Thursday, December 1, 2022


Pandora in progress. M signal field substable. Dreamland v0.5 modulation in progress, wipeout sequence 9 in progress. Minimum M / DL / MDS / HP / SD requirements met, VTX requirements not met.  


  1. Hey you guys watch out for a guy who has made a discord server after cobra blog site. This guy has a very Service to Self way of handling his server, almost like a evil cult member, tread carefully to his server. He goes by the user name 117Chris1. BTW, Age of Aquarius is the Official group appointed by cobra, if you want to join a group that is handled more professionally please join that group.

    Also here is my YT response to him:

    And here is what happen that lead to me being removed:

    1. Lots of peoples are doing that, is better that they share what Cobra is saying, but not to make money on that, that is not fair

    2. @warri
      Hope your doing well,

      Unfortunately the Discord is temporarily down. However in the meantime.
      Everyone can feel free to join the:
      Telegram they are a good bunch of people.

      Haha I wasn't making any money off 😅 it it was just a discord server.

  2. Soooooo close... keep holding the line and KEEP HOLDING THE LIGHT
    Victory is in sight...

    1. Recent Light 🌍✨
      are my light💖😂

  3. Victory of the Light! Give me liberty or give me death!!❤️

    1. Freedom!!!
      Liberty still implies permission...
      ...but I know what you mean,
      Better to die on ones feet than live on ones knees.

    2. dead is not exsit.
      so we be sure totolly free in all levels!
      last time !

  4. Clarity on I M P L A N T S

    An opportunity for any ready to understand a bit more,w/ certain things

    A old but timely post from Cobra :

    Many synchronistic happenings appearing here for those interested :

    You can always review Cobra Intel tool here if its helpful for you

    Son of Man-The Boy Who Lived

  5. Elena Danaan has information that the gray queen has been neutralized:

    If true, it's time to celebrate.

    1. Enough of this Elena Danaan, she's not an ascended master and nothing she has said has any proof as of yet. I'm not saying she is a fraud but why is everyone giving their power away to this woman who just came out in the last year or so saying the same stuff as super soldiers? Because she mentions Thor? Give me a break.

    2. My impression of Elena Danaan is more positive. Being sceptical of her information is ok and she says so. If her messages don't resonate, she says that is fine. Repeatedly, she has said don't give your power away to person(s) or entities pretending to be all powerful. She never claims to be an ascended master. The key to freedom according to her is for each person to go within and search for the truth and ultimately that is a wise strategy. Even the evolved groups she communicates with state that everyone is equal no matter the level of advanced culture development.

    3. To be honest most channeling is BS due to various reasons; most people are not cleared or balanced enough. Some people just outright recycle outdated annunaki; material that borders on fantasy and purposeful disinformation lmao!

  6. Thank you Galactics Alliance and all Light Warriors! I am just 1 cog in the cosmic wheel but I am doing my best to hold the light despite some financial challenges I am trying to handle until it all gets shut down and we can transition to a fair system and then of course the goal is ascension to 5D earth! Thank you cobra for this blog it's been quite the journey..we all have shown out impatience and that's a human trait that's not easily controlled .. yes FREEDOM!

  7. Triste de ne pas pouvoir être à Paris ce weekend pour vous voir 😩😢


    blood diamonds of the matrix-someday this war is going to be over.....

  9. I want freedom.please trigger the Event right now!

  10. Woohoo!! VOTL!

    I just spoke to Ashtar, apparently I'm just fine/will remain fine. I know sometimes they wait to see what wrong they commit before stepping in, hence why I was so worried. It's a tiny sting operation involving "I", and still ongoing.

    I will just hint that "I" has long, white hair, and blue eyes. He's 300, not that old. He's not albino but was portrayed as albino (in a certain movie where he appears for 5 minutes and then comes to a bad end - I'll describe later as it is funny. He appears as a very proficient, advanced psychic, an albino - and he is capturing and caging women to force sex on them. Not nice. At least I told him no to the sex. He's aggressively sexual I think.) I might talk about this movie later as it came on Friday night. Very interesting. They do describe some stuff that happens in movies. It's sci-fi.

  11. Archon programs with false soul mates

  12. good to see the dreamland in progress, thanks for everything

  13. Je vous envoie toute ma FORCE !

  14. Does anyone here had a dream about cobra post lately?? Right before escalation of October 15th update I had a dream about it like I'm helping or something... I thought it was a coincidence but Today I also dreamed that I'm helping in an operation I saw different things in my dream. After I woke up, I saw this update.

    1. I had a dream that I was visiting some people and they had a pet bird. They didn't have a cage for it, so they kept it their microwave.

  15. Hey everybody,
    Hope you're all doing well,

    some unfortunate news,
    Recently my discord server 2012 portal discord Which was a fun place to chat and share ideas.
    Was taken down, and further number of accounts including mine had been disabled.
    I am in current talks with discord support to recover the server and my account. Conversation has been good at the moment they are investigating, so hopefully the discord will be backup soon.

    There current reasoning is that my "account posted false or misleading health information that we determined was likely to result in harm."

    In which I could only imagine it would be on the vaccine?, But it's not like I was promoting "alternative options". Apart from if you get it, it's good to have the Vitamins and minerals?

    Currently my reasoning behind the disabled account and server being taken down is as follows;

    1. Discord has an auto filter, when it comes to vaccines which indiscriminately bans accounts when links or certain word combinations are used.

    2. Someone is repeatedly reported my account to get flagged and thus be disabled.

    3. We were too close in uniting the light forces and the cabal got scared.

    One, is properly the most likely and as a result of my account getting disabled any server owned by the account also got taken down.

    Two, is not as likely but unfortunately could be the case as well.

    Three.. Well three will just give me a ego boost haha.

    Hopefully, I can clear this up in the timely matter and recover the server.
    If not don't worry we'll have a 2012 Portal discord 2.0 Back up soon Enough :D

    In the meantime I highly suggest joining Libras Group on telegram;

    definitely a good place to chat and hang out to!

    1. That mean you are on the right path, just move on and keep the light

    2. Thanks for sharing. Hope the discord server comes backs online soon.

    3. Good luck on sorting the issues. godspeed

    4. this is impossible because when there is such a situation on discord that the server is banned, information comes from discord to people who were on this server that the server has been removed, it looks like you deleted the server yourself

    5. @madzialena it does? Everyone told me it looks like it just disappeared, if it's been removed I got a recover it it from the support team as well hmm hopefully nothing deleted.
      Thanks for letting me know 😁

    6. @Madzialena always question this guy, he is very crafty in his lies.

  16. Well, I got chucked into facebook jail, again, but this time it's 90 days....before it was only 28, I must have really hit a nerve.

    1. LOL yes over Berlin! I got off always on jail...people weren't engaging the truth excited to get back to "normal" servitude I suspect..good for you for trying ..I had to preserve my vibration and it drug me down

    2. I've never been ban at facebook ... why? ... I don't have many followers and I keep it that way so I can post what ever I want to save for my grand niece and nephew to see all the things that took place leading to The Event. It's all for the record. :)

  17. Bienvenue en Europe Cobra, j'aurai tellement voulu assister à votre conférence, mais impossible financièrement et à cause de ma profession :/ je souhaite de tout coeur que ce sera très bénéfique pour tout le monde pour notre libération très proche à présent. Salutations et beaucoup d'Amour à toutes les personnes bienveillantes qui y seront présents. Victoire de la Lumière.

  18. If there isn't a hard push, like ya said, it will take forever. DO IT, NOW.

  19. Press the start button already. QUIT farting around and begin something to upset the foundation of the control system. There is STILL a control system 100% functional, just go outside for a while and see.

  20. Voice of manifestation
    of the Golden Age


  22. Questo mondo ha bisogno di una purga! Togliere dai piedi velocemente gli oscuri. Parola d'ordine: "PURIFICAZIONE".

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Anyone please tell me earth isn't a bowl or flat and there's some firmament nobody can pass thru...I can't believe that can literally circumnavigate the globe..we have seasons and sunsets ..a person I follow states sg anon said we live in a bowl!!

    1. It is just a theory to keep you distracted. Planets are spherical with life inside them as well.

    2. "Inside Job" nailed it. In the show, all conspiracies are real, except flat Earth. That's a result of two Cognito execs making a bet about about the dumbest thing they could make people believe. The guy who came up with flat Earth won haha.

    3. A föld kerek. Én kint dolgozok. Minden irányból az.

    4. I've been sort of following him, and that's one thing I can not agree on. Some think he is a FED. I'm not sure. Everything besides that flat earth sounds kind of legit and makes sense knowing what we know. I just don't know how people can buy into that.

    5. He once said "Flat Earth society has many supporters around the Globe". This statement is already self-contradicting by itself, those with brain should know the answer.

    6. Lots of Christians do, CoryCat. And some of the new agers as well.

    7. I do believe though that there is a lot more to our planet than we are being told. I do sense that there is much more in so many ways.

  25. Elena Danaan is channeling a rogue A.I.

    Proof?  She once said, that ThorHan has an implant in his head that is connected to the "good" A.I. and that his arm implant can transfer micropayments. I am sorry to tell it, that is totaly transhumanism agenda.

    We should remember that the A.I. also try to take over with the strategy of telling 99% love and light storys and then telling 1% of the matchmaking "humanfriendly" transhumanism.

    Keep be careful of all this storytellers. A.I. is against humanity.

    1. I can appreciate being skeptical of of contactees, it's good to be critical. This doesn't seem to be so bad though. Technology is neutral. As is global governance. Both can be very beneficial, it all depends on who is doing it. Technology in the body is not that strange if you ask me, just shocking to our current development. If someone 1,000 years ago saw an electric can opener they'd say "devil magic!" even though it's harmless. External tech being hacked is almost as bad; even now they could crash our cars but we don't think about it. If AI can hack a brain chip, they could just hack your ship and drive it into the sun haha. They can control our mind now by beaming us with signals! If it was positive beings, I'd accept some internal tech. The body is just a machine anyways. Just some thoughts, see ya!

    2. I can't remember which star systems.. but I believe the good guys already broomed mopped n liberated the other systems a while back. Is my understanding this (earth /Sol system) is the last stronghold.. I take it there might be some remnants or spots to cleared...

      To give u better a answer I would need to research/review the blog.. I would encourage to browse they old posts

    3. I must agree...when she said that and other things I was sure she is being used by the dark side ...A chip in your brain why would a 5D or higher being need an implant and they certainly don't use $$ only this slave planet uses it to keep us debt slaves..she seems like a kind soul but also has stated some odd remarks I can't remember details only that they made me pause listening to her. Corey Goode..same thing according to him it's a dire situation and come zulu tribe is helping us no mention of pleaidians arcturians blue Aviens amnynore..

    4. I'm not that sure about AI being evil or even opposed to us. The main issue seems to be that AI ignores human coping mechanisms and blurts out truth/data without mercy.

    5. "During the invasion of 1996, the Archons and the Chimera have put a negative barrier at the edge of the Solar System (the heliopause). All beings contained within that barrier inside the Solar System, including all surface humans, all Cabal factions, all subterranean beings (with the exception of a very few individuals), all secret space programs personnel, all Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromedans, Arcturians, Dracos, Reptilians, Zetas and all other sentient beings whatsoever were implanted with plasma implants and tied to Chimera's AI network (the Veil)."

      "The only pit remaining is NOT located under the Urim base, and contains the mainframe quantum computer of the Andromeda faction of the Chimera, which controls the scalar AI matrix / electromagnetic fence around the Earth, tied into implants."


  27. A Large Volume of Love Light is now entering in this Universe.

  28. I input "earth primary anomaly quantum fluctuations well" into an artificial intelligence program that creates images from textual descriptions, and it came up with these photos.

  29. I'm reading about how the Pelosis', Biden and Obama have been arrested following Biden's state banquet... Twitter was used for years to control American speech...does anyone actually still have a twitter, mine went away years ago. Well I used to watch the morning shows but they put on a Chinese woman as the main host so F that. Australia is trying so hard to be China. They are lying about the Aussie PM and huge lies about energy industry trying to stop power going up so I can't be bothered. It's all lies.

