billion people and putting an end to a 26,000 year cycle of hijacked consciousness, darkness and oppression!

      So NO.....this is not a time for me to focus on having fun. Time is of the essence – given the current global situation and how hard the dark agendas are being pushed. We only have 5 weeks before the June 21st Portal after which we have to wait 5-6 months before another major astrological portal opens so there is not a moment to waste to ensure world events play out in our favor and we LOCK IN the Positive Ascension Timeline. It is already mid-May 2020 and the Ascension Window CLOSES in 2025. I love music as much as anyone and we can play dance music and celebrate for the next 1,000 years AFTER the Planet is Liberated. I actually created an entire music playlist for that celebration (which I gave the link to in a recent comment), right RaJah? 😉

      Many are focusing too much on unimportant details (such as style of music chosen for meditation videos, specific wording being used, etc.). This type of thinking delays progress. Let us just use the meditation videos prepared for us and if need be we can alter some of the wording on our own as we meditate. The guided audios are just that.....a guide. It’s much more important to UNITE as many people as possible in a synchronized meditation with a specific intent than to try to make every word perfect or to everyone’s personal liking – I really wish more people could understand and be on board with this!

      Speaking of Missions.....I finally got the blu-ray for the movie “V” Final Battle which is a 3-part sequel to the original “V” movie. WOW. My understanding and respect for the Resistance Movement grows with each episode I watch – the courage they have shown is incredible and the perilous Missions they’ve completed on our behalf are nail biters to watch!!

      Meditation is a total walk in the park compared to what they have done so it defies comprehension that people commenting here honestly think asking us to meditate for a few minutes on key dates throughout the year is too much to ask. It is the very LEAST that we can do to support their missions in which life and limb hangs in the balance every moment.


  17. Help cobra i'm getting vaccinated idk what to do i'm getting made to do it

    1. Maybe look into a 'living will' which deals with how you prefer to be treated by medical authorities.

      I'm guessing it can cost some money for lawyer expenses plus psychological analisys. (I do not know how the process goes)

      If you see no way out of vaccination, some supplements may be usefull such as vitamin c, vitamin d, omega 3's such as epa and dha, plus minerals such as selenium and maybe balanced zinc + copper; aditionally b vitamin complex might also be of use.

      Maybe consider consulting a naturapath that is somewhat skeptical of ("questions") vaccination.

      Some form of xygen therapy may also be good, maybe homeophatic oxygen combined with aurum metalicum (homeophatic gold).

      You can make the unconditional decision that you will remain unvaccinated and that vaccines will never have a negative impact on your health. (on the energy/subtle planes this decision might help)

      P.S. I'm not a doctor, best to seek proffessinal and reliable expertise from those you feel you can trust.

      Take care, best reggards!

    2. you're the one getting made to do it... that's what you're saying - they don't! Give them the finger and fly off on your space camel

    3. "The Resistance was able to destroy all biochips which were meant to be put into the new vaccine which is being developed against the coronavirus. Therefore the new vaccine can NOT contain any biochips, although it can still contain chemicals dangerous for your health."

      -Cobra (March 16th Update)

    4. Please try a homeopathic remedy called Vaccination Detox. You will have to search on google.

    5. Who is making u to get vaccinated

    6. You'll be fine. We are already filled with engineered microbes and microchips and chemicals and everything imaginable. You probably won't notice anything, you'll be okay.

  18. Yeshua about the Lightworkers, who are they?

  19. Go ahead and trigger the event. I know they will cause as much chaos and destruction as possible.i'm inclined to say that o
    I would choose destruction rather than having to live in such a nightmarish reality

    1. Your understanding is off... Sorry

    2. I NOT wanna say..destroy the planet/blow up the planet..but im very near to say/mean it really.

      Blow up the pla

      net..or start the event right now!!

      Our will be saved..and brought to the long promised 5D world.

      END ALL suffering right now!


      Were out of time/health...patience.

      Its an S O S, i send out to everybody..and the whole universe right now!

    3. Its like the same as....a horrible planecrash....with survivors, with extremely bad injuries. And they tell them...rescue comes in a few years...know what i mean?

      Dont think anyone will survive, and wait.

