Friday, August 21, 2020

A Short Notice To The Surface Population

Next two weeks will include some decisive moments which will determine to a great degree how the battle between the positive and negative timelines will play out.

Although the positive end result is secured, the way to there is not, and the Light Forces are asking everybody to do the Flower of Life meditation as often as they feel guided, in the next two weeks especially:

They are also asking people to visualize the Flower of Life grid encompassing the planet and helping to harmonize the situation:


Visualizing planet Earth and especially the planetary surface completely immersed in pink Light is also helpful.

There will be two key moments where more massive participation in the Flower of Life meditation would be advised. 

The first one is the moment of Mars Saturn square which occurs on Monday, August 24th at  6:19 pm GMT. Flower of Life meditation at that moment will help dissipating the violent energy in the planetary energy field which will reach its peak at that moment.

The second one is the moment of heliocentric Eris Pluto square which happens on Monday, August 31st at noon GMT. Flower of Life meditation at that moment will help supporting the Light Force fleets which will be involved in critical operations in the Solar system and in sublunar space at that time.

Victory of the Light!


  1. Thanks for the update!
    Translated to spanish
    Traducido al castellano

    1. Gracias... Indeed!

      ☆ Also a 🎹 Channeled Piano transmission to help heal with the meditations ~

      🔺️ VotL! ⚡

  2. I just hope we actually get some results this time around.

    We'll see if I end up feeling sick and beaten up for several days after this, for each time I take part in these, I feel REALLY worn I was attacked or something.

    I wanna meet the ET's and get off this gulag of a planet.

    1. Surround yourself with Pillar of white light and put on the armour of God.

    2. You say it because you are probably poor and I feel bad for you. What part of the world do you live in ? If you are in the USA, Canada or Australia you have no excuse.

    3. Bro,Most people in the world are very poor. You can find the data.

    4. America is heaven campared with my country and most country in the world.
      People are suffering

    5. I am TRYING, damn it.

      But NO ONE TEACHED me this stuff, I'm totally winging it, here. Things are far easier if someone SHOWS you how to so it, you know.

  3. Muchas gracias, así será. Sin duda meditar se hace necesario todo el tiempo.

  4. Posting from Melbourne Australia and Mon 24th Aug or" violence peak point" as you mentioned is half way thru this wretched lockdown phase....interesting,glad i can visualise easily....

    1. I just saw Alan Jones, Australian Sky News anchor ... he us the kind of man Goddess needs at the moment. God bless him, pleasure to watch 🥰

  5. I've seen the trends and know where this is going.

    If you've been in a warzone you know how horrible the suffering can be. We DO NOT need to suffer like that anymore.

    Let's get it done lightworkers. 🙏

    Goddess wants peace and peace it shall be!

    In humble service of the one infinite creator, love, light, peace & prosperity,

  6. Isn't there something more we can do than meditate and keeping sluffing along in our lives, hoping for a breakthrough?

    Perhaps I'm a bit misguided, but I've been following this blog since October 2015 after my first e.t. craft sighting and looking back to previous posts over the years here and elsewhere just makes me a little sick.. Much progress has been made, indeed, yet there's been no relief from our struggles and things are only getting less and less bearable as the clock keeps ticking.

    The contact experiences granted over the last few years enlivened this one to keep going, no matter the resistance. 3 years later, there is little indication that this sh*tstorm is close to over.

    I'm with Sherman, totally. Wanderers like us need off this rock like.. yesterday, man. Everyday this one spends here is draining, with an ever increasing sense of futility and woe.

    A reply would be appreaciated if possible.

    Adonai, Cobra. Adonai, dear ones.

    1. SEE, folks? I am not the only one who feels this.

      I personally feel like those war veterans who did his or her part, and what do we get for it? NOTHING. Or in some cases, like me, LESS than nothing. I was better off BEFORE I started doing all this!

      And, like in this clip of Rambo having an emotional breakdown, which I have had, made times.....falling down crying, screaming and cursing the light forces as well as the bad guys, and the universe in general, about being betrayed, abandoned.....yelling at folks who are not even there in the room.

      One poster, in the last blog post, I think, even said that traumatized starseeds are going to need a LOT more healing and overall help than the sleeping masses/sheeple. Otherwise we might end up going crazy, like Rambo did in that small town in "First Blood". WE might actually become a risk one day, and just go "AHHH, FUCK IT ALL!!! NO ONE GIVES A DAMN ABOUT US!" and go apeshit insane, doing god knows what.

      I've always wanted to have the neck of one of the cabal, the Archons and Lizards in my hands and slowly torture them for what they did to me.....but also, there WERE times I wanted to do that to the SHEEPLE, and for the SAME reasons.

      Cobra, ARE folks like me, traumatized starseeds, dealing with the equivalent of 'shell shock' going to get the healing we need so badly? Or are we just gonna get ignored, and left to rot, or some empty sympathy and a few meager handouts that accounts to nothing?

      I GOTS my questions, Cobra.

    2. I know your struggle. It is very hard. I'm having a very difficult time as well. But remember that you are a powerful co-creator in what happens in the future. If you keep your mindset positive about changes and really believe it, it will help them happen sooner than later.

    3. Hi sherman,

      I feel the same way you do right now.

      The problem here is that we have so little information about what the forces of light are doing that it is easy for us to panic towards the fact that they are doing nothing and don't have the balls to end it all. Imagine being in a space suit full of love at every moment. It could make you totally blind to what is going on here. Although this is surely wrong, it is the impression that the forces of light and the little information we have.

      I have the impression that most of the (billions of ships) parked here are only tourists who want to look at the only place on earth where there is still a battle of the forces of light.

      I don't understand why the forces of light are waiting for astrology to do their work instead. At some point you have to get off your ass and do what needs to be done, there is no perfect moment.

      Yes we starseed we are besides souls in potential danger of creating a hatred against the forces of light. I even think they are afraid that we will discover things that are unacceptable.

      I hope for you Force of Light that LEV is not right and that you have not taken 8 years to decide on a plan for liberation.

      In reality they may actually be afraid of further aggression. Again I have never heard such a stupid thing. If a human being lives under the same conditions of the forces of light there is no way a human being can be aggressive. A human being is aggressive because he is constantly being mentally violated by beings and has to live with the constant stress that society puts on him.

      And also the fact that he is in a matrix with a primary anomaly. Just imagine the stupidity of a confederation being, judging a human being for his aggressive behaviour. You who have been upstairs don't even last a week here. You commit suicide after becoming aware of everything that's going on here. Perhaps it would be interesting to invite our dear friends here so that they can give a message to others about the living condition.

      Imagine being afraid of a human being even when they are in one of their ships when they are either said to be very strong physically and mentally. Ajahaha, are you afraid of getting a big punch in your pretty angel's face from a starseed who has just understood that you have handled the planetary liberation very badly? Personally I think it is just my dysfunctional thinking today but at least I write down what I feel. If we had more detailed information then maybe we would have another more positive and conscious point of view.

      Although I know nothing about what light beings do and I have no awareness of what they have sacrificed for us I have to be honest with what a starseed feels. And I am proud to say that it is normal to feel this way. You are handling the feeling of being a starseed very badly and it scares you that we realise it.

      Tortured souls can be a potential danger of primary anomaly after the event if this individual is not treated well.

      I hope that of all that I have just said is wrong and that I am not right.

      Translated with (free version)

    4. I have also this struggles ... i feel more alone than the last years ... screaming often for someone but ... nobody heare it ... i know what you mean ... i life here in Germany but also in the other end. In the end of the lifeline .... yes here is it not so hard like in a country with war or nothing to eat thats true but ... here you are tourgered from the state with so many papers and burocracy thats is a more psychologigal down than all other ....

      And i hope day ... by day thats all ends fast before the thinkings over a fast end of my self get the overhand ...

