Thursday, February 8, 2018

PHX VTX clearance approved


  1. good hit them with everything you got man

  2. WOW This was quick...VICTORY OF THE LIGHT...NOW :)

  3. Awesome! This has to be good. Love and light to all.

  4. Let's see what we've got! Green light! Victory of the light, hello 5 d. Mothership over Olympics?

    1. I highly doubt there would be a mothership over the olympics...they surely would prefer the world cup! Lol jokes aside. It's more than likely they will take a slower, more calm approach. More likely to see a false flag than alien ship at the olympics. I could be wrong. I hope I am.

    2. There probably IS a mothership over the olympics for the specific purpose of PREVENTING a false flag from occurring.

      But it is likely very, very high up... maybe as high as the edge of Low Earth Orbit.

  5. Time has come...
    Parasites gotta go NOW..
    With deep gratitude to all LFs
    So it is!

  6. Tis the Quickening.... Things are moving fast & furious up there. TY Cobra, LF, RM and all our glorious friends of the Light. Love to You All <3

    1. ”Fast and furious up there.” I liked this. LOL.

    2. Aamen! And so it is! I am so happy and people are so happy all around, they dont even know why they feel so good..I just LOVE it!

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  7. woohoo!!!!
    1-3 weeks to the event!!!!!

    1. Why do you say that? (out of curiosity).

    2. Cobra said that certain operations will be finalized in March, he didn't specify what exactly but that was before Isis Astara transitioned. The light forces are now liberating medium earth atmosphere in full force. But there are also many channeling patients who's higher self state that the Event will take place in the first quarter of 2018. Maybe "intoourslves" has just come back froma QHHT session himself, or has a hunch or has seen Allison Coe videos?

    3. We do not know how long it will take to clear out the underground bases & hideouts. What would help a lot would be visible improvement of conditions on the surface as well as bigger disclosure and exposure revelations with more tangible proof.

      The more we connect with Source - especially the Goddess energies emanating from the Central Sun (GCS) - the more we will declare our collective readiness and accelerate the Event.

      My understanding is that the signal the Light Forces are looking for to trigger the Event is a sharp spike in the release of tachyons from the GCS. This will only occur once there are no more obstacles which could be used to create chaos and destruction at the Event.

    4. @aria230 The Allison Coe videos are very popular. I personally thought that Cobra would announce more things, a month prior to the event. If the event might occur in a couple of weeks, than I want to prepare(food, water, basics). So two questions: the hamer of Thor will perhaps be in march? If this happens will this trigger the event in a couple of days, weeks months? If the event takes place in march or april? Can we expect than a new financieel system in 2019 or even still in 2018? How many months will it take?

  8. We are almost there! Hang on boys and girls! If you read Sananda website you know we are going to celebrate really,really soon ;)

  9. It's going fast. I like it 😀

  10. You have our *FULL* support. Go forth without fear or restraint, and bring the Light to Earth once again! The Forces of Heaven are with you *ALL*. Bring the Revelation! Free the dying Earth!

    Victory Of The Light!!

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  12. The Qanon posts are really heating up, you can see it all coming together.

  13. The Rothschilds ? Dominated Europe for centuries they have financially.. (the rest behind the lines...)

  14. Sweet! Let's do this, Light Family!

  15. You reminded us a few days ago:

    "...During this critical time of planetary transition, it is of the utmost importance to connect with the feminine Goddess presence and nurture qualities of love, compassion and tenderness to stabilize the transition and counteract the cruelty so prevalent on the surface of the planet...."

    A good article right now on that deals with communicating with others during this time.

  16. Shortly after victory we will all have to throw a massive party!! Rajah can be the dj!! All are welcome, just one rule,we aren't aloud to use the word SOON .LOL THANKS for hanging in there family.

    1. 👍🏻👍🏻excellent idea, looking forward to get to know all of you guys - auch dich lieber RaJa/DK😉

  17. 504 has been a problem area it seems. lots of black alerts. i wonder what effect phx vtx is going to have..?? hopefully the 504 problem will be settled once and for all.

  18. i believe this is a very important operation cause i felt the attacks rising since i 1st saw. my body is so tense and i'm so anxious and angry. please send me some light dear fellows <3

    1. Wow I'm the exact same. Recently, I've felt my heart get disrupted and I feel deep chest pains with anxiety. Let's finish this.

