Sunday, July 2, 2017


Pandora in progress, EELA in progress, BSMOSS/BSR sequence in progress. Systems/Isidic security breach deflection in progress, red alert at 504. PB removal attempt in progress. HVBN  stable. M minimum requirements met.


  1. you have forgotten midas packages...

    1. Unknown in Progress. Me only to a certain degree.

  2. Neat, good work :)
    Another to my collection


  3. Look here,... nowadays tech...
    not what Cobra in promising 'much longer' after the never coming event

    Behind Radionics, the wacky sound therapy...

    An Album of Musical Radionic Thought Frequencies, and the strange space it occupies in the pantheon of avant-garde music.

    Albert Abrams conducting a radionic experiment, 1923

    Radionics is a fringe science founded on the idea that all living things have defined vibrational frequencies.


  4. radionics

    A “black box” approach to diagnosis and holistic treatment; banned in the United States. “Corrective” energy patterns are directed from the instrument to the patient, even at a distance, to treat deep-seated health problems. The devices often analyze samplings from the patient, such as a snippet of hair, to arrive at a diagnosis.


    1. Cobra, mysterious as he usual is, answered in an interview that there are healing nowadays tech, but he tells us not where to get it from,... and that he leaves to us to find them.

      Let's it act now!
      This should be the best of.


    2. If you have not money to buy a radionics device, than is left for you the 'paper radionics'.

      It costs you as much as to print a paper.

      download it now:

      paper radionics device

      tomorrow,... who knows?...


  5. use it now to speed up the liberation:

    Radionics is a methodology for the detection and manipulation of subtle energies linked to physical matter: animal, vegetable or mineral. It is generally known as a system of vibrational healing wherein curiously configured “black boxes” are used to detect and treat disease conditions of a living body, be it animal or vegetable, anywhere in the universe.
    Radionics instruments can also broadcast healing vibrations to a single subject.

    They can be used to detect specific elements in mineral samples, or even to test for mineral veins using an aerial photograph or map.
    Their potential makes them appear magical when considered from the viewpoint of modern science.

    1. We can use that to eliminate negative energies of dark entities who are reincarnated to this planet. Use that with the entitie's photograph. I use the IDF one by one to specific person of dark forces. Have to select only one target at once. Do that one by one.

      Those entities never influence me because I have effective IDF!

      radionics, scalar, psychotronics

      Victory of the Light!


  6. What we need now... in not the Event, but... a certain improvement on the higher planes...
    and thereafter... we know what to do with it!!...

    1. We need more communication between the higher planes and the physical realm. A mutual relationship to help achieve effective results. Not just for channelers and gifted intuitives, but your average person who just wants to do good and be of use. And not just people who feel good, but to those who are struggling and hurting themselves, the Light needs to step in and interfere for once. For anyone who is depressed and suicidal, one request from that person to feel better should be enough to never have to experience those feelings again. I don't know if this is interfering with any agreements that have been set up between the Dark and Light, but this should be the number one priority right now, moreso than anything else, or else we're getting nowhere. Do we really need The Event to wait for this?


  7. Cobra,... come forward!...
    and give a coherence of some concerns...

    Mind tech is even nowadays much more developed and publicly accessible than you leave us to believe...


  8. Cobra! it is very surprisingly that you do not come forward and not tell to lightworkers how to protect from misuse of radionics devices and attacks...

    You tell us to be aware in order to prevent direct energy weapons attack, but you tell nothing about how to protect against scalar attack from radionics.


  9. Sandor Gyory@

    You came forward with a video about a long term unfolding of the Event.

    This might be what is,... isn't it??

    bring it back too.


  10. New Age Biscuit
    July 1, 2017 at 9:57 PM

    I should have read your comment before entering my own.

    Yes, Plan B has been in the works for a fairly long time in human terms.

