Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Brotherhood of the Star

This blog post will be about the second positive group that has been working secretly behind the scenes for the benefit of humanity and liberation of the planet.

I have gained access to one of esoteric texts that was written by a member of that group and I am publishing it now in its entirety with full permission of that group.

»Brotherhood of the Star is a planetary oupost of the Blue Lodge of Sirius that is connected with Sirius via Jupiter and Jupiter Command.  The purpose of the Brotherhood of the Star is to guide the evolution of the planet under the guidance of Sanat Kumara. The inner circle of the Brotherhood of the Star are Masters and Arhats that have reached their Ascension on this planet.  The outer circle of the Brotherhood of the Star is the Esoteric Brotherhood comprised of disciples of the Ascended Masters that have reached the seventh subdegree  of the third Initiation. The physical anchor of the Brotherhood of the Star is a vast subterranean kingdom of Shamballa, where the Great mystery school of the Transhimalayan Brotherhood is operating. The Esoteric Brotherhood represents its antechamber.

Brotherhood of the Star was never public since the time of Atlantis. It was working secretly through its discliples. Disciples of the Brothehood of the  Star comprise the Order of the Star. Order of the Star is a community, a mandala of 144,000 star beings of the first, second and third Initiation that have incarnated on this planet with the purpose of occult triangulation of light and darkness. Members of the Order of the Star have been influencing the world situation based on telepathic guidance from the Brotherhood of the Star.  

They have caused the flowering of Graeco-Roman culture aided with telepathic impressions from Brotherhood of the Star. They were active as Druid priests in Celtic culture. As Essenes they were collaborating in the project of Ascension of Jesus and Magdalene/Grail family lineage as a counterbalance against the thirteenth bloodline of the black nobility. They have founded Sufi initiation orders. In the 12th century they have founded Cathar and Albigensian movement which has revived Goddess mysteries through Troubadour poetry and have also revived Gnostic Christianity mysteries  from the times before the Constantinian Christian cult. In the 13th century they have founded the Templar order which was based on discovery of Isisian esoteric texts in the crypt below the Salomon temple. Information on those scrolls has enabled the revival of the old Egyptian star mysteries and formation of freemasonry. Based on  an impulse from the Brotherhood of the Star, hidden Cathar lodges have triggered the Renaissance around 1450 in Florence and this has shaped our western civilization as we know it now. This has fulfilled the conditions for arrival of first representatives of the Esoteric Brotherhood into Europe from subterranean Tibet.

Since then onwards a few dozen representatives of the Esoteric Brotherhood are working secretly behind the scenes in Europe. In the 16th century they were active mainly in Florence, Venice and Verona, in the 17th century mainly in London and also elsewhere in England and in the 18th centruy mainly in Paris. The Esoteric Brotherhood has transmitted the spiritual impulse for the beginning of the Enlightenment movement to the Order of the Star and this has reshaped the 18th century and set the basis for the scientific and technological revolution.

The Esoteric Brotherhood has triggered the creation of the mystery school through Comte de Saint Germain in Paris in 1775. This secret mystery school was active for about 100 years and then the Esoteric Brotherhood has triggered the creation of the Theosophical Society through H. P. Blavatsky in 1875. Through telepathic impressions, the Esoteric Brothehood  has guided the progress of science, especially through Nikola Tesla. 

Now Esoteric Brotherhood is not involved in the matrix of system on planet Earth. We live in undisclosed locations on the surface of the planet.

Esoteric symbol of the Brotherhood of the Star is the heavenly stone of Sirius, fire jewel, cinta mani, lapis ex coelis, which represents the jewel of our true Self (atma-buddhi-manas).

Esoteric symbol of the Order of the Star is a chalice of Moldavite, the heavenly stone of Pleiades, the holy Grail, sangreal, which represents our causal body and the star nobility, the mandala of 144,000 star beings of light.

Amor Vincit Omnia!«

Brotherhood of the Star is the last pure remnant of the mystery schools of Light from Atlantis. The Cabal tried to infiltrate it without success as they have very strict rules of admission.  Alas, the Cabal was much more successful with infiltrating the more public mystery schools such as Jesuits were able to do with freemasonry in the early 1800s and as Theosophical Society was infiltrated after Helena Blavatsky died and her teachings were misused later by the Cabal. This is the cause of much confusion among the Lightworkers, but true teachings will be restored soon as part of Operation Dreamland.

For that reason, other members of the Brotherhood of the Star can contact me at

Victory of the Light!


  1. Thank you Cobra. I was just getting uneasy as I felt Blavasky and the Theosphical society stuff was was not of the light, but you explained why. Fascinating.

    1. yes, I think the same treatment has been given to Alice Bailey and her work.

  2. Is there any connection to the Star of David since this is two overlapping Stars of David? Before it was the Star of David it was the Rothchild family crest only back then it was colored red.

  3. Thank you Cobra for clarifying the above, it is difficult to work out the misinformation from the truth re the Theosophical, Templar's etc. I am sure this will help many who were confused by the misinformation that has abounded around this subject for several decades.

  4. The star of david represents the balanced and fused and integrated personality. the upright pyramid is the masculine reason aspect and the descending pyramid represents the female or goddess venusian intuition aspect. The higher and lower manas. When in balance this is the Star of David. Dr Fred Bell was a member of the Blue Lodge. Whew glad we are onto another post and moving forward.
    victory to the light

    1. 'The star of david represents the balanced and fused and integrated personality.', which is the MER-KA-BA...

  5. Facinating Imformation , this is why I love this blog

  6. Thank YOU Cobra. Can't wait to read the coming part of the "histories mysteries".
    This is what WE want to see YOU doing -showing US the way to the Stars

    Also, I want to thank you for keeping the comments section open, which is the HOME/place that keeps US having our Family chats. (I call it the "Family Hall").

    Much Love and Light to ALL of you!!!!

  7. Hello Rob!

    I read somewhere, that the Star of David represents the activated Merkabah.
    Any thoughts on this idea?

    Love, Light and happy days!

    1. i think that is another way of puttin it oh yeah

  8. Thank you Cobra, and much gratitude to the Brotherhood of the Star, for this information.

    And so it seems that what was discovered by the Templars can now be revealed ...


  9. I just love learning more and more about all this stuff. So many things have been clarified by this site to me. The world is starting to make sense… lol. I feel like I’m not even part of the Matrix any longer. Well, I’m in it but now only watching from the ‘outside’ - feeling of freedom. Braking thru the Matrix! Thanks Cobra!

  10. Hi Cobra,

    Thanks for this. Again this feels like information that I already know but have forgotten. Could this be why I love Lapis and Moldavite? Could the proud blood of these fine beings run true in my veins? Could this be true for all who resonate with these messages? Stay tuned people for the next exciting episode! ;-)

  11. Very interesting story. I always wonder that why no one helped China at that time? Maybe they all went to Japan. Hm... I'm waiting for the story of Renaissance of the Oriental Countries - Historical Backgroud, Brotherhood of Stars' Initiative, and Souls behind the mask.

    1. China was the place were entities from a Galaxy called Deneb incarnated after their sun became to old to support 3rd density life, this is the source of the Asian races.

    2. Thanks, but why it was so late for China but, till the end of 20th century (1898~1910 or you can say after the independent war, and establishment of PRC), 400 years later than the Renaissance in Italy? Maybe it is a naive question.

    3. This happened maybe 75,000 years ago : )

    4. You mean it has already be determined?

    5. This planet has many different entities who have incarnated here, From Maldek, who destroyed their planet due to war, Mars, who did the same thing but only destroyed the planets population and Deneb whose sun was to old and could not give the light needed to support 3rd doubt there are many others but these were the main populations to be brought here to continue 3rd density.

      This is why we have such a mixed positive/negative population and so much Karma that needed to be worked through.

    6. Genes are attributes. If you step back and look what is happening today is a subversion of the white race. I have seen long term plans of what humans are to be like and the look is definitely more asiatic. This is a timely reversal of the Babylonisification of humans and the languages we speak. China has already been handed the reigns of forward progress and they well know this. There has been some recent controversy over the 'Chinese bubble' and the construction of entire modern cities without a single occupant. It simply boggles my mind the confusion that seems to prevail regarding the meaning of this. The Chinese have shown the originators of modern economy they know the game better and when chaos results as the light is birthed they already have a place ready for thier displaced and unemployed while westerners become homeless, fight for food and thier governments buy bullets to quell the inevitable uprisings. This has been done behind the scenes but ever since Clinton vast tracts of US land have gradually been made unavailable to the US public. Some Americans find this treasonous but when Hillary went to China recently a secret treaty was made in which these set aside lands are being used as collateral for Chinese loans made to the US primarily for the pourposes of making war. China already owns significant portions of the United States.The world's primary gold market has already been transferred to China. As you can see plans have been in place for decades to being the United States to heal and fold it into the enlightened NWO. Dark republicans and Christians call Obama antichrist. I do not know Lucifer personally but I do know he who is at his right hand and who darlkings erroneously refer to as 'the beast'. He has the technology of God. When you hear Cobras interviews and the divine authority the sound of his voice has how can anyone doubt he speaks with the very breath of Lucifer himself. High fives for the essence of illumination!

  12. Brilliant Cobra, I love H. Blavatsky's work, I used a lot of her quotations on my facebook. Her spiritual understanding resonates with me completely. Thanks.

  13. I have always felt the spiritual connection with what you are conveying here and all of the people mentioned therein. Our Lightworker connections here rock as well. Thank you for the opportunity. Divine blessings, Love, and Light dear one Cobra.

  14. The essence of Theosophical Society is Rudolf Steiner who founded - maybe with the help of Brotherhood of the Star - the Athroposophy Society later. Some thoughts about this, Cobra? Light and love to all

    1. Rudolf was much like cobra in the sense that he was a surface earth person who was having contacts with initiates and some of these secret societies which have existed since Atlantian times. His work and contribution to culture has been long underated on my opinion. the montessori schools are just part of his legacy.