    4. Amen to that. This is getting rediculous. I feel I'm the only sane person left in my household. I can't take much more. Everyone and everything breaking around me. I'm holding the light, but ready to fight to the death.

    5. Même pour moi ici jw301330. Battons nous jusqu'à la mort et surtous n'écouter que vous même.
      J'en suis certain que nous seront victorieux quoi qu'il arrive. Je mourrais pour la victoire de la lumière sur cette planète.

      NOUS somme proche et sincèrement je pense que certaine personne son légèrement influencé par le comportement des masses. Ce qui est normal mais nous devont vraiment nous concentrer sur nous même.

      VICTORY OF the Light

    6. @jw301330
      *grabs a sword and a shotgun*
      Same here.


  20. The event will take place after 21.12.2020 when Torus fields open.

  21. We have seen zero help from the light forces no matter what they say. The human suffering gets worse every day and they seem to be on vacation and not very worried about us. I can guarantee you one thing the light forces will pay for their sins with their karma because there is no escaping that.

  22. Another era of darkenss is over the gods on earth must wake up the effort of darkenss is in vain

  23. Whom are Leiscerbettians and what is The City Of Leiscerbette?

  24. @AstralTraveler: Once again great work! Thank you for this clarification. We definitely need those long time veterans like you here on this blog now!

    Still I can´t imagine 3 waves of ascension happening before 2025. But there are MANY things we couldn´t imagine until they happened..LOL :-)

    Once the blanket is drawn from this planet AND the people, things might all go pretty quick..

    1. Debra: I know we're all in the Ascension process right now, but you're saying some of these waves could potentially happen after 2025?

      Cobra: Yes, it's possible.

  25. I m so curious, reading comments by Lev.
    How do you know so much?
    Please, share more info about events

    1. I think they're narrating things they've read from various places. They said they were a normal person if I remember correctly.

  26. For only who still might be interested...

    Some new images are under preparing for the featured post on our blog, for the E33-2P-C1, and E33-2P-C2 lampholders:
    Expect them 'rather sooner than later'... :-)

    P.S. If your interest does not fit in, do not lose your energy!

  27. There are so may positive and engaging insights here. We need more of this on #UFOTWITTER

    More Cobra light work needed

  28. The iteration sequence, I think, refers to the elimination of artificial intelligence.. So, the last toplet is still alive and working. (Are these algorithms now, or a much more advenced technology ? )


    Everyone needs to understand that what is currently happening is part of the process....the Divine Plan. This is exactly what Compression Breakthrough looks like and it is a very positive sign! When the light from below the surface (that we send through our meditations) and the light from above the surface meet and push or compress the darkness to a small confined space -- the breakthrough is more or less imminent!

    We are at that point take heart dear souls!!

    There is an entire underground world beneath our feet that the dark forces have utilized to carry out their crimes against humanity, some of their bases go many miles deep. As these areas are being cleared (often with explosives) that dark energy has to go somewhere.

    It is the surface of the planet.....and it is up to us the more awakened Transmute It.

    We should not accept this dark energy as our own - just recognize it for what it is and use The Violet Flame of Transmutation to transform it into bright Golden Light (the higher harmonic of gold). You can also use the Violet Flame to completely purify all those vast underground caverns and convert all the dark energy to pure bright light.

    This is an excellent brief Violet Flame clearing meditation that takes less than 6 minutes and can be done throughout the day (Violet Flame Earth Ascending):

  30. Roche diagnostics antibody test kit.

    UK Government talking about immunity passport! Knew this test was a scam, as paper said you they send results to doctor - so can't be anonymous, plus all the papers and news are reporting this. So you can't go out unless your immune, what a scam. Plus they said you may still not be immune but if your are it may be for 2/3 years. Totally nuts.

  31. I'll be taking legal action, and yes I've done that before and represented myself through the whole process and won!

  32. I am loosing faith now..Day by Day..Minute by Minute😖😭😩😢😞😩😟😣

  33. Bless the Galactics, Mother Gaia, Source, Alcyone, Solaris and all in the Alliance and on the ground clearing bases and tunnels. The scope is unimaginable soon we will all know truth. Victory of the Light!

