Wednesday, September 3, 2014

August Monthly Update by Cobra

You might want to listen to the August monthly update Cobra interview by Rob Potter or read the transcript here:

The Youtube video version of the interview is here:
You can send your questions to and many of them will be answered in the next monthly update interview.   


  1. This is it, isn't it?


    I send my LOVE and all the best of me to ALL OF YOU.

    Let's make history.

  2. Dear Cobra/RM,

    Thanks for your dedication!
    We really apreciate your work. We love you all, Light Forces, Ashtar Command, Galactic Confederation, Star Brotherhood, Sisterhood of the Rose, Venusian Kumara's of Love and Mercy, Ascended Masters of Wisdom and Virtue.

    Thank you all!

    My dear ísis, your kingdom has come!

  3. Can't say Da-da agrees with how Rob contradicts you so often, when confronted with info that goes against "what he's heard," as if he's more of an expert. It's kinda embarrassing for him.

    1. I think it's okay for Rob to disagree with Cobra about some issues. Personally, being a Buddhist, I was very taken aback in the past by how Cobra described karma. It was almost like a dirty word to Cobra. But through this interview I see that Cobra was mainly disturbed by how the Archons had used the concept of karma to enslave people in the reincarnation cycle. That IS very disgusting. But no one would disagree with the universal law of cause and effect. (BTW, the Buddha didn't focus that much on karma as far as future lives, he focused on karma affecting this life. His whole goal was the release from this prison planet through non-attachment, so he didn't care that much about future lives.) This disagreement expressed by Rob allowed the issue to explored deeper and expanded. I think it was very helpful.

      So, I think it is okay to disagree as long as it is done respectfully and with patient explanation.

    2. Mitchell are you aware we are dancing together ;) haha.....

    3. Rob makes the same mistake that some other interviewers do. its a -interview with cobra- not "interview with Rob with comments from Cobra", it's fine that he disagrees with stuff, but then he talks in great length about his point of view and I'm like pleeeeease just let Cobra talk!

      If I wanna hear your opinion about the world Rob, I'd listen to your other radio shows!

    4. I'm cool with Rob and definitely appreciate all he does for the cause, but if we are weighing in and forming a consensus of what is most desired then I agree with Da-da & Neekian. I tune in to a Cobra interview to hear what Cobra has to say and personally, at that moment in time, I am not that interested in hearing the interviewer (whoever it is) challenging or questioning Cobra's views or intel because of something the interviewer personally thinks, believes or has heard from other sources. Neekian pretty much summed up my listening experience this time around. Though, I have a deep appreciation for Rob and I am glad he is the one now doing the interviewing. This is not meant to be a criticism, rather just a voicing of preference.

    5. yes.....agree.....especially the "pleeeeeeease"-part :D

    6. Well-expressed, Mitchell. This is what I meant about Rob's ability to draw Cobra out and expand on his answers. Cobra's understanding is vast and the subject matter complex, but it is not a given that we immediately fathom the concepts he speaks about, until further details are offered. Personality and style aside, Rob is doing us all a great service. There is a lot of information he must review and organize to prepare for the interview. I expect things will evolve organically over time, so having patience with the process and with each others imperfections can only help the situation.

      Remember how many people were at first patient with Niki, until we weren't? I just ignore/don't engage any more. That works better for me than getting frustrated and attacking him. Let's give Rob some due credit and respect. Cobra is quite busy, and Rob is helping him by relaying our questions, even though he is quite busy, too.

      Part of moving into Galactic consciousness is to transcend the dualistic mindset of either/or good/bad, etc. I struggle with it daily. Every time I find myself hanging out in multidimensional bliss, along comes a stranger or my mother...or some situation arises, to smack me back into "reality". So we have to work at understanding, or at least allowing others to be as they are, if we are to have unity, harmony and peace on earth.

