Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fixing the World

A call has been issued by Hope Girl, the writter of this excellent blog:

The idea is for people to submit their ideas about solutions how we transition from the current financial system into the new era of abundance for everyone:

This is what she emailed me about this project:

"There is a tremendous amount of wealth that is about to be released to all of humanity. The equivalent would be as if everyone won the lottery at the same time. The problem is, everyone who knows about this money is just thinking about how to get it. No one (at least not publicly) is thinking about what we are going to do with it once we get it. This is part of the reason why the funds have not been released yet. We need a plan on how to release this money into our world without destroying society.  We are working now on creating this plan. I do realize that there are many plans in place that cover all different areas and many individuals and groups working toward the Golden Age of humanity.

 My part in this (which is of my own divine direction) is to give the rest of humanity a chance to have their say at what the solutions should be based on their own knowledge and understanding.  This as you can see, will also get people to start thinking about solutions, rather than negativity, which will help raise their consciousness in a tangible way that people can sink their teeth into to get them actively involved. 

 I’ve put together a pointed set of questions that make people think about solutions and am asking for them to submit their ideas.  I’ve been gathering this data and will continue to do so until the deadline date of Sept 24, at which point I will be presenting this “Book of Answers” by the people for the people to the individuals that I am in contact with that are in positions to implement the change. I will also be publishing it on the internet. The strategy here: people will not accept this engineered financial collapse if they know they have a choice and that there is a better way. This “Book of Answers” is the better way. It could be powerful enough to assist the rest of the resistance movement in making the attempts of the dark agenda obsolete."

And this was written on her blog:

"Please know the information you submit will be taken very seriously. The most I can say now is that, through Divine intervention and your input, your response to these questions will be presented to entities in charge of implementing these changes. Your help is needed and your response to these questions has been asked for. In addition your input will be posted here on this blog for people to see."

And my response to her call with a few ideas:

First, the financial reset will not make everybody a sudden millionaire. Total real value of all collateral accounts is between 500 and 1000 trillion $. This means about $100,000 per person. Enough for everyone to have proper housing, food and a fairly comfortable lifestyle, but not enough to spend the rest of your days sipping cocktails by the pool.

Second, release of new technologies must happen along with the financial reset. They can be introduced really quickly with proper funding, so that a few months after the reset free energy machines can be everywhere. This can easily reduce need for human work down to about 4 hours per day or even less. I think most humans will be happy to work a few hours daily because they will discover that eternal vacations can be boring. Also, work of most people will be much more inspiring and creative as they will no longer be slaves to the Cabal.

You can read a very good article about the occult economy here:

And a very good overview of the Cabal and their activities here:

And finally, to cheer you up, an important victory of the Goddess:


  1. I have been in deep thought about this one, hope everyone lets their ideas and hopes for the future shine! ONE LOVE!

  2. This is a great opportunity and responsibility to come up with suggestions that work for all.

    With Gratitude and Love.

    PS - I had a dream last night and I was told that LOVE is the only thing we need and it will bring peace and joy to the world. Move towards LOVE and remove yourself from anything that is not LOVE. The message was really strong and warm and love was coming out of the words spoken. LOVE and light to all.

  3. I think the Zeitgeist Movement has elements of solution in their 3rd installment: Moving Forward. Resource based economy with proper distribution.

    1. I totally agree, New Man has to move from profit based model to resource based and sharing.


      thank you

  4. thank you very much and blessings to all.

    I am honored to have the chance to help with the organization of Turin conference. I really hope we can be there from all over Europe , everyone is welcome and I am at your disposal for local support, accommodation settlement etc etc

    You are welcome New Man/Woman, our beautiful New Earth is calling.

    Love to all.

      warm regards

    2. @ cobras,
      Also I forgot to mention we are STILL offering a free entry to the Laguna portal conference nov. 23rd for any one who can provide a projector that can interface with a computer for power point or slide show presentations.

    3. The Turin conference is a MARVELLOUS opportunity for European residents to discuss many relevant aspects of this gigantic moment of transition. Let's all meet there! I am in contact too with Alessandro who is a very nice, humble and discrete person devoted to the 'service to others', it is just great he had idea to organize one of Cobra's conference here in Europe!

      The conference will also represents the opportunity for a number of us Lightworkers to meet, know each other and start thinking pragmatically how we are going to re-shape this new world which will be finally and forever OURS (in the soul sense, I mean!!!).

      Drop all hesitations and sign up now! One of the best chances ever to spend our own little money before we'll be all better off and up-lifted after The Event!

      See you in Turin!

  5. I work with mentally ill(or maybe not) and impoverished people here in the US who end up in the prison system primarily due to poverty. With no food, home, hope they put you in jail for owing money, smoking Marijuana, etc. For the most 95% are great people who are connected to heart and just feel like they have no hope. I would love to see at least one project that could expand that would show how by having one central place people could obtain not only the basic needs but also have someone assigned to get them able to understand what they had learned from TPTW to keep them down and on an individual basis help those people get on their feet and become the people running the program and reaching out to others. They are awake mostly about what has been down and some are very awake. They want to give back and I have talked to them about reaching out as ambassadors to those who were in total denial as they will need the most help. There is a fairly simple teaching model that unfortunately few know about but it empowers people to regain self esteem and love for themselves and teaches how to communicate with others using words that are not confrontational-basically a change of language. I have used it and it works. I know there are numerous ones who would love to see people empowered on all levels. There has been so much money put into prisons because of financial reasons. It would be cheap to help people achieve dignity, self-esteem and wholeness which I think would be a lot better. The money needs to be used to bring everyone up and not to create greed or at least that is what I hope for. I can't wait to have a moneyless society myself. I think also training and education should be added to the mix-in fact anything that would help the community-child care, meditation, etc but everyone becomes the light and everyone has ownership.

    1. Hey Cherie.. I plan on doing a lot of work in transforming mental 'illness' into a blessing when the time is right. Add me on FB or connect through email, I'd like to hear more about your experiences. Thanks.

      Bret Warshawsky (FB)

    2. Quite a work you do, Cherie! Kudos to you! I think some people are labled "mentally ill" (like myself at one time) because they are "too" aware of what's going on! Make sure you send your ideas to Hope!

      Love, Suzie

    3. I would love to work with you on this Cherie...have much experience and passion for the subject having seen precious lives go to waste after having been institutionalized and doped up for being different. The entire medical/psych industry needs overhaul along with the financial system...

  6. WHOA!!!! YESSSS!!!!
    Hello, Cobra, and THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!!!
    I'd like to thank St. Germain for HIS trust!!!!!!!! I LOVE HIM with all my heart!!!
    I have been thinking about this for a very long time.
    And the conclusion I (?) made was this:
    When my family first moved to the USA, for a short period of time, we had to get FOOD STAMPS. Back then, it was in a form of small "booklets", and you could use it ONLY for buying the food.
    So, I think, to make the distribution safer... to avoid the riots, it should be done SLOWLY,
    and PRE ARRANGED, how much a familyhold will get for the month, and for what purposes they can be used. So, each household should get A MONTHLY booklet, sent via the MAIL, to avoid the long lines. Of course, this will last for a few months ONLY.
    Each booklet will show the name, or the birth date of the househead (NO social security #, the product of the dark ones!). And in each booklet, there will be pages for food, according to the size of the family, (lets say 3-4pages, each one in the amount of $200-300). A page/voucher for the rent, another few pages will be for the gas (4-5pages for $100), and so on. You get the idea.
    A few more pages should be labeled "clothings", "aoutocare", or simply a few checks for a small amount of $100ds not 1,000ands.
    I am hoping that, my UNSEEN family, will think of something better!!!! They are very smart!

