Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A New Planetary Situation Update

Clearing of the Chimera group continues, the Chimera have been removed from the European location.

Long Island remains to be their main stronghold, as they need a particle accelerator (RHIC) nearby to maintain their exotic quark weapons machinery.  

Playing with strange and top quarks could be extremely dangerous, and this news is leaking into the mainstream media:
The Light forces will never allow something like that to happen.
The Chimera group has tied the scalar plasma detectors to the strangelet bombs and to the top quark condensate which would go off if significant UFO activity would be detected anywhere near the surface of the planet. 
A strangelet bomb explosion is explained in the following photo:

The growth of the strangelet could theoretically continue until the whole planet would be absorbed into it, but practically the Light forces can stop the reaction long before that.
The scalar UFO detection grid covers the whole surface of the planet and is being powered from Long Island:
This is the real reason why the positive extraterrestrials do not intervene directly and they will not do so until that danger is completely removed.
The Chimera also controls the MoonDust project, which assembled a special operations team which removes all extraterrestrial evidence from anywhere across the planet:

They also remove all genuine UFO photos from public domain and circulate many fake ones through CIA channels into the alternative media.
Thus quarantine Earth is maintained until the Chimera will be wiped out from the planet.
Until then, we will have to be content with fragments of disclosure:
Also, the Positive Military can not make a move until those dangers are removed. People are too much focused on the Cabal and tend to forget that the real obstacle is within the military-industrial complex, within the breakaway civilization and finally within the Chimera and I would suggest that those factions are exposed more in the alternative media. That would increase awareness and ease the process towards the Event. David Wilcock did a partially accurate summary of the breakaway civilization, written for the mainstream population:
As we are approaching the final breakthrough, the Galactic Central Sun is becoming more active:
Meanwhile, the Jesuits are continuing with their plan for one world religion:
They are also concentrating their attack on the Romanov White Nobility family. According to Fulford, the main spokesman for the Gnostic Illuminati who claims to be descendant of the Romanovs, was taken into a mental hospital last week. Then on Monday, the oldest member of the Romanov dynasty has died in Tuscany:
Jesuit agents are trying to turn the plans of the BRICS alliance to remove the petrodollar supremacy of the military-industrial complex into plans to use global currency reset for the Jesuit plan of world domination. You need to know that Jesuits were infiltrating China since the 16th century and they have a vast network there. Regardless, the top people within the Dragons and the Eastern Alliance are fully aware of the Jesuit manipulations and will NOT allow their positive plans to be misused. 
So there is progress being made regarding the fall of the petrodollar as the only reserve currency:
There are tectonic geopolitical shifts happening in Europe as a response to the increased Galactic Central Sun activity.
Catalunya is trying to break free from Jesuit/SMOM controlled Spanish monarchy with close to 2 million people protesting in Barcelona:
At the same time, Scotland is preparing to break free from Rothschild control on Thursday:
Victory of the Light is near!


  1. Cobra, can you comment on Isus and what is going on in the Middle East...also what is going on with the Ebola scare?

    Victory for All...One Heart, One Mind, One Spirit...this is who we are at the core!!!!

    1. One would assume you meant ISIS.
      Google has 97,000 hits for "Israeli Secret Intelligence Service."

    2. https://public.isishq.com/public/clients/default.aspx . . . ISIS is an American Defense contractor. We are not so stupid as to believe the purpose of his threats is threefold: 1) profiteering for war industries and 2) installation of martial law and 3) population reduction as per Globalism.

    3. Fragmenting into smaller and smaller "nations" is >exactly< what plays into the Jesuit agenda for asserting world-wide domination by UN-EU hegemony.

      I pray the people on the street who are subject to artibrary surveillance, profiteering privatized utilities, steep inflation, uncontrolled immigration and invasions by uncivil minorities will think TWICE about breaking into smaller and smaller units ... easier for the NWO to control. Yikes.

    4. UPDATE: I selected the top of the page of the most recent story to do it. :)
      Steve Beckow, of Golden Age of Gaia, a highly read blog, has heard Cobra's call, putting out a Sunday Global Meditation response. Just so you know. Pass the word. http://goldenageofgaia.com/2014/09/20/a-sunday-planetary-weekly-meditation-for-global-peace/

    5. @Lenore It also has appeared on Waking Times!, http://www.wakingtimes.com/2014/09/21/peace-synchronized-global-meditation/

  2. Near, it is. Far, it is not.

    Much love of the One Love. Breakthroughs, the soul shows through your clothes,

  3. WOOHOO YES Thanks COBRA RM Everyone Thank you <3 VICTORY OF THE LIGHT

  4. Cobra, I'd like to know when will the Light forces focus some light towards South America. It's chaos here, the situation of various countries like Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia Venezuela etc are quickly deteriorating, it seems that the cabal are gaining more and more power and nothing is being done about it

    Here in Brazil, we had a Executive order giving the govt full control over the internet, we had 1 presidential candidate being murdered, any person that stands up about what is going on in the country gets death threats, with many of them being fulfilled.

    It's near election time here and all the candidates seems to be just as corrupt as the other. People are starving and being robbed daily (in Brazil for example, taxes are so huge that the average worker has to work 5 months in a year just to pay taxes).

    Right now there's a massive media blackout going on, they're removing any video or comment on all social networks, websites, and even magazines and newspapers that dare say anything bad about the govt, laughing at the media when they cry out about freedom of speech.
    Most of the masses are completely oblivious to it, but the ones that see it are hopeless, as it really seems that the country and south america as a whole is going towards a very bad road.

    I constantly see news about how the light forces are helping movements like what happened in egypt, but nothing good is happening down here. By the way, how can the BRICS alliance be so good when such rotten things can be happening inside the countries that are part of it but nobody seems to care?

    1. At least on the last G-77+China, they talked a lot about this global issues, but the slogan for this summit was "Hacia un Nuevo Orden Mundial para vivir bien" or "Towards a New World Order for living well" it really scared me.. altought the proposals and goals seemed to be completely different to the other New world order., and it was widely covered by local media in Bolivia since it was hosted here. Also the goverment talks about "Antiimperialism" Criminal elites, and how the World Bank the IMF and other Organizations have to be condemmed for their crimes against humanity, So at least there seems to be awarennes in this country.
      Victoria de la luz!

    2. Eu também me pergunto isso, Neekian, mas acho que a frouxidão moral é necessária em épocas de transição, pois sem as amarras morais e legais as pessoas se soltam e se comportam como elas realmente são, conforme suas freqüências de alma, por assim dizer, de modo que a vida e os seres superiores selecionam naturalmente os mais aptos e moralmente evoluídos, para habitar a Terra como futuro planeta de regeneração. É a separação do joio do trigo!

    3. I care brother- and from Brazil to Botswana humanity will soon be cancer free. I stand with you in the face of evil and we are all powerful. They now fear us.

    4. O Brasil é um país tão importante quanto outro e tem uma função excelente em todo este quadro, não acho legal se apegar demais aos problemas do pais pois isto não ajuda em algo . Todo pais tem seus problemas, os do Brasil não são pequenos, mas o que está acontecendo de transformações positivas no Brasil ,a isto prefiro eu observar. O povo do Brasil está receptivo ás mudanças? o povo do Brasil está preocupado em criar soluções ? tudo vem em relatividade a isto. O marco civil da internet é uma forma de controle e domo da liberdade.. do criminoso é lógico, O marco civil veio para auxiliar o direito comum ,é lógico ele veio desfavorecer a alguns e estes são os criminosos ao meu modo de ver.

      Eu procuro auxiliar o Brasil observando e vivendo as transformações, para a luz é lógico.

    5. @Neekian

      According to Cobra, Brazil is a Jesuit stronghold.

    6. @Neekian- it is concerning the BRICS alliance is gaining so much momentum if there are still strongholds by Jesuits, and cobra also mentioned several times before there were inconsistencies with some groups like the dragon groups that still needed light forces assistance. I remember hearing from Kevin Annett about how the pope used to work in Brazil and there used to be all those problems with child trafficking. Many Brazilians have asked about a portal conference there. I hope the Light Forces can get to Brazil and clear it out before the BRICS get any stronger. I had high hopes for the BRICS, I hope the Light Forces clear all those countries soon too.

    7. @time missionary

      That's my whole concern..Brazil is a cabal stronghold but there's little to no action happening here. This country is just 1 of the cables in the cabal's life support machine, leeching cash and energy from the people and putting it right into the cabal's hands.

      @all others

      Thanks for the support. I just wish that the Light forces could shine some love over here, as I believe that the people here already fully know how bad the system is, we just need a spark to set the whole system on fire so that a new, cabal-free system can be build.

      Also, if something like that happens to Brazil, that would be enough motivation for the countries around us to do the same, so we would have a free south america. But absolutely nothing good is happening, so I wonder why.

  5. Plants in space

  6. Thiis is great news! I will repost on my blog Angel4light.WordPress.com. Many thanks to RM and Cobra and our Star families. Victory to the Light. Be blessed

  7. Scotland is not going to break free from the Rothchilds, simply because they will stil be part of the EU,.so ther won't be any difference unfortunately.

    1. No difference needed, if all your looking for is a step in the right direction. Nobody should be ruled over. No one, no country. Especially for monetary reasons, whether it be a benefit for the monarchy or a disadvantage for the newly free country according to the monarchy.

      Humans, animal, plants, the air, and the fluids within this earth are sovereign. Just as the blood that flows within you.

      Stand up, and stop sitting down and waiting for someone to save you. Look a wrong doer in the face and tell them to wake up.

      Raise children right. Stop allowing the liars to lead us.

      The ashes must be made before the phoenix rises. The phoenix is your freedom. The ashes is the veil in front of you.

      Actively seek out change, actively waiting for it, is just the way "they" want us to think. Like a child finding the easiest and sneakiest way to be lazy and force all around them to do all of the work for them by their non action. They must be fed, washed, clothed, sheltered and loved.....now think of yourself as the cosmic children.

      The luminaries, constantly are feeding you, washing you, clothing you, sheltering you and loving you. With all you need on a vibrational and cosmic level. Some of us humans are just to stubborn, or half awake to realize this.

      Slap yourself in the face, drink some cosmic coffee or tea, and bring this new dawn to our fellow brothers and sisters...ALL of the inhabitants of the Earth.

      No more complaints. If you point a finger, point at yourself. If you complain, complain to yourself.

      In the most loving regards.

      Warrior mentality is my responsibility.

    2. Step by step. It must be making a difference, because London is threatening, begging, wheedling and whining for them to stay. Independence is a slow process. Salmond's a highly intelligent and adept politician.

    3. It looks like the people of Scotland are being lulled into a false sense of security by voting for independence. We, the English can't get a referendum to leave the EU. Our government know how much the people want to quit the EU so now by dividing the country up (compartmentalizing like the cabal do with everything) this will make it harder for us to leave the EU.

      Also, the Scottish government are playing their cards close to their chest by not announcing what currency the Scottish people will be using. My guess is the Scottish will be offered the Euro. Of course this has all been planned out but the Scots don't see it coming.

    4. Joko, Awesome Post, Thanks for holding such powerful energy. I'm with you!

    5. We are here. We are one. We are all related.

      One Race. One Path. One Love.

      One Result.

      It only takes One Second to make change. Time passed is procrastination.

      Dawning adventure sparkles...get some rest!! The magnet is pulling us, we are coming together, infinitely.

      Gmartin, HeartPortal...We have arrived!!

      I am with you, We are with them! Too powerful now, we are.

      We are over the hill.

    6. Effin' EPIC JOKO!
      19911 is hot ;)

    7. @Joko : sorry, but I've found that the *majority* of people in this blog/comments are not really using critical-thinking.

      here I'll quote your last sentence:

      "If you point a finger, point at yourself. If you complain, complain to yourself."

      this is honestly just a pure total nonsense (& ignorant fake-optimism as well) !
      again & again, so you're saying that those children now suffering in the war-stricken zones like Gaza etc etc , that they all suffer and have to "point finger at THEMselves" ?? ... sorry, how much more IGNORANT you (& many of you here) can really become (degraded) ?? ...

      your ignorant, lack of critical-thinking, & "fake-optimism" type of posts like these is what seriously really truly DISAPPOINT me (& I'm sure SOME more honest & critical people here) ! ...

      Some people here seems to mistake objectivity for negativity, and wishful-thinking for positivity.

      sad but true...

    8. Niki, To me the difference in your thinking and Joko's is that your critical-thinking doesn't take into account the creative power of the human. Many of the worlds problems are perpetuated because people believe what they see "out there" is primary reality. When the inner world is primary. holding a higher space does indeed change the outer world more so than so much effort based on what I sometimes call Newtonian reality.

      That is why Cobra asks us to do meditation and not take up arms against the enemy. This whole situation is a vibrational one....All of it. Your disappointment is not an effective tool for positive change.
      I vote for holding powerful space!

    9. Find the guide inside.

      ONE LOVE, and go get a free hug.

    10. Niki,
      Real quick. When I post here on this blog. I am talking to the humans who have a computer. who obviously have the time of non suffering to check this website, and I also post to those humans who seem to be overcome with all that is going on in the world. I do what I can do around me here in Colorado, I see children suffer everywhere, and I never tell a child to blame themselves.

      No, I look at the adults walking around and tell them to wake the fuck up and help a neighbor, ask them to put down their comforts and help out.

      So ignorant.....optimism......Brother/sister Niki....we need to converge with idea, not just bitch at everyone for not doing what YOU think should be done.

      Lay out your manifesto on what to do...We here all know the atrocities going on in this world. This is a place for a constructive solution, and sad but true Niki, we all have to be able to know ourselves and know what we are supposed to be doing. Looking outside for a solution can sometimes be deadly, in my experience.

      You hold yourself in high regard, and I will not attempt to knock you off that. So brother or sister Niki....what do you suppose we do? Where do you suppose we do it and how?

      IF you cannot answer that, just continue doing your best as I am sure everyone here is trying their best....we will always have that one soul telling us how to do it BETTER, FASTER, STRONGER.

      But I love the fire you ignite. Stay up Niki.

  8. Wonderful news COBRA. What if anything is being done to neutralize the bombs being drilled and placed off the coast of Japan that Fulford issued a special about today?

  9. wish the galactic brother soon deactivate this bomb and soon we will be dancing in the streets .enjoying real freedom .and really sick and tired of this rat race life paying for everything and extra ,it has being said that money is their GOD .love to RM and COBRA for your great mission ,looking forward to have a free planet soon .Victory soon EVENT soon love to all

  10. Replies
    1. Eliana,

      No, not Yelena but Sunshinepop7773 .... Glad you like the Global Meditation page at: http://www.thegoldebriars.com/Global%20Meditation/index.htm
      I put my email address at the bottom of the page....Anyone that can provide a translation for their country, they can email me the translation & I'll link it to the main page. I'll also email Cobra to see if I can have a link to my Meditation page on 2012portalblogspot.com site. Thanks for your ideas & help!

      Sending lots of light to RM, Galactics & Cobra! The fight is at a climatic point now but the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter & closer....I saw a beautiful rainbow today and it felt magical and full of hope.

    2. @sunshinepop773: we posted it already in facebook....sooo sorry that we have let you wait soo long.... I did not see the wood between the trees.......and I had not expected that it goes so fast....so again...we only see what we expect to be able to exist......love to you.........thanks so much in the name of all........ <3

  11. Hurry up or take your time, whatever dude- I think everyone should just relax and enjoy the ride a bit longer. It is almost over anyways.

    I dont know what is going on but I do know we cant be feeling crappy and expect the world to change- I am sure you would agree....


    1. On one hand yes, relax into the NOW & BE Present in your own life. But as Joko stated, Master your own Divinity & stop 'drinking the koolaid' of passive slavery. Get off the couch/3D party bus, stop listening to the rabble, Respect Yourself & those around you. You have a job to do that only You Can Do. Find Your Part, Your personal Vibration of Love. Then flow it out to all around you, Now. We are One & we need Your Full participation. <3

  12. Thank you Cobra for the peculiarity of your information and your work. Victory of light. Victoire de la lumières. Ces infos seront relayés sur les médias alternatifs français !