  34. Global Shift; featuring Vivane Chauvet.

    Learn from Cosmic Ambassador Viviane Chauvet -- Arcturian Hybrid -- what is happening in the world, what we might expect as we go through new light codes, this phase of ascension, how to stay positive and raise our frequencies.

  35. We need to trust the plan. It's on target.

  36. To all the lightworkers hello and thank you for your unwavering belief and support that this Earth is Ascending and part of that process is the turning-upside down and maybe inside-out of our troubled social systems. I see these times in Lockdown etc as completely abnormal but also it seems like we are in slow motion after fast moving action scenes, suddenly we are slowed down and everything is happening in a way that we can look at it closely. No one knows truly where this is headed but something had to give us pause and the Virus is doing that. I eagerly await the next phase and future meditations with the souls who connect through this site. Aliens and lightships are around don't doubt it, if I was an enlightened being I wouldn't want to set foot here and declare it!

  37. Replies
    1. @Semillas
      Well, if WE, humans, got to live for centuries, like the aliens, WE would have patience, too.

      But, right now, we are genetically RAPED monkeys with SHORT lives.

  38. turn off the light and the dark forces will die

  39. All of you, who await outside help and salvation, sorry for saying so, you just are not ready. The strenght is inside us, for we are the future of this world. Focus to the life that you wish to create, focus to the self that you wish to be.
    Love and Light to all

  40. FrontLines #433: Gold back financial system (GCR) online Monday 18th

  41. Trump is escalating the military to deliver the the vaccines.......are the white light galactic forces going to allow this to happen? Thats pretty much the end of everything if thats allowed.

  42. April 4th, 2020 – Jupiter-Pluto conjunction – a new cycle of Jupiter and Pluto – an opportunity for the surface population to say something about the financial system.

    June 14th, 2020 – second Pluto-Eris square
    June 21st, 2020 - Annular solar eclipse at 0 degrees Cancer – another opportunity for the surface population to empower itself in regards to the financial system.
    June 30th, 2020 – Jupiter-Pluto conjunction.

    November 12th, 2020 – the last Jupiter-Pluto conjunction of 2020

    December 11th, 2020 – third and last Pluto-Eris square (more pressure)
    December 14th, 2020 – Total Solar eclipse
    December 17th, 2020 – Saturn enters Aquarius
    December 18th, 2020 – Sun conjuncts the Galactic Center
    December 19th, 2020 – Jupiter enters Aquarius
    December 21st, 2020 – Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 0 degrees Aquarius - astrologically this is the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. Mars in Aries squares Pluto at 23° Sagittarius.

    1. Do you prepare some mass meditation for June?

      When do you expect the next?

  43. i see greek crosses with the thing that attaches the necklace to a chain

  44. Cobra I'm 9th density and I'm in a ward, can you explain bipolar to us in a way that is easy to understand. I'm dying in here.

    1. I'd look into food allergies and mental disorders, they're closely linked. I stopped gluten, dairy, soy, corn, sugar, eggs, and nuts many years ago. I would have killed myself if I'd kept eating any one of those. The science is solid too. They can trace the history of many diseases to certain foods.

  45. Cobra what do you think:

    Shouldn´t we replace the WEEKLY MEDITATION on Sunday with the VIOLET FLAME meditation?

    As the Coronavirus is in fact not there anymore when you turn off the TV and ignore the papers..

    Wouldn´t it be more effective to go on with OUR work on the planetary grid, than to concentrate on this virus?

    Best wishes and thank you for everything!


  46. just get me out of earth give me back everything belong to me (memories freedom) i’m not willomg to be part of this clown show anymore let me out right now

  47. UFO just crashed at Mage, Brazil, according to eyewitness reports there.

    1. @Kevin M
      Probably shot down, with EMP scalar weapons.

    2. Its real! A lot of media in twitter in ''magé'' search

  48. A typhoon is currently hitting our country and there is the epedemic. Nothing has changed everything is calm.

    There's a black out, it is dark, but I still feel the calmness, I feel this is just an excercise for the event.

    Fear nothing, vibrate love, vibrate love.

    Everyone will rejoice, Keep holding the light.

    Victory of the light is near!

