Thursday, July 27, 2017

MacroBS sequence complete


  1. Every body knows it's over... knew it all along...

    Victory of the Light!

  2. I'm And I don't know how much longer I can Hang on. The world is in a very awful state, right now, and its getting worse every minute. I try to stay positive, and not fall into the Fear Traps, but its exhausting. I realize that I signed up for this adventure,!

    1. I have found this woman's energy updates so very helpful during these crazy times where everything seems to be falling apart. It is great to find comfort after the end of a tumultuous day with others that have experienced similar chaos.

    2. Remember Alot of what you see and hear, going on , that makes you fearful,is NOT ,meant for YOU.
      It is to wake others up ,because this world is taking a huge step forward wether your ready or not.

      It's the only way by nature ,to wake up ,the remaining sleeple ,sheeple. You have to vibrate things till the walls of Jericho come down so those ,that are STILL ,ignoring the changes all around them ,pause to reflect. Don't take it seriously ,take it by taking a step back inside your self.Let you watch but don't let it affect you.

      You can do this,it's easier with the right perspective,this is what the world looks like ,when evil is dieing,what your seeing is all the evil being revealed( coming to the light) it doesn't mean it's going to happen, it means it's coming to the surface to be witnessed,what, who ,where,and how. Then by the LIGHT, it will be destroyed.

    3. Great reply MindDezign, I agree with you so much...

    4. Sending you light filled compassion, kindness and unconditional love. You are beloved, We are One, And so it is. ❤️

    5. The state of the world is the state of your mind you should take care not to lead yourself into a spiral. Suffering is the nature of the society and what we have learned of this planet and the fact that we are masters of making it worse especially on ourselves the true mission right now is to revoke that spell and envisioned the world we need

  3. Cobra of course I have no idea what this implies as it is intended for the RM, I want to personally thank you for all your efforts to inform us of our current situation, our real history and our future once the liberation is complete. Many are frustrated with the time it is taking but of course we dont know all the details. My sincerest thank you to the RM, LA and LWs and Inner Earth beings basically anyone who is helping to free this prison planet. Victory of the Light!

  4. Liberation now =)

    1. I luv how New Age biscuit referenced the 3D bullshit, maybe the cryptic message means "BS on macro level is addressed."

    2. Zelda my litmus paper still signals the 3D BS still ongoing... just playing in a further stealth mode level..

    3. It turns out that "A process of dehadronization of the Black Stone has begun. This simply means that the Black Stone has begun to decompose into smaller, more manageable chunks of heavy quark matter that get smaller and smaller as the Light Forces give them „loving attention“." So, good news =) And for 3D bullshit, I think everyone has it, but maybe we can treat it as lessons that gives us chances to grow. So, why don't we deal with the "bullshit" positively with love? And here I send you much Love and Light. <3 <3 <3

  5. I just posted this on my personal FB page:

    "When the EVENT is finally triggered, we are all going to be novices... even the most connected insiders and awakened "experts" will be encountering a situation which has quite literally never happened before... anywhere.

    Think about that and ponder it for a few minutes.

    Once done, consider these words. All of the 3D bullshit - all of our hurts, emotional wounding, petty fights and squabbles with other people - none of that will matter anymore.

    All that will matter is humanity coming together and working to permanently fix the huge mess that the Cabal has made of this planet via their greed and insatiable craving for control.

    Initially, this means we have to all be safe... first as individuals, then as families, then as neighbors and coworkers, next as communities, and finally as nations and citizens of this beautiful planet.

    It is time to release all negative 3D attachments. There will be no room for those in the new reality. We will all be too busy finally sharing all of the love and compassion which has been suppressed for millennia - there will be no more time to hate.

    Let it go... let it all go. Get emotionally ready for the EVENT... right now."

    1. I am rooting for us right now.
      Root yourself in this present moment now.
      A tree with strong roots laughs at storms.
      Life is available only in the present moment.

    2. Ep. 690 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Rob Potter : ET Contact, Valient Thor, Dr. Fred Bell : LIVE

      1 week ago 9,516 views

      Rob Potter has been researching healing and consciousness for over 40 years. He has given seminars all over the world including Egypt, Canada, Europe and USA

      Really warm Rob & Jimmy conversation
      many good shows

    3. Hi there! I love this! I was wondering if I could put this on my tumblr, with full credit, of course!

  6. It means Black Stone is gone? I hope BS not mean that what people usually use that abridgment for :D

  7. Thank you for the Outstanding work by Cobra , All Light Warriors and Light Workers.

    Cobra is it possible You and Rob could have Tamarinda Maassen the Embassador of Agartha in one of Your interviews?

  8. It appears BS means "black stone", not some curse word. I am hopeful for progress taking place.

  9. Sounds GREAT...
    THANK YOU COBRA, RM, GF and all BEIngs of Light.

  10. Perhaps the signal more intel to be released?

    EM: Can people ask the Source to intervene much more in view of the control of the intel flow?

    C: It is good to ask Source for more direct intel flow and more direct intervention. That’s actually a very good idea

    This is my third and final request ... please Source give us more direct intel flow and more direct intervention.

    I have now asked on three separate occasions .. you MUST comply. It's your Law ... I read this in a book so it must be true.

    Thank you for your time.:)

    Victory of the Light.

  11. uhuuuuuul o////
    i feel these are really great news!
    the sky is full of unusual clouds in my city today. i woke up and felt it different.
    thank you so much cobra and all the light forces which work so hard to ser this amazing planet free!
    victory of light!

