Monday, September 16, 2013

The Event Video

You might want to watch this quite accurate video about the coming Event:

Enjoy the video and prepare for the final victory of the Light!


  1. So....Student Loan debt & Wage Garnishments are "toast"?....The 100,000 dollars is from the Nasarus St. Germain efforts? Sorry if I have Mis-Information,

    Anyway - Can't wait for the "Event" - maybe my Life will actually "Begin" - I've been Jade & missing "Home" since I was born I think

  2. History says, don't hope
    On this side of the grave.
    But then, once in a lifetime
    The longed-for tidal wave
    Of justice can rise up,
    And hope and history rhyme.
    So hope for a great sea-change
    On the far side of revenge.
    Believe that further shore
    Is reachable from here.
    Believe in miracle
    And cures and healing wells.
    Call miracle self-healing:
    The utter, self-revealing
    Double-take of feeling.
    If there's fire on the mountain
    Or lightning and storm
    And a god speaks from the sky
    That means someone is hearing
    The outcry and the birth-cry
    Of new life at its term.”

    ― Seamus Heaney

  3. Hey what's the link for the video?
    It won't let me click on it

  4. Oh my gosh...I've been reeling with absolute joy from way deep inside since I learned the truth. A "light bulb" has gone off in my heart spewing love for everyone and everything as it's true purpose becomes known!


  5. Looks like the resistance girls have very cool hair cuts thank goodness they are on the surface now. Great video Mike. Resistance radio show tommorow at 6-8pm PDT. studio Bfolowing up date Paul nugent of Aetherious society. Opening Portals for the GFL for over 50 years.

    1. Hey Robert, i will rec the whole radio show/interview once again and publish it as a video. You can check out the very first one if you haven't already here:

      The new ones will be added there too once they are ready.*

  6. It's a major event, just waiting for the Event!

  7. The woman in the video creeps me out. Couldn't we have a static image - something peaceful and serene - and a more realistic-sounding person speaking?

    I really, really want to get behind THE EVENT; but I have trouble figuring out who is trustworthy. A computer-generated android does not soothe my concerns about authenticity, and skeptics will most likely jump all over this as being disinfo from negative sources.

    This is just my two cents on the matter; having good PR is critical given how confused people are and will be while the EVENT is occurring. This video with the CG android is just too likely to scare people away and be counterproductive. COBRA - please upload a new version...pretty please?

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    2. "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder..."

    3. It may creep you out, but it may also please other people. It´s obvious that you don't like sci-fi (or sci-fact), and that it's ok, but you should not judge a vídeo just because it doesn't fit your paradigm.
      I've heard many times lightworkers saying that people that loves sci-fi, are the usually some of the most advanced people in consciousness. Many starseeds have said themselves that they love sci-fi...that doesn't mean we dont't love nature (organic things)...we also love nature (at least i do)...of course i prefer a real beautiful human woman speaking on the vídeo, but computer woman is nice too.
      By the way, music in the vídeo it's my style, if it were pop music (or any other popular music style) i wouldn't like the vídeo. Each person has his/her own preferences acording to their personality construct. Just because someone dont't like something, doesn't mean that it's bad at all, i hope you understand that.

      Don't fall in fear, and stay firm in light!

    4. Sorry for talking about the music!!...the music i spoke about, it was on onother vídeo where this blond is speaking as well (in the same youtube channel).


    5. I agree. It would be nice to have a few different styles for different types of people. Vossa's video on, with his reassuring human face and voice, would reach many in my world, nottoo new age and not too CG. Thank you for this video too. It's great to have a video to share the information. Thank all of you for your beautiful work!

    6. Does anyone remember the Twilight Zone episode "How to Serve Man"?, where humanity thought they were going to have all their needs taken care of by the aliens, but instead where shipped off planet to be held as food? This video represents every negative /false image of our Space friends that causes worry and concern rather than heart felt information and truth. Such an important occurrence as The Event should be reported in a manner that leaves those with discernment with an open warm feeling,not left feeling creeped out. Such a presentation diminishes the presenters credibility and quite frankly generates great disappointment.

    7. I can understand why it seems "robotic" or cold to have the automated voice programs read the text - but at the same time consider the human "ego" as it relates to how information is given. We know Cobra & Rob Potter are "Real People"- we've heard them in interviews and seen Rob on YouTube (some have met Cobra at conferences I gather). I think the reason for the "Automated voice program" is to ensure NO EGO is involved in how the info is presented.

      Would you rather David Icke, David Wilcock, Sylvia Browne, Alex Jones, or Morgan Freeman give such a message? - Just as I mentioned these 5 names- your ego had 5 pre-conceived ideas about the quality of the message based on the messenger alone. I like the automated voice tones because of it's lack of ego- You can ask " What does your heart tell you?" does this info resonate "truth"? I'd much rather have this than some videos where it's ALL Text and music.

      I sample a variety of "Sources" and the automated voice seems to be the great equalizer - boiling all it down to the message. I personally enjoy hearing the words from Alexandra & Cobra in the monthly interviews but given that Cobra has allowed this video on his website so he must approve of it's content. Perhaps this a "Rough Draft"?

    8. okay.. what about people who love 'magic/Middle-Age/ancient' kind of things, like for example: Lord of the Rings ?..