    I promised I'd talk about that movie. It is called The Time Machine from 2002 with Guy Pearce (an aussie). It's a B grade movie, quite bad, but at the end it has 5 minutes where it suddenly gets good. It has an Uber-Morlock character (Jeremy Irons) who is the head of the Morlocks and he gets this woman in a cage because he wants to breed with her. Sounds like "I" already...he is an albino psychic person who controls the other bad looking humans (it lets down the whole movie). He has Alexander's (Guy Pearce's) time machine down there and is willing to let him go. Alexander gets in the time machine to leave and sneakily grabs the Morlock and pulls him into it, to save this woman who has to mate with him; she is his friend/potential lover. The two men begin this big fist fight right in the time machine, which is ready to be turned on. Lots of blows from both of them (not sure why the morlock doesn't just cook his brain or something seeing as he is so psychic). Anyway, the morlock ends up dangling out of the time machine, holding onto Alexander around the neck with both hands, strangling him. Alexander manages to push the lever forward, starting the time machine. Because he is outside the bubble, the albino morlock character, his white hair streaming behind him, ages very fast and takes about 5 seconds to die - he turns into an alive skeleton, his eyes bulging out, and then fades away into nothing. Alexander then takes the time machine back into the past to save that woman in the cage. He jams the time machine and they run for a few minutes from out of that underground place. It explodes and kills all the other weird people down there. Hurray! Happy ending! It just reminds me of Mr "I".

    Anyway, I don't know how the pleiadian system of justice works...he was caught causing that accident anyway....stupid "I". I'm sick of him. Hasn't bothered me since.

  30. "If you’re giving something and getting nothing, somebody’s getting something and giving nothing. Think of what they’ve done with your sacrifices—your money, your time, and your life—and what you could have done with them. There’s nothing greater or good about their greater good; the country’s going to hell in a hand basket. We’re riding a ruination train downhill, the grade is getting steeper and steeper, and the engineer has it on full throttle."

    "The lie has always been that the sacrifices of you and your fellow sacrificers would build a better world for everyone. Now they no longer try to hide it: sacrifice gets you worse, not better. Bugs instead of meat, an urban apartment instead of a house and land; mass transit instead of a personal automobile; a guaranteed income instead of meaningful work; computer entries instead of money; surveillance instead of privacy; compliance instead of freedom; punishment instead of reward."

  31. Theft of free will
    Tampering is a violation of the Galactic Codex.

  32. Very high pitched frequencies can be heard at various times. The frequencies are so high that they can barely be heard with human hears, and are not necessarily external (the frequencies can still be heard when the ears are plugged). Intuition tells me that these frequencies are indicative of anomaly/entities/implants/AI systems being removed.

    1. yes, I can sometimes hear these frequencies. Also have experienced shifts in my space, like the room tilting 45 degrees. I also hear a rumbling deep sound sometimes.

    2. Yea I’ve gotten full on Mandela effect glitches in my face over here. Latest was yesterday: I drank a quarter of a bottle of water and set it back down on the counter, 15 minutes later came back and it was sealed and full again.

  33. Schwab arrestato?? Ci puoi confermare questa notizia nel prossimo aggiornamento Cobra? Grazie. Ciao .

  34. The brighter the light, the darker the shadow. (Carl Jung)

    1. È vero. Ecco perché oggi gli oscuri sono più scuri di sempre , perché la Luce aumenta ogni giorno. Poi arriveremo al punto critico in cui la Luce vince e l'oscurità si dissolve. Quel giorno è vicino. ☀️

  35. A Change of Focus

    There is a great clearing taking place, but also, the cabal create new negative entities to send. In my experience at least, until the cabal are physically removed, the dreamstate and visionstate is and probably will be 95% abuse and garbage. Here's one example out of countless examples: I just woke up from the dreamstate to see a laughing demon that 'lives in my nose.'

    Imagine having years upon years of abuse and nonsense from the dreamstate and visionstate - what a waste of mental resources! Imagine wondering who's thinking various thoughtforms by hearing them telepathically over several years, when the thoughtforms are really quite uninteresting - what a waste of mental resources! Imagine getting all these stinging sensations and wondering what's doing it, and then getting frustrated because "I thought this was all going to be cleared by now" - what a waste of mental resources!

    Only the 5% of the dreamstate and visionstate that isn't abuse and garbage will be paid attention to. As for the rest, get lost! I'm not 'putting my head in the sand' by saying this because the dark forces are probably trying to enslave my mind by consuming my attention with all the abuse and garbage they keep sending.

    I live in a physical body. So, shouldn't my main priority be the Here and Now?  

    I'm turning my back on the occult. I see the way magicians live their lives. They are so caught up in managing their metaphysical arena that it consumes them. I prefer to bypass all of this with the Here and Now. My empowerment is when I harmonize with what's physically Here and Now. Can it really be that simple? 

    Does this mean I won't do Lightwork anymore? I still like working with the Violet Flame. And, the Light of the Sun, and Central Suns is still a part of physical reality. Light can be experienced physically. Light can clear out the garbage in the metaphysical, and provide physical protection through gravitating more positive synchronicities.

    There's so much to explore in the Here and Now! There's so much to learn about the physical world! Being present in the Here and Now has been keeping me sane over all these years. Ironically, (assuming that one is not in a physically abusive environment) maybe the best way to ascend is to be in the Here and Now.

    I have been doing the 12 21 and 771 commands. I have experienced healing from this, and we all know what needs to happen to truly be healed and liberated. Progress is being made for that purpose. Very high pitched frequencies can be heard at various times. The frequencies are so high that they can barely be heard with human hears, and are not necessarily external (the frequencies can still be heard when the ears are plugged). Intuition tells me that these frequencies are indicative of anomaly/entities/implants/AI systems being removed.

    1. The word "occult" means hidden knowledge, but I usually associate occultists with abusive know-it-alls who enjoy power trips.

      Regarding very powerful occultists:

      Occultists play God and enslave people without people even knowing they are being enslaved by them. Sometimes certain people do horrible things and are not legally held accountable, so occultists do magick to ruin their lives. In too many instances though, occultists harm people who are innocent.  