  13. Many thanks, love and deep gratitude RM, Galactics and Cobra for all the hard work, dedication and determination you all show in bringing our liberation closer. This mammoth task you have all undertaken isn't for the faint hearted and thank God we have you all to help free our planet.

    We must be getting closer to victory since there has been 2 planetary updates in the space of 2 weeks! Thank you Cobra for this update.

  14. so whats left cobra? are the light forces now waiting for the people to raise or something?
    or will it be as you said "they wil go for it when its ready" ?

    doesnt seem like there is anything else left to be cleaned, atleast from what you said/wrote.

  15. This is wonderful news!! I am very excited! Thanks to Cobra, RM and all the positive ETs working to make this possible. Victory of the Light!

  16. So, is the Long Island stronghold the only one remaining?

  17. Cobra, irgendwann trittst Du vor den Vorhang und nennst den Autor und den Regisseur dieses Bühnenstücks!

  18. blah blah blah! All this could have been sorted out eons ago! How and why did the RM and Light Forces ever allow the situation on this planet to ever get this bad? While their incompetence shows itself to all those with eyes that see and hears that hear humanity still suffers at the hands of a clearly superior and the more capable cabal.

    1. We've heard that one before. It is easy to blame others for your situation. Why have you not ascended and destroyed the forces of the dark?

    2. Cobra....I don't see a reason to keep allowing the comments of some trolls here...since they are only here to compromise the energies of light..... I do understand the importance of hearing all...but not when they are here to intentionally hurt....sparing us would not be frowned upon...we have enough aggravation...and should not have to deal with the trolls on here,,,we have them everywhere and it would be nice to come to a place where they are muted...which will be named on next post...should they continue...along with a couple fruity pebbles that need to back off....it is sad that I even have to write this..the ignorance of some is to no end,,,,,As you see how many views we are recieving by the second....they do not need to walk into this reading a bunch of child's play ,,and the ugly and the ignorant...I have this blog everywhere on videos that get hundreds of thousands views and over a million views...We need to clean it up with the ignorance here...they are only here to make you and us look bad...I will post a discaimer on each post and names will be added to ignore....Thank you very much for all that you do..much love and respect ....I would also like to add that some of you here are so sweet and have great things to add and say...thank you all...To Love ...Peace and Victory of the Light!!

    3. I agree completely.

      How did WE ever allow things to get this bad? Why did We decide to let people starve while we spend cash on cigarettes, alcohol and iphones?

      Why do We not have the will to collectively pay for 3.5 cents Proctor and Gamble purification packets when a billion people are drinking dirty water? Kickstarter is excellent, but why are 50 per cent of the projects funded trivial toys and gadgets? Why is 50 per cent of FB traffic pointless spam?

      Your dead right Matthew, this could've been sorted out ages ago. We have some great people down here. I appreciate their sacrifice, because it's not easy. But I'd have to grade some of the ground crew's effort pretty low. They're pretending to themselves that they're weak. I'd give some of them an F-.

    4. @Tracey. I dont see these 2 comments as trolling. Just expressing their understanding of the situation. A little well placed negativity can strengthen your own beliefs. You cant go through life without getting a few scrapes and bruises.

    5. Well... in truth, if humans just made the simple choice to never lie to each other, none of the drama could have happened... The second that process started, everything (taught and learned) after that was so a certain few could live that lie.

    6. Robert..I was coming back to post the DEATH of that Senator...she was murdered for telling everyone what the child protective services were doing ...kidnapping peoples kids ...and they MURDERED her and her husband....so when I went back to add it...I find the disrespect of the fruity pebbles here....this is not well placed negativity..neither is the crying and the claims that someone else could do better..REALLY!! I love a good debate...this is not what I am referring too.......AND BOOING the RM's....these self claiming light workers ?? when did light workers start being mean....We are used to them in the abuse world yelling at us for showing graphic pictures and deleting us because they don't want to SEE the nightmare....BUT what they are not understanding...We have to show the victims no matter how bad they look...and turning away is a crime, it only allows the crimes to go on...just like how the nwo got away with everything...turning away does not make it go away...it allows it to go on...Scrapes and bruises...I am neck deep in the blood of VICTIMS...I have been battling for 35 years...DON'T TELL ME ABOUT SCRAPES AND BRUISES....ONCE AGAIN...THIS IS NOT WELL PLACED NEGATIVITY...IT IS PURE IGNORANCE.... And like WE ALWAYS PREACH...ABUSE WILL NO LONGER BE TOLERATED.... it is sad you saw this as well placed negativity...

    7. @Tracey: I think the best way to deal with these comments is to avoid arguing with them. Argument only causes chaos and misunderstanding, and all this further leads to duality. I know it's hard not to get provoked, but Cobra also once mentioned we should leave the scene whenever an argument is occurring.

    8. Some people seems to mistake objectivity for negativity, and wishful-thinking for positivity.

    9. Lee that does not always work...allowing the ignorance...makes them continue and other ignorants to follow..it is why we are in this position to begin with....evil minds seeing how much they can get away with and escalate from there.and some things need to be answered....because leaving people with the wrong idea in their heads would be wrong,,,especially those that are just waking up...some are treating this as a joke....Lee thank you and Icesphere my comment did not include you...I liked your comment...We have many people risking their lives to make this happen and many others were murdered in the process...it is not a joking matter...and should not be treated as one...I did leave things alone until they started on me...and others mocking the operation and thinking they know better,,,when they don't have a clue about anything....I am so sorry Cobra,,,I did not mean to battle on your blog...If readers would be polite and work together...we can move on... Lets get to saving Long Island

    10. I consider my task in planetary energetical cleansing and healing. Through the truthtellers I get an idea what is going on and so I can direct my energy, the light and my consciousness there together with many others, on and off planet/3rd dimension. As in the matrix-healing for example, observing (=being conscious) is also important and changes the outcome.
      I am tired of all abuse like everybody else on this planet, but I am convinced, ugly pictures create more damage than positive change. It would be better to just tell it simply; as the mind, when it gets fed with pictures, recreates, what it sees; this is one important factor, why in the TV so much violence and blood is shown. The dark forces need the creating-machine of our visualization to keep the matrix working. If we all would not watch the ugly pictures, this reality would fall apart. So it depends, how one is telling the truth. I am not sure, if people really wake up through ugly pictures or if they get even more traumatized. How can traumatized people wake up through new trauma? Healing is needed. And love, gentleness, and kindness.

    11. @Tracey,
      I totally understand you, for I have been through the similar experience like everyone else here: wondering how come people just resist to wake up when we try to tell them the truth. They think we are weirdos, while we wonder what's the worth of it when we go out there fighting this "hidden" battle with zero or little cooperation from these unawakened brothers/sisters. I'm NOT saying I feel zero anger, I do whenever thing goes wrong in my life. But one thing we have to understand is that the Archons are notorious for manipulating every of our negative feeling. They collect those negative feelings to make it grow like a snowball, and later use it against us. Cobra also mentioned quite a few times that the implants inside us help to create conflicts among people. If we get too attached to these negative feelings (NOT saying we have to be "zero" attached, because we certainly have feelings) , we are obviously helping co-create the conflicts among people, and the Archons will be very glad that we come to their aid. I'm NOT telling everyone to stop spreading the light. Having a good sense of responsibility is a very high virtue of every light worker, light warrior, starseed, as well as other brothers and sisters in the Light forces. Gaia never wants anyone of us to be stopped because she needs you as much as she needs everyone else to raise her frequency. But she needs us to slow down, to take a moment to find the tranquilly inside us before we assist Archons in creating conflicts. Again, I do NOT want anyone to be stopped. I'm just trying to point out this fact that the Archons will manipulate every negative thought we have whether we know it consciously or unconsciously. And a very common negative feeling we have is "How come the majority of people refuse to wake up? If people would've been more cooperative, we would have the Event by now!" As I have stated before, I'm definitely NOT saying I have ZERO such feelings. I do quite a lot, but I'm just trying to not let it get in my way as much as possible. Believe me, it's not impossible, it's just VERY hard to stay as detached as possible. If any of my comment above agitate any brother and sister here, I offer my sincere apology. I do NOT intend to make everyone unhappy, because I feel the same way like you: the hopelessness, the resentment, and how longer we have to wait before the Event finally arrives. Namaste.

