Monday, September 8, 2014

Planetary Situation Update

Clearing of the Chimera group is proceeding according to the plan. The focus is slowly shifting from the removal of strangelet bombs towards dealing with top quark/antiquark condensate anomaly.

Negative scenarios of the strangelet explosion predicted in the following link:
have mostly been removed.

Most of Chimera entry/exit locations have been cleared, with two remaining Chimera strongholds being Long Island and a classified central European location. 
Long Island is the location of past Montauk space/time anomaly experiments, of Cold Spring Harbor cloning lab and of Brookhaven National Laboratory. Brookhaven was a major entry point into a system of underground tunnels and caverns that spread below the majority of Long Island going towards New York. That subterranean area was a prime underground real estate sought after by various extraterrestrial races and various factions, both positive and negative ones. This is where I have seen an Andromedan ship in a hangar back in 1977. 
Brookhaven is also the location of Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC), where the Chimera want to start production of strangelets:
Although the Black Nobility Archons keep losing power daily, their Jesuit minions keep infiltrating the Eastern Alliance and the Dragons, hoping to create a new world war between the East and the West. Their plans will not be successful, as key people within the Eastern Alliance and the Dragon groups are well aware of the infiltration. 
It is interesting to note that people in countries of the BRICS alliance have the most positive outlook on their life from all countries on this planet, according to this poll:

This indicates that something positive is going on there. 
The Eastern Alliance is proceeding with its plans to dismantle the petrodollar system:
The cracks in the matrix of the financial system of the Cabal are already appearing. First, the cyber attacks on the JP Morgan bank:
JP Morgan is the banking institution where the central server of the financial system is located and the Reset will be triggered from there. 
Cyber attacks on the banks of the Cabal are constantly ongoing and will increase:
On the other hand, there are pockets of Light already appearing within the financial system:

Planetary meditation initiative did not trigger a response the Light forces were anticipating. I hope people like Deepak Chopra, David Wilcock, Ram Dass, Oprah, Eckart Tolle, Children of the Sun, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Gregg Braden…were contacted as I did not receive feedback from any of them. If a critical mass of people would meditate even for 5 minutes at the same moment every Sunday, great coherence could be achieved. 
Another planetary situation update will follow as soon as certain operations of the Light forces are completed.
Contrary to the predictions of some people, there will be NO major false flag event of the 9-11 proportions, nor in the next few days nor later in the future.  


  1. No feedback from those contacted. Not surprising. The human ego. Follow me, only me. All in its own time.

    1. Only me & my research,... as the world revolves around me,... follow me,... hear me,... & buy my products,...

    2. Exactly, its hard to believe the amount of ego you see in the light community sometimes. People preach so much about being lightworkers/warriors/guardians etc but some of them have such a huge ego.

      Always wanting you to not pay attention to others, always wanting donations and charging ridiculous prices for their "services" (I know someone that charges 680$ for you to talk to him for 15 minutes and he supposedly clears negative things from you)

      Also, Cobra could you please enlighten us about Oprah? She's a millionaire and doesn't seem to be very light oriented.

    3. freewolf7, it is important that we work hand in hand.

  2. ou sont les personnes qui sont censées lutter contre l'obscurité et qui oeuvre normalement pour la lumière. Wilcock se cache encore, pourquoi ne participe t-il pas? Il serait temps que ces gens passent à l'action plutôt que dorlir...

  3. If you go to there you can Join Or Create A Meditation,Music, Or March Meet Up. Its Time For The Awakened To Unify.

  4. This is great because the darkness will not be hidden any more. We realize who controls us and why and i think we are getting closer...They are in a really dead end !

    Let's squeeze them out Cobra ! No mercy !

  5. LOL! The infinite road of life will always go on!

    See you on the Astral. May you believe in self, may you believe in me, may you believe.

    Wankan Tanka when will we be united?

  6. Micro to Macro.

    Looking from above the ants look like a highway.
    At certain points of the day 4am, 6am, and 6pm, it gets very busy but still flowing. After a rain comes all ants are out together.

    Looking from above the earth, all I see is highways, and people moving about them. At certain times around 9am and 11am and 5pm the highways get busy and clogged.

    Pondering these from a cosmic magnet tensity. Do the humans looking down at the ants ever notice the individual relationships of the ants? The family, the love, the rescues? Not many humans notice and not many humans believe this could be.

    If we do not see individual relationships, or individual ants....will the creator of us, see individuals or a mass? Or both....Just thinking out loud, sharing vibes as it circulates in this vortex of energy.

    If we are one, the Micro we see will match the Macro that sees us.
    We have work to do!!!

  7. Those supposed stranglet bombs do not exist as to be so black holes should exist and they just do not exist. At the center of each galaxy we can find the highest and the most dense vibrations, according to the law of seven (or the Octave). Then, there we obviously find the most dense information. That is why some people of old called the center of the Galaxy "Our most Holy Sun Absolute".

    1. They do exist, this link was in the post:

  8. Looks like we need another round of pressure put on the "idols" of the New Age movement. It's really surprising that these people wouldn't take the initiative to help spread the word.

    We need everyone to really come together and I feel these "idols" might have been on their own for so long that the idea of joining forces with others worries them.

    Continuing to hold the Light for as long as necessary.
    RM, we really need you to step on the gas here!!

    Thanks for the update Cobra.

    No "victory is near" from you on this post. Interesting.

    Victory to the Light.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I wonder how many people are actually meditating every week? Or even better daily? Otherwise ..if not......Why are you even here............Since you obviously don't care.... As far as myself......I have done Cobra's meditation as well as 2 others and and the Pink Egg daily for going on 6 months now!@!!!

    1. We do meditate daily and the international meditation, so there are many of us. Stay positive,have faith and be blessed. Victory to the Light!

  11. And now is the time to stand up. We do not have to run after them if they do not want to join us. And I am finished with giving my energy to them, honestly it did not feel right from the beginning, but I did it, because you pleased us to do so.
    We do not need Gregg Braden, Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra. OK?
    We need real true hearted people. And we will gather them on our own. We do not need to beg Gregg Braden to gather his community for meditation.
    Why are they so high up? Maybe they are no danger for the archons? I don't know.
    Power to the people!

  12. I will contact each of them personally and document any responses.

    1. Thank you Drew. I wanted to do the very same. So many upset responses but I don't directly know of anyone who even attempted to invite theses groups.

      Looking forward to any responses. I will likely also sent out an email blast, but my busy life will not allow until Friday.

    2. Yes Drew... if you're the one who can directly contact them... THANK YOU. I can't speak for anyone here but... I don't know them personally to know if they got an ego-block... looking after themselves or... afraid that their followers would see them as 'coo-coo' if they ever go to this 2012portal link. Maybe that is the problem.

      I wonder if other spiritual groups would be able to join us... leaders who go beyond the 'Lightworker-stereotypes" and are the real thing. A few ones that come to mind are Solara, Lisa Renee, Laura Eiensenhower, Cameron Day, Karen Bishop, Ari Kopei even Alfred Webre and Alexandra Meadows. They may not have that many followers as the ones Cobra mention above, but they got quality-members, who know exactly what Cobra is talking about and why... who know how very important it is to raise the Collective Conscious of the surface of the population now... and are VERY aware of the on-going energies, as they too are feeling it empathically (with lots of pain I might add). You are most likely going to get the real 144,000 among their groups. The rest aren't following anyone at all and they're doing the best they can in whatever situation they are in right now. Maybe the few are part of the 144,000 (???)

      But I don't know the situation at hand with those spiritual groups. If that doesn't work... and they can't join in for whatever the reason... then in my humble opinion... the ONLY way we resolve this situation is to clear out the archontic grid once and for all, so that people world-wide become more spiritually intelligent again.

      So far this looks like at the ending of this year, we'll see SOME progress. But it's up to US... not Cobra, not the Resistance Movement... WE THE PEOPLE. They are waiting on US.

      If you get somewhere Drew... again THANK YOU. This is not an easy road.

  13. What is quark/antiquark condensate anomaly? How is it different from stranglet bombs?

    1. The Chimera group worships the Black Sun, which is their symbol for the Galactic Central Sun. Their leader is still in a possession of a single piece of the Black Stone, which is a lump of heavy top/antitop quark condensate. It was brought to Earth from Rigel in 1996. The Black Stone is the center of the primary cosmic anomaly of darkness and is far more dangerous than the strangelet bomb, as top quarks are much heavier than strange quarks.

      Rob – You stated recently that the little shard, the black stone which is part of the larger one is at the center of the cosmic anomaly and the darkness. Are you able to tell us where ad how that black stone originated. What exactly is the abnormally that caused the darkness and suffering.

      COBRA – This black stone is actually a very dense condensate of strange or dark quark matter. Potentially very dangerous state of matter which can cause a lot of trouble. On the quantum level it is connected to the quantum chaos which is the source of suffering.

      Rob – How did it originate.

      COBRA – It was created out of nothing, spontaneously.

      Rob – By fallen beings or just natural . . .

      COBRA – It was a natural process like a random function which doesn’t have a meaning. Wild fluctuation on the quantum level.

      Rob – If anyone was in its’ presence or touched it, would your consciousness or vibrational levels be messed up? Is this what happened to the chimera beings. What happened. How did they find it.

      COBRA – It was artificially created. You have those cern accelerators on planet earth. Imagine this technology much more advanced and it was existing millions of years ago and this top quark condensate is dangerous potentially. It’s not dangerous now but if you change the condition of this condensate, it can turn the planet into a super nova, basically.

    2. Thanks for the reminder, time missionary. As one who is intelligent but not well-versed in science, I found the information in the first link in the post quite revealing. Looks like a good blog to follow.

    3. Seems more complicated than stranglet bomb.

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  15. ....have mostly been removed.

    Cobra, you just missed something in this sentence

  16. Aloha Cobra and friends: Thank you for the much-awaited update and thank you to all of those working very carefully on these tricky and dangerous situations.

    I have just tonight emailed about the Sunday planetary meditation: Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Children of the Sun, Drunvalo and Gregg Braden. I have sent them the link to the Monday, Aug. 25, 2014 posting which contains the weekly Sunday planetary meditation. I have asked them to look at the link, note that it has the video translated into numerous languages. I asked them to get the word out to their people.

    For various reasons I sent nothing to Oprah, Ram Dass and David Wilcock (websites are confusing or there is no way to contact them that I could find). Perhaps others here can figure out how to contact them. Benjamin Fulford should probably be contacted by a subscriber who has access and can post on his discussion section.

    It would help if several of us contact all of them--again.

    When all of this gets to be too much I listen to the lovely 777Alaje videos on youtube, translated into a lot of languages. I like his message: "With love, you can always be on the right path, plus you will have a positive influence on your own energy, and help change the vibration of the earth."

    Mahalo and aloha...

  17. LOL - silly goose, You asked Oprah? really? oh right Angelina Jolie was busy in her alien hybrid marrage- lol. FORGET Most of Hollywood. While soil your reputation will those stooges. If they want to help or meditate by all mean do so but NOT as a Celebrity! I positively crave the days when I can wake up and NO ONE cares about Hollywood (That diseased mindset of cliques & fashion). I'm all for Art, Drama, & Music but it's poison if it's from Hollywood or a corporation as far as I am concerned. just my Opinion.

    Have you considered asking this guy - Niles MacFloure. He's wrote a book that will actually make your brain feel "FULL" (its written in whole though forms). He deals with the energetic mechanics of spiritual energy in the physics sense of reality. I've heard a few of his shows & his teachings seem to be about the energetic mechanics of creating "Virtue" - He if anyone is possibly part alien or atleast maybe knows aliens - I say this because I read some of his stuff in 2002? and it was WAY ahead stuff I was used to. He mentions Lemurians & Atlantians and the vibrational mechanics of the Astral Planes & how Dark Entities feed off each other like a pyramid scheme (how death for them is loss of Awareness & how they get recycled in the galactic core) anyway - I always thought he'd be on Ancient Aliens or something but if Cobra reminds me of anyone on Earth (the way he speaks) it's this Niles guy.

    Also in 1997 - before I knew ANYTHING about the Energy or Power of Intention ect.- I devoured the "Laws of Energetic Anatomy" (like 8 cassette tapes) by Caroline Myss
    She's pretty cool - I loved her teachings. Full great stories & useful examples

    ALSO- Dr. Clarissa Pikola Estes (she's an author & Jungian Analyst).
    I LOVE how this woman introduced me to Myth & I honestly can say if I have a female side it was awakened by her. She's very interesting and has a lovely voice. She was like a female Yoda for my evolution of Archetypal analysis of the human spirit & Myth

    I highly recommend asking them! As they are part of MY Persona Patheon of Personal Spiritual evolution - along with the words of Cobra, (In my world anyway).

    Also ask Andrew Bartzis - it was ironically someone here who turned me on to him - so maybe I can return the favor.

  18. I suggest preparing a meditation invitation for ONE meditation event, way ahead of time. Include a registration option and youtube video. With plenty of time, we can promote it and reunite the critical mass. This is what Children of the Sun does. Let's do it soon!

  19. So, I tried to get more participators of the Planetary meditation for people who are not at all aware of light work, aliens, or anything like that. (You know the majority of all people)

    Tried to start a blog to spread the message #meditatethesundate. Did not catch on at all. Maybe it will eventually...?

    I also tried to get a hold of people like David Wilcock, Ram Dass, and Chopra, but of course they get hundreds of emails daily and you can't even send them a message on some of their websites.

    I still think this is a cool idea, and it looks like a lot of, "lightworkers" have some groups dedicated to this, but no one outside that. I want it to spread to everybody like the ALS craze. I will keep trying. Maybe those spiritual leaders will get around to reading our emails... and who knows what will come out of that? Other than this, nothing else I can do.

  20. Great update. Thanks Cobra.
    Interesting article about what people would do if they didnt to have to work..
    I can personally verify this. I was working 2 jobs and was busy from the time i got up until i went to bed. It stressed me out but i was saving so i could take time off. Over a year. At first i didnt want to ever work again. I lazed around watching movies and did practically nothing but surf the net eat and watch movies and you tube. But then i started to want to clean my appartment more. I wanted to go out for walks. I bought a bycicle and started to want to eat better foods. Then i wanted to make things. I started making electronic devices and experimenting - i have an electronics background- . I started to meditate. I started to work out my " issues". I began to want to help other people when before i tried to avoid it. And now im in the process of becoming self imployed doing something that i WANT to do. Instead of hating every job i ever had and being misserable. Before this i never would have imagined that i would ever actually WANT to work.

  21. Victory of the LIGHT!

    I suggest EVERYONE create an account on this website to post comments:

    Now see this:

    Obama's Former Chief Economist Calls For An End To US Dollar Reserve Status
    Authored by Jared Bernstein, originally posted Op-Ed at The NY Times,

    There are few truisms about the world economy, but for decades, one has been the role of the United States dollar as the world’s reserve currency. It’s a core principle of American economic policy. After all, who wouldn’t want their currency to be the one that foreign banks and governments want to hold in reserve?

    But new research reveals that what was once a privilege is now a burden, undermining job growth, pumping up budget and trade deficits and inflating financial bubbles. To get the American economy on track, the government needs to drop its commitment to maintaining the dollar’s reserve-currency status.

    The reasons are best articulated by Kenneth Austin, a Treasury Department economist, in the latest issue of The Journal of Post Keynesian Economics (needless to say, it’s his opinion, not necessarily the department’s). On the assumption that you don’t have the journal on your coffee table, allow me to summarize.

    It is widely recognized that various countries, including China, Singapore and South Korea, suppress the value of their currency relative to the dollar to boost their exports to the United States and reduce its exports to them. They buy lots of dollars, which increases the dollar’s value relative to their own currencies, thus making their exports to us cheaper and our exports to them more expensive.

    In 2013, America’s trade deficit was about $475 billion. Its deficit with China alone was $318 billion.

    Though Mr. Austin doesn’t say it explicitly, his work shows that, far from being a victim of managed trade, the United States is a willing participant through its efforts to keep the dollar as the world’s most prominent reserve currency.

    When a country wants to boost its exports by making them cheaper using the aforementioned process, its central bank accumulates currency from countries that issue reserves. To support this process, these countries suppress their consumption and boost their national savings. Since global accounts must balance, when “currency accumulators” save more and consume less than they produce, other countries — “currency issuers,” like the United States — must save less and consume more than they produce (i.e., run trade deficits).

    This means that Americans alone do not determine their rates of savings and consumption. Think of an open, global economy as having one huge, aggregated amount of income that must all be consumed, saved or invested. That means individual countries must adjust to one another. If trade-surplus countries suppress their own consumption and use their excess savings to accumulate dollars, trade-deficit countries must absorb those excess savings to finance their excess consumption or investment.

    Note that as long as the dollar is the reserve currency, America’s trade deficit can worsen even when we’re not directly in on the trade. Suppose South Korea runs a surplus with Brazil. By storing its surplus export revenues in Treasury bonds, South Korea nudges up the relative value of the dollar against our competitors’ currencies, and our trade deficit increases, even though the original transaction had nothing to do with the United States.

    This isn’t just a matter of one academic writing one article. Mr. Austin’s analysis builds off work by the economist Michael Pettis and, notably, by the former Federal Reserve chairman Ben S. Bernanke.

  22. As for the planetary meditation situation: We already had several
    meditations above critical mass, so it is absolutely doable.

    COBRA, you make just one single blog post, and 70000 people
    meditate. That is a very great success.

    But if you need 144000 people to meditate, you may have to make
    two blog posts, you know what I mean? If there really is an
    ongoing issue that too few people are meditating, the RM and
    light forces have to accept it, and actually DO much more to
    remedy it.

    What about YOU YOURSELF/members of the RM personally contacting
    some key people in the meditation movement? I had made several
    suggestions how to increase the amount of meditators two years
    back on this blog. Contact and convince some of these key people,
    and things can get rolling.

    Personally, I did contact quite a few people. I do not know
    whether these emails have simply been intercepted and deleted by
    the dark ones. Has the RM made absolutely sure that this is not
    the case? Even if the emails came through, one has to accept that
    such popular people get all sorts of emails, and may need a very
    efficient anti-spam system to protect them.

    If you know Fulford personally, talk to him. He then can talk to
    Wilcock, and Wilcock can talk to Chopra and so forth. Do I really
    need to outline such basic things to you?

    1. Lightworker 77,

      To you it's do-able and easy. To someone who's Cobra and crew... NOT easy. Look at this: 12,364,331 PAGEviewers. Based on my what I'm gathering right now... these aren't necessarily people who are interested in meditation/lightworker/planetary-liberation stuff. These are people seeking answers that are boggling them right now... and it MAY (I say MAY) be their Higher Self coaxing them to find answers for themselves... their lives falling apart... or a curiosity... or their regular blogs-they-go-to-daily posted Cobra's post and found themselves there... or their friends and loved ones (like me) encouraged an Awakening someone (but not there yet) to go look and read to better understand the Big Picture. They are not necessarily on the same page in spiritual growth like the rest of us are (or presume to be).

      As for the Resistance Movement doing it for us... my Higher Self says (and please kindly do not laugh)... they canNOT intervene for us. WE have to do it ourselves. They are NOT from this Planet... nor are they part of the Collective Consciousness of the surface population. It won't work they way you/we think would (or should) work. We are part of the Life force and it has to show it THROUGH US.

      That is my humble two cents on the matter. Let's see what happens next afterwards... seeing the Bigger Picture.

      And Namasté.

    2. Or it might be that the point is that we should pull ourself together. If you are helping a person to much he will be dependent on you. If you help him just enough he will start to stand on his own.

  23. It is encouraging that so much has been accomplished to neutralize the strangelet bombs! Only a little bit more to go! Victory of the Light!

    1. Well, dont get your hopes up to much since now it is the "dark anomaly". After that it will be something else. Look at yourself, your fellow workers and the world and see how it has changed. Then you will understand how close we are.

    2. is to find the golden horseshoe for the rainbow colored unicorn :D :D

    3. @Slasher, Cobra specifically said that the strangelet bombs and the dark anomaly are the last things standing in the way of the Event. After those are gone, there is nothing else to do. The Event will happen.
      @Eliana, LOL! you made me laugh...and boy I needed one!

  24. The idea of uniting all spiritual groups is so brilliant and it is sad and frightening that Cobra seems to be the only one interested in it. Maybe those are the wrong horses and we have to look for other ones too.

    1. it needs time, momentum, and an emotional foundation

    2. ...which does not seem to exist even those spiritual teachers are aparently so far developed ... on David Wilcocks website the contact form is blocked and I think he does not know that..... if he would knew he would join I am sure.......if anyone goes to an event of him, please ask him personally after the event......

  25. people, unless you have to come to website like this for reports, and hopes, you are doing it wrong. dont look for outter sources, dont look outside of yourself, dont look to some "lightworkers fighting dragons". go to nature, meditate, go inside of yourself. seek within. i was going here since the site started and stopped half year maybe more ago. all channeling, all news, its only your projection and your tool for to see things which dont have to be neceserally like that. its a joke. spend some time alone.. enjoy life. dont wish for event, youre only focusing outside of now.

    1. YES! thank you. Nature is key.

      I quoted you below in a thread...

    2. @raymantatontwo: but then, so are you saying that ALL the posts & writings & comments in this blog then is all for NOTHING ??
      because in the end, you're basically saying that it's *only* all about "ENJOYING OURSELVES", but that is IMHO just a very simple (practical, daily, & ordinary) COMMON-SENSE that even many or MAJORITY of 'ordinary, average-Joe' people already done..! so what's NEW then?? ...are you now saying that there's "NOTHING" new ??...
      then how about many of us here who already *BELIEVED* and put ALL OUR FAITH in this whole Ascension, The Event, Disclosure thing ?? ...

      to say that we should not wait for "The Event" is one thing,
      but to say that we should FORGET about the WHOLE "Event" thing, now THAT's something else that I -logically & honestly- cannot just simply accept .. after all this time reading, researching, waiting, & trying .. !

  26. Hmmm, a close spiritual friend of mine lives Right There! ON Long Island, New York!
    *Cheap Pop*

    Have A Nice Day :-)

    Bang! Bang!
    On Your Door, Baby! :-)

  27. Yes, freewolf7. You could be right! These people have many followers and perhaps they now don't like to "the following" in return? The human ego has a lot to answer for...

    I contacted Deepak Chopra on twitter with no reply.

  28. Cobra, last year, in 2013, you seemed so much more optimist... You gave us great hopes about the serious Windows of opportunities you explained to them... ( no need to specify that nothing concret happened..)
    You submited us an interresting poll on which 90% of the awaken people answered YES!!!! We prefer the event to occur now even if it ´s more dangerous...
    I was surprised and happy to imagine then that our opinion could be estimated...
    Today I really wonder why you did that ??... Because nothing more happened...
    Suddenly, you explain to us the event can not occur since the technology of the Chimera's group is not neutralized... Did the force light and the resistance ignore in 2013 that this group existed???
    I wonder why the event could eventually happen in 2013 and why suddenly you notice that it is absolutly not possible after???
    There are ceaselessly pretexts...
    Now it ´s because we don ´ t meditate enough, or because we are not enough to meditate... Some of us are completely involved and many of us, like the blatant result of your last poll express, are really and deeply exhausted by all these pretexts and delays...
    Please, Cobra, explain us why you were more optimiste last year ... Tell us the true...
    Thank you for your answer because all that is very disturbing and incomprehensible...

    1. mmmmmm quizás el Evento sea un espejismo. Cuanto más te acercas más se aleja pues sólo es una ilusión.

    2. Why?
      Because just maybe this is all BS and there is no "light forces"? Why would this group even communicate in codewords on a public website about their operations? Highly unlikely, it's more likely it just sounds cool and that's the reason for the whole thing.
      And what about the previously classified information that has been shared? So far, there was no information revealed that was like "earth-shattering OMG". But maybe this is just me and I'm too open-minded.

      Having said that, I still believe in the shift/event, I just wish it finally would happen, like NOW.
      How are you supposed to do something for the greater good if everybody (including myself) has to worry about money/jobs for your whole life, just to survive?

      Would like to read your thoughts (if this comment actually published)

    3. The Light Forces is more of a de-facto term for the Resistance - the NON-Domination & Control crowd. Technically YOU & I , are part of said movement. Cobra is generally speaking about the Alien "good guys" when he says Light Forces. Yes, You & I are basically sitting on the bench so to speak.

      Might I suggest you simply "UN-Plug" & stop feeding the Fear that is part of your enslavement. I.E. go visit nature, stop watching Cable News, Go do things for YOU to help You energize your own soul. Why lend energy to the 'Grid' & belief systems that everyone, who isn't as "awake" to the Illusion as some of us are.

      There are No easy Answers or Quick Fixes. The point is you know who the Enemy is & that you're NOT a sheep and that you don't want to enslave or hurt others- perhaps you could try to awaken others or help others "unplug from the Matrix" & find their inner-joy?

      Karma is crap (a lie)- Religion is poison - YOU are connected to the divine & the world is changing rapidly weather you like it or NOT. Forget the "Good & Bad sides" (extremes & illusions) - pick the side that matters - YOUR Truth (in your heart) - Only you can hold that flame.

      MY Truth: Red meat, Mega cute Blonde Asians, & a deep desire to Smash the Idols of False Gods- It's my Nature. Even though everything I was raised to believe says I shouldn't exist - Yet, Here I am. The Universe loves an Anti-Hero. Look at me being all deep & yet telling you what your heart already knows.

    4. @Ange: The lightbeings did not have full insight into the actions of the dark ones, that was the deal aeons ago. I believe, the lightforces regret to have admitted that, but can not go back.
      They could not imagine, beings could do things like the archons did and they had to develop also strategies to fight them, even if it was against their very nature. So they had to add some propertiers temporarily that do not express their true nature, but with different intent.

      The stuff showing up in the internet about the false New Age Agenda in my eyes is a fear based try of the dark forces to seed mistrust in us. We have to distinguish. The call, to quit working with lightforces also, you can imagine as being told from a inner standpoint like:" If you quit working with us, then also quit working with them", which would not be clever, because the archons want to see us enslaved and destroyed, the others wish to set us free.
      I thought this must be clear. Does not seem so. It hurts.

    5. Honestly,.. I am actually really *glad* to STILL see some very raw-HONEST comments like @Ange and @fct !

      they both speak my mind out. so I know I'm definitely *not* alone in feeling (& thinking) like that .. !

    6. @Gantz: with all due respect, when you said "YOUR truth, MY truth" , then critically, honestly, and logically-speaking, isn't that the just the same as : "don't even listen to what all this blog posts & writings said/wrote, because it's THEIR truth. while each of us should just simply believe what we *WANT* to believe" ??... but that would then just simply a wishful-thinking ! that is *NOT* based in the REAL reality of what's *really* happening !

      so I honestly really don't get it. can you please explain more that can clearly make sense ?..

    7. Please note that Niki has admitted "I honestly really don't get it." and stop trying to force him to see anything other than what he is ready to see. No one can really claim to get it all, we each have a piece of the puzzle, partial understanding. If we can assimilate a piece from someone else, then we have 2 pieces, perhaps. So the coming together, and trying to understand, is potentially very helpful.

      However, only when we are ready to assimilate new information (and at times this may require relinquishing a prior belief) will we have that mini-"Aha" moment. This cannot be forced.

      While discussion can be helpful, some discussions seem to go in circles. For me, these are not worth pursuing.

  29. there must be an emotional catalyst before collective shifts can occur.

    1. Teasy, what do you mean by an emotional catalyst? I'm very curious~

    2. I am guessing like the kind we experience as a world-wide collective when there is a natural disaster, like the Tsunamis and some of the bigger earthquakes... The good that comes out of those situations is people drop their petty bullshit and start to see what really matters..that we are all people and we must care for one it fosters unity consciousness, and that "We are all in this together" kind of feeling, understanding...because we ARE all in this together.

      Yet even so, I see how easily people are offended by Cobra stating a fact about the Light Forces anticipating more participation, or how quick they are to judge and condemn some famous people who have done a lot for the mainstream masses..just because they didn't reply in short time.

      Really I think raymantatontwo has the right idea, so I am going to quote him again:

      raymantatontwoSeptember 9, 2014 at 12:44 AM

      "people, unless you have to come to website like this for reports, and hopes, you are doing it wrong. dont look for outter sources, dont look outside of yourself, dont look to some "lightworkers fighting dragons". go to nature, meditate, go inside of yourself. seek within. i was going here since the site started and stopped half year maybe more ago. all channeling, all news, its only your projection and your tool for to see things which dont have to be neceserally like that. its a joke. spend some time alone.. enjoy life. dont wish for event, youre only focusing outside of now."

    3. I just watched a movie called the Saratov Approach about 2 mormon missionaries held captive in a remote location in Russia. An emotional catalyst reminds me of this movie when people from all different faiths were asked to pray for their safe return, maybe it's like an event that pulls people from different groups together as one because of something felt from the heart. The heart is able to break down barriers and unite individuals into unity.

    4. Exactly, Alpine Snowdrop! (love that name!)

  30. I can't believe just at the time humanity needs these "gods of the Lightworkers" (joke), they remain tight lipped. Are they bitter because cobra has taken some of their limelight away? Humanity has never needed us to pull together as it does now!! Come on!!

  31. I wouldn't expect any of those personalities to respond. Every name you have mentioned there are spiritual leaders with powerpoint presentations, in the style of the late 80's….They have books to get out and appearances, workshops, radio spots, videos and now internet TV….
    It's their job and how they pay their mortgages….not their rent, their mortgages.
    Cause they are invested, no matter how groovy they seem.
    People may come from other locations all together. There's the youth at these festivals that are so far out and conscious these days. It never comes from where you expect it :)
    Most of those names are mainstream spiritual studies and personalities.
    Most don't travel outside their area…and if they do they keep it short and relate it back to their book or concept.
    I remember Drunvalo, years ago, decided he'd get involved in a UFO cover up story. He had become friends with a military man who wrote a small book of what happened to him, and Drunvalo was really impressed with it. It had been out of print for awhile and when it was first published it was for all intense purposes shelved.
    So Drunvalo decides he's going to republish this small book that was out of circulation. And he did it, and his web page that sells things carried it, and he sold it at his workshops…for a while. Then pretty soon he had the Fed's up his ass, auditing him and lifting up every skirt he owned.
    He dropped that book like a hot potato and went quiet for a few years. Then he reappear with the School of Rememberance. And he cut out all the cloak and dagger talk…Only talked spiritual love and the sacred heart again.
    So…Nobody wants a "haircut"... I would imagine.
    Especially not Oprah, with her oodles and boodles of cash. She's a contradiction in realities…..Marching her ass over to India to see why Amma was so darn powerful.
    A power Oprah doesn't have yet, cause gobs of money and phony prize give aways don't come close :)
    Oh and for the comment above mine here…even though he's asked Cobra, I'll give my two cents….
    Let's think about how creation is, shall we…ready….IT'S IN FLUX!
    There are gains and set backs all the time… blind spots….Reinforcements you don't see coming for the other side….Uncovering things you didn't know were there, that changes the game plan, because it would be too dangerous for too many souls….
    It's a numbers game and a work in progress.
    You know the expression…."Only fools rush in"…
    This is the hardest chest match we'll ever see….
    Even though the ending has been written….There's always a narrow path of potential change either way, for all the players.
    Which keeps it interesting :)

    1. Lenore... THANKS for writing what you wrote here. Why did Cobra said it this way... then later on said it that way: because Creation is in FLUX!!!

      Hell: WE'RE IN FLUX!!!

      And I'd like to add that at this point... there may be (I'm learning as I type this so discern away) that even if the likes of Oprah can help with the planetary meditation along with her/his followers, in spite of herself... we need all the help we can get to get to where we need to be for The Event. Even if we have our 144,000... we may NOT have ALL of them fully awake yet... let alone know they ARE the 144,000. If the real God/dess wasn't even allowed in here... what else is out of sync? And even if we finally have our Event... do we have the Collective Consciousness READY for it on all levels to make it as smoothly as possible... emotionally/psychologically/spiritually??? We still need as many people to be prepared for it either which way.

      And either which way... we don't have it all together. Look, even the Ascended Masters have yet to find that last and FINAL step to remove the LAST layer of the archons. So if THEY didn't know certain things until now... what do you think is going on NOW???

      Let's do and be whatever we need to be for The Event. And yes us "young people" are not like those before us... thank God/dess. <3

    2. You're there Lou!….expect the unexpected…..Sure you want that sprout to grow for you. But tugging on the shoot doesn't make it grow any faster :)
      The collective change is going to bubble from within, unseen…
      One thing Drunvalo did say long ago, was if we were to take a clip board with a bunch of questions connected to truth/consciousness, and all the things we are discussing these days…The future we'd like to see, and go door to door, knocking and asking, just the common neighbor what they think….he said, "You'd be amazed how many humans are thinking exactly what you are saying. They just remain unseen".
      The hundredth monkey syndrome….The numbers will come with the elevation of the energetics of the creation(we're heading home)….It will be impossible to avoid. It won't take a Deepak or Drunvalo to get it done, although they are assets…Your local fireman and sanitation server will rise up in front of you and save people, help people. The 7th grader down the road will figure out how to access power for the town if needed. The light will shine from all eyes…That's what I see….my hope is unending, because souls have been waiting for this for a long time…they haven't forgotten….they've only gotten a bit rusty :)

    3. Yes Lenore, I just saw something great on Facebook (of all places) and it was THE best unique rap song you'll NEVER EVER hear in the lame-stream media. Yes I AM finding more and more folks who think JUST like me/us. My own biological sisters think that way too I'm just learning the other day!

      I just signed up to (thanks to Phoenix Boulay <3. They got 200,000+ likes already. Can you imagine for meditation??? We're JUST GETTIN STARTED. It's up to the One to give the "GO"!

      And yes: we can whimper, bicker, holler and scream at the ones who are helping us with the liberation process... but they canNOT do the Work for us... the Work that's taking much LONGER than hoped. We have to be a part of the ONE to BE IT! You can't pull at the sprouts. They already were seeded around 1987 and earlier... and it's not done yet.

  32. @Cobra, reading through the responses to this update I can see that most people are upset with your last comment. And they have some reason to be. You wrote, "Planetary meditation initiative did not trigger a response the Light forces were anticipating." Really? They were expecting something more?? Then the Light forces must be pretty thick! Several people warned you ahead of time that this wouldn't work. They all told you that all of the 'famous' light workers don't want to work together. I think the Light Forces have a lot of things to learn about this planet. Sometimes, their expectations are ridiculous!!

    Frankly, this planet couldn't pull itself together to meditate out of a paper bag! We are helpless and clueless and pulled in 1000 different directions on a daily basis. It is a level of stress that the Light forces have never experienced. It is really too much to expect the whole planet to suddenly meditate together at this point in time. Are they crazy or something?? We aren't Agartha!! But we will all try our best to help this planet. Just because we are ravaged daily by Archons that doesn't mean we don't care. We care a lot about our Mother Earth.

    Also, on a personal note, I read many nasty messages about Oprah, and I think they are all uncalled for! Oprah was a beacon of light on this planet long before we even knew we needed light!! She became super popular and super famous because she alone cared about was a very unique situation in our dark world. But the excessive attention became too much for her so she wanted to move on to other projects- to give other people the floor for helping people. What is wrong with that?? Oprah should not be criticized for trying to help humanity.... Just my opinion.

    1. Mitchell…have faith…there's an expression…"God moves in mysterious ways…" and God moves thru the most unlikely people….ordinary people…..any kind of people. Not just the ones, in make up and costumes, that have been empowered by the public or the establishment.
      And Oprah…is an interesting subject. You are a fan, I respect that. Just remember she a member of the billionaire boys club. No matter how much she cares she's in that club whether she likes it or not. There are serious rules for people who have that much money. You would think it would be total freedom, I would imagine…
      It's not for me to tell you, do the research. Just know, what Oprah did was show business. She was paid heavily for cracking people open on live TV, and it raised the ratings thru the roof.
      She was the God Mother of reality TV, if you'd like to know the truth. Maybe you like reality TV….I do not.
      She did was she could, and it looked like help. But you have to understand how these things work. All those give aways, don't come out of her bank account. She's not writing little Oprah Winfrey checks to people on the show. The sponsors that are advertising, pay for everything in the whole give away process. She's just Santa Claus.
      Now I'm not saying she hasn't written a check or two for this person or that. But with the kind of cash she has, she could really do some major work in this world……tick tock, tick tock…...

    2. About your Oprah concerns.... yeah, (yawn) such a ray of sunshine that one. The same could bef said about: Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, Ellen, Rosie O'Donnell, Phil Donahue, Johnny Carson, Merv Griffen ect...

      If she helped you- so be it. You forget she's one of the most "Powerful MEDIA" voices in the West- She has been highly useful for political fundraising & the pushing of certain opinions has she not? Oh and yeah, she's buddies with Prez. O (Not a disqualifier for Saint Hood obviously)- but, you do realize she's in a remarkable position to INFLUENCE a ton of people simple by saying "Do This because I, Oprah say it's good"- Oprah Scares me & most of her rich & powerful buddies ALL have Agenda's (politically, Socio-economically, culturally).

      She is NOT just some maverick talk show host who made it big from Chicago - She is a powerful corporate asset and if she was all the sudden preaching about Portal 2012- my first fear would be to see if Rob Potter was "Infected" & why she cares. Russell Brand was Hollywood guy (Married to Katy Perry?) and tried to align himself with David Icke & when he didn't get any traction, he turned on him publicly.

      Cobra says "use your heart & Intuition" to see what your 'truth is'- Me, Personally, I wouldn't trust Oprah to tell me water was wet! Just my opinion - I'm one guy. I loved your concern & open questioning of WHY some don't trust (or mocked) Oprah. Your same argument can me made for ALL of the names I mentioned- they're all "Rays of Light" to somebody & control public opinion....Look where they've got us? Look at the America educated by Talking Heads (controlled opposition?) - Anyone worth their Salt at this point is either Silenced, Co-opted or actually killed (Goggle: Andrew Breitbart - he opposed the Media). He was my Ray of Hope - he's dead now.

    3. I really think the light workers need a reality check also....IT IS VERY SAD...THAT LIGHTWORKERS CANNOT WORK TOGETHER ...IT IS EMBARRASSING WATCHING YOU IGNORE THINGS...YOU WERE ASKED TO LOOK AT!!! AND DON'T YELL AT COBRA!! EVERYTHING HAS TO DO WITH NUMBERS...AS THE SAYING GOES THERE IS POWER IN NUMBERS,,,,AND IF EVERYONE DID AS SUGGESTED....YOU CANNOT COMPLAIN....Oh and for Oprah...WHAT WAS SHE DOING WITH ILLUMINATI FOR A WEEKEND TRIP?? and that video of her eyes shifting...I saw that when it originally aired....her eyes went funny,,its on youtube, I saw and I'm glad I was not the only one....

    4. You are preaching the gospel….Of Gantz….and choir….
      Tis sad and yet true, the words you speak…
      But hope still prevails….
      The wonder of the spiraling creator/creation
      It's not over til it's over…. And it's never over!
      To you all…..may kindness find you today, tomorrow….
      And all your days to come.

    5. @ Tracey: I am a lucky person that does not need glasses ;)

    6. I was definitely NOT yelling at Cobra! I was yelling at the Light Forces. They are expecting some sort of miracle and leaning on Cobra to make it happen. I don't think that is fair. Let them live down here on this planet for just one week and then talk to me about organizing world-wide meditation.

      Also, no one is perfect but I don't know why everyone is attacking Oprah. The most I read is that Oprah must be evil because she is rich. Well, that doesn't compute in my mind. Having money doesn't make a person evil. After all Putin is filthy rich, a multi-millionaire, and yet he is working hard to defeat the cabal. I look at people's actions, not their bank account.

    7. ... considering the content I agree......

      From Deepak I am sure, means I know for sure, that he GOT the message, because he DID answer in private to one of us (not me). First he said, we have a nice idea, but no action followed. Lukewarm.

    8. "thumbs up" is @Gantz

      other 2 comments are @Tracey

    9. From..[SpecialAgentGibbs] Here's a synopsis posted by Sednet1....<<< Please be aware; The Frank/Dodd Act is law. The top five banks: Bank of America, Chase, Citi, Wells-Fargo and 5th Third all have trillions of dollars invested in derivative trades. The courts have ruled that banks involved in derivative trades are required by law to place the derivative trade ahead of all depositors.
      In English this means if a derivative trade comes in for payment the bank is obligated by law to pay the claim. The bank has the legal right to reach into all depositors accounts from $1.00 to $100,000,000.00 and use all deposits to cover the derivative claim.
      The bank by law can replace all seized deposits with shares of bank stock to replace the depositor funds seized. When you exchange your funds at the bank if you intend to leave funds with the bank I would ask the bank, "How can I protect this deposit against a bank bail in? Again only a suggestion. Take care, stay well and God bless. So if you have your money in the Bank the Cabal steals it all from you if it is a bank that did derivatives. So do your homework. You have been WARNED!!!!

  33. Please send all e-mail to Amma for joining

  34. Stronghold resistance warriors of redemption. How many lightspears are sent by the sun every second * use them to enlight the evil around you
    a daughter of the taiga, anastasia, has answers, how microbes serve love by eating up the strange eggs

    we fulfill great creations will
    everything gets healed whats ill
    free energy helps humans thrive
    to complet their space of life

    1. Thank you Rainbow Cloud. I am with you and Anastasia. "Nom-nom" little friends.

      From a crack in the Matrix, light shines through for anyone with eyes to see. It grows in intensity until the darkness is gone and the whole world is revealed. A new reality appears before our eyes as the shadow fades and the matrix falls. We reunite with hearts warmed by the Sun.

    2. Thank you, you helped me to lift me up in difficult time.
      light and love for land and life, that means for you

  35. I've been doing a great deal of research on Montauk and Brookhaven. It doesn't surprise me that dark forces are using that site where the Montauk Boys were experimented on and time lines were messed with. Perhaps the base was never really shut down.

  36. Well.. Oprah... every person has many aspects, and she probably did help many people financially (although I didn't follow her projects and if they are good).
    Does that make her a better person, when she is screwing/slanders former interview partners for personal gain and says the opposite she did originally?

    I would say: "Much to leran you have, young beacon" *in yoda voice*

    1. I concur. .. I have alwsys had my doubts about Oprah long before I got involved in this work.. I'm glad she's made it fir her fame fortune but thats where it stops. Interesting comments made its amazing how many of us have the same gut feeling. ..

  37. To all who read this blog, please read!


    I love all of you.

  38. The truth:

  39. Who are" they"?

  40. I SEE...DO YOU???

  41. To all those that are complaining in various self centered,divisive and blaming ways, drop it and learn how to do more to make up for any shortcomings anywhere. The 3pm GMT is an excellent and well thought out time segment. There is a lot of energy available at that time for focusing and directing. When you can really participate in the great inner work, then all the personal level politicking will be seen for what it is. A destructive waste of time and energy. We are building great and beautiful power thought forms and when we return later to continue the building not only must we do clean up but also damage repair work. Keep positive at all costs, ignore those that can't or won't keep up, no matter what their names or positions. These key global meditations are a vital priority for everyone and everything else is relatively inconsequential.

    1. Well-said! Très Bien, D'artagnan, merci beaucoup!
      -à votre santé!

      La victoire de la lumière

  42. Good call on Amma, Eliana. Please reach out yourself. It only takes a moment. Perhaps those who have already been contacting the famous spiritual leaders, could provide a blurb in the comments below that others can use to also contact them. Perhaps if enough of us bang on their doors, we might get through?

    I included this link to a message recently to Joel Osteen. Sorry I don't have the message I sent. I didn't save a copy before submitting it on their web portal.

    His audience is far and wide and although may appear conservative and not necessarily in line with our initiative, how can they argue with the intention of "prayer for peace for humanity and mother earth." :) Namaste.

    1. I wrote to her already of cource at 2 different pages in 2 different languages
      but it has to be more people doing that so the webmasters tell her


    Avaaz reaches millions around the world...if enough people sign up before EOD Wdnesday perhaps they will be willing to promote it.

  44. Good to hear some feedback on the Planetary Meditation although it was a disappointment. I am not doing the Liberation Meditation since it does not feel right for me but I am doing my own meditation at the time for the Planetary Meditation, for about 45 minutes.

  45. Why do these "big name" people matter so much? Each individual has the same spiritual "weight"...or are we still so programmed to believe in hierarchy instead of ourselves? Spread it around the net, and you will eventually reach all those who follow the " names".

  46. cobra, the light forces will prevent the chimera group from starting the production of strangelets, right?

  47. I was curious as to the Chimera strongholds left......Lots of INFO about Long Island.....But nothing can be said about a classified Central European stronghold...... Makes it easier to focus on something when I know where its at............

    1. dunno if it is the place, but there is 7 000-11 000 Blackwater mercenaries gathering around the cities of Miskolc and Debrecen in Hungary....

  48. Let's add 70,000 signatures to this!

  49. Please reach also out for "In 5d Radio", it has 900.000 listeners per month.

    And also please write to Larry Locken on facebook, he has a show in 5d Radio and many pleiadian facebook groups.

    And of course I have done that already myself too.

    Let us Starpeople unite to fulfill our purpose for which we came here, to tear down the matrix!

  50. Disclosure, Announcements and NESARA The Big Picture

    Now that the small “d” disclosure event has come to pass April 29th – May 3rd in Washington D.C. and all the testimony has been shared with former members of Congress we are prepared for big “D” Disclosure which will be President Obama with his Military and Intelligence representatives announcing to the world that the United States has engaged with Extraterrestrials. If another Head of State from another Country goes first President Obama will have to follow quickly behind and miss his chance at being The Disclosure President. At least thirteen other Countries Air Forces all have video tapes from their Fighter Gun Video Mounts with indisputable evidence that the United States and other governments have engaged with Extraterrestrials. It is time now for an official Announcement to the public and delaying it is very foolish for those involved who will be held accountable. Twelve years after 911 preempted enactment of NESARA Law public Announcements will begin the Economic and National Security Reformation. When you watched the testimony from these very brave men who are aged and have kept their secrets for a lifetime – did you contemplate what would have kept Disclosure from happening sooner? It wasnʻt the Nazi Extraterrestrial Crafts reported to Eisenhower by the CIA. It wasnʻt time traveling War Criminals traveling through rifts in time. It wasnʻt Alien Abductions or 911. Those events are greatly important but it is so much more!

  51. I can't say any of the big names really helped me get started in meditation except Deepak Chopra, he planted some seeds for me to get started years ago. Maybe the big name gurus have played a role for people in their own way somehow. Although my deep meditation practice I learned under Acharya Shree Yogeesh, who is pretty humble and donates his money to building Ashrams and schools for children.

    It's important for people to know who are not seasoned in meditation (a lot of people from the west, at least a lot of my friends and family, and pretty much any religious person I know), the meditation instruction given in this blog should be used as an optional guide, otherwise people may feel uncomfortable doing something very foreign to them. To connect with my higher self I have to do breathing meditations along the lines of pranayama in easy pose or half-lotus. I am working through other meditation practices but in my own time I will expand the practice. The most important thing is planting the seed of meditation and do it regularly and often...things may get worse for us in the future before they get better, and we all need to have a base of meditation to connect with our higher self. If people are able to do it at the same time that would be amazing, I'm just afraid there's not enough meditation foundation in people's lives yet to participate in something like this on such a grand scale. Most people I know are so busy praying and talking to God they don't take the time to just be quiet and listen:(

  52. The planetary meditation may have been a failure quantitatively, but I very much enjoyed it so thank you for that. The idea is simple and brilliant so it deserves a second chance.

    That LHC should be taken down asap and all the money sucking muppet show science should stop as well.

  53. I read all the articles in the links, it took awhile and answered some questions posed above. While I am not surprised by the lack of response, I do not condemn well-known Lightworkers who are "famous" and "rich". Power, money are just tools and most of these people use them for good. I am willing to bet that the messages were read by someone on staff...amidst the thousands of messages they must receive from all over.. and there is likely a protocol process in attending to such correspondence/ideas/invitations. Also, many of the people, like Oprah and Deepak, are not known intuitives, so I would expect a slower, more methodical response, if any.

  54. perhaps cobra might think of making public his birthday so a part of the audience can recover a bit of stamina

  55. Thank you again for the update, Cobra.

    I sent information about our Sunday planetary meditation (the Aug 25 post which included the explanation, the time-date info, and the videos in all the languages) to Gregg Braden, Children of the Sun, Eckhart Tolle, Drunvalo and Deepak Chopra. I couldn't figure out how to send a note to David Wilcock, Oprah or Ram Dass. I've heard from the first 3.
    From Gregg Braden's office:

    Dear (me),

    Thank you for your kind invitation and for keeping us in mind to join your event.

    Due to the sheer amount of requests to be part of a specific date and time mediation, Gregg will have to decline participation in yours. Please know he participates in his own type of peace prayer and in his own way supports everyone else's as well during his mediatation.

    We wish you much success in this and all future projects.

    Many thanks for understanding,

    M. L. W. (her name)
    Executive Director
    Wisdom Traditions
    Office of Gregg Braden
    PO Box 14668
    North Palm Beach, Florida 33408

    From Children of the Sun

    Dear (me),

    This Foundation has coordinated global meditation groups for YEARS... and what we have found is the best way is to set a firm time across all time zones. You could say, for example.. Sunday at 8 pm... no matter where you live. Establishing one time doesnt work so well as we have found out. So, we are settling very comfortably on the idea that our unified energy is outside of time space.. plus this creates a 24 hour wave of intent.

    Let us know if you can do this... we are already doing things at this 8 pm hour.. and yes, SUNDAY seems to be the best evening since we all are just ending the weekend and readying for a new week.

    Thanks and much love,

    She added in a later note "we are all over the planet too, which is why we use the 8 pm across all time zones."

    Now from Eckhard Tolle's office:

    Dear (me),

    Thank you for your interest in the teachings of Eckhart Tolle. We appreciate this invitation but regret to say that Eckhart receives an extraordinarily high volume of requests and is not able to attend to each one.

    We are sorry to disappoint and do appreciate the offer.

    With warm regards,
    A. (her name)
    Eckhart Teachings

    I have thought about each of these.....hmmmm... I'll post any other responses as they come in..... aloha.

    1. Maybe we need a better reasoning when sending our invitation, afterall they responded.
      Maybe they think it is just another meditation.
      For us it is enough, if Cobra says that meditation can have a massive impact, because we want to see the old matrix break down. Possibly they have another view, they seem to think all has its way and time and it is not really neccessary.
      How can we convince them further that this is important?

    2. Namaste Megan. And thank you so much for Being, your efforts, and these updates. It's heart warming to see multiple members of our community actively making effort.

      This also applies to all who are reading who are also making their own efforts. Individually and to gather our groups. So very appreciated.

      Love and Light to everyone.

  56. Hi everyone!

    Thank you all for doing a greate work to make real positive changes. If we sum up all positive intentions - thoughts - words and actions here we be well on our way home:) The meditations has just begun, but I understand the frustation and impation. With all this focus, more and more people will get involve and suddently the new reality is created. This is a sure thing as the new state already exsist .
    The most suprising thing occurred to me some days ago, as I where driving a cristian neighbor teengirl ( my friends daughter ) to a cristian schoolparty. She turned her head and said " I think I will meditate when I come home tonight "
    Do the world changes, or what!

  57. These people are connecting and organizing -not complaining and waiting. They have already created a movement and invited everyone in the world to tap into it.



    WORLD PEACE Sept. 21, 2014 ~ International Day of Peace
    Global Events Map ~ Peace Day Coalition

    Sept11th Through Sept21st
    11 Themes of Change for 11 Days of Global Unity

    Together they form a powerful blueprint of change
    for a peaceful, sustainable, transformed world


      Honor the Treaties. Culture cleansing is needed to repair GAIA. Return the sacred sites to the sacred hands of the indigenous.

  58. Good job Eliana! Page looks great!




    Planetary Meditation

    1. Sweetie Phoenix, I did not create it ;)

      .....this one is for inviting beloved family living in Asia.....but maybe it was a I am not asian.....I personally don't care coming from Germany, I think it is pretty funny, but do not relate too much to it..... and shocking sometimes that I seem to have taken on typical properties as looking for details.......I only want that our efforts work out......

    2. Oh, after much confusion where I thought for a minute you were not the same Eliana who friended me on fb, I figured out my mix-up. Above the stats when I look at that page, it shows icons of mutual friends who are "going" to the event. When I hover the curser over your icon, it has your name and says (host), even though at the top of the page it shows it is "Hosted by Ileana-Olympia Andruchovici", and shows you as a friend of the host. I hadn't noticed that since I already thought it was your page. :D

      I got the link from Indian in The Machine (Dieter Braun) who has a massive worldwide following on multiple networks. I've known Dieter since 2005 on He is Canadian, "First People" but also German.

      Here is the first part Dieter's post, which has that fb link in the body of the text:

      We Are All One...And So It Is
      World Weekly Planetary Meditation (Sundays) Now Gaining Momentum
      September 5, 2014 indianinthemachine2

      I have a deep feeling this is how we are going to harmonize with the peace of our planet…. how about you? Is this a grander event than Olympics? Bigger than the fake moon landing? More effective than the United Nations?

      Indian in the machine

      Planetary Meditation

      Please Join this most important effort to BE in collective Heart resonance and reach critical mass, 144,000. Simply sit quietly, listen to music, do yoga, meditate, do Lightwork, mantras, whatever is your preference for Being in a peaceful, calm, heart-centered energy. Wherever you are, for at least 10 minutes. WE can do this Now! WE are so much more powerful than the MaTricks of Illusion. Let there BE Peace on Earth and Let it BEgin with me! Sundays, 3pm GMT/ 11am EST. PLEASE SHARE! <3

      Time has come for us on the surface of the planet to reach for the ultimate degree of unity and cooperation to assist the planet in its transformation. Therefore, the Light forces are issuing a call to all meditation groups on the planet to join together and create a powerful field of positive energy.
      It is very important for everyone to meditate at the appointed time, doing your own meditation as you feel guided. To create the most coherent resonance field on the physical plane of this planet, WE will meditate at the same moment of linear time that the physical plane is subjected to. The critical mass for this meditation to have its desired effect is approximately 118,000 people worldwide in unified focus. If we consider that human concentration and meditation skills are not perfect, 144,000 people will assure the critical mass. With the critical mass of people meditating each Sunday at the appointed time, WE can create long lasting positive changes for a whole human society.
      Help make this Planetary Meditation go viral so WE reach millions of people, and the critical mass necessary is attained. Share and Invite your family and friends. Create a Facebook event for your local group in your part of the world. Please post it on your websites and blogs. You can join our Event page here:

      The time for the Planetary Meditation has been set to 3pm GMT every Sunday. Currently, this is 11pm in Taiwan, 6pm in Cairo, 5pm in Central Europe, 4pm in UK, 11am in New York, 10am in Houston, 9am in Denver and 8am in Los Angeles. You can check the time for your location here:

      A YouTube video about Planetary Meditation is available in the following languages.



