Wednesday, February 7, 2018

PHX VTX clearance pending, HP.LSIP operational


  1. Awesome, Cobra.
    Love and light

  2. Goooo Alliance! Victory of the Light!!

    Much Love...for ALL!

  3. Sending love and energy to the RM and the Light Forces. Thank you for being there....wherever you are! ...

  4. Praying for total and complete victory of the light!


  5. Gas discharge tube capable of lighting in different colors
    US 5132590 A

    "A gas discharge tube that is capable of lighting in different colors. The gas discharge tube, which may contain neon and mercury vapor, and which has its inner surface coated with a photoluminescent layer, is energized with a pulse current. The resultant color of the light emitted from the gas discharge tube depends on the combination of the pulse shapes and duty factors constituting the pulse current."

  6. Hilight Tribe - Free Tibet

  7. I made another vid to COBRAS 2nd Situation Update this year with some self made visuals. This time I was a bit quicker, I hope this vids and grafics are handy in some kind of way to spread information and wake people up.

    Dedicated to Isis Astara, every single loss, the Goddess herself and the Lightforces - VOTL!!!

  8. Carry on brave souls
    Planetary liberation NOW!
    It's done
    It's done
    It's done
    So It is!

    With deep gratitude always...

  9. Nun aber bleiben Glaube, Hoffnung, Liebe, diese drei; aber die Liebe ist die grâßte unter ihnen.
    (1Kor 13,13; LUT)

  10. Thank you so much Cobra, Light forces and RM. The victory is near and we will all be free very soon. For love and light!

  11. There was a question about Gaiaportal: what means "metals are calmed".

    The special feature of metals is the free electron cloud, the "electron gas".

    Electrons are multidimensional and can connect us to higher dimensions, such as monoatomic gold. That metals are calmed could be related to progress on higher levels of creation.

  12. The negotiation fase is differently over, but that means us light workers are getting attacked on full force right now.
    The scalar attacks made me crash my car on accident, but thankfully I wasent hurt and only broke my left mirror on my side.

    Im staying mostly in bed for now because the cabal is doing everything to harm me, when im active working.

    Im hazy and not fully conscious when walking. And I can feel the archons twisting my heart chakra. I can feel their heavy energy on me.

    but... we got this, victory of the light. Soon. :)

    1. Visualize a ball of light inside your chest, by your heart, breath deeply and visualize getting bigger and bigger, until you visualize all your body is so bright and light, make it bigger and bigger, keep breathing

    2. Hey! Farouk. Felt very important to write you: Do your best to release your over-Immersion in this. And defining it a certain way. The mind is a powerful tool.

      >>> Make no mistake: We are following this great (and crazy) unfolding, of course.. But it is very important for us not to forget..that we are always Beyond it, as well, in our true nature, which exists Here and Now to access in every moment. Don't forget this. As we ALL need to go within and rejuvenate there! Rather than getting caught up in the outside aspect of this so that we forget to!
      What do I mean? All this stuff is but a representation of the great Duality, and "duality" is something we are playing in as souls, yes.. But only as a participation. And you are not just Duality: We contain the Oneness of the two great aspects already in our heart, that place that is BEFORE all this, and where all of this great cosmic battling has already been resolved. (As well as everything else!). We need not to forget this. Don't keep waiting and immersing yourself in the Outside in such a way that you forget to go to that inner place. It's an immensely needed part of the structure of the game (the gateway to this space of Truth always available).

      And that space of Truth is available to us all - like a relief from the intensity of the Game. We all need to go there, and often! To the compassionate, all-forgiven unified energy of the heart (which is the operating system of non-duality itself)... that is already unified, and all of this is resolved in. SO THAT you can come back to the game in greater clarity, and will not be as easily pulled into its bounds.

      (You will then remain more like neo, if that's a good example - able to participate, but not be as bound by the rules as you are when you Steep yourself into it as much as you are doing. Please remember! Release your definitions, and find your heart. No "Chimera" is responsible for twisting it.. And the process is ours, so achieve victory within in this way, (especially by not spending time looking for blaming factors).

