Thursday, July 26, 2012

Explosion of Light

We are slowly approaching the Event horizon.  The Event horizon is the exit point of the black hole of quarantine Earth. When we exit the black hole, there will be an explosion of Light.

This means an end of quarantine status for planet Earth and end of darkness in this universe. 

The quarantine was created by the dark forces 26,000 years ago and NOT by the Galactic Confederation. The Confederation would never lock up human race on an isolated planet.

What maintains the quarantine is quantum anomaly . Quantum anomaly is a distortion of time-space continuum on quantum level (called “error” in ancient gnostic texts). Quantum anomaly presents a difficulty for positive ET travel technologies. Positive ETs are not gods, they have their own limitations. Else they would liberate humanity long time ago.

The main structure that keeps humanity in third dimension are etheric implants. They form a network of black hole wormholes that was created by the Archons 26,000 years ago and strengthened with Magdalenian Archons invasion 16,000 years ago. Those black holes contain reptilians and their technology on etheric plane and they are being intensively purified by the Light forces right now. Etheric and astral black holes also contain a dark sepia ink elemental essence. That ink-like essence is what people call darkness because it absorbs etheric / astral light. When this ink is completely removed there will be an explosion of Light on non-physical planes.

By keeping the implants inside strong etheric electromagnetic fields eternity loops are created. Eternity loops are distortions of space-time continuum that give an impression that quarantine will last forever. Nothing could be further from the truth. The quarantine will be dissolved immediately when those electromagnetic fields are switched off and the Archons operating them are removed.

Another main structure is a special Archon technology on the etheric plane. They are projection chambers that project certain images / emotional states that are not ours on our outer auric membrane. So other people feel this projected image and not our true state. This is the source of most conflicts / projections in human relationships. When this technology is removed, people  will suddenly find much more harmony in their relationships.

The last main factor of the quarantine is the ordinary (mundane) reality. This reality system is an artificial creation of the Cabal and most people buy into this reality frame without questioning it. The Cabal spends about three billion dollars daily to keep the illusion of the ordinary reality running. It does this by suppressing all real UFO evidence and free energy technologies and by maintaining nine to five job slavery for humanity. You can transcend the ordinary reality frame by adopting shamanic point of view of creating your own reality. By consciously creating your own reality bubble you help disintegrating the quarantine.

There is a special joint operation of the Resistance Movement, the Pleiadians and other positive ET races that dismantles the quarantine. I will be able to report more on this operation when certain conditions are met.

August and September are months of much background activity, but immediate results may not be visible. I suggest everybody to remain patient and calm within this time period, especially in September with another Uranus / Pluto square.

For those concerned with the Olympics false flag event, there is no reason to be afraid. All activities of the Cabal around the Olympics are closely monitored by the Resistance Movement. It is extremely unlikely that any major negative event will happen then.


  1. Thanks for another mind expanding update Cobra..looking forward to the near future~

  2. The Oracle Report for Thursday, July 26, 2012

    Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Enlightenment

    First Quarter Moon Phase - Moon in Scorpio

    "Today may present us with a bit of a choice: do we stand still or take a chance? Because we are still under the energy of the Turning Point (and will be through July 30th), the answer is take a chance. Jump off and leap forward. Dive in to the deep end of the ocean. You know by now that this can take many different forms - on the level of physically manifested "reality," through the spectrum to the level of subtle, energetic "reality." In other words, this can mean a definite decision or action all the way to a shift in your mindset/energetic frequency. Yesterday was a day of non-action. The energy was too unstable to accurately judge things. But today is different. It is a day where action is favored. There is one thing to keep in mind. If you are reacting from a perceived injustice or something that involves fairness or a fair share, tread carefully. Don't let your emotions overtake you. While it may be necessary to right a wrong and change the structure or status quo, it l needs to be done sensibly.

    It is important to spend some time in meditative communication with Sophia, the divine goddess embodied as the Earth, anytime after 5:30 pm EDT (and by the way, my apologies for always putting times in my timezone - if I converted time, it would engage the part of my brain that I shut down in order to write the reports). The "channel" will be wide open for us to contact her. This channel is a transmitting channel, so we are the ones commnicating with her. In preparation, give some thought to what you'd like to say to her today. She will be listening (she always listens but sometimes she turns her focus on this more fully). This is an opportunity to strengthen your own personal communication and partnership with her. It should be done outdoors. The line is open until July 28 at 10:30 am EDT, so if you read this report later, you still have time to take advantage."

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    1. "By consciously creating your own reality bubble you help disintegrating the quarantine."
      So let's still do our work here!

      Thanks for the info, Love to all.

  4. Thank You Cobra for the update. You are appreciated beyond your knowing. Hugs from Mt. Shasta! :)

    1. Hi WishYFree,
      I'm in Mount Shasta too. Shall we start a Sunday group meditation in town?

    2. I was just up there on New moon, Summer Solstice and 1st day of Summer.
      Camped at Sand Flats looking Straight into the HEART of the Lovely Lady.


      Fantastic ENERGY!

      Blessings to All, roberto

  5. Thanks Cobra!

    38 pairs of elephants are healing now!

    Thank you to all, who help!

    We will need a minimum of 80+ elephant pairs for the global healing. So please continue sending your elephants to help in the healing! The more elephants are helping in the healing, the faster the healing will be!

    If you want to help with the healing, you only have to give your elephants the permision to help in the healing and send them to help AA Gabriel. He is coordinating the global healing. Speaking out the wish to help with this healing will be enough.

    If you don't know, if you have the elephant pair, don't think about. If you have no elephants, nothing will happen. And you only agree in helping to heal! And you don't need to know, how to heal. The elephants know this very well themself.

    1. Haha...AK, meet Hamourapi. You can read more about the elephants by clicking on his profile. :)

    2. LOL. Priceless! :D

      Okay, got totally distracted by that!

      Cobra -- thank you for the updated info. I felt a lot of clarity from it and I appreciate it especially now.

      "By keeping the implants inside strong etheric electromagnetic fields eternity loops are created. Eternity loops are distortions of space-time continuum that give an impression that quarantine will last forever."

      No wonder I attached to the movie "Groundhog Day" so hard! ;-)

      Here's to breaking through barriers.

      Calliope the Muse

    3. Thank you Cobra and Hamourapi2012, much love to you both for the info you share.

    4. 45 now!

      Thanks to all!

      We got a lot of new jobs for the elephants. The elephants started today removeing the implants Tet told me about (thx Tet!). Details about the implants will be here:

      Link: Eiya and Tets blog

      Every new job we find, we give it to the elephants. Four pairs making all the other jobs, the others only do the healing. So there if very much to do, andeven the entities need time for this. So please continue to send your elepahnts to help. There is unbelieveable much healing to do!

    5. Ham, I sent my elephants this morning. Did it work? Did they go??? The conversation went something like this: "Hey, um, elephants? If you're up there, can you go help with that healing that Ham was talking about? Ok, um, thanks!"

      I find synchronicity that AA Gabriel is heading up this effort, because these last few weeks I have really been praying to him and seeing him as "my guy"... the right one to help guide me through this rabbit hole.


    6. @Jennie

      all is fine. The ellis are helping...

      Those of you, who have elephants, and send them to us. You maybe feel some change in your energy flows. All ellis have been connected from us to the source and via a portal directly to the prime creator to increase the energylevel for healing.

    7. Ham,

      My forehead / third eye has been tingling and pulsing. Some dizziness too, since I sent my elephants. Dreams are also vivid again! :)

    8. Thanks for I understand. That's quite good actually. I stole it and put it on my blog! :) With attribution of course....

    9. Some confirmation: right after I posted the above, Angel Gabriel showed me a white feather, which is how I have requested he communicate with me - white feather means, "You are on the right path and I am with you.". Later, my two-year-old daughter was having trouble going to sleep and I calmed her down by presenting her the "magic" feather and explaining that it was from Angel Gabriel and it meant that he was with her and would see her in her dreams. She calmed right down and went to sleep!! That never happens! Clutching the little white feather in her little hand. Just thought I'd share... :)

    10. That's a sweet image of your little girl, Jennie :)
      Hugs to you!

    11. 66 elephant pairs are healing now!

      Than you to all, who help!

    12. @Jennie,
      I get some of my feedback via Angel numbers.

    13. 7/27 The week was pure dark hell runneth over kind of situation, but continually saw myself as the elephant in the Big City Board Room and at the drug re-hab center, my presence needed for a loved one. Never saw myself as an elephant before, been going on for eight days: heavy, nurturing and primordial. Slowed my movements. Didn’t need to fight the wrong doing. Don’t need to right the wrongs. Need to live in the absolute moment, changing direction when the wind blows. Plod on, slowly. Don’t rush into things. Protect the young. See where the real problems are.
      Everything on Hamourapi's (Eiya and Tet's Blog) was spot on. I spent two hours this morning doing the healing. I had a bone crushing headache when I woke up. Now it has lifted. Tet, I'm sending you my elephant right now.
      Five years ago, in Santa Fe, I was cleared from many etheric implants in a similar manner. But the clearing left me a little pissed off, because I could no longer walk the same karmic path. I had to put down my warrior’s sword. Several screwy synchronistic years later, I’m exhausted from being a lightworker.
      So don't be surprised if you feel a little pissed off after the clearing. You have been lied to by some of your most trusted allies. Use that “feel like shit” energy to transmute and bring in the forces of peace. Or love, whichever works best for you.

  6. Thankyou...this is great information and as above..more work for us to do for ourselves.

  7. Thank you. Much love to everyone. There is a Mass Meditation right before the Opening Ceremony, details here:
    and here:


  8. Sounds excellent and wonderful..Change is happening. Thank you, Cobra

  9. Has anyone encountered a faction or group of beings by the name "League of One"?

    Haven't been able to find anything on the net.

    1. Maybe this has some clues:

  10. Hello, Cobra,
    What is Magdalenian Archonts?

    1. I wondered the same myself and found this, which might be helpful.

      It seems to refer to the Paleolithic Magdalenian culture c.15,000 B.C. - c.10,000 B.C, which lived in southwestern Europe and was responsible for the well known cave art similar to those emanating from Dordogne in sw France. The name Magdalene comes from the name Madeleine, which is a cave in that region.

      There might also be an Atlantean connection, as well as possibly being referred to in Plato's works.

      Makes sense if the name Archon = ruler in Greek

  11. Starting to see cracks in the media.

    New York Times admits that everything is censored.

  12. I have been generally able to contain my negativity but the prospect of not seeing anything 'visible' until October at the earliest is a problem for several reasons.

