Friday, July 6, 2012

New Interview

You might want to listen to Cobra interview with Alexandra Meadors:

Or read the transcript directly:



  1. OMG -- totally enjoying! It's like "Alvin and the Chipmunks"! LOL!!! (Better than Darth Vader, but it makes me giggle a lot and I have to focus to get the information. It's nice to giggle, though!)

    Actually, I read most of the transcript the other day, but am sticking the audio on the iPod now. Thanks to KP for all his hard work in sharing information this way. He is a gifted and loving individual!


    1. Oh niiiiiice! That posted at 11:33 am my time!

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    4. Synchronicity will be the norm as opposed to what people call it now and that's coincidence. No such thing as coincidence, Karl Jung was spot on. Just a lack of synchronicity in our lives that make an "unusual" event seem like a "coincidence"

      Check out Terenece McKenna's novelty theory or the I-Ching. And expect much much more synchronicity in all our lives as we approach the Escahton and the shift of ages.

      Miracles are synchronicity, events not known in any of our lifetimes. Cures for what we believe to be terminal illness is just one example. Cancer will soon be a blot in our history books.

      I keep meeting my oldest childhood friend in my dream state and he died when we were both 21 which is 21 years ago now. He played back some memories from me and we had no heating in the house we lived in, nobody had central heating then just gas fires in the lounge and the bedrooms were bleak in the winter. We use to top and tail when we were like 4 or 5 years old and both had hot water bottles. I've been smelling that unmistakeable smell of warm rubber that the hot water bottle gives off during the day then I met him last night, and we talked for what seemed like days. I woke up and checked my clock and it was 11.11 am. I don't sleep that much any more so I went to bed at 6am. I've had 11.11 tattooed on the base of my spine since after recovering from my NDE in 2009. I've been seeing 11.11 in my dream state and meditation ever since.

      Nothing is "weird" any more, just not as we are use to in this limited 3D vision. And it's only the dawn before the new Golden Age. Shamonic experience and revisiting those we use to think we have lost will be perfectly normal as we realise there is no such thing as death. Just dimensions we are only becoming aware of.

      Death is a lesoon for those left behind and a new experience for the one experiencing the transition.

      We should celebrate death really, as an event where a soul gets to return home before going on another grand experience. Nothing morbid in that as far as I can see..

      Expect more synchronicity

    5. Calliope, When I opened this website, before I saw your post,
      I glanced at the time, it was 11:33 :)


    6. number of page views when i read this was at 1,263,363. :)

    7. Calliope keep on with the humour ... much appreciated !
      page views : 1,266,963 ...
      although today seems to be more of a 7-7ish type of day :)

  2. Central Stargate-Portal of Light Has Formed and Stabilized…

    Posted on GaiaPortal 7 July 2012

    This Stargate-Portal is named such as it connects Galactic Center to Sol center to Gaia center. Direct connection of these energy centers enables direct communication of each, for each, as well as direction communication of Galactic Sol with Hue-man Soul. For those that receive this direct communication, those shall be beams of Light for all within their locales. No effort is needed and none is requested. Only receptivity at Higher Levels.

    The close-minded of all types are being removed to their next house of containment. The close minded are no longer permitted to distribute lower energies to Hue-manity. The Central Stargate Portal has sealed the fate of those limited ones, and they shall be repaired elsewhere.

    The Central Stargate Portal may be called on by all those with open minds and hearts and desire to attune with, assist, and ascend with Gaia. All requests with such alignment are honored, and manifest as needed for each individual, group, and planetary body.

    We thank those who have continued on in the face of what has been termed “delays”. None of those exist in truth. Timing is in perfection, and Central Stargate Portal assures all Light from Cosmic Central supports ascension.”

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    2. Yes guys, this is what this historical time we are living in and "alignment with the Central Sun" (Galactic Center) means!
      And, the alignment is not limited to our solar system, the Sun and Gaia, but way beyond it, "including"Anti-Galactic Center in the Pleaides and it's stars, and of course Sirius star system :)


    3. Will there many left here if closed minded types are being removed?! Excellent point, time only exists on Earth, nowhere else.

  3. Yo whatup Y'all,
    Its another day here on the earth planet and love and hope and confidence is once again growing stronger as more revelations are given to the hungry huddled masses. I checked back yesterday and it semed there was lots of misunderstanding here between people. My self included. We all want truth we all want love we all want light we all want an end to the crazy ways of the world we all want an end to tryranny we want an end to the wars and endless greed and un nesessary suffering perpetrate by the cabal with the complicit and tacit allowance of a trusting gullible worlds populace who has for thousands of years for the most part remained asleep.
    We are awakening as a planet and a people as the Age of Aquarius in the precession of the equinox is from 8-10 am so we are just getting going. We need to stretch brush our teeth and do our prayers and daily absolutions.Let us all realize there is no need to be right or to argue or to have our understanding and our viewpoint pushed onto others.
    These forms of intimidation and the feelings that thrill through our luminous nature are damging to our own state of being. Let us all try to share with more respect and positive assupmtions about each other and learning what it going on.
    My own personal intuition and faith is Cobra is for real and just because things on the worlds cabal controlled media stage are not reporting the trtuh as fast or the way I want to see it does not mean it is not happeneing. We are all impatient, we have been in prison for thousands of years we have reports that our execution orders have been stayed. We cant see the jailer just yet but he is somewhere in the cooridors with the keys heading our way.
    We have always been free really thats the illusion as individuals we have all had the power to be and realize infinite love and endless joy even in this false prison matrix. The culmination of millions of lives lived struggling to free the planet from ignorance is soon to be realized.
    Let us move forward in harmony and confidence and calm assurance that we are the truth the love and the light and have been all along. The secret is out now the curtain is being rised and you will ask yourselves what have you been doing? Let us share the truth that the author of lies has no power but the attention we gave him.
    Let us all work as hard as the day is long to hasten the hour of the formal announcement that we as a planet are free once again to openly interact with our brothers and sisters from the stars. Not to worship them or to rely on them but to thank them for their service and wise help and council, their dilegence to see it through!
    This interview has the wisdom and clarity that comes from truth and experience and I urge all who read this site to share the good news that we are all spirit born brothers and sisters of a loving living infinite source of creation. We can all establish a personal relation with the infinite as we follow the divne inner light of our own true selves. Divided we fall and united we stand. United with truth love loyalty patience perseverance compassion continence equanimity courage humily temperance charity and faith
    Andonoi vasu borregus
    va I luce
    In the light of our radiant one
    one with christ serving the order of Melchilzadech
    IAM We Are

    1. :) excellent Rob. Thank you

    2. Hello Rob,

      thx for the comment. Yes i think there has been a lot of misunderstandings yesterday. I ask for permission, and got it, to give you the infos about the reason, why i try to wake up people so penetrative. It has someting to do with compellent needed healing. If you want the infos, please contact me on my email. I'm still not allowed to publish this infos, and i think it is difficult to understand my meanings without them.

    3. Nicely said Rob, it's nice to read such wise words on here...much appreciated. A :)

  4. love is coming love is coming to us allllllll @ joko :-)

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  5. I think I may have had a revelation as to what might actually be happening. It has always been stated that this situation is our problem and we need to fix it as much as possible before ET's will step in. The military is not doing the job as of yet, but if you look closely "We the people" are! With these new law suits forming in various parts of Canada, they could single handedly take out the banks, the vatican, queen of England and the big pharmas all at the same time. In turn also complete flatening the cabal in the process. So maybe the delays are not really delays at all? Its just us being given the time to do this ourselves! Would it not be the most uplifting experience for us to use the very systems the cabal designed to prosecute us but turn the tables and take them down legally through their own system with no arrests no violence and all by the books! And all done by "WE THE PEOPLE!" So like I said maybe the delays are not really delays at all!

    1. Libor travesty opened the can of worms, exposing the worms including the Bank of England (the U.S, equivalent of the Fed)


    2. And the so called regulators the FSA who are complicit in the mass fraud. Quantitative easing is massaging of interest rates by the central banks. The level of fraud and the lies upon lies upon lies is going to make peoples heads spin when full disclosure comes and it's not far off..

    3. Oh wow, that would totally take the cake if underdog country Canada were the ones to really pull it off, lol.

      Sorry, makes me think of South Park episodes about Canada, haha. I love Canadians and have spent much wonderful time there, I just think it is super funny that it could be CANADA that does it. They deserve it, though. They always are the brunt of jokes, eh? (lol)

      Go Canada!

  6. the Galactic Free Press holds love parties every Saturday in video chat, very uplifting group coming so far. I would love to see some of you guys there. Should be around 3-4pm people will start logging into the chat room.

    Hope to see some of you there!

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  8. Cobra, thank you.
    Love and gratitude.

  9. Cobra,

    Thanks again for the Script of the interview. I have been asking Mother/Father God WHAT is going on. I know what ISN'T going on.

    The explanation of the 144,000 is especially appreciated as I have seen that we are part of that number several times. This explains why.

    After reading the script, the main thing that comes to me is to encourage a 'DAILY MEDITATION' for the remainder of the 144,000 to wake up so that we get to the CRITICAL MASS and we can bring 'THE EVENT' and all that follows into fruition.

    You said that we were right at 119,000. We can do that in no time!!
    The only thing left to do would be to .........ENGAGE!!

  10. I play this vid every day and it helps keep me centred and I always watch it before going inside to access my akashic records.

  11. Aloha All,

    Regarding a daily meditation, a friend of mine launched this site last week with precisely that in mind. He hopes this will serve as a baseline for all across the planet to plug in to the grid, and more rapidly bring about the reality we all wish to experience.

    I hope this indeed assists you on your wondrous and irreversibly accelerated spiral upward. Be in-joy!