  12. August 21st – Total Eclipse of the Sun – Join Forces to Align Our Future with the Planetary Liberation Program!

    July 19, 2017 by Ada Shaw

    It is time to prepare for the next big Prepare For Change mass meditation Event!

    ….and this time we will be gathering together physically…it is finally time to meet the rest of the 144,000….

    ….this promises to be a BIG one!

    On Monday, AUGUST 21st, 2017 … a mere 5 weeks from now…there will be a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE over the USA.

    We will be gathering together all along the ECLIPSE PATH which goes from OREGON through NEBRASKA and KANSAS and ends in SOUTH CAROLINA.

    The eclipse starts at 10:16 AM in Oregon and ends 90 minutes later at 2:48 PM in South Carolina. (Different timezone – 3 hours later in the day)

    Prepare For Change is organizing a physical mass meditation event to declare our decision to trigger the Event and bring back Light to our planet.
    We will be holding physical meetups along the eclipse path, and planting cintamanis and special free will crystals to amplify our intention.

    If you are able to organize an IN PERSON MEETUP along the Eclipse path on this date, or if you are able to help with the placement of stones and crystals, please send us an email:

    To volunteer for this project: Email .


  13. Special Cobra and Corey Goode Joint Interview—Coming Soon!

    July 22, 2017 by Angel Eyes

    This is a shout out to all readers/listeners of our Cobra interviews. I will be joined by Justin Deschamps as co-host of this special interview. Prepare For Change is joining forces with Corey Goode and Justin Deschamps to promote a special meditation to be held on the day of the eclipse: August 21st, 2017.

    For the next 4 days only—I am seeking questions on anything surrounding the topic of meditation. This is our chance to advance as a united people, to stand in solidarity for a common cause.
    We are all desiring a new society, free of debt slavery, where people can follow the path of the heart, be engaged in work that is joyful and fulfilling. Now is our chance to join with a larger community to create what it is we desire.
    It is through peaceful means, that we will overtake the dark and create our new society. It is by love that we will win.

    Corey Good will be answering questions alongside of Cobra. They each come from a different experience but the goal is the same: to create “unity in the community.”
    Please submit only meditation oriented questions for this special interview. The days for these questions are July 22nd through 25th.

    Please place these questions on the normal “Cobra Questions” link of the website:

    1. "In alignment with Unity in the Community Cobra and myself will be doing an interview with Justin Deschamps and Lynn of Prepare for Change. In a recent communication with Tier Er I was reminded again of the importance of mass meditations right now in assisting navigation to the most optimal temporal reality. We will be holding a mass meditation on Aug 21st 2017 during the "Eclipse of Disclosure" event in Mount Shasta. We will be aligning our efforts with the meditation planned for the same day by Prepare for Change. We are encouraging any and everyone to join in this mass mediation effort on August 21st 2017." -CG

      To learn more about the Eclipse of Disclosure event go to

  14. Personal Notes from Cobra’s Ascension Conference written by Peter Reed

    Below are the Notes from Cobra's Ascension Conference in Taipei on 11 - 12 March 2017 written by Peter Reed ( These has been approved by Cobra for public release.


    Planetary Liberation News Analysis:What To Shine The Transmutational Light Of Your Consciousness On This Week!The Resistance Movement via Cobra reveals … Primary Implant.
    Are there quicker ways to remove it, to move back into our power faster?
    Plus … Yaldabaoth entity / Black Stone situation is looking great.
    Why it’s more critical than ever to seize this opportunity & maintain this momentum … and what’s the best unified & synchronized way to do just that.
    Chinese … Russian & US White Hat firepower (literal & metaphoric) is now aimed squarely on Israel & Saudi Arabia to expose the social engineers of the Roman Cults’ Black Sun worshippers at the P2 Freemason lodge who were always behind them.

  16. @juice

    your (and others) supposed 'win-win' is in fact a kind of 'lose-lose', a so called win-win in which all parties are loosing (by having to 'not harm others'), your 'win' being in fact a not-win of others on your expense...

    Spirituality is not about harming others.
    When you attain certain knowledge through spirituality your soul decides to embrace living in the Divine Will.

  17. MESSAGE to RM:

    We have to understand much more about what is known nowadays as a 'walk-ins' soul transfer.

    We learned from Cobra that you have soul transfer technology, and it be interest on the subject in its micromanagement details.

    So we consider it as part of our right to knowledge.

  18. "Since our free will then aligns with the implant, the Light forces can not intervene in our life, the prayers do not get answered, the protection is lost, the trust is gone."

    You have to be more specific: why "free will that aligns with the implant" prevails over the free will associated with the call to intervention from LF?

    1. unknown: My guess is that the EXPERIENCE of oneness with Source is the deciding factor about our "free will."

      Otherwise, if we choose by our thought to accept duality and separateness as truth, and thereby experience the negative mind control and suffering associated with that; OR we choose to align with the call of the Light Forces (LF) to remove the obstacles to true freedom on earth - those are both in the category of "thinking," not as deep and truthful as direct experience of Source. Cobra mentioned this in his last post, the experience of Source supercedes the mental conception of being one-with-Source in union.

      That's how I would answer your question. I don't know how Cobra would respond.


  19. I've checked out the notes for Manifestation and I have done this before ... Unfortunately I was not successful in implementing it. Obviously I'm not in touch with my I Am Presence. The best I could do was to keep my head just above water financially.

    I didn't lose my house but I came very close. I was able to create just enough to get by.