  11. Thank you Cobra and All involved in Our Liberation, so grateful for your assistance. Love and Light be with us All :-) <3


  12. candtalan
    July 1, 2017 at 12:34 PM

    Re the August solar eclipse: 2017 Solar Eclipse Energy Preparation - Client QHHT Sessions


  13. We have to stand up now, and ask for our desires beside of working together.

    What becomes clear now is that Cobra's plan of Ascension is surrealistic for the nowadays earth, even if liberation on the etheric and plasma plan occurs.

    We have to be here and draw our desire concerning the Ascension plan.

    They, RM, LF drew a presetted Ascension plan without to ask us for a word.

    It's like another case of say it dictatorship, but for the Light, for the 'higher purposes'.

    We have to stand up and to say: this yes, and this not for.
    And not to wait or ask for their plan.

    Let's act it now! LF will support out initiative in the way that Cobra claims they support any initiative for the light...

    1. because we humans have had such success in ;iberation campaigns - NOT. whoever you are "unknown" you are a shit stirrer and trouble maker and in my opinion are not here to support liberation, but rather to undermine COBRA and the messages he imparts. not sure why yu stick around because not many take you seriously.


    2. 'a shit stirrer' is your 'narrow gauge' mind.

      bring some fresh air from nowhere, from anywhere...

      come with something new here and not only wait from Cobra!


  14. Important update from Cobra: Monday, June 12, 2017;
    Vacuum Metastability Event

    Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The Light forces have completed „certain operations“ and are now intensively dissolving the head of the Yaldabaoth entity.

    Anomalous plasma filaments of the Yaldabaoth head together with toplet bombs are coupled with the black stone, a top quark-antiquark condensate.

    The Light forces are now working directly to disable the black stone and remove the remaining toplet bombs and the progress is going according to the plan.

    Cobra, are we now entitled to consider that the Light Forces have taken control of the plasma plane around Earth, of dissolving the head of octopod, and of accelerating the dismantling of all toplets and of the black stone as well??...


  15. Palinkas, where are you??...

    This is the update you was long awaiting for!!...

    Longer,... longer ... much longer!... long long term awaiting ahead!!

    you gave not an opinia about...

    1. Oh my lover, you just don't understand the situation. More good things happened what you can imagine in these last weeks


    2. OK! let's see them together for all the readers...



    3. Let's have 'an unified understanding' of the situation...


  16. Arpad Palinkas@
    July 1, 2017 at 3:11 PM

    "Actually I can't believe how many didn't interpret that simple text correctly"

    Please be more specific...


  17. chucknoris1986
    July 1, 2017 at 2:26 AM


    There´s something I want to say before I leave this blog. I rarely make comments, but I´m following this site for quite a long time now.

    This latest interview was the last time I let myself be left disencouraged by COBRA.

    Over the years now it feels like a game:

    Encouraging followed by disencouraging followed by …

    In his own posts on his blog, COBRA makes hope for progress being made:

    „The year 2017 will see much more light …“

    „Our (Etheric-)meditation on Sunday was the turning point in the decisive battle for the energy grid of planet Earth that is taking place between January and April 2017, and one of the biggest victories of the Light. It is estimated that our meditation has cut the remaining waiting time towards the Event by half..“

    „The lightforces have enough …“

    „Justice of Maat!“

    „Fleets are in their final parking position …“

    „Operation … complete.“

    „BSMOSS final sequence in progress“

    And in the interviews and statements he always makes me feel we are FAR away from and not nearer to „the event“.There´s never missing a „We are not there yet“. First THIS has to happen and THAT has to change, THIS stone has to be removed THAT to be planted …

    COBRA stated, that if enough people show their will to free themselves from the cabal, it will happen. Didn´t we make that clear enough in the Liberation-Meditation?

    There´s always the feeling imo that we do nothing or at least DON`T DO ENOUGH and they (RM, Lightforces) do everything. Although even I know LOTS of people doing everything they can everyday to awaken humanity. There are so many people involved in healing, meditating every sunday at 4 pm GMT, doing research, informing people, blogging REAL NEWS...

