Saturday, November 3, 2012

L0 nodal distance 35m


  1. Today i want to write something about weapons and implants.

    Many of us have weapons and impltans in our higher bodies. Many of them are from further lives and have been fixed to the bodies by deals, so that they could not be removed.

    We finished most of those deals the last days and started removing the weapons and implants. But many of them came with you into this incarantion so that they are your property now and can only be removed if you release them and give permission for removing, even if they are harming you.

    You can give the permisiion easy by giving it to the one you may call "creator". Easy saying it is enough, the "creator" will give it someone who will remove the items.

    Much LaL to you


    1. I used your advice this morning, Frank. thank you very much.

  2. For the readers, there is a new posting on: at 11:11 pm tonight, Saturday,
    November 3, 2012

    The Summary is ready.

  3. First! Yay.

    And hopefully this amazing news is true:

  4. CO.mpression BR.e.A.kthrough, not so far away now !!!!
    == == =