Friday, September 14, 2012

Compression grid minimum physical saturation point reached


  1. Love and Peace to the WORLD!

  2. Cobras,

    I am still looking for someone to video tape and record with sound the conference. Parts of this seminar and perhaps all of this laguna conference will be released at a later date. We need someone who knows what they are doing with hopefully 2 cameras or the ability to record the slide show from a computer to integrate into the video at a later date. This could be a trade as well as a small fee for this service. You do not need to be a professional perse but you must know what you are doing!

    We are also looking for someone who has a LCD high tech projector with a screen that can interface with mac and a regular pc for this event in laguna novemeber 23rd. This service will also allow a free entry for the entire weekend.

    If either of these offers interst you please feel free to contact me at or at my facebook page for this event. here

    warm regards

    1. Hiya Rob,

      Did you not get my email? From Neoamor@ Subject; Vid. Sent to the rtpmortgage address on the 10th. I never got a response. Or maybe you responded and my ISP filtered it? IDK

      I have done literally hundreds of live action vids, weddings, rock bands, etc. Every live event I do, I do with 2 cams. One stationary, and one monopod mobile. I use the audio only from the tripod mounted "stage" cam, and edit the 2 vid angles together. That way you don't get any variation in sound levels, as you choose vid angles. It makes it "feel" like there were 2 camerapersons. It comes off quite well. As far as any computer generated slideshow content, I would just convert it to a "video friendly" file format, if it's not already. Then edit it together with the live audio/narration. MUCH cleaner than "taping" that visual.

      I also single handedly assembled, and have maintained a home recording studio for decades. I was a pro guitarist/songwriter around the L.A. area in the early 90s. I have engineered/recorded demos for numerous acts, including myself:

      Also, I am a career computer tech. Have been for 20 years. AND I live in California.

      It's somewhat eerie, you are describing all the fields that I excel at, to a T. :)

      The only thing I would be torn about, is not being able to fully enjoy the conference. Not sure what to do about that part.


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    3. Eric,I love your music!!!

      Rob,I think you found your man.:)

    4. Oh THANKS Prosp! "All My Life" is special to me. I was writing about "Higher Self" in 1987, before I knew what the heck that was.. LOL

    5. Rob, I resent from 2 diff email addys, hopefully you get one. This is really odd.

  3. Listen to this channeling.. it's great

    Salusa September 14th 2012

    Peace and love!

    1. Thanks for showing us. It is indeed moisture for the heart.. SimintheSky

    Full portal opening in Éire and expansion of existing Éire Stargate has been completed via the 9-9 Gaia Worldwide Window.
    Full portal opening in Gizeh and expansion of existing Gizeh Stargate has been completed via the 9-9 Gaia Worldwide Window.
    Connection of Éire Stargate and Gizeh Stargate has been completed via the 9-9 Gaia Worldwide Window.
    Mirror Stargates in Hawaii, Peru, New Zealand, Mexico, Texas (US), have connected with these via 5D-7D conduits.
    Gaia Planetary Stargate has now been activated.

  5. Friday, September 14, 2012
    Today brings powerful emotions and energies that do not need to be extinguished or suppressed, but skillfully expressed for the purpose of self-mastery and discipline. Control your animal instincts and use the wildness to your benefit. Have faith and courage in your abilities. If there is something you've wanted to start, the position of Venus breathes life into all types of creations. It's a day where truly amazing things can be made from nothing. The negative end of this energy is boasting or showing off or believing that the direction of things is solely dependent on you. If you experienced a loss during the July-August "turning point" it is important to respect and grieve the loss now. Don't plunge past it. This is the moon phase where we release and prepare for the new energy of the New Moon. Remember that this past month has been "after a dark storm, the rainbow." If your rainbow isn't fully in view yet, the colors will begin to show as the grief lifts.

  6. Ah yes ...seems like things are hotting up :)

    In addition to the dates of 15 -23rd Sept that correspond to the Uranus ~ Pluto conjunction that Cobra has mentioned, there are some timewave phenomena that correlate.

    Video about the 'Big Drop' on Sept 16 ... via Jean Haines site

    This seems to use the King Wen - Watkins / Kelly graphs which are more extreme then the gradual drop of the Sheliak wave that Cobra prefers.

    Also weighing in on the matter :

    This Comment came in from James Gilliland at ECETI:

    “The lowest positions on the graph show when throughout history major events like wars, plagues, economic downturns and stock market crashes occured. History often repeats itself so it is wise to observe these times when making major decisions in your life. Notice Sept. 16th the two days before and after the Pleiadians said to keep an eye on?”

    Places everyone ! :-)

  7. Another FANTASTIC channeled message to all LIGHTWORKERS!

    You are loved!

    from Yeshua and the Company of Heaven

  8. I am in shock, came to this site as usual and I get this note on top of the screen : The link you are visiting:
    Facebook thinks this site may be unsafe. If you're not familiar with it, please provide feedback by marking it as spam (you'll be brought back to Facebook)

    Just wanted to share with you my dear soul partners. I guess I would encourage people to click the not spam botton...Big hug to everybody and thanks to all for being who you are ~Luz~

  9. Ye exiting like eating a soup alone. I will delete my previous post, do whatever you want. Eveeything is fine.

    Compressed regards.

