Saturday, September 6, 2014

PB security breach at 504


  1. Here we go again........Everything seems to be going well and smooth and then Wham.......Another delay!

  2. go for the Event, out the Chimera

  3. Security breach? ? .
    Please we need more insight on PB at 504

  4. I believe this was an honest mis calculation. Nothing felt on this side of the fire that is of the negative. So you may never know who's security has been breached.

    Do you not understand yet humans? It is your belief but you assume the worst sometimes, but not always. Did you just take a breath? Did the sun set and rise? All is well, has been well.

    1. All is well if we keep the backup going. More and more of us are needed to specifically overwhelm the etheric planes, and push out the Archonic presence.

      Security breaches dont matter. Like Joko said, we dont know whos security is breached. This might have been posted to alert additional RM to go to a specific place to confirm an overwhelming victory.

      It might not have been. Unless you are a direct part of the RM, its your job to keep the light. Hold the vibration. Get more and more to help you do it.

      Change the story. Stop living for the negative. Let unknown new be a good story instead of a bad one. This is the secret to our own realities. Change the story, change the outcome.

      We, clearing the etheric realms, are just as important, if nor moreso than the RM clearing the 3D aspect. Both need to be done. So get it done.


  5. What is this?? What is that? Don't be childish and don't try to put your noses in other people task. Our task as the surface people is to meditate and spread the Light. My words look hard but is the only way to wake our sense of diligence and patience. love to you all. :-)

  6. We are in the best of hands with the RM and the GFL. Have faith and hold the light. Sunday meditations are coming up! Another chance to help the dark feel that compression! Remind everyone!

    Feeling frustrated? Take it out constructively, benefit physically, mentally and spiritually over time. Like a weekly Sunday chill out which also happen to be a punch to the gut for the dark, and bias positive results to come.

    This is how and why we win.

    Love and Light.

  7. We are all anxious these days! It is understandable when humans want to question everything and read into it what they want. I believe that these little notes are messages for the RM so it should not concern us. Meditation is key and positive light must shine on our defenders and for all of us to work at waking up more sheeple and have them join our meditations.Thanks Cobra and RM! Victory to the Light. Be blessed

  8. I so badly want things to change. Come on people, let's get the figure to 144,000 and beyond. I want to do more than just meditate... But what else can we do? :(

  9. I would like to share a reading I had yesterday.
    " The fighting is over mission mission... demonstrate to the world how to live in JOY LOVE TRUTH!
    Now do you think that's easy??.. I will try I hope you join me.
    Blessings to all and gratitude