  7. I hope this means the light forces will actually interfere with what is going on physically on this planet since the cabal,dracos and chimera can't use the human race as suicide black hole bombers anymore.

  8. Well, sounds good, count me in.
    As always, Victory of the Light!

  9. Many thanks for your update. I will do my part. And I am looking forward to it.

  10. Com certeza, Vitória da Luz!

  11. Break Spiritual Contracts with Planets, Dark Forces, etc as often as possible.


  12. Is this the age of the thunder and rage?
    Can you feel the ground move 'round your feet?
    If you take one step closer, it'll lead to another
    The crossroad above is where we meet
    I shout out for shelter, I need you for something
    The whole world is out, they're all on the street

    Control yourself, love is all you need
    Control yourself, in your eyes

    Sanctify yourself, sanctify
    Be a part of me, sanctify
    Sanctify yourself, sanctify
    Sanctify yourself, set yourself free

    In pictures of living, in bloodshot a vision
    Sweet miracles and strange circumstances
    I see the sun up, the showdown, the cool winds that blow down
    On the big beat that life-long romance is
    You've got a gun in your hand, you're making self plans
    Stay with me all through the night

    Control yourself, love is all you need
    Control yourself, open up your heart

    Sanctify yourself, sanctify
    Be a part of me, sanctify
    Sanctify yourself, sanctify
    Sanctify yourself, set yourself free

    Together All The Way



  13. Cobra, I have a direct question for you, unrelated to this post. Would be more adequate as an interview type of question but I don't know if I'll have the chance.

    According to the Matrix IV book by Val Valerian, at the moment of the Event all artificial objects made of synthetic materials that don't exist in nature will disappear. Because of this he even recommends that at the moment of the Event people don't stay inside buildings and run to an open area - because buildings that have synthetic materials in their structure could crumble into rubble or disappear. People wearing clothes made of synthetic fabric might suddenly end up naked or on their underwear. He claims that this disappearance of artificial materials will be one of the main aspects of the Event that might cause panic and drive many people crazy or disoriented. (the disappearing won't happen in a flash but gradually over 3 to 6 hours soon after the initial pulse from the GCS that triggers the Event).

    He also says this has happened before and it's the main reason archeology can't find any traces or remnants of advanced tech from ancient civilizations.

    What I want to ask is, if you can confirm or deny these claims based on your intel? Is there a possibility of this hapenning?

    1. That I would like to know too please.

    2. I'm reading through older Cobra interviews right now and it'd basically contradict many things he's saying that'll happen right after the Event.

      For example the RM is supposed to hack into and collapse the current financial system and then reboot it after a week or two. That's why we should have at least 2 weeks of food and water prepared. And of course computers are using plenty of synthetic materials, so the hacking and reboot wouldn't be possible if they were gone.
      Also, the mass arrests and explanation of Cabal crimes, Earth's history and ET contact are supposed to happen on live TV. So that also wouldn't be possible.

    3. Exactly where are the naked people going to be? I sure wouldn't want to miss that.

    4. It makes sense all that isnt natural wouldnt vibrate high enough once the pulse arrives etc. I have heard this as well. But as pointed out computers and TVs wld fade away as well. But per Allison Coe latest video the mass disclosure on TV occurs BEFORE the Event ending in October 2020.

    5. This vision of the Event is quite strange, even hilarious. So what is natural or what is artificial? What would happen to a product which is a combination of both substances? What would happen to my underwear, which is made of 100% cotton but its elastic is synthetic and its dye too?

    6. @Tropby Yes, I'm aware of that - it contradicts many things Cobra has previously said especially about how TV, computers and internet would be used to broadcast disclosure. Obviously they would all be gone if that happens. Also the book I mention was published in 1994/95 so plans have probably changed.

      Still, it got me a bit concerned and I would like confirmation if this scenario is a possibility (seems unlikely but still).

    7. There goes my anime figure collections.....

    8. What technology will we get, then? Computers are made of plastics.

    9. There are 2 "events" on the horizon. The first is a wave that will allow the light forces to shut down the current financial system and bring a new one online. Then disclosure, ET contact, getting help and healing to people on Earth will happen slowly to build to a second "event" which will be the wave from GCS that causes a lot of destruction on Earth, which may be similar to what you are mentioning. At that point humans will be safe on islands of light or teleported off the planet until the changes have calmed to the point of being safe to return. There is nothing to fear about this.

    10. That would contradict many things, the planet will physically cleanse itself after the final flash event(not THE Event) caused by a sun micronova.

    11. Seriously, Tropby? Everything is energy. It doesn't matter whether it's found naturally on this specific planet.

    12. There are traces of ancient civilizations hidden in chambers in three places on the planet. There are all devices and mechanisms.

    13. @anami

      You are right that silicon and conductive metals shouldn't be affected, and computers don't need a case to work. However, you can bet that most computers and electronics would stop working, since there are still lots of problems. The main issue are the PCBs, which are made of synthetic resin or synthetic fiberglass. Also most computer chips, DSPs and other VLSI components, while they have a silicon core, use synthetic materials in their encapsulation. Optical fiber made of plastic or resin would probably disappear too. While a smaller issue, the structure of most connectors in modern computers and electronics is also made of plastic. Input components (mice, keyboards, etc) also have always heavily relied on plastics.


      From what I've read it's implied that in things / objects that have a combination of both substances, only those substances that aren't natural would disappear (when he said that buildings that had synthetic materials in their structure would be dangerous because their structural integrity could be compromised). In your underwear example, I guess only the elastic and dye would disappear...


      Yes, I agree that if something like this should happen, it's more likely to be part of the cleansing tsunami that will move Earth to a higher density, and not at the event of mass arrests/disclosure/GCR/ET contact/etc. Still, on the source I've read it was implied that it would be part the latter.


      True, but all of these artifacts are made of natural materials.


      I trust Cobra and agree this scenario is unlikely, and wasn't my intention to make everyone worried. Like I have stated in the OP, this info came from a pretty outdated source. I was just curious if this scenario could be a possibility, but some responses actually made my assessment change from "unlikely" to "highly unlikely". Thank you fellow starseeds.

  14. I have understood.

    Victory of the Light!

    These have been helping me.

    Don’t go for too long in the meditation. Ask your guides to tell you when to stop. I started with 10 minutes.

    1. Today I did Flower of Life as requested and did it twice. Next Monday I'll do it three times. Gets better every time 😘

  16. The last few weeks have been extremely intense. There have been days that I wished to no longer exist to escape the unbearable heaviness. Many other sensitives I know have shared the same. Are these attacks or clearings? Or just astrological alignments? It's rough whatever it is. Thank you for the healing protocol and I look forward to assisting in meditation.

    1. I'm also really wondering. I don't like to complain, and not doing it now, but I have to admit, it's been really rough.

    2. Yes, for me too, I have very difficult moments, and questions about my existence. I think that this is one part of the attacks and another part of the astrological aspect and of course the events of our life.

      Today for my part I felt progress at the quantum level and the planetary grid. I had a rather incredible experience since I went out in the city today and for the first time in a long time people were very calm and positive. It was very nice to be in the city when normally I am exhausted from the basic vibrations.

      Another example is one of my sports coaches talking openly to the people on the spot about the truths of covid 19 and the manipulation by the cabal. You should have seen my face when I heard him throw it all around and explain why he was frustrated and why we all need to come together and be aware of what is going on. I then took the opportunity to have a very interesting and open conversation with several people who were in total agreement with all of this. We came to the conclusion that the whole system should be changed and the desire to chase away these satanist whores with weapons, although I told them to calm down and that the most important thing was that a critical mass of consciousness on the problem should be enough to stop their plan and that it will end with a massive arrest.

      I think they have a big problem now 😂🤣. A pretty big bug in the matrix I see ahahahahahaha😂🤣.

