Monday, February 5, 2018

Request PHX VTX clearance at 504


  1. An urgent meeting? Sounds good. May the Victory of the Light be made manifest soon.

    ~ The Light Sharer





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  5. This post actually reminds me of a great song:

    Black Sabbath - War Pigs

    Pay attention to the lyrics and you'll understand why.

    I'm amazed at the accuracy of this message. It really speaks to the soul with the anti-war message it conveys.

    Here's just a little snippet of the lyrics which really caught my attention:

    "Politicians hide themselves away
    They only started the war
    Why should they go out to fight?
    They leave that role for the poor, yeah
    Time will tell on their power minds,
    Making war just for fun
    Treating people just like pawns in chess,
    Wait 'till their judgement day comes, yeah"

    You can find the rest of the lyrics here:

    As always, Much Love & Much Light - Peace Be With You

    May you feel the warm healing embrace of the One Infinite Creator.

    Victory of the Light!!

    Goddess wants... Love, so it shall. Peace, so it shall.

    ~ The Light Sharer


    1. love that song and yes black sabbath was informing us back in the 80's what was going down. another great song is immigrants song by led zepplin.. you need to access the lyrics to get it all.


    2. that's quite the Synchronicity there :-)

      just yesterday all of a sudden I had the lyrics to "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" in my head:

      "You see life through distorted eyes
      You know you have to learn
      The execution of your mind
      You really have to turn
      The race is run, the book is read
      The end begins to show
      The truth is out, the lies are old
      But you don't want to know

      Nobody will ever let you know
      When you ask the reasons why
      They just tell you that you're on your own
      Fill your head all full of lies"

      Very fitting as well.
      And, yes, Immigrant Song is amazing, i posted that a few time here before. Hammer Of The Gods, baby!

      Lots of Love and Light


  6. You do not worry about us, prisoners.
    Better death for us than one day without fighting in this hell.
    You do not negotiate about us.
    Anomaly is just an anomaly.
    Let's end it. Definitely.
    We love you for what you do and we waiting for you.

  7. I just had a post-event vision in which I was watching the news and heard reports of mass suicides by Politician's and CEO's throwing themselves off of buildings because they couldn't deal with the stress of having all of their crimes revealed. There were mass numbers of people outside of these buildings protesting and asking for their heads on a pike.

    Tough times ahead, indeed.

    ~ The Light Sharer

    1. i believe in this. many will cower from mortal judgement and find themselves in a whole different kind of court room.

  8. I found something curious regarding the "cloud ships" post that Cobra posted on February 3, 2018. Perhaps this is significant.

    Regarding this portion of Cobra's post:

    "Here you can see cloudships that are cloaked Confederation motherships which were participating in “special operations” on January 28th in key exopolitical region in central Europe:

    I was curious about these cloud ships. Why Austria? The cloud ships are located in these locations: Mölltaler Gletscher and Gumpeneck, which are about 180 km apart.

    These 2 locations are in the Styria section of Austria and Gumpeneck is about 137 KM southwest of Gaming, Austria.

    Gaming, Austria is a significant Rothschild location.

    All of these locations are southwest of Vienna, Austria. You can find them easily with an on-line map program.

    Anyway, the cloud ships appeared just after the gigantic Rothschild "hunting estate" in Gaming, Austria was sold. The Rothschilds had owned this gigantic estate for nearly 150 years.

    Perhaps these ships were doing special operations associated with the Rothschild estate.

    The "Q" character posted today (Feb. 5) about the sale of the Rothschild estate in Austria.

    1. Thanks for the information, that the Rothschild’s sold their lodge in Gaming – very interesting.

      I have to add a little bit to the exact location the cloudships appeared. I know this area there; the big cloudship appeared in an area called Ankogelgruppe.,13.2391188,10.5z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x4770caff52f8ed89:0xf1df851276926d58!8m2!3d47.02!4d13.3199999!5m1!1e4

      This is a mountain ridge in the west of the southernmost state of Austria – Carinthia. This area is high alpine with a lot of mountain lakes, artificial lakes and power plants. Also there is a nearby valley called Mölltal, a very interesting valley, lots of history, lots of historic sites, churches, ruins.

