Monday, January 14, 2019

Return of Light Meditation Interview

The energies of our Return of Light Meditation are already building up and this might be our most successful and powerful meditation ever.

We are co-creating history. This meditation has the potential to set the course of the gamma timeline. The time is now. 


You can listen to this Cobra interview that delves deeper into the energetics of the Return of Light meditation:

Or read transcripts in English, German, French and Spanish here:


  1. Pretty good!
    Thanks for streesing again that it takes physical actions, a thing that has been hammered into my head by my Higher Self since 2012 :-)

    Don't talk about it - DO IT.

    And We Will.

    Lots of Love and Light

    I AM DC

  2. I am ready for the Meditation and the victory of the Light! ;)

  3. Replies
    1. Good to see you here. You have been gone on YouTube for awhile now. Peace and love

    2. Thank you :) Love and Light ☼

  4. "The energies of our Return of Light Meditation are already building up and this might be our most successful and powerful meditation ever."

    I agree, i have begun to have the same sensation that i had in "the UNITY MEDITATION AT THE ECLIPSE 2017-8-21", the energy that day was so strong that my body shook (as i explained here

    I feel very confident about this meditation

    1. This meditation will only be succesfull for me, when it will bring the veil down, and start/bring us the event.

      Im not interested in any other things..only the event right now!

      IM DONE! Were all done with this endless talk...meditate......delays...wait.......for the event.


      Endless waiting....and still no event. While the world is quickly dying right now before our eyes.

      After the event, i hope we really . Where no money exist anymoreare living in a totally free world

      Where i can fly....float around.

      Can teleport.....traveling from dimension, to dimension in seconds.

    2. Don't just sit and wait. Be proactive if you can. That will help you to feel that you are actively helping to bring the event closer. And you would be! Sometimes one feels that there is nothing one can do. But there is. Even by just being positive and smiling at someone who is downtrodden helps to bring joy. Every little bit of love given to yourself and others is a big step. Try it.

  5. "This meditation has the potential to set the course of the gamma timeline."

    "In May we have shifted from beta timeline to gamma timeline. The new gamma timeline calls for direct physical intervention of the Light Forces in the lives of surface Lightworkers and Lightwarriors, as soon as possible without triggering the toplet bomb"

  6. Thanks for the update
    Translated to spanish
    Traducido al castellano

  7. Za slovenske bralce:

    Vabljeni v našo skupino Sestrstva Vrtnice in Podporo Dogodka na Facebooku:

    Prevod prepisa intervjuja bo objavljen v sledečih dneh.

    Thank you for the new interview Cobra (and thanks Unknown Lightwarrior for hosting the interview).

    Victory of the Light!

    1. Dear Cobra, please add this link to the Slovenian translation of your latest interview to your post:

      We thank you in advance. Victory of the Light!

  8. For the first time..

    ..[in 14 billion years] there is a connection to the Cosmic Central Sun

    during the meditation on 20/21 January 2019 in this universe because of the approx. 20 astrological aspects simultaneously during the lunar eclipse.

    For the first time in all universes what happens here happens because there was no (or only little?) primary anomaly in the other universes.

    1. Hallo 3k14Pi
      shows to be unavailable
      shows exercise with children

      Somebody's joking, aren't they…? :)

    Pense que era el unico que podria pensar lo que voy a decir, pero desde esta mañana algo en mi me decia que una entrevista de Cobra seria fantastica, pero la situacion esta tan avanzada que una parte de mi diria : "no creo que Cobra haga esa entrevista, hay mucha informacion sensible", pero se me van todas las dudas cuando veo esta actualizacion solamente me queda decir: VICTORIA DE LA LUZ!!!!!

  10. Let's do it, here we are together once more, nothing can stop us now, Victory of the Light!

  11. Thank You Cobra and All who are of the Light, WoW, fantastic times we live in and we chose to be here to witness it and to assist. This alignment has never happened before in this Universe and We are here to receive it and Anchor it, what an Honor. May Source give Us the resolve to see this through, to overcome all obstacles and Initiate a New Dawn for this precious planet and Universe of Ours. Victory of the Light!

  12. EVERYONE has to give full energy again, send this meditation to blogs and youtuber, post it everywhere and invite other people... GOODE, WILCOCK and FULFORD must also be contacted. Let's all do it together. Victory for the Light !


    UNITY Consciousness!!!

    "Be the Presence of Love you desire to see in the world"

    All Ways & Four Ever
    Four Ever & All Ways.

    I Love You.
    I Love We.
    I Love Me.

    Do Bee Do Bee Do Be Do

  14. The eagle has landed. In advance of the 50th anniversary of man’s first touchdown on the moon, Omega has unveiled some big news

    Halfway Gone
    You got one foot out the door
    And choking on the other
    Always think there's something more
    Is just around the corner
    Talk, talk is cheap
    Give me a word you can keep
    Signs Of A Dying Empire

    The New Kingdom

    Someone told me long ago
    There's a calm before the storm
    I know it's been comin' for some time
    Have You Ever Seen The Rain

    1. A few days ago, I dreamed that
      I was in a high place.
      I looked and storm clouds were coming.
      she was already beginning to fall, and
      as the clouds were coming,
      I would be (within them) at the same time,
      a few feet ahead of me.

    2. ... it started a (real) rain now.
      rain and wind. It's good because it's very hot here.🙂

  15. Let's manifest 144,000 participating!

    Clear decision:
    144,000 people will participate in the total Lunar eclipse Return to Light Meditation on January 20th/21st 2019.

    Visualize and FEEL the emotions of 144,000 people participating in the Return to light meditation as if it IS HAPPENING.

    Take action: Spread the word far and wide!

    Victory of the Light!

  16. yes, I recommend the transcript. This is a great synchronicity for me as i have been going out into a field next to my house for a number of nights and gazing up at Orion and Sirius and the Pleiades while i do my Primordial Qigong and getting a stronger feeling about them ..... a connection... Now hearing this from Cobra, I will take a blanket and do some longer gazing and meditating and praying

  17. I also want to thank Cobra for reminding us and emphasizing in this interview that the consciousness of the surface population is not just "enhancing" the energetics of the stars, but is actually grounding that energy so that it can manifiest on the planet! Our Consciousness Is the Change that the stars are showing us. Our Consciousness Is the Event!

