Wednesday, November 14, 2012

R13/11 complete


  1. 13/11 = 13th november?
    13th of the every month - what's so special in that date?

    greetings and much much Light for Cobra and everyone

    1. In my opinion, the operation 'R' (whatever it called, i do not know) has 13 steps. Now the 11th has completed. So the entire operation will finish.

    2. look back into the archived messages: every month there is a data: R13/10, R13/9, R13/8 and so on.. Like the 13th day of every month is completed.. ;-)
      I'm curious what is so special in that specific day..

  2. Alaje is back!

  3. RT is reporting: Israel just bombed Gaza and is planning other operations.

    As with everything, let's hold this to the light. They need our continuous prayer and intention.

  4. Why is the Resistance Movement, Galactic Forces and whoever else still allowing the zionists to massacre innocent civilians? Why in 2012 November? Great Divine intervention..
    War drums are loud, reservists called, opreation about to expand on ground, isn't it time to intervene maybe??

    1. "Why is the Resistance Movement, Galactic Forces and whoever else still allowing the zionists to massacre innocent civilians? Why in 2012 November? Great Divine intervention.."

      You asking this questions, but call me nuts before? LoL

      There is no "Divine intervention"! Only a very few doing their jobs, and many playing in Disneyland.... have fun in there!

    2. Im aggre with LV. Things going nasty out there...

  5. It was terrible to hear what Israel is doing right now. Will these evil spirits be brought back to the central sun and start everything again?

    1. The six parts that define us as "ourselves" here on Earth. The parts and their "typical" influence on us are:

      1. The Soul (32%) => Located in body No. 6
      2. The Conciousness / Ego (the data from current incarnation) (13%)=> Located in body No. 2
      3. The Knowledge / the personal Akasha with the data from past lives (0%)=> Located in body No. 2
      4. The Personality / Properties (19%)=> Located in body No. 6
      5. Our Emotional Definition (from current incarnation) (36%)=> Located in body No. 3
      6. A storage (similar to the Akasha) with allof our emotions from past lives (0%)=> Located in body No. 10

      The points 1./4. and 2./3. are in the same body, but they are not directly connected and they are different things. They have different locations in the belonging bodies.

      The very most meffers on this planet already lost No. 1 the soul. And they lost their bodies higher than PL5. Without these they are not able to reincarnate any more. See this as a long time solution. So whatever they do, it is over for them. And the more s...t they are doing from now on, the smaller will get their options to survive (yes they have some...).

      We will publish more details about the bodies soon on our wiki.

  6. where can I get a breakdown of the grid, I don't understand what R13/11 referes to.

    1. Hi Green. I dont think we are really supposed to understand the codes.... they are a way of communication for the "Resistance," which is a group of underground warriors for the light. You can probably find a lot of info about the grid and about many other things if you search through the many past posts and comments.

    2. It is code, we are not party to it.

    3. Thank you Cobra.
      I am not giving the increased sabre rattling in the Middle East my attention. They are just trying to scare everyone so that they can increase control. The reporting they are doing, interviewing distressed people with a lound background of rockets is not proper journalism, it is promote shock/horror journalism. The truth is, we do not really know what is going on, it is likely that we are being reported some distortion or other. I do not believe there will be a war and am not buying into this idea. It will blow over, like it has before, despite Tony Blair being peace envoy. Rather like Dracular being in charge of blood donations. Bizzare.

  7. Be wary of messages coming through one who calls himself Tolec. Though he still claims a connection, he severed it wilfuly some time ago. A successful "divide and conquer" operation of the dark ones.

    Resistance operations reveal the truths of these types of things. Truth.

  8. Cobra,

    will you finally be able to make an audio/video recording of the Laguna conference and make it avaliable subsequently? If yes, when approximately?


  9. Hello dear Cobrasss ...

    I am posting below a response to a post on a discussion list that I belong to - a group advocating local/sustainable economy and community with particular reference to peak oil. I had posted information regarding a petition to release information about free energy. (will post that separately).

    In the interest of beginning the reeducation process, and opening up people's minds with some facts, would there be a suitable response, as well some credible sources of information to refer to ? Feel free to email me if you prefer.

    Much appreciated and much love ....


    I’m sorry, but there is no evidence in the history of science that energy is not conserved (or energy + matter in the case of nuclear reactions). So don’t expect to ever see “free energy” machines. All engines convert one form of energy to another, usually with inefficiencies that turn the rest of the input energy into heat or acoustic energy, etc.

    For example, internal combustion engines convert the chemical energy in their fuel into mechanical energy (with ~20% efficiency) plus a lot of waste heat. Electric motors turn electrical power into mechanical power (power is energy per time). My PV array converts almost 20% of the power in incident sunlight into electrical power. So I receive the sunlight for free (except my property taxes), but the energy is coming from the sun—there is no free lunch in physics. The wind power driving wind turbines came from sunlight heating the atmosphere. Etc. I haven’t studied the references in your links, but Tesla was mainly pushing wireless transmission of electrical power, which is transmission, not a source of energy.

    I studied electromagnetics for years at MIT and UC Berkeley and made a career of it. No, there is no conspiracy to hide “free energy” sources. (Full disclosure: I’m retired now, and have no economic ax to grind.) Indeed, there are multiple research labs working on scavenging enough energy to run a small wireless receiver or sensor, from sources such as mechanical vibration, thermal differences, ambient light, or ambient radio radiations (from otherwise powered RF transmitters such as your cell phone). But scavenging describes the magnitude of energy practically possible—they’re talking microwatts.