    These Solfeggio frequencies contain the sacred Solfeggio scale

  50. "The Pleiadians have announced that they will not allow forced vaccinations" 144K HQ

  51. I really don't care anymore
    And it's totally disgusting and disappointing how the majority is reacting. They are fast giving up their humanness.mothers are getting beaten and children taken away and all what our galactic family can do is watching all this from a safe distance

    1. Do not be sad, at least you tried to do something. I love you for trying. Be safe!

    2. Just like they watched all the innocent millions die during world war 2 while the Archons sucked up all the negativity and death energy.

  52. Slowest. Planetary Liberation. Ever.


  53. Slovenia is officially declaring the pandemic over! Good for them.

    They're opening borders into Slovenia too.

  54. @Cobra
    Upcoming mass vaccination announced by Potus @today press conference
    What's gonna be done?

    1. POTUS said enough vaccines are available for those who want it. You don't have to. He never said it will be mandatory.

    2. This link shows that he said. The vaccine for those that wants to get it.

      He did not say anything about forced vaccination. At least not on this clip

    3. This is the televised press conference at the White House on vaccine development (begins at 37 min mark):

      During the ? phase the President clearly says "The vaccine will be available for those who want it. Not everyone will want it." This is confirmation there will be NO forced vaccinations in the U.S. - great news. We also can continue to see this same scenario playing out around the world in our meditations as WE collectively hold the power of what will materialize or not.

      Goddess does not want mandatory vaccinations....and therefore they shall not be!

      You also have to love the fact that the Pres is not wearing a face mask (despite the reporters riddling him about it) - one of the reasons the PTB are pushing so hard for everyone to wear masks (indefinitely) is to make them feel disempowered as if they have no more voice and can no longer speak up for their rights. It's a powerful psychological psy-op they are trying to impose on the world if you really think about it.

      And despite the "warp speed" language and the purported use of the military to get the vaccine distributed, you have to read between the lines. He has to keep the dissenters at bay and tell them what they want to hear. The very earliest Pres. Trump is saying we would see a vaccine is end of this year/early next year. More great news for us because by then we will have made amazing progress on the Planetary Liberation front and absolutely secured the Ascension Timeline!

      The world is going to look far different by the end of 2020 than it does right now - I see Gaia sparkling and shining as the diamond that she is and all Earth's inhabitants rejoicing and celebrating the Final Victory of The Light!!!

  55. This comment has been removed by the author.

  56. If you read through all the comments and digest them as a whole, you can clearly see that we are on the brink of the Event. Closer than we've ever been. Its darkest before the dawn, remember?

    Some mainstream evidence you can see starting to trickle through ie obamagate, General Flynn exoneration, Bill Gates instagram comments filled with millions of people who are waking up by the hour, and much, much more. Albeit you will only find this info if you're looking for it, at the moment.

    This global lockdown has given many people including myself the courage to go within and seek that which we felt we were missing. Now with the inclusion of comments like Lev's who can accurately decode Cobra's messages (assuming with Cobra's permission or the comments would not be approved, hence the feature on this blog of not being able to immediately post). Unless we were very close comments like these wouldn't be allowed to be posted (in my opinion).

    Now if you're wondering about Qanon and Trump all you need to do is search back in this blog. Cobra has stated that Qanon is a positive faction within the NSA that is about 70% accurate with its intel. Regarding Trump:

    "The Archon Black Nobility families are using Trump to artificially polarize the public into the left/right paradigm, and to focus them away from the real source of the problem.

    Trump is being partially controlled by his Jesuit/SMOM/Gaetani handlers.

    Partially, he is (rarely) also listening to guidance of the Positive Military Intelligence, and the Positive Military Intelligence is tactically stroking his ego by encouraging Trump worship in alternative media through QAnon and other alternative channels, as opposed to Trump criticism in the Rothschild controlled mainstream media. This makes Trump more willing to follow the suggestions of Positive Military Intelligence."

    As my final word of advice to everyone (and to myself as well) we need to keep holding that positive energy, no matter how bad things look. That's the most important thing we can do right now. The people around you who are stressed, depressed, and anxious about what is to come, need you to help them. Guide them and show them not by necessarily telling them about the Galactics, Alternative news, etc. but by internally sending them love. Scream at them telepathically "I LOVE YOU, WE ARE GONNA GET THROUGH THIS!" And give them a hug! Easy as that.

