Wednesday, May 1, 2013


L1UPLSIP complete, Overlord 2 complete, Lobe Overlord in progress, compression wormhole operational. Phoenix APR approved, Phoenix vectoring in progress. Isidic security breach deflected, HVBN unstable to stable. M=7.


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    1. Victory of the LIGHT!

      (From the upper right under the banner of the craft):

      "This blog is the official communication outlet for the Resistance Movement.

      Many people have questions which arise when they read posts from this blog. Most of those questions are already answered in previous posts."

      Many of us are looking with interest as well at this blog. As far as I can tell, things are ever changing in this battle for Earth and Humanity, between the LIGHT! and the dark. This has been a long battle, and if you go back long before you ever were led to this blog, you will recognize the signs old and new of this long battle. It does take some sleuthing to connect the dots. As far as the 'coded' messages, many have been to the understanding that these coded messages are for the 'Resistance Movement' amassed underground waiting for the signal to start the 'Event'.
      I am sure that this blog as passed the one year mark. I happened upon probably the first post ever, which was a 'coded' message. Ok. Oh well, so I was perplexed and kept coming back. I'm still perplexed. Please join us for the weekly liberation meditation, we need all the help we can get and then some.

      Victory of the LIGHT!

  2. Hello All,
    The Elders of Light have asked us again to share a post about what is up and coming...
    Thank You

    Strength of The Month

    Pressure or Perseverance

    Last month there was huge archonic shake offs as well as tons of personal clearings that happened. Even though it was difficult it was necessary to add to your strength of spirit. We are standing in the new month of May where there is a lot of excitement and anticipation this month. The message is, "Are you going to submit to the pressure to remain in 3D or are you going to persevere in securing your place on timeline 4?"
    We have been blessed with triple eclipses in a short period of time. The first which occurred on April 25th starting at 11:33 p.m. The start time is significant and important because it means first wavers are secure on timeline 4. (11 means first wavers are on their spiritual path. 33 is significant because it means new earth, new start = timeline 4.) The significance of this eclipse being a lunar eclipse is of no surprise, the transformational energy that was released gave us our strength adding to our spiritual self for the hard work and spiritual clearings we endured and the archonic shake off too. Blessings of positive Karmic energy can be seen in our personal lives.
    The second eclipse occurs on May 10th (5 - 10) starting at 2:55 to 8:55 a.m.(IST). The fact that we are in month 5 of the year is showing us that there are big life changes happening this month. Let them happen, relax, do not fight against them, allow them to happen, allow your spiritual path to unfold in front of you. The fact that this eclipse starts with 5's and ends with 5's reaffirms that this month will have a lot of movement and change in it. The significance of this being the solar eclipse will make big changes in your life, which is meant to shake up your life to help make a much needed spiritual decision. Try not to become over whelmed by what's happening in your life, remember that this is the universes way of helping you on your spiritual journey.
    The 3rd and final eclipse is happening on May 25th, (5 - 25). That is significant because 5 means change and that change is going to be recognised by all as something grand in nature. 25 is going to be blessings of grace and spiritual divinity.
    What an exciting month. Remain steadfast on your spiritual path and journey. Continue securing your place on timeline 4 helping to secure timeline 4. Take each day, day by day. Relax and try not to get over whelmed and persevere, as wonderful blessings will be abundant for all.

    With Warm Blessings of Perseverance and Love,
    The Elders of Light
    The Akashic Records of The New Paradigm
    via Brandie and Gail
    (a channeling)

    1. brandie and gail--

      that was beautiful...thank you!!! at the end of reading it, i said outloud, 'wow'!!! i loved it. very well done--

  3. Dear Miranda, This is among the many coded messages between the members of the Resistance Movement. It serves as a tool for updates for them in such a manner that their communication is secure while proceeding with their missions. YOu and I are not meant to understand or be privy to this information. That said, I suggest that you FEEL what these messages say to you. Personally, this news is wonderful, very exciting and feels like sure progress towards victory for the light! Love, Linda

  4. Some great information here in Cobra's latest interview, his 'end of month review'. Thanks Cobra and your team ♥

    1. Thank you trinityprof
      Can you say the most important points in the interview in a few words for who is not so good English listener please?

  5. EMP from the Mother and Sun, towards the digital down. Dawned at the age of the innocent ones, the Indigo Children. Anolog time-piece, skywide, synched to the ticker inside. No more need for the old empire when the Indigo Children come.