  10. Clay, Isabelle, Joe, relax. It doesn't matter. It's all happening anyway. Whether Cobra posts an update, or Cobra has a conference, or someone channels something, it's all happening anyway. Embassies are being attacked, the Federal Reserve okay'd unlimited QE/money printing, "Finding Nemo" is out in 3D. We are in extraordinary times. Observe. Rejoice!

    1. Amen freewolf7. Divine Love and Light to all as we proceed!

  11. Uranus Square Pluto Part Two:
    Riders on the Storm

    Since the first exact square of Uranus to Pluto on June 24, 2012, evolutionary and revolutionary energies have burgeoned within us and continue to build upon themselves. Some people feel as though they have become walking pressure cookers. For these folks, the revolution appears all dressed up with nowhere to go. To whatever degree anyone may have felt like this, relief is on the way. The second exact square will occur on September 19, a mere three days before the Autumnal Equinox.

    Be ready for all hell to break loose, or all Heaven to break loose. It’s your choice.

    Back to Square One

    Uranus has been all fired up and ready to rock and roll in Aries, and was revolutionizing in direct motion for the first exact square on June 24. But Pluto retrograde in Capricorn said, “Not so fast.” The intervening months have given us an opportunity solidify the foundation for this literal quantum leap in evolution.

    Our species bio-quantum potential is being activated. For those of us partaking in the adventure, this will allow our human consciousness to access quantum level and bring forth whatever patterning Spirit deems appropriate for our next level of cosmic experience. But the species bio-quantum potential never opens willy-nilly. First we must achieve sufficient evolutionary force of a specific nature, and the technical term for this phenomenon is Species Stress. Congratulations. Job well done. If you’re not feeling it, you’re either not participating or not paying attention.

    A Little Help from My Friends

    A wonderful facet of Pluto’s journey through Capricorn is being enhanced by the square from Uranus. As Lord of the Underworld, Pluto rules everything deep, dark and hidden. Capricorn influences career, reputation, and all else involved with public affairs.

    So Pluto in Capricorn brings dirty little secrets (and major conspiracies) out into the public eye, no matter how diabolical and guarded those secrets may be. Meanwhile, Uranus insists: Truth will out. The leaks have only begun.

    To help ferret everything out, Saturn will enter Scorpio on October 5, 2012. Yes, the ruler of Capricorn will enter the sign ruled by Pluto, and these two planets will remain in mutual reception for the next four exact Uranus/Pluto squares. For the grand finale in May of 2015, Pluto will still be chugging along in Capricorn as Saturn works diligently in Sagittarius. Saturn will then show us the Big Picture, based on all the Scorpionic research that begins on October 5, 2012.

    Pluto will steadfastly continue its current project of exposing what has been concealed from us, and Uranus will still be calling out: “Show us everything!” And yet the most important Truth to emerge through this entire process will have little if anything to do with Luciferian cabals and their minions trying to manufacture a would-be global dystopia. The Truth of our history and our true nature will dawn in our awareness. We will have the opportunity to remember our Essence and embody it.

    As always, we will exercise our choice of where to direct our attention. Many of us will find no reason to focus on the dysfunctions of a has-been cabal, when we are faced with the marvels of our Spiritual Nature. The Co-Creation of Heaven on Earth will become our fascination, and this will accelerate its phasing in as our Reality.

    1. (cont.)

      Separation into Oneness

      The human race is walking the razor’s edge, and our intergalactic audience is watching with rapt attention. In the external manifestations, how will the game play out? Being true to our infamous addiction to drama, we appear to have chosen the standard theatrical ending for the epic and illusory struggle of good versus evil. Ooh, what a nail-biter.

      Contributing to this exciting denouement is the polarization of energies, in which the Light gets brighter and the Dark gets denser. For millenia, entities playing on the s-called Dark Side have intermingled with and fed off the Beings of the Light. The two groups are currently performing their split into different dimensional realities, only to rejoin later in the universal wholeness. But with complete separation, a curious form of healing occurs. Since the Darkness will no longer be able to feed off the Light, the Darkness will consume itself, meaning that its old structures will crumble. It will thus be released from its own prison of ignorance, fear, etc.

      We might remember one quirky detail: we continue to expand our sensitivities as the “Dark Side” amplifies the out-picturing of its malignancy. Our message: deal with it.

      Here Comes the Fun

      Our existence as Earthlings can be likened to a virtual reality computer game. Like many computer games, players can choose the level of difficulty at which to play. When we logged onto this particular game, we opted for the highest level of difficulty. We did this because at some level of our Being, we think this is fun. Well, the fun is ready to max out, and the Uranus/Pluto square provides a major impetus for the action to magnify several times over.

      And with Uranus involved, we can expect the unexpected. Arabian astrologers have used a lightning bolt to represent Uranus, which appropriately symbolizes the planetary storm now beginning the Great Purification.

      Timothy Glenn

  12. I am curious about the supposed "blackout" that many have suggested may happen.

    Does anyone know of anything nearing truth concerning this? if it is true, I will require food that does not require cooking, as my oven is electric. And also candles for a light source.

    1. Get a portable gas stove, or if you can go outside, why not just get a "camping kitchen". Where I live the electricity may sometimes get cut due to lightning strikes or strong wind. During a storm in 2005 there was no eletricity for 3 weeks. When I grew up the water pipes would freeze in the winter and we had to get water in bottles.