    7. It's called expression. He's expressing himself . Crazy with what's going on people have the mind/duality to critic the expression of Rob. All that said, your all free to express yourselves!!! Just "think" it "feels" ridiculous ... That's all I have to express... Oh yea... Peace and infinite love , thank you rob and cobra

    8. @ Phoenix @ Peace

      I don't dislike Rob, so far he has been the best person to interview Cobra in my opinion, I just don't like how when cobra answers something, we might lose 3-4 mins with "wait a minute, x told me something different!" or "x gave me info. let me tell you about it. Wait, I disagree with your take on x's info!"

      Since we only usually get 1 hour of interview time every month, I'm constantly at the edge of my seat wanting to hear what Cobra has to say, and to hear stuff like that is just a bit disappointing.

    9. I.....

      Everybody wants want their ego wants.

      Everybody wants to be saved while doing the minimal.

      Rob used to post delicious posts on this forum when it first came out, full of mind blowing things that allowed peoples minds to grow...I believe at that time Rob was giving out even more info than Cobra.

      Be thankful for what is, try no to say "thanks could have done better." We all do our best at the time we do something.

      Cosmic babies, humans can be! Waiting for mother and father to clean up our mess...

      "All these talks of who to blame,
      For your heartache and your pain,
      Grab a mirror and some soap,
      Now let's do the criminal."

      We all need love. Forgiving your history and not the history of others.....We keep growing.

      Suffer for your fruits. Give away comforts so that you spirit may yearn for a new experience of Truth.

      Having to watch the world in chaos from inside your home on your T.V. is not is the lack of action.

      ONE LOVE

  4. Cobra,

    What is the location of the closed financial computer network? NYC, City of London, Vatican City or off-planet?

  5. Good interview. Much improved from last month.

  6. the killers of JFK exposed in France !!!

  7. I'm happy they finally GOT IT:
    COBRA -? If we’re just waiting for humanity that would take decades or even centuries. There needs to be an intervention of the light forces from above this perspective to make this change happen. Of course every individual is important. Every spiritual group that can be made can make this transition easier and faster. Humans alone, I would not say that humanity is in a state to be able to make this transition happen in a way would make it a good plan because the level of cooperation even between the leading persons in the liberation movement is too low for any coordinated action. That coordinated action ? will come from beyond the surface of the planet and only then I can see the human beings will be able to follow that impulse, that vision and when we have concrete results, concrete proof then people awaken. Human beings can not awaken from inner experience along. They need concrete proof, they need evidence . That evidence will be provided.

    What evidence do you mean? Physical things that can be seen at the event? (Ships, beeings which were not visible for us before, some sort of aurora borealis lightshow?)

    1. I think the light force has GOT IT very long time ago that they can't wait all the humanity and then go for Event. But Cobra restrains to speak it out all the time because it might cause some "hard feeling" among some people. I understand Cobra's good intention on this issue. SO, go ahead Light Force, I will support you as much as I can, just go for the Event, do not wait anymore.

    2. Strangely, I am seeing light figures around every day after the very high-pitched ringng tone on both of my ears and the strange feeling of my pinal gland. Some one told me my crown chakra is activating, most probably many will be able to see them soon.

      PS : I was borned with eyes that I can see spirits and even triangular ships lately. But the current strange light figures appearing everywhere seems to get more stranger and stranger daily.

      May the LOVE be with you always!
      Piperon - The Spiritual Flute Composer.

  8. Remember this?? Admits the U.S. Government Created al-Qaeda (April 2010)

  9. ISIS terrorists,,,should be renamed minnesota home boys,,did they just go to the headquarters in DC and sign up???!! and the nice trucks they got from??

    1. Thanks, that just got tweeted...they look like the trucks the SF drive around in Afghanistan.

  10. The thing is that there will be no Event in 2014. I think everybody can see that by now, I would say every sober person can see that. It's september already and there is only 3 months to go.

    1. Brother, your frustration is understandable however you must try not to let it effect your logic...this is not sound! (3mo/12mo is 25% of the year left)

      The Event will come when it comes. Enjoy life, you're still going to have to live one afterwards!