    1. According to some channelings, some natural disasters start in October but we need to help prepare for them, which would necessitate disclosure long before then. That would be pretty visible.

    2. If Ascension is to happen on Dec. 21st, this process of visible accountability needs to happen quite soon. Basically, there's a lot to be done in the next five months and putting off visible actions for at least another two of those five months IS going to create problems.

    Not to be negative, but the more I read these various sources, such as Greg Giles, Archangel Michael, Cobra, Drake, David Wilcock & Tolec, the more questions I have. And here's the thing: I personally don't doubt any one of them out of hand, but there is unquestionably a lack of coordination and communication between them at the very least. At worst, there may be some tinkering of the cabal at work here, which would scare the bejesus out of me, but I would not put it past them.

    So I guess my question is this: Can humanity really afford to not see something visible for at least another two months? Somebody help me process this one.

    Love and light,

    1. I'm not going to attempt to answer your questions Chris, because I doubt I can. But, may I advise you to consider this:

      A busy, productive mind working on practical Lightworker things/jobs, meditations, earth healing rituals, etc., will more likely be a much more positive, peaceful mind than one that reads every possible scenario offered by every man and his dog, and then worries about them.

      Trying to contain your negativity is the last thing to do, rather release it!

      Try to help yourself to heal using whatever tools you feel are right for you. If you wish to have extra personal healing sent to you, please just ask.

      In the meantime, and for some days already, all Lightworkers have been receiving healing, and this is ongoing. The Earth has also been receiving lots of cleansing and I think energy/grid-workers are very busy.

      The value of channeled info has come into question lately, for various reasons, so there's no need to get too bogged down with these info sources, which may or may not be valid.

      If you have not already given permission for your Higher Self (elephant) to join with the healings, then please feel free to do so - see Hamourapi's comment above.


    2. The concept of Ascension happening on or before Dec. 21st... originates with the "channeled" beings. That may not be as they say they are.

      Someone correct me if I am wrong.

      The FORCES that have been manipulating us have compromised MUCH of the information we have received.

      That combined with multiple and repeating time-loops... created by the Cabal... has really made a mess out of reality.

      Using technology to "see" the future...

      then using that information... to alter the time continuum...

      well lets just say that the TRUTH of anything... is difficult to find... and some falseness can seemingly be found... in almost everything.

    3. It has been stated on this blog and I tend to agree that 21-12-12 is not the moment of Ascension itself but more the end bracket of a parenthesis, if you will, in our time-space continuum during which liberation from our present "quarantine of light" can be attained thus allowing us to move to higher densities and prepare for Ascension. In any case, that's my humble understanding. Please anyone correct me or feel free to add to this somewhat "crude" description... :)

    4. The uplifting (ascension) is running since 18th june. Phase one of it is already finished.

      tllom: "Using technology to "see" the future... "

      We can do this much better! This was a main reason, why dark side lost the war.

    5. To properly understand this date you need to see the Earth as being seven Earths. One for each of our energy centres or Chakra's, there is red, orange, yellow, and there will soon be a completed green color vibratory locus for fourth-density entities which will also be called Earth.
      I believe this green ray Earth has been activating since the late 1930's and completion is due around 21/12/2012. this is the date given by the Mayan's for the end of the world "as we know it" and the beginning of the "Golden Age", this has been deceivingly promoted by Negative entities as being the end of the world.

      This is also the date when the Earths quarantine will be officially lifted as it is the end of the 3rd 25,690 year cycle of mans sentience. This cycle is called the procession of the equinox.

      This process is natural and non negotiable and will happen whether we want it to or not. I believe that ascension is more a term used to define the planets rise into a higher vibration and along with it the new light we now enjoy.

      This new green ray light has more information than the previous yellow ray light and this is what will help our transition into the 4th density reality that is already here but we can not see, as it remains hidden from our yellow ray body.

      Our ascension will not be complete until we leave this body behind and are born into a new green ray fourth density body within the new green ray Earth.
      Misconceptions about everyone magically disappearing into a wonderful new sparkly crystal world are again promoted by negative entities to make you wander from your path of self discovery.


    6. Are you affiliated with THE council of nine, the new age channelling movement?

    7. Christian,
      You may wanna check out this link of Dr Greer, the director of CSETI, my hero:)

      This video of his is titled: Dr. Steven Greer : Contact, Disclosure and Free Energy - (Part 1)!


    8. @Aradia No I am not, and from what I have heard they are compromised.

    9. My name comes from the RA material, in it RA states that our solar system is governed by the council of Saturn or the nine, at times referring to them as the "council of nine".

      Their purpose and wisdom rang true with me, then one day i needed a name and that is what popped into my head first.
      Here is some info.

      The members of the Council are representatives from the Confederation and from those vibratory levels of your inner planes bearing responsibility for your third density. The names are not important because there are no names. Your mind/body/spirit complexes request names and so, in many cases, the vibratory sound complexes which are consonant with the vibratory distortions of each entity are used. However, the name concept is not part of the Council. If names are requested, we will attempt them. However, not all have chosen names.

      In number, the Council that sits in constant session, though varying in its members by means of balancing, which takes place, what you would call irregularly, is nine. That is the Session Council. To back up this Council, there are twenty-four entities which offer their services as requested. These entities faithfully watch and have been called the Guardians.

      The Council operates by means of, what you would call, telepathic contact with the oneness or unity of the nine, the distortions blending harmoniously so that the Law of One prevails with ease. When a need for thought is present, the Council retains the distortion-complex of this need, balancing it as described, and then recommends what it considers as appropriate action. This includes: One, the duty of admitting social memory complexes to the Confederation; Two, offering aid to those who are unsure how to aid the social memory complex requesting aid in a way consonant with both the call, the Law, and the number of those calling (that is to say, sometimes the resistance of the call); Three, internal questions in the Council are determined.

      These are the prominent duties of the Council. They are, if in any doubt, able to contact the twenty-four who then offer consensus/judgment/thinking to the Council. The Council then may reconsider any question.

      Where is this Council located?

      This Council is located in the octave, or eight dimension, of the planet Saturn, taking its place in an area which you understand in third-dimensional terms as the rings.


  13. Hello Cobra,
    Many thanks for the latest update. You are one of such people that I look forward to reading your updates. As usual very refreshing and informative.
    I wondered whether you may know, from within the movement, whether there exist meaningful projects one can volunteer - I meant civil/humanitarian projects either run by Ashtar Command, Galactic Federal of Light or Pleidian Group. Please let me know. Thank you

  14. @HAM,
    Coun't my Elephant's in... :o)

  15. Cobra,

    Are the mass arrests (which we formerly understood to be called “The Event”) now dependent on the ending of the quarantine (which is apparently the new definition of “The Event)? If so, does this now mean that we will not see these mass arrests/Stardust 2 happening until October since “August and September are months of much background activity, but immediate results may not be visible.”

    On July 13th, you wrote, “The Resistance Movement will give positive groups on the surface of the planet a certain limited period of time to carry out the actual liberation themselves. If they fail to do so, direct action will be taken by the Resistance independently from any positive groups or the general population. This is the second part of Operation Omega Phoenix. Very few details will be given out before the actual operation itself. If Operation Omega Phoenix 2 will be needed, it will be less user-friendly to the general population because a little more severe disruptions in the distribution chain are possible. The Green Light (advance notice to the general population) for Operation Omega Phoenix 2 may or may not be issued. “

    Is the Resistance Movement now saying that Operation Omega Phoenix 2 is not an option and that we actually need to wait until October for the end of the quarantine? This is a bit confusing as the original reason for the delay of the mass arrests as of your July 13th message was, “Greed and lust for power inside the Light forces on the surface of this planet (Positive Military, White Dragon Society…) is understandable and tolerable as an intrinsic part of the human nature, to a certain point. But when it begins to hinder operations, create delays, or when certain suffering could be prevented inside the general population and it is not, people responsible for this will be held accountable.” Now that many of us have chosen the red pill that you offered and read the links in your previous message, your readers are all the more convinced that Operation Omega Phoenix 2 is essential.

    On April 22, you wrote, “There are no bad aliens left in the universe, this galaxy or our solar system. They have been cleared by Galactic Confederation from the Galaxy and by Resistance Movement from our solar system years ago.” However, in today’s message (July 26) you wrote, “Those black holes contain reptilians and their technology on etheric plane and they are being intensively purified by the Light forces right now.” These appear to be conflicting statements. Whether in embodiment or on the astral/etheric plane, the point is that we are apparently still dealing with “bad aliens.”

    While it is completely understandable that the Resistance Movement does not want to reveal its hand and that certain information needs to remain classified, these contradictory messages are admittedly a bit disturbing. Part of our ability to maintain our hope, our own “reality bubble,” and our meditations week after week, month after month, is our ability to trust what we are being told. After all, this is the main purpose of your website is it not?

    1. Idiosynchronicity seems to abound here, agreed. It almost seems like a different person, or is that just me?

    2. I hear the frustrations also from this lastest update and feel the frustrations on the perceptions and understandings of what has been said and not said. I am pretty good at hearing or discerning what is not being said and reading between the lines so to speak. Waiting until October does not resonate with me, as there is soo much suffering and mind games being played on those who are considered lightworkers, the very elite according to revelations.the only people who are sailing smoothly through this is the unawakened,they have no clue and do not believe the information and teachings that some of us is privy to. Because those who are, are really having a rough sailing at this time.Its a go and then its not a go, and the horizon is 3 months awa. Something spartacular is going to have to happen to give the unawakened the time to make their choice for their final destination. We must all be taken out from under the oppression like NOW.!

    3. Personally i am past this and will choose to ignore some of the info posted, its beginning to sound more like a script for a bad Sci fi movie than an explanation for something most of us can only offer our love, thoughts and faith to.

      Most people here have good hearts and are good people, this is why I think I have been drawn to frequent here, I am very open minded and will accept that people have different views, but some of the info coming from various sources is getting a little hard to stomach........especially when people lap it up as the infallible truth when at best it needs to be at least questioned.


    4. I feel to many people are being held back by their willingness to become emotionally involved in events that they are unsure of. To make things worse there is conflicting information from various sources continually bombarding people who at the best are still undecided about events being undertaken.

      I think this is aimed at causing confusion amongst awakened people, this confusion leads to wariness to finding an answer these people may find that feels right to them.

      Its ok to follow if that's what you truly feel is right for you, but many are searching for their own path and misinformation is deception. When deception becomes involved this makes a persons choices so much harder which then leads to frustration and confusion.