      I will also highly recommend the Books called "Wisdom and Teachings of the Masters of The far East" this 5 part series of books is a modern day revelation of intelligent people being taught how to contact their own divinty by members of of various orders which for the most part remain hidden not because of secrecy for secrets sake. but because most people have not been ready for such teachings in the past this is NOW changing and all the walls are coming down the information can be freely shared with everyone

  15. Where there is light, there is nothing hidden or secret or undisclosed. The truth has always been free and available. Dark workers are the ones who have perpetuated the lie of benevolent lodges, societies and brotherhoods. Dark workers keep the confusion stirring. Nothing of the light can be infiltrated by darkness, rather light causes darkness to flee. Seek true light -- it isn't here.

  16. Awesome, AWESOME information, Cobra, Thank You!!!

  17. Not that any of it really matters.
    There is only awareness, only the present moment.
    All else is mumbo-jumbo.

  18. Great info! I didn't expect moldavite to be mentioned at the end. I'm 24 and have been wearing a piece of moldavite around my neck since the beginning of 2009. I rarely take it off. When I look back at when I bought it(online) I can't even remember what led me to it. I just had to have it. Oh and back then I was still way in the dark about a lot of things. Maybe I'm somehow connected to the Order of the Star? That would be cool.

  19. I've always been interested in the Theosophical Society and other occult groups, like the Order of the Golden Dawn (illuminati or benevolent?) and wondered, as most of their teachings and symbols are used by the cabal, which ones were originally benevolent. I can now point out that the original messages were co-opted with a bit more confidence.

    As for keeping certain information secret, I understand why that seems suspect, but consider the times and the hugely religious sentiments in society when occult organizations dedicated to doing good were around. I think I would be a bit secretive and selective as to who I let in back then as well. Even now, I've been part of groups where, when we had open membership, certain individuals joined with the intent to disrupt and cause dissension, and after countless wasted hours trying to put out fires started by the infiltrators, the groups just ended up disbanding. So NO good work ended up happening!

    Based on these experiences, I can see the wisdom in keeping things quiet in certain circumstances. But times are different now and it's time for secrets to be revealed, as Cobra and others are doing. Trolls and shills are more easily exposed for what they are, and hopefully, outed without too much wasted time.

    On another note, it's a personal synchronicity for me that you mention Lapis Lazuli and Moldavite, as I just had both of those stones come up yesterday in a birthday 3 card tarot reading using the Gemstone tarot! Very significant and timely for me to read this, and I thank you Cobra for all the work you do and the good you bring. <3

    1. yes, now much later i have some moldavite and safforadite, which is supposedly the cinta mani stone. i would like clarification of what lapis ex coelis is.
      wonderful info, thanks cobra. i wish i was one of the 144,000

  20. No clarity here. Lots of grounds for ASSumptions.
    Cptn_fantastic got it right. Don't take it to bed with
    you unless you are in control of the night.
    Will I am

    1. LOL!!

      I heard some song the other day on the radio saying "I discovered a martyr next to me in bed..." If that didn't paint a word picture of a troubled relationship nothing will.

      Its funny how lyrics and quotes can be so poignant at times.

  21. Cobra,

    Thank you for your contribution here. This answers a lot of questions that I've had for years. I have many more and I am excited to see disclosure of all things unfold so that I can finally get the answers I've been seeking for so long.

    Love and light,

  22. Blessings amazing, wonder filled account of so many questions, answered up to now, as I know more to come! Yaay! I resonated with you the moment I heard you speak, now I understand.
    My affinity to the Pleiadians, the lapis stone, is long standing, I married into the Tibetan culture and have a Taurus son (Irish, Tibetan) and goes to school on the island St. Maarten and a great grandfather, Freemason. Hummmm..
    In Gratitude.....for all that you do, my dear brother.
    In Love and Light

  23. There are infinite parallel realities. You choose which one you exist in based on your thought process. Literally every second we are shifting from on reality to the next. Don't ever let anyone define your reality for you. This is YOUR reality. Make of it what you will! Hopefully you make it a good one...

  24. I had to put this up as it's a clear indication of the cracks in the system getting greater.


    It's a report of what's going on today in Greece where the Police are protesting the budget cuts and they feel they've been stepped on enough and have closed off the main Police HQ which also is the HQ for SWAT.

    They have effectively cut off all Athens SWAT teams from reporting for duty.

    One of the spokespeople for the protesters was explaining how there's no money to gas up or repair the patrol cars and still an issue of officers going unpaid. He said (and i'm paraphrasing and translating) "they treat us worse than they treat animals"
    and when asked about the SWAT team they're keeping from duty he said "who are they going to protect? are they going to stop a crime? are they preparing for a war?"

    They're planning on staying there all day. I may take a ride down to check it out since it's literally 5 minutes from my place. I'm taking along my gas mask just in case SWAT get's cute and uses tear gas on the Police.

    1. Theo, sending light and love to your reality to aid in the dissolution of the Matirx . Gas Mask? Five minutes away? The scene you described is so vastly distant from my space of comfort and peace, so am sending you a future vision of a well tended garden and home. May the chaos dissolve.

    2. There's something much bigger than finance playing out in Greece. There's a war on Greece by the Cabal.

  25. Hello Cobra,

    I don't know what to make of this post.

    Maybe there is difference between ascended masters and transcended beings?
    Or is it just my lack of imagination not being able to conceive of a fully open-hearted, humble being hooding itself and placing itself within an inner circle. The Secret Brotherhood of Love??? Cosmic humor?
    What's going on here?

    1. Exactly, Erik. As I wrote above, where there is light there is no need for secrecy. These lodges, societies and brotherhoods have never been about "benevolence," which is a cover. They have always been about power -- powered from the dark -- and used to fool innocents and naive hopefuls. This post manages to touch a host of "known hooks" for broad appeal and does not clarify anything. Your instinct on this is perfectly sound. You have no "lack" here. I wish more could discern these things.

    2. Erik cobra has told me Asended Masters are more advanced than many ET groups including the Pleiadeans! They have graduated and transecended the need for physical incarnation!
      for what its worth! I will just say what he told me yhis conciurred what ihad intuited on my own. Is it right ? I dont really know.
      @ truth many of the benevolent societies have remain hidden for reasons i have elucidated below

    3. Rob, i think of a transcended being as follows:
      - fully humble (as in unable to place itself above or below anyone or anything
      - free from involuntary identification with ANY story
      - free from assumptions of any kind
      - moving from the heart
      - unable to perceive itself as anything less than all and anything more than nothing.
      Words or tastes that I associate wth transcended/liberated beings are: playfull, mild, embracing, peaceful and happy.
      The first thing a transcended being sees is that there is no such thing as transcendednce,. That not being enlightend has always been just an illusion. It also knows that there is no such thing as progress or 'stages of development', since these are concepts (illusions) born from the illusion of time, which itself is born from the false identification with memory.

      So concepts like 'inner circles', 'secret knowledge', 'wars' , 'victory' ,'darkness' and 'light' could never be take serious by truly enlighted or transcended beinngs, for they wil have seen that beingness is forever undivided.

      So that leaves us with 3 options. The Ascended Masters that Cobra talks about are 1) playing a control game because they are not truly liberated, 2) playing a game because the Cosmos likes to play, or 3) The whole story is made up and somebody else plays a game.

      So well, at least sombody is having fun! :-)))

  26. Solar and Galactic History
    There is evidence of man walking upright on this earth over 5 million years ago found in rocks and dated by modern scientists. Though the dating methods they use may be off it is true "man" is more ancient than Adam and Eve and even older than any 'evolving' life forms from primordial soup.

    At this point I will not go into the previous rounds or cycles of incarnation and worlds epochs that have existed on earth other than Atlantis other to say that we are star borne. Life is a gift and a process of experiencing, literally a school for souls to grow in light and life. We are growing from clods to God's it is a vast and truly infinite universe and we are just now to RE-Member ourselves into the galactic Family of Love Life and Light.

    There is sentient life in our solar system much more advanced than us, which in very ancient history has come from higher dimensions and other worlds. These worlds of light and life were also once physical. They have progressed to Astral and then the Mental and even what we call Buddhic Planes or Intuitional and maybe even Causal planes. We are all inter related and the solar system is a giant being and what happens on one world or one solar system effects other worlds and other solar system. This is why we as the squeaky wheel are receiving so much attention and loving ministration behind the scenes for so long. By serving others we serve ourselves. This universal axiom is very plain and evident to our space family neighbors near and from afar.

    I do not know the exact details of these worlds which plane the primary life forms exist on, but I hope to paint a picture for you to understand how this process takes place. The planets that are involved are Mars, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter and to a certain extent Maldek. Maldek now our asteroid belt still has life even on these larger asteroids that now exist in our asteroid belt. Life evolves and these worlds grow from one density to the next. They may also contain life from multiple densities, which are invisible to each other. I feel that the higher is usually aware of the lower vibration life forms but that many of the lower only sense or are vaguely aware of the other existence. This is pure speculation by the Pottsman here.

    Yes the Maldek planet was destroyed in a previous galactic war. The details of this war and its origins are complex and reach deep into the ancient history of our galaxy and are best understood by Billy Meir, Alex Collier and many unknown to the public personalities who now serve in these secret brotherhoods. For us dwell on these exact details at this time leads to confusion and arguments based on half-truths and leads to speculations, egos quarrelling over who is right.

    This is not the purpose of my post. Rather I hope you will take the basic premises presented and dove tail them into what you already know. Only those who really do soul travel to the higher planes out of body can even begin to try and put into words the type of life that exists on these worlds. Many of us do and can only retain snippets due to security protocols related to multi dimensional holographic aspects of what we here call "Archon" interference. I Presume this also will be made clearer by Cobra in conferences and to the world at large FOR FREE in the years ahead.

    Mars contains some life on the higher aspect of the physical plane called the Etheric and most like some on the astral plane. The physical life forms if they are physical live underground and spend some time on the surface. The Martians were forced underground during these galactic wars due to radiation from nuclear weapons. Look at the moon it is covered with steroid marks as well and explosion craters as well.

    1. Venus has life that is primarily Astral. The beings live on the surface and in the core of the planet there is also a physical city called RETZ. This is a way station for various physical beings from other worlds to interact with Venusians who can and have lowered their vibration and manifested physical bodies. The physical surface is very hot full of methane and cannot support life AS WE KNOW IT.

      Venus is known as the planet of love and the ancient myths of Odin and Thor are in regards to beings from this planet and their continual interaction with us since the destruction of Atlantis to help us to return to the light. I personally have seen one being in the Physical from Venus his name is Valiant Thor he blocked my knowing him at the time and I spoke more with the people that were with them. One in particular looked like my sister and I talked to her about how I felt she was like family to me. I met them again at a later date and even displayed momentarily my ignorance and had an inadvertent mental lapse of lower animal expression, which embarrassed me. That is all I will say for now if you come to the conferences I will explain more.

      Venus the home of the Hathor's as the Egyptians called them has a world, described by Dr Frank Stranges, who went there twice, as extremely beautiful with wonders and miracles you can only imagine. They have there a Temple in the city of Retz made of pure crystal that according to the Shariat Ki Sugmad is the essence of Timelessness. In the center is an altar. This altar contains not a graven image but a living flame an eternal presence and powerful source of life that one may meditate in the presence of and learn to know oneself. For all answers are within.

      The Planet Saturn has an even more refined type of life form from even a higher plane. Most likely the life here exists mental plane. These beings on all these worlds experience life in what is to them a corporeal type body with completely different type of perceptions and experiences. For us to speculate on what life is like on these worlds is beyond on our reach at this point but will alluded to and shared after the event and during the process of open planetary cultural exchange sometime in our future. Our attempts at descriptions in words will fall short.

      Jupiter also contains life and according to Dr Bell they are in Gaseous bodies? I have no idea what he meant he wasn’t one to give much information in this regard he told me I would remember it all when the veils were removed. There may be life on various parallel dimensions and realities on all of these worlds. We should not presume to limit the creative force of love when it comes to Truth. According the Venusian woman Omnec Onec who was born on Venus and manifested a physical body to be a teacher to us to clear up confusion she says the life on Jupiter is very advanced and is the origin of our black race. These beings are masters in the science of the music of the spheres and project, as do all these worlds advanced forms of Scalar and Tachyon healing energies to both our earth and her peoples. Go to my youtube page "babarobgod" to see her speaking and teaching about many wonderful subjects. continue

    2. If you think cobra has had a hard time imagine this woman who has a mission to tell earth people she has come from Venus! Through the years she has maintained a calm and dignified presence and elegant nobility to the world at large and has patiently and steadfastly shared her loving teachings to the all who are lucky enough to have met her. I met a girl who knew her personally and I have a picture of a painting which was in the early stages of completion I will share this in the Laguna slide show.

      There have been ongoing efforts to help us out of the quagmire of the genetic manipulation from Atlantian times and to prevent this planet from self-destructing itself in a nuclear war or from being completely enslaved by the fallen masters from Ursa Major Ursa minor Polaris and Thuban. One of my greatest teachers JJ Hurtak has told us in the Keys of Enoch that the earth is a biochemical testing zone to determine which type of person /soul can best free itself from the countless rounds of existence imposed by these "Fallen Beings" who control various Portals and have failed in their responsibility to maintain these Portals responsibly as they have been entrusted to. Next: Atlantis The Melchizadechs GF Withdrawal and Genetic Manipulation of HU-Man.
      Victory to the light

  27. Cobra I felt so moved to respond to this specific post & I'm not sure why. I'm feeling quite phased as if this post has reawakened something in me. I just had to connect now ... Thank you for your great work. Lisa x

  28. Atlantis The Melchizadechs GF Withdrawal and Genetic Manipulation of HU-Man.

    During the times of Atlantis there were many races on the earth from other worlds. Each had created their own "Eden" using technology that created and maintained atmosphere and gravity suitable to each race. Many were able to venture outside these controlled habitats by using special apparatus like breathing pieces as shown in Egyptian hieroglyphs. There was also The developing earth race of which was slowly evolving on this "origin" planet.

    Multi dimensional being from beyond what we call the Causal plane or "The 7th Heaven" and are referred to as Seraphim had been nurturing an evolving life form soon to be suitable to be indwelt with a divine spark. Previous earth natives left over here from a previous epoch also accompanied many of these beings on the earth. Circa 30,000 Bc or so. Please don’t hold me to these dates or exact details I am just barely able to remember this myself. These ET races did genetically alter these natives some for the better and some for the worse. According to what I understand it is Ok for certain non-material beings and races to "help" or genetically alter beings on worlds if the "help" is to broaden and strengthen the phenotypes with in a certain bandwidth. The attempt to jump bandwidths or to mix genetics with other species is prohibited. Unfortunately this is what happened here.

    I do not know all the details and the politics involved but the infiltration of this planet by these rebellious ETs corrupted the peaceful interaction and open reincarnation system of our world. The result was a blocking of half of our bi-cameral brain and limited or perception and spiritual ability to perceive and connect with the forces of the omni verse. The reasons and the various groups involved remain hidden and secret at this time as one of the major players has sincerely realized their mistake and is now working towards rectifying the situation here and now is one of our greatest allies against those remaining unrepentant groups.


    Just as on Venus and many other worlds there is a hollow center it has to do with the natural formation of a planet and centrifugal forces as the gases condense and creates openings at the top and bottom of many worlds. Or so I understand it. I will give photographic and first hand evidence and reports of this truth on our world in Laguna and Egypt. There is a major Light or living flame that exists in the center of our world and is the heart of our world and provides life to all on our planet. This flame has been here for over 18 million years and is presided over by the "Lords OF Flame" or Kumaras from Venus. The main one Dr Bell spoke about was Sanat Kumara. There have en reprts he has been replced by another being I do not know. Any claims he is satan are unfounded in my view as it is like saying the person with the name Kathy is the same as the person Katherine.

    On the highest level these worlds are school of progression and sometimes to devolve and into baser realities for various reasons. The soul is eternal so no worries you have plenty of time to get back on track whether you were led there by your own folly pushed there or a combination of both.

    At the time of the destruction of Atlantis and lemuria certains asteroids were used as weapons and meant to destroy certain enemies. This was orchestrated and manipulated by these 'fallen" GF beings who were seeking to own dominate control and enslave the planet and her peoples. This misuse of Pyramidal crystals and Scalar forces eventually resulted in massive volcanic eruptions and when the magma was ejected onto the surface the voids thus created in the crust, caused the collapse or giant chambers and resulted in the sinking and rising of various continents and caused massive tsunamis which reshaped and restructured the land masses to what we see today.

    1. We only have few remnants still today as much of our ancient history has been destroyed and is underwater at this time. Not all but much of the archaeological evidence is gone. The Akashic records remain and are accessible to those who can few the "Halls of Records" as understand it these exist in a parallel dimension un touched by the changes of the material world.

      There is a universal order of beings, which is comprised of material and non-material beings and is greatly respected throughout the universe on many worlds. This is a group of beings called the Orders of Melchizadech. These beings are missionaries and have nothing to do with the material or temporal affairs on the many, many worlds on which they teach. They are a spiritual fraternity involved in helping souls and entire cultures to grow into greater expansions of awareness' and love and light. They concern themselves with the ever-infinite process of ascension between worlds and into more refined and advanced forms of consciousness.

      The orders of Melchisadech are responsible for the Pyramidal temples on many worlds. The shape number of sides and exact angles of the Pyramids are said to vary and are determined by the type of life on the planet and the specific gravity and geological make up of each planet. Fred told me when a race comes to a physical world they look at the shape of the Pyramids and it tells them much of the life forms that exist here. Our pyramids are pretty shabby right now but will one day be restored and "powered up" to help regenerate the various life streams here and heal the water air and other aspects of our fractured world.

      In the good ole days of Atalntis these multifaceted Pyramids erved multiple functions as initiation chambers, healing centers, free energy sources. As well as astronomical time clocks and many other functions as well. I will reveal these to the best of my abilities in Egypt before the 2012 Portal activation tour. Like on Venus there were Flames in various locations all over the earth. These flames were openly accessible to the public and anyone could access this eternal light and living flame. By meditating on these Flames and going within the silence and thus all could learn from the infinite source of all within their own natures.

      Due to the infiltration by hostile forces it was foreseen what was to take place by the spiritual forces and preparations were made to move large segments of the surface population and these societies under the surface of the planet and beneath the oceans. These cities were finished or in the process of being finished when the final destructive cataclysm took place about 30,000 years ago. These various cites each had a flame similar to the parent flame in the center of the earth known as Shamballa the lesser. There exists another city called Shamballa the Greater and it is in the etheric above the Gobi Desert and remains invisible and inaccessible except to those whose vibration can match the reality that exists in these "hidden places. The GF good guys withdrew at this time after the wars and attacks by the hostile forces were wreaking havoc on the innocent earth peoples. They have remained in contact with these subsurface populations and waiting the time to prepare for open contact.

      There are various RA's and I will reveal now several of their names of some of these cites and their approximate locations. One of the main RA's was in Egypt and is said to exist underneath the great pyramid or may have even been moved to Luxor area! It was called simply RA!

      There is one beneath the Himalayas and is known as RAMA. There is another civilization beneath the Bermuda triangle called RA-YOLO. Here are several glass/metal domes housing remnants of Atlantian culture and they are in constant contact with the solar groups and are working with the RM to clean up this mess on the surface. Another civilization exists beneath the Matto Grasso in Brazil and is called Poisided.

  29. My favorite because I have lived right on top of them for many years and my son was born here, is Mt Shasta my second home. This group and Flame is called RAMU. These are all called part of the Agarthan network and are connected by networks of tubes and shuttles of anti-gravity allow them all to interact with each other. There are also many friendly ET bases being constructed in various locations within our earths crust. There are also many older non-operational bases which are guarded and evidence and records and technology kept to be revealed in our near future.

    The hostile forces holding us hostage and genetic alterations of earth and her peoples has led to these ancient cities the teachings of Atlantis and the open teaching of the universal laws of light and life to remain hidden. These teachings have been considered to dangerous to give to mankind until now as the the use and this knowledge and open revelation these technologies would have been used to create even more suffering and destruction by an immature and destructive surface population. It has been a delicate balance between the dark and the light and both have used secrecy to maintain control.