  12. looks like 2012portal is taking bitcoins now...
    i for one would like to know more about how this funding will assist in our liberation?

    if the purpose of this blog is to 1.)communicate with the resistance movement and 2.) inform the public of necessary information regarding this planets liberation, then where are these costs coming from?
    if we have galactic assistance, and technologies such as nanoparticles and a ton of indy media that would willingly repost information, or host an interview, and a network of earth based allies working for many many moons, on a world wide basis for this very liberation... even capable of manipulating bank accounts of the cabal using a computer virus...why now do we needs cobra to crowd-source funds....???

    it just doesn't add up to me.

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  14. Great stuff on the interview Cobra, thanks ! :)

  15. So is the daily meditation today in about an hour guys?

  16. A somewhat unpleasant and harsh short video by the scary galactic sun lady. Had to make myself watch it. Despite her unfortunate manor, there is the deep vibration of truth in this vid, especially regarding the 'complainers' and channellers. As someone tactfully once stated here, interesting choice of messenger. However spirituality is not just love and light, it is every bit about the dark.

    1. No offense but IMO she should just stfu. I havent liked a single message she has put out yet. She talks about us and our egos but she is spitting ego out with every word....

    2. Thank you very much for this link, Aradia!
      This lady is very wise and she has the guts to speak the truth. :-)

    3. Thank you Aradia for posting this!
      Very, thank you Julia for this video!

      She realy knows, what she is talking of! I'm very happy, that she speaks out the thing, i'm not allowed to say in public.

      And brando, she is not talking with ego, she is talking with the knowledge, what realy happens! That's big difference!

      And after my experiences in this blog, i understand her perfectly, when she call you children. It's not my opinion, but i understand her.

      If you read this Julia, please continue with this! <3

    4. Ok, so I didn't watch this video until this moment. Yesterday, when I saw this link I just wasn't in the mood for anymore drama. Now that I have watched this video, and realise who is being referred to as the 'scary galactic sun lady', I am very glad I did watch. She is neither scary, IMO, or needs to STFU either. She may appear scary in that her message is something you may not wish to hear because it bursts your pink bubble of hope in fantasy land? It may appear that she would better STFU because she is speaking words you don't know how to handle to truth of? OK, so consider this, if she is speaking the truth the advice she gives is the same advice Cobra gives: do what you came here to do, and if you don't know what that is, then MEDITATE! How is it so difficult to understand that the message worth hearing is the same from this lady and Cobra. Stop with the drama, and either do as advised, Meditate, or YOU complainers can choose to STFU. If you have nothing good to say or no actual known solid truth to share, then DO the least harmful thing, meditate, or do the most beneficial thing, meditate. With all the patience that is being shown to us children in the school yard, at least have the grace and decency to be thankful for the lives you still live and be thankful for the ones who ARE trying to give you a longer life/your children a future. Please. Thank you. I know NO more than any of you (as far as I remember), so I'm not telling you these words from any vantage point other than common sense. Breathe...don't get mad, angry, throwing toys out the pram, just breathe. And the next time you read a channel from any being calling you loved ones, dear ones, bla bla bla...THINK! Is this what that lady was trying to warn me about, then read the channel with your EYES open, not with your pink goggles of fantasy over your eyes. I love that we still have the chance to even post these messages to each other. Make the most of that. Use your time well. Love yourselves enough to know that self love will save you faster than the 'love' of an entity you don't even know! When you rely on you, you will start to get serious. And that's important. Because it will mean we are growing up, growing more aware and growing wiser each moment. If a true Lightworker behaves like a spoilt kid in the playground then we are royally eff'd. So, let's sort ourselves out, please. :)

    5. A big thank you to you too ourspiritualwealth! Thanks for bringing this to the point! :-)

    6. ourspiritualwealth, you are going a bit over board and way outside of what I posted above just chill it down a notch. Assuming I am some spoiled kid on the playground is just that, an assumption. I do meditate I do love myself and I do know unconditional love of everything. I didnt really need the lecture, we are all entitled to our opinions, and I am sorry but my opinion of this lady does not line up with yours.

    7. To anyone stating she does not speak with ego, her first statement as she opens this message "Its angry doom and gloom Julia, and its time for a spanking of all you children in big peoples bodies"... That right there is labeling people and putting herself on a pedestal above them like she is any better or in a position to judge. Judging others is ego not knowledge, sorry...

    8. "You dont deserve to know"..... lol once again judging people as unworthy. OK YES! Some of this message makes good sense but if you people cant sense the ego in her message then IDK what more I can say to you. Maybe listen to it a few more times and feel her judgements because they are there and very apparent to me.

    9. @Brando.
      Where in my comment did I mention YOUR name?

      Yes, I took the opportunity to use your expression STFU. It's a good one and it works with what I wanted to say to/about ANY/ALL the people or Lightworkers who still fall into the category of hoping to be rescued, or hope to throw the spanner in the works by the constant whining/demands for detailed intel/expectations/the constant misreading of clear texts, that Drake/Cobras dates/deadlines are missed, the requests for donations are not condusive or indicate fake-ness, etc.

      I ask you again, where did I mention YOUR name, Brando?

      As you have assumed I was speaking directly to you, that tells me more than it appears to tell you.

      Keep up with all the good work you are doing. WE all appreciate it, I'm sure.

    10. "You dont deserve to know", yes you are right, it's a bit unhappy coice of words.

      But trying to understand her, i took the perspective from the running plan. And from a factually point of view, many infos are much too sensible to publish them. It would bring those, who are doing the jobs in danger. I tried to wake up the people (you people...), so that you may see, what's realy going on, and maybe take some of the jobs. So as long as someone is not awoken in that kind i mean, he/she "don't deserve to know", cause it would put others in danger, who are doing the jobs.

    11. And i think, it is much more important to look to the "real" content she is talking about, than taking care of how she is doing that. I think, almost all people, who are doing the jobs atm are a kind of disappointed about the "lightworkers".

      And maybe it's her kind to express it. Maybe it would be a good idea to think about, what the lightworkers (i mean you all, if you are one!) had to do (or not to do), to bring her to a point, so that she has chosen this words?

  17. I know but maybe there is a reason for her being this way that we do not understand. I still do not know who she is. It is an odd one. I Cannot figure it. Still, all views deserve to be heard and discerned.

    1. I personally think she has some pretty strong mother/crone power and she reminds me of when my teachers used to try to set me in line with this particular video. There is a good chunk of her stuff that resonates with me -- not always everything, but much.

      I think I like her *because* she is a little kooky! :D I can see from her eyes that she has a really good heart and she really feels a deep compassion -- she just wants people to wake up and pay attention.

      What she said in this current video is very much in line with Lisa Renee's Energetic Synthesis newsletter from July 6, 2102 "World of Forces." I trust Lisa Renee's stuff and so when other things line up with what she speaks to, it resonates.


    2. It resonates with me too, very much so, I have to admit. I also concur with you about the post from Renee, tried to read it last night. Remember, all this stuff will be seen and read by the cabal. She scares me because I am a sensitive. Perhaps she is seen as having a delivery method that may hit home more with the cabal?
      Love to you all and gratitude to Cobra. Read half of interview, loved it. Amazing synchronicities last week. 30 mins before Sunday med, went to corner shop. Huge poster on the wall said "'COBRA". Then new video had on it the same picture of Isis as is on my desk top. Working late tonight, will not be home to do med and feel really bad. Going to do it earlier and ask spirit to 'save' the energy and intent and send it at the right time. Hope this is ok.

    3. cabal schmabal.


      Seriously, though, they only have power over you if you give it to them.

      They are not winning this one. Not at all.

      Do not feel bad about not synching up with the time. Think about it: in eternity, is there time? When you send an intent and do it when you can when there is interference such as you describe, then it totally counts as I see it. The important thing is to DO it. (Note to self: get on the ball with doing the meditation today!!)

      Sure, I think it has an effect *in time* when we synch up together and there is power that can be made *in time* by doing so. But if you send the intent for it to line up with others, then it has power outside of time.

      It's a kind of both/and situation, not an either/or. While I think it is important for us *in time* to synch up in time as much as possible, in eternity, it doesn't matter when it happens, just that it DOES. As I see it.

      I personally try to stay in an aware state as much as possible, and tune into sending out the powerful intent as much as I can when I can. But I also try to pay attention to synching up from this side of the whole "time" issue, too.

      Long story short: don't beat yourself up, please. :) That's a false and untrue thing to do to yourself.


    4. Thank you, I thought it would be ok. Queen of England and pope duly arrested again. Queen's handbag confiscated. Hugs back.

  18. Missed this in US. Abacus Bank-19 employees charged with mortgage fraud, lots of mysterious resignations from congress. I heard one in the last day or so that was telling. A congressman embroiled in some kind of sex scandle resigns to become a soverign citizen! Lots of arrests overseas. My guess is if people turn themselves in and confess to the people and have seen the love they will be ok just no more public office and rehab. There are many who have been threatened in this group. The really broken people are likely the ones going to be publically arrested and there are already a lot. I have a feeling things are about to break loose here also. The FBI has been investigating for 2 years. I think I saw another big bank in trouble last week for manipulating energy prices. The sad thing is many were so blinded by the dark that they were so damaged. I don't think there are any of us that hasnt made a mistake in life so we should all send our love to all and to each other-at least that is my hope as it is everyone's free will.

    1. I am with you in this, thanks for writing this. Those that are lost are also in my prayers. There would be quite a lot of planks needing removing from eyes if we could recall some of our past lives.

    2. Exactly! The way out of this is to offer everyone no matter what ;)

  19. Thanks for the info Cobra! I'm thinking it might be good to have at the top of your website info on the Sunday Meditations. I have seen the countdown to the meditation, but it does not always pop up for me to see. At this moment it is a white blank box.
    Something that every new comer will see would be best.


