Friday, July 21, 2017

Return to Light

There is significant progress and if all goes according to the plan, I will be able to release new update about the status of Yaldabaoth entity / Black Stone situation in about a week.

An important communication channel between the Resistance and the surface population has been opened:

The Resistance has read all those letters and they are now realizing that the amount of suffering of the surface population is even greater than they imagined.

For this reason, they have prepared a few instructions that can make the pre-Event time easier for the awakened part of the surface population.

First, the vast majority of suffering has its root cause in the so-called primary implant. Primary implant is the implant that we have all received upon our entrance in the quarantine Earth area many thousands years ago. This implant is positioned in the frontal lobe of the brain on the plasma and etheric plane, is filled with charged rotating anomalous plasma and has the primary message that we are separated from the Source / Love / Light. This primary disconnection from the Source then attracts situations that reflect that disconnection and create more suffering. Since our free will then aligns with the implant, the Light forces can not intervene in our life, the prayers do not get answered, the protection is lost, the trust is gone.

Those implants were created by the Chimera group millions of years ago and were reinforced by the Chimera in the Great Forgetting of 1996 in order to prevent planetary Ascension. When a critical mass of those implants is dissolved, the whole reality construct of duality / evil / suffering will collapse and the Light will return.

On an individual and collective scale, the key to resolve this situation is primarily for us to be aware of the existence of those implants. Mere awareness of the implant and the mind program associated with it will speed up its dissolution. Then the Light forces will be able to intervene in our lives more directly and requests and prayers like this one will be more easily answered:

The easiest and most effective way to dissolve this (and in fact any) mind program is the Clearing technique brought to humanity by Charles Berner (Yogeshwar Muni):

To summarize, we can dissolve this mind program by disassociating our Self from the program. This can be done by putting our mind alternatively into the state associated with the program (I am separated from the Source) and its opposite (I am one with the Source). If you alternatively write down these polar affirmations (perhaps 10 minutes each day), your mind will disassociate from both polar mental states (separate from the Source / one with the Source) and the mental program will start falling apart, the rotating plasma will dissipate, the implant will start dissolving and your connection with the Source / Love / Light will be naturally reinstated.

You need to be aware that also the positive dual polarity of the program in your mind (I am one with the Source) will dissipate and will be replaced with genuine connection with the Source. There is a huge difference between a mental belief in the connection with the Source and the real connection itself.

The Resistance have also communicated that in order to decrease suffering, you need to create positive moments every day. Simple methods to do that include 1) spending time in nature, 2) focusing on beautiful and inspiring, 3) pursuing a hobby, 4) decreasing your exposure to electronic media, which includes less exposure to alternative truther websites, 5) listening to music, 6) spending quality time with other people.

The Resistance is also aware of difficult financial situation of many Lightworkers and Lightwarriors. For this reason they have asked me to dedicate a big part of my Ascension conference to give tools for manifesting abundance. I did that in Taiwan this year in March, and if anyone has notes from the second day of that conference, please send them to and I will publish them in my blog. These tools alone are enough to resolve your financial situation if you will take time and effort to implement them.


The Resistance is aware of the amount of attacks that Lightworkers and Lightwarriors are experiencing. Some useful guidance for that situation is posted here:

The main thing the Resistance does NOT understand in entirety is why Lightworkers and Lightwarriors keep attacking each other instead of uniting forces against the Cabal that clearly does not have their best interests in mind. From the perspective of the Resistance, they would never attack their fellow that is fighting for the same cause and they genuinely do not understand why the surface population keeps doing that. They are inviting the surface population to share their perspective of that situation here:

Victory of the Light!


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    1. I posted this on PFC:


      Greetings Cobra and RM,

      There are many instances that I have telepathically sent echoes upon the astral to Cobra. Since mental connection is a timeless TimeFlower which grows into a received future communication, the past messages I have left in the groves of the collective consciousness should be able to access at any time.

      Thus, I am always open to connection and listening. My spiritual friends often times use text confirmation of messages received, with high accuracy.

      Listening to music which is shared, is a good practice, the mental imprints are there, and the words should bring about an understanding of the conversation being had in context. I sent Cobra a few emails with songs about timelines, covered with my mental imprints, that's a good start.

      Keep it up RM and Cobra! Victory of the Light!

      - Fates De Whynot

    2. The New Atlantis Timeline:

      Please listen to this, my good friend Jordan created this, it will being unity to the lightworkers =)

    3. This is the very first time this blog,has seemed to be upgraded in a brighter white, light.
      This post has a clear,clean ,pristine feel to it.Even a "Newness" to it.
      More and more YouTubers spouting esoteric wisdom,I think at an alarming rate ,which is very very cool. I feel the gold fish report does a very good job of show casing and fostering a alternative community of the meeting of the minds.
      I see more new YouTubers getting recognised as authoritive figures in the alt community In a very short time of making a channel.
      There is waking up at a faster pace ,going on.

      Lastly money is the root to all evil.Once we retake the financial system back, is like cutting the head off the cabal.Slays the Fed and the IRS a true feeling of happiness will stream around this planet ,like nothing else.
      Victorious "Is the Light!"

  2. Great info! Looking forward to more. We are getting closer.
    Love and light

  3. Honestly people, you are just realizing the degree of nonsense in this world? Sigh!

    1. Realize away....It seems you are of heavy heart in that statement.Like you have Battle fatigue.
      I can understand, it's been a 62 year fight for me ,and living without the ability to fly , no telepathic speaking .It's been a fight ,of a fight.But damn is the END coming soon .
      Every day gets more exciting .
      Warrior on Dragon Heart the end is finally near,finally

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    3. Life in the lab.
      Why is it taking so long?
      For example, does determinism imply that there is no free will, as the incompatibilists argue?


  4. For reasons I wasn't told I was very much looking forward to today, 7/21, for days now. And it's really a beautiful day.
    For the first time in forever I dreamed of music. It was music that has not been recorded yet and the concert in my dreams was just wonderful :-)

    In addition we've got a lovely sunny day all day today over here, and GaiaPortal's newest UpDate is very encouragiing as well:

    "Ferrites embed within the soft matrix.

    Separations are resolved.

    Banners of Illumination are raised.

    Streets of Gold are unveiled."

    And just now, shortly after reading C.bra's brilliant UpDate, I was sent this song to share with you all, it's TruthEarth's newest creation, released earlier today.

    Positive Affirmations 432Hz

    Victory of Love and Light. Peace, Unity and Freedom for All.

    have a Nice Day, everybody.


  5. What a great update. I love the message of personal empowerment. All of us are so powerful, if we would just take the time to realize it. Going within and practicing meditation helps with this greatly I've found in my own experience. Doing kind things for others will bring amazing abundance into your own life, along with regular affirmations.

    I had a dream recently where I experienced being Source. Everything was just me/us/I. I had already been living in that state of mind for a while now but this dream took it to a whole new level. There is nothing else except thought and the One. Infinity is you and yours to tap into if you believe it and wish to do so with your free will.

    Light and love to all other selves. <3

  6. Ok thanks cobrA. The made reason for infighting is lack of Intel to people. People fear what they don't understand. Rm needs more voices to tell us good Intel. There only a handful of good Intel better and more Intel would crush the infighting.

  7. Why do we (surface humans) continually attack each other?


    Many supposed "New Age" teachings tell us that the core of our spiritual growth is to get in touch with our emotions and our intuition.

    The Chimera/Archon/Cabal control matrix obviously planned ahead for this time in Earth's history. They have weaponized our emotions and our intuition.

    Many, many conflicts begin as a result of a disagreement being associated with attacks by negative entities as well as exotic weapons.

    Having been hit by these multi-pronged attacks several times since 2014, I have been able to discern the pattern much more clearly.

    The attacks from unseen sources are usually timed within milliseconds of reading a strongly-worded message or hearing someone speaking angrily.

    The result of these carefully-timed attacks is that Pavlovian conditioning occurs where each lightworker associates the painful emotions and physical sensations with a particular conversation with a particular person.

    This association is virtually instantaneous... a synaptic connection triggering a biochemical response so intense that the negative emotional experience is crystalized: this is how these disputes become so vicious so rapidly. All a person can process going forward is negative emotions simply from thinking about that specific person or conversation.

    Because lightworkers try so hard to be in tune with our emotions and intuition, our physiological responses (blood pressure rising, heart pounding, literal heartache) lead us to blame the other party for what we are experiencing.

    I believe this is why Buddha focused so intensely on non-attachment... or distant compassion. It is the best way for one to keep their own emotions from being used as weapons.

    Granted, the negative plasma and other exotic technologies were much weaker when he was alive on this planet, but the principle remains valid.

    I have learned the hard way to always second-guess my emotional responses... only over the past few months have I become successful, and only for the last 30 days have I been able to immunize myself from these multi-pronged attacks.

    This has been the single most difficult exercise of emotional self-discipline in my life. But it has worked.

    I hope my words provide a tool for lightworkers as well as giving the Resistance insight into the root phenomena underlying constant lightworker infighting.

    1. Thank u very much for sharing..! I'll apply asap.! ♡♡

    2. Try as I may, I could not have written this any better and this is right on target for me. Thank you. I would also add, the need to feel right (validated) and the deep-seated fear of being wrong (invalidated). This is a big one for me. Especially the fear of being wrong. I don't fight with people, but I certainly don't participate either.