    2. We're all frustrated, but I believe that much of the Galactic Federation is just as sick of this situation as we are. I contemplate the Sheldon Nidle messages a lot and try to read between the lines of what's being said. There's definitely some irritation there. I also think part of what Sheldon's picking up on is the hopes and dreams of the GFL. I've also gotten that the beings he's in touch with want to reunite with us so badly that it's hard to put into words.

      Imagine when you're coming home, and your dog see's you through the window and starts barking and jumping and running in circles and pawing at the window but He just can't quite get to you! That's how baddly these beings want to meet us!

      I've always felt that humanity as a whole is going to need at least a few months to adjust to the post-event world before we throw the existence of aliens into the mix, but if the Sirians have a say in the matter they're going to initiate open contact as soon as they possibly can.

      Err.. what was my point here? I guess that as angry and frustrated and tired as we are, looking up at the sky and screaming, "Just get it over with already!!!" They're looking back, just as frustrated if not more and yelling "We're doing everything as fast as we possibly can!"

    3. IF EVERYONE WOULD QUIT WITH THE CONSTANT CRYING ...AND open up pages ...invite strangers and share the together side by side..get together with local groups and share something....we do not have the info exposed to enough people ....with the number we have now...imagine the banks shut down and everyone freaks and starts looting and all chaos breaks loose out of panic.....the idea is to make it go smooth....GET THOSE NUMBERS UP.. NOW.. THE FASTER THE BETTER..POST ON EVERY POPULAR VIDEO ON YOUTUBE if your scared to open pages ...I have not hit the country section yet,,,what to share..copy ALL the links below and paste them on video comments WAKE THEM ALL UP!! this should give them enough info to start looking themselves.....Thank, light and peace for all

      It is “TIME” to hold all judges accountable. We are “NOW” venturing into a massive campaign to expose the “out of control judicial corruption” (RICO)


    4. @Evolution, beloved.
      The reason why they are holding back is that many of the humans are still not ready to meet them - it will give them a shock or will create chaos in the world. Especially, when the hollywood done so many videos about bad invading aliens and religion saying they are the fallen angels. They think no aliens are good, all are bad, silly though.

      And I was asked to do up a short-introduction to some star beings (instead of calling them aliens), this will sound more acceptable. And hope these videos will get to most people who are still sleeping and I know many will lay it off as science fiction or just pure animation. But my guides said "Just enjoy the creation process and your video channel will be beautiful". I didn't understand the second part initially but now I know and agreed.

      Check out The Star Races at :

      And I was called with many names like madman, pshycopathic, imaginative, etc, etc.

      May the LOVE be with you always!
      Piperon - The Spiritual Flute Composer.

      Official Website :
      Youtube :
      Music :

  11. Yes!!! Thanks Rob and Cobra LOVE LIGHT!!

  12. May the force be with you.
    And a powerful ally it is...

  13. Recently, I had a strange dream where I was given an idea that AIDS virus issue has been solved. Not exactly on the human level, but on a higher level. It's probable the solution was also planted in the Noosphere so that some earthly scientist groups can hook it up - like it happens when the same discovery is made by independent researchers in different places of the world at the same time.

    This dream, I guess, was a demonstration of a way humanity interacts with a higher level intelligence. This is far from a direct crude by-wire connection, but nevertheless it is beneficial.

  14. I wonder when did Yoda say this. What episode, what situation? Anybody?
    Thank you, Cobra. I guess we will need it. Good luck to you too and to all involved.
    Light and Love to all.

    1. I was wondering that too. But in anycase, it sounds like a farewell. Perhaps there will no longer be a need for this blog soon.
      ...I hope.