      The other cloudship must have been somewhere in the area between the states Carinthia and Styria.

      Gaming, the lodge of the Rothschild’s, on the other hand is not located in this area. Gaming is located more north in a state called “Niederösterreich”, although it is very interesting, that they sold this lodge there so suddenly.

      Also interesting, that Q (whether he is real, fake or a psyop) mentioned it.

    2. Hmmm....

      Now that I look again at the maps, I think these ships could be associated with Untersberg and Gaming, the location of the Rothschild estate.

      Here's Cobra's very interesting 2014 post on Untersberg.

      Anyway, the cloud ships are between Mt. Untersberg (a key goddess vortex point, especially for Europe) and the Rothschild estate.

      These distances are just a few hundred km -- not very far for a Pleiadian ship !!

      The Rothschilds sold their estate very quickly at a "fire sale" price. $110 or $115 million American dollars equivalent sale price appears to be a big discount for this enormous, historic estate.

      Why did they unload it so quickly for not much money? This is the question Q is asking. My guess is that the Rothschilds wanted to quickly dissociate themselves from the property.

      Perhaps the cloud ships moved around and were actually over many parts of Austria, including Untersberg and Gaming.

      Cobra wrote that the location of the cloud ships is "a key exopolitical region" in Central Europe.

      Somehow all this is connected.

      We do know, however the cloud ships are doing good things.

      Victory of the Light!

    3. Well, of course the cloudships could be also connected to the famous Untersberg (very interesting article from COBRA by the way – thank you for posting it again) and the Goddess vortexes – we can only speculate. We know the Alps here in Austria/South Germany are a very powerful, mystic area with many vortexes and connections to the Agartha network, as COBRA stated in his Untersberg post.

      It is also very interesting, when we take into account, that there was a huge political change of direction in the last two years in Austria. There was a huge switch from left to the mid right wing … left wing parties like socialist party, who was in charge the last decades, have to go into opposition – the Green party even got kicked out of parliament. Those parties fully supported the migration politics of open boarders like Merkel does in Germany. The new government instead is for closing the boarders and is going against the Refugees Welcome politics like Hungary is doing it.

      Now there is a huge mud fight in the media – left against right with Nazi allegations against the new government as always when you go against the script, but also wiretap scandals, corruption and smear campaigns which are affecting the left parties (like with the democrats in US).

      The left parties were mostly controlled by freemasons whereas the new government is interspersed with members of knight orders like the St. Georg’s Orden (St. Georges Order).

      So I would say we have on the one side a Rothschild backed fraction which is loosing grip over the country and we have to assume that the new government is influenced of course by Habsburg and I assume Jesuits (maybe the new prime minister Kurz could be just another prepared puppet like macron in France) but also by strong positive Templars and White Nobility like in Hungary. Austria seems to break out of the Coudenhove Kalergi plan (fleet Europe trough mass immigration), building a block with already sheered off states like Hungary, Czech Republic and so on, which makes of course the Cabal controlled government in Germany nervous. It could be an attempt by the Dark Ones to promote further division, like with Trump in the US, but I can also see positive groups working in the background of Austria, the old Austro-Hungarian Empire, like COBRA stated about Hungary with Orban and so on, about the come back of the Goddess energy in this region (also related to Untersberg of course)

      I really would relate this cloudships to the changes Austria is undergoing at the moment. There are going on a lot of things in the background – let’s hope positive groups prevail.