    3. Helpful comments, Biscuit. THANKS.

    4. Thank you new age biscuit. You said it beautifully.

    5. You have such insight Biscuit. Well done. I too will apply this to my life.

    6. Thank you, New Age Biscuit for this insight!
      And I would assume then, if I understand correctly, that the process you described for negative emotions works exactly the same way in regard to positive emotions as well... Hence, the reason we are advised to surround ourselves with positive people whenever possible in this life. "Like speaks to like". Just as negative feeds and creates more negative, so positive feeds and creates more positive..which the archons must hate, lol...
      The more awake I become, the more I recognise negative triggers, and the harder I strive to avoid getting sucked in. I'm still working on it!.. but your comment here helps greatly.
      Thank you again.😌

    7. @Moon Mama "Hence, the reason we are advised to surround ourselves with positive people whenever possible in this life." I never had that, so that's why my life ended up so screwed up. Always negativity, drama, possessiveness, jealousy, hatred, anger, narcissism, ego, lack of confidence, overconfidence, etc. I've become a lazy bum, as a result.

      I wish I had the movitation I once had to follow my dreams, and didn't comprehend my problems so late in life. Though I reckon in my mid-20's, I'm still considered young to all of you. Imagine being born in your mid-20's, though, without a proper childhood, teen years, etc.

      Thanks for wording things so well, New Age Biscuit.

    8. @ Psychedelicpiper
      I am so sorry about the negativity that has plagued your life.😞
      If I were able to wave a magic wand and "fix" things for you, and for every other struggling being in this world, I would do so in a heartbeat.
      I am at a loss for words...except to say that I wish healing Light and Love and Peace to you.

  8. this message has seriously lightened my heart. thank you.
    Victory of the Light!

  9. Headaches and physical pain that is unexplainable is what I am experiencing. I can't get to sleep at night the pain seems to increase then. I'm not a light worker or warrior so I don't know why I'm targeted. Unless it's the energy that is bombarding earth right now that is the cause. Every cause has an effect, and every effect has a cause.

    1. How does your diet look like? Do not ingest any foods or substances that contain aspartame (chewing gum, soft drinks like CokaCola) in my expirience, aspartame was the main cause of my headaches. Eat bananas (or avocados or spinach) for potassium intake to avoid heart problems. Replace coffee with green tea.

    2. It's very possible it's the energy! It's causing some physical discomforts as portions of our nervous anatomy are experiencing upgrades.

      This whole week was weird for me, started with a headache that felt like my pineal gland expanding. That's happened several times in the last months. But the next day, it was down a notch in my throat chakra, and the back of my neck hurt...

      Then my heart the next day, and it made my shoulders hurt where the nerves branch out into the arms...

      Think my solar plexus happened while I was sleeping that night, and I woke up feeling...not sore, but maybe stiff there? And then it dropped again and it felt like a hernia, and then again to the root, and my hips were killing me for two days.

      Shrug. My higher self didn't see anything wrong with caving to ibuprofen. Knocked it out for me.

      Just think. They can rebuild you...make you stronger...faster...

    3. One more thing...what makes you think you're not a lightworker? None of us comes into the world remembering that we are...we have to rediscover that truth at some point along the line.

  10. I started a Facebook page to share positive thoughts and news from or about the event. Seeking Enlightenment is the page. Since starting that page I have started having these headaches. Maybe it's unrelated. I don't know.

    1. Dear Silver Light. What is your intention? Is there than no space for reality? Cause reality is what it is about, and a negative thought about truth that ends up with a positive gesture is a different thing.

  11. Seeking enlightenment is a page I started on Facebook to share positive thoughts and news about the event.

  12. Dear Cobra , thank You for intel. I live in Finland and cabal has here most influence , but I send daily violet fire & unconditional love to all lifeforms. Situation here is harder every day for most of us. Light will win !

  13. I can't believe what I just read .... The RM SERIOUSLY didn't know how much suffering is on the surface of this planet!? Who 'tah hell if briefing them!? Why don't they just abduct one of us and F-ing ask them!? OMG! I'm positive there's plenty of lightworkers/warriors that would LOVE to be abducted by the light forces!
    Also, if the situation was so hazy for them why didn't they/Cobra ask for our descriptions earlier!?
    I can't believe this ... I'm actually disconcerted. I thought the RM was this elite group of various ET races that know the situation on Earth very well. I don't know what to think anymore ...

    Here's an idea, what if the RM would have a website/forum where they can actively communicate with us in real time. And I mean they would also text there, not just us miserable workers/warriors lamenting. But I mean real questions with real answers. If they can access the Prepare for Change website, they can make a google account and type down their questions.

    1. Does ET stand for 'everlasting torturers'?


    2. An octopotus,... previous with its tentacles full of strangelets and toplets reaching the entire solar system and ever beyond, but now, luckly, only about of 1/3 of head remaining, is preventing any visible progress,... and nothing for good will happen on a grand scale until it is completely removed...
      And this is what is preventing the positive military to do the movement...

    3. Yes, this update felt a little out of touch with what is happening. Or is it that some of us are out of touch with what is happening? It does feel like our reality is more and more cracking into two parts. Or maybe the differences are just getting more obvious.

    4. I took what he said to mean that it's the every day stuff that they didn't know about as much as they thought. If they aren't actually on this planet, I think it would be hard to know the nitty-gritty, every day trials and tribulations that we have. How many of us feel worthless for simply existing? We may nor even tell our family members something like that. How many of us struggle with things like anxiety and depression even though others around us might think we're fine? Suffering doesn't just have to be something external and visible. At least, that's what I think they might mean when they say that. I'm just throwing out possibilities.

  14. Translated to spanish
    Traducido al castellano

  15. Yay! Love and light to the people <3

  16. "The Resistance has read all those letters and they are now realizing that the amount of suffering of the surface population is even greater than they imagined."

    Well, now they know

    "The main thing the Resistance does NOT understand in entirety is why Lightworkers and Lightwarriors keep attacking each other instead of uniting forces against the Cabal that clearly does not have their best interests in mind."

    Is called EGO and our mind still with "parasites" as your said before, tell to the RM that this atacks between Lightworkers and Lightwarriors ONLY will finish when "the wave of love" will hit us, not before

    Can you read this RM?
    The attacks between Lightworkers and Lightwarriors ONLY will finish when "the wave of love" will hit us, not before, please activate ASAP, we trust you

    1. It is very simple I think. People attack each other because either they are fooled by the "dark", they ARE the dark or they both feel they are doing the right thing but they dont have the whole picture.
      I think the last part is the most prevalient. It is very easy to get people to fight each other if you make sure they dont understand the real world but instead tell them small lies and part truths. Apartheid, all wars, holocausts, money, banking, government etc. It all works because people are uninformed about how it really should work and easily gets fooled by propaganda. Everything is built on the ignorance of humanity and our inability to be "experts" at everything.

  17. The RM does NOT understand !!!

    Wow its like grade school monopoly with the RM isnt it?

    Say little...get people guessing from "breadcrumb intel"

    No validation of info AT ALL.You go ghost for seven days exactly, we go deep into "Event mode" all this past week and your post says...ooh intel next week...Oh "NO EVENT"

    So eliminate the RMs' confusion.Lightworkers are turning on each other because Chimera/Archons (whatever) are still in position...TO CAUSE HARM.DUH.

    Take them out for good, for ever then see what happens, how come the "Abundance" notes regarding the one global affliction to every "light soul" on this planet is financial, and not put those techniques at high priority months back ?

    This post is nothing more than a mind fuck, carrot lurching
    stop the attacks yourself stay connected with source...and the veil is still up ?The plasma entity "blaboblah" is this
    or that from day to day yada yada.

    Truth hurts, HAVE EVENT !!! Lightworkers will stop attacking each other, how much elementary does it need to be ?What ever YOU GOOD OL' BOYS/GIRLS leave running, is going to cause harm.

    All HARD EARNED MONEY as well as NOT SO HARD EARNED is BEING STOLEN FROM US! Every minute !This theft comes from the very institutions your offering to shut down,ok...SHUT THEM DOWN !Whatever shit you leave untouched is going to render a bad odor.

    That which you have NOT TOUCHED, is still doing its thing, it is a very unfortunate circumstance that "blahboblah" is only 66% dissolved to date...gosh you think the lightworker
    community would unite if it was 99% ?????? HMMMMMM ??????

    Every issue with LWs' is due to the "tip toe, booger flinging tickle me take down" you are waging only to feed
    us more "breadcrumbs" that you cant actually talk about !

    WE ARE ALL READY !!!! Dont you know that ? We're ready...
    YOU ARE NOT ! Thats the problem...understand now RM ?

    1. "The RM does NOT understand !!!"
      Of course not, we need to teach them

      "This post is nothing more than a mind fuck, carrot lurching"
      Do you saw the bunny pic?

      "gosh you think the lightworker community would unite if it was 99% ???"

      "WE ARE ALL READY !!!! Dont you know that ? We're ready..."
      The source knows, he will send the signal to the RM and LF, when?

      "YOU ARE NOT ! Thats the problem...understand now RM ?"
      What i think is the RM is learning about us, the question is? why now? why not in 2013?

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  19. So much joy in my soul reading this update. GRATITUDE. GRATITUDE. GRATITUDE....
    to COBRA, RM, GF, ALL LIGHT BEINGS and the Pleiadian Protection Shield.
    I feel a real sense of community now that we are communicating with the RM. That, to me, shows a great breakthrough in compassion and understanding. As we let go of the triggers that COBRA reminds us to do, the infighting will cease. The triggers, although programmed into our egos, subconscious and misalignment to Source, Self, others, can be used as a "wake-up" call. A chance to choose a higher vibrational response. A chance to pause, breathe, breathe in wholly-ness, exhale discord. It can be a moment-to-moment vigil. The mind wants to know all the why's, where's, how's, who's, what's, when's. IT DOESN'T MATTER!!!
    Every breath is an opportunity to allow Love/Light into all cells of our BEing, and to extend that to every Light Worker. We are each a Divine spark in the Ascension.

    Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.