  18. I read through the transcript, very good information for the liberation of this planet, and, an explanation of the importance of the work the RM does.

    I agree that we cannot put a timestamp on The Event, we have had unpredictable ups and downs in the cycles in the past; what matters most is to take action, to be in the common moment, to actively metamorphisize the change you wish to see in the world.

    Much is changing during these times of great transformation!

    Victory of the Light!
    - Fates

  19. :) Once upon a time there was a post (or maybe more then one) by Cobra, in which from my view he wrote something very important about the possibility to communicate on his blog. Here i use my own words, as good as i can remember his statements.

    "This should not be a gathering place for the most desperate"

    Well, i'm totally desperate ... But what does it help the community here, when i now start reporting to each post by Cobra, or even in each post several times, about my "complaints and afflictions"?!!
    Hmmmm ... It seems to me, that some commentators assume, that their mission is to do everything on a daily basis, to annoy somebody like me and sabotage my personal mission. The so called Awakening was not nice at all, but i'm grateful, very grateful that i start to remember, and in spite of everything that has happened during my existence, i'm trying to give my best to keep my principles and it's really hard. I'm very grateful, that there are also commentators who address interesting things, and therefore like the Posts by Cobra did trigger my memories, but this does not happen just like that !!! I just realize that i'm a little nerd because i'm reading Cobra's posts for the third or fourth time, and i'm also reading the comments as often too, unfortunately the trigger affects me only when i read through all the material several times......

    That's why i ask and bag the community here to respect !!the right of free speach!! and to stop continuing to abuse it, like my/our free will has been abused by certain “smart aleck's” for a very, very, !!VERY long time!!

    =>I tell you a little “story = memory”:

    Somewhere in space and time, i found myself in a very desperate situation facing another "thinking being". I would say, i was something like speachless, because of how this being claimed cheekily, that i was attacking his right, to use his free will and that i'm not allowed to do this. This being actually enjoys inflicting suffering on other beings/me in the most extreme way. Desperately, i tried to argue. This being told me, that it is his will to harm other beings/me, so he's making only use of the right of his free will.<=

    I hope that some of you understand what i want to say with this "little story" in relation to the right of free speech and start with a small step to make this place a better one, for example by not missusing the possibility for communication on Cobras blog anymore with your right of free speech, it makes it very difficult for me to uphold my principles. Yes nobody is perfect, but we/i can try to do as much as we/i can do, to change our/my behavior and the way of our/my thoughts, and make this a better place until I can finally leave this place, cause that was more than enough, i need some real and perhaps/hopefully everlasting holidays, i think i'm not the only one.

    I can tell you guys that i only can hope that i'm canceling my contract with the right agency and i can finally leave this place, those who would like to reach the next level 4D/5D i'm wishing you much success, but 3D was more than enough for me from my currently quite likely limited view, but i will see as far the Event is going to be real,
    i just can hope that it's not just a so called "Psy-Op".

    Thank you for reading :)

    **was searching for a translation for "Freie Meinungsäusserung";
    i choose "free speech", but there are also translations like:
    "free expression" / "freedom of speech" / "freedom of expression"

    1. "This should not be a gathering place for the most desperate"

      It always astounds me that after 1000s of years the light forces do not understand human nature. Every time the light forces send someone from the higher dimensions to carry out a mission on the surface of the planet it always attracts the most desperate people. Those with wealth and power do not care about the event and do want the event. They are very happy with things exactly the way they are and will resist change. They will not wake up unless they become poor themselves. By then it is too late and they cannot help the situation because they are too poor and weak to change things.

      This has been true throughout history. Remember Jesus? Where ever he went he attracted the sick and the dying. The rich and the powerful have no need for Jesus and did not answer his call. The rich aren't interested in his message. They didn't even want him around at all and so they killed him and Jesus' mission failed. What did the light forces expect? That great warriors and the nobles would come and help. It is ludicrous. The same thing happened to Osiris, Horus, Zoroaster, Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha), and St Germain. The poor and the desperate were attracted to the light while the strong manipulated the situation to their selfish advantage. That is human nature and will never change.

      The people with wealth and power are on the wrong side of the problem. This will always be the case. St Germain said humanity was "not ready" then I dare say humanity will never be ready. The light forces need to come up with a plan that does not involve the powerful taking positive action. This blog and other similar blogs like this one will always be a gathering point for the most desperate people. We must work with what we are given.

      With that being said I am optimistic the event could happen very soon. Manifestation is the one thing that does not require a precondition of already being in a position of strength. Anyone can do it and manifest positive things if they have the will to raise their consciousness. Meditation and visualization are key to this process and is especially true for mass meditations that occur during celestial events such as the upcoming Jan 20th/21st lunar eclipse. This is most certainly not a Psy-op. The power to create and manifest the event in the here and now is very real.

      We must meditate like we have never meditated before. Meditate like our lives depends on it. Both my higher guidance and inner intuition has made it perfectly clear that if it doesn't happen then it is my own fault for not having tried hard enough. Future opportunities will be given but there is no time like the present to achieve the desired outcome. It is time to remember our missions and do what needs to be done.

      Victory to the light is at hand. So peace be with you always.

    2. Same here. I cancelled pretty much everything, along the lines of 'take this job/contact/mission and SHOVE IT.'

      And some of us are desperate, because we want to, finally, be happy....we want to STOP having to fight, to STOP having to be 'brave' and 'strong' all the time....for folks who are tired, worn out, depressed, sometimes prone to panic's from having to be brave and strong for too those Vietnam veterans who have shell shock, or prone to freak outs.

      We're TIRED.

      I just wanna meet aliens, get my body changed to its proper gender, and finally travel the stars and 'boldly go where no one has gone before', as it were.

      Hope this is finally gonna be it.

    3. In any gathering of individuals, some are there because they are first awakening to the concept; they are there to listen. Some have been awake for a while; they are there to discuss and perfect their understanding. Some have been acting and learning for quite some time; they are there to help the newly awakened find their feet:  they are there to act, not discuss.

      The newly awakened are often hurting or unhappy. That is an attribute of awakening in this Prison Planet. They may complain, because they're still learning who has caused such widespread pain.

      The group who has been awake for a while label themselves as "Light Warriors", which is a dualistic understanding that has not yet become purely "of the Light". But it seems to be a role that makes them brave, makes them feel like they have value.