      And he made it clear that we all need to open up and talk openly about these ideas and not be isolated. So when I heard that I thought if only he knew the importance of this kind of thinking that he just had and if only he really knew what was going on. I knew right after that that the event was coming and that age of aquaruis is coming.

      Translated with (free version)

    3. I totally agree and thought it was just myself feeling these unusual heaviness in the air. This means we are all on the right path, I believe. We just have to continue pushing forward in love and compassion.

    4. I totally agree and thought it was just myself feeling these unusual heaviness in the air. This means we are all on the right path, I believe. We just have to continue pushing forward in love and compassion.

    5. Both attacks and clearings

  17. I have a question. How do you know when you're meditating? What do you feel?

    1. Not everyone is feeling the same thing. It probably depends on your vibrations and connection with higher self. I personally don't feel anything in particular. Just calming down and visualizing whatever is in the meditation instructions. I don't think you need to feel anything extraordinary for you to count towards mass meditation participants. We'll probably be feeling more after the Event.

    2. Good to know. Thanks! When I try to meditate I just try to remain calm and imagine positive energy for planet Earth. Sometime I get a good feeling inside me and get goosebumps. So I hope I'm doing it right.

    3. Watch some alan watts on YouTube. Meditation is here, now... Not anything else. Focusing on a single item or just your breath. Making a lake in your mind as calm and still a dawn. Observing the clouds in your mind filling of ideas and thoughts and accepting as they are, and letting them pass. Feeling the massive expanse of everything around you being with you one in the same with every breath

    4. Quand je médite, surtout cette méditation en particulier, je commence par me centrer / connecter avec la Terre et le Ciel, puis je canalise la Lumière Divine et je l'envois, en partant de mon chakra du coeur , en rayonnement autour de moi, comme un ballon qui gonflerait de l'intérieur de moi jusqu'à ce qu'il menglobe. Je visualise la sphère d'Amour autour de moi, puis qui gonfle jusqu'à la pièce ou je suis, puis la maison, puis mon quartier, puis ma ville, puis ma province, puis mon pays, puis le continent, puis la Terre et à ce moment je me connecte à la grille fleur de vie et je visualise l'Amour / Lumière recharger la grille...

      Paix et Amour à vous belles âmes !

  18. Thank you for the loving guidance.

  19. You got it! This what we came here to do!! Thank you Cobra!!! VOTL ❤️❤️❤️

  20. Strengthening the light grid to infiltrate the dark grid .. im all in response

  21. I will support the highest vibrational energy I can give over the next 2 weeks, as asked and will certainly participate in the next 2 Monday meditations to create the positive energy of peace for Humanity. 🌷

  22. Will do Cobra -Victory of the Light!!

  23. Victory of Light Forces, victory of love, victory of truth, victory of honesty and integrity, victory of humanity, go on light forces, you are grand..

  24. I'll pass this one, Cobra. I don't want to bring my distorted (at the moment) energy into this meditation. To those of you who participate good luck.😇 Mwah, mwah, mwah! 💋💋💋👄👄👄

    1. Have you tried the Command 771 protocol yet? It really works!! Good luck

  25. Can you heal me, Cobra? 🐉🌹




  27. Stating that "the way to the positive timeline is not secured" is basically a play on words to avoid stating:

    The positive timeline is not secured.

    If the way to the destination can fail, then the destination is in jeopardy of not being reached, hence the destination (positive timeline) is not secured.

    People can make their own choice on what they want to do of course. I'm not dissuading the meditations.

    1. You think so? But Cobra claims the positive end result is secured. If that's a play on words, it would be a pretty big stretch.

      The way I see it means now efforts should be focused on achieving the less disruptive and less violent way possible - meaning avoiding the scenarios mentioned in the July 7 2020 "Age of Aquarius Activation Report" post, such as: US civil war, US-China war, staged fake alien invasion using SSP aircraft and project bluebeam, and ACTUAL alien invasion manifested in 3rd density Independence Day-style as a desperate last stand effort by the dracos. Cobra stated that if any of these things happen they will not succeed and will only accelerate the Event, because the positive end result was secured with the Age of Aquarius Meditation. However the damage done by any of these events would be small but not negligible, that's why it would be best to avoid them.

      Or would it? I'm not sure, personally. We're all losing patience and at a point that accelerationism might not be so bad...

    2. this planet was always moving toward to light, the question was always how and when
      we of the angelic realm will see to that

    3. "Next two weeks will include some decisive moments which will determine to a great degree how the battle between the positive and negative timelines will play out."

      Depends on what "secured positive timeline" means to you. If you want a 100% certain outcome and the way to get there, then that's impossible due to free will of the masses and Cabal's actions.
      Also, Cobra isn't giving us any sure details about timelines. The only thing he promises is that the Event will happen and that after the Event all the plans are pretty much secured because there won't be anyone to strongly oppose them and every evil person will pay for their crimes. That's the only thing that's certain.
      As for "secured positive timeline" I interpret it as a timeline with the fewest casualties. There won't be any big wars or depopulation because the LF's will prevent it.

      "The Light Forces are estimating the probability of the fake alien invasion at 10%, of China-USA war at 12%, of breakup of USA at 25%, and of US civil war at 35%."
      These are the last bad things that can possibly happen "in the last phase of Draco fleet clearing". And Cobra is putting them together, which means that all of this will be resolved until the end of the year. And without Draco fleet there's nothing that can hold back the Event anymore. That's the DF's last stand. And Cobra isn't organizing any big mass meditations to stop these last few Cabal actions with reaching critical mass. That means the positive outcome is already certain and that's what "positive timeline" is in my opinion.

    4. It will be mostly shit for now with this Mars Retrograde stuff.

      Meanwhile, go for the shit sandwich with the thinnest layer of shit.

    5. Interesting points being made; thanks all.

      I was just following basic logic on what was being said, but taking it into context of previous posts, I agree that the light forces are just trying to avoid the more drastic scenarios leading to the event. Thus, Cobra could have stated that the way to the event is also secured, but the 10%/12% scenarios could happen if the planet isn't stabilized on the 24th. I have been seeing plays on words when even after having recently very successful meditations, the world has gotten much worse, instead of better. I've heard many times in the recent and not-so-recent past from various sources (including this blog) that 'this is just the cabal's desperate, last ditch effort to maintain control.' When I see this being said over and over, yet the world just keeps getting more ridiculous, I feel that this should be called out.

      I wouldn't want to be in David Wilcock's shoes right now. He was so certain that something would happen back in April, yet low and behold, now it's August and still, no mass arrests. His fan base has probably disowned him for the most part, and I don't blame them. Now it's not the cabal giving Wilcock death threats. Now it's his own followers. I just think he's drastically overestimated his self-importance, and some of his intel sources are cabal pretending to be a part of the Alliance.

      Anyway, it will be interesting to see what people decide. The event probably would be accelerated if the planet isn't stabilized on the 24th. The author needs to give a number range regarding non-negligible casualties. Would the casualties be more than all the starvation and other forms of death that take place on a daily basis from now until the end of the year (or more, depending on how long things take)? What about the 2.7 million people who were possibly already murdered by 5G attacks in China mentioned by Fulford? Or, do the light forces just not want some kind of 'karma' on their hands? Too much room for speculation because of insufficient intel.

      I officially don't care anymore. I'm beyond burned out. Time to let go.

    6. The way I'm reading it is: we're definitely going to end up in a good place, but we can either take a pleasant or a bumpy road to that place.

    7. Very well said. I have the same thoughts and agree what you have said. Thank you.

      Victory of the light from New Zealand

    8. Sorry, Starlight, your logic is flawed.

    9. Maybe the real question is, what does Creation want to do?

    10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    11. Starlight432 - I was impressed by your original comment and how clued in you are (I can tell). Please don't be discouraged. I think the sentiments you expressed at the end were probably borne out of exasperation or something like low-key despair. Obviously you do still care. I get the sentiment, though (wanting to check out) - it's stand underneath a bull [understandable]. I'm glad to be part of this community, even as a mostly non-contributing observer.