  20. Have you been sucked up into the twilight zone?
    Sounds Create Higher Consciousness
    This is a powerful time of the year as we prepare to be submerged in the Leo Refiners Fire. The purification fire will melt and dissolve old karma, past-life attachments, debilitating dependencies, disconnection from spirit.
    Wind Healers

  21. The light forces really are the cucks of this universe. They let entire planets get enslaved by negative groups. They also dont "like" to intervene, because then, they have to use force and military. Force and military dosent align with love. So they sit back and tell the auswits prisoner to be kind and act out of love. So the (((handlers))) can do what ever they want.

    And when they finally take actions, they dont fully understand what is going on. They think us lightworkers are not doing our best or acting with love.

    When in reality we are bombarded and attacked from all angles from the dark forces.

    (This is kinda a joke, so dont take it to seriosly)

    If you want to support me and help make a community you can donate here. Cobra you can help me too if you want to tell the light forces about my project. but.. i think they already know.

    Patreon search farouk — Osei
    Im in viseu — portugal
    Just bought a van and got all the papers done, for the van and bank.
    Sleeping in the back of the van.

    1. "The light forces really are the cucks of this universe. They let entire planets get enslaved by negative groups. They also dont "like" to intervene, because then, they have to use force and military"
      Is his role in this cosmic plan, they need to learn from "the human experience", our future as human is teach to the teachers, is painfull, but is more painfull when your feelings are like a robot and you can't understand the pain of other "people"

      Now we understand the pain and we can explain to the RM and other races how it is, our feelings are overloaded, SOURCE! send the "galactic wave of love" is TIME!

      The darkness is almost over, is time to recover and teach/help to our brothers :D

  22. Thank you, thank you, thank you Cobra! Victoire de la Lumière!

  23. Please...we need it done, get it done !Thanks with LOVE !

  24. "
    The main thing the Resistance does NOT understand in entirety is why Lightworkers and Lightwarriors keep attacking each other instead of uniting forces against the Cabal that clearly does not have their best interests in mind"

    Oh i'll tell you why: because most of the "lightworkers" and "lightwarriors" are spreading misinformation, hate, and are actually working for the dark. Most of these do not agree with the anarchy society and fight aginst it because they think we need some sort of authority (which we don't, unless you're so stupid to beleve that you need someone to rule over you) to guide/protect us. Also, cooobra, you're forgeting your own words of "engineered conflicts", that's why. They are going aginst each other NOT by their will, they are forced into conflict.

  25. "The main thing the Resistance does NOT understand in entirety is why Lightworkers and Lightwarriors keep attacking each other instead of uniting forces against the Cabal that clearly does not have their best interests in mind."

    This is easy, because most of us dont really have touch with the reality of manipulators. We might know of them mentally (like you said), but we dont breathe that knowledge trough our mind. That means we tend to project our frustration to other lanes of the road.
    Also it is part of game of ill Ego. People are promoting their Ego trough their "superior" awakened state (something that even Cobra could be blamed for), so other people become cynical towards them (rightfully).
    This whole postNew-Age giberish has became like some sort of Spiritual Hollywood. with the Self declared celebrities. And million and one version of all sorts of "fantasies".
    It is all just bad manners.

    And we are yet to see direct and implicit reflections of our awakening onto the manifested reality we experience.
    Only thing holding me attention close to this whole exo-political circus is the fact that i am aware of the higher context, even if i can not be sure (let alone preach) the details and mechanics of it. That means, regardless of my awakening process, I still (and i doubt 99,9999999% people) do not know who is pulling who in this story.

  26. The main thing the Resistance does NOT understand in entirety is why Lightworkers and Lightwarriors keep attacking each other instead of uniting forces against the Cabal that clearly does not have their best interests in mind?

    1-Selfishness, pride and vanity. The first leads to ignorance or obscurantism. The second leads to hatred or anger. And the third leads to inaction or laziness;

    2-Cultural aspects of military standard like the figure of the epic hero (classical literature) or the special forces (Hollywood movies), someone more intelligent and courageous who will save us;

    3-Messianic question, that is, the collective thought-form of a wise and enlightened soul that will lead us to bliss. Jesus Christ, by the way, promised that he would return to the day of final judgment;

    4-Difficulty in translating esoteric images and messages into formal and non-artistic written language, that is, misunderstanding;

    5-Methodical attack and intrigue of the enemy;

    6-Eventually some inexperienced or rushed Lightworkers and Lightwarriors incorporate some of these archetypes intensely and think that they are the ones – the only ones - chosen by God that will liberate the world by themselves. Eventually some Lightworkers and Lightwarriors change sides.

  27. I would like to know more about the technique of abundance, as low financial debt can not be ignored. Thank you. Victory of light!

  28. I must say i am also gob smacked that the Resistant movement did not realise how much suffering there is on the surface of the planet. However this can be easily resolved with more contact with awakened individuals to educate them selves, time to unite my friends. Preferably like they did in the friendship case in italy. United we stand

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Leo, I too feel energized. I feel full, but its not with food.

  30. This is terrific! I'll check out the links. I'll add that cintamani offers subtle help in stabilizing source awareness. And I'm reading that tachyon healing sessions help rebalance what is not in balance and strengthen connection with source. I'll find out firsthand in a couple months. A calming, clearing meditation practice along with earnest self inquiry (what am I? what is all this? what is memory, imagination, belief, fear, desire – and what is real?) being internal, is always with you.

  31. The Light Is Victorious. Thank You to COBRA, The Resistance, All Light workers, Galactic Families and Light Beings.

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  33. It's pretty obvious if we have a mental block to source. We attack each other to further progress our illusion of separation.

  34. Thank you Cobra! Progress is all we need to stay positive!

  35. Quote: I can't believe what I just read .... The RM SERIOUSLY didn't know how much suffering is on the surface of this planet!? and others similar to this:

    You people are really naive. Sorry to repeat me...
    I can tell you first hand from the battlefields, that all those shit what happens here on the planet is just peanuts compared to many other places. I spare the details here, many visual descriptions are in our battle-chat section in forum...

    But I can guarantee you, even if you are here on this planet in the biggest shit starving, there are many worse places you don't want to be for sure...

    1. Like those hells? Please enlighten us. Tell me what goes on in the real world

  36. Thanks Cobra for this interesting information.

    I am so thankful that the RM read the letters! Wow! RM, you guys are amazing. Thank you for caring enough to read them.

    This mind clearing technique sounds very good... It sounds similar to the "PTSD" techniques used in psychological counseling.

    And hey, I *LOVE* that bunny, surrounded in a-BUN-dance. :)

  37. Thank you dear Cobra for all of your hard work all the time!

  38. I like that image with rabbit and lots of carrots, so fun :D


  39. I am only joking with this one, so cut me some slack, please :-)

    Hmmm, so "listening to music" is considered helpful by the RM?
    I think I might give that one a try. I may even consider posting songs right here, in this very comments section.
    Wait. What? ;-)

    Rock And Roll

    First came Fire, then came Light
    Then came Feeling, then came Sight

    Heading for the Finish Line

    Love, Light, Unity, Peace and Freedom for All


  40. so if ive got this right, our most important allies had NO IDEA what we have been dealing with? i can't say im surprised but the naivite' of the light forces is continuing to break my heart. the pleadians put themselves through simulators to get an idea of what it feels like, that was a good start. but HOW on earth could the resistance not know? they've been through this process before! the damned veil im sure is the reason for all this.

    much appreciation for the tools! there has been a lot of cleansing going on. maybe with this we can make the final plunge to freedom!

    1. I guess some beings are too comfortable in their own light. We have to realize they have their own issues and shortcomings, and perhaps possess the pure naivety of children. We should not see them as flawless saviors.

    2. i think the goal of the post is to be supportive and sympathetic.. In a diplomatic kind of way.

      At least people know their efforts on writing to RM wasnt just for exercise sake and they indeed were heard.

      Unlike centuries of prayers without actual feedback we been used to.

    3. Also.. We dont know who from the RM read the letters... :)... This reminds me of the start trek voyager episodes. Letters from home being sent back n forth to the crew of the voyager..

      Hmm.. Wonders if me could write a letter to me twin soul.. Or soul family... My spongebob family... I have no idea how they looklike so i tenderly address them as spongebob.

      Too soon for that i suppose.. Imagine that.. If it was ever possible. I at times wonder if they truly remember us. Some could argue that they do... But from this side there is just a void.. Filled with hope... As it is all we can afford.

  41. Great explanation of Retrocognition here:

  42. Dear RM ...Are you resisting a group of cheerleaders with Teddy bears ?

    1. I'm sure the great battle for planet x involved some evil cheerleaders with chimera tech pom-poms and some hard fighting , mind controlled, evil fluffy bunnies...

      The two weeks of great pillow fights did not prepare you for this hellhole called quaranteen Earth...

      The most important function of the veil is to keep us separated and infighting on all levels...
      Specially if you are perceived as a threat and targeted by the AI matrix...

      So... This is the reason why we keep attacking each other...

    2. flicks lighter on sandor gyori, sorry about that RM. Hope you're doing well.

    3. haha Funny guy. But honestly, they seem like they are the kind of beings who are evolved enough and smart enough to not put up with any shit from anyone. They liberated their planet in 2 weeks, while we've been dealing with over 26,000 years. Of course, to them, they have no clue how bad things can really get. I mean, they know all the terrible stuff that goes on on this planet, but they've been unaware of just what even the average middle-class person has to go through psychologically, mentally, physically, and emotionally.

  43. "The main thing the Resistance does NOT understand in entirety is why Lightworkers and Lightwarriors keep attacking each other instead of uniting forces against the Cabal that clearly does not have their best interests in mind."