      Don't worry. Some basic camping equipment is enough to get by, maybe a hand pumped shower is a good idea also.

      That doesn't mean something really IS going to happen. I'm just saying, get those things if it makes you feel safer.

    2. Resources are too tight to go and get camping gear :p, especially on a gut feeling of somthing that is unproven.

      I can make do with dry foods. at most it was 3-5 days i read anyway.

      It's more the lack of light, wont be able to read books in just candle light :p.

    3. If we have another Carrington event such as the last one in 1859, it will fry all of the power transformers, this would mean a replacement of everyone of them before power could be restored, Mobile phones, Televisions, computers, in fact everything electronic would get fried.

      The rumor around the traps is that we are overdue for another of these events.............just saying : )

    4. Canned fish, cans of soup, mayonnaise, jelly, peanut butter, crackers, instant coffee, sugar. These items can be bought at the dollar store. Three gallons of water in plastic jugs. When this water runs out, you'll have several empties to go out and fetch more. No candles necessary, in California they are expensive and hard to find. Buy one LED headlamp with a headband, works wonders in the dark, keeps both hands free. Also one LED table lamp, sold at most drug stores. Buy batteries when on sale. LED flashlights and lamps last ten times longer on the same batteries than the older styles. Put all important documents in one place, or make a set of copies, have it ready. Soon.
      Those of us who feel compelled to prepare for a disaster, like myself, perhaps we are doing it so that others will find it natural to take precaution. This assumes we are all interconnected. Maybe I won't face a disaster, but maybe you will, and any preparation will add calm to what might be a sudden and traumatic event that after it is over, turns out for the better.
      If the lights go out, my vision says when the lights get turned back on we will be using a free energy device.

  13. Of course they are,people are getting closer to actually waking up and not just thinking that they are waking up........that's bad for business.

    1. Who's business? Anyway, I find strange that a comment I left about comments being deleted gets deleted...

    2. I guess its GOOD that I am not a moderator here... as I would have removed both of you... and the Dog... and several others... long,long ago.

    3. interesting, as for my input for what reasons would you have me removed?

    4. Perhaps I am wrong... my memory is not perfect. If so please accept my apology Lozion. If I am not... will the site members please explain to Lozion how or which comments of his they find unacceptable. It is time that those of us who can... that WE stand up to the dog crap that has been spread on the site. And I intend to do so from here on. Those that wish to join me.. or if you feel I should join you... I salute you... the god in you and the god in me. Namaste.

    5. Who the hell are you to judge?
      Has this place become a cult where anyone who questions the guru is chastised?
      Read my comments before calling a trial my friend. And yes, a so called official representative of a supposed 20 millions strong Resistance Movement has to ask for 1000$ donations via Paypal no less and this raises all
      Kinds of flags in me. You have problem with that? I'm an Archon minion? A Reptilian bitch?
      Well, if that intertains you fine call Me Azazel why dont you...

    6. You are free to speak your opinion... as am I.

      If your opinion is offensive... I / WE have a right to state that to be a fact.

      If you continue in that manner... it is our right to ASK that the blog not be subjected to that energy any further.

      Somehow in the past, certain individuals decided...

      that they could project whatever disruptive tone they desired and WE would not state our objections.

      I believe that to have changed.

      Would you care to test that and see how the members of the blog react to such an incident in this new time and energy?

      As perhaps... that energy is no longer tolerable to us.

      I believe I offered you an apology... if I am or was mistaken.

      Your reply to that... is representative of the energy that you choose to emanate outward.

      We (the blog members) are watching... consensus reality is in effect from now on.

      I am a member of that consensus reality... that is who I am.

    7. bro/sis, the WE you mention includes me as well. I've been posting here since June.
      Your apology is accepted. Carry on...

    8. Now witness, the quickness with which we get along....

  14. Saturday, September 15 - Sunday, September 16, 2012

    New Moon Phase - Moon in Virgo

    I've chosen this painting, The Virgin Mary, by Felicia Olin, which is on the cover of my book on the Black Moon, to emphasize the point of the upcoming month. I am aware that most of the painting is cut off and shows only her mouth, but this is significant also. This report may be a little much for some people to accept. Over the upcoming month, Sophia, the goddess embodied as the planet, is going to speak to each of us - directly. This means everyone on Earth. Most, however, will not be tuned in to hear. This is almost too much to comprehend right now. It is a radical change from the past three months - which have been the set-up for this. Can you fathom the magnitude of this? Sophia is now in constant communication with her fellow gods in the Galactic Center. They are all collaborating to help Sophia and her creation-experiment (us) succeed.

    So what is Sophia going to say to us? Whatever we need to lift us up and into the upgraded frequency range that was inititated at the turning point in mid-July and whatever else we need to heal us (mainly of our core fear - the issues of our natal Black Moon). We've been reeling since then, waiting for things to re-form and come into shape. If you remember, I said things had already re-formed, we just hadn't adapted enough to integrate it or bring it into consciousness. Some of us have integrated the upgrade to some degree and some of us are still in process. This energy is going to resolve issues or problems that resulted from the turning point (if we aren't trying to avoid the real issue or holding on to the past). Things always look different by the end of the lunar month, but this is especially true for this month because of all that has happened in the last couple of months.