  9. I feel the great, immortal Babaji would like every lightworker to practice a Kriya of choice twice a day, every day. This will help anchor the Light and raise the vibrational frequency on a personal and collective leven. 🙏🏽

  10. Request granted: sneeze away. Falcon heavy.

  11. Waiting for the meditation, "A special blog post will be dedicated to this.". Still, Victory of the light!

  12. The Light Forces they "became brave",,, Maybe the remaining toplet bombs were partially destroyed?

  13. Allegedly an alien race that does not participate in the Galactic Confederation will destroy the cabal . --Theory,,,

  14. Dark forces cannot resist their own powers, they should be fought with their own powers that's secret of Evil.
    Light Forces shall Intersect with RM

  15. No direction but to trust the final destination


  16. Interesting to notice that in cobras early blogpost of Nov he states that 2-4 weeks prior to the event “situations will drastically accelerate”. In early March when “mjolnir hits the ground” BREAKTHROUGHS will come . Now w/ Intel silence and receiving real time updates as they happen via the MSM these I believe are the situations that drastically accelerate “2-4 weeks before the event”. Our experience of that acceleration /events will be through the media (that are progressively being infiltrated by the resistance/alliance). Most likely these memos/data dumps that will multiply and reveal bigger truths .


  17. Farouk Saleh
    February 5, 2018 at 10:12 AM

    Lightforces help! The cabal is attacking me with scalar weapons on full force. I have no energy and I almost fall when I walk everything is hazy. I hope I dont die before the event. I need some love my way.

    The cabal most know about my projects, for humanity. Thats why they want me gone. Here is my projects. They are also making me do accidents to harm me.

    Fucking cabal is that all you got!!?

    1. Farouk Saleh, i am from Portugal and i feel all of you describe too. Keep strong, breath. This will gonna pass, believ my friend. To days ago, i habe been atacked so bad, i think i will die. Now i am stronger and ok again. Please listem to the Godess meditation by ISIS e COBRA.

    2. An Answer from The Unknown Lightworker:

      This is another reminder that all this is FOR KEEPS…

      Nothing to get nervous or scared about. Use this as a motivator to get back into your power asap … and not take any more b#$# s@%#.

      And of course … for your True Self/Identity to wipe the slate clean of all the dark players.

      You’ve got the resources …

      It’s up to you to make it happen.

      And this is the most important thing I can say as a result of Cobra’s report.

      Just yesterday I copped a heart weapons attack. You start to feel a sudden, strong yet ‘slippery’ kind of heart beats & palpitations.

      I stayed calm & still ( … thanks to all the healing I’ve done)… and focused on what was causing it. An Archon was just beneath me, and radio waves (appeared as waves of black particles) coming from some sort of non-physical or physical device far away.

      All transmuted … and the sudden ‘slippery’ kind of heart beats & palpitations stopped within seconds.

      (.. so in case you had any envy about The Unknown Lightwarrior for whatever understandable reason … this might make you think twice :- )

      Like I said … this game is for keeps. I survived it, NOT because I’m anything better, but because I’ve done the internal work … that was the precursor to the 4 Phases System.


    Video explaining how to do the Goddess Vortex

    11/11/2017 10:56:00 pm

    Here is the guided audio for the Weely Liberation meditation recommended by Cobra in the past, which is now replaced by the Weekly Ascension Meditation.

    The instructions on how to anchoring the Goddess Vortex can be found in the video at 5:55 minutes mark.

    Here are the instructions to anchor the Goddess Vortex:

    1. Lift your hands above your head and begin to rotate your body clockwise

    2. While doing that, sing mantra iiii (pronounced ee-ee) so that it vibrates throughout your body and visualize your body morphing into a brilliant pillar of Light, with millions of rainbow coloured stars scattered within that pillar of Light

    3. Keep singing the mantra and rotating. After a few minutes, drop your hands close to your body and continue rotating clockwise

    4. While doing that, start singing mantra eeeaaa (eee is pronounced as e in "America" and NOT as e in "Venus", and a is pronounced as a in "America") so that it vibrates through your body and visualize a rainbow vortex of Light expanding from your heart outwards throughout the whole planet. Call upon the presence of your spiritual guides, Ascended masters, Pleiadians, angels, twin souls, soulmates, soul families and other beings of Light.

    5. Keep singing the mantra and rotating and stay in the presence of all those beings of Light for a while.

    Please note that in step 4, mantra eeeaaa (eee is pronounced as e in "America" and NOT as e in "Venus", and a is pronounced as a in "America")

    You can do this at any time or after the Weekly Ascension meditation.

    More information about Goddess Vortex can be found here:

    Victory of the Light!