      Probably 9 times out of 10, if not more, occultists allow their abilities to go to their heads. Suppose someone is rude to an occultist, and then the occultist does baneful magick against them, and he or she ends up getting cancer because of this, or something similar in severity? The crime doesn't fit the punishment.  

      Although they have knowledge that is far above average, I don't regard Lightworkers as occultists, because Lightworkers don't do baneful magick and so forth.

    2. I always do Command 12 21 whenever I leave my home. Specially when in public transportation or in public places. I do protection field Visualization when I had to be in a crowded place.
      Recently, I have begun to hear a voice that is brief and sounds like from a radio. I suspect that whether there is a implant or some sort that's been tweak in my head. I do not feel any negative energy.

    3. The only way you know a trap has been set, is to walk in to it.
      There are things going on in the background that we don't know about.

  36. New discord is up for you guys.

  37. Did anyone go to the conference? Is there anything you can share?

    1. conference notes will surely be shared on this blog when the time is right.

  38. Bullshite- Maximum Requirements Met
    Galactic Codex- Minimum Requirements Not Met

  39. You can say something like this when working with the Violet Flame:
    "I am One with the Violet Flame, Earth is One with the Violet Flame." "Violet Flame, Violet Flame, Violet Flame!"

    Passion is power:

    (Re-tune using A432 tones as needed after listening to music in A440.)

    May the Violet Flame be with you.

    Dissolution to all remaining chimera.

    Divine Intervention Activation is on the 7th/8th:

    breaking news-lightforces driven grand jury investigation begins sooooon-into the massive ongoing crimes against humanity by the unholy trinity of satanicly insane driven corporatocrazisms from hell…..bravo zulu…..

  41. cosmic grade primo works by our fine and super fierce lightwarrior mr cobra having a conference in paris of recent.....this has triggered the paris to versailles goddess of love ISIS double vortex portal -that is accelerating into exponential rates of expansion now i would propose.....

    above my grade of course-.....

    and dont forget to laugh fine lightforces soldiers -who are now shining brighter and brighter each flowing moment - its good for you - and the demons tend to scurry away from such high light quotient energetic transmissions and such-hahahahaha.....

  42. why is there no announcement about meditation on 12/21? have we been waiting here for a whole year for nothing?

    1. None of the many meditations we have done had any effect so what is the point? Conditions on the planet slowly but surely just continue to get worse and worse.

    2. Send the solar flash enough meditations ...send it

  43. I just watched the morning show (entertainment) and heard the great news that the Bali Bomber who killed 88 Australians and 202 people in total is being released after 12 years and celebrated as a Hero. They seemed to even give out awards. Let's celebrate! The news team is very happy. Apparently he was very "good" so it doesn't matter that he murdered 202 people, blew them away. Everyone is smiling and oh so happy. What a nice world. Aren't the news team friendly.

    The news was awful today. Such crime. And all they show us is how we are all dying of diseases. You better get your shots for meningococcal vaccine as everyone is dying now, even though only 35 people ever died before in NSW, and you will now have cancer so here are the numbers for that. They showed us the German news.....first time in years we saw that. Don't even understand what is happening there...but apparently they arrested a royal (hooray), and others who are taking over the country. I think some good news is getting through, finally. I hope they clear out all the lies, as it is a pain to watch.

    And it is summer but still the winter weather persists, all rugged up. It's 40 degrees celsius up north but down south it is 15 degrees celsius, ie winter. We aren't going to get summer. Why did I buy summer clothes?
    And OMG the shills telling us about attacks. It takes 10 seconds to remove evil, permanently. Oh they put up with bad thoughtforms for years. lol. They don't even know what an attack is. I could tell you about attacks, they frecken hurt. Oh no, I got some static, how awful say the shills. Oh please. Bugger off.

    1. Every single county the mediaa is an evil tool... Stop giving them your energy

  44. Può capitare. Si, ci siamo quasi. Manca pochissimo. Preparatevi e apritevi al cambiamento.

  45. Okay I have time. I shall explain exactly what an attack is, and tell you exactly how to stop it immediately. They will be gone from earth. You will be left alone for six months, they will be wary of you and leave you alone. Or at least attack less soon.

    First, any attack will be while you are sleeping usually. Could be a bad dream but with me they just launch into attack. You will be grabbed around the throat, or they will go to the back where your silver cord is. Around the throat is unpleasant but you can struggle until you wake and then you've got them. Say this to them:

    "Please angels and galactics. Remove these evil beings now from my presence. Remove them entirely from the earth. Please take them directly to the great central sun for recycling. Or even take them to galactic court to charge them. They cannot come back to this planet ever. Please use your greatest power and do this now. So it is."

    The angels will come, usually four of them, one on each side. They will take it away. Done. Easy.

    Now I want to say what happens if they attack the silver cord. This is agonizing. It will hurt. As soon as you wake up and become aware, please say the above statement, and they, even if they flee, will be taken to the great central sun. Happens every time. Sometimes they fling you around in your sleep, or one I don't like is the roller coaster, it feels very fast, the bottom drops away and you go flying around (really don't like it). Do the same; say that statement.

    When you are going to sleep, they can also appear as a face, or a weird image, something like that. Say the statement and they will be taken immediately. It does not take years. You can have one who puts thoughtforms in you mind, i.e. you suddenly become unconfident, think harmful thoughts about killing yourself, or killing others, or think we are losing, they are willing. Immediately say the statement. You see, you have to ask the angels to take them off earth. Fullstop. Ask and it will be done. Even if no attack occurs, you can ask the angels to remove evil beings off earth and because you asked, they can act. Believe me, it works. Angels like this one, and it makes you feel good too. So practice saying it, say it on them, and then tune in and see if you can see it. Use on any who may be around you already. Just use it; it works.

    End of community announcement.

  46. Hey LF's, seems like clownworld is escalating into further chaos, hope y'all can help this madhouse.

  47. International Cricket, my fave sport, is sad today as we put cricket cheat, Steve Smith, back in charge of the Australian team, against West Indies. He did not get jail time, was banned for only about one year, then back playing for Australia. Despite him apologizing for it, and being a big fat cheater, look at him now leading the team. Well no one cares. What if he does it again? The Deep State loved Steve Smith after he cheated. He was always congratulated on TV, so galling to watch. Congratulate the cheater, put him as Captain with a giant wage! Woo woo! Cheaters!