    12. We do know the answer. Don't we? And I also agree,.. hard way or easier way?

  28. We continue to hold space through this Disclosure. Thank You Light Forces! We are forever with you in faith, hope and Love.
    #SisterhoodoftheRose 🌹🌹🌹

  29. Of course, dear Cobra! We will do everything in our power to help the forces of light in these critical moments. Basically, this is our job as lightworkers! Hopefully many of us will help! We seem to be under particular attack in our daily lives lately ... It may be an impression, but nothing is going right... We will do these meditations and stay on course for the final Victory of Light! (M-H and V)

  30. If you feel that bad you're not doing it right, or not shielding enough. DF's throw everything at me, including the kitchen sink, and now a wall of 🔥 on our bubble of light in the santa Cruz mountains, but they can't hardly touch us. The people just keep getting stronger, coming together, helping, healing. Thanks Cobra for always pointing the way, but we have to follow it.

    1. Bravissimo Sukracharya, victory of the Light! 🙏💖

  31. Thank You Cobra and Light Forces, your doing an amazing job :-). We are almost there guys, stay calm and at peace, hold your Light and anchor it daily, connecting the Heart of to the Cosmic Sun through your Heart to that of Gaia.
    Love is All ya need! Victory of the Light!

  32. Ragazzi qua la lotta contro il male è difficile loro(la cabala) stanno sempre un passo avanti, ma come è possibile? Forse c'è poca informazione reale il mondo o l'umanità ha bisogno di sapere di vedere di toccare la verità, per noi che abbiamo fede si può dire che è facile credere anche se ci sta stancando e stiamo aspettando ormai da troppo tempo che le cose si aggiusto o per madre terra e tutti i suoi abitanti
    Sono troppi anni che ci promettono la luce ma viviamo sempre più nell'oscurità. La verità bisogna mostrarla non raccontarla. Per me è diventato veramente frustrante parlare di tutto questo la gente mi prende per il scemo del villaggio perché le persone vogliono le prove concrete per poter credere e penso che sia anche giusto, giusto anche per tutti noi. Per ora è tutto campato in aria è l'unica arma che abbiamo è la meditazione allora per noi che ci crediamo facciamo anche questa volta il nostro dovere.
    Pace amore e gioia infinita ❤️❤️❤️
    Ps:signor cobra ci faccia vedere veramente e non a chiacchiere qualcosa di reale, siamo pronti a tutto 👍

  33. For our German speaking community:

  34. Thanks Cobra. We will do it Victory is near!
    French translation
    Traduction en français:

    Victoire de la Lumière !

  35. Is this available in greek language please?


  37. Thank you for the update and instructions.
    These past months have been very tough

  38. Can the EVENT happen before we are forced to take the vaccine??

  39. Wooohoooo! Lets do this! VICTORY OF THE LIGHT!!!

  40. what is the purpose of command 12 21?


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  43. Thank you Cobra for this heads up. We will do this meditation often and especially on those two days. Victory of the Light!

  44. Thank you so much dearest Cobra for guidelines. We hold The Flower of Life every day nut appreciate concrete action and will be there when required. South Europe en garde 🌹
    Victory to the Light 🌼

  45. When will something finally happen on a physical level? I think a lot of people are going crazy just because there is a standstill.

  46. Saul and Sherman,
    Kindred spirits.
    Where is the relief for the light workers? I’ve known since I was 8 yrs why I came here. But it’s too much now. I feel abandoned. And I know it’s much worse for others. Don’t want to be a cry baby. But, it boggles the mind.

  47. It ain't over til it's over, again we go to do our work, all hands on deck! Victory of the Light!

  48. Cobra👄🐉💚🧡💛 in my vision I saw myself throwing coins, treasure chests 💰💰 like a confetti 🎉🎉 to the people of the World. There was more than enough riches for everybody❤️🙏 🌠✨🛸

  49. Cobra I have a question. As you can see most of the comments talk about attacks on light workers from the dark forces directed maybe with energy weapons, etherical implants, amoeba entities, and god knows what more.

    We will like to know if this is made by the dark forces or it’s just a clearing side effect of the higher energies coming into the planet?

    Because for me it seams that this “attacks” have become something of new normal last several months! I use to have last years purging side effects and ascension symptoms but nothing like this last several months!

    I have like horrible dreams in which I can see the network of the Matrix and the Archons take energy from me and torture me in different ways and nothing is working to stop them!

    Not “pillars of light” not 12-21 protocol, no asking for help from ascended masters basically nothing is work on them!

    Not to say about the physical pain in different parts of the body (the symptoms match the Lyme or multiple sclerosis but doctors have find nothing wrong with me or several checkups.)

    Before I use to meditate every day with no problems, now I realize I can maximum meditate 2-3 days in a week because of the side effects after the meditation (horrible dreams in which I can see the some kind of etheric spiders running trough my veins and make me feel sick and weaker being connected with the etherical implants and the matrix somehow, pain in all body moving from side to side, feeling really tired and sleepy all the time without doing nothing, heart palpitations and short breath etc.)

    This has gong on for like months now since April 2020.

    Since I start to have this horrible dreams and I saw myself being on a lower 4th dimension chamber sitting in a bed in some kind of hospital facility and the Archons surround me and take my energy I understand this not any ascension symptoms anymore but much more as an organized attack.

    Every time when I rise my frequency bellow a “certain” level they send something or someone to “put be back into my place” kind of.

    They even tell me telepathically that the more I rise my frequency and meditate the more they will attack me and no one can do anything stop them!

    The truth is that they don’t just bulshit me!

    Whatever they do it’s working for them and in the last several months I try everything but nothing it’s work on them.

    I already have a tachyon chain around the neck with a glass stone full of tachyons and the detox water with tachyons plus a protective electromagnetic radiation instrument but after I buy all of this things still my situation didn’t improve so much...

    It’s not something physical but much more etherical/astral because now I can recalling all this horrible dreams when they take my energy and I wake up with this side effects.

    Can you Cobra make something about this, or ask the light forces to interfere a bit more in order to stop this attacks on lightworkers?

    Because I suspect the reason why so many of us are tired it’s because of what’s happening in the lower astral plane when we sleep, but for some reason most of the lightworkers don’t recall this dreams (well, in a way it’s better not to, trust me it’s horrible to visit their chambers and to remember all the things they do to you) but for me they choose to let me remember this things as this recalling will affect me even more!

    I know you give us protocols 12-21, 771, PB Stardust and the meditations about the implants but for me nothing is working! Not even calling the names in the dream of the ascended masters cannot reach there anymore!

    It’s cool because we are closer and closer to the liberation, but on another side I don’t want to be killed or paralyzed (specially after all those years in the service of light trying to spread the light and rise the frequency) close to the event!

    It won’t make any difference for me to be killed right before the event. If I wanted to experience the event on another side of the veil I would not come here at the first place!

    1. Thanks. I feel the same.protocols non-functional /attacks stronger..

    2. I also feel that the effectiveness of the protocols might be weakening, at least some of them.

      The "Command 12 21" protocol in particular, never had any perceptible effect on me at all. I tried it in few different days, including after meditation. I figured that maybe it was because I already had a LF team watching over me, but no way to know for sure.

      "Command 771" seems to have worked to an extent the first time I used it, but has no noticeable effect after that.

      Command PB Stardust still works well.


      Things have been tough for almost everyone it seems.

      If you haven't tried those already, I can suggest you try power breathing exercises, and practicing the lower banishing pentagram ritual (LBRP) every night before sleeping, to see if these help make you feel better. Material and guides for these can be found all over youtube.

  50. Esta publicação e outras do blog The Portal são traduzidas para a língua portuguesa e publicadas no blog: Vitória da Luz!

  51. Does everybody on here WANT a Pole Shift/Mega Tsunami/Super Disaster to happen to Earth come 2033 after the Event?

    Why, if we have many years (5 or more from now) and advanced technology from ETs coming, can they not figure out a way to prevent these super disasters from coming? Poles shift on the earth so many times and they don't cause continents to sink and oceans to rise into mountains in an instant or cause mega-tsunamis? I want Earth to be saved from destruction so we can heal the Earth rather than "heal it by destroying it".

    Cobra says that everyone will be evacuated and all the animals and plants will be evacuated just like Noah's Ark, but all the Ascended people will stay here and float around in Bubbles of Heaven UFO spaceships a mile or more in diameter. All the unascended though will be taken to other planets.

    Where do these unascended people go? What determines those people who will be unascended go? We know the leaders of the Cabal are evil because they want a dark NWO. They'll probably be killed and the Draco fleet supposedly will all be destroyed by then. Are they going to go to some sort of "prison planet" like a world straight out of the Judge Dredd series of movies to work off their karma? So these people who I assume aren't so evil as the Cabal leaders, but don't want ascension to 5D are all gonna be put on other planets to suffer the rest of their lives and continuously reincarnate on horrible planets as punishment for not ascending their consciousness? These are people we are talking about. Their Home Planet will be destroyed, their history and memories gone, and they're basically being taken to concentration camps on other planets to their punishment. This is what the Light Forces will do, and "coincidentally" Earth will be destroyed at roughly the same time so they will have no place to call Home except where-ever prison planet they go to learn the Higher Self life lessons that they should never have dared disobey them and that is their punitive punishment.

    Then after the Event, disclosure happens and everyone on Earth is all happy and merry and has NESARA GESARA and all this new technology and light codes to 5D and other things.
    What happens between just after the Event and 2025-2033 when everyone on Earth learns full disclosure and everyone is good and happy by then, why does the Earth destroy itself with a Mega Tsunami? Doesn't that strike you as something wrong if the Earth "ascends" after everyone is happy and good with NESARA GESARA and free energy and anti gravity etc that apart of the ascension is the destruction of the Earth 5 to 13 years later? If everyone is so happy afterwards and there is peace under the GFOL's rule, why does the Earth need to literally turn itself inside out leading to massive deaths to huge amounts of plants and animals (who cannot be taken on spaceships) and the destruction of our history and culture and our ties to our ancestral land that cannot be brought with us onto spaceships? If Earth will die 1 or 2 or more billion years from now naturally when the sun goes supernova then that is fine but Earth looks like it is fine now, it just needs to be taken care of better, but a super-disaster like this is uncalled for and it seems suspicious why does it have to happen when everyone ascends to 5D.

    1. @Concerned Person

      I agree with you, in that I would much rather have Earth gradually healed without the need for anyone to move, than just "healing by destruction". Post-Event technology would certainly make possible to completely heal the Earth in 100 years or even 50 years. Maybe even less than that. Even on Earth today, there are lots of stories of areas that were completely dead and have been completely restored and healed in less than 30 years, using current technology.

      Still, looks like this "healing by destruction" process is a natural phenomenon that doesn't depend on the LF or anyone's will. It's Earth's shift of its "livable density" to a different density, and millions / billions of years ago also happened to other planets on our solar system that used to be very similar to Earth before that.

      Maybe we can change this fate, but don't count on technology to do this - maybe we could succeed through the power of will with mass meditations, which after the Event will be much more effective and powerful (and have several times more people participating).

      According to Cobra, the planet where unascended people will go has fauna, flora, geology and climate very similar to Earth, and quality of life will be much better than on Earth. Just like post-Event Earth they will have free energy, replicators, anti gravity, etc. It will be a much more pleasant experience than even the richest celebrities currently have on Earth.

      That said, I have lots of unanswered concerns about this as well.

      For example, even if all of the above is true: in what state will be the planet unascended Earthers migrate to, when the people of Earth first disembark there? I mean, is there already some infrastructure in place laid out by the LFs to receive us (cities, housing, facility buildings, highways, bridges and tunnels, plumbing and waste treatment plants, etc.), or will we be disembarking in a virgin, untouched, wild land pretty much like 17th century colonists first arriving on America who will have to erect Jamestown and brave the Oregon Trail?

      And yeah it's pretty sad that soon after things improve on Earth we will all have to leave very quickly (though that's because the Event has suffered multiple delays and should already have happened long ago). I wonder how they plan to sell this idea to people. I do agree that lots of things about this sound fishy and just not right at all.

    2. Planet Earth needs an intense cleansing. After that it will be paradise like. High tech but, very green. Nature will take it over when 5D will be fully manifested. The buildings will reflect sacred divine geometry. Practicality but,in perfect harmony and female male balance. And one more thing; one important condition of the ascension process is to be able to let it go. Without attachment to people, places and to things. We will live in a totally different vibrational frequency dynamic. And we will manifest beautiful things.

    3. Cobra explains this in his interviews. The Earth won't be destroyed. It needs to cleanse itself in order to ascend. Because Earth is a conscious being itself and wants to ascend as well.
      And no one will be deported to any prison planets. The Cabal and other negative beings will have a choice to accept the light and atone for their crimes or die and have their souls go back to the Central Sun and be dissolved.
      And positive humans will be evacuated to suitable planets in Pleiades or wherever else they want to go. There won't be any punishment or suffering because the entire universe besides Earth is already liberated. It'll be a completely free existence.
      The evacuation is necessary only because the Earth has a right to be free and ascend as well if she doesn't want to support our 3D existence for another thousands of years until the entire humanity ascends. The Event and ascension in a few years after it is only for millions of starseeds and lightworkers. So there will still be billions of not ascended humans. Even Pleiadians aren't ascended as a whole race yet. But they're our older brothers and sisters with higher vibrations and technology to support our growth. So I'm looking forward to living with them in Pleiades. I don't think I'm ready for ascension yet and want to experience ET contact and new technologies at least for a few dozen or hundred years before that.

  52. Thank you Cobra.❤️
    Guys, regardless of HOW the end result is reached, the end result is ASSURED.. and that’s all I need to know! We meditate to help smooth the way there.
    We got this, my friends!✨🌎✨


  53. Count me in! We are close everyone please stay aligned stay strong and know the positive outcome is secured by divine Source the pathway isnt secured but the probabilities are in our favor! The media and politicians are getting desperate now as we see by their threats of forced vaccines and masks..


    NOW is the time to fully activate the Magnificent Being that you truly are! You had forgotten, but if you close your eyes and become one with the womb of creation, you will remember that you are Pure Creator Fire Power and Pure Source Consciousness and that combination when fully engaged dissolves all darkness and transcends all evil!!!

    For those who ask "is there nothing more we can do than meditate".....

    Yes, there is......but NO ACTIVITY is more powerful than Meditation because when we silence the "matrix mind" (and the false narrative of fear) and connect with the COSMIC SEA OF PURE SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS and the LEGIONS OF LIGHT we can Bend Reality at will! When you reach a certain level of consciousness you can create entire planets and solar systems!

    Our Destiny depends on us understanding and UTILIZING this POWER that each of us possesses.

    Relegating meditation.....and especially MASS MEDITATION to a weak or passive exercise in futility means we do NOT understand our True Power. This is what Cobra meant when he said recently "We do not have to fight them. We only need to bring in more light."



    No matter how things may appear, know this: all dark forces and the matrix itself has been greatly weakened these last few months. They are desperate and scrambling for funding, hiding places and escape....but there is no one helping them and there is nowhere they can hide. WE HAVE A MAJOR ADVANTAGE SO LET'S USE IT!