    There is one thing that we must do in order to be "tuned in" to hear: we must maintain the highest integrity. Sophia communicates through the heart and an innocent and pure heart is what is required for the full benefit of this. However, innocence and purity does not mean perfect. The intention is what is meant here. One thing I want to make clear: in no way does this mean that we allow anyone or anything (darker energies) to move us off center because we mistakenly believe that type of action or defense isn't innocent. You would not be reading or resonating with this site if there wasn't a part of you that recognized that there are other forces at work in the world.

    Wise owls easily maneuver into defense and hunting when needed, but otherwise we are going to fold into a childlike heart full of imagination. Sophia's imagination is beyond genius. It's fun for her. She likes to play. So the lighter you can make yourself, the better your insightful communication will be. We are going to work on holding ourselves to the highest standards this month so that we can get the full benefit of the upgrade. I will be able to explain this more clearly as the month progresses.

    I will tell you now that this is going to require effort. Saturn is going to move into Scorpio on October 5th. This is going to be a big day that ushers in a long transit, and we are going to need to watch events closely. At the same time we are holding the highest of intentions, we will be banding together energetically in service of the planet. The Illuminati (and all the other names you want to call those forces) worship Saturn, and Saturn's entry into Pluto's Domain of the Underworld (Scorpio) is going to be intense, aggressive, and restrictive - for lack of better words. It's all about power and control. Mars in Scorpio has been preparing the ground for Saturn in Scorpio. The upgrade to our energy fields is exactly what is going to shield us from all of the hijinks and destructive alchemy of Saturn in Scorpio. Enough said for now, but be aware because this is already in play.

    1. (cont.)

      Let's end this on the main theme: direct personal communication with Sophia to lift us up to the frequency that was enacted in July and resolve issues of the core fear. (Note: the Sabian symbol for the New Moon is Mary and her white lamb. Mary is Sophia and each of us is the white lamb)

    2. Dear Aradia,

      Your calm, clear Light provides so much strength and inspiration, to myself and many others here ...

      This was such a potent message !

      >to communicate to Sophia through a pure and innocent heart, and to 'fold into a childlike imagination'.

      We are turning an important corner here - can we even remember what that it is like to feel that once again ?

      Much Love !

    3. Bless you IAML, but that does not sound like the me that I recognise. I am just a shocked visitor come to rattle the bars of this prison planet.
      Thanks for holding the light here and for your beautiful posts. RE Sophia, she just keeps cropping up.Someone posted this on one of my articles, love it but unsure as to it's meaning:
      'The 3rd Sephiroth Chokma (Divine Wisdom). Mar-Iam Mag-Dal-en, in one of her Spiritual aspects, is also known as Sophia (=Wisdom) of the Gra-Dal (Holy Grael) universe."
      I find that the Gnostics see sophia as earth wisdom, sentinent and intelligent. In Sophia's correction they see the realigment of of life on our planet with the cosmic centre,the source from which she originated. I wonder if this is what is meant to be happening now?

    4. @ Aradia,

      that is how I view the return of the goddess as well.

      In this particular report, I understood the emphasis to be more on 'heart wisdom' - as being the true source (of wisdom), as well as where our next step of evolution lies.

      It has been said many times, that it is through this medium - of the heart and the mind - that she will speak to us and effect her return.

      Sophia communicates through the heart and an innocent and pure heart is what is required for the full benefit of this.


  15. I Know My Galactic Family Is Here, Do You?

  16. I could do with some input into the links between orbs Sylphs Cloud ships and Chemtrail busting sylphs,,I can see it going On here in the Caribbean ,,I cannot understand what i am seeing ,, can any one other than indianinthemachine say more and explain this new phenomena , they appear to be reacting to our calls for chemtrail kill assistance , is this true with this new energy upon us? LightworkerSXM Dave.

  17. This post has been subjectively validated. I can see the grid and how it has been going through its phases. It started with a very fence like grid of light in the sky but the fibers kept increasing over time with more and more fibers of light. The fibers move or transmit. Quiet exciting, believe it or not. But I sense volatility in the air, the tunnel grows dimmer but the light at the end grows brighter. Bare witness my friends.

  18. Pottsman you express my views on Cobra as well. There have been things posted on this blog that were very difficult for me to read. The introduction on the subject of the Archons was quite unexpected but in retrospect I think it had to be introduced just to have ground frame of reference for the entire drama unfolding on earth.

    The more information I get from my sources the more it seems to coincide with what Cobra writes. Lately I am getting hints of huge changes in China in about a month's time. Seems the cabal agents are falling from power everywhere. We shall see if the news matches the rumors.

    BTW, love your icon/avatar, The Iargans fascinate me every since I read that article online from that Dutch businessman about his encounter with them in the sea off of The Netherlands. So little is known about that race of ETs. They remind me of horses.

    1. @OWK, Like your site. I was surprised at disclosure of Archons by Cobra. I heared about archons as a child but did not know the extent of their involvement in our lives.

      I don't have any sources anywhere, but have a strong intuition and guides that tell me of things to come. Asia will be ahead of west in changing things and probably we are going to be the later ones considering the people in charge here. But one never knows, things can happen without warnings.

      Blessings and light.

  19. Thanks Potts,

    You are a shining example on how to inspire people through the energy of Love :)

    Victory is Here !