      The fully mature awakened individuals have grace and radiate light and Divine Love. They are an open doorway for Divine Love to come through them without being impeded by thought or emotions. They are no longer dwelling in the dual consciousness. They are not bound by circumstances or events.


    4. As long as the government remains shut down there is much hope the event or at least "Delta option" could be initiated right on the eclipse.

      Not a coincidence:

      Everything is pointing to something big happening on the eclipse. Think about why it is called the wolf moon. This is the time of year in mid winter when desperate wolves lose their fear and approach human settlements. It is time for "us" the most desperate to channel the spirit of the wolves so we lose our fears and do what needs to be done. Like the desperate wolf you must meditate like your life depends on it. Remember your mission. Go time is coming fast.

      Victory to the light is at hand.

    5. Imho those who got wealth are as well on a mission... imho... what is unfortunate is that this game went so far into the deep end that no one was spared of misguidance.. confusion.. the game was designed such that those that made it thru.. would have to endure challenges where fortunately for many in order to proceed would meant to follow the road of least resistance... it was paved to attrack n nurture habits .."against human nature".. n adopt a foreign construct....

      .. so unfirtunately in order to make changes happen. The good guys eventually hah to deal or interact with many that already were compromised... they hoped that they too wpuld awakened... those that made ir thru were supposed ro be the bridge to help make certain things happen.. what i feel is that the lightjust underestimated the grip the dark had on everyone... the mission is not just everyone that is poor n desperate... the conditiins eaxh one of us are. Are a result of our choices n the entrampment.. n each one of us were entrapped in unique ways.

      So in this game of separation.. obviously those that reached power many wiuld aim not to support changes if it meant sharing or reducing their wealth... (is not human nature is the result od the fear mechnanism.. planted.. it willnkick in.. unless u really grounded individuals.. n hpw many of those we find in high places?)

      The idea of being here .. imho was to hijack the matrix n that entailed rising up thru the various levels... in which ever area...

      Those that made it thru.. at least probably a good portion rosed under strict experiences imho where the higher they go.. the more ever watchful would have been the bad gyys to make sure to custom tailor their experiences to suit the dark...sabotageblives if they must..

      So.. no, the rich r no diffferent in soul from the rest... regardless of circumstances... there r opportunities along our life for growth n breakthrus
      . We ultimately decide when to stop trying... how to try.. or how to change our approach... we came here with no manual... n obviously many of us may have reached short in their opinion of their goal... but u see the goal is peehaps not always fixed... or have fixed parameters...
      If u thought u always wanted to be a lawyer but many obstavles were placed in the way.. still in ur present life ucould still serve manifest a vision of promoting fairness.. even of u had endup being a garbage collector..

  20. Amen Cobra! We are all in this together and we shall make it happen for all of humanity. Victory to Light!

  21. Victory of the Light dear Light Brother ✨🙏🏼❤️🌈

  22. Maybe thats a coded message ?
    the flash event may happen after that date ? 21.01

  23. WE All will make it happen! Let's manifest the highest Positive Future for the Event to happen ASAP! Let's finally resolve the deadlock! <3 Victory of Light NOW <3

  24. For the first time !!! We creat our reality. Thanks everyone.

  25. My FB post and plans for this important meditation ."I will be meditating/praying at MT Shasta CA, 20th/21st Lunar Eclipse Mass Meditation. It is not the LEAST ONE can do. It is in fact the MOST ONE can do. details below. Add your energy/intention if the current world situation no longer serves you.Your focused intention is more powerful than 10,000 suns. Namaste."


  26. Lights Will Guide You HOME
    And Ignite Your BONES


    We Will FIX IT ALL

    I AM DC

  27. '…they are dissuading people from meditating on that day by pressuring their weak psychological spots… by diverting their attention to other things… by making them forget….by making them discouraged to participate…'

    I had always lived with my parents, and then I lived by myself 2015 and 2016. Those two years the archon attacks noticeably changed because any bad energy and attachments from my parents were gone. I then moved back in with them and the attacks changed again. People are toxic including me. My younger brother, who was supposed to move up north in 2017, canceled his plans, and became a lot worse. He would throw in my parents face that I dont pay rent, which is a lie, and they charge him no rent.

    He knew what I was dealing with regarding the supernatural and still turned on me. If they kick me out I have no where and no one to turn to. He is endangering my well being. They are afraid of him so I become the target to blame for anything. I believe all of it is orchestrated by the archons. He became impossible to talk to so I had to completely stop speaking to him for the last year plus, which temporarily helped. He then moved a girl into his bedroom, with no permission, with a lot of attachments and anomaly. She doesnt pay rent either. They shouldnt even be here.

    They have new computers, phones, consoles, plus the two of them always in the room right next to me. I have felt nauseus and sick the last year because of them. I just wanted to spend as much time quietly as I could and work on something to get my info out there. I planned on finding my twin flame after the event. Women have always been used against me anyways. So of course, for the last year, I have had two empty vessels always having loud obnoxious arguements or sex in the room next to me, litteraly ten feet away. It might not sound like a big deal but the archons know how to get to me and it has been disgusting.

    I cannot move out and my parents dont care. When this meditation was announced my mother became far worse. My brother and his girlfriend left for a few days and I felt great and wanted to take part in the meditation. They came back and I felt horrible and wanted to go into the central sun. Before the last couple of years I always had optimism and gladly took part in meditations with pure intentions. Pure intent led to my few good contacts and ufo sightings. But the last two years, I have began to really hate people and have only meditated so the pleiadians can take me away to the central sun. I have went over in my mind turning my back on them and my twin flame many times. I just want out.

    1. Central sun? Heavy words my friend.
      These situations come and go. Make little adjustments to make yourself more comfortable and - endure the rest. That too will pass.

      If you are able to go out and walk, exercise in the gym, read in the libraries, bookshops and coffee shops, socialize with your friends, belong to a meditations circle - do that. You can spend a bit less time at home and you will probably feel better.
      However, it is also needed that you are present in a constructive kind of way, until the things settle.