    The Flower of Life IS a Global Mass Meditation that has been ongoing for several months now, every 4 hours, like clockwork at 8 am, 12 pm, 4 pm and 8 pm UTC.
    (this link also contains written instructions)

    Weak efforts = weak let's step up our efforts these next 2 weeks!!!



    Here is the link for the 8/24 FOL Mars/Saturn Square Meditation at 6:19 pm UTC / 2:19 pm EDT:

    And the link for the 8/31 FOL Pluto/Eris Square Meditation at 12 pm UTC / 8 am EDT:

    Link to FLOWER OF LIFE GUIDED AUDIOS in several languages:



    1. Can you please help me out? I am pretty new to all this stuff here. How to invoke the Goddess and merge my energy fields with hers?

      Victory of the Light!

  55. Thank you Cobra 💚 🌍 🇰🇿

  56. I feel a strong urge to bring attention to the fact that The Matrix heavily uses the notion of PERCEPTION to play out their Dark Agendas and Doomsday Scenarios.


    The Light Forces can also use this same tactic to destroy the Matrix!
    Too often we are “duped” into thinking that all is black and white and we take things merely at face value, what appears on the surface only or what we read on a page.

    At this time it is especially critical to remember that NOTHING IS AS IT APPEARS HERE IN THE MATRIX.....NOTHING.


    Remember what Morpheus told Neo: The Matrix is a Prison For Your MIND." Don’t believe anything "they" say on their constantly blaring digital screens.....only believe that WE and the Legions of Light are in control!

    Cobra has told us for 8 years now that there is much he nor the Light Forces can reveal about their tactical strategies - even some of what he says on this blog may be framed in such a way to confuse and purposely mislead the dark.

    Recently, Cobra encouraged us to “reframe” what we see playing out to a positive scenario. Personally, I believe this Lockdown was either fully orchestrated by our allies or (as Cobra has intimated) they used it to their advantage to carry out aspects of The Event that may have otherwise continued to be delayed. Either way, many adjustments have been made to The Event Plan, especially in 2019 and 2020.....and we may be SHOCKED when we discover what has really been going on behind the scenes this year which may be very different from what we currently “perceive” to be the case.

    The other day I came across what I feel is fairly reliable Intel that suggested that this entire global lockdown and even 5G is all merely a ‘smokescreen’ to ensure the surface population complied and stayed off the streets so that the Light Forces, White Hats and RM could carry out highly important missions related to The Event, including the rescue of thousands of tortured children from underground bases and the subsequent destruction of that entire underground network around the globe which has allowed the dark forces to carry out all these nefarious activities right under our feet for centuries! They can only operate IN THE DARK and in TOTAL SECRECY.


    If you have children and wish to keep them out of any possible drama, you can keep them out of school for now and home school them. Many schools will be hosting virtual classrooms this fall, including universities. Or you can choose to work from home and even grow a garden or stock up on food and supplies or have items delivered to your home. There are things you can do to avoid or minimize going into stores and matrix establishments at this time.

    There is also a Mass Demonstration planned in Berlin on August 29th inviting all of Europe to participate. They are estimating at least TEN MILLION PEOPLE will stand together for PEACE in Berlin on that day and Shout the Cry of Freedom!

    THIS CANNOT BE STRESSED ENOUGH.....DO NOT BUY INTO THEIR FEAR TACTICS! There is nothing to fear.....but fear itself. We are Immortal Beings of Light so let’s put a totally POSITIVE SPIN on all that is spinning in our world right now!


    1. Thank you for your words of inspiration.

    2. I too thought that maybe the lockdown could be used for something positive back in April. Now it's getting to be the end of August though, so I don't see a lockdown that's prolonged for this amount of time to be positive. Plenty of time was given to get the job done and still Bill Gates and his silicon valley friends are not arrested. And, if you take a look at what's going on in places like Melbourne Australia, it will be very obvious that this is a cabal operation, and only serves the dark forces. There is no way to put a positive spin on an innocent civilian having 3 officers gang up on her and bruise her like that (a video I previously posted).

      There is also no positive spin on self-mutilation when people wear masks while driving their cars and going on jogs and so forth. Parents put their masks on young children too. Your enthusiasm is great, but at the same time there are things going on that need to be called out for what they are - abuse.

      I don't know about underground bases. There is evidence that children were being set free. But I don't see a super long-term lockdown helping that sort of operation, and again, more than enough time was given to get the job done.

      Anyway, I don't really want to comment much further on this blog. I wish to move on to other things because I don't feel that people understand what I'm trying to say here anymore. It was good to hear from you though.

  57. Here is how the Matrix roles out the fear narrative.....

    I grew up in a coastal area so we were under the constant “perceived” threat of hurricanes.

    The media would LIE and say these storms formed off the coast of Africa. They would display fake images of the “approaching” storm reportedly growing in size and strength as it slowly made its way across the ocean – when in fact wind machines would create a weak storm directly off the intended coastline and WE would amplify the storm exponentially with our energy blob of mass panic.

    People would panic and rush to stores cleaning out shelves within hours, which would be heavily televised. I remember the feeling of dread that would build inside of me as I bought into the fear narrative. We felt like helpless sitting ducks, waiting to be pulverized.....and we used our own weak consciousness to create the catastrophic scenario that would unfold.


    In the Matrix movie, Neo is trying to understand how the young child is bending the spoon. The child astonishes him with the reply "There is no spoon."

    This concept is also powerfully expressed in the famous quote:

    "Fate whispers to the cannot withstand the storm.

    The warrior whispers back 'I AM THE STORM!"

    I have proven this to myself over the last few years and even more so in the last few months (that I AM indeed THE STORM and can also silence the storm or prevent it from even forming). When I enter a deep silent meditative state, especially when I sit outside, the weather around me clears EVERY SINGLE TIME, without exception. Clouds disappear in moments, blue sky replaces gray and so on. Any 'impending' storms or violent weather dissipate or never occur in my immediate area and sometimes far beyond.

    Lately, I have been creating extremely tall "Goddess Shields" around the coastal areas of the U.S. as well as China provinces that have been flooding. I visualize bright PINK impenetrable walls of light surrounding a coastline and ask the Goddess to reinforce them and keep them in place, and so far it's been working extremely well - even keeping hurricanes from coming within 25-50 miles of the shoreline or shearing them to shreds!

    When is the last time you tested your Goddess/Creator Source Power??? Until you do, you will never know just how powerful you truly are!


    HUMANS ARE A VERY RARE RACE OF BEINGS WHO WERE GIVEN THE FIRE CREATION CODES OF THE GODDESS.....IT IS EMBEDDED IN THE DNA. This Celestial Gift is what inspired the jealousy and ire of the dark beings and is why they tortured and rape the women (in their Satanic rituals) here for millennia in an ongoing attempt to harness and utilize this power for their dark purposes.

    But guess what????? They’ve been trying to steal the CREATRIX POWER OF THE GODDESS FOR 26,000 YEARS AND HAVE NOT SUCCEEDED.





    DISSOLVE THE DARKNESS AT ITS VERY CORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






    1. Thank you for your work! I live in Wilmington, NC, so I appreciate it.

    2. I live in South Florida so yes I can relate to the panic and mayham whenever a hurricane is forecasted to hit. As more people are awakening, I can see the effects of the love and peace energies. We have the power!!!

  58. Is Goddess energy related to Truth in some way? I feel like the Patriarchy is responsible for so much of the dishonesty and lies on this planet, and as a woman I feel it is my place to call out lies and live my life as honestly as possible to re-balance energies.

  59. The Flower of Life meditation for Hungarian speaking communities:

    Victory of the light!

  60. Thank you COBRA !! we are all as a ground team of Lightworkers and we will do the Flower of Life Meditation as a huge team of fighters for the Light !

    My romanian version is here:
    And italian translation:
    Victory of the Light!!!

  61. Thank you beloved Cobra for your guidance <3 I'm in.
    Macedonian translation:

  62. CALL TO ARMS!!!

    Peace, love, and joy
    Victory of the Light!

