Saturday, April 28, 2018

Hyperphasic/systems recovery in progress


  1. I had a lucid dream of the Event. I explained how people can experience this now using two magnets. The dream was only six seconds long, but I remembered every detail, and I made a video on it:

    1. very good!!!

      Everyone will have their own experience...
      if you are a Christian... you see Jesus...
      if you are Budisth... Buddha
      If you have no religion... some soul of you group of soul...

      All kind of experiences... based on your level of understand...

      but all positive and life changing!

      Very nice!


    2. Thank you Keith for your deep insights in this video.. Wow! Wish you all the best for the coming changes!

      Victory is near!

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  3. Wtf is 504 anyway. Also, why is this blogg requiring google? Seems like you should avoid google.

    1. 504 is as much of a code as any other coded message here. If you understand the coded messages in their entirety then you're a member of The Resistance Movement. (Although a hint was dropped that 504 may be a military squad.)

      Avoiding Google in this day and age is like trying to shower without getting wet.

  4. Sending the Light Forces and RM some more love. Let's all do this, friends!

    1. I am here! This is really it! I am excited and happy! Keep on shining!


    I discovered the true importance of attitude, in my own life, rather indirectly. I spent hundreds of dollars and tens of hours using several different kinds of psychedelics to contemplate on, what I was calling at the time, the zero point moment. The now. I don’t know if it was reward or treasure or knowledge that I sought but something primal compelled me to find A way to perceive the zero point moment, even if for A fleeting second, so that I might bring something back worth sharing.
    In fact it was several months after my consumption of psychedelics ended that I had the epiphany. You see, whether I knew it or not, I was seeking A revelation to the mystery of manifestation. We always ask ourselves, "whats the secret?" more so I was looking for A short cut. A tool for making manifestation easier. Now, i’m fairly confident that to this day, there remains to be no shortcut, however, I believe that what I did take from all of it is as close to a shortcut as anyone can get.
    I imagine most of you have heard of, read, or have seen "the secret". They pointed out the law of attraction and regurgitated much of the usual plattitudes that are, for what it's worth, mostly true save for much left unexplained. Just about everything told on the secret you can hear in the first five minutes of talking with a hipster. The fact is, most trust in this law without actually knowing how it works. which leads to lots of frustration with the manifestation process.

    When you hear talk about the law of attraction you should be relating it to magnetism which of course deals in a positive and negative polarity. Attitude is your compass. It has a north and south pole so you might think of north as being your divine path which means the increasing ease of the manifestation of your will (unity), and south as being resistance/deviance (disunity).

    just like in magnetism, there is a constant flow of resonance going in both the south and north direction simultaneously but because consciousness is a focal point (law of focus), when a choice is made (action taken) it is going to be oriented in a north (positive) or south (negative) direction and contrary to popular belief, a "negative" polarity does not mean one that is cancerous or aggressive. A negative polarity's sole purpose is to manifest the OPPOSITE of that which is intended.

    If you want to be simultaneously aware of where you are in the process while allowing the unconscious to manifest, you will need a tool.

  6. The name of the tool is ATTITUDE.
    + receptivity; I humor you.
    + patience; There is always time.
    + willfullness; Opportunity is just before me!
    + courage; I am scared but I will prevail!

    - dissonance; The truth can not be known!
    - complaint; I am helpless!
    - sabotage; I am not worthy/deserving
    - conflict; Only I can be right!

    Now in order to appreciate attitude you have to be able to appreciate the value of the external reality as being symbiotic to the internal. What that means is you have to be able to understand that the reality you see around you is one and the same as the reality within you. As above so below. What i’m speaking of is the reoccurring pattern that can be found in all things natural. Specifically I am referring to fractal nature which all of reality ultimately consists of. Everything you perceive is within your mind and every ONE you perceive is another version of you reflected back to you. You aren’t JUST a body, you are the environment. You are the planet. You are the sun. You ARE the UNIVERSE! You in the next layer of reality created this version of you so that you could immerse yourself in a whole new perspective, and your attitude is exactly HOW you are communicating with that encompassing mind.

    When practicing the discipline of attitude, you will find that there can be a time when patience can be met with the need for urgency, or a time when willfullness can be met with the need for inaction. Discernment is the most important point of any thesis. In every conscious moment there is an opportunity to take "right action" which is to say, to enact an APPROPRIATE attitude.