    I guess the invocation is affirmations "I have more than enough money to meet all my needs wants and desires" ... did that and took action to keep going financially ... I'm doing better now that I have a steady income ... it isn't much, but I know how to budget enough where I don't have to lay awake at night wondering how I'm going to make it.

    I just don't think I have what it takes to manifest great abundance. I will have to do the best I can until The Event takes place.

    Doing the writing exercise twice a day, since so many of the things I try haven't worked for me, so I figure it will be necessary. Even though I don't think it will help me I guess I have nothing to lose, but the 20min. paper, ink, and everything to gain if it does work for me. So there you have it.

    Victory of the Light. :)

  20. Gee I guess we should rejoice that the 'BS' is over.

    1. Not only the BS , but the MACRO super duper mega BS!!! Is just one LOL way that I am choosing to look at it , although , yes I know that is not what his post is saying. We all want the relief and the release.

  21. Quickly.Time is life.People are suffering from crises and diseases every day.

    1. .... I agree and quickly b/c I am turning 60 ( Yikes !!) in a few weeks and I want things ro change too.

  22. Whatever this means. its gotta be good!! Woo Hoo!! Keep meditating people!!

  23. What is a MacroBS sequence? Any ideas?

    1. it is likely that it means the black stone has been removed. we shall wait to see what the next update entails.

      victory of the light is near!

  24. Does that mean you finally killed the octopus?

    1. I can tell you that for sure, they didn't killed Yaldabaoth yet.


  25. James Gilliland Group Channeling - ECETI Conference
    Divine Frequency

    Learn about Teresa's experience with a group channeling that occurred at the Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence conference at Jame Gilliland's ranch in Trout Lake, Washington.

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    James Gilliland Links:

  26. I dont know what it means..but FEELS good!! :)


  27. Remove The Primary Implant Tonight, Corey & Cobra UNITE For Eclipse Meditation, Latest Healing/Activation Sounds From Central Sun + News Analysis

    July 26, 2017 by Ada Shaw

    BIG developments on this week’s episode!

    This week’s special guest is Peter Volnarovski, the physical incarnate member of an amazing soul group who is also heavily invested & active in our liberation process.

    1. That’s right … you find out by joining this week on Ground Crew Command Radio … as the war against the Cabal rages on behind the scenes with no let-up, as they lose control of more countries.

      The host of Ground Crew Command Radio is The Unknown Lightwarrior:
      a member of a small but powerful team of Lightwarriors & Lightworkers who either remotely or in person, clear & restore to the Light;
      natural and man made power centers, vortexes, portals, ley-lines, control rooms, sacred geometry and all darkness obstacles on the etheric, astral, and plasmatic planes… to put you, me and the whole planet on the fastest timeline to The Event.

      To learn about their current project, and or, to access powerful healing (down to soul level) … clearing … energy surgery … DNA Activation & psychic help, with Macro Level Light Beings, and return to your power … go to:

      You have also a link in Cobra's previous post to his website:

  28. August Eclipses “Love Signal” Meditations

    July 24, 2017 by Ada Shaw

    Here is a link to the Facebook Event for the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017.

    It will be first seen from land in the US shortly after 10:15 a.m. PDT at Oregon’s Pacific coast, and then it will progress eastward through Salem, OR, Casper, WY, Lincoln, NE, Kansas City, Nashville, TN, Columbia, SC, and finally Charleston, SC, exiting South Carolina at 2:48 PM EDT A partial eclipse will be seen for a greater time period, beginning shortly after 9:00 a.m. PDT along the Pacific Coast of Oregon.


    English guided audio meditation:

    Music only version:

    1. What about Europeans? Can we participate ? Will it help?

  29. What did the two oceans say to each other.?

    Nothing, they just waved. :D

  30. What this mean? Is Chimera group defeated yet?

    1. I think it is just the black stone removed. I don't know for sure obviously lol

  31. this makes me smile on many levels ;)

    1. Me too!. I know this is not the primary meaning of this post, but we ALL LONG for the MACRO ( enormous) BS to be over ,once and for all!!!!!

  32. Sounds good to me continue, VICTORY OF THE LIGHT!!!

  33. Yeah it was a doozy too. Still kicking and screaming though, so what's next? *Insert suggestive eyebrow wiggle here*

  34. I'm hoping the "BS" part of "macroBS" is referring to the Black Stone

  35. either the black stone is removed or preperations for it's removal is complete. i agree with new age biscuit, we should wait for a more informative update.

  36. Oh Goddess, black stone is cleaning? Victory of the light 💎💕

  37. So ... BS stands for Black Stone?

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. i feel like i already know the answer to this but i would like to hear the perspective of others. does smoking weed create too much inconsistency in our thinking? does it hinder manifestation?

    i wonder if what i want when i smoke and what i want when i'm sober varies. i don't think it does but there ARE very different emotions involved. when my dopamine is low i have a tendency to become agitated and depressed. when i'm high i tend to want nothing at all. sure maybe that answers it but i would still like to hear y'all's opinion.

    1. I believe smoking out of moderation can sometimes cause your mind to become clouded which can make super inconsistent with your thinking. It also depends on your energy/vibes for that day as well.I changed to vape pens and pure concentrate only because it is A LOT more of cleaner, grounded, non-cloudy experience.

      When i did smoke herb it would sometimes make my mind race and make me very ungrounded and it was hard to focus/manifest.

      I have found that different strains too effect the chakras differently. I have found very earthy root/sacral strains and then some that blow the crown chakra wide open.

      Nothing wrong with smoking, but on certain days I believe it can make you too out of balance and too ungrounded which makes it harder for you to focus on what you want to manifest.