      What your brother displays is projection (a psychological mechanism). He does not pay the rent while he accuses you of doing it. It is a nasty mechanism if a person has not good content inside. I suppose it can be archon orchestrated, but a good psychotherapist might help as well. So can reading and knowledge about it - google it :)

      He is probably afraid for himself and wants to make a better position within the framework of the parents' house. Maybe you can let him know that you prefer peace and cooperation (to competing). Use positive words so that he cannot stick to what you have said ;)

      I do not how far it goes, but projection is a basis of psychosis and other mental disorders. It is of no use to fight with these people but easy-going, non-violent, transparent communication should do. If you are introvert you are like a blank canvas and they project on you whatever they want. Good, healthy and happy communication should do. Not all of them are crazy: maybe you can talk to your father or mother (one at a time or together, making your position honest and transparent, to produce compassion on their behalf: learn about assertive I-statements)... or make a very un-noticable nonverbal rapport with his girlfriend.

      Good luck to you! Take it all as an experiment and n-joy as much as you can :) Mastery is the way to the Event :)

    2. Everything will be alright 💙

    3. I feel you. I've also been trapped in a house with swamp-like energy with no way of getting out. I live with good people, but they are also have been drowning in this energy that manifests itself as fatigue, lack of motivation and depression. Unfortunately, negative entities operate through people closest to us. It's for the same reason I moved to another country away from my family, even though I still get dreams with negative entities posing as my relatives to get to me and make me suffer. But, if you are aware enough you can confront them even in dreams, just tell them to leave you alone and they won't be able to do much. Stay strong!

    4. Sounds like a quite unpleasant and unsatisfying state of life. Reminds me a little of the problems Psychedelicpiper shared. Anyway, it sure sounds very likely also so the only I can pray and hope for you is that you can be strong enough to pass through this time of your life. Hoping for the best for you.

    5. Thank you all for the kind words. That paragraph from the CoBra interview I paraphrased is very true. The archons are working on peoples weaknesses.

    6. Shortly after I posted the first comment I saw 151 twice and looked it up. It seems related.

  28. All creation, all universes.

  29. I didn't wanna let this one go! So copied:

    RaJahJanuary 13, 2019 at 1:45 AM

    I AM DC

    Replies Unknown January 14, 2019 at 12:52 AM
    Rajah, please stop posting youtubemovies. songtext something usefull/interesting.

    Cabal-talk!.......bam....bám!....bámbámbám.....~~~ bám!!!.....~~~BÁM!

    Let's have a cabal-BÄM party and then a laugh for ever party:)
    Cabal: PANTS UP! We're gonna keep our babies, children and animals for ourselves to let them grow and rise in safety.

  30. I will be participating, this meditation is a huge tipping point. Its time to reclaim whats ours.. good luck fellow lightworkers


  31. Let's get this Space Station off the Ground.

    This is The Time for


    Rise and Shine

    I AM DC


  32. Most importantly, by now you can use planetary positions and patterns that never occur naturally, just the same way as you can use a conventional greenhouse to design climatic conditions and sequences of climatic condisions of your choice: conditions whichat do not exist anywhere on this planet.
    The advantages of such a technology are mindboggling!!!


    1. Most likely, Cobra and team have under way a 'photoradionics' device which can keep the energy of any astrological event (that already occurred, or hypothetical as well), and project it's condition on any earthling present or future event or circumstance...


    2. People have to understand how do you can change the real astrological chart of any earthling present or future moment with your desired (previously existing, or even hypothetical) astrological chart...


    3. People have also to understand the difference between the 'geocentric' astrology and the cosmic astrology.

      Cobra has answered in a previous interview, for who remembers...


    4. And, of course, you will choose the cosmic astrology to keep the energy out of its events and superimpose it wherever you consider. order to create 'Event-like' conditions.

    5. ...and, of course, this technology need to have an 'internal' protection against irresponsible use...

      and Cobra and team knows it for sure...

    6. … like replicators!... :-)… :-)

      against irresponsible use...

    7. …and, hopely, Cobra will bring this tech before '2025'...


    8. In the way as Mr.Welz's orgone energy based device is used to change astrological coordinates of a certain event, in the same way Cobra and team is developing the device based on 'Light' to achieve at a 'higher level' cosmic astrology events energy transfer onto the desired places and earthling events...


    9. So, they will not 'await' certain cosmic astrology events to establish new Areas and Islands of Light, but instead the proper cosmic astrology conditions are created (simulated like climate conditions in a green house) 'on a daily basis as long as a certain process unfolds...


    10. In the same way, they developed tachyonis, time ago...

      But this time, Pleiadians and Adrieinous will be very 'jealous' due to the earthling manner of the discovery...


    11. …, …due to the earthling manner of the discovery... by all of us, not only Cobra and team,...

      …using cheap earthling materials, optical fibers and converters,... 'can boxes'... even partial burned but unbroken 'lamps', plastics, common coper wire and coaxial cable,... and other 'exotic' earthling materials, beside of our (non-understandable by them) earthling mind set and 'imagination',... imagination for which only the Cosmic (not the Galactic) Center is the ultimate border...


    12. They will learn that we (earthling humans) know already that radionics are 'mind machines' using 'user friendly' tech, that do not depends on high quality electronic circuits but rather on the user 'friendliness', and also not depending on the quality of used 'materials' including 'necesarly' also a kind f 'can box' or alike to achieve a certain 'exotic' appearance of this earthling developed galactic technick...


    13. P.S. 'necessarly', but not limited to... :=)...


    14. P : Can you describe the principle of photoradionic drive mentioned in your pleaidian interview ?

      C : Ok what it basically does, usually it utilizes the principle of energy transition and transmission between the etheric and physical planes, so the energy itself for this drive comes from energy transmission from the etheric and physical planes, it is not entirely a physical phenomenon. And that’s why it appears to contradict some ideas of the mainstream science.

      P : So in a way the energy uploads itself to the etheric plane and then manifest itself back to the physical plane ?

      C : No there is a flow of energy between the physical plasma and etheric, in the way this drive is structured.



      what is here described as 'photoradionics' is not what it is in the true meaning of the word, it is rather a common radionics using a computer screen antenna...


    16. A’drieiuous: Our vehicles actually fly at about 3.16 billion miles per second beyond the speed of light using photoradionc drives. How fast do you think we can travel from one star to the next within that small system?