    5. How about "some of us" gather together on the astral and discuss our options.

      Anyone here that does not believe we do such traveling... each and every night... doesn't need to come.

      Someone pick a spot and a time.

      Who says we can't band together and take a stand... to quote Dannion Brinkley "what can they do kill us".

      It might start a trend... a movement... a revolution of consciousness.

      After all... the rules have changed. We can do much more than what we used to believe.

      Or not... if there are no believers here... who are tired of doing nothing.

    6. @ Council of Nine :

      None of us should be relying on Cobra, or anyone else, to lead us to the truth of what the Divine Plan is.

      This is OUR responsibility and ours alone.

      If we're in touch with our own Source of knowledge and wisdom, we can determine whether any information given is resonant - or not - almost as soon as we hear it.

      To a large degree, it bypasses the brain and the mind. It simply an inner knowing.

      Relying on an outside 'authority' - for ANYTHING - simply sets the cycle into a loop, once again.

      This is what humanity as a whole is working to break free from.

      Too much data can lead to lots of confusion, especially when so much of it is generated specifically for disinformation.

      Once we accept complete accountability for ourselves, there's no one to either blame or take credit for our life and our experiences.

      THAT is a Sovereign Being.

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. @I am Love

      I agree, but as you can see there are many people who are in the early stages of their awakening and some can be quite impressionable, this was the reason for my post.

      I could take this a step further and say that there is actually no breaking free of anything, this is all an illusion staged to further our spiritual advancement and we are all playing a part in a story we not only freely entered into but helped to script, even set up our catalyst to help us with work we felt necessary for this advancement.


    9. @ council of 9

      yes, exactly. During struggles and frustrations, which we all experience (the messengers too ! :), it's hard to detach and realize that it's all perfect, but It Is.

      We all signed on for it, so there's no victims here.

      As Cobra said, everyone here passed some pretty stringent tests to participate.

      We're here to support each other, but ~ Damn ! ~ So much whining and complaining amongst lightworkers REALLY surprises me sometimes.


    10. Aleanna hello I like you also follow closely many channels, different sources and I agree fully with your analysis else is not a little inconsistency. Salusa for many years now transmits its channels and not only Salusa but lots of other entities its messages ET since 2003 even as I know, I wonder, and this reversal to all of you this question, Is it possible that even a funnel, not one has ever mentioned the name COBRA?
      I do not say before the appearance, but at least this time it appeared on the network, so important a source, which has become a reference point for many Internet users and operators of light, and was never mentioned.
      Cobra claims that the ducts are not very reliable, but says this is because it has never been quoted by ET?
      However you do not put else is consistency, which seems to say one thing and down what is said by another. August and September to October and then pass it will soon start to see something and we will pass in November, because people will need time to figure out who you can trust and above all what is happening now when a lot of people will die from floods and earthquakes.
      It will also take the time to explain to the people of the earth (7 billion souls) What is the acensione, and put everyone in a position to decide with a calm state of mind without fear.

    11. Cobra,

      Here is another message from the Resistance Movement on April 13th that presents a bit of a quandary. Please offer whatever insights you are able:

      "Friday April 13th was a day full of action. Resistance Movement has finally removed the main obstacle (from their perspective) that blocked the triggering of the Event. Certain key Resistance agents were placed into position. There are some minor preparations still to be made, but then everything is ready, as far as Resistance is concerned."

      Respectfully, I AM

    12. So many timelines, so many to choose from. Stick to the one that resonates for you and believe it. See it for the future. Your future.
      My cousin and I are both lightworkers, but in her timeline Armageddon could happen any momnet. She's a prepper, living off the grid. We talk daily. I used to be a prepper, but then I had the etheric implants removed, like Tet's system, referenced above. Now I live in the center of a big city in a beautiful home and wonderful husband and we have a dog that gives off sparks of light.
      Go to the best timeline available. We are all connected now. Me to you, you to them. Your vibration will bring resolution to the conflict you perceive. Perhaps you are a healer of multiple timelines.
      Send your elephant to Tet.

    13. @ I Am Love, I do understand how you feel and at times i also feel frustration at some of the comments even though I also understand what they are feeling.
      Some who come here are still trying to find their path, and as you would know this requires faith and trust, but because they are still quite new to this they will have faith in and will trust to easily. When no result is seen then frustration takes over and we see posts such as the ones we have seen in this subject. Jesus summed this up perfectly when he said "Forgive them father for they know not what they do".

      They do not have a full understanding of the reality behind our existence, still thinking in 3rd density terms and as some of us have a better understanding I don't think we should reflect their frustration back at them we should understand and help them find a path they feel comfortable with, after all this IS service to others and something we should feel privileged to provide.

      One thing I could say to these impatient ones is to use all discrimination as you take in all the information available to you, harvesting for your later thought those thoughts which resonate with you and leaving the rest behind. If you will use your powers of discrimination and trust in them you shall not be led astray by slick words and by shallow thoughts but shall remain within your integrity and follow your own process.


  16. Ham,
    Yesterday I asked my elephants to do their first job - help remove some (not-too-strong) chemtrails on the south coast, England. And they did - along with my very determined intentions. I'm very sincere but somewhat on a lonely journey here, having been compelled to research and discover what our world truly is over the last year-ish, but not finding too many people who want to talk about this with me. So I will ask my elephants to come to your healing, with sincere intention. Will this count? I'm not really a lightworker, but I try to meditate (visualise) and am trying so hard to do what feels right.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. I like your words Cobra.. but sometimes I think that it is better to say nothing at all than to say that the cabal is going to be arrested and then they are not.

    And I think it is better to write more positive stuff and not negative.

    It is not right to write something you "know" when you don't.

    May the light shine upon your soul.

    1. Good post. Short and to the point :)
      I also like many theoretical info in Cobra´s blog, but unfulfilled promises have become bad joke in New Age arena long time ago already. It´s like they keep you attached throuh your hopes and emotions and leave you disappointed and alone at the end. It´s repeating pattern and has going on for decades. I want this world to change too, I want it SO much. But I have learned, that we really can´t hope for outside help. It might come at one point, but we can´t rely on it. Even not emotionally.

    2. The wanting will leave you forever wanting.

      Want begets nothing but want.

      Knowing, on the other hand, is quite different.

      I KNOW this world HAS already changed.


  19. This time, (after having read this incredible post) all I can say is beautifully expressed in this song...

    (it has never touched my core like it does at this very moment)

    Dedicated from me with love to the Resistance Movement, the Light Forces, all Light Workers and Cobra.

    1. Efharisto anticonformistria!

      Great song! haven't heard it in a while
      Dedicating back at you! ;)

    2. Thank you my dear Prosperity :D
      It was a very long time since i heard it too.. the amazing synchronicity that occured with my laptop (and with no tampering from me) that brought this song to play as i was reading Cobra's latest update, blew my mind...

    3. Wow! Your first post was 3:11 and your second at 11:11
      All week the numbers are popping up every hour especially when I open my cell phone or returning on home page (time clock) something is brewing..these numbers have a strong msg especially 11

    4. Awesome all the way around -- the song, the synchronicity with the times, the comments. COOL. Thanks for posting. :) Really gave me a good energy! Goosebumps and everything!! :D


    5. WOW! Now my mind is totally blown to bits! i never noticed the posting times! This is something beyong synchronicity... I'm Greek, with the richest vocabulary in the world, and for the life of me, i just can't find the word for it...
      Goosebumbs are now electrifying tingling all over me...

      Bless you girls, you made my day!:D

      Love and Light to ALL!

  20. Hello Everyone,

    Thank you Cobra for the new information and for the reminder of having patience as well :)

    I am hoping that this timeframe signifies that there will be a smoother transition with less disruptions involved for all.

    Much Love to you, the RM & to All.

    Victory of the Light !

    1. I Am Love. I was inspired by you. You are most welcome.

    2. I Am Love is so inspirational, indeed. More times than one in these past weeks, she has saved my spiritual ass (lol -- I suppose I could put it another way, but seriously, it's like I am being lifted up by my beltloops sometimes, hee hee!). Over and over her words are ones of balance, light and love, and I have much gratitude.


  21. So buy saying this just means that when nothings happens for the next 2 months we have already been told why? And correct me if I am wrong but did Cobra not say in a post about a month or so ago that all non-physical archons had been removed and that only a few physical ones remained on the surface?

  22. To everyone confused with all the information floating around right now:

    Sit back, relax, just focus on sending out light, and things will happen before you know it. Namaste :D

  23. Now we have to wait out August and September. FUCKING BULLSHIT! Very very frustrating and disappointing. it's easy and convenient for the galctics and the resistance to suggest we stay patient and calm while they enjoy a higher dimensional reality of universal love, unity and abundance while we remain slugging it out in duality, scarcity and enslavement. An enslavement that was allowed to manifest itself in an illuminated galaxy 26,000 years ago. Why were we abandoned and what Karma do the galactics need to clear up for letting this happen?

    I'm tired and worn out waiting for the ignorant, uneducated and uninterested portion of the population to awaken. Our free will to experience a higher state of consciousness has been severely impeded on and retarded by a small group suppressing technology and information that other humans wished to express to all of humanity as their free will. What are the universal laws that apply to entities that prevent souls from exercising their free will of seeking a full experience? Should they not apply here?

    NESARA should have implemented yesterday. If the people knew what it is and what it does they would demand it be implemented at once. Free energy was discovered and developed by humans decades ago and the suppression of real UFO evidence can be overcome by making yourselves known. Why do the controlling powerful few who know the truth get to dictate to the collective how high our free will choices takes us?

    It's Amazing how far down into the lower densities we were tricked into experiencing. An illusion that was allowed to happen under that watchful eye of family. in 2029, When this is all said and done very much needs to be explained.

    1. I am with those whose first natural reactions was "2 more months", waiting and "Why" when my gut is telling me we really are around the corners and talking about days not weeks or months. To be told be patient for a little while longer a couple of months at that really put a damper on my outer spirit, and I know that 3D time frame is not as 4D timeframe and I think that our Galactic brothers and sisters forget that. I do understand that all of these soon and very soon was in preparations for the coming event and that a lot of folks are going to be extremely affected by it as they will not be in peace to discern what is truth or not. I know this because I am hanging onto my peace string and I have been awakening for a while now.So, I guess this is a ventilation of my dissappointment in now having to wait another 2 to 3 months. Just as in the Cabal programming comming out of the 3D into 5D I have no other choice but to just wait and see, that is the truth of knowing what is true "Time will tell", my grandmother use to say this all of the time, so we just keep on preparing for that space and time.