    THIS gets me fired up to really get this show on the road. WE have the power to halt the heading in that direction. I've been sick and tired for a couple of decades over Iran being the bogeyman. I love the Iranian people (OK, that does NOT mean I ♥ their current government, ya know). But after awhile one begins to see when countries and such are being mocked up as the evil of everything as an attempt to disguise the REAL agenda. If anything would happen to Iran I am DONE with this planet -- this is my own daughter's heritage (she is half Iranian, not through me....... I do have a real spiritual connection with the Iranian people).

    Keep on rollin' --- this stuff feels to be coming to a head.......

    1. LOL: stupid captcha image

      I guess I'm a good guesser in this instance --- haha, I enjoy a bit of humor, sorry.......

  21. Pottsman - Your message is very inspiring and touched my heart. Before you became involved with the conferences, I prayed that Cobra would have someone to support him, and then lo and behold there you were. And I continue to pray for you. God bless. You are a great strength in this movement.

  22. Prayer for Love Peace & Light

    Love before me
    Love behind me
    Love at my left
    Love at my right
    Love above me
    Love below me
    Love onto me
    Love in my surroundings
    Love to all
    Love to the Universe


    Peace before me
    Peace behind me
    Peace at my left
    Peace at my right
    Peace above me
    Peace below me
    Peace onto me
    Peace in my surroundings
    Peace to all
    Peace to the Universe


    Light before me
    Light behind me
    Light at my left
    Light at my right
    Light above me
    Light below me
    Light onto me
    Light in my surroundings
    Light to all
    Light to the Universe

    meditation video via

  23. So beautiful, I AM Love! I say a version of this every morning and night along with my aura clearing. Great way to start and end the day here in 3D land :)

  24. Glad you liked it Diane ♥

    I am turning to prayer more and more as a method to keep focused on the I AM Presence and Divine Love.

    This one seemed so beautiful, as you say, and it's power is in it's simplicity I think.

    MUCH LOVE to you and All !

  25. Seems like there was a lot of major headlines in major papers today!

  26. I did notice a difference today and yesterday around 7 or 8 pm.Sort of like shift or twist happened, not in a bad way. Something is definitely looking up!

    Good vibes to all

  27. Hello, EVERYBODY! I am in a very goooooodd mood, so excuse me, please. ( just in case... )

    IAML - Thank YOU so very much! My vibs went out into the universe!!!
    Can I go ahead and add up these, also? (i am not showing up. It just hit me).
    LOVE in my heart.
    LOVE in your heart.
    LOVE in our hearts.
    PEACE in my heart.
    PEACE in your heart.
    PEACE in our hearts.
    LIGHT in my heart.
    LIGHT in your heart.
    LIGHT in our hearts.

    WAYSHOWER, thanksssssss my wise brother!!!
    YOU are right. Cobra could be even the Santa Claus! WHO CARES? For a few months, I was thinking that HE was St. Germain himself... or an ET! LOL Otherwise, why was HE keeping HIS identity, even the voice so protected? But when HE asked for the money.... hahaha!
    Do YOU really think I care who HE is? Not a chance!
    ALL I know is this - I trust HIM. I believe HIM. And every time I am on HIS site - I am getting the most positive, goooood vibs!!!!
    I love this unseen family of mine!

    By the way, ROB, this is what I found the most interesting part in your today's beautiful "lecture", (NO offense, OK? ) From the very beginning, I knew that:
    COBRA=KUNDALINY =ASCENSION=ASCENDED MASTERS!!! Please, correct me if I'm wrong.

    Bobrasss, let the HAPPINESS and JOY BE your WAYSHOWERS!!! AAAAAAmmmeeeeennnnnn!!!!!

    @SHEEDY ANGEL, sweety -where do you live IN L.A. area?

    1. Hello dear Hye Angel ..

      So glad you enjoyed it ... and I love the beautiful words of your prayer too !

      Much Love ♥

  28. @Paddy young.

    Sweety, do not panic, or even worry...

    If the 3DD happens, it'll be the best time to stay inside, and enjoy the time with the family, friends and neighbors. This would be the best time to enlighten those who are still asleep. Get some books, or articles about this kind of stuff, and give it to them to read.
    There is good in every bad. There is sunrise after the dark night.

    However, here, in this site, you can get some answers to your questions:
    "Special Notice on 3DD", posted on Sept. 15th, 2012 by Johan
    You might check also the one from August the 20th.

    I wish you to stay CALM and CENTERED.
    DON'T WORRY. BE HAPPY!!!!******

    1. Oh I'm not worried, In fact I want this darkness to happen, it will be as close to proof as I'm goin to get outside of meeting one of our brothers or sisters.

      I'm asking more about what people know of the actual chance of it happening, then I know whether to stock up on edibles that wont require refridgeration.

  29. Cobrasss
    I woke up in england and IAM feeling grateful for the love! It is heartening to be part of a wonderful family of inteligent and caring individuals who all have shared so much great informtion and light. In my spare time i check the many site links and youtubes etc. Many of us really are on the same page so to speak and truth is being busted out all over. some very sweet teachings here today from the ground crew and not just links either!
    warm regards
    R/ Pottsman

  30. COBRA MAY NOT LIKE THIS BUT I have Posted HIS PICTURE ON THIS FACEBOOK PAGE I suggest you go to this page and see before he deletes this post :-)

    This picture also explains why he modulates his voice.
    sorry cobra
    I hope you still love me?
    victory to the Light and victory to the truth

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Wow! I had no idea he is THAT sexy....