  19. The Pink Egg Light.
    Something that we have to bring in a more visible form...


    1. There is the intent to create a veritable pink light egg shaped light source with the scope to bring into the 3rd dimensional world the metaphysical pink egg full of energy of Love, as it's 3rd density visible counter part.

      Let's do it here, let's put here the idea and the energy and work, let put it together with the energy of millions of RMs behind of this blog,...
      by doing it here... there is the energetic outcome that will work behind this kind of light source for esoteric purposes...


    2. Neon fluorescent lamp and method of operating

      US 5523655 A

  20. "Mass arrests of the Cabal may, or may not happen.". Enough is enough. I guess decision was made physically eliminate all bad guys.

    1. Or endless bargaining continues....I hope it's your guess tho

    2. That statement was a little confusing, if full disclosure and exposure is still happening, then many, many people at the highest levels of government, banking, an corporations are going to have their crimes exposed. Mass arrests may not happen all at once but those people are certainly going to be tracked down eventually.

    3. i think COBRA made it very clear that the time for "playing nice" has passed. they have crossed the line and they either accept the light or they will be removed by whatever means necessary. sounds good and long overdue.

  21. Just saw this ...

    You can bet , if the Cabal is turning now on each others , that the endgame is very very close now . I do wonder if COBRA could clarify if Alliance had anything with this ... or maybe the Netanyahu's body was "retaken" , maybe even the original Netanyahu was removed , and the "Alliance version" was put there , as means of most peaceful transition and prevention regarding the ME escalation .


  22. It's Time.

    Kitaro - Matsuri

    The Light Of The Spirit

    Heaven And Earth

    Domo Arigato


  23. Yeah what did that mean? "Mass arrests may or may not happen?" I guess it implies they'll be wiped out. But the ET's are playing such a long game I wouldn't be surprised if they let things slowly play out for decades. That IS quick for them. For us, minutes are torture. It sucks being a pawn here. We're really the pathetic bitches of the galaxy.



  24. 144k Super Blue Moon & Pierce The Veil Campaign Update – Cobra Report Analysis + No Show This Week. |

    February 7, 2018

    The Unknown Lightwarrior



    The Planet & Timelines Have Recovered …

    And we’re on an even higher timeline than we were before the 504 Black Alert Two Fridays Ago.

    One of the physical indicators of the new higher timeline is sudden breakthroughs in manifesting … even when it looked like it wasn’t going to happen at all, after the 504 Black Alert.

    Not only did this situation reverse … but we’re now well on track having the Event happen much sooner thanks to the sudden breakthroughs that came (and generally do come) after mass planetary clearings, of the most robust kind.

    1. It's not a "higher" timeline, it's a merged one. Deception is forced to be made bare. It's a kind of ultimatum and so far what I see in the face of so much light is an epic silence of the dissonant.

  26. i cant even begin to express the number of well meaning ppl that have tried to tell me that i must be doing something wrong if i get severely attacked. the reality is you gotta be doing something right.

    so they couldn't kill me or i wasnt bright enough to get their attention more than once but someone or something is pushing an incredible amount of rage through me that i don't agree with. it takes me so quickly and easily. i do what i can to stay in control but this effort is an obvious insurrection against the divine feminine because it always appears directed at either my puppy girl or my surrogate grandmother. she recieves a lot of manipulation as well. we are both "cancers"/gemini's (depending on which zodiac you go by.

    we could all use some prayers. as much as i struggle with myself to reciprocate.