    12. @Tracey. I didn't mean to create an argument. My intent was the opposite. We are all feeling presured. I know i am. Some people are just expressing thier frustrations according to their own beliefs and since Cobra approved their post maybe you should too..
      - well placed negativity- maybe that was a poor choice of words but some negativity can strengthen your carracter.
      I think Lee did a better job of what i was trying to say in his/her first reply.
      P.S. is that picture really you. Wow! Your hot.

    13. @Lee: Your comment is so totally beautiful and warm, thank you so much!

  19. Victory of the LIGHT!

    I have posted this same comment many, many times before:

    There NEEDS to be an undisputed UFO sighting with high quality image(s) capture.

    The 'general' population is still quite 'asleep'. I have seen it over the summer.

    There are people that refuse to believe anything EVEN when presented with ACTUAL PROOF of the subject matter. (Search: Actual Proof)

    It is presumed that any extraterrestrial(s) not from this planet would have advanced technology.


    Then, having advanced technology enough to traverse the universe, it is presumed, any extraterrestrial(s) would have drone, decoy, shells...a message in a bottle..., technology to AT LEAST let their presents be known to the wide population.

    Even a good, long bright 'LIGHT SHOW' of sorts out in space would get attention of the masses.

    Why is it that I can come up with a 'work around' to this so called 'stranglet' situation for a credible UFO sighting?

    I ask you to see my UFO capture(s):



    Apple cider vinegar with the 'mother' and 90% carvacrol oil of oregano. Remember this.

    Victory of the LIGHT!

    1. Did you not read in this very article that the strangelets are tied to go off if any significant ET presence is detected...I don't get how people keep coming up with such simple "work-arounds" and believe that they somehow know better than the galactic light forces.
      And any UFO sighting will and have been disputed....that is what they do.

    2. What is the apple cider vinegar and carvacrol oil of oregano for? Ebola?

    3. According to Cobra, and (I think) Tanaath... an action like that could be extremely dangerous for everyone right now.

  20. Fantastic.
    Let's all do our best in these last moments to hold the space that will allow our world to break free.
    And be grateful that we have so much assistance.

  21. Project Moon Dust: Beyond Roswell
    by Kevin D. Randle

    "We have been told that the US Air Force investigated UFOs for
    more than 20 years & never found any information to suggest
    they were real, that they posed a threat to the US or that they
    were from other solar systems. That is what we were told. But
    such is not the case."
    In 1953, a classified government was proposed that would deal
    with the recovery of "returning space debris" launched from
    other nations. But why did the Air Force consider such a program
    necessary when Sputnik, the 1st Soviet satellite, would not be
    launched until four years later? Since the initiation of the top
    secret Project Moon Dust, the government--specifically the USAF--
    has engaged in continuous covert yet highly documented official
    investigations into UFO phenomena, which have included often
    dangerous interfaces with extraterrestrial crafts in the skies
    above our nation & supersonic pursuits that have put pilots'' lives
    at risk; pursuits that were observed by many reliable
    The coauthor of UFO Crash at Roswell , a definitive account of
    America's most famous extraterrestrial encounter, Air Force
    Reserve Captain Kevin D. Randle uses his unique access to
    classified military documents to go deep inside the continuing
    cover-up & bring out the facts: The real contents of the infamous
    Project Blue Book files. The recorded truth about the fateful
    summer of 1952 when a record number of unexplained sightings
    led to the government's creation of Moon Dust. The Belgium
    sightings of 1990, one of the most extraordinary events of our
    age. The covert role of the CIA in UFO research. The truth vs. the
    official lies about the Kelly-Hopkinville creature report, the Cash-
    Landrum injury case, the Benwaters encounter, &, of course,

  22. On the verge now? Now let's concentrate on long island of New York during our meditations and transform it into light.

    1. Great idea. It;s amazing how quickly Central Europe got cleared.

    2. ***Part One***

      ***Revised Letter to Cobra's Group***


      G.Martin made the point that the tone of our letter was antagonistic. It was supposed to be an urgent call to arms instead of outright cantankerous. Lol. Please see the last chapter for an explanation of our frustration... Sorry if it wound anyone up. We're not happy either. Since 2009 we've experienced active interference from all sorts of "people". We've also noticed a tendency among alt media readers to focus on financial disintel or other distractive media instead of simple grassroots change. This might be costing us time.

      Because timeframes are uncertain, an open source push to increase humanitarian technology might speed the situation up. Actively sharing information about devices that could alleviate suffering might be a better strategy than listening to financial intel.

      We included a few suggestions for grassroots ideas that only cost a few minutes, and we'll go into emergency financial *ideas* later. We've got no cash, but we do have solid suggestions for businesses that cost 2-100 USD to set up. All our information has been free to date.


      A Post Cobra Could Make:

      +++Open Source Liberation+++

      We are steaming towards breakthrough. Multiple data points in the mainstream media show freedom initiatives are gaining momentum, and breakthrough approaches on all fronts.

      +++What Does Soon Mean?+++

      In the context of a 20,000 year timeframe, "soon" could mean 2 months, 2 years, or two decades. Freedom is within our grasp. How soon it comes might depend on the individual actions of everyone reading this. Powerful meditation *could* be balanced with simple, inexpensive, grassroots media actions.

      +++No Spectators+++

      There are no ringside seats in this conflict. We have bodies and families on Earth. We're stuck here participating. 'Freedom Networks' describes any human who has helped to heal a loved one, given food to someone in need, stood up to authority, blogged a truth, or shared an anti-imperial video on FB or email. We're not looking to lead anyone, just make suggestions.

      +++Grassroots Freedom Networks+++

      Anyone oriented towards open source economics and decentralized living could consider themselves part of the freedom networks. The struggle we are waging goes beyond all illusory tags: Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Pleiadean, Jesuit, Atheist, Democrat.... are all surface labels for infinite souls.

      +++Deep Infiltration+++

      Our researchers, active since 2009, do not study Ufology and are staying out of the various disagreements between groups. Like Cobra and Tanaath, we think that nearly ALL groups on Earth have been infiltrated. So we don't link with any group. We are on the side of grassroots freedom.

    3. ***Part Two***

      +++Ideas For Fall Strategies+++

      +++Decentralized Media+++

      Information flow across photocopiers, Facebook, email, and later, decentralized programs like Appleseed and Ethereum.

      +++Decentralized Finance+++

      Multiple local currencies, cryptocurrencies, localized crowdfunding classes, decentralized donation apps, open source businesses (much more on this later)

      +++Decentralized Free Market Water Filtration+++

      No more waiting for governments to purify water. 10,000 low scale water filter sellers in every continent...Xylem filters, zeolite, activated charcoal. Sold on ebay, on blogs, from street stalls, to friends from kitchens.

      Mass public initiative to post information to Africa (many conversations tell us a lot of Africans don't know about simple devices that could save them a lot of hassle)

      Decentralized direct giving of *information* and *devices* to individuals instead of money to centralized charities.

      +++Decentralized Water Purification Investigations+++

      Mass grassroots initiative to;

      1) Investigate low cost water filtration.

      2) Translate crowdwritten documents into every language on Earth.

      3) Record them onto Mp3s and draw easy to understand diagrams for the illiterate


      Similar initiatives could take place in food, water and medical fields.



      +++Left and Right Hemispheres+++

      Meditation is a powerful act, we have no way of knowing where human potential ends. Our writers suggest that people spread simple liberating information *alongside* meditation.

      +++Suggestions: Balance the Hemispheres+++

      Make photocopies, translate or spread links while listening to interviews. Spread materials while visualizing the world you want to see in your neighborhood. In that way, spiritual and pragmatic action works in harmony, and freedom comes quicker.

      Use any meditation paradigm you want. The main point we want to make is that people could become active participants instead of passive spectators. We've stopped complaining. This is a self service universe.


      +++What Kind of Christmas Do We Want?+++

      As freedom is approaching from all directions, we think it would be a huge tactical error to let up now. Multiple factions of the Cabal are tenacious, and are capable of regrouping at any point. How many times have we seen a wave of optimism dashed by a new negative turn of events? Again, and again, and again. We can feel the wave of euphoria, but that's precisely when a tactician should be most careful.

