Monday, November 12, 2012

Portal 2012 Conference in New York this weekend

The time of Cobra's second American conference is fast approaching. We welcome you to the heart of New York City, and encourage all of you to come.

We all know what is going on and we want to change it. For many of us, we have not known how we can shift the tides. We have sought positive leadership and information to shed light and bring wisdom in the sea of disinformation and changes that swirl into the awaited time of December 21st 2012. Thus, trusting our gut feelings and heart we search out our brethren and for some, Cobra has been a source that resonates to our sense of truth, bringing hope to the changes in our lives, both personal and planetary.

Searching for a dawning of truth, even though as individuals we may know the answers, we wait for the changes to occur. Why is it our inability to initiate greater changes on our own? We seek out other light beings in our sojourn here, knowing that power is greater in numbers. Admittedly, the numbers in our crowd is small, comparing to the worlds population, but even a tiny seed has the power to shatter concrete.

Personally I have sought to belong to a small and dedicated team of competent light workers, skilled both in the physical and non physical realms. This is why I reached out to help Cobra organize this conference. Seemingly, there are non physical factors that have made difficult the effective organization of lightworkers into action units capable of making a change. We wish to release that, and combine our energies into a tool capable of liberating this planet. 

Perhaps part of the reason why the cabal has been so effective is its dominating hierarchy of effective organization. Free will, noncompliance, and infighting seem to decimate the organized power of our groups. The upside to this I see is that, what is not organized or centralized is even harder to stop or control.
I would point out that Cobra is the symbol for the Kundalini energy of enlightenment which also takes the form of the serpent, traveling up the spine as it awakens our higher vehicles. 
The most powerful seed is in thought, created of love, kindness and action.

Come gather in the light as we rip asunder the veil that has kept us bound. We can shift the tides, and grow rootlets like sidewalk breaking Dandelions.

I suspect more of you would be coming, but that you don’t have the money. To organize sharing of hotel rooms with other participants, contact me at and I will put you in touch. 
With love and acceptance of all of you, and your ways,
Shiloh Jaxen

P.S: The link to all information and registration page is here:


  1. As one who was with Cobra in Austin, Texas last weekend, I would just say that if you feel a pull in your heart to go to NY, forget the mind chatter, and GO.
    Victory of the Light, Victory of Love. So be it!

  2. After NESARA perhaps I could afford to.

  3. To celebrate the influx of Divine Feminine energies :


    more info here:

  4. Today we published some news in the wiki:

    Presbeia Protoi Wiki

    We got permission to publish a shortcut of historical informations which are needed to understand the changes comming in near future.

    We start with the beginning of this creation.

    We explain who is doing what job in this creation.

    Do we realy live on earth?

    We publish infos about "our" 11.11 Portal.

    We publish infos about "The Event".

    1. I think after spending 3 years on this spirtual/conspiracy/truthseeker path, there are not many things that can surprise me, but you are a real nut with your elephants!

    2. Stay in Disneyland and have fun.....

    3. Thank you, Frank. Is it possible to still stay until everyone has gone thru the portal? I am referring back to an old comment you made about how many generations it will take, and wondering what happens to those who do not awake. Thank you.

    4. All incarnated souls will go and continue their road on original Earth, don't matter how long it will take.

      But meffers without souls can not cross the portal...
      So many Problems will just stay behind...

      This moment i am preparing a new version of our text about the bodies. We learned very much in the last months about it. And i will also put some references in the text to the known spiritual names of the bodies. And connect it with the knowledge of the chakras. In most spiritual documents that i know very many chakras are located in the wrong bodies. This is a side effect from the trap thing, in which many manipulations on Humans were made. And all chakras have been manipulated....
      They put those, what we call chakras in a collection to the PL6 body. But the original collection is in PL8 body. The PL8 body is the "control center" of all higher functions. They connected the new-made PL6 chakras to the belonging PL8 energy point to get this function running in the low level that we have been in the past.