      I love you and I believe in you.. Let us all, not forget this! <3

  13. Phoenix Vortex and a Lightship... that one was simple. It's almost like ya didn't even need to drop the vowels. Why even code it..... A double X, or the Dos Equis. Like a double cross. Or a cross gender. In a world of deception there isn't much Intel that is true. Though, one true piece of Intel is this is a world full of deception.



  15. I'm feeling so ready. The Sky is looking sooo beautiful these days. So big and expansive. The whole world is so ready....

  16. Victory to the light and love to all!!

  17. "Close encounters of the third kind" that was a nice piece of programming by government many years ago, to further the alien and space psyop. Like Star wars..Star even use star wars symbolism like yoga. Heh. If you want to access other dimensions it is done subjectively, but we will always translate those other dimensions with this dimensions blueprint. So even what you call aliens, or e.t. are translations. If you were to travel to another dimension you would be perceived according to that dimension. Other dimensions don't come here and create this reality, we create those dimensions here. Other dimensions don't come here to remove bombs, or to remove a grid. We do this because we as a collective have created this game. Portals don't need to be cleared. Our beliefs need to be examined. We are in this world and we create it. Aliens don't create this world for us as it is a human experiment. So I will be not agreeing with this alien savior, second coming ..idea, whatever this is I choose to not agree. Relying on aliens to fix us just makes new agers and truth seekers even more apathetic. Especially when aliens are taken on Faith. Other dimensions do exist. It's different than what we think about what space and what stars are. You don't travel through space, or the veil, in a ship, or with a stargate. It's done with the ability of our conscious minds and our imagination. If anything the imagination itself is the portal. This will be better understood once we merge more of our dream reality with our waking. Soon, very soon we will be widened in awareness past these limiting ideas of aliens and saviors and reconnect to the power of self. But those alien concepts are not empowering us at all. And there is a lot of fear being reinforced here, like we are still afraid of the cabal because of bombs. That is the same thing trump does with north Korea to perpetuate the fear of nuclear war. It's the same thing. Always a bomb waiting , hahaha.

    1. There are too many people trapped on this reality that the idea of even dimensions does not cross their minds... or still much a taboo.. or ignored...

      waiting for everyones to raise their awareness or vibration in order to gain freedom as a collective will mean waiting forever under a rigged system.

      The reality is... we are not getting out of this amnesia state anytime soon by normal means... maybe some individuals could if that is their desired.... but there is more than just us or I.... and the leaders n every aspect of the society supports prolonging the true overall awakening..

      so what we have left

      if anyone really believe that the geopolitical progress happening was/is a result thru mainly all pure mental and human muscles that person i would say that person is fooling Him or herself...

      If anyone really thinks that we had not been prevented of anniliating ourselves n the planet many times over then that person is very naive still...imo

      So there is indeed that need more like for a salvage operation than a saving operation.

      An external assistance.... weather someone likes it or not.

      In my opinion... this game should of been pulled the plug long ago... but u know what... i also believe there are many people worth fighting for and if they could get a happy ending regardless of everyones transgresdions then i support any assistance to expedite the process of liberation...

      I dont care who... but at least have the right intention for humanity.

      The time of waiting for the right quotient of overall spiritual growth became counter productive imo..

      This is a rigged system.. It is setup to keep us trapped n playing a fools slaving game for 26k yrs...

      which part of that number spells out that we been doing just fine without assistance? N even we had assistance of some sort throughout.

      There is no more time to waist... we already have done much of that...

    2. @Rob H Like, whatever, dude. You can keep having your head in the clouds, but the fact of the matter is that only positive ET's can remove the negative ET's and their control system from our planet.

      You can choose to be ungrateful about it when The Event finally happens, and pretend that it was simply our collective mental effort that magically accomplished everything. You are speaking from a xenophobic and ungrounded perspective, while I choose to see things more openly and rationally.

