Saturday, September 22, 2012

Compression grid to LOGN8.4


  1. Unite and wake up Lightworkers! Remember your training..

    Remember what you are here for and what this is all about..


    Peace and love from a StarPlant!

    Let's do this

  2. My wife just said "look how still everything is!" For some reason I had to check this blog...sure enough something was posted.

  3. Love and gratitude. For whatever reason, it feels like it's already happened. That what remains is simply the news being passed along to us. Tomorrow is the 23rd, and the earth is relatively at peace. See you all at the meditation. Thank you to all who visit here, for all the work being done.

  4. log(7.5) = 0.875
    log(8.4) = 0.924, are we at 92% for something?
    log(10) = 1

    1. Funny, that was me: is "10" the goal? My mind so yearns for closure, to connect the dots, given what little I know, with what information is being disclosed. So, for me, a bit of trust, and a bit of letting go, while I observe.

    2. i think u might be on to something

  5. Loving these Equinox energies ... beautiful !

    Are y'all feelin' it ?

    Bring in on !!!


    1. Oh yes, I AM Love! Did a sunrise Agnihotra fire with mantra, then went back to sleep and had AMAZING dreams~ flying, new technology, met some angels who recognized me, what??? It was cool. Around 10 I rode into the hills with the horses and felt such peace! If the afternoon I took a drive up to the forest with the dogs and found a tiny, secluded ravine where I played Tom Kenyon's "Gandhavar experience"...he 'calls' in all the angels and masters by name and then tones to them. SO powerful hearing myself join in, the dogs loved it! Great meditation after that...a wonderful day!

    2. Lucky Lady you ! Sounds like you had the full complement with nature, animals, angels & meditation. A special equinox for the pooches too :)

      It WAS a peaceful day ... for me spent in nature as well and the Goddess meditation was quite special.

      And to think that this will only be on the increase :)

      Oh yeah ...

  6. Transform the anticipation by adding your energy to this effort. Do the weekly visualization every day, whenever you can! I can feel the breakthrough getting closer each time I meditate. The visualization really does have an impact-- the deeper level of trance you can get into with subsequent practice, and the stronger you push for Victory of Light, the sooner Compression Breakthrough will occur.

    I myself feel that mid-October is a key time because of several planets stationed simultaneously in Scorpio (the sign of deep occult transformations, retribution, hidden power shifts).

    Some more in-depth meditation tips to achieve a stronger effect:

    There are 8 major stages of trance (concentration). All are accessed via locking onto the breath, progressively strengthening the power of your focused attention. You will get a much clearer, more consistent visualization by entering Jhana. To enter is as follows:

    Lock your attention on the breath beneath your nostrils until you can continuously follow it for 5 minutes uninterrupted. This stage is called Access Concentration.

    Once is becomes easy to concentrate and pleasant body sensations appear, and you develop a kind of "tunnel vision" on the breath, this is 1st Jhana. This "tunnel vision" effect is essential for an effective visualization, because you want the entire attention to be activated.

    After a while, the tunnel vision will harden into a full locking-in of your attention on the breath, where it becomes hard to focus on anything BUT the breath. This is 2nd Jhana. Further strengthened concentration. Continue to follow the breath, and you get to...

    3rd Jhana. Sufficiently anchored on the breath, the attention can now expand outward to include the periphery of our awareness. It's an important transition point to...

    4th Jhana -- the "equalization" of concentration; concentration becomes so refined and sharpened that we can percieve (and thus influence) the totality of our attention field with total mental stillness and precision. This is the ideal place from which to do our Visualization work. From this place of complete vibrational attunement, we can infuse our intent through Cobra's Visualization instructions.

    Try it! I had a hugely powerful session recently, and as soon as I came out of deep trance, Cobra posted the "Fall of the Reptilian Empire" article.

    The deeper your trance, the more effective your visualization will be.

    Practice well! Much respect to all, and good luck.

    1. thank you for this technique, I will use in in the coming meditations

      Love to you

  7. Wow, interesting. I have seen so many updates and never thought more about what they mean because they're not meant to be understood by the general population until today when I read 8.5 and wondered if ten is a threshold of some sort.

  8. I must reccommend to you all:
    Unity5D channelings..
    They are really informative, loving and helpful. And not hateful or fearful in any way :)

    Here is the latest video!

  9. GMO, Global Alert

    French researchers secretly studied, for two years, 200 rats fed with transgenic maize. Tumors, serious disorders... full-fledged slaughter.

    1. THANKS Prosperity !

      Clean food is something that should be a priority in the rebuilding of our communities.

      The excellent book, GENETIC ROULETTE had a free documentary airing as well last week, alas I missed it.

      Have a beautiful day my friend ...

