Thursday, September 19, 2013

New Cobra Interview

You might want to listen to this new Cobra interview:

I will post the second part of the planetary situation update next week as there are certain developments still in progress. 


  1. I'll wait for the transcript since I prefer reading to listening. I suppose there is good news, since the planet hasn't blown up yet.

    1. Hi cobra even if new money is dispersed america would be in shambles. I feel most of humanity has to die because they kill animals the earth and themselves. Only the meal and enlightened will live then the event will happen? Am i right?

  2. Thank u. Fully supportive and clarity.

  3. well.. this seems to be a good news,..but I'll choose to remain pragmatic 1st,..and see how it goes, and if it's really *real* and not just some vivid wishful-thinking..

    -a truthseeker from Indonesia-

  4. Thankyou so much for this new interview and all the others - I can feel the Truth of your information. This level of clarity and honesty really helps me navigate the 'tides of intuition' which inform me in other ways.The mind can be fooled but not the Heart. Thankyou again!

  5. Hi Cobra,

    You say in the interview that the RV of the currencies is not going to be played out as they say in POOF's and or ZAP's messages on different websites and then why do you have a link on this website going to, because they only talk about buying Dinar and or Dong to become instant millionaires as soon as the RV happens!

    What do you think about this story:

    And in this channeling Archangel Michael is talking about buying some Dong:

    Are these just lies or is it based on some thruth?

    Me and a lot of other light-workers are patiently awaiting your answer on this question.

    It's not about the money but more about clarification.

    In Lak'ech



    1. It really possible to get such value in Dinar and Dong at such a low price???

    2. I too would love clarification on this. I've been reading a lot of what these channelings of AAM say and it goes into conflict with what you have been saying. I resonate more towards what you say but I would love your opinion on this.

  6. I too would like to know what the train of thought is on the Dinar and Dong as a good place to invest money prior to the Event. Hell, even right after the Event.

  7. Cobra,

    Please let us know when the transcript comes out. Usually I can understand you, but it is faster and easier for me to read. Thanks.

  8. This week it's claimed that Iraq informed it citizens of the country's intention to make the IQD international. We have seen no public announcement about this but it's felt that the RV will show up through FOREX sites and bank screens. We would see a published rate for the IQD/IQN.

    Many feel that the RV is underway even now with adjustments being made on the GCR for the asset backed currencies of many countries. Some irregularities/fluctuations are being noted on currency exchanges. I did one currency exchange on a converter for IQD last night and it showed 1 IQD = $8.83 USD. Bear in mind we have NOT seen a published rate for the International IQD yet as of 9/2013.

    If the RV happens before the Event it would most likely only serve to be a "matrix reloaded" for the cabal as they are HEAVILY invested into the IQD. WE want the cabal to be arrested and taken out of the picture first, then it would make sense for the GCR/RV to happen un-impeded. The Bush-Kissinger faction does not care about anything or anyone except holding on to their power.

    The Vatican cannot be trusted. Ever. Again.

    Come Event and GCR/RV!

  9. I trust "this" Pope (Francis) Cobra...

    How do you hack the Matrix?

    Jeanne d'Arc a.k.a Dante

    1. He's still a Jesuit. We need to SEE more than just a few gestures from Francis. How about revealing the contents of the Vatican Library,
      for instance. That would be a good start.

      The fallen Intruder ET races are known. They are/have been behind all of the crap on this planet. They thoroughly infiltrated all religions in positions of Authority. They are behind the manipulations of mankind. They are known - Annunaki, Dracos/Drakons, Orion Greys/Archons, Reptoids.

      What if we could live on a planet that had NO more psychotic
      ET influence? No more 'Net Earth' Frequency fence. No more FA influence. No more Atlantean Metatronic Death Sciences.

      Now THAT would truly be a Golden Age.

  10. Here is the transcript LOVE LIGHT Cobra GRM WE LOVE YOU <3

  11. Dear everyone!
    When Cobra don't reply to you all, it doesn't mean that He don't want to answer. He WANT to answer, but He CAN'T. When He says: Prepare the Final Victory OF The Light. Trust him. The Event answer you all.
    Be patient my lovely belowed family.
    The Victory of light is closer than you think.

  12. The way I understand it is that no RV (revaluing) will happen until after the Event and the Event won't happen until the Light is strong enough to have the best outcome for all the changes; of course unless the Cabal forces the Event sooner due to some dark deed where the Galactic Federation must step in sooner than they planned on.

    1. The Cabal has managed to come up with one excuse or another to delay the RV. While I'd rather see the RV happen NOW, it only makes sense that it won't happen successfully until the Cabal is out of the way and cannot interfere with the process anymore. I have read that Iraq did their part and made the announcement in their morning mosques services a few days ago. It has been reported that their TV's have been showing a news crawler with this information. Iraq had not made a formal public announcement with a rate yet. It is not known whether Iraq will make a public formal rate announcement or the IMF will. This is what we are awaiting, the rate. Once the rate is made public, it will go instant to all FOREX and currency exchange sites, banks, etc.

