Sunday, May 5, 2013

They Live

These are the living quarters of some of the top members of the Cabal. You can include those places in your weekly liberation meditations to infuse some Light there. As you can probably imagine, these locations or their alternatives will receive a lot of attention at the time of the Event. You can click on the pictures to enlarge them and see the exact coordinates.

So here we go.

George Herbert Walker Bush (George Sherff Jr.):

George Walker Bush:

Bush family:

Dick Cheney: 

John Halpern:

Henry Kissinger:

Maria Camilla Pallavicini:

Jay Rockefeller:

Karl Rove (Washington DC house):

Karl Rove (Florida house): 

Donald Rumsfeld:


  1. Excellent Pure and simple This is what we should be doing Namaste Cobra.

  2. Wow, this is blowing my mind a bit....with the exception of Maria Camilla Pallavicini, unexpected travels have put me or my best friend in the vicinity of every single one of those houses. Very, very interesting. I know that unexpected or spur of the moment guided trips are not really random....but something is really resonating.

  3. Heh? What are we supposed to do exactly?.... image 5th dimensional LOVE or A Goddess Light energy Purifying Vortex completely Engulfing these locations (for Purification Purposes obviously - I'm guessing they're Reptiles Hybrids?) Why aren't the Queen & UK locations listed?

    I definitely can feel a subtle "shifting" in my energy & mind-set...but I'll be honest- The liberated & aware of this "Illusionary lifestyle" I become - the more I stop caring about my "role" in this Illusion. I'm soo tired of this Illusion - I don't think I want "anything" anymore. I am having very "ODD" dreams and my own Astral Awareness of myself (The 4-D version of me that remembers my past lives & has been awake since my last death in 1914) is rapidly "evolving" & becoming more 'Female' (I am currently male). Something is definitely going on.

    I am merely living to see ALL Politicians get exposed, Hollywood crushed & shamed, and Religious mind/belief prisons destroyed. PLEASE Bring back the "Truth"- end this 3-D sham of a "existence" already. Please tell me the Pleadians are going to prevent The USA/Israel war against the Middle East this Summer - no more War, No more False Flags, No more Glamour & Phoniness culture....Please HURRY

  4. This Article sounds to me as things are coming closer and closer to these places and so to the final (relative) Event :)

  5. Occupy Monsanto
    World WIde March Against Monsanto
    May 25th 2pm EST(USA)

    Go to the site and find your local group.

  6. I hope YOU all know that just a few days ago, the Israely government launched missells at Siria.

    According to countless sources, including Cobra, planet Earth and Her inhabitants are now dwelling in a much higher dimensions, WHERE the dark entities and most of 3D technologies - spreading death and fear - CAN NO longer function.

    So, "WHY do these machines are still working?" - I asked myself, during my yesterday's meditation.
    (I know about the nukes being dismantled by THEM).

    Isn't it obvious, that these machines/techs ARE THEE only power tools the darks have against US?
    As long as they are in working conditions, they will NOT stop "fooling around", and will do anything in their power to create havocs, and to keep the humanity in fear and in CONTROL!
    They will surrender O-N-L-Y, when they will have no more power = war, death machines.

    So, yesterday, after sending Love and healing, cleansing energies to the places suggested by Cobra, I started another meditation by demanding our Cosmic Family to STOP, to dismantle the war machines.
    THEY have stated this many times - "We can't interfere with your free will - UNLESS YOU - ask for it".

    In fact, I did the same "conversation" just a few minutes ago.
    But I didn't ask. Whenever I need THEIR help for the betterment of ALL - I demand.

    May be next time, or TODAY, some of YOU will do the same?
    Please people, understand, that there are things, situations where WE are powerless...
    Yes, WE are from the same source meaning We have the same ORIGINAL parents. But it does not mean that we and THEM are literally on the same level of consciousness, and/or WE have the same powers to fight against the bullies.
    And that's when we need help from our own Ascended Masters and from the Galactic/Cosmic Family, who have way much sophisticated machines and techs to fight against the darks.

    When we stand together,
    The VICTORY OF THE LIGHT will come sooner!

  7. and were is little Nathan Rothschild?

  8. Benjamin Fulford is sounding very Event like May 6

  9. "They Live". A reference to the 1988 sci-fi movie about aliens disguised as humans that controlled the populace by broadcasting signals that affected people`s perception of reality?
    One of my favorite movies. Kudos!

  10. Rumsfeld, Kissinger, Bush, Cheney, Rove, Rockefeller, Halpern, Pallavicini.

    "Rockefellers are plain commoners and do not have the slightest idea about what is really going on."

    "Rothschilds are nobility wannabes."

    The Omega Grid is a small group of physical Archons within the black nobility families in Italy.

    Pallavicini, Orsini, Massimo, Borghese, Aldobrandini, Colonna, Pacelli, Odescalchi, Ortolani, Luzzatti. All are Occultists/Black Nobility.

    The top Archon on the physical plane, who belongs to the Pallavicini family according to some unconfirmed sources, holds control of the situation through a special technology, called Black Box.

    Cobra, can you please post pictures of other Black Nobility family residences?

    1. I have been doing research on the black box and the
      archons. I requested that it be disabled. It has and
      all of the top archons have been removed.

    2. Thanks for posting this Cobra...
      I went through the sites one by one and removed
      all negative beings. Then created positive
      vortexes for assisting in ascention. All done now!

  11. I found it mildly amusing that Donald Rumsfeld lives on Mount Misery !

    Well Donald, soon the misery will be all yours !!!!!

  12. The time for the Event must be coming soon if you're publishing this information now. I'm very happy about it. I have tried to warn my mother, and told her to withdraw everything from her bank, stock portfolio, and brokerage account. She has saved $100,000 in her brokerage account to refurbish the house I grew up in. She hasn't begun work on the house yet. In truth, I'm very worried about what will happen after the Event and the economic changes it will bring. The dividends are what my mother is using for her retirement, and they will be my retirement when the time comes. I know it's not a huge amount, but to me $40,000 a year in dividends is huge.

    This is the legacy from my grandparents, my grandfather was a GP and a surgeon for 50 years. I worry that this will not be there for me to use for retirement, and I will be unable to pass it on to my niece when the time comes. Believe me, I participate in the meditations every week that there isn't a Buddhist meeting for me to attend. I want there to come a time when there is no thirst, hunger,poverty,homelessness, oppression, slavery, violence or war. I want the earth to be healed, the air and water to be cleaned, safe and nutritious food to be available. I know I am thinking with my lesser self, but frankly I am worried about the hit to my family that will result with the wonderful changes for the rest of humanity. I want to see a time when these criminals in the cabal, are arrested and served their time or work toward repaying their karmic debts to humanity.

  13. ...Could not resist...

  14. Poor nature living near these wicked people. The dark ones love to dirty everything sacred!