      A’drieiuous: Well, we meditate on a star growing at out center. We meditate on a real, living, breathing star growing at our center, we feel its heat, its radiance, its strength, how hot it gets, we focus on the children we used to be, we focus on everything about those children within that star when we do this, we bring back that youth within all of our cells, we increase the photoradionic vibration within the quarks that make up our entire body , and what that does is it increases the strength of the mitochondria within your cells that’s allowing the proper replication at youthful levels of metabolism and proper levels of vitamins, proteins, collagen, hyaluronic acid, NAD’s and minerals , all elements that your body needs.

      If we give these people here technologies beyond their comprehension, and all they have are intentions of war, for instance something so simple as photoradionic drive that can be turned into a weapon very easily which would cause more devastation than any nuclear weapon on this planet. We don’t want to hand the people technologies that will enable them to destroy themselves, that’s not our purpose here.

      A’drieiuous: Yes, I do very much so. Well, to understand how time works you have to understand frequency, photoradionic waves and quarks, and why that works and how that works. There are many dimensions of frequency. And what time is, is merely just the perception of frequency increase. A person’s perception of time is their experience of frequency. The faster frequency goes the faster time seems to pass. Now, to manipulate time you have to also understand that every time still exists at the same time within its own frequency like a radio channel.


  33. COBRA

    Basically I’m not dealing with any predictions in any way because I think that people are too focused on the final outcome – when the Event will happen – everybody is guessing when this will happen. This is not the point. The point is that we’re organically cooperating and contributing to the whole process. It’s not just and external event happening to us. We are not passive observers. We are co-creators of this. So when the Event will happen is the wrong question in my opinion.


    1. COBRA

      Yes. Everything else, the Light Forces are able to cover right now. So if all the toplet bombs are removed, we would have the Event in 15 minutes.

  34. Thanks again so much!!!
    Victory of the Light

  35. I am already geared up, powered up and soooooo ready to do this mediation! I feel the excitement and energy building and building! Let's do this mediation like never before! YES! Victory of the Light!

  36. There is something else to consider. This interview said that those who are not on the surface don't know what it's like to live on the surface, and vice-versa. However, it has also previously been stated that there are simulators for the cabal and so forth. What if these same simulators could be used for those above and below the surface to experience, to various degrees chosen, what life is like on the surface?

    These simulators could be a powerful tool to allow those not on the surface to go through various experiences on the surface. This could be a way to 'bridge the gap between worlds.' The experiences don't have to be severe. It would absolutely be at the discretion of those who may decide to explore this option. If this is explored before the alignment, I don't know how this would affect the alignment.

    Regardless, it was inevitable that this idea would be proposed. I look forward to this upcoming meditation. Thank you.

    1. It makes sense. Just from my experiences, what I felt from the pleiadians was incredible and difficult to describe. They were an extreme of good. I couldnt imagine feeling like that 24/7. What I experienced from dark entities was absolutely horrible. It reminded me of the worst people then multiplied many times. It was such an extreme that it brought abilities out of me I never knew about. This is why they attack me the way they do, slowly and gradually, in situations where I cannot do anything. The general public thinks in terms of polarities and extremes when most are in a middle ground. The supernatural, on the other hand, do seem to be on the extremes of good and evil. You never know what someone is going through or how they feel.

  37. Cobra,
    Does the Event can occur even after the 2025 timeframe?

    Technically, if it can?... Not likelihood, not prediction not else...

    Only if it is possible outside the 1975...2025? And what if so?...


    1. The LF have to conclude that 'the answer' is also 'in our hands', not waiting this answer from Cobra and RM, even we are still 'comfortable' in the time frame...


    2. The earthling human 'comfort zone' is exceeding 2025,... as Cobra stated something like 'the Event will come on its time'...
      may we complete 'no matter of time-frame'...


    3. …as long as we and he, work on the same goal, and are bringing into reality our 'mind machine' device with which we will keep the 'astrological chart' of any cosmic and astrological event and superimpose it on our 'post-2025' era reality, and will reshape it to bring it 'closer'... beyond any earthling time and cosmic timeframe...


    4. …and showing to 'our brother and sister' that humanity do no longer rely on them, that their 'millions years ahead' technology may be achieved with our copper wire and can boxes, beside of Mr.Keshe's 'cocacola bottle' plasma device, that humanity is taking their fate in their hands, that we do not need travel 'across the Galaxy' because our 'exotic devices' help us do simulate anything,...

    5. Solar minimum window closes by 2025 I think Corey Goode said.. we are close by all sites I follow.. photos of sun shows another smaller sun. Not sure what it is

  38. "Fate whispers to the warrior, 'You can not withstand the storm.'
    The warrior whispers back, 'I am the storm."

  39. Querido Cobra muito obrigada pela publicação, vamos lá todos juntos somos mais. Conte comigo sempre! Vitória da Luz!



    They are awaiting ETs 'to give them'...

    They do nothing...

    They only claim: should them be given...

    They have a single question... "when the Event will come?"...

    they consider that nothing is worth to be done,... because 'there will be released the new technologies'... and 'there will be given to them'...

    they await that: there will be given to them...

    these are they:... 'should it be given to them'...

    should them be given!!...

  41. Meditation, prayers or any other thing that mankind does to make the EVENT come true, are made for people who are going down.

  42. Thank you dear Cobra, SO much!🌹💖😌
    Victory of the Light!

    1. There is no fight between LIGHT and darkness. The LIGHT is sovereign.

    2. True @Yudd.

      LOVE is KeY.
      LIGHT is produced by LOVE.

      What happens when LOVE & LIGHT becomes On3?

      Words, Physics, Reality, Law etc... are variations of reflections of pure light.

      LOVE is most pure; needs no things, no others, no mission; simply beeing in the present moment; breathing.

      Through LOVE, Law or Light is created by Beeings in Unity.

      Mind is like the fire or thinking; while, Love is unconditional and ever lasting.

      When each and every one of us are awakened to the state of highest frequencies, only Love will be left.

      A people all understanding their Starlight cohesively and independently will only be able to live in highest frequencies. Will see all, know all; every moment will be a syncronicity and a reflection.

      To guide the 'ship' each of us must be centered in both LOVE & LIGHT.

      I Love You.
      I Love We.
      I Love Me.

      All is all and all is All.

      Each thought, action, and feeling all entangled into one synchronicity.

  43. The Light is on our planet since December,2012. The ignorance and lack of intelligence is present on mankind 'till now.

