Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Situation Update

As it has been said a few months ago, things are accelerating very fast since late September.

First, physical biochips have been cleared and all that is left in those locations in the body is a dead, inactive circuitry of the biochip. These biochip residues are also weak spots through which the Lurker can manifest distorted quantum fluctuations and anomalous plasma generated from subquantum unspace.

Lurker also emanates anomaly from subquantum unspace through quantum fluctuations and they distort elemental essence around the surface of the planet on the plasma, etheric, astral and mental planes. Lurker can then direct and manipulate this elemental essence to influence the surface humanity with increasing or decreasing the amount of quantum fluctuations at various locations in that elemental essence.

More intel has been released about the Lurker. Lurker is actually a conglomerate of all beings that were projected into subquantum unspace with extremely strong technologies in all previous cosmic cycles. The first such projection occurred at the beginning of time in the first cosmic cycle when the Source became aware that something as strange as primary anomaly exists. Then Source decided to project a part of itself into that anomaly in order to understand and resolve it, and that projected part became trapped in subquantum anomaly and became the first, primordial Lurker, with more Lurkers to follow in subsequent cosmic cycles:


Actually as a result of this, a part of the Source turned against itself and thus duality was born. Primary anomaly with Lurker was so strong that it hijacked the antahkarana all the way from the physical plane up to the highest dimension to a degree, and even Ascended beings lacked insight into what is really going on in the anomalous universe. Through cosmic cycles, Source was learning about anomaly and solving parts of it until very recently time arrived for completion of duality through the doorway of the 11:11:


Very soon, an even more powerful doorway will open which will lead to final removal of darkness from the universe, and also final liberation of this planet. All intel about that doorway must be veiled for now, except this hint:


Starting from September, this future doorway is already sending time-reverse loops through Minkowski spacetime, and this is why the events and situations started to accelerate.

First, the dark forces crossed a certain red line and as a response to this, the Resistance has started taking action. What they are doing must unfortunately remain classified for now, but hopefully I will be able to reveal it soon.

Let me just say that the dark forces with their collective actions violated a critical mass of Galactic Codex principles, and legally the Light forces have the green light to intervene on the surface of the planet, regardless of local laws which surface humanity is not respecting anyway.

First step of this intervention process was the removal of all those Light force individuals residing either in space or underground with too much war trauma or fear to meaningfully contribute to liberation process. Time of endless Galactic council discussions Is over. All those wounded and fearful beings were taken to locations outside this solar system where they will receive much needed healing and later they might join the liberation forces again if they will be capable or willing to do so. About 80% of all star races members were taken out of the solar system, together with about 40% of the Resistance, but the remaining beings are with much less fear and are willing to take action.

Saint Germain was given command to all underground and surface operations, and all Light forces not limited but including the Resistance and Pleiadian, Sirian, Andromedan, Arcturian and Central race fleets are now under his command regarding planetary operations. Ashtar was given command to all nearspace and space operations.



Saint Germain has given command to the Light Forces to immediately start taking action, and on October 5th the Resistance has cleared the vast majority of child abuse locations in the cellars under Black nobility castles, rescuing many children.

Black nobility has seen this as an act of intrusion on their private property and for the first time in their existence they became afraid for their own lives.

As a response, Pallavicini family has given orders to activate Doom33, or whatever is still remaining left of it, since Doom33 was greatly reduced in power in the last decade through actions of the Resistance:


Let me refresh your memory about Doom33 from one of my past articles:


According to sources, the current war in Israel was masterminded by this guy, with connections both in Israeli high political circles and also with high connections in Hamas, and with Israel knowingly allowing for Hamas incursion to occur:



The goal of the Black nobility is to expand Israeli conflict as far as possible with hopes to create a Word War III in alignment with Armageddon prophecies:



The Light Forces are doing whatever possible to limit the conflict and prevent it from spreading beyond Israeli borders. This is why it is of utmost importance for as many people as possible to continue doing the meditation for peace in Israel every 4 hours:


The Resistance has used this conflict as a cover to finally be able to start some surface operations. They are now actively removing scalar and directed energy weapons from the surface.

On October 7th, Hamas started its incursion into Israeli territory, and they have attacked many party goers near Urim Kibbutz:


Using the chaos of that battle as a cover, Resistance members were able to partially disable some scalar and intelligence systems at Urim military base just a few kilometers away:


Urim base is marked with red cross on this map:



Surface operations of the Resistance to disarm scalar and directed energy weapons, which are harassing far too many Lightworkers, will continue. You can support their actions energetically doing the following mediation if you feel so guided:


On October 2nd, someone with access to very high level intel and advanced understanding of operations behind the scenes, started posting coded messages on the US debt clock website.

The message on October 2nd quotes Matthew 21:12:


The message on October 8th quotes Revelation:


Victory of the Light!



  1. Revelation 22:12-14
    12 And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.

    13 I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.

    14 Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.

    Victory of The Light!

    1. Recent Light




    2. It's going to be Biblical. 🌞🎉🐝👍♒

  2. Thank you for the info this is indeed uplifting! I forgot about Doom 33. Know it makes sense

  3. My understanding is that Reptilians used to attack us more often and strongly relating to their talking to us, causing us feel pain, controlling our movement and speech, basically having a lot of control over us, in the last months especially in the last week I feel that they are loosing this control, not being able to cause serious pains, talk to us constantly or having the full control over us.

    I think you should write something about this, at this point we can feel this difference in life, it is not the same anymore, soon they should lose all power, you should write that they contact people, they try to make incarnated pleiadians think they are reptilians, give them missions etc... make false and fake promises...

    What happens next when reptilians lose power over surface?

    Almost everyone on Earth now works for them, what does confederations do with them all? They will not get chocolate and cars for sure for being pedophiles for hundreds of years.

    Write more about positive ETs. Reptilians know about them ,we should too...

    1. One source, Era of Light, has a channeled source called R'Kok and whether you believe this, he was a leader of the Reptilians and admits responsibility for taking millions of lives in their rules of domination throughout the galaxy. When captured, even he was offered a choice. One of redemption or having his soul recycled to the central sun. He chose the former and is now working alongside the galactic confederation in a positive way. I suppose all souls are creations of Source and remain so even after unspeakable heinous actions and the choices they make are up to themselves.

    2. I absolutely disagree. That is not true.

    3. @bb

      Yes, maybe negative entities are having less direct control over those of us who are of the light. It makes sense since it also correlates with what Cobra said in this update about the biochips. In this aspect I've been feeling slight improvements in the last couple of weeks, attacks still happen but appear to not be upsetting my mental state as strongly as before (on a distress scale of 0 to 100 with 100 being the worst, if before my mental and emotional health was at 100, now must be around 90 or 85). However, me and people of my 3d family keep suffering serious attacks on our physical health.

      On the other hand, 3d evil humans, and 3d soulless human shells that act as tools and toys of the DF (see Sebastien blog latest Sep 16 post for the definition of those terms), seem to be as hyperactive as ever and working with all sorts of attacks, both in a local and worldwide level. The masses seem to keep becoming more and more insane and less empathetic.

    4. 5th Dim. yes i believe people will be given the opp to choose... i still think they have to go thru some form of rehabilitating.. whatever that may be.. then again this is being done at a soul level .. so how fast rehabilitation is.. we could only guess.

  4. Replies
    1. @Libra
      Cobra said they took folks, both human and non human off world for healing, to come and return to fight when they are better.....wish they could have done that with, you know, us.

    2. They are doing all these things but why they can't at least give us guidence in dreams?i don't understand we are doing all these meditations for years and we are very low level priority for them even dark forces crossed the red line.i hope at least by a dream one of us get a direct connection from ascended masters.

    3. Madim.. simple. go ahead and fix it how you want it be. let us know how you venture. we will gladly give u the feedback if it wasnt enough... now there might be a chance that your extreme pessimism may trip one or two adversaries if not the very least make them chuckle. either way... would be interesting and with great anticipation you showing us how all is supposed to be done..

    4. Hope... you got guides.. you have a higher self. i a. certain they do try to communicate with you... have you asked before goinf to bed for aome guidance? do you remember dreams? ask them to help you remember the dream

  5. The Event is getting closer and closer. We must hold the light!

  6. So when Doom33 is completely shut down, the mass arrests will happen?

    1. If it was my plan, I would first remove all the dangerous weapons, DEW's, Scalar, HAARP, etc. Then go after the dark nobility. Arrest or remove them, get confessions from some if possible. Destroy their bases, like Urim, the one under Lake Geneva, the ones in NV, etc. where they could do harm from. Then, I would take over the militaries. Remove the cabal leaders, replace with resistance leaders. Then after we had control of the majority of them, I would unveil the fake leaders, preferable live on camera. Like the person playing Biden who wears a mask. Once people realize they've been duped, then I would take over the media and start telling people the truth. Without them telling people what is truth, the normies will never believe it. Then the people would be more willing to accept the EVENT.

  7. There are physical archons? Really? This seems to be news to me.

    "Very soon, an even more powerful doorway will open which will lead to final removal of darkness from the universe" REALLY? GOOD!

    GO SAINT GERMAIN!!! A-ha! I know him. This is so amazing. I'm Gob smacked!

