Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Hyperphasic systems (LOC) security breach at 504


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  2. Looks like someone is mad ole barb's couldn't handle the light.

    1. You are so right! They are defeted and struggling. Lets send those sparkling pink Love-bubbles to them and say ones more: Thank you but we dont need you anymore! We wish you to find the LOVE! ♡♡♡

    2. Brandon,
      I thought something similar...:)

    3. Cobra does say they are allergic to the goddess, great minds think alike😜

  3. GAIAPORTAL: Brilliance of harmonies are viewed completely
    17 APR by ÉirePort

    Brilliance of harmonies are viewed completely.

    Planetary surface is illuminated.

    Escape pods are disabled, as humanity accepts.

    Fortunes are returned.

    Nova creations begin.

    ÉirePort | April 17, 2018 at 11:17 |
    URL: https://wp.me/p2sFUY-En

  4. 💗 Isis Astara & Cobra 💗 ~ Just Stay Calm as the Chaos Seems to Grow

    April 17, 2018
    by Therese Zumi Sumner


  5. LOC is giving a Aleart of 501 or what?

    1. Is 501 their next door neighbor? Haha that's funny.

  6. Replies
    1. http://disclosure.wikia.com/wiki/Lunar_Operations_Command

  7. Hello Cobra thank you for your continued updates. To my mind when I stop seeing the CHEMTRAILS I will then know the Cabal is fatally wounded or even taken out. I cannot understand why they still seem to be roaming around doing their evil, the arrests of the very top ones, does not seem to have happened, but of course we light workers try to be patient and do our best to remain positive, but we are so tired, we are grateful to all the help we are getting. 504 seems to crop up many times, I guess you cannot possibly tell us what that means due to security reasons. Please can you tell us more about w hen we might hope to see the Chemtrails being stopped? thank yo u

    1. Não tente ser paciente, SEJA A PACIÊNCIA!

      Não tente fazer o melhor, SEJA O MELHOR!

      Porque, meus camaradas, esses nossos irmãos que optaram por alimentar sua escuridão, eles fazem o seu melhor, estejam certos😉

      Que todos os seres que escolheram a Luz, Foquem em SER O MELHOR - EM SER A PACIÊNCIA, SER A PAZ, SER O AMOR, SER A HARMONIA.

      Eu Sou Lamys, sou a minha mais alta expressão da verdade de DEUS aqui💙😚

    2. AJSTAN, take some time out, a mini break. Things are happening behind the scenes which we cannot possible imagine. Remember, time does not exist for the galactics, and we know things are not the same as they once were. So as I always say, don't think about the problem, think about the solution. VOTL

    3. @AJSTAN:

      April 22, 2012 Excerpt from Cobra post:

      Chemtrails/contrails: most of what passes for chemtrails these days are just contrails. Contrails are water exhaust from planes that gets condensed into a cloud in stratosphere where the plane flies. They don’t look nice, but they are not dangerous.

      Yes, a small percentage of those are chemtrails, which means that chemicals are added to the water exhaust. In vast majority of cases the pilots that fly those planes have no idea that they are involved in spraying chemtrails.

      Chemtrails are not as dangerous as you might think. The volume of atmosphere is vast and toxic chemicals get dissolved pretty quickly below the concentration that is still harmful for human beings. Be more concerned about water you drink from your tap and food you eat from the supermarket.

      *********** ***********

      I have also heard Cobra say much more recently that chemtrails will most likely continue up until THE EVENT.

      Additionally, related to chemtrails, there has been intentional weather manipulation as “weaponry” continuing worldwide by the chimera/archons control.

      See: http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/. Dane Wigington has found documentation of this research beginning at least as far back as 1947 (71 years ago).

      So we see that the dark forces have gained quite a lot of expertise to alter the weather at will. And the extremes of weather, besides being a result of the central Galactic Sun (as Cobra has commented), are also influenced by their destructive manipulations.

      Additionally, as we know, the cabal forces can cause catastrophic storms, hurricanes, drought, fires, etc.

      Yes, we are all “tired” of the incessant evil perpetrated on earth by the dark forces. Those who have at some point chosen the dark side. We are hoping the toplet bombs will be removed as soon as possible so THE EVENT can ensue - NOW.

      My only suggestion is for all of us to go to the “Highest First”:

      Continue to meditate, pray, and ask for Divine intervention to the ("Highest") Source, God, Almighty ONE, who alone is Ever Present, All Knowing, All Resourceful and Powerful, Forever.

      (Whatever words one uses to refer to the Ultimate ONE are not so important as the pure intent and awareness behind them.)

      I realize you probably are already aware of everything I’ve written here. Perhaps it will be helpful to some others.

      That is my understanding of the situation. In short, it's mainly in "God's hands" and each of us can do what we can do individually.

      Victory of the Divine Light for Peace, Liberation, and Abundance on earth for ALL.

    4. maybe it is the corridor of morphing portals. i have found that the logical mind is never going to get any answers that satisfies it's own sensensationalistic curiosity. So it is time we use our toolbox inside our imagination. We have more there than anywhere in the matrix (which is what this is - including this website) Cobra may be real and active in the resistance but this website is only a tool and instrumentation for our freedom from having to know all the time.

    5. We in Bellingham don’t have em

    6. Cobra had mentioned in a previous interview that chemtrails will end at the time of the Event. Because they are hooked to so many commercial liners it would cause a huge hault to air travel etc. it will be part of the final purge.

    7. i feel you frustration.. perhaps there's more than we know but there was a halo here around the sun..clearly chemicals were in the air.. that can't help the energies coming in.. shoot down those white jets.. period.

  8. I heard that it was a trial. It might be a person I know. I try to contact him.

  9. Cobra, I was wondering if you know what the 17th letter of the Alphabet is? And if you were to give the answer, would it be the first time you've ever mentioned it?

    1. Don't you think it's strange that Cobra has never mentioned Q? As soon as Q entered the stage Cobra stopped all Q and A no one has ever had the chance to ask; but more importantly he has made zero reference to Q.

    2. like I said: Funny. Seems I've been CENSORED!!!

  10. In the 5th episode/ season 10 of Cosmic Disclosure, Corey Goode says we cannot wait for the event or something really significant
    to happen before 10 years from now!!!! It's much time since things are very difficult here on surface. I hope it's not correct and our efforts getting together on world meditations can help accelerating this process! Please COBRA, tell us something about it, if you can! Victory of the Light!!!

    1. my mistake! it's in the 6th episode of season 10.

    2. He got the dates wrong, he admits his ignorance of proper cycle in his later updates, the window is actually 2024/2025 for the solar event.

    3. Look at his latest updates on facebook, he misunderstood the cycle,its 2024/2025 for the solar event.

    4. @Suzel Mendonca: There is no being that knows when THE EVENT or the details of how the transformation will occur that bring in the influx of Divine Light on earth and dispel and remove darkness. Heaven on earth. The New Age. No one can know this except the Almighty ONE who alone is All Knowing, Ever Present, Supreme in Totality. Even the angelic beings do not know.

      So if ANYONE, including Corey, makes a prediction about events in terms of "time," that indicates they are speaking from limitation. A clue to the inaccuracy of their statements.

      Cobra has agreed with some things Corey has said and has not confirmed others. I have a very evolved friend who says that the "20 years and back" program that Corey talks about in his own experience, is not possible. He believes this is something "believed" happen, but in reality it could not happen as he describes it.

      So we need to be discerning about what is said from anyone. I believe it's best to go to the Highest Source in our prayers, meditation, supplication for
      Divine intervention on earth. "God" alone knows.


      Victory of the Divine Light on earth.

    5. The ultimate deadline for planetary transformation is year 2025... thats about 7 years from now... so between now n then the event is to already had started and much changes in the surface should had already happenned... ideally....at least that is my understanding.... we cutting it close...

      Personally... Unfortunately too many promises outthere overtime gone to the wayside. Too many meetings...

      I have read of great plans by global leaders to fix this and that...

      if all we had was their promises and their ability to make things happen at their pace then dont expect anything until the 11th hour. Humans have a tendency to inch pace n drag things to maximum... 'job security' mentality.

      we have yet to be impressed.
      We meaning.. us lil people that have to b the espectators.

      Anyways... the good news is that at least among the mix there r others pushing thru the redtapes to make things happen...even if the majority r into the dragging part.. dont get me wrong some that drag things truly believe in the concept of caution n patience...

      But unfortunately so much patience n caution and or tolerance carries a heavy loss as well..

      the only valid argument i could present is .. after 26k years isnt that enough caution n patience n tolerance...

      How long does it take to read the same damn book n to rewrite it?
      .it seems 99% of the time we just spent reading about the Matrix(not to mention living it) n still claim not to understand it. Are we all truly this naive in all levels.

      I do pity any other worlds in any other universes if not liberated that are under the wraps of darkness n the naiveness of the light.

    6. Naiveness N tolerance.. the most perplexing

    7. that "correction" made by Corey I find it a bit hmm.. "things that made u go hmm"... Not that i know him... just a feeling i get... is sorta like he wishes to bring fear n nurture the disappointments in the minds of man quite a bit. Seems as if he was made to correct this one more detail after the 2025 info surface on this blog... maybe coincidence...

      He might mean well.. but as programmed as we all are, should not be surprising that even our real purpose may be hidden from ourselves...

      So i consider him like Gollum from LOTR... whatever his goal is for good or bad... the light will still be able to make use of him... at least he is bringing to the attention the space program info...(partial)

      I see him like i see Alex Jones. Not sure why.. i hardly have read much of his material... n heard lots of good as well as bad feedback... he makes the perfect mole within the awakened. just a thought...,, i may be wrong.. but still grateful for him waking up some people.

    8. Solar flash is going to wipeout 3D grid that all of us depend on. It`s a gradual process, where ET contact is also required before that happens, that can take place in 2019 with the first wavers.
      Blue avian is a life guide for Corey Goode and golden Triangle being represents him in this reincarnation.
      Physical contact with those beings it`s like HOLOGRAM.
      This woman has her contact in 2007!
      There are billions of planets for every soul..to evolve..
      This is planetary ascension and a free choice..for every soul that`s why hybrid programs..for hybrids children has been in preparation for this planet that will be entering this space after 2024. Life is a journey not a destination.