    Withe the best BLESSINGS - HYE ANGEL!!!!!

  7. Regarding to Hopegirl's blog and submissions do not forget to read

    the instructions and fill in the answers to the questions:

  8. Making education free, free energy, homes and essentials such as food and water provided to every single human being on the planet, and any non human sentients.

    I see these as a basic.

    After that, I am actually unsure what to do. I just want a job, and all the games and computer hardware I can get :D. I'm sure with new technology there will be plenty of new sick gadgetry.

    As for bettering the world, I think things will improve themselves drastically when the focus of life shifts away from money, and more onto family, friends, love, creativity. The latter being my favourite.

  9. Yay! YES! Thank you Cobra for this post. Thank you Hopegirl 2012 for your service!!

    In loving gratitude.

  10. I believe I have a solution - idea which is coming not from me, but from Germany, my home country. i was just translated into English and is a large work - and fantastic!!!! Has received many accolades and TV exposures in Switzerland. I have the free PDF and would like to send it to you via email - The name of the work is GRADIDO - and is designed to work for the entire planet. This has been in thew works for 10 years. It is extremely inspiring and beautiful. Please contact me with an email to send the PDF to.
    my email is

    1. Nice, I will be emailing you, thanks :)

    2. Thank you for sending this so quickly, Eva. It's fantastic and I've forwarded it to a few very influential friends....the future looks BRIGHT....getting out my shades!
      xo Diane Lightbearer

    3. Thanks for your info. I just sent you an email, requesting the pdf of GRADIDO.

  11. I am working working on developing 'a' solution with friends through an Inidiegogo Campaign. We are going this route because we do not have the funds ourselves to get started and having it crowd sourced would be exponentially sweeter and inspirational. That doesn't mean we wouldn't accept from a visionary philanthropist out there in the UNiverse :)

    It's called Spiritual Philanthropy and The Holographic Economy. Here's some info and a link to the blog that we use to develop the idea: Creating A Sustainable Center of Connections and Facilitating Dreams with Spiritual Philanthropy

    Dedicated To Two Jewels,

    First and foremost, Spiritual Philanthropy is the giving of one’s self in service to others unconditionally. Those like-spirited souls who resonate with this idea will understand intuitively and naturally that we get by giving which I learned this year fully from my friend Brandon Norris.

    A Spiritual Philanthropist sees clearly that there are many ways (likely as many as can be dreamed) beyond material wealth to serve, share and assist others. Time, Energy, Passion, Focus, Attention… resources including money but also skills, knowledge, expertise, connecting people with peers who can also swiftly and effectively lend a hand.

    A Spiritual Philanthropist, whether consciously or intuitively, comprehends the principles of our Holographic nature of existence. Where each individual reflects the whole of reality and the whole reflects back into the individual. This interplay creates the realization that each of us carries within us a complete piece of Universal Consciousness which is forever entangled and connected to every other part of the single Universal Source of Being. Some seem to call this Being God, others Tao… there are many names but in my personal experience they are pointing to the exact same Being.

    Serving one person, serves the world- serving the world includes serving every part. A Spiritual Philanthropist realizes and remembers that the separation between self and other is only a subjective perception that fulfills its role in life but is not the entire story. Therefore, serving others is equal to serving one’s self and serving one’s self is equal to serving others. It’s simply the Golden Rule in action and Spiritual Philanthropists live humbly, passionately and confidently within that paradigm.

    We are Beings who have the relentless inner desire of expanding LIGHT (Knowledge – Freedom – Love) throughout the Planet and hopefully beyond. (This definition adapted very closely from this video… the rest of the video does not necessarily reflect the spirit or intentions for Spiritual Philanthropy, The Sustainable Connection Center or The Holographic Economy)

  12. 4 hours work each day, I love it!
    I already do 4 hours once a week and it feels really good, it leaves more time for spiritual practice...

  13. Plan for a Fair Monetary System

    - A public that is educated about the the Occult Economy, the history and system of central banking and fractional reserve banking and the negative effects this has on the economy (i.e. boom/bust cycles) and any related topics (9/11, etc.), as well as knowledgeable about alternative economic theory such as Austrian Economics.

    - People are free to make their own "currency" if they wish. An example of this is Bitcoin. Note that the national currencies can still be allowed to exist.

    - Interest rates need to be determined freely by the market. Central banks must be transparent and a lot less powerful. Banks must not have any special privileges.

    - There is a nonexistant or very low tax burden which can also be paid with alternative currencies. People can "opt-out" entirely of the national currency.

    - All levels of government are free of debt.

    A) Broadcast shows on TV and publish articles in print magazines/newspapers about the Occult Economy, 9/11, and other relevant topics as explained above.

    B) Conduct a complete and thorough audit of the Federal Reserve and other central banks. Make the entire results publicly available. Process any criminal behaviour thus revealed. Make further audits in future if necessary.

    C) Repeal the legal tender laws.

    D) Gradually increase the fractional reserve requirement for banks serving the national currency (e.g.. US Dollar) to 100%. Banks that do not serve any national currency (i.e. that only use alternative currencies such as Bitcoin) are exempt from all banking regulations.

    E) Allow taxes to be also paid in alternative currencies other than the national currency. Phase out as much taxes as possible starting with the most complex and unfair ones.

    F) Pay off all public debts and don't allow any new public debts.


  14. IMPORTANT: If you would like to share your ideas for a plan there is a link on HOPEGIRLs blog:

    There is also specific questions, hope this helps, didn't want any good ideas to go to waist!!

    1. Yes! I printed out the guidelines and am working on my part of the Big Creation...please everyone, submit your ideas to HopeGirl as directed. Many people are posting on the comment section on her blog and here ~ that's fine and I love reading all the ideas, but please remember to email this to her on the form she provided as well! We are powerful Creators....

  15. (more surprises coming (right) up!)

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  17. i think it short sighted of you too say its going $100.000 we all dont use dollars and it is wrong too think that, also too do pull a figure like that out of thin air it would be best to offer either a idea or the exact amount based on current conversions,
    for eg
    100000 US dollars = 61671.3000 British pounds sterling
    100000 US dollars = 77106.9000 euros


      In this post Cobra states some more precise figures that is no where near what he is saying now.

      The existence of Global Settlement funds will be then introduced to the public. Those funds include about $ 70 trillion from old money patriots connected to the Positive Military, $ 100 trillion from White Dragon Society and Templar groups, $ 120 trillion from Resistance Movement and $ 10 trillion from Saint Germain Trust. Global Settlement funds will also include all money and assets from the Cabal.