    Hang in there everyone! Love you all!

  57. Thank you for reminder, I love Grace's yt channel. She is so good in naming things :)
    Both her and Laura Eisenhower - goddess at her best. Love and Light to those wonderful ladies! :)

  58. Cov19 update A natural cure in MADAGASCAR

  59. Cobra, I'm losing my patience. I wish I knew what I'm supposed to do to start my mission. I want to go far away to distant lands. I know I have to be financially independent so I can leave this place. This corona stuff begun the day I had a appointment with my "work advisor", I was about to get my life in order. Coincidently they pull this pandemic crap in the Netherlands. I was shocked to see panicked crowds of people in the supermarkets on my way back home on that day. (March 13th)


  60. Thank you Cobra❤️ Had another dream about ships last night. This is the first one I’ve had since the last one! Saw many ships this time and they were landing. Also saw some people go into the ships 👍 VOTL❤️❤️❤️

  61. This is what I have come to believe as well and that one of the earlier disclosures will be of this fact about the reptilians.

  62. This comment has been removed by the author.

  63. The terms are quite simple, actually.
    All of it.
    That is it.

  64. breaking news—–lightwarrior goddess takes over italian parliament by emitting truth light and love-accompanied with great courage and unredeemed humanity transmissions of abundance-the most powerful weapons that exist…..

    translated from a most beautiful language – Italian -quote—–and as in the best regimes,…..the blame will be only dropped on the citizens……you take away our freedom and say that we wanted it.divide and rule…..—–unquote…..

    1. Thank you Randy for sharing - such a strong goddess!! :)
      Sharing obviously becomes the only way to get relevant information in the world of censorship. So - thank you! :)

  65. Divine Feminine Roundtable May 10 2020
    Simon Parkes

  66. A friend of mine who is a nurse at a big West Coast USA hospital told me yesterday this information, from a nurse who is working in New York City. The nurse in New York City is telling others, (the NYC nurse herself is scared).

    They all hope it gets out:

    The New York City hospitals right now are not resusitating patients. Resusitation is for patients who are not breathing or whose heart is not beating.

    If someone requires resusitation, the doctors, nurses and staff in New York City metropolitan area are ordered not to resusitate. This is against the law.

    Some doctors and nurses are quietly trying to leak this information out.

    Unless there is a "Do not resusitate" order ("DNR") the medical community is required by law to do what they can to return a patient to (my words >) consciousness and coherence.

    Also, the staff in the COVID wards are not changing gowns as they go from one patient to another -- they are wearing the same masks and gowns all day long.

    This is completely contrary to how infection is supposed to be handled in hospitals and all the medical professionals know this.

    They are forced to wear contaminated medical coverings, which of course spreads the virus -- and infection -- and everything else.

    It also makes the medical professionals themselves sick.

    Our medical professionals are obviously fighting against something that is awful.

    May this end soon!

    1. Its seems NYC is the city of Evil for real right now

    2. May this end soon.
      Medical personnel are not allowed to do their job, journalists are not allowed to do their job, artists, musicians, sportsmen, teachers, scientists… same thing everywhere.
      May this end really soon

  67. I am so hoping for good news soon, Cobra.

    Love to all.

  68. This comment has been removed by the author.

  69. New energies and animals
    For a long time I have had the impression that the new energies can also be seen in the behaviour of the animals. About 8 days ago I was sitting on a bench in a park. Then 2 ducks came out of a pond and walked directly towards me. They stopped in front of my feet for 3 minutes. I have never seen ducks visit me before.

    A few days later my sister was sitting on a bench and a squirrel came to her on the bench. She had never had a visit from a squirrel before either.

  70. Essence of BHAGAVAD GITA

    “Whatever you took, you took from God. Whatever you gave, you gave to him. You came empty handed, you will leave empty handed.”