    1. Programming,plasma chip that separates us from source but also a biochip compliments of Siemens via ww2 research and those polio vaccines. Then combined with the indoctrination camps known as public schools

  44. entrevista traduzida para o português (interview translated into Portuguese):


  46. january 14th was my bday and i had ther most magical day as it has been since the last equinox.

    i'm deeply excited for january 21st BUT PLEASE I HAVE A DOUBT!

    i have meditated for a few years now and i am finding this particular meditation pretty tricky. visualization is not my strength, i'm much better at feeling and being and vibrating love and freedom so i really wanna know if instead of trying all this i could simply sit with both hands on my chest connected to the i am presence anchoring all the love i can wishing for liberation of this lovely planet as you meditate.

    i hope this is possible.

    it's time everyone!!!

    thank you all SO MUCH!!! we will be rewarded and we won't even remember this matrix nightmare!

    victory is in hand!


    1. if I understood something about quantum physics well, the feeling is more powerful than thinking (this is closer to realization), just as speaking is more powerful than thinking, and writing or drawing desire is even more powerful. then you could wish for this whole change and feel it, if in doing so you feel really safer and more powerful than you are doing, I believe it is best. In any case that is my opinion

      se eu entendi bem alguma coisa de física quântica, o sentir é mais poderoso do que o pensar ( esta mais próximo da realização), assim como falar é mais poderoso do que pensar, e escrever ou desenhar o desejo é ainda mais poderoso. então, você poderia desejar essa mudança toda e sentir isso, se ao fazer assim você se sente realmente mais segura e poderosa do que esta fazendo, eu acredito que seja melhor. Em todo caso essa é minha opinião.

    2. Think of it as as you just day-dreaming. You don't normally usually pay attention to "day-dreaming" when you are actually day dreaming. ;)

      The trick is not to think about visualizing it, just imagine/think it/create it and bring the light in. We all have within us. We are all the same. Love and Light!

    3. EXACTLY! i already day dream A LOT about tha liberation and i feel it everywhere.

      thank you!
      i'll just daydream in my heart as i usually do.

  47. Pat Benatar - We Belong

    "We belong to the light, we belong to the thunder"


    "Tu yo yo pertenecemos a la luz...pertenecemos al trueno"

  48. " ...we can for the first time begin to connect consciously with the Cosmic Central Sun. The >>Cosmic Central Sun<< is far beyond (in distance) and * far more powerful * than the Galactic Central Sun. The Galactic Central Sun only oversees the evolution of this particular galaxy whereas the Cosmic Central Sun oversees the evolution of this whole Universe ...and for the first time the direct connection will be made.

    * Actually, nobody knows how that connection looks like…because nobody in the last…I would say…14 billion years of cosmic history has created this connection, so we are in one of the key moments in the evolution which is leading from the past cosmic cycle to the new cosmic cycle. *

    And as you probably know, this planet is key in this process because this is the final focal point of darkness as a principle in this particular Universe. So this is the reason why this eclipse is not just a small tiny eclipse on a small tiny planet orbiting a small tiny average star at the outskirts of a small galaxy.

    * It is a focal point of transformation of cosmic importance. And this is why we are here. We have been chosen to be here. We have been planning to be here. *

    And now in this particular moment specifically for that particular purpose of assisting in the turning point of this cosmic cycle during this eclipse and to connect directly the surface of this planet to the Cosmic Central Sun so the next phase of our compression breakthrough can be initiated."

    - Cobra / January 13, 2019

  49. Ok,I don't really understand.
    After listen to the latest Goldfish report with the dragon guy and following Fulford for a while. I'm not sure I'll be happy living under Chinese 'rule'.

  50. * Return of Light Activation *
    January 21st, 2019 @ 5:11 AM UTC

    Equates to...

    Jan 20th Sunday:
    7:11 pm HST Honolulu
    9:11 pm PST Los Angeles
    10:11 pm MST Denver
    11:11 pm CST Chicago

    Jan 21st Monday:
    12:11 am EST New York
    3:11 am BRST Rio de Janeiro
    5:11 am GMT London
    8:11 am MSK Moscow
    1:11 pm CST Taipei
    2:11 pm JST Tokyo
    4:11 pm AEDT Sydney
    6:11 pm NZDT Auckland

    COBRA: "It has never been done before in this way in this particular Universe. It is the first time. So we definitely don’t know what to expect."

  51. Thank you for the comprehensive explanation ,Cobra! I will be participating and encourage others to do the same.


    The great freedom has never been possible on the earth plane since the Great Fall of Consciousness in Lemuria. There the great collective of the people chose to go to the Gateway of Darkness away from the Gateway of Light. They chose to go with the one who originally took all life consciousness away, in the higher spaces, from trillions of star beings; therefore, making himself to be the most glorified angel of all, so he believed, and many others believed also.

    The self-proclaimed Gateway of Darkness made himself to be the ‘enlightened angel,’ as he desired to have the power of the Divine Love Element Blue Archangel of Creation, with all the knowledge and the power. However, the Divine Love Element held all the Divine Love Codes, whereas, the one who made himself to be the Angel of Light by swallowing all the trillions of light beings, did not have the love within him.

    He gained knowledge of the trillions of light beings he ate and was greatly glorified in his own ‘kingdom’ as he gave the ‘light’ and ‘knowledge’ he had swallowed to his dark armies.

    This one you know to be the self-glorified ‘Lucifer,’ the self-made glorified angel. He fell down with great numbers of beings. Trillions lost their light to him as he ‘sucked’ them into his dark vortex, the dark abyss within his dark black hole where no light truly can exist, except the light of the Divine Love Element Star Gateway, as she was gridded into Thoth’s Flower of Life.

    It is through this connection that the Divine Love Element could reach within my Sacred Being, CAEAYARON, as she could never be removed from my Being. This happened in several multidimensional loop pathways and there seemed to be no way out, as each time the ‘game’ would begin again, the same would happen, until nothing could become part of creation anymore.

    Each time Lucifer won, he became stronger, and he exalted in his own glory, and began to fight with all his might other beings who opposed his rulership. Thoth did not desire to be placed in his prison, and neither did many other star commanders, and wars took place that brought all things down greatly.

    In the ancient land of Lemuria, that self-proclaimed gateway, again desired to take down all the light to gain greater sovereignty. Thoth recognized that one greatly, and desired to have his power as in the multidimensional spaces Lucifer had all that power from trillions of star beings.

