Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Red Pill

I have been delaying the release of this for as long as possible because this intel is very disturbing.  But people have the right to know the truth. That is the only path towards healing.

So you have a choice. You can take the blue pill, forget about this and go on with your daily life. By clicking on the links you take the red pill. Be aware that what you read here will shatter your world view quite dramatically and you will need some time to digest this. But after you do, you will become a pillar of strength for people in this world because every human being will have to deal with this intel sooner or later at least to an extent. Please understand that I can take no responsibility for those who read this information and their psychological reactions to this. 
Both links are very reliable and very close to the truth.

First you can read about the real background of the Nazi-Jesuit holocaust:

Then you can read about the Illuminazi mind programming, which was the backbone of the Illuminati power until very recently:

The Cabal must be exposed and things like this must never happen again. The coming victory of the Light will make sure that they will not, and healing for many victims of this will finally be available.


  1. the truth will set you free but first it will piss you off...all that is hidden must be revealed...we can learn from this and move forward into a new age together...thanks cobra

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  3. ..We were only meant to take 1? … Woops … I took both.
    Ah.. That explains a lot.

  4. To be honest, this information does not surprise me~ i think we can expect much more of this kind of truth soon.

    love to everyone.

    1. I completely agree, Samareh. So much deception, so many lies, over so many generations, almost nothing surprises me anymore. I'm so pleased and honored to be on planet at this time, helping in whatever way I can to forward the light agenda and allow each to choose for themselves. The truth(s) *are* setting us free. I appreciate Cobra and the others who are bringing the deceptions out from hiding. Love and Light to all, everywhere.

      ~ k

  5. Cobra ,
    thank you for not being afraid to take us down a ver ydisturbing rabbit hole. The RM and drakes site also put this one out

    This is an expose on the complete fabrication of news to distract and disrupt the emotional bodies and minds of the worlds populace. My one question is this 'Wellaware1" video of drakes also claims that wilcock and Fulford are also fake and nothing more than actors? HMMMM it can be very confusing perhaps is he right about some and wrong about others? It is very rocky road we travel on the way to complete truth revelation. The idea of wilcock and fulford being front Agent/plants is alarming and scary to think it might all be disinformation to get the real thinkers and aware people out in the open and then "make the move to ?" As usual we must be patient and calm and digest all of this information. This will likely light up the comment section like a christmas tree. lets all be nice and understanding of the many divergant belief systems and structures that are challenged by these cobra revelations. the challenges we all face in assimilating this disturbing news is worth the effort t will require of disciplining your mind and to continue to invoke the light. Remeber we have a meditation coming up today. See you in the colum of light
    thoughtfully yours

    1. I was also very concerned about that and have decided to avoid that site as it doesn't make sense. DOJ has just brought charges against the banks after a 3 year covert investigation. The cabal is going down so they are reaching for anything as we were warned. On the same web site the media manipulator references is also an article about how the President wants to end war and the cabal are terrified. I am looking at what has been done and see concrete results. I my opinion Drake has gotten himself in with some scary folks. The statements don't add up at all. The cabal wants to keep control and war ongoing and a coup or attempted coup would be something they would do. I do not believe Fulford or Wilcox or numerous others are the problem. There are dark ex-military(Bush-Cheney) and some current military with access to this stuff. Knowing ET is out there sure relieves my mind a whole lot and I will continue sending light but won't be sucked into fear based thinking as that is of the dark. I am glad to have this information. I have no doubt some poor people are being activated as a last ditch effort and the cabal believe they will succeed. Well they don't really understand the light, YET! I had heard about this stuff years ago but it had faded from memory so I appreciate the info. I had not had the details though-god awful. The memory of those who suffered must be acknowledged. No wonder people have been terrified to take these guys on before. Namaste

  6. Thankyou cobra....the truth shall set you free!
    But first it is ridiculed, then violently denied...then accepted through self evidence!
    Dont forget what the catholic church did to the Irish...when the true history comes out , and the fact they allowed 6 million die in the "potato famine" when ships left Dublin port every day full of Irish cattle /grain etc destination England and they did nothing for the Irish who were left to eat only rotten that will blow people away! Also Enda kenny, Taoiseach of Ireland responds to the Vatican on their lack of interest/dismissal of facts re the abuse of innocent children and women in"The care of the cattholic church"

    Keep up the great work ...
    with gratitude.

  7. The Vatican is the high seat of Satanic worship. This is no secret, I've known it all my life. Orphanages were set up to syphon children off for satanic rituals.

    The Vatican created poverty and then filtered off the children of destitute families.

    And this poverty that they create is the very low vibrational energy that they need to live. This is why the very few benefit from the masses. It's a control system that has us all enslaved.

    It's evolved just as we have been slowly evolving in to the 21st century, but it's been in place for a very very long time.

    And now it's running out of time.

    This is the most important thing to remember. Time has run out for them.

    The lightwave is effecting them just as much as it is us.

    All their money, jewels, art, armies, corporations and corrupt government officials are of no use to them when it comes to facing the light.

    They may well have massive bank accounts and huge amounts of gold and art that is all stolen property from war.

    But the lightwave only checks the bank account of the heart.

    And they are BANKRUPT!

    We are the currency of this new Golden Age.

    It will be a DO NO HARM society of global love and understanding.

    You do not need borders when everybody loves where they live.

    We will celebrate diversity instead of treating it with suspicion.

    Our heart will be the currency and our Mother Earth will be our church.

    We will live from the heart and live above fear.

    Fear is not real, common sense prevails from you making stupid mistakes like hurting yourself. Fear makes us go to war and protect ourselves when it's only fear we are flinching from.

    Common sense is a heart based fail safe to stop the individual from making stupid mistakes. Gut reactions are fear based and they are used to make us hurt ourselves and others.

    Because we DO hurt ourselves when we hurt others because we are all ONE.

    It's insanity to carry on hurting when we wake up to this fact.

    When enough wake up to this then it truly is game over for the Cabalist and their sychophantic followers.

    The lightwave is here to do exactly this, to activate our DNA and to wake us up.

    Fear is the illusion of the mass hypnosis we are currently recovering from.

    We are shifting to this reality as I type this and it's palpable.

    Know it, feel it, live it. BE-LOVE ♥

    1. This posting is very very beautiful. I'm saving it and sending it on to others. Thank you for your gift of words. It's a nice summation of where we are going.
      It's a wonderful sign of hope which is much needed right now.

    2. Hope springs a loving outcome for us all in the kingdom of the heart. And that's where we are heading. ♥

    Breakdown of the $26 Trillion the Federal Reserve Handed Out to Save Incompetent, but Rich Investors:

    As always, thank you Cobra!


  9. According to Mayan Calendar:
    Please read the very timely links: July 25th 2012 "the Day Out of Time" and July 26th 2012 "Blue Resonant Storm"

    "Once you know the Truth it will help you heal and truly set you Free"

    1. The Gregorian calendar, the current global civil standard, is the macro-organizing principle in which embedded are all of the laws, customs, institutions and scientific principles governing the present global civilization.This calendar represents, therefore, the institutionalization of disorder and entropy. It has existed sufficiently long in the human historical cycle - 2000 years. In Europe, by AD 1600 the twelve-month year and the 60-minute hour had become the standard of time. Thus, giving form to the very origins of modern materialistic science, the final codification of the third-dimensional timing frequency, the 12:60, an error in time. This error is in the 12-month calendar and the 60-minute clock: the artificial frequency called 12:60. The irregular measure of 12 uneven months, combined with the 60 minute hour, creates the false and entropic 12:60 timing frequency, which reduces all values to the ruthlessly simple paradigm: Time Is Money.
      12:60 timing frequency is incompatible with the true patterns of nature. This disharmony manifests itself in the world as: greed, fear, sense of separation and isolation, competition, stress, materialism, exploitation, and so on. We experience the effects of living in 12:60 time both as an outer reality of environmental degradation and an inner reality of daily anxiety and a general sense of tension or dis-ease.
      While space is physical, time is mental. If the calendar and time we follow is irregular, artificial and mechanized, so becomes our mind. As is our mind, so our world becomes, as is our world today: irregular, artificial and mechanized.
      But if the calendar we follow is harmonic and in tune with natural cycles, so will our mind become, and so we may return to a way of life more spiritual and in harmony again with nature.
      Change of calendars to 13:20 frequency is the first and most important step to stop us from the path of destruction we have been following..
      The Return of the Goddess (the Moon energies) has helped us re-remember and raise our awareness back to the nature-based rhythm of the 13-moon/28-day calendar which reconnects us to the wisdom of our ancestors and the grace of our collective human potential.
      The 13-moon, 28-day calendar follows, and was recoqnized, in all ancient cultures and traditions. It serves to replace the Gregorian as the world's civil calendar while providing a perfect framework to uphold all other traditional calendars, cycles of nature, and cultural holidays. The 13-Moon Natural Time Calendar, for example, overlays the 260-day galactic cycle onto the 13-moon, 28-day solar cycle. This is just one application of its universiality!
      By adopting a Harmonic Standard of Time supports our capacity for higher awareness and conscious spiritual evolution.




    Lots to read and digest with todays post, but please, remember we have a meditation today. Do your best to stay in a high vibration - perhaps postpone reading this till after your mediation?(I certainly will)

    Please consider choosing to bring more light into the world, even if for a few moments. The files or information will still be there to read later.

    We are one, we are not separate. All are one. Much much love to you

    1. i was at the beach today. A couple of dolphins appeared out of the blue, swimming towards the shore. People got out of the sea in fear, i was lying there sunbathing, but i spontaneously got up and took a dive in the clear blue waters. i couldn't understand why they were afraid. This gentle, lovely "couple" was just being playful, going on circles around me, barely just out of my fingertip reach, but i felt their joy, their vibes and energy enveloping me and i felt my vibrations sky high...

      This was such an incredible and unique experience for me... i've been going to that beach for years... nothing like that has ever happened there before as far as i know...

      So i'll take heed of your gentle reminder dear @imtracyac and postpone reading this... i read enough to know that i'm not going to be the same after i'm done reading.. i forsee maybe a little trauma but no surprise... it's just that every time i learn something more... something inside me changes... So that can wait. Thank you again Cobra.

      Peace-Light-Joy-Freedom to all

  11. Hi guys! I would just t like to make a suggestion regarding the weekly meditations. Not all of us are great at visualisation (I know I can struggle sometimes!), so I thought it would be a good idea to do the 'Ho'oponopono' as we meditate. All you have to do is keep repeating "im sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you". There is lots of info on the web about this and its a very powerful technique. It might even be a good idea to maybe 'dedicate' one meditation a month to this technique. I think with a few thousand people all doing this technique deep in meditation all over the world, we'll see some major results. Just a suggestion!

    1. @Norrris

      What's the point to feel sorry? What's the point to ask for forgiveness? Why do we have to feel sorry when meditating? I just had a quick look at that Ho'ponopono and I found something totally different of what you wrote here. The words should be "I'm sorry to have caused this wrong resonance, I forgive myself, I love myself, I love you". There are probably lots of versions out there, so I can't guarantee that what I found is the best one, but at least it doesn't make one to feel guilty the way your words made me feel while reading them.
      It is very important to pay attention to the words we use, because they affect our life more than we think.
      We have to learn to forgive each other and we better start by ourselves.

    2. You could say that, but that is not the standard Ho oponopono. What I originally said is the general mantra usually used.

      If it doesnt work for you then dont use it.

      Its the vibrations of the words that matter. No guilt needs to be involved. You might want to look into it properly before making up your mind.

  12. Thanks Cobra for this!

    Many truths are in these links!
    I had a short look at them it, but will go deeper in it later.

    Here is, what I already can say now about them for sure:

    All mentioned in these two links/articles is only a scratch on the surface!!!

    All those texts are written from a low point of view. So the realy facts are much more pervert. I have written about them in C's blog before, but you weren't able to read or understand it.

    You know NOTHING about the real history! You know NOTHING about the real things, that happen NOW!

    And you will probably not be able to understand these things as long as you stay in your old perspectives! Most of you will probably not be able to change the point of view as changng point of you will mean to get rid of many good old habits, which is quite hard.

    You know NOTHING about religions and spiritual philosophy! You only know, what the darks have been hammering into you for ages now!!

    The links that Cobra posted are only the first step in your awakening! Attention: Awakening has NOTHING to do with higher skills. Awakening means, free your mind from the ideas, that the dark side put into this world!!! Even if they sound very nice and lovely!

    Awakening has NOTHING to do with getting higher skills!! Please try to understand this! People were unable to awake in the past, after achieving higher skills! Now this regards all people, who have and use higher skills: You are NOT awoken!!! You are still sleeping! When will you start to realize it?

    Fact is, that at this moment only 9!!! people on earth are awoken!! Most of you out there are still sleeping!

    We are preparing some texts about the facts around the awakening for a few days now. Also something about resonance. Your resonance, your feelings, everything, what is you, has been manipulated in the past by the darks! So if you "resonate with..." it is quite possible, that this means absolutely nothing! That you are only triggered by the dark manipulation!