  10. UFO Fleet on the moon Sept 15th 2012

    1. "I Know My Galactic Family Is Here, Do You? - video subtitled ("all languages"):

      Love and Light to all!

    2. Prosperity, Here is NASA's explanation of the video you posted. I love watching both:

    3. Here's one more..

      UFO fleet landing on the moon

      Smaly and Wounded Owl, I think I'm going to buy me a telescope..:)

  11. Marúaweeka!
    Ah yes, and old Indian trick, judo and or akido move. You use the opponents weight and force against them, they push back and you let go and flip them over. If you step back and look at the big picture, it appears that the CABAL is on the ropes. For example, the postings on this blog between Cobra and ClayDog indicate a clear example of that. ClayDog is resisting any changes, or so it seems, in the face of change and is 'pushing back' while Cobra is clearly advancing and can let go and topple ClayDog over. One look at the current worldwide financial situation, and ramping up of the 'fear factor' over some kind of war, shows ACTUAL PROOF of the CABAL running scared and 'pushing back' with all they have. A clear victory for the LIGHT I say! Remember in a previous post of the planetary alignment and TO EXPECT negative 'push-back'? Ok, carry on.

  12. I have a request. Can we all stop using the word Cabal and start being precise about who does what and so forth? This all-including undefined, imprecise, catch-all appellation does nothing to dissipate the fog about who "lightworkers" are trying to counter in their efforts.
    Cobra, you are in the best position to do so as your role is divulging information.
    Thank you.

    1. the cabal is banksters or (illuminati if u want to call them that) globalist controlfreaks that often are mind controlled by reptilians that live in the astral plane..

      they induce emotional drama and negative energies into this material world through terror/wars/financial slavery so that they can get full control of humanity through fear..

      Even though they are right now at the edge of collaps and they are more and less powerless, so there is no need to be afraid at all :)

      BTW. when u love yourself and others and live in love/courage you are automatically weakening them. They feed of negative energies in the astral plane..

      hope this clarifies stuff 4 yah!

    2. Affirmations:

      I Release all Fears and Doubts
      I accept myself and create peace in my mind and heart.

      I now choose to free myself from all destructive fears and doubts.

      I am loved and I am safe

    3. Txs but I have not learned a thing here. Cobra tends to inform us on current devellopment of various plans and contingencies always refering to the Cabal.
      Sorry, I need to know more. Those damn 13 bloodlines at the top of the Pyramid are according to some from the Orion Empire or part of Lucifer's group-soul from Venus or Annunaki from Nibiru, etc. Where does Cobra stand on this? What is the origin of the Archons? We are so close to Event/Disclosure that this kind of info should not be occult anymore. Lets lay it out there and stop beating around the bush and get rid of those once & for all...

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Venus is a positive oriented bad guys there, the origin of these negative entities is the the 5th density of the Orion Galaxy, however these guys do not send the psychic concepts they leave that for the minions of 4th density as they do not wish to lose polarity if they are unable to manipulate people via these psychic attacks.

      Most seem to think that the bad guys are all Reptilians and ugly suckers, but in truth a lot of them mainly 5th density are the Nordic human looking guys who could quite easily pass for one of us..........just because they are Blonde and cute doesn't mean they are the good guys : )

    6. I've found this link that proposes that "In short, the Orion Empire are 4th Density Negative. They are "lost" in the sense that they have drifted so far from their true nature, that despite many attempts, we have been unable to reach them, and help them to develop. They exist within their Group Soul Complex, mostly as a group of discarnate entities, within the Astral Planes of the planets they visit. They have no intention of 'returning Home', and instead seek to feed off of Negative Energy, to keep themselves going, as they are disconnected from their inherent natural Life-Force, by refusing to abide by the Infinite Creator's Incarnational Principles. They are essentially 'imprisoned' within the 4th Density Negative cycle, as there is no Negative Harvest beyond the 4th Density. So they spend their time traveling the Galaxy, basically 'using the dark side of the Force' (Negativity) to achieve their means. They will eventually be brought back before the One Infinite Creator, and dissolved back into the Intelligent infinity (Source of All), though they are being given every chance for as long as possible, to learn the error of their ways, and return to seeking the Positive, and to begin their journey back Home. They main trouble is, they do not want to go Home. They see themselves as being 'gods', and do not intend to submit to the authority of The One."

      So it seems these are the real bad guys in the end. The "Archons" we hear about from other sources?

    7. @Council, yes I agree Venus is a positive oriented planet. The same link offers the notion that these 13 bloodlines are members of a group-soul 6th density entity from Venus under the leadership of their creator, namely Lucifer, whose mandate is to incarnate in 3rd density Earth to generate negativity as a catalyst for us to apply our free will and chose among 2 polarities, positive & negative, and ultimately reject what we are not (negative) and "graduate" if you will from the limitations of 3rd density in order to continue our evolution to higher densities. I find this hypothesis really interesting.