    2. @ Matthew Waxelbaum … I here ya brother. The Cabal show irrefutable evidence on a daily base of their power and control. Time for Cobra, Drake, St. Germaine, Archangel Michael, SaLuSa etc, etc to put up, or ShutTheFukcUp.

      I would challenge anyone on this blog to give one iota of proof of ANYTHING they say that has come to fruition. Examples of Cobras BS:

      June 21, 2012 Operation Stardust 2, “If high-ranking members of the Cabal need to have proof that Operation Stardust 2 is real, this proof can be arranged.” Called your bluff and as usual THE END RESULT…NOTHING.

      June 28, 2012 Operation Omega Phoenix: The infiltration of the Positive Military group has been completely removed. BULLSHIT.

      July 5, 2012 White Knights - the Cavalry is Coming…BULLSHIT.

    3. What Cobra tells us isnt the only truth. He is but one of many connections to many groups helping us. Just because nothign is coming from his end doesnt mean it wont coem from somewhere else. I have had a feeling August would be very significant for about a week now.

    4. Matthew, I dont think we where tricked in this whole experiment. We all chose to come here to participate in this experiment in both light and dark roles.

    5. @ Matthew, i certainly can understand your frustration with all the delays. An EXCELLENT book that i just finished reading REALLY expanded my understanding & consciousness is by Dolores Cannon, "The Three Waves of Volunteers for the New Earth"... perhaps you are one of thousands of other souls who "heard the call that went out through all the Universe" to assist planet earth thru this crisis period and serve to be a light worker helping with Gaia's ascension process... perhaps you were not "abandoned" down here after all ( although i can totally understand why it feels that way!!), but instead chose to come by your own choosing... knowing bfhand that it was going to be a very challenging, but unbelievably important mission! I highly recommend the book...if not just for the last section on " the new earth"-- incredibly encouraging, informative and EXCITING!!
      Blessings, Light & Love~

    6. @Matthew

      Head up!

      "I'm tired and worn out waiting for the ignorant, uneducated and uninterested portion of the population to awaken."

      They don't need to realy wake up now.

      "NESARA should have implemented yesterday."

      I am 100% sure, you never had the real time plans. So don't be impatient, all is very fine.

      But it is imperative that humanity is healed. There is an urgent need to reach a certain quota of healing to. Only when the quota is reached, information will made ​​public.

      So pull your head out of the sand. And send your elephants to help with the healing!

    7. @Hamourapi2012 well done <=> well said

  24. Thanks Cobra! I was eagerly awaiting your update.
    There's a quite good explanation about this projection chamber works in Lisa Renee's latest article. As always, her articles are quite detailed and long, yet little puzzling. Cobra's informations are compact, but they're very informative and simply explained. And they validate other sources too.
    Here's the excerpt from her article. I would highly recommend it to everyone.

    "Anytime there is a manifested event in our life, preceding this event, is a mental symbol and emotionally driven (2D lower emotional body) plasma, which are psychic forces directed from our own minds and emotions. If we are not responsible with our personal thoughts and emotions, and allow ego disturbances to run our lives, we are vulnerable to be heavily manipulated and controlled by external forces.
    One such manipulation is the collection and use of human psychic forces. When we are acting out extreme emotional states or mental judgments, that plasma substance is taken from our lower bodies (1D-2D-3D) and reconstituted to serve the manipulation of a planetary mind controlled agenda. If the person or group involved in creating such a “highly charged” ego based scenario “take the bait”, (this is referred to as “fishing”) the motive is to create chaos, disruption and get a dark “foothold” in the door. The point is here, to not let something “pushing dark energy” to get in the door, and to see it clearly for what it is, without fear or judgment. When you see it for what it is, the dark has no power or control over you or anything that you may be working with, such as projects, work, etc.
    Clarity only becomes available when you are self-directed, calm and neutral and have no investment in any outcome or result.
    This tactic is especially prevalent in spiritual leadership and within spiritual communities where the alien manipulation is used to divide and conquer those groups by instigating psychic warfare. This is to prevent the group from recognizing their own power and from creating unity through collaboration, which if stabilized, drastically increases their manifestation power (critical mass) into this world. How best to hijack or divide a group, when you believe it is another light-worker in that group, that is evil, controlled and sending you psychic attack? (This is why having some tools of Psychic Self Defense is mandatory when navigating the ascension and light-worker communities. Focused minds with disciplined egos reduce this problem extensively.)
    This planet’s invaded architecture includes sophisticated mental belief systems with software that promote these distortions in the human mind, throughout the current paradigm of human belief. These are “hardware” systems, they are not just plasma thought forms, although the human created plasma of thought-forms and 2D instinctual body (psychic forces), are used to power up these alien systems to keep them running in the hologram. Negative alien implants, mind slides are used to keep the perception suppressed, controlled and limited, so that multidimensional awareness and accuracy in assessment of circumstances is obfuscated. Ever asked the question as to why so few human beings look up and show concern over the increased UFO’s, chemtrails, moon bases and weird phenomena in the sky? Because most humans are mind controlled to “not see what they are looking at”. How many times have we heard disinformation about UFO’s, E.T’s and the denial of their existence? (Hey you crazy lunatic for seeing that UFO, that’s a weather balloon, or swamp gas!) Of course they do not want the population to know they are here, it puts their power at risk. Naturally if those of us in the light-worker family are serving freedom and ascension for the human race, we can be targeted quite easily through the victim-victimizer software, especially if we have little discipline over our mind and emotions.”

    1. Continuing:
      “Remembering that the planetary mind is invaded, means that the collective human mind has been invaded, (via the ego functions) as the reptilians (i.e. archons) have downloaded their mind into this planet. Therefore, it has leaked its sickness and sociopathy into the human mind. The global brain is magnetic, and keeping these machines operating will give us a clue as to what the lunar forces and the moon are being used for.
      All of us have the choice and the power (by developing our inner life force and spiritual core) to stop this ego sickness from invading our sense of well-being, and controlling our mind to play out and inflict these sick behaviors on others. All of us here on earth are recovering from this ego sickness. Yet, being committed to the development of more compassionate kindness and tolerance for the human race is desperately needed.
      By taking personal responsibility for the direction of one’s energies, at any moment one can choose what words and associations one will use as the filter to perceive or imply mental-emotional states. This responsibility of owning one’s thoughts and emotional state, are the way to build self-mastery and avoid being mind-controlled or manipulated, by any outside force.
      As one becomes responsible for one’s behavior and being aware about the World of Forces, we avoid being used unconsciously to create dramas, pain and karmic loads on our self and the others around us. This also equips us to deflect these forces when they are in the various stages of abuse through the alien manipulation and its software.
      There are various strategies of targeting light-workers (all persons that are influencing positive changes for humanity and the planet) such as the following:
      1. Manipulating the Psychic Forces of a person, so they will act out or believe something not true
      2. Projecting false images through holographic inserts into the astral plane, esp. in dream states
      3. Using negative forms, and their residue energies, from being traumatized in other timelines
      4. Using painful memories from current or other lifetimes, that person can be controlled by
      5. Using isolation techniques of victimization, defamation, and singled out as a “lunatic” to lose credibility with peers
      6. Acting out of pain or betrayal scenarios in partners, spouses and other close family relationships
      7. Possessing of unstable personalities bodies for the use of directing dark forces to inflict harm"...

      My implication is, during this transition time, we need to learn to be in complete self-control and balance. How bad it in certain times may seem (globally or personally), there's no need to buy into fear, impatience, chaos etc. With thus we will only feed the dark forces with our energies without even realising.

    2. How I do it is with a technique called "pivoting." It has evolved as my understanding of who and what have been manipulating has been evolving, too.

      In the past weeks, I have learned the following.

      There is usually a trigger that is pushed. I'm getting better and better at recognizing when I have been emotionally triggered.

      I notice the feelings.

      I observe the feelings.

      Most times I allow the feelings to pass through me because they are often pretty strong.

      What I don't do is start to go to the "ego justification" place. I observe thoughts such as, "I deserve better than this!" or "poor me" thinking, etc. We all have our own patterns in this.

      Then I go to the place of recognizing the real truth. That I am God, I am Sovereign and I am Free and do not need to be tied down to the ego personality issues that are being triggered. I start to "pivot" around the emotional issue and turn it from the self-centered "service to self" place and recognize who and what I really am, and focus then on the truth of the situation (the trigger is based on an implanted thought or idea) and that it no longer can operate for me now.

      That's just the "off the top of my head" version now that has evolved and is still evolving. I have been working with this technique for 6 1/2 years now, and still barely feel like I am getting it. I get multiple times to practice each day, lol. Oh do I ever, lol.

      That's one way to learn to be in self-control and balance. It takes a lot of testing and practicing.

      Keeping really calm and not allowing the trigger to do its job is the No. 1 thing for me these days. I'm getting better but am far from perfect.

      Hope that helps you Aradia, and anyone else, too.

    3. Thanks from my heart for this reminder, Calliope! I adore Lisa Renee and each newsletter from her takes many readings to completely integrate. When I was first guided to find her, it was hard to accept a lot of the material and I wondered why I was drawn to her. Then things started happening in my life....I am very conscious and light, but had no idea about protection or programs/implants, etc. Boy, was I used for my power! So I learned tremendously from Lisa and a few others. She has great info on psychic self defense! Mostly now I can observe the triggering, but some buttons push harder than others :) But that's what we do ~ learn, clear, transform the energy back to Light. I am here in Service to the One. I hold the Light for Gaia and mankind. I strive to be the clear channel for this. We may change our vessel, our surroundings, our level of understanding, but the work is Eternal. But I do look forward to returning to higher dimensions to continue this!! 3D is SOOOO hard, whoops, NO it's NOT, that's just a projection, too! All is well. Big Hugs to all you Light Beings!!!

  25. Thank you for this and bless you for all you do for us. <3<3<3

  26. Decades of extensive research by Dr. Carl Calleman into the evolution of consciousness concluded that the Mayan Calendar ended Oct 28, 2011 not Dec 2012. It is suggested that the quarantine of Earth was lifted on Oct 28, 2011, which may explain accelerated changes we are witnessing now.

    When the Earth nearly died

  27. 2012 Olympics - please do this brief meditation daily July 27 - Aug 12, which unites us world-wide as one heart - Unconditional Love and The 22/44 Fully Activated Flower of Life - Shine Bright 2012

    When you complete the meditation, I ask that you give thanks for this or something greater so that love flows to where it can do the highest natural good for all. Thank you!