    Here is a small advice for you, which I have already given you in the past in this blog:

    I'll tell you a small story about resonance. Yesterday morning i got an email that made me feel very nervous, without an obvious reason. After 1 or 2 minutes, I realized that those feelings weren't mine. I got these feelings (subconciously) transmitted from the writer through the email. It just occurred to me that I also can transmit feelings, so I just "sent" to the writer feelings of silence, calmness and strength. The person felt much better later in the afternoon.

    So, what is my point? I didn't think about this "ability" for months now, but today I was pushed to checked about it. I am able t put emotions to anything I want. I don't mean doing it unconsciously, but doing it on purpose.

    The dark side used to do similar things very often in order to misslead you/us. I checked dark websites and although I knew they were darks, I did feel a nice warm energy coming from them.

    So what is my intention by writing this? It isn't bad to be sensible to certain texts, postings, emails, websites or chats. But you'll have to go deeper and try to get some distance to the info-source, if you find yourself emotionally involved. If you keep some distancee you may be able to differentiate between the feelings coming from the info-source and your own feelings. Sometimes you'll even find out that these are not the same!

    As long, as you don't realize and don't acceept the fact, that we had a 10 000 years war on earth between entities of the highset level, you will not be able to know or understand anything!

    1. ham are you one of the only 9 enlightened ones?

    2. Me thinks there is a strong possibility.

    3. Rob,
      i don't like the term "enlightened". It feels so negatively judgmental to me. This term makes all others something down to it. But this is not, what it is. The better term is awoken. The creator has a list to rate the grade of awakening. This list has 15 categories. And i think, what you call "enlightened" is one category from this list.

      Yes, i am one of the nine, who got the neseccary perspectives. And it don't makes my live easier...

      About the category "enlightened", i have the full "needed points" for the rating, but i am sure that there are very many people out there, how are higher in this! But most of them don't have the needed "points" in the other 14 categories. So they still sleep.

    4. ok thanks awoken or enlightened is the same to me just wondering I will refrain from further comment because i know you have a big heart :-)
      warm regards


  14. Thanx Cobra,
    I had already sensed this that the rabbit hole was going to the Vatican but kudos anyway..

    Love and light

  15. I knew of the mind control of course but at these levels it's understandable now to me that the majority of the population is confused beyond what I had ever imagined. It also explains my repulsion to the Catholic church and organized religion. This info is terrific Cobra and I appreciate being a little closer to the truth.
    Actually your intel about the Archon's being the Lords of Karma & humanity being locked into never ending false cycles reincarnation was way bigger for me personally, I guess because they got me on that one - I have to admit.
    So now this brings us a little closer to the ultimate truth and a new level of ugly that I had no idea was so wide spread. It also really gives us a look at who we are dealing with. Now we know who's behind it, what they have done, and how long they have been at it. Unfortunately most humans will never take the time to read all this material nor do they even have the luxury of time to care. So how do we get people who are more worried about paying their mortgages or rent or feeding their children or just surviving to listen. The problem is huge! and very very nasty to say the least. I now understand why the system busters are so concerned with literally 'blowing' peoples minds up once all this information does finally come out.

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    2. Sorry, but you know only scratches on the surface....

  16. Well, I am not surprised nor impressed...
    For me was a real effect when I read books written by an ex-monk from Tibet who explained that ancient Gods were not Gods at all but they came from other planets and mostly were humans. That was 16 years ago. Since then I can't be surprised any more.

    1. There are no Gods.... Not many, not the one.
      Only inventions from the darks...

    2. oops ham your english again i think you told me you do have a faith in a living god? or was i wrong and its all hust one big cold materialistic machine?
      warm regards Rob

    3. Hallo Rob,

      when i wrote this, i knew you would answer... :))

      There are higher entities, who take care about us.
      There are creators (attention: plural) and the source
      (attention creators <=> source).

      But all the known stories about them are inventions from the darks. Do you realy believe, that the real facts about this would survive the dark dominance, that we had on earth for about the last 4400 years?

    4. Ham
      I do understand what is in our history very well is not god but many are references to Ishwishes or Yawehs or lords who were really just space people who were either mistakenly worshipped or incorrectly allowed themselves to be worshipped. The idea of an anthropomorphic figure of god is not what i mean. All words will fall short as they cannot possibly contain the infinite. Source might be a better description for those who react with a negative connotation to the word God.
      This negative reaction is understandable due to religions. The life and message of Christ has turned into a personality cult with many different ideas and errors. But we should not throw out the Sweet Baby Jesus with the bath water. This great soul was descended from divinity and left an example of a life lived in submission to "Gods will" many beings and worlds emissaries are now here and working for our upliftment due to this incarnation. This meager jewel in space where the son of man became a son of god.
      He actually judged those beings of the rebellion here. This is what we see playing out right now on our world is establishment of and enforcement of Universal law and the outpouring on all flesh of the spirit of truth.
      In this regard I will predict you have not seen anything yet. I hope you have taken acid before and lots of magic mushrooms. Because the waves of energy that will hit this planet will alter your perceptions to the point that many will go mad as they try to cling to the material world view or "human assemblage point". NEW dawn NEW day New reality will include increased color spectrum of 156 frequencies as opposed to the 72 we have today. It is going to be amazing when the EVENT happens.
      The authorities understanding of god is beyond mans mind or reason. Any attempts we make to describe it are merely our hiding our ignorance in pompous expression. The Vedas say it best in my opinion Being Awareness Bliss.
      The modern day philosophical argument goes like this. The basic conundrum or creator vs no creator really comes down to faith. No side can actually win, as both of the postulates are improvable as far as the materialistic mind goes because; AXIOM: Something cannot come from nothing. Submission: Reality life our consciousness IS SOMETHING ERGO… let me be funny here "WTF"
      So it is a paradox this magnificent infinite reality. Those that are "believers" in the good news that all we need is faith are in my opinion more happy and in the faith that there is a eternal living loving creator with whom we an all have a personal relationship with.
      Those who do not believe in a creator likewise cannot argue their point on purely logical or scientific grounds. Eventually science and spirit and truth will meet and the evidence will be in powerful life's lived in and abiding in the truth will be the result of true faith.
      I will give you a link here HAM and all you others. This is where this logical argument is played out for us ...the work is already done. I warn you it is hard to follow. Please take it (the second link) slow and meditate on it. I studied this for weeks many years go after I got this book from Wendell. I will give 2 links one is to the main contact information which is one of my favorite stories of UFO contacts and the second is the philosophical treatise by their earth student on the existence of the ABSOLUTE> This explanation is understood more intimately by our many space family members who freely travel the astral pathways of infinity and beyond.
      Sorry ham the second link will definitely challenge your English but I send my love to your Elephant from my Elephant
      warm regards

    5. Rob,
      Wow, this is realy much for my english skills. But i take it later, and give you an answer. Promised.
      Much LaL to you and all

    6. Rob,
      in this first answer i will only talk about ETs. Especially the ETs from the light side, and the reason, why i am not realy interested in their former opinions. This may change now, if they start realizing, that they are free now, and begin to write and tell the truths. I made hints before, that ALL ETs lied in the past, those from the dark side and those from the light side, too. Now i think you want to know, why i think this? Very easy, i was in the battles.

      To understand this you have to know some "history". This war was going on for about 10 000 earthyears (whatever this means...). For some reasons (which i don't realy understand, and don't need to), this year 2012 was picked from the light-side for the final battles, 10 000 years ago. About 1300 years ago the dark-side began to see the year 2012 as the year of the final battles and they saw, that on earth the area of today's germany would be the battlefield. This was the moment, they started to prepare for it. They build wappons and battleships in the whole creation (not galaxy, not universe, whole creation => about 280 million galaxys on 5 levels) for this battles. Because of the entity, who is incarnated in me, i was the prime target. I know most lightworkers know how it feels, if some darks attack you. I know how it feels, if billions from whole creation attack you same time.

      And i was not only a warrior in the battles, i was the commander of the light-side. And i know very exactly, how many forces the dark-side had. And i know how many forces i had to bring from prime creation to this creation to beat them. This numbers would blow your mind! And i know about how many forces the light-side ETs from this creation had. And i can tell you, if the light-forces from this creation had been battled alone with the forces from the dark-side, they would not have survived 5 minutes!

      The light-forces of this creation are in the light. BUT they have been conquered by the dark-side. This is the real reason, why they could do absolute nothing in the past. This is the reason, why i make no difference, if a story comes from dark or light ETs. This is the reason, why the real big battles have been fought from the light-forces of the prime creation. This is the reason, why i don't know much about the "local" ETs. Did i know in the past, whom to trust?

      I will give more infos about the other aspects later.
      Much LaL to all

    7. ok Ham do read the philosophy it is a very exact logical breakdown of thought on creation. I am sure you are up to the task intellectually. can you fet a translator? i think you will really get off on this particular races viewpoints and how they view creation/ my girlfriend elephant is pregnant and we are having twins soon I post picture for you soon

  17. I started typing a long comment and then decided it was just not worth it. Why feed the frenzy?

    I will say this. There are several problems I have with the source of these links and with a couple comments so far. I am not doubting the veracity of a great amount of the information within the links and comments, but the source of the info and the methods by which the links and comments are presented and what vocabulary is used is troublesome to me.

    I will refrain from further comment after I go bang my head on a wall a few times. Ha.

    There. I tried to say that all as nicely as possible.

    I also find it questionable that this is the second time on a Sunday this tactic has been used.

    Calliope the Muse

    1. Hi Calliope,

      I must say the timing of this is interesting. 2 Sundays in a row, we are given heavy info and no mention of a meditation.

      It's concerning...

      Has the focus changed? Or is it being revealed?

    2. I hope it is being revealed, and in a good way. I really do, and I understand that sometimes to face a tough truth before going into a meditation helps bring emotional focus to that which needs creating. I understand it could be a strategy, and a deliberate. But I do question it as a strategy and find it concerning, as you write.

      Honestly? I gave up cigarettes today, and I think I could be just sensitive and grouchy, hahahahahaha! :D

      I am pissed off at all of this stuff, and just kind of sick of being here on this planet today. Lots going on, lots of personal transmutation and change going on for me, and so I am sensitive to people who think they know it all and we know nothing, or also people who write articles that are hyper-religious (more brainwashing anyone?!?) in orientation, even if a good portion of the contents is true.

      I'm refocusing these past hours and trying to get my equilibrium and neutrality back. I refuse to feed the Machine.

      Hugs to you, klove. And look! You had an 11:11! Nice! :)

    3. My heart goes out to you, CtM, I am also struggling with cigarettes and I know how it affects our emotions! (I'm about to step outside right now. :/) Honestly, you are really brave to take on quitting during a time of personal upheaval! easy with it.

      You're not alone in feeling this way. I'm alternately pissed off and freaked out / then accepting and SO full of love, eyes full of tears. Total rollercoaster.

      The information in the first link wasn't shocking to me. However, I read a few paragraphs of the second link and stopped cold. I need to think about that one...

      Take care and be nice to yourself, Calliope!



      (PS - the numbers are really jumping at me lately!)

    4. I was meditating. Yes I knew most of the stuff and have been preparing to help others deal with it as best I can

    5. I too, Calliope and Klove, felt a bit disappointed by the timing of the release of this info. For me, and I speak only for myself, I feel it conflicts with the Sunday meditations. To remain in higher vibrations and to entrain that vibration for the upliftment of the Earth in a unified context is the purpose of these meditations. Anything that works against this seems to be very unsupportive of that goal.

      While the release of information is valuable and appreciated, timing is everything. The release of information that will certainly be hard for some readers to absorb and acknowledge seems in direct conflict with the former message of continued meditations that must be done "exactly as described".

      At this time, I choose to believe that this was a miscalculation, a mistake in planning, and not a secret agenda. However, it remains to be seen what will come in the future.

      I had my scheduled meditation today, and you are all in my prayers each day. Much love to everyone.

    6. hmm... is Sunday a better day than any other day? Who cares if heavy info is released on a Sunday? I don't and I wasn't surprised in the least as I have heard about this earlier this year.
      No reason to get bogged down in details. Important info can't only be heard when we are in mood to hear it.

      Btw... sorry to say, but it is quite unimportant if you/we meditate or not. The upliftment of the Earth is none of your/our business at the moment. We better let the ones do it, that know what has to be done. Your/our job is to be nice to each other and open your/our minds to accept the truth.