    Perhaps part of the reason is "Resisting Foreign Aggression after Stabilizing the Country"(攘外必先安内)

  44. Listen to the talks of Bentinho Massaro, available on You Tube.

  45. hi, can someone explain a little more the part about repeating or writing "i am separated from the source" ? i mean, one thing is to just repeat that you are one with the source, but make affirmations about the opposite? it's like denying our nature. I'm sure there's something i'm not getting right.

    1. I think the point is to make the implant short-circuit by feeding both polarities.

    2. @UNKNOWN it is about how our subsconscious processes information to change perception. in the technique known as "emotional freedom technique" this is also how the process is done over and over. probably because sometimes we feel connected and sometimes we do not but do not like to acknowledge that because we may feel "wrong" (for want of a better word).so in short doing positive and negative deals with aspects of our shadow side that often slip under the radar.

  46. Greetings to everybody, for my understanding the reasons why Light workers and Light warriors keep attacking each other are the following.
    First is very difficult to humans to understand that whatever grand realizations have done everything that the human mine conceive is not exactly the reality. If the human cannot understand that his or hers truth is no more of a photo or a drawing of the reality and not the reality, the next step is to find the truth of his brothers and sisters fake and then the logical conclusion is that this fake assumptions are nothing else but the influence of negativity.
    Second when a person has develop himself in a level that the others see him as a teacher usually, he had done this alone, and that means that he has forgot how to listen to others and take feedback from them. Again for my understanding the way to stop this from happen is for the people to form groups and to keep them. Humans have to evolve as a group and not as individuals for this to stop happening.
    And last there is the problem with channeling. Most of the times when the advanced light worker meets someone who thinks in a different way and has different priorities and values, the channelings confirm that the other is under the influence of the dark powers. Again for my understanding, we have to not believe blindly to whatever we hearing, because if there is fear inside us, or some other negative emotion and we give channeling, the results are impossible to be trustworthy.
    That’s what I learned after many many years in the path of knowledge.

    1. Thank you so much, Maya Papa, for your wise and thoughtful comment. Blessings on your path with paved with.... carrots :)

  47. Maybe that also explains my aversion against reading all that's written in English or spoken (video / radio) and my translation work. I want to do that in peace and joy.

  48. Another Collective Request For Source ~ From Us

    Here are other requests to add to the previous financial abundance collective request. Please feel free to state them if you resonate with, in whatever manner feels right for You.

    I have watched far too many people suffer from otherwise curable diseases. Who hasn’t, right? Just last night I read my high school friend’s post about her youngest daughter’s father who is dying of a variety of cancers in his body. Absolutely unnecessary for one who has fought every step of the way.
    Now before someone says “perhaps that is his Soul’s choice” – maybe. And maybe not. That is not ours to even ponder much less question and so I don’t. What is rightful is for him to have access to ALL of the healing tech that is already available NOW to heal him and humanity of all disease.
    That’s right – every disease has a cure and the tech is already available. Much of it has been used by the elite, the controllers of the game. This is wrong on so many levels of which I will not go into. Instead, let us focus on what is right, on what is just and that is Balance. Fairness. For ALL. NOW.

    Time to level the playing field(s).

    Loving Source ~ We make the following requests in this NOW moment:

    *We request of Source a return of our rightful state of healthy Being in this NOW moment.

    *We request of Source in this NOW moment that the unnecessary suffering of people with disease be ended NOW with the release of the healing technologies that do cure disease quickly and easily.

    *We request of Source in this NOW moment to ensure ALL also have easy and free access to organic, healthy, plentiful/abundant food and water and air.

    *We request of Source in this NOW moment to ensure ALL have access to a variety of healing modalities such as body/massage work, herbal remedies and all other holistic/safe remedies to help restore the body back to its rightful state of perfect health and to keep it in that state.

    The time is NOW, Source, that Loving Balance be returned to ALL lifeforms on Gaia.

    We thank you for the Life we have and are. We thank you for fulfilling our intentions as stated above.

    And so It is.

    In loving service~


  49. >>The main thing the Resistance does NOT understand in entirety is why Lightworkers and Lightwarriors keep attacking each other instead of uniting forces against the Cabal that clearly does not have their best interests in mind<<.

    To be honest, I WAS almost SURE that the people from Planet X would understand, because they had very similar situations on their own planet. Besides, they have been here for over 15 years now, and have been communicating with the real living EARTLINGS, watching our TV programs, reading our internet and ... haven't seen, realized what is going on here? ARE WE the smartest ones in this galaxy?

    However, people from other planets did NOT have their lives twisted the way we ended up having down here, in this marevelous planet.
    They haven't been turned against each other like we are.


    And all these techniques and tools of separation made us TO GET HUGE, TREMENDOUS EGOS!! And that is something, most of the ET races, including THE RM/PLANET X people, have NOOOOO idea about!

    We are being attacked for inspiring people. And then, somebody else, is accusing you for supporting the GOOD people. We are damned if we SPEAK to PROTECT ourselves, or the good ones, and we are damned if we don't!

    >>Since our free will then aligns with the implant, the Light forces can not intervene in our life, the prayers do not get answered, the protection is lost, the trust is gone<<.

    Oh sure! Blame everything on the bad guys and the implants they put all over, inside and outside of us.
    HOW ABOUT YOU? Why didn't you, or the ALL MIGHTY ONE stop "them" from doing all these horrible things with us? How would you feel if one day you'd find out that all of the "god given" powers has been taken away from you? How would you feel if your prayers wouldn't be heard... The protection is ZERO! The dreams you had, have been smashed.... The people you loved, have left you because of your weird ideas.... The people you helped abused your kindness, and called you stupid... The money you need to survive, is nowhere to find.... (And the list goes on and on...)
    Within a few days, you'll find that..... THE TRUST IS GONE.........

    1. Beloved Hye Angel,
      You spelled it out in your last paragraph. If the RM had not incarnated here on Earth, they will not understand the FULL picture of the suffering here. Would you fully understand the hunger of the African if you never had hunger in your life daily? Experiencing hunger for 3 days will not give you the exact experience of the suffering. Don't they get it by now? Well, after 26,000 years, I was surprised when Cobra said they didn't know something. WoW! What happened for the past 26,000 years, were they day dreaming?

      Anyway, I still thanks them for the help but I hope they will know the situation better soon.

      May the LOVE be with you always!

  50. What Cobra is describing here is exactly what Maharishi was teaching in his Spiritual Regeneration Movement (later Transcendental Meditation). He couldn't emphasize it enough, the importance of rest, then activity. By rest, he meant sit down for 15 minutes twice a day with the eyes closed and go powerfully within. When we do that we connect with Source, the Self, The I Am presence. We experience pure Bliss, pure light. When we then come out into activity, we then infuse a bit of that light into our activities, our actions become more powerful. We become more fulfilled. When we do this enough, we realize we do not own this activity, we experience it. Everything there is, there was, there will be, it all belongs to Source. This is the wisdom Cobra has shared with this post.

    1. John Enos: I started Transcendental Meditation (TM) when I was 17 and met Maharishi Mahesh Yogi while I was in Spain for five months training to become a teacher at age 19. I appreciate you positive viewpoint and that everything belongs to the ONE SOURCE, by whatever name we give it.

      I'd like to add that, this being so, even TM is not meant to be the path for everyone. Individuals have different experiences and certainly not everyone experiences pure Bliss during their practice of Transcendental Meditation.

      In the sense that true connection and experience with SOURCE enables an individual to be free from the overwhelming influence of polar opposites of experience, such as positive and negative emotion, I agree that Cobra and Maharishi are expressing the reality of true "liberation."

      Cobra is stating that the adverse effects of implants and mind control from millions of years ago by the dark forces, can be neutralized.

      One way he's suggesting is the through the alternation of polar opposite affirmations:

      A) I disassociate with duality and separateness from Source.


      B) I disassociate with oneness and unity with Source.

      Spending some 10 minutes writing and affirming opposite polarities each day can bring about a true experience of our oneness with Source, beyond a mere mental knowing that many may have.

      Maharishi's approach was to let the mind deeply rest and spontaneously experience Source, through a technique called TM. For about 20 minutes twice a day. He saw that identification of the ups and downs of life experience in activity, causing suffering, were greatly neutralized, if not completely liberated through practice. (And I would add, through the "grace of God.")


  51. The implant makes surface population keep attacking each other!

    1. sooner or later personal responsibility is the core issue here and that emcompasses the using of emotional intelligence - direct the right emotion to the right person at the right time for the right reason. as the awakening progresses people will move away from reactionary action to responsive action. we live what we learn and we have all lived in a systemic dysfunctional learning environment. time heals all wounds. at the same time the pain and suffering of all our brothers and sisters in war torn countries, the exposure of just how extensive child abuse, child torture and sacrifice has been must affect us energetically.
      we are not a spiritually advanced population for many reasons and despite all the interference we have progressed further than was expected according to KRYON. just as the RM is confused as to why light workers attack light workers i am sure a lot has to do with battle fatigue and disappointment that nothing really appears to change from one day to the next. as long as we are doing our best we are doing our part. not making excuses for those who are attacking others, something else going on there that none of us here need to buy into under any circumstances.

  52. Thank you so much for this post Cobra, and for everything you and the RM have been doing. Victory of the Light!

  53. Thank you Cobra. Very empowering.


    This little wonderfull book helped me a lot on my journy. Maybe it will also be for you. (its free)

    in love

  55. The population suffers because there are too many people who are possessed by entities and drain energy from others around them. These other people although not possessed become energetically dirty and they also start sucking energy from others and so on. The only tools that can subdue those entities and even deliver people from them are the products of Nothing else comes close in terms of power. However the above may not be practically possible because energetically dirty people avoid such tools. Some can't even hold them in their hand, they get dizzy, while others may also react violently to them and you will have to restrain them. So tell me "friend", and all of you fellow lightworkers, how many people have you delivered so far? How do you deal with this except for running away?? Surely the mighty Resistance has more efficient ways to resolve this and doesn't require the knowledge of human individuals. It may not be apparent to some of us but the Resistance must be very active in this matter.