  21. RUMOR: First Tranche of Dragon Funds Released July 1st, $83 Trillion

    Posted by AMERICAN KABUKI at July 7- 2012 at 11:35 PM


    CW: As of 07/01/12 $83 Trillion has been released. Stage one. This is only 15% of all recorded funds. Prosperity will soon be here.

    AK: Trying to get a confirmation from 3rd parties on what you told me. Nothing yet. Did hear some people who were supposed to be good guys tried to steal some funds. Am I still embargoed on publishing this? I might post it as a rumor…. [embargo over]

    CW: All of the funds I speak of were obtained legally. I cannot disclose much more than I have. The $83 Trillion is most likely not going to wash up on American soil. We are in a holding pattern until the markets are quarantined. This is one of many accounts to be opened. Prosperity will eventually come to Europe and the West.

    AK: That helps to clarify things a bit. Can you state whether these are banking system injections, infrastructure investments, or what many refer to as prosperity funds to the masses?

    CW: There is a play for many nations to escape the financial treason going on. This release of money is to start the set up this new system.

    The new system is to include (1) humanitarian efforts first, (2) infrastructure (new clean free energy) then (3) prosperity programs.

    There is ALOT going on behind the scences. I am not at liberty to discuss who all is in on the discussion… but I will say Obama is not an enemy of the State.

    1. I don't see the need for this money. I think the time of money is comming to a visible end.

    2. I agree the time for money will eventually come to an end but using Prosperity funds in the interim to help shift our global priorities has a great value in healing the our past and DE-programming the masses.

    3. Ham yes money is coming to an end but the masses of people still do not understand that we dont need it. so until we all reach that understanding money is needed because people believe they need it. It has been stated that the redistrubution of world wealth is only a temporary move on the road to a moneyless society.

      LAL! = Love and light!

  22. So the fools scurry like rats.
    Folly is will becometh.
    Twisted fates discern.
    The last twilight approaches.

  23. Jared Ayden – Aklo: the forces behind the matrix are finished July 07, 2012

    Veröffentlicht am Juli 7, 2012

    … New waves of Light are on their way to Earth, their effect is twofold, a lot of mess rises to the surface so that finally something is being done.

    What is emerging, both for individuals and for entire societies can no longer be swept under the rug or covered or denied. Now something is done, it is recognized and released. Nothing can stop this process, since these waves are too strong.

    Upon release it is impossible to go back to the old pattern. It does not matter if you can imagine that or not. Say: I am open to the changes that are taking place. The entire Universe is ready to assist and help each and everyone of you.

    It is now important to get the programming out of your beliefs and thought patterns. In order for you to break free from the matrix, so to speak. The major structures around you come sailing down, the forces behind the matrix are finished.

    Many of you have been building a new matrix for a long long time, or call it Grid, whatever you want. It is your collective thoughts and beliefs that ultimately shape reality into what it is.

    It is important to knock out the ancient thought patterns, but because your ‘reality’ was always the feedback loop that kept these systems firmly in place, it is also important for these feedback loops to be thrown out of gear, only then can your programmed systems forever lose their validity.

    This is a bit scary, because everything that was certain, isn’t anymore. But as it once certainly was very difficult to build a better life for yourself and your loved ones, that certainty will have disappeared as well and the inhabitants of Earth will discover that henceforth it is a assured to have all your basic needs provided for.

    You too my dearest still have much patterns to let go of. Survival issues will soon no longer be part of your thoughts. Where should I live, how do I make a living …. these are all thoughts that will have no place in your reality anymore.

    Imagine this as well. …

  24. So I had my first syncronicity with numbers this morning. Woke up and looked at the clock, it was 3:33 lol

    1. *giggle* :D

      That's awesome, Brando!

      I have been having them for five+ years (well, close to six now. Time flies). I have to say since this year started, they are CONSTANT, like, HEY, right now: 2:33 as I type this, lol. Every time I look at a clock, timer, digital output, license plate, anywhere there is a set of numbers, I see them.

      It's fun at this point. It exasperated me for a while, but now that I see them all the time, it is more like a signal, "Yup. Times are a changin'" or maybe, make that TIME is a changin'!

      Have fun.

    2. Hey there Calliope~

      I've been meaning to tell you (from a comment you made few posts ago), that I, as well, am able to play songs I choose on my ipod/iphone/ipad-by thinking of the song. It started a couple of years ago, when I said out loud "OK, Universe, give me a sign"...and my ipod switched to playing "The Universe Listened". Since then, I can make it play whatever song I like.

      I hadn't met someone else who has this oh-so-needed skill :) How cool! We can always get jobs as ipod DJ's, if we choose :D

      Anywho-just wanted to share


    3. Welcome to the numbers Brando!!! :)
      Lately I keep seeing 4:44 144 everywhere..3:33 I've seen for many years,I would wake up at 3:33 am for the longest time.Maybe a higher source is telling us something about these numbers,maybe a level we are at or something...
      Pay attention to signs, when you meditate ask for signs on anything you want to know and when they come they will keep coming.

    4. Lol Lynn! That's awesome. I love the idea of being a 5(6,7)D iPod DJ. Well, I guess iPods will be obsolete, haha. But yes, I have songs "ping" in my head all the time. Like there is an iPod already in there, lol. I have not been able to, or have not focused on, actually being able to think songs into playing, but I have been able to receive a connection with communication from my team via the songs and have figured out the hidden messages within. But actually making it play whatever song you like! That's cool! Hmmmm, maybe I should go and practice now and see what happens!

      Thanks for sharing!

  25. "With a single molecule, Mother Nature has just freed humanity from the man-made horror of the nuclear age."

    Educate yourselves, people. This is not just about being saved by ET/ED or having their wondrous technology to heal and repair us because it seems that dear Mother nature has already provided for our needs in the body healing/protection department.

    See full info here:

  26. So, now i read all of C's interview, it took me a while with my english skills....

    There is one point in it, i want to cite:

    C: "The positive ET races have not gotten to that point yet. They are close but they are not there yet. They have completely harmonized their intent with the Will of The One."

    I think, here are a few people, who have direct contacts to positive ETs. Please ask them about the true meaning of it. I think, they are now allowed to tell the truth.

  27. New Message from Drake on Facebook -

    Drake Kent
    It has come to my attention that people closely associated with Galactic Federation of Light, are taking adverse stands in their posts.
    >Those involved might want to take note that the info I have put out IS from sources I am familiar with, personally.
    Over years of contacts, I have found which is and is not to be trusted. Thus, I also 'temper' the outed info according to its impact and importance.
    I was hoping to avoid doing the laundry in a public manner, BUT, those at Galactic Federation of Light leave me no choice.
    >In our distant past, several things have taken place. One of those was a newly formed federation. This was the first time an organization of this size and complexity was brought into existence.
    This means that all the interactions between all these differing groups had to be worked out.
    In addition, the very size was extraordinary and created or caused a bureaucracy that was time consuming and slow to act.
    The Galactic Federation of Light knew of the 'bad guys' infiltrating our planet and could not act quickly enough to prevent it. Further, the 'quarantine' was not tightened correctly to offer a full or true quarantine.
    Therefore, The Galactic Federation of Light is one of the causes of our present situation/problem.
    ALL involved are attempting to rectify or fix all the things that happened because of the above.
    I thank all those involved in this effort, including The Galactic Federation of Light.
    >I am, and have been aware of the presence of our Pleiadian assistants for many years. Like it or not they are and have been here trying to help for thousands of years.
    The society is a sort of military organizational type. Very organized with a distinctive 'order' or command type structure.
    None of the 'star' people are conquering types anymore, as this behavior is not acceptable. This does not mean that all accept humans very readily. Some are only tolerant of our existence.
    I had hoped to leave this area of discussion out of the things I have been talking about.
    However, just as The Creator has stated, everyone needs to work together in order that mankind can elevate itself.
    I know that as this is accomplished, man will be seen as much more 'fitting' to join with our much more advanced brothers and sisters.
    >The missions are well defined.
    Man is to clean his own 'nest' as much as he can.
    AFTER/during this, then we will be reintroduced and reunited with our star relations.
    -I offer that We The People have the first mission...the clean up.
    Therefore, ALL of us here will need to concentrate on our 'human' condition.
    -Man has made a lot of very serious messes. Even though we are all human, we have terrible problems accepting each other...race, creed, beliefs, and social differences.
    As we become free, the responsibilities of that freedom, have to be a part of a new way of being, in all ways.
    >Ladies and Gentlemen, we have enough to do just taking care of our own problems.
    Advice is welcome, new ideas, and most of all, letting go of all the 'hate' and artificial disagreements we have made for our own shortcomings...
    >The new order is one of peace...nothing more, nothing less.
    I suggest we all get busy with our betterment, as ET/Angels will only come AFTER we do.
    >The great earth changes depend on exactly how much of this we, as the human race, can accomplish.
    World wide destruction or peace?
    It is our choice.

    1. I've been saying what Drake stated for quite some time.

      It's our process, and they are our problems to sort out. Then and only then will we make full contact with our galactic families. Because then and only then will we be a galactic civilisation ourselves. They have all gone through this process of evolution and they are witness and they are helping via telepathy and telempathy. But if anyone thinks they are going to land and hand us a get out of jail free card then they are going to be sorely disappointed.

      We are evolving from homo-sapiens to humane-beings and the transition is speeding up..

    2. Thank you Drake for a great response. We all have to come together and advise those who want to spread fear they have consequences. We are very close to the event and I don't mean arrests as they are occuring here and worldwide if you look enough. If we all work together and meditate love today a breakthrough will happen. I have been meditating daily as suggested and there is a wonderful future for us in love.