      +++Trust Inner Guidance+++

      Please follow your free will. Don't blindly do what anyone else suggests. Everyone is free to find freedom in their own way. If the materials linked don't resonate with you, feel free to research your own articles, or meditate, draw, play music, any thing.

      +++Emergency Aid for an Uncertain Timeframe+++

      No one knows the exact date of liberation, or the circumstances. As multiple ground crew seem to have pressing problems, the intent of these materials is to provide *immediate emergency relief* for financial hardship, water filtration, food, medicine and much more.

      Focusing on grassroots freedom now gives readers an opportunity to break from the eternal waiting game, and take a path to self-leadership.

      We think a concerted grassroots push towards freedom will dramatically speed up the process of liberation. We could be wrong. Freedom might come on a platter in 2 weeks time, but counting on an easy victory could cost months.

      Just knowing about these materials will cause a positive shift on the information and emotional planes.

      Giving someone liberating freedom represents a vote for freedom. These votes resonate in the ether....

      We have more info if people are interested.

    4. these things you speak of Frodo are worthy of our efforts as they raise the bar of what humanity is capable of. The more we respect ourselves & others by managing our energy. The closer the 'event' will be. And it's simple, it's just a CHOICE in Each Moment. <3

    5. who are you refering to as Cobras group?

    6. Anyone reading this. It's a casual reference, I wouldn't read anything into it.

    Thank YOU our sisters and brothers on Earth and off Earth for doing a job which seemed to be impossible to fulfill!!! I/WE humbly bow before YOU.

    My/OUR blessings and my whole being=heart and SOUL is with you!!

  24. Thing that I'm waiting the most from our new reality.. is lack of cold, that is, invisible and the most cruel form of pure EVIL. All spiritual people are thin and suffer badly from cold, see? It has nothing to do with your body's health etc., instead your consciousness. Those red-faced and robust fools have just taken satanic energies in and live nicely with them. Let's look that subject like this: if you have a cold place somewhere in your body, you are in deep trouble. And, cold weakens your immune system, let pathogens thrive and burns all energy that is needed in continuous healing in our toxic world.

    Edgar Cayce has said that when pole shift happens, climate changes immediately. I'm waiting that impatiently but I'm afraid it's all tied to people's consciousness, so maybe we will not see anything during our lifetime. Shivering and with purple nails I'm waiting more sata.. I mean, lovely cold to come, I'm living and trapped in the coldest country on planet earth and would leave this hell immediately if possible.

  25. By the way, if dark forces don't express their sorry by making all my dreams true during this lifetime, I have decided to do the following. When I leave the planet, I appear to ring of lizard-faced a**ho**s (maybe during developing their plans). Then I pick stupidest looking moron there, and impose him with this same curse - in other words, I put him to life where everything, just everything, is vacuumed out of his life - everything that matters.

    Is this called bitterness? Maybe I am, but I can't just understand why most people, without saying big no for it, tolerate all this. Actually, I have developed a saying which I try to translate to english:

    "Our life, with all it's aspects, is just one big abuse to benefit people we do not know and will never see and it's vacuumed empty with the most imaginable ways and on all levels possible."

  26. Pretty scary stuff, tying the scalar plasma detectors to the strangelet bombs and to the top quark condensate...what Psychopaths are the Chimera group! (God help us all!)

    OK now B~R~EA~T~H~E ---but the best part is Cobra's closing words:
    "Victory of the Light is near!"

    Thank you Cobra, Resistance Movement, Light Forces, Galactic Family (so many, many stars in the night sky lately, it seems...you can tell the ships, they have auras).

    Ah, tonight on my chilly bike ride home, the moon was rising with Orion, Aldabaran bright above, 7 Sisters of Pleaides sharp, the rest of M45 fuzzy, escaping sure discernment (ancillary light you are not my friend), though once long ago deep in the Redwoods, up in Willits, CA on a clear cold night, I marveled at the 7 Sisters many siblings...

    Let not the fact that I am woefully unprepared for change stop me from jumping for joy, at the sheer magnitude of what is about to transpire!

    Love and Blessings, Y'all~! C'est si bon!

  27. Cobra, I think you are just a few days away from becoming a new international Superhero . Wow, what a celebration it would be!

  28. This is Brilliant news.....

    Thank you Cobra and the RM for all that you are doing for Humanity.
    We are here now....let's all vision this new world that we want to Live in right now

    Victory to the Light.

  29. @sunshinepop7773: I have commented under your last post.......

  30. Urgh, I really AM a Dumbass Knucklehead.
    Well, there's a right Time for everything and it may have taken a bit but I *finally* relized I had some concealed MIC energy attractor stored in my basement. It was a "gift", well thanks for THAT!!! F'N Crap!


    So my Rainbow Crystal shines even more brightly in the Sunshine now, can't help but love having 200+ Rainbows intermingling with the 22 candles ( 11 + 11 ) still burning from last night.
    Consider The Wheels set in motion.


    Have A Nice Day :-)


  31. Thanks for a wonderful update Cobra. I try not to live and die by the RM's updates but it really is difficult not to get excited when news such as this comes out.

    All bases down and 1 TO GO! woohoo!!

    I continue to hold the Light for all to see, more and more have been finding it as of late.

    We are ready, I am ready. Thank you!

    What do you have to say about George Kavasillas' saying that "Ascension" IS another layer of deception and that humans should be looking for "completion" instead.
    What he appeared to say was that this is all just the dark side with another layer of deception.
    It doesn't resonate in my Heart but I had to ask! Thanks!

    Love to ALL!

    1. not sure what GK's intention was, though IMO, it's a partial truth. Ascension does not happen outside of our self, it happens when we have completely rid our selves of all darkness within our self. And that is a journey each of us must take. Meditation/Clearing/Releasing ANYthing that is not in the highest vibration of Love. It's a process, like layers of an onion being pealed away, it's personal & collective all at once. And that is how we move this forward... <3

    2. You need to ask yourself these questions
      Does the cabal want 180 countries banning together to expose and get rid of the Federal reserve?
      Does the cabal want all these new wistle blowers exposing their crimes against humanity?
      Does the cabal want themselves exposed as satanic child melesting murderers?
      I cant see any strategy in that.

  32. @Chetan: Excellent idea to include Long Island, New York, USA in our meditations... We can make the love and light overpower the dark... Aloha

  33. This is great news to my ears and my kids and lifts me up more ...Means we all need to do more meditation to help all this along stop yelling or rushing pushing not helping when we do this we need to be helping if we want change ....Peace Love Light ...<3 <3 Thank you Cobra and the rest doing the bigger work ...

  34. Thank you for these info, Cobra!. Now that we've thebigger 'picture' and understanding, we're doing the best that we can .. starting Now. Namaste

  35. Can any one near Long Island put off that silly TOY?

  36. I'm sorry if the wording of my open letter was a bit harsh. I'm busy revising open letter now. I was let back in to CELiberation this morning. Remember we've been writing since 2009.

    One of us sent this to Tanaath this morning:

    ***Post Contact Protocols and Ground Crew Tactical Errors.***


    - I've been told pretty much similar. What you're describing is 'soft
    contact', there's even 'ultra soft contact'- where they just come up
    and befriend you in the street, and say they're from Alaska. Why say,
    "Hi I'm Hank from Tau Ceti?" That'd give the older incarnates a heart

    You might see headlines like "Google ditches Driverless cars + Xray
    specs for Bamboo bicycles and hydroponics farms." "New protocol for
    HIV + Heart Disease discovered." "VC invest in water purification." That's enough for
    me to start with. All of this could start from the grassroots but the will isn't

    I don't have much spare cash either. I have a lot of sympathy
    for people, but I don't accept any points about the middle class
    squeeze when 10 copies cost 50 cents and sharing a link is free. We
    proved change can come for less than dollar. Our primary problem
    is media. The tools are sitting there.

    The researchers I spoke to are adamant that we have 95 per cent of the tech we need in the public domain. If not 100. It's a tactical mistake to daydream
    about replicators and expensive healing devices where hydroponics,
    xylem filters and Liposomal Vit C will do OK for now. We need to create a bridge, and
    things will snowball quicker.

    Water filtration is ultra cheap, costing pennies per liter. See
    proctor and gamble 3 cents purification packets, zeolites, activated
    charcoal and SSKI.