  56. May it be they have the black Stone but we have the infinity ones, haven't we?
    Grins ...

  57. Thank you for all the work and balancing you do, Cobra and the Resistence Movement. I'm very happy to hear that they've taken notice of our letters to them and gained better insight and maybe also empathy in a way that planet Earth life-conditions are more "real" to them. And that rabbit expert manifestor is priceless! It must've been fun to actually place this rabbit surrounded by carrots and see
    how it behaved. Probably a bit overwhelmed lol

  58. This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. the real question is : can the 'lightworkers' weane from the heavy 'alternative ufo media' addiction and plant their feet firmly on the ground ?

    the natural internet is online .

  60. I don’t know why so many are posting that the RM should automatically know what life is like for the average person on the surface of this planet. Do you even know what life is like for your neighbor unless you ask him/her? Are they supposed to be omniscient?

    Maybe people are forgetting the background of the RM. They came from the planet X which was also a prison planet run by the Archons/Chimera/Cabal. However, they were liberated and it took only TWO WEEKS to do so! Now, obviously, they did not have it as bad as we do. Also, obviously, they are a society/culture that cooperates much more than we do.

    So, they came to Earth but they immediately went underground and have been focusing on the liberation only, not learning Earth culture. Only a few are interacting with the surface population, most of them live separate lives underground. And how much could they really learn from TV and movies? How realistic are those? (Most are designed so that we can escape this horrible situation). And, while they could get some idea from reading the news, even the news is not realistic.

    So, I don’t think it is appropriate to jump to the conclusion that the RM are naïve. They have had a different experience than us and they want to know more about us.

    1. Thanks, James. Perfectly worded. People need to understand the RM are their own beings with their own set of problems. The positive forces are not flawless savior figures.

    2. I agree completely with this statement. Yes it's taking forever yes the increase in galactic energy can be challenging. Especially with 9 to 5 slavery. Keep in mind our victory is guaranteed. What's a few more years anyhow? A blink of an eye is how fast it will go and when the event finally does happen it will go even faster. So enjoy the ride

    3. I think the TV and movies can give the RM an excellent idea of why there is so much infighting. We are programed at an early age to be violent. That programing is hard to over come.

    4. James, thanks for your well thought out comment (which Cobra is confirming with his "PEN!"

      I am simply grateful that they care enough to read our words!

      Wow -- I always think the RM is so busy that they wouldn't do something as mundane as read blog posts from we earthlings.

      Plus, what language do they read and speak? Planet X-ian (sounds like a city in China)? Do they use Google Translate?

      This opens up a whole new line of questions for the RM.

      Do they go to Starbucks on Planet X and use their Wifi to read our letters?

      Okay, anyway, they do sound quite lovely, given their caring......I would love to get to know them.

    5. Well said, opened my eyes a little more. I still think more interaction between us (surface population) and the resistance needs to be achieved.

    6. You make a good point James.. However lets not be naive into thinkinh that these few letters have been the only ones just recently floating about.... Please dont tell me that they didnt venture into reading further than these ones just because "permission" was not granted explicitly. Two... Even some previous posts hints as to some of our earthly dilemmas.. Crisis .. Global n Personal losses of some wayshowers whistleblowers etc... Of the infighting root causes.

      Out in the internet forest are Letters from philosophers ... Writers.. Average joes From old or young that have put out their thoughts n fears.. Even if they knew nothing about a Matrix.

      Is one to belive Maybe they didnt have access to info of this sort.. even if not written by lightworkers...?

      One cant possibly expect them to understand how it feels if they have not walked ttru similar path but greatful that they trying to sympathize.
      Dont get me wrong...I am thankful for their attempt ...

      Personally i feel we should already (by now) have reached that needed threshhold of understanding...

      There isnt more that at this stage could possibly be learn that will assist in in the liberation unless is to be used by medical personnel. To understand the human trauma they will be dealing with when the event happens.. Hopefully sometime in out lifetime.

      Have not all been said.. Expressed? The fears the hopes.. The dramas.. Are we out to reinvent the wheel? Back to the drawing board?

      Maybe this is an attempt to give hope tthat people are being heard... Finally something more close to home... Where people dont need to be in an altered state to be heard. dont have to overstretch to an unknown...

      So for such bit of hope... We should be greatful. I guess even if we have to reinvent the whole damn wheel.

    7. @Dragon Heart, the RM is first and foremost a military organization. They are the ones responsible for working with the Dragon Families, keeping track of the bad guys, and finally arresting them at the time of the Event. True, there are pieces of information available in books and on the Internet which, when pieced together, could have given them a greater understanding of the human condition. But that isn’t why they came here. They are focused on arresting the bad guys and making sure that none of them escape at the time of the Event.

      Imagine a situation where police arrive at a bank where armed robbers are keeping several hostages. Are the police going to spend time and energy learning all about the hostages, how they live, and what their lives are like? No, they are going to spend all of their time and energy focused on the armed robbers so that they can free the hostages.

    8. In my opinion James... It doesnt hurt to learn about both sides... It may help you when you r in the field.. If you get to be in field...
      Sure you got a certain task... Your focus may be the badguys but is that it?... i assume the RM is not all military ... You may think that way, there might be scientists doctors etc psychologists... In addition By the post is hard for me to know who exactly read or understood the letters... Was it shared to all.. By a few.. Management only?..

      So at this point with the many unknowns imho any answer or guesses given so far could be valid even if partially...

      Your example of the police scenario... Even then... i would think the police would find out who their hostages are.. Knowing the mental state of both may assist one of those cops to make a right/better decision in some scenarios..

      So your interpretation of what i have posted.. ( the rm learning ALL about the hostages ...) That alone is not realistic James that is not what is being implied or expected of them. That doesnt even happen in our broken system. (Although if there was time... Learning as much of little of us may give them clues on ways to persuade us faster regarding some topics... Isnt that exactly what the bad guys have done )...

      Last if they are technologically more advanced than us i would like to assume learning about a subject may not be as time consumming as it may take us.

    9. Last.. Taking the time to understand little us would have prevented this discussion or confusion about "if the RM should have know this or that by now".. Because the post indeed raised many eyebrowns... That was preventable. Maybe like i said previuosly at one prev post maybe the main goal really was to show support n sympathy... Maybe just simply an attempt to engage us... Make us feel that we are contributing .. That We are being heard..
      . any other guess may hit the mark...

      Point being these lil mishaps gives the badguys an opportunity to prey on... It makes the good guys look uncoordinated...

      Example... whats his name that posted recently about the 9D higherself n this blog being evil etc etc..
      Looks like a vulture zooming in on prey... Why? cause the opportunity was given to him or it... Prime for their taking.

    10. The badguys will wait for mishaps... And if we keep giving them these little ones they will add up eventually.

  61. Replies
    1. Cobra for president

      (LOL exactly what? Please be more specific , you just posted a separate post)


    2. Exactly, to what is the answer?

      Thanks for post.
      Kind regards.


    3. His comment appeared 20 minutes after the one by James Mitchell, which was the last one at the time. There were 88 comments for a few minutes, then C.bra's showed up as number 89 right below it, so it's safe to say that "Exactly!" refers to James' post.
      And it's a really good post in my opinion as well.


    4. Hehehe, where is the start and end of a toroid.

    5. I think he was agreeing to James post.. It was underneath that post when i first saw it.

    6. I think Cobra's note "Exactly!" above is responding to James Mitchell's (quite excellent) commentary just above.

      Cobra's response was moved down as several of us used the Reply button to James.


    7. Du hast immer ein antwort fur alles.

      Bist du den so gescheit immer?

    8. Could have been a blog glitch, because my comment below saying hello to Cobra was originally typed as a reply to his post. Yet it appears as its own post.

      But yes, he's replying to James Mitchell.


    9. Or, have we rather to take it apart: EXACTLY!

      Hmmm... Cobra, Cobra...


    10. to take it as a post itself...



  62. I Know one thing.Its not too Clever to criticize the people who we are the help is waiting from.They do a favour for us.If they don't want to help,they don't help.But this prolonged hope is making us sick and frustrated and impossible to behave peacefull and positive.And now we understood our situation,which is not too happy.Anyway If the event happens we will celebrate together.

  63. Welcome our late liberators.

  64. An other important aspect, if you have a twin soul and he or she is incarnated then think for him/her that he/she was, is and will always connected with the infinite and unconditional love of source!!
    Most of the other twin"parts" are not awaken or within their process, they will be used by dark ones to brake them and you down too. Think in unconditional love for and to them to protect and support them!


  65. August 21st – Total Eclipse of the Sun – Join Forces to Align Our Future with the Planetary Liberation Program!

    July 19, 2017 by Ada Shaw

    It is time to prepare for the next big Prepare For Change mass meditation Event!

    ….and this time we will be gathering together physically…it is finally time to meet the rest of the 144,000….

    ….this promises to be a BIG one!

    On Monday, AUGUST 21st, 2017 … a mere 5 weeks from now…there will be a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE over the USA.

    We will be gathering together all along the ECLIPSE PATH which goes from OREGON through NEBRASKA and KANSAS and ends in SOUTH CAROLINA.

    The eclipse starts at 10:16 AM in Oregon and ends 90 minutes later at 2:48 PM in South Carolina. (Different timezone – 3 hours later in the day)

    Prepare For Change is organizing a physical mass meditation event to declare our decision to trigger the Event and bring back Light to our planet.
    We will be holding physical meetups along the eclipse path, and planting cintamanis and special free will crystals to amplify our intention.

    If you are able to organize an IN PERSON MEETUP along the Eclipse path on this date, or if you are able to help with the placement of stones and crystals, please send us an email:

    To volunteer for this project: Email .