    7. Hi CTM ,
      The meditation countdown is always there /// this info should not get too deep into your feelings it is mostly in the past but is to give you an understanding of the height and depth and the very disturbing nature of the beast this selfish galactic menace can reach. I think we should meditate every day and try to make a connection to divinity. I wanted to help u with quitting smoking as I understand this addiction well my mother has smoked for over 60 years...pall mall without filter...eeeeeeuuuuwwww. Lots of second hand smoke for me.
      The low down skinny is that the bodies nervous system is electrical in nature and we have nerves (electric wires) and insulation or the Mylar sheath! This is insulation is made from b vitamins like b-12 b-3 b-6 lecithin etc. When this insulation breaks down because of stress we get feedback in the bodies electrical circuit or aura it is also called dissonance, cross talk, and static. The result is an uncomfortable feeling the real solution would be to take some lecithin and do some deep breathing. Most people do not breath properly and use their diaphragms / take some yoga classes to learn proper technique.
      In the body's uptake of b-vitamins Niacinimide is very similar to Iicotinic acid in fact it is a small ion bond or so difference. The body actually accepts the nicotinic acid in place of good vitamins, which is not good but …?
      So what happens is people like to smoke because it does coat the nerves and provides temporary relief. This relief is addictive and full of a s#$% load of chemicals. I highly recommend you smoke an organic tobacco from a smoke shop and roll your own or even use the electric cigarette, which delivers pure nicotine steam. A quitting is the best but at least it is chemical free with organic and the steam delivery.
      Better yet take loads of niacin, the kind that is not timed release. Niacin will cause a histamine allergic reaction or Histamic release and your skin will feel itchy hot and flush quite red. This is a good sign it is opening up the capillaries and flushing the toxins out. It is extremely un comfortable so start with a low dosage. Drink plenty of water and support your liver because it is going to be working overtime. The more you smoke the worse the release and the longer the cleansing or flushing period. Start out with say 100-200 milligrams of Niacin and work your way up to 500 milligrams. When you can do this without a reaction or the "light bulb effect" on your skin you will be quite free of antigens or trapped proteins, which are the result of many things not just toxic smoke.
      You must have an iron will and be committed back off slowly and support with other b vitamins and lecithin coconut pulp is excellent source.
      The brain accepts blood directly from the Aorta, which is a fast powerful artery, and it goes from being a quarter of an inch in diameter to a pinprick size or capillary size. Thus the grey matter of the brain act as a sieve or filter for poisons in the blood it will store toxins from your smoke and anything else from your lungs and blood at the base of the skull called the occipital ridge. continue

    8. The reason is the brain has very delicate neuro hormones and minerals working in there and any foreign toxins will only short circuit the brain. In fact when these toxins reach the mid brain at age 40 or so the digestion suffers and we start to get fatter quicker as our brains fill with toxins. When these heavy metals and other toxins reach the forebrain you get Alzheimer disease. One day soon when we detoxify our food and water and our bodies then this disease will become a thing of the past.
      I also recommend you get a steel frame gold plated pyramid form and wear it on your head it will help you release the tar poisons much quicker and the craving will go away.
      Good luck and be strong apply this knowledge and take it step by step if you relapse just start again with more resolve.
      Respectfully with love
      Rob ☺
      @ pb meditation is good for the whole planet i have to urge people to disregard your statement that the upliftment of the earth is none of our business....come on pb really ? I still love you dont get mad ok
      love the roberator

    9. Sorry for butting in here Rob but the research i have done, points that a pyramid should contain NO metal at all as it interrupts the flow of the spiraling energies, A pyramid made from just PVC pipe will work much better.....and its cheaper.

      The only thing that should be taken into consideration is the angles of the sides which are best at the golden ratio of 1·618034 or phi.

    10. @council,
      Yipes, no disrespect here but pvc is plastic and plastic produces a positive ion effect on the body. I don't want to go too deep tonight as i don't have a lot of time but Dr Fred Bell who Cobra told me personally that Semjase told him/her that she held Dr Bell in high regard.
      We were telling people at a national health federation show in 1974 that pyramids should not be made out of plastic Patrick Flanagan who was big in the organization at the time did not like that as he had several products made out of plastic. My girlfriend at the time got him to come over and he did and wanted to tell Fred to cool it.

      Fred started to explain to Pat that plastic and pyramids do not mix. The next thing ya know they are discussing the secret room inside the great pyramid they both had been to and after discussing their science careers (they both were contacted by the govt at 15) you know they are colleagues and became fast friends.

      Patrick stopped making and selling plastic pyramids. I will give you a brief explanation/ definition of pyramid energy and if you want more maybe tomorrow. Pyramid energy is "Progressive energy transfer through Geometric focusing and dynamic electrical amplification over a measured plane of coordinates"

      The lay description is when a pyramid or the Latin word break down; "Fire in the middle" is aligned to magnetic north it vibrates or rings in resonance with earths magnetism. Just like a prism refracts light into 7 colors so does a pyramid refract the earth's magnetism into 7 levels or rays of energy. We have 7 endocrine glands and seven Chakras and seven notes to the musical scale so you get an idea of what we in metaphysical circles call "paths of order".
      When we breathe air we take a negative ion into our blood which is a Heme chain and in the ferrous and ferric exchange we release carbon dioxide and take in O2. What we really do is absorb a free electron into our blood via the lungs. Positive ions make you sick and negative ions build cells.
      Negative ions are created in nature by water meeting air thunderstorms and plants and trees and Pyramids. Though the pyramid does not actually create negative ions it produces the ANU or ultimate physical atom which is also called prana by the vedic sciences ki by the Japanese , Tsumo by the Tibetans, chi by the Chinese, odedic force by the Germans get the idea.

      It is essentially an magnetic and electrical phenomenon. So clearly metals are the best. We found many different effects with different metals. Gold being a carbon atom shape and is 2 pyramids base to base has a claming effect. Titanium is very stimulating. Silver resonates with the pineal gland. Copper 2 pyramids top to top has a drawing or purifying effect thus copper bracelets, which purify the blood. Simply stated respectfully PLASTIC IS A BIG NO NO. A parting reference is in the bible Isaiah 19:19 " In the heart of the Land of Egypt, In the midst of the land on the border thereof sits an Altar to the Lord"
      The limestone in this magnificent edifice provides electrical current through the piezoelectric effect.
      Hope this clears it up for you and other who may be wondering
      Love Rob
      ps the angles are a ratio of angle sides to base. the sides are 9 and the base is 10 . the angles are 52 degrees 19 minutes. The phi ratio is achieved when you take the height and divided by the base. this is the square of the circle or phihe keystone of modern mathematics and the only number that progresses to infinity and beyond!!1 go buzz lightyear! Allpyramids have enrgy but metals are better except aluminum which is as bad as plastic!!

    11. @Potts might want to read up on the Russian scientist Dr Alexander Golob's work which has been very profound, He used PVC pipe and fibreglass. Efforts to bury his research have been great, his web site keeps being brought down and removed from search engines.
      You can make them out of just about anything but using metal does reduce the effects.

      Here is a small extract from the RA readings concerning appropriate materials for construction of a Pyramid.

      Questioner: Then if I just used a wire frame that was four pieces of wire joined at the apex running down to the base, and the pyramid were totally open, this would do the same thing to the spiraling light energy? Is this correct?

      Ra: I am Ra. The concept of the frame as equal to the solid form is correct. However, there are many metals not recommended for use in pyramid shapes designed to aid the meditative process. Those that are recommended are, in your system of barter, what you call expensive. The wood, or other natural materials, or the man-made plastic rods will also be of service.

    12. Position in the pyramid is also of great importance.

      The first notion of upward spiraling light is as that of the scoop, the light energy being scooped in through the attraction of the pyramid shape through the bottom or base. Thus the first configuration is a semi-spiral.

      The spiraling energy is beginning to be diffused at the point where it goes through the King’s Chamber position. However, although the spirals continue to intersect, closing and opening in double spiral fashion through the apex angle, the diffusion or strength of the spiraling energies, red through violet color values, lessens if we speak of strength, and gains, if we speak of diffusion, until at the peak of the pyramid you have a very weak color resolution useful for healing purposes. Thus the King’s Chamber position is chosen as the first spiral after the centered beginning through the Queen’s Chamber position. You may visualize the diffusion angle as the opposite of the pyramid angle but the angle being less wide than the apex angle of the pyramid, being somewhere between 33 and 54°, depending upon the various rhythms of the planet itself.

    13. ***holding a vision of a smoke-free Calliope the Muse***



    14. Hi Pottsman! Thank you for turning me on to Dr. Fred Bell, and I am glad to hear (did I read it right?) that Cobra holds him in High Regard! I read the book The Promise, and I am now on Rays of Light, Crystals of Truth. I have ordered the Firedome head Pyramid from and I can't wait to try it out. Dr. Bell explains it so well and scientifically, the bottom line being that we are BOMBARDED with pollutants of all sorts, especially electromagnetic.... and very low waves.. and the pyramid is supposed to block the negative energy out~~ LOL~~ I'm probably way off base in my explaination, but still I cannot wait to try the thing out, and will keep you updated.

      And Thank you to ALL for you Love and your Kindness, I am always encouraged with the loving awareness of the people who make comments on this site! Namaste! Suzie

    15. @ council I will let my statement remain. There may be effects from plastic pyramids but my experience is plastic is a no no. As far as the RA info goes the fiberglass is ok even wood will have some effect. the spiral vortex information is also well known and documented from kirilian photography. No life force aura on any plastic pyramids with kirilian photagraphy so sorry i am not convinced by the dissappearing russian scientists webstie.I do not mean this as a personal affront to you so dont take it as such ok!
      We took Semjase's design of what is called an irradiator to Thelma Moss at UCLA in the 70's and got huge scalar life force plasma field pictures from the pyramid arrays. Metals definitely make them more powerful. I have slept in pyramids and worked inside of huge pyramidal systems which have tesla violet flame generators attached to crystals in conjunction with lasers and music and i can assure the results are out of this world.
      I will agree that some metals may not be conducive to meditation due to the stimulation of specific chakras or endocrine glands. copper which hits the adrenals will keep you up at night though some can handle this force after time. Gold is very mellow and greatly speeds up the body's ability to go into a relaxed state as evidenced by our studies with bio feedback machines also done in the 70's. I suggest you go to also buy Dr Bel'sl book Rays of Truth and Crystals of Light. I think you may be persuaded by this scientist whos uncle invented the telephone and his father invented the automatic transmission with herny ford. Dr Bell was a phd in phyisics at 15 and worked on the saturn gemini and apollo missions. he was then taught by eastern masters including Dwal Khul and St Germaine and then Pleiadeans and Andromedeans. I will stick to my own experience.
      @ light88 Thanks for the support of and glad you are enjoying Dr Bell and his legacy. Cobra did reach out to me and said that Semjase did confirm that DR Bell was one of the Few real physical contactees and that she held him in high regard. The pyramid act as a faraday shield as evidenced by our experiements with brine shrimp which usually are protected from radiation in the ocean when put in a fish tank they die quite young. However under a gold plated steel frame pyramid they live much longer thus they sheilding effect of pyramids is demonstrated. If there was a nuclear bomb you would want to be inside of a room shaped like a pyramid and have lots of Bells pyramids systems all around you. The apple when on the tree has the life force energy from the mother earth when picked it starts to mold and bacteria begins to return it to the soil. If a pyramid is placed over it almost all fruits will get a hard mumified shell and the inside will stay fresh for longer eventually the fruit becomes hard as a rock 'mumified" . They found seeds in the great pyramid that were preserved for over 2000 years and they sprouted. such is the amazing fire in the middle life force created with a properly constructed pyramid. As far as I have studied all materials will work except for Aluminum and Plastic these 2 should be avoided and kept way from the body.
      warm regards to you both

    16. @ ~I AM Love~*

      "***holding a vision of a smoke-free Calliope the Muse***



      LMAO!!!!! (I seriously burst out laughing. :D)

      Yeah, me, too. So far, so good.

      And just for the record, I quit for several months starting Sept 2009. I have a cycle of starting up again as the energies peak -- I think for the protective reasons mentioned above. About every three months for a totaly of 6-8 weeks or so. Lately I smoked American Spirit tobacco in self roll 'ems. :) I only smoked about 4 on any given day, maybe six on a stressful one. I have dabbled since the biggest quit in 2009. I may dabble again! I just know that when I get too full, my body tells me "NO MORE" and I have to quit.

      I was wondering today if it is because of the cosmic Sha'alura event that is driving the vibrations even higher! I feel like I am having to purge a lot. Um, truly. My body is throwing off toxins like crazy -- not just nicotine! Anyone else?

      So far, not doing too badly. Mostly just working mentally with my triggers and drinking a lot of water. Okay, and I confess I have some nicotine gum lying around from previous quits, lol. A couple days of a half a piece if a craving gets really bad, and I am good.

      Pro'lly not going to stick any pyramids on my head. It would interfere with my tinfoil hat, yanno? ;-) Not sayin' it would not work! I just don't happen to have a pyramid lying around, so I am going with the regular old willpower way. Tried but true. :)

      You all be well & be safe.
      Thanks for all the concern.

    17. BTW: @ pottsman re: "Hi CTM ,
      The meditation countdown is always there /// this info should not get too deep into your feelings it is mostly in the past but is to give you an understanding of the height and depth and the very disturbing nature of the beast this selfish galactic menace can reach."