    And all we get to hear from COBRA is

    „Actually the percentage of people who are awakened is not very high at this point yet“
    „It is simply not enough cooperation on the surface of the planet for this to happen, so the Light forces are now using plan B which takes longer“ and of corse „We are not there yet.“

    QUESTION TO COBRA: If it´s important to reach more people for sunday meditation, why don´t you make ONE BIG ANNOUNCED meditation like with the Etheric liberation? I´m sure we can do that again. If the announcement was big enough, posted ALL AROUND the different blogs and sites (truthearth, sitsshow, eventchronicle, prepareforchange ...) it would be successfull like the Etheric one obviously was.

    At the moment I´m feeling once more like ten years ago, like I´m chasing a phantom, a soap bubble. And that´s why for now I´m leaving this blog and wish you all the best! I came back because I thought „this sounds like change, this time we can make it“. But that´s obviously not the case SOON (there is that word again). One delay after the other.. I ´ve got enough now. Did my best. And I know many many people did and do their best, too. As can be read in the comments on this blog and elsewhere!

    Didn´t mean to spread anger or fear but had the feeling that this statement had to be done.


    May all beings be happy. May we all experience only good.
    Mögen alle Wesenheiten glücklich sein, möge Ihnen nur gutes Widerfahren!


    1. Your feelings of despair, your frustration, your impatience, all of these are manifestations of attacks you are experiencing from the negatives. They're doing it to everyone, it's the same problem manifesting itself as disunity in the lightworker movement, the same as "unknowns" spewing disinformation and disharmony in these comments. It needn't be accepted, you don't have to let them achieve victory over you.

      In the meantime, we all must remember that the timing of the Event is determined by Source, by the Creator, by God. The Event has not happened yet because the Creator is still working to reach out to those who may yet be reached! Most of our "adversaries" are victims themselves, were victimized so extremely that they are acting out of their trauma. With healing, they can, and do, turn to the Light.

      The last few weeks, the energetic environment on the surface of the Earth has been changing rapidly. I and many others can feel it. More and more Light is anchored to this world every day. The longer this process goes on, the more people will be transformed by it, the less disruption and trauma our planet will experience at the time of the Event.

    2. Re: Post from "Unknown - chucknoris1986":

      We all, including Cobra, want The Event as soon as possible - i.e. "NOW."

      We are aware it has taken too long and that there is much challenge and painstaking perseverance and suffering continuing in us and in the world on earth.
      The anomaly and the forces of evil are an abomination that we have been sent to completely dispel by the Light and Love and Bliss of the Almighty ONE, Source.

      However, I think whatever our individual perspective is, whatever our efforts are, including Cobra, the Resistance, and ALL Light Forces, the Divine Archangels, etc., the ANSWER and SOLUTION as to when and how THE EVENT will ensue its perfect way and perfect timing can only come from the Supreme Will of the Almighty ONE, Source (whatever name we wish to give the omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent ONE).

      No one has the full story and comprehension of EVERYTHING going on simultaneously past, present, and future except the Almighty ONE, Source.

      I can only implore my prayers and meditation ultimately to the ONE for ubiquitous liberation
      and abundant blessings.

      Peace and Victory in Divine LIGHT.

    3. The Event will occur on a date close to the Vernal point, the Equinox of September. Here in Brazil we obtained information about the removal of the anomaly from a group of Pleiadians of the thirteenth dimension and above.


  18. Zady
    July 1, 2017 at 12:27 AM

    In regards to this:
    << Lynn – Would it be useful to show them certain situations we are experiencing.
    COBRA – Yes. It is sometimes not simple for them to understand their reactions of the surface population because they are simply, I would say psychologically quite different and if you explain to them a little bit more, even telepathically or in writing you can even post an article on your blog and address it to them, that would be a great idea. (wow, that’s a great idea. Thank you Cobra.) >>

    A blog has been made for the RM containing explanations:

    Victory of the Light!