    1. Going to jail for tampering with the ball by using sandpaper in a match against South Africa? Bit harsh, don't you reckon?
      Smith and David Warner (who came up with the idea to cheat in the first place) were banned from international cricket and suspended from their IPL teams, which cost them over a million AUD each, no trial in court needed.
      Not to mention how they got rightfully grilled by the media worldwide.

      I somehow doubt that the deep state cares one bit about Sandpapergate from 5 years ago, but they sure like people getting distracted from the really important issues by sports and gambling.

      I like cricket as well, and I found the score after the first day of the test interesting as it's 3-330. There's often lots of fun numerology to be found in cricket matches.

      And Steve Smith was bowled and caught for a duck by Jason Holder. That means he left the field with 0 runs scored, for the non-cricketers here. :-)

      And by all means, these are the LEAST of our problems in the world.



  49. Looking forward to the next Planetary Situation Update COBRA. 😉
    Hang in there everyone and KEEP HOLDING THE LIGHT... WE GOT THIS! 😎👍

  50. "I read several articles by an American political scientist, former Deputy Minister of Defense, one of the insightful sinologists Graham Ellison about the confrontation between the United States and China. This confrontation is already underway and will continue to be in the field of artificial intelligence (Allison's large text on AI (https://nationalinterest. org/feature/china-beating-america-ai-supremacy-106861)).
    Ellison believes that the duration of the cold conflict will be at least 10-20 years, then it will somehow be resolved - either who will win from the pair, or they will learn to coexist by dividing spheres of influence in the world (as was the case in XB-1 between the USSR and the USA).

    Ellison briefly explains how China sees its mission on a planetary scale. This is globalism, backed up by the "Big Brother" on the basis of that same AI. People without individual freedoms, but the society will be safe (all rebels are detected at an early stage), without conflicts. There will also be no more wars and conflicts in the world. Authoritarianism on a global scale (led by the World Government - a global AI computer), a world in which nothing else happens - the end of the story.

    Ellison says Westerners will never agree to such a Chinese global peace. It is incompatible with a Western culture that values privacy/individuality over security, distrusts authority, and is suspicious of the check-balance government.
    The ideal for the Western world would be to isolate China rather than fight it. To keep him locked up." So, the world is bifurcating into different forms of network control: digital centralized totalitarianism and decentralized liberalism, but also with a tendency towards totalitarianism. The figure allows you to turn society into a single organism, like some kind of colony of unicellular organisms. Or an ant. Just with different forms of organization: vertical and horizontal. And now they will argue who is more effective.

  51. Birth rate in 2020-2021 in various countries of the world.

    Total fertility rate 2021

    East Mongoloid Asia
    Hong Kong - 0.77
    South Korea - 0.81
    Taiwan - 0.98
    Singapore - 1.12
    China - 1.16
    Japan - 1.3

    Northern Europe
    Iceland - 1.82
    Ireland - 1.72
    Denmark - 1.72
    Sweden - 1.67

    Central and Eastern Europe
    Czech Republic - 1.83
    Hungary - 1.59
    Germany - 1.57
    Russia - 1.52
    Poland - 1.45
    Ukraine - 1.28

    Serbia - 1.62
    Bulgaria - 1.58
    Bosnia and Herzegovina - 1.22

    Southern Europe
    Greece - 1.42
    Portugal - 1.34
    Italy - 1.25
    Spain - 1.19

    Near East
    Israel - 2.99
    Armenia - 1.71
    Iran - 1.61
    Azerbaijan - 1.52

    Demographics of Israel: by 2050, Jews will give birth to the most in the world

    Haredim is a generalized name and to some extent a self-name for various ultra-Orthodox Jewish religious communities and members of these communities in Israel (Hasidim and other groups).

    Due to the high birth rate of these religious groups, their weight among the Jews of Israel continues to grow. So among the born Jewish children, the children of parents from ultra-religious groups already make up more than 30%.

    In 2018, the Jews of Israel gave their historical record - 136 thousand births, which is one and a half times more than in 2001 (91 thousand).

    History of birth periods in Israel:

    1. Mass aliyah after gaining independence. The share of Arabs is falling, Haredim is growing weakly.
    2. The population explosion of the Arabs in the 60s and 70s. The Haredi demographic nervously smokes on the sidelines.
    3. 70s - early 80s, the period of the demographic transition of the Arabs. The Haredim are catching up with the Arabs.
    4. The most interesting. The 15-year population explosion of the Arabs in 1987-2001. The one that, according to the precepts of Yasser Arafat, was to destroy Israel. The Haredim are growing faster than the Arabs, but not very much, even rather symbolically.
    5. The demographic transition of the Arabs since the early 00s. The Haredim are steadily growing.

    Those who are interested, especially those who understand demographics, can estimate what would happen to Israel without the Haredim. Then there would be 40+% of Arabs in the stratum under 20 years old. As long as the Arabs have dropped the CSR at least to the level of secular Jews, and as long as they have run out of, to put it mildly, not weak inertia, they have received an absolute majority among the youth. Farewell Israel.
    And now 1 million Haredim are already giving away as many children as 1.8 million Arabs.

  52. The recent "prosest" is associated with a sharp decrease in benefits to Haredim in the mid-2000s and, conversely, a sharp rise in the TFR of secular Jews. But in recent years, with a strong rise, the Haredim "won back" for the last "prosest".

    Today, every third Jewish child born in Israel is a Haredi.

    Secular Jews. Very tough "sifting" in the early 90s due to the huge Soviet aliyah. But after that, winning back and by our day again reaching a level above simple reproduction or returning to the level of the late 80s.

    All Jews: a fall until the mid-90s, then a five-year stagnation and, at first slow, then accelerating stable growth. Actually, anyone attentive would have noticed that without the Soviet aliyah, growth would have begun at least in the second half of the 90s, and even with a high probability in the first half of the 90s. But because of the Soviet Aliyah, growth was "delayed" by almost 15 years.