    8. I agree with some of the things you have said, except for there being a 6th density negative entity, to the best of my knowledge there is no negativity after 5th density they need to combine wisdom compassion and love to progress and there is no love or very little in a negatively oriented entity, so they must make a choice to either progress or stay in an endless cycle.

      Negativity was just a natural progression of the creator trying to know itself better, there is no right and wrong just difference, and with negativity the ability to enable us to make a choice, this is why the veil of forgetting was introduced to give us and other planets (we are not the first,the Orions all came from other planets) a richer catalyst with which to work and the ability for us to make the choice between negative and positive...........if we do not make this choice then we will repeat 3rd density until we is quite simplistic really this is why I do not agree with all of the complexity some people add, to me it is just theatrics to keep people interested in them instead of of themselves. : )

    9. Agreed on all points Council. But just to clarify, the 6th density group-soul entity the link refers to had to "downgrade" and incarnate in 3rd density in order to fulfill its mandate to provide a Catalyst for choice. This was a conscious choice or "contractual agreement" between that entity and higher authority. You are right, there is no negativity beyond 4th density. Now, this group-soul pulls the string of negative oriented 4th & 3rd density agents on Earth and these are manipulated unbeknownst so that in the end they are helping the Entity fulfill its part in helping us liberate from negative polarity. Hence, Lucifer being the "Light Bearer"... :)

  13. greaat video that gives clarity in the ascension process
    (listen if it resonates with you)

    1. Thank you kiKaz, for issuing your inspirational provocation above ! ^^

      I used it as my intention, and it was indeed 'the Best Meditation ever' in my experience. The Equinoxal energies, and the Return of the Goddess meditation opened a portal yesterday. Today's unified meditation held a profound revelation and connection for me, and things have shifted :)

      I would love to share this beautiful and peaceful piece with everyone, to celebrate the return of the Goddess' Wisdom and Love.

      Much Love to All and enjoy this Blessed Day !

    2. My Goddess

      I am the stranger in every crowd
      Just looking on, I am not proud

      I am an atom in every human tear
      You do not know me, yet I am here

      I am engaged in every human war
      But I will not judge, do not deplore

      I feel each and every human pain
      Yet I do not have a single name
      I do not blame

      I am only love and all that's good
      Yet I am always misunderstood
      I do not complain
      I have no wish to reign

      I do not wish to for you to fear me
      I only wish you to feel near me
      I will always wait
      It is never too late

      I did not wish to stay away
      I was your choice
      You had your say

      One is one
      and one is two
      You are me and I am you
      I am not a stranger
      I would never wish you danger

      Do not believe what they say
      I am quite a different way

    3. Agreed!
      It brought a fantastic feeling of relaxation and fullness in me!

      This was the second time I meditated here and I really felt it in the bone!

      I know this strengthens the global light! =)

      Much love to you and all here!! have a great day

    4. BTW amazing video/song you posted -I am love-!

      Thank you!


  14. Gaia Request: Be in Joy on the Ride

    GaiaPortal Energy Message for 23 Sept 2012

    Solitary adjustments, in one by one fashion concurrent among all Hue-beings, stand out at this current moment. All sense these adjustments. Although awareness of such may follow later.

    Intrusions for purpose of clearing come rapidly at this time and each requires simple non-resistance and release.

    Gaia global planetary adjustments are on hold until individuals’ clearances are processed.

    Gaia alignments near completion yet continue for short period of Gaia 3D time during post-equinox to assist during tipover processing.

    Downhill begins now.

    Gaia request: Be in Joy on the Ride. Adjust as necessary.

  15. man I love this guy

    Psychic Vampires & Spiritual Energy Vampires - How to stay Immune

    1. don't feed from others.. release all and others.. stay in connection with your source..
      Everyone has the connection. Everything is inside you

    2. no need to care about outer happenings or information. you know everything already.

      I sound a bit deep now haha, but it's true..

      your heart is where you belong, not somewhere else..

      I am a bit tired and going to bed..

      May you all have a beautiful week filled with joy! =D

  16. POOF for SEPT 23: On the Road Again

    Greetings and Salutations;

    Used to be, folks would just nod their and concede, I was ‘whacked’ talking about something economically impossible, shift the wealth of the world??? Well your daft, sir. Hrrumph Hrrumph. Now the talking heads are responding directly on broadcasts and everything. Remember, back in ez board days? I said I would slice and dice the rumors and expose them for public ridicule, to be mocked and spat upon? It ain’t easy being cheesy. The best is seeing the stuff I was talking about, materializing for all to see. It’s taken a while but, ‘resistance is futile…stand down to be assimilated’. You see, that change is afoot is beyond question, the only debate out here has to with who’s doing it. Everybody is waving their arms around, it’s me, no, it’s me, I got control! and you’re not getting a cowpatty on a warm day, in west texas when it’s raining. Or like a little girl used to say in grade school , ‘you think you’re hot shit on a silver platter, but, you’re nothing but cold diarrhea on a paper plate’. Such cussing comin’ out her mouth…must have been an interesting home life for her. But, she grew up to become stunning. Go figure. She could cuss with penache…lololol.