    Unfair? Whatever that’s the way it is. The dark has kept it hidden to consolidate power and create elitist minions amongst the earths peoples. The light has kept it hidden to keep out of the wrong hands. NOW is the time of great revealing all secrets are to be revealed the history of these various societies is to now be clarified openly by cobra my self and many others we are not alone.
    These teachings have been attempted to be revealed din the past and have been the subject of numerous disinformation campaigns attackers and the slander and marginalization of the messengers. The multi dimensional lineages of light have persons and outposts even in religious sects created by the dark to manipulate and control through suppression superstition ignorance and fear.

    It is not all cut and dry not every thing is black and white there are plenty of shades of grey. We must all use discernment and read between the lines.
    Next the lineages of light and the ongoing teachings of truth.
    To the light

    1. Hey Potts,

      Thanks for this info -

      I'm curious about the RAMU - could this be another name for the Lemurian civilization living in Shasta - the Telosians ?

      Muchas gracias e amor :)

  30. Music speaks to me and this song is what literally played in my head for a total of about 16 hours leading to my actions. I take it for what it is worth. My horizon is lit brightly and I am excited to see the outcome and finally over come fear, and the pain which is my physical body. Full of hope IAM, empty of anger IAM. Patience and ONE LOVE!

    For what it is worth, written by Stephen Stills:

    There's something happening here, what it is ain't exactly clear.
    There's a man with a gun over there, telling me I got to beware.
    I think it's time we stop, children, what's that sound?
    Everybody look what's going down.

    There's battle lines being drawn, nobody's right if everybody's wrong.
    Young people speaking their minds, getting so much resistance from behind.
    I think it's time we stop, hey, what's that sound? Everybody look what's going down.

    What a field-day for the heat, a thousand people in the street.
    Singing songs and carrying signs, mostly say, hooray for our side.
    It's time we stop, hey, what's that sound? Everybody look what's going down!

    Paranoia strikes deep, into your life it will creep.
    It starts when you're always afraid, you step out of line, the man come and take you away.

    We better stop, hey, what's that sound?
    Everybody look what's going down!

    1. Hey Joko,
      Nice to see you back! Music speaks to me strongly, too. I wake up with lyrics running round and round and have to look them up to catch the message. I think this one is a wake up call for you and many others...really glad your feeling the hope return!
      We're getting Brighter here :)

    2. Hi JOKO!

      Speaking of songs...a good friend of mine sent this to me and it has been on mental repeat for a couple of weeks now! Different energy from the song you mentioned above...

      Neil Diamond – Soolaimon Lyrics

      Come she come say
      Ride on the night
      Sun becomes day
      Day shall provide
      Soo, soolaimon
      Soolai, soolai, soolaimon
      Soo, soolaimon
      Soolai, soolai, soolaimon
      Soo, soolaimon
      Soolai, soolai, soolaimon

      God of my want, want, want
      Lord of my need, need, need
      Leading me on, on, on
      On to the woman, she dance for the sun
      God of my day, day, day
      Lord of my night, night, night
      Seek for the way, way, way
      Taking me home

      She callin'
      Bring home my name
      On the wings of a flea
      Wind in the plains
      Dance once for me

      Soo, soolaimon
      Soolai, soolai, soolaimon
      Soo, soolaimon
      Soolai, soolai, soolaimon
      Soo, soolaimon

    3. Marúaweka!
      Here is something you might like to know about Stephen Stills.
      This is from:
      Inside The LC: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation
      Part I
      May 8, 2008
      "There’s something happening here
      What it is ain’t exactly clear"

      "...Anyway, let’s move on to yet another of Laurel Canyon’s earliest and brightest stars, Mr. Stephen Stills. Stills will have the distinction of being a founding member of two of Laurel Canyon’s most acclaimed and beloved bands: Buffalo Springfield, and, needless to say, Crosby, Stills & Nash. In addition, Stills will pen perhaps the first, and certainly one of the most enduring anthems of the 60s generation, “For What It’s Worth,” the opening lines of which appear at the top of this post (Stills’ follow-up single will be entitled “Bluebird,” which, coincidentally or not, happens to be the original codename assigned to the MK-ULTRA program).

      Before his arrival in Laurel Canyon, Stephen Stills was (*yawn*) the product of yet another career military family. Raised partly in Texas, young Stephen spent large swaths of his childhood in El Salvador, Costa Rica, the Panama Canal Zone, and various other parts of Central America – alongside his father, who was, we can be fairly certain, helping to spread ‘democracy’ to the unwashed masses in that endearingly American way. As with the rest of our cast of characters, Stills was educated primarily at schools on military bases and at elite military academies. Among his contemporaries in Laurel Canyon, he was widely viewed as having an abrasive, authoritarian personality. Nothing unusual about any of that, of course, as we have already seen with the rest of our cast of characters.
      There is, however, an even more curious aspect to the Stephen Stills story: Stephen will later tell anyone who will sit and listen that he had served time for Uncle Sam in the jungles of Vietnam. These tales will be universally dismissed by chroniclers of the era as nothing more than drug-induced delusions. Such a thing couldn’t possibly be true, it will be claimed, since Stills arrived on the Laurel Canyon scene at the very time that the first uniformed troops began shipping out and he remained in the public eye thereafter. And it will of course be quite true that Stephen Stills could not have served with uniformed ground troops in Vietnam, but what will be ignored is the undeniable fact that the U.S. had thousands of ‘advisers’ – which is to say, CIA/Special Forces operatives – operating in the country for a good many years before the arrival of the first official ground troops. What will also be ignored is that, given his background, his age, and the timeline of events, Stephen Stills not only could indeed have seen action in Vietnam, he would seem to have been a prime candidate for such an assignment. After which, of course, he could rather quickly become – stop me if you’ve heard this one before – an icon of the peace generation..."

      Also you might like to see this:

      "Sleeping With the Devil: How U.S. and Saudi Backing of Al Qaeda Led to 9/11"

      I lived in Los Angeles for alomost 22 years struggling to make it as a professional drummer/musician with some sucess. It is a cesspool there and after reading the story about Laural Canyon it all came together for me. It all added up.
      I have given thought as to if this is negitive posting. I didn't think it was as much as it is information. I was on the trail to finding out more on JIMI HENDRIX:, and it led me to this quote from the LC.
      Thank you.

    4. That was a mind trip! Thank you for the heads up and for sharing! One Love


    I am cancelling the Charlotte conference. Cobras’ agenda was not clear to me until his posting of “Brotherhood of the Star,” and the integrity of my being cannot support this agenda.

    I will explain.

    Cobra’s comment, “Brotherhood of the Star is the last pure remnant of the mystery schools of Light from Atlantis. The Cabal tried to infiltrate it without success as they have very strict rules of admission. Alas, the Cabal was much more successful with infiltrating the more public mystery schools such as Jesuits were able to do with freemasonry in the early 1800s and as Theosophical Society was infiltrated after Helena Blavatsky died and her teachings were misused later by the Cabal” invalidates the Activities of the Great Brotherhood of Light of several sponsored Messengers of the Brotherhood in the United States, including Guy Ballard, Geraldine Innocente, and Mark Prophet (I take exception with Elizabeth Clare Prophet/Guru Ma).

    It invalidates the fact that many of the Ascended Masters appeared and worked directly with these sponsored Messengers. It invalidates/ignores the fact that numerous individuals ascended as a result of the supposedly misguided information given to these Messengers.

    The esoteric text ignores and invalidates the fact that the Great Brotherhood of Light has a major area of operations in the Rocky Mountains and Mount Shasta and instead indicates that the major area of activity is still only in the Himalayas and Europe. This is very biased information and sadly incorrect.

    This esoteric text also completely ignores the invaluable Decree work that thousands upon thousands of Ascended Master disciples (especially in the United States) have offered for the “Victory of the Light” since the 1930s (90 years’ worth).

  32. Furthermore, this esoteric text (that strongly resembles Cobra’s grammar) states that “The physical anchor of the Brotherhood of the Star is a vast subterranean kingdom of Shamballa, where the Great mystery school of the Transhimalayan Brotherhood is operating. The Esoteric Brotherhood [the 144,000 disciples] represents its antechamber.” In fact, this mandala of 144,000 beings is comprised of the Sons and Daughters of God across the surface of the planet, many of whom may or may not be starseeds. (I, myself, am a starseed.) They are not relegated to a subterranean kingdom of a so-called Transhimalayan Brotherhood. These 144,000 Christed beings have indeed worked tirelessly for the Victory of Light on our planet for the past 80 years.

    In addition, I have just finished reading Ishtar Antares’ book “Aurora 2012: Ascension” cover to cover, a channeled book that Cobra states “is of very high quality.” The information on the Brotherhood of the Star comes directly from this book, just a few pages away from a discussion on “Group Merger,” (p. 207-209). This channeled information explains, “Group merger is the way of achieving Oneness in a living Mandala. Most people feel that one can be in an intimate relationship only with one person. This perception needs to be explanted, because at this time group consciousness is emerging that will lead to great love and fulfillment . . . Intimacy is that brings a living Mandala together, being together . . . merging physically . . . They transcend taboos of duality regarding touching and exchange of sexual energy. They do not have any don’t touch zones . . . By gently touching all over their bodies they get to know each other, acquire trust and relax themselves . . . When the vibration is high enough, the group drops their hands and begins to caress you all over your bodies.”

    This description of Group Merger is in stark contrast with the mystery school traditions that the true Ascended Masters have set forth. The Masters have explained that, once one has achieved enlightened consciousness, the appetite of the third dimensional physical body for sexual gratification no longer exists and that Divine Love easily exists without the need to gratify a physical body. As such, this channeled information on Group Merger appears to be more the wishful thinking of an individual who finds it hard to conceive of Divine Love without sexuality, whereas the Masters are very clear that this is not only possible, but entirely the case in the higher realms. Hmmm . . . If the information on the Brotherhood of the Star is coming from this same channel and this same book, is there a chance that this information might also misguided?