    3. Dear Drake, you are doing a great job, but it is about time you learn to differentiate between Galactic Federation and Galactic Federation of Light as well. The second ones are the bad ones and they don't exist anymore. The words "of Light" have been introduced by the darks to confuse us. That Federation had absolutely nothing to do with the light. No wonder they give you problems ;-).

  28. regarding Julia,

    I would have to agree with her on every level - yes she uses words that may offend a person if you are potentially one that is being called out to buck up and get busy doing what you are uniquely qualified to do rather than wine about something that is beyond your capacity to completely understand such as a hostage situation.
    Again with the Ego right? what do you mean Shaune of course I understand I am awake! hmmmm take another look, there are so many levels of awake aren't there? I am guilty of the same thing I have a huge ego! but I am learning to use it as a strength of will, mind and character. Our own egos are used against us by the A's and cabal to create doubt, inconsistencies and finally division within the light.
    We are better than this and we know that unified loving thought and courage are the dark ones biggest obstacle.
    When she stated how we have been held captive here for eons of time & forced to reincarnate over & over I felt my heart rate go up and my stomach clench. I felt this sense of unbelievable desire to be liberated and free, as we all do.
    I am one who came to help from somewhere else I don't really know how long I have been here but if feels like forever and I just want to go home. So I get why we just want it over... I say lets just keep doing what we do best and create 'the fall of the Archon's' together.
    The lawsuits will be the catalyst.. once enough are found guilty the rest will either jump sides to save their own skin or be removed.

    Drakes green light had a purpose - you can call it a delay or false statement or what ever but we did get more intel - the darkest ones have a life line if they are injured in anyway. I'm not surprised in any way that they did not surrender and I didn't expect them to. They will have to be removed by our friends but that is not our concern, we need to think bout the work of waking the masses and bringing back words of love and unity.
    Bring it to the attorneys that want to make millions suing these creeps. It doesn't matter if the attorney is doing if for the money... only that they do it and we stop the injustices.
    The key here is to not take anything personally and to listen to the wisdom in every message. I have said it before and will say it again... Channeling is not reliable at this critical time of ultimate deception. Cobra has told you, Julia is telling you. Sorry channeler's I know most of you mean well and I love you very much for wanting to bring light... all I ask is that we all be very very careful with the info we bring forth. Keep our own desires of fame and the need to be followed or adored out of the picture. We all need to make a living and we all want to be special and we are. Humility is a big one! I love you all - thanks for listening.

    1. For thesystembuster, I give a big :)))).

      Look everybody, it's hard. For all of us.

      Yesterday, I learned that a channel/source of enlightenment that I've followed and learned so much from, whose words have resonated with me for at least 10, maybe 12 years, is called into doubt. Serious doubt. That broke my heart. It's a horrible idea that our feet were not always on 'solid ground'. It took me about 10 minutes to hear/feel/acknowledge and then let go of the shock and pain, and get busy again.

      Don't linger in misery and pain.

      Don't wallow in your disappointments.

      Don't give too much time to the stuff that has/is/will come up and 'slap' your reality in the face again and again.

      We don't have enough time to spend on that.

      Let's go. Just keep going. ;)

    2. I agree alot of Julias stuff has truth in it. Its just her method of delivery I do not like.

    3. Buster, brando and all others.
      Maybe you should pay attention to the words she realy said. I give you an example:

      "You will be freed. You are freed....A great deal is beeing done, without any help of the complainers...."

      TSB: "I'm not surprised in any way that they did not surrender and I didn't expect them to."

      Realy? Or did they? What is the deal about....?

      TSB: "When she stated how we have been held captive here for eons of time & forced to reincarnate over & over I felt my heart rate go up and my stomach clench."

      btw. i wrote the details about this crime/captive/abduction some days ago in this blog. And a wrote again and again, that most of you are victims of dark crimes. But it seems, no one is interested in....

      There are a hand full of people, who are running this hole job. And this people are the only ones, who know the real facts about it (and the dark once of course, they did not do all the brainwashing on themselfs). Maybe you should listen better to the details...

    4. This is true, what Hamourapi says above,

      "TSB: When she stated how we have been held captive here for eons of time & forced to reincarnate over & over I felt my heart rate go up and my stomach clench."

      btw. i wrote the details about this crime/captive/abduction some days ago in this blog. And a wrote again and again, that most of you are victims of dark crimes. But it seems, no one is interested in...."

      I heard it here first, from Hamourapi, then I heard it from Julia today.

      There is a lot being shared, here and lots of other places too. But if we don't have eyes to see or ears to hear, we will be missing it.

      Which is a reason why so many of us are so surprised by what's now being revealed left, right and centre.

      Cobra tells us lots of info too, but so many are not reading it, or just missing the very clear info, and then complaining about he said this, that has to have happened by now, why haven't you done this yet, it's a fake!, etc.

      There must be a reason why people are not seeing the words in front of their eyes, but I don't know what it is. Perhaps it would be a good idea to read everything at least twice before commenting on it? This may help.

      Anyway, thanks Hamourapi for your earlier and continuing comments, advice and reminders. :)

    5. Wow, wow, wow!!!!!!

      ourspiritualwealth: "There must be a reason why people are not seeing the words in front of their eyes, but I don't know what it is."


      Much thanks to OSW and JOKO for their hints! It will be one of the most important steps in freeing, awakening and ascending of mankind. You will see in near future!

      There is an unknown implant in each human (the real dark do not have it). I call it perception implant. It is the perverted thing i know from the darks. It has a very simple function. If you get to a defined level of perceptions, especcialy perceptions about perspectives, it blocks the most skills of higher levels, like telepathic, astral things... etc.
      If you got the higher skills before the perceptions about perspectives, the implant blocks the ability for getting the perspectives! The darks knew very exactly the table of awakening, i have writte in some post before, and they tuned the implant exactly to it. What a pervert thing. A perfect trap.

      We started the worldwide removal of the implants and healing from the side effects some minutes ago. I don't know, how long it will take, but it is running, and the darks can't stop it.

    6. So...I think we already see evidence of this statemetn:

      "Seed the intention, the Harvest comes quickly"


  29. I felt an amazing out of this world connection of unity in my Meditation today. So I know many of you are out there doin your part. Feeling an intense energy of us unifying Light with Light like a super magnet, and expanding out with a force to be reckoned with..literally knocked my socks off :-) It was awesome.

    We are ONE. Let's keep it up!

    1. Azure, I don't know what happened to me but it's the third time it happens, today I got startled...All three times I meditated outdoors on my lawn chair in the sun.At one point I got so relaxed and all of a sudden I hear this loud noise that sounded like instruments, drums, bang noise,mixed in together..for a split second I thought my rock music went on my phone but that is not loud enough.It wasn't my phone,this sound was coming from another dimension, really loud.I don't know any other way to describe it but it's like opening a door and hearing/seeing the other side.The last time it happened I saw an elderly man with white hair and beard and was chanting naaaaa,naaaaa,naaaaa. Has anyone else experienced this?

    2. Prosp,
      Next time say hi to Gandalf on my behalf please :D ;)

      Must have been a greta experience, maybe you could hear one of the 'very great, humane' etheric infrasound technologies, Cobra mentioned in the "Veil" post??. Just a thought.
      "Blocking of free will and of positive initiative. This program is maintained with etheric infrasound technology. Part of that sound precipitates towards the physical plane and some people can hear it as a very low frequency hum. This was the source of mysterious sounds that people heard in the beginning of 2012 and not the destruction of deep underground military bases, as some sources erroneously reported"

      It is better to think you heard something positive, what did it feel like to hear it?

    3. prosperity it is called the music of the spheres and many mystic traditions have experiences of this nature. It is a good thing i recommend you study the teachings of Eckankar. The science of soul travel by listening to the shabd our inner sound current. the teachings most recently come from Venus and were bought here by guru Nanak he started the Sihk teachings which of course turned into a religion. there are different sounds associated with various planes. Certain words also can aid in attuneent to various aspects of the inner journey.
      great sign go with it and see where it takes on your bliss tour.

    4. LV,

      lol he looked similar to Gandalf

      "What did it feel like?" Well,imagine you are lying down in a quiet room and I sneak up on you and turn on your stereo and crank the speakers at max will get startled,right? Same feeling..only difference it was from another dimension and that's what makes it freaky.Maybe relaxing in the sun plays a role with all of my experiences.Nothing scary, just the loudness caught me off guard and it lasted about five seconds.No low frequency hum, as loud as thunder but real close.I can't wait for the next one!

    5. Rob, btw nice pic!

      Thank you, I must research all this info, it's amazing!

    6. Prosperity, glad you shared this. I have also had several instances yesterday and today where I've heard loud banging music or noise suddenly out of nowhere. It's made me jump to check my phone or even walk around the house if I've left music on. It doesn't last long, just a few seconds. Thought it was just my mind playing games with me, so it's good to know I'm not the only one here. Not scary, right. Just startling. wow. I have been spending a LOT of time relaxing outdoors lately. More than usual. I love the sun and the sounds of nature. Could be triggering something here...

      Rob, thank you for providing some insight into this. At least I can delve into this and see where it takes me. Spheres of another dimension, sounds like an adventure :-) And yeah, great pic!

      LV, so good to hear from you buddy. Hope all is well.

    7. Azure,

      Something great is going on..if you and I experienced this I would suggest everyone get outdoors with sun and sounds of nature and see what happens.The other thing I noticed this weekend, no chemtrails, just clear blue skies.Weekends is the only time I've seen chemtrails in the past month or so, nothing compared to other years.

    8. Prosperity,azure :-)

      there is a woman from Venus her story is quite amazing her name is OMNEC OMNEC watch her on youtube she is the real deal and she talks about Eckankar. I have been to their meetings and there are some of the most high vibe people in this group no cult like feelings at all only sweet intelligence radiating from the members for the most part.they are easily located by google search.