      That is the exact paragraph from the post. So I am confused. Once again another contradiction from Cobras previous blogs. Hopefully Cobra can elaborate on this.

    2. It doesn't matter brando9000. Cobra said that the new financial system will be short lived. Before you know it, a cashless society will be upon us. In which case how seriously can I take Hope Girl's call even though I love her a lot and appreciate her efforts ?

  18. If there is enough for about 100,000 for each person thats not even enough to buy a house so how does that equal a comfortable lifestyle if your broke after buying a house? $100,000 per person couldnt even build proper housing for all the dying people in third world countries. So really the release of these monies isnt going to do anything except leave people in the same situation we are now, broke. The only solution I see is the release all new technologies and get rid of money ASAP.

  19. People I think alot of you are misunderstanding what Cobra is saying here. He gave you a link to post your ideas for Hopegirl, not post them here.

  20. This is unrelated to this post but interesting none-the-less from an ex-CIA agent (so the article says):

  21. If free-energy is released, income taxes abolished, we have a good 2/3 more of our income saved. Its amazing how much of a daily expenditure is for energy and all the energy costs embedded in the supply chains. Couple debt forgiveness to this, this much money would fuel a huge amount of jobs an economic activity.

    If every home were suddenly free and clear from debt, what would that do to prices? Hard to say, because you have removed the inflationary money from the price cycle, so its likely prices might just collapse to a natural level more closer to income levels. If you graph home prices over time adjust for inflation, they do not really rise. A home is a commodity, its ultimately shelter, we've just got used to thinking of them as inflation hedges and investments during inflationary boom periods.

  22. Mucho Gratitude! Thank you Cobra, and thank you hopegirl! Gonna send along my ideas! As always, this blog is a breath of fresh air! Love and Light to All you wonderful Sacred Warriors! ~~Suzie

  23. Oh My God, People, I thought I was just going to go to Hope Girl's site, jot down a couple of off-the-cuff suggestions~~ but wait! She says to get an understanding of all this, please first read her work, "WHILE YOU WERE ASLEEP" Friends,this is an awesome, all comprehensive document, explaining what's going on with the money now, how it's fixing to collapse, and she refers to many of the brave men that are on the front lines of this situation, including but not limited to: Neil Keenen, David Wilcock, Benjamin Fulford, and Drake. I had to print it out, because my eyes wont tolerate reading more than three pages on the computer screen. Folks, this document is 57 pages long and very informative about things I never really understood, like Common law vrs Admarility (sp?) law, and collateral accounts and derivitives. Its something I'm thinking of giving my financial planner to read! Anyway, bottom line, this is serious, and she is calling for serious suggestions, and we, the co-creators of our New Golden Age are being called upon to use our intellects and help out! I was figuring good ole St Germain would just pop out of the sky and appoint ME to be a local fund distributor,lol, or anyway, have it all taken care of! It ain't gonna be that simple! I got to page 28 and I'm going to SLEEP. OOPS pun intended! Kudos and Thanks to Hope Girl, and Victory to the Light! It ain't over yet! suzie

  24. Illuminati abuse survivor speaks out

  25. Thank you to all of you for your amazing ideas. Yes, please do submit them in the form on my blog as that makes it a lot easier for me to process the massive quantity that have been rolling in. But I also have to say that seeing all of these comments, plus the other comments on other blogs (it's been reblogged several times all over the world) is absolutely mind-blowingly-amazing! Do you all see what's happening here? We are all uniting in solution thinking mode! We are all thinking about our future in a positive way. We are actively raising the consciousness and building the bridge to our Golden Age. This is what is most important. This is what will make the Cabal obsolete. And YOU are doing all of that. Keep it up. I love all of you!


  26. $100,000 per person will, as you say, be enough to live a fairly comfortable lifestyle, for a few years, but will not make anyone a sudden millionaire.

    But to say that a one-time payout of $100K to each citizen would "destroy society" seems unrealistic.

    It's similar to a 401K or an IRA account, which many have now for retirement, so this would not be such an unprecedented shock to most.

    The contradictory part is that you seem to be asking for suggestions on how recipients can invest their $100K, or a portion thereof, leaving them with even less.

    This money will be like much needed "oxygen" to most people, after choking on the "fumes" of the Cabal for much of their lives.

    I would actually hope for MORE than $100K per person, to allow for investment in humanitarian projects AND a comfortable lifestyle.

    My suggestion for investment would involve constructing healing centers worldwide, incorporating new technology (sound, light, crystal, etc). I understand the technology exists now to eradicate all illness, regenerate limbs, regrow teeth, reverse age, and much more.

    An excellent example of the type of healing center I'd like to see, is included in the Creative Communities envisioned by Suzy Star.

    I was most impressed with her description of these self-sustaining communities.

    See her web site at

  27. I don't yet have a solution to the dilemma of everyone suddenly becoming a millionaire, while keeping local businesses intact (supermarkets, truck delivery drivers, restaurants, department stores, gas stations, pharmacies, etc).

    It would seem that many business owners would wish to pack up and instantly retire, leaving consumers in the lurch, and bringing commerce to a grinding halt.

    I've struggled with this one for a while.

    I guess new technology would need to be released coincident with the new abundance (free energy, replicators, healing, travel), and society would transform literally overnight - which would seem too drastic a change. Quite a bit of chaos might ensue.

    Sigh. Will mull it over some more.

    Resolving material needs to all human beings so they can be able to develop their spiritual being.
    All human being must have enough for their basic needs, health and development.

    1. Putting in all accounts of all people in the earth money, if they don't have money account, then create one.
    The money must be enough for 1 person to live normaly and no more for a period of 1 year. Let's say if the normal salary is 2000 eur, this means all people must have 24 000 eur, not less and not more.
    2. Giving every working enterprise as much money as his profit for the last 5 was.
    3. Erasing all credits, other bank accounts, other money - virtual or real.
    4. Starting p. 3 of milestones.

    1. Making teams from local people and extraterrestrials for every part of the world.
    2. Giving all people existence minimum for their survival - not more.
    3. Exploring piece by piece earth territories and states and examining the local needs.
    4. Fulfilling the most urgent social needs in these different parts.
    5. Fulfilling other social needs.
    6. Finding the best patents, scientists and specialist and help them to find new energy sources and new inventions for better life for everybody.
    7. Start giving money help to every family on the earth with no more than 2 kids. More help for 1 kid, half help if the second comes, no help for 3 and more.
    8. Lowering the working day so that everybody can and have to work 15-25 hours per week and rest, learn and self educated in the rest of the week.
    9. Mandatory education for everybody - spiritual and mundane - 10 hours per week.

    1. Sorry
      2. Giving every working enterprise as much money as his profit for the last 5 YEARS was.

    2. I am not trying to be negative here but these points are not workable, no money will be placed in bank accounts of individuals, "existence minimum for their survival".....I thought this was about fairness and abundance for ALL.

      As the above poster said 2. "Giving every working enterprise as much money as his profit for the last 5 YEARS" .....that's just outrageous.