    In conclusion, I found Cobra’s post of “Brotherhood of the Star” to be misinformed, biased, and invalidating of the enormous work of the Great White Brotherhood in America, of the sponsored Ascended Master Activities and their Messengers that I have mentioned, as well as of the thousands and thousands of Ascended Master disciples of those Activities across the face of Mother Earth.

    Cobra has chosen to ignore the beauty and enormous contribution of these sponsored Ascended Master Teachings, Activities and their publications at the expense of validating only one (Brotherhood of the Star) out of the numerous Activities of the true Great Brotherhood of Light. This is extremely sad.

    I can no longer find it in my heart and in the integrity of my being to sponsor a conference that is based on disinformation, a highly biased agenda, and invalidation of the Masters’ tireless work through their sponsored Messengers and Activities of the Light in America and throughout the world since the 1930s.

    Those of you who have registered since last week will be fully refunded. Cobra will be reimbursing the rest of you.

    1. Regardless of what all these channelers and Cobra say, i'm wondering, why people feel so sensible with the sexuality question ?
      I guess anyone who ever had loving sex feels it is a great tool for consciousness, an aspect of meditation. It makes us feel great and free and expanded. It is in the end basically just bodies fusioning which is what soul group merging is about to my understanding ?
      I think it's pretty obvious that if the cabal has hit so hard on sexuality all this time (made guilty in religions, blocked via monarch programming and manufacture of aids among others, promotion of human bodies as vulgar in the media and adverts etc), there is a reason. It's because they know it is liberating and empowering and wanna block it. It cam back a little bit in 60s and 70s and they hit it hard like they always do to ufo. It really seems obvious to me : bring one of these subjects up in a conversation, sex or ufo, and see most of the reactions. That's called programming in my book.

      True sex and space family are returning and i'm celebrating.

    2. Dear Mighty Goddess of potential Charlotte vortex,
      We are all in this together. Canceling the conference is easy. Just say, Conference Canceled. Giving a lecture on ancient scripts? Better to use the chorus from the song, below: la la la la la la la la la la, etc.
      We are all part of the 144,000 and counting, no matter how long or how much we have participated. The timelines are merging into oneness. Thank you for holding the lamp of wisdom for so long. Maybe you just need to rest so others can take charge.

    3. I will give 2 cents here as I know Cobra does not negate the the Great White Brother Hood of Mt Shasta or any of the other retreats. There are many besides Telos and Grand Teton as well, there is one in the malibu hills also.He acknowledged them to me in conversation so not sure how you get your ideas of his post? Words are always so limiting and can be confusing. I also wanted to mention that Elizabeth Claire Prohet used dthe malibu hills retreat. Mark Ballard, Godfre Ray King are not made any less important becuase the Theosophical society had less than perfect leaders who may have been influenced by the forces of deception after Madame blavatsky's death.

      I did not see anywhere in his post where he derided by ONE WORD either of The IAM teachings of St Germain or Elizabeth Claire prophet or anyone else. I will specualte here that he meant ONLY that this particular order has NEVER been compromised. NOt that it is the ONLY pure order of knowledge and truth!

      I feel he means that this is because this particular order has always remained secret and has not gone public like The theosophical society or The IAM groups. Clearly without a genuine messenger or Ascended Master or one who is in constant communication with an Asended Master physically, the leadership is bound to falter and may inadvertently or purposefully spread falsehood.

      This is clearly the case of freemasonry and the Jesuits. Look at Catholiscism and Christianity. Both of these religions though filled with sincere and and faithfl spiritual aspirants seeking the truth of a living loving god. the infrastructures and hierarchal structures and orthodox teachings are far from the message and true life work of The Christ.Still behind these groups is the true teachings of love and life and the True message of christ despite the false PR and misguided teachings of these secular orginizations, as well intended as their member maybe!

      Cobra has told me he is in fact recieving messages from St Germain physically through his chelas.The groups of Freemasonry were definitely infiltrated since the time many of our founding fathers were members of this society. If one is to read the rare but very informative book called "The Brother of Third Degree" you will hear how a french doctor was contacted by Saint Germain and placed into a position as Napoleans personal doctor.
      St Germain was able to monitor the Antii-Christ figure and appropriate actions were taken to see he was unsuccessful in his bid to rule the wolrd.

      This book is filled with very interesting stories about the politcal intrigue d that day. The author was also aware of the rider who was caught with "The original ptotocals of zion". He was told this through St Germain. Read this book it will give you faith that there are many different extensions of these mystery schools which are disseminating the teachings of The great white BrotherHood.and the Ascended masters. they are also very active in seeing to it that victory is achieved. I feel it has never been more close at hand than it is today.

    4. The theosophical society and madame blavatsky's work is monumetal and in my view, stands as one of the great contributions to truth. Also her association with Manly Hall are also recognized by Cobra as being some of the finest metaphysical treatises ever produced. Cobra is away from computers for a period of time I presume he will clarify any misunderstandings.

      I have spoken to Cobra and he has acknowledged the Ballards, the Grand Tetons retreat and considers MT Shasta one of the most powerfull vortex point so on the planet due to the Lemurian city of Telos, that exists there.In this particular point regarding shasta and The IAM group, Aleanna you are wrong in regards to cobras views. I highly respect you Aleanna i would hope you will speak to Cobra for clarity on this post whether you keep your conference or not!

      I am aware of the asended Masters views on sex and I concur that they are certainly not in alignment with what you have described in Ishtars book. Cobra also stated HE DID NOT AGREE WITH EVERYTHING IN THAT BOOK but he considered it to be a good book. I have NOT read this book.

      I DO feel cobra should address this when he returns. Also as usual his post was short and brief and left much open to speculation. From my personal conversations with him he indicates support for these groups that you have inferred from this post that he is marginailizing. IAM certain he will clarify this confusion.

      The brotherhood of the Star is intimately associated with St. Germain as this was his neck o the woods for much of his work in europe. Nicholas tesla was in close communication with the ascended masters and his twin flame appeared to him often with messages from St Germain.
      In regards to 144,000 St Germain allowed godfre ray King to step into one of these bodies that remains on ice so to speak in a crystal chamber in suspended animation. There are so many references to the 1444,000 I have no clue what the truth is either I aslo was very interested in what his information was meaning in this short staement. I will await his response to our questions before I make any assumptions.
      rspectfully submiited with an open mind and heart
      warm regards

    5. Charlotte is not in my area but for anyone wanting to take over aleeanna position as sponsor it would not be hard to do! Contact cobra at his e-mail address and go from there the hall is allready open for that date it is announced etc and even has quite few signups. perhaps those who wanted to go can still go? NO cash outlay is required. Very simple ... just sayin!

    6. Aleanna,
      I was just reading this post much more closely and it also seems to me that cobra does say that the 144,000 ARe earth surface incarnates or your term starseeds who have returned time and again to share the light so to speak. from his article here.

      " Order of the Star is a community, a mandala of 144,000 star beings of the first, second and third Initiation that have incarnated on this planet with the purpose of occult triangulation of light and darkness. Members of the Order of the Star have been influencing the world situation based on telepathic guidance from the Brotherhood of the Star".

      This is clearly in allignment with what you say it is not. I feel perhaps the Ishtar book was definitely not your cup of tea? It makes me very curious to read it.

      As a sponsor myself and loving your very balaced posts I was interested in your concerns and have weighed the with my personal converstions with cobra which have beeen lengthy since I proposed the Egypt conference. I have reconciled your concerns with my own honest reflection and do not see any disrespect to the groups you mentioned. He has allready responded to my e-mail for clarification and naturaly support the work of all of the messengers.

      By the way cobra was intially reluctant to do a group in Egypt and invited me personally to join him in egypt for this portal. I was unable to afford this and convinced him my friends have a great tour company and could make it all happen quickly. I am very excited as it has been my dream to return to Egypt for the 2012 Portal and there is no other place i would rather be.

      May love light and power restore the plan on earth

    7. Oh, Aleanna! I am so disappointed! I really do not understand all the rhetoric! I do agree, remembering my St. Germain readings, specifically, The I AM Discourses, Volume 3, where St. Germain states, "True love is always above the waist." I have never read the Ishtar book, so I cannot comment there. But I can say that Cobra's post above rang true to my (niave?) spirit! I really don't understand! I was SO looking forward to the Charlotte conference and was surprised when my money came back, not having fully read your post until now. I aplaud you for organizing it to begin with, and I sincerely hope that you will change your mind, and possibly re-open it, since the space is reserved. I am about 300 miles away in east Tenn, and was planning to make the trip! I'm glad I didnt book a hotel. Anyway, I do love the Great White Brotherhood, they help me in my healing journey; they come into play in the MAP book (cant remember the author offhand.) I dont understand your objections to Cobra, but they appear very real and sincere. I do hope you reconsider. I am reluctant to "step up to the plate," and help out with the sign-ups, but I might. Ugh, yes, here I am hoping that I do not have to go there... and again I thank you for your efforts, and I do respect your objections, but I am too "green" to really figure them out! Namaste, Suzie

    8. Aleanna,

      The only comments that I posted that were directed to you, was the one that was addressed to you.

      I appreciate that you might be sensitive at this time, so it is understood.

      The highest Truth of this universe is that of LOVE.

      It is the all pervasive energy in every particle of existence and it needs no defense.

      GOD IS LOVE, we are made of God's Essence = WE ARE LOVE.

      It is that simple.

      Blessings on your journey.

  33. There's a mad man looking at you and he wants to take your soul. There's a mad man with a map plan and he's dancing at your door.
    What to do? What to do? When your walls are built to crumble?

    There's a mad man with a mad plan and he waits for us to stumble.

    But our eye's are open, yeah, they are really open!.....

  34. There is no room in LOVE for fear ...

    Love you ALL

    1. What about Truth? The Ascended Masters have clearly explained, over and over again, that fluffy "Love" without Truth is the blind leading the blind . . .

      This is not about "fear." It is about the highest, purest, and most exquisite Truth! Forget about the "xo." Instead, search your heart for this highest truth!

      Love to you all!

    2. Aleanna,

      We are all finding our paths ... I respect yours...

      Hopefully those who chose to follow a path elsewhere can also find this respect instead of turning back and peddling fear with attacks.

