Tuesday, May 21, 2013

RR1 complete, Lobe Overlord complete


  1. hi, what does RR1 and Lobe Overlord mean? Can anyone describe this?

  2. I keep asking what these all mean, but no answers? might as well tell us the queen is really an African I am none the wiser:(

  3. It was previously mentioned that these are code words for the Resistance team. The members know what they mean. It is intel for the right people at the right time. If it doesn't resonate it's not for you. We all have work to do, however..... ;)

    Thank you Cobra for all that you do.

    1. Thank you Jonn for that info. Can you tell me/us is there a place we can go for deeper understanding, knowledge and wisdom. Is there another blog or web page that would be helpful in enlightening ?

    2. Sorry...I only just noticed your reply. I go to 2 sources these days. This one, and also I resonate strongly with Tolec. He is knowledgeable and sincere. Search for the 5/17/13 interview on Youtube. I listen to my own Guides and discernment. It is simply what has the ring of truth to me. I am highly optimistic now. Not holding anything to a particular date. That just creates doubt. Victory to the light!

  4. I like "LSIP" - I always imagine the "Baddies" must hate "LSIP" (I hope it's a cool thing) it's weird but I kind of get excited when I read these - even though my 3-D body has no idea what they mean, my fourth Dimensional Self gets very excited by these.

    It's strange that you've seen in the US News recently that Obama has like 3-4 scandals at once and you can almost hear the "Cracks in Dam" of the Mass Media happening.

    Please tell me the Resistance has nuetralized ALL the DARPA & Telse tech that allows these punks to view the future & thwart the attempts of Humanity to bring justice back to Earth.

    ALL HAIL the Mother Goddess!