  11. https://youtu.be/FgvvIZYanvA

    Amazing.. 33:00+ seeing exactly according to Cobra's Intel, on the event and the barriers that are coming down that were preventing it..

    Energize this. VoTL!

  12. Thank you dear Cobra for all these updates ✨ much love and light to you + Isis Astara ✨ RM ✨ all light forces & light workers ✨🙏🏼❤️🌈

  13. Some really good energies lately! Somebody somewhere has done a really good job!:) Feeling calm, relaxed and wery light. Some sort of a little shif. Havent paid attention to society lately to be sure of that but normally Im sensing all kind of energies wery well!

  14. A new PFC group on FB, join us! It-s in french!

  15. Chemtrails todos los dias aqui

  16. Sending some love to the light forces and the RM.
    Victory of the Light!

  17. Good News!

    2018 The Year Humanity Directly 'Sees' Our First Black Hole !
    Sagittarius A*, the black hole at the center of our galaxy. Its combined properties of being "only" 27,000 light years distant while still reaching a spectacularly large mass that's 4,000,000 times that of the Sun makes it #1. Interestingly, the black hole that hits #2 is the central black hole of M87: the largest galaxy in the Virgo cluster. Although it's over 6 billion solar masses, it lies some 50-60 million light years away. If you want to see an event horizon, our own galactic center is the place to look.

    Scientists Spot the Shadow of a Strange Wind Blowing Past a Black Hole!

    What Happens at the Event Horizon?!

    Saturn Retrograde April 2018 – From now until Saturn direct on September 6 is the phase where you learn your lessons!

    God has four gifts for you:
    A key for every problem,
    A light for every shadow,
    A plan for every tomorrow
    And a joy for every sorrow.

    Juno - Queen of the Gods (Latin: IVNO, Iūnō [ˈjuːnoː]) is an ancient Roman goddess of marriage, the protector and special counselor of the state. A daughter of Saturn - Lord of Karma, she is the wife of Jupiter. The month of June was named after her.

    "mystery of the six"
    Of those that are born together, sages have called the seventh single-born, for six are twins"
    The birth of light was the birth of twins.

    “If you knew the magnificence of the three, six and nine, you would have a key to the universe.” – Nikola Tesla.

    Gemini is the third astrological sign in the zodiac.
    June is the six month.
    Saturday, June 9, 2018 = vibration of the day is 8(infinity) and the day of KARMA (Saturn)( vibration : day 9, month 6, year 2018 = 9+6+11= 26 = 8)

    May 30 - June 11, 2018- 13 days of transformation, signifying that briefest moment between old endings and new beginnings.
    May 30 transformation aztec calendar !
    June 11 transformation aztec calendar !

  18. LOC is the lunar operation command (the United Nations on the dark side of the moon)

  19. Was Trump Missile Attack Part of Secret Plan to End Syria Conflict & Prevent War with Iran?

    Written by Dr Michael Salla on April 15, 2018. Posted in Featured, world politics


  20. Dear Cobra, thank you so much for your update. Thank you to everyone fighting for liberation and for holding the light, Bless you all xxx

  21. hello warriors!

    i want your points of view of what i'll describe here.

    if you attract what you give and vibe then why do i give and spread so much love and get rejection? i should get love, right? i really don't get this. the more i spread love the more people seem to reject it.
    thank you for reading and helping!

    sending lots of pink love flame <3


    1. people are scared and mistrustful of love. most learn that love comes with a price tag, how many times have you heard "If you love me you would .... "

    2. Dear warrior, I'm just THINKING....I don't know you, of course....but I don't share your experiences. MAYBE some people FEEL overchallenged, because they didn't experience LOVE before? My advice: THINK LOVE. Send it to the people. You will be astonished, what will come back to you! You don'nt need to TALK about love. Send love, peace and love to people who surround you. They WILL feel it and will give it back to you and others. Was this helpful for you?
      I Send my love to you, Elisa

    3. @intoourselves i guess in this crazy world, where up is down and right is wrong, that people need to be able to receive love. it is more of a reflectio of their own self love rather than your willingness to give love. hang in there beloved and remember we do not give in order to receive, we give because it is good for our soul.

    4. Hi there!

      Two possible solutions:

      1. Lack of self-love/self-worth
      I've been using lots of affirmations like "I am worthy" "I am lovable" and more specific ones. Saying these out loud or at least whispering them while going for a walk, doing housework etc and tuning into the meaning is super powerful. Writing them down for a couple of minutes a day may be even more powerful. Also using post-its with these affirmation in place you often see programs your subconscious effortlessly. Repetition is key!

      2. Maybe the people you're giving love to don't understand/appreciate it? Maybe asking your guides to connect you with like-minded people is a good idea. If the level of consciousness is similar, love is shared in a more healthy and balanced way.

      Stay amazing, you're doing a wonderful job! <3

    5. In my opinion, you attract exactly what you send -
      - an illusion. Sending love is not a useful practice. It came from a New age religion, it's just a distraction to give adepts something to do and to raise their self-esteem. The Creator manifests himself and enables his children to manifest himself. The real Love is not euphorical condition of consciousness but the possibility of manifestation, the free flow of action for the good. We love someone when we give him the opportunity to manifest himself or when we help him. We can't love everyone at once, we don't have enough strength. But we can be friendly to everyone, it is quite real. Love does not need to be sent. Love can be manifested by positive helpful actions to the best of our ability.