    1. zady i thought u were making a site for everyone else as well to enter their understanding... :)
      good job btw

    2. Zady, thank you for writing and posting your blog. It greatly helps we confused people to understand what we are experiencing while trying to understand the concepts of "The Event", light workers, higher self, and all the other things we have come in contact with in this community.

      Your blog has pretty much nailed the confused thought process we go through when we first stumble across the random YouTube video, blog post, or website that talks about concepts that we have no experience to help us understand.

      Thanks again Zady.

      Joe M.

      PS. I still don't know what an RM is. Is there a dictionary of terms somewhere?

    3. For Joe M.:
      RM = Resistance Movement
      LF = Light Forces
      For Dragon Heart:
      A site where everybody can express their anger and confusion from a bias/individual perspective might be like hate mail for the RM. I intended of giving objective descriptions of surface human behavior. But, as I mentioned in the first post of that blog, I do take theme suggestions. Feel free to post your suggestions as comments on the latest thread.

    4. not necessarily a hate mail board.. if the guidelines are clear something could be accomplished .. the goal is to help understand n explain... not to point fingers then perhaps that collective site may serve its purpose. however for that to happen arrangememts would need to be made to establish some administrative panel... finding such group perhaps would be the greatest challenge.

      nonerheless.. good job in your work n completing what you setout to do.

  19. thanks cobra! feels good to know things are in progress _/\_

    victory of light!

  20. The Goldfish Report No. 100 Join the light with Cobra and Kauilapele transcription translated to spanish

    The Goldfish Report No. 100 Join the light with Cobra and Kauilapele transcripcion traducida al castellano

    1. The Goldfish Report No. 100 Join the light with Cobra and Kauilapele transcription in English:

  21. I have questions.
    Cobra who are you? I know cobra stands for compression breakthrough but who are you? Are you human? Are you as you state Pleiadian?
    What is the agenda of the pleiadians here on earth (if that is true)?
    Are we only an experiment? Are we a lost colony?
    I need proof. Extrodinary claims require extrodinary proof.

    1. I highly recommend you go through old interviews for some of your questions, as well as old updates. :-)


      at the top menu choose personal questions...

    3. i am curious... what makes you think that we are at the stage when proof is safe or even possible to provide...

      ufo crashes... site gets cover up.
      inventions ... gets suppressed...
      even the proofs that phill snider (spelling) provided on his meetings disappeared n he of course "committed suicide" per official docs...

      so please tell me what makes you think that even if i was truly an alien.... i would show u me martian antennae... .. or Cobra would show his plaedian license plate. just because someone demanded proofs..

      btw i am not a martian :)... just trying to point out... that such requests are not usually met.. not nevessarily because there arent any proofs.

  22. Great work.
    Can someone please reiterate what Pandora, EELA, PB and all those other acronyms are?

    Victory of the Light.

  23. Replies

    1. ...much longer,... much longer,... much longer,...

  24. Thank you Cobra.😌

    Victory of the Light!!💫

  25. For those who feel as if nothing is happening, I lovingly suggest you look a little closer at what is going on with our world, how the old is steadily crumbling away, how people are no longer falling for the same old tricks perpetrated by a now losing side that holds no purpose anymore. For the first time, people are beginning to literally wake up from this dream of what we THINK is reality! And while what we all want to happen has not happened fully, it's still happening! I see signs of it every day! So hold the faith, hold the vibration. Visualize every day what liberation looks like, how it FEELS to be truly free and to see the world truly free! The more people that do this, the faster everything will happen. Look up the Maharishi Effect. It's scientifically proven that we can help the world change through our thoughts alone.
    We can do this.

    Much love and light to all of you.


  26. The GoldFish Report No. 100
    'Uniting The Light' with
    Cobra and Kauilapele
    June 13, 2017


  27. Cobra, this is your 'living in the now' suggestion...

    and you have to accept it!...

    1. Please have a little common sense
      Save your reflex for yourself ok
      Thank you


    2. Leo@

      it's true you was very very curious??

      Hmmm... leo, leo...