  28. Thank you Cobra, this information can be put to good work.

    Cobra has clearly defined the mechanisms keeping us and Gaia in quarantine. It is just a matter of us putting our intent to clear and dismantle these impediments. This is an opportunity to join together and focus our energy to really make a difference for ourselves and not having to rely on unseen positive ET or the Resistance.
    We are compelled to tell you that we have already sensed positive results today and we believe with our combined efforts we will be able to succeed.

    Here is a summary of what we focused on to facilitate the removal of the quarantine.

    1) Dissolve and clear the sepia ink elemental essence.

    2) Delete, dismantle and dissolve the etheric implants which are keeping earth in quarantine.

    3) Dismantle the etheric Archon projection chambers that are affecting our auric membrane.

    Please lets join together with whatever modality or mediation you are most comfortable with:)

    With love and peace,

    Eiya and Tet

    1. What can we do? Well!

      How about "some of us" gather together on the astral and discuss options.

      Anyone here that does not believe we do such traveling... each and every night... doesn't need to come.

      Someone pick a spot and a time.

      Who says we can't band together and take a stand... to quote Dannion Brinkley "what can they do kill us".

      It might start something bigger... a revolution of consciousness.

      After all... the rules have changed. We can do much more than what we used to believe.

      Or not... if there are no believers here... who are tired of doing nothing.

    2. Dear thislittlelightofmine ...

      Thanks so much for your positive input here tonight.

      Much appreciated :)

      Light and Love to you !

    3. Love to you two Eiya and Tet. And thank you xx

    4. I agree with Eiya and Tet. We now have a clear list of things to work on.


    5. Having been trapped in an etheric Archon projection chamber for about 18 hours yesterday, let me tell you, they can zap your auric membrane: zap, crackle, pop!
      So using Tet's method earlier today, I saw myself repairing the holes to my metallic auric sheath with a diamond tipped blow torch like device. Tons of stray light had been streaming inside, like water from a broken dam. Re-calibrated my merkaba, set my interior three gyroscopic levels spinning one inside the other, and filled the interior with blue platinum gold light.
      What a day, what a day.
      Over the last five years, Lisa Renee speaks the most vital info. But it's a dense read. I have to re-read each posting three times before it sinks in. So the posting here today was the third time and I finally got it. Here's where the Archons had me trapped: Number 5. Using isolation techniques of victimization, defamation, and singled out as a “lunatic” to lose credibility with peers.
      Now I send Tet's elephants to clearing my etheric implants and see that our group can "recognize their own power, create unity through collaboration, which if stabilized, drastically increases their manifestation power (critical mass) into this world."
      Nice timeline. I'm sticking to it.

  29. I perceive the animal kingdom is a powerful ally to raise the consciousness of humanity, which likely requires us to first acknowledge, own our part, and begin a healing process that ends the suffering of animals for food, fashion, pets, entertainment and medical research.

    Heart breaking to look at what we have done to those who have no voice.

    1. It is heart breaking what humans do to everything. Please dont point out one small aspect of an entire existence of abuse. We have to just accept what has been done and move forward away from the illusion. Suffering seems very real to the ones experiencing it but its really all just part of our lessons here. One of the ones that will be obsolete soon!

    2. I love the way you think. The animal kingdom is indeed as you say. We as commenter's here are not powerless.

      We should discuss for ourselves more of what we can do.. and not wait to see what is being done.

    3. Yes. Animal means everything to me, they are my friends and guardians. I cannot understand this. I think it is about ingrained abuse of power. Those more powerful abuse those weaker thus humans kill and eat animals because they are able to.

  30. OK Cobra, we do understand that you're posting what you've been told/asked to put. But my question
    to your Commander/general is this-- WHY do you think that taking these " POISON PILLS from the PAST" over and over again is GOOD for US?!
    I am sure that the majority of the people visiting this site, more or less, know about this stuff.
    That's why they keep checking Cobra's postings, by HOPING FINALLY to hear a good news from somebody who WE trust... correction, used to trust.

    There was a time that I was buying this "quarantine" story... Until one day I asked to myself: If that's the case, then how did they make PHYSICAL contacts with George Adamsky, Alex Collier, Bob Dean, to name e few. Did they, THE CONTACTEES had these experiences or... they were a bunch of psychotics with a fantastic imagination.

    And my answer was- YES, they did have real contacts with these ETs, and that WAS a part of their
    own Life contract.
    So, it is obvious, that the quarantine over the Earth could be trouble for some ET races, but NOT for the rest of them. And if THEY WANT TO BE HERE ON EARTH, they can do so... they have DONE so...
    And they ARE here, millions of them, hovering over the Earth.

    So, there must be something else, right?

    Now, I want to forget about the past. I want to CLOSE ALL these bitter pages of our history, and look forward on building/fighting for the future. It's time to STOP being reminded- US being the LOSERS!!!
    The Olympics are starting. Get ready to BE THE WINNERS!!!

    That is why, it is so IMPORTANT to post positive, energy boosting messages on this site.
    It is a complete turmoil all over the world, yet WE keep going on by DREAMING that "Tomorrow is going to be THE DAY!!" Don't take that tiny ray of HOPE away from US- your faithful followers!!!

    If there is NO good news, please just go ahead and post a beautiful picture, an enchanting music video, or..... may be, just may be , a channeled good message by somebody who YOU trust to be a good one. ( Why NOT huh)? Otherwise, even there, WE ARE getting diiizzzy who should we trust... ???
    Whatever you do , please do not stop posting. YOU have created a very nice, and DEVOTED family here!!! To tell YOU the truth, THIS WAS THE SITE, where I started to post my first comments!!!
    And typing is killing me, because my right hand gets numb.

    It still breaks my heart to see YOU, the messenger, to be put in the boiling pot.
    I AM SORRY for doing this Cobra.

    I still honor YOU, and respect you with all my heart.

    1. Very constructive... thank you. Your heart is very beautiful.

    2. HyeAngel, the second part of your post, was well said and resonated in me just fine.

      The first part didn't. I for one, STILL TRUST Cobra.



    3. I did not know all that was in the red pill. I am glad I do now, it is necessary.

  31. ok..
    where to begin here.. i am usually a optimist and plus i almost never comment on anything but this message and ensuing anger in the comments just struck the last cord in me and i need to vent. all this shit just seems like half ass reporting to me. does cobra really know what's going on behind the scenes? all these "extension" messages by all the so called insiders and researchers just spell out "information middleman" to me. if i had a guess, drake, cobra etc. are just getting hints and clues as to what's really going on and fancifying the story. or worse, he could be making this shit up from sheer imagination. let's face it people, any one of us that has did our own research by whatever means into galactics, ascension, quantum physics, conspiracy theories, prophesies, spirituality etc. and has discovered their own truth within themselves could come up with electrifying info and put it into a story fit it into our timeline and views. but the most significant question to ask here is is it truthful or reliable information? carl calleman's theory was pretty convincing to me until shit didn't happen or even before then. he has respectfully admitted his error and is now fairly quiet. remember george kavassilas? i don't even want to start on his claims, but likewise nothing he said that was significant came to pass. regarding claims the list goes on... i awoke in 2007, and i can guarantee that pretty much any and all these so called insiders channelers and researchers made it sound like the end of this year is the complete deadline for the events to manifest up until this year and i been going on that and acting accordingly in my personal life which i can positively say has led me into a very desperate and unpleasant place in my reality. now we're starting to say that we gotta drag this shithole into and beyond 2013? give me a break... all we want is valid info so stop beating around the bush or get lost. lightworkers and the needy are suffering because of all these wishful messages. don't get me wrong i see the bright side too. the daily scandals that are coming to the light and few people going to jail here and there proves to me that there is a good force behind the resistance of the dark cabal. but the mass arrests didn't happen and who's to say that they ever will? i agree that we create our own future but who would've known that timelines could change so drastically by the day? is that the primary excuse? we the people aren't doing enough? i would've thought that drake coming out and saying that the 40 year plan is ready to execute in april this year would at least happen within a 3 month timeframe? honestly i feel like a horse chasing a carrot thats attached to a fishing pole that's grabbed by some BITCHASS messanger whos getting a free ride... and did you guys see how fast the channelers and such jumped on that bandwagon?? is it just me or are all these messengers just feeding off each other's bullshit? at this point all this just gets classified into the hopeful information category to me. one of the probably many problems with us "common" lightworkers is that we crave truth and knowledge so badly that we'll buy into anything especially when it's hopeful. if there's no news we get more discouraged about the way things are going and that in turn encourages people to hastily put out more hopeful messages... it's a vicious cycle indeed. to me, there's only a few things going for us regarding these events and that's the work of a dead wiseman terrence mckenna who clarified that dec 21, 2012 is indeed a date where there will be monumental change one way or the other. the general population needs a rude awakening NOW but there's only a few things we can do. wait and see, kill our ego and get active while everyone else stays asleep, or commit suicide. btw the last choice is not my style, i'll wait and see for the second one.

    1. I get your point. And I feel your frustration. However, you mentioned: Truth within our selves. Then why you rely on Cobra, Drake etc then? Their messages should not frustrate you if you know something big is happening within yourself.

      I too am frustrated not because (I, I, I,).......nothing is happening in my life. I'm frustrated because I have been putting out informations out there to Facebook , people I know and every one I'm close to and nothing is happening and it makes me look like I'm an idiot believing everything I read on the internet. THAT FRUSTRATES ME! They don't see any evidences, unless I put up a media news. Since I'm like them only awaken, but I still can use only 30% of my vision and nothing more than that. almost everyday I look up on this website to find out anything new and then reading red pill and blue pill I thought this might be a joke, the same with Drake's website, with all of those youtube videos posted on this blog site, that's not intel for me...I can search those videos too which is also made by someone else he doesn't even know if they are reliable or not. eh? I used to take him seriously but when he relied on those video stuff, then, pro Amendment II, I thought he is for peaceful reconciliation? With guns in the society???????

    2. One only has to look at the Patriot links on Drake's website to understand his motivation and agenda. And that is all well and good if that happens to be in line with one's own agenda. Otherwise, it's not relevant. I don't visit his site any more, nor listen to his broadcasts. He's just not relevant to the world I want to live in, in the future, starting A.S.A.P.