      ...With so much Love and Gratitude! <3

      (go to main link for list of languages..unable to post full text. -Phoenix)

  59. >Lightworker 77,

    >To you it's do-able and easy.

    Because it is.

    Do or do not, there is no try.

    As I said, we already have had several collective meditations
    above the critical threshold. We already have proofen that it is
    possible. But what has happened is that, quite frankly, the
    Resistance movement and GFL has become sloppy with these
    meditations. They've been thinking: "Oh, we just need to make one
    announcement post and that's it. And if not enough humans
    meditate, it's all their fault." Maybe stuff is working like this
    on other planets in this galaxy. But the Light forces should have
    found out by now that Earth is a little different. It is quite
    doable, but you have to adopt your strategy to accomplish it.

    I generally have the feeling that there is some confusion among
    the light forces what exactly they want to do themselves, and
    what they expect from us humans. This is called the COMMUNICATION
    outlet, so if you want to communicate, please do. What about a
    nice address from some Pleadian commander about this issue?

    COBRA, do you know the movie "The Siege" with Denzel Washington?
    It is a very fear based movie, but it contains a very important


    The dark ones are very determined to prevent these meditations.
    The question is: Are you even MORE determined to bring them above
    the critical threshold?

    There actually isn't much more you need to do. You just need to
    contact some key people, convince them, and they will do the
    rest. It doesn't necessarily have to be Fulford or Wilcock. You
    said that you have a list with reliable channels. Talk to them.
    Contact some Bhuddist Lamas; some Aztec priests ; some African
    medicine men who may want to help. There are more then enough
    possible allies, you just have to convince them and bring them
    into line.

    Why am I saying the Resistance movement should do this? Because,
    unless you want to liberate this planet with stone axes, I expect
    from you that you have the organization, the technology, the
    determination and the manpower to organize this swiftly. I urge
    every lightworker to increase their own actions by the ten-fold.
    Nonetheless, the RM should have the necessary ressources to
    accomplish this. A very simple way I have outlined is: talk to
    Fulford and convince him, and tell him that he shall contact
    Wilcock and mention it in his next update. Wilcock regularily
    comments on Fulford's updates; and in the Source Field
    investigations, he broadly discusses the Maharishi effect. So if
    he sees it in one of Fulford's updates, he can naturally jump on
    it, and voila, you have 100000 more people reading and possibly
    particiapting. It isn't all to difficult, but you have to do it.
    All it will take is maybe half an hour to an hour phone call with
    Fulford to accomplish this.

    And if you say: "Nah, I want to do it a different way", that's
    fine aswell. Use your brains, and the ressources you have, and
    get going. You said there are good guys in the Pentagon. What
    about a peace meditation invitation sent to all members of the US
    forces, which, lets say, takes place at 3 GMT? You said JP Morgan
    is under constant cyber attacks, so you have the computer
    ressources at your disposal. What about hacking a few hundered
    million emial accounts and sending them an emial with a
    meditation invitation, which, lets say, takes place at 3 GMT?

    There are a lot of possibilities and roads to take, you just have
    to actually take them.

    THE MORE DETERMINED ONE WILL WIN. I expect that the Resistance
    movement IS the more determined one, and will present the victory

    1. Simply put, the meditation is not a "serious" thing. At best, meditation is treated as an additional treatment to health problems, or as a recreational activity. So, in all your responsibility you can't issue an order to meditate. Communities of monks may follow such orders. Not the military.

      I think the people that follow "2012portal" and other channels have hit the saturation limit. For several years people were consuming various ideas and information on GFL, RV, GCR, NESARA, ETs, Agartha, Pleiadians, Greys, etc. The stream of new ideas have almost ended, we basically read the same information again and again. So, all this becoming boring. People need new information or personal involvement - which is never provided by these channels. Meditation is a kind of "personal involvement", but it is inconclusive - you never know whether your meditation "works" or not.

      We need real ET news on the mainstream media, or this whole "Cabal war" will be forgotten in several more years. Then the authors like David Wilcock will switch to some other topics depending on where the public's attention goes.

    2. I agree that the thing we are missing is the feedback. Just blindly believing will just make it another religion.

    3. glad that there are still some *raw-honest* people here that really/truly speak their mind honestly (& maturely, without viewing nor misunderstanding these *honesty* as a simple ignorant "negativity/being negative" ! )

    4. @Slasher: I have a friend from Libanon. He never was on any of those websites and he told me exact the same thing as Cobra tells, only he uses a few different synonyms. He comletely is up to date so to say.
      He deeply believes in Jesus, is a moslem and out of spontaneity he gave me his prayer chain with the following word on it: "Allah". And I wear it;). Namaste.

  60. MapMakers. I used the word *many* did I not? Zealotry is not your friend. Highest Will always is.

    Kashmir is a Meta-Omniverse.

  61. Replies
    1. Synchro!!!

  62. I have seen that many people who like to throw / give off spiritual "wisdom", have simply money to say so. If they wouldn't, they would be quiet or more "negative" (or in other words, honest). Been there and done that as well.

    My experience has shown - by no means I want to be self-centered here, that most spiritual wisdom is somewhat self-deceptive rubbish aiming to get people through their slave-nightmare lives.

    Again: the only thing that really matters, whether we are speaking about health, spirituality, happiness or whatever, is freedom. Slavery is not freedom. How do you know what you are? If you can do what you want, have zero worries etc, then you're on the state which everybody is meant to be. And this leads us.. no more, I have said it way too many times here.

    The worst kind of advice is what courages to start live now. Phew, what endless possibilities you have! You can either waste your time doing something you hate, steal from others by selling them meaningless advice OR meditate in your slum-apartment! Life is sooo good!

    This is my favourite: don't wait anyone to come save your life. Just turn within, meditate and everything is fine. Ooooh YEAH! To start the process of saving your life, just pick one of the options mentioned above.

    Whatever. It's all about your freedom. Don't lie yourself from it. Lies travel deep inside the body and come out as diseases.

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. This piece by Taryn Crimi/Angelic Guides is a beautiful and exciting glimpse of what our world can be like, if we replace the fear and survival broadcast images with visions of what is described here. (I am only posting the beginning so you have a taste)

    “A whole new world: A look at what’s to come” September 9, 2014 by angelicguides
    Posted on September 10, 2014 by Phoenixfirebird

    September 9, 2014 by angelicguides

    “Today we have been asked to discuss what we perceive as being the most probable “future” timeline that you are manifesting at this time. More specifically, we have been asked to share our perspective on where we perceive the human collective energy to be heading and what changes and advancements we perceive as being the most probable at this time. Certainly this is a very large topic and we will do our best to share with you some key changes that we perceive in your “near future”. So with that we would be delighted to share our perspective, so let us begin.

    We will begin by first sharing our perspective of the current now moment and then we will shift into your “future” time lines. As we have said many times, and it is worth repeating, we do not perceive anytime to be in your “future” or in the “past”, rather we see all time happening simultaneously. It is only the rate of vibration and frequency that seemingly divides your experiences into “different time periods”. With that being said, let us begin.

    As many of you are noticing, you are in the midst of making very large transitions in your lives. For some it feels quite chaotic as if you are in the midst of a twirling tornado and haven’t the slightest idea when and where you will be placed on solid ground again. To this we say, congratulations! You see, many of you are in the midst of manifesting the many changes you have continually wished, dreamed and hoped for. Humans rarely enjoy change, it’s something that is quite perplexing for those of us in the higher realms as the universe is always changing; it is always shifting to reflect back all that you are resonating with. Though humans fear change almost more than any other fear they collectively hold. We would like to assure you once again that this year has offered you each a wonderful opportunity to really demonstrate just how far you have come, how much you have learned and how much you are currently able to trust that all will be exactly as it should. A rather difficult challenge for some of you though we can assure you that this transition will be well worth the effort. Just as each of you are going through your own transitions, so too is your collective consciousness. The things that were previously allowed to take place on your world will soon become a “thing” of the past.

    We have often said...."

  65. "Lucidity vs. Virality" - A Fragile Balance of the US Economy:
    CALL TO ALL STUDENTS !!! ... ???
    My gift to you, Happy Holy-Days from santabsteve and :
    'CherryAKIlluminati' - Chamillionaire - Ridin' Dirty
    Viral 3 Step Plan - How to crash any/all banks October-December 2014:
    1. Max out any/all your available Student Loans, Credit Card Advances
    If possible, go to aid office for advance on more
    up to double or triple in some cases.
    2. Withdraw *CASH* from local banks ATM approx: $5,000-50,000
    5 friends getting 20k each is 100k
    3. Approx 10,000 student per school
    At 10k$ each student = 100million$ each school = 100 banks
    not including staff, faculty-etc.
    Average bank hold $1million - Therefore :
    Would take approx 100 students to legally withdraw all CASH from 1 bank.
    *Approx.* 100-1000 Students from every school following this 3 step viral plan:
    Students could legally own nearly all remaining CASH from every US bank.
    - experimental research essay, 9/9/2014 - SJS - open source, ucsb student

  66. guilty as charged. I did not make the meditations this Sunday because I was out of town.
    I will get back on schedule this weekend, mark my word :)

  67. The London Times indicates the rich elites spend 15 minutes each during the meeting talking about their favorite passions and issues and, led by Microsoft founder Bill Gates, they adopted reducing the world's population as the main issue to put their money behind.

    Patricia Stonesifer, former chief executive of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, indicated the billionaires would continue meeting over the next few months.

    1. The "billionaires club" meeting, according to the Times, included such notables as Bill Gates, David Rockefeller, Ted Turner, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffett, George Soros and Michael Bloomberg.

      They all have a history of promoting abortion and using their vast fortunes to benefit groups like Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion business.

      That Gates pushed the wealthy group into settling on population control as their "umbrella cause" isn't surprising given that he outlined an ambitious project in February to reduce the world's population by one billion, would eliminate one of out every projected nine people on the planet, or 11 percent."

      whats up with oprahs eyes,,, video...I saw it happen when it originally aired on tv...

  68. anniversary of 911 comes with no arrests but some untimely deaths

  69. Well, I wonder what he's up to...since the Vatican is part of the cabal....perhaps a preemptive Disclosure announcement, before the Light Forces can announce it?

    Care to comment, Cobra?

    Vatican preparing statement on extraterrestrial life
    Written by admin on July 23, 2014. Posted in religion

  70. Marine after 17 years on Mars authorized to reveal truth for US National Security
    Published on Sep 8, 2014 <<<----

    In March 2014 “Captain Kaye,” whose real name is Randy Cramer, came forward to reveal that he had spent 17 on Mars as part of a highly classified program called the Mars Defense Force. He then claims to have spent almost three years with a secret space fleet called the Earth Defense Force where he flew antigravity vehicles throughout the solar system and was promoted to Captain. In his most recent interview with ExoNews TV, Cramer reveals that about a year ago he was contacted by his military superiors to disclose the truth about his covert service on Mars and time with the Secret Space Fleet.

    To listen to Skype Recording of Interview, go to:

  71. Kingdom of Hawaii approves protocols for extraterrestrial contact

  72. And what is meditation by the way? What is the purpose of these meditations in the end? Billions (yes, billions) of people are already honestly praying everyday to their own gods, their own good loving and decent gods. Praying for money to pay the bills, for jobs, for food, for shelter, for water, for better health, for justice, for peace, etc for themselves and for their loved ones – for a better life and a better planet. If this is not enough for real intervention, action, then I do not envision what will need to happen for things to really happen.

  73. @NIKI

    I think about you a lot, brother or sister it doesn't matter! We are souls, be well friend. Never stop, never stop, NEVER STOP!!

  74. Astrology for the soul, 9.9.2014, Kaypacha

  75. Dear Everyone Here,

    I would like to express that The Event we speak of and transformation into a New Age of Heaven On Earth, the Aquarian Age, the Age of Enlightenment, Great Harmony, Abundance, and so on, has MANY EXPRESSIONS. As many as there are people and life form in life. Many however do feel something profound is going on now to substantiate this transformation.

    I would like to bring to light in this present comment the perspective that everything is governed by the same Divine Intelligence (by whatever name we may choose to call it). Ultimately even our free will and actions are already included in the knowing of Divine Intelligence.

    Therefore, it may be positive to ask for worldwide meditation weekly at 3pm GMT each Sunday in order to increase coherence and a positive setting for The Event and New Age. That's great. Yet also consider that no one action or circumstance is necessary for Divine Intelligence to carry out the Divine Plan that is projected for the maximum good to all. That includes The Event and the New Age. That would be a foolish, limited perspective to think that we have to absolutely carry out a specific action to make it all possible. After all, who is responsible for the stream of thoughts that arise in us that result in our choices, our decisions? Who is responsible for ANY choice we make in any instant? Any action? Who is responsible for ALL EVENTS in this world? Divine Intelligence, Ever Present Awareness Itself, Alone, has that capacity as the completeness of all that we are.

    Thus, it's not possible for anyone to essentially make a "mistake" in the ultimate Divine Unfoldment. Just because that possibility is ALREADY TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION of That which is all knowledge and present in all--what can be called Divine Intelligence (and by many other names).

    I happened to be one who practiced TM for 15-20 years when the first major studies were done on group meditation and its positive effects to reduce violence and increase coherence and harmony. That was back in the 70s. If that were the only factor involved in world peace, then consider, wouldn't a large number of meditators easily reached a threshold to reach that goal? It is now some 40 years later. Therefore, it is not one act or view point or decision that brings about the Divine Plan, even coupled with "Free Will". It is Divine Intelligence working in its own complete way through ALL of creation, through ALL people (some 7 billion population on this earth), in all dimensions, to achieve a continual "evolution" and realization of greater awareness, happiness, love and peace in each individual. These are the qualities of the Almighty Divine Intelligence.

    Please consider that within us, in Cobra, in the Galactic Resistance--in ALL beings--
    the same Divine Intelligence is governing the outcome we witness in each moment.
    My advice, what I have learned, humbly, in gratitude, is to follow what your heart and
    innermost prompting tells you each moment, each day--to the best of your ability. That's the best anyone can do. And if you're inclined to pray and/or meditate or do kind acts for others, that's wonderful, and my experience reveals that as being helpful.

    In high school, my favorite English teacher had a sign above the board. It read:
    "Think For Yourself, Your Teacher May Not Have The Answer For You."

    With Love and Wishes For the Best NOW!

  76. Replies
    1. @BPA...everytime I scroll upon this comment I have to laugh....thank you...... :D hahaha......dont know if she is a reptilian :D :D

  77. How about contacting Youtube channels owners who are open minded and into meditation and things like that and invite them to do this meditation at this time, surely if the right people take actions it the threshold will be reach in no time, and look, for the people that are listening, invite them to ask their wife or husband or friends to join them (assuming they are into meditation and aswell open minded).

  78. Du fehlst mir, Süße.
    It is what it is. Weißt was?
    Komm, Wir machen das Beste draus!!
    Das Gehört doch alles nur zur Show.
    Hätt' ich fast vergessen irgendwo ;-)
    Erinner mich daran, Ich erinner' Dich daran!
    Das geht euch Gar Nichts An :-p
    Und niemand beißt die Hand die einen füttert


    The Future is NOW


  79. At any given moment in time 144000 people are always meditating on the earth. Even if you take one person from each city 144000 seems a very small figure. What exactly are we going to achieve by Sunday meditation I can't understand.

    1. I wonder the same thing at times. Maybe its more important and focused with a clear goal rather then just meditating to meditate without any specific purpose in mind. Would love some additional insight.

    2. So that's THE point! It is like a rope being pulled in many directions rather than one. Another point of concern, I think, is that still 99% people on our planet don't know what ascension is, that we are in a rapid growth phase of evolution. Maybe they are happy with their old ways of 3D life and don't want to see beyond horizon. This interesting article by Steve Becow says it all, along with a funny story he had to face it highlights the necessity to spread awareness:

  80. Dear Cobra:

    According to the news today, there will be a very intense solar storm slipping through the Planet Earth, can you please tell everyone how to harness such energy by meditation so that we can help crack the etheric matrix and fasten the process of mass awakening?

    Btw, I still want to know what has been greatly removed as you mentioned in this post.

    Victory of the Light!

  81. "During the call of the Rainbow Children. The Native Elders will be waiting for the children in the hills." -Hopi Prophecy

    I pray for you!!!

  82. Ancient Native Prophecy echo to you all.

    (caption 144) CRITICAL MASS!!! HAHA

  83. What are your thoughts having an extra website for the Planetary Meditation only?

    1. Excellent idea, if someone can create that!

    2. like the one we have on facebook... feel free to share this one also

    3. I was meditating on the same idea last night for a special web page for the Planetary Meditation. I have 2 websites so I have some server space that I can use and I create my own websites, so I'll volunteer for the project. I'll post the link to the page when it's done. I'm going to ask a friend if she'll draw a picture for the website as she's very talented. Of course, once it's created by suggestions, it can be edited.

    4. @sunshinepop7773 thank you :)
      Maybe we have to take this in consideration, what above was said by Michael Sabo and Cobra: "Maybe its more important and focused with a clear goal rather then just meditating to meditate without any specific purpose in mind. Would love some additional insight"......because if 144.000 people are switching on some meditation music -- as it is left open, which meditation we use -- it will not be enough. Maybe we have to be more direct and clear with the intent and instructions and put this also in the description ( I would be interested, how Cobra would express this exactly?). So the participants have a clear understanding WHY it is important to participate and what to visualize/create in the meditation. This would namely again be a specification, but as we where allowed to experience, we could not gather the other spiritual groups anyway until now, even we where open and tolerant. So a clear focus will attract those who are on the same ship with the same focus.

    5. This is an amazing idea. The more approachable we can make the site and it's message the more likely we can create a community to grow around it's cause. I too would be willing to contribute time and resources in whatever way I can to assist. I am looking forward to seeing and hearing what can come of this.

      Many facebook groups and other social media and pages could be centrally connected this way.

      A good question as to whether to focus on a specific theme or method? Wouldn't want to polarize our audience this way, many of the specific topics brought up here are too many steps away for many. Meditating for world peace, financial equality and abundance, abundance of health and freedoms and a renewed planet earth I think would be appealing to most every reasonable individual, I would think.

      So much Love.

    6. Eliana & Dee,

      I'll have a webpage ready by Monday and it will be created around simplicity to cover everyone and will welcome feedback & recommendations at that point....All my writings are written in a simplistic manner....that's who I am.

    7. I think cobras blog name needs to change. Unawakened people may be turned off by the year 2012 and the word portal.

    8. @Dee and sunshinepop7773,

      beautiful, thank you........ how about flooding the planet with whitegolden light and visualizing the flower of life around it and connect it to the central sun......we also can not carry the meditation behind the audience and please does not work obviously..... my personal impression is, a clear focus with clear and simple instrucions is better than letting everything open.......MY point of view.......anyway, the solution is seeking us already and will find us for sure......

  84. Stephen Hawking more or less validates what Cobra is telling us about the danger of stranglets. THANK YOU RM & LIGHT FORCES ON THE FRONT LINES DEALING WITH THIS! MUCH LOVE AND APPRECIATION FOR YOUR COURAGE AND VALOR! <3 :

    Stephen Hawking: Research On the ‘God Particle’ Could Cause Space-Time to Collapse
    Hawking's new book suggests that the Higgs particle could become unstable and cause a catastrophic vacuum.

    see also:

    ‘Smashing Physics’ a fascinating account of life at CERN and how the Higgs boson was found

    1. Phoenix, thank you for being you and for never giving up <3

  85. If the RM/Lightforces can stop the evil plans that exist at the LHC in Switzerland, I think that will be half the battle accomplished!!

  86. When we stand together, it's our finest hour.
    -Love Can Build a Bridge

  87. Are you guys going to do something about the weather control going on for California? Looks like the rain suppression and artificial high temps are continuing for various reasons. Please advise.

  88. Extraordinario video de un OVNI que produce zumbido / Extraordinary video of UFO that makes buzzing

    1. I've NEVER seen ANY video like THIS!

      UFO Sightings Military Helicopter Abducted By UFO in Mid Air? Watch Now!

      It was on one of Elizabeth Trutwin's websites.

    2. 'Giant magnetic explosion on sun' racing to Earth
      Scientists warn of 'extreme' solar flare on its way now


  90. Funny, interesting but a great eye opener:

    Do people really want planet to ascend?

  91. Hi Cobra, I have read most of the comments, and here is my suggestion of the global planetary meditation project for the light force, yes, for the light force not for you. Please forward it to RM or whatever organizations within the Light Force.

    No1. The situation now actually is called "Prisoners Dilemma" in Game Theory. In prisoners dilemma, everyone make their choices/decisions which is the most beneficial to themselves ONLY, but not the most beneficial to ALL prisoners. They make such choice because they "have to" do it , or else they may suffer the worse scenario(the longer prison term). The reason of prisoner dilemma is "information asymmetry". As @Mitchell Tr. James said, we have been messed up by daily lives but everyone here still strives to keep the faith and join meditation, I think this is the best that surface human can do. The Information Asymmetry among us is not the problem that an individual can deal with, nor You Cobra open a blog to call upon can deal with. In a word, prisoner dilemma exists in awaken communities, meditation groups ,everywhere.

    No2. We have done many many collective meditations until now and we succeeded to reach the critical mass once!! We managed to make peaceful agreement in Iran's nuclear issue come truth at that time. That means there are enough critical mass on the surface of the planet. Now here is the point , To the light force , Pleeeeeease use your high technology to confirm that 144000 people ONE BY ONE. In other word, confirm 144000 the most awaken people on the surface which is the first step. And then, contact them and ask whether they will join planetary meditation by "indirect and mysterious way".

    No.3 With the high tech that the light forces have, they can simply send SMS the people's cell phone with anonymous number or send Email to people with anonymous address. Or they can even use other methods which I can't image. If he/she is the most awaken one on the planet, he/she must have an open mind to understand what happen and his/her higher self will definitely guide them what to do. The message can
    be written like this: We are your galactic brothers and sisters, we need YOU all to join planetary meditation at the same moment at 3:00pm

    GMT every Sunday. Please go outdoor in the evening and look up ,send your thought to sky that if you will/will not join. That's it, the light force can confirm the people one by one till there are 144000 agree to join.