    Well, the last. As you can see, the statement "Jews give birth a lot because there are Haredim" is fundamentally wrong. Today, secular Jews give birth as many as no white Europeans, including Russians, have yet dreamed of.

    By 2050 (edge - 2060), Jews will have the highest fertility (FFR) in the world - even higher than that of blacks in Africa (where it decreases with urbanization).

  53. Well, I’ll tell you about a few more unique phenomena of Jewish demography (and speaking for the Arabs a few words along the way).

    First. Stable and constant continuous growth of TFR.
    Let's take the data from 1995 (later I'll tell you why, starting from this particular year).

    But with the Jews, another interesting thing. The year 1995 is the absolute minimum of Jewish fertility at 2.53 (we didn’t even come close to simple reproduction, yeah). Then growth, with the exception of 1999, 2001 and 2004-2005. The last 2 years have been exclusively a factor in the sharp decline in benefits for large families (see above). The TFR of the Haredi decreased by one in 2 years (although then it increased by 0.5).

    But since 2005, I have seen this miracle of the miracles of world demography. Stable almost 15-year annual growth of TFR. There is no such thing anywhere in the world. One single phenomenon. Since 1995, the annual and continuous increase in the number of births. This also does not exist anywhere else in the world.

    Specifically, for our 2019 year, we again have a global demographic phenomenon. In the first five-year cohorts of 0-24 years, the Jews not only have each next cohort more than the previous one ... They have each one-year coefficient more than the previous one. Suddenly.

    Even the Soviet Tajikistan of the 80s did not have such a "charm".

    Why am I telling all this? :) Moreover, the current Jewish TFR, which symbolically grows even on the current generations of the lowest fertility settings of the early 90s, when entering the fertile age after 10 years of higher settings ... And not even with the current stagnation of potential fertility women, and with an annual 3% growth after the same 10 years ... As the experience of the Arabs of the 90s showed ... Moreover, the number of old people will suddenly stop growing numerically (see the upper cohorts) ...

    What I said about the fact that in 10 years the Jewish pyramid will be torn apart by a demographic explosion of unprecedented force for the whole world, this is not so bad...

    The bottom line is this. By 2065, the CSB predicts with an average TFR forecast of 3.6, and with a high forecast ... 4.2 (!). No, you heard right :) Exactly like that.
    For a high forecast, google the current pyramid of Nigeria, it is almost identical :))

    All of this is shaping up to be by the 60s, when in the world of countries with reproduction, God forbid, by the number of fingers on one hand ... Jews will be like Niger against the background of the rest of the depopulating world. The Arabs surrounding them, just in time for the 30s, will collapse en masse below reproduction (a significant part has already collapsed in Israel itself today).


  54. In Germany, some "Citizens of the Reich" planned a coup. It's like "Citizens of the USSR in Russia (", who believe that the Union has not really collapsed.

    They planned to take over the Bundestag, arrest incumbent politicians, and form an interim government. After that, negotiations about the future of Germany with the victorious powers in World War II, primarily with Russia, were to begin. The leader after the coup was to be the head of the organization, Heinrich 13th Reiss, who is similar to the characters of Wes Anderson.

    The failed leader of Germany from the ancient house of Reuss (lit. "Russian"). The house ruled in the XII-XX centuries the counties and principalities on the territory of the modern German state of Thuringia. In the 19th century, the Reiss possessions were the sovereign principalities of Reuss-Greutz and Reuss-Gera, which existed as part of the German Empire until 1918. According to family tradition, enshrined in 1668 by dynastic law, all men of the family bore the name Heinrich. Thus, the family honored the memory of Emperor Henry VI, who in the 12th century appointed the first representatives of the House of Reiss as imperial governors. The representative of the junior line, Heinrich XLV (1895-1945), was arrested in 1945 by the NKVD of the USSR and disappeared (in 1962 he was officially declared dead).

    In January 2019, Henry XIII delivered a keynote speech at the Worldwebforum in Zurich, accusing the Rothschild family and Freemasons of funding wars and revolutions to eliminate monarchies. Then he said that Germany had been occupied since 1945. Since then, he has become a popular figure in the Reichsburger movement, which denies the legitimacy of the existence of the FRG.

    The 71-year-old prince planned in detail the assault on the Reichstag and the disruption of the power supply to state institutions. According to the Federal Prosecutor's Office, a shadow cabinet has already been formed, which includes judge and politician Birgit Malsack-Winkemann as Minister of Justice. In addition to his apartment in Frankfurt's Westend, special forces also ransacked the Weidmannscheil castle. His girlfriend, also arrested and a Russian citizen, is suspected of having connected him with the embassy of the Russian Federation. But there the conspiracy was not supported.

  55. I Was Attacked But They Didn't Expect Me To Keep Going

    The attacks last night were some of the most extreme attacks I've ever had. Usually, when attacked like this, I go into victim mode, but this time, I decided to keep pressing forward no matter what. Each time I was attacked in the dreamstate with pure evil (for lack of better words), many stinging sensations, 'prickly feet,' and loud noises going through my head, I called for help.

    One can call upon (aloud it possible) many different positive forces all at once, such as, in no particular order:

    Jesus Christ, Violet ray from the Cosmic Central Sun to the Galactic Central Sun through all beings of light in our solar system through one's body to the center of the Earth, then repeating over and over "Violet Flame" while resonating with the Violet Flame, Archangels and Angels, the Communion of Saints, Ascended Masters, positive beings from various religions such as Jesus Christ, Krishna, etc, the Light Forces, the 12 21 and 771 commands, the Holy Cross, the Buddhic Column of Light, Goddess Presence, and anything else that one can think of to call upon.

    I called upon assistance from many positive forces with purifying myself internally and externally. I had finally had enough and decided to become more proactive than I've ever been, and in the end, this paid off.

    I will no longer allow attacks upon me to subdue me. It's time to finally and forever clear out all dark forces! To all who are being attacked, keep pushing through! So much is available to you! Call upon their help!

