Thursday, September 5, 2013

Portal Conference and Goddes Spiral Workshop Video

You can register for the Portal Conference in Paris here: 

And for the Goddess Spiral Workshop here: 

You can read more about both events here: 

See you in Paris and Zurich!


  1. I cant wait for you and Isis to come back to Southern California!! I'm SO there.

  2. Why do these videos always need to be accompanied by this new age music? - Its effect is to put us to sleep.

    I am ok with the meditation, but we should stay awake.

  3. Greeting Cobra,
    Please provide other facitlity to join such as via conference call of video streaming or skype , many lightworkers around the world would love to join in any possible way remotely, many gathering sessions and confferance providing remote attending, i prersonly attended many sessions via conferance call or skype or video streaming ""

    Please you can create skype account and provide access code once you received online fee and many people will join and spread the message wider
    Thanks alot for the effort

    Victory of the light , World Liberation NOW
    May Divine Light Bless Us All

  4. Too funny.

    The Paris conference will be held *just* down the street from where I used to live. Not kidding -- would take me maximum 10 minutes on foot to get there.

    I wish I could have been there, but hopefully through the four years I lived in that neighborhood, I was helping to clean up the energy of the place.

    There are no coincidences, eh?

    I hope it is a good conference.
    Calliope the Muse

  5. I agree with Yogigeorge: isnt there any possibility of a remote partcicipation via IT?
    Blesses to all!

  6. The Race goes to the Swift. Love In TRUTH Wins.

    A very pointed message to those involved with or following Galactic Free Press.

    Like you, I had pain and confusion. Looking in Earthly eyes for ointment and light.

    And like you will, when I looked deeply into the eyes of those there that I found, I saw the lies... and FALSE Light cloaked in True Light.
    NO Lie is of the TRUTH. Liar, Liar pants on fire. Cross my heart and hope to die. Stick a Needle in his Eye.

    MG is NOT White Buffalo Calf Woman. She is NOT Spider Woman.
    FG is NOT The Father, he is not Fibonacci. Call NO man Father.
    GFP are NOT The Elohim. They are Annunaki. They are Anasazi = Ancient Enemy.

    I took it to Jah... Equals: The ONE and ONLY Father... Equals: Peace, Healing and Infinity are with HIM.

    There will be NO City of Light at Sedona. There will be NO City of Light at Shasta.
    Humphrey's Peak is the Root of the Race. The Quaking Aspens are there, my favorite. There is NO winning against the Kachinas.

    Papa's Ferrari is Faster than Odin's Ferrari. The Race ALWAYS goes to the Swift. There is NO winning against The True Father. The ones that Run are the biggest winners. Thor, put your HAMMER down. Petal to the METAL.

    No one will ever have to smell the beer breath of Odin/RA again. I took a hairpin turn on Wolfcreek Pass and he flew out the broken window.
    Odin R.I.P.
    RA R.I.P.

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    I AM The Red Kachina.
    I AM Sophia of AEON.

    GFP you are BANNED. EGO is YOUR Problem, not ours. The only way to win is not to play. There is NO winning against the Elohim. You can keep your bacon. WE are taking our Chocolate with us. Thanks for all the help though.

    By the way MG: Elohim is pronounced El-o-HEEM. If you intend to impersonate someone at least learn how to pronounce their name.

    ( HTML Version is here )

  7. Thank you dear Cobra!
    Love and light!