      The fact of the matter is the positive ET's owe us, and as long as we are trapped inside the Matrix, no amount of esoteric thought is going to free humanity. The Chimera's and Archon's technology is far beyond what human effort alone is capable of dismantling. This isn't fearmongering, it's simply fact.

      Fearmongering means we have no control over the situation and no hope. Clearly this isn't the case. The Event WILL happen. It's only a question of when.

    3. I believe the deception is so multilayered and deep on this planet, and amongst our collective that we have needed to be liberated from an outside source. The main problem is the brainwashing from birth and separation paradigm. We need more people to wake up but so many are not. It's concerning.

    4. You brought up good points psych.

    5. I agree with all stated above. I'm tired of people acting like we can't have outside help and that's it's all on us like it's a bad thing. The saying you if you don't show that you want help, then you won't get help.

  18. Ultra-Violet Angelic Fire Transmission: Dissolving Cords and
    Lower Energy Interference.

    Steve Nobel

    23 ian. 2018

    Listen to this remastered transmission to connect with a group of Ultra-Violet Light Angels that can be called upon to clear, cleanse and uplift your personal energy space as well as dissolve cords to individuals or groups that interfere with your light and in some way block your soul path. This transmission also includes a clearing of the physical space around you, the equipment, mobile phones, computers etc as well as any virtual space such as social media or digital bank accounts that you are energetically connected to.

    (Please note in this clearing you are only clearing and dissolving what is interfering or blocking you are not dissolving the love between you and another. Please also note that you can include this clearing with your intimate partner to release anything lower between you. Please be mindful if including any young children as there will be cords between parents and children that need to remain until late adolescence).

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Why dont you go to underground base- by your own and wipe out- bad hostages by your own? and then send me picture. Maybe give some pictures to media too- lets see what would they do about them..
      Nowone have to prove you anything.

      If you are so impatient(like me)why dont you stay still till the Event and let Them work!

      Maybe you can by ticket to Eseti ranch- to get your proof.

    2. Omar everything that pertains to secret programs ufo.. or otherwordly material is being suppressed and immediately gets removed as soon as is out in open or huts the net. Individuals responsible may also get targetted or 'removed'... this is common knowledge by now... Also note this website probably is under their radar

      in addition as you said... even if a pic gets thru such filter.. dissinformation machine will kicked in to make sure peolle believe is cgi or photoshop...

      There r photos on the net which some may be real... but much doubt placed in them already... what is the purpose of adding one more to the pool of gossip and uncertainty.....

      I think once the blockade is removed this request would make more sense...

      Look for phil schneider... he had proof and photos etc.. his material was taken away... oh supposedly commited suicide....

      there are many more individual thats has come up with photos and stories... from area 51 etc.. as it stands people dont believe tHem even of true.. There is the guy from area 51.. what is his name Costello?... different theories as to his identity n validity of his story... even though i think he supplied some photos etc

      So really what we would accomplih by receiving a photo or so that 1.. if it makes it to the post will be removed soon afterand 2.. would place In more danger the indv that posted it.

      Unless a person is someone that is cunning enough to do so annonymously still will b subjected to much skepticism of being valid...

      Last i remember i think last year someone supposedly posted in reddit a pic of a reptilian being... that didnt last long... what only remained is a partial image someone recovered.


      Thats the supposed reptiliabn image that is being claimed as a hoax which might b...

      i dont think actual reptilian avatars would walk in the open as such..

      But point being... if real pic or not everythings gets turn into a circus

  20. Yes, our linear energy and physical stature make us excellent protectors. The feminine may be physically weaker but profoundly stronger/adept with the divine. We need each other to balance. No ONE thing can do it all. I put forth significant energy into togetherness and dispelling the wedges inserted into every facet of our lives. Love, unity, and light!

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  22. Sounds promising! Stay positive ya”ll.

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