    In conclusion, how you interact with the environment is in fact how you are interacting with yourself. So treat the external as you would treat yourself, with a loving attitude and I promise you, that you will know happiness. Most of all, have the attitude you want to see more of in the world. Be how you want to be remembered.

  7. Pretty good words...

    Victory of the Light!

    1. Thanks Methodic, I love St Germain, he's incredible. I cried with joy and relief reading that, it felt like more confirmation that the event and the changes are really happening.

  8. So what is it good for, to read timeline "HVBN secured"? When at the "next" moment there can be a drastic failiure?

    OMG.. Although there is progress, this seems like the never ending story.. recovery, failiure, recovery...

  9. Have a lovely Sunday folks. And hope to feel your wonderful vibes on the weekly breakthrough meditation (1400 UTC). Peace and love.

  10. there is a black dark energy that they are quantum leaping

  11. god wanted to die in heaven literally

  12. How about an update on Toplets and operation mjolnir? Are we still negotiating with the cabal? I thought the Alliance was in control, what's the hold up now? Victory of the light.

    1. COBRA stated very clearly there would be no updates until surface operations were done.

    2. ^ ^ ^ Agreed, I think coverage in these topics will help to maintain morale.. Even if it has to be general due to the radio-silence.

      Hopeful for an interview or something of the like, soon!

    3. or can he share about the credibility of M & Ms M for example.

  13. We love you Cobra et al. We are humbled at your undying dedication to freedom and humanity. Hearts open, we receive .

  14. These goddess spirals are really awesome, I wouldn't mind getting hit with a stray one.

  15. Lit a fire in the autumn garden and joined in. May there be unity.

  16. Thanks Cobra! Victory to the light!

  17. Careful of the Wong Lo Cat fire, it's dangerous, very purifying though.

  18. Dear Light beings,

    It has come to our attention that there is a renewed massive campaign of the dark forces underway to create separation amongst the Light forces, which includes our meditation server and our meditation initiatives that are aligned with We Love Mass Meditation, the Resistance Movement and Prepare For Change ...
    We are seeing various groups and individuals, both in real life and online, and even within large respected organizations, consciously choosing to exclude other light initiatives even more than ever before, creating a potential rift between even the core of the Light forces on Earth!

    The reporting (by Cobra) of an accelerated wave of activations of Light workers/warriors seems to coincide with this "new wave of resistance" by the dark forces, to lessen the effectiveness of this "dark wave" on a global scale, and to expand the field of coherence amongst Light groups.
    While these activations are happening, it remains, in our view, quint-essential to stay grounded in our Self, and use Discernment in every situation, so that we are not caught off-guard and act irrationally or on a whim from a space of unbalanced emotion or unbalanced mind.

    This is the moment to come together and focus our intent more than ever, to counteract the workings of the dark, so that the transition can both be sped up and smoothed out.
    To us it is clear that there are 2 primary ways to accelerate the Ascension process and speed up the process towards the Event:
    1) Getting in touch with your Higher Self on a regular basis, most commonly through meditation (or therapy if needed, to release blockages), to align yourself more with your higher mission(s) and purpose here,
    2) Join in global meditation groups, either in real life or online, where we use our collective focus, energy and intent on specific key benevolent goals to facilitate a change in energy.

    With great inspiration and a sense of urgency we invite you to partake in either or both of these 2 options above, to further the planetary liberation both for yourself and for the collective, and there are many beautiful and impactful initiatives (both free and professional) being hosted by Cobra, Prepare For Change and We Love Mass Meditation for you to join.
    We, for our part, are hosting a "meditation marathon" on Sunday, May 13th, on our meditation platform, where we have included all the active meditations from We Love Mass Meditation, Cobra, and Prepare For Change ...

    Come and join us in this Unified initiative! There is no reason not to partake, other than the illusion that there is something that can prevent us, the Light community, from succeeding!
    We are hoping to reach a new level of attendance to both create a significant "dent" in the initiatives of the dark, as well as raise the level of Light manifestations to a new level.

    Victory of the Light!
    Prepare For Change/Sisterhood Of The Rose - Toronto