      Actually, it was not the information itself that bothered me, and with the way I view timelines, the energetic reverberations of these actions are nowhere near in the past, but very much in our "right now." IMO. It (what made me pissy) in fact was comments that had already been made here that were getting really up my nose, (sometimes people are just annoying) and also the fact that the author of the information in the second link, Fritz Springmeier, well, I was super-uncomfortable with his evangelical Christian stance in the article (more brainwashing, and not that trustworthy, IMO) and also that he seems to be a really unsavory character. I know that sometimes people have crap happen because they are Lightworkers and I know the drill on false accusations, etc. But when someone is arrested for fraud, and does prison time for armed bank robbery, I feel a little uncomfortable, right?! Maybe he was set up, but *still*. For me, the Christian crap thrown around the article really cheesed me off the most. And I am all for Christian stuff that is the true nuggets of gold in the chaff. I know it is there. I just really did not like the way and kind of "god talk" that was going on in it, and I could not turn off that filter. So I chose to stop reading. I found it ironic that in an article about DID and (essentially) brainwashing, there was a brainwashed stance (evangelical Christianity) that was speaking to it. I mean, that's just kind of messed up!!

      Anyway, I am over it, and I understand that was is really important is the generalized concept, not necessarily the details, and yes, I have looked into this stuff quite a bit. So no need for me to get my panties in a twist over Fritz's words and stance. I went ahead and did my meditation and powered through (I commented on this below).

      Then there was just the fact that we are being "tested" with how cool we can stay in the face of Cobra posting stuff like this purposely on a meditation day. (See comments ctrl+F and type "Cobra."

      Anyway, I made more comments on this already. I don't need to belabor the point. I was just cranky about it, that's all. Not shocked by the actual material about which I have been reading a lot and am already familiar with.

      I just feel a little jacked around, both here and especially in my personal life, which is really being tested to the extremes right now. Par for the course, and this is what I signed up for, so I'm not falling apart in the least. Just have a lot on my plate, and I was annoyed.

      Like as in I just kind of want to swat some mosquitos. Or ankle biters. Maybe make them a couple of bad tacos, lol. Give them the trots for a couple of days. *grin*


    18. Dear Ms. Calliope :)

      "Pro'lly not going to stick any pyramids on my head. It would interfere with my tinfoil hat, yanno? ;-)"

      LOL !!! Soooo funny .... now I've got the chuckles :)))

      And funny that when I was reading Rob's accounting of the pyramid, the SAME thing went through my mind !!! :)))

      How's THAT for synchronicity ?

      Lots of love to you, detoxing seems like a never ending cycle. We do what we are drawn to do. Seems I get about a 12 hour break in between cycles before the next purge begins :) Where's the freakin' bottom of the pile I wanna know, hehee.

      Still holding the vision :)


  18. So for people, who are interested in the real history (includind all the dark lies...). If you have the needed higher skills, you can read the real facts in the chronicle of the light side, the Gabriel chronicle. If you fulfill the requirements, i can grant permission. Send me an email...

    1. Hamourapi,

      What are the requirements?

    2. Hamourapi2012, Du lebst in Deutschland? Wo ungefähr? Ich bin in der Nähe von Darmstadt.

    3. @Ave In der Nähe von Weimar.

      The requirements are, that you are from the light side, that you are strong enough for to get the infos (this will maybe upside down your life), and that you are able to travel astral. If you are able to read the earth chronicle, you should also be able to read the Gabriel chronicle. The only thing you will need is the permission, and this you can get from me.

  19. Wow....I just finished reading the holocaust truth. How sickening, I was getting sick just reading it. It IS necessary to know the truth, it WILL set us free. It is so hard not to feel sad, mad, frustrated, but this is part of our ascension process, to learn to forgive and to let go of anger. Those 18 million plus souls will be free with our love and light. I love you all so very much.
    Your forever faithful brother,
    ~Michael Hall

    1. Please send some healing light to those trapped souls in a meditation now that you are aware of it. Thank you.

    2. Maybe free them as an option?
      And these are not the only trapped souls...

  20. I have not read the links above, but understand the shock people will undergo and healing that must take place. We have all experienced the same, when we were exposed to the information regarding the depths of depravity that is possible by these human-less souls.

    Reading William Cooper's work and then the Montauk project had this effect on me - I was incapable of accepting that human beings were capable of these things. And I didn't want to know any more about it, that's for sure !

    Healing does take place, but it will be quite an undertaking for us as lightworkers to transmute this energy when it it will be on such a massive scale.

    Perhaps the point of releasing this information right before a meditation is to start, or continue to, exercise this strength - to be able to plunge to the depths of darkness, and then heal it within ourselves and then rise above it and heal the light/dark grid, with our weekly meditations.

    We are the ones who must be able to do this, right now, right here on our planet.

    I am ready.

    Many blessings and love to Cobra and to you all. Be strong. Trust your faith and inner knowing.

    We are LOVE

    1. "Healing does take place, but it will be quite an undertaking for us as lightworkers to transmute this energy when it it will be on such a massive scale."

      Send your elephant. He/she will do it with ease....

      This is not a very big job for an elephant.
      Healing mankind will be a real job.....

    2. Hi Ham, thank you for this reminder ... my Elephant is now on the way :)

  21. I would guess that most people would take the blue pill, even as they are being thrown into a boxcar destined for an undisclosed site. Why is the truth so maddening?

    Talking to anyone about this stuff gets you one of two reactions; (1) a moronic stare, or (2) no acknowledgement of what was just said. No wonder the Cabal has been operating with such impunity for some many years. Even now, in the age of the Internet, most people still depend on the mass media to tell you who the bad guys are and how the government is protecting you.

    People may be awakening, but I suspect it is on the order of a few million, while 7 billion are still sound asleep. Do you really want to be one of the few million, jumping up and down trying to talk to zombies, or be one of the 7 billion, sitting in front of the TV listening intently to the latest sports critique?

    1. Bob you are little wrong in the numbers. You maybe have millions half-awoken. Realy awoken you have 9.....

      And yes, i am jumping up and down.....

  22. Thank You Cobra, I take the red. I am sorry but I am not even surprised by this information, perhaps because it sounds familiar due to other things I have looked at. When I saw the story of the Canadian church abuses against children which include genocide, I sat at my computer and cried. I saw how terrible an inversion this is, because the message of Jeshua was really to go within, you are your own God and forgive all. So what can be done?
    I just learned earlier today that Reiki can be sent backwards and forwards in time. I knew shamanic healing could already. I am a new healer but I feel that to reiki this lot would help a little. All that is needed is to draw Cho Ku Rei over the screen, i.e the command 'turn Reiki on now' followed by Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, The distant healing symbol. Then the screen containing the information can literally be given Reiki. My teacher often sends healing this way and it can have powerful effects. The best way would be to synchronise the healing with many healers. Would welcome anyone willing to join me. I shall do this after the mediation,
    In peace, CJ UK

  23. I made this today... some interesting... :)

    1. I'm sorry, error is found, I repair it.

    2. Ready...

    3. Thank you, Smaly7. Nice work.


  24. I agree with you Cobra, awakening to this can be dangerous and requires caution!

    There are so many layers, levels and dimensions to awaken to. For those of us who made this choice years or decades ago, Spirit has guided us into truths that are right for us with methods and time to do the deep processing.

    It may seem kind of basic, but if you are beginning this path, it is rather essential to remember you are awakening because your asleep. If you can get your asleep than you are choosing red/blue pills and really don’t know where they are going to lead you.

    I would like to offer that there are three basic sign posts. One is that all the awakening has to do with is peeling off layers of unconsciousness that prevents us from connecting with our true luminous nature. The second and third is understanding that there are two basic kinds of awakening. One has to do with a paradigm shift of understanding what is really going on. You may be uncovering ‘secrets’ within science, religion, politics, economics, business practices or how all of those are part of dumbing us down. Those have to do with programing. The other awakening has to do with our own personal issues and karma. That has to do with Trauma Structures and these layers are where the ‘rubber hits the road’ and takes much more care and courage. Trauma structures lodge in our cellular memory and remain stuck there until we find the courage to face, deal, understand and release them. These traumas are best addressed by seasoned process-oriented, or energetic / spiritual based therapists or shamans who understand cellular memory and how to resolve and release these from your cells and DNA.

    Satanic Ritual Abuse is an entirely different rabbit hole. I was initiated into these realms as a novice therapist over 25 years ago. An RA Survivor found the courage to seek me out at a women’s crisis center. She opened up and revealed her horrific history to me. Her family was a mega-rich family and one that was ‘beyond reproach.’ Two days later she was found dead from an ‘apparent suicide’ within her family’s compound. This experience ripped the floor of reality out from under my feet and I dove into this horrific underworld.

    My client’s death / murder began my five years learning about and working with Satanic Ritual Abuse survivors. The levels and layers of programming these innocents are subjected to will rip your world apart to learn of such intentional evil – and delight in evil. There are multiple reasons these worlds are so hidden from public view. And reasons why whistle-blowers, like my courageous client was willing to become, are so rarely seen.

    One of the main programming commands that is seared into victims’ unconscious mind is this: “If you tell anyone outside of ‘our family’ you WILL either commit suicide or you will tell someone in the family that you have told an outsider. (and we will kill you.)
    I am sharing this because I do believe this post IS DANGEROUS. If you do have Ritual Abuse in your history-and your asleep to it, just reading about it can trigger memories and put you in dangerous position. You don’t need to read this. You can do deep awakening at more of ‘paradigm shift’ perspective and it doesn’t need to go to the hardest healing work that there is to do on this planet.

    One of the best in-depth study of our entire civilization and the vast lies of it all is by Michael Tsarion – The Irish Origins of Civilization. 1-6.

    If even reading my post, or even Cobra’s post triggers a belief or fear you have this in your background please trust your inner truth arising. If you do choose to read this, and you get triggered, please DO NOT TELL or CONFRONT ANYONE IN YOUR FAMILY, thinking that you are going to expose them. Do follow Cobra’s advise and immediately look for a therapist that has at least 3-5 years working in Ritual Abuse, Multiple Personal Disorder / Dissociative Identity Disorder.

    May we all awaken in a good and safe way.

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. I quickly went through both links. Nothing surprising. This should be expected if we voluntarily hand over power to lunatics or allow them to do their thing by not protesting and not questioning their actions. We each have the RESPONSIBILITY to make the right choice.

  27. In the Name of my Beloved I AM Presence

    I call the Power of Divine Love to be magnified

    within my heart and world daily

    I AM Love, Joyous Love

    Radiating Love, Unconditional Love !

    God consumes my shadows

    Transmuting them into Love !

    This day, I AM a focus of Divine Love

    Flowing through every cell of my being !

    I AM a living stream of pure Divine Love

    That can never be re-qualified by fear,

    Anger, hatred, dislikes and greed !

    All negative thoughts and feelings

    Are NOW dissolved and consumed

    By the power of Divine Love which I AM !

    I AM, I AM, I AM Love,

    I live in the consciousness of Love !

    I AM Love in its fullest expression,

    Blessing all mankind with Divine Love !

    I radiate Love, I AM Love in action

    Blessing, Uplifting and Healing all on Earth !

    1. HOO WAHHHHHH! Now that's what I'm talking about ~I AM Love~*. Once again, you give me a nice nudge.

      I really did try to meditate just now. A little late to the exact hour, but spent some good time. A little hard for me to focus.

      But I saw the beginning of the release of the 18 million free from the Net which has entrapped their disembodied energies, along with those who have survived other genocides, like Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

      They will power the system no more and they will be free.

    2. Thanks for this unconscious confirmation CtM!

      I posted this:

      Hamourapi2012July 22, 2012 10:43 AM

      Maybe free them as an option?
      And these are not the only trapped souls...

      2 Minutes later we sent 4 elephants to free them and all others, who have been in this dark magic energy traps

    3. Dear Ms. Calliope, BEAUTIFUL ! Thank you for sharing your meditative experience, it gives me inspiration. I dint read the articles yet, but I too had difficulties focusing and so I offered to send my I AM Presence in service and love. Then a can of Archon-B-Gone showed up I just did a little spraying >>> ..sssst...sssst...Bye Bye Guys ! :-)

      Dear Ham - maybe my Elephant was working with yours ??? :-)

    4. Oh yes, we were 6! Your two were in!

    5. dear Ham - that's verrrry interesting. Thank YOU ! :)

    6. Did you see, how easy it is, to send you elephants for doing the jobs?

    7. Pink elephants carrying cans of Archon-B-Gone and feeding all those ankle biters bad tacos. Hee hee hee hee.

      On a more serious note, I had heard about the Net and working as a polarity integrator in the Lisa Renee Energetic Synthesis Newsletter from November 9, 2011: Through the Wall in Time (see Energetic Synthesis dot com site -- the link is too long to post here). There are many whose job it is to retrieve and restore and remove these disembodied energies from the Net and set them free. It's my first time to have a conscious experience of doing it myself. But I know there are many who have been doing this job for a while -- first, I get the feeling, of having to "sneak into" the etheric area to retrieve and restore, but soon that entire net is coming down, and more and more of us can go in boldly with protection (this is the feeling I am receiving right now).