    6. You're right there's almost no correlation to how much you love and what happens to you in return. That's just a superstition, like animal sacrifices. "I'm going to favorably petition the universe so better stuff happens to me." It's exactly the same but trying to do it with your thoughts. Christianity is by far the most accurate in this regard. "Ain't nothing going to change, but God will be there as you go through it."

    7. Generally we interact with our own state of vibration and configuration, this is a natural mechanism of growth, as we are basically presented with 'ourselves' as we climb the frequency ladder. I have experienced that after a certain point of frequency 'mass' the dark forces begin isolating us, and turning the basic reality against us. The funny thing is, if we continue with the path we basically become immune, invincible conduits of light. As far as I'm concerned that is what is known as the 'Diamond Path'. In many ways this reality is a palace of mirrors, until we graduate, and then it becomes a concentration camp, until we graduate that, and in the process annihilate energetic control structures.

      Hang in there! I find the Hare Krsna Maha Mantra of great merit in maintaining my frequency! Krsna is a very special word.

    8. And sending love IS a very useful practice. The only thing is many don't know how to do it. If you practice you will gain skill... It is a means of telepathy, and a very powerful means of transmutation. Some beings do not have the ability to break through their forgetfulness and reconnect with their love. For this reason, it can help to remind them of this frequency, and let them know that they are loved, no matter who they are. Each being holds a fractal pole, and to send love into any fractal pole is to affect all that they are connected with, which as we know has a common root in the One. So sending love is a valuable practice, many people just don't know what they're talking about.

      The reason so many are upset about the sending of love, is that they usually do it to get love in return which is a broken form of love. That = business, not love. Transcendental Love is the root of all, and it is indifferent, it simply exists, and is available for All. To have any kind of expectation of love returned is to not understand the nature of love. It is painful when we are ignored by our loved ones, but when we feel that we need to remember what the source of love is, and when we find that, it is there we take solace.

      The main issue is each human has essentially a 'deficit' of love, from upbringing and social experience. We're all trying to catch up on that which should have been there, but was not due to the control system. Because of that, we end up putting entirely too much responsibility on those we love to return that which we need. The true answer is to do the emotional work, revisit the traumas, and clear the charge until there is Heart Neutrality. From Heart Neutrality, Transcendental love is easily available. It can be a very intense process to attain this, and the path provides it as each needs. Usually there are strong compensatory structures protecting the Heart and it can be very painful to tear these down. In the worst cases, beings have had artificial structures imposed on their Heart, and these must be removed. In extreme cases, aspects of being which are used to focus love had been removed.

      For each being the Path is the means to correction. It is simply a matter of walking it.

    9. And if the intention is to spread love, all you'll get back is some kind of intention, inverse to the original intention you sent out, because the inverse is the true root of the feeling which is being presented so we may clean and integrate. If we send out one half of a dualism, we'll get the other back. True Love transcends dualism. Transcendental Love.

      The simple emanation of love from a loving heart will result in natural attraction. No intention. Be careful, at these levels rascals may show up, because they like light too...

    10. @InnerPeace and Patrick Kehoe

      thank you so much for your words! the previously ones just made me more confused, but both of your answers resonate with my heart. it makes all the sense that we are not strong enough specially now in the end of the war to send love all the time for people who need it, we need to receive love from our hears so we can be and feel truly loved.

      and Patrick, you made me think that this is a market logic exchange using love. it's true. we are hostages in mission and nothing changes, but god, goddess, i am are always there.

      thank you two SO MUCH! you made me see with clarity what was hidden.

    11. Love doesn't expect a certain return. Receive Love from Source, re-give the Love to All, with no expectation, and KNOW that Source will GIVE you Love in each moment -- that is why you exist. Thank you.

    12. @intoourselves
      Congrats, Sister/Brother! That means YOU ARE a Starseed.
      And that's the story with ALL Starseeds.

      The bad guys keep them under SPECIAL radars for 24/7/365. Because the Starseeds are the ones the darks fear most! So, they keep them by blocking all their moves, sabotaging all the plans/dreams the Starseeds want to create/bulit/start.
      Above ALL, they make sure, that EVERYBODY, (especially your loved ones), have been turned against YOU. So, the Starseeds feel UN-Loved, forgotten, rejected by the society, abandoned and lonely.
      That's the way to keep the Starseeds heart broken, suicidal, so they can NOT achieve/fulfill their MISSION.

      So, as long as the darks have some power, and can do something to harm the Starseeds.... Very few Starseeds - who are well protected and have direct/private contacts with the Cosmic Family - can, and/or will get what they want.

      Do NOT seek love from the mind controlled people, "for they know not what they are doing". The day will come when they will love you more than you can imagine.

      Keep shining your inner LIGHT! And remember:

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    14. Thank you for posing this question.
      Many helpful insights have been offered. I humbly offer this for your consideration.