  15. Highest Ranking NSA Whistle-Blower Of All Time Addresses The UFO Question – See What He Had To Say

  16. The Galactic Federation and the Spiritual Hierarchy Message 2014 September 2

    1. @Sandor Nagy : I'm sorry to inform you, but Golden Age of Gaia is NOT a trustworthy place to get any information from. The people who run the site and practically all the channels that they post from are either being greatly deceived or are disinformation agents. It's even been proven on multiple accounts, especially by their own post because they'll say one thing then later on come back to say something else and then act like it never happened or of course, they say something will happen and it never ever occurs. Again, I'm sorry, but that website is entirely corrupted with Archon input. Some of the information is true of course, but seeds of deceit and lies are also laced into it so it's understandable why some may think the site is trustworthy, but people who pay close attention and aren't blinded with pacifism and optimism can clearly see what's really going on there. Those guys don't even like COBRA. They think COBRA is untrustworthy, but they're the biggest supporters of the concept of NOT sending the Archons into the central sun to be recycled. The Archons want to avoid their impending demise so of course they want to trick as many people into believing that recycling them is wrong and we should be against it. That's a major red flag right there by itself.

      The staff of Golden Age are being deceived and I'm sure they're aware of it, but don't want to face the sad truth they're responsible for unconsciously feeding disinformation to so many people. It's too heartbreaking for them and gravely irresponsible as well. Steve Beckow is legit though, and a nice guy.....just being tricked though.

      I'm sorry Sandor, but some of us have done a LOT of research and detailed investigation with that site for a long time and most of the channels are giving false info. COBRA wasn't joking when he said there were only few people who could truly contact that Galactics. It requires the utmost special training to be able to perceive friend from enemy and that training isn't available to us right now in great certainty. Anyone else has been fooled and we can see it for ourselves if looked closely. Sheldan happens to be one of the many who are being played or he might turn out to be a disinformation agent. I wouldn't be saying this if there wasn't obvious evidence that people can see for their own inspection. I would advise that everybody stop paying attention to that site cause it's only on rare occasion that they post legit information that hasn't been tampered with. So yeah...good hearted staff members...but terrible source for information. I'm not trying to bash them, it's just the truth needs to be said regardless of how much it hurts. I used to listen to them too before putting the pieces together and opening my eyes.

    2. Jajorah, I agree. But can't we apply this to all channeled messages? Most of them present you with alluring hopes and dreams which fail miserably. It has become very difficult to say which messages are reliable and which are not.

    3. The video is Sheldan Nidle though....who has had personal experiences with the above I have...I was saved by aliens in 2006 I spent a night in the "black box" with 2 white aliens looking over me...they never hurt me or made me feel fear....My first death was when I was 11, Jesus held my hands and sent me back...I never spoke about these incidences much only to a couple people...but I realized I had those experiences so that I would be a witness to them and had some of their truths to tell....Not everyone is out to hurt....or make money...Many of us only want to save and be saved....I always use discernment when listening to channels,,,but I also have an advantage of knowing and seeing a lot of truth with my own eyes...that many others have not...but if they did....they would understand much better...I am not the only one...there has been many..but mine was as simple as I said...My only agenda is to end suffering for all, human and animal....and free humanity from being slaves to this twisted system you have going here with the cabal..aka, illuminati, elite, globalist, please don't go bashing any do gooders,, a polite "use discernment when listening to channeled messages......would have been just destroyed them with that comment,,,not nice....they are not the ones killing,robbing and raping everyone....those are the ones you destroy!!

  17. Thanks very much for doing the interview with Rob. I found that the quality of the interview has improved significantly. This latest one is probably the best interview we have so far!

  18. Someone said there's no such thing as good luck, it's just higher powers manipulating the outcome of things.

    That's why penance/meditation is so important

  19. Cobra. After the event, can you take the moderating feature of this blog and have automatic post? That way you free up your time to do whatever you need to do and we can converse in real time about all the good stuff that will be happening. Maybe you can drop in on occasion and make a special apperance if you want.

  20. Hi Cobra! Will you come to Vancouver, Canada for a conference soon?

  21. Jajorah Merkaba: I would have to get into: spiritual.html

    It's just that the point came face to face for the first time in English.