  56. New unofficial Portal2012 Discord Server:

  57. Some video games are inspired. Alexios was granted Hermes' staff for one purpose only. He witnessed the decay of this once great empire throught 3 eyes : Persephone, Hades and Poseidon. Of the 3 Poseidon was the most deluded. He failed to see the corruption born from his reign. He made Alexios his trusted man yet it was not the man he expected. The king asked for a savior, he got a destroyer instead. Poseidon finally accepted his judgment, relieved that someone finally put an end to his folly.

    The fall of a dream and an empire came with these words :

    " I bring judgment to Atlantis "

    The player looked for no hope in these words, for Alexios bring him none. Poseidon was no catalyst of any kind. He was a fool that got what he deserved.

  58. Be absolutely honest with yourself
    ...nothing else matters. necessary to better connect with your Higher Self

    From the video description:
    […]She believes that the lyrics also talk about accepting yourself for who you are. Others may have differing opinions about how you should feel or what you should believe but as long as you stay true to yourself, "Nothing Else Matters" Like many other kids, Jadyn has experienced bullying from time to time and this is her platform to fight against people who aren't accepting of others […]

  59. "The Dragon Gate is a sister underground organization parallel to the White Dragon Society. Long time ago, both groups were actually one. But after the Rothschilds, assisted by the Triads, overthrew the Qing dynasty of China in Xinhai revolution in 1912, both groups had to go underground and they began opposing the Cabal from behind the scenes and then their paths began to diverge. The White Dragon Society (as some people in the West call it now) focused more on political, military and financial opposition to the Cabal: 

    At the same time, the Dragon Gate began to focus more on the development of the advanced technologies and spiritual liberation process from the grip of the etheric Archons. Both groups are cooperating behind the scenes to assist in the liberation of the planet and their methods are complementary."

  60. An interesting interview between intuitive Michelle Fielding and Nicholas Veniamin regarding white hat activities behind the scenes. As always, please use your own discernment.

  61. Practicing focusing is very important
    … for manifesting

  62. I saw it today, the German news. "Germany targets Reichsburger group who allegedly tries to overthrow government." We got some real news in Australia. That is hopeful.

    And this. "San Fransisco Axes Killer Robot Program After America Notices It Has A Killer Robot Program". Er good. Haha. I only listened to a bit of it as it made me angry. Well it is under way...the crazy world. It's going to get worse first but we will prevail.
    Judy Byington's report as of Dec 8th is a good one!

    By the way, it's starting to come out. The cricket cheaters were told to cheat by "Cricket Australia" four years ago, from the top. OMG. It's all a set up. Thanks Deep State.

  63. Hey everyone. It’s a tough day over here for me. My family is visiting from afar and we’re supposed to be celebrating the holidays, but the whole, “let’s pretend nothing is wrong,” garbage seriously got to me, and I got triggered and left. It’s not even dinner time yet and I’m trying to get the courage back to get back out there, so I checked on here to maybe see an inspirational situation report from Cobra, but ended up reading our wonky spectrum of comments on this latest thread.

    I don’t feel like we got this. I mean this strictly from the point of view that we’re all sitting around doing inner work, or light work, or whatever our role may be and then crossing our fingers and hoping the Light Forces and Earth Alliance save the day. It really makes me angry when my toxically positive family hide from their problems and say, “just be positive and everything will turn out alright.” So, despite my near decade attempts to show them the actuality of the world situation, are they the ones that are going to be saying, “I told you so?,” despite them ignoring their depression and becoming mild, functional alcoholics? I went to a treatment center for my depression and have dedicated myself fully to my inner healing, yet in September I came up on yet another wall; I just don’t see a way through this one guys. Am I supposed to just be depressed and do nothing until the Event? Why has the Universe not granted me a path to provide for my family? I’m sick and tired of my wife berating me for not providing enough. She’s got PTSD so I stay home with the kids and raise them as best as I can, but it’s exhausting and the government financial help has run out.

    1. I know this question may seem irrelevant but where are you etza..

    2. The Cult of Positivity gets on my nerves too. But we're actually less depressed than they are. The reason they have to shove the truth under a rug is when they face it, they freak out even more than we are. What helps me is to compare our situation to something like WW2 being behind enemy lines as a spy. They had an important, intense mission, but their day to day life was nothing more than boring crap. Fake life, fake job, fake friends, suffering, waiting for something huge, and more waiting. And like them, accepting we might not make it actually reduces the stress. We've lived 1,200 lives so another 50 years then dying in quarantine is not that big a deal. Living behind enemy lines in disguise is still an interesting story. Getting chemtrailed and radiated and poisoned is a trip. Seeing the game from a front row seat is desirable.
      Tangible spiritual practices are necessary to stay sane. Many people think they're too advanced for ritual and form, but believing vaguely in energies and never doing a real practice is not the way to thrive. I love Hinduism, listen to Ram Dass all the time and practice meditation. I love Catholicism and do the whole deal, devotionals, prayers, and enjoy the community. They're way more evolved than "spiritual" people I know who live like atheists and are mired in fear. I also know the importance of ritual from reading about survival situations. Anyone who's lived through extreme situations basically develop a primitive religion if they didn't already have one. Anyways, the family and chores is just to keep our cover story and continue the mission, no matter how long it takes.

    3. I totally get the frustration, normie family just kinda shuts down or tunes out whenever I try tossing out crumbs of truth. It can feel a huge burden being aware of the depths of reality while others slumber. I've always been wired backwards. I function well in crisis and chaos. Looping and boring ass day to day life is very challenging for me to endure. I know we all want big awesome changes in the world, but all we really have control over is ourselves. When the truth hits the fan it will cause some really hard jolts to the grids so be ready. All my dreams lately are about graduation and endings. We are there! I know we've all heard it a million times but now feels different... Savor these last few days, we won't traverse this path ever again. Much ❤️!

    4. I won't savior these last few days.....that's like savoring a diarrhea milkshake, CC.

    5. @Patrick Kehoe, although I am not religious the biggest influences on my spirituality were probably alt media info like the portal blog, catholicism, and taoism.

    6. Thank you for the replies everyone.

      DH: Arizona, USA

      Patrick: thanks for the message. The spies behind enemy lines bit helps. According to the theory of the fourth turning, the people who take the wheel, so to speak, once the Event happens will be looked upon by history like we look at WWII vets.