    3. This immature boy does not realize that every time he posts this soft p0rn, he is disrespecting every woman who reads Cobra's blog.

    4. Ahahhaha yes very curious. I laughed a lot now. I like your mood. Love for you :)

  28. Cobra...As much as i am deeply committed to the light and the aquarius bearer of the Cintamani Stone...we have made statement's in the past that there are many of us across the planet whom is ready for liberation of Gaia... I strongly believe that in my heart that this should be the moment that humanity will bloom and blossom like a lotus flower in this timeline...Tired of the violence, struggle, and poverty people go through, how much of this matrix system should people take...Many of us light workers have waited years or even eons for this galactic moment..we all are ready to see our neighbors from different star systems..Sometimes in could be the most simplest things that matters most...I will continue to have faith and stay dedicated to the light always... Even in the next life... May we all have Victory of Love and Light


  29. however... a strange improvement,... of an undetermined kind,... seems to surround us...

  30. Ok let's explain here how orgonites work. First of all let's clarify that they are the only devices which produce subtle energies. If you know of any other please do tell.
    Now how do they work? The basic form of orgonite is metal shavings next to each other inside an organic material(epoxy resin). Some metals are good conductors of subtle energies. This means that they attract orgone energy, both positive and negative, but also immediately release it. Organic materials such as epoxy resin also attract orgone energy. If you put these materials together, the shavings and the resin, they continuously exchange the energy they have absorbed. And now the important part. When you put the metals shavings together(shavings should be ball-shaped but not perfect!) BUT in a chaotic arrangement then the negative energy gets shaken loose and becomes free flowing orgone energy again!! This continuous exchange converts the rigid negative energies into positive flowing ones. That is how ALL orgonites work. It is NOT any frequency of the materials that heals but the removal and conversion of the negative energies into positives. The role of crystals in orgonites is to strengthen this process, that's why only selected crystals are used. But NEVER outside the metal shavings! If an orgonite device has visible crystals you should get rid of it.

    Now what type of energies can orgonites "catch" and convert? Well that depends on the metal you use. Let's take for example the products of the site orgonodrome which I can vouch for their effectiveness. The ones made with copper can clear all negative energies in the etheric plane and the lower levels of the astral. They are made with chemically pure copper and many other secrets as well. The silver ones(not currently on the site cause they're upgrading them) clear the higher levels of the astral plane too. They are of the few tools I know that can actually subdue the archons!

    1. In regards to subtle energy devices, there's also the Biocharger, and the Tachyon Healing Chambers, although they work differently than orgonite. The Biocharger specifically is for healing the body.

    2. Alright. I know about the Biocharger. It produces frequencies not subtle energies. It is mostly a stimulant but in all honesty the original lakhovsky oscillator and rife's phanotron are more effective for a number of reasons. Especially this new phanotron model

      As for the tachyons I am still a bit wary of them. Maybe they refer to longitudinal electromagnetic waves. I will have to read more of what Cobra says about them. But I would love to try a Tachyon Chamber if I ever get the chance.

    3. Psychedelicpiper thank you for your reply!

    4. You're welcome! idk though I feel the Biocharger is more powerful because it combines all these technologies together, and the guy who invented it actually worked with a guy who Nikola Tesla himself mentored and worked with.

      You've heard about the Spooky2, right? It's a Rife machine, and there's a phanotron model, but idk how I feel about it. I had it lent to me without the Phanotron and had limited success. And the software was getting easier to use, but still quite time-consuming to learn. Not for me.


  32. A Personal Message...

    In this trouble times I read so many times that we (the Humans) aren't good enough, or not cooperate enough, or aren't following our Soul Mission enough, so this is my personal feeling about this "not enough" situation.

    We (we Humans) are so precious, we are so strong, we are so courageous, we are so wonderful, we have a so strong and deep love because in despite to all live adversities we are still here to ask ourselves what can we do to improve the situation.