    Cobra is asking to him about his opinion, and what it can, "the Galactic Federation and the Spiritual Hierarchy message" to?

    Thank you in advance for your reply

  22. Dear Cobra!

    Not only is "The Galactic Federation and the Spiritual Hierarchy message"

    Benjamin Fulford but the information:

    I'm also curious to see what the reviews.

    And of course David Wilcock cares.

    I'm waiting for the answer, what is the opinion of the informants.

    Thanks again

  23. After wednesday's spiritual rollercoaster, I went on a very spontaneous short roadtrip again this friday. It was meant in preparation of this saturday being 6.9.
    Having done some amazing Vegan shopping I felt I would like to show some (make that A LOT) of Gratitude to the RM & Co. for everything all of YOU have done for US.
    Thank You for your sacrifices and your efforts.
    Nobody said it was gonna be easy - but sometimes it was like "Really? Like THIS? Come on, you have got to be .... alright, We'll just go on."

    It is greatly appreciated.
    I had just received a new shirt and thought it was perfect to show All Of You some Love and Respect. Domo Arigato.

    The white shirt reads


    It arrived after wednesday's "1111" extravaganza . . .

    Still wearing it, it is already 6.9. on the Heartline of Europe, there's 69 candles burning Golden Light in here.
    Add a bit of Golden Rain, and one may possible achieve to produce some Golden Rainbows. And I do not mean physical rain, no thanks :-)

    Cheers Guys and Girls.
    Lots of Love, Light, Unity, Peace, Harmony and Music all around


    1. The thanks and pleasure is all Mine.

      Wednesday's Round was entirely devoted to give LOVE to GAIA.
      That day's shirt was delivered to Me just a few hours earlier. It is GAIA's shirt and I am honoured to have worn it on her behalf while sending Love out to Her and All of You.

      It is white, imagine that :-)


      on the front


      on the back.

      Dang RIGHT they can't, Sweetie :-)
      Very proud to be wearing it right now as well.


  24. Message From the Future — "Life vs. Entropy"

    Cobra talked about entropy in his interview. This video is pretty bad arse.

    When I look at the stars I remember I'm there... in time-space...Listened to the primordial ommmm, it helps me remember also

    ~choose love...look at the stars...meditate

  25. I think this was a well balanced interview

  26. DrewsThePits

    My comment has nothing to do with frustration and my logic is fine. You will see in couple of monts, there will be no Event in 2014. And please dont use those phrases about ''life, live you life'', I do live best that I can.

    ''The Event will come when it comes'' and what if that is gonna be let's say in 30 years from now (Cobra said that this is the one of the possibilitys, he said during our lifetime) half of the people here who are reading and posting comments will grow old and they will die.

    1. Your math wasn't even right :) lol
      Look, it's clear you choose the "glass half empty" approach which is your prerogative but I think you are using some inaccurate information.
      Example; Cobra said emphatically a couple months ago that the Event will NOT be anywhere near 5 or 10 years away. I suppose you missed that but it's in the transcripts a couple months back.

      We all want the Event right this second but I choose not to give my power away to waiting for it and it just seemed like you were letting it get you down in the dumps.

  27. Something is about to happen, probably within the next 30 days. Not prepared to say what.

  28. All this talk about love coming from E.T.s is them trying to co-opt human ideals, it's not coming from them, they're trying to use what they've studied of us to be able to get us to comply so they can study the earth and reproduction. Please stop looking above for help and start looking inside yourself. There's no need for all this technology they're trying to sell you - everything is already inside you and in nature! Better get yourself right, time is running out.

    1. I can not let this stand here as you put it.
      No, it is absolutely not true what you say.
      They do not want to sell anything.
      They love us.
      The further a being is advanced spiritually, the less it is able to lie.
      The further advanced a being is spiritually, the more it serves the devine in divine love.
      If we really connect ourselves with what is inside, we know the truth and what is divine truth.
      Thank you.