      We can go in and find all their "missing parts," reunite those parts, and then direct them to where they can be free, explaining they are free to do so.

      I know there was another article from Lisa Renee speaking to this. I can't find it right now. Also, Denise LeFay at the Transitions blog has addressed this work as well.

      We can go in, help the energetic pieces trapped in the Net to release, be whole, and move out. We can also restore stolen energetic pieces from beings still living on the planet and remove that which is powering the Net.

      The Net is going down, thanks to all the work of those who have been aware of it for a long time. I only just found out about it (consciously) and I have to say, I love a good clean-up and restoration job. Taking down this Net is going to cause the entire System to fail. It's one of the significant keys to setting people free.

      ~I AM Love~* -- I realized just what you wrote about there being purpose in these disturbing posts just before meditation. I still find it annoying (lol) but I think you are right. I know while I was bitching about it and feeling really pissy about the things it provokes in comments, I still got to work and did not let it stop me from doing so. I'm still grouchy about it, but sometimes a little grouchy is some motivation, too, right? :)

      I really respect the people who just came along and commented, "Oh yeah! I know about this shit already! No biggie!" In fact, that's such a good response! It's shocking when you first find out, and when you realize how deep it goes, but the right response is to Stay Calm and Get To Work.

      That's just what I did and I am the better for it!

      Calliope the Muse

    8. Calliope,
      i think grouchy maybe a very good and strong motivation. This shows, that there is something working inside.

      CtM: "The Net is going down, thanks to all the work of those who have been aware of it for a long time. I only just found out about it (consciously) and I have to say, I love a good clean-up and restoration job. Taking down this Net is going to cause the entire System to fail. It's one of the significant keys to setting people free."

      You know, if you do this as an ant (with super ant power!!), you will need very many ants and a long time to do the job. Or you send your elephants (normaly there are two...) to do this in some hours (healing will need longer..). This is the reason, why the people, who are incarnations of the elephants, need to start working with their elephants. In the last days, we found compromises, that these people don't need to wake up. They only need to accept, that they are the elephants, and send them to work....

    9. I actually get the sense and feel it is something like this, Ham: My elephants have already been doing this work for a long time, but my 3D self is finally waking up to the work and actually just tagging along, learning the ropes and starting to do it side by side with those parts of myself that are doing this work since who-knows-when.

      In the meditation, I felt I was watching and learning, and participating like a "stagière" when called to work. Like, "C'mon! You try this, too!" and then I could envision it.

      So yeah, I guess in a way it is as you describe at the end. I'm definitely not doing this as an ant, though, not by a long shot!


    10. It is very easy. You only have to give your elephants a clear order to do the job. They are a part of you, so thinking this is enough. It must only come strait from you. So that they take it seriously. The problem with the elephants is, that they are only allowed to work, if they get the order from you.

      The main Problem is to get an answer from them. Normaly we should have 2 different kinds of telepathic, in two bodies. One for "short distance" one for "long distance". With the second one you can reach the elephants directly. And your own elephants (your prime part and the dedicated creator part) have to answer you. But this second is in one of the four stolen bodies. So every human got some weeks ago a provisional one in the mental body. But most people don't know it. And don't know the functions. In the physical body you may feel it in the neck on the right side.

      If this don't work you can easy use tools to communicate with the elephants. And your prime can lock everyone out, that you don't want to talk with. If you want, i can send you a text about it, i think, this text will be finished today evening.

  28. Beyond the horror this just makes me think that we(humanity ) have not loved enough and that we have some serious and dedicated loving to do.

    1. We all have to do a lot of love. You are right.

      But there is another point of view. The whole mankind are victims of unbelievable crimes (as i postet before) from unbelievable dimensions. This is only the surface. So don't blame you or mankind for the crimes of others. Mankind only must heal. Mankind and all lightworkers will get full absolution! In fact the absolution has been given weeks ago.

    2. We are all witness to a massive shift in our evolution, We are currently homo-sapiens and the links show us clearly how homo-sapiens can behave.

      we are shifting, or evolving, or ascending. which ever term resonates with you best.

      We are evolving from homo-sapiens to humane-beings.

      We have to face what we have collectively manifested this reality thus far as part of full disclosure. We are all responsible and the only way to move past it is to accept this and then move past it. It has been steered on this course due to mass manipulation of co-creators by malignant entities.

      These malignant entities come from places such as the Vatican.

      They have manipulated us with religion and technology in to creating an oasis for the few and a desert of poverty for the rest of us. They need to keep the vibrations low so they create global events that keep it low and then we co-create the reality for them based on low vibrational energy

      We are all culpable, and we all need to admit it and get over it and co-create heaven on Earth as it should be.

      An oasis of abundance is the new Golden Age that we are shifting to.

      And it's the home of "Humane-Beings" and we live in harmony with Mother Earth and all the elementals who we have subjected to our cruelty over aeons of systemic abuse.

      You've all had countless amounts of past life so please don't deny being responsible for this world we currently live in.

      This cruel reality is in the last stages of transition to a new positive society for everyone.

      We are only one element of this world, we need to remember this instead of treating the place like a dustbin and financial commodity to be raped and plundered at will..

      To think that you're OK and not in poverty is kind of missing the point, it's spiritual poverty and we manifest it in many different ways.

      We are all born equal so it's only right that we should all live equal.

      It's currently about as unbalanced as it can get, and it's meant to be just before a great shift.

      The Dawn of the new Golden Age is here and it's up to us to co-create this new future as Nirvana for everyone and every thing.

      We are all sub-atomic atoms currently vibrating at a low frequency that is shifting in frequency to a higher state, the lower state is separation. As we shift higher the separation disappears and so does the "veil"

      We then become a galactic society and then our ET family will make full contact.

      This will NOT be yet so please stop waiting for ET to show up an save us. That's so weak minded and typical low vibrational helpless homo-sapien minded, and perfect for the cabal to manipulate you further.

      We are shafting to the realms of permanent bliss, So we can manifest scenarios that represent that blissful energy.

      So daydream your most amazing scenarios not only in meditation, be the dream, and you'll realise pretty soon that it is no DREAM. Only a possible reality waiting to happen.

      The higher dimensions are coming in to view as we approach the Eschaton.

      Let go of negativity and get used to love and intelligence and understanding and compassion and true freedom for all.

      For this is the reality we are shifting in to.

    3. "We are all witness to a massive shift in our evolution, We are currently homo-sapiens and the links show us clearly how homo-sapiens can behave."

      No, sorry. In this point you are not right. This what you call homo-sapiens is only a vessel. In the past, the darks did unbelievable crimes to this vessels and to the souls. So this is not an evolution, what happens right now. This is healing from crimes!

      And the most lightworkers as you and me and most others here, are no human souls. We are here to free earth (what is already done...).

      "These malignant entities come from places such as the Vatican."

      Not realy. The Vatican have only been handyman.

    4. I know they are also manipulated in the Vatican but this is where the Earth representations come from. The Vatican is the high seat of Satanic worship. This is not arguable at this stage now. Not with me at least, I've always seen the Vatican for what it really is and when I visited the place in 2004 it made me shudder and I was physically sick for the next 3 days of my holiday.

      I see healing from crimes as evolution, because consciousness is expanding. this is upliftment of the conscious mind of Mother Earth. We are her consciousness, this physical body of mine is attuned to Mother Earth and her consciousness.

      As our consciousness awakens or shifts then so do we, this means we manifest the reality of heart based entities.

      And that makes us Humane-beings, if we act humanely then we are what we are.

      That's an evolutionary process not spread out over aeons but in a very short span so it's palpable.

      This is happening right now, or at least my interpretation of it is happening right now and I will manifest it as I am a co-creator. It's gone way past thinking it to actually knowing it as far as I am concerned.

    5. In fact the Vatican are renegade Lucifers, not the Satans. The Satans are in orthodox and jewish and everywhere else...

      But this don't make big difference. They all lost the battles, lost the war!

    6. My point in many posts has been that they have already lost, That's why I focus on the events that are going to unfold very soon, and they are ever increasing positive events as that's the energy we are shifting to.

  29. I still believe in personal responsibility,which is different from guilt,I feel that this is a good way to transcend duality .

  30. Well, this info is imho a bit dated and very micro-centric, that is, it goes into the details of the systemic workings of the control mechanisms used by the so-called "cabal" or "family".
    I much prefer to look at this from a macro point of view and connect the dots to map out my version of the "big picture".

    In other words, I understand this Cabal is in itself subservient to control mechanisms of alien entities, physical or not ,who themselves are (were) vassals to the overlordship of a pseudo-god who took it upon himself to declare this planet as his dominion and quarantine it from the Light.

    Looks like this scheme of things is finally ending. Interestingly enough, St-Malachie's prophesy and the 3rd secret of Fatima concur in stating the end of this pseudo-god reigns on this neck of the (Cosmic) woods...

  31. Hello everyone,
    I have kept it in myself but I personally felt offended to be called "underperformer" by Cobra, since the vast majority here is very much positively tuned and everyone does his/her fine share to aweken his/her fellow humans,meditate,raise consciousnesss,help cleanse Gaia,etc and eagerly wait for updates from one of the very-very few trustworthy sources, Cobra.
    Therefore I refuse on behalf of the community here to be called underperformers, just because some people somewhere laughed at Stardust 2 and so on.. I feel it's not fair with us.

    On a different note, I would like to ask for some advice from anyone who feels can help me. I am studying at university(Business&Sociology), preparing for resits and there is 0,0 motivation in me for studying these old fashioned, old world stuff, which I know won't be relevant and useful in the new world we will be living in very soon, without the need to be 9-5 wageslaves and where everyone can freely pursuit his/her interests. Anyone maybe some good hints how to ride two horses at the same time? :)

    Thanks, clear skies to all,

    1. personally i feel that the time to break the matrix from the inside is over now, if you know what i mean

      maybe as long as we're on this planet and the matrix's in place we are in it, i don't know. but what i mean is that i feel it's time to unplug all the cables we can..

      there is much possibility to reduce the slavery lifestyle.. get out of cities, enjoy life in nature with like minded people, grow your own food there, etc.. have a real life you know ?

      When we do that our light quotient is much higher i think, the joy and love we are living ripples on the planet, and we stop feeding into the matrix.. The more people get out and live their dreams now the better..

    2. People doing everything within their power to help with planetary liberation by meditating, spreading info, etc. are definitely not underperformers. Their efforts are valued and much appreciated. But people laughing at intel (Stardust 2,..)without doing proper research definitely are underperforming. They could at least start an intelligent discussion.

    3. Joseph Campbell said it in 3 words : Follow your Bliss :)

      I might add that your body and emotions will show you cues when you think about your options.

      What brings to you a feeling of joy ... ?

      This is the inner wisdom of your heart and soul speaking which is showing you your true path.

      You are loved and blessed, sweet one. Let go of everything else :)

    4. @LV the captcha codes have been quite synchronistic lately. This time it was 'honored'. I feel that this is for YOU.

      Dear Untwine - I'm right there behind ya brother.

    5. and in my view, there's no point sticking to what Cobra said about the underperforming and taking it personally.

      I think he was talking generally about how the population as a whole didn't match their expectations.. they had hoped it would spread much more.. unfortunately now many people have a piece of puzzle, from banking aspect, spiritual aspect, etc, but don't want to see the others, so Cobra here putting as much as possible together is encountering many closed doors..
      but also many people are joining and following him..
      I think he was also talking about how he was attacked for example when he talked about the surrenders story for the first time.. Also how he's been ignored by other people working for the same goal.. And i have to say these things always disappoint me too.. Some people have attacked or got scared when the first thing they don't fully understand pops out.. `
      For me it's always best to stay calm and open-minded, especially when the goal is to have discernment.. And let others have their journey, not talking too much about them, hear them, but let them be them and me be me, stay out of personal business that isn't love, speak and share about myself and how i view things when i feel like it, in peace..

    6. yay IAMLove :)
      By the way i enjoyed coming home and reading your article about 21st december, thank you for that it did bring something to me

      to our dreams people, much love

    7. @untwine
      "personally i feel that the time to break the matrix from the inside is over now, if you know what i mean"

      No, i don't realy know, what you mean. Because looking objective to it, the matrix is already broken. It is only your mind, that tricks you. Old habits....

      The main parts of the matrix have always been inside you, not outside. The inside parts are removed, the outside parts are destroyed. Only your mind and your feelings trick you.

    8. Ham, i don't know where you live but the planet i am now people are still dying everyday for food and shelter and full liberation hasn't happened yet.

      As i've been saying i'm talking globally and not individually. Individually yeah all the means are there for you to be awake it's your responsibility, you can free your lifestyle, etc.. However the enslaving is still in place. It's crumbling and being dealt with yeah.

      Also i'd like to tell you, i appreciate your contributions but please don't tell me what my habits are and where i am in my life like you do to everyone here because i don't think you really have any idea. Or if you do please explain.
      (i know this is a bit fierce, please don't be offended, i don't mean to start a conflict but also i don't wanna suppress what i think, i'd rather be honest. peace)

    9. I, too, am taking courses and I understand totally what you are saying. I have just told myself that I need to finish up the 3D plan I had set in motion and keep on keeping on... Later, we can look back at what we accomplished knowing that it would soon be ancient history, but still be proud that we saw it through. Of course, at the same time, we are doing all that we need to do in order to bring the new future to us by meditating, etc.