      6. Finding the best patents, scientists and specialist and help them to find new energy sources and new inventions for better life for everybody.......There are already more than enough FREE ENERGY devices available, The US government has currently placed more than 5,000 free energy devices under the federal secrets act as a threat to national security,....... just release them.

      7. Start giving money help to every family on the earth with no more than 2 kids. More help for 1 kid, half help if the second comes, no help for 3 and more.

      Are you sure you are not a member of the bilderbergers??? or a Nazi???

      9. Mandatory education for everybody - spiritual and mundane - 10 hours per week.

      Silly me I thought we were trying to get away from MANDATORY orders........"ZIG HAIL"

      Seriously you should either stay out of this debate or review your present stance on "FAIRNESS FOR ALL"

    3. There is NO way I could support this...everyone MUST be treated equally. Placing limits on family size is ludicrous.

      From Ananda above:
      "7. Start giving money help to every family on the earth with no more than 2 kids. More help for 1 kid, half help if the second comes, no help for 3 and more."

  29. Thank you for the link to hopegirl2012. This will be a very worthwhile endeavour to support

    Love and spirit

    1. This is my first shot at some solutions as requested on hopegirl2012

  30. Thank you for your post Cobra, and for shedding some light on the collateral accounts, what I really want to know is how soon before we no longer need the monetary system? Maybe 100k will be just enough to help us resolve some personal financial problems and help raise the consciousness on this planet. What I'm really focused on is finding the higher realms in the now moment. To ascend beyond these old 3D paradigms. God bless you Cobra.

    1. This information has been available for many years

  31. After reading Kabuki's post about debt forgivness and income taxes being gone the rest of what he says about prices in our society makes alot more sense. I can see $100k per person being enough for everyone to live comfortably because like Kabuki said about free energy and stuff it all makes more sense! Plus we would not be paid a mere $10/ hour minimum wage while the elite line their pockets. We will all be able to work together to line the pockets of the entire planet!

  32. It's hard for me to imagine how it would be if suddenly everyone would be that rich. I guess that most of the people simply would quit their job (at least for some period of time). That would lead us to man y problems such as no food in the shops and so on. Imagine what would ordinary sales person do if suddenly got rich... quit the job!
    This is a great challenge to do this thing right.

    1. From what I understand the money will not be given to individuals it will be spent on community projects that benefit the whole. If everything goes to plan there will be a once of debt write off that will take care of the mortgage and car repayments, housing will be made available to all, the cost of living would be reduced and working hours would be cut so we had more time to relax and enjoy our lives instead of working our ass's off 6 or 7 days a week for 10 or 12 hours a day........this would be more than enough for me as personally I am over working so much and I am even more over giving my hard earned money to the scum who seem to think they own this planet that belongs to us all.

      We should not have to pay for land, it was not created by anyone who inhabits it, the food that grows upon the land was given for all of us so that we may live upon this planet, all we need to do is work out how to live together in harmony so that our efforts benefit everyone who lives on this planet and not just the few who feel they are special........this all starts in your own minds and then will be created into the physical reality, we just need to stick together and have an infallible resolve to free ourselves and educate the ones who still sleep.

  33. Guntars Sapijans ~ I just submitted my contribution to HopeGirl. I felt great while I was filling out the submission form detailing and imagining my idea being implicated in our new society. The sense of purpose and opportunity to co-create a new culture of compassion and consideration for all members of every community feels of a very high vibration indeed. May I suggest you go to the form page and even if you don't know at the moment what you would contribute, I guarantee it will be revealled while you're intending to contribute an expression of who you are, so go for it !

    My second offering that I'll submit later today will include volunteering to work in our local grocery store for one shift each week until others realize they really enjoyed the social interaction their job gave them and they then decide to return to the jobs they enjoyed to work a day or two each week for fun, social interaction and community participation ; )

  34. Gaia Energy Conduit Clarification has Accelerated…

    GaiaPortal Energy Message for 21 Sept 2012

    The process of clarifying Gaia energy conduits has been accelerated to enable rapid dissolution of anharmonics introduced during recent portal activations. Acceleration will continue through the 10-10 gateway.

    Those affected by this acceleration will sense a rapid withdrawal from standard activities. Such are not aligned with the Higher D energies currently processing throughout Gaia.

    Alignments with Higher aspects of Source continue as planned!

  35. I am going to put out a call for people to disregard anyone who is posting anonymously. It's time for us to stand up and be counted, in order to give others the courage to do the same.

    1. Hi Cameron,
      My name is Kelly, but people call me Kel, Kella, Kala...take your pick.
      I wouldn't want to disregard the anonymous just yet, but in the spirit of your call to step forward, here I am!
      Much love and gratitude to you and everyone here!

    2. Please explain further how not using an alias...

      and thus choosing to post under ones real name... is going to make a difference.

      What specific difference is it going to make?

      How that difference will benefit the blog?

      And or... how it will benefit the individual who chooses to embrace your request.

    3. Hi Cameron, mind reading! Despite being, as we all are, a multidimensional being, my 'constructed cultural and social identity' in 3d reality has always been one. So here I am, with the only name and ID I ever had,

      PS @thislittlelightofmine: the difference will make is that talking on first person and without alias is just another part of the process to drop old fear-based habits. Aren't we going to create a new world, a new reality, a nesw way of BEING TOGETHER? Stating frankly and honestly who we are is like when we introduce ourself to people on a social occasion of any kind, it is the first step to get to know each other in a better way. The more we transmute of the old habits, the more we help the Light in emerging. Being 'naked' is our natural state, wearing 'clothes' is artificial.

    4. I wrote that comment too quickly, and wasn't very clear. I'm not addressing the anonymous commenters to blog posts. If a person wants to post a response to a blog anonymously, I'm not going to argue against that.

      Rather, I am saying that we should not be giving serious attention and energy to bloggers who are hiding their names. This applies to hope girl and cobra.

      We are at a critical point in our society where we need to actively cooperate and share ideas with each other. It is also a fact that we need to be able to look at the "messenger" as part of our "due diligence" in order to make an informed decision as to whether what they are presenting is credible.

      Cobra's identity has already been revealed, and to me, the facts of his former publicity and recent secrecy diminishes his credibility. I always took a very cautious approach to his information, but there was no doubt that he managed to get a LOT of people meditating together back in May, and connecting to the Galactic core. These are wins in my eyes.

      Since then, however, very little substance has been brought forth, and most posts are repetition of information he previously published under his former alias.

      However, for people who aren't familiar with his former alias, they may be fooled into thinking that he is bringing forth something new that his "contacts" have recently shared with him.

      As for hope girl, when she is willing to state her name and reveal a little of her history, I may take her more seriously. For now, she is just an alias that may or may not be manipulating people who are hoping for the best to happen.

      Dropping aliases may not help these bloggers, but it WILL help the people who read their posts to make better informed decisions about where they will invest their energy and focus.

      Much Love,

    5. Dear Cameron,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, and do I agree with some of your points.

      Anonymity is fairly widespread among bloggers, and in regards to the readers, it is each person's choice as to whether they embrace or discard the information given.