    9. pottsman, I checked out this woman and watched her videos, and I have to say she is the real deal. Thank you.

  30. Evaluations of All Light Channels in Progress

    Posted GaiaPortal by 8 July 2012

    Transmission properties at time domain intersections being analyzed

  31. Guys&Cobra,
    what are your thoughts on this 'Steve Beckow(who I deeply admire)-(supposedly) Archangel Michael scneario' of containment instead of mass arrests?


    2. LV I like Beckow and many of his messages but at the same time I dont like others. I think we will find dicsernment in everything.

    3. Quite easy to explain the discrepancy between SaLuSa and AA Michael. Although I keep repeating myself, I try once more to help (at least the ones that honestly seek for some help): SaLuSa is on the dark side, AA Michael is on the light side. SaLuSa tries to give you what you would love to see, AA Michael tells you the truth and shows you the right way. Your decision :-).

    4. primeBarakiel is it your guts telling you this or you have other evidence?

    5. From the very first moment I started writing here, I kept telling the same things over and over again. There are many things quite obvious, but people still ask for more evidence. I do have evidence! I had to cope with all those new things myself first, before being able to tell someone else about them. No matter what evidence I give you, you won't accept/believe any ot it. (Btw. do you have any evidence regarding SaLuSa?) Change your perspective (like hamourapi2012 says) and you'll find out the truth yourself. You don't need anyone to show you the way. You only need incentives and this is what we are here for. You are welcome to send me an email, if you want to discuss this further. I don't think here is the place for it as it is another kind of discussion.

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. POOF for JULY 8: Victory!!!

    Creedence Clearwater Revival Have You Ever Seen The Rain? Lyrics
    Songwriters: J. C. FOGERTY

    Someone told me long ago
    There's a calm before the storm,
    I know
    It's been comin for some time.

    When it's over, so they say,
    It'll rain a sunny day,
    I know
    Shinin down like water.
    I want to know, have you ever seen the rain
    I want to know, have you ever seen the rain
    Comin down on a sunny day

    Yesterday, and days before,
    Sun is cold and rain is hard,
    I know
    Been that way for all my time.

    'Til forever, on it goes
    Through the circle, fast and slow,
    I know
    It can't stop, I wonder.



    Greetings and Salutations;

    Now this is a man, who fought for years to get control of his own music again and play it, he finally won and is performing. In certain ways, the people involved with these prosperity programs, have hung in there for years, continually fighting to get it done, now they have succeeded. Oh, it took extra ordinary power and influence to do it, but a success, none the less. Love is the most powerful force in the universe, no matter how evil tries to assert itself, in the end it always loses to Love. Unconditional love allows you to figure it out, smack your head against a brick wall until you 'give up' and surrender. So, it was fitting, the final release and signing occurred in reno nevada by a woman, no bigger than minute. A world came together for it and all signed accordingly for their own, telling the one uninvited guest, NO, the time is Now, not 6 months from now, so you can start the mess up again. What a full moon! What you resist will always persist. Time for the world to move on.

    Doubt is a killer, fear likewise, and you who have been called crazy, 'it' will never happen are among the victorious. The small quiet voice that prodded you forward has proven itself, while it held you up in the darkest moments going forward in life, when the walls felt the most insurmountable and your dreams, pure fantasy. The dark actually served you by making you stronger so, bless them, as they head to the karmic justice. Justice is being served and you will continue to see it done with your own eyes. The best ways to get things done are not necessarily held in killing or murder. That just holds justice in abeyance to come back later in another form tho it may take years. We're still cleaning up things from the civil war, and the world wars. They didn't end when the papers were signed. No, somebody was sitting back there 'figuring' how to overcome a loss, in quiet rooms, as mr romney would say.

    Unprecedented events are about to unfold, that will shock the world and especially americans. The meaning of true freedom will be one of them. This ends the plutocracy, which has run america since 1871. The howling has just begun, 'tis the opposite of what took place in 1929, it will be 'them' who say, 'brother can you spare a dime?' Maybe you too will say, 'get away from me, I never knew you'. Somethings are worse than death. Nothing like a 'living' hell..try to shoot yourself and end it and the gun goes 'click'. Money can't buy you can only get you some 'like'. There's much more I'd really like to say but, it wouldn't be prudent so, I'll end this by saying 'all power and glory to the most highest' and let that suffice. What you do with this boon is up to you, act like you have two cents in your head. You're entering a new world, ask if you don't know. Assume nothing, we have floating cars now. Of course you need need magnetic stuff in the highway for it to work.

    Have fun ya'll!

    Love and kisses,


  34. Friends,
    I tried to explain to you all in my above post about the problem of channeling. My treatise is probably inadequate but I said many well-meaning individuals are in error when they say they are channeling beings other than themselves. There also were or perhaps still are programs by Archons and negative forces which do confuse and use purposefully incorrect information designed to promise promise promise that they will take care of it all and we need to just sit back and watch the show. This blind acceptance is viewed by some as an excuse to shirk their responsibility to right action.
    We do need to take responsibility for our own actions thoughts feelings and vibrations. We are responsible for the sum total of the above-mentioned aspects of our beings and reality in time and space.
    At the same time it is true that, there is absolutely no way we of earth would have been able to overcome the hostile sinister force without the focused intent and physical and multi dimensional aspect of protection/intervention/encouragement and teachings of the Ascended masters and ET/ED host of light.
    In conclusion we must take of what we can take care of and at the same time we have had help. Both answers are correct! Ham is partially right and Cobra confirms it there are certain things that are simply above our pay grade or clearance level to know. This may upset or anger some but that's they way it is deal with it.
    Some things are not revealed because from our perspective and understanding based on attachment to our "Lives and our views from the physical dimension" are simply not transcended enough to properly appreciate the situation or answers that would be given.
    It seems more and more IS being revealed as we can digest it.
    Many real physical contactees have known many of things, which are just now being revealed to the general public and the blogosphere only recently. The ET races are of many varying levels of development. Like it or not Hierarchy is simply a fact of the universe.
    Earth minds want to impose some earth-based views that we are "all equal". This is not the case. The Andromedeans are more advanced than the Pleiadeans on a certain level and Ascended masters are beyond many ET/ED races.
    We ARE all equal in the sense of our relationship to the absolute eternal aspect of creation or the godhead as we are all viewed as those who are following their own divine plan or IAM presence and those who are not! We are not any more valuable or better than each other in the galactic web in this respect as I said it is not a case of better or worse it is a fact of more or less!
    However we are all individuals at different levels of progress seeking the perfect relationship or obedience to the will of God or source whatever name you choose. By the way, the name God is a word based on materialistic thinking and therefore limits the infinite but this is the way of the mind and why it is called the slayer of the real, and all definitions are inadequate.
    The ET races have in the past and probably currently are in to a certain extent can be viewed as manipulating perceptions if viewed from a human perspective. The bad guys are doing it in a malicious way and the good guys are not revealing the whole truth and are withholding all the cards for the above mentioned reasons and others like certain protocols of non interference and freewill. In my opinion this withholding is an act of compassion and a good thing, that for now we must have faith in the wisdom of these decisions of our space family. The ends will justify the means and our souls agree to this on an eternal level. Or such is my faith!

    1. This is especially true in regards to a planet in Quarantine. When the negative forces infiltrated us many of the federation ships and races fled so as not to be in war, which would have decimated the earth. They did not want any more harm to come to us or themselves than was already being done by manipulation of the rogue Federation beings whose interactions here were in violation of universal laws and principals.
      Cosmic energies controlled by and manipulated by non-material beings were "CUT OFF" to the people of earth and many were trapped here in this quarantine. We formerly had open universal reports interaction with other worlds!
      We may have felt abandoned by this, but this was the freewill choice of these races and others not to be pulled down by our materialistic "disease". Literally focusing our IAM light deeply into the material world and not into the inner higher life.
      The material worlds are the vanguards of Spirit and for whatever reason we have simply gone too far.
      Many of the races have not forgotten us and have waited and watched patiently for thousands of year when we would once again evolve or grow into the light and be ready for "harvest" or intelligent enough (in a light quotient way) to be able to choose.
      Whether we accept it or not or realize it or not our vibration and conscious choices can be read by those not under the spell of materiality. Or use Semjase's terms to determine if we are "seeking the manifest" or the adherence to the indwelling spirit of truth.
      There is a "Judgment" in this respect. Every souls own spirit spark or IAM presence will make the decision/ judgment if the current incarnation has evolved enough by freewill and conscious choice conduct to stay in body through the coming shift or changes.
      At some point no man knows the hour there will be a planetary roll call and many souls will ascend to other worlds. This will include those caught in death or between incarnations. Many will stay here and gradually be reintroduced into the reincarnational cycle after a period of time while the cream of the crop can continue in incarnation to set the planet right and establish a culture and galactic society that can maintain continuity and adherence to universal law.
      There are no guarantees as the many souls who after being held in abeyance from incarnating will eventually be reintroduced into the incarnational cycle. Hopefully their witnessing in the astral and the NEW world we create will be strong enough to not "fall" back into materiality focus and we will continue to Ascend/ evolve in the into the realties of higher spirit vibration resonance.
      For what it is worth I would not lend too much weight to Drakes understanding of the various races and what is happening. Many military secret agent types have witnessed enough of the dark and light ET/ED influence to know it is all FUBAR. Many know there are benevolent ETs but are themselves not cleared for contact. So clearly much misinformation and speculation is rampant in the alphabet agencies and secret military groups. In the 1950's one space family group said the have never seen such a large number close minded beings in one place as they have seen at the Pentagon. Hopefully this has changed somewhat in the last 50 years.
      Respectfully submitted with love

    2. Rob,
      your extensive knowledge and wise approach always amazes me :)

  35. On a spiritual note my meditations are becoming super powerful i must agree with Azure WOW. I actually was seeing upon opening my eyes and having them closed Scintillating luminous violet energies moving in and out of my whole being. Victory to the light. Have no fear spirit is here. Relax and enjoy the show but be very diiligent and busy in your own service mission call and personal life. Be calmly detached while you fully enggae the World at hand.
    warm regards

    1. Call me strange :-) But one thing I felt compelled to do at the end of my last two meditations, while still super absorbed with such amazing to send these loving energies into Gaia. I put both of my hands down flat on the ground beside me, and with intent, send healing energy into the Earth. I could feel the ground absorbing the energy from my hands. Never had this happen before in my life (I was like wow!) I felt a tingling and pulsating vibration through my body into my hands, which felt very warm. I felt so connected with this surging sensation from Source flowing through my body down into her. Gaia needs some healing and love so very much. And this was my way of giving back. It was an amazing peaceful feeling, so I will continue to do this after my meditations.