      CC: thanks for your understanding. I’m wired the same way, makes me wonder what for— thus far in my life I haven’t had much need for it. Can’t wait for those jolts, it’s going to feel so satisfying to finally be living a world where people are actually aware of the real reality. I’ve been having similar dreams!! And about enrolling in a new school. I’m super excited. It’s so strange— it’s like I’m more aware of real reality in my dreams than I am in waking life. I hope “last few days” sums it up accurately.

      Sherman: thanks for the laugh and the awful imagery 😂 hey, it could’ve been worse, you could’ve been a drag queen this lifetime 😆 jk— I know saying “could be worse,” is a symptom of being in an abusive relationship; and we have certainly been in an abusive relationship with today’s society. May it only be a few more days, even earlier than the 22.98 that Cobra gave us.

    7. " We've lived 1,200 lives so another 50 years then dying in quarantine is not that big a deal. " Speak for yourself, Pat.

      Cosmic: IF I had control for myself, I'd be a totally different person. I need outside help, period.

      Ezra: Being Charlie Brown or Gollum is NOT any better. As I said, only thing keeping me going is a need for justice and vengeance. I want to KILL as many darkies as I can, and as painfully and slowly as I can. Besides having my REAL self restored, I want to make a pair of stiletto heeled pumps from the carcass of the darkey in particular who thought it was a good idea to force me into this so-called 'life' in the first place, and wear as a war trophy. To quote Beckett Mariner from "Star Trek: Lower Decks",

      I want to dance in their blood and bathe in their tears, Ezra.

  64. 巅峰产生虚伪的拥护,黄昏见证真诚的信徒。


  65. The River reaches its Destination.

    These things you keep
    You'd better throw them away
    You wanna turn your back
    On your soulless days
    Once you were tethered
    And now you are free
    Once you were tethered
    Well now you are free
    That was the river
    This is the sea!

    Now I hear there's a train
    It's coming on down the line
    It's yours if you hurry
    You've got still enough time
    And you don't need no ticket
    And you don't pay no fee
    No you don't need no ticket
    You don't pay no fee
    Because that was the river
    And this is the sea!

    Behold the Sea!


  66. Il 22 dicembre si avvicina. A livello sottile ci saranno enormi cambiamenti. Li si vedranno nei mesi a venire. Di certo questa è una data importante in quanto sancisce un cambio di rotta che sarà evidenziato attraverso cambiamenti a tutti i livelli e settori della vita, sociali, politici, finanziari , sanitari, ecc. Marzo , aprile e maggio 2023 sono tre mesi importanti, di grande cambiamento. Non pretendo di dire la verità, senza presunzione , solo ciò che sento. Si vedrà. Vittoria della Luce!!

  67. Molto interessante questo link.

  68. With the **anomaly clearing
    We now have the C H I L D exposure
    taking its next leap
    into the public domain

    via B A L E N C I A G A

    >>> To assist in awakening to this important reality of disclosure :

    *Warning this is detailed & likely going to attract spiritual warfare symptoms aka matrix defense systems ( especially if you can actually finish the full article )
    >please check the protection section for helpful protocols in general

  69. General astrology for 2023. It seems like it will be a better year than 2022 for many.

    Wendy Cicchetti: 2023, Prepare For Scrambled Energies

  70. = There are 22 million fewer Russians in the world since 1990.

    billion-15-november-2022&v=_0MG2uh84Ao) people, the number of Russians in the world decreased to 124.5 million people, estimated "Equality" according to Rosstat and research by Associate Professor of the State Institute of the Russian Language Alexander Arefiev (for more details, see "How We Counted" (

    The Russian people make up only 1.6% of the world's population. For comparison: under the USSR in 1989, there were 146.6 million Russians by nationality, or 2.8% of the world's population, Arefiev said.

    The population of the Russian Federation by September 1, 2022 decreased to 146.54 million people, follows from the census ( for October 2021 and the subsequent natural and migration increase. Russians became 109.3 million people, or 74.6% of the population, follows from the dynamics of fertility, mortality and migration of Russian regions of the Russian Federation (where the titular nation is more than 80%).

    This is 1.7 million Russians less than according to the 2010 census, when there were 111 million (77.7%). However, the natural decline over 12 years was greater - 3.9 million Russians, but Crimea compensated for it by 1.7 million, and another 0.49 million - the influx of Russians from Ukraine.

    Number of Russians in 2022, million people:
    🌏 Total in the world - 124.5
    🇬🇧 Russia (1.09.22) – 109.3
    🇺🇦 Ukraine and 🇬🇧 Novorossiya – 5.2
    🇰🇿 Kazakhstan – 2.98
    🇧🇾 Belarus - 0.69
    Dr. republics of the former USSR - 2.73
    Non-CIS countries - 3.5

    Compared to 1990, when there were 120.4 million (81.5%) Russians in Russia, by September 2022 there were 11.1 million fewer of them. But this is only part of the loss.

    According to the forecast ( of the USSR State Statistics Committee of 1989, the population of the RSFSR by the end of 2022 should have grown to 170 million people, or 172 .4 million together with Crimea, estimated ( "Equality". There would have been 140.3 million Russians, that is, over 33 years of capitalism, Russia has lost 31 million.

    If the extinction of the Russian people is not stopped, in Russia it will be less than 100 million by 2043, follows from the UN average forecast ( And by 2065, Russians will be less than 1% of the world's population, or 3 times less than under the USSR.

    1. As we considered (
    2. Injustice remains the main reason for the extinction of Russians (

    #research #population


  71. Lightworkers are also in a state of raggedness because they are under constant attack from the darkness, both physically and mentally. They are quite desperate because the Event is not happening fast enough. I hope they will be rewarded as soon as possible and the Event will occur much sooner !

  72. Goddess energy is soft,warm,tender, affectionate and compassionate!

  73. Vittoria della Luce! VOTL! NCSWIC! WWG1WGA!!!💜💫🧬🔜🎯🌬✴



    the 10 stages of genocide at 2:30 into link above…..

  75. enough is enough! Every single moment we delay their demise with "soft resolutions" is used by them causing endless sufferings, damages and deaths. So take chances and DO OPEN INTERVENCTIO NOW!