Sunday, November 11, 2012

A short notice about the Austin conference
This was such a wonderful group! We have activated the 11/11 Austin vortex. And again, we have turned rain into sunshine...


  1. Thank you Mr. Cobra and to all my family in the group. You are all sooo special!! I'm so blessed and will never be the same.. For all u ney sayers out there, Cobra is the reall deal baby!! I know because was blessed to have meet him. I miss you all. Kirk.

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  4. looking forward to attending NYC conference

  5. i really hope i could join the conferences :)

    I LOVE YA'LL... i can feel the pleasure of those who went to conferences..I feel the love on the air.. all love~

  6. This was a wonderful conference. Cobra has pulled all the pertinent information together in one mind blowing conference. WOW. I highly recommend if you are sitting on the fence about attending one of these to go. I feel like I am trying to fit a house inside my head there was so much intel. Also do listen to the full Robert Potter interview Cobra has posted earlier. Very very good info there as well.
    Welcome to the new Liberated Earth! We all will see it and feel it until it is.

  7. Is there anywhere one can read or watch these conferences?

  8. Cobra and Fellow Attendees:
    The Austin Conference was truly a once in a lifetime event and I thank all for your contributions. During the conference I was privileged to experience and witness very real and meaningful growth and the blossoming of spirits in a virtual garden of the Universe. What we shared and were able to experience has true meaning for each and everyone of us. The movement of energy during this two and one-half day event was hyper-dynamic and I know that each attendee both gave and received more than they expected.

    The information shared by Cobra was done so in a very positive and enlightening manner. There were many shocking and disturbing facts shared, but with each one came uplifting information that provided a means for positive closure. I think for many, the conference was a reaffirmation that there is indeed a Divine Plan and as such, it can only play out one way - with Love and Light for all.

    To my newly found Brother's and Sister's, I thank you for crossing my path and for taking a few precious moments to share yourselves with me and for allowing me to share myself with you.

    NAMASTE, Bill

    (For those that don't know this Sanskrit greeting, it literally translates as "bow me you" or "I bow to you." Here is a beautiful definition that I learned years ago that, for me, really explains the gesture and greeting:

    "I honor the place in you, where the entire Universe resides. I honor the place in you, where lies your love, your truth, and your beauty. I honor the place in you where...when you are in that place in you... and I am in that place in me...We are ONE.)

  9. It was a wonderful experience and I learned much. Thanks to Cobra who brought us together. Yes, we are all one! Love, Light, and Joy. If you are considering attending, have no doubts. It is awesome. Kathy

  10. For those who cant attend but would have liked to,where can we get to see the conferences?

  11. I walked in with eyes wide open, and walked out with heart wide open. Thank you Cobra, thank you to all who were there, thank you to all who join with us in the liberation of Earth and all her human family.
    Please, all, join with us in the Sunday meditations and the 11-22 meditation.
    Victory of the Light!

  12. I am still reeling from the Austin Conference! It was truly wonderful! Let me just take a moment to thank Cobra and lay all the doubts to rest once and for all. He is an extraordinary person with extremely gifted high knowledge, not only of things of this world, but of the workings of the universe and our galactic family. He can answer the most complex questions, quantum theory, world history, etc. in a most eloquent way that is understandable for everyone. Those at the conference were on information overload. He did not skip a beat in 3 days and astounded everyone. I thank Cobra, his contacts, the resistance movement, the positive ET races, and humanity that have had the courage to help change our world. I also want to thank all the incredible souls that attended the conference! I have never seen a more loving people at a conference, ever. Now the hard work begins in carrying forward what we need to do as a community of souls..
    I can echo what Rob Potter talks about on the Archon attacks. This year has been the worse for me but intensified when I signed on to bring a conference to Austin, Texas. The multiple wrecks, the rental cars that had an electrical meltdown, fire in my breaker box, the multiple breakdown of electricity, plumbing, equipment, the personal attacks from others for seemingly no reason, energetic attacks, and atypical thoughts of suicide that tried to immobilize me. The computer malfunctioned everytime I tried to set up anything about the conference and emails that disappeared before I could send them. And I didn’t say all of them. Those attacks are for the most part gone now and I only mention this because I got a reality check that Archons are real and what they are capable of in society. This is a validation of only a part of the message Cobra is bringing…..and there is still much work still to do to energetically.
    On the day Cobra came to Austin, last Friday, Texas submitted to the US government a petition for secession from the US and is leading the way in the nation in signatures. 78,000 at this writing. It brought my statement that Texas is a vortex of independent pioneering souls to complete fruition. Was it coincidence that Cobra was here that weekend? Was it coincidence that he was assisting us in activation of the 11/11 Austin vortex, the capitol of Texas? Was it coincidence that Cobra was here to help us elevate the energy here? I think not….. and maybe, just maybe this accounts for my malicious Archon attacks for my part in the convergence of Cobra and some extremely powerful loving souls to this place, this time in our history. Namaste everyone……Debby

  13. Will there be anyway to receive the information given at the conferences, for those who cannot attend??

    I was with you all in Austin, in spirit but could not attend.

  14. I, like many of us that attended the Conference are still on overload. I have talked to everyone who will listen about what I was told and that IT IS REAL!!!! Plan on doing the weekly meditations with as many friends as I can get to come hope others do the same. My love goes out to all that attended. Miss you guys!!Sherry

  15. Speechless. And beyond expectations.

    Some notes form the Austin conference: