Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Alert downgrade to red


  1. A drill for the collapse or...?

    Finance sites erroneously show Amazon, Apple, other stocks crashing

  2. Next week im buying land in portugal. any lightworker can join me:)
    PS get the chimera lightforces, only few are left. love :)


    1. Congratulations and All the blessings for that land, you and the lightworkers that will join you!

    2. If you know that we live in a prison planet and can't do as we please then I won't say anything else about it.
      I'll just give you a few instructions that could be useful. A good way to grow plants is the following. You dig the soil and place the AgriFarm Bamboo MWO from the site orgonodrome 50cm deep in the ground. Alone it's strong enough to cover 10 acres but it is better to make a grid. You fertilize the soil with compost you can make on your own(learn about worm composting). Make sure sure you water the soil enough and then cover it with a ground-cloth made of black permeable woven propylene. It is advisable to have two-thirds of the compost spread before milling in the spring and the rest before the soil cover is applied. You anchor the cloth well and open small holes in a row, in which you can plant. Using drip irrigation pipes, you pass a pipe along a row so that water falls into the holes. By connecting a watering programmer to the tap, you can adjust the when and how long for the automatic watering. Do not forget to remove the soil cover around annual plants at the end of the growing season. Also learn about Flowforms, Biodynamic agriculture and magnetic water softening.

      The AgriFarm Bamboo MWO is also perfect for beekeeping(not in the ground in this case). The best combination is the beehive of Greg Aberdeen with Flow Frames(honey on tap).

      I would also advise you to take a course of pranic healing feng shui.
      Fill the place with deodar cedar trees. From personal observations I have seen that they can help keep a place energetically clean. Also Incense Bamboo is very good for feng shui.

      These are some instructions on how to set up the place. When something else comes to mind I will make another post.

    3. *Instead of ground-cloth I meant landscape fabric.

    4. do wish you luck, i'm still in the survival mode (chop wood, carry water, exterminate rats), not all fun (yet)...paradigm shift for sure...no pleiadean chicks (yet)

    5. When I come in the future I am expecting at least 2 Pleiadian chicks to be living there.

    6. nice jim in giving advice..

      good luck salek... i am no expert but if u ever need remote pc assistance or advice i am at your service...

    7. forgot.. if u need assistanve in creating inventory tracking via excel .. and automate calculations n reports.. i am ur dragon.

    8. no strings attach... n when possible

    9. just read the link. best of wishes to u kid

  3. I guess the black alert is related to the north korea, they tested firing missiles.
    The closer we get to the light, the more darkness will appear. I believe we are so close to the event.

  4. I know these are unusual times, but this is getting tiring.


  5. Flamme Violette sur Long Island │ Audio guidé - version 2 • French
    PFC France



  6. The Goldfish Report No. 100 Join the light with Cobra and Kauilapele transcription in English:


  7. we need another downgrade. Victory of The Light!

  8. Guys, i have EXCELLENT news!

    Based on some things Cobra said, I was able to calculate a POSSIBLE date for the event.

    Remember, it's just a guess, but It is based on things Cobra said, so they are very good guesses.

    And remember also, with our collective work, we can make the event happen EVEN BEFORE the dates i'm showing here. It's up to us. Actually, if we don't help, it might take much longer than the dates i'm showing here.

    The good news is that based on this calculation, my OPINION is that the event will happen around 2020 or 2021.

    Some of you may feel sad that it will STILL take a few years to happen, but remember: At least It will happen, and at least it will be in our lifetime.

    And here is why: Cobra said that the cabal is starting to build a new CERN, but he also says that they won't be sucessful in this, because the event will happen before.

    Cobra probably thinks that it takes 8, 10, 12 or 15 years to build a CERN. Because he is not a specialist, he probably didn't make a detailed research on how many years a CERN takes to be built. He probably thought it would take more than one decade, and the event will happen BEFORE one decade.

    A LHC takes from 10, 15 or 20 years to be built, but I made an detailed research, and this one would take 20 years (I had to search for at least 30 min to find out)

  9. Part 2:

    So, Cobra's statement that the event has to happen before 2025 was for real! He also said once that the event would happen in our lifetimes.

    He probably believes that the event will happen before 2025, as 2025 is a date for the ascension process.

    He said that we cut off the waiting time towards the event by half, so if he thinks everything will be done by 2025, 2021 would be the right date!!!

    But remember, it's all about guessing. If we don't do our part it may take longer, if we do our part, it may come faster.
    It may happen any time, but at least we won't be deluded believing it could happen this year. It hardly will.

    1. i dont place a date on it anylonger... the only thing which i hope i am not being a fool of.. is in adopting the belief.. that 2025 will be the deadline for everything if event does not happen prior... which would be a pity.

    2. spiritofjstc2: Your "logic" and speculation about when The Event will be is only that. The "Almighty Father," Source, is much more than logic; I heard one great statement, that the Almighty is not "reasonable." "He" is All-Knowing. He has omnipresent awareness. "He," Source, is the "Most High" in all Universes.

      I believe The Event can happen at any second, INCLUDING any moment this year 2017. In any NOW. There are other things going on that contribute to this possibility.

      But if we don't even see COBRA speculating about when The Event will be, with the insight and intel that he has access to, then it's really easy to see that it's just a guess what anyone says. Even the Angels don't have that information. Everything is dynamic and continually in flux, while everything is contained in the mind of "God." No one has access to that Knowledge except "the Almighty." And it can come "in the twinkling of an eye," as one scripture expresses.

      So in my view, while your post is nobly intended, I think it best not to try to determine the exact date of The Event; so as to not give false hope that it may be soon or in our lifetime, AND to not give false restrictions or a dim view that it won't occur in any given moment. Because Truth is we know that we don't know when. Best to be present in our own prayers, meditation, and "dharma," what we feel we are meant to do in each present moment that is right for us.

    3. It occurs between August and September 2017. All tentacles have already been removed, Yaldabaoth's head is missing, which has been removed since February, universal removal is at 62% currently. Without Yaldabaoth there is no support for a 3D world, such as We are already going through the photons.


    4. spiritofjstc2@

      I 'ask questions' you!


    5. In my notes, the Solar Flash happens between 2018 - 2013. This is based on the Precession Of The Equinoxes which comes round every 25,920 Years. The 50 Year Window for Ascension is from 1975 - 2025. Even the RM cannot stop this Sector of the Galaxy from its Orbit around the Galactic Center.

      The Chimera/Archon Veil and Yaodaboath entity are BLOCKING our planet from receiving the rising higher frequency Proton Cloud that we are ALREADY moving through, preventing anyone's Ascension until the Veil technology is neutralized.

      ASCENSION- Keep in mind that although we all WANT to Ascend, it's not so much a "choice" as some people think, but actually WHO we are based on our Energetic Frequency. Like tuning into a Radio or TV channel.

      If one's frequency is high enough to match 5D frequency, then we Ascend with Gaia. If one's frequency is not high enough to match 5D frequency, then no amount of "choice" or politically correct New Age Kumbaya is gonna give everyone the Trophy of Ascension.

      Even with the healing chambers,there is only a certain number of years to do this because there is a TIME Window element to Ascension. 1975 -2025, it's the movement of the Galaxy. The Precession of the Equinoxes is not gonna stand still for anybody.

      The 7 Years of Tribulation ends in 2020. We are 3 1/2 years into the Tribulation.

      *Cobra said that the successful Spring Global Meditation had cut the necessary time in HALF - so if we use the 7 years tribulation divided by half, it's 3 1/2 years, which is 2017.

      The only thing holding the Event back is neutralizing the Black Stone,and the threat of destroying our planet with a Black Hole is removed. Then the RM/LF takes down the Veil, Cosmic Wave floods us. This then is the Go Signal for all the White Hats to make Mass Arrests of the Cabal.

      For those of you who have been awakened and waiting for years, and are going crazy waiting... and waiting....

      I find this song Hold On by Alabama Shakes (vocals: Brittany Howard) definitely hits it spot on what we are all feeling:


    6. 666 - DEVIL = LIVED

      Based upon the law of opposites, there could not be good without evil and God cannot be without the Devil. Without opposites there would be no room for life’s experience. Man was created in the image of God! You are God and your future is nothing else than the reincarnation of your thoughts.

      You sign an energetic agreement = karma which will end at the time of the event. That`s why nothing on the physical level (the end of banking cartel) will change before our contract is over, decided by the prime creator.

      The Event can`t happen at any second. We are going true astral and physical body changes. The month for Major change on this planet is May and November. As you already know the major shift already started last November 2016 with Trump(Trumpets)selection.

      Karen Hudes; The transition is going to occur peacefully, because humanity is united. The scale of this transition is unprecedented and will proceed gradually until NEXT INAUGURATION DAY JANUARY 20TH 2021.
      The IRS and the Federal Reserve Bank are going to be shut down. The likelihood that this happens is greater than 90%, according to a very accurate power transition model from the US National War College. There is no need to repeal the Federal Reserve Act. The Federal Reserve is insolvent and is going to be wound down in the Global Debt Facility. The United States is currently in interregnum; that is, its existing government is not legitimate.

      (The good news is that based on this calculation, my OPINION is that the event will happen around 2020 or 2021.) - During this time frame we can expect a solar flesh to wipe out 3D artificial intelligence to be replaced with 4D.

      The “end of times” has started enjoy the video.

    7. oops Typo above - Solar Flash happens between 2018 - 2023.

      For a better understanding of our Galaxy's movement,and how it creates each Ascension Cycle for Earth, read David Wilcock's excellent book The Synchronicity Keys.

    8. COBRA said 2025 is the latest The Event can happen - he also said 2012 was going to be the year of The Event.

      As long as we're still held hostage on this planet, I can't see The Event happening "at any moment". The Dark Forces are using our creative powers of manifestation against us to hold their control system in place.. we need to wait for the Light Forces to complete the painfully slow process of dismantling their bombs and spiritual disconnection technology.

      We can speed the process up only by awakening each other and uniting to meditate towards The Event. I am done guessing at dates...


  10. we have not seen JustBe posts. hope she is alright where ever she is.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. sorry to hear about your loss kid.

    2. aww why u removed it. it was a good post from ur heart.

  12. thanks to everybody for holding the Light

    the veil just got a bit thinner

    Victory is near!

    it is an honour to be here with you folks!

  13. Easy going. Changing the alert does not necessarily mean bad things. Means that we are working and therefore Cabal is still fighting against it. And this clash of forces results in the rise and fall of the alert. I feel we are on the right track. COBRA has spoken to keep our focus because Cabal will not just sit and fold his arms. Let us continue in faith, love and hope. Everything's gonna be alright, okay?
    I'm already in it at a reasonable time. I'm not going to disentangle now, after you wake up and '' leave the matrix '' you know, you can not stop.

    Vitória da Luz!

  14. You can not stop now
    The force is with you


  15. May now some Tricks in the LF and Pleiadjans top hat hahahaha can will see.

  16. http://www.stillnessinthestorm.com/2017/07/benamin-fulford-special-updates-notice-to-readers-fulford-responds-to-cobra-post-forces-of-light-and-darkness.html

  17. "Nasdaq Triggers Market-Wide Circuit-Breaker As AMZN "Crashes" 87% After-Hours"

    Nasdaq has issued a market-wide trading halt amid what appears to be a "glitch" that sent a number of the largest Nasdaq-listed stocks to crash or spike to exactly $123.47 per share.

    That is weird..still with "glitches", who did it? the cabal? or the RM? and th number 123.47..

  18. Now stand up and fight with all your soul
    Your freedom depends on it.
    There is no other way
    You were the chosen one. Get up now and fight my brothers. Victory is next!
    I can feel this


  19. In Congress, July 4, 1776.
    The unanimous
    Declaration of the thirteen united States of America,
    When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the

    "powers of the earth"
    , the separate and equal station to which the
    ("Laws of Nature and of Nature's God")
    entitle them
    , a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.
    What could be more natural than "pets in space"
    google animals in space
    zeeks- what about weaponizing health care..?
    nature takes 5th D (at least)

    1. Adam & Eve hid their shame from God with "plants"
      God set them on their "new path" with the bloody "skins" that know all they need for the
      "Plan of God"
      (2yrs to potty train a human)
      (and they managed to even mess that up)
      Where was "Man" made..?
      "Man & Woman"
      Why only 1 Adam..?
      Adam became a "Living Soul"- "No Death"
      Who are You..?
      (If you can grow a Living Soul)
      (or not)

  20. ORDER: SeaBring

    Space Ghost

    Alacrity to all of us and our mission.