      Perhaps you haven't had the opportunity to read this post as of yet, but you will see that there is an error in your statement that "Cobra's identity has been revealed" ...

      Much thanks for the work being done by yourself and all Lightworkers who are working for the Victory of Light.

    6. Cameron,
      Thank you for being a beacon of a person sharing there personal experiences and "far out" there concepts and beliefs with no veil of secrecy and no carrot in front of the face approach.

      I AM LOVE,
      I think Cameron's stand point is, is that non of Cobra's information is to valid due to the fact that it is all done behind a curtain and drip fed, so re posting something Cobra already posted isn't much of an argument, just another shot in the dark someone called a good shot, but is still not able to be validated. You are very noble and very bright to always stand up for what Cobra says, I say again, WHAT COBRA SAYS. What is your is love! Be that and make a change, don't stand up for a bringer of reposted drip fed information, which is very well posted and very well timed and very well covered from all sides that always have to lean upon, faith and how much love and light you have...your being taken advantage, pour that love and defense to yourself and your neighbors.

      All here please see your power and realize the only change you can make is a change that is right in front of you. Take care of yourselves, take care of your family, take care of your community and the ones in need you can reach out to and making sure they get the help they deserve. Keep doing good things until people take notice. Be the change don't talk about it, be the change and meditate about it, plenty of you are doing it. Never trust anything unless the truth came from yourself. Be the change, Be the truth, Be your own experience, Find your way.

      We were born to rage, we're the price of pain, we're a single voice with a second chance. Be your own selves protect your soul, don't betray it. Kill your heroes and fly! No need to worry...

      So I get down on my knees and pray....WE DON'T GET FOOLED AGAIN!

    7. dear LightintheNight,

      I appreciate your well-intentioned post, I really do. It is very noble of you to stand up for Cameron, if you feel the need to do so.

      Each person chooses what is right for them, and unless we walk a mile in another's shoes, maybe we can refrain from judging other's actions & decisions ? Isn't this the noble way as well ?

      I also appreciate your stating that my post 'wasn't much of an argument' because no argument was intended. I merely pointed out an error in Cameron's post - a statement that was based on internet hearsay and not verifiable facts - that was used as a foundation for the content of his post, as well as his call to action to the community here.

      We have different perspectives regarding the information here and it serves no one to convince the other of the validity - or non-validity - of something so personal.

      I do respect your ability and free will to chose your path, with no judgement. As I don't know you personally, this is simply an extension to another spiritual seeker. I would never make the presumption to expect you, or anyone else - to follow mine.

      Perhaps that same respect can be extended to the community here by those in disagreement ?

      There are too many more important things to do in this world to be the change, don't you think ?

      Peace on your journey fellow traveller.

    8. I don't have a problem with "Cobra" or "HopeGirl" being annonymous..... Its just a thang. Take their info or leave it, follow your heart. For the time being, there IS danger in being "courageous" enough to reveal one's identity. Take Dr. Fred Bell for instance, he died mysteriously after revealing the free energy stuff on Jessie Ventura. Take David Wilcock, when he got into all the financial tyranny stuff, his life was threatened. Take good ol Bill Brockbracker, he went to jail on some trumped up charge for revealing secrets. Take Ben Fulford, more than once, attempts have been made on his life. Take Gene Tipp Tatum, an informant from the CIA, he's a gonner. "Hope girl" revealed some wild and crazy stuff. I don't blame her for remaining annonymous. And heck, good ol Cobra is going to have all these conferences coming up, so his identity will be revealed. Take Julian Assange, ~my hero~ they're trying to lock his ass up on some trumped up sexual charges! I honor and respect the ones who DO reveal their identity, and I equally respect those who don't, for the reasons stated above. When and IF (I'm still a bit of a skeptic,) we get to the other side of all this darkness, then we will be so much freer to be our true selves! Love n Light, Suzie Whosie LOL

    9. Cameron, you are still using hearsay and assumptions as if they are facts, to judge the character of someone. If that is your choice, so be it.

      But why not rather assume Cobra is "innocent until proven guilty" in the grand jury case you are conducting...?

      It will be revealed one way or another in a very short time.

  36. I would hope that the impoverished, homeless and hurting would be given priority Globally. While I don't own a home or even a job, I believe that water, food, housing and healthcare ought to be given those who have not had the experience of a full belly and a comfortable bed. I've gone this long, surely I can wait a bit longer as others adjust to some comforts. Pure water! Yes! Pure foods! Yes! Happiness everywhere! Yes! Love around the planet! Yes! Thank you.

  37. Hi fellow Lightworkers;
    My long term vision is the manifestation of a small eco dome village of like-minded people.
    Together with four others we will create "Dome Village Katrina" as a model of living in a new way on Earth within the frequency range of the 5th dimension.

    In June when we expected the mass arrests I wrote a letter to the President offering my help in reintegrating the members of the dark cabal back into the Light.

    You can read the letter to the President here:

    When Cobra asked how we want to support the Resistance Movement I sent her/him my letter to the President with my suggestions. I said I will be of assistance in any way I can. However, I did not get a response.

    When the Galactic Federation through Greg Giles wrote that they want to end homelessness on Earth and asked how we want to help, I introduced my dome village project and asked to provide us with their described technology of building houses.
    Well, that GF message obviously was not sincere, but this is how we get to practice discernment.

    So yesterday I read here about HopeGirl's message of providing the Lightworkers with access to the long-promised funds for the redistribution of Wealth for humanity and the building of the new world on Earth.
    So I filled out the form for HopeGirl.

    I can't wait for the great times to roll in!
    Finally we will create Heaven on Earth!
    Bytheway, we are still looking for two co-creators for the manifestation of our dome village, here in the Mount Shasta area.
    Please check out if this is meant for you and if you have what it takes to be part of such an undertaking:

    Victory to the Light!
    Peace Day is every day!
    Karin Lacy, Lightworker for America

  38. Uprising (Lyrics)

    The paranoia is in bloom

    The P.R. transmissions will resume

    They'll try to push drugs, keep us all dumbed down

    And hope that we will never see the truth around

    So come on

    Another promise, another scene, another

    Packaged lie to keep us trapped in greed with all the

    Green belts wrapped around our minds and endless

    Red tape to keep the truth confined, so come on

    They will not force us

    And they will stop degrading us

    And they will not control us

    We will be victorious, so come on

    Interchanging mind control

    Come let the revolution take its toll

    If you could flick a switch and open your third eye

    You'd see that we should never be afraid to die

    So come on

    Rise up and take the power back

    It's time the fat cats had a heart attack

    You know that their time is coming to an end

    We have to unify and watch our flag ascend

    So come on

    They will not force us

    They will stop degrading us

    They will not control us

    We will be victorious,

    so come on

    The Muse

    1. [variation on refrain]

      They will not come over us, 'Cuz
      We are not so dangerous,
      Some will try to make a fuss, And
      It will be hilarious
      (So come on now)

    2. @Teasy

      I don't get it. Care to try again?