    10. Yes in this point you are right. In a special kind some part of me realy don't live on this planet. In fact, i don't feel human any more for months now. And why should i? My soul is not human!

      I have a very high point of view. The bodies are only vessels. And the next vessel on earth for all those, who die now, will be much better on a much better earth. In fact we expect after the finishing of uplifting, and when the people realize all these things, that many people will excarnate by free will. The ill ones, who don't want to wait for the healing of their vessels. But we also expect, that 42% of the lightworkers will leave earth that way and go home.

      The last days there were a controversy between prime Creator and some entities. Opinion of the prime creator was "give them a fast, grand and painless deth. And let them reincarnate in the new bodies." The entities thought other, want to make an upto 48 years story from it. Now we found a compromise.

      Things are not as they are looking on first view. Or as they are looking from low perspective. You are free. All people on earth are free now. But it needs time to manifest, and especially time for healing!

    11. Well from that point of view yes everybody is free and always have been right ?

      I agree bodies are an expression, a sculpture in time and space, a medium for the soul.

      I guess we are on the same page then, as my original point was that i think it is not time anymore (if there was ever a time for it, i don't know) to liberate by living in the system and breaking it from the inside, but going full on manifesting our dreams, asking ourselves 'how would i live on this planet if it was liberated ?'. I'm not saying to start ignoring what's going on. We can still contribute with meditation, internet, etc.. But I think by getting out we stop feeding into the slavery and start living a loving life that will ripple on the whole planet. If you know what i mean :D

    12. @ cobra , thanks for the clarification but i knew what you meant hen you posted it . 2 untwine i agree no need to heal the matrix from the inside might just gey cought in there. we're gonna win the war with music. right? hit me up bro i have a tent and am hoping to go with you to the concert !

    13. LöncsVezér i feel you on the education front, i am in a similar situation with my education, i am studying to be a Primary school teacher, and knowing what i know now, just makes all the things i am supposed to be learning seem insignificant, and untrue and not valid to what is going to come!

      I am pretty sure that i want to in the near future continue with my education to become a teacher, but not the way that it is functioning right now. I think i will need to get a job directly working with children so that i am able too give the maximum of myself until the huge changes occur in the near future. I feel sickened sitting in an irrelevant 2 hour lectures telling me how it is, and how i should perform what is the truth about this and that and how and what children have to learn about irrelevant and limited subjects that they will NOT need in the future, when in all reality, this 3D model of education that we have been forced to follow up until university level, has been created by the Cabal to limit us and our abilities and to prevent us from achieving our true potential. I am suffering because of this.

      I for one will not and cannot tolerate being put into a box and told to learn from within it any longer, i need to break free and to do what i love, but from a more freer angle, i will apply to become a teachers aide again *even though i have already completed 2 years of my degree* that way i am able to do what i love. For the time being i am content with this.

      I know you may be in a precarious situation, all of us who are awake and are within these education systems are in the same situation, but i would think about doing what it is that makes you happy NOW! if you can handle continuing with what it is that you are doing, then so be it do it, if you can see yourself doing something else for the time being, then do that with all the love and joyousness because you will know what is coming, this will rub off on those around you! :D i wish you the best.

    14. @LV,
      I would suggest that u do your studies as supposed to. We are shifting into 4/5D but we still need to go about our 3D lifes in the now. I work fulltime with people that does not have jobs. I help them by giving some advice and share my positive energy.
      Since you R in the University you have the outmost possability to open up discussions with your professors about todays i.e. business linked to events happening now and also reported in the media. Dont dumb down the professors or your fellow students simply open up and add the WHAT IF in the context.

      Love and light

    15. @untwine
      "Well from that point of view yes everybody is free and always have been right ?"

      No, all souls on earth have been prisioners on earth for a long time. They are free since 5th june.

    16. Firstly,thank you very much all of you, your support helped me a lot!

      @Cobra. I still think that only because some people laughed at your intel, it is unnecessary to (partially) revoke giving out essential information to us. You must be around 50+ years if you met Michael in the 70's and with all the knowledge you have I am truly surprised why this mocking concerns you at all. The VAST majority hear craves your info and welcomes it!

      For me you have been so far a strong Lightbearer/Lightholder, a rock amidst a big storm, and you yourself stated in your interview with Stephen Cook, I quote:

      Stephen Cook: So, but when you read that, I think — and look, in talking to you before via e-mail and talking to you now, I know you’re working very hard to try to achieve what you’re hoping to do — but when you get comments like that, does that make you think, “Oh, why am I doing all this?” or does it make you feel as though you should actually be doing it even more, and get more involved and more committed?

      Cobra: It doesn’t influence my decision. I have made my mind up a long time ago. I am here — based on my life experience, I made a vow a long time ago to insist on liberating the planet no matter what, until it’s done. So this is what I’m going to do, and little bits of comments on my website doesn’t change anything. It’s not an issue anymore."

      So in light all of this I ask you to think about giving out intel again, I reckon it would be much wiser.
      Thank you!

  32. Riding two horses sounds like a sure way to hit the ground, I would be on the fast horse out of this current reality and it's dark age science and polluted, maladjusted version of HIS-STORY.

    You said it yourself, "it wont be relevant" So you've also answered yourself..

    Apply your curiosity to the new unfolding world we are co-creating and the memories of your true identity as they come flooding back..

    That would be what I would do in your shoes, But then I am not you, so YOU have to decide. Go with what resonates in HEART and let go of gut reactions as they are always wrong due to being negative and gut based. Heart based is the truth.

    Go with Heart.

  33. As Lozion has stated, I don't totally understand the need to retreat to the subject of Monarch-type projects at this time.

    Nor do I understand the "psychological reactions" buildup to these links. I assume most visitors to a site like this are already aware that criminality of this type has been going on and that the Vatican has been linked to it. Am I wrong about this?

    Also, I wonder about the choice of a Ucadia-based site and a Christian-based site as the best information sources on this subject.

    Why not direct us to primary sources for some of this material, like Mauri, Svali, or even Michael Prince? These are all first-hand experiencers. If you want your stomach turned, read some of their stuff.

    We also have Duncan O'Finioan who has done a good job at presenting what he knows about this.

    And I agree that the article about SRA leaves out the bigger picture. On the other hand, if we see any of the personalities listed in the Appendix of that article get arrested or mysteriously disappear, we'll have some idea why.

    According to Hubbard, who is carelessly sideswiped in the SRA article, these practices are ancient, and have been practiced in some form or another in every society that has ever developed electronics. He has also done considerable research into how these techniques work and how to neutralize them. Yet his work is almost never mentioned, except in the form of criticism.

    Are the posting of these links meant to inform and promote the cause of freedom, or simply to upset or distract those of us trying to help?

    1. Indeed, I fail to see the pertinence of posting such info at this conjunction of things, considering we're being told the Powers-that-Were are close to be routed and so on...

      The only reason maybe to alert us to last ditch efforts like what just happened in Colorado?

    2. Will read these articles in due time - right now I just took a peek at the msm coverage of the Aurora news on the marionette show, Meet the Press. Was very encouraged that Gov Hickenlooper did not fall into the well laid trap by David Gregory & Mayor Bloomberg regarding gun control. His overall message was very inspiring, calling for healing and for people to rise above and not live in fear. Interesting choice of words to call the perpetrator 'diabolical', eh ? It led me to hope that maybe he knows more than he's letting on, and to think that perhaps this event in Aurora could be one where the brave souls who gave their lives are laying the groundwork for some meaningful Cabal-exposure. The people of Aurora - could be the 'bringers of the dawn'.

    3. Colorado shooter = mind control victim? Very sad.

    4. I think he is a victim of MK-ULTRA and was just a pawn to get the guns out of as many American hands before the dollar collapses and civil disturbances begin en mass.

      They know they are losing control and they want to use force and they are preparing the US populace for a totalitarian take over when all else fails and the mind control matrix fails, which it is doing in an ever expanding way right now.

      America as a super dominating, interfering, torturing, and mass murdering global dictatorship is in it's death throes.

      And so is the UK, which is still the high seat of power, regardless of what any patriotic American will argue, you never won your independence. It was given to you because the British had and have always had control of both sides.

      The financial epicentre is not wall street it's the City of London and wall street beats from the same pulse.

      We had riots last year in the UK and they were instigated by British intelligence in order to let them happen then show a complete media frenzy on how we can clamp down on insurrection.

      We have sent kids to prison for bragging about throwing bins through shop windows and we still give bonuses to bankers that rob us daily of billions.

      There is a reason why the British have strict personal gun laws, and it's not to protect innocent lives. It's to protect the parasites such as the Royal Family and the sychopancy entourage of cronies and government officials and celeberites.

      The USA and Britain have been softening us up for they are expecting a full on revolution to break out.

      But this revolution will not be bloody due to the fact that it's not MAN MADE.

      This revolution is caused by the central galactic sun and one of the first things it does prior to full disclosure is pacify us with higher vibrations.

      The revolution has already started and it is speeding up, it's evolution in our lifetimes.

      And when MSM is taken over by heart it WILL be televised.

      But I intend to spend most of it out in the church of Mother nature where we should all be as much as we possibly can.

    5. Right on Rule.

      Problem reaction solution is their method.

      Now - to take it a step further ...

      Just say for a hypothetical instance that these people who are now suffering through tears, and grief beyond their imagining with the loss of their loved ones, are now exposed to the whys and wherefores; that is, what was behind it and how it came to be -- that it is just part of a very sick and distorted agenda, and a ends to a means, by a systematic power they had no clue even existed.

      The shock and all the subsequent steps involved with healing the death of a loved one - would be so incredibly intensified.

      Could an unstable human mind handle it all at once ? Could a stable mind handle it ?

      And the anger of the masses would be multiplied exponentially as well.

      THAT in my view, will give us some idea of what we will have ahead of us, and why such meticulous care is being taken with each step leading to the Event.

    6. I have an ever growing understanding of the meticulous care that is indeed needed prior to full disclosure.

      But it is coming soon, regardless of what stage of denial some people are in.

      I feel it approaching in a more palpable way every new day, the sun will pacify the mind from self destruction. I believe this to be true but I also think there is going to be a lot of emotional instability up ahead, and anger being one of these emotions.

      Anger demands instant justice because anger is unstable and fractured thinking. and there are plenty of fractured psyches still out there. And a mass of people who are right now only really concerned with the results of X-Factor and other mind numbing "reality" TV shows.

      Also, the US and Britain and lots of fairly well off European countries have been peddling through the medical profession all kinds of pharma like SSRI's. A Prozac nation of pill addled automatons.

      These meds are very addictive and have shocking side effects! some of the side effects are actually worse than major depression and only add to the depressive state of mind, but they are expensive and they make a fortune for the very same malignant entities that make a fortune from our every waking hour.

      Full disclosure to somebody who relies on pills just to get out of bed will surely have a huge effect on them..

      The fact that all casualties of war in theatre and innocent civilians caught up in the mess is all based on lies and that one side has been playing off as many different sides just to make money and divide and conquer is going to shock the entire globe to it's core.

      The exposures could go on for a very very long time such is the extent of the grand deception of our true self.

      All that senseless death for a small bloodline of psychopaths to live in luxury.

      Denial will be the first reaction for many, then anger, then utter sadness.

      If we are pacified enough in time then I expect it to go fairly well. If not then there will be violent insurrection as anger has no off button until the fuel in the fire has burned out, and there is a lot of fuel.

      Full disclosure comes with risk, But I trust the intelligence of our omniverse and the central galactic sun to have some fail safes in place for the upliftment of our Mother and us as her consciousness.

    7. All very true Rule.

      I am also hoping for the Goddess energy to kick in big time to help ameliorate some of the anger & other healing issues.

      Having said that, I can now see how important it is for all of us here to get to our own core & heal any anger/revengeful feelings we have towards the perps.

      In a way it's encouraging to hear a few say, "OH, THAT'S ALL ?!" in regards to these articles. Not to diminish or be cavalier about the contents, but that, to me at least, signifies that there is no hook or charge left to this kind of material.

      We're going to have to have a fairly thick skin - to be able to stay objective and not get drawn into the emotionality of others processes.

      It's going to be interesting, to say the very least.

    8. We are all adequately equipped even if some do not know it yet, and light workers can raise the vibration of not only themselves.

      Anyone who has ever thought that they could be a light worker or bringer of the dawn is going to start to hear their calling if not now then soon. Their DNA will speak to them in profound ways and then doubt will vaporize like the mirage it really is. Knowledge is power and can be used for good or evil and we know what evil entities do with it and why they covet it so much.

      We are co-creator's for entities who have no creativity, this is why they covet our creativity and have enslaved us.

