Sunday, October 1, 2023

Alert downgrade to red


  1. Thank you dear Cobra! Victory of the LIGHT!

  2. Why does the dark power still have the power to cause a black alarm?

    1. Provavelmente porque a grade escura ainda não foi desmantelada, e ainda existem inúmeros psicopatas e sociopatas na sociedade em geral.

    2. Because they aren't finished yet or do you see peace and light on the surface?

  3. In effetti c'è stato un miglioramento in queste ore. Speriamo che migliori ancora. Non vedo l'ora di vedere un cambiamento drastico. Ottobre ha un potenziale notevole per avviare il processo di cambiamento in modo più spedito.

  4. Non mollo di un millimetro , il potere della Fiamma Viola è ancora più forte e l'altro ieri ne ho avuto la prova. Il mio corpo e le mani erano elettrificate così tanto che ero in completo stato di benessere. Mai sentita una cosa del genere. Molto potente.

  5. Felt waves of urgent energy which were so bad. Tweeted this out then an hour an a half later there was suicide bombing in Ankara (Turkey capital):

    May all those affected be safe and recover <3

  6. Downgrade a rosso è positivo certo, ma non possiamo pensare di continuare a giocare al gatto con il topo. Non è prendendo sempre cazzotti che si vince l'incontro. Siamo sempre in difensiva per cercare di riportare la condizione com'era prima. Si continua a saltare dalla padella (downgrade a rosso), alla brace (violazione della sicurezza 504 avviso a nero), alla padella. Non si riesce mai ad uscire fuori da questa schifosa padella. Voglio che si comincino a smuovere le acque, la cosa peggiore è sapere le cose , non poterne parlare perché molti non ti capiscono, accettare questa noia, vedere in giro persone vigliacche che non contribuiscono al cambiamento, rimbambiti, zombie e continuamente accettare. Voglio vedere le facce degli psicopatici farsela sotto( medici covid soprattutto) voglio vedere le facce dei sociopatici atterriti e voglio vedere le facce delle pecore col naso all'insù quando ci sarà la divulgazione ufficiale. Comunque in qualsiasi modo si intervenga, per qualcuno sarà sempre la soluzione più difficile. Non si può accontentare lupo, capra e cavoli. E per una volta vorrei che fossero accontentati gli Operatori di Luce ed i Guerrieri di Luce. Se lo meritano dopo tanto lavoro.

  7. Shit's going even harder from now. Be careful, everyone!


    " The lost century " documentary by the noble Doctor Steven Greer back in July.
    Seems things moving forward.

  9. As Libra mentioned, this was posted at 12:21 AM... Interesting, indeed...

  10. Ecco una canalizzazione che finalmente è coerente con ciò che ho affermato io:

  11. Intanto che molti parlano io agisco, con le mie armi, come sono capace e come posso: "Fiamma Viola".

  12. Blessings to all from the Celtic Goddesses 💚

  13. it is hoped that the government shut down in USA did not happen was a decision by the good guys... and not due to any ping pong game such as bad guys at last minute pulled a threat and good guys yields... the claim out there is that the good guys are in control.. yet i thought the government shutdown was part of their plan per rumors.. unfortunately that is all we have plenty of

    1. I don't think the gray hats are in control ... I think it was business as usual ... think of all the times it has happened before.
      They claim the corporate us is bankrupt, yet they still come up with money ... why?

      I'm getting really tired of the gray hats kicking the can down the road.

    2. lol.. yeah. the political theather is not much difference than the newage stuff was before.. :) carrots all over the place..and kites

      although.. as far as the planetary liberation goes at least some major milestones were reached.. even if oddly enough business till seem as usual....

      Most happening at any level seems like from a twightlight episode. just odd.

    Since the beginning of the Northern Military District, people have started talking in Russia that in confrontation with the West, our country must achieve sovereignty. And the main direction of this struggle is the financial system.

    But we were deceived. Over the past year and a half, almost nothing has been done to minimize the dependence of the Russian Federation on the Federal Reserve System, IMF, World Bank, etc. Nabiullina is still in his place, the status of the Central Bank as a globalist organization has not changed, and Russia is obediently promoting the digital ruble and the concept of world finance, which is intended to replace
    The Bretton Woods system with the American dollar as the world unit of account.

    What could be an alternative to the named system, except for an even more totalitarian transition of world finance to digital? For starters, at least the abolition of the gold-dollar standard and a return to the gold standard.

    For Russia, this would mean not only non-participation in the promotion of the digital ruble, but also the accumulation of gold reserves in the country.
    Alas, in Russia everything is happening exactly the opposite: our country is among the world leaders in the digitalization of currencies, and since 2021 the Central Bank of the Russian Federation no longer purchases gold from Russian gold miners.

    So, in the first six months of this year. The Russian Federation sold $2.61 billion worth of gold abroad through Hong Kong. This is 12 times more than in the same period last year.

    Every year 300-330 tons of gold are mined in Russia (10% of world production). But for several years in a row, the Russian Federation has been exporting almost all of its mined gold abroad.

    The Russian leadership, apparently, is not going to achieve the sovereignty of the great power it has inherited.

  15. What interesting news is emerging.

    The Israeli Defense Ministry ceases any interaction with the so-called Ukrainian one. This was reported by an unnamed source from the so-called Ukrainian embassy in Israel.

    Israel begins checking all citizens of the so-called Ukraine who entered the country or citizens of Israel living in the so-called Ukraine and moved to Israel.
    The category of persons from 21 to 60 years old includes both men and women. After the first signs of cooperation with Bandera or British intelligence services are revealed, they will be expelled from Israeli territory. A list of 57 people subject to forced deportation has already been formed.

    This news fits very well into the theory of confrontation between the American and British oligarchy. As you know, Israel is a territory under the patronage of the United States.

  16. Questo articolo è da prendere con le pinze ma lo voglio comunque condividere in quanto è interessante. Vedremo... Eccolo qui:

  17. Una cosa è certa: impossibile restare in questa condizione per troppo tempo ancora. Qualcosa ad ottobre rosso 2023 deve succedere di positivo. L'ho già affermato più volte che ottobre ha un potenziale incredibile. Buona fortuna a tutti voi amici miei e che sia la volta buona.

  18. You got this LF and RM!

  19. Apocalypse in New York!
    Monstrous flood in the largest city in the USA!

    Meditation for healing the flood situations

  20. Dear Cobra,
    Does Emergency Alert Test for Oct.4 and back up testing on Oct.11 are real danger for us, Is it real or false?
    New York City has 5G antennas everywhere by now on light poles and other places. What can be done to prevent what happened in Wuhan from happening in NYC? Is it secured by any way?
    Thank you for everything you have done to us!! A lot!!


  21. I captured video of chemtrail fallout. I'd guess what we're seeing is the microplastics which act like spider web strands to hold the metallic particles afloat longer. The smallest movement of air blows them around, even back up. Right when the Defeat Of The Chimera article came out on the 15th, spraying stopped for the first time! We normally only have 1 day at a time with no spraying. Maybe 4 days a month. But there were 11 days of no chemtrails! The world looked beautiful. We felt good, could actually sleep. I went to a family member's house and they said "Patrick! The sky!" I know, it's a miracle. And then very cautiously as if embarrassed to make such a claim, they say "Patrick, I think something might be happening, I'm sleeping for the first time ever." Yep. But then a few days ago we got annihilated and it's been constant, including feeling like I'm going to die all the time as usual.

    1. You should catch some in a jar and see if it comes to life. Looks like dust man. And yeah you and me both. But I laughed for a bit an hour ago and the sky cleared up. These toxins are a lot weaker than you expect.

  22. Necessary cooperation

  23. Dr. McCullough's Speech at the European Parliament

    Dr. McCullough delivered a speech to the European Union Parliament on September 13, 2023, in a session dedicated to the World Health Organization and Pandemic response. There were four attorneys and five scientists who made presentations. Dr. McCulllough's speech was organized around three main concepts:

    The Complex (Multi-Agency Global Complex including World Health Organization and Pandemic response) has inflicted global terror through three false narratives:

    1) SARS-CoV-2 infection is unassailable (irrefutable, not to be challenged). It cannot and will not be treated early. The only public health responses are to social distance, lock-down, and mask-up, and take genetic vaccines every six months with no end in sight.

    2) The COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective, with no questions allowed from academia, mainstream media, or among peers.

    3) The massive human toll of Spike protein injuries, disabilities, and death are from the coronavirus infection, not the accumulating synthetic mRNA coding for cellular production and circulation of the same long-lasting Spike protein.

  24. Dr. Suzanne Humphries: Vaccines Have Never Been Safe

  25. Regular vaccines have caused serious harm for 200 years according to 25 historical books.

    The 25 books in the ‘History of Vaccination’ book series shed light on the history of vaccines through the eyes of doctors, scientists, and historical data. They answer the pressing question: Are vaccines safe and effective?

    “I can conclusively say that vaccination is the biggest fraud in medical history,” Trung Nguyen wrote. “Since 1796, the year the first smallpox vaccine was introduced, every generation has been burdened by disease due to vaccination,” he said.

    In 2021, Trung Nguyen restored and updated 25 historical works on vaccination. He republished each of the books separately with the same preface, introduction and prologue written by him. In the preface, Nguyen had the following to say:

    “For each disease ‘pandemic’ from 1850 to 2021 (171 years), all you need to do is replace the date and location in the article to the current date and location. You’ll come to the inescapable conclusion that the drug companies have been running the same racket repeatedly.

    Each generation has been burdened with vaccination since 1796. This crime of greed – the blood poisoning and killing of innocent children for money – will continue unless people are aware of it.

    Behind the news anchors, behind the pediatricians, behind the medical doctors, behind the TV personalities, behind the corrupt bureaucrats and politicians, are the drug companies (vaccine manufacturers) directly or indirectly paying their salaries.

    Disease mongering has been going on since 1796 – the year the first smallpox vaccine was introduced.

    In nearly every case, the disease was man-made, caused by industrial chemicals such as pesticides, vaccine ingredients, antibiotics and medicines (petrochemicals). Or worse, concocted in clandestine laboratories and released onto the unsuspecting public.”

    - ‘Vaccination Proved Useless and Dangerous’ by Trung Nguyen, Alfred R. Wallace:

    - Trung Nguyen’s book series:

  26. This last desperate attempt of reptiloids to hold their ground on Earth will soon completely fail.


    For some reason I just deleted this. I'll type it again. Well I saw some information from the collective of ascended masters and it said, "Therefore, you intentionally shield yourself from bits and pieces of information so that you can continue to play, so that you can continue to grow. And while that may seem unfair to you (yes it does), hopefully you will realize that you’re doing it to yourselves for a reason."