  39. In celebration, and to usher in the balance of the Divine Feminine and Masculine:



    1. Excellent, I AM Love!!!

    2. hey Kel ;)

      Glad you can make it tomorrow !

      & ALL ARE WELCOME - gods and goddess alike ...

      Peace of the Goddess


  40. Did General’s Statements Nearly Get Him Killed

    The neoconservative cabal that infiltrated the U.S. military many years ago has been indoctrinating America’s future leaders with the notion that a “total war”—a nuclear war—to wipe out whole cities at once, like Hiroshima and Nagasaki, is “patriotic.”

    It was key to the war plans of the war criminals in groups like the Project for a New American Century, who have infested the highest places of government.

    Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Martin Dempsey recently issued an order to every military chief and senior commander to stop this insane indoctrination for nuclear war. General Dempsey then went to Israel where he told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: “I may not know about all of [Israel’s] capabilities, but I think that it’s a fair characterization to say [you] could delay but not destroy Iran’s nuclear capabilities.”
    Next he flew to Afghanistan on a secret mission—where he was the target of a “hit.”

    His plane landed at the most “defended real estate on Earth, the perimeter of Bagram Air Force Base.” America’s latest generation night vision, ground radar and other detection systems were mysteriously disabled, wrote Gordon Duff of the website “Veterans Today.” Rocket detection systems, early-warning blimps with ground penetrating synthetic aperture radar and the continual coverage by drones using infrared detection—$2B in technology on this one perimeter alone —were all bypassed by a missile, which damaged the plane of America’s top military commander and wounded two crew members.

    Full story here

    1. This is a vivid illustration of how the masculine principle has existed and operated on this planet until NOW.

      The neocons are shaking in their cowardly boots at the sight of the Divine Feminine marching down the road.

      The balancing of the masculine energy will bring about a massive change in how business is done on Gaia's earth.

      For those who know it's power, LOVE is unstoppable, and it's 'coming to a theatre near you'.

      The Goddess wants Peace.

      We want PEACE.


    2. @~IAMLOVE~

      I agree. The domination by the masculine energy... has brought us to the brink of disaster.

      Still... the answer is not to go from one extreme to the other.

      It is to blend the masculine and feminine energies together into that "ONE LOVE".

      Creating either extreme... will result in the out of balance chaos... that we see on the planet now.

  41. Update: I did have the courage/niavite' to send the document to my financial planner, along with the suggestion that I take my money out of my IRA, including the IRS penalty.... his responce: "This is an incredibly pessimistic and draconian diatribe. I wouldn't do anything about our situation until I see who wins our election and what steps they take." Not a surpise. It's difficult living in two worlds at once! Victory to the Light! I have to admit, I am a bit confused! At any rate, with the prosperity funds on the way, I should not be worried.
    Happy Equinox! Suzie

  42. Hi Mr. Cobra. I wanna ask you a question... If every inhabitant of the Earth is paid $ 100,000, is there no risk of inflation to rise to uncontrollable levels?

    In the European Union it seems that everything goes perfectly since the ECB decided to intervene. Could you confirm that Financial reset is inevitable?

    Thank you.

    1. As much as I know ...

      Cobra... knows more than I know

      About the play... and the script of the show.

      I still do know...

      That he really and truly does not know...

      how it all... is going to go.


    On a global scale, I think the most poor and injured countries should be provided with everything in lack: food, water and medical care. Populations will need much help to deal with unknown circumstances. Education and health guide will be much necessary in those countries. The power of corrupt oligarchies will have to be stopped.
    This will help people to gain some of the almost unknown self confidence and will of living that will settle the basis of true community purposes. It’s very important the respect for local traditions.

    In all countries, I believe that there are people with instruction and good inner beliefs that will guide their brothers. It’s important to implement honest and independent surveillance to prevent all kind of abuses and fix them almost before they will occur.

    Structure materials will be needed.
    The goal of these plans is to provide all necessary means to enable happy communities and provide them with structures for welfare conditions: decent houses, water distribution, energy and knowledge to everyone. Liberty and freedom will be not just concepts, but living acts.

    The developed world must be free of corrupted leaders and installed lobbies corporations. They have been already identified. Don’t let them be near of the community affairs. They must be kept under a sharp lookout to prevent them to continuing their greed activities and subverted processes.

    All elected leaders should be independent from parties (a kind of legal corporations) and net should be used to expose all kind of information of the public affairs: how much money the country has, how much is needed to the specific fields, how must is the community contribution, and so on. That should be public information and subjected to public suggestions. Public meetings should occur to wrap citizens in the decisions of the countries. This could be carried out through technological means of communication.

    Frontiers are not necessary, but, to finish with them, a new education must be implemented: free to all children and open to all that want to assist classes and help with their own experiences. It’s very important to learn how to think and observe particular improvements and ideas.
    The education contribution would be part of the productivity field. Ideas would never be paid as exclusivity, because sooner or later ideas come to every mind. They are not for sale. People should have all rights of exchange them freely. Why copyright fees? No one ever builds over anything: what happens is a process of “recomposition” of existing reality.

    People would all have access to free services that would belong to the communities and could never be sold to anyone: health care centers and hearth resources. They would just be used for good proposes.
    Tools of war should not be an industry. They are not needed as the only goal is peace.

    Everyone would be fairly rewarded to sustain the needs of a decent life and all should give their own work in return. Those who were not able to work would be provided by the whole community expenses.

    Laws would be ethic and modified by real necessities of freedom and democratic observation of the needs of the community interaction.

  44. I guess you put a little more thought into it... than some of the others.

  45. This should be top priority before anything else..

    -Release the cures for cancer and all diseases.Food,medicine ect for ones dying from starvation so they could live to see the golden age.Their time is running out, I could only imagine how many died RIGHT NOW as I write and as you read.

    -Heavy street drugs have to be non existent before an addict receives 100k or more and dies from and overdose from heroin.Or the gambler that will lose all their money at the casino.Healing first..

    -Find all the missing people that are locked up in some sociopath's basement or dungeon.These victims are praying for help..

    1. I ♥ your reply, Prosperity. Allowing people to suffer from cancer when it can be cured has been the greatest crime in my opinion. OK, any suffering of any kind -- must be healed!!!

      Also, I was quite drawn to your comment because of all the curious blank space after it! Isn't it odd? LOL

    2. Thank You Angelsea,yes it's odd...I think it was meant to happen that way,I've never seen a blank space on the web before.Maybe some higher forces? Hmmmmm :)

  46. Unite and wake up Lightworkers! Remember your training..

    Remember what you are here for and what this is all about..


    Peace and love from a StarPlant!