    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. by "truth within ourselves" i meant the truth that we as individuals all have come to BELIEVE by our rational thinking minds. even the sheeple have that.. obviously us lightworkers' truth(s) are more broad and intricate. honestly who can say that they have reached christ consciousness and can connect to the source or god or whatever and get unfiltered information? my guess is no one here that's for sure unless one is constantly on magic shrooms or psychadelics getting the biased messages of love. don't get me wrong, i respect all the messenger's work and the info they give out is usually useful and made me who i am today. sometimes it can be very reassuring as well that we are on the right track. for example regarding the libor scandal getting revealed us lightworkers can easily see the widespread implications that this brings while the public still doesn't understand how it affects them. on the opposite end, these sources need to refrain from making our lives more and more complicated, just like you who's saying that your closest friends and family are starting to think you're a conspiracy nut that is incapable of discernment, or when people like drake who answered questions back in april about your payments becoming void if you were to buy a benz (not saying i did). all this at the end of the day is disinfo. at the end of the day, yes i am very frustrated but it made me who i am today. and as someone pointed out earlier, the sleeping population have it the easiest because they can accept things as they come with no huge impediment prior the the event. alls i gotta say is, that one moment when we can all tell those doubters and haters "itold you so" better be fuckin worth all the stress and suffering that it's putting us through

  32. Do something positive... or do not.

    Be the best that you can be.. or quit/give up.

    Stop attacking this source... if you do not like it... stop listening to what it has to say.

    Your need to take out your frustrations 'here' is not helping to advance humanity a single step.

    Directed at all those who attack what they cannot understand.

  33. In the meantime ~

    "You have been telling people that this is the eleventh hour.
    Now you must go back and tell people that this is the hour!

    And there are things to be considered:

    Where are you living?
    What are you doing?
    What are your relationships?
    Are you in right relation?
    Where is your water?
    Know your Garden.

    It is time to speak your truth.

    Create your community.

    Be good to yourself.

    And not look outside of yourself for a leader.

    This could be a good time!

    There is a river flowing very fast.
    It is so great and fast that there are those who will be afraid.
    They will hold on to the shore.
    They will feel that they are being torn apart, and they will suffer greatly.
    Know that the river has its destination.

    The elders say that we must let go of the shore,
    push off into the middle of the river,
    keep our eyes open,
    and our heads above the water.

    See who is in there with you and celebrate.

    At this time we are to take nothing personally,
    least of all, ourselves.

    For the moment that we do,
    our spiritual growth comes to a halt.

    The time of the lone wolf is over.

    Gather yourselves!

    Banish the word struggle from your attitude and your vocabulary.

    All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.

    We are the ones that we have been waiting for."

    - The Elders, Oraibi, Arizona Hopi Nation

  34. I really hope nobody is donating a dime to this imposter... he does nothing but feed hopium and lies...

    1. hmmm,


      Since this is more or less the message of just about every one of your posts, it's curious as to why you spend your time here ?

    2. Hey Sublime.
      Are you Afraid much?
      Feel the need to lash out at somebody?
      Need a counselor for that ANGER?
      Hate yourself much? Hate others?
      Need a little help with all that confusion?

    3. nah I'm good you silly tree huggers...obviously I want to believe this stuff, but there's a fine line between optimism and sheepism...cobra is a snake oil salesman, doesn't take a genius to realize that by now.

    4. OK Sublime, gotcha, so then my question still stands :)

    5. I guess why other people who realize he's a sheister still come here... to see what other ridiculous posts he comes up with... I'll be the first to admit, I fell for it in the first few months so I'm perhaps a little biased and jaded towards him... but I just feel terrible for anyone donating to this guy taking advantage of hopium news while so many people suffer.

    6. Sublime - So you must be really board to be so entertained by these ridiculous posts. Are you sure you are not a paid cabal shill? If you are not... maybe you should checkout the position... you seem to be exactly what "they" use to discredit "lightworkers". One thing is for sure... your are not "OK" ... YOU HAVE ISSUES YOU NEED TO RESOLVE ! And this is not the place to do it.

    7. You know I really do find it amazing that there's a donate button or ads on just about everyone's blog or website.

      There are none here.

      Why is this even an issue ?

      And if there were, why is it an issue ?

      I just don't get it.

    8. I would really like a donation thingy here, I donate bits regularly to others.
      Sublime, please try and live up to your name. Thanks.

    9. a LITTLE biased and jaded towards him? You're kidding me, right? You OOZE negativity mate. And of course... you still haven't answered I AM Love's question. (I never expected you to)

      Excuse the expression, but i think it's time you take a hike. You're not doing anyone (or yourself) any favors by viciously trolling here.

    10. @ Sublime: 'cobra is a snake oil salesman, doesn't take a genius to realize that by now.'

      At this point, I can't say you're wrong.... Can't say you're right either, but here we are. Your quote above reminded me of how much I enjoy going to flea markets. At the flea market, I understand that the guy behind the counter may or may not have MY best interests in mind, I know that I may or may not want/ need what he's selling. I know that if I do not like what he's selling, I can simply walk away & he'll have no bearing on the rest of my day. But I don't see any reason to curse at the guy behind the counter. He's just playing his role, as am I.

      Another thing that REALLY helps me: When I notice growing aggravation about how slow things seem to be going related to ascension, etc., I'll ask AA Michael to help me adjust MY Timing to Divine Timing. Invoking AA Michael for this may not be neccessary, but I figure he can see the clock more clearly than I at the moment. Anyhoo, that aggravation is always cleared almost immediately & helps keep me on track for a few weeks.

      I wish you well, my friend. Peace.

    11. I'm going out to hug a tree and cover myself in snake oil. Thanks fir the great idea, Sublime.

  35. Interesting article about the Olympics and astrology:

    As mentioned in my earlier article about the Olympics, I recommend staying far, far away from visually engaging the Olympics, their propaganda, and their mind-controlling symbols and media frenzy. I have suggested that rather than sending a whole bunch of energy (even “positive” energy) to the Games, people disengage from the Olympics and pull their energy back into themselves and the planet. Ground yourselves. Hug a tree. Talk with your family, friends and neighbors. Walk barefoot on the Earth. Share your unconditional, universal Love with people who are actually, physically, tangibly in your life. You can offer the most positive influence on worldwide events right now by anchoring yourself to the planet –wherever you are– and then filling your heart with gratitude, love and light. Stay connected to the Earth with love in your heart.

    1. WOW!

      Fantastic insight into the situation.

      Great advice.

      Hope we listen!

      "They" set the trap and drag us into the drama.

      "Stay connected to the Earth with love in your heart. "

      Powerful choice.

    2. David Ike has suggested meditations to focus positive hear energy for 20 mins each night. This is to try and reduce the effects of their satanic symbolism used at the event. I am sure this or disengaging will be fine, or a combination of the two.

  36. Dear frustratedguy,

    I understand you perfectly. And I am soooo sorry to hear another Light Worker being in the situation where YOU are now.

    I wish I could help you, and ALL others, who have lost their job, their homes, their families, and above ALL- their dignity and the good name. And the hope. Be patient my brother... a little more...
    May be, tomorrow, YOU will have a very blessed day. A miracle, a helping hand will get YOU out from the mud. The year has not ended yet.

    I will send YOU Rays of Love. Day and night. Let's hope, they will fulfill my good intentions.

    Stay strong. And promise, YOU will post, as soon as YOU will have a good news.


    1. @HyeAngel :-)*

      To all dear ones who doubt and are frustrated: I am sending you a lot of LOVE and HUGS and BLESSINGS....xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
      Stay in peace, brothers....

    2. thank you all for your loving words

  37. Do not read more updates from Cobra, because I realized once again that much lower my vibrations cause me anxiety and frustration, I may be wrong a lot but my intuition tells me that it's better that way.
    And my personal opinion but I know so much that his updates are made for this, take you deeper and deeper, the red pill first, then further delay in the whole sequence, and if we do not lean if ever, before having taken conscience some other information given by drake or some other source, he is always in the middle,
    makes only a few changes, so does our mood is always low average, good thing to remember and stir the Nazi past, we all know, sense of reawakening old grudges?
    To bell boys were not sent down no pill will it RED BLUE.
    A hug .. That the source will inspire your every thought and accompany every gesture.

    1. If you, or anybody else, still has 'old grudges' that are awakening, please notice them, honour them, heal or release or transmute them, and be done with them.

  38. You cannot order/advise us, this is control and we are all free (sort of) to make up our own minds. Controlling others is old paradigm. I disagree entirely. Only by understanding all of it, layer upon layer, processing it and coming out the other side again can this begin to be healed within us and thus we can stand strong and steady when more becomes public. I tentatively suggest that the New Age concept that to ignore anything nasty means it will not affect us and to address it will energise it is part of the NWO agenda.
    Thank you Cobra for the intel. Please consider a donation button as I would like to give small amounts when I can and they all add up.

  39. What exactly Madalenian Archons means? I thought Mary Magdalaine is the feminine twin flame of Jeshua. I read that she was actually the daughter of King Melchor (one of the kings visited Jeshua on his birth). although, there is rumor about them being born at the same time but Melchor after days, travel to Jeshua, led by the Starship. They are all members of the Essenes group.

    1. May, you should read the comment from I Am Love up towards the top:

      I know it takes more time, but usually people have the same or similar questions! As for me, either I start Googling on my own right away if I have a question, or I check with my internal guidance on it, or I just start reading comments. There are FANTASTIC commenters here (for the most part, lol!) and so taking the time to read them is a wise idea.

      I hope you feel satisfied with what I AM Love researched and wrote.


  40. i haven't been able to get the star wars imperial march out of my head. i woke up with it in my head (haven't watch anything star wars related in months) and i've had it on repeat since waking up.

    i highly doubt it's a 'darkside' or 'empire' thing as i'm not getting any negativity from it, just a cool soundtrack for a friday that's poised to be very eventful.

    and if listening to the imperial march rubs you the wrong way, watch the volkswagen commercial with the little Vader. it always makes me smile.

  41. I´m sorry guys, but this whole thing reminds me more and more the movie "Beautiful Mind", if you remember. It´s actually quite amazingly similar (inside contacts, coded messages for the right people). We can´t deny, that there is such thing as scizophrenia, many people have it and some have it in the form, where he/she has hallucinations so strong and real, that he/she really can´t tell the difference. I don´t mean it as an insult (many people do use it to insult people unfortunately), but it just seems, that there are quite a few people active in different fields, who have schizophrenia and most of them probably don´t even know it. Often they are talented and creative people (remember the film again!) and can state their claims very logically and belivably. But if we don´t have real and first-hand evidences and if their predictions never happen and are postponed continuesly, we can´t take these claims as reality.
    It acutally looks like these resignations from top bankers fueld some people´s hallucinations and they started to get "intel" information. Like cold war fueld John Nash´s hallucinations in the movie - it´s related to real life events. I don´t say it´s like that, I just see it as one possibility here. IF the mass arrests happen, then I get exited. But I have seen this many times before and I´m afraid it´s not the last time either. Deadlines are over, promises are not fulfilled. Again and again.
    Mayan end date probably means something and we´ll see, what the second half of this year will bring to us. But it´s a fact, that there are thousands of people, who think, that they know, why 2012 is so important, but they all know different truths.

    People, you really should do more indepth research about topics like this blog here. I agree with people who are becoming more and more sceptical. I have come long way from love&light optimism to very analytical (but not angry) scepticism. But to do that, to make up your OWN mind about things means that you have to do your OWN research. Be open, but with healthy scepticism.
    There have been so many "middlemen", who claim thet they reveal the truth. Every information, that has "leaked" from somewhere has NEVER came to reality. There´s always some reason, why plans changed at the last minute. Just like Galactic Federation has done since 50s.

  42. I hope were still on schedule for ascension... I love this planet and all my beloved people but im simply tired of this energetic vibration and the conflict and drama that saturates it.

    I'm going to continue to remain patient and optimistic, I hope we are in the closing months... a few more years of this would be exhausting, I hope thats not the case.

    Peace and love to all.

  43. I see an intelligence in the timing, Intel release, perceived delays. Ground breaking, even shocking information is released. Time is taken for its precessing and we are the testers, so that some gauge of general reactions can be gained as we are under the veil also. If/when the event happens and there is a wider release, we will have quite good preparation ourselves and the Resistance will have some idea of how we will cope.
    Love to all xxx

  44. So, let me point out the obvious in this one.. I'll start by saying, we have ~5 months until December 21, 2012.

    Channelings by the Galactics had revealed to us (minimum 2 months ago) that it would take approximately 6 months to complete all details of the plan, which can be found here:

    Now, this article tells us not to expect anything to occur in August and September.

    This leaves us with 3 months to accomplish all of the above. This lightworker is HIGHLY discouraged.

    Given the situation that nothing occurs during August or September, that brings us right up until the beginning of Autumn.

    If we reach Autumn and nothing has occurred, it means the following items of concern still require to be dealt with:

    1) Mass Public Arrests
    2) Proclaim New Banking System
    3) New Governance in Power
    4) UFO Disclosure
    5) Trial Set Dates
    6) Release of Secret Technology
    7) New Business & Financial Infrastructure in place
    8) Meetings with Earth-based Members of Space & Spiritual Families

    Obviously as you have seen, there are still many "events" that are to occur in Autumn up until the end of 2012, but if we can't accomplish the former, how are we supposed to accomplish the latter?

    Everything keeps getting pushed further and further away. Maybe the Galactics don't have as much control over the situations as they'd like to believe? At what point do they say, "We can't afford to delay this any longer, it's time to step in."?

    Please don't flame my post that hard, as it was simply to vent my frustration. As a lightworker who follows these events very closely, as I'm sure you do, you can imagine how frustrated I am when receiving contradictory information about such an important Event.

    Much love.

    1. Love back. This is all dependent on whether or not you believe the channellings and this is, of course, up to you.

      Here a some links that may help to clarify this:
      Hypothesis explaining the current confusion caused by vast amounts of 'channelling' from: ONE
      Hypothesis explaining the current confusion caused by vast amounts of 'channelling' from: ONE
      Also Kryon is quite good

      There will always be useful information for everyone. Beware of the channel that gives you useful information for only a few, or tells you that it's only for a special group or a sequestered number. It must be useful for ALL humanity, every single Human. This is an area of discernment allowing you to know you are hearing the truth.
      2. The message should be uplifting. Watch for an empowering message - NOT ONE OF FEAR, not one that drags you down - not one that makes you want to take fearful action or hide - but an enabling message! This is a staple of God energy. It must be there. It should inspire the listener and reader. Every recorded angel appearance before a Human Being has begun with "Fear not!"
      3. Spirit (God) will never, ever channel a message that asks you to give up your free will. Never! For your free will is what your experience on Earth is all about as you sit in your "chairs of gold" (a metaphor created in Kryon Book Six). Free will! FREE CHOICE is what drives your future.
      4. Spirit will never give you a message - ever - that asks you to violate the integrity of what you believe. You are honored in your thought processes. Spirit will never trick you or "talk you" into anything. The message must never violate your integrity. You must feel comfortable with it, and it must ring true to your heart.
      5. Spirit will never represent a channeller as being the only source. Watch for this, for there are many channels of Spirit and they all coordinate their information to create a bigger picture, especially in this New Age. They will NEVER represent themselves as the ONLY source of information.
      6. Watch for the fact that the information is normally new information. Beware of the channel that simply re-hashes the old, for they are not channelling anything but the ego of the Human Being. New information is necessary. It is the entire reason for the channel. Think about it.
      7. Watch for the fact that channelled information should have spiritual solutions presented. Solutions to life challenges on Earth, via new information, is the purpose of channelling.
      Offered in Love,
      Lee Carroll

    2. While I appreciate your response, I see little that helps this situation.

      You've posted much information about channeling, and what to beware of, so I can only expect that you wrote all of that solely for the purpose of you not believing in the channeler who channeled the 6-month timeline?

      If you don't believe in that channeler, or the information that channeler receives, then what do you make of the situation where we can now not expect anything to occur for more months?

      If you do believe in that channeler, or the information that channeler receives, then what do you make of the juxtaposition between the channeling and Cobra's post?

      (This is not intended to be negativity)

    3. I don't trust channelings. And i have many good reasons for it.

      In my opinions they are only good to get hints for the some jobs...

  45. I do not know. It is hard or impossible to predict the future when things have not been decided upon. So much is currently in flux, things being changed, unchanged. My HS said there is kind of an impasse light vrs dark, just now. That we are not there yet but there will come a time soon when the light engulfs the dark. Then our lot will be easier. No time line given. I wait in hope and try to be patient and trust.

  46. Lighten up, Lightworkers!! Some of you are acting like you are the audience in the play, and are pissed off because you have to wait 2 months for the next act! Don't you realize that you too are one of the actors and writers, and it's your job to write the next scene? Stop passing the buck and get busy!
    Amazing post, Cobra, I can't wait (oops, lol) for the Light to zap all that nonsence!
    And what's up with all this elephant stuff?
    Love to All, Keep the Faith!

    1. What a wise comment, so true! Loved it. Will do.

  47. To all those impatient, angry, frustrated people making blame/accusation-type comments.

    I just remembered an expression that I heard a few months ago.

    "I will carry you, if I have to, I won't leave you behind. But I won't drag you."

    This, to me, suggests that those who are doing all they can, to the point of exhaustion, will be carried to safety. Those who are not participating by useful actions (or even those who are opposing) will not be dragged (against their will).

    If you are participating and attempting to create your new reality, then nothing anybody says, Human or ET, is going to put a spanner in YOUR works.

    I don't want to wait until October for anything, but I'm not stressing myself over the possibility of it. I'm re-doubling my intent for speedy resolutions, my efforts in light and grid work, my support of team efforts, and info sharing, etc.

    Am I disappointed? No, because that would suggest I have no other options. And I think we all have the choice to find, seek, dig, uncover, etc, new ways, new ideas, new resolve and determination not to be beaten - not by the Cabal, and not by Intel that we don't like, and not by our own FEAR.

    As, Light888 so eloquently stated, see above, we are not the audience, we are the players.

    1. Well said, however the part of "suggests that those who are doing all they can, to the point of exhaustion, will be carried to safety" urked me a bit. As a lightworker, my primary focus throughout the day is to radiate Love and positivity. Just because I have some real concerns about information that we're given doesn't put me in the category of "not doing all I can to exhaustion". If anything, it would place me in a category of "doing all I can to expose the truth and broaden people's minds, to the point of exhaustion", because let's face it, following and discerning all of this information could be a full-time job.

      I simply asked a legitimate question about contradictory information between 2 sources; it was not accusational. It was to pick people's brains and see where they PERSONALLY stood according to this information. It is, as I stated, contradictory information, and needs to be recognized as such, not as blame or accusations.

      We are indeed the players, but the knowing that players have the ability to be played has to be ever-present, and you must constantly be re-evaluating your surroundings to make sure you're on the right path.

      I know I will be Ascending, I know it is just a matter of time, but until then, I will continue to observe every new piece of information with discernment, as well as by comparing it to previously received information.

    2. " Well said, however the part of "suggests that those who are doing all they can, to the point of exhaustion, will be carried to safety" urked me a bit. "

      Yes, I understand. But at that point I was merely describing my interpretation of that particular expression, which I had first heard a few months ago. It was an ex-Marine who said it, so you can see the mentality behind it.

      It's difficult to always make oneself fully understood in these comments.


  48. Well please radiate some love and positivity here, we would all appreciate it. Thank you.

  49. A few things -

    *Cobra is not a channel and does not rely on channeled information. Comparing his intel to channels is apples to oranges, in my opinion.

    *Cobra asked for donations ONE TIME and only from those who could afford it, knowing full well all us poor lightworkers would start donating our pennies immediately, even though we might need those pennies! ;) He hasn't brought up donations since, so this whole - "Cobra is a snake oil salesman, making money off the poor vulnerable lightworkers angle" is really annoying and silly. Please stop it. There are soooo many other sites who have pleas for money right at the top of the home page! So, just drop this baseless argument, please.

    *I personally was not surprised August and September might be quiet on the surface. I think this is good news. The more that can be done without disrupting the lives of the general the public the better. Did the complainers read the part where he said there would be behind the scenes action?

    *There is much more to this site than Cobra's updates. If you are only reading the updates, you are missing out. :)

    *If you want to know more about Elephants click on Hamourapi's profile.

    In Love and Gratitude to Cobra and the Cobra Family,

    1. Well said, K-LlllOoooVvvvEeee! :)

    2. was about to say "Well said!" but OSW has already beaten me to it.......

      I am still catching up on recent comments as I decided to take a break from the internet for about 24 hours, which seems like was a good decision. Today does feel "different" somehow (perhaps only because I was not scheduled to work at my retail-slave survival job today, lol). Perhaps we need to remind ourselves to not skimp on the time for sleep (OK, I will remind myself of that!) --- I believe most of us realize that there is important work being done then also, and at the very least we will tend to be less frazzled during our non-sleeping times!

  50. correct me if I am wrong but did Cobra not say in a post about a month or so ago that all non-physical archons had been removed and that only a few physical ones remained on the surface?

    1. No. He said the non physical ones have not all been removed but some have, Brando. Hence the need to continue the meditations.

  51. About all this impatience people. You see it from a very low perspective. There is a point i am sure none of you heard before.

    After finishing the uplifting, the earth shall be 12 years under the protection of angels. 8 angels shall be the guardians. 5 of them are still sleeping....

    In this case sleeping means, that some of them are thinking, they are awoken, because they are in a kind of "human awoken". But they need the real angel awakening.

    Maybe this is the reason, why i try to wake up you all?

    1. One more point.

      The longer we hear nothing, the smoother the transition will be!

      Nothing can be heard in this case is a sign, that the working people do a good job!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  52. Wow, thank you so much for all of your inspiring comments.

    You have lifted me up enormously this morning with your insightful, penetrating words - and I feel blessed & very honored to be in the company of this 'ground crew'.

    I was also inspired by Cobra's comment on creating a 'shamanic bubble' as an antidote to the quarantine of the matrix.

    It was mentioned in another comment about withdrawing support by living more in nature and growing our own food.

    This is a fantastic idea to give us all a sense of self empowerment. We can all then feel as if we are contributing and taking action, instead of waiting, which is what all of us would prefer to experience.

    What more can we do to make this a physical reality ?

    Much Love to you ALL

  53. All i wanted was some clarification. But alas its hard to come by. I apologize if anyone felt the frustration coming from my post but its how i felt. Please open your hearts to the forgiveness and love i am emanating into this post.

  54. Felt it, thanks. I could not truly answer your question. My meaning was to give material which I have found helpful, to help you decide which source you wished to believe, as the lack of correspondence is being bothersome. There seems to have been much mind changing, the cabal indicated they would step down but did not. Then they made threats with weapons, so different plans were made. Accurate predictions are a minefield because so many souls and different factors are involved. Thus, your source could have seen something is likely, posted it, but it was changed at the last minute. It does not mean that your source is not credible. A psychic called Steve Gunn is quite good at explaining this. Cobra is careful to never give definite predictions or time frames.

    1. Yes, Steve is good! Definitely no BS with him --- but he may make you think so hard you get a headache :)

  55. I love the updates, they make my day every time! I'm trying to live life in the Now and realize that I am a creator and can create my reality and that I am infinite. I wish I had more time, time to travel to Mt Shasta in California or Mt Magazine in Arkansas... I recently got a pendulum and its interesting...anyone have any tips to help connect me to source or my higher self? I am going to do this quantum chakra healing phone conference next week it seems interesting too

  56. How's this for determination against all odds?

    A blind archer breaks world records at Olympics!

    1. Sometimes some blind maybe sees more...

    2. Exactly, Ham! :)

    3. sometimes I wish there was just a "like" button.......

  57. I believe that those who know that the infinte Event to Change is on the cusp of happening are just looking for others who are receiving the same frequencies and vibrations. When the frequencies are not linked together in harmony by the few it causes a break in the messages being received. It's like those who can not bear to hear chalk squeek on a chalk board, never bothered me but bothered others.I would always feel for those it did bother, those who are hurting, those who do not know what is going on, and the underdog, Have always tried to understand what is going on with the underdog, the one that everybody is against. Understanding that there is No right or wrong just a choice leading toward a life lesson for someone to proceed to the next step and be taught another lesson.

  58. The daily newspaper on the first side in Germany 26.07.2012 (Westdeutsche Zeitung)
    "Europe sleepwalking on an economic disaster of incalculable proportions"

  59. UPDATE:

    We now have 78 pairs of Elephant's in the Healing.

    If you want to add yours, please just give them the permission and they will do the rest.

    Thanks to all those who are already taking part. :)

    1. OSW & Ham,

      I feel my Elephants have been on the job for years, and so to confirm it here, I gladly offer mine in Loving Service :)

      +2 = 80

    2. Ka-Ching! That's the magic number 80 Pairs!

      Well done, all.

      Thank you, I AM Love.

    3. serious ? wowser !


    4. Yes. Serious! :)

    5. Do they "count" only if they have been publicly stated as being offered in service? Mine had been granted permission a while back. And if they have not been counted in the "original 80," here's to any numbers over that being "icing on the cake"!

    6. Oh, no. There is no need to have publicly stated that you have sent your Ellie's to work. That was never requested. Your intention was always enough.

      Yes, there is already plenty of 'icing on the cake'! :)

  60. Hello all, I've been told by someone here apparently in the know that I dont have elephants because as a Sun-Wanderer I have other functions... Can anyone shed some Light (pun intended) on this? Txs.

    1. The person who told you that is the person who can explain further - assuming they are able to.

      As far as I know, this information is 'new' so it's unlikely anybody else will be able to shed further light.

      I may be incorrect.


    2. Txs OSW, yes that person is enquiring as we speak but I was just wondering if the more enlightnened ones here had some insight to share. :)

  61. To those Lightworkers who are frustrated/angry/impatient/confused.

    We FEEL your pain.

    We are HERE to support you.

    You have our LOVE.

    Also, please understand that as a Lightworker, we stand in the middle.

    To the left, we see the masses of humanity, who are largely unawakened, unaware, oblivious and apathetic.

    To the right, we see the cabal, who have been generating their devious plot over the ages, and have now kicked it up a notch vying for complete world domination.

    It can be a bit intimidating on the days we're not feeling top shelf.

    Add to the mix, coming here (or to any Light filled site), where there is the occasional troll and disinfo agent, attacking the messages and sometimes the messenger.

    Cobra has generously chosen to open the blog to comments and also to use an abundantly light hand in it's moderation.

    There are those commenters who just seem to pop up only to say something negative, and add nothing to the discussion.

    So please understand how your comments can be experienced by some of us here.

    Is your comment contributing a solution or a helpful piece of information ?

    Those comments are MOST welcome !

  62. Forgive me, but there seems much 'I ME WANT NOW'. But surely it is not about us, is it?
    I am soooo homesick for I don't know where, often feel unwell, fearful and tired. But many of us must be old souls, almost time served and some seem very advanced and may get themselves out of prison planet. But what about the rest, ordinary, mundane and suffering humanity​? They are not impatient for they do not realise they are waiting to be rescued for they do not know that they are trapped. They try and cheerfully bear their lot or may simply give up, attributing their terrible circumstances to God or bad luck.. They have little chance of understanding that they are so much more than they seem, that they are spirit, part of the divine.
    What about 'V' a patient of mine, crying last week. She was telling me 'they' have judged her fit for work and are stopping her sickness benefits. She is a sweetie. She tells me she has been abused since aged 13 by 'sweaty men' and can't leave the house alone. She is Hep C pos. and is on Methadone. Or what about the woman in the Philippines now on her 10th pregnancy because the bishop says contraceptives are against God. She goes to the labour ward. There are 90 women in there. They take turns to lie on the bed and the nurse speaks through a tanoy because it is so noisy.
    These are true examples and surely all this is about them, not us. Without help they do not have a a chance.

    1. I work with such people and they are much more enlightened than people think. In fact I believe they will be a big part of the healing process. I may be wrong but believe the people who will be most in shock and pain will be those who thought everything was fine and it some others fault. The people I work with have wonderful souls and I believe more of them are lightworkers than we know.

    2. Aradia! I applaud you! You have expressed these difficulties so well.

      Yes, we are all in human bodies in order to live on this planet, but not all of us have human souls.

      Those of us with 'jobs' or 'missions' may not even remember anything about them, but we may very well feel different to most of the people we know, or we may have been treated differently by most of the people we know. We each have a tale to tell, I'm sure, and it's not a fairytale!

      The issues, truths, hardships, insights, revelations, etc. seem to unfold daily, whether inside us, within our communities, our nations or across the whole planet.

      Leaning on each other, for support and guidance is the best we can do each day while we struggle on.

      Shall we go back to sleep? Shall we ask to be let-off whatever our mission is because it's just too difficult?

      That might be an option if we genuinely wanted to do that, I don't know.

      But, would we? No. I don't think so. Because it's our Selves that are pushing us onwards, isn't it?

      No matter how much we resist and wish for a rest, there is that part of us, that I AM part, that is doing the pushing.

      And so we go on. And we serve others, in whatever small way we can, whenever we are able. And that's the best part!


      (All this is just my opinion, of course.)

  63. My elephants are at your disposal. Something miraculous has happened in the last few days and I can only say I know. I will be meditating at the start of the Olympics. I don't know if it will be then but if not it won't be long. The power of love and light is our shield and sword. Forgiveness is our gateway to our united ascension. I have no doubt this power will overwhelm any negativity if they are able to withstand it. Namaste

    1. Thank you, Universalbelonging!

      Offer of your Ellie's noted. :)

  64. For those who are weary of the wait understand this.

    Peace - permanent peace and healing take longer and require more energy than war and destruction.

    Consider all of the differences between these two nuclear reactions and you will be able to better inform your lower mind as to the wisdom in patience:

    Fusion vs. Fission

  65. I run the risk of being completely cliched here, but ---

    It is always darkest before the Dawn.

    This often feels like a long race, run mostly uphill. Just when we think we must surely be near the end we realize that no, there is a bit more distance yet. Perhaps because the race course had to be detoured on a moment's notice. We get frustrated and discouraged (well, I do, anyway, and sense the same in many of the replies) and then we just steel ourselves with the commitment to do what we are to do and resolve to reach that "finish line."

  66. A YouTube posting above of Evanescence's "Bring Me To Life" has inspired me to share the following:

    I've also recently been re-listening a lot to Muse's album "The Resistance." I see that they are soon to release a new album and found this article regarding it to be very interesting:

    '...most of the songs on The 2nd Law are actually conceptual pieces about the earth revolting against its human oppressors, and the subsequent global hysteria that ensues. Frontman Matt Bellamy said that he took inspiration from the second law of thermodynamics, which states that "in all energy exchanges, if no energy enters or leaves the system, the potential energy of the state will always be less than that of the initial state." He said this concept applies to the state of the world in 2012.

    "Every time I watched the news when we were making the album, it was endless stuff about the Euro banking crisis. All the news programs seemed to be obsessed with growth," Bellamy said in the NME interview. "There's this paradigm of growth that seems to be accepted, everyone's peddling it, all the politicians, all the corporations, and no one seems to recognize that the planet's just not that big... The second law of thermodynamics is saying that it seems to be gradually decreasing in our bodies, the planet, the sun and so on, but it seems like life, humans or whatever, seem to be going directly against that. So the album is my own internal conflict of celebrating that strength, but also saying 'F**k, where do we go from here?'"'

    Is Matt onto something here?


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