    1. You are perfect in every way. How could you NOT rage as so much is being exposed. Clear, take inventory of all the dark within you and outside and clear my brother. clear it once and for all. this collective dark night of the soul must happen so you (we) can prevail to manifest a world that serves all of us. There are not many who could do it, so it looks like You are "That Guy!" endure. hold the line. hold the line. turn your face into the wind and defy! defy! Just wrote this post the other day.
      This article explains the trials and pitfalls of Empaths and how to avoid burnout.
      It brought to mind the character of John Coffey from the incredible movie "The Green Mile".
      Remember how JohN Coffey an incredible Christ like Empath would take dis-ease out of others, he would literally take their pain into himself, then expel or CLEAR it as shown by the swarm of flies coming out of his mouth.
      There is a message there for all of us in this time. Many of us Empaths are here as a pressure valve, a release to do some major clearing. Clearing for our selves, or past selves from past lives and the past lives of all on the Earth and the Earth herself. The process repeated over and over again. Empathy-process-clear, Empathy-process-clear over and over if that is your Light Work calling. Now the Process part is a much longer post but there is so much to glean from this character John Coffey besides the obvious statement about prejudice. It is so important to allow the clearing otherwise it can turn to dis-ease. Many who are empathic do not understand that role and will often try to deal with the dis-ease try to "process" the darkness with drugs, alcohol and other addictions or behaviors. There is so much in this final scene where time stands still the clock stops and the house shakes just the way it did in all the movies about Jesus on the cross when he "Cleared" the sins for all men. the earthquake, the ripping of the veil. etc.

      I will give two techniques to effectively clear for those suffering with Empathy Burnout without allowing your gift to turn into a dis-ease within yourself. Maybe others can comment on their techniques below.
      1. Practice meditation. make it a practice and you will see results. You have help from the other side, from your future Higher self who understands all you are going through, who loves you unconditionally and deeply desires connection with you. Practicing mindfulness in this reality that reacts to your manifesting energy both dark and light is important as you carry other peoples water and clear it. Quieting the mind is an anesthetic that removes the pain of your clearing so you can tolerate your processing.
      2. this technique is from Arch Angel Michael and quite simple and effective.
      It takes approx 4 minutes. When you seemed to be empathicly constipated and unable to clear others, lets say "Baggage energy" you are processing, stare into a mirror into your own eyes very close to the mirror. Allow all thoughts to arise on their own, especially the dark ones. Keep staring into your eyes which as you know are the windows to the soul, and let whatever arises come into your mind. Consciously examine them look squarely at each and every thought. You will see your face become bruised and mottled like the wardens wife in the movie when Coffey cleared her dis-ease. Then it will just dissipate just the way it did for John Coffey when the flies left his mouth.
      The arts, are full of messages and techniques. Start to listen closely to music from your past, and movies that speak to you, artwork, dance, even meals you eat, poetry especially seems to be a direct line from your future higher self. You will find the help you need.
      The role of the Empath or what some call Light Workers is so vital right now. Keep clearing and don't forget to breath and drink plenty of clean water. Love and Light. namaste - ONE…/how-to-avoid-empathy-b…

  27. QUESTION FOR COBRA-Do the Light Forces have any loses in this space battle that is taking place right now ? Thank you in advance !

    1. He can not answer that himself right now. My impression is that yes there are an unfortunate but thankfully few number of losses on our side. When it occurs it is a great tragedy but one that is not so horrible to the psyche of those involved. There is no greater sacrifice than one that is made in the name of love.

      Personally I can think of two, maybe three times when I felt there was a major battle with a loss of ours. One in fact was very recent but resulted in great victory.

      Needless to say,

    2. Thank you for answering...


    Buckle your seatbelt Dorothy, 'cause Kansas is going bye-bye!"

    1. these images are way beyond my understanding or ability to interpret.