    3. Rob, I wanna thank you for your message. Your ironic message was enlightening for me. I understood I reacted badly yesterday. There is no reason for attack Cobra. If you want to take his message, good, else is good anyway, independently from who he/she is.
      I already ask the Creator to forgive me, and now I wanna ask Cobra to forgive me too.

      I feel much better now.

      Compressed regards to all of you. :)

    4. @Astral Joe

      I have no hard feelings towards you, there is nothing to forgive. As you have said correctly, if people want to take my message, good, if they don't like it, they can move on to other places, internet is vast. And yes, it does NOT matter who I am and I would expect that my privacy and privacy of my contacts is respected. I have done nothing wrong and those that attack me are either a) part of the Cabal or b) archon-influenced, manipulated or misinformed

    5. Rob, thanks for the picture. I wished that you would have done it sooner.

      Once in an old movie that I don't remember the name, the hero was being prosecuted by his colleagues and his aid said to the one, who was the accuser after proving the innocence of the hero, "You are just a small man"!!! His point was that you think small!! Now should we all think BIGGER and passed beyond the noise?

      Blessings and light to all.

      ps - @Astral Joe - you need to forgive yourself before asking for others' forgiveness.

    6. :-)
      peace and a single blessing yall

    7. When someone asks for your forgiveness, confirm that they are forgiven. It's enough.

  31. I rarely post anywhere these days, preferring to just read, and make up my own mind what is true or not.

    What I do see, is much dissention etc, often from folk who, at heart ironically probably agree with the same ideal,: ‘a planet free of negative influences’

    IMO, it matters not whom Cobra is or is not, but if the message(s) ring true, then that is surely what should matter?

    For sure, the ways of the ‘Dark Forces’ are devious.
    They have dominated this planet for countless millennia, it is logical that they would not easily give up their strangle hold of power over us.

    Of course our trust is tested here.
    We have been asked to trust many messages from various soothsayers etc.
    e.g. ‘The Galactic forces will be with us- in February 2012’- no show.

    Most of us are aware that messages from: Drake; Fulford; Wilcock; etc have sometimes given misleading info, or at least info that has also not (yet) transpired.

    So what do we know that IS true, and what can WE do that is positive?

    Well, we know that ‘the 100 monkey/sheep’ affect DOES work.
    That ‘collective intent meditations’ - therefore DO work.

    So, as we await patiently positive events to transpire & become apparent, we can carry out either daily or weekly intent meditations.

    IMO it also matters not if one cannot do these at a specific time.
    Merely state the intention that ‘”I combine my intention with all the good minded folk who are also carrying out these intent meditations, whatever time frame they may occur.”

    IMO, the intent is: “A planet free, totally & permanently- of ALL negative influences, whether they may affect physically, mentally or spiritually.
    ALL mankind living in total harmony with each other, all other creatures, and the planet itself.
    Mankind taking full responsibility for his actions.
    An end to war, violence & aggression.
    Everyone having an abundance of: food, shelter, clothing, warmth etc
    An end to illness & disease.
    Everyone loved, and knowing that they are loved.”


  32. @ some people

    All comments that include links to pages with negative intent towards me or my contacts will be deleted

  33. Hi Coca5!

    I have to confess, that I am one of the people on Earth, who knows almost nothing about the computers.
    But I never had any problems to post my comments - even when they were not the nice ones.
    Is it possible that something is wrong with your computer? Or may be the clocks don't match?

    Anyway, I am happy that you finally made it.

    LOVE and gratitude!!

    1. Hi! I didn't have a problem posting my comments. The comments ended up being posted, and were visible even after refreshing multiple times. A few minutes later they were removed. And this process has repeated about 4 times thus far, I even have a screenshot of my posting on his latest update "R13/8 complete. L0 radius: 1.4m.", after which point he disabled the comments on that update.

      @Cobra In the message I wrote, I stated that I was posing a question. It also stated that if you did feel this was incorrect, that you should feel free to address the questions. There was no negative intent towards you whatsoever, nor to your contacts. It was a simple question, and had no negative implications as I was not accusing you of anything, simply stating what I have found from others. This would have gone over very easily if you had simply addressed what was being said, but you decided to remove it so nobody could see it?

      Once again, no negative intentions were meant, however, if you truly are a warrior of truth, you should have no problem leaving the message available for everyone to read, as well as address WHY everything that others have compiled is indeed false. It was not an accusation. If anything, it would have helped you dispell rumors, but you chose to remove all of the posts, so I don't quite know what to make of that.

      Thanks, and with love to everyone, even you Cobra.

  34. I will post a detailed answer to all this in a special post which I will write in a few days when I find time. I have no need to defend myself as I did nothing wrong. But if people really need more explanation it can be given. If after my post you still have any unanswered questions, I will answer. But I expect then that this matter is settled and we focus on more important things, like resolving issues on this planet.

    Part of my nature is that I delete all attacks and negative comments but if people have legitimate concerns and present them in a non-attacking way, I will gladly answer. But I expect then that this matter is settled and we focus on more important things.

    1. I am appreciative that you will directly address this issue, which is afterall all I requested! As I stated, it was not intended with any harm, ill-fate, or negativity towards you and your contacts. I had seen information posted by others which I wanted to investigate, but was greeted with comment removals. Once again, thank you for willing to address this in a few days. You do not have to defend yourself, not only because you've done nothing wrong, but also because what was posted was not an attack on you, just an attempt to shed more light to a situation.