  21. David Wilcock Update, Dr. Salla Updates, Corey Goode Updates, Daesh Defeat Update, Nazca Mummy Update, CNN Collapsing Update


  22. Recent Dreams About Disclosure and Possibly Becoming Famous?


  23. We need some white hats/resistance members to find and contact this hacker.


    He has information that can be a smoking gun to blow Pedogate wide open.

  24. For those who feel as if nothing is happening, I lovingly suggest you look a little closer at what is going on with our world, how the old is steadily crumbling away, how people are no longer falling for the same old tricks perpetrated by a now losing side that holds no purpose anymore. For the first time, people are beginning to literally wake up from this dream of what we THINK is reality! And while what we all want to happen has not happened fully, it's still happening! I see signs of it every day! So hold the faith, hold the vibration. Visualize every day what liberation looks like, how it FEELS to be truly free and to see the world truly free! The more people that do this, the faster everything will happen. Look up the Maharishi Effect. It's scientifically proven that we can help the world change through our thoughts alone.
    We can do this.

    Much love and light to all of you.

  25. Maybe the plan is if there is too much positive intervention on the surface, the chimera will kill off most but not all humanity on the surface because they need some amount of humans to feed off as a food source. Looking at history, there have been many civilizations that have been destroyed. A certain number of people survived though to continue the human race. Maybe past civilizations were destroyed because they became too advanced and could possibly get out of the chimera’s control.

    If the chimera/archons/anomaly decided to kill off huge numbers (billions) of hostages but leave a small number for continued sustenance (living off ‘rations’ for a while until the planet is repopulated), there would be nothing to stop the forces of light from completely eradicating the chimera/archons/anomaly forever because the only reason the chimera/archons/anomaly is not yet eternally destroyed is because of hostages right?

    A question arises. If billions of people had to die on earth for the chimera, archons, and the entire anomaly to be eternally erased from creation (all evil erased eternally), would you do it? Thinking about this, my answer would be yes. I would do it. Billions of people would die but their souls would return over time to inhabit bodies (if preferred). The wiping out of civilization would be different this time around because the light forces are here to send the anomaly and all its agents to the central sun. With the hostages gone (again not all humanity on the surface would be dead (rations needed) but the majority would be), there would be nothing the chimera/archons/anomaly could use as leverage to protect them from being permanently deleted. Think about it. No more slavery. No more suffering. Ever again. In time, the planet repopulates as a free world among free worlds. No one really dies. They just don’t have bodies to incarnate into for a while, just like all the other times civilization was wiped out, except when everyone comes back this time, everything is 100% cleared of the anomaly, for the first time ever.

    Just doing some thinking here. I don’t have all the pieces of the puzzle of course, so I may change my mind if I learn something new. Would anyone here choose to do what I’m proposing if they had the power to make that choice? Curious.

    1. Think of it this way Info Finder. Humanity + Earth (And I believe all creation that interacts with her is part of her) = Our Collective Consciousness. This "mind" group is called "Sophia." She manifests with thoughts. She is very powerful and created all true things when a part of Source as she naturally feed from Source. The problem was, she in her unity and in individual parts, did not see herself, recognize herself, or know herself within the eternal realm. She was merely automatically functioning in joy. Source wanted her to know herself in part, in unity, and in whole through relationship with Source (Parent).

      She was innocent when she first arrived in the creation Source allowed her to manifest.. But....without identity, she did not know to look for Source or herself. Think about how a baby discovers its own hand and goes into surprise as it investigates it. Unable to fathom connecting to a higher Source at this point, she created out of ignorance. This is the potential anomaly which seems unavoidable in the task. Her job, "realize the false and let it go by recognizing the truth through connecting to Source."

      She is now in the process of suspecting that "Her old definitions of 'God'" to be false. Her individual parts, entities, are reaching higher now. She has progressed. Initially, her first generational thoughts could only be in ignorance. Then, in further generations (thought growth), she started looking for gods outside of herself. Then, later generations (thought growth), she tried to define One God according to her own cultural understandings. Finally, she comprehended that she needed to search for this God from within herself (insight/master thoughts). The confusion of interpretations dominated the parts of the collective as the search took all roads. But now............after all this time............some of her parts are actually feeling and connecting to the True Parent and growing and learning. Each part is slowly feeling something. Those more awake ride with it. Those parts more asleep, fight it because they don't understand it and are afraid. Continued........