      Love is in our hearts, as is Truth.

      Words, dogma, theories, schools of thought are irrelevant and quite unnecessary when you connect with the inner knowing that is in your Heart.

      Peace on your journey.


    3. Truth is Oneness is Love is Peace, all the same word to me.

    4. True unconditional love is non existent without wisdom.......this is one thing most people here don't seem to understand...............sensibility comes from finely tuned amounts of Love Compassion and wisdom, without these three being balanced all you have is gullibility and a yearning for something you don't quite understand.

    5. Wisdom comes from our Heart, it comes from our Soul, it comes from our I AM Presence.

      It doesn't come from our rational, logical mind which needs facts and physical proof to reach a conclusion.

      As the Divine Feminine takes hold on this planet, we are moving further away from the left-brain paradigm, which has been highly revered in the patriarchical society.

      The Divine Feminine, with her nurturing, receptive presence, has been battered and scarred for millennium, based on this hierarchy of values.

      Heart based knowledge and intuition will be leading the way in the future.


    6. @untwine Exactly.....I rest my case!!!

      @ IAL No it doesn't come from our mind it comes from the tree of mind, that is the realisation that our true self (spirit)knows better than to be swayed by a soft word in your direction, it is knowing in your heart that something is not right. To truly know this you need to have balanced love and wisdom.....if you would like to know more of wisdom then maybe you should spend some time reading the works of the Buddha....for love you should read the Jefferson bible......then read the Emerald tablets of Thoth for a balance, this is only an example as there are many things to read to understand this balance.

      Pure love is blinding and someone who lives by pure love is easily manipulated, someone who lives by wisdom alone will miss many things due to their bias...but someone who has a balance will contemplate all reasoning and then understand in their heart the truth.

    7. There is no fear in Truth. There is no fear in stating the Truth. Without Truth, there is no Love, only the fluffly, feel-good, sentiments of the blind leading the blind, who are truly fearful of facing the Truth.

      Be at Peace, "I AM Love", and know that the Truth has been spoken fearlessly from the deepest level of the Heart of the Divine Feminine.

      The Archons stand in fear of the Divine Feminine, her Purity, her Divine Wisdom, and her unwavering stance for Truth. They are delighted with the syrupy goo of "let's just look the other way because everything is only and always love."

      As we move forward, the balance of the left and right brain will be honored, not judged.

      Victory of the Light!

      Victory of the Divine Feminine!


    8. There are hundreds of paths up the mountain, all leading in the same direction, so it doesn't matter which path you take. The only one wasting time is the one who runs around and around the mountain, telling everyone else that their path is wrong.

      Which means imo, that the meaning of life is Oneness, we all come from different directions, different backgrounds, and we all have different ways and journeys to go to the center of the mountain, to the Oneness. You can go round the mountain studying other people's path if you want, to find your own. You can stay down and go round criticizing other's path, or you can find your own and travel all the way up with fellow travelers and enjoy the party with everyone upstairs, and the view on everything.

      How do you go towards Oneness beside feeling Love for others ?

      That, my friend, illustrates what wisdom is for me.

      I didn't find any answer to my question though, what is wisdom to you ?

    9. I am not telling anyone that their path is wrong I am merely pointing out the fact that there are many paths and that you do not need a guide to find them.

      Please read my posts further down for clarification.

    10. if you don't need any guide then you should burn the law of one books and all others channelings you're quoting ;)

      I can understand what you say about always looking outside as a way of being distracted by inner work
      But personally i've come to feel that everything is the guide, what i see outside is myself, inner and outer is One. I do not wanna make a separation. When i work with the outside it affects the inside and when i work with the inside it affects the outside, and eventually both really are one process.

    11. It seems to me you have done exactly well as make fun of all of us on your other site...after claiming to love us all.

      Not one of us is here to worship another or bow down to anyone. We are having a spiritual reunion and learning about ourselves and our return to love in the process.

      I wish you much Peace and Love in your journey, Co9.

    12. There is a difference between honest discussion and "making fun of people" honest opinions are just that and are not intended in malice. The truth be known we are more saddened than anything, and most definitely not vindictive.

    13. @untwine You have looked far to deeply into my words and misconstrued the meaning I intended, it feels as though what I say is being deconstructed to find untruths, flaws or negativity. I'm not sure why this keeps happening as I am no ones enemy and I do not have an agenda or any ulterior motives.......I have only offered an opinion just like everyone else here, the only difference is that you do not agree with my opinion so this seems to make what I feel less important, but I can assure you to me it is not.

      Of course this doesn't bother me at all but I feel that if you are true to what you say in your posts then maybe it should bother you, as you have judged my intentions incorrectly, even though I have given no reason for you to do this aside from saying what I believe.

      It is obvious that you have not read the law of one as your assumptions are also incorrect the only guide you need is yourself, everything you learn from is only a reflection of who you really are (dark and light side)in this reality........or should I say illusion. Things you do not like about others are only reflections of yourself in the mirror of life, these are the things you need to work on until you no longer feel any need to hold resentment or dislike for another self or their beliefs.
      Everything thing that brings you pain, everything that keeps coming back to you, anything you dislike are all things that need work.

      Joyous love to all.

    14. nah i just replied, because you said "there are many paths and that you do not need a guide to find them.", that you've largely been quoting channelings, and buddha and the emerald tablets in a comment above, and what are they if they are not guides ? that's all

      It's alright, as i was saying, we all follow our journeys, and that is a journey to Oneness=Love.. There is no wrong journey if that is what you are seeking.. We might make 'mistakes' (what is a mistake anyway ?), but it doesn't really matter in the end. We learn, we're eternal. We wake up in the morning and we enjoy life anyway. What do we do with the freedom we seek ? We find what brings us Joy. All these details of different views on spiritual and philosophical concepts are very personal and in the end it is all quite simple, we all seek Love=Joy=Peace=Oneness.

  35. Aleanna,

    Thanks for speaking truth to the contradictions published here. I see no fear emerge from this, unless one is afraid of truth. Surely none here are at risk of that, but rather embrace truth in place of confusion in every case.

    1. I am sorry this is canceled. I had looked forward to meeting you and all the others who would attend. Maybe someone else can pick up and still put this together in Charlotte or the SE US. Blessings. Karen

    2. Truth Only, you are really on the soapbox on this posting. Not just this web site but my blog as well. What exactly has you wound up so tight on this?

      If there is nothing to this, nothing will come of it. I am not going to prejudge whoever these people are.

      But like Grouch Marx once said "I want no part of an organization who'd have someone like me as a member!" :)

    3. Soapbox? My comments here have been brief, not lengthy. I have not railed or ranted but do hold a firm dissenting view. I have not personally attacked anyone or been hateful. Why does it seem that you are targeting me personally for holding a different view of this material? I am not the only one, by the way – here or at your blog. I think I made it clear I am not judging or condemning anyone – but I sincerely hold that this material is not true and want to caution people to consider it differently. I do not often have time windows where I can comment on what I read at these various sites. Today was an exception, so I simply participated more than I usually have a chance to do. I am not convinced that means I should be accused of being wound tightly. But of course, you have your own opinion.

  36. The dark are now in the throes of their last stand.

    Their desperate attempts to thwart the Love frequencies which are now bombarding this planet will increase with intensity and virulence, but to no avail.

    The Divine Plan will manifest.

    Each of us individually is now being purified of all the dark corners where light has not been able to shine.

    We are in the process of scrubbing ourselves clean of any residue which prevents us from becoming our authentic selves.

    There is no judgement in this process.

    For WE ARE LOVE.

    As part of this process, the presence of darkness allows us to consolidate our Light and Love and shine ever more brightly.

    For this we give thanks.

    We are One.

    1. IAL I am sorry to say but your words really have little meaning when applied to this conversation, they are undoubtedly a mixture of many things being said around all of the mainstream "fluff" are still blinded to the fact that this fight is within dark and light are two things, yet they are one.

      You have been blinded by the mainstream fallacy that there are good and bad fighting for our right to ascend, when in fact the fight is within all of us,the our goal is to turn our backs on our shadow side and find our light within.

      If everyone does this it automatically lightens the planet, this is our true purpose to find ourselves and not find someone who feeds you a picture of glory through ET's fighting the big bad darkness of our planet.

      What you guys are doing is exactly what the bad guys want, and that is to be so preoccupied that you do not find the truth......they must sit back and roll in laughter when they read some of the posts here.

      Again I am most definitely not being negative I just see the real truth, because I like many others have shed our blinkers and now see things for what they actually are and watching you guys huddle together under the banner of love conquers all is so disappointing.........Discernment requires wisdom and i feel that wisdom is lacking so very much in this place.

    2. The truth shall prevail.
      (Thats my hope and opinion.)

      And the truth shall set us free.

      Would anyone actually believe,
      the way out of a muddy labyrinth of lies,
      would be without any twists and turns?

      Would you rather want to refuse to move
      (and keep your eyes closed),
      than experience any changes,
      you fear might be uncomfortable?

  37. 9.9 PORTAL

    It has been mentioned that we should gather and have a special meditation for 9.9.12 ...

    Here is some info found via American Kabuki ... very exciting that we are THIS CLOSE to 'enter the doorway home to our true selves'

    Woohoo !

    Your time has arrived, dear ones.
    Michael channeled by Ron Head
    September 6, 2012 in Michael, Ron's Channeled Messages

    The topic we wish to discuss today is the opportunity you have at this time due to the opening of the nine-nine portal. The build-up we promised you has begun. You will have a full week of opportunity without precedent to realize more of the new selves you desire to be. Each of you has been working on different aspects of your lives.

    Your Higher Selves, those immense beings of whom you are facets, know already what those are. In fact, more than likely you have been guided by them to those things. Some are trying to manifest new skills or talents. Some are trying to clear old habits. Some are trying to heal. You may stop trying now. Place yourselves into the care of your Higher Selves and your Creator. Make it your aim now to intake and assimilate all of the available love and light that you are capable of at this time. Understand that we are speaking of the consciousness of which you are made. Your prayers and desires have been heard. Your needs are known. We would guide you to open, allow, and trust. Breathe in all of these new energies that you can and, in gratitude, allow them to make all the changes in you that are needed.