    2. I will do so😍sending you love and light from Vienna❤️

  19. Was not the action of the Air Force ? /1984,Los Angeles/

  20. Tolec and Maree Batchlor:


  21. Here's one.
    Haven't heard it in over 10 years, so I had completely forgotten how beautiful it is, especially the closing few minutes ;-)

    From Navigating By the Stars, this is


    Victory of Love and Light


  22. Qanon's post since October, 2017 to today 02-08-2018.

    1. yes, thanks Danney. I've been following this link.

      If you re-load it every 24 hours or so, you will get fairly recent updates.

      There was an 'arrest' or "something," in ShangHai the other day that Q captured with photos, in real time.

      Between the Q posts, the stock market's gyrations, and Cobra's posts in the last 2 weeks all of this is rather.... hmmmm...... energized !

  23. woah

    lots of dark guys getting their bunkers caved in right now

    you can feel them

    this is what you asked for dark guy - this is the only help you will receive because this is the only kind that will work

    don't worry - hydrogen is a mighty fine existence....but it's been a while for me.....


  24. Since I have learned the ascension and event are seperate, will this event do more than awaken more people? I also do hear that the timeline splitting of 3d and 5d doesn't need to be necessary and the entire earth can ascend at once, depending on how this all goes down. Either way I hope after the event happens, suppressed tech gets disclosed and it allows humans more freedom, etc. Sometimes it really doesn't seem like the event will cause any drastic change...

    1. I'd be happy with disclosure and the release of the suppressed tech. I wouldn't mind waiting for the Event so much.

    2. the eent will remove all negative energies and will evolve humanity to the next level. we will be free, sovereign, safe and happy. no more war, no more lack, no more starvation and illness and no more financial worries. sounds like dramatic change to me.

    3. @ paul taylor all of this will unfold at the time of or close after the event. there is a sequence to events after THE EVENT.

    4. Sure hope so. As I said, seems people are saying the event and ascension are seperate things. Not so sure though.

  25. I hope this pertains to operation "Phoenix" and that we are nearing the final defeat of the Chimera group / Dracos / Archons etc.. Cobra, thank you so much for all of your service! Galactic Federation, thank you as well, hope disclosure is right around the corner! Victory of the Light!

  26. can someone explain what this means . IM PROUD OF ALL OF YOU AAM AND THE ONES BEHIND THE SCENE THANKYOU 💚 its lit

    1. C: Those coded message are actually meant for those resistance operatives that are working on the surface of the planet. Just the most sensitive intel is given to them this way. It is actually a very practical way of informing everyone at once. It is very simple for everybody who is in the know can read this and understand this. And this is meant strictly for them. So everybody guessing what those codes mean, it doesn’t work that way.

      Actually, I have declassified some of this, which was meant to be declassified from operations, which are taking place. But this is all. That’s all. I will not comment on things that are not about to be declassified.

      A: Yes, and I can readily understand.
      ---ref am0712

    2. Thanks dragon. Reading sections of these earlier interviews is always helpful and inspiring !!

  27. Replies
    1. I was wondering if the event would have healing effects on people, esp physically and mentally.

    2. HEALING
      Rob – I was kind of curious on a personal level. At the time of the Event when the final scalar fields are brought down, and, of course, the benevolent spiritual space family is very close to the earth with their healing rays and energies, will there be some spontaneous healings at the time of the Event – some tremendous relief of pressure and some things of this nature?
      COBRA – Yes, of course. Even before the Event there will be spontaneous healings and dramatic relief of pressure, which will start even before the Event. People will begin to feel that as we get closer and closer to that exact moment, more and more and more.
      ---ref rp0515


    3. Yes,yes,,, Cobra has talked about it several times,,,

  28. Let's DO this...with LOVE and understanding on our end as we force the Dark off Earth!!

  29. Does anyone feel as if things are speeding up?

    1. Absolutely. An energetic pressure and like a physical time speeding up.

    2. Oh yes indeed. We are on an accelerated timeline now, it seems.

    3. speeding up Bro?? Its understatement to the infinite velocity that we are at this point.
      I would say Time being compressed to the point of singularity.

    4. as of 2:40AM CST there was a huge sense of relief in the grid. yet another stellar leap in acceleration!

    5. Not yet... all seems slow still.

      There is plenty of chatter.. announcements.. news etc.. the macrocosm may seem advancing.. but ssomehow the microcosm still feel stagnant.

    6. Oujee, we have entered the photon belt! Keep on to your hats :D

    7. I feel about 2000 since. But things really accelerated.(!)

    8. I'm with Dragon Heart on this. Absolutely nothing's changed. Just another year.

  30. Replies
    1. Not yet friend. Give it a month or two and we will have it for sure. It will arrive before we know it.

    2. no these are the actions clearing and making way for the event.

    3. Hope to see some good news about Yalda removal too. The progress has slowed down lately...

    4. It's been said numerous times that it can not be predicted. Our most immediate clue is two significant weeks of intensifying acceleration before what could possibly be 3 days of super permeating light signifying the event and the dissolution of yaldabaoth.

      Remember, the moment the hemisphere implants are removed, we are no longer in danger of the effects of strange detonation. Realistically, up until now, the bombs would be removed before all the implants would be. Now that the galactic codex is gaining traction with the surface population in even the most minute of ways, the recent transgression against the goddess presence has opened a whole new can of woopass. The blip that showed up on the Schumann radar at the time of the PHX VTX CLEARANCE looked Swift and effective.

  31. Thank You LIGHTFORCES !

    thank you Cobra !

  32. Feeling blissful the past 2 days! Love and light to all and thank you to everyone involved, we are so grateful!

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  34. I'm guessing that when we see chem trails stop, that will signal that Light Forces are in control of earth atmosphere...?

  35. What are everyones thoughts on Elon Musks spacex Starman going up into Space in a Tesla... real? fake? is this of the light or dark? how can they break quarantine? ...
    I guess we may have to wait for Cobra's next update about it? ...


    1. Yeah, that is all kinds of weird, isn't it?

      I watched a couple of videos of that thing in space and all I could hear in my mind was "CGI! CGI! CGI!"
      There's camera shots that show the whole car from one side, and then you get shots from the other side, and there's no apparatus with a camera on it that could have filmed the entire side of the car from that first camera angle.

      I don't know, but seems very fishy and sketchy to me.
      It all looks very fake to me, but what do I know?

      The fact that Elon Musk's "Boring" company has started producing Flame-Throwers to be sold to normal households with him personally endorsing that on Twitter doesn't make him very endearing to me, I can say that for sure, though.

      Whatever it is Elon Musk is trying to sell, I'm not buying any of it. Neither the space-program, nor the products nor the story.

      Speaking of STARMAN, however . . .

      NO BUYS!


    2. Well.. if the bad guys space ferring ships are being grounded... the good guys should make sure the bad guys dont sneak into that flight seeking n escaperoute...

      2. if indeed E. Musk is a good guy.. perhaps this will help awaken more people .while the planet gets liberated...

      i could think of worse scenarios but i wont go there

      Really i dont know

    3. The Station thing is a distraction to the reality of getting a rocket like that off the ground safely and it's two boosters back to earth...sure its all 3d tech and chemical's a car with a dummy astronaut in orbit...big F'n 2c...focus on the rocket(s) itself,the timing and the fact it's everywhere across the news

    4. In prior interviews Cobra has said Elon Musk is of the light. Here is a helpful tool to reference his prior interviews.

      There is an updated matrix for his 2017 interviews too that you can access from the same link.


    5. COBRA has stated previously that elon musk is one of the good guys.

    6. I'm failing to see the point of it. It looks fake imo. There is no way we can know, which is why we have be pawns all along.

    7. From my POV , not CGI - not green screen manipulation . They really launched a Tesla Roadster into space towards Mars . Which is hillarious ...

      People asking why are there no stars visible - its because of the light exposure . Various particles you see going from the car are ice particles . Also , the biggest question would be - if they faked whole thing , why would they fake it ? What is the reason behind it ? To me , there is no reason , the only explanation that way could be that it would be a joke - but you dont play with a joke so easily and to such extent , with very high risk of ruining the whole company because of one "joke" .

      The funniest thing to me would be , if Solar Warden or any other more benevolent faction picks up the launched car ... and returns it one day after Event and disclosure of SSPs .