    2. The parts of Sophia that won't connect to the eternal nipple will destroy themselves within their illusion and have opportunity to renew themselves (choose again) under better circumstances. Those that connect, help to pave Sophia's beneficial thinking, creating, and to heal her bipolar mind.

      The anomaly will not go away as long as one part of the collective give it life through thought. Personal cleansing cannot occur simply by "thinking happy thoughts" as the energy body will harbor beliefs that even our personalities will try to deny. Like a light house, we send our true thoughts out weather we acknowledge them or not (law of attraction). Only Source can show us each what needs healing.

      Climb above belief and connect to Source.....the original and true parent and ask for and embrace the truth. Don't call on "Prime Creator" as that is us.........Sophia. Source gave us the power to make our creation. Obviously we haven't got the answers; however, by connecting to our Parent, and ASKING for the truth, then listening to the intuitive answer, we start to feed according to our growing dietary needs and our thought expressions change. That is our journey. Simply agreeing to be temporarily destroyed (interrupted) merely prolongs the path.....it won't change. The false is being pushed in our faces BIG TIME to help us conceive. So simple. When Sophia's dominate thoughts (entities) are to connect to the Parent, the remaining false thoughts (entities) will invert. All entities (thoughts) will eventually change. The only part ever destroyed is the false. Anomaly gone! Back to eternal realm but this time fully in identity to our elves, unity, fullness, wholeness, and Parent. What a team!

    3. Nah, I wouldn't do it. The panic and destruction and fear for my loved ones wouldn't be worth it. I'm just pissed off the Light were naive enough to allow the current conditions to happen. They don't realize they've screwed everything up. This timeline's not worth living in, but I'm not going to screw it up for billions of people. There are plenty enough people who are happy and deserve ro be. I just wish I had the help when I needed it. Every day I worry about my friend, getting a job, and how my career in music's never gonna happen.

    4. The whole concept of sacrifice is an ego invention. This is what the Light are supposed to be against. Sure, there are people being sacrificed now who are unable to be helped, but it's an evil that cannot be avoided with the current terms. The Light knowingly didn't ask for this, and they certainly wouldn't knowingly have billions of people killed off. So instead we must wait....

  26. I'm going to attempt suicide if I have no contact from the Light from the upper realms soon. I mean it.

    1. Hey, if you do it successfully you're going to return to this bs and repeat everything... (hope this helps)

    2. Your soul has worked hard ushering you to this point. It is hoping that you understand now that you can't do it yourself but only in connection to Source. Climb over belief systems and definitions and connect to our Parent and ASK the Source to tell you about its self. Ask anything and everything 100% of the time and trust your intuitive answers. I visualize my self holding the hands of Source and just sit there communing in silence and love. I don't try to visualize anything but one male hand and one female hand holding my hands. Build that relationship. Live it and hold it. Watch how things start to come to you. Trust!

    3. @sandor gyori Yeah, I know, that's part of what's been keeping me from it. But what if I make better decisions the next time around? This timeline is super lame, man. A timeline of unfulfilled dreams. I screwed everything up.

    4. Try to learn about 'walk-ins' and walk-in phenomenon.
      It is considered the best.

      Put the message in the 'paper radionics' and send to the LF.


    5. read about in previous posts.


    6. You have to survive the earth alive and leave in outer space.

    7. piper.. have you re-read what you just wrote.
      you as many others might be in desperate situations... but u really think the whole divine plan is goinh to be put on halt or event be accelerated because of such threat.

      what is next.. u want people to blame the RM because u carried out the threat n they supposedly didnt stop u....

      before u even knew of the RM or LF.. who were u threatening?

      you need to settled down. n stop finding someone to blame... move on pas that.. u r stuck in that...

      stop comparing the path you r walking with someone elses that is not walking the same.as you as if you got the shortest stick..

      the grass on the other side might seem greener... is not always the case.

      many have extraordinary challenges.. granted that it was due to life tampering... you .. need to figure out best approach to play the game wisely.

      you need to find reasons for inspirations.. not excuses for damnations..

      u are here inside the matrix... be the force u were meant not to be reckon with... the force ... the soul with a mission come hail or snow.