      Much Love

      PS > After I was done, I heard this insane loud buzzing noise and realized the crickets outside were having a ball! ha! Maybe they sensed it too!

  36. Dunno about you, but I am giving up reading channelers who do not respond on the current situation and just wander in the pink wonderland.. Only ones left for me are Matthew Ward,Monty,Poof and Nidle, lately I have a bad feeling about Salusa.

    As David Wilcock described it in his latest update:


    By releasing this dramatic, exciting story, you also destroy the "me too" channelers whose intuitive "sources", flying about in silvery round airliners in the clouds, immediately "verify" the information is correct.

    Most channeling is 10-15 percent accurate intuitive information. This gives it enough of an edge, with provably weird and wonderful stuff, that there is a great story there.

    The remaining 85-90 percent is influenced by the conscious mind's wants, needs and desires -- including any strong beliefs."

    Also I feel that the most of us spend too much time looking for new info on the net and not connect with Gaia,release toxical patterns, meditate, simply enjoy life.

  37. Wow, wow, wow!!!!!!

    ourspiritualwealth: "There must be a reason why people are not seeing the words in front of their eyes, but I don't know what it is."


    Much thanks to OSW and JOKO for their hints! It will be one of the most important steps in freeing, awakening and ascending of mankind. You will see in near future!

    There is an unknown implant in each human (the real dark do not have it). I call it perception implant. It is the perverted thing i know from the darks. It has a very simple function. If you come to a defined level of perceptions, especially perceptions about perspectives, it blocks the most skills of higher levels, like telepathic, astral things... etc.
    If you got the higher skills before the perceptions about perspectives, the implant blocks the ability for getting the perspectives! The darks knew very exactly the table of awakening, that i have written in some post before, and they tuned the implant exactly to it. What a perverted thing. A perfect trap.

    We started the worldwide removal of the implants and healing from the side effects some minutes ago. I don't know, how long it will take, but it is running, and the darks can't stop it.

    1. I got in this moment (and feel it... ;) ) while removing the implant, momentary imbalance will be a side effect of the removal for very many people!

    2. So don't panic, everything is ok!

    3. ourspiritualwealthJuly 9, 2012 1:52 AM

      So...I think we already see evidence of this statemetn:

      "Seed the intention, the Harvest comes quickly"


    4. Thanks, Hamourapi!

      At around the time you were doing your thing posting your message above, I was reading that article (from Gaia Portal) that I shared above.

      Synchronicity in action?

      I think it might be... :)

    5. I got the info, it will take about 40 hours to remove all implants. But i don't know, how long the healing after it will take. maybe days, maybe weeks. I think, this will be different, depending on the other damages seomeone have.

    6. Ham, wow this makes perfect sense. In the past 15 years in i gained perspectives by deprogramming. But at the same time i lost all my previous abilities.

      How do a remove this implant?

    7. It's alredy out from you erik. But i don't know, how long healing will take. The healing is running in cycles. This is energetic healing alternate with astral surgeries. I got, you will need 12 cycles, but i don't know, how long it will take.

    8. Cobra stated in one of the interviews I believe that all implants in humans have already been removed.

    9. This implant was not known before. And i think, Cobra's statement was in the content of the veil implants.

  38. Hey Guys ...have'nt been on for a week or so ...but these comments have made a great read ...Light to you All.

    I experienced a Celestial Orchestra many years ago, the memory has never left me.

    These perception implants make sense .. my visualisations have been blocked again lately?

    Freedom in Light

  39. k so my point of view about keeping us in the dark is this.... If we where told everything then we would dwell on certain things and not necessarily in a good way. Our jumbled up perspectives all focusing on things all at once could co-create something negative about the situation and could possibly cause a road block in the path of the divine plan.

    1. Yes, you are 100% right with this.

      Let me please explain you some things:

      Cobra is a messenger. He is not doing "the jobs". (Please Cobra don't missunderstand, you do a great job, but i think, you know waht i mean).

      I'm one of the few, how are doing the jobs with full conscious. This what now happens, is not some 2012 thing. This is a plan, which is running now for 10.000 years, and when i look to the results, it run perfetly! As Julia stated, we are in perfect timing. And not only this, we are weeks in front of the original plan, and i'm feeling somehow, that this additional days will be very important for mankind.

      This plan has billions of gear wheels working together now for 10.000 years. So it is very important, that the people, who are running the jobs, do this very careful. So, before i do anything, i cross check it with the plan. Am i allowed to do this? Is it in the plan to do this? Is it the right / good time to do this? Every post here, i crosscheck with the plan, befor posting it. And often i have to change it.

      This plan is running on something you could call maybe command chain / operation chain or so. It's not realy compareable with the 3D meaning of it, but similar. And it is important that the plan is not broken by someone, who don't have the necessary perspectives. This is the reason, why i so penetrating trying to wake up some people, to get more involved in the jobs. Because it is my deep conviction, that most people here would like to help, if they could.

    2. Hamourapi, how would a person know if they were suitable to help with more than the meditations? I sometimes wonder if there were something else I could do, and there are ways......Finances are tight, but I can create and gift people with things that show love and gratitude. There is an area at my drive where free art is put out for anybody to take. Also, with ACIM I find what needs correction inside.

    3. Hello minglyn,

      first, most people i know, who are real "plan doers" or "real light worriors" are a kind of bankrupt. In the past, all this people had to choose money or lightwork. Or they have been treated by the darks, so that they lose their money. So don't think about money, that's not what it is about (but don't tell this my wife.. ;))).

      The first will be, that someone, who want to help, have to wake up in the kind i mean it. Somewhere above is someone writing about different kinds of beeing waked up. I think that is a good point, and i mean my kind of awakening. There is a table of akwakening. It has 15 categories. This table is used by creator to give skills to the people in light. So most here have a lot of skills in this table, but in a kind, that the implant keep them away from the possibility to get perspectives from higher distanz. But this perspectives are exactly, what is needed to be "suitable". The categoty of perspectives have a wight of 14% in the table. This sounds not much, but it is the second highest. The highest with 50% is altruism. The third is with 5%. I will make a translation of this table with some descriptions. But i will need a bit for it.

      Right now, we are preparing some infos with the facts, that maybe help finding a way to "my kind" of waking up.

      For the beginning you may watch the above video from Julia.

    4. @minglyn The first step is "Know Thyself". When you really get a grip on who and what you are, your path will light up under you. You will know exactly what to do and how and when to do it. Use the many tools available to you on the web, listen to the wind, sit on the ground and meditate. Listen. Listen. Get to know yourself, The Mother will help you and she will light your way.

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  41. Replies
    1. @minglyn.

      You mentioned earlier that you have artwork that you give away free. I'm sure you must realise that colour is healing. Maybe you don't think about that, but if you are sharing colour/form and loving energy in the gift/free giving in love, you are already doing a wonderful job! Maybe you will never see any result of your gift of colour therapy, but that's not important. Emotions are stirred when we look at art, beauty, nature, colour, and this is powerful, yet subtle, healing. Well done. :)

    2. ourspiritualwealth,
      What a kind and wonderful response to me! I also use words to express myself and give them. It is just that sometimes, like when Hamourapi says we could maybe help, I might question if there is more. While reading your response, inside I could feel that it is enough, what I do now. Having a vote of approval actually is so inspiring to give more. I will share that I also make signs, large ones of LOVE in various designs. I live on a property that is abundant with supplies to paint on. Thank you for inspiring me further.

    3. @minglyn
      Thank you both for posting re:art work and color therapy! I have always painted with the intent of healing through color, but never heard anyone put this into words. Probably spent too much time with art snobs ;) but, I always felt there was power in beauty for beauty's sake! I'm currently doing birdhouses and always think of that song...."make a little birdhouse in your soul"...thanks for the validation!

    4. Hello minglyn & klove.

      So nice that we are all able to help each other, with hints, support, art and colour therapy and healing.

      Never underestimate the 'simple' or enjoyable things you've been doing for many years already. The LOVE work didn't just start in 2012, not for any of us. That's my feeling.

      Make a rainbow to share... ;)

  42. Deep and sincere gratitude to you @Hamourapi2012 - You are an amazing healer!

    1. Thx much. You know, i see it as my duty. And every time, i can help someone else, a little bit of mine is healed, too....



  45. Hello everybody.
    Yesterday I watched a video on UTB (by accident... which I know, wasn't). It is an amazing story by
    ARTHUR BERLET, who back in 1958, was taken to another planet in 4th D, by an accident. The planet was in danger because of overpopulation. They got rid of money, and were having a peaceful life.But they had a BITTER dream of colonizing the Earth as soon as another atomic or hydro bomb would erase life from the surface of the Earth. They were harshly punished for this dream/plan. To find out how, watch it on UTB; "ARTHUR BERLET ET CONTACT FROM THE PLANET ACART".