    The old folks always said, if they are taking about you in, whatever form, you’re making a difference, they keep you relevant. So, Bless them and move on. I was told to tell you folks to ’stay close’ despite the delay created by a socialist country in an effort to get more tax money, something that was already taken care of by it’s former president. Breaking a treaty. Many behinds are being seen fully exposed to the world for all the moles and blemishes upon them. Boxers know the term ‘head fake’, well the bad guys got a head fake, so complete, I was getting non rumor folks saying the drops were out. I gotta fail safe method of knowing and non of my trips wires went off so, that went into file 13. If you’re greedy, you will not succeed no mater what clever games you come up with. I know of a very powerful person in the east, who thought he was running the show, he got shown, he wasn’t running anything but running his feet to get him to the toilet on time. This is a lot like pulling the wings off of flies and making them walk. Yea, I got a ’sick’ side but watching these so-called smart guys shoot themselves in the foot for so long…it has ‘effected’ my good disposition.

    Peace be upon everybody out there who’s reading this, stand by, victory is here. It may dramatic for some, others will ’see’ it and walk away, only too happy to be done with it all. I’m one of them. This happens and the unbelievers will still be writing blogs or whatever, saying what a ludicrous thing this all was. As the man said, ‘you can’t fix stupid’. These are unusual times and your critical thinking has to adjust to it, the old grey mare ain’t what she used to be. Get in the way at your own risk...

    Love and Kisses, Poofness

    1. Thanks for the update Victory, Poofness makes me crack

      "he got shown, he wasn’t running anything but running his feet to get him to the toilet on time. This is a lot like pulling the wings off of flies and making them walk."

  17. For what its worth, Former White Hats is the biggest collection of lies and disinformation on the Internet, next to the Sorcha Fal web site. Its the site that insisted Ben Fulford was abducted and replaced by a cabal clone.

    Anyone who quotes Former White Hats as a source is seriously misguided.

  18. Hello, Cobra.
    This is HYE AHGEL. The same one, who asked you before, to keep the energy of this important site - happy, and HIGH.
    I know who you are... And so do, many others on this site.
    Your PRIORITY concern should be US/WE, your followers. AND, again, keeping your family together, in peace, harmony and joy.
    You better keep your promise, and get rid of the comments, of which, most of US are tired. I for one, will stop checking, coming back... So, I'll keep my energy high... and use it for better occasions.

    By the way, this is not an attack. I'm trying to save this family... and YOU, my brother!


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I agree Suzan.

      Cobra, I would appreciate if you would forward this to the RM. My sense is that this might reflect others' viewpoints as well.

      Dear members of the RM:

      We, the followers of this blog, come here for information, for community, and to be uplifted. This will become increasingly important as the matrix unravels and dissolves, and we need to join together in unity.

      It is my view that the hateful comments that have been allowed to be posted have no place here or anywhere.

      The haters have been allowed their say. There is nothing new in their posts. It has less value than recycled trash, and it seems that even they are bored with it.

      Nobody should be expected to be subjected to revolting energy or the need to navigate through a minefield of personal attacks - either potential or real - when they click on Portal 2012.

      This is a matter that was previously discussed by all, and the consensus was that comments would be moderated in some way. We would appreciate if what was agreed to, would be adhered to.

      It is your blog, however please consider the fact that there are those of us who have found a spiritual 'home' here. As in any home, we appreciate peace, harmony, humor and conviviality.

      Thank you for your consideration of these words.

      We support you with our hearts and souls and thank you for your dedication to the Victory of the Light.

  19. If COBRA is not going to post postive, We must :)

    here is a nice positive channeling for september 22! ENJOY

  20. We are growing into 'gods' or higher beings or whatever you like

  21. KiKaz, thanks for spreading the Light and Love my friend. I will do my best to join you, and I hope others will as well ...

    Victory is here ...


    PS - captcha code reads 333 ... !!! 44 !
    44 again !

  22. Thank you Cobra. May the Light of our Higher Selves help us all to identify and overcome the dark influenced aspects of our egos.

    Light is winning. We will keep some ego aspects so that we can continue to evolve but Light is blossoming so sweetly ...
    thank you :-)


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