Monday, May 21, 2018

ASCOM test in progress


  1. Are going fast and far forward.

  2. Keep up the great work! Victory to the light!

  3. Live in Light.
    Live in Hope.
    Live in Grounded Love.

    Allow your heartspark to be connected into its place in the Golden Lightgrid.

    All is well within, all is well without, all is unfolding in brilliant luminosity, harmony, and unification.

    Allow your part in this grand unfolding to resonate through you, into the universe of which you are an integral part. Feel this light, and let it guide you forward.

    We are One.
    We ARE Love.

  4. I don't understand what's the delay with the Toplet bombs.
    I think everyone and everything is waiting for them bombs to be removed(the arrest,the disclosure,the RV).From my opinion(3D opinion) everything else is irrelevant right now.

  5. Positiv, reached yesterday


  6. What to expect in fact with a 75; 150W mercury lamp, oversized in both the arc tube and the fluorescent coated outer bulb, but with its proper electrodes and Ar/Hg filling...?

    The lamp will be connected with the 75/80W, as case with the 150/175W ballast...

    The expectance is that after the warm-up of the discharge, the current should be around the rated current of the ballast (secondary, if it's a transformer). Let say 0,7...0,9A for the first case and 1,5...1,8A for the second one.

    But, alongside with the expectance, there is the desire to achieve the discharge at a lower pressure (underdriving the discharge) but with the optimal hotness of electrodes.

  7. Notes of the Budapest Cobra Ascension Conference, April 2018

    Some of the questions we have had was answered during this conference ... very informative.

    Victory of the Light :)

  8. Thank you dear Cobra for these updates ✨ continue meditating ✨🙏🏼❤️🌈


  9. Inner Earth Invite - Teresa Yanaros COBRA Connection


  10. Kp AM Note for 5-21-18… “Well… so… Where is this ‘Disclosure’ thing?”

  11. The Water Strider ~

    A Nature Symbol Of Resurrection

    I saw someone posted here in the comments section a few days back that the first crop circle of the year in Wiltshire is of The Water Strider composed within a Circle.

    Just over 2 weeks ago I began having visions of The Water Strider & was also coming across them when I was out in Nature (among the many things I was facinated by as a child was The Water Strider), so I wasn’t surprised to see that this first crop circle of the year, appeared around the same time as I was having these visions & interactions, & was on May 8th.

    The comment author, I read, was in a way appropriately comparing this image to the function and workings of Mjolnir...which is actually an ancient Serpent Symbol.

    To elaborate here a little on this, The Water Strider is also called “The Jesus Bug” because it can “walk on water” & the image of it in this crop circle, being inside a circle or sphere is also a direct example and perfect symbolic image, that exists within nature, of Da Vinci’s Sacred Geometry of the human overlaid with the pentagram or 5 pointed Star (Seba) inside a Circle (etc..) and is also illustrated as we know with Metatron’s cube or The Merkaba Vehicle, also known as our Lightbody activation.

    So this potent symbolic crop circle gift to us, in the form of The Water Strider inside a Circle (and it’s many ascension meanings) is an obvious & very natural symbol of Resurrection ;)

    So ~ Enjoy your “Ressurections” everyone, as the time is certainly here & now for those who are ready to transform themselves, with the help of Knuph/Cnuph/Asklepios/Asclepius/Brahma (Vishnu) & The number 9

    Interestingly I have come to understand the deep connections between The Ancient Egyptian Mystery Knowledge & France (before it was called France) & so I have come to see and understand within the corresponding linguistics here, that the French language is directly related to, or descendant, of the Ancient Egyptian language & “Knuph” is “Neuf” in French which means “9”, And “9” is Brahma’s number, as in Vortex Mathmatics “9” is The Serpent, the energy that travels through the middle of The (Our) Torus Field, connecting “6” & “3”.

    And so the image of The Water Strider is a direct symbol of our own natural Merkaba Vehicle, which upon activation allows us to begin to traverse The Cosmic Waters of The Cosmic Universe, naturally ;)


  12. Teresa Yanaros might be good to spread a word about Sisterhood of the Roses.

    She is well known now,... and if she so by so speaks about 'soul mission'... it might be very good if she might do it.

    The more that she aggrandized her position, even was it nolens-volens, due to this issues with the Inner Earth.

    So, she might do something for the benefit of SOTR...

  13. Ps. on The Water Strider...

    To add: The Water Strider crop circle image more appropriately shows “6” points instead of “5” as in Leonardo’s depictions of the sacred geometry of the human that I compared it to.

    The line through the middle of the “X” is represented as middle part of the the body of The Water Strider, which creates “6” points, this line being the Serpent thread or line that travels through the middle of “X” or “Cross” (The “X” symbolising our arms and legs outstretched) & together with our head or crown at the top, this energetic thread or Serpent/ “9”, continues through to our root area (and of course flows in both directions) & thus, when awakened at the root, creates a “6th” point at the bottom or root of the Star that is us, which activates the Goddess Spiral/“6”. Etc etc etc..

    This understanding also in a way is more loosely illustrated within the symbol that is “The Cross of Iona” or “Iona Cross” (a cross inside a circle) only the “X” was tilted over time to look like a “plus sign” etc etc etc....the “X” is also symbolic of the Ancient Egyptian symbol called The Maltese Cross, shown inside a Circle which is also representative of the design and image of Photons & is depicted at many ancient sites along side the image of The Ankh.

    Much of our ancient iconography as shown & woven into the ancient patterns of textiles (Especially in Peru/Andes/Egypt/Persia/Tibet) shows this “X” or “Hourglass and The Rose Cross with The Diamond or Almond shape, accompanied by images of The Phoenix, are very obvious illustrative examples of this ancient understanding of The Human Stargate ;)


  14. In some cultures 'blah-blah' is called 'bow-wow'... :-) :-)

  15. Benjamin Fulford : May 22, 2018 - Financial RoundTable
    Cobra is being interviewed as well ...

  16. Sorry folks I've been had ... it's a interview from last year. Some of those channels put up old reports and give the false impression it is new. My bad ...

  17. At this time of my parting, wish me
    good luck, my friends! The sky is
    flushed with the dawn and my path
    lies beautiful
    Ask not what i have with me to take
    there. I start on my journey with
    emoty hands and expectant heart.

  18. Good. It will soon be operational. For God and Earth.

  19. Terrorists hold innocent people for ransom.

  20. Right now I am listening to Jimmy Church's "Fade to Black" radio show (21 May 2018).

    He has Theresa Yanaros on his show, who is talking about her post re. her dream May 1. And she talks about Cobra and Cobra's link to her article.

    Look into Jimmy Church's archives to find the interview, or maybe it will soon be on Theresa's blog or on youtube, etc.

  21. I've decided to speak out. I didn't mention this site in my video, but I know from my experiences that you are very real. This goes for anyone and everyone here, there, or wherever you may be. Thank you.

  22. I believe u when i see u blog at first, because the story on that is Unprecedented to explain about friendly Alien and our humans relationship, no any article can explain that before u blog appear that Alien is not all to look we in pain and do nothing just say "we need finish school~~ ". that just so heart cold and asceticism's agenda. who angry in their subconscious if we through event with no pain, so they make "graduation". I don't believe that and your blog appear is steady my belief. I Believe Friendly Aliens All Over Universe and They do anything to save us if They know we are in pain under blockade federation cover. And i believe They do it from long long ago to now and until Victory, I trust They and I trust u. The Love and Free is what We Real Need. not graduation or brabrabra stupid other thing.

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