    I hope, that you will find it interesting. Thank you.

  46. Evaluations Complete. Channels Selected.

    9 July 2012 posted on Gaia Portal

    Evaluations Complete. Channels Selected. Preparations for next phase have been completed. Awaiting signal to proceed.

    Evaluations of All Light Channels in Progress

    8 July 2012 posted on Gaia Portal

    Transmission properties at time domain intersections being analyzed.

    [Guess what's next??]

    1. I'd guess:

      a) Nothing.

      b) "It happened, but you don't have the awareness to see it."

      c) "It happened, but the effects will take several months to appear."


      Seriously, give me one prediction that these guys made that actually came true.

  47. So this:

    Has been hitting youtube hard and fast...even the military helicopters came in... for a look.

    "Galactic Federation of Light ships fly high over Los Angeles, California, the media capital of the world, in a demonstration of their support and protection of the courageous men and woman of the U.S. media who are encouraged by the people to tear down the wall of the cabal imposed media blackout and break the story of the Earth changing arrests of the members of the criminal cabal. "

    Some of the comments:
    " These are Galactic Federation of Light ships, making a showing over Hollywood/LA, which is the media capital of the world, as they are showing their support and protection of the courageous men and women of the US media who are moments away from breaking through the media blackout and covering the story of the mass arrests of the many members of the criminal cabal who have tyrannically run our world from behind the scenes and oppressed humanity for ages."

    " This video is 100% real because I was at the Cabana Club for Do Over (Ivar & Sunset Blvd.) and the DJ stopped playing his record and pointed at the sky and about 15 of those "orbs" or UFOs showed up. Everyone in the venue stopped and looked up in silence. We didn't know what it was but it stopped everyone from doing what they were doing for about 5 mins."

    " i live not too far from LA and saw the same thing last night. My roommate, neighbors and i all were watching them for over 30 mins. thats why i searched youtube today to see if anyone got video. great job!"

    the guys in the video are super excited lol...

    Poofness talks in this link about VICTORY and how

    " Unprecedented events are about to unfold, that will shock the world and especially Americans."

    Support the worlds media by sharing information about what is going on! that is what is being asked of us right NOW! do not be afraid :D

    1. Nice, thanks a lot for the video! But please, do erase the words "of Light", because that Federation has nothing to do with the light side. The things you saw are not the kind of UFOs you think they are. Consider the size of them comparing to the helicopter. What do you (=everyone who reads this right now) think about the difference? A UFO is ever smaller than a helicopter. How many creatures/entities could be in there? And what for? Just to make a small performance for you? What happened after that 5 min.? Where did those things go? What does this video prove? That they exist? Do you still question their existence? That they are here to help? If so, why just buzzing around instead of doing something sensible?

      There are very many answers to those questions, but all I want, is to make you think logically. Do you really think those are the UFOs that they are going to do the "mass arrests"? Do you see a kind of hope in that showing up?

    2. You are thinking in 3D. The Galactic Federation for the most part are far beyond that. 5D and up. Their ships appear that way because of frequency variance between our dimension and theirs. They have lower their vibrations so the ship can be seen in that form but is not fully manifested in 3D. They are much larger what we perceive them to be. Even heard a story that they are very small in 3D but when you walk onto the ship you are no longer in 3D and its huge inside.

    3. Good point brando9000! This is one of the points I hoped for. You are right, they appear more than 300x smaller than they actually are. Which finally also means, that this what we perceive isn't what they are! This is probably why the helikopter just kept circling it without being able to take any kind of action. Even if they are around us and visible now and then, they aren't "real" (=they still can't materialize on earth) and they can't do anything to change the situation on earth, the way people like to believe they would.
      First and crucial step is the ascencion and not the mass arrests. Some things just vanish all by themselves when the right time comes.

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  48. Oracle Report [Important Message] for Monday, July 9, 2012

    Disseminating Moon Phase – Moon in Aries

    “With the Sun entering Aries, the first cardinal sign, we begin the build-up of energies that will culminate on July 17th with the Sun, Moon, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto making various aspects in cardinal signs. This will be a turning point, so today the process begins. Last night, the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) dropped southward and opened up a crack in the Earth’s atmosphere. At the same time, three rapid-fire eruptions on the Sun released three coronal mass ejections (CMEs) which delivered glancing blows. This is most interesting. Basically the Earth opened herself to receive specific energy from the Sun – nourishing energy. The Earth doesn’t need this energy; it is meant for us. We need to “catch” this energy because it will provide sustenance through the buildup to July 17th. We need to power our internal, spiritual batteries in preparation for the energetic turning point (the energy shift). To do this, today we need to need to begin a daily “ritual” of taking a small amount of time to stop and store energy. This sounds strange, but it is really just slowing your world down, consciously connecting with the Sun, and then grounding with the Earth. The energy of July 17th will shift consciousness. We want to create space inside ourselves to receive this. So between now and then practice opening up a place inside yourself for this to land. While doing this, always feel yourself physically anchored to the Earth. The turning point energy is going to blow out peoples’ consciousness. We will be prepared to anchor the shift within ourselves which will in turn help the collective. By committing to doing this exercise for the next eight days we will be doing everyone a favor. On the mundane level today, Mercury is preparing to turn retrograde so back up important files and complete tasks that will help your projects move forward. Combined efforts with others are favored.”

  49. The 1's are trying to get my attention lately! I look at the clock, its 11:11 or 1:11....I look at the temperature, its 111 degrees outside! Any special meaning to the actual numbers in these synchronistic events? Why the 1's as opposed to the 3's or 5's some are seeing?

  50. apparently theres an organization that is developing free energy devices and new transportation systems, they're planning to release it in September

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  52. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    Accept that we are all part of one.. and the dark cabal / government and the bad politicians, is part of the one whole awakening to awaken people.

    And also:

    The SECRET is forgivness..

    Forgive the dark cabal. forgive the illuminati, forgive all those who do you harm. Then you

    will truly feel love!

    Why should you forgive those who do you harm you say?

    You should because they have helped you find the light. from their evil actions..

    AND the bad events that had happened has been necessary. In the darkness you can feel light..

    So follow the light! and never be afraid of fear ;)

    Namaste all! Have a joyful and loving day!

    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    YOU are GOD. YOU are LOVE.

  53. AA michael from Inlight Radio at

    Claims the Mass Arrests got cancelled!? can anyone confirm this?

    1. Yes! No need for mass arrests, as this isn't heaven's way to handle that matter. Mass arrests would please humans striving for "justice" but this just isn't the way. Take a minute and have think about the law of resonance, according to which, you attract what you think of, you get back what you do to others, not many lifes later but straight away and in this life (because there isn't such a thing as karma. Karma has been on purpose misinterpreted by the darks to keep you/us down life after life and even make us "pay back" what has been done to us, so we would never be able to escape that circle. Can you follow?). Whatever you do has direct consequences on you. Are you sure you want to carry this burden?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I personally feel mass arrests are going to progress step by step, Lawfully and carefully. AAM is just a name for a channel I presume. Containment whatever that means may be just as good as Arrest. There are many capable individuals to take over posts now held by criminals. They must be removed period. This is not to punish in my way of looking at it as Rehabilitation should be available. But as long as the prisons are filled with those victimless crimes and unfair sentences, these leaders of treason should be put there also. Until we can find a better way and overhaul the entire criminal system anyway this is the best option.

      The main point is those who have violated the law trashed the constitution and implemented depopulation programs must be stopped and removed from their positions whether they be in congress a rich mansion behind the scenes or in a secret bunker whipping up a new batch of genetically altered virus designed to maim and kill.

      Sorry the containment scenario sounds like a project moonbeam channel sounds like Cabal dis-info propaganda to me. Or perhaps just a channel whose personal bubble was dashed when no major announcements of bushes Clintons Cheney etc. arrests were reported on! Trying to justify I they're own mind to save face for what they previously channeled.

      Look in the larger scheme of growth and the tremendous revelation the reality of Galactic space family landing here openly. (they have been here all along) the mass arrests are not that important. Nor is humanities collective desire to punish or revenge these are petty issues of a the lower mind physical personality vehicle. However the status Quo is still major issue and the elite powerbrokers are still in control to a certain extent.

      Unfortunately to break the quarantine and have disclosure the individuals responsible for the current problems, those who are engineering the slave world model, must be neutered. Enough cogs in the machine must be removed so that the system of destruction torture suffering starvation and suppression of free energy is collapsed.

      If that means some of these idiots are not arrested it matters not to me. Maybe they will remain free and just be shouting and talking to underlings who will ignore them. This is unlikely in my view. I think we need to patient still it will happen step by step one day at a time. I don't speak for heaven or think we can lump all the various beings and denizens of the universe into one description of "Heaven" and presume what that way is! I have no disrespect to prime or your view on karma or payback.

      I would personally love to carry the burden of arresting the criminals. Give me a division of soldiers and 2 weeks to educate them in non-violence and the reasons for arrest. Then empower them with the right to engage with force if the process of lawful arrests is violently interfered with and watch the bushes go to jail.

      I know there may be glitches and the ground crew of good guys may not be able to pull off the arrests. I do not know the future nobody does until it arrives. those that see ahead see only what source allows them to see. So my prayers are with speedy non-violent Arrests stopping criminals from continuing to violate universal and planetary LAW.