      Seriously,..sadly/unfortunately, as pure as your intention are, MOST "NORMAL" people -sadly- they would easily regard all these 'sci-fi, magic, wizard-ish, etc' things as just another LITTLE KID'S IMAGINATIONS (beat me,. but honestly, I really hate the damn boring & dull, mundane adult "real-world" too!). But, the saddest part is, perhaps 90% (or more!) "NORMAL" people in the world/planet would not view you as serious, with all of these 'sci-fi' things..!

      I wish we could do it the 'cool' way, but unfortunately again, my piece of advice for you (or Cobra, etc), is if you guys really want to be taken much more *SERIOUSLY*, then you must & need to work harder/more on your presentation ! because it's sad-but-true, that our "real-world" / "adult-world" always judges by appearances first, before the Message or anything else..!

      Just my two cents.
      and also,. hope this time this is going to be *real* too..

      -a truthseeker from Indonesia-

    9. Maybe it's not the messenger, but the message. You'll find verification in your heart <3

    10. release fear and replace with love and open-heart. Spiritual growth is ever-expanding process.

  8. All I hope for is that federal student loan debt will be wiped out. And my Moms stock portfolio, which is her retirement account from which she draws dividends survives. But if there are no more stocks, she will live on the principal? Which means depleting it every year? That really will hurt her. Now if there are funds given for retirees that are anywhere close to the 40,000 she gets now, that would be good. I also wonder about the reimbursement from those of us who were abducted by the military and negative races. I know, having awoken during one abduction that I was tortured with memory retrieving devices. There was great pain involved. And what about my hybrid children? I know I have 1 and think I may have another. Will I get to meet and be a parent? I am gay and they are the only 'children' I will ever have. I am excited for the liberation, worried about the effect on our lives in a practice sense.

  9. well,.. *realistically* speaking, my only question is: is this really going to be *real*?
    or just another imagined 'event' ?..

    -a truthseeker from Indonesia-

  10. Bring it on, shake our world, we are more than ready.

    See for the text.


  12. Thanks Cobra for the heads up.
    Will there be a transcript soon!

  13. All debt's are fraud since they are created out of thin air or actually through our signatures. No, credit company or bank can prove they legally owned the alleged funds they loan people.

    Banks etc don't work for their money they even loan from each other in order to create growth that's why all BASEL I-III is a laughter.

    We the people are the value thus why everything belongs to us. If we don't work nothing will work meaning we are the once creating.

    We the people are the true creditors which is not told by the PTW.

    There is no value behind the RV since we the people are the value and not gold or other precious metals.



    1. Agree McCroft. Missing element: "The Unlimited Value of Human Energy". For those paying attention... look around, where did all the stuff come from?... take the coffee mug on your desk... when did it first come into existence?... it first existed in someone's imagination. This is where the value lays... in the creative ability of every human being... we are creators and any system that does not acknowledge this unlimited value, is missing a primary element.

      Hypothetical but pertinent question: Imagine you could fly around the world like Superman and tell every single person on the planet, that the next time they go buy something, not to pay for it but tell the shop to send you (Superman) the invoice... everyone agrees.... the invoices start arriving. Question: at the end of the month, would you (Superman) need to pay those invoices?

      Until everyone can answer this question correctly, then we don't know who we really are... and any system who fails to either, would be omitting this fact for a reason.

      Good people... let us do this right, no half measures... if it is freedom from slavery we desire, then maybe it is Free-dom we should cry and not Free-dumb.

  14. What we can do individually to bring about the best possible outcome of future events, shift the timeline, and help heal the war energy on the planet:

  15. Dear Cobra!
    There is a big news all around the world, that 3 Andromedian ships approaching to our Mother Earth. The news said that the ships arriving at 26th of september. Is that true or a big hoax? Can you explain what is happening, or that info is secret?!.. or the Event will answer it?


  16. Português



    Cobra dear ...
    Thank you for helping us ...
    I do not care about money ...
    I want to be free ...
    especially free from this fake AIDS ....

    1. totally agree with you ingrid. I don't care about the money too, I just want to be free....

      Especially when I know what's happening on this planet, seeing that 99% people struggle for more money, higher career position, bigger house, luxurious car etc. I just don't want to live in such society,feeling very painful that my families force me to pursuit of these things..... I know it's not my goal of life but the "system" keeps pressing on me....

  17. Hi Cobra,

    is possible the Video Girl is a Pleidian Girl? :P

    Namastè :)


    1. Dude - she's a computer generated avatar - You type words (text) and she says "Whatever" - Just saying. It could've just as easily been a British sounding dude or a Cartoon Animal - but that would stretch the credibility of the message.

      It's just an Avatar - the message matters - not the "face "- this is why they used an Avatar

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  19. The event describes that there will be given $ 100,000 each but OPPT says that our value is much higher. Who is telling the truth?
    Thanks for all.
    Marco from Italy

    1. I thought the same thing Marco, although the info sounds better than what is currently happening, it also sounds like the same old paradigm with a new name. Our "Strawman" is the entity that is burdened by debt, once true freedom comes, it is logical that the old debt based paradigm will vanish into the past. The total amount of money made off of the human slave is staggering, so I too believe the prosperity funds or the St. Germain funds will be much greater than $100,000, with ALL debt incurred through the strawman wiped out. That's what resonates with me, Namaste'.

  20. Thanks Cobra. Thanks you very much for giving us information through this blog.

  21. The people complaining about the robot-like woman are being way too picky. If you look at the persons YT channel you can clearly see that english isn't their main language (It's probably russian).

    So the person thought that adding a smiling looking woman would be fine, even if the text is being read in google translator mode.