      It is important for people to know that most of the "awoken" people are traveling with their Astral Body, which is the PL5 body. With this body you are not able to leave this planet in the astral travelings (without using ships). But the Disneyland in this planet was big and had creazy densities, so that the darks were able to put whole galaxies and universes inside...

      This is why i told you all the time, that you are still inside. Remember i wrote it months ago.

      Now many lightworkers will get bodies connected higher than PL6. This bodies can travel outside. I hope you will use it to look at all from a distanz and start seeing what was going on in the past.

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  5. A highly recommended video:

  6. great new light ships video footages.MUST WATCH.

  7. Hello, Cobrasssss!!!

    I just wanted to share this with you. It's from a prayer book, but I don't consider it as a prayer. To me, this is more like a friendly chat with the unseen powers. Many times, I start my meditations by reading this, because it makes me to feel more connected to ALL OF THEM.
    I hope you'll like it too.

    Oh, unique spirit, without beginning or end, ever present, ever powerful, in whose ocean of life I AM but a drop. Let me feel the presence of your power, let me know more clearly whet you were, and what I mean to you? Make the consciousness of your spiritual reality and my spiritual reality penetrate my whole being, and occupy all the parts of my soul.

    Make your spiritual power manifest in my soul. Penetrate the body of this OTHER BEING in my own body, who wants to be cured, infusing it with health, vigor, vitality, and with your Love, so that it can become a better temple of the Holy Spirit, a faster channel of the only life.

    Make this body rise up over the naturally thick inferior vibrations and rest the subtle vibrations of the spiritual soul, so that we can know YOU.

    Give this body the peace, strength, and life that belong to YOU by virtue of your being.
    This I ask of YOU, oh ever present spirit, because I AM your child, and because of your promise of eternal knowledge, and eternal life.


  8. LV,

    Awesome video and song brought back good memories!But that person with the bus was a close call..omg!

  9. Victory of the LIGHT!

    Dear Friends of the LIGHT,
    It is with great interest that I watch this webcam overlooking the New Your Harbor. It is with great interest that I continue to watch the SKY. In 2010 or so, I had the urge to watch the sky through a pair of binoculars and witnessed an object or objects. Even through the lenses, the objects were small and very high up. They gave off round LIGHT of fire gold on the bottom and electric green on the top. Think of two lazy-8's leaning with the round lights on top of each other. At first when I witnessed the objects, my thought to myself was: "Good idea, traffic lights in the sky. Is it that busy in the flight paths to need 'traffic lights'?" And from there I searched the internet for anything I could find that resembled the objects I witnessed and this whole spiritual adventure somewhat began and now I am here.

    I feel that not enough people are being 'shown' the wonders in our skies, such as I was shown. I go out at night and at least try to communicate with real LIGHT in the form of a photo flash with a large crystal over the flash. The crystal amplifies the flash VERY bright and I can see small orbs or objects being illuminated like rain drops in the clear sky. If I wait and keep watching, sometimes I get a 'flash' back from something in the sky, only from very high up as a small point of LIGHT. I become relieved that 'something' is there and seems to respond in a way. I miss seeing them, AND to my point:

    Others need to see those objects in the sky AS well!! iPhones, iPods, players are introduced distractions to KEEP people from actually looking UP.
    I believe IF the population WERE to witness more objects in the skies as often as possible, the changes we meditate on could come sooner IF the 'sleeping' population were 'awaken' by the presence of the objects I witnessed, UFO or not.

    As a galactic sovereign integral I VOTE that our LIGHT, 'star' brothers and sisters and other LIGHT, 'star' beings COME FOURTH and let the entire population witness their presence!

    I feel by showing their presence, it will help with the Earth Liberation!

    Victory of the LIGHT!


    It seems that the Bilderberg Club has met in Rome yesterday, has anybody got some more intel about this event?

    Cobra, if things do not change rapidly by the end of the year WE NEED to organize a meeting/conference here in Rome and quickly!

    Light and Love to all out there in cyberspace and 3D reality,