    8. @Dragon Heart I was severely emotionally and mentally abused by my mom, and still am on some days. If a psychologist was to analyze my case with all the available evidence, they would declare my situation extra-ordinary. I can't even manifest a simple job to move out. I have an older sibling in similar circumstances who has extreme crying spells nearly every day. I am fed up, I have spent many years doing nothing but being trapped in mental gymanstics due to my upbringing, and I am simply fed up now of waking up every day, with the same repetitious, directionless, negative, depressing life, unable to help myself nor those closest to me. I don't know where to start anymore. I have a dream, talents, that have simply gone to waste. I have heard compositions in my head countless times that no one else is playing, and what for?

      I have been aware of this all ''awakening' stuff since mid-2012 or so. My life has changed nothing for it. I made the wrong decisions, and am now suffering for it, and the Light did nothing to help me past my circumstances. I met incredible friends online with whom to work on my career path, but now my closest friend is suffering from this lack of action of mine for the past few years with his own depression.

      All I ever wanted were the basic neccessities for a mentally and emotionally healthy life, and the freedom to move around and pursue my interests, basic things that most people around the world take absolutely for granted. I'm sure you had friends growing up, and friends you continue to see in person. I'm sure you have a stable enough family, and you have enough income right now to be content enough and find joy to do what you want to do. I never did. All I ever wanted were just the basics. And I've got nothing now, because my ego's hijacked everything. If I don't get a job soon, and move out, that's it, I'm gone. I can't stand anymose of these violent rants and negative energy at my house anymore.

      I haven't even brought up the hellish ear infection I have had to endure for the past year and a half now, giving me excruciating pain to deal with and no medical cure. Yes, I'd like to go to the Tachyon Healing Chamber, if I can afford it. But it's possible I may never be able to afford anything.

      Do you have an inkling now of why I may be so pissed off and am "finding someone to blame", when the person I was raised by has always found everyone to blame but herself for her problems, and constantly rants and plays the victim about it my entire life? You wouldn't survive an hour of such negativity, much less 20-30 years. And then all the school negativity and social isolation, to boot.

    9. @Toto Sorry I missed your comment. Yes, I really do wanna connect with Source. I just don't know how. I often get ideas in my head from my ego, and I can't differentiate them from Source and my higher intuition. This has been a major struggle for me. My thoughts are often never grounded in reality. But I know you're right, and I'm doing something wrong.

    10. Dude, I get it. We all choose different degrees of difficulty in our present incarnation. You chose supa dupa difficult. I did too. I can't tell you how many times I have thought about suicide. I can't make it better. I'll I can say is I love you and I hope you don't.

    11. youtube movie "bernays century of the self" almost 4 hours long. it may be ueful. also get onto gaia t;v; to the interviews of regina meredith in the open mind series. lots of info and healing techniques to help yourself. very inspiring.

    12. have you ever watched the robin williams movie "what dreams may come" it maybe to good movie to assist in self reflection.

    13. I'll be fine, I guess. I just need to get a job fast, then everything will propel forward from that.

      And @Bob Steve I've seen "Century of the Self" and "What Dreams May Come". Thanks, I appreciate it.

    14. @Philip Anderson Thank you for the love. Well-worded comment. Made me think. I certainly hope it all works out.

  27. If I have a question to ask this resistance where can I ask it?


    1. write it on a 'paper radionics' and put it beneath your pillow in night...

      but seriously!...


  28. Is this true? The 144,000 mentioned in scripture are not in religion their ascending into 5D. 🙌

  29. The Cabal seems to have a leg up on the Resistance Movement with the North Korea situation now. Very unsettling....

  30. Manifestation:

    We will trigger the Event as soon as possible with our Light Forces!

    We will trigger the Event as soon as possible with our Light Forces!

    We will trigger the Event as soon as possible with our Light Forces!

    Victory of the Light!

    1. We will trigger the Event as soon as possible with our Light Forces!
      We will trigger the Event as soon as possible with our Light Forces!
      We will trigger the Event as soon as possible with our Light Forces!