  63. Lunes e Lunes este bien.
    Eris square Pluto, bring real actual and true Love (between the male and female) into the Light, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, with coherent and coordinated focus, in meditation, in prayer, in ritual.
    Saturn square Mars,...
    Raise your hand if you are from around here, I Am. It's about Natural and Universal Law, and enforcement of the same. In the Light. In the presence of God and Goddess, in the presence of One and All, always, forever. Life, in and of itself and in its presence whenever and wherever, inherently expresses this value in order to see that Life itself may remain in presence and/or remain in potential, always.
    What was Saturn's purpose before the distortions of deception and evil?
    What was Mars's purpose before the distortions of deception and evil?
    Into the Light.

  64. shared and linked

  65. Thank you Cobra for the update!! GRATITUDE and LOVE goes out to you all!!

  66. I thought the same thing! The last time cobra posted the NOTSP label it was along with the name Lilith. Showdown between Xena & Lilith happenin?

  67. Would those critical operations, perchance involve a mass evacuation of the non-physical planes? I ask because I was just shown a vision where a very large fleet of aircraft I believe to be galactic confederation owned, flew over where I was at the time and parked in a large green field. They seemed to be awaiting some sort of signal. A mass evacuation or some other large scale operation are the only things that can warrant such a large fleet.

  68. You have an army of human telepaths ready to switch on and focus like no other power on Earth, these special people are dedicated to spiritual light and connected by love of our living cosmic-Earth. We are the surprise the enemy is not expecting, we are supposed to not care and to feel helpless, not me anymore! I am going to give this all I have in the next two weeks to let the Light forces know we are worth it and we have learned and we deserve to live better. Thank you.

  69. However, we want to tell you this: the month of September will also see very interesting things for the human being, that is to say that the human beings will receive pulsations which will raise the veils.
    As soon as the human being is able to see a new Light, he will be freed from certain veils and he will be much more effective in helping the Plan of the total renewal of life on this world and of the life of his fellow humans.
    It is the gigantic Plane of Light which is facing the gigantic plane of darkness, its terrible manipulations, and there is at the same time an extraordinary plane, of phenomenal power, which is in the process of being put in motion. square.
    From September this will manifest itself in a very strange way.
    We hope, because we will stimulate them, that many human beings will wake up like a nightmare saying to themselves: "but what is happening to us?
    We let ourselves be muzzled, we no longer have the right to express ourselves!
    Everything that is said by the rulers is only a "lie!"
    All at once sentient beings will see reality and we will participate very greatly in this awakening.
    It won't happen all at once!
    We are only saying that from the month of September there will be a lot more awakenings of consciousness.
    Want to know the rest?

  70. Hi If you are forced to take the vaccine here's a trick to kill the bad stuff before it gets in you blood stream. I dont think it would stop the nanoparticles though. 30 minutes before the shot keep 90% alcohol on your arm and keep the alcohol all the way on your arm so the tissues get soak and right after the shot in your car do the same thing for 30 minutes as well. This is a trick from a doctor.

  71. All of Germany has networked and in every city there is a demonstration organization called lateral thinking and they all gathered on August 1st in Berlin for one cause. It was a peaceful peace revolution, for truth, freedom, for love and to end the corrupt system. The public media portrayed them as 20,000 crazy C .... 19 deniers and right-wing extremists, while a 7km long train of at least 1.3 million people could be seen. A meditation group from Spain has placed a visual protective shield (protective screen) on this organization. All of Europe, Putin, Trump and Kennedy J. were invited for August 29th. Let's go on a peaceful mission on August 29th and set a sign in Berlin. Welcome to you all!

    1. Let's do a global meditation on August 29th too, to support this great mission. It is a huge sign and it is going round the world and the world is changeing.

      Victory of the Light from New Zealand

  72. Parities are removed.
    Equalizations aim at a suppression of the connection to the The Higher Self and the I Am Presence.

    Stabilizations follow.
    Surprisingly, after the removal of parities, stabilisation takes place, since it is said that parities serve to stabilise.

  73. Za slovenske bralce:

    Vabljeni v našo skupino Sestrstva Vrtnice in Podpore Dogodka na Facebooku:

    Thank you for the post Cobra.

    Victory of the Light!


    These are the times we have been waiting for!
    Keep it cool
    Keep it together
    Enlighten were we can 💖
    Love you all

  75. Get up for this...whatever it takes!!

  76. Thank you Cobra I will, Victory to the Light, and All the off world Star Beings helping Planet Earth .

  77. Great article on the upcoming Flower of Life Meditation's CHECK IT OUT


  78. "Formations of the Heavens form.

    Energetic accelerants have been precisely placed.

    Parities are removed.

    Stabilizations follow."

    ÉirePort | August 23, 2020 at 08:05

    Baba O'Riley



  79. coooool.....dancing in the jubilee.....

    starships fill the skies
    liberation crystallized
    where will you be
    when mother earth is free.....

    the hammer of thor has come around
    draconian ships are taken down
    a solar system sweep and clear
    liberation is now so near.....

    global currency reset
    the QFS is in the ethernet
    tesla towers are switched on
    calming and healing the masses along.....

    dancing in the jubilee
    shining light intensity
    starship warriors we now see
    the new atlantis comes to be.....

  80. This is the first time cobra has told us about a fleet movement at a future date. This must be extremely serious.

  81. The comments section of these posts sometimes irks me. I've been lurking this blog since 2018 and this is my first comment

    People who believe Cobra is misleading us by stating "a positive timeline that is secured but inaccessible is just a way to say there is no secured positive timeline!" might not understand causality; as all Time is happening all the Time and essentially we're using the links of our consciousness itself to ground a path of least resistance for an upgraded, unhindered matrix.

    People who are on here spewing about how much they suffer and "need off this planet yesterday" and beg for direct ET contact are missing the point entirely.
    The ETs will not save you, they are simply making it possible for us to collectively save ourselves at the close/reset/event of this cycle if we desire.

    We are not trading old false gods for new gods here; at least, I haven't.
    I believe the desire for a personal savior to come down, fix everything, and make everybody's life perfect sunshine and roses is only a further projection of a victim-based paradigm. Not to mention, one originally designed for the further enslavement of mankind in the New Age. Did we forget the DF original plan was to steal the vortexes, and reveal themselves through them as our gods to maintain the illusion?

    1. It's a loud minority don't let that distract you. They have free will to act as they please if they choose to vent their frustration here instead of making their time during the transition atleast a bit easier that is their choice i still wish them the best no matter who they are.

    2. Thank you, thank you, thank you ❤

    3. Thank you for your words. Over time, I have begun to feel uneasy about some of the comments as well: Emphasizing misery, stressing personal need, being sarcastic, condemning light forces and cursing the planet.

      If you ask me, this has nothing to do with our true nature as spiritual beings. Instead, it only supports the same o’ same o’ learned helplessness which the Cabal has been feeding us with for eons. And it pushes aliens away, because we are too aggressive and needy.

    4. @Wizard

      Needing help, and wishing to be happy, and a better life is NOT evil or egotistic. Guess those folks in nazi prison camps were bad, too, calling for DARE they!

      And the aliens need to know it's not hunky dorey here. It's HELL. You need to realize it, too.

    5. "This energy brings many valuable lessons to the Light Forces that want to liberate this planet. They are finally beginning to understand the degree and level of suffering and anomaly present here."

      Better to articulate one's suffering and hope it reaches the ETs. It's invaluable feedback.

      For some reason, it seems to be important for the ETs to keep us physically alive and as happy as possible until the Event. Otherwise they would have allowed the Dark to destroy everything a long time ago, defeat the Dark and recreate physical creation. Like pressing Restore after Formatting all the viruses on your computer.