      You are your own authority, and the final arbiter of truth. If you cannot find truth within yourself...where else can it be?

      Love is not the flow of energy from one entity to another, like you giving to me... love is a permanent dynamic that one is aware of...recognizes...as the apparent other disappears into you... as you realize what presents as two or many is actually one.

      To Love is to see things as they are. If you see your hand as you, this is only natural... you need not "send love to your hand" you are already one.

      Love is not something "you" give. It cannot be given at all. Love is something YOU ARE! If you attempt to "give and spread love" you have a prior unconscious assumption: you presume that you are separate from the other in the first place. If you see someone as "other" and then try to "love" them, expecting some form of direct reflection of your offering...you are confusing Love with wanting. The responses you get may be an accurate reflection of what you are really offering.

      Love does not want...anything. It is a state of completion. Done. Nothing can be added to make it bigger, better, or more ...it needs nothing. It is the state of supreme realization that THE CONSCIOUSNESS THAT IS is the sum total of existence. You are already one with all that is. Your consciousness IS IT! To realize Love in yourself is a continuous celebration of this oneness. It is this realization that radiates to the world and fulfills all. This is the gift spoken of. The radiant state of realization of oneness...all who see themselves as separate are enfolded in this realization...lifted by virtue of being witnessed in their supposed otherness while you simultaneously see the oneness. This is an act done in complete inner secrecy. In its pure state there is no self conscious awareness that LOVE is happening. It simply IS happening, because that is what IS.

      If one has the thought that "I" am "loving" another, that one has forgotten original oneness. If this unconscious assumption of two goes unnoticed, then a separate ego is "wanting to love" but this is not the same as the permanent consciousness that is LOVE.

      -with gratitude for all

    15. @Too tired to take much more...
      Your holding on! I know, not long ago i wished to be dead so many times each day i lost count. A good day was when the wish for death was countable. I would see road kill with envy. This went on for nine years without ceasing. I lived in a hell so encompassing I could see no way out. I will spare you the details, because from your handle you may now be in similar place. I will not say to be hopeful for this is ridiculous and insulting like someone telling you "it will all be ok" while your head is locked in the guillotine - blade about to fall. It is not all ok, it has not been ok, and it will not be ok. You cannot waste your energy in hopes. There is only one way out and it is through... You know this already because you are still here. Take heart in the fact that you are not alone in your suffering. All of Earth is in torment! It has been unbearable, and may continue this way for some unknown duration. Those with the most grace, gifts and enlightenment may suffer the worst.
      Find your own truth. Accept no authority over you. You alone are responsible, and as long as you are a conscious being you can pull out. I did. In the very worst of times, but you must not look to others to save you, you may have trouble with this idea right now, but the consciousness that IS "you" is the same consciousness that IS ALL. We are one with this...Yes its fucking unbelievable, so don't believe it! Find out if it is so. Be your own authority, Truth is not something that is given to you it is what you fundamentally are. I know this sounds like bullshit, but it is not. If I could give it to you I would, but this is not how it works. You are sovereign over your consciousness, if anyone would tell you to believe them, they attempt to undermine your divine nature. It can be done, but you must do it alone. You can get guidance, encouragement, inspiration, but your own feet must do the walking to the summit.

      I fall daily, but I get back up, if only to sweep the floor, I do it with all my being and with the knowledge of my inherent divinity, the divinity of all. We all share this because there is nothing else in the universe. I weep even now for your suffering and the suffering of all who writhe in pain. We go on together... the laws written in our hearts scream to be made real on Earth. The inner knowing of how things could be on this planet IS how things should be! But we must make it so. The way the world is now can cause incredible pain for those who see the way it could be! The truth of who we are is within!

      Remember, you are made of the stuff of the universe! We call it Matter/energy. The good news is that you cannot be destroyed only your form can change, the bad news is that this means you can take infinite punishment! some pep talk eh! Best I got for now. Do not give up, you are needed now more than ever, and you have no idea how powerful you really are...but the dark ones do and they are fucking afraid of it... they should be!

    16. @Geom

      You just said everything. There are no words left, only love. Thank you!

    17. @HYEANGEL

      Thank you so much for reminding me of this. It's true. They are all the time behind us making sure we won't succeed. But we are. Today i feel stronger and love in my heart has returned. I hope you feel the same! We are getting there when each day the veil becomes thiner.

    18. @Willo I like what you said. Speaks for me and my life too. Thank you.

  22. chemtrails all days in my city

  23. How LOComotive of them.
    I see green matrix style coding / particles of energy making some sort of lunar style energy ground and it can heal certain things.

  24. A few more language anomalies to share of the millions in our languages I just realized today...(by changing just one letter to black magically equate the opposite meaning...)

    “Divide vs Divine” (!!)

    (This one’s obvious, no explaintion necessary, & wow, nice one dark side;)

    Oooooo another one just entered my consciousness here while typing..

    “Grace vs Grave” ~ hmmmmmmmm...

    Oh yeah and here’s a couple for the light side here we all mostly know, these are words with close meaningful relationships....

    “Music” & “Magic”

    (Ok this one has 2 changed letters, but close enough, you catch the drift, both feed each other through the practice of cosmic vibrational understandings)

    As well as....

    “Soil” and “Soul” ~

    As indeed we all cultivate both in similar ways and they also both feed each other in a closed loop gyroscopic system ~ harmoniously...

  25. We got a major situation brewing. Patriot military and law enforcement need to mobilize NOW!

    https://www.google.com/amp/www.foxnews.com/us/2018/04/18/640-pounds-high-explosives-stolen-in-pennsylvania-atf-offers-reward.amp.html 640 pounds of explosives and 400 blasting caps stolen.

    https://media.8ch.net/file_dl/230e82a69a18cca2ccd34cf9ef28763be55d72307a4d285850b186ef691af4e9.jpeg/E17BECD9-F159-463F-9675-165DD174FD95.jpeg Iranian Sleeper Cell suspected.

    Based on these, I have made the following deductions.

    1. Plot to push WW3. Blame Iran. Mossad is the most likely culprit of this brewing false flag.

    2. You don't steal that many explosives unless you intend to use them. Massive casualties are intended. Therefore the most likely targets are dams, power plants, bridges, hospitals, sports centers, and any major building.

    3. Anywhere in US is possible, but I suspect within 150 miles of the theft is most likely.

    4. The supposed damning videos of HRC are real. This false flag is a likely plan B distraction should the "faked videos" narrative pushed by Buzzfeed fail.

    Other anons have pointed out this could be a plot to frame the Q movement as radical extremists.

  26. Investigation update: Based on the deductions I sent them, other anons believe the three most likely targets are the following.

    1. A nuclear power plant in Harrisburg, PA

    2. A nuclear plant 50 miles southeast of Harrisburg.

    3. Three Mile Island.

    1. #1 and 3 are the same thing. It is extremely frustrating that the morons in the FBI can't find 600 lbs of stolen explosives but they have the time to fart around with a porno star and breaking laws in the Trump witch hunt. I am so sick of them and their evil.

  27. In Australia the 'head of defence' position has just been changed to a new guy?

  28. Cobra thank you for all you do.
    Read chem trails hide Nibiru..anyone else have info on this? If Nibiru was seen by all,mass panic would lower the Earths vibration. Any truth to this Cobra?

  29. Everyone got med bed but I’m thinking LightCave in Budapest.

  30. Beautiful evening yesterday with dozens of airplanes heading towards the dawning sun... It really looked like a panicking reaction or imminent interfering to me. But air and light were still beautiful. Greets

  31. https://www.returntoyourtruth.com/single-post/2018/04/18/Pleiadeans-Attempting-Compression-Breakthrough---144k-Has-Spoken-Mass-Meditation-Report-RIP-Art-Bell-Other-Planetary-Liberation-News?mc_cid=a3966863a4&mc_eid=f2a62d56c2

  32. Tive um sonho ontem à noite. Eu estava num local praiano, tipo uma vila de pescadores. E de longe eu via uma erupção vulcânica que deixava um rastro no céu como os chemtrails, porém mais largo e mais escuro. Deste rastro no céu saíram uns humanóides com semblantes robóticos. Eles eram vermelhos e pretos. Vieram e tomaram de assalto todo o vilarejo. Alguns voaram até mim e me intimidaram, tentando me assustar com um objeto nas mãos parecido com um bisturi. Mas logo em seguida desistiram e saíram de perto. Eles traziam uns animais consigo que se pareciam com cachorros. Estes cachorros pareciam com os pit bull que conhecemos, mas a cabeça era desproporcionalmente grande. Não me atacaram. Pelo contrário, eu que bati em um deles com algo que estava no chão. Bati forte mas ele não reagia nem parecia sentir dor, apesar dos ferimentos ficarem aparentes. Em alguns momentos mostrava os dentes com expressão de raiva.
    Algo interessante foi que a presença destes seres fazia com que eu ficasse imóvel por alguns instantes, como que um ímã atraído pela outra polaridade. O mesmo aconteceu com um cachorro verdadeiro, que tentou me proteger dos cães-robô. Ele também ficava paralisado por alguns instantes. E mesmo sendo mordido pelo cachorro verdadeiro, o cão-robô não revidou.

    (Automatic english)

    I had a dream last night. I was in a beach location, like a fishing village. And from afar I saw a volcanic eruption leaving a trail in the sky like the chemtrails, but wider and darker. From this trail in the sky came out humanoids with robotic countenances. They were red and black. They came and stormed the whole village. Some of them flew up to me and intimidated me, trying to scare me with an object in my hand that resembled a scalpel. But then they gave up and left close. They brought some animals with them that looked like dogs. These dogs looked like the pit bulls we knew, but their heads were disproportionately large. They did not attack me. On the contrary, I hit one of them with something that was on the floor. I struck hard but he did not react or seem to feel pain, despite the injuries being apparent. At times he showed his teeth with an expression of anger.
    Something interesting was that the presence of these beings made me stand still for a moment, like a magnet attracted by the other polarity. The same thing happened with a real dog, who tried to protect me from the robot dogs. He was also paralyzed for a few moments. And even being bitten by the real dog, the robot dog did not retaliate.

  33. Website Comment Section - Technical Question:

    Does anyone know why sometimes after a comment is posted it allows for someone to click onto "Reply" to respond directly under the comment posted, and other times there is NO "Reply" to click onto?

    I cannot find anything in the profile edit to effect this. And I notice with my comments, it is inconsistent when the "Reply" is there or not? Perhaps there is a glitch in the system.

    Otherwise, if the "Reply" is missing after a comment, someone cannot post directly below a comment but must initiate a new independent comment (at the bottom of the screen) that will not be posted near the original comment replied to. (It's a 2nd best option when "Reply" is missing after a comment.)

    Do others notice this?

    1. Pervasive:
      Here is what I think. You wrote your note above, and we'll call it Post Level A.

      I clicked Reply to your Level A post, and we'll call this note I'm writing here Post "Level A.1"

      There is no REPLY button beneath my Level A.1 post.

      There is only a Reply Button under a Level A post.

      In order to reply to just me, (and I am here Replying to you) somebody has to click the Reply button under your A-level post......and then write another A.1 level post, which would eventually appear below mine, among the A.1 level posts.

      I don't think there is anything deeper, such as an Level A.2 post, which might respond to Level A.1 post.

      This is how I think it works.

    2. @WestCoastUSMegan: Actually your reply to my comment DID have a "Reply" under it on the blog if someone chooses to reply to it (as I am now). In this case yours is the only reply to my comment (possibly the
      "only and last" comment in a string of responses to my original comment) and maybe that's the reason it DID have "Reply" after it. See my follow-up post guess. NOTE: Your statement that there is only a "Reply" button under your A-level post turned out NOT to be the case. There is ALSO a "Reply" under your response.

      In any case, the computer programming could have been simple and consistent by having a "Reply" button under ALL POSTS. LOL.

  34. Technical question posted above - follow-up:

    Seems that if we "Reply" to someone's comment, that response to an original comment will NOT have a "Reply" after it to click onto. Except possibly the LAST response to a string of responses to the original comment. Then, the last one seems to have a "Reply" after it that one may click onto. That's the logical pattern I could detect for why some comments do NOT have a "Reply" (in orange ink) after them.

    So much for the programming of applications these days...

    (Why not have it consistent and have a "Reply" after EVERY comment? LOL.)

  35. tonight i watched a series of videos that exposed the "pedovores" of the satanic pedophile cults that abduct, torture and kill children in the most horrific ways we could imagine. the actually remove their adrenal glands after torture to ensure their blood is flooded with adrenaline induced by fear, then they eat the glands as well as removing their pineal gland, referred to as walnut sauce and eat that as well. his was information that came from a "Q" drop about hillary clinton and her associate huma in a video on the dark web. apparently the NY police have viewed this video. "Q" said very soon these people will not be able to walk down the street/ nowhere to run - nowhere to hide - can't come soon enough. these demonic creatures must be removed permanently. until then i hav decided that one the hour every hour of my awake time i will say out loud THE GREAT INVOCATION and i will do this every day until they are arrested. i am not very good at meditation, even though i try and THE GREAT INOCATION is my PLAN B. so while lightworkers are doing their meditations and thank you all for that, i am focusing on the arrests in my own way and praying for all the children who are and have suffered at the hands of these demonic, psychopathic creatures. i have not become emotionally attached and truly believe that this is my mission. some of you searching for your mission may care to commit as well - up to you all.

    1. I hear you Bob, these crimes are incomprehendable, so sick, so utterly deranged, cruel, my soul weeps fir these poor children.as a mother, as a human, how can this happen? I came across these articles by Corey Goode:



      These arrests must happen, full disclosure must happen and we must all come together to help heal this terrible trauma. I pray for those children, I can not put into words my feelings, great sorrow, sickening. it will all come out, it has to, a LIGHT needs to be shone on all this.....


    2. @Bob I watched those also. We send Love and Light to All, for healing of the ONE, including the psychopaths/satanists, even though they need to be brought to justice as swiftly as possible. I also learned of body parts of Syrian refugees being harvested and sold on the black market. These are truly horrific crimes against humanity and must be halted. VICTORY OF THE LIGHT!

    3. Something to make you all smile! ;)


      Because we sometimes need something a bit lighthearted!

      Love and Light to ALL XXX

    4. Thanks Steve! I too envision and thus manifest full justice for all the victims.. many of these people need to go back to the GCS.. I know many are blissfully unaware of all of this, I often wonder if they have a better chance to ascend. I mean they don't have this burden of truth on their minds, that's ironic isn't it, it's hard to live in the heart and be happy and nice when you know it's all a lie and you want to scream why can't everyone see what is happening!!?? 9ii did it for me.. I tried to wake people up and they were clueless or in denial, bldgs. free falling due to a fire that melted solid steel columns, please.. fireplaces are made of steel!!! The mass arrests can't come soon enough!