    We are so great and wonderful Beings because in face of all daily adversity we persist in our Light Path, perhaps because of our deep feeling that this is our unique true choose, we are so UNIQUE in this Universe, and we only need one thing, Truly understand our uniqueness.

    More and more I find myself thinking that we are far greater than what we do not believe we are.

    I sincerely feel we have to stop to link our inner status to the info coming from the Light Forces because we are much stronger than we have always thought, we have ONLY to start to Be ourselves without the wait for any external authorization.

    As I write my soul exults ... I guess this is the way, surely not the only way, but It is definitely my way. :)

    Now I start understanding more and more... all the time the Light Forces retreats to do helps where to allow myself to know who I really am, this has involved many troubled times, but also in these times I was NEVER alone, my dear Star Family was alway working in the background to be sure at the right time I was able to finally understand my true power.

    So we have to be proud of who we really are, we are The Humans, we are all coming from so many different Star Systems and realities, all higher than this one, but we are all coming here for the same purpose, The True LOVE!

    Sometimes I found myself remembering the moment in which I decided to do my first incarnation, and I remember only one thing, the INCREDIBLE LOVE that led me to take my first step in this reality and today I do not want to deny that choice, but instead I want to rejoice for it, today I am proud to be a Human Being, and I'm starting to see myself and the entire Human Race with different eyes, because despite to the vast darkness I continue to see so many gentle acts done from simple persons and because I start feeling that we are TRULY LOVE IN ACTION! ;)

    That's all! :)


    Fabio :)


  33. beside of us being put on the rack of 'much longer' and 'forgiveness' towards the transmutation required in the Ascension,
    at first all Ascended Master who left the earth in the hand of the darks 25000y ago are and should be hold accountable for the planetary and galactic nowadays situation...

    1. THANK YOU!
      And the ones who stayed - i trust them the most! They have feelings like us. Most of them had lives in recent centuries similar to our situation, (more or less), therefore they can and they DO understand us better than anybody in the whole Universe!
      I talk to them all the time..... (Can you hear me now?)
      I Love them ALL, and i thank THEM for staying here!!!

  34. I feel the Light should be making an effort to recognize each individual Lightworker's mission, and assist them from the etheric planes as much as possible in manifesting and carrying out that mission. Waking up as many people as possible is useless, if those who are awake are stuck in lack and unable to do anything. Heck, even before I 'woke up', I knew my mission, what I wanted to do in life. The Light has done an awfully slow job in assisting me with my situation, giving me the resources and understanding I needed to evolve. But I feel like things may actually be looking up for me now. We'll see.

  35. Thank you COBRA, RM, GF, and all Light Beings participating in the Liberation of Planet Earth.
    Thank you Zady for expressing the same concerns that I have. Yes, we are tired and perhaps misunderstood by the RM, GF. I TOO request their continued support and their fight for our Liberation, even as we are barely holding onto the hope and promise of The Victory of the Light.
    PLEASE RM, GF know that we are not giving up, and that we are doing all that we possibly can within the limitations of our current "programming" that has plagued us for 26000 years. Please understand and have compassion and mercy on our short comings. We want to be as free and Light/Love filled as you are. That is our goal. That is why, within our limited circumstances, we will never give up. But please don't expect us to be as free as you are... until such time as The Event and our prison chains are released.
    Sending you all so much love and Light.

  36. As we near THE EVENT and full disclosure of Truth:

    Banned Disney UFO DOCUMENTARY - Unedited - Alien Encounters

    This film was shown only once, and with no advance notice on stations in only five US cities. The original Michael Eisner intro hit me right in the nostalgia.

    Lost Walt Disney UFO Documentary, Alien Encounters: In March of 1995, Walt Disney Television aired an intriguing UFO special. This highly unusual UFO video special presents UFOs and alien visitation to our planet as a matter of fact.

    At first glance, the special appears to be a promotion of the "New Tomorrow land" area, in particular the new "Alien Encounters" ride. This was in the mid 90's. (This venture was cancelled almost immediately.)

  37. @ Unknown Tush Hog is that you ?