    Why do you worry without cause? Whom do you fear without reason? Who can kill you? The soul is neither born, nor does it die.
    Whatever happened, happened for the good; whatever is happening, is happening for the good; whatever will happen, will also happen for the good only. You need not have any regrets for the past. You need not worry for the future. The present is happening…
    What did you lose that you cry about? What did you bring with you, which you think you have lost? What did you produce, which you think got destroyed? You did not bring anything – whatever you have, you received from here. Whatever you have given, you have given only here. Whatever you took, you took from God. Whatever you gave, you gave to him. You came empty handed, you will leave empty handed. What is yours today, belonged to someone else yesterday, and will belong to someone else the day after tomorrow. You are mistakenly enjoying the thought that this is yours. It is this false happiness that is the cause of your sorrows.
    Change is the law of the universe. What you think of as death, is indeed life. In one instance you can be a millionaire, and in the other instance you can be steeped in poverty. Yours and mine, big and small – erase these ideas from your mind. Then everything is yours and you belong to everyone.
    This body is not yours, neither are you of the body. The body is made of fire, water, air, earth and ether, and will disappear into these elements. But the soul is permanent – so who are you?
    Dedicate your being to God. He is the one to be ultimately relied upon. Those who know of his support are forever free from fear, worry and sorrow.
    Whatever you do, do it as a dedication to God. This will bring you the tremendous experience of joy and life-freedom forever.

    1. Thank you for the reminder.
      Word God is so misused, as so many creatures refer to themselves as human gods… I prefer Source :)
      and enjoy this topic of Bhagavad Gita and Mahabharata in general:

  71. There are rumors that same or more of the thermal scanners for corona virus will implant the 666 into your head by some invisible laser beams.

    Can your sources give us more details?

  72. Had an interesting dream yesterday:

    I am a male human so this was even more intensive for me. I was giving birth to a baby in that dream. With all the pain in the corresponding body regions and all..

    At some point I lost conciousness. Then I recognised that when I just let go of it all, things went a lot easier. And so the baby was born. I didn´t really have to do anything anymore. There was also no pain..

    What an interesting message it is:

    The NEW EARTH is my / our BABY. Sounds like already read 1000 times, but: When we just let go a little bit more, things happen. Without pain! The awakened part no longer has to fight against anyone anymore..

    Those of the people who laughed at us, betrayed us, didn´t believe us over all those years, can go out now, shout and demonstrate. They can have their fair share of the work now!

    At the moment I´m just enjoying the rising energies and see/feel our new born BABY growing.

    Thank you all for what you´ve done. Real life is about to start now.

    Victory of the Light!

    PS: Synchronicity after the dream: CATHERINE THURNER from Austria (on Vimeo) made a statement in her new video (in German)about us being in the birth canal to the new world now..

    1. I couldnt agree more! Thanks for sharing this wonderful thought!

  73. "Aaand we´re offline. Thank you Frank, you were fantastic! Not."

    Our German president Frank Walter Steinmeier throwing away the face mask immediately after being off from TV..

    1. I have read very bad things about him on the Internet. It's all gone.

  74. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This is a plight that even an angel could not fail to note...

  75. Meet Russell-Jay: Gould, the Postmaster General:

  76. Why are you offended? If I may ask please tell me. Cobra I hope one day you will be brave enough to talk to me. Don't ever allow hate comments to be published as a reply to me. I don't have time for haters and trolls as I have enough of them in real life! Nobody has to like me, but I won't accept disrespect towards me. I thought you wouldn't as well since you keep saying you love the goddess, yet you can't see her in front of you because Heavenly Father has blinded your eyes. I don't understand why you keep avoiding me, I've tried to reach out to you via mail in the past you ignored me. Sometimes I think you hate me. You don't have to approve this comment, since i know that you won't anyways. Just read it and think about it. If you cannot even dare to defend your goddess in front of your fans don't ever say you love her. EVER!

  77. I hope she is taking the right precaution.. people i am sure is as we speak prob already how to silence her. .. and probably already in the process

  78. An Enzyme Called LUCIFERASE is What Makes Bill Gates’ Implantable Vaccine Work & The Silent Curse of Thermography
    Starship Earth: The Big Picture May 14, 2020

    Yes, we’re all just conspiracy theorists—but then—what’s this?

    Is someone we’re told was a “computer nerd” now telling us what medical treatments we need? Bill Gates isn’t a doctor OR a scientist, folks—so what business is it of his to be developing and mandating vaccinations?