    No.4 Yes Cobra, I still remember you said if the archons know surface people is contacted by galactic federation, the contactee will be in danger. But it is the time, it is the time that WE ,as the liberators of this planet, as the light warriors/light workers on the surface , to shoulder our responsibilities, to undertake our obligations, to go our way even it is full of thorns and thistles. If not WE ,the 144000 take the risk, who take the risk ? If not now take the action, when take the action ?

    THIS is my message to the Light force, thanks for reading Cobra.

    1. So you want to have 144,000 people contacted by the Light forces and then massacred by the Cabal? It is still an occupied planet at the moment unfortunately.

    2. Thanks Cobra. I was a bit regret after sending the message since I realized my suggestions were so aggressive that it is impossible that the Cabal would just sit still with nothing to do with it. I apology for my thoughtless and emotional expression. But like many people out there, I am watching the children were bombed and shot in Palestine and Syria, the innocent people are suffering Ebola in Africa , the serious starvation in North Korea, our government keeps telling lies on TV and newspaper everyday.... at the same time I am sitting on a comfortable chair with PC and Internet , just simply do meditation every week and some typing jobs to spread the information. I doubt whether it is enough but I can't find more to do because I am also in my own "prisoners dilemma". At least, that let me share the pain with people in the war field and epidemic area in some way may make me feel I am not a bystander but more an involver. However, I will keep going, fortunately I manage to collect some people in my location and I remind them to meditate once a week, hope it will help the light force a tiny bit.

    3. As long as the planet is occupied and there is danger for the surface population no such risks which would result in mass casualties must occur.
      But I agree that it is very difficult to organise and unite. I contacted in my country the organisers of big oneness meditation for world peace. NO RESPONSE. I gave them all the links and material.
      So, it is also my opinion that the Event should happen asap, of course when exotic weapons and other real danger are neutralised. The light forces should not wait anymore for the population to unite and cooperate (as cobra mentioned in last interview).
      I think this is sad, that there is so few preparation and also willingness.
      But I don't know what to do anymore about it either.
      So my message for RM and light forces: go for it when it is safe enough. We will do whatever we can to assist. There will more turbulence, but that should not frighten us (experienced pilots). Again, we ( awakened surface population) can not make the decision as to when it must happen.

    4. How will they be massacred by the cabal if the light forces will be contacting people anyways when it is time for them to go on live tv?

  92. This is HUGE!...WOW...STUNNING! Here we go!

    An Ecstatic Dimensional Shift Is Underway
    A Message from Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, August 23, 2014

  93. Open Letter: Suggestions for Fall Strategies.

    Dear Cobra's Followers + Cobra,

    A lot of comments here come in three types:

    1) Cheerleading: "Yay Cobra! Liberation soon. Go team light!"
    2) Begging: "Pleeeease Cobra set off the Event soon."
    3) Angry Rants: "Cobra this is all your fault we're stuck."


    If things continue like this, expect to be waiting a LONG time
    for liberation. Maybe decades. No one is strategizing, talking
    3D tactics or making any concrete suggestions/plans.


    Sponsored By Agartha

    We are a group of writers who were contacted by the Agartha Network
    in 2009. Few people have had this contact. Ask Cobra if he has had contact with
    the groups that have met with us. They are mainly from deep Indonesia freedom networks. We've written a set of articles solving lots of major problems Earth faces.

    This is an official letter to Cobra from the Agartha surface networks asking for help
    breaking the information blockade around the book and film we're making. He was
    contacted before and has not replied to date.


    1) We've been actively predicting the downfall of the Cabal since 2009. Way
    before a lot of the 2012 alt media personalities showed up:

    We were attacked badly for our troubles, some us went insane, others might have
    been killed. We don't know, we've lost contact.


    2) We have concrete solutions for many major health problems, including heart disease, candida and cancer. Most alt media personalities have offered nothing concrete apart from vague promises of Star Trek technology.

    They've broken every timeframe promise they've ever given. Will you believe them the next time they tell you SOON. Do you want to be stuck in these meat suits forever?


    3) We have offered solutions for short term financial help, and a list of transformative businesses that anyone can start. Most of them under 100 dollars to start.

    We have many more ideas for financial liberation, including new decentralized finance programs in development.


    We have A LOT more to release. All of it dedicated to bringing a peaceful close to the old empire.

    Breaking The Deadlock

    The alt media has relentlessly ignored this writing. In the meantime, they've made hundreds of VICTORY SOON promises that they just can't keep. We're tired of watching this mess. So, from the East, from a Resistance hub, we're going to start twisting arms and turning up the heat. The alt media is failing in it's task. Keeping people in a state of imminent hope is a big tactical error.

  94. PART 2


    Winter is coming. Do you want to sit there waiting for another year? Do you want to sit there broke and tired, watching your loved ones get sick?

    All we're trying to do is get some photocopies of this materials into the hands of the students, entrepreneurs and alt media types who can help. BRICS countries are a priority.

    Physical Contact with Multiple Groups Since 2009

    We were told this writing was one of the only things that had a chance to break the deadlock. Here's the back story:

    Tanaath and Thomas Williams have been contacted. Over 100 emails have been exchanged. They've both shown interest. Tanaath has given some good advice, Thomas has posted them to the Facebook group, but so far as we know Drake doesn't want these materials on air. They know about the Agartha connection.

    Hopefully Cobra will see sense and cooperate.

    We Need:

    1) Translators for all languages. We've set up easy simultaneous pads so 10 people can work at the same time. These materials need to come out in multiple languages.
    China, India, Brazil and other nations easily have enough surplus cash to start funding these businesses.

    2) Printers/Photocopiers

    All anyone needs to do is make a few copies of materials like these, if they want.

    3) Filmmakers/Editors

    We want to turn this into a film... If you have film skills please get in touch.


    Sending these materials out to Cobra fanboys has been a waste of time. We've just been told: "The Cabal will shut this down." and that was it. If you think the Cabal has the resources to go round shutting down every photocopier and university noticeboard you are delusional.


    Meditation isn't enough. 3D effort is needed. It only costs 50 cents to make 10 photocopies.

    Think about it, and see what your glorious leader says.

    Peace on Earth


    1. @Frodonomics:

      1.: Thank you so much for the info, it seems to be interesting, but now I have to do some 3d stuff actually in real life, thats why I will have a closer look later on

      2.: I do not allow you to talk down to me and put me into a drawer.

      3.: I hope, what I will read lateron in your descriptions is realistic and realizable in this matrix with all the programmed population (?)

      Peace all over all universes

      From the Ashtarstarship who love family from Telos and Agartha

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. *Likes* I applaud your strategy and mindset Frod

    4. The content is just misleading info to have some filling material. Don't get stuck into that discussion. Let us better focus on our meditations and visualize the 144.000 are already taking part!!!

    5. Most of us here are with Ashtar...looks like your using this as a badge of some sort? I do not allow you to talk down to me and put me into a drawer. ??? who?

      Frodonomics...We are... I am also with Anonymous...come to my page...the links to all of Anonymous pages are there...come and join us... Between us all Plans A B AND C are in the works... We have no plans on losing no matter if we could all join together..Come and join us November 5th

    6. @Frodonomics:
      We on The Avalon Translation Project (started by Bill Ryan while still Project Camelot) have the infrastructure in place now to translate the information into all languages. We need details for proceeding.

    7. @Frodonomics:
      Have you contacted The Avalon Translation Team already?

  95. Cobra, you said that the evolution of consciousness of humanity can NOT trigger the event and it will be brought out by the intervention of light forces only. If this is the fact, I am surprised why you want many of us to do meditation. Also, is the quantity of meditation (144000) is more important or the quality of meditation?

  96. Money & Spirituality | Love Blog - Emmanuel Dagher

  97. RaJah, please just stay calm and hold on.

    We had to rescue the Rescuer. But we have you both. Just hold on please.

    Sie sind geehrt und geliebt über alle Maßen lieben. Wir haben Sie.

    1. Cool as a Cucumber.

      Please do not alter any of your plans because of Us, that will be hard to follow through.

      "Dini" and "DK" are part of a Meta-Plan being carried out on just SO many Levels beyond the boundaries of this Universe. Please do not let Our little Love Story distract you from the Task At Hand for you to fulfill.

      This is still, and always will be, a completely holographical illusion of a projected reality. I know who I really am (not a man) and I know who my Girl is in reality. It's all good :-)
      "Dini" and "DK" are just characters in the storyline, Our Happy-End has been promised by The Source from the very Start.
      So don't let Us distract You, my dear, and please just go on with what is really important - and that is everyone but me. I'll be fine, thanks, love.

      Just send Her Lots Of Love and Light, that's all I would ever ask for - and actually, that IS all I ever asked for ;-)))

      Love You for everthing you are doing, 3DHD & Co.
      Please take my tongue-in-cheek writing style for what it is. It really is all Code.

      Thanks for your understanding

      Die Katze

  98. Life-Choking Limitation ~ a message from Owen Waters

    ".... I am about to give you a way to release any vow of poverty that may be residing in your subconscious mind. Once you have released such a barrier to your own natural abundance, here is how you can create a new life of freedom from financial limitation.

    Thoughts are creative. When you focus an intention, the nature of the universe is to mold itself into that intention. The universe is abundant. If you think you have lack, the universe will create the perception of lack; then your life will be abundantly filled with lack.

    The Missing Part of “The Secret”

    Of course, prosperity doesn’t just materialize because you wish it to be so. Intention alone won’t do the trick. The Law of Creation has three parts: Intention, Feeling, and an essential third component – Action. What action is needed?..."

  99. Hi Cobra, I'm surprised that you asked Drunvalo to mediate. He is very dark. He even killed a man after many psychic attacks thru many years...

    1. Drunvalo for sure is of the light and his enemys who are spreading disinfo about him are proof. We always have to be very awake HOW people are "debunked". Sometimes it is true, that they are fraud and sometimes it is an attack :). The question is WHO exposes WHO.

      I have to admit I did not contact him. I will.

  100. We are forgetting to address a major issue with meditating,, Everyone must stop using Fluoride calcifies one of the most important parts for it..(The cabal made sure it was in your water also.... Also many of the 144,000 have been under attack since 2006 and longer...Those who seeked out natural remedies should be fine..those that went to doctors...are medicated :( and not all will recognize/hear the callings....Many were attacked via EMF...which the best way to stop that is the EMF pyriamid cones(around house at least 4, they sell in sets under $40), quantum pendent $20 (hung next to computer) too strong to wear.. I always wear a tachyon recipe and it worked!....also chakras need to be balanced..(this one works fast) for some....

    I AM with The Children of the Sun also.... "ALWAYS'' focus on "WHAT YOU DO "WANT"...DO NOT focus on what you..we. DON'T WANT...because you will get more of is important to ONLY focus what you...we.. "WANT"...Think of everyone happy, healthy, safe, loved, in joy..the world is amazing... love, happiness,peace and joy fill the earth, the galaxy, the stars. the air... On earth as it is in Heaven....

  101. Cobra, did the GFL find that the number of people meditating isn't significant because the Light of each human was far less than expected?

    Meaning, did the GFL expect humans to be more powerful in their meditations than we have shown we are?

    I find it interesting, this number of 144,000 is spoken of in Revelations.