    1. We need people to organize carpooling across the country. I can't currently make it in person.

    2. Special Cobra and Corey Goode Joint Interview—Coming Soon!

      July 22, 2017 by Angel Eyes

      This is a shout out to all readers/listeners of our Cobra interviews. I will be joined by Justin Deschamps as co-host of this special interview. Prepare For Change is joining forces with Corey Goode and Justin Deschamps to promote a special meditation to be held on the day of the eclipse: August 21st, 2017.

      For the next 4 days only—I am seeking questions on anything surrounding the topic of meditation. This is our chance to advance as a united people, to stand in solidarity for a common cause.
      We are all desiring a new society, free of debt slavery, where people can follow the path of the heart, be engaged in work that is joyful and fulfilling. Now is our chance to join with a larger community to create what it is we desire.
      It is through peaceful means, that we will overtake the dark and create our new society. It is by love that we will win.

      Corey Good will be answering questions alongside of Cobra. They each come from a different experience but the goal is the same: to create “unity in the community.”
      Please submit only meditation oriented questions for this special interview. The days for these questions are July 22nd through 25th.

      Please place these questions on the normal “Cobra Questions” link of the website:

  66. Mother Avalokteswara says about this techniches ( duality of non-duality).
    Nice memes. It's good.
    Avalokteswara was appears to me after I was reading this post.
    This financial support is wonderful.

    There are various ways of working collective Christian consciousnesses of abundance directed toward starseeds. Orientals call them tulpas, you can see as IA, or as aid consciousnesses.


    "We are being attacked for inspiring people. And then, somebody else, is accusing you for supporting the GOOD people. We are damned if we SPEAK to PROTECT ourselves, or the good ones, and we are damned if we don't!"

    What's up Hye Angel? I hope you are doing ok.

    You know the problem with you guys here is this: when somebody asks you what is your spiritual background and what are you doing in that terms, you suddenly start to write something like this: "I like people, I like to help this guy, he has cancer, I'm a good person and you are attacking me and you are bragging that you are better then me'. I mean come on guys.

    I'm asking this queston because when I see a person leaving a comment like" Yeah, the event is just around a corner", then I think he or she's gotta be almost a saint who can see a future and it's gotta be a spiritually purified person of the highest caliber but we all know that is not a case here. We are not saints here.
    When we talk about libertation of the planet we have to ask ourselfs what any of us did for the planetary libertation? I'm doing Reiki and meditation for 16 years every day, so I started long time ago primarly because of myself (spiritual path is a individual thing) and I became vegetarian in 2001 and so there is a good thing on both sides: I' m helping myself and I helping forces who are trying to liberate the planet. So, when we talk about tings like this we have to know this fact: we have to do something serious and sitematic. If you are waitnig for something to happen (event) it wil never happen in the way you think it's gonna happen (I will be happy suddenly, everything will be alright, the guy just gave me a beer). It will just be (if event is not a hoax) just a help for spiritual people to go on.

    You know I asked James Mitchell like 3 or 4 years ago, about how he's gonna feel in 5 years time when still there will be no event. He answered me something like "No way". And guess what? Here we are. It's only a year left. I knew it for a fact back then. You know it's so obviously what is going here, I don't know how to tell you, maybe like this: as a time goes by you really don't take this information seriously any more.

    Or just watch this: people are waiting for the event... just to feel better in life, it has almost nothing to do with spiritual side but they think that they are a serious seekers with a hearts FULL OF LOVE FOR EVERYBODY and guess what? Every day there is ONE MILLION slaughtered animals in the world. Can you imagine what kind of energy of fear and panic are those animals are vibrating to this world and guess who feeds on that energy? Those who are working against us and against libertation of the planet. People don't see that as a problem. Here, on comments section, 90 % of the people are not vegetarians. Who cares about killing animals, I wanna event to feel better, give me a cold juice. That's the way they think.

    Or watch what is going on here EVERY DAY: you have you tube guy here, music guy, let's dance guy. That is what cabal wants. They want clowns of the new world order. Let's just dance, everything is ok, don't do sadhana, just eat meat, who cares, here is a yt link, just dance when terrible things are going in the world, not to mention losing a chance to make youself a better person and the one closer to God when you are doing your sadana or karma joga. Yes, we have to become serious and sitematic people. Be a deep person.

    Big greetings to all real lightwarriors out there.

    1. I have a very good friend from this list who is also a vegan and very spiritual. Thankfully, he doesn't brag about it.


    2. I assume you mean me when you mention "youtube guy" so I'll say this again for about the 900th time on here: I post these songs because they are sent to me by the Universe and contain hidden messages in the lyrics, the basslines, the drums, guitar riffs or something else.
      And also because music is the Universal Language Of Love.
      I'm very well aware of the shizit that's going on on Gaia and fight it every day, thank you very much.

      And I quit being a vegetarian because I just couldn't stand it anymore. Eating products of chickens and cows held in captivity is just wrong, so I turned to a completely Vegan diet over two years ago. The thought of how milk and eggs are "harvested" from these poor animals in cages and barns just makes me sick and I can't possibly eat or drink anything containing even traces of that. Because, yes indeed, that kind of food is full of negative energies, and I don't want that anywhere near my body, mind and soul.

      Now let's see, does the Universe have I song I shall send you?
      Oh look, yes it does.
      This is Spirit Bird, hope you'll like it

      Lots of Love and Light.
      Have a Nice Day.


    3. Petar Vojnović: There are over 7 billion people on earth. Each is a unique soul with a unique life path and destiny guided by the Will of the Almighty, All Intelligence, Source (by whatever name we give it).

      We cannot judge what is right for anyone unless we have the Awareness of Source which All-At-Once encompasses all interactions, their effects, their outcomes, of all creation for past, present, and future possibility.

      Therefore, if we make a generalization that vegetarian is the way to go and is more "spiritual," guess what, we may be wrong. I know this from first hand experience.

      There are many people who are enlightened/aware today and in the past, who had bodies that needed or require animal protein in order for them to thrive. It's not a matter of some scientific justification that, for instance, anyone can get all the essential amino acid protein building blocks from a veggie diet alone. No. The reasoning goes deeper.

      How do I know? I am one of those people. Now I don't condone cruelty to animals, but like every department under the control of the chimera/archons currently, we will need The Event to elicit a shift into a higher vibration and cleanup of activities on earth. It's up to the Will of "God" whether everyone will naturally evolve and be capable of eating an exclusive vegetarian diet or some other modification, as the New Age is upon us.

      As far as "sadhana," spiritual practice, meditation, or WHATEVER anyone is prompted to do, that is THEIR path and dharma. It is not necessarily meant for another to do. And it doesn't mean if someone does a practice, a specific action, that makes that person more "spiritual" than someone who finds their self adopting some other activity.

      The point is: we can't know all the ramifications of action, choice, unless we are SOURCE. The course of action is unfathomable, says the Bhagavad Gita, one text of the eternal Vedas, called the encyclopedia of all knowledge. Common reasoning reveals the same conclusion.

      I understand you are coming from a certain perspective and that is fine for YOU. I think it's great if you wish to share that to others as what YOU'VE found useful or true. However, please realize that it's just one of an infinite point of views of some 7 billion souls on earth.

      To me, that makes me humble, compassionate, and realize anything I have, any understanding I have, any choice I make, everything without exception doesn't arise out of me so much, as an "individual," but out of the totality of Intelligence directing everything in life, what I like to call, the "grace of God."

      We have "free will," but only to a certain extent, to a very limited degree. The Will of Source, on the other hand, operates in ALL of its own creation, INCLUDING in the free will of each individual.

      Because we can only choose (free will) according to our choices, our overall condition, and according to every single thing that has led up to this moment, including the interactions of all phenomena everywhere, past and present. So we can ask ourselves, how much free will do we really have? And why would we think ultimately that one choice is more "spiritual" than another, in the final analysis. To me, it goes beyond conception. And I'm thankful I can be thankful and have a view that everything we have is the grace of God, of Source.


    4. I eat vegan, man. I'm quite a lazy bum otherwise, though, I'll admit.

  68. so the RM doesn't know about the Syrian crisis, the starvation in Africa, the brutal rapes and body mutilation there, the kidnapping, the false flags attacks that maim and kill hundreds, 911, poisoning of all people through medications, water, food, air, alcohol, etc. they don't know about the homeless, the child trafficking/human trafficking. they don't know about the insults to Gaia? the pollution? the condition of the seas? You know all this Cobra, how is it they do not know?

    1. Brown eye i can only allow meself to imagine this post is to deliver the message that we are being heard...

  69. "The main thing the Resistance does NOT understand in entirety is why Lightworkers and Lightwarriors keep attacking each other instead of uniting forces against the Cabal that clearly does not have their best interests in mind. From the perspective of the Resistance, they would never attack their fellow that is fighting for the same cause and they genuinely do not understand why the surface population keeps doing that."

    At an overview of this question, a short answer may be:

    The surface population does not know who is a genuine lightworker, and who is not, or who does a genuine lightworking or not. While the RM members know most likely one another, and what each of them have to do or to work.

    On an other hand, for here, there might be that all who distanced themselves from Cobra, or are not believing in a sudden Event which will change the world, but are believing in a smooth decade long transition might be not genuine lightworkers and might be misguidind the collective consciousness of humanity,
    so might they be worth to get an attack in order to become more grounded or to come back on track...

    Should RM study this cases, give out their point of view, and we will give other of our opinion, as case may be.

    1. Unknown, I like this post, but you are like the number 1 guy always talking about how The Event won't happen and that Cobra is like a Santa Claus.


    2. You are wrong: in fact I mean Cobra as the grandfather (not as Santa Claus) waiting his grandchildren to understand themselves that Santa Claus do not exists; and I also mean, hopely should this not also apply for the Event...