      I see the whole launch as more positive , but pretty overblown , considering we know that tech is ancient by true standards . I see it as a sign of disclosure ... and to put public eyes and focus a bit to the space , there will be far bigger happenings there that need attention of the masses , especially those more "mainstream" .



  37. Over here it's already February 9 2018, and that can only mean one thing:

    2 + 9 = 11
    2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11

    Happy 1111 day, everyone :-)

    And when I look outside right now I can see . . .

    The Rising Sun

    King Of Strong Style, baby!

    There are scratches all around the coin-slot
    Like a heartbeat, baby, trying to Break Out
    But this machine can only swallow money
    You can't lay a patch by computer design
    It's just a lot of stupid, stupid signs

    Tell her...
    Tell her she can kiss my ass
    Then laugh and say that you were Only Kidding :-)
    That way She'll know that it's really, really, really, really Me, ME!

    Call Me when You try to Wake Her Up

    Baby, instant soup doesn't really grab me
    Today I need something more sub-sub-sub-substantial
    A can of beans or black-eyed peas - WHAT?
    Some Nescafé and ice - WHAT?
    A candy bar - WHAT?
    A falling star - WHAT?
    Or a reading from Doctor Seuss - WHO? :-D

    Call Me when You try to Wake Her Up

    And thank you for the wonderful Brazilian Spirit tonight!
    You know who you are that I'm thanking here, Brother.

    Capoeira, baby!

    Have A Nice Day :-)
    Bang! Bang!



  38. The GoldFish Report No. 192 - Laura Eisenhower and Patty Greer on Secrets of Gaia & Ascension
    The GoldFish Report

    8 feb. 2018

    On The GoldFish Report No. 192- Louisa and CO-Host Steve welcomes Intuitive Astrologer/Alchemist Laura Eisenhower and Award Winning Filmmaker Patty Greer to The GoldFish Report for an exhilarating conversation about Ascension Timeline, End of Stellar Activation, Exponential Crop Circle effects on Crop Yields, Zero Point energy created Crop Circles in a Cymatic pattern by plasma orbs, completing the Journey of the Tree of Life, Astrology in the Context of Gaia and Divine Timeline and Earth Grid and Patty Greer's new YouTube channel InfoWhores.
    This is an amazing interview of Divine Feminine Knowledge, Intuition and Energy. For more inform
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  39. i feel that the surface cabal has hit an ultimatum. the planetary energy grid has just "exhaled" a sigh of relief.

    the acceleration has just taken a stellar leap forward.


  40. SpaceX Man - VOTL (Video caught using screen recorder during livestream)

    Pay Attention to the area on the top right-hand side of the screen.

    You see stars, shooting stars and of course meteors & space debris. But, could any one of those fast moving objects be some of our Galactic Friends? Be mindful, the car is in orbit so it is moving as well.
    (There is no audio)

    Anyways, we'll know the answer for sure in a few days once advancement into sector 3 is made. Be on the look out for more "strange anomalies" until then. ^_^

    Victory of the Light!!

    Link to livestream:

    ~ The Light Sharer


    FEBRUARY 8, 2018 ~
    (Cobra) At the beginning of May 2012 the main people within the Positive Military began to have doubts and reservations about the execution of the mass arrests scenario, since there was an unknown element that disturbed their plans.
    This unknown element turned out to be the Archons, physical and not physical. The original plan for mass arrests designed by the Positivas Armed Forces did not include the Archons because their presence was not known until recently by the group of Positivas Armed Forces.
    The physical Archons consist of a powerful group within the Jesuit faction. This group had direct access to nuclear weapons that they threatened to use if massive arrests began. As this group was effectively cut off from such access, the Cabal went into panic mode since they had no further influence to delay his fall. Therefore, they are asking for mercy. They are cornered and have nothing more to lose. If their only future were mass arrests or possible execution, the only option they would have is to fight in a total war until their last man falls. If we give them the opportunity for a peaceful surrender in exchange for a gentler treatment after they surrender, they have a motivation to cooperate.
    I have been present in many negotiations with Cabal members and they all follow the same pattern: while the bad guys have some power, they will use the deception to their advantage as much as they can and as long as they can. When they are finally cornered, most of them become very cooperative and some even genuinely cross into the Light.
    Non-physical Archons could become a real problem in the scenario of mass arrests. Please understand that mass arrests could not happen without the complete restart of the financial system to cut Cabal of his remaining financial resources. At the restart, non-physical Archons would influence people to disperse panic, violence, riots, provoke civilians against the military ... Things could get ugly and get out of control.
    So, the Cabal's peaceful surrender is our best option. If the Cabal tries to manipulate the negotiation process, we can still execute the mass arrest scenario at any time we want. In case things get ugly and turn into a war, the Resistance has promised to back the Positive Armed Forces and protect the People with their resources and can also send their troops from their deep underground bases to help the Forces Armed Positives as a last resort ...
    Non-negotiable surrender terms suggested by the Resistance:
    1. The main members of the Cabala who are public figures must publicly announce the surrender of the Kabbalah over the media until a certain deadline. The last date suggested by the Resistance is June 21 (summer solstice). If the Cabal does not do this, the Mass Arrest scenario continues.
    2. Immediately after that, in the next 24 hours, they must definitively abandon all positions of power. They must deliver all their properties and resources. They are allowed to maintain basic food, clothing and shelter for survival. This will free us to create the future we want, with NESARA, free energy technologies, transparent financial system, uncensored media ...
    3. They must publicly confess their wrongdoing. In most cases, amnesty can be granted, and some arrests are still being made.
    The reason for the surveys on this and other websites is that the positive forces understand the opinion of the general public so that they can carry out their negotiations with greater confidence. Therefore, it would be great if someone could upload these surveys on a mainstream website so that the views of the general population and their reactions to this are better understood. The human masses have been programmed immensely and have effectively become part of the Matrix, so no one knows how they will react.
    Even if all the physical Cabal surrenders, you must understand that the non-physical Archons will not be eliminated. That is a separate issue and it will be treated in a different way.
    Source: Adoninas


    2. Where was this posted maria?

    3. I donT know how the public will react... but i will tell you how i will react.

      Actually i am just going to stay quiet and just shake my head...

      really would like to know who the hell comes up with these never-ending plans.

      You people got solutions for everything and it always entails delays... Now is June.

      What the heck do you people have as technologies' bb-guns? the RM may assist the surface military if they need assistance?
      GAIA needs assistance.. n everyone is part of her... u dont pseudo help or wait for the request...u just do!! All at once... NO memo should be required... People in the surface have been left at the mercy of madmen... n this slow process we are at spells out complacency by all.

      i can see where all this is going...

      you people seem fascinated with the games...

      So next... after humanity wait with the neverending negotiations with the cabal.. next we will have to wait for the negotiations with the Archons...

      You want feedback of a public that knows very little of what is the reality... are you serious?

      Why dont higher beings asked each soul instead?... send the memo to the positive military via snail mail... apparently they missed the one about the Archons and will miss this one too.

      You want people fill out a survey? Give them freedom first..

      Ok sorry i really need to step off this very eyerolling rollercoaster ride.

      the positive military just found out recently that the archons were present..?.Long ago the industrial complex made a treaty with the bad guys... where technology was given to them... Maybe the Positive Military needs an upgrade as well... better yet... maybe is time for Valiant T . To visit the white house again n offer cure for all illness... Tell me why isnt that happening.. the latter? Cause it would just take the drama away too fast? Can u people come up with ideas that will expedite the liberation other than weaponization n the more waiting?

      i dont really care much about mass arrest or not.. all i cared is that finally humanity would get free.. with or without military... send a platoon of pikachus if u must but please stop treating humanity like kids or worse... ...

      U people are so set in following the rules that keep us bounds that really makes me question this whole ridiculous game's point..

      Let me say this... whoever is part of creating these neverending plots of negotiations... u people suck!

      U dont negotiatiate with deranged people.. u just do!!!

      U dont give them time...
      Either u take the people out of the equation.. out of reach of the perpetrators or u take the perpetrators/clownd out of the equationn...

      Beam them up scotty.. whatever must b done.. these rituals about mass arrest or not is childish ffs.

      Is this a planet liberation for real?

      u guys have scottys up there...
      Afraid of making the bombs explode?
      Ask someone from ethiopia... the millions out there if they care

      Their choice will surprrise u..

      Ok I am done..

      Someone just wake me up!!!.. from this dream and from the dream's dream.

      Good Lord!

      i said enough...

      You people play like in kindergarden... people...

      Explains Gaia's predicament...

