Sunday, September 8, 2013

Weekly Worldwide Peace Meditation Videos

Due to current situation in Syria, the Light forces have requested that as many people as possible continue with weekly worldwide peace meditations. Apart from Sundays, you can also meditate on any other day at the same time if you feel so guided.

The video for this meditation is available in English:

in Chinese:

In Russian.

In Portuguese:

In Italian:

In Hungarian:

In Polish:

In addition to all this, there has been a good progress of the Light and also some delays behind the scenes. I will post a detailed intel report in a few days.


  1. Perfect, we can make meditating every single evening :) it will be really good to meditate more often, with the added benefit of meditation mass.

    WE WILL DO IT ! ;)

  2. Meditation coupled with pure hearted Prayer is a powerful tool.

    Can't wait for the update Cobra <3

  3. That Girl in the pic is sooo Pretty - Is that a Pleadian? Delays?....Hurry & reset the financial system already - student loan garnishments are killing my check! (NOT Kidding)

  4. Oh, Syria.

    I know this GUY. He is so Lucky. He struck two Royal Flushes in a single Dark Night. He is NOT a Gambler. The first one was Hearts and the second one Spades. He said: "If you must call a spade a spade, it's best not to push to the point of shoving".

    Ariel calls out to Her own: "Wake Up!"

    Free Will is ParaMount: M=0

    There's a Wave incoming. The Seventh Wave. You who have chosen Love, who have chosen Peace and Light will ride its crest to the Homes Promised to you. You will find the Love, Peace and Joy that you seek there.

    Those who have not so chosen will find the Undertow.

    Fast Chariots approach NOW, now. The fastest in the Universe. The only way to win against them is not to play. Love always wins.

    O.I.C. - R.I.P.

  5. wait, I thought Cobra said that the situation in Syria is, in reality, *not* as initially we have expected/hoped/wished. so does all this meditation really work, or not? need a very honest and sensible answer. thank you.

    -truthseeker from Indonesia-

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