    In the star realms, Lucifer, in all of his great power, could not reach his own star creation. This is why he created his own star dominion. He called these ones his ‘Yahweh’ dominions, which ruled for a very long time. In his own star dominion, he could bring Yahweh into greater power and instruct him what to do, enslaving many more and bringing more ‘glory’ to his God, ‘Lucifer.’ Yahweh was a powerful channel of Lucifer, and thus Yahweh desired worship from all of his own star realms. He enslaved many, and many more.

    He took Thoth in as the grid master, and thus Yahweh and Thoth could build much together with METATRON. Thoth was always much more intelligent than Yahweh and this angered Yahweh very much. Thus, many multidimensional plays happened, and in each universal cycle, again this play happened."



  53. I think , two parameters in increasing the number of participants in meditation " Unity Meditation 2017 " was effective ( Along with other factors ) :

    1 - Supported by some cosmic sources in their messages through their channels

    2 - Meditation subject was more generally

  54. Muito obrigada pela tradução. Estamos em união.

  55. Polish translation:

  56. "If a member of Congress votes NO for HR25, then they are working for the cabal"

  57. Is the current status of freeing the Earth true than China faked the moon landing. It simply cannot be -according to what we read here and elsewhere. Why should Ashtar Command allow such useless stuff, when we have so much trouble in LEO and below? That China BS does make no sense at all.

  58. Much gratitude for the mediation . In light of the recent interview, when it can be done, via whatever reliable people, a declaration of the statements that are actually “disinfo” on any topic, can be of help to those of us sincerely seeingnonly the highest truth. At very leat it is a validation for the conclusions we may have already intuited individually.TY

  59. Se Will do it, jan 21 is my birthday and that will be my best present. Thanks cobra

  60. I don't understand all this. If the stardust2 has been used several times, Chimera can no longer attack. I think it's weak, very weak. Cobra:postscriptum:Through the years, top members of the Cabal have created many protective defence mechanisms around them in case anything happens to them. Those mechanisms include, but are not limited to the use of biochemical weapons.-among others- There are certain devices that constantly monitor all main bodily functions of the top members of the Cabal, and if anything strange happens, they send alerts to their advenced weapons systems. Then a special computer program decides if any of those weapons is to be used. Those mechanisms would be triggered automatically if Stardust 2 was to be used or if any of the key members of the Cabal would be arrested. This is the reason why they seem to be untouchable and always able to get away with everything that they do. First these mechanisms need to be removed and then positive action can be taken. (july 5,2012 Wh Kn-th Ca is Co)

    1. Okay, okay, since 2012 -in the meantime- the plans have changed. So sorry ...

  61. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A Piano transmission to listen to in this time...

    Music for inspiration and upliftment.


  62. Quan Yin's powerful, aligning meditation to optimize the energy systems for the Eclipse Event:

  63. ive seen archons walking around our house back in 1992, so have been ahead of their presence before the internet (in this country) took off (a cat helps detecting them).

    Everyday people are still the same, they still haven't seen any ID's or ET's and think the governing bodies are something to work for.

    We need a huge BOOM where everyone looks up and stops.

    1. When I was very young and up into my early teens, I couldnt usually see them but I could feel them. I believe they were archons or etheric grays, but Im not sure.

  64. I look forward to the meditation, and as your article points out it is already building up....
    That is what I am experiencing daily and therefore coordinating with the Unified FIELD to unfold.
    Blessings and thank you.


  65. Chain Reaction

    I AM DC

  66. The dream was vivid. One ship was totally on fire and belching smoke. The sky was cloudy in addition to this smoke. The ship continued to drift, even though it was on fire and belching smoke and incredibly it looked like it was going to maintain it's altitude indefinitely. Above the ship on fire was another ship. But it was smaller and further away to make out much details. I was watching all this from an apartment as I struggled to activate my phone camera to capture the action (but was it my apartment? ...and which city was I?).

    Cobra, I don't know Christ, Buddha or Zoroaster. But I know you and Isis. So I am dedicating this meditation to you and Isis.

    People, don't think I am placing anyone on a pedestal. But what Cobra is doing on this blog goes far beyond things like making the world's best pizza or being the world's highest BASE jumper. So my appreciation has to match the quality of the work being done (if ever !).

    I believe in openly giving credit where it is due rather than maintain silence. Being silent and not showing my appreciation makes me as bad as the most ungrateful #!@#! out there.

    Ground crew : Stay calm, relaxed and rest as much as you can. Go over the meditation instructions in your idle moments. Even if your efforts are not up to par when the moment comes you will be loved and appreciated anyway for your honest, good intentioned hearts by Source and the Light forces. Those who are absolutely unable to meditate, at least close your eyes and pray when the moment comes.


  67. I honestly did not see this one coming, neither the song nor the link.
    My jaw just dropped twice.

    And now it dropped for a third time.

    *RainMaker Pose*

    I AM DC

  68. Usually we are given a time, I am not seeing a time anywhere I looked (searched everywhere) are we to do this when ever, on saturday and/or sunday? that part is very unclear.

    Oh found it.
    Not sure why no one posted it here.
    Here it is:

    Jan 20

    07:11 pm

    09:11 pm
    Los Angeles

    10:11 pm

    11:11 pm

    Jan 21

    12:11 am
    New York

    03:11 am
    Rio de Janeiro

    05:11 am

    05:11 am

    06:11 am

    07:11 am

    08:11 am

    12:11 pm

    01:11 pm

    02:11 pm

    04:11 pm

    06:11 pm








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  73. I am inviting people to join me and my team in sharing the mass meditation RETURN OF THE LIGHT,if you wish to join me please add me here or contact me via email




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    The device is able to operate in autonomous mode and maintain its RPM regardless of amount of useful energy being consumed."


      "Efficiency 700%
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      Possibility to produce both small and high power (30W-2MW)
      The device works on the resonant frequencies 2-7Kgts
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      Free energy anywhere"


    2. "when the time is right and it is safe to do so for everyone involved, we are also planning to offer free energy devices through this website."

    3. This project, developed in Budapest, Hungary is a free energy magnetic generator and it’s ready for sale, as the video says.



