Saturday, November 17, 2012

L0 nodal distance 7.1m


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    1. it means the distance between nodes, probably of some earth grid is getting smaller and smaller. I'm curious to see what happens when Nodal distance is 0.0m.

      maybe something happens? maybe someone is pinpointed? who knows. But it should be interesting. At this pace, it should hit 0 soon.

    2. :)
      Density of demising grid, it's nodal distance is approximately 15 kilometers / 9.32 miles. It is a whole part of Earth's distance to the Sun.

      If m means mile, The New grid is thicker as of demising grid.
      It means that actually works the new grid.

      About what's happening during transition when new grid becomes effective.
      It is something like when you travel by train and railway arrows moves your train to another rails.
      – If you are sensitive / psychic you can feel that life in new reality just have been started.
      – If you are radio operator working on short waves (HF) and receiving radio transmissions by hearing, and listening THE DEFINITELY SINGLE radio station. You can hear rare natural phenomena – so called Long Distance Echo (LDE). When radio signal with echo delayed more than 5 seconds comes from parallel reality. From different grid of the reality.
      Usually this signal is so strong that it is out of the question that it was traveled through the universe.
      Or even you can observe very, very rare phenomena of LDE – when echo signal pulls ahead to the main signal. Like it was once happened during transition of 11/11/2011.
      – If you are ordinary man and if you computer is on, you can expect accidental hanging of your computer – when something is not going smooth with transition process.

  2. good to read of things moving forwards...

  3. Galactic Federation Of Light SaLuSa November 16 2012

  4. Something has shifted :-) @Sowing the Seeds of Love

  5. this is nice...just few words yet meaningful!