  47. I met a Hope Girl in this blog, so I thought fair share with my family of light, my ideas for changing the world: Here's my answer:
    Your call filled my heart with hope.
    I intuited the truth in your words and felt that some way, our ideas will be seed. Unfortunately, my answer runs off a lot of pattern that you requested, but it did not stop the impetus of write you. Do not rate the range of monetary funds involved. neither political reach. But I know that all wealth of the world will be incapable of real change, if not accompanied by educational, and political actions.
    Personally believe that money is not needed. There will come a day when all humanity will understand that just as our cells and organs of our body work for us, we also should to work for the welfare and evolution individual, of humanity and the all universe.
    But we still have a mentality strongly deformed by centuries of slavery, alienated labor and monetarist ideology. That will only change with education, paradigm shift, and the coming of new generations. At the current level of conscience, if that money is
    only divided equally and distributed among every citizen, would return quickly to a society with some super-rich and a miserable lot.
    I wrote down what actions believe are necessary for real change and lasting in our collective destiny. Some are could be made by a foundation with resources, others are political actions that can
    only be implemented through political will. Do not know what the political power of fundation manager of resoucers, but I believe that with the disclosure of truth, the membership of society will be full.
    Some actions (in order of importance I attach):
    1 - Eradication of poverty
    2 - Revolution in education
    3 - Improved quality of life
    4 - Recovery of the planet
    5 - Processing and elimination of anti-life activities, incompatible with the evolution
    6 - Maintenance of Justice

  48. detailing:
      1 - Eradicate extreme poverty.
    No problem worldwide more simpler and cheaper to be resolved than the elimination of poverty. It is shameful to see brothers starving, abandonment and madness in every corner of the cities, without mention several countries, victims of a policy genocidal. Misery is anti-natural, origin and fruit from all slavery, sign of lack of superior intelligence.
    Every being deserves care, shelter and respect in appropriate institutions, those with capacity rehabilitation should be working on activities compatible with their capabilities, the seriously committed, must be physically and psychologically care with love and respect for all their lives. I imagine shelters where can coexist in the same
    space; seniors, adults, children and animals need of care and protection; elderly transmitting life experiences, children, joy of living. Wherever possible these institutions must promote the art, craft, agriculture, beekeeping, gardening and work in general that
    serve as therapy, ensure income and resumption the dignity of sheltered, and help these places to be as self-sufficient as possible.
    2 - Revolution in education
    Universal high quality education, which includes efforts in desclosure the truth and transformation of actual paradigms.
    2.1-Education is the most important factor in real transformation of humanity after the end of misery. Not the kind of education that we have today, alienating, castrating, reductionist and shaping of workforce, but in its largest sense, forming the integral man, with development their full potential and capacity of self-management. We have excellent educational methods created throughout history, that are not used in public schools for political reasons: Want us
    slaves. The school as a place of research, deliberation, creation. Full-time education free of charge to all children and young, or at least during the time of job their parents. The school as the
    cultural center of their region, with various events on weekends open to the community. Free courses on various affairs, aimed at all ages.
    2.2 - Preparation and support to groups and individuals engaged in the effort of spreading the truth, through all possible means. Breach of hegemony of big media.
    2.3 - To reach these goals, need special attention in awareness, training and retraining of teachers and disseminators. Revalorization of the role of teacher. Radical change in the laws regulators laws
    of the media existent; culture and information are patrimony of humanity.

  49. 3 - Improved quality of life. Involves many factors, materials and subjective, including the perception of what is really need to be happy and feeling of social security. Some actions:
    3.1-worthy Salary to all functions. Allowing the worker meet all needs of a family as: housing, food, clothing, health, leisure, study,
    information, communication, culture.
    3.2 Reduction of workload. The main reason why most people do not want need to work is because we work as slaves! We need time to study, to reflect, to inform, entertain, travel, see our children to grow. The work must be for the maintenance and evolution of life and not gear producer of surplus value. Reducing the hours and
    days worked, and eliminating unnecessary and anti-life activities, will work for everyone. Today the jobs occupy the entire productive life of the employee, by keeping him captive to his job,
    preventing him from to evolve, develop their talents and aspirations as well as create an army of unemployed to force down wages and to promote a culture of fear and insecurity (obey otherwise ...).
    Some jobs by their nature, can be controlled by task and not necessarily by day / hour worked (see experiences of companies in Silicon Valley).
    3.3-Housing. Every human being has the right obvious, a worthy
    place to live and shelter. We do not need to live in mansions but we have the right to have a home, so beautiful, spacious and comfortable, how can dream of. With the end of the capitalist classic model, we can decentralize the means of production, bringing wealth and opportunities for all places. I think that most people today overcrowded cities, come back to your hometowm
    if to find there worthy conditions of life. This will almost instantly relieve the big cities, allowing the structural reforms necessary. With the advent of internet, many jobs can be carried anywhere, allowing that wish, can literally live anywhere corner of the planet, with all basic conditions. With wages and fair prices and the end of the culture of speculation and interest, a house will be much cheaper than today.
    Some fundamental activities of the human species are not necessarily profitable or have your goal incompatible to profit.

  50. 3.4a-Art and culture are the heritage of humanity and should be produced, sponsored and shared by all. Sponsored artists can and should be chosen by the community, to prevent fraud. Obviously those that achieve success and stability, no longer need commercial sponsorship. Music in plazas, art on the walls, opera free.
    3.4b- Health is a fundamental activity that should be sponsored because its scope goes against monetarist goal. If the search finds the cure, lose the customer (and profits). a fact confirmed for the general framework of our health, providing treatment, but not a cure of major diseases, and relegates simple diseases like diarrhea to
    abandonment because its research and treatment are not profitable. I dream of the day when we will not need the pharmaceutical industry, to we reach health as kind.
    3.4c-Research and projects in various fields of human activity should also be beneficiaries of sponsorship since demonstrably be beneficial to the author's research and consequently, the humanity and the planet. It is obvious that all sponsored activities must be monitored and conducted with the goal of becoming useful and
    3.5-Formation of multidisciplinary teams (preferably of the own region), scroll through to cities, towns and villages all over the planet, analyzing their potential for sustainable development in
    various fields such as, natural resources, tourism, local talents and vocations, that may be developed. Offering full support, technical, material, educational and management to carry out these
    enterprises until they are enabled to self-management. The culture monetarist suffocated and blunted initiatives and original talent of
    people with imposed on mass products. The most small towns and villages in the world has around them all the resources necessary for their livelihoods and sustainable development. It help needed to identify, initiate, and do flourish the resources of each place.

  51. 4 - Recovery of the planet
    We act as a cancer on the planet and we need change to a form of symbiotic relationship or we induce the planet (and us together) to collapse. That requires some obvious and urgent actions:
    4.1-Formation of multidisciplinary teams to detection and cure of regions and ecologically beings threatened, including the cities and their problems ecological.
    4.2 - Immediate replacement (the fastest possible) the use of fossil energy (stop of take away the Mother Earth's oil!) and by nuclear fission research development and implementation of free, clean and
    renewable energy forms.
    4.3-Change of development paradigm. Our physics already is quantum but our economy yet is mechanics ! The capitalism is based on arithmetic growth constant, but while the numbers
    are infinite, our planet is not. Science and technology are essential conquests, but we don't need a new blender every years. We need good machines, that last too, that can be repaired and upgraded. I know that somewhere in the U.S. has a bulb with more than 100 years. Today last 1000 hours, or less, because we need to sell more and more. This is crazy. Enough of programmed obsolescence. Of mass production of goods useless and creation of false needs. The insane pursue to consume just shows how much we are empty and lost. We traded our freedom for knickknackss that do not last until the next station. We need a development harmonious and integrated with the planetary ecology. Solidary and non-competitive. We must once again become the gardeners of this planet, rebuild and inhabit the paradise lost.