    2. We WILL trigger the Event as soon as possible with our Light Forces!

      We WILL trigger the Event as soon as possible with our Light Forces!

      We WILL trigger the Event as soon as possible with our Light Forces!

      Victory of the Light!!!

      So Mote It Be.

  31. Victory of the Light!

    Victory of the Light!

    Victory of the Light!

  32. this website, and the work of the RM/LF is the last hope for many of us, if not all of us.

  33. update please on the black stone, and the dissolving of yaldaboath.

  34. For those who are feeling discouraged I recommend praying to the divine female. I like the ancestral gods but you can choose others according to your degree of affinity.
    I share the Prayer of Protection to Freya.

    Mantra Song's

    **Prayer to Freyja for Guidance and Protection**

    Hail Freyja, Vanadis,

    I ask for protection,

    Under your falcon wings

    And war-maiden’s shield.

    Help me to make peace among my enemies.

    Give me the courage to fight again

    For if I am battle-slain in truth

    May my actions be worthy of your choosing.

    Hail Freyja, Lady of Sessrúmnir

    Help me to set boundaries for myself

    So I can honor the boundaries of others,

    For as your home, when locked,

    Is protected by your will

    Let me be also protected

    And closed against trespasses,

    Yet may my hospitality be true

    And help me act in frith.

    Help me to pay fairly

    And to accept fairly what is my due.

    Show me your just ways.

    Hail Seidhkona,

    Holder of Magic and Keeper of Mysteries.

    Teach me to see the magic in all things.

    Help me to move between the veil,

    Allow me to walk among the worlds.

    May I glimpse in your forge of dreams

    By Seidhr rune-wise and true as words from your tongue.

    Hail Goddess of Beauty,

    Amber-laden Creatrix, Mistress of Brisingamen.

    Ignite within me the creative spark.

    Help me to bring beauty

    Into my own deeds and all that I make.

    May the fierceness of your eyes

    Lend me their keen awareness

    That I might see none other

    Than your face before my work

    Let me be ignited with Need-Fire, your Will.

    Love for all <3

  35. Humbly now I send the strength and the necessary protection to all my brothers of light who are feeling dejected. love for all!!
    you can feel

    Musics for meditation, reflection and spiritual practices:

    The Earth is my Mother(Ancient chant)

    Woman Of The Earth (Spiral Dance)

    I greet the divine in all of you. thank you. I love you _/\_

  36. I have just opened a blog about my recent Herbal Alchemy work, if you feel so guided, take a look here: The Alchemy Work

    With infinite LOVE AND GRATITUDE...

    Fabio :)

  37. (rewrote my post from above)

    We are on the cusp of another Declaration of Independence.

    And it is truly exciting.

    That document (Declaration of Independence) is really timeless.

    Take a look at it some time.

    Love to everyone on this very special day in US history.

    May we reclaim our independence and free the world to experience health, happiness and abundance.

  38. This week has been intense.

  39. As a sidenote, I don't see why it would be so bad to militarily take out the tyrants in power in North Korea. The U.S isn't the only country who has issues with North Korea. Russia doesn't like North Korea either. Japan doesn't like them. China is NK's ally but I doubt China would go to war with anyone if an attack on NK was done. I don't see WW3 happening over a missile/military attack on the tyrants in NK. It appears that a substantial portion of the world is united in its dislike of NK. It's not like Syria with false flags. NK is a legitimate case of some of the most severe human rights violations on the planet.

    1. Russia and China are advising peace and that both sides withdraw their weapons. Cobra says Putin is being guided by Plaedians, so it's kinda disconcerting, because Trump wants to take a more aggressive path. Some people say things are really going to go down in August. I hope things end well regardless. The Light better be hard at work with this. It'd be nice if this finally meant the end of North Korea.

  40. It was more than "alert downgrade to relax" .. After all.
    Did Chimera & co got too much unconditional love the days before..?
    Interesting to see them freaking out to a certain level with showing their weakness and offering some of their last resorts out in and over the galaxy.. Sweet.

  41. Seems that Humanity is entering the phase of switching from fighting the dark into controlling it (taking over).
    Just like in the Matrix movie, when Neo learn to look inside (LOVE)not outside(fear) any longer, and Agent Smith loses strength. No more fear of the dark. Let's incorporate it, transmute it. Evaporate it.