    You rightly distrust big businesses for vigorously defending their market share, including massive disinformation campaigns and government manipulation.

    And we should all point out that not only is the sunlight coming to us “for free”, but there is so much energy available from the sun that it’s crazy to need any other sources. The world generates about 15 TW to power our civilization, whereas 168,000 TW comes to our planet 24/7.

    I’m afraid that you/we only undermine {XXXXXXXXXX's} credibility by bringing up Free Energy topics.


    {name withheld}

    lol - the capcha here was aproved :)

    1. From the perspective of physics and scientist he is right. But he forgot the main point:

      What is called "free energy" is not real free energy which is comming from nowhere. There are energies with very huge amount available 24/7. They are on higher level than the energies we are using on earth right now. Many of those energies are still blocked by a barrier which was installed by the darks. All we need is to develope something similar to a converter and to remove the barrier. The removing of the barrier is in progress...

      We will soon publish a new version from "Energy Structure of Creation" in which some of those energies are listed in detail including the materials which will be needed here on earth to implement the using of them.

  10. (con't)

    Here is the information that I had posted on the discussion list in regards to free energy:

    To: To the Government of All Nations and All Who Have the Power and Resources Needed to Make a Differnence

    From giant oil spill disasters, nuclear power plant accidents to coal mining disasters, are there more efficient and less life threatening methods without madness?

    It takes 2 clicks of the tv remote and 1 internet search to find thousands upon thousands of negative effects resulting from the way we generate energy to this day. There is another way! And it's been around for many decades!

    The Problem:
    The technology and information have been surpressed, destroyed and confiscated over and over again. Nothing has been done, due to an uninformed population that accepts things just the way they are and don't bother questioning life's possibilities.

    The Solution:
    Educate yourself about Zero Point Energy, also known as Tachyon Energy, and become aware of the omnipresent energy around us, waiting to be harnessed. It is REAL and it WORKS. Stand up and make it known that you know that free energy exists, energy that will change the face of our Earth.

    “The day when we shall know exactly what “electricity” is, will chronicle an event probably greater, more important than any other recorded in the history of the human race. The time will come when the comfort, the very existence, perhaps, of man will depend upon that wonderful agent.”
    -Nikola Tesla-

    Sign the Petition

    By signing this petition, you shout out to the world, saying:

    "I am educated and hungry for sustainable ways of living! I agree that oil, coal mines and nuclear power plants are not the most efficient and certainly not the best human potential is capable of!"

    "We CAN get together, we know the TRUTH and we won't stop!"

    As a global community we need to evaluate mankind's true potential! We CAN do better. The inspiring poet, William Blake said: "What is now proved, was once only imagined." Everything starts small and builds up until it is considered to be the norm. Wouldn't it be wonderful if 2 generations from now, the norm would be to have an affluence of energy available to all of the world. It might occur faster than we think.

    True freedom begins not with an answer but with a question.
    Will you sign this petition of FREEDOM?

    FIND OUT MORE about this captivating energy here:

    Are you still checking the comments?

    Back in July, I saw your heartbreaking letter, telling us how you could not keep on living on promises... That you didn't want to have problems with your family and friends, (the same is here), and to be called a liar... That you've lost the hope, and became a frustrated man.

    I did keep my promise to YOU, my friend. I've been sending you healing, good energies ever since...
    How I was so hoping- that by NOW - we would see the promised freedom, the promised prosperity... or SOMETHING... some signs that the things ARE GETTIG better.

    Today is November the 15th. Unfortunately, There is nothing good VISIBLE, or tangible.
    So, I am asking you, my frustrated friend - "CAN I JOIN YOUR CLUB?"

    I am sick and... frustrated of what we are still witnessing, (over and over again) - the bad ones are being given more opportunities "to think over... to surrender", and they are using that period of time TO BOMB AND TO KILL MORE.... and MORE... and MOOORE!

    I am NOT saying that death is bad... I've been there. I am just saying, that THE TIME HAS COME TO REALLY, REALLY, SEE ( IT'S well overdue) something DONE by the HEAVENLY ONES, about these killing machines.

    WE WANT PEACE! WE WANT FREEDOM! (then more good will follow, because WE ARE GOOD!)

    I don't want to get de-PRESSSSED, or have negative thoughts, or to loose my hope for the better world. I have been one of the people trying to keep the Cobra site filled with happy, and high energies. Therefore, I am asking YOU - THE GODHEAD, the Arch Angels, GFL and other Heavenly Councils:

    Personally I, don't want to spend my time, nor my energy, and deal with the bad guys. I've said this before - JUST BEAM them UP! (the most dark ones). Take them wherever you want to, and do with them whatever YOU want to.

    I think the situation is sooooo HOPE-less, and so frustrating for ALL the lightworkers and the light warriors on the surface, and UNDER the earth's surface... THAT EVEN MY BELOVED ST. GERMAIN WOULD JOIN the club of frustrated ones. Because, so far, NONE of HIS dreams have been fulfilled...
    NONE, yet!!

    1. I do think that the fact that the comments have been moderated has blocked the continuity of the comments, and dampered MY enthusiasm for this great blog for sure. We can skip over the trolls, can't we? Keep the faith, Hye Angel, the darkest hour is just before dawn! Victory to the Light!

  12. I agree with Light88, the darkest hour is just before the dawn without a shadow of doubt.

    There is so much going on which cannot be talked about for obvious reasons. The light are winning, but is a lot to do and we must remain positive and hold the light and vanquish fear.