  76. Have mass arrests really started? Was Bush sr and McCain really tried, found guilty and executed? Seems to me there would be a huge uproar from the cabal and Bush jr and the like? Gitmo are barges there ? We just cant confirm any of this. The envelopes at the funeral?

    Toplet bomb status? Yaldoboath? Bar charts are nice ;)

    1. I think they were assassinated. If there was a trial it was on the other side.


    2. No!... but you have free-energy devices already 'on the market'...

      Are you interested?... aren't you?...


    3. may you put your hands on rack and do something!...

      step in here with something!...

    4. As of October all toplet bombs were removed above 30m (100 feet). We must be getting pretty close now. Two years ago we had a whole solar system of toplet bombs. Now only 30 meters from the surface. At this rate they'll be removed soon. But they might be tougher to remove closer to the surface, so who knows.

  77. Sensai said "kill yourself" so I put my life in the hands of someone that could have no reason but one to preserve it.

  78. This meditation will only be succesfull for me, when it will bring the veil down, and start/bring us the event.

    Im not interested in any other things..only the event right now!

    IM DONE! Were all done with this endless talk...meditate......delays...wait.......for the event.


    Endless waiting....and still no event. While the world is quickly dying right now before our eyes.

    After the event, i hope we really . Where no money exist anymoreare living in a totally free world

    Where i can fly....float around.

    Can teleport.....traveling from dimension, to dimension in seconds.

    Look back on all the BIG meditations in the past, since 2012..they were calling big, but they ALL were nothing..look what they brought peace worldwide...NOTHING! Yes they did something ...the opposite, of what these stupid meditations should do. Bringing the world in even more misery, than it already was, without all these crazy meditations. Its like giving a very sick person, who fights for his life the wrong medicine...he should get totally recover, but its too late, the wrong medicine, is making the very sick/dying person only more sick. And so are the endless meditations...they should bring us the looooooong awaited..loooong delayed event. But no..see where we are at this moment..the whole world, in the most extreme thinkeable state of negativity/violence, you can not even imagine. This world is in such a horrible state , i have not the words to explain it. I want do this meditation, but only if i am 100 percent sure, that it let the event happen immeadeately.And im not sure..but many said it will..but..its not 100 percent all know. Ill give up...soon, when again nothing happens..we ALL giving up..TOTALLY! Lost all my energy too, to can even meditate. I stop now...get almost an heartattack. Believe me..alot will go suicide, m include, IF again nothing/no event will happen. But........ill pray for the best..ill pray for this dying world, us all, for the event..right now!

  79. Here is the romanian translation of your great Inteview dear Cobra ! I send special thanks, from my heart and I wish you a very Happy New Year, having all of us beside you, as you are our mentor, teacher, guide and the best person in the world! I"m so sure, we will succced together ! always listening to and considering the teachings and information coming from you as the most precious things ! so, I have made last night and today the translation of your interview transcript, so great interview, with so many information; it's for my romanian fellows first, but it can be translated with the translator on the right side of the blog, by any other dear reader : Victory of the Light !!!

  80. In Portuguese:

    1. congratulation !!! Goddess wants Light, and Light it will be !!! Thank you Cobra !!!

  81. @Foxy Fiske,
    '@David. In September 2018 I saw a ufo temporarily decloak about thirty meters around the surface. And I saw another touch down. They are close.'

    I dont want to get my hopes up, but it looks that way.


  82. 121 duely noted ;-)

    This is
    29 Palms

    I AM DC

  83. This comment has been removed by the author.

  84. We should do these large mass meditations more often. The planet would be liberated 2 years ago.


  85. This is for You, for Me, for All of Us

    Take Me Home


    I AM DC


  86. It's there in the eyes of the children
    In the faces smiling in the windows
    You can come on out, come on open the doors
    Brush away the tears of freedom

    Now we're here, there's no turning back
    We have each other
    We have one voice

    Hand in hand we will lay the tracks
    Because the train is coming to carry you home

    Come dance with me
    Come on and dance into the light
    Everybody dance into the light

    There'll be no more hiding in shadows of fear
    There'll be no more chains to hold you
    The future is yours - you hold the key
    And there are no walls with freedom

    Now we're here, we won't go back
    We are one world
    We have one voice

    Side by side we are not afraid
    Because the train is coming to carry you home

    Come dance with me
    Come on and dance into the Light
    Everybody dance into the Light

    Do you see the SUN - it's a Brand New Day
    Oh, the world's in your hands, now use it
    What's past is past, don't turn around
    Brush away the cobwebs of freedom

    Now we're here, there's no turning back
    You have each other
    You have one voice

    Hand in hand you can lay the tracks
    Because the train is coming to carry you home

    Come dance with me
    Come on and dance into the Light
    Everybody dance into the LIGHT


    I AM DC


  87. Earlier today, well technically it was yesterday, I was once again guided to find a Special Gimmick. Even the person who sold it to me could not believe its beauty and seemed quite envious :-)

    The shop owner gave me a discount and my purchase added up at 11,10 €

    What I got was a perfect ball made of Selenite - The Light Bringer crystal.
    You cannot win a snooker match if you're not on the table; it is Safe To Say that We are now On The Table and in control of The CUE BALL.

    And We're Playing To Win

    Total Clearance coming up

    I AM DC


  88. LVB
    Symphony #5


    Home / Freude

    The Time Has Come

    Please always ReMember


    Make YourSelves be heard LOUD and CLEAR through your ACTIONS.

    Thank You.

    We Love You.


    I AM RaJah

  89. PLAYLIST: Video presentation of the great synchronized world meditation of January 20, 21, 2019




  92. This comment has been removed by the author.

  93. Russian translation of interviews and discussions on the forum:

    Русскоязычный перевод интервью и обсуждение на форуме:

  94. Return of LIGHT Activation
    Download link for audio guides in case of internet failure!
    Love and Light

  95. Our group will be doing the meditation at a physical location ...
    We're also hosting the meditation on our online platform:

    We were wondering why David Wilcock & Corey Goode are not publicizing the meditation like previous meditations ...
    Were they not contacted? Or are they too busy? Or is it a last minute surprise party? :D

    BLOONS TD 6 V 7.1

  97. Love and Light. I hope the positive Event comes now.

  98. how to do transcendental meditation technique
    This is very useful post for me.This will absolutely going to help me in my project.


  100. This article provide a valuable knowledge for me and other people also