      A good technique to try is right after you smoke, do a quick 5-10min meditation to recenter yourself and then see how the rest of the experience goes.

      Sometimes there are times as well to when the energy coming from the Earth, Galactic central sun etc is already hitting my body so hard that sometimes I will to take a short break (few days to months) from smoking to re-balance myself.

    2. The consciousness while in the realm of Cannabis essentially has a cap. You can't go higher... It will make all of your manifestations feature it, and it is literally a living entity which will communicate with you, and try to get you to stay in it's realm. Cannabis makes you tolerant to your environment and it is easy to ignore your problems. It is essentially a place holder for pleasure. Instead of getting pleasure from the outer life, you are obtaining it through smoking. This is not useful for manifestation, as a rhythm of enjoyment helps to create vortices which result in further manifestation, and as you refine the enjoyment you experience from life, the manifestation changes. Also, entities will hook into your light body through the smoking of Cannabis, and one's mind becomes weak, leaving them susceptible to possession, and suggestion. The thing is, Cannabis is essentially a means to access the state of awareness we know we should have, but we are using an intermediary, and are essentially admitting ourselves handicapped. The reason it is so appealing to smoke, is that it can be difficult to access such states of awareness in the current reality due to so much interference in other planes. It's used to hijack the lightbody. Also it creates mental imbalances which will need to be addressed at some point. Also remember that when accessing these realms only that which we are aware of can interact with us. So, as we enter higher spheres of awareness, and become more aware of the extra dimensionals, we have more responsibility in that regard, and they can actually access our field if we are aware of them. Lack of awareness creates a buffer. At higher levels, Cannabis is not useful. It also fucks concentration.

    3. enter it into ajournal... then u could read the diff

    4. Just passing along info, see what resonates with you. I know that there are books and info ( sorry don't recally the name of thenbook iread on this) about 4 primary neurotransmitters, dopa, seratonin, GABA , and another one that i don't recall at the moment. There are other safer ways to balance these.

      I have a friend who is a retired chiropractor and an execptional medical intuitive/psychic. She is a freedom loving amazon sort. She says that over time , pot does indeed dry out the brain, and this is not at all good. Other spiritual writings that I have read that ar VERY pro out of body experiences ( without drugs) say that spiritually, pot puts holes in our protective aura. This in turn, can allow negativeity in that you don't want in.
      I am not, speaking from experience. I value my energy field and consciousness. For me pot was never something that I was interested in trying.
      I am very pro canibis oils for seizures or cancer .
      So , I am just offering info that does not seem to be very popular. ajust wanted to offer suggestions on why NOT to take pot. But perhaps investigate more for yourself with some people who you feel are quality energy readers.

      Just want you to know that you do have options regarding dopamine balance. Most people , however, do not want to bother investgating a bit on their own behalf.
      Good for you for asking these questions.
      May you have that which is in your highest good, whatever that may be.

    5. There was an interview with Cobra where it was pretty much agreed to be a double-edged sword. Cannabis has the potential to awaken, just as much as it has the potential to harm and attract negative entities. I have experienced both extremes, especially the negative, believe me.

      I'm actually planning to get high tomorrow. I am far more grounded now these days and able to handle its effects a lot better, as long as I am careful with how much I intake. The positive effects, revelations, emotional processing, creativity, and spiritual aspects always keep me coming back.

    6. thank you barda! i resonate deeply with your advice as it goes in grove so to say with my philosophy of attitude and discipline.

      thank you anon! i agree very much so and you may have even helped connect some dots on something that had been plaguing me for years.

      thank you dragon heart! i will consider doing that.

      thank you edie! i believe the fourth may be norepinephrine. that is very useful information! i often wonder if getting into cannabis was a mistake. i understand it takes years to return the brain to normal function.

      i will gestate all the information presented, thank yall very much and if anyone else would like to comment please do so!

    7. COBRA has also issued warnings about using drugs to achieve a "spiritual" experience and opening up your field to all kinds of nasties. i will wait for the time of the event for my experience.

    8. What the flip? I had a good comment typed out last night as a reply, and it didn't get accepted! Come on blog admin, not cool. You allow porn links from the user unknown and random comments on old articles promoting scams, which you still leave on your blog even after I alert you to it, yet somehow I didn't pass your criteria? You know how difficult it is to type an inspired comment from scratch?

      The gist of what I said pretty much was that Cobra talked in an interview about cannabis essentially being a double-edged sword. It can be used positively as a tool to further one spiritually, as well as negatively to make one more prone to influence from negative beings. I have experienced both extreme ends of the spectrum, especially the negative, as I was not in a good headspace. But the positive aspects always kept me coming back.

      These days, I am a far more grounded individual. Okay, maybe not so grounded when my comments are removed for no reason ;) But as long as I am careful with intake amount, I can get a lot of positives out of cannabis spiritually, creatively, emotionally, etc. It allows me to separate myself from my surroundings, and view things differently, and tap into aspects and capabilities of my mind I normally cannot tap into so well. Not to mention the improved sleep and appetite.

      So no, I'd say there's nothing wrong with it. I believe cannabis and paychedelics will see far more common use post-Event, especially with all the bad guys and illegalities all cleared out, and all the energy healing technologies available that could be coupled with these substances. It will be far safer then to make use of them. No paranoia and fear.

      I understand these substances are not for everyone, and am now very aware of the negatives one can easily slip into because of them. But they are tools, just like any other tools. I view things with suspicion regarding anyone who says they are definitively bad. There is just so much good that has come out of their use, not just medicinally, but recreationally, too. Everyone has their own journey. If it helps you, go ahead. If not, take a break. It's easy to go overboard. Make sure to stay grounded and keep your mindset and setting in a positive, rational space.

      Hmm, seems this comment has turned out longer and better than the original....

    9. Okay, turns out my comment got accepted after all. Not sure why there was a delay in it getting accepted. First time this has happened to me. Apologies to the blog owner!

    10. For my personal experience I would have never made it through the very bad time if not for the pot.

      Instead of going crazy or freaking totally out I would get stone and work within ... seek out any insight I could find to help my situation.

      It help me to work with the problem instead of checking out of life. To me it is a gift from the Source. :)

      Now excuse me while I smoke this bowl. :D

    11. Psychedelic drugs burn the protective web of the chakras and create holes through which many things pass. sigh... I don't know why I bother...
      A clairvoyant person is someone who has developed a thin and very strong protective web and can open/close it at will.

    12. @Jim144 Yes, Jim, they can. They very much can, and I am not denying that. BUT, the good that has come from psychedelic drugs, the positive and healthier changes people have made as a result of their use should be acknowledged and talked about as well. Not to talk about them is to play ignorance. Just look at the mass awakening that happened in the 1960's, and the effect on music, arts, and technology. The personal computer was born from that. Look at the studies MAPS (The Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies) is legally carrying out right now.

      As I said, 'double-edged sword' is exactly the perfect term to describe these substances. If we only choose to focus exclusively on the good, or exclusively on the bad, either way we aren't getting the whole picture. Not everyone has the mind to just delve into meditation right away, and many people who do get into meditation do it following psychedelic drug experiences.

      Also, relevant to The Event, I talked to a couple people who went all the way with ayahuasca (I know I personally cannot handle it at this time), who said they saw a vision of the future, and it was absolutely perfect, the kind of world where we are all represented, one beyond our wildest dreams. Hearing about this is just one of many reasons why I keep coming back to this blog and believe so much in The Event happening.

      Many people prior to ayahuasca suffer from traumas and illnesses and addictions which they do not have to deal with anymore following its use. What use is the web around the chakras if they were feeling awful prior to use, and experienced deep healing and are now live fulfilling lives following its use? Just something to think about.

    13. @spirittoo I hear music in my head that no one has ever made before whenever I get REALLY high. Definitely agree with you about it being a gift from Source. I'm only eating edibles these days, but man, I love being in this state.

    14. @Psychedelicpiper There is NOTHING to gain from the use of psychedelic drugs that you cannot gain from safer means. You can write excuses all you want. I'm not here to start a conversation, I'm only posting comments because I believe some people can discern what's truly good for them.

    15. Who are you to tell us what is and isn't good for them? Do you realise how self-righteous you sound?

      "I'm not here to start a conversation" - but you already did start one. If we can discern what's truly good for us as you put it, what makes you think we haven't already done so in reaching these conclusions on the usage of psychedelics?

      Jim, you talk as if you have never had a good, loving, mind-opening acid trip. Am I right?

      @Psychedelicpiper - what you say about hearing music is so true. I am an aspiring musician and I can tell you first hand, the feeling I've had from uncovering new music in my own head is indescribable.


    16. @Jim144 In theory, you are correct, but in practicality, not everyone is able to achieve what you are capable of achieving without the use of psychedelics. Not excuses, just a reality check. Not everyone can just meditate their PTSD away.

      There is a wide range of uses psychedelics offer, and if they were legal, then it'd also be much safer to use them, too, with far less reports of bad and negative trips. I know I'd have completely recovered from my personal problems, if I could just go to a fully-licensed therapist who could guide me on my trips. Psychedelics already helped me get off religion.

      @divinasion Aspiring musician here, too, man.

  40. I couldn't help but chuckle :p


  41. Very good. Fantastic Work, EveryOne.
    Bitte so weitermachen, Freunde.

    I was given this last night to share, and I did.
    Except the Timing wasn't quite right.
    Turns out the link I posted later got changed to a Live version of "This Little Light Of Mine." Which is cool 'cause We're gonna let it Shine.
    You cheeky little bugger, you! :-)))

    This is Blood of Eden

    And it's Your Day!
    A Woman's Day!

    We Are Shaking The Tree

    Victory of Love and Light. Unity, Peace and Freedom for All.



    1. You can fool some people sometimes, but you can't fool all the people all the time.
      And now You See The Light. You stand Up for Your Rights.

      Stop being a mark.
      Make your mark!
      Yizou cizan dizo izit!

      Bruce Springsteen, Peter Gabriel, Youssou N'Dour & Tracy Chapman - Get Up! Stand Up!

      Lots of Love and Light


    2. Rajah regarding that video:

      "The uploader has not made this video available in your country.

      Sorry about that."


    3. In that case you'll need a YouTube unblocker add-on like "Unblock YouTube" or "ProxyTube", Phoenix.
      Have been using those for years 'cause censorship in Germany is really bad, and they work like a charm.

      Have a nice day :-)


  42. We are ready for the Event!

  43. Just a quick heads up as we think about the total eclipse. Something we gotta be prepared for.

    I have a gut feeling the bad guys will try a false flag or black ritual on the day of the eclipse. If the "Occult Motive" theory is correct, then the most likely target will be somewhere where the highest total intensity and duration will intersect. Which places the location I suspect where it will occur to be St. Louis, MI.

    Keep your eyes and wits about you.

    1. Here is a riddle conerning the eclipse:

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  45. Final Victory of The Light!!! ♥️🙏🏼♥️

  46. There is magic in this moment!
    Back in 1991 Ken Kerry, acting as scribe, published the third book in his now famous trilogy, The Star Seed Transmissions. This third book in the series called “The Third Millennium, Living in the Prehistoric World” gives a wonderfully poetic and lyrical description of what we are at the very precipice of experiencing and are today calling “The Event”.
    Back then this information being delivered to an ill prepared human race was so new that it seemed like science fiction and only the most intuitive among us could grasp some of its breathtaking implications.
    Today, 25 years later, our spiritual (Divine Spirit) and emotional (Divine Will) bodies and their development as experienced within the Heart, has brought us forward in evolution so much so that when you read this now a far bigger picture of what is about to happen brings an enormous breathtaking depth to our understanding.
    Here is some of what Ken Kerry described 25 years ago as humanities “Moment of Quantum Awakening”.
    "At the moment of quantum awakening, change will occur rapidly rippling across the terrestrial surface like a wave. Everything in the earth's gravity field will be affected in some way. This will be a time of massive change, of change on a scale that has no historical president.
    Regardless of whether one accepts this change or attempts to back away from it, THIS EVENT WILL BE OF GREATER POWER THAN ANYTHING THE EARTH HAS EVER SEEN. More energy will be released in a very few moments than is typically released upon the surface of the earth in many years. This energy will take the form of heightened perception and deepened emotional connection, rejoining the individual and God.
    At the moment when Creator’s luminous field comes into perfect alignment with the Earth Mother, all illusion of a destructive nature will be dissolved. Though there have been many centuries leading up to this moment when the moment comes IT WILL BE DECISIVE.
    There will be a great shift then, a single moment of quantum awakening. In this moment, the smallest interval of time measured in these dimensions – the interval that occurs in every atom between each of its billions of oscillations per second – will be lengthened into infinity. An interval of NONTIME will expand. Through that expansion, eternity will flow. Some will experience this moment as minutes or hours, others as a life time. Still, others will experience this flash of NONTIME as a succession of many lives. And some few will, in the moment, know the NAGUAL itself the great Nameless Presence that exists before and after all these worlds.
    In the expanse of the NONTIME interval, human beings will have all the time they will require to realize, experience and remember the full consciousness of their eternal spirits and to recall the origins of their individuality in the primordial fields of being. All will have ample time to recharge their form identity and its biological projection with the awareness of who they are, why they have individualized, and why they have chosen to associate with this planet’s human expression. Each one will have the choice to return to biological form or to remain in the fields of discarnate awareness.
    Those who choose to return to human form will do so fully aware of who they are. No longer will they be but partially incarnate; they will resume biological residence with the full memory and consciousness of their eternal natures SHARING the creative capacities of the Star Maker, whose reflective cells they will then know themselves to be."

    1. Much gratitude and many thanks to those who came before us paving the way for this moment to unfold despite the hardships that being a first-wave entailed. You are all so very appreciated.

    2. This is so beautiful and uplifting! Thank you for sharing. It appears I have some new books to read 😘💞

    3. Wonderful, Thank you for sharing. Victory of the Light!

  47. I think I understood that.
    It has nothing to do with black stones (not directly)
    The word macro always refers to the concept of great coming from the universe
    Then we have the BS initials which can be anything
    And then complete sequence, ie to enlist for example its name on the screen requires a sequence of characters, if the sequence is not complete will not have the desired result.
    So in summary it seems that something big in the universe has worked. Something planned has occurred so that it can give continuity (sequence of the sequence)
    All work requires an action sequence, like a song.
    As if the conductor was waving to the orchestra to continue opera
    This sounds good to me :)

  48. Love, truth, harmony, beauty, trust, peace, compassion, humility, wisdom, unity...stand on your desk and "sieze the day"...we are the Event...radiate from your here now folks...

  49. Thank you Ron Mayer for your very informative comments. I enjoyed it and it is in alignment with what others are saying.

  50. This comment has been removed by the author.

  51. thank you Cobra and all of the RM, lightworkers and lightwarriors.

  52. There is significant progress and if all goes according to the plan, I will be able to release new update about the status of Yaldabaoth entity / Black Stone situation in about a week.

    MacroBS sequence complete

    Macro tasks to remove blackstone are completed.

  53. Hi! COBRA (or someone from here) is "THE ASSESSTMENT" real? NATO denies the existence (of course) if exists will be released to the public?

    "The information available in SHAPE‟s historical records confirms that Mr. Robert O. Dean was stationed at SHAPE from 1963 to 1967 and that he worked initially in the Operations Division in the rank of Sergeant First Class. Thus it is quite possible that he served in the SHAPE Operations Centre (SHOC) for a time. However, all documents that have been supplied to us as proof that so-called "Assessment” actually existed are forgeries.

    Even if a document such as "The Assessment” had actually ever existed, it would not have been kept in the registry of the SHAPE Operations Centre, which was concerned solely with operational matters and thus only kept operations-related documents like emergency war plans in its safes. Instead, such a document would have been kept in the registry of the Intelligence Division, which was responsible for analyzing threats to NATO (and that is what the "Assessment” allegedly assesses – the threat posed by UFOs to NATO). Sergeant Dean never served in the Intelligence Division, despite some incorrect claims floating around the internet that he was an intelligence analyst while at SHAPE, and as already noted earlier, the SHAPE Intelligence Division, which keeps good records of its old documents, was unable to find any indication that a document such as the "Assessment” ever existed."

  54. More good news Will come. Victory of the light.

  55. Big Update: High-Level Pedo Arrest, ‘Alien’ Disclosures, New TV Shows with Disclosure, Syria Update, Corey/Cobra Joint Interview, Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington is John Podesta’s Son?

  56. Am hoping we get a big update on "Yaldo the Octo" soon... But anyway...

    Regarding Cobra's post here:

    I suspect the macro referred to here is associated with the software that is being written to take down the
    black stone...

    Here are a couple of definitions of a macro.

    1. The "Yaldo the Octo" story seems to be just about played out at this point. Yaldoboth is likely nearing his final defeat and dissolution. With any luck that entity will have already been sent to the central sun by the time we hear any further news. The last major update by Cobra seems to point to a new layer of problems demanding our attention namely the etheric implants that are interfering with our free will. After Yaldoboth and the toplet bombs are gone I suspect the implants will remain an issue that needs to be dealt with before the event can happen.

    2. novu i doubt the implants should present a challenge as it did the other two (yaldo & bombs)....

      i think they had more time to work on implant disintegration and or isolation or short circuiting than they might have had with bomb removal... After all they have known about implants much longer.

    3. COBRA has given a solution for the implants and has also stated they will dissolve when the event occurs.
      i find the tone of your post offensive. COBRA does not determine when the event will occur. he is a messenger not an archetect in this game.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Steve.. i've been searching for the offensive remark made on this specific topic. i cant see it. So i thought maybe you misread something.. or maybe i did.

    6. Note to Dragon Heart:
      Is Bob Steve referring to my comment when he says he finds "the tone of your post offensive?" Maybe he is..... I can't figure out what he's talking about either.

  57. Maybe: B=belt and S=safe ie the belt - Oort? Kuiper? Van Allen? Long Island? - is clean and safe!


  58. "Save the Cheerleader and Save The World."

    The Cheerleader has been saved:-)

    HomeComing Queen


  59. 10 print" DO NOT CONSENT "
    20 goto 10


  61. we need a visible justice of maat
    crop circles with meditation and ascension symbolism on all continents

  62. Save up and then buy the stones.Stop drinking and smoking for a while, you can find a way. Dont think about the problem, think about the solution.

  63. Some people tend to give the responsibility to others for the fact that the planet is not yet free, there is still so much suffering, the animals are still being mistreated, etc., what points to a wrong view of things.

    I believe Cobra has recently taken away from his page the call to reach 144,000 meditating in the weekly ascension meditation. Why?

    I would say, "as long as there is only one human being on earth who is present in his full I AM presence, the necessary number is lower." (Cobra)

    If this man has "a complete understanding of the situation, then this would suffice to free the planet." (Cobra)

    This raises a very different light on the side of responsibility.

    1. Two conditions have to fit for "full I AM presence":

      1. The human physical body has to be connected to the avatar connector with all 40 connection lines/tubes.

      2. The person has the A1 and the A2 body connected to the physical body. (Btw. these two bodies were the biggest secret of the "gurus"...)

      The A1 and A2 bodies got developed by us ~6.000 years ago, and got stolen by the darks ~3.300 years ago.

      Until a few days ago there were 10 people fitting the "full I AM presence". 2 of each of the 5 dark groups, they had deals with each other about this.

      A few days ago we took our stolen bodies back, and disconnected most of the 40 lines of them. And we sealed the connectors.

      So I am sure the current number of "full I AM presence" on planet is zero....

    2. Also if you use the avatar connector to join the A1 and A2 bodies you unlock the A3 body which has jetpack and heat seeking missiles.

  64. message to the cabals

    stop your filth or suffer the consequences

    message to the surface population

    this is not obamas school system where everybody gets a star

    SO BE IT

  65. to the LF:

    intervene whenever and wherever possible

    let the fun begin


  66. All messages mentioning completion are welcome and appreciated. Thank you, all that are involved in this,
    Cobra and the RM.

  67. Here is an A432hz sine wave chord. These are the exact frequencies of 72, 144, 108, 216, 288, 432, 576, and 864hz. Sing to it and become more awakened :)

  68. 639 Hz ❯ Attract Love ❯ Raise Positive Energy ❯ Marimba Meditation Music

  69. to donald trump

    you can do better than that
    much much much better

    1. Trump is the puppet of the Alliance.

      What we saw with the election was the result of a mafia-style turf war. Everyone who thought he was of the Light got played. The only good that came out of this was the darkness becoming more visible for us to see.

    2. that is a pretty significant outcome - the darkness being exposed.


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  71. to the surface population:

    meditate or stay with the sheeple


  72. to the surface population:

    you have to earn it


  73. to the angelics:

    they think i'm joking


  74. to european bluebloods :

    stop your filth or suffer the consequences


  75. i hereby relinquish my will to the will of the most original creator! do what is MOST GOOD for me. i will continue to seek understanding in the truth of what i am shown.


    Let's have had enough of this, and let the Truth be told. You're creating the Universe, read this and install it as your creation. We resign from this game fully and completely!

  77. Mike Quinsey Message, July 28, 2017

    My tags: Higher Self, Mike Quinsey, Weekly Message, Ascension, Cabal Arrests, Galactic Family, Cabals + Conspiracies, Blue Avians, Crimes Against Humanity, Knowledge of Future Events, Behind the Scenes, Antarctica, MSM Limited News,

  78. it's about an experience worth the suffering

  79. too much consent

    Define consent: to agree to do or allow something : to give permission for something to happen or be done



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  81. something like:
    pro soul - anti soul

  82. elementary school level, as far as i'm conserned

    but,but, my bs and this and that and the other...


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      This word, "priestess"... what does it mean?

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      The very name, Priestess, identifies a the unique and rarefied ability in woman: the ability

      >>to heal
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      For millenia, women have had a mystic and mythic role available to us, though many times priestess has been stoned to death, burned at the stake, humiliated and marginalized for healing, birthing, and tending to the sick...

      Today, dear sisters, the Western woman can bring the role of priestess back.

      We can bring back the role of the wise woman, the keeper of knowledge, the healer of men, the mentor of women...

      There have been times in the past when the Temple Priestess was honored, cared for, and nourished for holding her rarefied knowledge.

      Mysterious, refined, and powerful.

      Priestess. It is a name suited to the Western woman.

      Ancient Greece, the root of Western civilization, loved, cherished and made temples for Her priestesses to live, love and teach within.

      Mother Greece gave Her warriors, Her statesman and the fate of Her kingdom to Her priestesses to care for. She knew the power of woman.

      Ancient China fully honored and embraced the mystic, powerful, sexual woman. Plain Girl, Mysterious Girl and Multihued Girl taught the Yellow Emperor the Keys longevity, healing and spiritual truths wrapped within their sensual wisdom.

      Ancient Egypt had Her mysterious and sensual Queens that ruled the land, bathed in mild and roses and were trained the the spiritual sexual arts.

      What is this role, priestess? This role of calling in the Divine, of accompanying the birthing mother, of supporting the dying soul, of healing the sick, mentoring the youth, and keeping the sexual knowledge...

      What is this Priestess?

      She is
      a keeper of wisdom,
      a mystery of mysteries
      a spiritual connector
      a depth of sexual wisdom
      a compassionate soul

      She unites her body, her spirit, her yoni & womb as an honored Queen... an Empress on the throne of her body temple...

      Priestess... This role is present.

      Priestess is historic, her shoes are yearning to be filled -- like Cinderella's slipper --

      The Universe, the Earth, the eternal Elders are yearning for this shoe to be filled...

      Who among us are called?
      Who among us will take on the role of the temple goddess?

      Wise, compassionate healer.

      Force to be reckoned with?

      Woman of wisdom?

      Spiritual sexual embodied lover and teacher?
      Oh, Western women, you have a path cleared for you. You will not be sacrificed for embodying the Great Goddess the temple priestess... who among you .. hears the call? #bethleone #thepriestesspath #priestess

    3. Unknown, do you expect me to feel a spark of interest when you don't reveal your identity? Please leave it to Beth Leone herself, sharing her experiences? This post is unsubstantial, a lot of pump and circumstance.

      This kind of subjects should be presented by the one who's practically involved, due to the intense energies that are often showing up in this work.

      Not all priestess work is kosher and that choice is appropriate when it's in sync with our soul-purpose. To each his own, I recommend.

      We're still living in a world of delusion and abuse of power, there's no difference if it's called "spiritual" or "uplifting" or "liberating".

      At the moment, only larks ascend in joy and spontaneity, free on their wings. We humans often need to descend first, before true joy and liberation enter the ballroom.

  84. Ladies and Gentlemen (and Cobra) a bit longer and will be what will be. Hmmm, unity with "i am presence" is not so pleasant, it is at once in several dimensions (for such things need to unlock something like energy essence (soul) and physical body (here is the need to modify the DNA (effective self-healing technique Several times a day you have to do it).

    Well, seeing (feeling and even staying) several thousand probabilities a day can probably be scary for someone. If I choose help for the planet, then I'm likely to do so (ie, this exact operation). Often it is necessary to settle the situation on our heads (and here it is useful to know the four-dimensional language because light forces is used by it). There is often a need to "talk" with those who do not want to change (mostly demons, mostly run away from me :( and later have to look for it)

    Ehhh for a long time I watched what was going on here on this planet, I did not reveal myself (I could say camouflage to such a degree that no one would know what I am, even astral copy I made to not be visible). And now is the moment when I was preparing for 18 years. All preparations, planetary vibrations, new pylons, demolition of old demons (along with the "angels" as you call them), change of the planet's crystal to new changes, blockade of evil spirits (can not be born).

    But there is one thing people have to do here. The old meditative points need to equalize the energy. Points on the planet are 34, enough 3-4 people to meditate with them and switch energy to the present vibrations. Some points are located in city centers (under ground), 2 points are under water but the ship will also work.
    Victory of the Light.

    * Thank you for fighting

  85. I wonder if 9Nania (YouTube channel) reference to the "asteroid" is the same as the CoBRA. If so, seems to be fairly imminent, perhaps within a year. Of course, timing predictions are always wrong until they are right...

  86. Are there many ways to brainwash? They want, it's an eternity, is not it?

  87. Some stones are set aside for those that can't afford them. You just have to pay the shipping cost. Contact them and ask about it. (link on this blog)

  88. I feel as though everyone currently reading this blog should take the time to read this Cobra post from October 2015. Please do so, in your own time. It will explain a lot about our current situation.

    Link -

    As always, Much Love and Light - Peace Be With You
    ~ The Light Sharer

  89. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. @~JustBe~ Hey man, why did you delete your comments? I read your messages through e-mail notifications. I am really curious about what you mean by crossing over, and how best to achieve that. This is the first time I've heard of something like this described the way you have.

      E-mail me at if you want to talk.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. @~JustBe~ That's still really vague to me, but I guess you've given me enough info to at least do investigation. It would be nice if we were all capable of unlocking such a gift. Sounds like quantum jumping.

  90. This comment has been removed by the author.

  91. This comment has been removed by the author.