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. @maria faria That actually originates from a post Cobra made in June 2012. Nearly 6 years have passed, and the Cabal is still as strong as ever.

    6. I think that the reason nothing ever happens as we are told on this blog sometimes and on other blogs mostly is that the information is not for us really. It is one small part of a psy-op together with many other things in a huge game of chess.
      It really is a shame to get the hopes up for so many people in need. Zap saying the RV coming next week. Then comes another blogger, and another and now it is "Operation disclosure". It breaks my heart a little to be honest but it is necessary for several reasons.
      My main recommendation is to not get too emotionally involved with what you read here and elsewhere. Read it but dont count on it. Use your inner self to watch a helicopter view of what is happening. And remember that there will be no quick fix for this. That only happens in movies.

    7. I tend to agree with Dragon Heart.....enough is enough already. Get the fuck on with it please! We’re done waiting and fed up!


    9. @Dragon Heart I fully agree and sympathize with you, but you should also know that post is from June 2012. I have no clue why it was reposted all of a sudden, but you can find the original post on Cobra's blog here:

    10. @Slasher Yeah, in the end, if The Event doesn't happen, I think I'm going to kill myself after this year, then reincarnate after all the changes on Earth have already taken place. I have a feeling I will be granted that privilege.

      That being said, I do have a couple trusted sources, including a friend who has actually received both mental and physical contact from his star family, and they indicate The Event will indeed happen, and it will happen this year. So you can see why I'm still so emotionally invested in this. My friend has told me his entire story. I have no reason to believe Cobra's intel is a psyop. But I see where you're coming from.

  42. With things definitely ramping up here lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about our future post-Event...especially in regard of what it will mean for our children, present and future.
    With the dark forces and their negative technology removed, and with the Event bringing removal of all physical/etheric implants... Our children, and the future generations of souls who incarnate here post-Event, will do so at a great advantage that we were never allowed in these last 26,000 years.
    Just imagine what it will mean to be born into this world WITHOUT IMPLANTS and WITHOUT AMNESIA!! To be forever free to experience, grow, and evolve as a fully conscious sovereign BEing from birth! And imagine their impact as such beings on the future of this planet!....



    1. What the heck to experience so much any more?...

      Are you not enough??

      Stop!! Enough with so much experiencing!!

      The experience of 'nothing' only!

      Enough is enough!!...

    2. Incarnating on other worlds with our universal memory in tact sounds great. If We chose to incarnate as Earth Humans to help, I have to say, I'm glad it will soon be over. There was a time when I cared more for animals than my fellow man, now I feel sad for my fellow man, not for myself but for the ones who are lost souls. They had no chance really and that's most people on the planet.

    3. well said. the control has been very strong but it's all ending now!

    4. @Moon Mama I'd have nothing but jealousy and disdain for those children. Then again, I could always age my body back, what with the age reversal technology that would supposedly be available. Just being honest.

    5. @Psych... Maybe in your current mindset you might feel that way towards them... but not after the Event, after we’ve been bathed in that cosmic wave of Love, the programming is removed, and we will all receive every type of healing we need. I understand where you are currently coming from, though, all the hardships you suffer😕.. I’ve often said as I’ve aged, that I would love to be 20 or 30 again and know what I know now...Only now, as awake and ready as I feel I am, it is nothing compared to what is to come via the Event! (And at 63, I would settle for my body being regressed back to 40.😉)..
      Love and Light to you❤️💫

    6. @unknown... Future generations (including us, if we choose to come back here) will “experience” already knowing they are enough when they incarnate - an advantage we were never allowed before. They will never have to endure the programmed hell that we’ve experienced, in order to ascend.

    7. @ GLH03...I hear you, I feel the same.💜

      @ Unknown... Finally!🙂

    8. How close do you feel the event is? Not date wise, although I have heard people say February 19-20th as actual dates, and Feb-march as a General time frame. I hope it's soon, because I surely need healing but this hole world needs help esp food wise. I get tired of our family struggling. We should not have to work for food and shelter. Tired of everything and seeing the sufering.😢

    9. @pasteldreamrose Definitely not February or March. Don't kid yourself, it will only make you even more depressed. Supposedly 2018 is the year, but no one knows the date, and it definitely won't happen this month or next. I can guarantee it 100%. Try to look for a food bank meanwhile. That's helped my family a lot.