    50 per cent of food supplies are wasted. Solar dehydration could save
    food. Sprouts can grow in 3 days. There are fast growing crops
    available. Ground crew's relentless failure to recognize this has cost
    us years. They can start the grassroots initiative to push to critical
    mass or they can share Poofness posts. It's their choice. Our
    floppiness has allowed the dark team to say: "Look, they could be free
    but they don't really WANT it". I admit watching ground crew share financial disintel
    is monumentally frustrating. But we have all screwed up.

    So I wonder, why are we being told fairytales of Jetsons tech when we
    could be moving on the ground? It's keeping us on a hamster hope
    wheel. [[[[This is not a dig at Cobra, he's mentioned people could do more themselves. Specifically mentioning an Saudi man who gave food away from a fridge]]]

    Sure, that basement tech is real. I know it's there. It's probably sitting in the skunkworks of white hat corporations waiting for the embargo to lift. I think we have
    to kickstart the momentum ourselves. Decent tech is already being slipped out
    into the public domain.

    No one is being high handed here. I'm stuck watching my parents get
    old like everyone else. It's just a fact that a low tech Shangrila is
    waiting and no one cares. We have water filtration and hydroponic tech available. What else do we need?

    The world we're creating is: Lord of The Rings with Laptops.


    1. Much better. I love the emphasis on solutions. that is that we all need to be focusing on....solutions!
      I sympathize that it is difficult to get people motivated. especially here in America where we have plenty of calories....not nutrition mind you, but calories. Secondly that our way of life is designed to keep our time and energy reserves very low so that even if we happen to want to make some changes we don't often have the energy to implement those changes. I'm not giving excuses, but just taking these things into account.
      I agree that we can do very well on the Tech we have. It does seem that the biggest changes right now could be most easily made with a change in management and subsequently a change in policies. These two things alone would solve most of the worlds problems in a very short time.
      I am busy this evening, but I will commit to looking into your info, and deciding if I feel motivated to contribute.
      Thanks for sharing!

  37. And please excuse the spelling mistakes. These letters are bashed out during luchtimes and after work. We don't always have enough time to proofread...!!!!

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. Elementos de favor disolución crecimiento de Gaia hacia una conciencia superior

    gaia_energy1Elementos de la disolución favorecen el crecimiento de Gaia en la Conciencia Superior.

    Estos elementos han sido continuamente sembradas en Gaia estructuras de rejilla de energía corruptos durante el último milenio, y, a un ritmo muy elevado, durante los últimos siete meses, y continuarán a un ritmo acelerado durante el resto de este año calendario.

    Disolución de viejas estructuras de rejilla de paradigma debe ocurrir antes de la consecución de la plena conciencia, necesario para la ascensión.

    hu-manidad conciencia global avance se ha desacelerado en los últimos meses, sin embargo, esto está pronto a cambiar, y una rápida aceleración se espera en breve.

  40. Our 3d (quantum ruled) world consists of string energies.

    Only the 3 official bridge-status energies (magnetism, gravitation and radioactivity) are non-string energies which can interact with string energies.

    But there has been the possibility to give a lot of non-string energies a string status, so that they also can interact.

    Some materials like crystal and minerals were able to transform parts of the energies . By this for example magnetism or sound could be used as carrier wave for energies, and other non-string energies could be given string-status so that they could interact with string energies. These was a main attack tool for darks on 3d.

    A few minutes ago we changed the rules for string status energies. Now there are no other non-string energies allowed to interact with 3d, than the official bridge-status energies.

    In about 7 days we will add 5 additional bridge-status energies to the rules. The new fractal structures will also get upgraded for this.

  41. "As we are approaching the final breakthrough, the Galactic Central Sun is becoming more active."

    That's brilliant. I hope it's ramping up into action to recycle David Cameron and co!

    1. I thought over it but could not make out any connection between central sun and final breakthrough.

  42. Top 10 Secret Evil Societies

    10. Ordo Templi Orientis Famous Members
    Aleister Crowley
    9. The Bilderberg Group...Famous Members
    8. Hashshashin– The Order of Assassins..Famous Members
    7. The Black Hand (no picture sorry)..Famous Members
    6. The Knights of the Golden Circle....Famous Members
    5. The Thule Society...Famous Members
    4. The Sons of Liberty...Famous Members
    3. Skull and Bones....Famous Members
    2. The Illuminati...Famous Members
    1. The Freemasons...Famous Members


    Jesuit Vatican NWO - Bloodlines http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1927206/pg1


    1. Cobra tells us to raise the awareness of who the bad guys are in this matrix on planet earth.
      He reminds us we focus too much attention on the Cabal or Illuminati when the true underlining of all our “prison planet” problems stems from The Chimera Group. The above are the top 10 secret groups that work under the control of the chimera group.

    2. from a forum..How much influence do the Freemasons have on your department and city/county/state government ?

      All the chiefs in the history of my departent have been Freemasons. When I came on 25 years ago, the chief was actually insulted if you did not try to join a Masonic lodge. Almost all the supervisors, detectives, narcotics and traffic bureau people were Freemasons, and the "profane" were expected to trudge along as patrolmen for their entire careers. It seemed like about half the traffic stops you made, someone would be tappong a compass ring on the door as you approached

      Things have changed since then. Although the present chief if a mason, there are many people in high and desirable positions who are not, and I don't think anybody careas about that any more. I dont know if it is that the department has changed in that regard, or in society in general

      Are there any other organzations, etc, who have alot of influence in your department?

  43. So ahhhhhh......Brookhaven National Labs - last place.....

    I live like 15 minutes from there.....My son even qualified for the regional elementary science fair one year LOL....

    Should I go kick someone in the shins? Would that help? LOL


  45. Very important information about new energy

    invitation for all volunteers
    Dr Steven Greer 2014 August on UFOs, Aliens and Government Conspiracy [Full UFO Documentary]


  46. Cobra, can I give u and the RM a hand in clearing the lastChimera base? :) Everyone, let's just meditate towards along Island from now on. Hope the Event is not too long off now. I really feel for the plight of some people - for eg the poster from Brazil that posted earlier!

    1. I have been ever since I learned of Long Island being a Chimera Base......I have not asked any special permission......It is my planet to and do what I feel I need to, to assist the planet!

  47. The Chimera group has tied the scalar plasma detectors to the strangelet bombs and to the top quark condensate which would go off if significant UFO activity would be detected anywhere near the surface of the planet.

    We enjoy the meditations but this calls for concrete action. Just cut the BLUE wire and get rid of the vile bumb. The timer is ticking... 60 ... 59 ... 58 ...

  48. Cobra would like to ask the real content of this message.

    The Galactic Federation and the Spiritual Hierarchy Message 2014 September 9th

  49. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


  50. Why are the colors of the main chakras, or the rainbow tied with so much love..
    And what else do these colors contain..?

  51. while the trollers keep trolling,
    the train kept a rolling,
    At long last Long Island will be cleared,
    are you ready to be free?

  52. Cobra and RM you are not alone. All us freaks (psychics, mediums, energy workers, etc) people I call family are watching out for you. Lots of metaphysical folks connected to other side workin on it. I say my first UFO coming from Lockheed air force base four years ago and I felt so relieved to finally truly know they exist. Meditate everyone it increases telepathic ability. Looking forward to hanging out with our 5D brothers n sisters. Pleadians rule and they don't do implants cause they don't have to. Victory to the light.

  53. I suggest meditating with VIOLET light surrounding the long island, the light of transformation. Is that ok Cobra? If you don't reply then it's ok!
    We are all being of light and every one of us can make a tremendous difference.


    1. Chetan, apparently lots of people in Cobra Etheric Liberation Group are having the same thought, sending love and light to Long Island and the Chimera group. You are not alone:))

  54. Cobra,

    thank you for the information, keep up the good work.

    Please note that on

    September 21st at 7 pm GMT

    there will be a global peace meditation again, as sponsored by


    Please spread the word and participate.