  70. This madness needs to end NOW.


  71. MESSAGE to RM:

    We have also to understand what do they mean by lightworkers attacking one another:

    Is it the case, let's say, Alfred Webre attacking (time ago) Kevin Annett? or is it the case of 'laymen' lightworkers attacking one another, i.e. 2 neighbors in a discussion about Cobra,
    or, is it the case that us, we, attacking a top lightworker speaking intensively about karma, which we know that is an arcohonic invention.

    In order to have a comprehensive answer from us, we have to know what they mean by this attack.

    1. unknown: "All of the above" apply. Discussion is discussion. Attack is attack. I think it means when individuals find themselves in-fighting amongst spiritually intended people, rather than recognizing the common cause which goes beyond petty differences in order to defeat and remove a the primary anomaly negative force.


  72. QUESTION for RM to Cobra:

    They, RM members involved in a certain action to achieve a certain goal,
    are they knowing each other as a team, or are they (let's say like us) need to discover one another only by 'inner guidance' who is part of the team and which is his particular mission,
    and if he is on track or not, and if he is under a certain (inner or outer) misguidance?.

  73. Understanding is irrelevant.Your job is to end the CABAL,we take it from there.

    1. I think we would... Once the gates are opened or matrix falls.. I truly believe finally most if not all volunteers would finally start on their missions. What we were meant to do... Finally earth will have plenty of employed mission go getters... Instead of survivers of circumstances


  74. "Since our free will then aligns with the implant, the Light forces can not intervene in our life, the prayers do not get answered, the protection is lost, the trust is gone."

    You have to be more specific: why "free will that aligns with the implant" prevails over the free will associated with the call to intervention from LF?

    1. The ability to choose is the individual... (keeping in
      mind that an individual is a unity and its attributes are not separate from itself) and the
      ability is not separate from the individual’s actual, choices or acts.

    2. I think it has to do partially with agreements or treaties made long ago unknown as far as intervention goes.. In addition the matrix got more complexed over time... The bomb threat made a good hostage handle for the badguys.

      The usual stuff that u might imagine that entails a hostage situation is my guess.

  75. Thank you very much Brother Cobra. It really inspiring to me and to practice writing everyday at least 10 minutes...

    1. I wonder if it will make any difference if we write it out by hand or type it out?

  76. to remove implant see also inelia benz's tools :

  77. The main thing I does NOT understand in entirety is why RM and Inner Earth Alliance (seven civilizations), keep ignoring each other instead of uniting forces against the Cabal that clearly does not have their best interests in mind.

    The Inner Earth Alliance need to get ass whipped by the Chimera to be active in cooperation?

    1. Turning the cards around.. Smart ally :)...

  78. I noticed many replied to the question posted on this blog about the infighting...

    Howevwr i think they expecting the answers in the prepare for change site... Just in case thats the case...

    1. I don't understand why they are posting comments here when Cobra ask that they post on the prepare for change site. There is a lot of good input. They should post it on the prepare for change site to ensure it will be seen by the RM.

    2. Believe me, the Prepare for Change page got A LOT of responses from people about that.There are far more posts being added now than there were before Cobra's update. Really overwhelming in fact looking through the email notifications. I can't keep up anymore.

    3. Dragon,
      Yes, I think you are right.

      Cobra's post indicates he would like us to discuss the infighting IN THE SAME LOCATION on the website where we wrote our letters to the Resistance.

      By the way, if the website is not working for you, remove the www.

      Removing the www might work.

  79. My two cents as far why the in fightin...

    We still have implants up our...armpits.
    Or whereever they are located.

  80. GREAT! thank you, thank you, thank you!


  81. I know that somebody else posted this before, and I'm totally gonna borrow it.
    As in "if you borrow from one person it's called plagiarism, but if you borrow from a lot of people it's called research." :-)

    When I first heard this it almost blew my mind 'cause it's so true and so wonderful.
    When I sent this to a friend I said that this may very well be the best song ever.

    This, dear RM, is what All Of Humanity wants, they're just mislead by outside factors and negative influences. This is what Humanity is really all about.
    Right here! On, in, and all around Gaia.

    So here we go again.

    There'll be Love all around the World
    There'll be Peace and Understanding all around the World
    There'll be Joy all around the World
    There'll be Happy Children Singing all around the World


    And that includes All Of YOU! ♥ ♥ ♥



    1. Stand strong keep the Fire burnin'
      Stick together, gotta keep the wheels turnin'
      Forcing companies to stand aside
      Forcing governments to recognise the Power of this Tribe

      I believe in You


      We Are ONE Family.
      ONE Tribe.
      ONE World.
      We Are ONE with THE ONE.

      And I believe in You.
      Every little thing is gonna be all right.

      ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


  82. I think my implant is at the back of my head behind my right ear. Also, maybe the program is backwards, and very good things look bad, maybe quarantine is very good. I've been playing around with contrary thoughts and feelings, facing, expressing, and releasing stigma around negative modalities, as you recommend, it has been extremely helpful, I think. But maybe we can rethink this goal of breaking through, it might not serve anyone. Maybe we can understand and help from the outside better. There might be a way to make everything work with where we are at. I have not felt more positive energy since 2013.

  83. That one is free from by deprogramming one's mindcontroled program itself is a breakthrough psychologically! Its breakthrough will affect the planetary liberation significantly!

  84. Be aware of true "truth" is deprogramming one's mindcontrolled program!

  85. <3 <3 <3 The dark forces can no longer operate in the same manner, as the energies no longer support their antics, so they keep trying to create a false sense of security and a business as usual only to delude us. The mainstream media is on its last legs as it will be forced to finally start reporting the 'real' news. Exciting, joyful and jubilant times await us! Feel it and send all your wishes to the Universe for Manifestation! The time is here now to live as truly free beings! <3 <3 <3

    <3 Join us every Sunday in our Global Guided Meditation to Amplify our Visions and bring them Energetically Together into Manifestation. <3
    - Long Island Violet Flame meditation at 10am EDT (2pm UTC/GMT) on COEO (Daily!) and Discord
    - Expanded Ascension Meditation at noon EDT (4pm UTC/GMT) on COEO and Discord
    The official COEO PFC meditation channel:
    Our Discord PFC meditation channel:

    1. yes, Yes, YES... WE ALL FINALLY... TOGETHER as ONE!!!

      What so beautiful feeling. ;)

  86. The truth is you are all 13 dimensional "Gods" and all this Alien rubbish is to distract you - which is preventing Ascension. Existence itself is projected within thevenergy firld from infinite consciousness and the feeder frequency is a 91D
    being of pure Truth. This site, operation and false promises are not acceptable and you arecasked kindly to cease this fake operation and allow Evolution to take place without the need to continue trying to own it. Cobra - snakes and ladders - the most vicious snake of them all. Wake up simple, weak souls. You are alone and you are supported by your highest inner self - if you follow another to be freed you are doomed. You sir, are of the most incredible Evil ever known. Lying to dimwits like a pied piper of their souls with nonsense about Space. Human beings would have to bevat least 17D beings before they can manifest "Aliens" and people like you are actually preventing it happening because of your deceit.

    1. I see where you're coming from, but YOU have to be the dimwit to truly believe we are alone, and that beings on other planets do not exist, out of the billions upon billions upon billions of planets, solar systems, galaxies, and universes out there.

    2. Three words: Tachyon Healing Chamber. Go visit one of those, and then come back here and make a comment. The reality of that healing technology is probably the only reason I still follow Cobra. It is actually healing people's lives.

    3. One last thing: "Human beings would have to bevat least 17D beings before they can manifest "Aliens" and people like you are actually preventing it happening because of your deceit."

      I saw a UFO flying saucer extremely up close when I was a kid. I'm not talking in the distance, but extremely up close, flying past inches from my window. It was not a dream, but very real, as I remember freaking out and running downstairs.

      While I am still on the fence regarding Cobra's promises, your argument has absolutely nothing to stand on.

    4. Well martin, i dont consider meself a follower but i am a dimwit...

      thank for showing us the way. I can see you have done much progress on yourself ... Kind of hard to hear you well with that 71D body of yours and all projecting such radiance to us ... All the way down here To this minzy winzy 3D level.

      I appreciate the time n effort u took..

      Your truly..
      Dimwit IV

    5. You don't know what your rambling on about.

  87. MESSAGE to RM:

    We have to understand much more about what is known nowadays as a 'walk-ins' soul transfer.

    We learned from Cobra that you have soul transfer technology, and it be interest on the subject in its micromanagement details.

    So we consider it as part of our right to knowledge.

  88. Just eanted to toss this out there.. Someone was trying to arrange meetups around the eclipse's path...

    Perhaps this group may be a good one to contact...