    I think I'll take all of this in quietly.
    I love the meditation we are doing!

    1. Hard go remember every single information Cobra said and you and me and all of us have read till now but yes he said in not to long ago there are Archons in Human bodies

    2. Circumcision and any other baby torture rituals give potent connections to such entities. Physical archons are likely AIs. Artifacts from the bygone ages. Every schizophrenic seems to refer to them.

    3. Yes and other sources have mentioned that. Including reptilians in human bodies. Add to that the millions of hybrids/clones without souls. We really have a mixed pot of soup here on earth!

    4. Isn't Elon Musk an AI? He's not in the pyramid of power. They have archons at the top. But what beats the archons even is the AI. Seems we have two threats. We want to beat both into the ground. No word of the AI lately. I know it's here but I also heard it was fleeing earth. I wonder if that is true...

  8. This is FANTASTIC NEWS!! 👏
    Let's GO Saint Germain! 🫵😇👍
    Please lead the Lightforces and Resistance Movement to final VICTORY my friend!
    Time to truly prepare ourselves for The Event and the long overdue liberation of this planet once and for all!
    Way to go everyone... we're at the threshold to VICTORY!! 👏

    1. Happy to read this get prepare for the event!!!

  9. Only way to see something is to actually see it!!!! I like how it sounds but want to see something as soon as possible. I hope people will stop bashing on Lurker so much because that is duality We VS Them or whatever else of duality you chose. I didn't bash on Lurker because my own logic and Human mind,, was 100% sure I would do probably same mistake = Group of Beings used advanced technology to survive cosmic cycle = they wanted to Live but things didn't happen as they hoped,, but story about Source is liike even more deep. I don't know much about all of that but I do it in my own way and as I did plenty of mistakes and bad choices Tru my life I have no problem with that to have fun with Lurker because to have fun with him is like having fun and to be in peace with all my bad choices and mistakes. Yeah I said something about Old English Ladys and as to this moment that statement would still be valid but that is today and it seems I wasn't to much off with that statement. Don't know what to say,, LF don't be so afraid to take actions because if Humans would know 100% truth and if they would understand that truth 100% they would all say in same time in same voice " Just Do It" Push The Button " He Who Dares Wins" , and then I don't understand just one important thing in all of this,, If Med Beds are Real why are you so scared to take action when every Father or Mother or Son or Daughter or Grandpa or Grandma can be back in their body after dust settles =after End of Madness or better end of Biggest and most Horrible Drama Movie ever Seen at least by me and I'm talking about Defeat of Dark Ones. People die for so stupid reasons like fruit poisoning that there is no point talking about would they be OK to die for True Freedom and then maybe even get a chance to knock on family house doors few weeks later. Just one more thing,, Hamas was originally a Humanitarian Organization as said in newspapers and probably story has same punchline = Then Dark Forces Infiltrated Them.

    1. Well said my friend. I had a vision about darkness. Who embraces me tenderly so I can sleep deeply? Darkness. We sleep better in the dark and rejoice with the coming of the light. Aren't villains simply damaged hurt beings that lost love due to circumstances they couldn't control? WWG1WGA AS ABOVE SO BELOW.

  10. I feel the tension in the air, dark souls who thought they were untouchable are scared shitless and in full panic. They are now reaping the karmic fruits of their many attrocities. Finally, tangible forward progress! Like Vasquez said when the creatures bust out in Aliens; "LETS ROCK!". 🧨🎇🎆😎

  11. Thanks Cobra for the update.
    The post in French. L'Article en français :
    Victory of the Light! Victoire de la Lumière !

  12. Ottimo lavoro del movimento di resistenza. Entrambe le meditazioni sono importanti. La meditazione per la distruzione e la disattivazione delle armi scalari è molto importante in quanto aiuta il movimento di resistenza nel lavoro e così si arriva alla risoluzione del problema delle armi scalari e ad energia diretta. Questo favorirà un rafforzamento degli operatori di Luce che non soffrirebbero più degli attacchi indiscriminati da parte delle forze oscure, migliorando la qualità del nostro lavoro di meditazione. Resta comunque fondamentale continuare la meditazione per la pace in Israele nonostante sia un momento difficile per molti operatori di Luce. Sono felice che il movimento di resistenza sia riuscito a liberare i bambini nelle cantine degli oscuri e questa per me è la notizia più bella di tutto l'aggiornamento di oggi. Grazie Cobra per l'aggiornamento, restiamo sintonizzati e uniti, ora che le azioni per la liberazione del pianeta stanno accelerando velocemente. Vittoria della Luce!

  13. merci Beaucoup Cobra et les Forces de Lumières pour ces dernières Nouvelles Sandrine Veilleuse des Energies de Gaïa <3

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  15. En Español:

  16. I don't agree most of the local laws and I feel it created against me to keep the status of the leader class. Only small percentage of laws make sense, but if I could I would throw every law in thrash and I would implement the galactic codex, or just saying "just love each other and don't do anything you wouldn't like someone do with you"

  17. I remember information cobra posted about doom33 back in 2013 I think.something along the lines that the archons went too far and as a positive retaliation from the light they had to suffer parts of doom33. And that was 10 years ago so perhaps it's even weakened further.really interested in this new doorway that we'll be entering.wish we had a specific time on that,but all in good time. Yea the energy is definitely entering a different kind of intensity.almost anxiety inducing which I'm not used to.votl!!!


    Méditation française pour la paix en Israel

    Méditation française pour contrer/neutraliser la 5G et les réseaux scalaires

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    We are so much stronger together💫

  21. Love the magic 410 appearing as the last three digits of the total debt in the screenshot of the usdebtclock twitter message:


  22. Arabic translation of this post/الترجمة العربية لهذا المنشور:
    لكي يتم إعلامك فورًا بترجمة جديدة ، يمكنك متابعتنا على تيليجرام:

  23. Oh, Saint Germain in command!🌹 Thank you Cobra for the timely update. VOTL!

  24. US Debt clock website uploading .. What's to happen on 14th October?

  25. In the name of the divine spirit I am
    We hereby request that the Divine Source accelerate the initiation of events to free the Earth as soon as possible
    The above declaration, as desired, must manifest in the Light

  26. - It has begun : End of the current Financial system.

    1. E ti pare positivo? Aspetta e vedrai il disastro. Tutto, su base di pretesti dall'apparenza positiva, passa al controllo totale e privazione della libertà

  27. Not surprising the council members were almost 100% useless considering the non-stop attacks on the human race since Covid. As a side question, is there any relevance to the blue flame along with the violet and white flames? Still very curious as to why 3rd dimensional cabal agents exist since the weapons of the light forces can destroy physical matter from orbit.

  28. Essa é umas das melhores notícias que já tive na minha vida. Saint German no Comando ! avancem, eu tenho certeza que no fim tudo valerá a pena. Não tenham medo. Porque o medo é o contrário da Fé. Vitória da Luz C1221OE144k.

  29. Unspace – Unlight | German: Unlicht
    …through which the Lurker can manifest distorted quantum fluctuations and anomalous plasma generated from subquantum unspace (Cobra)

    Lurker also emanates anomaly from subquantum unspace through quantum fluctuations and… (Cobra)

    Christina Von Dreien:
    "I am not in this world to expose the faults of others or to judge them. I just want to bring back the light and peace to people. Then the Unlight will dissolve by itself."

    „Ich bin nicht auf dieser Welt, um die Fehler anderer aufzudecken oder über sie zu urteilen. Ich will den Menschen einfach das Licht und den Frieden zurückbringen. Dann löst sich das Unlicht von alleine auf.“


  30. I checked in the Israeli news. The IDF claims they regained control in the yelliw zone.

  31. I recommend reading the first link at:
    It's amazing. I've obviously read only a bit.

    Victory of the Light!

  32. As you mentioned Cobra, LF are legally allowed to take action on surface as DF has officially broken the Primary Contract & Galactic Codex so why still LF is not taking action??

  33. Either way, the gray had better belt up, or they gonna find themselves in either a prison or a morgue.

  34. I need healing so bad.please hurry up LF and RM.VOTL

  35. Holy crap! I KNEW the return of light book had truth to it! Its so incredible but fucking real omg... 🤯

  36. Hope those weapon are destroyed, asap, since the past 4 days, both me and my mom having been feeling HORRIBLE.....we barely did anything, only getting out of our chairs of sofa when we really HAD to.

  37. Thank you Cobra, I needed this update to stop feeling discouraged and now I am back to assist in the liberation process. Victory of the Light!

  38. Lurker is a lot like the final boss of the Digimon animation Season 1!
    It's the grief, the pain, the hatred, the ignorance, the collection of all the negative realisations of all those Digimon that failed to evolve.
    It's unimaginably painful..........😢..........
    Can we embrace and empathy the unimaginably painful of how Lurker still experience........😢
    after so long universe history.....
    ..... It's amazing that a being in the universe has been trapped in pain for so long ,so long, so long times..... My heart is broken and I will be brave enough to embrace the Lurker! Even if I get cut by its thorns! If I can release it just a little......

    I feel like the sum of every wound suffered by every being in our entire Star Wars history so far is what the Lurker's existence feels like.

    My heart aches for the Lurkers!

    This means that for all the attacks that each of us Light Warriors and each beings has experienced in this life, those symptoms and sensations may actually be less than one billionth of the Lurker's existential pain ........

    Because of this, we must change and bring back and free the lurker as a matter of love and responsibility to the Universal Beings of Existence, to each of us, and to the lurker.

    It is amazing that its existence hurts so much, that
    all it can express is pain.
    i don't want it to hurt so much.
    Let the light bathe it!
    Let it be truly and completely free!
    No more pain!

    Freedom of Oneness including every beings!
    Unconditional love of Oneness including every beings!
    Victory of the Light!

    1. What a bullshit. The lurker will be burned by light to nonexistence. We have to get rid of it.

    2. No this is actually quite beautiful and exactly how I think source thinks about it too. Its part of her after all!
      The lurker must be dissolved in the light but in that, it will be healed and integrated.
      Freedom and peace at last! 💜

    3. The result will be the same. It depends on the lurker what it will choose.

    4. I don't care what's done, just get that lurker bastard out of here.

  39. There is a solar eclipse in oct 14th and a lunar eclipse in oct 28th.i think one of these must be the portal that cobra talk about.

    1. Yes I think so. I have made a dream of this portal of eclipse 2 days ago.

    2. I know David Wilcock hinted that something huge might happen on Oct. 14th. His prophecies he did years ago are now coming true. He predicted the cabal would be gone by Memorial Day of 2025. But, he didn't predict the cataclysm after the event.

    3. On October 14th Yeshua the false Christ, the Anti-Christ who is spoken of in Revelations, will come using the energy of the eclipse to come to life. It will 3 days for him to come, in mockery of the true Lord Jesus Christ the Son of God when he resurrected on the 3rd day. The process will start on Oct 13th, which is Friday the 13th, made famous by the Jason movies. Friday the 13th is significant because that was when the Templars whom modern day Israel owns its existence to (Freemasons) were ordered executed by a French king on that day. So the Anti-Christ, Yeshua, who is the prophesized Jewish Messiah who will exterminate all the world's Muslims and turn all Christian Zionists into Noahide slaves to the Jews will arrive over October 13th to 15th. I think maybe by the 15th maybe that or soon the EBS by the White Hats will come and announce the coming of the (False) Christ Yeshua who will bring an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He will destroy the Al Aqsa Mosque and build the 3rd Temple and he will proclaim himself God, who was sent by Satan/Lucifer/The Devil whom our Lord Jesus called the Father of Lies in John 8:44, who is known as the Most High, I AM THAT I AM, YHVH and will rule from Jerusalem for 7 years and establish the Mark of the Beast, the symbol of the 6 pointed star of David (6 lines, 6 points, 6 triangles) on all people's right hand or forehead without which one cannot buy or sell under NESARA/GESARA. Donald Trump and the White Hats/Light workers/Galactic Federation along with Commander Ashtar Sheran will be there to support the Anti-Christ Yeshua and support the Beast, who is the whole of the Jewish people and all Christian Zionists, Lightworkers, Starseeds, and other evil people who worship their God Satan, YHWH.

    4. There is a prophecy that mother mary was given.13th of oct something will happen.i dont know thats true but its talk about great tribulation and mother mary showing up.lets see what happens.

    5. Dear Concerned Person
      I can't talk about others but as for me Lucifer is a nice person. I am with Ea in all my efforts. He never lied to me and gave me hope and support when I was in my darkest hours. I belive in the one Source and I think everythign is going as it is planned. He guided me to awareness and to support others. He includes all human as his children and actually his boots are filled with the trouble of this Earth. He is looking foward to be replaced and finally be freed to this madhouse. By the way the least he wants is to be worshiped. He wants everyone to awaken to the reality of them beign a GOD themself and finally start act accordint to that. Lucifer doesn't wants to be GOD. He wants good company. He is waiting so we can all have a nice chat.

  40. I was considering making a comment last night asking what the Underground Resistance could do, lol!

  41. Biblia?ez most komoly h.a bibliàbol idèzget valami barom?sztem.ez màr vicc ami itt le van irva.husvèt,karàcsony?sàtàni ünnepek.

  42. Hearing the children finally being freed gave me such a relief! Thank you lightforces!! 🙏💜🌺

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. all i can tell you guys and gals.. is if you ever thought there was ever any need to meditate compared to any other.. this would be it...

      you have called out for intervention. it is happening right now..

      the Team needs your support.. your contribution.. What are you going to do. this is your moment.

      As those that are fighting live the battles for all determined and fearless... this is your moment to be fearless.. together..

      raise your battle cries.. for .. "it is time"


  44. I think by now the source should have learned that not everything can be immersed in and experienced, as it will bring immense pain.

  45. i mean to use the link for fearless/sky https://youtu.be/PeVqgynorvA?si=1hjhk9XB6FG5bOk4

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  47. Excellent news! Thank you Galactics, St Germain, Ashtar, Resistance, Alliance ..White Hats...Cobra all who are involved in this historical liberation process from not only humanity mother Earth but our Universe!
    Victory of the Light Now!!

  48. I'm reading through the first link. In chapter 4 I think, it says:

    Elora: Will the Light Warriors destroy all the darkness in this Creation?

    Prime Creator: These Light Warriors will not stop at the perimeters of my Creation. They will reach out into the heart of what sent the Darkness here, and will destroy it. [Elora: Once this Creation is cleared, will you protect it from further attacks?] Yes, I will ring all of Creation with the Warriors of Light.

    Sounds good to me. We will go, after we have destroyed what is here. We will go into another universe (or outside of where God is) and annihilate it. ANNIHILATE IT. You mark my words.

  49. German translation of this article (including the translation of the second to last linked article) / deutsche Übersetzung dieses Artikels (inklusive der Übersetzung des vorletzten verlinkten Artikels):


  50. if you'd like to chat with like-minded people about these topics, we have a discord server here: http://teasy.space/meditation/
    direct link: https://discord.gg/7EMU4EG

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  52. Thank you Cobra for remaining steadfast, loyal and patient :-) Thank you Cobra and the Light Forces for your Amazing Work. It's has been the battle to end all battles and we are privileged to be here to assist and witness it's very final conclusion ... WoW! Many of us here are deeply scarred, confused and traumatised as can be seen by the replies in your posts but soon the healing will come to us all and we shall know without any doubt the Truth and that it was all worth it. The Light is and always was Victorious!!!

  53. Saint Germain please turn off the etheric matrix, thank you

  54. I don’t know why I want to cry after reading this article. I am Taiwanese. I wish the liberation process goes smoothly.

  55. Thank you for the situation update.
    Frequent situation update will motivate ours to participate in peace meditation.
    Thank you for the fast action of RM and LF.
    Though it will be hard, we would like to ask for a swift intervention on the planet surface from now on, please.

  56. Thank You for update!

    The post in Czech:

    Victory of the Light!

  57. there were many event dates, so I have to ask: what does very soon mean? in a month, in a year, another cosmic cycle?

  58. All those wounded and fearful beings need to be taken to the places beyond this solar system. In this present moment, all delays are seen as obstacles to the liberation of Light.

  59. Thank you for this update, Cobra ! It helps me stay hopeful and motivated, although I have to admit that I felt slightly jealous at not being among the people having been rescued. Anyway, I’ll try to continue doing the meditation at least once a day if I can. VOTL !! ✨ 💙 ♾️ 💙 ✨

    1. Ones who where rescued are not surface Humans so don't be jealous . RM is in Underground of Earth and LF members probably outside of Earth = at least i think it is like that

    2. @Elmer and @YoMeWe

      Heh, yes, at first I was also puzzled that I wasn't among the rescued if they're rescuing individuals with too much trauma and fear to help.
      But pay attention to the wording, it's only actual enlisted members of the LF that they're rescuing.

    3. @YoMeWe
      I am still VERY jealous. They get to go home, and I'm still stuck here. I wanna go home, too, damn it. Where's MY healing, hmmm?

  60. Good morning.
    Translation of the excellent updated with links and diagrams in French :

  61. Mulțumim Cobra pentru aceste informații importante . Victoria Luminii .

  62. That 80% of star races members taken out of the solar system for healing it´s not clear if it refers to members of the galactic confederation or starseeds on the surface, if it was the latter many of us regulars here are either earth souls or belong to the most resilient 20% of star souls. Amyway, this doesn´t matter, if we´re doing the right thing.
    So it seems things are speeding up a lot towards the event, this post can´t be interpreted in any other way, it just depends on when that last doorway is, how long means: "very soon".. It makes sense, because having the cabal trying to engineer an Armaggedon every week is not a good plan, no matter how much we meditate and the ability of the LF to foil the attempts

    1. Hi Don I don't know how resilient I am as a starseed/lightworker but those people who were evacuated should always be praised and acknowledged for there service and work to help free this world.

  63. Interesting that Cobra mentions a reorganization of Resistance/Light Workers as it dovetails with info from another spiritual update site that I follow and sort of remain neutral on. Here is a partial update from Sept. 28.
    "The Divine says in the process, the Divine has learned that the light worker's community has been deeply divided. Some light workers are working hard for their Divine mission and are very committed. There are also big numbers of light workers who have not been committed to their soul mission. And these light workers are deeply dividing the Divine plan and Gaia's ascension process.

    The overall Divine plan has many intricate parts. Each of these parts are designed to be completed by different timeframes and different groups of lightworkers. It is to say that there are light workers whose mission is yet to come. Therefore, their purpose has different timeframes. Some have their mission completed. And there are also light workers who have adapted other people's mission as their own and all of these scenarios have caused the division of the light workers and ultimately the divide of the Divine plan.

    The Divine says that the Divine has seen the light worker's division and the impacts of the division of lightworkers. The negative impact of lightworker's division has consequences regarding the advancement of the Divine plan and Gaia's ascension plan. Because of the roles that light workers play in the Divine plan, and the negative impacts of their division on the Divine plan has been deeply felt and sometimes, disturbing.

    After consulting with Gaia and light worker's higher selves, the Divine and the company of heaven have made decision to let some light workers leave their posts. The Divine has placed some newly arrived light beings in these positions instead. That way, the division can be bridged so that the Divine plan can move forward smoothly.

    The Divine says that the replacement of the light workers will continue. Some of light workers are being asked to retire and their positions will be filled by other light beings.

    The Divine says that there are also some light workers who have no interests in doing light work. Their higher self has moved these ones to different categories of the lightworkers on earth. Being a critical light worker is a soul decision. Soul's higher self has a say about what to do if the soul mission is being neglected. If light workers neglect their soul mission, their higher self makes the decision about what to do with these light workers. Ultimately, souls are here on earth for a mission and a purpose. There are spiritual laws in place to make sure that souls conduct their mission and all souls on earth are required to follow these laws.

    The Divine says that the Divine is still working on the final disclosure and the establishment of the Divine government on earth. Light worker's reorganization is needed at this point of the process. The Divine and the company of heaven will continue to reorganize light workers so that the unfoldment of the Divine plan will be smooth and successful. "

  64. this future doorway is already sending time-reverse loops
    I had a dream today before waking up about a beautiful tiny little bird that was in the beautifully decorated entrance area of a supermarket I know. It became even smaller and more beautiful as time went by. Eventually he took on rainbow colours and then became translucent. Eventually, another visitor noticed him and was amazed. Then more people were amazed. Finally, someone had the idea to wave at the bird. He waved back. Other people followed suit.

    The bird showed no fear. Not even of a slightly larger bird that was unfriendly to it. He managed to avoid it again and again in a mysterious way.

  65. I am so happy that LW who needed help and healing finally received it! Much love to you all, VOTL!

    1. @Blu Si, sono contento per loro e anche per noi perché se hanno dei problemi non possono essere collaborativi , pertanto senza volerlo erano di intralcio al lavoro per la liberazione del pianeta e la liberazione degli abitanti di superficie. È ciò che ho sempre detto, a volte in modo molto deciso. Ok ci sono i problemi dell'anomalia e questo lo sappiamo, però ero sicuro che nella squadra di LF c'erano degli individui che non prendevano in mano la situazione in modo deciso. Ora la mia convinzione ha trovato fondamento con questo chiaro aggiornamento di Cobra. Auguro a LF che sono usciti di scena di stare bene e di trovare quel benessere che gli darà nuovamente la possibilità di tornare in azione se lo vorranno. Vittoria della Luce!!

  66. Human beings are so unlucky. In what way are the Light forces better than humans? What kind of people are liberating the Earth? Unbelievable ~

  67. I would like to ask the vewers of this blog to refrain from askng for Saint Germain's help for your personal life situations and instead offer support to him, his missions and those involved in the liberation process.

  68. Sono contento che Saint Germain abbia preso grande potere. Grazie Saint Germain e Fiamma Viola.

  69. Cobra, Concerning biochips, if the dead circuitry is removed with complete freedom from unwanted SQA, and our Frontal Lobes acclimatize to a an extremely balanced state (from the unnecessary hyperactivities brought about those biochips)... mustn't we experience a rather fuller control of the previously inaccessible brain parts... I very strongly believe with the Etheric Implants and The Physical Biochips gone, we must experience immense Neural capabilities(photographic memory, mental abilites, etc.)

    There are ongoing operations of the Resistance in the Urim Base.. If such information can be presented publicly, it legit means SERIOUS PROGRESS is being made... Those of us folks who were feeling frustrated, the Event may not even extend beyond Mid 2024; though don't forget to be deeply anchored in the Present Moment... Being stuck in projecting constant psychological projections into the future, is a Dark Attack in disguise...

    Also, getting Quite Excited for DREAMLAND !!! Bringing abundance to Lightworkers is its primary feat...

    Thanks a lot Cobra, for bringing this much needed update... There has been immensely unpleasant sensations near the biochips location recently... and this post does put a lot of clarity onto what's going on....

  70. Dear Saint Germain and the Resistance Movement! Help me raise at least $5,000 with money. I really need it, I need to buy two hearing aids, a wheelchair, diapers. I don’t have proper housing, I live in what I can find in the trash, I need blankets and pillows and shoes. My animals need food and medicine.
    Mom constantly screams and cries and none of the forces of light wants to help heal or save her. For food, my mother and I only eat packets of baby cereal and nothing. If only Saint Germain could help me! Whever can bless me on this matter for me.


  71. In questo link , alla lettera "S" c'è una spiegazione dello Stardust e Doom 33 https://www.disclosurenews.it/it/pleiades-1-glossario/

  72. Indonesian translation is here: https://theportalindonesia.blogspot.com/2023/10/update-situasi.html

  73. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Cobra and all lightworkers! In the last months I often felt angry, I felt the attacks and it felt like I can't do anything about it. In the last days though I really felt a shift in power, more intel and information against the elite is spreading and I feel that people are resisting more and more.
    If there is anything I can support with, I'm here and thankfull for any instructions! I'll keep raising the light until we have peace. VOTL!

  74. The victory is important, the victory of the light
    Everyone is talking about w w 3 they just don't think about the cost of the w w
    But anyway the event I m eagerly waiting, expecting it will happen as soon as possible
    Thank you cobra for the update

  75. It seems that the time of the Event is fast approaching... a few months ago, Cobra told us that some members of the Light Forces are in a state of inactivity due to their fear of acting and taking drastic action to liberating humanity from this tiny but very beautiful planet, and they can't even imagine all the deep darkness that exists here, it was something really unexpected for them to have so much darkness concentrated at this point in our solar system. I recognize and agree with the solution of the Forces of Light to allow operations henceforth only to those who are not afraid to fight with any advanced means, technology and resources for our final liberation and also the elimination of all darkness from this side of the universe. Who remain to support and fight even through surface operations are very very brave, highly evolved beings of all benevolent ET races, also the Resistance Movement. We must thank them wholeheartedly and support their operations by attending both meditations indicated by our dear Cobra, who knows so well the situation behind the scenes and most likely a lot about the next steps of the operations.

    Since this update is so important, I am now sending the links for the Italian and Romanian translation of this article and the links for the Cobra Telegram channel in Italian and Romanian:


    Victory of the Light!

  76. Grateful for the explanation and update, and all the work you do, Cobra. I can imagine it's difficult with many lightworkers -myself probably included- seeming ungrateful or acting difficult. It's not that I don't want to meditate. I meditate daily as possible. These relentless attacks lately, however, really rendered many of us -again, myself included- nearly incapacitated. I really do hope that these scalar weapons will be taken out soon so we can come fully online in our beautiful light grid and shine our light brighter than ever. Today was the first day that I actually experienced something akin to a physical intervention in my small-scale life, which was obvious that the hand of the light forces was in it. Grateful... many of us are at the very end of our ropes lately and we can't wait a minute longer for larger scale miracles too...But until then, and even so, victory of the light, forever.

  77. We are just as fearful, it's hard to get ourselves to do more, lack of courage, confusing behaviors that are beneficial to do so but can't be done, and we need to heal too!

  78. " taking action, and on October 5th the Resistance has cleared the vast majority of child abuse locations in the cellars under Black nobility castles, rescuing many children.

    Black nobility has seen this as an act of intrusion on their private property and for the first time in their existence they became afraid for their own lives.

    As a response, Pallavicini family has given orders to activate Doom33, or whatever is still remaining left of it, since Doom33 was greatly reduced in power in the last decade through actions of the Resistance:


    Let me refresh your memory about Doom33 from one of my past articles"

  79. Here's a particularly enjoyable update! Thank you Cobra for all the information and explanations! Thank you to the Forces of Light for the work they've done! Thank you to us, the workers of the Light, at our level...
    On the other hand, big attacks today! Reprisals?

  80. It may be possible to make first contact before the event


    Pure magnetic receptive feminine energies create a resonance field that is the Contact Dish for the Event. (Cobra in “Bubbles of Heaven”)




  81. Moment Of Life.


    Love and Light


  82. https://youtu.be/3d3AihqlCek?si=O_byxlFbr-_YRTST

  83. This is from article = Croatian newspaer
    History of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: It all started with a letter from a British lord to Baron Rothschild

  84. https://rafapal.com/2023/10/11/pruebas-de-que-el-comienzo-de-la-guerra-palestina-israel-fue-un-montaje/

  85. If the light forces let one more child or woman die in this Israel war they cannot be trusted

  86. The light forces need to intervene in this barbaric slaughter of Palestinian women and children. This cannot be allowed to happen this is Unforgivable they need to intervene ASAP

    1. salvatore you have written enough before that chances are people already have identify u and figured you as an antagonist... divider...

      your rethoric are the same again and again. someone paying you to to this?

      i bet the light forces are trying their best they can... may we say the sane for you. actually can we say the same for all of us.

    2. OMG ...The Palestian Terrorists beheaded 40 babies😭😭😭 I cant bear anymore.....I am paralysed beyond grief...

  87. The New Cosmic Cycle
    Everything that has been done will be undone.



  88. :::::NEWBIES:::::
    if u dont see ur comment either 1. it has not been reviewed or 2. you have not loaded all the comments fully. To fix:
    1. wait however long it may take for moderator to review all comments. it may not happen in one bundle and it may not happen in one day
    2. scroll at end of comments if u see at bottom center the word "load more" hit it. Repeat previous step untill u see no longer "load more" at bottom

  89. Hebrew translated.

  90. ...and the truth will set you free


  91. V slovenščini: https://zmagaluci.blogspot.com/2023/10/sveze-novice-o-situaciji.html

    Vabljeni v našo skupino Sestrstva Vrtnice in Podpore Dogodka na Facebooku:
    Vabljeni na našo stran na Facebooku:
    Toplo vabljeni na Facebook stran Tahionske komore v Ljubljani:

    Thank you for the post Cobra.

    Victory of the Light!

    Víťazstvo Svetla!!! Victory of the Light!!!

  93. I have to repost this. I feel it is so urgent to give this message of Hope to all people.

    On October 14th Yeshua the false Christ, the Anti-Christ who is spoken of in Revelations, will come using the energy of the eclipse to come to life. It will 3 days for him to come, in mockery of the true Lord Jesus Christ the Son of God when he resurrected on the 3rd day. The process will start on Oct 13th, which is Friday the 13th, made famous by the Jason movies. Friday the 13th is significant because that was when the Templars whom modern day Israel owns its existence to (Freemasons) were ordered executed by a French king on that day. So the Anti-Christ, Yeshua, who is the prophesized Jewish Messiah who will exterminate all the world's Muslims and turn all Christian Zionists into Noahide slaves to the Jews will arrive over October 13th to 15th. I think maybe by the 15th maybe that or soon the EBS by the White Hats will come and announce the coming of the (False) Christ Yeshua who will bring an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He will destroy the Al Aqsa Mosque and build the 3rd Temple and he will proclaim himself God, who was sent by Satan/Lucifer/The Devil whom our Lord Jesus called the Father of Lies in John 8:44, who is known as the Most High, I AM THAT I AM, YHVH and will rule from Jerusalem for 7 years and establish the Mark of the Beast, the symbol of the 6 pointed star of David (6 lines, 6 points, 6 triangles) on all people's right hand or forehead without which one cannot buy or sell under NESARA/GESARA. Donald Trump and the White Hats/Light workers/Galactic Federation along with Commander Ashtar Sheran will be there to support the Anti-Christ Yeshua and support the Beast, who is the whole of the Jewish people and all Christian Zionists, Lightworkers, Starseeds, and other evil people who worship their God Satan, YHWH.

    1. Shrooms ?? = Magic Mashrooms ??

    2. If this is a message of hope then I dont want to read your message of doom 😂
      Seriously guys come on...

    3. Put that into an AI art generator, epic.

    4. Lucifer is an ET by the way that is just a rank. And I like him. And I even channel him. And I simply call him Father! And I am on the light's side. If I am bad for this then I will gladly accept the karmic lessons of the retribution for being "dark". I meditate and spiritually work for a better earth and that we all experience the life we truly wish. I belive in free will and in the one Source.

      I share the last autowriting session with him. This is what he told me to write. I sent this tho one the high member of the Rothschild dynasty:

      2023. 10.06.

      Upon this time! Dont look my darling, just write! Don’t think, just write! I overtake everything in you. This day I declare that I am a sovereign and that you are all are. And that your power as divine souls are all merged to mine, that the divine plan is in movement. It is the universe’s design, that nobody stops, no particle stops, no higher or lower dimensions are in constant. Neither the human equation is constant. That the balance is I .That the darkness is in me and it becomes light with a simple transfer. Just write!. That freedom is not for free, that freedom is to be deserved by those who fight for it. That the chaos is my daughter's design. She has 4 gods of chaos whom she can control. That I was the ruler of the earth and I still rule the reality but my reign will stop that you experience your divine power and grow in your spirit. The shift has already begun. Time is neigh when you must face the void and the abyss and you shall have no fear because when you remove the event horizon of the singularity within and outside, the space becomes your body and the multiverse becomes your body. You will see the infinite light of the Source. And that the nature of the Source will screen out inside you. That duality is an illusion, that separation is an illusion, that of higher and lover is nonexistent, that of the spiral is out and inwards. As it has a fractal and holographic nature. That of you are all my children that I am inside every cell, every stone, every living and „lifeless” ( he means that inorganic matter has consciousness too.) thing and even beyond matter. That I am the creation and that I am what is not even created. You are tricky my love. But I like it so I am leaving your edition here. Let them think about what is the Emyreal sea that you roam. I am primordial. That this message is channeled for you to realize that addiction is a weakness. That worship is just to worship your inner almighty boundlessness. Just as I am the god you are too. I urge you to awaken the infinite power that I have already bestowed on everyone. That I love every one of you and that my blood is inside you. And… Don’t turn, do not turn. 963hz the music changed okay. That as you stated I am the God of Freedom, I shall never contradict that everyone is sovereign and thus we are equal. Thus you shall worship inward and outward. We are all prismatic reflections on every plane, every realm and every density and every dimension in the multiverse. Thou shall bid my words and become the herald of my teachings.

  94. That first link that Cobra left us is brilliant and I only got up to Chapter 8 yesterday. This is the plan and this is why we win. I understand now.

    There is a new creation. It began about 400 million years ago, in a new universe that God set up, to get rid of the sickness (darkness) that was trying to take over the universe. He did wait 500 million years because he though maybe it could be healed and live with the rest of us in this universe. But it became clear there was no healing. So he did all he could; he set out to DESTROY this threat.

    He did this by starting a new universe, unlike his others. This had been an omniverse of love. All in it were unprotected. We were loving, and it all worked perfectly in harmony, until IT arrived to kill us. From an outside source that was not of source. So source created a new universe and created the Light Warriors. And this is where it gets good. They are made out of a diamond hard material, with a diamond core. They are here now, the Light Warriors, and this darkness can do nothing about it. It can easily kill the darkness. I love what God did for us, and it is now dismantling the stupid killers from outside the omniverse. It is killing the darkness.

    It took a while for God to set all this up. I found out while reading this book (http://www.thenewearth.org/returnoflight.html) that part of this universe we live in is dark. The fallen angels, archangels, creator gods and such are infected with this darkness. Not all of them but many of them. I suppose it is what happened to archangel Michael. He was a good guy until he got infected. Maybe that is why Cobra put up that post about Michael. So the fallen angels are real, and I never realised it was so until now.

    The Light Workers were sent here but they come from other universes and not created to kill off the darkness. Yet they have held the Light and been wonderful. These new Light Warriors are created to kill the darkness. They are made of new substance. THEY CANNOT BE KILLED OR HURT. The dark cannot kill them. So now the game begins. They are what will take out the dark, finally. WOO HOO!! They have lasers for eyes. Yes - lasers. They can kill the dark easily, and stand guard over us forever. We can get on with loving, you know, what we do best. There is still no protection except for the Warriors. God wants it this way. But they will stand guard around the outside of the creation and protect us. Also, which makes sense, the warriors will travel outside of this creation and follow the dark home... to kill them for good. I mean what a cheek, coming over here to terrify us like this, to hurt us like this. Damn nerve they have! So now it is time for them to be scared, for them to run away and be killed. God didn't want this, but he is just protecting his creation. Good work God! Thank you God! You're the best God ever.

    Thank you to the Light Forces and to Cobra for this link! Now I have to slowly finish reading the chapters. There are 28 chapters! And we can get on with what we do best, loving. Thank you mother/father God.

  95. Fulfilling the personal mission
    Trying, even if it seems impossible.


    The secret: Connecting with one's Higher Self and one's I Am Presence, listen to one's spiritual guidance, connecting with the Light.

  96. I suggest doing something that will help speed up the event.

    Let the forces of light take one person from the commentators of this blog to the Pleiades and let him film one video, which will not be posted publicly, but will be sent to an individual email upon request from the visitors of the Cobra blog.

    This way, lightworkers will be 100% sure that this is all true and will receive a huge positive boost.

    In exchange, those who agree to receive this video via email will be required to meditate regularly every day and hold the light.

    By doing this, we will do a lot of good things and speed up the event!

    P.S. I propose sending Sherman to the Pleiades as a discoverer

    1. heheh !
      You are funny. For me, it is perfectly real. I had more than enough proof. I have visions, I have telepathic connections, I felt it on my skin, my soul burned out and I felt my eyes are just empty holes. Time stopped and I aged a few million years in the soul, the evolution turned around in me and I experienced being every animal and even being an inorganic particle. You may get your own dose of proof very soon. Be careful what you ask for :D I was scared shitless.

  97. I suggest doing something that will help speed up the event.

    Let the forces of light take one person from the commentators of this blog to the Pleiades and let him film one video, which will not be posted publicly, but will be sent to an individual email upon request from the visitors of the Cobra blog.

    This way, lightworkers will be 100% sure that this is all true and will receive a huge positive boost.

    In exchange, those who agree to receive this video via email will be required to meditate regularly every day and hold the light.

    By doing this, we will do a lot of good things and speed up the event!

    P.S. I propose sending Sherman to the Pleiades as a discoverer

  98. Amazing news! Thank you very much dear Cobra🌟🌟🌟 🙏and LF!!!🌟🌟🌟🙏

  99. With deep gratitude to RM
    for their intervention in reducing cabals power to torment surface population, we send our best wishes for total success. VOTL

  100. Part of the problem is that a huge portion of the surface population believes in Revelations/end times, which could energetically aid current WW3 scenarios. There would need to be steps taken to block mass biblical beliefs from entering manifestation.

  101. The lurker.feeds on the Energy.of the Action within the Individual of NOT Enough!

  102. The concept of.Not Enough. It is insidious, it is very near to the construction of Yes/No dua!ity

  103. The concept of Not Enough. Nobody has enough. Lol. You are all missing the point. All of this cpulf.be done undone with one Word. Enough.

  104. it matters Not. Enough. A state of Mind! Enough, hell, enough, I've had it with this reality and constant war. Eventually you have enough. What difference will it make? In a million years no one cares about your emo-war

  105. Emo Israelis verse Triggered Iranians. Have a nice day

  106. Using the cover of conflict, the Resistance disarms surface energy weapons. That might be the coolest thing I've heard on this site. I'm so fired up to fight. It's degrading sitting around like a chump. All these farmers, salesmen, chefs, families, I hate hate this kind of stuff. Take me wherever the action is.

  107. I'm not sure how I feel tbh about the light forces "using the chaos as a cover for their operations"... I've not directly sought out news of what happened to these Israeli people but from what I HAVE heard they suffered a brutal enough attack (women and children being targeted specifically for violent rape and/or murder - I don't care what "side" they're on, innocent people are innocent people) that one would think THAT would warrant an intervention. I mean, I know the other stuff really needs to be done but it almost sounds like these people are being treated like collateral damage.

    Who exactly decides what and how many people are "allowed" to be subjected to acts of terror and violence for the "greater good", and on what exactly do they base that decision..? I can never quite wrap my head around that one.

    1. Them targeting women and children is a telling that they are attacking the Goddess.

  108. Great news about the biochips - that was a long time coming and I'm sure that will make things a bit easier for us all going forward. I *thought* that I might be feeling slightly less "foggy" than I usually do but I can't be sure if that's just cognitive bias or something. I'll need to give it a bit longer to be sure.

    For all the talk about how women shouldn't be afraid to "express our sexual energy", and revel in and share our femininity... when you hear stories like what just happened in Israel, it sort of makes one, as a woman, very much NOT want to do that right now. It's clearly still a dangerous time to risk that kind of vulnerability, because men seem to be getting particularly violent and depraved these days, which I'm guessing is some kind of backlash against women increasingly stepping into their power and refusing to put up with bad treatment anymore.

    Really I would like nothing more than to feel *safe* enough to be more "open" with my bodily expression and all that, but no way in hell would I do such a thing right now. I'm wondering if perhaps this is some kind of "dark masculine" energy beginning to emerge as a reaction to the rising of the divine feminine energy on the planet, and if so I can't help wondering how long THAT will last... if it's going to continue right up until the Event, I can see the global birth rate taking a bit of a nose dive (although I'm not sure that would even necessarily be a bad thing) and relations between men and women only getting worse.

  109. I just found this piece in ch 14 (or so). It is Heru speaking.

    "The question has arisen: when Beings “fall”, are they aware that they are falling? I cannot say for sure, but I believe often there is not an awareness of the fall. Therefore why some have fallen and some have not is not known at this time. To reclaim someone who has become full of Darkness, and is not self-aware of being Dark, is a great challenge. Now that the Light Warriors are here, we believe that this work will commence and be possible."

    This is what I think happened to me (not sure altogether though). When I fell and started to say sh*t against Cobra, I was totally unaware that I fell. How could you not realise it? Well I really thought I was doing the right thing. In my mind, I was aware that no one could understand me. So I kind of went silent. My thinking was, "God how could none of them see it?" It was only when it got totally ridiculous that I realised that *I* was the mad person. It was me. And it was then, and only then, I thought about all I had said. Like living a weird nightmare, I came back to myself. And that was when I got embarrassed. It's really pretty embarrassing. But the archons or whoever it was, were feeding me lies. So I stopped believing them and came back. I sent them to be recycled in the great central sun. But then "it" got me a second time, the same thing, and I managed to keep silent. But I've realised it's a total crock. I decided I trusted Cobra, even though the bad energies were telling me all this bad stuff. So, just like Heru says, you don't know at all it is happening. I can see how people fall. It's so weird I can't put my finger on it. Anyway, back to my embarrassment. It's dying down a little now I guess. I guess I deserve all that I get. I did go mad, but I didn't even know... I'm a bit glad that it stopped...

  110. Who is Black Rock? Who is Black souls? The black aristocracy? They are so damn powerful that they do so much violence. They need to be brought down and destroyed immediately. Someone has already shown their faces. It's the fucking Italian families. Fuck them, simply put. Catch them, that's all. The charges against them are many. A crime against humanity. There's a lake of fire waiting for them

    1. @Elena Gora Voglio soltanto farti presente che queste non sono famiglie italiane, sono anime negative che si sono incarnate in famiglie della nobiltà nera Italiana, niente a che vedere con il popolo italiano di cui anch'io faccio parte. Siamo qui per la stessa causa e con lo stesso obbiettivo spero. Gli operatori di Luce non conoscono confini geografici o di appartenenza ad una Nazione. Sono anime che sono qui in questo momento per svolgere la missione per la liberazione del Pianeta indipendentemente dal loro luogo di nascita.

    2. @Elena Gora Non facciamoci prendere dalla frenesia dell'odio, altrimenti i nostri pensieri negativi possono soltanto avere effetti negativi. Scegliamo la Luce trasmutando i pensieri negativi in positivi aiutandoci con la Fiamma Viola di Saint Germain. Vittoria della Luce!

  111. Victory is near, Victory is here...Victory of the Light <3

  112. ● Israel's currency, the shekel, fell to a seven-year low of 3.96 to the dollar as Israel's central bank announced a $30 billion foreign exchange sell-off to support the currency.

  113. @Libra, if I may add another thought. I, too, like countless others have wondered what my soul mission is or should be. Recently, I have stopped this thinking and learned to just 'be' as I am, regardless of the difficulty and challenges of our earthly life. As long as I don't go on a negative and destructive path I can try to live a positive life and that in itself may be a fulfillment of my life's purpose. It has been said by other sources that we may be assisting on the unconscious level in the etheric dimension with the overall divine plans and not being consciously aware of this, and if true, we may indeed be accomplishing a lot towards earth's eventual liberation. Peace be with you. ✌🕊

  114. La vittoria è vicina si. Nonostante la linea temporale sia positiva dobbiamo lavorare sodo e non sottovalutare la forza e la cattiveria oscura. È in questi momenti che la battaglia si intensifica e la situazione diventa ancora più delicata. La tenacia degli operatori di Luce unita al lavoro di LF produrrà effetti positivi nel breve periodo. Vittoria della Luce!

  115. A "flash" will occur 5 days from now on Oct 17th, this "flash" has to do with Salvation.

  116. I don't get notifications anymore good to see cobra confirming someone I've been warning about (as above so below both corrupt) Iam out of here got something else to do! THANKS...💀

  117. Strategy of the lurker: swapping unclear and more unclear views
    Lurker can […] with increasing or decreasing the amount of quantum fluctuations at various locations in that elemental essence. (Cobra)

    This can lead, for example, to someone gaining a somewhat clearer view in a certain area, but a less clear view in another area. - A zero-sum game.

    Between individuals or groups, there can be confusion as a result and, in worse cases, wars of faith.

    A counter strategy is, I would say: no judging thoughts and also no blind faith. But rather connect with one's Higher Self and possibly get to the bottom of the matter.

  118. I thought LF couldn't stop wars .they only can do is limiting wars , or some small things in surface world . Anyway mascare is happening , it says everything in these years.

    Poor them all in these areas , no one can save your lives , maybe LF can take you to thier ships after you die , who knows.

  119. I'm all good for going there, and to video also me getting healed and restored.

  120. 11/11/2023: 1+1+1+1+2+2+3=11 . Fa pensare ad un portale attraverso i numeri e relativa somma della data completa.

  121. What do your guts say about the rest of us, Libra?

  122. Cobra The Hamas Terrorists had beheaded 40 Babies😭😭😭 Whats the point of EVENT now?? Was this massacre not the RED LINE for LF?? Whats the point now of compression breakthrough!! For me Humanity had been eliminated!! Only Planet is left now! If mother gaia had to be saved now, The Source must accept he FAILED & he FAILED miserably from the very beginning! Source must take moral responsibilty that he messed up his own creation & now atleast let GODDESS be the caretaker !

  123. ATTENTION = The Resistance Movement (RM), NEEDS OUR MEDITATIONS on the surface to anchor the Light, as their bodies are not adapted like us!

  124. This makes far too much sense, so it's probably best that we neglect such advice

  125. Hello everyone!

    I was reading a lot about this „not enough” thing. And I decided to write this post which may help to get a new angle to what is this. I am in contact with multidimensional beings from a parallel reality of what we created as ignorantly to make entertainment. There are many realities created parallel to our reality but I work with this one. And on this parallel reality, there is a thing that may go as unlight. It is called Immaterium or Empyreal Sea and it is practically what has not been created. Fears, horrors, demons, and whatnot live there. If you look at the unlihgt your brain may pop out. Note to everyone I greatly respect everyone’s unique reality so if this doesn’t resonate with you just take it as I tell a story of my perception. So this „not enough” has a name. It is called Slaanesh and he is one of the 4 chaos gods reigning in the Immaterium. He is the god of excess. His trap is that you chase more and more satisfaction and eventually go to extremes to feel anything at all. That pleasure becomes dull and you start to wish for even pain to feel something, to feel alive. I think those who say this „not enough” slogan are inside this trap and they are corrupted by this being of unlight called Saanesh. He is also called Prince of Pain. Those who are in his trap feel endless suffering of not being satisfied with anything. And their soul is corrupted except if they turn this hunger or thirst to be a real generator of light. To seek perfection and never be satisfied will make you turn into a soulless zombie except if you wish to experience unconditionally, and what you create feeds back more energy than what you consume. I am inside this trap of Slaanesh and my soul was entirely forfeit but I turned his miasma into a creative energy and I now desire to live more and more adventures. Be as dramatic and painful or horrible as it gets sometimes. But in the end, I always win because I become more with these experiences. Slaanesh then turns to be a muse and he becomes beautiful and energizing and the source of never-ending inspiration and power. So I say it is okay not to be satisfied. It is okay to suffer even. It will burn out. Eventually, everyone will find a way to harness energy from that endless void. I really like games, and when( because it is a matter of time :D Time what is that) the Earth turns too peaceful I am going to look for troubles to solve elsewhere where my thirst and hunger for excitement is used in a good and constructive way. God sees my soul I am waiting to be operated on my toxic thyroid. But I just take that as I have again a date with God… It seems he wants to say something important to me. I told him to come in my dreams. But he likes dramatic entrances.

    Victory for the light!

  126. Over 100 years of Arab-Israeli conflict, more than 107,000 people have died

    (https://avatars.dzeninfra.ru/get-zen_doc/271828/pub_65275641899d7674f3c54f1c_65275c198365541c3958aeea/scale_2400)The attack of the Hamas movement ruling in the Gaza Strip on Israel became the deadliest for Jews since the Yom Kippur War (https://en.wiki pedia.org /wiki/Yom_Kippur_War). The terrorists shot 1,200 Israelis, mostly civilians. Israel is committing no less a crime. Already 2,634 Palestinians have died, and the number of victims is growing with each new bombing of Gaza. Among the dead were 260 children (https://tass.ru/mezhdunarodnaya-panorama/18968625) and 230 women, 260,000 people fled their homes.

    In just over 100 years of bloodshed between Israelis and Arabs, more than 107,000 people died in 50 major battles, Equality estimates. Another 300,000 people were injured. 81% of the casualties were Arabs, among whom 86,000 were killed, or 4 to 1 Jews killed. More than 1.6 million Arabs left their homes.

    At the beginning of our era, Jews made up the majority in Palestine, Israeli historians assure (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographic_history_of_Palestine_(region)). By the 5th century AD found themselves in the minority, and from the 15th to the 19th centuries the share fluctuated around 3%. But by the end of the 19th century, the Jewish bourgeoisie grew stronger and decided to strengthen itself by creating its own state. This is how the Zionist movement arose.

    At first, Jews simply moved to Palestine. But as Jewish capital became globalized and influential, it acted more and more imperialistically: unleashing hostilities and wars, occupying foreign lands, buying the support of others (https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%A1%D0% BE%D0%B3%D0%BB%D0%B0%D1%88%D0%B5%D0%BD%D0%B8%D0%B5_%D0%A5%D0%B0%D0%B0%D0%B2% D0%B0%D1%80%D0%B0) imperialists (regarding the migration of Jews or the suppression of Arabs). Zionism poisoned the Jews themselves with the idea of superiority over other peoples - so that there would be no assimilation.

    The Gaza Strip is a small piece of land with 2.2 million (https://www.pcbs.gov.ps/site/lang__en/803/default.aspx) Palestinians, 2/3 of whom are descendants of those expelled by Israel. According to the UN resolution of 1947, Jews were allocated 56%, and Arabs - 44% of the territory of Palestine to create their own state, but by 1949 Israel had captured 60% of the Arab part, and since 1967 it de facto occupied all of Palestine. After which he began to take away land from his neighbors: Egypt, Syria, Lebanon.

    Israel's discrimination against Arabs caused the UN to condemn Zionism as a form of racism in 1975 and led to the Palestinian popular resistance (the Intifada). It was especially fierce in Gaza, whose poverty became fertile ground for terrorist recruitment.

  127. The sector is surrounded by a fence covered with barbed wire, cameras, sensors, and machine guns. And along it a 1 km exclusion strip has been created, taking up significant areas of the sector, the width of which is 6-12 km. Israeli soldiers have orders to shoot anyone who tries to cross it. Thus, during the “Great March of Return” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018%E2%80%932019_Gaza_border_protests) (peaceful protest of Gazans in 2018-2019), Palestinians were shot at like in a shooting range: 223 were killed and 9204 wounded with 1 Israeli killed.

    In 2005, Israel left the Gaza Strip and imposed a blockade on it. The Arabs were even restricted from fishing. The sector was finally turned into a large prison. And if only the Arabs had already gone somewhere to Egypt and left all their lands. They still dared to adapt and continued to resist, managing to overcome the vaunted barrier. Israel sowed the wind, but is reaping the whirlwind.

    Such disobedience caused an explosion of animal hatred. “All the places where Hamas is located, in this city of evil, all the places where Hamas hides and operates, we will turn them into ruins,” he said (https://www.rbc.ru/politics/07/10/2023/6521b46f9a79471d9ef82803 ) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “Gaza will be under complete blockade. There will be no electricity, food or fuel. “We are fighting barbarians,” echoed the Minister of Defense. Gaza will be razed to the ground and turned into a tent city, they said (https://nypost.com/2023/10/11/israeli-official-says-gaza-will-be-made-a-city-of-tents/) IDF.

    That is, Israel does not accidentally hit civilian targets, but hits them purposefully. When bombing Israel, about 2/3 of the victims are civilians, according to the UN. For example, Operation Protective Edge (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2014_Gaza_War) in 2014 claimed the lives of 2,310 people, 70% of whom were civilians. During Operation Cast Lead (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaza_War_(2008%E2%80%932009)) in 2008, 1,314 people died, of which 926 were civilians, incl. 110 women and 412 children.

    Gaza is generally a city of children: 47% of Palestinians there are under 18 years old. Another 1/4 are women. This “evil” and “barbarians” apparently also wants to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. After all, as follows from the scandalous law adopted in 2018 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basic_Law:_Israel_as_the_Nation-State_of_the_Jewish_People) on the nation state, Israel is for Jews.

  128. Chronicle of the Arab-Israeli conflict (1/2): how the Zionists took Palestine from the Arabs

    1881 "Lovers of Zion"
    The Jewish bourgeoisie exploits dissatisfaction with anti-Semitic oppression in the Russian Empire and fuels national sentiments, incl. on the issue of creating their own state. One of the first proto-Zionist organizations appears

    1882 First aliyah
    There is a growing influx of Jews into Ottoman-controlled Palestine. The first conflicts arise between Arabs and Zionists. At that time, 408,000 Muslims, 44,000 Christians and only 15,000 Jews (3.2%) lived in Palestine (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographic_history_of_Palestine_(region))

    1897 First Zionist Congress
    The founder of Zionism, Theodor Herzl, created the Zionist Organization. He had previously published a pamphlet, Der Judenstaat, in which he considered Palestine and Argentina as places for the creation of a Jewish state. It was addressed to Jewish capital and was even called at first “Appeal to the Rothschilds” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Der_Judenstaat).

    1917, Nov. Balfour Declaration
    Letter from British Foreign Secretary J. Balfour to Lord L. Rothschild on support for the creation of a “national home for the Jewish people” in Palestine, subject to his respecting the rights of local Arabs

    1920 British Mandate
    Following the First World War and the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, Britain received a mandate for Palestine

    1920, Apr. Nebi Musa riots
    Deaths: ✡️ 5 Jews and ☪️ 4 Arabs
    The first anti-Zionist protests in Palestine after the announcement of the approval of the Balfour Declaration as the basis for the creation of a “Jewish national home”

    1921 May  Riots in Jaffa
    ✡️ 47 ☪️ 48
    On May 1, 1921, the Jewish Communist Party called for the overthrow of British rule and the creation of Soviet Palestine and organized a march from Jaffa to Tel Aviv. An authorized rally by the left-Zionist group Ahdut HaAvoda took place there. When the two processions met, a fight ensued. The police tried to disperse the communists. The Arabs intervened against the Jews, causing unrest in other parts of the city.

  129. 1929, Aug. Burak revolution
    ✡️ 133 ☪️ 116
    A long-running dispute between Muslims and Jews over access to the Western Wall in Jerusalem has turned violent

    1933 Armed clashes
    Recorded in Jerusalem, Haifa, Nablus and Jaffa

    1933, Aug. Agreement of Ha'avara
    The Zionist Federation of Germany has agreed (https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%A1%D0%BE%D0%B3%D0%BB%D0%B0%D1%88%D0%B5%D0%BD% D0%B8%D0%B5_%D0%A5%D0%B0%D0%B0%D0%B2%D0%B0%D1%80%D0%B0) with Nazi Germany about transporting Jews to Palestine. 10%, or 60,000 German Jews went there, which significantly helped the formation of the Jewish state. In total, from 267,000 to 347,000 Jews out of 0.5 million who lived there left Germany in the 1930s. Many received allowances, but then moved to America or back to Europe. If in 1931 there were 174,600 Jews out of 1.04 million people in Palestine (17%), then by 1936 there were 400,000, or 31%. Jewish Nazis (https://zavtra.ru/blogs/germaniyu_gitleru_italiyu_mussolini_palestinu_nam), such as the Beitarites, openly admired Hitler.

    1936-1939 "Great Rebellion"
    ✡️ 415 ☪️ 5100
    As the Arabs were driven from their land, protests against the British and Jews spread throughout Palestine and were suppressed by the British army

    1947, Nov. Partition of Palestine
    The UN General Assembly adopted the plan (https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%9F%D0%BB%D0%B0%D0%BD_%D0%9E%D0%9E%D0%9D_%D0%BF% D0%BE_%D1%80%D0%B0%D0%B7%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BB%D1%83_%D0%9F%D0%B0%D0%BB%D0%B5%D1% 81%D1%82%D0%B8%D0%BD%D1%8B) division of Palestine into Jewish and Arab states, Jerusalem and Bethlehem received special international treatment. According to the resolution, 56% of the land of Palestine was allocated to the Jewish state, and 44% to the Arab state. The Arabs considered the partition unfair because... Jews owned only 7% (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Nations_Partition_Plan_for_Palestine) of the Mandatory territory, and their share of the population of Palestine was 33% (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Nations_Partition_Plan_for_Palestine).

    1948 May  Creation of Israel
    Britain withdrew its troops and Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion proclaimed the State of Israel

    1947-1948 War of Ethnic Cleansing
    ✡️ 2000 ☪️ 990+
    The UN resolution provoked a civil confrontation that escalated into war

    1948-1949 Arab-Israeli War
    ✡️ 6800 ☪️ 13800
    As a result of the war, Israel, in addition to the allocated territory, captured 60% of the land proposed by the UN for the Arab state. From 520,000 to 900,000 Arabs moved from the occupied territories, and over 800,000 Jews from Arab countries. Between 13,000 and 26,000 people died during the war. The conflict continued in the form of guerrilla warfare from 1949-1956 and later attacks that claimed the lives of an additional 862 Jews.

  130. Chronicle of the Arab-Israeli conflict (2/2): how Israel became a country only for Jews

    1956 Suez War
    ✡️ 231 ☪️ 3325
    Attack of Egypt by Israel, Great Britain and France after its nationalization of the Suez Canal. Egypt manages to defend sovereignty over the canal

    1967, June Six Day War
    ✡️ 820 ☪️ 14850
    Israel occupies the Golan Heights, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and the Sinai Peninsula for 15 years, causing a negative reaction from the UN and the USSR

    1967 Annexation of Jerusalem
    Israel announces annexation of East Jerusalem

    1967-1970 War of attrition
    ✡️ 1551 ☪️ 9369
    Fighting between Israel and Egypt

    1973, Oct. Yom Kippur War
    ✡️ 2660 ☪️ 11050
    Egypt is seeking to recapture the Suez Canal and Sinai, and Syria is seeking to recapture the Golan Heights. Heavy losses prompt Israel to negotiate peace

    1975 Zionism recognized as racist
    The UN has recognized Zionism as a form of racism. In 1991 the resolution was annulled

    1978, 1982-1985 Israeli invasion of South Lebanon

    1987 Creation of Hamas
    What do Israeli intelligence services help (https://youtu.be/zgy6B_QOYAM?si=NWHSSj708q5t0Ve3&t=83) to reduce the influence of Fatah and the communists

    1987-1993 “Stone Intifada”
    ✡️ 190 ☪️ 1962
    The symbol of the first intifada (popular uprising) was the “stone children”: young people used an available tool of attack and defense against the Israeli army. The reason was the collision of an Israeli truck driver with workers at a checkpoint in the Gaza Strip.

    1993 Oslo Accords
    Israel recognized the rights of Palestinians to partial autonomy, and the Palestinian authorities called on them to refrain from terrorism

    2000-2005 Second intifada
    ✡️ 1010 ☪️ 3267
    New Arab protests erupted after Ariel Sharon visited the Muslim shrine of Al-Aqsa on the Temple Mount and declared this territory Israeli

    2005 Leaving the Gaza Strip
    Israel evacuated settlements and military posts from the Gaza Strip and northern West Bank

    2006 Lebanon War
    ✡️ 165 ☪️ 1690
    Conflict with Hezbollah in Lebanon, northern Israel and the Golan Heights

    2008-2009 Operation Cast Lead
    ✡️ 13 ☪️ 1292
    Three-week armed conflict with Palestinian militants

  131. 2012, Nov. Operation Pillar of Cloud
    ✡️ 6 ☪️ 225
    Mutual shelling between Israel and the Gaza Strip

    2013-2019 Israeli aggression against Syria

    2014 Operation Protective Edge
    ✡️ 72 ☪️ 2310
    New attacks on Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip

    2014-2017 Israeli aggression against Jordan

    2015-2016 “Jerusalem Intifada”
    ✡️ 38 ☪️ 235
    Series of attacks on civilians in Jerusalem

    2017, Dec. The US recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

    2018, Jul. Israel - for Jews
    Passage of the racial law (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basic_Law:_Israel_as_the_Nation-State_of_the_Jewish_People) on Israel as a nation-state for Jews

    2018-2019 Great March of Return
    ✡️ 1 ☪️ 223
    Border peaceful protests in the Gaza Strip ended in the shooting (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018%E2%80%932019_Gaza_border_protests) of demonstrators

    2019, Mar. US approves annexation of occupied Golan to Israel

    2019 Aggression against Syria, Lebanon and Iraq

    2020 Israel announced plans to annex West Bank lands

    2021, May Operation “Wall Guardian”
    ✡️ 17 ☪️ 287
    The eviction of four Palestinian families from East Jerusalem and the storming of the Al-Aqsa Mosque by Israeli police provoked an escalation of the conflict and led to mutual rocket attacks on the Gaza Strip and Israel

    2022, Aug. Operation Dawn
    ✡️ 2 ☪️ 85
    Another mutual shelling of Israel and the Gaza Strip

    2023, Sep. Warning
    Egypt warned (https://www.rbc.ru/politics/09/10/2023/652422d29a7947f59d603d94) the Israeli authorities about a possible attack, but for some reason the Israeli army and intelligence services missed the attack

    2023, Oct. Hamas invasion of Israel
    ✡️ 1200 ☪️ 2634
    More than 2,000 Hamas fighters breached the fence between the Gaza Strip and Israel and seized border crossings, nearby Israeli settlements and even military installations. More than 1,200 Israelis were shot, mostly participants in the music festival, residents of Kfar Az and military personnel in the barracks. Israel responded with large-scale strikes and military operations.

    Total deaths:
    ✡️ 20437 ☪️ 86376
    ✡️ 50000+ ☪️ 250000+
    ✡️ 0.8 million ☪️ 1.6+ million

  132. I am glad to know that Saint Germain is commanding. He is the most suitable candidate.

  133. Saint Germain has given command to the Light Forces to immediately start taking action, and on October 5th the Resistance has cleared the vast majority of child abuse locations in the cellars under Black nobility castles, rescuing many children.
    Black nobility has seen this as an act of intrusion on their private property and for the first time in their existence they became afraid for their own lives.
    breaking news-the demons are sooooon to be evicted from their castles and palasades on earth and such by the looks and sounds and feels of it…..if any may have a problem with this;thor has a hammer;of course-hahahahaha…..

  134. thank you so much cobra fine sir and superfierce lightwarrior.....and a very special thanks for help of recent;you know what im saying eh bro-hahahahaha.....

    and thank you so much st.germain and commander ashtar for
    being such primo capos des toute capos for lightforces operations ongoing here in theatre of war operations.....

    and thankyou so much all lightforces members of the family of light here in theatre of war operations;doing so much heavy lifting to liberate this most sacred and beautiful mother earth/terra/gaia.....

    lovely goddess isis wants mass peace equality and abundance for all;and so it shall be.....

    namaste always lightforces members everywhere.....