      Thank you

  35. @Sheedy Angel
    One of my favorite posts in a long time.
    Thank you.

    "I am amazed at some who are wondering "who the Cobra is".

    Does it matter who she or he is?

    If you think that way, you lose the message. I personally don't care about this.

    I am here to learn and get answers.

    I have had true and false teachers and friends.
    Haven't you. We all had.
    We also knew at the time who they were.
    If they were the true teacher or friend, we kept them.

    The key is to be true to yourself and not get lost in the fluff.

    If the message is important to you, you digest it
    and if it resonates with you then accept it and if not, ignore it.

    We all learn from others.

    Have we learned from a bird or a dog or a cat or a stranger in the street?

    Did we wonder who or what they were?

    I don't think so.

    Here, we have a chance to learn and shed the false learning by knowing the truth.

    Let's move on, future will soon enough tell us.

    Love and light to all"

    1. Agreed tllom !

      This post as well as something that HyeAngel said, are cracking the code for me as I work on having non-judgement for all of God's creation ...

      Hye angel said : I love this unseen family of mine!

      Maybe it is fair to say that we have all learned from each other here ? Have we stood face to face with those we have learned from ? I would venture a guess and say that in the majority of cases, No.

      So, do we know who each other's true identity is ? As far as our 3D forms, again, No. But do we know each others' 'True Identity'... ?

      To paraphrase what sheedy angel said, we learn by opening ourselves to both those who are known and to those who are (in a practical sense) unknown to us. Does that 'not knowing' the source diminish the 'lesson' ?

      Personally, I have learned much on this path by inanimate objects as well. I have accepted this method of dialogue and Source speaks to me through objects, symbols, and numbers.

      I am learning to apply the Truth that we are all sparks of Source.

      Source has chosen to employ a myriad of experience - a full spectrum of aspects as lived & witnessed by each of us daily - in order to know Itself.

      When we judge another, in effect, we are judging Source.

      That's something I'm giving serious consideration to, as I observe my internal dialogue and reactions.

      Peace to you all.

      Love, Abundance, and all that good stuff :-)

    2. ps, I realize that what I have said is 'nothing new' to anyone here :)

      Please bear with me as I 'talk out loud' and process my cr@pola ...

      HUGZ to all !

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. I should have mentioned HyeAngel's post.

      I actually meant to.

      Thanks much ~IAMLOVE~ for adding it here.

      And for the addition of your insite... rounding them out.

      Energy of the site is rising again... Yea!!!

  36. "Does it matter who she or he is?"

    Yes, it does, quite frankly. If you were receiving disinformation, you would care, wouldn't you? Unfortunately people tend to discern not by feeling, but by how much their ego likes the message that is presented. It is the character of the person giving the message that is important. The messages Cobra gives are very positive, and I am hoping they are true, however "getting lost in the fluff" is a possibility for both negative and positive. So in a short answer, it is kind of important to know who Cobra is, or at least who Cobra is associating with, and who Cobra is getting his information from. Cobra may have the best intentions, or he may not. The people he is getting his information may have the best intentions, or they may not. It is important that we keep our minds open, even if your ego may not like that fact. If you are closed-minded to the fact that people you don't know could be misleading you, you need to re-evaluate your beliefs.

    1. I respect your statement my friend.

      I might just add the Truth that - 'It is by their fruits you shall know them' ...

    2. I agree entirely with you, it is a persons actions that should be judged, not what they say. If they talk the talk, or walk the walk. I'm still waiting to taste the fruit, until now all I can is look at it from a distance.

    3. Sweet @c0ca5a8c-c459-11e1-8248-000bcdcb5194, you are bringing a valid argument and I agree and disagree with it. Agree: because it is valid in not trusting whatever one hears and accept things blindly. Disagree: because it is based on assuming that one does accept blindly and trust everything that comes from unknown or known channels, Or accept it based on one's ego to feel good and accept whatever s/he likes to hear.

      Of course it is important to know the sources but …

      There is a bigger lesson here that gets overlooked. We have the opportunity to trust our inner wisdom and open our heart to truth. I know it is hard for us after being in the dark for so long not to trust. But are we getting out of duality and moving away from 3D? Are we supposed to live in our heart and not in our mind? Heart is the first organ to shape forms not the brain.

      Does anyone of us believe the disinfo being broadcasted day after day on MSM? Do we use our judgment or just accept it as is? I have turned off my TV for a long time because whatever I heard did not resonate with me and created more questions with no answers.

      You mentioned only Cobra, and forgot about many others who post their channeling and etc. Should we trust all of it, any of it, none of it? That is a question that an individual should answer. It is an individual’s lesson to learn to how to learn the truth. Of course there are misinformation all over the Internet, don’t get me wrong. I don’t even read all the replies here because those replies do not resonate with me and I feel it is ego based. One needs to learn how to digest, questions the info, go inside and pass it thru his or her internal truth mechanism, the truth meter. The truth meter only works when one is open minded and not blinded with prejudice.

      Blessings and light to all.