  36. Featured Posts

    Pleiadeans Attempting Compression Breakthrough - 144k Has Spoken & Mass Meditation Report, RIP Art Bell + Other Planetary Liberation News

    April 19, 2018

    The Unknown Lightwarrior


  37. Wonderful interview with Laura Eisenhower on taking back your Sovereignty

    Love and Light to all 🌟🌟🌟

  38. COBRA or someone can confirm this?

    "Northern New York District Court Clinton indictment"

    Case 1:16-cv-01490-LEK-DJS Document 64 Filed 02/20/18 Page 1 of 24 .S. DISTRICT COO '‘J-D. OF N y RT F •
    • 445 Broadway; Albany, NY. 12207-2936 •
    CASE NO: 1:16-CV-1490 Dated February 16, 2018
    Filed February 16, 2018 in the above said court with Copies sent to U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Senator Chuck Grassley and President Donald Trump. This is a case of murder, wrongful prosecution, abuse of powers and subversion by enemies domestic against We the Veople of the United States of America.
    Hillary Clinton, Harry Mason Reid, BLM Special Agent in Charge Daniel Love for Utah and Nevada, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, FBI Director James Comey, (...)
    more in the PDF

    Download link (2,2 Mb's)

  39. What´s going on? This blog is very quiet. Hope to see some uplifting update these days.
    hank you Cobra for your hard work.

  40. Supreme Court 1995 ruling on guns...


  41. Is anyone following EnergeticSynthesis.com? https://energeticsynthesis.com/resource-tools/news-shift-timelines/3299-planetary-staff

  42. You Didn’t Come Here to Struggle: How to Allow With Ease – by Dr. Taryn Crimi | Angelic Guides

  43. I hear a lot of people on other utube channels stating the event is here.. energies coming in.. they feel them.. well sadly I'm not feeling them and nobody around me seems to be more awake / aware etc.. I sure hope there's still a massive energy wave yet to come, thoughts?

    1. Unknow, i am one of the person that are feeling the amazing waves of intense energie...somedays i feel abosolutely disconect with very anxiety, vulneability and sadness...other days a wave of incondicional love, joy..all in a flow...is inside of me , but is in atmosphere too...i think the event is here...and i thing the solar flash is not the sign of the event..

    2. U wouldnt miss it if it was actually happening.. people may be referring to the gradual increase in light or vibration.. individual perceptions...

      bottom line the actual event is supposes to happen in different levels in ways it would b hard to miss..

      If plans had not changed of course... my understanding is that besides spiritual and mental upliftment there will be physical signs or events happening.. Banks closing to bring the reset.. disclosure via mass media and alternative outlets for example . in short there wouldnt be any doubt the Event was on..

  44. Hang in there.

    Don’t let the last of the filth bring you down again.

    Keep meditating in the love...

    Getting angry will only slow down our progress.

    May peace be with you.

  45. The sun is amazing today, blue skies, clear sun! Would love a hammer of thor update :)

  46. It appears the Cobra conference in Budapest had a good effect because the George Soros office in Budapest has closed their doors! (a few more offices around the world remain, however). See article:


  47. USA, UK, FRANCE EXPOSED! Staged suffering? Interview with boy in Douma video raises more doubts over ‘chem attack’.


  48. I suggest to all lightworkers that we arrange for an urgent mass meditation for the Soul of all the children victims of the horrors of the satanic rituals of Kabbalah involved in PEDOVORE. I am a mother and I have been heartbroken and I am horrified at the degree of evil. I froze in disbelief. Anyway, I now feel more serene than URGENT a global meditation for the Soul of all the children who died in the most macabre way imaginable. JOIN US NOW FOR THEM! LET'S ORGANIZE A GLOBAL MASS MEDITATION for THE PEDOVER VITIMS.

  49. I suggest to all lightworkers that we arrange for an urgent mass meditation for the Soul of all the children victims of the horrors of the satanic rituals of Kabbalah involved in PEDOVORE. I am a mother and I have been heartbroken and I am horrified at the degree of evil. I froze in disbelief. Anyway, I now feel more serene than URGENT a global meditation for the Soul of all the children who died in the most macabre way imaginable. JOIN US NOW FOR THEM! LET'S ORGANIZE A GLOBAL MASS MEDITATION for THE PEDOVER VITIMS.


    Aunty Pua, my kahuna, and a spiritual leader/warrior for us all has transitioned. She spent the latter part of her life "in the flak" and continued because she knew that meant she was on target.

    She chose this path because she is more effective now that she transitioned. We celebrate her life, as is the Hawaiian way. I'll be posting a short video of her message for all citizens of planet earth soon. I'll leave a link.


  51. Assigning some amount of existence to both something and nothing,...
    If something makes contact in any way at all with nothing are the two really seperated?...
    Furthermore, is nothing in and of itself a thing or not?
    Kind of a donkey question, but nobody that worked at my high school would have been able to answer it (or address the concept).
    Anyway, thanks for being good guys.

  52. Brutal attacks..almost every day..making me loosing hopes to try to live without depression, forget suicidal thoughts, just try new life with positive future. Sad days..sad days

  53. HERMANOS, que anhelamos la LIBERACIÓN de la RAZA HUMANA y del PLANETA TIERRA,...no olvidemos que la gran mayoría de los humanos, trata a nuestros hermanos menores, los animales, de igual o peor manera al usarlos como comida, vestidos etc. Mientras no haya COHERENCIA en nuestros actos, no esperemos liberación alguna Hay mucho trabajo individual por hacer mientras soñamos con la Victoria para la Tierra


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