    6. You're all correct in your criticism.

      For my part, I wish to apologise for sowing seeds of negativity in this blog as this not my intention.

      Over the last few months I have allowed myself to grow cynical towards life, as never before. Frustration has built from my lack of ability to bring others on board, while continuing to draw attention to the pressing issues we all face.

      It's quite difficult in my part of the U.S. to locate others of like mind that understand a fraction of the "big picture." Those that do, wish to endlessly debate or don't take the matters at hand seriously at all. (As if this is all akin to the lore behind a sci-fi series or some sh*t) At least, that's what I've encountered here in Crop Country.

      Many in this area, as a reflection of the rest of society, are waking up fast from the stressful catalyst we are all faced with. At the least in regard to the political drama at play.. Feeling that the scamdemic will fade away after the election.

      Afterall.. Nothing can stop what is coming, right?

      Thank you, sincerely, for your candor.
      May the Great Spirit guide you all.

    7. I think some of the 'commentators' are paid to play so I choose to ignore them. I do observe different tactics of pacing and leading, ie. unsucessful attempts of gaining momentum here. One reinforces the other ("you are right, I'm with you") and they manage to pull one or two more people that do not feel well that day and are basically left alone 😂🤣
      Silent majority knows what this is about and is working hard for the final Victory of Light! 🌹

  82. universal time!

    screw gmt. no need for colonial reference. universal time is same location only north pole to south.

  83. Flower of Life meditation done 619 PM GMT victory of the light!

  84. Three of us together just now did the Flower of Life meditation for the Mars-Saturn square today.

    I feel very peaceful, so I think we had a nice, large number of people who did it.

    Victory of the Light!

  85. Did the meditation. Felt good. Hope it helped. Victory of the Light!

  86. Meditation successfully performed.

    Many thanks to all who participated.

    See you on August 31.

    Victory of the Light!

  87. Acabei de fazer. me sinto em paz e muito feliz.

  88. "There are some corners of the universe which have bred the most terrible things! Things which act against everything we believe in. They must be fought!" : The Second Doctor, from "The Moonbase", 1967.

    1. Sherman, that doctor obviously wants US to fight. no matter what. THINK man!!!

  89. The meditation went great! I really enjoyed it. See you guys on August 31. Thank you to all that were able to join. And thank you Cobra and WE Love Meditations for arranging it. Victory of the Light!

    1. Same here 💖 getying more blissful and powerful every time, so happy to feel the force of our collective spirit in Light 🙏🥰🌼


    Let't do a global meditation on August 28th, 29th and 30th. That ist when in Berlin is the largerst peaceful demonstration taking place and this needs our support and protection. Many people of influence from all over the world are invited and will participate. It will be an event that will open a new door for humanity.

    I feel that this is an urgent call. So please participate whenever you can. We can send light and we can visualize the violet flame to the masses in Berlin during these days as often as we feel guided. We are all one and we are winning.

    Victory of the Light from New Zealand

    1. Thank you for letting us know. I will be sending my light and love.


    2. Wow, I am very impressed and happy that the message about the demonstration for Peace, Love and Freedom has actually spread all the way to New Zealand.

      On August 1st over 500.000 people gathered on the Strasse des 17. Juni between Brandenburg Gate and Siegessäule and the adjacent streets and parks.
      The propaganda media downplayed it as "20.000 right-wing idiots" when in reality there were people of all races, colours, religions and political beliefs gathered to protest against basic human rights being taken away under the guise of a fake pandemic.

      This saturday, August 29th, will be the follow-up and people from all over Europe and the World have made up their minds and will travel to Berlin.
      After the HUGE SUCCESS of the peaceful, uniting demonstration on August 1st no doubt there will also be bought-and-paid-for troublemakers amongst the masses of peaceful mass of humans this time, so I highly support this call for assistence.

      Can we PLEASE get some support for this very important cause in which hundreds of thousands will participate in.

      Thank You.

      From 1988 in East Berlin this is

      Chimes Of Freedom

      And for better audio quality here is the version from Stockholm that same year.
      This saturday humanity shows that we DO NOT suffer from Stockholm syndrome and we know exactly what is going on here!

      Let Freedom Reign

      Berlin Invites The World once again.

      And we need your help.

      Lars B.

    3. Great idea! I'll give my best to help build it into a safe breakthrough 🌹🍀💖😘

    4. I will be meditating the hole day for this powerful demonstration and I do of course support your request! I am quite sure there will be much more lightworkers and lightwarriors supporting this peaceful gathering.
      Victory of the light!

  91. In my meditations, I have been asking the Goddess to inspire the hearts of all Starseeds and Light Workers / Light Warriors around the globe to go full force with our Flower of Life Meditations these next two weeks and to feel more EMPOWERED than ever before!

    I wrote an article to inspire us all as we link arms and together march the last mile of this 26,000 year battle. It contains dates and times of our FOL meditations, including the key dates coming up on both the 29th (when the massive Peace demonstration will be held in Berlin) and August 31st for the Eris-Pluto square, as well as daily times and guided audios in one place.

    I spent a few hours yesterday announcing our 8/24 meditation on various large social media sites including some youtube channels, always making my opening sentence relevant to the post.

    Feel free to share this link far and wide. Let's rouse as many participants as possible to join us and flood the planet with Pink Goddess Light, transmute all darkness and dark agendas into light and maintain Peace and Stability on a global scale!

    Sweet Victory Is Just A Few Steps Away! Let's all cross the Victory Line together!!!

  92. Remember First what ever you’re experiencing in your reality is the projection of your inner energy. When you meditate you bring out all the negative energy and darkness from within. That’s why you experience some rough moments which means you’re healing. Second remember you all are in this due to the contract that you have chosen before you born. Watch your thoughts and stay positive. Know everything outside of you happen is just a trigger and the main cause of how you feel is from within you.

    Unconditional love to all of you. 💓

  93. Earth has a Beautiful Future || Sierra (NZ)
    Operation Disclosure | by Sierra (NZ), Contributing Writer

    August 24, 2020

    I received an email from a US friend. She has a son with intellectual disabilities. He is terrified by what is happening on Earth and had a vision that the planet would blow up. Here is my response to her email...

    'Please reassure your son that there is a beautiful future for planet Earth right on the other side of this current madness. It will begin on 4th November, straight after the election.

    The current madness has nothing to do with the virus, and everything to do with the US election. The Deep State is throwing everything they have at stopping President Trump being re-elected because they know it spells their doom.

    Please don't believe/watch anything on the mainstream media. Switch it all off. I follow the intel on alternative media.

    Reassure your son that Earth is about to enter the Golden Age - 1000 years of peace and prosperity for humanity. What he saw blowing up represents the sad corrupt 3D version of Earth. Its 5D replacement is coming in as we speak, thanks to President Trump and the Alliance.

    All is well, I promise you. TRUST THE DIVINE PLAN.'

    Much Love and Light

    (If you pass this message on, please acknowledgement my copyright. Thanks)

    Where We Go One We Go All.

    Love and Light
    Sierra (NZ)

  94. please sign petition against mandtory masks if feel so guided

    please sign another petiton against mandatory COIVID vaccines:

  95. So I'm experiencing something very pleasant and mindblowing since the meditation yesterday.

    So a bit of context first: I've been seeing coloured light flashes and waves for months now with both open and closed eyes what i can describe as seeing the energy circuit and energy grid in their higher forms but it's projected inwards to outwards or vice versa perhaps.

    These energies didn't have any special forms they are just kind of there floating around and get amplified when I'm vibrating higher energies/emotions.

    Since yesterday however I've started seeing them take shape of flower of life and it is a really special and uplifting thing to experience, now i can see the flower of life pattern quite easily with my eyes open when I'm in a higher vibration.

    Just wanted to share this with you all, perhaps you find it inspiring, oh and before anyone asks me I do not take medication or drugs of any kind except nicotine.