    4. Thank you for reply, @sheedy angel,

      It is true we are supposed to be focusing on unitive consciousness, however, as it is, we are still within the 3rd dimension, and thus succeptible to duality. Regardless of how much of an effort one makes to see and feel the unity in everything, the reality is that for the time-being we are within our 3rd dimensional mind, and duality will always be present, whether or not we like to think we're living within unitive consciousness.
      Once the shift to 4th and 5th dimension become more prominent, these dualistic concepts will merge into the understanding that there is no positive and negative energy, that everything simply IS, and it for us to learn the lessons this through this energy. However, like I said, we are still functionning within the 3rd dimension, at least during our daily life.

      Living in the heart is a very good thing to strive for, but accomplishing it is a hard task. I, for one, will continue to question sources giving me information, whether I feel they good or bad. I want to know who I'm dealing with, who is giving me the information, and what reasons they might have for giving this information.

      Until we inhabit the consciousness of unity, where discernment is as simple as following the heart that our consciousness is connected to.

      I decided to mention only Cobra, seeing as this is his blog. If I have any problems with channelings, like the recent 3 Days of Darkness channeling, I will leave my comments.
      I do the same thing with all informational sources, even Drake. It is necessary to know peoples intentions before blindly following. I encourage everyone to use their discernment from their heart, but while they still are connected to it, use your analytical brain as well.

      I thank you again kind sheedy angel for your remarks. Even if you may disagree with some things I stated, I'm glad we're able to have a mature discourse and exchange our ideas freely without judgement.

      Much love

    5. Sweet Discussion, Sheedy and Much love! Nice to see an intelligent exchange of ideas. I have been "away" from my comfort zone, in the "big city," and it is clear to see here, that most humans are racing around to get from one place to another, keeping up with the jones's and such; aware of nothing BUT the main stream media. We kids here are a minority! Yet, we are a guiding light for the others, if only by our example and the wisdom that shines from our hearts! "Carry on, Love is coming, love is coming to us All." (crosby stills nash and young) not sure if young sang in that one. giggle. Don't give up, and keep the discerning antenna out there! Love n Light, Suzie

  37. I started reading the Iarga material. (Thanx Rob for ppinting this out)
    From this material I would like to point out a nice quote that pertains to our latest discussions within this blog:

    "The most important thing for Us is to ensure that your freedom of thought is not damaged. Freedom of thought is the essence of humanity, and if we were to damage that we would, according to our ethics, be committing a crime. Therefore, we will only convey knowledge to you, and not convictions. "We wish no discussions. We will only answer questions when you do not understand something, and we will remain silent when you do not agree with Us. We will help you to climb the ladder of knowledge, rung by rung, first to social stability, then to the super culture and, if you can follow this, to the misty heights of cosmic integration. "We will only give you knowledge. You must remain free to do with this knowledge what you will. If as a result of this knowledge you should find yourself forming any convictions, do so with care. Make sure that they are lasting convictions, born of independent creative thinking, and not the sort of passing convictions that the impact of strenuous visual emotions tend to provoke. These pseudo convictions paralyze individual freedom and make men rigid and dogmatic."

    1. :-)

      E, keep an open mind realize some of the information on these sites is old or is partial or even possibly not all true. use discernemt dont be scared be prepared

      chew on this for a while tell me if you get indigestion you can spend days on these sites
      terrakor is old but very informative i like overview of omegan situation and love written in the stars////

      alex collier is awesome see his many youtube talks simply wonderful man/////

      luis prada is good you can spend days here also//////

      cosmic awareness speaks has tons of ground breaking information in the archives i have been following them since 1978////

      biblyocapedes is amazing you have soooo mnay diferent books her it will blow your

      remember to breath and that alot of this is old news many things have changed we are moving forward


  38. If I may interject, I have one thing to add. Cobra, this website is is hosted on Blogspot, which is a Google-run website. Through using this, unless you are bouncing your connection through many proxies/IP addresses, Google, the Government, and anybody above that will be able to access not only your Google account, but also pinpoint who and where you are. That being said, who are you remaining anonymous from? Anyone with real power can access your personal information, so registering on Blogspot is very curious?

    Once again I wish to re-iterate that this is not a personal attack, it is a valid question which I hope will garner a polite, peaceful response. Thanks

  39. From the hearts (and mouths) of babes....

    Our Soul Purpose
    by Nicholas Tschense, At Age 6

    To the divine presence in all of us, know that we are moving on in our healing journey and bringing light to all of those in our path. Light of love will shine so bright, followers will feel pure joy. Once this happens the world will become one in body, mind and spirit.

    Transcendence into light and love is the soul purpose here of the earth.

    We are not here for our own purpose, don’t you see, we are here for the universal purpose? Once our spiritual path is defined, we are to follow it to contribute to the whole. This is the universe unfolding into itself…this is the moment of creation re-defined.

    We all as a collective are responsible for this unfolding. Each of us…no one escapes this contribution. So you see, meditation and spiritual practices keep us aligned with this purpose. Then our lives feel in synchrony and not disharmony. Disharmony meaning loss of meaning and direction, not a peace within.

    Inner peace and harmony need to exist, before world peace exists. Nonetheless, both are plausible and achievable brought about by inner light.

    Listen to your own inner message about what feels right…joy and light or sorrow and darkness. Pay close attention to your inner dialogue as it struggles with this change.

    As a bringer of light and love, I and all the other super conscious children of the world will assist you in this movement.

    Through staying tuned in, you help all of this to happen.

    Bringer of Light and Love,
    Nicholas Tschense