Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Global Solar Eclipse Meditation for Peace in Syria
The Cabal is escalating its plans to trigger a new global war through Syria. Needless to say, that will not be allowed to happen.

But let me explain first what the plan of the Cabal was:
First, they have polarized many countries of the international community with a series of incidents in Syria to get them involved into the conflict:
Then through the joint operation of the non-physical Archons and the physical Cabal they want to create a black hole vortex in Syria by cutting off all Light. On the non-physical planes, they are sending as many reptilians to Syria and the surrounding region as possible. And on the physical plane, they have isolated Syria by cutting off their access to the internet:
In short, they want to increase chaos and entropy in Syria to the maximal extent by cutting off Light and information and then involve as many nations as possible in the thus created conflict. This is their last attempt to prevent the opening of the portal on May 25th. 
That will not be allowed to happen. Current use of biochemical weapons and nuclear bunker buster bombs is testing the limits of patience of the Resistance Movement. Although the planetary conditons for the Event are not yet right due to too many non-physical negative forces still present around the surface of the planet, the Resistance WILL trigger the Event as an emergency protection measure if the violence continues to escalate. So by escalating things further the Cabal is actually shortening its time of existence drastically. If they are clever enough, they will cool down. 
Drake and Ben Fulford have already been contacted indirectly by the Resistance agents on the surface through intermediaries, hinting at the possibility of the Event happening soon so that the surface population may be a little more prepared. The current possibility for the Event happening prematurely as an extreme precaution measure before May 25th is about 6%. 
The target date the Cabal has for escalating the Syria conflict into a full scale war is the moment of the Uranus-Pluto square, which occurs on May 20th at 22 hours 22 minutes Greenwich mean time. Astrologically, this configuration represents the peak of the tension and the last testing moment before the opening of the portal on May 25th.

This whole situation requires our assistance. Therefore I would ask as many people as possible to meditate at the moment of the Solar eclipse on May 9th/10th to create a positive resonance field of peace for the Syria vortex. Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations on human society, so each of you that will participate in this meditation can actually save human lives in Syria:

The Syria vortex is an ancient Goddess energy site and one of the major key points of the planetary energy grid.
The exact moment of the Solar Eclipse is 00 hours and 25 minutes GMT/UTC on May 10th. For Europe and Asia, the eclipse occurs on May 10th in the morning. For the Americas, it occurs on May 9th evening.
You can view the exact time of the meditation for many places here:


1. Relax your mind and body by watching your breath for a few minutes

2. Visualize a pillar of electric blue Light, coming from the Galactic Central Sun and then descending down through your body

3. Visualize that Light flowing through your heart and then through your hands directly into the Syria vortex, filling it with Light and eliminating all darkness which exists there

4. Ask the Goddess presence (divine feminine) to come through your body

5. Ask that Goddess presence to direct energies of peace and harmony to Syria and everyone involved in that conflict. Allow that energy to flow through your heart and then through your hands into the Syria vortex for a few minutes

Goddess wants peace and peace will come.



  1. I have contacted my group (GFL and my soul brother Osiris) to assist the situation in Syria. They will not prevent to open that Gaia portal. I feel it in my bones to they are can't do anything more drastic things but they just try to survive as long as possible.

    They will go to jail and pay for there crimes. Freewill or no freewill either. That's the Creators will and nothing else.

  2. Will triggering the Event early be the decision of the Resistance Movement? You've mentioned that the triggering of the event rested with the creator. Would that mean the Resistance Movement won't be waiting for the Creator's go ahead should it escalate in Syria?

    1. Of course the final green light will come from the Source and Resistance always works in alignment with the Source

  3. I'm in. Cobra, I think it's a good idea to consider another meditation on or around, "Uranus-Pluto square, which occurs on May 20th at 22 hours 22 minutes Greenwich mean time," if you do. And probably May 25th too.

    Love, Light, and Chocolate

  4. I'm coming into this late, may I ask what is the "Event"? Blessings for your work and that of the Resistance!

    1. As I understand it, it is a world wide synchronized effort to arrest the members of the Cabal and their minions, in a few days time. Politicians, business, corporations, military, lawyers and others will be caught up in this. These 'leaders' will all be replaced with honest figures. There will be released to the public the information of what they have done, and how they have stole, caused wars for their profit and manipulated the entire economic system to their advantage. I understand that there has been a way that their actions, what they supposed were behind secure walls, have been recorded so they cannot deny what they have done. A new economic system will soon there after be put in place. It is unknown exactly what this will entail, but it will mean that soon after its implementation, there will no longer be poverty and hunger and homelessness on the planet. All debts, both private and public, will be erased and the massive wealth that the cabal has stolen for themselves will be returned to the people. And at some point thereafter full disclosure of the reality of our star family will be revealed. With eventual open contact established. Cobra, so how did I do?

  5. Hi Cobra. I was hoping you would post something about the situation regarding Syria and you did not disappoint! I love getting your intel as it makes me feel grounded and confirms what I feel. It also provides me with information that I would have had to wait until I crossed over to the light and dived into the Akashic records to get a glimpse of!

    That said, I will be doing the meditation and using all of my Light & Love Artillery for this one, you can count on it.

    Victory to the LIght!
    White Fire

  6. This intel was one of the hardest to read.

    Thank YOU so much, Cobra, for letting US to know a little more what's going on behind the veil?

    In my last comment, I talked a little how I asked help, cooperation from our Cosmic Family, but I did not want to go into more details.
    However, after reading today's intel, I thought I should share more about it, because as YOU will see, I was forced to do (almost) something that Cobra is asking us to do.

    On Sunday, I was guided, pushed to do something different. And this is what I ended up doing:

    After singing IMAGINE twice, I took a few deep breaths, and started asking my Angels and Guides, and ALL the UNSEEN, Heavenly Groups - Archangels and Angels, The Ascended Masters, The Andromedans, The WHOLE fleets of Ashtar Command and The Agarthans to join me and to cooperate with me as ONE.

    Then I asked them to help me to put a duble-sided Light cone 11, 77 miles high, 11, 77 miles deep (under), and 11,77 miles in diameter, over ALL the places shown to us by Cobra. I pictured spinning, Rainbow Light spirals in clockwise (receiving) and counter clockwise (sending, giving) directions inside of each cone. So, inside of them was a Rainbow Hurricane of Light cleansing every single millimeter inside, under and around of the houses, and/or the whole islands.

    I asked the Rainbow whirlpool of the Light to heal the hearts, to open the third eyes' and to help the people living in this homes to go back to the Source/God.... And to send the most stubborn ones to hell. (Enough is enough! It is unwise and UN-humanitarian, to keep the whole population of the planet in a boiling pan and not wanting to sacrifice a few dark, completely lost souls. The sooner they'll be sent to the Great Central Sun for recycling, the better for them to start a new life).

    Fortunately, I knew the real reason behind the attacks on Syria.
    So, after taking care of the houses, the Vatican, London and the islands, I asked my group to put a huge, enormous similar double sided Light cone over the whole area of the Middle East (mainly repeating Syria and Israel).

    I asked my unseen group to take care of each cones for three whole days.
    So today, I started doing it all over again.

    But on coming Sunday, I will not forget to ask the GODDESSSSSS for help!!
    I am also asking our RM Sisters and Brothers, to take the first visible actions!!
    BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!

    1. Hell? Why would you wish for this? How would this help? There is no hell, just a holding area where people can be prevented from hurting others and helped to understand that harming others is not a way to fulfill themselves, when they are ready. The abusers of humanity are damaged profoundly and need healing more than anything else, if they can be reached.

    2. Thank you, Thank you, for confirming to me what I have always felt to be 'truth'...What you have written here seems to me the only way that an infinitely loving Creator would deal with people who harm others in any way, whether on global levels or simple face to face interaction...
      Maybe you can answer something that weighs on me heavily: How do you reconcile insanity with free will? Why would The Creator allow insanity to exist when it causes atrociously, horrific, beyond evil acts to be perpetrated by souls who have, by no means, 'chosen' to go so far into the dark?

    3. I'm sorry! To be clear, my "reply" was to Aradia.

  7. Syria online again:

    1. great news.To all our Syrian people out there.Welcome back.I hope you can join us tonight!

  8. I have read an article about a Gamma-ray burst emerging and maybe reaching us on May 10th to 12th from GRB 130427A near constellation Leo. Could this be a sign that the time is up for the archon network? It is somewhat peculiar that it is near the time frame of the eclipse...

  9. I am hoping that enough people are able to get this info in time to participate. I will picture a massive version of the Goddess straddling the entire region with her standing over Syria. I will try my best.

  10. to Hye Angel: does this mean Cobra is connected with the GFL and ascended masters?

    1. @Richard Brisebois

      Mon ami, why are you asking me about it? :)) Why don't ask Cobra?
      Anyways, because you have asked ME, then I'll go ahead and say:

      He and the RM members are NOT connected with the GFL. HE/ they are connected with the GF, the Galactic Federation. (Please, watch Tolec's video interview in regards this subject).
      And HE/they are DEFINITELY connected, and are very closely co-working with the Ascended Masters!!! On the surface, under the surface of the planet, and above....

      Peace and Love!

  11. Wow!

    Congratulation, Cobra, for the record braking views!!

    This morning at 8:08AM, I checked the site's pageview meter and it was EXACTLY at 5, 222, 333!!!!
    At 9:22AM I wanted to post this amazingly cuttest of all video for the Cobra followers to cheer them up. The view meter shows - 5, 223, 058! That means that 1,025 people checking the site within an hour.

    By the way, dear Light warriors and Light workers, don't miss watching the video. It's the best busting, recharging meditation of all!!!

  12. Hello everyone. I'm a MUM graduate and was wondering about the number 144,000 in relation to the amount of people needed in the meditations. When MUM discusses the power of group meditation on different lands they use 2 different figures to understand how many people will be needed to create the desired peaceful effect. 1% of the population for people practicing TM together, and the square root of 1% for people practicing the Sidhis. The big difference between these two different practices is that in TM you transcend into the unified field and in the Sidhis you learn to act in the unified field.

    What I was wondering is if there are some here with experience working within the unified field, performing action within silence, and if we did this Syrian meditation from that level, would that number of people lower? If this could happen to be the case then by my calculations 380 people performing this meditation on the level of the unified field would be the equivalent to 144,000 people meditating.

    Even if these figures are off or this is irrelevant all together I just wanted to throw it out there since it seems like we sometimes miss the mark needed for particular events to transpire.

  13. Replies
    1. Aradia, I have written a reply which I meant as a reply to something you wrote to 'HYE ANGEL' on May 11th...I just wanted to make sure you see it, as I did not realize my mistake until too late...I did post a clarifying reply but thought it wouldn't hurt to post to you 'here' to make sure you see the pertinent one...

      have a blessed day!

  14. Thank you Cobra, for this important information and work.

    As I have said, Galactic Confederation is a loose confederate union of positive civilizations within this Galaxy, such as Pleiadians, Sirians, Arcturians… Its leaders are ascended masters, beings that live in enlightened state of consciousness. On this planet, Galactic Confederation is known under many names: Galactic Federation, Galactic Federation of Light, Galactic Confederation of Planets, Galactic Federation of Planets, United Federation of Planets… All those names describe the same, positive group.

    There has been an idea circling on the internet that Galactic Federation and Galactic Federation of Light are two groups, one being positive and the other negative. This is not true. There are no negative ET groups beyond this planet left. Both Galactic Federation and Galactic Federation of Light describe the same, positive group.

    1. OK. you are right.
      The Galactic Federation under the leadership by Pleiades is working now, following the command by the Creators, for leberation of Earth which is under invasion and rule by Reptilians of the Lizard and their boss, Draconians of the Draco.
      Their GHQ in Shambala being under ground of Lhasa, Chibet of China was liquidated in May, 2011 at the result of the Earth liberation war by the Andromeda Federation of planets, following the command by the Space Blocks Control World of the Creators. Next, now earthmen are facing the task to liquidate shapeshifters of Reptilians forming G20's leaders, ruling strata of each nation.
      Recently Qeen ElizabethⅡ being Illuminati's boss, the Pope Benedict 16th and their clique were sentenced by the international court on universal lows in Brussels for murder of children more then 50 thou. people. But medias are suppressing that.
      In the USA soon will happen the coupd'etat by antiwar generals' group in Pentagon and they will win the victory. Obama Administration will be overthrown. The WW3 will be suppressed. Due to the shock american dollar will suffer breakdown and the worldwide financial crisis will happen. Money will turn into paper pieces.
      Following the command of the Creators, erthmen, aim at transition to the new Earth society of gratuitous services in all fields of human life, like s.c. UFOs show eartmen the direction to go.

  15. It seems clear that the cabal is following the 'we win or you lose' scenario. Of course, if they win then we lose. The cabal will not give up. Why do we keep expecting something different to happen? Apparently, you can cut off its head, squeeze off its resources, and it still keeps spitting fire. It's time to end this continuing slaughter and deception.

    1. The Cabal have lost. They lost the moment they decided to live outside of universal law - work against Life, itself - "go against the grain," so-to-speak. Hence why they will go down fighting. If they don't, then their thousands of years of efforts was all for naught - It always was anyway. Anyone who thinks they can take on the structure of Life, change it, manipulate it, control it - is a joke to begin with. it appears to be the Draconian mentality - which is warped/distorted.

      The Light (as it is referred to here on this webpage) has no opposition. Only misbehaving children who need to be disciplined every once in a while, until they understand why they cannot misbehave anymore. The Cabal, and the rest of us Humans will learn. It's LITERALLY impossible for us not to. It's is only a matter of "when/time." Fortunately, that time IS now! Even when it doesn't feel like it - it is.

  16. Wel this is very interesting...and a very nice synchronicity... again!

    After writing my Inspiration for this day down...I was Guided to come here...I can see why :-) There is an translation button.

    Have a wonderfull and Peacefull day everyone! And BE the Light of the World!!!

    In Loving Service,



  17. Share it please!
    Mainland China people can not use FB and YouTube, but they use YOUKU... :)

    Love and Light TO ALL! :) <3

  18. hi! 2 things: it's GREAT when you can at least talk in probabilities. "...6% chance.." that's a big help! can you do that when possible?

    and...last night around 10 MST i could FEEL/sense a huge celebration through the veil. ...interesting... i assume we accomplished something major..??

  19. Any feedback on what you saw, perceived and felt during the meditation? I'd love to crosscheck my experiences as the energies and images where quite impressive, leaving me sleepless the whole night. But maybe (just maybe) this should not discussed this openly. Please comment if you feel qualified ;)

    BTW, I have the feeling the Solar Flare at 0:57 UTC was'nt just there by coincedence. (See link)

  20. Wasn't able to participate during the eclipse, but did meditate before and after to send as much energy as I could. But I wanted to ask as I suddenly felt very nauseous, body aches, and chills as it got closer to the moment of the eclipse and after in my time zone. Did anybody else feel like this during the eclipse time? I feel better now after resting but it felt unusual for it to happen at such a time.

  21. Hi All,

    The Elders have asked us again to share a post.

    Thank You

    Guides and Guardians - Changes of Understanding

    Your guides and guardians from 3D have different jobs on the NEW timeline 4. This timeline of light is a more self projecting timeline as it's teaching every single being to be self empowered, self projecting and self manifesting. You will always have guides and guardians but they're taking a step back which will give you the opportunity to ascertain your own spiritual path that is in front of you.
    If you are nor hearing your guides and guardians, this is why. The ultimate goal/wish of the Universe, Cosmos, Source, Creator/Creatrix and Gaia is that you as an all encompassed being of light will listen to the signs of the world around you learning to trust in yourself and your own inner knowing and then get confirmation/clarification of The Akashic Records of The New Paradigm for yourself. You must learn to stand in your own power, realising you yourself are (can be) all knowing.
    As a clarification of what ascension guides are - they are in fact you. They are aspects of who you are in 5D. This means that as you learn to stand in your power, you are learning listening to yourself and the different aspects of who you are, were, and will be and the experiences of your entire lifeline. This is from your original creation to now including the future not just this portion of your lifeline (this incarnation). It is you as an entirety, your lifeline is a circle - not a straight line. This is what is being referred to as remembering. As you hit 5D you will have the power to see your life completely and honestly, and be self directed.
    Think of yourself at the helm of a sailboat steering yourself along your watery path, sometimes it's smooth, sometimes it's choppy, but your learning to move simultaneously with your OWN self, your guides, guardians, Creator/Creatrix, Source, and Gaia with the navigational map of The Akashic Records of The New Paradigm.
    So please ask yourself, " Am I willing to stand in my power and walk my path with integrity?" May your be a strong YES!

    With Blessings of Empowerment,
    The Elders of Light
    The Akashic Records of The New Paradigm
    via Brandie and Gail
    (a channeling)

  22. i have a question to everone of you what about the world faith Christian,other believer in God how that going to play out..i just wonder Corba..

  23. i have a question to everyone of you i just wonder how is the people going to do when this event happen...will this lead to riot,fear or what i hope in peace and happy so write back anybody

  24. "Current use of biochemical weapons and nuclear bunker buster bombs is testing the limits of patience of the Resistance Movement"

    HUH!!! you mean the resistance has still been okay with the scheming, hardball playing, uncompromising cabal all this time!?!?

    Are they still hoping the cabal to just quietly fade away without blood spilled after thousands worth of intelligence information and assessment pointing to the contrary?!

    With all those talk of reptillians minions doing the bidding of the archons, can you just post an actual photo courtesy of the pleidaian what these bi-pedal lizard look like.

  25. I eagerly await the reporting of what actually happened behind the veil when we meditated!

    Thank you so much Cobra!!!


    X-Flare first sign..

  27. "Non, je ne regrette rien"


    2nd X-Flare from the sol... <3

  29. What does it mean ''Last Chance'' Chemtrail Pilot writes