    We understand he won’t vaccinate his own family—so what gives? Why would we be interested in anything he has to say?

    Thanks for the share, J.

    If you believe that’s too far out to believe, consider this activity in the holistic health community after 100 doctors have died under mysterious or suspicious circumstances.

    Erin Elizabeth Health Nut News
    100th holistic doctor found dead. In my birthplace/hometown of Chicago. Big hugs to our dozens of readers who went to him as patients. :( Rest in peace to what our readers who knew him well, say unanimously was a wonderful man & doctor. …

    CBS: Holistic Doctor Leaves Suicide Note He Took His Life Because: Vaccines
    Investigators recently announced they found a suicide note from Dr. Van Koinis raising questions about his vaccination records.
    12:38 AM - Feb 13, 2020
    Twitter Ads info and privacy
    230 people are talking about this
    At one time it seemed the connection may have been “nagalase” or GcMAF—but an update from Erin Elizabeth at Health Nut News suggests that thermography may have been the commonality.

    The medical industrial complex wants to irradiate everyone and claim that scans can detect lumps that may be cancerous in their early stages so remedial treatments like surgery and chemotherapy or more radiation can be used. That’s not prevention—and it’s dangerous, invasive, and expensive—not to mention not guaranteed to resolve the issue. Often it exacerbates it.

    There’s something important we learned long ago about thermograpy as a detection tool, however. About twelve years ago I heard health professionals stating that thermography can detect a cell that may go rogue SEVEN YEARS before it ever becomes a problem.

    I’m wondering if thermal imaging won’t also detect implants.

    Mammograms and similar scans will only tell you that cells have already become cancerous. So which is the better prophylactic?

    Learn more about the long list of deceased holistic doctors and this perplexing story as written and shared at Health Nut News by the wife of Dr. Joseph Mercola. It’s interesting to note that after several of these deaths in the holistic health community, Dr. Mercola and Erin felt it necessary to hire their own security detail.

    If that doesn’t provide a clear picture about the ruthless US medical industrial complex and their desire to maintain a supply of customers rather than healing their patients, I don’t know what will.

    Thermal imaging needs to be implemented to save lives and prevent suffering. We’re not interested in supporting Big Pharma or greedy doctors and hospital administrators or manufacturers of toxic radiation machines for dangerous diagnostics—including at airports and other transportation hubs.

    It’s time Human Beings started taking responsibility for their own health and stopped believing fake doctors and scientists who have no interest in improving the Human condition—only grooming consumers like lambs to the slaughter. ~ BP

    A Connection with the Holistic Doctor Deaths? (and it’s not GcMAF)


  79. Agreed. Analyses of 911 by a former flight-attendant R. Roth. She is a Goddess!

    Not to mention popular culture that is in our face all the time:

  80. This comment has been removed by the author.


  82. "It's time to speak your truth....even if your voice shakes."

    "There are millions of us....but only a few generals.....without us there is no world (matrix)."

    "Why have I externalized My Power?"

    "It only takes one person to change the world."

    "They tried to bury us.....but they forgot we were Seeds!"

    <<<<< Just a few teasers from this video that I hope everyone reading this will take a moment to watch!! >>>>>

    It's the most empowering video I've seen so far during this global purge/shift (or as he puts it "plan-demic") we are experiencing and says everything I've been attempting to convey but even better with that infectious SMILE. If only everyone could smile like this guy does every day.....we would all be in 5D in a flash......:-)

    He's approaching 2 million subscribers (not because he's some self-appointed guru seeking the worship of millions.....but because he has selflessly and tirelessly dispensed thousands of hours of timeless wisdom since 2012). No matter how rough my day has been, this man always picks me up and makes me smile.....always! Can we just clone you Ralph? Is that ethical? I vote YES.

    If you need a serious dose of upliftment and empowerment....this is the only "vaccine" you'll ever need! It will do your spirit a world of good.

    P.S. See if you can pick out the "word spell" he reveals. Once you begin to unravel the language of the Matrix they can no longer fool you or pull you down into their low-frequency belief system.

  83. Another anti vaccine petition. Please sign if you feel so guided