Friday, November 2, 2012


Compression grid activated to ND=48m. HVBN substable, major Isidic security breach deflected. M increase to 2.5, Dreamland attempt in progress.


  1. May the three "L"s: Love, Light and Liberation from ignorance stand tall, showering all on this planet with clarity, awakeness and readiness to welcome the positive changes, off planet Beings and blessed abundance in every conceivable area of life, for all!

  2. Thought it might be helpful to post the link to full details about 'Operation dreamland' psoted here by Cobra a few months ago.

    Sound encouraging news.

    Best of luck with that.



  3. Big opportunity to be a Conscious Creator this weekend, Sunday November 4th....time to use your intention and "knowing" that WE MUST ALL WORK TOGETHER to create the world of your dreams!!

    Hathor World Sound Meditation


    The Hathor World Sound Meditation will take place at 3:00 PM Pacific Standard Time on November 4th 2012.

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