  29. Recent dream I had any interpretation is welcome
    Dream started with a storm and a phone call of a mysterious sounding voice telling me instructions. They said not to tell anyone about what I was about to hear but my little sister was listening in. I did not say anything about my lil sis The ET on the phone sensed it and she did not tell me the location of the inner earth location to meet up. I gathered intel from talking to locals and eventually learned that the reptilian ET hideout that the battle was going to take place in was in a hidden gold mine nearby. I witnessed a girl with lots of crystal pendants climb out of a small hole in the side of a rocky hillside and she was carrying another pendant. I took it from her hand and she thanked me for helping her climb up onto the surface. I was immediately attracted to her and could sense she wasn't fully human Underground gold mine held the battle against the reptilians. The underground reptilian city was called "Siis". Many different beings extraterrestrial women were present. Some had more human DNA than others, all were ridiculously beautiful. I bounded particularly with a female that had around %80 human DNA. I climbed down into the gold mine and me and a group of 5 others prepared an arsenal of swords and bows. I sent a Snapchat to my close friends and family telling them I loved them and stuff in case I died. Once we got to the location of the battle we discovered "human" sex slaves of the same race of the girl I was falling in love with. They urged us to leave as it was a trap but it was too late. The battle was not a typical physical battle. The reptilians sent me to another dimension, the astral. In this vision they manipulated me with I was in a maze of sorts. Every room I entered was something horrible and traumatizing. Human animals genetic hybrids, open surgery on awake patients, horrible diseases, rabid humans chasing me, and much more. Every room I entered sent me to another area in the astral plane where more horrors were taking place. To win this "game" the reptilian was playing with my flight or fight response I shifted my consciousness to my heart dented. I sent as much love out as I could and was able to bypass the rest of the horrifying rooms by opening a portal in the ether myself. When I returned to the world we started running and climbing out of the cave(with the slaves) we made it out and outside stood a massive monument"carved statue" of 4 extraterrestrial beings in the mountainside.

    1. That actually happened. The entire occurrence was astral. The remaining dark forces both 3d and 4d that are underground are being and are to be removed. The lost Dutchman's mine your subconscious is referring to is possibly part of or is the entrance to an underground reptilian network. You basically faced off with an actual reptilian in the astral and overcame it's fear tactics.

    2. Joshua's explanation makes sense to me. I interpret this as 'real,' rather than a set of symbols (usually I interpret dreams as a whole bunch of symbols, which reflect parts of myself, but this one is different). Quite powerful. You are being shown this world and you are overcoming gigantic challenges with LOVE. Wow. Congrats to you. Very powerful and this, I think, is a wonderful gift to you.

    3. Thank you I feel the same. Had another contact experience last night. I was in a toy store and locked eyes with an ET toy. I then heard a loud frequency noise and a bunch of symbols flashed in front of me it was a major download. I am quite clearly being contacted and activated. I'm embracing it with open arms, no fear :)

  30. I find to cleanse the atmosphere around me and to "hold the Light & Love strongly" within my heart, I often repeat the "Lord's Prayer"...It has a strengthening effect on me and helps me "rise above" all the clutter and disturbance floating around out there.

  31. Loud boom in Oklahoma, dark forces getting there asses kicked.

  32. I've been saying for years, female superiority or "equality" as they call it, is a Cabal psyop. The reptilians are a female dominated society and it was placed in our DNA to awaken now, the intended time of their return. Come on, CNN and Cher? Red flags all over the place.

  33. Subtle signs of change

    More and more people seem to oppose the manipulations of the cabal by disregarding manipulative rules and laws designed to restrict free will.

    Not too long ago, Cobra said there was progress on the astral plane. Many people in this area have been forced to deal with themselves because of adverse circumstances, rather than doing their jobs. For example, one of their duties is to be spiritual guides to people on the physical plane.

    Apparently, more and more people are connecting with their spiritual leaders because of increased energies and therefore are not easily controlled by the cabal.

  34. me wonders if there is anyOne trying to figure out if MegaAnon is ok...

  35. A Wyccandala designd for the New Moon Meditation (no full koon in Feb):

  36. Elucidation on the "important" Ganymeade Portal which has been closed since May 2015 AND SHALL NEVER BE OPEN AGAIN!!!

    <A HREF="><B></B>READ ME:</A>

  37. Hammer of Thor what else needs to be said, Ashtar Command take out all those Draco ships, Thank You All!

  38. People are still dying in Syria.
    What american soldiers are doing there again. Yesterday 100 Syrian governmental soldiers were killed. Why? We all want peace here, we want refugees from Syria go home and rebuild their cities and villages. Americans what are you doing here in Europe. What are you fighting for? Shame on You!

  39. Join us here for a fully automated hosting of the ***Alert Meditation every 4 hours*** and all other PFC meditations. Let's come together with kindred souls in a loving space to ground the energy of positive and lasting change through the power of emotions in our synchronized guided meditations fully automated: MEDITATIONS-ON-THE-GO Platform: