Friday, May 24, 2013

Opening of the Portal Last Update

During this weekend, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury will create a triangle of Light through which the energy for the opening of the Portal will be channeled from the Galactic Central Sun towards the surface of this planet. You can see this triangle of planets in the western sky shortly after the sunset:

Let's do this! Let's open the Portal!


  1. You can't rollerskate in a buffalo herd but you can be free if you've a mind to! All you've got to do is put your mind to it, knuckle down, buckle down, DO IT DO IT DO IT! (with apologies to Roger Miller)

  2. Thanks to Ian Raggatt for this guided meditation of the Portal Opening !

  3. So ready for this - buzzing already!! Thanks for all your posts Cobra. Victory draws closer xx

  4. New Zealand Receives Over 1,000 Lightning Strikes in 4 Hours (May 22nd)

  5. this is so great!!!!!
    im breathless!!!

    this is an evidence for me!

  6. I am grateful for all my Abundance, in every form. I am grateful to have lived my life the way I have and traveled the trail which brought me to this place and time.

    I hereby reject all contracts, attachments, and agreements with the dark forces, they are null and void. I renounce my baptism into the Catholic Church, which was done against my knowledge and free will. All who read these words are my witnesses, and I happily witness for them, likewise.

    I am a free and sovereign being and the Light of Love from the Galactic Central Sun permeates my body and soul. My Implant Hemisphere is hereby dissolved, transmuted into Light. The Light transmutes the Hemispheres from all my loved ones, my fellow Light Beings.

    I am grateful to see, sense, or experience the Portal opening in any way allowable, for the greatest good. I am grateful to meet and connect with others who have this knowledge. May all of us who have dissolved our Hemispheres know when we have met another who has done the same, bringing us together in physicality with the Light energy.

    I am grateful to accept the challenge of spreading the light in my lower-vibrational urban center, and restoring an appropriate meaning to the City of Angels. I am grateful for the tool of humor in raising vibrations.

    Thank you to my guardians, ancestors, my higher self, my elephant, the Archangels, and all who watch and protect me. I am a free and sovereign being. I AM a free and sovereign being. I AM A FREE AND SOVEREIGN BEING!

  7. VICTORY OF THE LIGHT "Deep thanks for us by us" OK NOW