      These criminal elements cannot be "contained" in their current positions. These are sociopaths and mass murderers (some of them) will not go easily. House arrest is ok if that is what it takes. But later it will be necessary to serve justice to expose their action to the public.
      As far as escaping the circle right now they have us pinned in the 9th circle of hell so to think the no arrest idea is plausible is way too idealistic for me. Beam them off the planet into cozy ET rehab centers is fine, but ARREST them, that means STOP them in their actions plans and positions of influence.
      Again this is my opinion but I am sticking to it.
      Respectfully with love and sugar on top

  54. No the mass arrests are not cancelled, AA Michael was talking about Containment along with some other things as an alternative to MASS arrests, Mass arrests = Mass hysteria for those of the public who are not awake yet here's a great article that might explain it to you.

    1. Yeah mass hysteria is never the best thing.

      but the public is starting to get the dark cabals actions. And starting to move away from them. So mass arrest would actually not make everyone go absolutely crazy.

  55. I gave above a small inside about, how the plan is running. Do you think, it makes a real difference, if you get a channeling from dark or light side? Do you realy think, an entity from the light side will give some true informations, that may cause problems to the plan?

    Please people use your brain, as a very normal non spiritual human would do it. If you would be an entitty, would you give infos to unpatient people, and risking problems in the plan with giving it?

    1. Perhaps sufficiently enlightened ones only?

    2. Ham it does matter if you allow negative thoughts or impressions into your body and collective field. We all have choices interacting with entities one cannot see or openly communicate with can be problematic. Many contactees have direct face to face contacts and learn the propr protocal for true telepathic contact and in some instances this is how communication takes place for certain communications. in other instances the contact is telepathically led to the pick up or contact zone. Just thinking one is contacting something outside oneself does not make that being any better or more accurate than your own IAM christ self. Why look outside your self. When the promised land is in our hands all day long?

    3. @knowthyselfassoul1

      I don't know, if i interpreate you right. But from what i got, i would ask, what is "sufficiently enlightened"? If you mean my kind of awakening (i for myself don't feel enlightened), this people will not need Infos from Channelings, they are all doing the jobs....

      I did not realy get it. But did you mean "wtf do you care about channelings"? If so, i gree with you....

    4. Yes, I ment those who are awake enough...:)
      (Sorry about my English...)
      Dear Soul, wish you much strenght on your path and thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts.

    5. I do get confused with what your tryig to say. I hve made it clear i rarely give too much weight to channelings< but if people do try to tune into "entities" I would say that it does matter what the "alleged entities are saying! that is my main point discernment discernment discernment,,,it is best to follow the inner light within.....
      respectfully Rob
      I hope thisclears up my response!

  56. I think if you look at how parents talk to their little children, you can see what Hamourapi is suggesting. When little ones are scared, what does Mum or Dad tell them? Yes. I think there is some likelihood that no side is going to give a straight answer at the moment.


    1. certainly true in terms of ongonig operations :-)

    2. Thanks, That's what i wanted to say..... sry my engish...


    worth a look as to why arrest have not been forthcoming it seems the information for arrests were given to the foxes gaurding the hen house??

  58. This is a small story i've written for you.
    It's about a 6/7D entity and her incarnation on earth.
    I try to make it a little bit funny, so that those, who don't see anything in it may be entertained, and some others may see something more.

    The two actors are an ant in the role of the 7D incarnation of the entity, and an elephant in the role of the 7D entity.

    The patient Elephant

    There is the world of ants. This world is a little bit ugly at this moment. The elephant is sitting somewhere "above" this world, watching down to it and thinking "hmm, look at all these good and hard working ants. It's nice to watch them bustling around. But there are always some dark wesps giving the ants hard times and sucking energy from them. I like the little ants, maybe I should send an avatar of mine to this world to give the ants a hand.".

    The elephant decided to help the ants and put an avatar in their world by incarnating a part of himself in an ant. This ant started living, and grew up like every other ant. And the elephant is waiting patiently.

    The elephant very often helped his ant. He sent a lot of love to the ant. He sent the ant dreams and visions. And the elephant is waiting patiently.

    The ant made a fine developing and became a good member of the ant society. The ant cared for many other ants, gave all the love that it got from the elephant to the other ants. And the elephant is waiting patiently.

    But all the good things, that the ant was doing, have been watched with distrust by the wesps. The wesps noticed, that they had to do something about that "naughty" ant, because they weren't anymore able to suck energy from all the ants, to which the elephant-ant gave its love. So they decided to stop it by doing some harm to the ant. And the elephant is waiting patiently.

    The wesps started their intrigues against the ant. They hit the ant. They tortured the ant. They sent illnesses to the ant. But the ant was strong, and kept doing good things and giving its love to other ants like he used to do before. The elephant kept sending more love to his ant and he also sent the ant some healing skills. And the elephant is waiting patiently.

    The wesps decided to incarnate some of their own in other ants, so they can beat the ant. Some of the wesps-ants pretended to be the ant's friends. And the ant started trusting them. But then a hard life-situation came over the ant and it had to ask its "friends" for help. They didn't help, they let the poor ant fall like a hot potato.

    Nevertheless the ant was strong. It stood up, healed itself and continued doing good things. But something had changed. The ant was thinking now. Thinking about the nature of real friends. Looking around with clear eyes at the ants world, and started seeing the real nature of the wesps and what those were doing to the ants. The elephant was pleased to see the ant recognizing the real dark being of the wesps. And the elephant is waiting patiently.

    After recognizing the wesps's dark nature, the ant decided to do something against it. Now the elephant was very happy, watching the ant's progress. The ant finally started doing the things in the antworld, what it had been sent for. The elephant decided to send more strength and even more skills to the ant, to help it do its job properly. But the wesps noticed that as well. And the elephant is waiting patiently, now happy and full of hope.

    1. At that moment the wesps got alarmed! They knew, that they would have to treat the ant harder now. The wesps-ants told the ant a lot of stories about someone called god and about some curios entities, that would help the ant. The ant would only have to believe strong enough and pray to them, so that they would come and help the ant. The elephant heard the storie s and thought "what BS the wesps are talking about? I'm here, many elephant friends of mine are here too, but there is no god or any kind of curios entities over here...". And the elephant is waiting patiently.

      The wesps treated the ant as hard they could using all tricks they had available. But the ant was strong. It kept doing good things and doing things against the wesps. It started talking with other ants about the wesps and helped them to find out themselves the real dark nature of the wesps. But the ant also started to sense the hard attacks from the wesps on itself and its life became harder. The ant was suffering severe damages. The elephant saw it and thought "poor ant, it could be so easy for you...". And the elephant is waiting patiently, now with a small tear in the eye caused from the suffering of the ant.

      But the ant was strong. It did not give up until today. Right now the ant is still fighting the wesps and bringing all its love to the antworld. The ant has hope, if it works hard enough on love and light, and if it prays hard enough to god and the entities, that they will come and help the ant and the antworld by pushing away the wesps. The elephant feels the hope of the ant, gets sad and a little bit angry. He is thinking "Why does the ant hope for someone, who doesn't exist? I am here to help. Why the ant doesn't ask me? I sent the ant to the antworld to give me orders, to tell me how to help." And the elephant is waiting patiently.

      But the ant doesn't remember anything of it. So the elephant starts looking why the ant doesn't remember all the informations he sent with it to the antworld. And he finds out, that the wesps have wiped out and blocked all the given informations from the ant's brain. And he decided to give the ant the informations back in a vision. He sends this vision to the ant:

      "My dear ant, you forgot about me. I'm your higher self. I am one of those, the wesps told you wild storys about. The wesps removed and blocked all the memories about me from your brain. You are working so hard on bringing the light into the antworld and fighting so brave against the wesps. And you take so much pain to yourself with helping the other ants. It' a pitty, because it could be so easy for you, if you would only remember me. You know! I can do all the work for you! The wesps can not hurt me or do me any harm. A work that would need millions of ants and months to be done, can be done in a minute by me. I do want to do it for you! This is the reason, why i sent you to the antworld! But there is the rule, that I can only help you, if you order me to. So please try to remember me, because I want to do the work for you and please don't keep waiting for those, who will not come.".

      And the elephant keeps on waiting patiently hoping, that the ant may awake and remember him. And he sends out the same vision, he has sent to the ant, to all his thousands of elephants friends, who are waiting to get some orders from their ants........

    2. Thx @Hamourapi2012,

      it's a wonderful story.

    3. @Hamourapi,

      Thank you for this story! I am grateful that you decided to stay around here. :)

    4. Ham, great story. Good English. Now I am beginning to understand what you have been trying to say. Blessings.

    5. That's an effective method of communication you figured out there, Hamourapi! Nicely done. :)

    6. Thx to my wife. It took her an hour to translate my english into real english....

    7. i like the "dropping the peanut-butter sandwich" example, where the open-hearted man is connected with the 'higher realms' in every moment, gratefully and gracefully working together with the 'unseen world' (such as your personal angels and guides) to allow the sandwich to land with its right side up.

    8. @Hamourapi,
      Great analogy - you might do a cartoon for this.. ;o)

      Love and light

    9. Thank you Hamourapi2012, that was a very wise story, for all ages :)

    10. Thanks as well. Noted

    11. Aha! FInally realized this story and it's meaning. Good job ham....4 years later;) And the Elephants waits patiently, yes the Elephant does.

  59. This ship set sail from a port of light
    to bring goods of love as is its right
    on a most dangerous mission to assist mother Earth
    in her transformation, a miraculous birth
    bad storms are encountered most fierce and cruel
    in lands where love and compassion can’t rule
    its sails are torn, it’s leaking badly
    rocking, leaning and listing sadly
    as the ferocious storms rant and rage
    they bring fresh heart break on every page
    on this vessel much will depend
    if suffering and darkness are to end
    so it contacts by radio it's innermost core
    it is told rough weather it must endure
    so the anchor is dropped down once more
    to touch reality’s harsh and loveless shore...


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  64. Cobra where are you? It's been a week since we last heard from you on July 3rd. Seems unusual to go so long without an update from you. Hope everything is moving forward. Blessings Victory