    If you have reached a point that allows you to feel the incoming energy in some way, imagine it flowing into you and increasing as much as possible. Who do you want to be? Imagine that. What do you wish to do? Imagine that. Imagine it in your hearts. If your mind is still raising reasons why you can’t be that, or why it would be difficult, remind it that the force which has created universes will have no problem with such small things.

    Your time has arrived, dear ones. Most are picturing this portal as some kind of opening for incoming things, and perhaps it is that, but let it be for you a doorway home to your true selves. Enter it now with playful enthusiasm.

    This short message is enough for today. We will speak several more times before this doorway closes. We are walking beside you each moment. Know we are here with you. Be well.

    Copyright © Ronald Head. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link:

    1. Big yes, IAL. This felt important to me, too!

  38. A small extract from a telepathic communication from The Principle of Q'uo No rights reserved distribute freely as you will.

    n truth, we do not feel that there is one way for all people to treat all people, for if each entity were perfectly in harmony with each other entity this would not be third density. Before the matter is investigated it would seem obvious that the better that each entity treats each other entity the more harmonious and beautiful the experience of living. And yet the collisions that occur when intimacy is sought either with the self or with others are not harmonious and from the standpoint of each individual within the illusion of mortality and space and time it simply seems impossible that one will ever know enough. And one comes to the conclusion that one does not know much at all. And when one comes to this realization it is a great gift because the great mistakes are made by those who think they know exactly what to do. And there is great healing in the awareness that not only do you not know but that you are not supposed to know, and you are not here to know the right thing. But rather you are here to experience and to learn and to share the essence of yourself with the planet that you came to love and serve. And this is not that which is spoken. This is not that which begins with working with another entity. This is that which begins with breathing in and breathing out. Here is your vocation, in the living, in being, in the breathing, in being where you are with your senses alert and your heart open, paying attention to that moment that is the only such moment that you ever shall have.

    So, again and again, one comes back to the fact that in the illusion you must follow your gifts, know yourself as well as possible, and then share the self as honestly, as lovingly, and as much in accordance with those gifts that you have as possible. In this you shall again and again fail. You shall find that you have said what you would not say. You shall find that you shall allow moments to go by when you wished you had said something but could not find the courage. See all of this, if you can and when you can, as nothing more than the grist for the mill, as the one known as Ram Dass has said. And when you perceive negativity, see yourself and say to yourself, “I am that also.” For each has that dark side that is so shiningly mirrored for you. And if you see this again and again then that gives one pause for thought. “Why have I invited this? Why did I feel that [I] needed this rasp roughing up the surface of my life? What does this image of myself tell me that I need to know?” For you are that self and the appropriate emotion is always love.

    When inappropriate emotions are felt, however, we cannot say that it is wrong to express those feelings which may sound negative, for it may be your gift to that person to take away the mask and give that entity another way to think about the negativity that that person is doing. There is no one way to relate. You must simply toss upon the waters those actions and those words that you would most want to be shared. And know that each word that you say and each action that you do is not what it seems, and that the ripples of each action and each word will become confused and will tangle in to other actions and other energies that you have set in motion.

    1. ......Continued

      There is an art to becoming clear enough within the self that the self becomes almost transparent. The art in this is that when the self becomes enough transparent then the self does not any longer relate so much to the mirror images that come within one’s view. If that dark side of self is seen clearly enough already, then the emotions arising in response to that negative person coming into your purview is perhaps a small disturbance, an awareness of disharmony, perhaps not even that. The more work that you do in knowing, forgiving and accepting yourself, the less work that you shall have to do vis à vis other selves. And the more powerfully you defend, understand and respect that dark side of yourself, the less you shall have to defend against the dark side of others.

      You can read the complete communication Sunday Meditation

    2. That text is in complete agreement to what I have found and experienced.
      Thanks Co9!


    There is ONE thing, I never DO! I never try to show that I know more, (which is true ), therefore I'm wiser or smarter than the rest. Nor I will ever argue, that MY truth is THE only TRUTH to be followed. The ONLY thing I and WE know is the fact that -NO person on Earth knows the REAL/FULL truth. NO ONE, Y E T. So far, everybody has pieces from here and there. But nobody has THE WHOLE pieces of the puzzle/s. (Wait till you meet with the Ascended ones).

    WE ARE ALL on a different LEVELS on our spiritual "scale". That's why WE need many teachers and wayshowers, who know a little more than I/you/we do.
    The good teacher does not force anybody "to swallow" HER/HIS truth, and throw the rest up. That will be a violation of ONE'S FREE WILL.

    Let everybody LIVE according by their own truth and knowledge...

    If you ARE truly from the Light, then there's only ONE choice for you- BE THE PEACE MAKER, not the trouble/problem maker.
    Please, people, WE CAN GET ALONG!!! It's not that difficult.

    Peace, and Love.

  40. My mind often likes to think of itself as wise, but somehow it perceives (and fears) that wisdom resides in the heart. Wisdom is poorly reflected in words, for it prefers silence and other expressions of heart as a vehicle.

  41. Cobras
    I know its off topic here but some huge pyramids have been discoverd in Antartica. the powers that be want keep it secret the scientists released the information for their own protection as military types are wanting to eventualy plunder these for technology and? very cool stuff.

    check it out.
    I have to say it is nice we have are civilized differences of opinions here and not digressing into personal attacks. I also will say I agree no one needs a leader although Cobra makes it clear one who is not wanting to be a leader or to have followers. For those who would blindly follow Cobra or anyone else it is best to keep a firm hold of the inner flame of the IAM presence instead.

    I will offer a prayer or decree from one of my favorite books in the world called "The Magic Presence" I will be strongly promoting the teachings of the ascended masters in my laguna conference with the blessing of cobra.
    "Mighty IAM presence blaze forth through me thy all consuming flame of divine love. Remove ________
    from my being. Annihilate its cause and effect , past, present, and future. Replace it with the fullness of yourself. Perfect satisfaction. Hold your dominion here forever and ever".

    If you meditate on these words and decrees and choose a discordant feeling to fill in the blank to remove you may with clear intent begin to understand the power of your own intent. Invoke the Mighty presence of YOUR OWN LIGHT into your mind into your feelings and into your life. Realize this presence as yourself pure perfecrt and as always available. This presence is your true nature and practicing the law of love in action will bring love and light into your life and this world.
    with love from a brother on the path
    Victory to the light
    IAM R

    1. In the realm of keeping an open mind and asking "is this possible?" I stumbled upon the following which, if there was a scenario like this, could have resulted in climate conditions on Antarctica that may have encouraged civilization there. At the very least it's interesting reading :) ---

    2. Nice, Potts, I copied and pasted the prayer! Away all you discordant thoughts! Zappin them with my I AM Presence!

      Love and Peace to all you Light Warriors! Carry ON!

      xoxox Suzie

  42. Interesting work on the star of David, based on the understanding that all in creation arises from the 4 elements of ether, air, fire, water and earth.
    The star is 2 interlaced triangles, the upward one symbolises fire, the downward water. At this time, the world was filled with strife and conflict and David, a Kabbalist magician, used his knowledge to bring these elemental forces into control. He united the elements of fire and water, creating the great symbol of Jewish faith.
    Fire= expansion, water=contraction and these elements are always seen in opposition, causing wars and turmoil that have persisted until now.

    1. This is interesting. I have looked in the past for information on this star and couldn't ever find any evidence that the star existed before the Rothchilds used it as a family crest in the 1500s. Do you have anything that shows it in use back in David's time?

    2. Only what I have put here, but I can ask for you. This info is from a book which is an anthropological history of magical practices from very early on and I don't know where the writer has got some of her stuff from. David used the united elements to stop the conflicts in the Hebrew tribe at the time and create an empire. If you want it, email me and I will send you the book reference. Some is readable from a free excerpt in Googlebooks.
      Incidentally, it is begining to appear to me as though almost everything that has gone wrong is in at least part due to people mis using occult powers.

    3. Air, Fire ,Water and earth are all elements of first density,

      All begins with first density which is the density of consciousness, the mineral and water life upon the planet learning from fire and wind the awareness of being.

      The spiraling energy, which is the characteristic of what we call “light,” moves in a straight line spiral thus giving spirals an inevitable vector upwards to a more comprehensive beingness with regards to intelligent infinity.

      With this, first dimensional beingness strives towards the second-density lessons of a type of awareness which includes growth rather than dissolution or random change.

      The second density strives towards the third density which is the density of self-consciousness or self-awareness. The striving takes place through the higher second-density forms who are invested by third-density beings with an identity to the extent that they become self-aware thus becoming mind/body/spirit complexes and entering third density, the first density of consciousness of spirit.

      Our solar system that we inhabit is of its own patterns, rhythms, and natural laws which are unique to itself. However, the progression is from the galaxy spiraling energy to the solar spiraling energy, to the planetary spiraling energy, to the experiential circumstances of spiraling energy which begin the first density of awareness or consciousness of Human life.

      All comes by way of natural laws and events, all comes from the creator and all returns to the creator.

      Peace be with you

    4. From ether/spirit, all arises from here.

  43. The path to sirius and the Iargan family of light from the Vega star syrtem.
    This is an excerpt from col wendell stvens book UFO contact from Iarga. It is co written by and earth man who is now passed. This is one of his descriptions after viewing the hologrphic educational tool i have shared abou tbefore. He was learning about their culture and this seems to describe a touching or group merging experience of this race. There culture is completely different than ours but i hope you will read this short very short version of the book it was one of my favorites. enjoy here is the exceprt below
    A man and a woman were, as artists, engaged in attaching colored globes to the ends of the spokes; beside them, a man addressed the gathering. Wide-eyed, I observed this colorful gathering that was engaged in a remarkable kind of "touching" ceremony. Left, right, and center, all were lying or sitting in, as far as we are concerned, intimate poses; looking and listening. This took place in the early stages of their super culture.

    They used a "simple" method of teaching their riper youth to develop their powers of final contemplation, and these had been prepared for this evening by a day of special activities and mental training.