  52. 5 - Processing and elimination of anti-life activities incompatible with evolution. Of course, most of us want a change the less
    traumatic as possible, but as the saying: "Is impossible to make an omelette without break some eggs".
    5.1-The first of the eggs its the paradigm of competition as way to survive. Only beasts compete. The heart no dispute with the lung which is the most important, everyone knows their role unique and
    indispensable inside the body and the fulfill. Within a healthy home there is no competition; there hierarchy, but the love, respect and solidarity are stronger. Enough competition. This is not a race, we
    need to feel good, for this we live in society, for solidarity, between us and all forms of life. The unbridled competition by profits and power took us to profound distortions. We pay dearly for superfluous. Proof of this is that today big companies are much richer than many nations, and without any social commitment. Just
    more profits and power, whatever the cost; the system does not admits failure. Through example, labor, education and disclosure we may germinate the culture of solidarity.
    5.2 - The medical-pharmaceutical industry can not continue as it is today. All activity relating to the health area must be social, for the
    reasons already mentioned. The agribussiness as know it can not continue for obvious reasons and must be quickly replaced preferably performed with local production, natural and bio-dynamic processes.
    5.3-Financial activities purely speculative can not continue. Wealth is the product of work and speculative gain on capital is parasitism. No body can be healthful hosting parasites. I am in favor of free enterprise and the just reward for most workers and talented, I also think that the ascension should not worsen anyone's life, even those whose fortune is the product of inheritance, luck, favoritism or
    theft; but it is absurd, cruel and childish someone having more money than they can spend in a lifetime. The cause this is the paradigm of a system based on power of the stronger, in fear and myth of scarcity. The necessary is enough.
    5.4-End of the big private media networks.
    We have been deceived for a long time by a media that defends only private and antisocial interests. The media should be sponsored by the society, instrument disclosure, truthful information, education and quality entertainment. End of televisions networks as know, the integration of TV programming with the Internet, allowing propagation of decentralized production.
    5.5-End immediate of armament industry.
    For obvious reasons. We need tractors and granaries.
    5.6-End immediately (ASAP) of oil and nuclear energy industries.
    All employees affected by the change can be relocated to new corresponding activities. Ex: Workers of the oil industry by developing the new free energy industry.

  53. 6 - Maintenance of Justice.
    We have many of us who live to take advantage of the
    neighbor. Psychopaths of various degrees. Probably still have for some time. Of course that we still need a justice system that safeguard the right of each one. Nothing like what have today. The system punishes who robs a chicken to eat and awards bonuses to those who steal millions (see 2009). Prisons are schools where small delinquents has time and contact with others like him, to learn new techniques, to plan new actions and form new partnerships. Incredible how in a system where everyone is forced to the work for to live, the only ones who get everything for free are just those who not wish to work, then steal. Why?The judiciary sistem, is lackey of the financial power and cultivates the crime to justify military might that defends the status quo.
    6.1 - The law must be equal in the prosecution and conviction of criminals big and small, just in applying of penalty and intransigent in their fulfillment. Inmates need work to occupy the mind, pay for your food, stay, and the damage they have caused, and for those who so desire, after the sentence is served, meet again a decent place in society.
    6.2 - The individual right ends where it interferes in the rights of other. No one can be convicted for what he does himself, how bad it may be, since it at the express wish consciously, and not harm
    others. The war against drugs is a false problem created for feed the industry traffic, repress people and races, and moving huge sums of public money for a combat with negative or null results.
    The drugs problem will end with the end of existential alienation, education of quality, improvement of life and disclosure of forms safe and effective for relaxation and expansion of consciousness.

  54. This comment has been removed by the author.

  55. Extras
    I was born in 1961, a number that, upside down is the same. Decade when the world literally turned upside down. Since always, I identified with the movement of the counterculture. With 5, 6 years, saw the haired in tv and streets with their colorful
    costumes and joyful music and thought: This is my tribe. Even before knowing what was to be. I've always been what I am: rock in the middle the river which rolls, eternal. At Fourteen I discovered the Theosophy and that all Masters teach the same truth by many different ways. The way to integral being. I never knew what to do when I grow up. Always I was artist. I tried to believe that democracy improve the world, tried to adjust me, I had business, employees. I never had a cent of support of the system. On the contrary, just obstacles, charges and endless regulations; made ​​to
    overthrow every slave who tries to get up. Never knew how to play the system, I never had the predator's malice. I went bankrupt twice, the last lost everything, including a wedding of fifteen years. Problems with alcohol, I lost track. I rose through the power of "I am",and for the love of some who would not let me forget who I am. And to the lose everything, Miracle! Also lost the fear.
    Since child dream with fleets of UFOs flying in the sky. Even before knowing about the shift. A day, already an adult, I had what I call "the happiest dream of my life". It was in a beautiful place, as a campus, very well cared, with beautiful buildings, walkways, fountains and flowers everywhere. There were many people circling around, cooling down in the sources, playing, reading. People of all ages and races, and we were all brothers, friends, and we were all enjoying very, happy and without fear. The happiest dream of my life.
    My dreams never lied to me.

    I finished.
    I think it stayed long, I said what I needed, I used the mind and the heart. I know that not everything it is possible, feasible, desirable. I spoke what I understand to be necessary. I hope I can collaborate at least with a comma. Edit as desired, are told.
    Sorry for the probable many errors of translation aided by google's translator. I do not speak English. Original text in Portuguese.
    A affectionate hug of Brazil for all.
    Count on me for everything that is Good, Just and Beautiful!
    That the Supreme Source of Life bless all beings who are willing to help humanity and Mother Earth this moment so critical.

    1. Dearest Bijam,
      Thank you! This was SO inspiring. All it takes is the HEART and WILL to heal this world inside and out. Trust that the Universe is on our side. If we remain positive and optimistic in our thoughts and actions, I promise it WILL transform our ideas and dreams into the beautiful expressions of life that our world is meant to be. I am with you every step of the way. We have what it takes and we are not alone. Hold these visions that we share in our hearts, and allow them to guide us in our convictions and desires to bring them to life.

      This is a critical time for our sacred Earth and Humanity. I am answering the call for help in any way that I can. No matter how big or how small, regardless of the challenges we face, I fearlessly believe that everything IS possible.

      With all my love, respect, and many blessing to your touched heart.


    2. Dear Deborah, Bijam means "Seed" is and how to say "amen." My name is Roberto Zazul. Thanks for your kind words. We're all together.
      Love and peace

    3. ah yes, I missed that one :-) Thank you Roberto.

      All is well.

  56. as money or gold is subject today.... own comment can read from. money or gold should not subject before know basic.... money or gold not help to understand basic.

  57. What about the Venus Project to be REALIZED?? :))