  43. You things are becoming better and better, when your life start a path of synchronicity and joy! So think in your head, thx god, for everything it's happening in this now... tears come to eyes... and you look to your clock on PC, its, 01:51 PM, So what? At the side of it, my 6 CPU clock temperature, 33 33 33 33 33 33! , am I lucky? NOOO, i just start to be great full for what I have now. And more are coming,

    Keep a good earth on your head, and you will be there, simple as that. =D

    Keep pushing, keep light!


  44. Check out this awesome music video-

    1. It may be related to the Event and antarctica disclosure

  45. It is regular for me for about a year.. (sometimes annoying me --is just a joke!)

  46. This is a regular one for me for about 1 year.. (sometimes annoying me --is just a joke!) /repair!/

  47. Visions of Our New Earth

    What can our co-creative unified consciousness future look like after enough of us wake up and know we all emanate from the same Divine Spark of Source Love and Light and Unconditional Love?

    It can look like:

    A place full of love, abundance, peace, prosperity and harmony for all

    A planet where all the oceans and water are clean, the air is pure, and the ground is full of life

    A place where the animals and plants can live free and thrive

    A free economy utilizing free energy sources, a moneyless society, and people living out their dreams contributing to human kind, the Earth, and plants and animals

    A free education system where we can all learn our passions, be our gifts, and do what gives us bliss and joy

    A free health system where we can all be cured of disease, pain and healed spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically

    A technologically advanced society reaching out to the stars seeking new ways of being and adventure

    A society where we have telepathy and no one can lie to each other

    A society where war no longer exist and people thrive with peace and abundance

    A society where no one starves and everyone has a home and unlimited food that is pure and full of life force giving to our higher spirit and body

    A society with no crime, no violence, no hate, no anger, no fear or sadness.

    A society full of love, happiness, joy, and bliss

    A place we can truly call Heaven on Earth

    What else do you envision of our future that gives you bliss and joy? What does it look like?

    There are No limits for what we can create together!

    With unconditional love and joy,
    my Higher Self


    No wonder things have taken so long given these latest updates.

    If I had to ask permission like this every time I wanted to take a piss nothing would ever get done.

  49. Why The Earth does not Rotate ?!

  50. My old dreams and omens are doubling down. Everything is becoming dramatically familiar. I would be inclined to believe we are Go!
    Stay off the shaky ground, stay calm be joyful. New Earth is waiting, we just have to do the Event first...
    I love you all, can't wait to meet the cousins and our M-Om! GO TEAM!

    1. @Doodle Do Could you elaborate? Interested in hearing more about your dreams and omens.


  51. Finally


    1. The video is unavailable what was it?

    2. He always posts music videos. Nothing earth-shattering.


    3. Hmm, works perfectly over here.
      It's a very special version of "Wish You Were Here" performed by David Gilmour and an amazing acoustic band.

      Hope you'll be able to play it later.


  52. Rainbow machine is almost finished .

  53. That is really positive and great news...



  55. Astral - Thank You! Your timing is perfect.... this is a Great analogy for what we in this Light-community need to look at and FOCUS on here right now!!

    By "we" , meaning ALL LightWorkers and LightWarriors on the surface reading this blog.

    #1. = " Precise execution lies in understanding the details of the Fundamentals "

    = Do you know what YOUR role is... Do you understand YOUR part to play when its "Go time"?

    # 2. = " Set up for a slam dunk "

    = Have you been and are you now practicing and going-through-the-motions to hone your skill with Light to ensure that you will be ready to fulfill Your mission and make a valuable impact to the Light FORCE when the moment is here?

    # 3. = " TEAMWORK "

    = No single individual (even LeBron) can ever beat a team of people who work together UNIFIED as ONE force!

    Have you reached out to the other members on Team LIGHT to collaborate, practice together and UNITE your energies into ONE force ... more powerful than each of you are individually?

    We know that some of you are doing this and growing your Light forces stronger and stronger and uniting together!

    And we know there are some that are doing more waiting as they themselves admit in their own posts.

    The now is upon us - this final battle is on the doorsteps.

    Remember that quote ....
    You are either part of the problem ...
    part of the landscape ... or
    Part of the Solution

    Actively BE uniting together as each of you ARE a big part of the Solution that contributes that Valuable piece of the puzzle needed on the surface in order to assist the LIGHT Forces in bringing to fruition ..... for all of us .... this final VICTORY OF THE LIGHT.

    Love and Light to each of you regardless of your choice.

    In the Love and Light of the one infinite Creator

    ~ Peaceful Warrior




  57. Kp Radio Hawaii 2-9-18… “If it feels like you’re gonna explode, You’re Right!”

    Posted on 2018/02/09 by Kauilapele

    Show link:

    Talked about (among other things):
    ◾Tsunami cloud image from Ginger (related Greg H video).
    ◾Lots of things happening, explosive things… Apocalypses coming out in an explosive way.
    ◾Time to dive in… Always with Higher Guidance.
    ◾Dark operators are exposing themselves and placing nails in their own coffins.
    ◾Dennis Kucinich article shows he does not have TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome).
    ◾WDiM article… MSM are an arm of intel community (CIA, NSA).
    ◾Falling and dissolving of the MSM old paradigm (in my view) is WONDERFUL.
    ◾Incoming energies are VERY STRONG.
    ◾Suggest Align with these strong energies… allow them to lift us up… Align with the tsunami and enjoy the ride!!

    Audio player

    (note: if a commercial comes on at the beginning, just click ahead about 30 sec. to 1 minute.)

    MP3 download link:

    [Pre-show notes: “Energies are VERY HIGH on the planet right now… Explosive…”]

  58. Mr. Banker by Lynyrd Skynyrd

  59. Join us here
    for a fully automated hosting of the ***Alert Meditation every 4 hours*** and all other PFC meditations. Let's come together with kindred souls in a loving space to ground the energy of positive and lasting change through the power of emotions in our synchronized guided meditations fully automated: MEDITATIONS-ON-THE-GO Platform:

  60. This video made my evening as they would say. Thanks astral traveler:)+

  61. Wow. you've got to hear this interview! Kerry Cassidy interviews Brooks Agnew about his new book. I've included quotes from this fascinating exposé.

    Project Camelot
    Streamed live on Feb 8, 2018

    On Wordpress:

    On Blogger:

    1. I'm bad at meditation, but good at sleuthing down the rabbit holes and posting what I find...

  62. Replies
    1. Sending you much love and healing friend! <3 <3 <3

    2. Keep strong Szurniety. Sending love, light and healing. Protect your self with the pink egg and the mirror shied. Read this please-

  63. Laptops are at least as damaging to health as smartphones. Allegedly the CIA possesses 100x more modern "laptops" that do not bother the human mind! --Just because there are no laptops that can be used as children's toys.--

  64. Astral, thank you for your contributions.

  65. I went on a bit of a journey there. Thanks!

  66. NEW Q-DROP - FEB 9th -and yikes, it's YUGE!
    Published on Feb 9, 2018

    Paypal: Mishel McCumber - Deception Bytes


    This document explains how technology infiltrates our lives through Secret Services.

    Q images posted:


    1. MASSIVE Q-DROP FEB 10th- The Take-down Begins
      Published on Feb 10, 2018
      Mishel McCumber - Deception Bytes
      Book: A View Beneath- available on Amazon

  67. I feel as if the galactic central sun just kicked it up a notch as of today. Anyone else feel this?

  68. Im starting to understand why Cobra at this time is telling us to nurture the loving and gentle side to counteract the cabals tightening grip of this planet. Right now if we make choices that aren't in our best interests it comes back harder. If we argue with someone about ridiculous nonsense it seems to have a more confusing state of experience. Not like the energy of the days before . I do believe we're entering into yet another layer of coexisting with everyone and everything around us. Seems like more people around me are either dying or are really sick. And I can't help to feel that the archons feed on this and exacerbate the situation. I'm so tired latley. I was spiritualy tired last year but this year so far. Forget about it. I know I'm not alone on that one. Everyone take care it might get alittle stranger

  69. My move to Atlanta didn't work out, folks. It's a long story. I don't feel like talking about it. All I can say is I accurately predicted it wouldn't work out, and I was correct. Too good to be true. I'm a targeted individual, and if anyone tries to help me, bad things happen to prevent them from helping me. I'm essentially trapped in my house until The Event. Now you know why people like me are so desperate and dependent on it happening.