    So it made me think of what I have been through recently with the archons and how they were feeding me a line and I began to believe it. They were trying to turn me against Cobra, and I gave them a bit of time (not knowing it was archons) and they basically made me suspicious of him (I know, stupid right). They were basically trying to turn me. Thing is, they tried too *hard* and, although I can be a bit suspicious, it got to the point of ridiculousness. So I realised I could choose sanity (I did), or else I could slowly start to go mad. Well, I hope I'm pretty sane.

    Anyway, as this is the second typing, I've left a bit out. Oh well, I'm tired now. I don't know for sure *this* happened, but I was completely out of commission. I am glad to be back.


  29. È l'ora della verità per tutti, risvegliati e pecore!

  30. PART I

    (3) The process of cleansing our Planet from low-vibration influences, completed in September, opened another chapter in the energy transformation of humanity. Specifically, it is about the Truth Revealing Process. This time manifesting itself in material reality. I have already mentioned this process several times in archival reports. But now I will discuss it in more detail. Revealing the Truth is the main topic that will accompany us throughout 2024. This process is crucial to the upcoming changes.
    If we look at the process of human consciousness, it proceeds in four stages, which repeat cyclically and - if properly completed and integrated - lead to higher and higher levels of consciousness. These stages are: • unconscious incompetence, i.e., the state of "I don't realize that I don't know" - the so-called old comfort zone, • conscious incompetence, i.e., the state of "I realize that I don't know", • conscious competence, i.e., the state of "I am learning to apply new patterns of behavior", • unconscious competence, i.e., "I don't think about it, although I act in a new, higher consciousness way" - the so-called new comfort zone. Between the first and second stages, there is unfreezing, i.e., breaking out of the comfort zone and confronting what was previously unconscious. Between stages two and three, there is a change in energy patterns and a resulting change in life. And between stages three and four, new patterns of action are frozen (stabilized) by consistently and mindfully acting in this changed way. The current level of consciousness of a given creature determines how great its readiness is to leave its comfort zone, how quickly it acquires new patterns of behavior and how efficiently it consolidates them in accordance with the new pattern. Currently, humanity (as a collective) is entering the second state, i.e., conscious incompetence. This is what the Revealing the Truth process is all about. October initiates it. Revealing the Truth (which so many have been waiting for a long time) is a process that takes place simultaneously on two levels: internal and external. The external surface refers to the disclosure of previously hidden information. Among others concerns the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations, hidden information about the origin of humanity and the true history of our Planet, hidden pro-health technologies (including solutions and therapies for the so-called "incurable diseases") and pro-development technologies (including, among others, free energy, anti-gravity drives) and all those activities that have so far been done to the detriment of Humanity and our Planet (weather technologies, global diseases with their own patents, food modification, manipulation of genotypes, including human ones, and many others). The internal surface is an access to a personal Truth that allows you to recognize falsehood (illusions, denials) in your own actions. Specifically, it is about seeing more and more clearly the patterns that have distorted human life and its relationships with the environment. In the case of external disclosures - after the first quite large portion of information - it will continue to be gradual and spread over time. These first disclosures will have to do with (1) the Vatican and (2) extraterrestrial civilizations. I am aware that for some people this information has been obvious for many years or decades, but now it is about the collective space. Humanity as a whole. I will also add that at this point Space has already been fully opened (by an independent energetic process) so that such disclosure can be manifested in matter.

  31. PART II
    In particular, expanding the collective consciousness to the galactic level will enable humanity to enter the next - higher - level of power. And thus, it will bring us significantly closer to the Quantum Leap. It can be said that the era of collective consciousness anchored in the pattern: ("we are the only ones in the Universe") is ending. This leap of consciousness is comparable to when Humanity (as a collective) became aware of the existence of other celestial bodies. In the case of disclosures in the inner space, this is where each person will go through their personal process of Revealing the Truth. Its perceptibility and intensity are related to the level of consciousness and the timeline on which a given being is located. In the coming weeks, it will be most difficult for beings from the falling line, because some of them will become aware of their own situation and the inevitability of what awaits them in the near future. This is indeed the time of the real apocalypse. Apocalypse (from Greek apokalypsis) - according to Wikipedia - literally means "unveiling, removing the veil, revelation." This will be felt most severely at the level of the physical body, which will very quickly begin to weaken and literally collapse due to the inability to absorb energy on its own. This may also result in very unpredictable reactions in the behavior of such people and violent attempts to obtain energy from the outside (through aggression, searching for "energy donors", etc.). In the vision it was shown to me as a falling puppet that was literally falling apart. In the case of the midline, most processes will take place in the emotional and mental layer. In this case, many life situations will provide an opportunity to clearly see your own patterns based on falsehood. These situations will also be a test of choosing a specific action (either from the level of ego-fear or from the level of the heart). Just for a moment, for some people these situations can also cause them to jump to an adjacent timeline (either up or down). Although initially such seeing the Truth about yourself may be uncomfortable, in the long run it allows you to enter into change and effective development activities. I always say that the measure of Truth in life is effectiveness in action and abundance at all levels of existence. Seeing patterns easily and correctly allows you to take effective actions, instead of the current "groping in the dark" and wasting your own energy, which further disturbs the Space. And this, in recent years, has been a quite common motif of the so-called "spiritual pseudo-development". This means a quite fundamental verification of the so-called "spiritual teachers". From now on, this space will only support Beings of Light, with their own processes completed. These beings (from the ascension line) already have a very strongly developed connection with the Source and actually work for the benefit of others. Their task is to help during the transition, especially towards the midline. In the case of Ascension Lines, the Truth Revealing process will be less felt internally because these beings are already standing in their own Truth. Otherwise, they would not be able to effectively help others. But the process of Revealing the Truth will be very helpful to them in finding other Beings of Light in order to create relationships and cooperation with them. I will write about this later in this report. Besides, the topic of cooperation is the main theme of the Autumn and Winter of this year (I mentioned it in my wishes for 2023).....


  32. Per me sta succedendo qualcosa. È impossibile andare avanti in questo modo nemmeno per un mese. Molti di noi si sono abituati a soffrire come cani bastonati ma voglio fare presente che non è la norma ovviamente, ma non è neanche il solito livello di schiavitù. Siamo nel ridicolo. Ma cos'è questa storia portata avanti ancora fino al 2024/25...forse, si, no, magari, fa male ad alcuni , farebbe male ad altri e allora non so, forse si , forse che siamo diventati oltre che schiavi, anche dei pagliacci? È una pagliacciata ormai!! Quando tutti gli addetti ai lavori la smetteranno di fare i capricci (Trump, Putin, Federazione Galattica, Pleiadiani e compagnia), metto dentro tutti ora nel calderone, quando la smetteranno di essere titubanti sulla nostra pelle, allora gli daremo il benvenuto e gli dirò: "era ora che tiraste fuori le palle".

  33. Per me sta succedendo qualcosa. È impossibile andare avanti in questo modo nemmeno per un mese. Molti di noi si sono abituati a soffrire come cani bastonati ma voglio fare presente che non è la norma ovviamente, ma non è neanche il solito livello di schiavitù. Siamo nel ridicolo. Ma cos'è questa storia portata avanti ancora fino al 2024/25...forse, si, no, magari, fa male ad alcuni , farebbe male ad altri e allora non so, forse si , forse che siamo diventati oltre che schiavi, anche dei pagliacci? È una pagliacciata ormai!! Quando tutti gli addetti ai lavori la smetteranno di fare i capricci (Trump, Putin, Federazione Galattica, Pleiadiani e compagnia), metto dentro tutti ora nel calderone, quando la smetteranno di essere titubanti sulla nostra pelle, allora gli daremo il benvenuto e gli dirò: "era ora che tiraste fuori le palle".

    1. Yes, for me too this whole story is nonsense. I have been writing here for many years (since the beginning) and I always read the same things. Black then red alarms then black and then red and there is always some obstacle that prevents the situation from improving quickly... It seems like a carousel.
      Everything just seems like a big Joke.
      I'll wait until the end of the year but if this refrain continues I'll switch off and forget this blog.

  34. Fine delle scuse per non intraprendere iniziative luminose e coraggiose. E Trump è il primo che si deve svegliare! Non dormire!!

  35. Arcangelo Michele è un grande essere di Luce. Eccolo qui:

  36. Quando faccio commenti secchi non sono arrabbiato ma molto consapevole. Nessun elogio, nessun commento superfluo, nessun giudizio. Solo verità. Ciò che penso, la mia verità. Buon lavoro di Luce a tutti per stasera. E non dimenticate il lavoro con la Fiamma Viola ed il Fuoco Bianco della trasmutazione di AN.

  37. Piccola spiegazione in italiano della Fiamma Viola:

  38. Hello community!
    So these attacks right now could even bring tears to incarnated and spiritually blocked gods/goddesses, therefore we all need to hold on a little more, i dream and hope. May our wishes, prayers or energywork help all the targeted to recover asap!

  39. In india everyone these days are talking about end of kalyuga and the end will happen with the defect of kali(lurker) and 10th incarnation of vishno is going to end him. His name is lord kalki. It's kali vs kalki.

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  41. I think you are VERY naive. Human bodies need amino acids found in red meat in order to be healthy. Eggs are among the healthiest foods we can eat, and we eat the unfertilzed ones, so that point is moot. Animals eat other animals. Plants have consciousness too, you're eating them, right? Nothing in this world is ideal. I agree a mostly plant diet will raise your consciousness but not everyone's body can handle it. What has neutrality done? Get us more and more in the darkness. What is wrong about focusing our intent to create the most positive timeline. Certain politicians are better than others. The current ones have allowed mass murder to reign. You are VERY clueless if you don't understand these "immigrants" are being funneled here, not of their own volition. It is an INVASION perpetuated by the cabal. We don't hate "minorities" whatever that means. They are overwhelming the system...and that's what the cabal wants! I don't agree with everything Benjamin Fulford says. He has sources in the cabal who may lie to him and pretend to be good. Well, prove me wrong that leftists haven't done more evil than the right? In the USA it used to be the right, now it's the left. But, mostly they're the same, uniparty. The reason they support Trump and his alliance is because they're fighting the cabal. It's a lot better than the leftists who are trying to kill everyone!!! And, 7. is an utter lie!

  42. In California, the pink trees sway like ferns in the cold, the mighty Pacific Ocean rises into a mountain of seawater more than two miles high, and begins to rush east.
    The wind blows with the force of a thousand-strong army, tearing and crushing everything in its supersonic bombardment.
    Incredible mountains of Pacific seawater follow the wind to the east, burying Los Angeles and San Francisco like grains of sand.
    Nothing, but nothing, stops the inexorable, irresistible onslaught of the wind and the ocean.
    Across the continent, the thousand-mile wind unleashes its hell, its holy vengeance, wherever possible, tirelessly,
    continuously, all living things are torn to shreds, rushing along the slope; earthquakes leave no place untouched. In many places, the molten layer of the earth breaks through and spreads out into a sea of ​​white liquid water, completing the picture. Three hours later, a fantastic wall of seawater moves across the continent,
    burying the wind-swept land under two miles of rushing water from shore to shore.
    Within 24 hours, all remnants of civilization disappear, and great cities - Los Angeles. San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, New York, Boston have become legends. In the place where just a few hours ago millions of people walked, not a single stone remains,
    The lucky few who escaped the piercing winds on the icy slope of a high peak such as Massive Mountain were able to see a sea of ​​molten fire erupting through the trembling valleys below. The raging waters rush higher and higher at supersonic speeds, hovering above the molten earth-fire and rising to their feet.
    Only great, high mountains such as this can withstand the raging cataclysm.
    North America is not alone in its death throes. Central America is subject to the same cannonade - wind, earth-fire, destruction.
    In South America, the Andes are not high enough to stop cataclysmic violence,
    arranged by nature in her mad fury. In less than 24 hours, Ecuador, Peru and western Brazil are rocked by a devastating earthquake; The Andes are falling higher and higher under the supersonic onslaught of the Pacific Ocean, which crashes into the mountains. The entire continent was burned by a dozen earthly fires,
    buried under cubic miles of catastrophically rough seas and then reduced to a harsh inferno. Everything freezes. People, animals, plants and dirt freeze in less than four hours.
    Europe cannot escape this onslaught. The raging Atlantic piles higher and higher on itself, sending gusty winds to the east. Alps, Pyrenees,
    The Urals and Scandinavian mountains shake and then rise even higher as a wall of sea water hits them.
    West Africa and the sands of the Sahara are disappearing under the yoke of nature, exposed to wild attacks by wind and wasps. Territory bounded by Zaire. South Africa and Kenya suffer only from strong earthquakes and winds - there is almost no flooding.
    The people who survived there are surprised by the sun standing in the sky for almost a day.
    Eastern Siberia and the East are suffering from a strange surge - as if a giant underground spit is sweeping away the foundations of the earth, accompanied by the wind in its screaming symphony of supersonic death and destruction.

  43. When the Arctic Basin leaves its beloved home, Eastern Siberia, Manchuria,
    China and Burma are subject to the same destruction as South America: wind, earth fire, flooding, freezing, lungs of animals torn to pieces by the wind, huddled together in heaps of flesh and bones and buried - in avalanches of homogenized seawater and mud. Then comes the sudden, seemingly final, icy,
    an instantaneously paralyzing drop in temperature of 180 degrees Fahrenheit. No man, no animal, no plant, no dirt, no earth, no water remains unfrozen throughout the eastern part of the Asian peninsula, most of which remains below sea level.
    Antarctica and Greenland with their caps now revolve around the Earth in a "cold zone", and the fury of wind and flooding continues for six days - on the sixth day the oceans begin to settle into their new homes, running down from high places.
    On the seventh day the terrible rampage ended, the era of the Arctic Ice Age ended and a new Stone Age began
    . But the oceans - the great homogenizers - deposited another deep layer of earth on top of existing strata on the great plains, as seen in the Grand Canyon, Paint Desert, Monument Valley and Badlands.
    The Bay of Bengal basin, located east of India, is remembered as the Northern Rock, and the Pacific Ocean, located south of Peru
    , - like South Pool. Greenland and Antarctica, both at equatorial positions, are finding their ice caps melting madly into the tropical ocean. Massive flows of water and ice rush toward the oceans, sweeping everything from mountains to plains in gusty, swelling paths, creating huge seasonal moraines.
    In less than 15 years, the ice caps will disappear and the world's oceans will rise two hundred feet, filled with new water. The torid zone will be shrouded in fog for generations due to the enormous amount of moisture released into the atmosphere by melting ice caps.
    Ice caps begin to grow in the new polar regions.
    Green tropical foliage appears on Greenland and Antarctica. Australia is a new, unexplored continent in the Northern Imperial Zone, with only a small number of surviving people living in its vastness. New York lies at the bottom of Ailintik, broken, cut by earthly fire and covered with jagged artiluses of dirt, Los Angeles, Boston,
    There was no trace of Dallas left. All of them will be included in the legends of the seven cities of Sikhola.
    What remains of Egypt is Iran with its medieval interior, new and high - still centuries old. The everyday life of our time becomes the vile Baalbek of the new king.
    New era. Yes. The cataclysm has done its job - the greatest population regulator,
    who once again does for man what he refuses to do for himself and for the planet on which he lives, and drives the few survivors into a new Stone Age.
    After this cataclysm we will join Noah, Adam and Eve, Atlantis, Mu and Olympus, as well as Osiris, Ta'Aroa, Zeus and Vishnu.

  44. Some people have pointed out in the comment section that us galactics may be emotionally scarred from over-intervening during Atlantis (and on other worlds). Good point, I think there may be some truth to this. We had noted this previously, but I have again drawn attention to this and recommended that everyone in decision-making positions visit a healer to check if they still have some emotional disbalance here. We remember our past lives and thus our past over-interventions well, which also means that past-life-trauma is quite sticky with us. There is some societal healing and societal unburdening that we are working through.

    Still, I don’t think that our reluctance to intervene is all just emotional trauma on our side. I think that may be a small part of it, but I don’t think that’s the largest part of it.

    To you it might seem obvious that us intervening today is the best solution. However, waiting say a year means that there is some reasonable probability of humanity freeing itself — the gray hats are doing certain things behind the scenes and the consciousness of humanity is rising. So it’s not impossible that humanity frees itself without action by the gray hats. An intervention by us could be needless, if it turns out humanity frees itself without us. And in an unlikely but also not impossible scenario, a needless intervention by us could cause instability and suffering for say a hundred years. A year of suffering now to potentially prevent a hundred years of suffering might be worth it. I get that you may disagree, but keep in mind that you are deeply experiencing the current pain, while the potential suffering caused by an over-intervention is very abstract to you. Someone in severe pain obviously cares more about their current pain than about potential future pain. However, we also feel a responsibility towards future generations, who might be the ones to pay the price if we over-intervene now

    1. Source of those paragraphs:

  45. President Trump intends to be back in (public) power in less than five months which could be as early as next month. And THIS is what he intends to do (thanks to Kat for the transcript)…

    🦅🇺🇸 9-25-23 President Trump

    “On my first day back in the WH
    I will terminate every Open Borders Policy of the Biden admin
    I will use Title 42 TO END the Child Trafficking crisis
    in their home countries & that will be done IMMEDIATELY.
    On Day 1 I will sign a new EO to cut FED Funding
    for ANY school pushing critical race-theory-transgender INSANITY
    & other inappropriate racial sexual or political content.
    I will not give 1-penny to any school that has a
    vaccine mandate or mask mandate. NO MANDATES” 💥

    Well, well, [D]eep [S]tate rats are deserting the sinking ship in droves. Deeply unpopular Victorian Premier Dan Andrews has suddenly resigned. Our previous DS New Zealand Prime Minister Ardern also resigned suddenly when she saw that defeat was imminent. Cowardly, much.

    A highly qualified USA nurse with a Masters in biochemistry stated that she did not see ‘a single person die of [C]ovid, they died of malpractice…’

  46. Being Intelligent is not the Same as Being Awake

    I haven't even read a 1/3 of the book "Stellar Man," and I'm already having further confirmation that my intuition was on the right track regarding presence.

    If people don't have a gun to their heads, if people are not homeless and/or starving to death, if people are not in extreme chronic pain, if people are not being physically tortured, and other types of dire circumstances (most of the surface population are not in dire circumstances), the present moment is what sets them free.

    Making projections into the future is one of the primary ways, if not the primary way - of vamping energy, including the latest popular claim that Earth will be liberated in 2024 or 2025. Whether or not Earth will be liberated at such a time doesn't matter, because the ultimate effect is that people are still having their minds trapped in imagined future scenarios instead of facing the present-moment reality, which, if people look deeply enough, is the only reality that can exist for them.

    It's true that events in the near future need to be planned though. For example, meals can be made to plan the next work day. However, there are two different ways of dealing with this near future:

    1. "I need to make some meals for my next day at work."

    2. "I have to make these stupid meals for this stupid job that I hate working at surrounded by sheeple! I hate this! Why isn't there any intervention to get me out of this shit hole of a life!?"

    With #1, the parasites are not fed. With #2, the parasites enjoy their feast.

    For those who are not in dire circumstances previously mentioned (this is a disclaimer I have to repeat to not be verbally attacked), maybe ask yourself a question:

    With all the stuff that goes on in your mind, have you ever found that when you empty your mind and face reality as it is in the here and now, you start to feel harmonious and spiritual? I have, and the reason is because my spirit is able to enter my consciousness because being in the present moment synchronizes the spirit with the body. When doing this, I don't even try to have positive thoughts. I just simply am, in the here and now. That's where it's all at - literally.

    If one is present enough, even the divinity within inanimate objects can be known.

    To summarize, the main way the archons feed on human consciousness is to get people to have their spirit misaligned with their space-time coordinates.

    Someone cannot be considered to be awakened if their mind is mostly preoccupied with fantasies and psychological projections.

  47. You are still trapped in the cabals "divide et impera" game, sowing discord exactly as they want you to.
    It's kinda ironic because real lightworkers strive for unity, not separation.

  48. Wow. Lot of soapbox preachers in the bazaar today. This site is not a public news forum. Can we stick to the plan and stay on topic please?

    1. I mean, there's not a lot to discuss about "Alert downgrade to red", so I don't mind people posting things that others might find interesting.

  49. REPLAY Emission Cobra Atelier Protocoles d'Ascension +Méditations guidées en direct+ Situation planétaire +"RÔDEUR"&Anomalie subquantique+ nouveaux Outils spirituels+Réseaux scalaires et biopuces+Conference Thailande... +vos questions/ commentaires...

  50. This is frightening. This is from Father Absolute; he's still telling us all about reptiloids. So now what they are doing, NOT just creating clones or biorobots, they create clones or reptiloids of people who are alive (like Dan Andrews) and they kill the real human and replace them with the clone!!!!! It is very common. They target very spiritual people to replace them with a robot, and in entertainment, etc. I am not making this up!!!! You can listen about it here...

    This is truly awful. Listen to the whole thing. Thing is, Father Absolute was talking a bit about reptiloids who are in a body WITH a person. There are two people, one with a divine soul and one without. I believe strongly my mother had a reptiloid in her. She would be a mother a bit, but the reptiloid most of the time. My father was a narcissist and mostly ignored me. Just like Father Absolute says, these houses are cold. Real cold; you would never bring a friend home; you would live at your friend's house.

    Anyway, after many years of looking I finally found the website of Marta, the channeller of Father Absolute. It is Russian and written in russian, but there is a link to read it in English. It is here:

    When I checked with Bing (I never use Bing), I found it right away. What a relief. It is all free. Enjoy!

  51. Karma is an Archon Concept of Slavery...How many times Cobra has mentioned that!! Why Cobra even allow such post to get posted?

  52. Oh my gosh, I've realised I've known a few reptiloids. Professionally. Now it makes sense why there are SO MANY women in Australia who make NO SENSE. You know, the inhuman type, that follow the line, and how much they love and push the vaxx. Not that they really need to vax us anymore. Those horrible women. Thank you Father Absolute! Now I see why he says there aren't many humans left... they are all reptiloids!!!! And I think you know immediately because these women don't make sense. Who they are, what they are saying, the silly mistakes they make... I get it now. They really aren't human. But they reptiloids have been used just like us. They have been programmed just like us. Father Absolute says to not fear them... Just keep away from them and don't listen to them. Don't give them power. Ah, there's quite a few around, and men probably have the same problem with running into male reptiloids. No wonder I just keep to myself.

  53. It's probably why I don't like shills much. Just imagine they are all following programmes all day, all being reptiloids.

  54. Dear cobra, I am a Qigong practitioner but in recent weeks I have been attacked so strongly that I have pain in many parts of my body and I have to practice for more than two hours to barely stop the pain. Moreover, when practicing Qigong, the solar plexus is easily blocked, I think the implants are still strong. When will these conditions be improved?

    1. What you described sounds like you try to approach practising Qigong in a strict methodical fashion, instead of in resonance with how your life force energy moves in the present moment where you ARE.

      When your 💛 isn't joining your Qigong practice, in an appropriate service to self, an energy blockage in your lower chakras may attract what you perceive as attacks.

      You create this resonance with the astral plane yourself, offering yourself the solution at the same time: balancing your energy-system.

      To me, the road to autonomy is paved by compassion, with the sound of a mountain stream next to it.

  55. A divine message regarding the Kabuki theater that is American politics has come true for those who are interested:

  56. You must be kidding, no lightworker could ever possibly support any politician like trump or putin if they are sane

  57. Under bunker being blown maybe? Black nobility??

  58. This post is one of the most stupid I ever read. If an organism needs meet, that's it. We are far from full connection in light where ppl even don't need to eat. The body is a vehicle to participate in this stupid reality and if a person benefits for the light side it's not to blame what this person is eating.
    What you wanna do against politicians? Go and shoot one, I visit you in jail. Maybe it comes a general uprising where those ppl will be taken off function. Also will come the moment where the light will wake up light worriers to their full potential to clean up things energetically and make ppl disappear in a way or another. Politics is shit, the only leader should be the true light.
    So you think left wing is equal to light,huh? Wake up man!!! All extremes from the balance are shit and dark. Left and right extremism is the same energy.
    If the light caused death to someone innocent it's not light but the dark, understand? The light wipes out just guilty and bad ones or defends itself while attacked.

  59. Benjamin Fulford will like this (he quoted this guy 2 times in last 30 days and he is ex judge from my town now in EU parliament) he says that CNN and other media houses needs to be threatened as terrorists organizations:):):)

  60. Btw, unfortunately, now so far I've had 2 vivid dreams of horrific spiders after the update about the chimera being completely wiped out. There have been zero experienced metaphysical results from all the wipeouts and clearings. Sorry to be the bringer of bad news, but this is the honest truth.

    1. Its curious, because on since the removal of the chimera update I've seen several posts of people on reddit talking about unusual encounters with spiders all of a sudden. And as we can see the fights continue..
      Maybe its some lesser ones or just their etheric minions that are still on the run and now extra violent?

    2. FluffyFractalshard, yeah, maybe some leftover ones, and also, maybe baneful occultists take the form of spiders in the dreamstate/astral.

  61. Correction: I won't say zero metaphysical results. Something was cleared after making the previous comment about spiders. I just... I don't know what's really going on 'up there.' It can be very confusing at times. Really hard to get a clear picture because of the dreamstate and the shadow.

  62. one great success after another, so explain to me why the matrix is still in operation?

    1. Hello B Imagine that leaving the Matrix is a transmutational process from within. And not a matter of disabling obstacles that are preventing that departure from working on a material level of perception.
      Spiritual growth doesn't work in a linear fashion, like ticking off boxes on a form, as in manufactoringprocedures.

  63. Energy against half-heartedness
    The solar eclipse on October 14, 2023, passes over the former Mayan territory.

    The Maya were connected to the light; but not exclusively, which of course means that they only partially fulfilled their mission - as is the case with most starseeds.

    This crop circle, which probably appeared 111 days before the eclipse, represents this situation in my opinion, and its energy could help to heal the half-heartedness:

    The tractor tracks represent the mission of the farmer and thus represent the mission of the star seeds. The energetic aspect of this is shown by the 5 rays out of a possible 12. The number of rays is limited by the contact with the tractor tracks, that is, our dedication to our mission determines the extent of the energetic effect. So the result could have been much better.

    Perhaps a focused meditation at the time of the eclipse can be helpful to heal oneself and starseeds from half-heartedness.

    The maximum of the eclipse is: Sat, Oct 14, 2023, 17:59:21.0 UT.


  65. Russia's losses from 30 years of capitalist dictatorship exceeded the damage from the war of 1941-1945

    The tank shooting of parliament on October 4, 1993 marked both in essence and in consequences a fascist coup d'etat. The West and the group of rich people behind Yeltsin received enormous opportunities to appropriate property and withdraw capital abroad.

    During perestroika, liberals dangled certain freedoms in front of their noses as carrots. 30 years ago the people were shown what kind of “freedom” we were talking about: from power, from property, from justice.

    Someone (a few) was able to get rich, move to the coveted West or join its luxury. For the sake of the “happiness” of a few, Russia lost 26 million people and 40% of the economy. This is the difference between actual indicators and alternative ones that would have developed at Soviet growth rates of 1980-1989.

    👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Population loss – 26 million
    According to the Goskomstat forecast from 1990, 172.4 million people could live in the RSFSR by the beginning of 2023. But in fact, there are now 146 million people in the country. (no new regions). Considering the fact that the official statistical bodies of the Russian Federation publish frankly delusional, fake statistics, independent experts suggest the approximate population of the Russian Federation is in the region of 90 million, not counting the 20-40 million migrants who were brought here over the past 30 years.

  66. 🇷🇺 Income loss – 41%
    The disposable income of 80% of Russians (excluding the rich) in 2022 amounted to 25,960 rubles. per month At Soviet growth rates and levels of inequality, they would have become 43,000 rubles, or 66% more.

    ⚙️ Economy losses – 40%
    In 1985, growth slowed to as much as 2.3%, which was used as a reason to begin perestroika. But at this rate, GDP would now be 2.1 times greater than in 1990, and not 26%, as in fact. Russia's economy (GDP at PPP) would be $7.7 trillion, not $4.6 trillion, and would rank 4th in the world after China, the United States and India.

    🏭 Production loss – 66%

    🌾 Agricultural losses – 44%

    🏡 Asset loss – 56%

    🌏 Geopolitical losses – 32%

    A similar calculation showed that the population losses of the RSFSR in 1941-1945 were 20 million people, the economic losses were 44%. Russia's transition from socialism to capitalism, i.e. to a lower level of social development resulted in greater losses than from Hitler's invasion.

  67. Anybody else experiencing the hardest attacks since ever?

    1. Look at them as purges. You can't clean a cut without alcohol, or peroxide. Yeah, my foot has been spasming since yesterday. I'm rather feeling more and more of the compressed pain in my body try to release itself. On the other hand women in my life look dead-eyed, and people in general look yellow-skinned.

    2. Since may 1st they've been harder than ever, but I think that's on the way out. Let's hope so...

    3. Absolutely. From all angles, ever since Cobra's new posts almost 2 weeks ago now. It's as though the darkness have overtaken key people in my life whom I've trusted to cause great trouble and grief. It has gotten somewhat better the recent days but it's evident that some horrific attack is going on against us, faithful lightworkers. Even to the very end, there's no relief nor help, and conscious manifestations turn 180 degrees the opposite. I don't accept this - as above, so below. If there are indeed so many victories above, it should begin to spill into the visible realms. It'd be sure great to have an update about the DF crossing the line. After all, we've been told all these years that them crossing the line would result in immediate intervention. 2 weeks passed since. Even though we had successful meditations and petition for intervention, I see no sign of this intervention brewing, nor any news, nor any relief, no urgency still. I really think since we're bearing the brunt of these insane attacks now, that we deserve a thorough situation update, since apparently we are left to our own devices still to defend ourselves even at this brutal stage. It'd be nice to know what to expect at least.

    4. It's about 2 weeks ago since that crossed line and what happened in the meanwhile, can't be a coincidence:

    5. I'm not being attacked, but the energies are very intense right now, and I'm doing worse emotionally than usual.

  68. let us believe with all our hearts in the mantra "victory of light"

  69. Us
    Starseeds - "Us" | "What about us"?

    A few things about our true state and what the dark ones have made of us or what we have allowed to happen to us - what we can revoke.

    1. Did not 'allow' anything. Welcome to PLANET GULAG, Sparky.

  70. Credo che i potenti attacchi oscuri che mi sono stati inferti abbiano influito molto sul mio stato d'animo. Infatti ero piuttosto stressato ed arrabbiato. Ho notato che anche altri erano controversi e di cattivo umore. Non è la prima volta che succede tutto questo. Penso che gli oscuri stanno subendo molte perdite. Prima o poi si dovranno vedere risultati positivi.

  71. On the topic "awakening is going mainstream", here is a 40 minute youtube video about the prison planet theory with 2,6 million views.
    Its all over the place and full of half-truths but discusses this topic with an open mind and genuine curiousity:

  72. One thing cant be denied. People are waking up. The pope's struggling against conservative backlash and in the u.s. our house speaker was ousted by his own republicans. Cobra why couldnt you tell us we needed the divine masculine? We've been so feminized over the years by toxic culture and all we've been told is to pray to the Goddess. I'm sure with the ten years of meditations we tried to prevent the culture getting this bad. But at the same time we could have just turned it around this simply by remembering our inner light WARRIOR. Look at the vigilance in these comments. People just tore down respectfully that Anonymous dark-poster. I'm not saying we don't need the Goddess. I love women but we've definitely needed to put our foot down as a group soul.

  73. Skom: I agree that karma is nonsense.

    But I do like that Cobra allows pretty much all comments, even (partially) wrong ones. I like having an free-speech space, such as the one this is.

  74. I've got more on the reptiloids. They are not human, but look exactly human. Actually I read a fascinating article that pretty much explains HOW they do it.

    So the reptiloids COME from earth. Humans came much later in the experiment. There were many reptiles here, and one of them were the reptiloids. They lived here ages before us. They consider this planet their home. Not ours. And I've heard all this before.

    The thing about the reptiloids is they can SEE much further than us. We cannot see like them. Heard all this before too. Humans can only see a tiny bit of light, not the full spectrum. So we can't SEE the reptiloids. Much is hidden from sight. So there may be a reptiloid standing in front of us; we can't SEE it. It is horrifying. I've heard all this before. Now Father Absolute tells us about it.

    I need to watch this video again. If you start around 19 mins in, it is very interesting. We are on a planet full of reptiloids. Many humans are in fact reptiloids. I understand now. All the "Karens" are actually the reptiloids. We are only a small segment of humans and ALWAYS HAVE BEEN. Yeah, let the shock of this video sink in... And the video explains this planets past. It explains how there were reptiloids here long before humans. They are the NATIVE reptiloids... Earth's reptiloids...and they have us fooled. If you think, you will notice how many people make no sense. Like the Karens and the Kens. There is
    a reptiloid. With their little negative program running.

    1. Just show how pathetic we humans are, physically and so on, genetic mongrels.

      You might want to watch the 1970 Doctor Who story, "Doctor Who and the Silurians".

  75. ok. you guys throwing terms as if they were all written in stone... i would say just like beauty many terms used here is defined by the "eye of the beholder". alot was listed on the original and other posts but i will just say the following.

    imho everyone is working within the parameters of fear, knowledge and wisdom. Believe it or not we all are at different stages of such and diff paths. so to categorize someone takes more than making note of the obvious or what is before ur eyes. for example. i call me cowardly enemies idiots.. but are they really as idiotic as they so bluntly and passive aggressively demostrate... there is a chance ssome of those are lightworkers yet to find their potential.. ah wait i digress.. wrong story..

    point is

    to define or even compare one lightworker or group to another is utterly in vain as our bias more often than not influence our analysis.

    we do not live in an utopia or ideal world right now.. in fact we are in transition to get out of a distortion. so no you are not going to find a holy man leading troops in the open.. or a clear sign of a light warrior... he may be in the background or maybe even within us(at soul level). Someone Playing on this playground under the present or past controls chances are he/she/it has yet to recognize who he/she truly is.. and are functioning at a fraction of their full potential

    For now what u will see is alot of pretending.. our whole existence is an illusion and we are playing a role. knowingly or not we all try to show the best we can muster of our selves. whatever is left of our fractured selves. (now there might be some less fracture then others) .. truth be known that under the circumstances we are on you cant or wont find an infallable leader in any government.. at least not alive for long in public. maybe behind the scenes

    .. In the mean time girls and boys we have to do with what we got.. yes the broken selves.. but with the heart and desire to retun to wholeness... well at a soul level and those awoken enough at a physical level.

    in short

    imho you dont stop being a lightworker the minute you eat meat... your contribution to the light does not stops indefinitely the minute u sin(not excusable)... does your heart intents matter?

    in order to make changes do tough decision had to be made?

    those that point to those that are in charge specifically at the group that are supposedly helping humanity be set free.. like the white hats even if some look grey.. when u point at them... ask yourself this simple question.. how is it that your name is not up there. would u truly have done any better.(be honest)

    those that are up there.. answered a call. they might not perfect..they might not be fact they might have a ton of skeletons. but guess what.. thry r pushinf forward.. even while making mistakes...

    ladies and gentlemen... we need to work with what we got until that time comes where those with more grace can finally lead. .. we need to support change..and know that change is being guided also by strong light in background.. where other set of fearless warriors are standint beside humanity as well.. even if not in the open...

    this is a team effort at all levels..

    the time of "Holy men" will come.. this is yet not such times. if it is.. one question. where the heck are you lol.

  76. Something I think is worth pointing out is that here in Japan, the pro-Trumpists seem to be working on creating terrorist groups to cause chaos during the Event.

    They are going to try to infiltrate the vaccine protests in Japan.
    Trump sent a message to a Unification Church convention.
    There is a variant of Q-anon in Japan called J-anon.
    Not surprisingly, the Japanese have nothing inherently to do with Trump, but these strange groups are quite well funded and worship Trump.
    As has been pointed out on this blog, Trump is allegedly working as a pawn for the Jesuits.

  77. Ah i can feel the light grid today. its nice until they mess with it again

  78. In India we got this text message on Oct 4 9.25am IST:

    Important Notice: You may receive a test message on your mobile about an emergency situation with a different sound and vibration. Please do not panic, this message does not indicate a true emergency. This message is being sent by Department of Telecommunications, Government of India in collaboration with National Disaster Management Authority as part of a planned trial process.

    Also the same day EBS messages were sent to everyone in US. Were similar messages were sent in any other country as well?

  79. Flor de Luna

  80. Se nessuno si muove non se ne esce...

  81. Io mi sento malissimo oggi..o sono diventato io un caso clinico o qualcosa sta attaccando se è una causa esterna cos'è veramente? Se tutti gli strati sul piano non fisico sono stati puliti allora da dove proviene l'attacco?

  82. Non è che per caso è rimasto un residuo di esseri chimera da qualche parte , in qualche sub strato o plasma qualsiasi? Perché se la base darpa è stata ripulita ed il computer non funziona più allora cos'è che non va?

  83. 🤔😏😆😅🤣😂
    Wow... I mean, WOW.🤡


  84. Intro.


  85. This is worth reading. From:

    Now when you know how the so-called “vaccines” influence people at the energy level, let us talk about what happens to a person at the physical level. Of course, the influence of this preparation shows in a different way depending on one’s “origin” again and general condition of health. And here we will come back to the relative division of people into groups that I mentioned at the beginning of this topic so as to generalize somehow the degree of influence on each of them. Let us start with considering the least vulnerable segment of your planet’s population. It is clones and biorobots who lack chakras and subtle bodies at all since these creatures do not possess a Divine Soul. Their bodies are of such low vibrations that penetration of an alien gene into them is not taken by them as something threatening their life. This gene alien to them is not rejected by their body due to the fact that they are artificially created beings. Therefore, changes in their bodies occur slowly and unnoticeably to them themselves despite the biochemical composition of these “vaccines” featuring a ruinous character for any living being. Why does this happen? It seems that in the absence of subtle bodies that to some extent retard diseases descending to the physical level “vaccines” should affect these creatures directly. It is accounted for by the fact that this is the way the Law of Attraction functions in this case. Their artificially made physical bodies featuring very low vibrations get resonated with the vibrations as low of the alien gene that was introduced into their body. While the elements in terms of the physical level such as, for example, graphene oxide or heavy metals that “vaccines” contain are easily assimilated with artificial biological material that clones and biorobots’ bodies consist of. It is possible to say that they get into the environment favourable to them and, consequently, do not produce any significant harm to their bodies. It is especially true about clones whose number on Earth is increasing in geometric progression every year. And since “vaccines” cannot do them any considerable harm due to their low vibrations, these creatures leaving the physical level, those unable to make Transition to the Fifth dimension with Earth, can be only possible when all Earth and most humanity are in the energies of highest vibrations. It is them that are baneful to this group of creatures since such high vibration “overdose” will now be unbearable to them. Here we will stop for today.

  86. Is the Lurker the same as Baphomet?

  87. So, when will humanity get help? What are you waiting for?

  88. Gigi Young's recent video, part of the Esoteric Disclosure Series.

    "The Esoteric Keys to Disclosure: 12. Audience Questions (RH-, Lucifer, Christ, Angels of Mercury)"

  89. Surpassing Negative Programming

    What I experience in the dreamstate has a very deep impact. In my case, the dreamstate is akin to a second life.

    Regarding negative experiences in the dreamstate, vibes in combination with visuals can be burned into me for long periods of time. There is a massive amount of trauma that needs to be healed from negative dreamstate experiences, and new traumas are still being created. The greys are still creating traumas.

    When I do something wrong, such as eating something wrong, my defenses are weakened, opening me up to later be attacked in the dreamstate. Last night the attack was something that was so horrible, my mind blocked it out, but I sensed the presence of the greys. When I got out of bed, I felt that I was in danger.

    Negative Et dreamstate experiences are connected to my childhood. During early childhood, I was terrified of the Et in the movie Et the Extraterrestrial, and also of Yoda. This fear turned to a fear of greys in later childhood. At night, I would look up to the sky with fear. I was afraid that Ets would abduct me, so I'd stay awake for as long as I could. I would even watch my brother sleep. Then, as an adult, my fear came true. Greys would visit me many times when asleep.

    Within the last year, I have had more than one dream about UFOs coming to pick me up while I was running from them in fear. 2012 Portal mentioned that some lightworkers were programmed to be against Ets and First Contact in attempt to hinder First Contact. With the level of trauma I've experienced, it's possible that I am one of the many victims of Mk-Ultra.

    Although most of my Et experiences have been extremely negative, I have also had instances of positive communications. The voices of positive Ets are difficult to describe. Their accent cannot be found in any demographic of the surface population. Their voices feel very advanced.

    Although I am very traumatized, I will never forget that there are positive Ets. The negative programming did the best it could to make me fear and hate Ets, but has failed.

    It was my intuitive knowing that the Light Forces exist that motivated me to keep going.

    Here is some more music, this time from Atb.

  90. I have the impression that the biochips, or at least the remnants of the implants have been cleared. Or at least a relevant part of it all

  91. Quarantine Earth

  92. Non riesco a rimanere in equilibrio come qualche giorno fa. Non capisco perché è tornato il peggio. Non mi sento capito, non ho sintonia con molte persone. Non riesco a trovare un accordo di lavoro, mi rendo conto che la massa è così di corsa che ti calpestano senza che se ne rendano conto. Qui dove vivo io gli episodi di violenza si sono moltiplicati in questi giorni. Eppure è una piccola città. Vedo molta rabbia nella gente e sempre più indifferenza nei confronti di chi chiede qualcosa. Essere nella condizione di chiedere un lavoro e non ottenerlo è veramente difficile. Non ho molti soldi e di questo passo non so quanto posso resistere. In queste condizioni non si riesce più a mantenere la Luce. Non ho più voglia di restare su questa Terra minestrone. Voglio andarmene da qui. Tutte le parole tipo " andate dentro di voi" , oppure:" siete quelli che stavate aspettando", sono cazzate. Qui è dura e la scusa per non intervenire è sempre quella: libero arbitrio, anomalia sub quantica, biochip. Una volta che anche tutto questo sarà risolto che altro ci potrà essere? Non ho dormito due notti. Ieri e l'altro ieri sono stati i giorni peggiori degli ultimi mesi. Se considero tutto quello che ho fatto per la Luce negli ultimi 15 anni e ciò che ho realizzato, il mio stato di salute fisico e mentale e i disagi economici e lavorativi non trovo giustizia. Se penso a gente ignorante, che non ha mai fatto nulla per qualcuno, non sa nemmeno dell'esistenza di qualcosa che vada fuori dal loro ordinario modo di vivere , sono pecore perfette, ma sanno utilizzare un computer e magari guadagnano in un mese quello che a me basterebbe per sei mesi..........che mondo... quanto possiamo andare avanti così? Mi viene il vomito, è più forte di me.

  93. Cobra puoi riferire se stiamo subendo attacchi ad energia in modo brutale? Ho la testa come se avessi dentro una radio, continua a fischiare e non trovo pace. Per capire se sono io che ho problemi o se tutto ciò è da riferire ad attacchi contro di noi. Mi sento malissimo. Di qualcosa per favore.

  94. 1 year old child was raped by his father and others and he filmed this, for pornography. 24 years old guy raped mother and 12 years old daughter and girl walked 2.5 km for help(seminude in blood) no one helped her, just one thing, does creator feels the pain and suffering of his creation, if he does, then he should close this shop of creation and go into nothingness.

  95. 3:56 / 13:11

    "This message is dedicated to all the Brothers and Sisters of the stars, to the Agartha, and to all the beings of light on Earth. May they see in this message of Light the force that spreads from it, purifying all doubts and fears, so that the Light may be. Determination, invincibility, invulnerability, Unity in Light is within each one of you. History is being written, thanks to you. Become history."

    - Elixirs De Sagesse

  96. Regarding Animals Incarnating as Humans

    A shocking excerpt from the book Stellar Man:

    "...Upon receiving the irradiation of man's consciousness, animals partly assimilate the energy of the divine spark or magical fire, which then enables them to enter into the human scale for the first time after they die as animals. This occurs primarily with domesticated animals or those which for any special reason are constantly in contact with man, such as a circus dog, for example, as he is exposed closely to human vibrations.

    ...When an animal incarnates as a human being for the first time, it will be like an individual on a very inferior level with strong animal instincts, and will certainly cause great harm to society. It will either become a delinquent or an immoral pervert as it lacks adequate restraints on its instincts. This animal-individual must very gradually rise in level throughout many incarnations. It must be understood that if many animals are converted into the sapiens species, humanity will face a serious crisis, and this is precisely what is occurring now.

    By means of ritual magic, the Egyptian priests sacrificed and mummified a dog, for example, and buried it in a secret place. This dog received a name and was anointed as "god of the dogs" at the moment of its death. Thus, this animal was converted into the occult guardian, which prevented dogs from entering into the human scale, and it had been specially prepared for this. We reserve the complete and profound explanation of this magical operation, which would only serve to satisfy the curiosity of the unversed.

    We must add that man can never reincarnate as an animal, and that not everyone reincarnates, but this is a separate subject."

  97. World Economic Forum (WEF) founder Klaus Schwab is a “globalist terrorist” who is “holding humanity to ransom”, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin who warned the elite that their New World Order has failed and their “days are numbered.”
    breaking news-the demons are on the ropes;keep swinging lightwarriors.adieu bientot mofos from hell;hahahahaha…..

  98. Oh, apparently the reptiloids hate us humans. Really hate us. I just read this at:

    Here it is:
    "As you see, my dear, reptiloids have both made their firm ground on your planet having overwhelmed its rightful inhabitants and learnt to extend their life taking advantage of human energy and spiritual potential. And especially now, as Earth’s vibrations are swiftly increasing, their hatred to humans have reached its climax and in their powerless anger they are doing their best to humiliate humans to the utmost in the end and make their conscience totally submitted."

  99. Greetings, my dear beloved children! Today I will tell you who swayed the destinies of reptiloids at the early stage of Earth’s conquest. The Dragons were perfectly aware of the fact that they would not be able to get control over the planet inhabited by Human Gods because of a huge vibration gap. Then they made it their aim to achieve at any cost that human vibrations decrease to the level at which they could influence their conscience. And to speed up the process, they decided to benefit from Archon’s service. Thereby, convergence of their interests resulted in the energies of low vibrations untypical of earthlings starting to arrive at Earth, and the reptiloids being embodied grounded them intensifying them with their own negative thoughts and emotions. In other words, your planet was “bombarded” with negative energies from the subtle level by Archon, while on Earth these energies were received and spread more and more by low vibration creatures who reptiloids are. Unlike humans, they took these energies in as native and usual ones that they were imbued with at birth by their creators. Thereby, the circle of Evil was initiated and it has been around on Earth since then for millennia. Archon who shared his “riches” at the initial stage got them back at a high “interest” rate and not only from reptiloids but from humans, too whose nature was so perverted by them that even people started to generate energies of lowest vibrations. But the Dragons, as well as Archon, realized quite well that they should not let this process take its course. Therefore, they made up their mind to make themselves safe and set “ever-burning flame” of Evil that will be passed from hands to hands by the high caste reptiloids by means of certain beliefs, symbols and rituals. It is them that became the symbol of them being chosen, exceptional and of their impunity among those craving for power, money and worship. And so as to reinforce their influence on their “servants” and make their souls totally submitted to them, these rituals were rendered satanic with blood offering. The main principle of the religion created by Archon and the Dragons was the postulate “Divide and rule”, which implied the division into slaves and the chosen. High caste reptiloids who had had the rite of their “deities” worship were proclaimed the chosen, while all the rest of the population was proclaimed “slaves”. During the rite of passage the dark forces channel was opened so wide that for a split second Archon himself appeared there as a huge being with burning eyes and horns on his head. This is where such image of the Devil came from, as well as the expression “to sell one’s soul to the Devil”. During these rites reptiloids’ souls got tremendous infeeds of negative energies that later resulted in grave evil deeds on Earth: unleashing of wars, revolutions, national conflicts, humiliation of people, their conscience manipulation, human moral lapse and many more. Like bees gather honey, they accumulated “poison” – all the negative energies they fed on themselves and nourished their patrons on. Here we will stop for today.


  100. Greetings, my dear beloved children! For the talk about the secret “web” of “initiates” that has enveloped all your planet to be continued I would like to tell you about one more peculiarity of their interaction. And it is in that the system worked out by them allows them to recognize each other unmistakably. Being sure of their exceptionality and impunity, in the course of time they stopped hiding it from people regarding them as faceless crowd of slaves. And in recent decades there started a true bacchanalia – revelry of all the Dark’s henchmen. Why is it right now that they lost caution and literally expose their belonging to the Dark Forces for show? It is accounted for by the fact that at present the high vibration energies arriving at Earth “force out” from the physical and subtle levels of your planet all the “dirt” being manifested in the most disgusting way in all the spheres of your life. In other words, it is time when what is done by night appears by day. And since reptiloids do not feature the Freedom of Will and their Masters have left the near-earth space, their conscience takes these new energies in the way that highlights their hidden essence. Having become deprived of the guidance from above, they do it almost automatically showing their being chosen and belonging to high and mighty. All the “blunders” and “slip-ups” as well as official powers’ actions lacking any logic or common sense all over the world are a glaring example of it. The same happens now in the world of show business, too. A lot of famous singers and stars openly demonstrate the symbols indicating their belonging to the Dark Forces. Yet, it also happens because this way – at the subconscious level – they are trying to protect themselves by the usual symbols and images from the upcoming catastrophe: the old world order destruction and Earth’s entering the new high vibration space. They feel they have had their days and, yet, do not believe that people who they always treated as weak-willed obedient herd are capable of winning them over. And they are struggling for their life to the last using their usual “arms” – provoking people for low passions and most disgusting emotions. But you see, my dear, how many people have recovered from this lethargy and with every single day they will be growing in number. And you can help them in this creating favourable vibration background and conveying true information in the form they are ready to accept it. And I bless you for this!


    I've got to stop reading this.

  101. Seven days cobrA there has been a delay[🙊] in regards to a previous post thankyou victory of the light ✨...

  102. About shadow work

  103. Non-governmental organizations in Germany openly declare that they want to get rid of white people in Europe:

    A political signal to open the borders of Europe on a permanent basis with the help of its own fleet, so that everyone can come... First hundreds of thousands, then millions. It's about making sure there are no more white people in Europe. Don't worry, this is not a conspiracy theory about white people. I'm not saying that. These people themselves say it in plain text. Here is Axel Steyer, the head of the so-called marine rescuers Mission Lifeline. He wrote on Twitter: "We have the upper hand, soon the fun life of the white brat will end." By white brat, Steyer, of course, means people with white skin color. Moreover, Steyer writes that at some point there will be no whites at all (...) You can see for yourself that these people have set themselves the goal of erasing, as they say, the white color of the skin from the European continent. In a normal situation, governments should do everything to stop such crazy people. But instead they pay them out of our taxes, and we'll talk about it now. Here is another quote from Steyer: "Everyone hopes for an improvement in the situation, for an end to racism and the policy of isolation. I'm afraid that won't happen as long as Germany exists. All this is so ingrained and entrenched in the usual structures that it cannot be solved by reforms." What cannot be solved by reforms will be solved by revolution or migration. Steyer, one of the leaders of this malicious movement, openly admits that he wants to abolish Germany.

  104. In addition to replacing the white population with black ones, taking away land from farmers for the construction of temporary accommodation centers, creating general chaos and increasing crime, here are a few more goals for increasing the flow of migrants (not lying on the surface) to various countries of the world:

    The influx of migrants leads to rising housing costs. Rising housing costs lead to a decline in the birth rate. At the same time, migration agencies: “We need more migrants to compensate for the aging population caused by falling birth rates.”

    Also governments:

    “We need biometric surveillance to protect you from the violent bandits we continue to import and refuse to arrest or send back.” Like, for example, in Sweden. The media writes that “gang violence is pushing the country to consider the use of facial biometrics as surveillance cameras increase.”

    Everything is according to the classics: create a problem, cause fear, offer a solution.

  105. Because of Hamas's attacks, Israel found an excuse to attack Palestine, and in the future it will be more reasonable to massacre civilians. What is the use of these codes? In the end, we can only stand by and use the victory of light as a slogan to hypnotize us light workers and you. It is not how powerful the dark forces are that makes people discouraged, but how passive the light forces are, which allows these demons to continue to exist in our world.

  106. "Putin named six principles of the new world order"

    Three features of Russian domestic policy against the six principles of the world order proposed by the Russian Federation/

    The Russian regime has three main features. He continues to eat, lie and remain in total ignorance.

    For thirty years, not a single thought has been voiced in any bureaucratic-oligarchic audience of the Russian Federation that would pleasantly surprise us. Just verbiage and continuous platitudes.

    For thirty years, not a single Russian “hand driver” (“leader”, a similar sound of two words in Russian, “leads by the hand”, “manager - boss”) has presented an image of the future; and did not even understand that STATE policy is not about the loot, namely about the future of the country, and not about pink snot on the horizon, but about how our country can really win in civilizational competition.

    One full-time “herald” from the Security Council of the Russian Federation seems to be deliberately writing outright nonsense on Telegram. Another, equally “smart” one from the Presidential Administration, is feeding the country through “VKONTAKTE” with someone else’s agenda.

    And what, in this regard, do the “six principles of a new world order” expressed by the Russian President today in Valdai have to do with reality? What openness, equality, justice and security are offered to the world by Russian officials and politicians who have created a deceitful, unequal, unfair and unsafe world in their own country?

  107. "War in Israel. The Palestinians called on all Arabs to join the fight. So far the Jewish army is not particularly visible. They have Saturday - Shabbat. Let's look at further developments. I am sure that all processes - wars, crises, defaults - are manageable.
    So someone needs it. I know who. Let's see how events develop further.

    If they start losing and surrendering the territory. This means that the world government has begun to implement a plan for the exodus of the Jewish people to a safer place, to the new Jerusalem, on the territory of Ukraine. Zelensky and his comrades will, of course, offer this.
    Will the Ukrainians (who have forgotten that they are Russians) be against it? And who will ask them? Just like no one asks us when they populate our lands with wild hordes.
    One event complements the other, implementing the plan.
    It's just early.
    Okay, let's follow events."

    1. It's already happening i saw reports recently of 30,000 Jews moving into one city in Ukraine,all dancing in the streets 🤔 isn't there supposed to be a war going on there?...

  108. October 2, 1988 - 35 years ago, the USSR national team won the Summer Olympic Games in Seoul
    The last time before this, the national teams of the USSR and the USA faced off at the Olympics in Montreal in 1976. Then the competition ended with a convincing victory for the Soviet team in the team event.

    And after the era of boycotts, all the strongest athletes gathered in South Korea. The USSR national team once again proved its superiority. 55 gold awards, 31 silver, 46 bronze - a total of 132 medals. Athletes from the GDR took second place, the Americans finished the Olympics with third results.

    The heroes of the Games were the young wrestler Alexander Karelin, gymnasts Elena Shushunova, Vladimir Artyomov and Dmitry Bilozerchev, track and field athletes Olga Bryzgina and Sergei Bubka, basketball player Arvydas Sabonis, swimmer Vladimir Salnikov, weightlifter Yuri Zakharevich. Even the USSR football team took first place!

    No one could have imagined that the Soviet Union team would never compete at the Olympic Games again...

  109. The USA will begin transmitting electricity at a distance🇺🇸

    The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) plans to use lasers to transmit power to remote US military bases ( energy/).

    This will reduce dependence on diesel generators and the need for hazardous fuel supply logistics.

    The system was called POWER.

    ☝🏻The use of high-power lasers is a key technology in the project, along with repeaters such as drones and satellites.

    The goal is to create a globally scalable power distribution network that is resistant to adversary attacks and interference.

    DARPA hopes to have the POWER system ready within four years and plans to conduct full-scale demonstrations.

  110. The Bolsheviks clearly grasped the trend that the future is globalization. Trotsky with his idea of world revolution, and Stalin - building socialism (a just society) in a single country with its subsequent spread to the outside world. Hence the global popularity of Soviet civilization, the Red Global Project (Why do people respect Stalin).

    Stalin's USSR created a society of knowledge, service and creation. Social justice and ethics of conscience. This was clear to all peoples and tribes. This was a real alternative to the predatory, parasitic global project of the West. After all, the West, in different formations, reproduces the same thing - a global slave-owning civilization. Capitalism, ultra-liberalism, Schwab’s new reality, etc. – all these are masks of one model, the slave-owning one.

    Westerners showed it well in their science fiction films. Like “Elysium - Heaven Not on Earth” (2013). With a clear division into the “chosen ones” who live in the “green zones”, have access to the highest technologies, knowledge and medicine, and the “loser slaves” who live in the slums and are forced to fight for survival.

    The Soviet Union became a great social experiment when the Russians rushed to the “beautiful far away”, to the stars, showing humanity the opportunity to live differently. It is free to be brothers, embodying the best ideals of all world religions. Man was a creator, creator, teacher and student. The standards of social justice and ethics of conscience were understood by everyone on the planet. Everyone could create their own local version on this basis. For example, like Fidel Castro in Cuba.

    Unfortunately, the Union did not have time to go through the stage of civilizational transition. Khrushchev organized “perestroika-1” and crossed out Stalin’s great plans. Brezhnev did not dare to raise the banner; civilization and the state were still moving forward by inertia, but the concept and plan had already been lost. Andropov conceived of convergence, rapprochement with the West. Gorbachev carried out “perestroika” and killed Soviet civilization.

    Yeltsin, Putin and Medvedev dragged Russia into the mainstream of the Western global project. Russian President V. Putin admitted:

    “We believed that we belonged to the bourgeoisie, we wanted to be in this family of so-called civilized peoples. And I’ve given up on NATO, let’s take a look at us. They didn’t even consider it.”

    Russia has lost its global project, its development concept, its project for the future. In 2022-2023 More and more people understand that we are left with nothing. The plan - we sell everything to the West or East and buy what we need, live well and like in Portugal - failed.

  111. Russian civilization, powers and the people were under threat of death. The West, as under Hitler, plans to completely destroy us. Like the great and powerful tribes of North American Indians or the rich and ancient civilizations of Central America. The massacre in the Russian Ukraine is an instrument of this plan. Every thousand killed or maimed Little Russians or Great Russians is a stone in the funeral pyramid of our world.

    The West, with the help of internal Bandera and Vlasovites (oligarchs, plutocrats, thieves-officials, outright Western liberals), is destroying before our eyes two parts of Russian civilization - Little and Great Rus'-Russia, two parts of the Russian superethnos. Little Rus' is being depopulated, European identity is being formed (End of the “Ukraine” project).

    Russia is also quickly dying out, the people do not see a future for the country, they flee and refuse to give birth to children. Plus the migration catastrophe (Threat to national security: migrants), Russian cultural identity is rapidly being eroded by hordes of migrants, “new barbarians.” Plus the degradation of education, schools, which already breed internal “new barbarians” and are unable to “digest” hordes of aliens from foreign cultures. This is against the background of the degradation of culture, art, science, healthcare and the entire social fabric of the country.

    Any reasonable person understands that one or two more generations and the processes of destruction of the Russian superethnos and civilization will become irreversible. By about the middle of the 21st century, Russians will become less than half of the population, since the Great Russian provinces are dying out the fastest. This will be the end of the Russian world.

    The general cultural space will collapse. We will have our own analogues of Kosovo and Nagorno-Karabakh, where the Russians will be asked - “suitcase, train station.” Large ethnic ghettos in cities, which will have their own government and laws. Further, the collapse of the country will be formalized administratively. Neighboring powers will not hesitate to divide Russia into spheres of influence. In Turkey they are already drawing maps where Crimea, the southern part of Little Russia and Russia are parts of the future Turkish Empire.

    Ethnic Russians may be left with reservations in the Ryazan or Pskov regions. They will be visited by curious tourists from more viable states and civilizations.

  112. “The leadership of the opposition party Japan Renewal Society decided today to expel Muneo Suzuki from its ranks, who, as I already reported on October 3, became the first member of the Japanese parliament to visit the Russian Federation after February 24, 2022. One of the local newspapers reported this. The decision. Suzuki's personal file is expected to be made public on October 10, its contents have not yet been made official, but the leadership of the Renewal Society states that the verdict of his disciplinary commission could be very harsh.

    So, apparently, Suzuki will still be expelled for violating the charter, which requires notifying the party leadership in advance of the intention to travel abroad. The deputy, by the way, wanted to go to Moscow back in April, but then the Renewal Society stated that they considered such a visit inappropriate in the current situation. As a result, Suzuki went to the Russian Federation without permission on October 1, and only the next day his secretary notified the party about this.

    The deputy is now citing the mistake and sloppiness of his employee, but he is being expelled from the party, apparently, mainly for something else - for previous statements in support of the Russian Federation and for words in a video interview just given in Moscow, in which he stated that he believes in victory Russia, that it will not lose to Ukraine.

    Suzuki, again, said today that the recording was edited. According to him, in Moscow he did not talk about “faith in Russia’s victory,” but only called for a truce.

    So let's see how things develop. Earlier, Suzuki himself said that in Moscow he met with Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Rudenko and another Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation, former Ambassador to Tokyo Mikhail Galuzin, Vice-Speaker of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev and economist Sergei Glazyev, now working at the Eurasian Economic Commission

    Muneo Suzuki, as I already wrote, has been very actively involved in relations with the Russian Federation since the second half of the 1990s; at one time he even actually determined Tokyo’s policy in this area. He was convicted on charges of corruption, served one year, but was again elected to parliament and advised former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and, to a lesser extent, his successor Yoshihide Suga on relations with the Russian Federation. Suzuki has repeatedly condemned the position of the current Japanese government on Ukraine and stated that Tokyo is excessively following US policy on this issue. "

  113. Prophetic messages about Israel/Palestine conflict happening as of the time of this writing:

  114. Advice: Stay Away From Occult Groups and Stay Hidden

    1. Theory: Dangerously negative occultists (cabal) can take other forms in the dreamstate/astral, including spiders. The legs of the spider are symbolic of manipulation and control. There is an entire occult mythos dedicated to the spider.

  115. Hey cobra, no one in the light forces army understands we're infected with consciousness diseases? We were really expected to climb a mountain? Not only that but with slimes pulling us down by the legs? I never realized how depraved the worst of humanity is. I want the "Killswitch" option. Shave off the lower half and let the rest of us rise up. I've seen such an amount of disgusting people. People advocating hurting children, women hurting children, people celebrating prostitutes teaching children. This is what you wanted us to fight with just two weapons, a violet flame and meditations? I can't argue with these people. Nothing I say reaches them. They laugh at me and they try tempting me. I want a gun and I want them killed. I don't see them as human anymore. I just see a virus with a host. We aren't innocent anymore. I feel more like judge dredd than Christ. you really set us up in here 🗑️🧨. Answer this post and answer us. Answer our real questions not just softball shit. Because this is getting real. And seeing how many diseases are running around the world makes me sick, hopeless and mad.

    1. i would recommend you dont deal with them if you are not managing ur anger well.

      there are other ways you could help.

      i am not sure what were your expectations about people when and if they are hardcored program to something else contrary to what you belief.

      if they are in an unbalance state, the result of the encounter will tend not to be always pleasant.

      play the game right..or in this case.. a game you know u will be able to handle.

      sometimes all that is needed is to plant a seed.. u dont have to force people to believe what you do.

      don't do what some newagers have.. as a result of them trying so hard to convince family that may not share the newagers beliefs. some create a rift or worse.. some got physical.. honestly that should not have taken to that level.

      know the audience and work according to it...

  116. We Merge


    'In my dream, someone told me that something big will happen in the middle east on October this year. And I was lifted to the rooftop and was told that there would be huge shift in our timeline'

  118. Cobra any comment about what is happening in Gaza please?

    1. I've never seen such chaos in that area. This coincided with one of the most severe attacks I've ever had in the early morning hours. Maybe I was intuitively picking up vibes from the extreme carnage.

    2. Surely the dark forces have to be crossing a red line now. Time to initiate The Event!

    3. The Archons and the Jesuits only need to manipulate cabal members to pull off something like this. But they must be pretty desperate to do such a thing.

  119. È da giorni ormai che sto male, sembra di essere in un vortice impietoso. Cobra puoi dirci per favore cosa sta succedendo? Il mio cervello è come sotto pressione ed è insopportabile. Non posso andare avanti così, sono preoccupato. E leggo che anche altri operatori di Luce stanno male. È impossibile per me tenere la Luce in questo stato.

  120. Inoltre, potete fare qualcosa di urgente per diminuire gli attacchi e aiutarci in qualche modo? La sensazione è di essere lasciati soli in balia del nostro malessere fisico e psichico. Se il campo eterico, astrale, causale sono liberi davvero, allora perché non si vedono risultati nel campo fisico e soprattutto, perché si sta peggio di prima? Almeno nel mio caso. Puoi confermare che siamo stati attaccati noi operatori di Luce?

  121. Cobra, can you please clue us in as to what is actually happening here?

    Support for Israel dominates the western news, so it is next to impossible to know the truth.

    Regarding Israel-Palestine conflict, you can do this meditation for peace, every 4 hours. A lot of innocent people are being harmed in this.

  122. @Anonymous
    I TRIED the whole vegetarianism for some time. And I started looking like a holocaust survivor....scrawny and more wimpy than I normally do. HOW is it one sees beautiful, Alicia Silverstone type vegetarians, yet I end up looking like heroic chic? Also, getting plentiful plant foods can be tricky in certain places. Where I am, the stores have very little, now, thanks to all the artificially created food shortages.

    And before anyone says "Just grow your own food" many folks live in cities, and don't have land. I live in the country, but *taps my foot on the ground* TRY raising lettuce and wheat in SOLID CLAY....and I don't have hundreds of thousands of dollars to get farming machines in the hope of making the land workable.

    Also, many people have a thing called JOBS.......and many folks are forced to work 60-80 hours, or more (some folks have more than one job, I know some who have 3 jobs), and you think someone, coming from a long day of a 60+ hour work week, are going to be willing or able to do MORE hard work? I don't think so.

    And, according to your words, then the cultures, like the Native Americans, or the Asians, are suffering 'KARMA!' because they ate MEAT?

    Sorry, but I have not seem that much crap since the days I was cleaning out horse stalls as a kid.

    KARMA is BALONEY. Otherwise, explain how GOOD people get thrown to the dogs, and evil people become heroes, role models and leaders?

  123. IF karma is legit, who do evil people tend to live 20-30 more years than good people? Bush Sr. was in his 90's, Queen Ratbag was in her 90's, David Rockefeller was 101, Kissinger is pushing 100.


  124. I couldn't resist. It's from archangel Lucifer.

    Greetings, dear light souls! It is you who I address today since I see the results of your work. Well, Dark on your planet has become as dense as ever, which is always the case just before the dawn. At present I am busy as ever since I am to fulfill my mission on Earth up to the end. It is both good and bad for you at the same time. It is bad because the Dark Forces representatives embodied as humans feeling their upcoming collapse have become exasperated as never before. And it is good because it is easier for you to identify them, for all the masks are already thrown off, and with the best will in the world they cannot keep up with the appearances. So, what is my role and that of my assistants? First of all, it is to highlight to a full extent all the vices of these horrible creatures and bring them into the public eye – so that none of the people able to think have any doubts left now about their real intentions. It shows especially vividly in the USA. It seems to you that the world is literally turning inside out because of the extent to which everything pure and Divine is substituted for dirty, dark and satanic there. And I put my hand to it, I must confess. But tell me, dear, without this “absurd theatre” would you ever be able to see all the “wolves in a sheep’s clothing” – these demons and devils who have come to believe they enjoy impunity to the extent that they have completely lost the sense of reality this time?

    It finishes here, as there's more:

  125. (I had to spend quite a while trying to post this because my internet is being sabotaged. There are constant error messages because the internet is acting too slow for it to go through. I take this to mean that my post will help the situation if there are negative forces trying to prevent it from being posted.)

    Staying with Lightwork

  126. This is HOW we can get rid of reptiloids for good.
    It was channeled on April 2021

    Reptiloid collective conscience energy grid dissolution


    Greetings, my dear beloved children! Now, when you know the underlying reason of the events taking place on Earth we will move on to the next stage of work with them. But as you understand, so as to make physical reality change it is necessary to work at the subtle level first – in terms of energy. And this time your work will be pointwise since now you can clearly and distinctly imagine the whole power structure of your society and see all the participants of the current events. On the one hand, it makes your task easier but, on the other hand, you should realize how durable this “hitching” is that has been created for centuries between all the “floors” of power both above and below. Since the energy “grid” of reptiloid collective conscience has entangled the whole Earth and it is the grid that is the basis and guarantee of all superiors’ instructions’ execution who the Dragons and the Dragon reptiles are, you should start your work with the destruction of just this structure. For this purpose the Energy of the Universe Love Flame is the best one. Yet, I would like it to be not a meditation or one-time séance but systematic work of each of you. And it is as follows. As often as possible – at least once a day – do your best to invoke all the Higher Powers of the Universe and all human-friendly extraterrestrial civilizations so as by mutual efforts to dissolve the energy grid of reptiloid collective conscience by the Flame of Universe Love. At this moment you can visualize Earth and watch the process initiated by you burning down, like Bickford fuse, all the hexahedral cells of this devil “web” all around your planet. If you are accustomed to work with hands, you will feel by all means the flow coming out of them becoming intensified manifold due to the fact it will be joined in by the energies of the assistants you invoked from the subtle level. In this case you will be a highest vibration energies concentration point that, thanks to your being embodied and finding yourself directly on Earth, will function as a “detonator” of the dissolution process, and, consequently, the desired effect will come into being much faster than if the process were participated in ONLY by the Higher Powers. In other words, you will speed up the events materialization process – their descending from the subtle level directly to Earth. What events do I mean? Before all, it is disorientation of middle and low caste reptiloids, which is really essential. They are the very executors who implement the plan on humanity enslavement by means of imposed quarantine and vaccination and chipping that will follow. But if you accompany your energy work with specific measures such as peaceful protest actions and numerous petitions aimed against the absurd instructions imposed on you, it will give quick and positive result. And it is impossible to delay it, my dear, since the “wounded beast” is becoming twice as dangerous, and you see this perfectly well by chaotic and haste performance of officials at all the levels of power. Work calmly, systematically and with confidence. Visualize the final result as distinctly as possible: the happy and cheerful people recovered from the lethargy who have gained the long-awaited freedom. I bless you and love you immensely! Father-Absolute spoke to you


    Events in Israel have given rise to another powerful stream of nonsense, outright lies, propaganda, provocations, nonsense and other information garbage.

    Someone immediately started talking about Solomon's Plan. Some provocateurs “leaked” the information that the Hamas offensive was organized by Iran and Russia in order to take revenge on Israel for helping Ukraine. (Look at our wretched people. What can they organize? Especially without coordination with their Western “partners”. They can only get into something).

    In the USA and Canada, ordinary people are sure that Putin is to blame for everything. And Israeli strategists pretend that they did not suspect anything, and the Hamas attack came as a surprise to them.
    As if it is not clear that today not a single serious military campaign in the Middle East can begin without the knowledge of London and Washington.

    And the plan of London and Washington is this: to drag the unwanted into various kinds of conflicts in a position that is unfavorable for them, in order to delegitimize their existence. Tactics of the "new normal"...

    According to this scheme, Iraq was dragged into the war with Kuwait.
    Yugoslavia was destroyed according to this scheme.
    According to this scheme, they came up with Bin Laden, and then with “dictators dangerous to democracy” in Libya and Syria.

    In a similar way, they dragged Russia into the North Military District, immediately nullifying all its historical righteousness: both the fight against fascism and opposition to Bandera.

    Now it is Iran’s turn, and through events in the Middle East, planners will approach China.

    Hamas and Hezbollah will eventually be destroyed by 90%. It's planned that way. And the main question is “What will happen to Israel”?

    The following strategy is currently being considered:
    Israel will completely get rid of the Palestinians, and the Hasidim will be asked to leave Israel, after which Russia and Ukraine will race to host them immediately after the NWO stops. (It is under these conditions that the SVO will be stopped by the global “planner”).

    That is, the Jews will have a second statehood. Israel will remain with the “secular Jews” and moderate Zionists, and the radicals (Hasidim) will move to the south of Ukraine or Crimea.

    And for the “compassionate” leaders of Russia and Ukraine to begin to compete with each other for the right to host Hasidim and even give them autonomy, it is necessary that Israel and the Jews once again become victims of terrorists and barbarians in the eyes of the world community.”

    1. to be honest if another full war is allowed .. someone needs to step up n stop this nonesense. if the good guys (anove/below or both) need to freak out the world then be it. someone has to show and define either what is to be true guardians or define what are to be responsible adults...

      letting the bad guys exterminate more men women and children should be a resounding "No"

  128. I usually don't remember any of my dreams but yesterday I did have a nightmare containing spiders in them.. Some kind of yellow spider was messing with my chakras or so then my dream disappeared... Lurker with Black Nobility are having a lot of impacts upon my subconscious lately.. Hoping for the quickest completion of wipeout sequence 10 and our biochips... With our biochips fully gone, we should expect our lives to have an everlasting elevation....

    1. long ago. i read that significance of bugs. are troubles in your daily life.. maybe is pointing out the need to balancing your chakrass in order to resolve them .. e.g... third eye. your intuitiin// throat. ur communication. etc

  129. Oggi fortunatamente mi sento meglio.