Monday, September 1, 2014


Pandora in progress, STRANGE EGG sigma complete, BlueShield 3 in final completion, STRANGE EGG tau in progress, BlueShield 4 in progress. PB breach continues, HVBN unstable to stable, GBN  modulation in progress, major systems / Isidic security breach in deflection. M=2.


  1. Thank you for this report.
    Keep up the good work!
    Victory to the Light!

  2. Sounds like progress. I continue to hold the Light and stay in the present moment.
    I am in joy always, let's have an Event soon please!

  3. Just a reminder of what we have been battling...Most have spent many years and money to go to learn nothing but lies...they did not tell the truth about anything,,,,
    Churchill had asked for "suggestions how to blaze 600.000 refugees". He wasn't interested how to target military installations 60 miles outside of Dresden. More than 700.000 phosphorus bombs were dropped on 1.2 million people. One bomb for every 2 people. The temperature in the centre of the city reached 1600 o centigrade. More than 260.000 bodies and residues of bodies were counted. But those who perished in the centre of the city can't be traced. Approximately 500.000 children, women, the elderly, wounded soldiers and the animals of the zoo were slaughtered in one night. One eyewitness who survived told of seeing "young women carrying babies running up and down the streets, their dresses and hair on fire, screaming until they fell down, or the collapsing buildings fell on top of them."

    1. What does this horror story have to do with Cobra's report Tracey?? ..."hair on fire" ...really?!


  4. Christmas Letter - 2007 - Rejecting the War Agenda & Standing Up for Peace - See more at: That peace, which was initiated not by presidents or prime ministers,
    but by the soldiers themselves, serves to this day as a reminder
    that war is seldom so necessary - nor so unstoppable -
    as politicians would have us believe.

    - John Nichols on the
    Christmas Truce of 1914

    Rejecting the War Agenda & Standing Up for Peace

    - See more at:


  6. Everyone must stand up against illuminati...

  7. Amazing progress. Ready for September 2014!!!!

  8. I need to listen to this later tonight...

    September 1, 2014 by Light Worker 29501
    Rob Potter Interviews Cobra (August 26, 2014)
    "This is a great interview! Cobra answers questions about karma, laws of manifestation, astral/etheric planes, GCR/RV, The Event, and much, much more!"

    The recording and transcript are available at

    1. This is by FAR the BEST Cobra interview ever!
      -and its on Soundcloud, so the audio is far superior to past interviews.
      (Thank you DaNell Glade!)

    2. I did not like the interview. Once again lack of intel and substance from Cobra himself. Rob, I appreciate what you're doing, but could we please consider keeping your perspective and beliefs out of the interviews and maybe instead provoke further information from the answers Cobra provides.

    3. Missy: Yep you got it!!!
      ....but it is true, Cobra really talked a lot more in the moment he was allowed and his voice has changed, this is at least what I percieve <3

    4. I disagree. Lack of intel and substance? If so, maybe there is a reason for is on a need-to-know basis, until it isn't. The interview, like many interviews, is a discussion, where Rob relays many questions from many people, which could be perceived as coming solely from him. So it's not just an interview. I feel that they covered many topics, answered many questions, and although Rob felt free to interject his opinions, he didn't ramble or self-aggrandize. Besides, Rob and Cobra are friends, if Cobra doesn't like Rob's interview style, he can decline the opportunity. If people don't like it, they are free to not listen.

      I feel that Rob draws Cobra out, as some of Cobra's initial responses are brief, but most of us need more clarification of what he is saying. When Rob bounces back his interpretation of the answer to a question, Cobra either says "Yes, exactly" or, if it is not fully in line with what Cobra is trying to express, he offers a short, more specific correction, or goes into greater, more conceptual detail. They are a good team.

      I think they covered a lot of different topics, covered a lot of much so that I have to listen again to soak it all in.

      I don't recall people being so critical of Alexandra. Although I also enjoyed her interview style, it always felt like she pressured herself and Cobra to get as much info in as possible, sometimes skipping over critical details, and not drawing Cobra out. Plus the audio sucked, as her voice was always 10 times louder than his, so I had to rewind it a lot to hear Cobra as my ears adjusted to her "shout". I like Soundcloud as a forum for these interviews, as the sound quality is good and people can comment within the player, as they do with music.

    5. Re: the lack of intel (which illustrates my point in my prior response):

      Rob – "Here’s a question and we can make it our last one. How much progress has there been in disabling strangelot bombs and their associate etheric scalar weapons and the Chimera group."

      COBRA – "I would just say there has been progress. I will make a report about this maybe in a week or two. You see, much intel about this has to be classified because it’s a very sensitive operation. This whole thing is much more dangerous than nuclear bombs. Of course, not much can be said about the actual operations them self. This is the reason why there isn’t much intel in the last few months as these operations are under progress."

    6. @Phoenix: If we ALL would really DO what Cobra suggests us to, we ALL could gather our shared information we have got from the higher dimensions and we would be surprised, how similar it would be. I am pleased with any intel, I just agreed, that he could not talk to end, even he wanted to. There was again very helpful information, it is true. And therefore I thank Rob and Rique for having made this possible and I thank Cobra as well. And especially my love to Smaly and his twinflame for the videos.

      I want to add, that I please everyone to do ALL positive actions alligned with Source YOU are able to do, to reach critical mass of 144.000! Please help to excite people for it!

      I am NOT telling this because I think I am more important or better. I want to stay away from the internet sometimes but I can not stop doing this work, so it must be my lifeplan. If anyone feels put aside by me I would feel very sorry; that is not what I want, I want that we all finally gather in love and excitement soon. See you.


      I LOVE YOU

  9. Sounds like progress....Peace, Love, Gratitude...DREAM BIG! Co-creating a new World is no small fete! "Many hands make Light work." :D

    Thanks to Cobra, RM and all LW <3

  10. Stationaries han dado a conocer, como entrante Luz Dorada infunde el planeta.

    Vías sedentarios ya no atravesado, y ya no son viables.

    GAIAPORTAL.WORDPRESS.COM...01-09..Flashpoints pronto revelan a las masas hu-manidad, como porras se queman.

    Coordinaciones se producen en los niveles más altos de la energética Gaia para apoyar la Luz entrante.

  11. I read this Sananda's message about all of us receiving prosperity funds soon and marching towards building nova earth . Can we tell with confidence that this money will be used for 'good' purposes once it comes to our bank account? Ours is a race of free will, each of us having dreams of luxurious life, old 3D vibrations still taking us for a ride every now and then, so many mundane attractions and competitions in the outer physical world......and in such atmosphere they are talking of giving funds to all! It is like appointing a monkey as a watchman over a fruit garden! We are all not lightworkers who can guarantee that this money will be used for upbringing poor and needy and for the prosperity of our planet. There is greed prevalent even among some of the lightworkers also. I would love to read your comments on this topic.

    This is the message I am talking about:

    1. The purpose of the prosperity funds is to show all of humanity what it's like to live in abundance, free of lack and the fear that comes with it. It will kickstart civilization into evolving beyond the need for money.

      In the short term I expect the funds for humanitarian programs to help the poor, create more nutritious food, clean up pollution, etc, will be given to groups that can be responsible with it.Corrupting individuals within these organizations will be made more difficult by the fact that bribing them with money will be meaningless, they'll already have plenty!

    2. Would you rather we just let these murdering genecidal bastards keep all the money they've stollen from us "monkeys" who are living in poverty?
      That unbelievably insulting.

  12. stupid arshon toy deflected ,,,event waiting ...INTEL SOON PLEASE

  13. only save the innocents... and we can make our lives shine now before and after the event

    1. Yo espero que sea muy pronto,antes que meran mas niños!.

  14. Cobra,
    When will you begin the blog? Soon I hope.

  15. Infidel island protocols activated. Infinity chaos equation inserted into archaeon network.
    All’s quiet on the multi-dimensional western front.

    1. Hoping we are close to settling the Drama here, Andrew!
      Glad to hear there's nothing crazy happening in your neck of the woods!

  16. Sounds good!
    How "good" were our meditation efforts on sunday?

    I'm not sure this portion of the latest interview resonates with me:
    Rob – Very good. Here is a great question. I love this one. Wy do so many people think they’ve been Cleopatra or Osiris in their past life. Do we just connect to memory which is saved in our collective consciousness. Are they delusional. Are we all part of some giant soul family. What is that.

    COBRA – It is simply a wish for human beings to be somebody great. It’s wishful thinking on the astral plane.

    Are you familiar with the work of Dolores Cannon, Cobra? According to her research, it is possible for people or even multiple people to (uncounciously) think they have been a certain person. This is because if they didn't have a earth life before they will be "imprinted" with a suitable physical life which wasn't their own ( in on order to be able to relate/properly function in this incarnation)
    On my part, I highly recommend her books the convoluted universe" series. Have yet to read part 4 and her other books.

    1. ...this was actually my question and Rob in general asks many of my questions, at least up to this point......but here he did not recite the whole question. The whole question would have been: "Why do so many think they have been for example Cleopatra or Osiris; is this a collective remembrance or a soulsplitting?"

      I think it may be possible on the question put like this we could have a better answer......

      Dolores Cannon could be also get information during the sessions which are not 100 percent of the divine light because her clients could travel to astral world where they had been once....who knows......which beings are giving those answers and are they always of a higher dimension than this and of more divine truth and light?, enough channeling for today, love..... :D I dont like the word channnnellllllling ding ding..... hahaha

  17. Thank you Gaia :-)

    Stationaries have released, as incoming Golden Light infuses the planet.
    Sedentary pathways are no longer traversed, and no longer viable.
    Flashpoints soon reveal to the hu-manity masses, as night sticks are burned.
    Coordinations occur at the Highest Levels of Gaia energetics to support the incoming Light.


    Moving is Moving Energie :-)


  18. I think the biggest problem now (as cobra states again and again in the interviews), is the removal of the Strangelets. I assume that's what strange egg refers to?

  19. Ozonemedia
    Great Post ! Thanks for Providing these Type Updates and info. "Cobra"

  20. Why is the URL a hungarian one?___

  21. Wisdom and clarity from Lee Harris that can help many in these threads:

    (Lee's live Video message of the September Energy Forecast.)


    "...So understandably, with everything that’s going on in the world, you can look at the picture of the world and be alarmed by several things. But especially for the sensitive among you, there is a fine line between dis-empowerment and empowerment in your journey as a human. And for our very survival, both individually and collectively, our ability to balance ourselves and return to inner-empowerment becomes crucial at times of stress.

    Those of you who perhaps are angry, upset or feeling let down by 'the system' of the world - recognize these are emotions that you’re going to have to move through before you will be truly effective to bringing change.

    We've always known that this period in history was going to be tumultuous in many different ways. But if we start acting tumultuously as well, all we do is aggravate what we’re seeing outside us that we’re not liking, and start to lose our own ability to create change in that area.

    One of the things that I have struggled with seeing in working in the self-development and spiritual fields, is observing the tendency that we in that area can have to go into either 'victim-hood' or 'follower'. I’ll explain:

    Many people who are actively pursuing self-development; spirituality will have a tendency to want to be told what’s going to happen in the future, so that they can calm down in the now. Or to be told what they should do by an outside source so that they can calm down in the now.

    But the problem with all of that is it’s still operating in the old paradigm. It’s still operating in leader/follower mode. It’s still operating by waiting for that feeling from an outside authority over you.

    So, if you recognize yourself in what I am saying, you don’t have to be hard on yourself about it. But just catch that the reason you are doing this is because a part of you is still spinning out and needing to find ways to develop this 'self-calming' aspect of yourself...."

    More at the full transcript:
    September 2014 Energy Forecast - Turn left at Distress and head toward the Light-Body | Lee Harris Energy
    Monday, 1 September 2014

  22. The crowds are cheering for the RM Team! You guys are on a roll!