      This has been quite the Drama for the IQD - lots of bad guys getting caught with their hands in the cookie jars, lots of false
      starts, Guru's calling it practically every week for the last few years. No one seems to have all the dots together to connect the Big Picture. There are plenty of things we just do not know.

      Who is in charge of the RV? Who authorizes who to 'push the button'? Is Iraq in charge of the entire process or is it up to Obama to Jack Lew and Christine Lagarde (Sec of US Treasury and head of IMF) to 'make it so.' ? Not enough clarity here. I heard a conference call last night that suggests the GCR is underway even now. Will the RV happen this week before the Event? It appears that this process has started. This has got to be a little tricky to maneuver if you think about it. How to pull off the timing so the Event and the RV happen but not allow the bad guys to get 'reloaded' . We need to starve this Beast so it will never have a meal again at our expense. We don't know when the Event will happen but I can suspicion it will be very very soon, sooner than we think.

      Above all, it's up to Divine Right Timing and Divine Right Order (DRT and DRO).

    2. The Cabal CAN force the Event to happen quicker by attempting to institute Martial Law actions. This would trigger multiple things.
      Remember that the DHS considers virtually ALL of us to be "terrorists". I think they are freaked out over the Event happenning.

      The Cabal can try and start their old Atlantean script with WW3 and that would trigger the Event. Any attempt on Syria would be disastrous for the Cabal and will NOT end up where they wanted.

      We want neither of these scenarios if it can possibly be avoided.

      Some of the Cabal aren't willing to go quietly. It's time to remove them or render them impotent if they have to be in 3D.

  13. Thank you Cobra for investing the time for these interviews.

  14. Stop those criminals, we want only the victory of the Light.

  15. I have been reading every post since Cobra first started this website. Never posted before and have wanted to mention this for a long time. I have watched two really amazing videos about chemtrails. One video talks about how chemtrails are actually old technology. A new technology he terms “chem bombs” are widely in use. This video has completely changed the way I look at the weather and sky. Even without watching the video it is easy to recognize normal clouds which are lower and travel in one direction and the chemical man-made clouds which are higher and travel in the other direction. Just knowing normal clouds move in one direction and the chemical clouds which are higher move in the opposite direction you can see the difference in the way the two types of clouds look.

    I have been watching the chemical man-made clouds for a long time and can say as a fact that it is common to see them almost every single day in many countries. Of course, HAARP turns the regular clouds into patterns but the chemical clouds make it even more obvious “they” are doing “something” to the weather.

    I was in India and the sky was extremely filthy from the chemical clouds. It was not pollution but directly related to the chemical cloud activity. In India I did not see any chemtrails just the chemical clouds. In England and Wales the sky was especially full of chemical clouds, chemtrails, and HAARP all at the same time. I was tempted to video the sky in Wales and England because of the constant and nonstop activity was really something to watch. I was in England and they were playing with the temperature turning it from very hot to totally cloudy and cold like playing with a toy using HAARP. I am sure many people have watched how “they” use HAARP to pull clouds together and pull them apart like playing with a toy. Also, I can not count how many times I have flown from East Coast to West Coast and back in the U.S.A. and the sky was always filthy, hazy, and yucky the entire way. Most disturbing is to have filthy chemical man-made haze over areas with no people that are wild land and farm land.

    The first video uses satellite pictures to show how “chem bombs” are used to break apart clouds to stop rain and gather clouds together to create rain. Watch the “chem bombs” explode and see what they do in the satellite pictures. Truly amazing video.

    The second video shows how “chem bombs” and chemtrails are used together. Last winter I was in Boston when the huge blizzard happened. After watching the TV news in the lobby of the hotel continually saying this was going to be a historical blizzard, I started to watch the sky to see what they were doing to create the blizzard. Major “chem bomb”, chemtrail, and HAARP action was going on the days preceding the “historical” bizzard! They MADE that “historical” blizzard. After listening to this recent Cobra interview, I walked outside and the sky was full of man-made chemical clouds and HAARP turning them into strange patterns. So this is happing now and happening daily.

    If for some reason the links stop working, the videos can be purchased from the Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails conference which happened in LA in 2012.

    Bruce Douglas - The Evolution of Chemtrails to “Chem-bombs”: Aerial Aerosol Explosions as a New Dispersion Method Worldwide
    The video shows infrared, moisture, and regular satellite pictures which show Aerial Aerosol Explosions are occurring and that they directly affect weather. (31 minutes)

    Scott Stevens Chemtrails Through the Eyes of a Television Weatherman
    Tells how HAARP technology and chemtrails are used in combination with each other. Watch how HAARP technology affects chemtrails. (1 hour and 33 minutes)

    1. we are working hard at with educating the public. we are now producing a weekly "geo weather report" just started last week on what to watch in the coming week. serious stuff folks, everything is dieing! please check us out!

  16. Cobra I am Grateful of your Information together like Alexandra Meadors I love you bove.

    Can you give an answer, if the banks fall down, closed how the people must survive with food, drinks because will it happen global on Earth Gaia..

    If you not get money with a credit card, will there be an announcement before the Event.

  17. Thank you for the transcription. It is so much easier and faster to just read it. It helps me stay in the loop.

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