  89. Dearest Cobra and Light Family, why do you need someone who has notes from your conference to give you the note? Is there not a transcription available of it from when you did it? That would be much helpful. As I don't have a passport and can't attend such things and also broke all the time. Please post a transcript of the conference ASAP.
    ALSO - What you said about doing the writing down of polar opposites and then the cancel each other out >>> THAT IS THE SAME THING ALISTER CROWLEY GEACHES THAT I HAVE BEEN STUDYING! It give me great joy to see you saying the same! He talks about the Family and Children of Light a lot in his work.. Aster Argon "the mystical and magical system of the AA" (SILVER STAR) = Sirius !!!!!!! I would LOVE to hear your comment on Crowleys work.
    I have also got very heavy attacks mostly in my dream where I am forced to be help in the dream... where I will be held down ... same dream over and over >> once I tried to get to my mom (in the dream) and once I did I fell beside her bed and I had my hand on her trying to wake her up but every move I made something would BITE me. Such pain I woke up feeling the bites on my sides. No marks tho but horrible pain. It traps me in dreams where I can wake up and almost always paralyzes me so I can't move. Always takes my voice away first and mostly I'll be laying I my back. So I can't call in mother or father god or angles. I was calling on Jesus like five times then I called on archangel Michael and I was broke free from the hold. I don't understand what's going on. I moved into another house recently and it does not happen much at all any more. (Old house was haunted as shet) I sealed the attic lids shut with nails and I STILL heard bangs and footsteps. Once a man voice and there was no one there I had it checked. I'm so glad to be out ignored there. But please talk of Crowleys work. It isn't not all bad how can he talk about the secret order of the golden dawn which is lovely and all relates back to the silver star Aster Argon. (SIRIUS) I am studying that stuff and enochian chess/sex magic. Also the seals of Solomon the king and I am VERY cautious in my work so that I only do white magic. We have all been conditioned to believe that any magic is occult and black work and that is a lie. I also know that opposites unite and through the god fire consume and cancel each other out in becoming one and than none.
    BUT >>>> do COSMIC OPPOSITES UNITE ???? i.e. Example = on the zodiac WHEEL (Virgo vs Pisces) to become one (twin souls) who then become teachers if the WORD ??? That is what I have intuitively learned.
    I send all my LOVE xoxox
    #Victory of the Light
    PS I am now going to school for audio production bachelors and when I am done I hope to be of help somehow with using 432hz healing frequency for the masses.

  90. Can we recite one sentence,"I am one with the Source." and another sentence, "I am separated from the Source."alternatively 10 minutes everyday in our mind instead of writing down so?

  91. Can we write one sentence 10 minutes before/after writing the other sentence on the same day everyday

    or can we write one sentence 10 minutes on one day and the other sentence 10 minutes
    on another day?

  92. Disclosure is to deprogram our mindcontrolled program!

  93. "The Resistance has read all those letters and they are now realizing that the amount of suffering of the surface population is even greater than they imagined."

    Good morning RM.


  94. If this is true, massive intervention by all galactic forces was mandatory, or should have been mandatory a long time ago. What the hell is wrong with these galactic people? The universe requires an immune system to function just like a body does.
    Let this planet be a lesson to all other races not to let the abuse and evil take hold beyond a certain point. We surpassed that point thousands of years ago, I blame the galactics personally. Everyone who has the power to prevent evil has a responsibility to do so when it gets out of hand. And I don't care who disagrees with me either.


  95. Alright this situation on planet Earth is beyond absurd now if this is true. Massive intervention by all galactic forces was mandatory, or should have been mandatory a long time ago. What the hell is wrong with these galactic people? The universe requires an immune system to function just like a body does. How on Earth do these idiots not know this? The prime directive does not supercede the galaxy being destroyed.
    Let this planet be a lesson to all other races not to let the abuse and evil take hold beyond a certain point. We surpassed that point thousands of years ago, I blame the galactics personally to a large degree. Everyone who has the power to prevent evil no matter where it exists has a responsibility to do so when it gets out of hand. I don't care who disagrees with this either. Look at the shituation we are in, completely ridiculous. This creation should have never been created in the first place.

  96. Thank you Cobra and Resistance Movement. As much as I struggle with ingrained habits and lack of focus and self-discipline, You make me want to be a better version of myself. You make me realize what matters. You make me see the depth and beauty we can bring to this world and to our lives, and to the lives of all of humanity. You make me want to persevere and try harder. NO, I mean DO more!

    "Do or do not. There is no try." ~Yoda

    Thank you all, I love you.

  97. This is an especially timely and auspicious message:

    ONENESS OF ALL: Arcturian Group Message for 7/23/17
    by Marilyn Raffaele ~ JULY 23,2017

    MY TAGS: ONENESS OF ALL, Arcturian Group Message, Marilyn Raffaele, Consciousness, Higher Frequencies, Psychic Abilities, Guides, Divine Support, All is Energy, Resonance, Law of Attraction, Manipulation, Service to Self, Visitations, Fear, Synchronicity, Return to Wholeness, Completion, Co-Creation, Allow Blessings, Ascension

  98. James Mitchell

    The reason I wrote that I'm a vegetarian was because I wanted to show how much is important to stop this slaughtering of the animals every day and to show by my own example that I'm not just talking some stuff here, you will understand that one day when you wil be making those first few steps on your spiritual path.

    If you do a good stuff and good change in you spiritual life, it can not be braging; braging and spirituallity can not go together, you will learn that when one day.

  99. Thank you Cobra!! Happy to hear the update.
    Victory of the light!!

  100. THE EVENT.

    Who cares about 7 billion people. We are here on this blog. If you claim that you want better society, the event, big changes... then I'm just asking you what did you do until this day to help this process? it's not judging, it's a just a question.

    ''We cannot judge what is right for anyone unless we have the Awareness of Source which All-At-Once encompasses all interactions, their effects, their outcomes, of all creation for past, present, and future possibility.''

    Anyone? I was not talking for 7 billion people. I was talking for people here on this blog. People here like to say that they are spiritual seekers and stuff like that and guess what? They do a very little in that terms. But it's ok, don't get me wrong, everything is ok. I don't hate them. I was not judging anybody here. I just asked a couple of questions.

    You have to do something if you are a spiritual seeker, if you wanna be a profesional sportsman you have to do a practice and practice and practice...can you imagine what kind of effort and discipline you will need to go thru if you wanna some spiritual success? I know, after the event everything will be better and the talk about hard stuff on spiritual path is just a talk and a trap by archons, right? I know one thing, I will do my my best every day of my life and surely I will be not waiting for the event and never end up to a point that when someone writes here that he is a vegetarian,to see that as a braging.

    "Therefore, if we make a generalization that vegetarian is the way to go and is more "spiritual," guess what, we may be wrong. I know this from first hand experience."

    You know, I have a good answer for you: we are all one or we are aspire to become one... so I'm asking you how would you feel when somebody would be stabing you with knife and killing you? Where is your heart for those animals? It's just a question, I see that you a nice person, I dont have anything against you, i'm just writing some things... in my home they all eat meat, it's ok and my path is so strong so it doesn't bother me at all.

    "There are many people who are enlightened/aware today and in the past, who had bodies that nneded or require animal protein in order for them to thrive"

    What is 'awake' for you? What does that mean? To read David Icke and Cobra blog and wait for the event? The story about animal protein is just a story, not a fact. Humans are not build to eat meat.

  101. THE EVENT.

    You know, to become vegetarian doesn't have anything to do with the event. It' s about your heart. You dont need event to go into higher vibration, you can start today by yourself, start doing karma yoga (action), start some sadhana, start some sports, and never be a lazy person. And if you become vegetarian you will raise you vibration even higher. I know, you are talking about cleaning of activities on earth, but still you know that is the biggest problem here: "we will need the event, ater the event"... ok, there is some truth in that (to chase all those dark forces who are giving us hard times) but we can do a lot if we are diligent people.

    "As far as "sadhana," spiritual practice, meditation, or WHATEVER anyone is prompted to do, that is THEIR path and dharma."

    Of course. But I was not talking about that. I just asked people here, since this is a cobra blog and so you would think that people here are doing something to become more aware of the truth inside of them, and so I asked what are they doing. I clearly understand that everyone has their one path, but are they doing anything serious?

    "Because we can only choose (free will) according to our choices, our overall condition, and according to every single thing that has led up to this moment, including the interactions of all phenomena everywhere, past and present. So we can ask ourselves, how much free will do we really have? And why would we think ultimately that one choice is more "spiritual" than another, in the final analysis. To me, it goes beyond conception. And I'm thankful I can be thankful and have a view that everything we have is the grace of God, of Source"

    You see, this is the problem. The problem here is in the fact that there is no two or three choices here like you are saying. People are not doing anything. Most of the people don't care for spiritual path and you are hiding that with nice stories. Free will? O come, anybody can go and finish Reiki or joga and start to do that every day but they don't want to. Yo know this is the best time to be on earth, Avatar was here, Sai Baba, it will never be opportunity like this in the future. It's not a good thing to hide human laziness with some nice new age stories. You know people, it way better to see things they are.

  102. This comment has been removed by the author.

  103. Hello Brother and Sisters :)

    On my journey to find truth, I found an interesting Website in November 2016 called:

    Does anyone of you know about this website and the intel which was published there? I would really love to talk about some topics.

    If you don't know this website, then may take a look. The jounals claim to be partly written(transfered) by the here well known rainbow masters. The search function is very useful and you can quickly start to compare intel. The amount of information is tremendous.

    In love Max .

  104. EM: Can people ask the Source to intervene much more in view of the control of the intel flow?

    C: It is good to ask Source for more direct intel flow and more direct intervention. That’s actually a very good idea

    This is my second request ... please Source give us more direct intel flow and more direct intervention.

    I will ask this on three separate occasions after which you MUST comply. It's your Law ... I read this in a book so it must be true.

    Thank you for your time.

    1. What do u mean direct intel spirit....

      I think one thing is to intervene another is intel...
      The dark prey on intel to modify their approach... Not always is good to know how things r as they are happwning.. Unless you are completely aware what the badguys are upto or you know their gAme to an extend.. Which in that case it wont matter how much intel they get...
      U can give intel also to prevent or stop certain patterns which the badguys would need to reduce or stopp in order to not look so transparent or obvious anymore to the public.

      Unfortunately given intel or not if there is no attempt to stop patterns completely just leads to more games...

      That is an unfortunate state of affairs we are on i feel.. Caught in a loop...

      Modifying a game by whoseever's Will is not the same as stopping it.

      Thus 26k of this madness.


  105. RaJah 3:16 says . . .


    Sweet Jane - not quite, what I mean is of course NADINE!!!

    True Love will never die.

    Victory of Love and Light