      And now it's our time to take control of our own destiny, by creating a global society of shared wisdom. the dark age is fast coming to an end and the dawn of the new Golden Age is fast approaching.

      It's always darkest just before the dawn and we are at that point right now. We already KNOW the outcome is a successful one, but we still have to tread carefully and stay in the heart and out of the Egocentric mind.

      There will be fallout from the lightwave, light workers have immense healing powers and the time will come for all of us to use this gift from the divine spark in all of us.

      And it will be the most pleasurable and profound thing any light workwer can ever do. And that is to serve with empathy, compassion and all other bi-products of true love.

      The currency of the heart makes us all the richest people we know. ♥

    9. Yes, that's beautifully expressed.

      I share your vision and see it unfolding that way as well.

      We WILL rise to every occasion and complete our contracts to liberate and bring restitution to the planet. The future holds many wondrous surprises for us all.

      Of that I AM completely sure.

  34. (Reuters)Exclusive: Prosecutors, regulators close to making Libor arrests

    1. oh yeah, but nothing's happening ;-)

      THANKS Prosperity !

  35. Just one point of view. We have been asked many times over to work on trying to with hold judgment until we know who is guilty. I have to work really hard on this one too. Except for the names that Cobra gave us, we do not really know for sure who the "bad guys" are. Since the Vatican has sent it's emmisaries out into all populations and countries in plain cloths we may just not know who they are until they are apprehended. Thinking and knowing are 2 entirely different things. Also, knowing the mind control that has been going on should at least edge in on our compassion levels for ourselves and others and help us to move in a direction of focusing our energies on the meditations and creating and strengthening the "positive future for humanity" timeline. To the ones out there on the front lines, I thank you and send you protection, wisdom and love.
    Can group meditation bring World Peace? Quantum Physicist, John Hagelin explains

  36. Hmmm, just a thought about people's concerns about the timing about the articles.

    If we are so distracted by reading an article that we can't properly focus on a weekly meditation, what the heck are we going to do when all the screws are pulled loose ?

    How do we help people then, if we cannot find our center after reading an article or two, of something many of us are already aware of ? The world is not going to crumble in tidy little packets, don't cha think ?

    If were are going to serve, is it just under circumstances that are convenient, make it easy, and are to our liking?

    I don't think that the timing is a coincidence at all.

    Just sayin'... :)

    1. agreed.. my feeling is that Cobra posts these before meditation so the meditation actually does some healing on it

    2. I agree I AM

      lightworkers stay strong...

    3. Ok, ok :) good perspective, all...I apologize if I added negativity to the discussion.
      Thank you Cobra! I'm sure a few of us appreciate the confirmation!

    4. Oh dear Kelly, no apologies necessary ! You were exercising your discernment, and that is a very healthy thing. This space is a container for sharing, processing and healing. It's all allowed :)

      Thank you Cobra, the challenge is welcome :)

  37. Apologies if this has already been posted, I'm having problems with the 2nd link above, weird things happen to my browser(s) when I attempt to load the page, it hangs all sessions and really messes with flash etc, so for safety (each time I've gone to that site the same problems occur) I've restarted the PC and reset the IP from my provider.
    Could someone who knows net security well please check out that link?
    Something is definitely not right there.
    Btw I do not use micro$oft/ie combo.

    1. i had major problems today also with all my favorite sites everything going wonky restarted shut down several times etc etc. hope fully ir is cleared now?

    2. I have been having very strange Java isues too, my desktop had 3 random 'notepads' full off strange code and stuff when I switched my PC on this morning, and the Java logo kept coming up in the bottom corner, which it doesnt usually do...

      might be nothing but doesnt usually happen.....

  38. Poofness – 7-22-12 SINCE 1984

    …Greetings and Salutations,

    Since 1984, good guys and bad guys alike have known a change in the banking system was going to happen. Different from you, the bad guys battled to keep it from happening, tho supply of money was always in question. As long as, it was sometime in the future, they could keep on hustling. Building banking on debt was the first flaw in their plan. Substance is ’something’. You could never build a house on imaginary bricks and mortar. As the emperor with no clothes, sooner or later, some one would say it, ‘you’re naked, mate!’..’I see your hiney, it’s kinda shiney’ nanny nanny poo poo.

    So just like the neanderthals they are. The future hit them this last monday and they thought they had a choice about posting the rvs on their screens. Well they did, don’t post and go to jail. I wouldn’t have wanted to try that in HK, but the us participants didn’t fare any better. One minute they are doing high fives with each other, next thing you know, they are riding in the back of a paddy wagon. No high fiving then, when your handcuffed behind the back. They know a new banking system is working right now, I guess they wanted to test how fast that thing worked across a planet….now they know, a little late but at least they can testify if asked. If you can’t move at the speed of light, you’re caught!

    Everyone is blabbing all kinds of things out here, like noisy kids. They hear a piece of a conversation, next thing you know, that’s the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I can say this without batting an eyelash about it, there is order and efficiency working behind the curtain. Like your sitting watching a play and you see the curtain move behind the actors, that’s the next group readying the props and themselves for when the next curtain opens. I would also say, staging is going on right now, things that couldn’t be done in anticipation of the event. Even the military is divided like the country, some not understanding the military industrial complex is broke and foreclosed upon. The new paradigm they all have to get used to is a paradigm of peace. Hard to imagine by folks with throw back mentalities. The ‘just gotta blow stuff up folks’. The world is turning it’s back on them. A child is not born with prejudice or craving war on their minds, it’s taught by ignorant parents and anybody else who teaches that child. When everybody has what they need, the survivor issues will dissipate…’cause there’s plenty for every one on the planet.

    So, to sum my writings up, the end is here, you will see, from now, more stuff in the news indicating that. I know some of you want to see some perp walks by folks in expensive suits don’t be shocked when you do. No one is getting away with anything, they’ll all be ‘tagged and bagged’. Then you’ll be able to talk about ‘when the world moved on’ with your grand children. Now be ready to fly like an eagle.

    Love and Kisses,


    1. another winner from poofness his cocky assured additude is nice. I amlooking forward to the big names under the meida glare as they get hauled off it will signal real chance for change inmy view. ok yes the real change is hhere and getting bigger everyday i just do look forward to the NAZI clan headig to the slammer.

    2. Some Info About the Poofness… “Who is this Poof-er?” (not that there’s anything wrong with that…)

      ...He is a walk-in who was sent here to help usher in Omega, a trust that was set up by Saint Germain back in the late 1800′s. Saint Germain appeared to him in his home in Tennessee and asked him to help oversee the program and that is what he has been doing all these years.

    3. sweet nice to know Ilove st germain and read the books about him called the magic presence and others.i have lived in Mt shasta on and off for 17 years and that place has some of the most powerful energies on the planet toatally off the hook there. My mentor Dr Fred Bell also had experiences with St germain and I got to hold a gold coin from the times of christ he materialized for Dr Bell. There was also a destroyer Captain who came to Freds house in the 80's who was working with St Germain. I saw a very awesome video filmed bby the elizabethclaire prophet group which showed arch angel gabriel in a plasm field which issued from a mediums mouth very trippy. the st germain came out out gave a magnificent speeech then preciuos gems started materializing out of his hand eyes and mouth. He said the y would be used in the future to finance the new age. I was really impresed by this video as I knwe it was real. the people in the group now said you must be "cleared" to see this tape. hanks V for the info what is Omega?

    4. I also love poofness choice of music..

  39. Thanks,
    If you ever read this comment.......i got question....
    - Why is this page "One-Evil" marked with "pentagram"......?
    Is this like Iluminati thing, just oposite?
    I mean, in this time, I would not play with this things......
    Who wrote this aricles....?
    How do you know thay do not want to make psichosis......?

  40. Whew...upon reading your intro to the links i was worried you were going to present some information that was going to force me to rethink some crucial concepts. After deciding to "take the red pill" and click the links, i was happy to see that the information about the holocaust and mind control was nothing new to me, haha.

  41. well... i came upon this post with 111 comments... i already know where my truth lies, but it's great to get a little confirmation before jumping down the rabbit hole. Peace and Love to All... here goes...

  42. Cobra, I do agree that this type of information, found on the two links you posted, is important for people to know about, yet putting it out here just before the meditation today quite possibly has disrupted some people's meditation.

    Hmmmm, for anyone just getting wind of this kind of diabolical information, MK Ultra Project Monarch mind control, as well as all the Vatican mischief, it will take some time to process. Cathy O'Brien's books "Trans Formation of America" and "Access Denied: For Reasons of National Security" are totally verifying this information. So very amazingly tragic, to know so many people and children have been and are still being mind controlled, let alone tortured to be programmed and used as slaves. It is what it is.

    And the shooter in CO, must have this type of programming happening. Yes, the Sh__ is hitting the fan and may it clear out pdq!

    Here's to holding the space of love, compassion (for one's self and all others) and light of well-being.

    Boulder, CO

  43. When you talk about the Holocaust, please don't forget to mention that while Bulgaria was on Germany' side, we refused to send the jews to Poland(only a few trains were send, but they could not be stopped, Germany had control over that area) - as a result of Bulgarian Master Beinsa Douno - a jew called Daniel Sion asked for help. Then the first Bulgarian pilot Lubomir Lulchev went to search for the king(Boris III) and the Bulgarian people managed to save over 1,000,000 jews. Nobody respects that...even the jews.

    1. "Nobody respects that...even the jews."

      There is something very wrong with this statement. It reflects more of the same attitudes we are trying to get away from.

      Separation, Blame, Accusation, Self-righteousness...etc.

      We will all, I'm sure, continue to be challenged by our own personal & national & religious 'demons'.

      Let's be careful out there friends because it's all coming to the surface and needs a close watch on it.


  44. Most Humans are awesome and beautiful ...I am so proud to be on the cusp of Earth freedom with all of you!!

    1. Again...please be careful.

      "Most Humans are awesome and beautiful ..."

      ALL of Humanity is awesome and beautiful, especially the ones who are most challenged with negativity in this lifetime/incarnation.

  45. Wow, that second link really gives a new perspective to the phrase 'divide and conquer'.
    The darkominaty obviously did the same to humanity as a whole. Creating 30.000 alters separated by amnesia walls...

    On top of that, it teaches us alot about our own inner conflicts and how they are created by microtraumas.

    This also points nicely to integration and unification as the main solution to our internal and external division. And that it will be quite painful to address all that trauma...

    I wish to us all the strenght, courage and perseverance neccessary to integrate all divison and to unify into sovereignty!

    Love, mildness and embrace to all.
    'Love is all-inclusive'

  46. To every fellow lightworker here!
    You all have great knowledge of things with different perspectives i.e. different parts of the puzzle.

    The greatest task however still lies in front of us! We know things most people don't know. We need to use that knowledge wisely!

    The task that we are given is to educate/inform our fellow human beings i.e. friends families after the Event. They will come in drowes once you provide some answers to their questions.

    Now, trowing the above links at them will most probably not do the trick but the great challenge will be to meet them where they actually are in the NOW.

    At work we talk about the banking situation that is currently unfolding people do know a lot more than you think. They know that's all about someone making money somewhere far away. When the lid is blown we will be needed more than ever in order to keep people calm.
    The lid will be blown totally when MSM is reporting real news and not staged news by actors.

    Love and light

  47. Still flinching with the reading. Guess all souls who have incarnated here, are incarnated here, will incarnate here are all trapped souls until we break the matrix. Wondering if this stuff is the worst or is there worse to come. It is like a big boil that is beginning to burst.

  48. I have some feelings about connections with dr. Sue Arrigo ( as @pottsman also said in one of his previous post)...Chapeau bas to this brave woman:

  49. I made an offer above for all people with the needed higher abilities to open the Gabriel chronicle (this is the chronicle of the light-side) for them. It is very interesting, that most people who aksed me don't have the needed skills. Now i think, why? My ideas:

    1. They tried to reach me telepathic (4). Sorry, don't work, still in healing. You have to use email.
    2. Some people may think: "wtf he is talking!?! We are awoken, we know, that it is difficult to get permission to the Gabriel chronicle. " My answer to them: I can grant permission! And only i can grant it.
    3. And maybe some others only afraid to read this. Because this will upside-down their world...

    So whatever, the offer is still open.

  50. Thank you so much for your updates Cobra.
    It is crucial that we are told this information and more. Our future depends on it.

  51. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Southern CROSS oops typo but i love this song one of my favs thanks joko

  52. This stuff has been around for years now. We all know. The way I see it we should focus on the positive outcome that we want to see and not dwell on how bad things are/have been. It is time focus on what we want to see and leave the rest behind.

    1. You are right, look to the future.

      But there is a good reason, why it is important to know about the past.

      Maybe a small comparison. You are living in a big mouse cage. With all your mouse friends. Only the damn rats troubles you all the time. You are born in the cage, grown up in the cage, never left the cage. Never saw something outside the cage. So you will be happy if someone remove the rats. And you have a happy life without the rats IN the cage. But there is a live outside the cage. No one told you or your friends from it.

      What this may mean for us? If we don't know these things, especcialy the higher levels, we will not get out of the cage...


