Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Free Energy Developments

There is a great project with the purpose of bringing free energy devices to the people, created by Hope Girl and Fix the World organization. You might want to read more about it here:

And participate in the project here:

There are similar projects taking place behind the scenes and I might soon be able to report about one such project, involving the White Dragons Society, as it gets declassified. 

Also, I will post a detailed intel report about the planetary situation tomorrow.

Total victory of the Light is near!


  1. Cobra, and Isis, our love and blessings and gratitude for your service deeply move us, each day. We wish every miracle and blessing for Paris and Zurich. Thank you and all of 'the family ground crew and in the skies' for tirelessly working for our Liberation. Aloha and Mahalos. Namaste.

  2. Much love, from me to you, and heartfelt appreciation for standing in your truth and working tirelessly on behalf of humanity. Victory of the Light!

  3. I also feel that total victory is very close.
    Cobra, I also feel that tomorrow will publish a report with excellent news, even more so with this anticipated and yearned value of m = 0.
    I think the event is imminent, is now with the Source.
    Thank you for all this fantastic work.

    Total Victory of Light

  4. cobrasss
    Major Changes to the www.Prepareforchange.net website coming very soon. Look for the upgrade in the next week. Also on www.freedomslips.com on Studio B every tuesday from 6-8pm EDT and 3-5pm PDT. The Victory of The Light Radio Show. Every show will dedicate at least 10-15 minutes to talk about the Prepare for change Website and the "EVENT".
    We will have people in the chat room to answer questions for you and we will answer some of your questions on air.

    Tonights show will feature DR Sam Osmangich the chief Archeologist for the amazing Bosnia Pyramid complex. I just finished a 8 day trip on "The Hidden Truth and History Conference".
    Dr JJ Hurtak was there and we became fast friends. He is one of my Heroes and I wil interview him sometime soon. Next Week Paul Nugent from The Aertheriou Society.
    The Aetherious Society has been doing portal activations for over 50 years. The following week American Kabuki.

    I told people cobra told me The Syrian War push would fail but no one believed me. For now It looks like USA will not be sending bombs to Syria. this is very good news.
    Victory to the Light
    Rob Potter

  5. What about ITER?
    They say if the experiment is successful, the mankind will have energy for millions of years ahead. And 1 litter of water will be equal to 1 barrel oil.

  6. awesome! Let's do it, spread the light to all corner of the earth

  7. Very good news. I'm happy we're getting closer.

    Cobra, do you have any input on Kathryn May's website, http://mikaylawinfield.vpweb.com/? She appears to be channeling Sananda/Jesus, and I like the message that's presented. If you happen to be able to address the status of the quality/integrity of channeled messages on whole, considering that the negative forces are losing/diminishing (therefore being less able to distort channeled messages), I'd like your input.

    Victory of the Light, and some gummy bears.

  8. Just checked the indiegogo and it looks like its going to be funded. It surpassed its goal of $7,610 with $10,365!!! Im very happy and excited about this Victory for Humanity!!!

  9. Anyone got experience with the Searle magnetic motor? The picture posted here looks very similar.

    And Andrea Rossi's E-Cat?

    Both prof. John Searle and Dr. Andrea Rossi deserve a nobel prize for working tirelessly for the benefit of humanity despite all trouble caused by the main stream.

  10. without disrespecting anyone here, all you who said that you "feel" that Victory/Light is near, may I know on what *basis/ground* did you finally conclude in "feeling" like that?

    I'm a critical/skeptical-person, but I'm also open-minded, provided if the explanation is good and makes sense. thank you.

    -truthseeker from Indonesia-

    1. Feelings cannot be scrutinized by science or logic. They are a gift of the Source, and it is OUR will to do what we want with them.

      Of course, I only note three choices among them:
      1) Go with that feeling completely
      2) Keep it in mind, but not in faith
      3) Ignore it or even ridicule it

      Beyond our will to experience, there is no ground or basis that can be deducted through any sort of logical, scientific, or critical process.
      That doesn't mean, though, that the Source will not reveal the sense behind it, when that time is due.

  11. I have had an odd dream about a week ago. In it I think I am here in my home town. I do not know how long the dream was before the portion I remember. I knew when I met this person that I needed to follow him. We went from in the center of town, which isn't all that big. To a bridge and off it to a foot path long the river. He turned to me and said, 'give me the key'. I reached in my pocket and gave him one. He turned and a bright white light beam came off the key to a place that seemed in the air to me and stopped. I think a door opened and he said 'come in and follow me'. As I did, 2 things happened at once. I felt, and have never had this happen in a dream of real life, a rising of a kind of inner feeling and emotion that sort of ramped up, till I felt a giddy lightness in my chest. It radiated to my head. As this was happening, I sort of stopped in my tracks to experience this feeling and emotion of happiness. Just then I saw another person coming down the same path and seemingly walk right through me. I could see him but he couldn't see me. I seemed to be a few feet off the ground and was looking down as he passed through. Not long after this, I awoke, and that feeling still existed in me for a few minutes. This has never happened before. I am not a happy nor bubbly person. This physical feeling has only happened once, and not to that intensity. I had read of an experiencer who was taken aboard a craft, and taken to a round room on that craft. I believe her husband or son was with her this time. She was told that she could go into this room, and connect directly to God. But the person with her could not as he wasn't spiritually advanced enough to experience it. I had asked the ones I know as The Elders, to let me experience this place. I awoke one night, standing in a round room, with what seemed to be a few small gray's. I was going around in a circle, and a set of verses of poetry rhyme came to me about how my Buddhist chant could connect me directly to Source. I said these verses as I walked around in this room. When I asked The Elders for this experience, I asked, that even if my vibration wasn't high enough to experience the room in the fully on function, I could enter just after it had been on, and get the after glow so to speak. I only felt a portion of what I did in that dream. Anyone care to comment about this? I am a bit at a loss.

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