  55. Saucers of the Illuminati by Jim Keith, Kenn Thomas

    Overview: Conspiracy expert Keith's final book on UFOs exposes the secret, sinister cabal that manufactures UFOs and uses them for their own purposes: human control and manipulation. Chapters include: - The Process of Decoding- The Human Factor- Infiltration- A Symbolic Odyssey- Increase of Resolution- Philip K. Dick and the Illuminati- The Sirius Connection- Demons and Adepts- Occult Espionage- The Year of Light- Jim Keith's famous lecture on UFOs and the Edge of Reality

    Genre: Non Fiction, UFO

    1. Time missionary....i have dozens of notes of the books you put out on this blog. You should start a book club soul bro/sis.

      Thank you for your vibe, existence and efforts, we are almost there! See you at the party soon.

      I recommend Agni Yoga Society series.

      ONE LOVE!

    2. @JOKO311

      Looking forward ... will check out that fiery book series of yours ... of all the books I recommended, only one remains close to my heart ... Thomas Shor's A Step Away From Paradise ... http://www.penguinbooksindia.com/en/content/step-away-paradise

      ONE LOVE !

  56. Well then, I'll just meditate and connect with my star families that way until the chimera group is cleared. Ain't nothin' gonna stop my ascension...@JOKO311- it's warrior style from here on out.

  57. Brothers and sisters: YES !! Let's go for collective focus of meditation on Long Island and Chimera group next Sunday!! We will be present there...

    Blue Eagle


  59. Cobra is this mean that long island base is the last one left ? last nest of cockroach

    1. "Long island remains to be thier MAIN stronghold."
      "Main" implies that there are more than one.

  60. Okay - so at the same time I was writing this, the very same guy who wrongfully accused me of some absolutely atrocious thing, writes me an email!

    I'll spare everyone the details of his gibberish, but all of a sudden I'm his best friend again??!
    "hello my old friend i really mean this, because we are !!!
    ( . . . )
    i love you my friend they don't know what this means


    They must be *very* dsperate trying to pull sh*t like that off and getting away with it. I was very amused, as I was by his false accusations on here.
    One thing didn't work, now it's back to trying to "keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer."
    Worked for millenia, ain't workin' anymore ;-)

    Cause now We take it Higher :-)
    No More violence, No More bullsh*t, kid!



  61. THIS one is amazing, no idea where THAT came from!
    Basically out of nowhere and since I've got not a whole lot to say except being blown away, I'll just leave this one up to You.


    Thank You to The Producers ;-)


  62. A while ago I had the idea that we all concentrate more on the Chimeras in our meditations and I already do so for quite a while. In meditation I place 5 huge powerful imaginary crystals on Long Island. One right in the middle and two towards each end. Then I let the love and light flow through them from heaven to earth. I experience this as very powerful. In the first meditations I could see massiv dark grey material that was released from Long Island but now it gets lighter and lighter. I keep doing this every day now and if it is only for 5 minutes. It would be great when others would do the same no matter what time. In this way we could form a grid.so that always some people meditating on it in the same way. I can't join the Sunday meditation as this is right in the middle of the night for me.
    Well let's oust out the Chimeras with their strange and dangerous technology and hopefully this is the last obstacle that has to be overcome.

    Again thanks and love to all the brave hearts at the forefront!!! I can't say it often enough.

    Victory for the light - we make it, it is here now - let's go ahead

    1. @PukekoParadise, I think you have something here!! It just resonates with me somehow. I am not attracted to the idea of generally "sending light" to Long Island. They are already sitting on top of an energy vortex that they are using, sending them more energy is not doing to make them budge. But I like your idea of visualizing the two crystals at either end of Long Island and one in the middle (five total), and sending the energy through the crystals. Crystals have a wisdom that we humans can't even begin to understand. They are connected to the Earth and will do the best thing for our planet. I think your suggestion is brilliant!! I will start to practice this meditation as often as I can. Here is a map of Long Island I plan to use:
      Let me know if you have any other suggestions. Thanks!!

    2. Oh, I wanted to add that after some experimentation I think the crystals should be blue or azure, not clear. Blue crystal energy seems to open up the heart chakra and let the natural LOVE flow out!!!!!! I like to imagine aquamarine crystals to get a good balance of blue and light. I think that is very positive energy. Just my opinion.

  63. @Cobra

    12 and a half million page views already ! Wish you could relay the final battle live on T.V. COBRA AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS IMAX 3D

  64. The statistics speak from themselves. Seeing the global ranking of Cobra's website I don't think critical mass is difficult to achieve.


    The unique visitors may include some Chimera guys also!

    1. That's for the parent domain its checking against, so that's for all websites on blogspot.com. If there is a way to check against Cobras subdomain of 2012portal.blogspot.com, that would be a different set of stats. Namaste.

    2. Nonetheless, all stats aside, Cobras info should reach as many people as possible regardless :)

    3. Barda, I am talking about 2012portal only. You can check it with siteworthtraffic.com. Getting in top 100 in just 2 years is a huge huge accomplishment and if event happens as planned it will be probably in top 10 I think.

  65. I think you'll find this of interest- this is the first chapter- I think it's chapter 4 that includes detailed info on the Dracos.http://educate-yourself.org/mc/casboltagent1chap.shtml

  66. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way –

  67. How to Detox Your Pineal Gland – Fluoride, Mercury, & Consciousness http://www.wakingtimes.com/2012/08/13/how-to-detox-your-pineal-gland-fluoride-mercury-consciousness/

  68. Replies
    1. *LIKE* :-)

      Here's a metaphorical look at what We all are doing right now.
      Rising from the deepest darkest depths.
      It may very well be something like this :-)


      "Anblasen." (start Air)
      "Beide Diesel."
      "Sie Läuft! SIE LÄUFT!!!" (SHE is Working!!!)
      "Dieses Mal entkommt Ihr Uns nicht! DIESES MAL NICHT!!!"

      Exactly. Tell'em, Herr KaLeu :-)

      And now We'll SINK the Cabal, the Chimera and all of those other dark Losers - Howzat?


    2. On a Very Related Note:
      Hallo Neuschwabenland!
      Wir brauchen Euch. Ist Zeit,Jungs und Mädels. Schmeißt die Motoren an!
      Generalprobe wie erwartet in den Sand gesetzt, die echte Show wird dafür umso besser :-)

      Auf geht's! Dieses Mal entwischt ihr uns nicht! Dieses Mal Nicht!



  69. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152704415384769&set=vb.71760664768&type=2&theater

  70. Awakeness , pure unfiltered awareness. Veil has fallen like the end of a world age exhaling its final breath as it settles into eternity. Leaving behind the tears and laughter of a time once had. Resting its existence on the edge of infinity, it releases its burden, a cosmic sunset, and love takes hold. A new world is born. This I know because we are the new world.

  71. Love is the most valuable commodity in the universe. ...sending unconditional love to every person living on this Earth. :-)
    Remember to love your enemies. They are worthy of Love, too. :-)

  72. I have a few questions in relation to this post:
    1) If all the BAD ET's have been removed from Earth, as per your post on the 22nd of December 2012, then who are the Chimera ? Can you please define what a Chimera person, or entity is - please ?
    2) In previous posts it was mentioned that all the cloning facilities on Earth were
    cleared up. If this is so - then how is it that you are saying now, that there is still a cloning facility operating on Earth right now ?
    And if this one - was re-openned, how can we be sure, that there are no others like it ?
    How can we be sure that Obama is not a clone, that other world leaders are not clones, and that members of governments all over the world are not clones ?
    3) How can I know - who to trust in the government of my specific country ?
    Because if some of them are clones, or re-incanated evil ET souls into a Cabal 3D body, I have no way of distinguishing them from other member of government.
    So, is there a way - one can find out easily ?
    4) Why is it that the Satanic rutuals involving child abuse and child sacrifices are still so rife - all over the world ? What is behind all this evil ? Is this a left over Karma of some sort ?
    This goes on in Eurpe, in the USA (especially in Holywood), in Australia, in Canada,
    and probably also in China and many other places.
    What is all this evil ?
    I personally felt on two occasions during the Planetary Meditation on Sundays
    that something was trying to destroy the effect of the meditation by killing a child
    20 minutes after it started.
    5) Some of my close contacts are complaining that abduction is still going on.
    I heard of an incident that occured 3 months ago in my country (Israel).
    Who could be behind this, if all the BAD ET's are removed already from planet Earth ?
    Or perhaps - not all of them were removed ? I refer here to the post of
    22nd December 2012.
    6) How can we remove all the 3D & 4D implants - which are the results of malevolent ET abductions ? I understand that quite a few people who exposed this epidemic - were murdered. So can this problem be addressed in public ? Can we find a clinic, which specelized in 4D & 3D Implants removal ?