    2. Eliana I appreciate your response. To believe E.T.s are more advanced in any way than we are (spiritually, or mentally) is a fallacy. They are hoping we will believe that so we do not pose resistance to them. Although they will not try to harm us physically, they will have no problem making us live in a technocratic society where everything is mediated by technology until we lose our creativity and sense of the divine.
      They may have slightly more advanced technology for the moment, but nothing we couldn't develop with our current mental capacities and current tools. They are not any more advanced spiritually, if anything, they have little to no feelings compared to us. Human body language is already quite difficult for them to understand as it is too "irrational" for them. They are using "love" and the new age movement so they appear in a good light, but these are disguises, it's not the truth.
      Please understand I'm not trying to spread fear, if anything, living without fear and in love will mean you develop confidence and will not let anyone or any species take your sovereignty from you. But please beware, I don't want to see humanity naïvely walk into another species' hands. Remember, humanity is the apex of Creation. We may not seem like it because of our current state but that is because we were mislead and are now living in dark times : our potential is infinite, very much unlike beings from other planets who cannot reproduce and do not have the wonderful DNA we have.

    3. @UnitedNewThinkers:

      My comment was not about them being more spiritually advanced than us. It is true, some are more advanced spiritually than some of us, but I did not generalize this point.

      The point was, that they ARE spiritually advanced and therefore do not need to control or possess. That is one of the main reasons they are not here evidentially, publically.

      I was speaking of the ones, who are very much interested in us, the ones you told about, they want to sell something to us.

      I meant the ascended masters, the Pleiadians and the Ashtar Starship Lightfamily in first place.

      Those I meant. The ones, who really want to see us free. FREE.

      Because they REALLY REALLY consider us as family.

      Yes, our potential is infinite. Very true.

      Just visit pleiadian healing chamber and ask for DNA upgrade. They help us a lot. So why should they want to deceive us. A being, that is deeply connected to Source, is not able to get any joy out of controlling, manipulating, selling, possessing, opressing, enslaving.

      A being, that is deeply connected to Source, has its greates joy in seeing other beings express their divine nature of being joyous, lightful, free, beautiful, whole, loving, creative, abundant, INDEPENDENT (!) and full of grace.

      Our Creator loves you. You will be free soon. You can also be free already now, if you decide so. So do not be afraid.


  29. Cobra...You wish us all good luck! Are you telling us something ! :))))))THANK YOU

  30. Drews I would ask you if you're not able to write something intelligent and normally to do not write anything. Dude I think you are addicted to "Event has to happen" and that's the reason for strange comment like yours, you don't look at the facts, dude you are driven by your emotions and wishes. and this nonsense about mathematics, look dude all I said was ''it's septembar, there is not much time, there will be no event this year'' there was no strictly calculations and maths in my comment. and now you're coming with some nonsense about missing math, that's pathetic. everybody can see that.

    I think every normal person (not event junkies) can see that the chances for event in 2014 are smaller now.

    Cobra said cuople a months ago; "Event will happen during our lifetime" he said that 2-3 months ago, so it's clear that it can be 20 or 30 years from now. In 30 years time half of the people who are coming to ''cobra2012'' will grow old and die.

    It's not about 'glass half empty', I'm doing Reiki and meditation for 12 years, EVERY DAY, I'm a vegetarian, I do work on myself in spiritual sense and I don't wait for something like event but I'm not an event junkie like you guys here.

    People who don't have OPEN HEART aint gonna have any welfare when event happens.

  31. It would be useful to have a Meditation Counter to keep track of how many people have joined the meditation, & thus be able to tell whether we have reached critical mass. This could be executed either via pressing a link, a sign-on, or sending an e-mail w/ a particular content onto a particular e-mail address. All of these can change every weekend to keep trolls & robots out of the picture. Just a thought,... Thank you.

  32. Thank you Rob and Cobra for mentioning the significance and importance of the Cetaceans (Whales/Dolphins). Thank you for that respect and appreciation for them.