    The orator in the middle of the group concentrated their thoughts on the object by means of questions, the purpose being that everyone present would feel the answer at the moment of the ecstatic climax. The contemplation training is aimed at the development of a strong collective thought power, a matter controlling power, through mutual concentration on a visual object. In this case a kind of electronic fire that had to be synchronized by their power of thought.

    The orator had ended his questions, and now made a gesture in the direction of a number of musicians seated at some long, low instruments. These placed their fingers on the ten keys of the instrument and began to press them in and out in a certain rhythm, and at the same time, move them from left to right and back again. Each set of five keys could move independently, a sort of movable piano keyboard. The gathering reacted immediately, they sat straight up with their legs crossed and their hands on the shoulders or knees of the person next to them.

    Seven women dressed in transparent blue veils stood up from the front row and formed a ring around the central object. The artists that had decorated the object seated themselves at another piece of equipment that also had keys, fitted in discs that could tilt as well as turn.

    1. Then the lights went out and they were seated in darkness. I had slowly but surely become used to seeing strange situations, but this was the climax of the Iargan series. The object began to move. It turned in its vertical axis, and the individual spoke systems each turned on its own axis, while tilting at the same time.

      The globes at the end of the spokes began to throw off sparks as if they were glowing hot. Then the sparks began to form a haze and sprung over between the wheels until the whole two meter high object was transformed into a turbulent ball of fire. The intensity of the light increased, and the original bluewhite color changed into a fantastic color composition of boiling waves of individual spots of orange, red, yellow, green, blue, and white.

      At points where spots of the same color touched each other, blinding flashes appeared; the final result is best described as a blinding, boiling fireball, that illuminated the surroundings with intense flashes of multicolored light. The seven veiled women danced with jerky movements to the rhythm of the music, such a graceful, refined, perfectly coordinated dance, that I can only call it staggering.

      Their transparent veils and their glass-like skin seemed to absorb the light flashes to such an extent that it seemed as if they themselves were emitting a constantly changing glow of light. The haughty concentration with which they performed their dance made them seem like supernatural beings, elevated far above the material.

      The gathering watched the fire dance in deep concentration, moving slightly to the beat of the music. The turbulence and flashing of the globes began to take on a more regular pattern; suddenly, the lights formed into colored bands and the flashing ceased. At that moment a shock ran through the gathering, they seemed to increase their concentration on the fireball. The music stopped and the dancers stood like statues. Deadly silence. Suddenly, the flashes of light began again, but this time in the colored bands, and in a controlled pattern of movement.

      This was the supreme moment at which their powers of contemplation manifested themselves invisibly.

      Their collective thought-power was used to compel the two operators of the electronic fire to perform the fast and faultless actions that were needed to synchronize the colors, something that is impossible to do alone. As soon as the synchronization was accomplished, the two operators removed their hands from the controls and the necessary control was performed purely by the thought-power of the group. This continued for several minutes.

      The impression that all this made on me was almost destructive. I was in such a state of confusion that I nearly lost control of myself and was at the point of fainting. Only later did I realize why I reacted in this way. I was a real witness to the happening. It wasn't the sight of all this that so disturbed me, but the direct experience of their will power.

      Their thoughts had to control the confusing electronic fire, and they had to transmit exceptionally strong impulses which only served to confuse me!

      It is good that we do not yet possess these powers, they would only make things more difficult for us. On the other hand, it made it clearer to me how they can heal people by the power of thought, it is a power that moves every thing in your body. The principle of the final contemplation is more difficult to understand.

      They state that the creative power of man is not personal, but something that he has borrowed for a time. It is a reflection of the ever present creativity field that I call the Omni creativity. Totally, it was the power of the creator, and as such, almighty. Now it is available as an impersonal consciousness component that waits for the intelligent races to use it.

      By using it, it becomes a personal consciousness component by which personalities are created that have the power of mind over matter.

  44. One who has reached this level, is capable of Omni-creative contacts without the aid of a group, and then has the ability of final contemplation. They describe the contemplative climax as the feeling as if the skull opens and the thoughts take wing into an unbounded space. It can also be described as the mind entering the presence of the blinding light of truth and cherishing warmth.

    The physical sensation is described as a moment of shuddering ecstatic happiness. No words can fully describe the sensation of coming face to face with the source of all knowledge and wisdom, the being will then approach a condition of all-knowledge and all-wisdom through multiple repetitions of contemplative contacts.

    This is in fact the beginning of the cosmic integration process, taking part in a new godly consciousness. To attain this, the person must have freely and irrevocably chosen for it, and freed himself from his demonic consciousness component. In other words, he must have passed the selection; we have not yet done this, and it is therefore beyond our reach.

    The reason for this premature explanation (it really belongs in the second part of this book) is to give the reader some idea of how the Iargans obtained the knowledge of the creation plan in which they instruct others. It can also serve to aid the understanding of the Iargan cycle of evolution as a part of the identification process.

    How the final contemplation binds a race of billions of beings, who differ little from us, into a homogeneous group that knows only one goal; the perfection of their society by mutual love so that the whole race, including the slower ones, is capable of taking part in the omni-creative integration process.

    This longing for absolute values creates a mutual bond, so dominant, that a situation of collective consciousness replaces the individual. In this last phase of the super-culture, the Iargan race reaches such a high grade of love, knowledge, and wisdom; such a level of perfection that it is impossible for us to imagine. Even less imaginable is that we too will one day reach the same level.

    For the rest of the identification procedure, I refer you to the second part, because it is impossible to separate it from the explanation of the plan of creation. The real reason for their visit was, as has been said, the planting of information, describing the future of the Earth and the reason for the external interference that will disturb the authority and sovereignty of the human race.

    This information has been placed in the second part of this book and, in this, has misplaced the sequence of the original conversation. The next two chapters clearly belong in the introduction and contribute to the identification, they therefore belong in the first part, according to my feelings. I have chosen to use the dialog form again because this conforms with the reality.

    It is in fact the farewell ceremony which took place when I awoke from my "trance".
    see the site here

    1. See my profile picture for this post to meet an IARGAN face to face.....kind of looks like the Hannuman of the Vedas to me. what do you think? are you ready for interplanetarty cultural exchange?

    2. I was reading about Iarga, and in the slideshow presentation they have on their one of the pictures is an album cover for Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Daylight Again...interesting.

    3. Excuse any grammar or spelling mistakes, I just smoked a fatty ;)

    4. Oh Potts, So many words! I can't read that many words in one day.
      Can you just sing a song?

    5. @ wounded owl agreed i will be off site soon so i have been sharing part of my in process book i should back down i got carried away sorry i hear ya

    6. to JOKO,
      I am deeply apologetic for my soap opera behavior. Please forgive me. Sherry Lynne

    7. Minglyn, not sure what you are referencing but all is forgiven no matter!

    8. From another site not long ago with the angels. I knew you would have an answer like this, as you showed up in the clouds, a handsome profile, emanating your favorite ONE LOVE!

    9. If it is skype related, there is nothing to worry about, my sudden leaving was not in any way related to you, not was the physical symptoms I was experiencing ;) Please apologize to yourself and fly and grow brighter than the night!...ONE LOVE!

    10. Hi again, buddy. Ok, have never actually practiced apologies to myself, but enjoy new adventures. With love, from me, to you.

  45. Marúaweka
    Huh oh!

    "Potentially Hazardous Asteroid Is Approaching Earth On 13th/14th September 2012!"

    ("Independent and uncensored news for those who are ready to challenge the hard questions in the controversial science
    of Xenology.")

    Thank you.

  46. Marúaweka!

    Huh oh!

    "Potentially Hazardous Asteroid
    Is Approaching Earth On 13th/14th September 2012!"

    Thank you

  47. AKabuki had a nice image today:
    We shall soon see..........

    1. Mining facility................mmmmmmm yea right, definitely being generated from the ground by the intensity of the light on the surface.

  48. Preparations for Gaia planetary ascension activation of world wide portals is complete

    GaiaPortal Energy Message for 7 Sep 2012

    Preparations for Gaia planetary ascension activation of world wide portals is complete. Precise timings of activations via Gaia ground personnel will be followed. As each feels drawn, follow.

    Individual awakenings to Higher Levels commences in full as of the 9-11.

    Gaia current grid structure transforms to allow penetrating of individual and group consciousness, and can not be rejected at this period of time compression.

    Those who arise in consciousness will blossom. Those who resist, will split and be reunited at a later time.

    Rest with this Gaia Wind of Change.

  49. @wingmakers
    The asteroid could be the one Tolec was talking about for the last few months. And if that's the case, there is nothing to worry about.
    The Galactics have said many many times, that THEY will not let any dangerous comet or asteroid to come too close to our planet.

    Hello everybody!!!

  50. Why dont you say anything about Bulgaria and the true Renaissance? People still believe that it started in Italy, when it actually started in Bulgaria, through the bogomomils. Why don't you say anything about the Bulgarian empire that destroyed the roman enslavement of whole europe? And why dont you say anything about Bulgaria's true history(17,000 years old), the first civilization, after atlantis. And why dont you say anything about Archaim, the ancient city in east t Russia. People still don't know the truth.

  51. God is of truth and light. Not secrecy. Those who work in darkness and secrecy are The watchers. They have been attempting to gain world domination and the removal of free will since the beginning of this earth. But they have no power over Elohim & Jesus/Jehovah who are the true creators of this earth and this world belongs to them for us so we can experience free will.

  52. Any being that works in darkness (secrecy) instead of light (Truth) is not of God and is here to destroy our free will.

  53. Thanks so much for this information.
    It echos in my whole being as the truth.
    I volunteered to work for the Theosophical Society for four years, and was a little bit
    disappointed with the sort of people that they attract to their organization.
    Any way - it felt as though they have lost the original purity and sincerity.
    And yet - the writings of the founders are still full of wisdom and truth.
    So, your short article explains a little bit of this.
    With friendly respect,

    Ayelet H. Zimmerman

  54. Please provide information on how lightworkers can obtain a piece of cintamani stone. Thank you

  55. Victory of light.thanks to cobra

  56. Wow hi cobra ended up here after looking at m31(trying to understand Templar mechanics) and wow lol votl...