    Thank you kindly in advance for any reply to these questions.

    1. i was told and read the chimera are EBE controlled, but, they're largely humans - rothschilds, rockefellers, govts, etc, etc

    2. Great questions! I think a couple of them could be answered with some research but there's a few id love to know too.
      I have been wondering what the Chimera look like!

      I think any politician in this system needs to go with just a few rare exceptions.

    3. You should send these question to Rob Potter so that Cobra may answer some at the next monthly interview. You can send them to: rob@thepromiserevealed.com

    4. You put forth some pretty good questions. I would also like a little more detailed description of the Chimera since they have been revealed as the #1 threat. Cobra did say that they are the faction of the dark forces that dealt more in technology and military than the others. I don't remember all the details though.

      I believe Cobra did say that although the negative ETs have been cleared some of the archons posing as humans are still active. And maybe some of the ETs posing as humans?

      Clone or not I wouldn't trust any of the top politicians.

  73. Six WONderful things.

    I believe in these WONderful things any time Day or Knight:

    * There are drinks that make you think
    * There are foods that make you know
    * Cats can make rabbits appEAR and disapPear
    * There is Truth in ani-Me
    * We have swallowed the Jabberwacky
    * There IS a World Of Wonder

    Put them in Any Order you Wish.

    Oh, and The Doctor has prescribed public displays of FuTTerwac-kin

    1. Ooh, Doc-prescribed Performance-Enhancing Drugs?
      NICE, PEDs are exactly what We need, domo arigato. Those tracks make my little Heart *purr* with Joy and Love :-)
      I' m mixing them with Kitaro's Galactic Flight, Breezing Universe and others. It's quite the Cocktail if I dare say so.

      This one here is the extension of The Doctor's prescription, every year 10.000 Japanese people perform LvB's Ode An Die Freude.
      And why not, there's a lot of Japanese personell on the USOs and Submarines.

      Freude Schöner Götterfunken, Tora Tora Tora :-)

    2. Any particular ani-Me you'd recommend? :)

  74. DST is getting over in many countries ...

    Daylight Saving Time Around the World 2014 :http://www.timeanddate.com/time/dst/2014.html

    Do not miss your weekly liberation meditations ... better still ... watch the countdown clock on the top right section of this page ...

    1. Doesn't start in the United States until November 2.

    On the 22nd of your September, you are all going to enter a photonic belt of light, for as your solar system has indeed stepped foot onto the new accord, the planet on which all of you re are finding yourselves shall take the next step in its evolutionary process, bringing with it, the peace and harmony of the ages past and the ages that are yet to come. A photonic belt of purple recognition principles shall roll out a new set of accords for your planet. The portals of the past shall reintegrate with the portals of the NOW moment of time.
    Your ego shall be transformed into a new state of being. Your ego is not going to disappear, it shall simply take a backseat to your thought processes, and you shall begin to see the world through a different set of eyes.

    You shall begin to feel the changes in those around you, you shall notice that their frequency has indeed changed. For as their ego dominance is equalized and comforted with the new energies of the coming times, they shall relinquish the power of their egos, and allow their higher selves to take hold of that which they are.

    1. in Spain two days, September 23,2014 at 4:30 AM. Is the Equinocio

    2. I hate to be all about a date but this sounds legit and everything is coalescing for me right now. Just got laid off today and never felt better! hahah
      If the big show isn't tomorrow I will be more than happy to exist in this matrix for a while longer.
      If it is tomorrow, well, ahhhh I am grateful to all. :o)

  76. Divine Intervention - Prometheus is Unbound

    I see many folks here who are begging, pleading for and even demanding Divine Intervention - OtherWorldly Intervention. Here's some information for you that will open your Eyes wide. Or shut them permanently...

    The Cross at Calvary WAS the Divine Intervention. The Prime Creator intervened in His fallen creation through the absolute and Highest legal avenues - inside the illusion - what the Protoi call OIC.

    Two percent of this Creation is inside this Illusion... the Matrix. It is the string area where all of creation is legalized, decided... and destroyed. Now listen carefully... THIS IS HIS CREATION! He could have taken it by force at any moment in time of His choosing. He didn't have to take it back the way he did, but through His uncondional Love and His boundless Grace He did.

    The Highest Love is the narrowest path. If you are still in illusion, the Matrix, be grateful. You still have a choice, but not for long. Don't tarry.

    I AM Kashmir of Spectrum and Earth

  77. Hi cobra , the Scottish elections were rigged and there is evidence to support this. I am from Scotland and am pissed off with the injustice of this situation. What can be done about this?

    1. I also think the election was rigged. But after the Event it won't make any difference. All countries will be powerful and rich.

    2. James Clark, there's an open letter and peition being drafted here. Come and say hi if you like. I think there's a FB group too.......


  78. Anyone Remember this???????

    1. and.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDDrNJlnKGg

  79. The HOPE is not in the bottom of the Jar. The HOPE is in the L-id.

  80. Please read cobra past post and interviews from may to september those question are already been answered. and be positive

  81. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgFQ6w8KToU...This video one other that some posted in a link on here sounds like horror that we have more embrace death evil not and makes things of us going through the change not peaceful .....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4Vij4LsVO4...she makes things sound allot harder

  82. So the scottish voted no and I even heard somewhere that they were interested in joining euro.. while ukraine is making steps towards joining too, the EURO empire is expanding it's tentacles.. that's not really what we need, unless they reform the euro and make it actually for the people, and remove and the lobbyists scums up there.

  83. Ignorance may be Bliss, but Never a Clever foundation. Strike 2. The Phoenix Rises. Again. And I say to myself:

    What a Wonderful World :)

    A Red Rose For Yew

    Thank You Cobra

  84. hello cobra.... please ...... charges as necessary ... to eliminate the chimera group ..... 29 is my birthday .... miguel arcange day ....... my gift. the event .............hello cobra...por favor......cuanto falta...para eliminar el grupo quimera.....el 29 es mi cumpleaños....dia miguel arcange.......mi regalo.... el evento

    1. Sería el mejor regalo! It would be the best present!

  85. the truth on mainstream media news....

  86. Hi Judith. Red that video, that I think is pretty much disinfo imo. Why would the cabal let her share all that info? She says se have to embrace pain and suffering (darkness) to enrich the soul? She also contradicts herself. She says all negativity is necessary then in our next life we come back as teachers to teach people not to make the same mistakes as we did!! Then she mentions the light we see at death as a beautiful we should move into. Isn't that the light that many have said to be the soul catcher that dumps you back down here on this prison planet again.... ;)

    1. Ian, Cobra, in the last interview with Rob Potter on thepromiserevealed.com, addressed that the Light one sees in death as positive, that you wouldn't likely be able to escape it anyway but that all Light is positive.

  87. Replies
    1. That was late last night...early this morning yes?!

      For some reason I know this, and knew this.

    2. Something significant has happened withing the past 12 hours. The energy feels completely different! I don't know what it is, but I hope it lasts as it is very balancing.

    3. Yes! I feel great! Very positive.
      I was meditating on the rock-jetty on the beach here in Asbury Park and a sea-gull flew down right next to me, within arm's reach! We sat there and just hung out together for 15-20 minutes. Lol unreal!

    4. I also feel it! I think the forces of darkness have been defeated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Pressure changed randomly in my area last night that my ears popped. It dropped so low my bf who doesn't follow this whole concept felt it as well. According to a recent channeling by Anna Merkabah, she stated we will be entering into the photon belt. Im thinking this has something to do with what we are feeling

  88. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=et9kE4YHwdw

  89. http://exopolitikamo.wordpress.com/

  90. Hi Drew. I've just gone back over Cobra's last interview and if I read it right, he states that karma is an archon invention - cycles of coming back here through pain suffering and even torture is what we need to evolve. I bet the tptb would love us to believe that crap. So Judith, I wouldn't be too concerned with that video :)

  91. je ressens l'événement très proche...