  54. Gaia Containment Dome Enables Alignments to Proceed…

    GaiaPortal energy message for 23 July 2012

    Energetic containment dome, yet in the flexible 4-grid conformation, has been successful in reflecting energies back to senders. Dark thoughts and emotions begets destructive energies in the sender and all related institutions.

    Houses of cards fall rapidly.

    Flexible 4-grid channels Higher D energies into alignment with Light Workers intent.

    Houses of Light rise and are seen by all

  55. Cobra, we feel this is the right time to bring this information forward for those of us that are ready for full disclosure and also for those that will be working with the many victims of RSA mind control. Mind Control is a reality that Eiya and I live with on a daily basis as we continue to work and facilitate healings both for ourselves and for those in our local community. We have used the books extensively in the second link you posted to help us understand and guide us in our de-programming efforts.

    First we would like to offer some advice that when reading these books to take the information in small amounts and monitor your connection to your divine as you read. The information is very dark and as I would read and immerse myself in the details, at times i would open myself up to attack by the dark. It would usually take me a day or two to clear myself and get back, and it happened more quickly as I moved to the end of the last book. It is very difficult to read this material and not create resentments and negative thoughts toward the cabal and this in turn will open one up to attack. By sending forgiveness to the Cobal/Dark forces and even gratitude for the sacrifice these souls made in agreeing to take on the dark roles for the benefit of our evolution, you can shield yourself from attack.

    But more importantly, Eiya and I are now compelled and prepared to share our de-progrmming techiniqes/modality with those lightworkers that feel compelled to work with the many victims of RSA/mind control. And we have discovered that just about everyone has been exposed to trauma and are split to some degree. There are many 100% split slaves that are, or soon will be falling out of there programming and will need help. But there are many many more of us that will need help to heal our partial splits before we can awaken fully.

    This is the first time we have seen this discussed openly and we are posting now to see if there is interest in learning the healing techniques which can be adapted to many types of healing modalities to heal split psyches and extinguish alters for multiple personality disorder victims of SRA.

    Eiya and Tet

    1. As humanity rapidly awakens to the truth of who they are, I am reminded of a prophetic dream that I had a year ago, which made it clear to me that humanity would rise up, refusing to be shackled and enslaved by the Dark Ones any longer. This dream was the signal that I had been waiting for, the one that would herald the beginning of the end of the Dark Ones who have ruled for centuries by their Hidden Hand ...

      Here is the dream.

      I AM STANDING IN A FIELD with about thirty children. They stop playing suddenly, throw up their hands, and release sparrows into the air. I watch the birds as they form a circle above me, and inside of their circle formation, four wolves appear, glowing with ethereal light.

      One of the children, a blonde girl, smiles at me, then takes my hand. She pulls me towards a tree, gesturing that I go with her. She points to the ground by the roots of the tree, and there, sitting in a pool of thick mud is a creature not of this earth. A demon like reptile, much like a giant toad with armor (the size of a rhino), looks at me menacingly with it’s snake-like eye (it only had one) in the center of its hideous head. What strikes me right away is that this creature is extremely powerful, ancient and evil. I could feel its malice towards me, wanting to kill me on the spot. I also know, telepathically that it wanted the freedom to roam the Earth, to dominate it, but it could not leave its hellish mud hole. It was waiting for the right frequency, one of a much lower vibration that would allow it to leave.

      I then hurry to find my friend, Lisa, who is nearby and take her to see this demon-like creature, but when we return to the tree, the evil toad had disappeared. The muddy hole is now covered with a large piece of strange metal, similar to copper, and three inches thick. Over top of the surface are strange runes that appear to be alien. The word Galactic comes to my mind.

      It wasn’t until this year that I began to see the symbols of this dream manifest into the material world. Sparrow is the symbol of the triumph and awakening of humanity (Ted Andrews). The Wolves symbolize spiritual help in finding pathways that will dismantle the Dark Ones or expose them, and the number four represents the four directions. Wolf also symbolizes humanity (an aside here: Fox has come to symbolize the Twilight Masters to me. It is the contrary use of Fox medicine of camouflage and deception, illusion, leading to confusion that I feel they are employing).

      The children in the dream are all of us, reclaiming our self worth, dignity and power. The Demonic toad with the alien metal covering with runes could be many things really, but after reading many of Cobra's posts, as well as a whole host of other sources, I now believe that this demon like reptile is actually an Archon.

      I did a meditation on yesterday, Sunday, BEFORE I read this shocking post (I suspected as much, but it still knocked me down), of seeing all of us Lightworkers like the children in my dream, holding hands in a circle around the Archon demon in the mud. Light from the Great Central Sun poured down through our crown chakras, and then came out through our heart chakras and beamed into the Archon. It became engulfed into the Light until it was gone.

      Sparrow is the David that will slay Goliath by the frequencies of Light and Love.

    2. @Eiya and Tet!
      R you the same guys offering PTS help linked to Soldierhugs at Amerikan Kabuki's site?
      Nevertheless god bless u! U r so needed.

      Love and light

  56. This comment has been removed by the author.

  57. Please could you advise me what DID and MPD stand for?

    1. Hi Aradia,

      It's dissociative identity disorder and multiple personality disorder.


    2. Thank you, not sure this is really known in England.

  58. COBRA, isn't it wonderful how we are all starting to function as a team here?

    All the info sharing, hand-holding, advice, guidance, etc.

    Our initial shyness and reserve is slowly melting and allowing us to strengthen and unite.

    I've really noticed this in the comments on this post, but had started to see it a few days since.

    Very nice and positive, don't you think?


  59. It will take some time for me to read all that is there and quite a bit of time to actually assimilate it. A bitter pill to swallow for one raised in the Roman Catholic tradition and taught that the Pope is infallible. In any case, I have distanced myself from the church for most of my adulthood, venturing closer only for the occasional wedding and (unfortunately more frequent) funeral. But that doesn't relieve me of the need to root through a lot of those beliefs I'm sure were implanted and uproot the ones that cannot hold up to the exposure to Light. All along with dealing with my revamping of the old "that's just how the world operates" (business/economics) notions also acquired along the way.

  60. Emotions Affect Our Water.

    I discovered this phenomena about 3 years ago, but it's nice to have a remember and share it today.

    For those who don't delve any deeper than a quick look at this video, let me just advise you all that you can write positive words on the water bottles, or stand the glass/bottle of water on a post-it/paper with the words written on it, and then you will have altered good water. The water, once you drink it, will alter your blood so the red blood cells will have increased oxygenation in around 12 mins after drinking. There is no end of possible ways good water will heal, and it's super easy healing too.

    Remember, negative words or thoughts can be used to create 'bad' water, so positive words and thoughts can 'heal' the water and anyone who drinks it.

    Maybe we should bear this in mind, that others with a negative agenda may have made our water sick!!!

    But, we know what to do to fix that, don't we! :)

    Here's a short video showing the various water crystals:

  61. I am aware of that research but we are not crystals. I feel we all need to grieve for this stuff in our own way. For with each new horror we learn of, we loose a bit more trust in 'humanity' or the universe, whatever. We need to express our sadness, anger, horror, whatever it is we feel, free of guilt that we are energising the dark, making things worse for the Earth etc. If we do not express our feelings, this stuff can harm us.
    Links do not work here, but here are a couple of You Tube videos that can help expression:
    Goreki no 3, 'sorrowful songs'. This music was written to express the grief of a mother morning her son who was killed in Auschwitz. As her voice soars, the notes encapsulate the deepest wound of humanity--- Music to weep to.
    Then, music to give hope and healing; It is Bliss 100.100 Angels.

  62. Sorry, Aradia, I don't understand what you mean when you say,

    "I am aware of that research but we are not crystals."

    Are you referring to the water crystals?

    Because the water crystals, which refers to the patterns made when the water is flash frozen are the only crystals this research refers to. It is the nature of the water itself, the good water, that has a positive effect on the human blood, etc. The chemical structure of the water is not altered, it remains just H2O. But the water has memory, and the molecules form shapes, harmonius ones or inharmonius/chaotic ones, when frozen.

    Whether we, humans, are crystals is not the point here and has not been mentioned.

    It's quite simple, for anybody who wishes to take 5 minutes to watch this video and see for themselves.


  63. I read the first article - all the pages. I think the last witness story was probably the most touching part. Having slept on it I had an idea. One of those epiphany on waking ideas. The article talks about ley lines.

    The ley lines carry all that energy of those tortured people to places of power for the cabal.

    Ley lines can be broken. An omega symbol placed on the line with the open end pointing to the origin of the line creates an end point or terminus.

    Even better though - you can do this on a map. You can print it out and draw the Omega symbol where you wish the ley line to end. Make sure you get it the right way around.

    There are some good maps in the articles showing the lines.
    I will be printing a map or two out today I think to mark it up with terminus points.

    In the words of Raymon Grace - do something and something may happen, do nothing and nothing will happen.

  64. It is beautiful research. My point is that I feel humans need to work through negative thoughts and express these emotions in order to heal. There is a view that it is wrong to express negativity.

  65. "It is beautiful research. My point is that I feel humans need to work through negative thoughts and express these emotions in order to heal. There is a view that it is wrong to express negativity."

    Aha, I see what you are getting at, Aradia. Interestingly, that is not my take on it at all.

    I find it interesting, but I'm more inclined to use this 'positive' effect of the 'good' water for healing. I have no issue with people expressing their negative emotions if that's what's needed in a given moment, but knowing there is another method, simple and effective, that can help with healing is worth paying attention to.

    And it's very important to understand that if the darks wish to do us harm, they will be very aware that water is a useful tool they can use very easily. But we know also how to make sure we only ingest 'good' pure, positive water. :)

  66. Here is a blog, sort of inspired by the red pill -

  67. I know a lot of Catholics, many are Irish, straight forward obedient working folk. Their beliefs from childhood are in the church, obedience to it, unquestioning often which is why so much has been got away with. It may not be such a great world but it IS their world, the Holy Catholic church. It is what they have always known. What will happen when this is taken from them? They do not know how to think away from the crowd, to believe in themselves as they have always looked to the Priest. I really do not know how I could help them, what could I say? How deep will their grief and betrayal go? My heart goes out to them anyway.

  68. I had this strange thought:

    Could a 'normal' human ego be a dissociated alter from universal mind?

    Could the 'veil of forgetfulness' be like an amnesia wall caused by trauma?

    If so, we're all gonna need some deprogrammers...

    1. Makes sense to me, Erik. I would say we have all been traumatized and need deprogramming!

      Some of us are awake to the problem but not the solution and the programming is still influencing our way of being. I am like a half baked cake. The ingredients are all there but haven't come together yet! ;)

      On another end of the spectrum, I caught a glimpse of the Colorado shooter today and he is clearly broken, shattered, a shell of a person. I just wanted to hug him. No disrespect to his victims, they have the love of the world behind them. I felt I had to send this guy some love, too. He looks like a child.

  69. I think the veil is deliberate from the dark. As to the ego, it could well be what you say. I don't find your thought odd. Something caused it, something that has created great harm. I was told that it was caused by the soul going off and doing it's own thing, creating its own identity, separating from source. But why did it do this and keep on doing it? Spirit have not been telling us everything, much we have to figure out ourselves. We are on an unlearning curve and you are right about all needing deprogramming.

  70. Hi Cobra and All
    In the post from 7-11-12 THE PLAN, you posted 3 pictures, the 2nd picture looked like eyes with the statement "This is the way to hack the matrix"
    I saw the same picture of eyes today on RUmor Mill NEws as an ad, which says "The Silent Furnace, what is the Silent Furnace". When you click on the add it brings you to this website.
    It asks for your email address.
    Is this website part of the plan, you speak of, Cobra?

  71. For those unaware of this, after 200 comments, you have to click on the "Load more" button, right beneath the white comment box, to be able to see the 200+ comments.

  72. Firstly,thank you very much all of you, your support helped me a lot!

    @Cobra. I still think that only because some people laughed at your intel, it is unnecessary to (partially) revoke giving out essential information to us. You must be around 50+ years if you met Michael in the 70's and with all the knowledge you have I am truly surprised why this mocking concerns you at all. The VAST majority hear craves your info and welcomes it!

    For me you have been so far a strong Lightbearer/Lightholder, a rock amidst a big storm, and you yourself stated in your interview with Stephen Cook, I quote:

    Stephen Cook: So, but when you read that, I think — and look, in talking to you before via e-mail and talking to you now, I know you’re working very hard to try to achieve what you’re hoping to do — but when you get comments like that, does that make you think, “Oh, why am I doing all this?” or does it make you feel as though you should actually be doing it even more, and get more involved and more committed?

    Cobra: It doesn’t influence my decision. I have made my mind up a long time ago. I am here — based on my life experience, I made a vow a long time ago to insist on liberating the planet no matter what, until it’s done. So this is what I’m going to do, and little bits of comments on my website doesn’t change anything. It’s not an issue anymore."

    So in light all of this I ask you to think about giving out intel again, I reckon it would be much wiser.
    Thank you!