Sunday, November 25, 2012

Morpheus L1 CHMB clear


  1. Just got home from the magnificent Cobra Conference in Laguna Beach, huge thanks to everyone! Thursday was the best Thanks Giving ever, a true feast for the Spirit as we energized and expanded the beautiful portal for the 11/11 as the sun set and the stars and moon came up. Saturday was a feast for the mind and today was the feast for the heart! I am feeling so satisfied and will have more to say after I integrate all these experiences fully. But there is no doubt, our future is very bright...shine on!

  2. I am pleased MORPHEUS L1 chmb IS CLEAR, but I sure would love to know what it actually means?

  3. No idea, what this means, but it sounds like progress to me.

    My thoughts, meditations, and prayers go out to all light-workers, light holders, those of us who are awake, and indeed our brothers and sisters who are still fast asleep (lets hope they are on their last cycle of the snooze button..)


  4. Dear Cobra,
    Here is just a short message on my experience on the opening of the 11th gate here in Panama.

    I have aligned myself with the Sacred Valley in Peru, and I read all the other Activation Anchor groups from the world's master list. I have special attention to alignment with another person in Vulcan, Panama and also with a group in Slovenia, where I am from as a special thanks for helping me out. I think many of you have a story to tell about this event. Here is mine:

    Doing this alone, I have tuned into the nature and asked for assistance and all the things I usually do...
    The energy was just incredible and at times I was showered upon by almost unbearably blissful feeling of universal love. The energy was flowing in waves, starting at 6:00 a.m. ; then the next strong wave was at 7:11 a.m. and so just about every hour even when I was no longer at the activation site but in the rancho dancing and or on the balcony overlooking the ocean. I wanted to pay special attention to 11:11 a.m. but by 11 a.m. I was so exhausted I just crashed on the bed and slept for two hours. When I awoke there was an enormous wave again at 2:11 p.m. After that the waves were more irregular and not so strong but nevertheless the energy was still flowing. In the evening the neighboring dogs sang in symphony, I have never heard them like this. And the roosters did not seem to stop either. The next day all the colors seemed fresher and more abundant and there was a rainbow across the area seen coming from the Interamericana towards El-Valle crater. I have seen new birds on my property, tiny finch like birds of different shades of sky blue. I also saw squirrels move into the plantation for the first time. There was a lonesome hawk as well. He came by a few times before. And his name is Ariel! I have a story to tell about this Ariel, but this is for another place and time.

    For now I send you all love, peace and harmony, and know that we did it! We have opened the 11th gate! There is no doubt about it!

    Love and light to all of you, Aurora.